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 ■i, No. 15.
i nn Aijv/\nv^c.
$2.00 per Year.
KB. Solicitor, Etc.
_: Notaby Public,
*mf.v, B.C.
' R. Mathison,
illett & Shaw
Netarto P«Mlc.
• i"Halictt."
: Bedford McNeill's, Mowing k
N—,1's, Uiber's.
.  . .  MIDWAY, B.C.
etas vettek   Unseal AM
I paptes Inn aa. AS*
Abstract* mads.
•Uou ky null or t.l.phon.
Now is the Time
to buy your furs, winter dry
goods and clothing, heavy   and
medium gents' furnishings. We have taken
stock and find   that last year's business warrants us to reduce the price on all the above
articles and we offer our patrons b irgaifts in all.
There arc quite a few remnants in  plain and fancy silks
and satins as well as dress goods, which we wish to
clear.     This week we will show ladies' white
wear in chemises, nightgowns,  skirts and
drawers, and make a special sale of
their, duritig the month of
We have a full and complete stock in  plain and fanc\
Groceries  at lowest possible prices.    New   consignment of
California Naval Oranges and Fancy Lemons at
Post Office Store,   -   -   Midway, B. C.
li'j ii       HlA*«_iii«iirt  ' ttlr,mK'1 its •a"(1' informed the direct-
JulflWay 106  IcFIDlDuS. nrs,hat Midwi>- *■"«■<••••* *>«•<■ *••••«
d —perhaps two  nr three years— lie the
.     tt*  | terminus of the mad and heing the
A Visitor Tells of Railway lm"'"""' w""ld lDVOlve heing a divi'
Facilities Being Provided
at Midway.
sioiial point as well. Further tlie C.P.
It. Co. has heen given a considerable
Interest in the lown so that it is not'nr   Astor's Munificent Contribution
Practical Patriotism of Wealthy
British in Canada and Cape
lo-Mlrlnf.   HoMOihooInt
A  special)-.
I Hotel Spokane,
y^ZXZS*Seventh st- " N'dway- X/CC
9. M. MtButtfo.
ieil & MeEntipe,
ies and
Real Estate.   |
od and Camp McKinney.
lAAmaa.mm*Am**.   OAmae
an l-Magon Kettle Itlver._»
A new building, well furnished. Everything new
and first class. Only the choicest Wines, L:quurs
and-Cigars kept in st ick. Hei.lq larters for Mining
and Commer :;i! Men,
KEYES, Prop.
. Liquors and Cigars.
First-Class Stabling.
It Lives Long.
It is the vitals which impart
the vitality—or long life—to
Shorey's Clothing
Prospective  Passenger and
Freight Traffic of Numerous
Mining Camps.
The following relative lo Midway
will lie read with interest:—Mr. John
Withell, of Montreal, has returned to
Rnssiand after spending three or four
days in Midway. Mr. Withell is a
director nf the Midway Company. Ltd.,
owners of the Midway townsite, in
which he has lieen interested sinee
1893. He states that the Rolison-.Mid-
way railway was last month extended
j tn Midway and that the nquisite ter-
jn.iial huildings are now heing erected
there.   Two |..ni( sidings and a Y have
i lieen laid down in the Midway station
yard iu addition tn the main line. A
freight shed-—1x101), with office accommodation nod uDOO-fnotpUtfonn for receiving freight, was completed last
week and now the carpenters are at
wnrk on the depot and a three-stall
round house or running shed. A large
water tank and a section house will
next have the attention of the builders.
Speaking of the
Prospects of Passenger and Freight
to and from Midway over the Columbia and Western railway, Mr. W ithell
expressed the opinion that tins route
will steadily grow in favor with most
people resident in or visiting the districts for at least 50 miles beyond Midway, including those across the Inter-
nationjil lioundary line south to Toro-
da Creek, Sheridan and Bodie camps
nd llepulu-c. and south-west to Chesaw and other Myers I'reek points,
and lieyoud to the country in .vhich is
situate tlie mine of the Okanogan Free
Gold Mines, Ltd., and farther off still,
the Palmer Mountain properties. The
preventive measures now in force
igntislthe insr.idnctioii of smallpox
from the south ilelay for a while the
general use of the new railway for travel aud u.iiti ■ to uml Irom the mining
rumps and towns in tlie northern part
of the Colville Indian Reservation, but
eventually this route will  attract the
mi* cvr i>t*»tMim mt w«
m.rn Cloth,im .. .......
ctical Witch Maker,
I T«oli, Pltaty Material.
I 1* yeai* cspe rltact  I* te
x carreetly.   .  .   .
. --— . . z'ii* * Z r a . I _ I
WWW^y^^y^IT., x^/
te's Home...
Private Hospital
[and Nurses' Home.
|l,Surglcal and Midwifery cji-..-*
Terms}— Private   Room.,
{■vivk ;   Beds j,, Wards, 810
J sent into the Wintry lit' the
Iharges,    telegrams ri*celviiig
|te attention,
plications to he made to
The " vitals " of clothing are %
the Staying? that are put in. jj
Shorey's goods sold by this %
store are sold on the uuder- |
standing that your money |
will be returned you if not satisfied when you get |
the goods home. |
They are sewn with silk or linen ; buttons sewn |
on with the best linen thread; and finished as the |
I bust custom made goods. |
1 Made to fit: not to order. |
i I
The Midway Trading Company, Ltd.,
J. R. JACOBS, Manager, Midway, B.C.
- Midway Meat Market - j
K. A. MATTHES, Proprietor. j
At this establishment customers can get choicest cuts of |
.  . _t_±__ jeratoi* On *Xa.m pi'»uit»>«  -  -
Tlierefore Meats are always fresh and sweet    Call and get a good joint
for dinner to-day,      ....
, TELEPHONE 311-   , .,  P. 0- BOX 26.
Is now open with a Stock of
Al! the Leading' Magazines Kept on Hand,
Circulating Library in Connection.
thought the railway company will do
anything likely to lesson the value of:
its town luts ; rather will it endeavor
to enhance it.
Before returning East Mr. Withell
will remain in Rossland for a week or' t|
two, and whilst here will endeavor   to I
promote the interests of Midway,
-Danish Farmers aid LibcrUly.
-Calgary's Demonstration
of   Loyalty.
Great Britain* New Battleship.
The new ii.ittles.hip Montague, now
In course of construction at tlie dockyards   Davenport,   Kngland, wffi.be
equipped with the most complete propelling machinery  ever   placed   in a
man-of-war.   The engines will   be the
most powerful ever used in a battleship   developing an   18,000   indicated I vast preparations  for
hnrse power, or 8,000 in excess of the ■ selge.    All burghers  fnun fifteen to
engine,, of olher ships of the bulwark , sixty years of age huve heen called to
type, they being the largest and most
powerful in the service of Great   Brit*
Britannia takes nn   buck   water on
ie ocean - 1/nidon "Advertiser."
Mine than   Ladysmith will   Ih*  relieved when   it  happens.—  Montreal
Four hundred armored trucks nre
lieing built by a linn iu Birmingham
for lhe Natal government.
Mr William Waldorf Astorhas contributed JM&000 ($80,000) tothe support
of the British cause in Smith Africa.
The Boers at Pretoria are making
the threatened
lift een
aiu. The difference In the horse-power
of the Mntilague's pnweiful engines
will only give lhe ship «'i increased
-peedof one  knot.   The Iwo set- of
The Oovernrnent bus decided to
transfer two native regiments now at
Madras to Colombo and Singapore.
This would enable the British regi
ineots at these two points to be with-
Iriple expansion engines nnd 31) Belle-  drawn for South Africa if necessary.
ville water tnlie boilers, will cost $750,-
IBO. The total cosl of lhe new warship will lie nver jS.Yl-*',i*m, and its gun
equipment will be so complete as to
make it the most formidable war vessel afloat. It is the purpose of the
Adinirality to construct the other proposed luittleships of the navy on the
same lines as the Montague, and the
Capt. John MeXair, of I) company.
first Canadian contingent to South
Africa, writing from Belmont, says
the trip to South Africa wus the greatest "gold cure" ever iiiveiimd, anil that
a glass of beer or whiskey cannot lie
procured for a farm,
Ricciotti Garibaldi, one nf the sons
, .    ,.       .,, ,     . ,      , of the famous Italum patriot, in con-
completion of this slop will furnish hi  .,     ..       ,,, . ,      ,  ...
'.,     _   __ ,, _a .     sideration of the service rendered by
model for the English lirst class battleships of the future.
 m >
Generals in the Field.
The following is a list of the Gener
als commanding the British forces in
Smith Africa :
—Natal Field Force (Ladysmith).
Fourth division—General Sir Geoi-ge
White commanding,
—Ladysmith Relief Force.—
General  Sir  Redvers  Buller   commanding.
England to tlie cause of Italian independence, has offered the British
Government to command a corps of
Italian volunteers in South Africa.
A thousand men like those who
passed here yesterday uniler an officer
whom they honor indivspeet,mounted
as these men are mounted, will ride
down the best regiment of Boers that
ever trekked either north or south.—
Fort William "Tiiees-Jonrual."
The young Duke uf Westminster is
Second Division-Lieut,-Genei*al Sir  going borne from S..uth Africa.   He
0. F. Clery.
2nd   Brigade—M ijnr-Generul  H. J.'
4th  Brigade—Major-General  N.   G.
Third Division—
5th Brigade—Major-General   A. F.
greater part of this business, especially   Hart
afierall i ustuuis difficulties shall have,   eth Brigade—Major-General 0, Bir-
l ii met by such arrangements us will | ton.
Protect the Revenues j    Fifth   Division-Major General   Sir
of Canada and the United States re-| Charles Warren,
spectively, and at the same time facilitate tlie i ransportation of freight to
ur from the districts immediately south
of the boundary line. Tlie general
adoption of the C. „ W. railway mute
to lhe northern mining camps of the
Keser-alion by travellers trom Spo
kdiie and other points south of Rossland should iieiieiu this .iy too, since
most would travel over ihe Red Mountain branch of the Spokane Falls and
Northern railway tnd would necessar
iiy stop over at Rossland .vhether travelling to or from the Reservation mining camps. R garding outward
freight, Mr. \\ ithell slates that whilst
in Midway he saw concentrates, from
lamp McKinney lieing loaded on a box
car and was iuloruied that frequent
shipments  are  expected   from     that
will marry Mis- West, youngesl daughter of Mr. William Cornwallis West.
The duke will return to South Africi
almost immediately after his mart-luge
us an offlceri f the Imperial Yeomanry.
Prior tn the battle of Colenso the
Irish Brigade serving with the Boers
sent a letter Io the Dublin Iroops saying they were glad that they were to
have an opportunity In wipe them
fnun the face oi the earth. The Dili-
Hus- answered : "We will walk through
8th Brigade—Major General  Wood    your   brigade  as the    devil   walked
gate, (died since fnun wounds) i ihrough Aihlone "
—Mndder River- -        j    A committee of Danish farmers has
Lieut.-General  Lunl  Methtteti com-  SPllt lo ,|,e  Priucess of Wales twelve
thousand boxes of choice butter for the
British soldiers ill South Africa. She
has accepted the gift in the name of
the sick und wounded nnd has returned
oinplinieiituiy message which con-
3rd (Highland) Brigade—Brigadier
General Hector Macdonald.
Uth Brigade-Col. Pole Carew.
—Cape Colony.—
At     Naauwpoort - Lieut-General c|,„ieS ,,-itb the phrase : "Especia
At Stprkstroom-Lieut. General Sir
W. F. Gatacre.
Strength of Gen. Warren's Command.
Sir Charles Warren's command,
which is taking such a conspicuous
part in the present action, is officially
known as the nth infantry division. It
was ordered to mobilize   Nov. 0.  l&XI.
Thos. Walker, Prop.
Seventh Street,
Midway, B.C.
cainp as well'as some fnun the Okan- Altogether it contains l'l,950 offiirers
ogati Free Gold Mines company's inine | and men, l'ACt boises,  2541   mules, IS
can imn. 9 maxim guns and 888 vehicles.
The whole liody cons -ted Hrst nf troops
tinder the direct command of General
Warren : second, the Uth brigade, under late Maj -Gen, E R. P. Woodgate :
thin', the 10th brigade, uniler Maj.*
Gen. J. T. Coke.
Gen Warren's Immediate command
is made up of the llth hussars! cavalry),
lllth, 'JHh and Ssth batteries (Royal
Held artillery), themiiuimitton column,
the37th field company (RumiI Engln
cers).the27th company (Army Service
Corps! ami the field hospital—16th com
pany Royal Army  Medical Corps,
Gen. Woodgate's Oth brigade had in
it these troops: Second battalion
Royal Lancaster Regiment. 2nd but
talion Lancashire Fusiliers, Ist hat
talion South Lancashire Regiment and
1st battalion YorkundLancaster Regi-
iiienl (infantry). 25th company Army
Service Corps (supply column), Bt.i
company Royal Army Medical Corps
(hearer company), depot   coinpanle8
and other properties across the line,
lie also learned that il is proposed to
Ship aoo to 300 Tons of Ore
from another mine owned in Rossland,
nz. the Zaia ,M. situate in Si.eridun
c imp about 20 miles south of Midway.
This ore would have lo lie hauled to
Midway, there lieing a good wagon
road all the way. To reach any railway
point east of .Midway would involve a
wagon haul, at least twenty miles
longer than tlmt to Midway.
inward freight for Camp McKinney,
Rock Creek and upper main Kettle
River mining camps is already arriving at Midway hy rail. Daily passim
ger trains nmy not run to Midway until the.spring, owing to the grade under tbe ties lieing too much frozen to
admit of the roud lieing properly In!
lasted until after the frost shall have
gone out of the ground. Meanwhile,
though, the terminal passenger station
will lie completed and a C. P. R. agent
be placed iu charge, iu readiness fnr
the regular and continuous operation
of tlie line after heing passed liy the
Dominion and Provincial Government
inspectors.   The question of making
MMway a Divisional Point
has not yet lieen definitely dealt with,
but it i« understood thai the 0. A W.
engineers favor It whilst the president
of the C. P. U., when negotiating with
the Midway Company for a 400-foot
right-of-way  for more than  a  mils
it is a present fiom my native country,
One of the most surprising adventures uf the war wus thut of Colonel
Sir II.-in y Rawliiison, al Ladysmith,
who went up in u balloon to make a
reconnaissance, und a Shrapnel
shell went clear through the gas hug
und exploded some distance beyond.
The luilloon gently-ui k. in.d when it
Went up again a black patch denoted
the spot where the shell had pierced it.
Sir lames SI vewright, nf Cape Town,
has turned over tn the Government
his gtvut estate, lying lifl miles from
Cape Town, to be used us a hospital
i.n.l convalescents' home fm the army,
Three different mansions, giving ac*
I'liiiiniiuliiti.iii for nearly lint) officers
ii •! men. hive been provided In nil-
ililioii. Sir James Ims equipped and
brought to Smith Africa, ut his own
expense, tw.. cotnpletecorpeof doctors
und nurses.
The Bank of M nnt rea I directors have
given the sum of MU.K 0 to the Canadian Patriotic Fund, Tliis sum wss
partly made up by the directors themselves who were very liberal III their
subscriptions. This makes $27„"/00 in
ull that the bunk itself and the directors have suli-.i'filieil for the soldiers,
.is ii will be recalled thai some lime
ngn It wus decided  In give  $l7.,"il) to
the national fund uf England.
Almost every nun, woman and child
Royal Army Medical Corps (Held 1ms   In Calgary turned out tn see the con-
pital). tingenl  leave Calgary.   The    poptila*
Gen. Coke's 10th brigade consists of Hon Isabout 1.00(1 and li is estimated
the 2nd battalion Royal Warwickshire
Regiment, 1st battalion Yorkshire
Regiment, 2nd battalion DorseUdiire
Regiment and the 2nd batallion Middle
sex Regiment (infantry), thc :i2nd company Army Service Corps (supply 1 Widows and Orphans brought $7on, or
column), 10th company Royal Army a tolal of (3,850 out nt 4.000 people,
Medical Corps (bearer company), and There were 2H0 applicants, fm enn I*
the llth coinpaiiy Royal Army Midi-'[ ment in lhe .minuted fmce, uf uhlch
ull ton* (Held hospital). US Wei >'... u'pled.
that between 8,200and :.,!«*> were on
lhe-tieets. The fund raised "lining
the i in/ens wus over $1,7001 lhe amok-
ing conceit brought iu nearly $200,und
the l-all given bv the Masons Inr lhe THE ADVANCE.
Published   weekly   nt  Midway,   I). C.
Subscription Price, $Ji.0u por iiiiiiinii, payablo
in ndvanoo, Dither .vcurly or half-yearly at tho
option nf lhe Mib.-iTilmr.
Ailvertlsine itAten sent on application.
Tiioiiiili lho .Minium of Tiik Aiivasijk or-
always open for lho —souat—tti of tnattors of
public interest am! Importanoo, we do not ner-
nesj-tftrllyondorso any if the opuiloiiB exiircssetl.
Corroapondouoo ofu persontil uni ure will nut be
Death of Alex. Wallace.
The death occurcd at the Greenwood
hospital on Monday Sth inst. of Mr.
Ali x. Wallace, nn old-time prospector
well  known in tlie Boundary Creek
district.   He hnd not been taking care
of himself latterly and.expostire to the
cold   brought   on    pneumonia  which
resulted fatally, notwithstanding that
after his removal to tho hospital four
! or Hve dnys immediately prior to his
j death every thing possible was done
j to save his life.
I   The lute Mr. Wallace was about 48
\ years of age.   He was a native of Gins*
vi   i.j!_-. aa    »..    i. —i ....    -■
Mayor !lardy and Mr. 0. Scotl Galloway, president of the Greenwood
Board of Trade, have gone lo Victoria,
Greenwood a I be led ti sea-faring life,
c   nnd  '"'"'"' pursuits  he exchanged from
everything else obtains    It- is said ,the      uoereitlitile      marine    service
that heaven helps those who help thi'ti-  "lto ll"
to endeavor to secure for
Supreme  Court  registry
(gow, Scotland, which city he left when
i he was about 111 years old.   Fora while
Before taking
The | roposal Unit Ciitiiiilu shall send
111 imi 11 oops to South Africa bus linen
warmly supported in Vancouver, Vic-,
tori i, Rnssiand  uml   other  places  in
British Ciiliimliiu.    Knlhusiasm ill this]
connection is nlso manifesting itself in
Multiloba,    Winnipeg   bus expressed j
unqualified approval of the proposal
anil other cenl res  of population nro
following   suit.    Doubtless   Eastern
cities will also endorse it,
The Grand Forks "Miner" remarks :
"There are n lot of knockers iu this
oily who ought lo be sent lo Stiitlh
Africa, or the Phillipiues or Ihe Sandwich Islands, or some place where thny
would have a cliillicn lo seuson np a
liille l.ef.iie they shuffle off ihis mortal
■toll." Midway, having lo some extent
snlfei'i'd frntn a similar visitation, cun
sympathize wiih Grand Folks in iis
The Grand Forks Board of Trade bus
resolved to heartily endorse tho application that will come before the Doniinion Parliniiiext this session for a.
charter authorizing tlie construction
i-r lhe Kettle River Valley railway.
The resolution covering Ihis endorsement says in part! "tlie Kettle River
Valley is the most economical place to
smelt Ihe ores of British Columbia and
Washington Slate, and will build up
one of the greatest; industries in the
country, and will evcnl iittlly employ
thousands of ineu ut high wages, and
whereas no bonus is asked for this
charter, xebelieveitshould ic grunted
ns ii mutter of course liy Parliament.'
Grand Forks will probably -cud a representative to Ottawa to urge the Rail*
Committee to recommend the grunting
of the charter.
Britain's Reserve Strength.
Canada is profoundly impressing the
Bin ish public, 'i he "Times" snys:
"How immense is the reserve strength
on which Kngland in a just cause can
draw, is strikingly revealed in Lord
Siraihi ...n.i's munificent offer, lt
cuiiies fnun one who i* at mice a Canadian cilizeu iiiid a Hritish peer." ll
mills: "Tliere aie not many countries in ihe wot Id where Individual
citizens nre found able and ready lu
prove Iheir put riot ism on mi splendid n
scale. Such au offering in the rime
uinn cause of the Empire would huve
been welcome from nnv quarter, bill
ll is doubly w.'li nine from the retire.
Bsnlallve of thegieatesl self-governing
The Princeton-Hope Road.
We notice I lull Messrs. Howse and
Anderson, of Prlnccl >n, aie at thc
const and pressing the govern men t to
build a wagon wild from Princeton to
Hope, Ve have repeatedly shown
tii it such a ronle is mil for a moment
to he compiled to Ihut from Peaciilniul
to Princeton, untl trust that the Commissioner of Lands und Works will
throw no money away over such un
absurd Bcheine, For about three
quarters of the year lhe .--now lies deep
on Hope Mountain mid a mul in thai
direction would bu practically of no
use On lhe 'illu-r hand, access can lie t
1. nl fnun I'e.icliland io Princeton over
un ..i.y route, mul by a much shorter
distance, But eme Una been taken
ii: ill ihese filets un; in ihepnssi ssion of
the lliiverniucnl, and if the Hope
route is snlpotud, nn refuge «ill lu. |..fi
to lhe Chief C imnissioner even in the
jmor excuse of ignorance. - Vernon
Mansion House Fund.
From Mi. P. P. Sliarpe, seeieluty of
the Greenwood committee which gol
up ihe recent very successful entertainment ill Hint town In aid of llu
sinii House ciind, if has been nscer-
tallied ihut Ihe gross receipts nn enter-
liiiiiineHl iicnmnl were $nS7.7o mul
from eiilleetinns $173.851 total §781.10,
Expense* were $115:75, leaving n net
luil.incef .r I he benetll of the fund of
The imal net receipts nt Oamp McKinney froni eiil.ertaii.mrnt and culled ions in nld of lhe frnui Welu $111-1.
Il is reporl ed ilml foiue i.nt) or more
werecollecterl ni.Mldwny hul no definite
informal ion I; is yel been made public
a" in how imu li ueiiia'lv was collected
nor v-liu l.eciiiiie i.f il. The unnecessary reiiieiice shown iu this connec-
Hon l« Hki'lv in deter local residents
from subsciIhlng In lhe fulnro tn uny
fund the eolleclors for which fall In
piiblielv a '■ninii for moneys entrusted
lo theii   ii".
U. S. iiuvy.   Afterwards Ud
j lived in Mexico and California respect*
I ively. Then he appears to have drifted
! to the Coeitr d'Alenes, Idaho, and later
he turned up at Oro, Wash.   He came
i to    Boundary   Greek   about   1801,
i since which year he has resided con-
; tiniiously in the Boundary   country,
■ He has long been known in the district
iisnwiierof the   Rob   Roy,   a  crown-
grunted mineral  clnim adjoining the.
No, 7, ill Central camp.   Among other
mining interests   since acquired   ure
the several claims on Beaver Creek
known as the Bell group which, with
Mr. .1. Hell, he was joint owner.
The funeral took place last Wednesday .afternoon, when a number of prospectors and other old residents followed the body from Greenwood Ui
its place of interment at Midway.
Among those who gathered at the
grave were Messrs, J. Bell, S. Bener*
limn, L. Bosshart. E. C. Brown, Chas.
Collins, George Cook, R. Diinagin, R.
Gardom, K. A. Main, J. P. Harlan, E.
Jacobs, It. Johnson, J. Kelly, R. Kerr,
J..Lucy, T. McAuley, L. McCarreu,
J. Pi McLeod, W. G. McMynn, Scott
McRae, Thos, Miller, J. Moran, H. L.
Morgan, D. Murray, H. Murray, J. W.
Nelson, W. B. Rickurds, George Riter,
Dun. Steward. J. Sutherland (Midway),
.1. Sutherland (Greeuwood), N. Tholl,
C. L. Thoinet, Miirtin Welsh and
others. The burial rites were per
formed by Rev. D. Campbell and the
funeral arrangements were carried out
hy Messrs. T. M. Gulley k Vo, who
supplied a superior casket in beautifully
finished woods. The hody was buried
on a sidehill nbove Midway close to
the graves of the late Messrs. li, P.
Palmcrstnn, X. Munro and Malcolm
Messrs. B. Jacobs and J. P. Mcleod
ure executors under the will of deceased who leaves $1,000 to Mrs. Hugh
Murray, Midway, a half interest in the
Bell mineral claim to Dr. R. W, Jakes,
all interest in the Logan mineral claim
to Hugh Murray, certain interests in
the Highland Lass and Duncan claims
fu l.en. Wells, iu the Highlander
fraction to Geo. Andrews, Anaconda,
nml iu lhe Beaver to Duncan Murray
and a half interest in the Tynesider to
K. Jacobs. All these claims are situate
in Beaver camp, West Fork of Kettle
River. The residue of the estate, including a pre-emption on the West
Fork of Kettle River, the Rob Roy and
Old Guard lnineiiil claims in Central
camp and olher mining interests, is to
he converted into money aud, after
payment of lhe usual first claims ou
lhe estate, divided into four equal
shares and to be held in trust for
ilie four youngest sous uf Hugh
Murray until they shall attain the age
of twenty one yeais. Meanwhile the
money is to be invested and the in
come therefrom applied to the maintenance and education of these four
legatees during their respective minorities. So far as is known deceased
had no relatives ou this continent nor
had he hud any correspondence with
any of his kill for 25 years or more.
Produce for Republic.
Mr. D. W. Yergin, who lately inspected the new Kellie Falls-Republic
wagon road on behalf of
Records   for   the    Week    Ending
February   lath, 1900.
Deadwood,     fraction,     Deadwood
camp, Geo. D. Leyson.
Dumfries,   fraction. Beaver   Creek
camp, A. O. Beath. _______t________m^__m;. ,  . .1     .......,r
Snow Snake,   fraction,-.   Oopel.nd, **^^SS^^__SXl
Mountain, Alex. Ramage,
........ ^^^^^^^^      he  Ferry
County Commissioners and olher subscribers to ihe construction fund says,
with regard toils utility: "The road
it lined with freight teams. They are
loaded with almost everything in the
Thc Balfour Extension.
A conlracl has heen let for the con
sll ml inl) of the Balfour fo Nelson
section of the Crow's Nest Pass-Nelson
llailway. The Nelson "Tribune"
sliilis I lull Mr. Proctor, constructing
engineer xnx the C. P. R. has furnished
ihe following Information on this suh-
jee'. He said: "1 have just had an
iiiiiiiialion regaiding.ilownrt— Welsh
having secured the Balfour contract
As the coniriicl, I believe, calls for the
completion of the work iu July next
ii is safe lo predict thnt the firm will
lose no lime in commencing active up*
erulions. In fact you inuy expect to
see the advance guard of the contrite*
i lors' foiccs in Nelson Ihis week. Il
will take some lime fo ship tlie full
Man* complement of plant, which includes
semes of ploughs, scrapers uud other
machinery, and thirty or forty tenuis
of horses from Trail, but I presume
ihey me already concluding iheir ship
ping arrangements, They will probably engage 11 force of 1000 or 1500 men,
uud the llisl effect of the operations
will he lo clear the slteetsof Nelson of
every man who desires to woik."
Thecust of Ihe line when completed
will he about $500,000, Ii, is understood thai Mr. Proclor. who has been
In charge of the local tun pany going
over the proposed line for several
weeks, «ill receive the appoint ment of
oonstructlou engineer to superintend
1 his work.
Lnter advices state that Mr, J. W,
Stewart—not the firm of Stewart jc
V..,.'..   '.,..!, seemed the contract.
Ktika, Long Lake camp, 0. N. Collins.
Palace, Beaverton, A. J. M. Shaw.
Kiiyallinto, Wellington catnp, Joseph
James McDonell
Black Hawk, Wellington camp,
Joseph James McDonell.
Belmont, Telluride Mountain, l'.il. B.
Star Buck, fraction, Smith's camp,
Jus, F, Erwin,
Copper Hill, Providence camp. Carl
William Harrington.
Valentine, James Kerr.
McKinley, Louisa Castleman,
Alice Maud, W. T. Smith.
Mountain View, G. A. Rendell et al.
Fly Trip, Carl William Harrington.
Jennie, fraction,. interesl, ,1, J. Miller to J ohu Lucy,
Keystone, J interest, C. Kaue to
James Copeland,
Gladstone, J interesl, Calumet, 1-10
inteiest, H. Mortimer Lamb to Fred
erii k.B. iVmherloii.
Porto Rico and  Mascot,  _ interest
0. D. Siinfotd to Jaue Russell.
Deadwood, all interest, H. L. Mor*
gau to George D, Leyson.
St. Charles, 1-5 interest, A. Archam-
heault to Joseph T. Bedard.
C. 0. D., J interest, J. H. Boone lo
Joseph T. Bedard,
Fly Trip. J interesl, T. F. Gaine to
J. B. Rasicol.
Wren, A. S. Black as agent for H.
Boston, fraction, A. W. Douglas
JolAi Dempseyund K. 11. Towns.
Elharau, W. G. Gani.ce.
It Is stated that Mr. Jas. Kerr and
others have bonded the Dayton mineral claim iu Cump McKinney for $51.-.
000 and that the work uf developing it
will nnw he pushed.
The Gray Eagle Gold Mining Compuny, Ltd., Phoenix, with a capital of
$1,500,(00, has been organized to
acquire the Gray Eagle, Banner, Tip
Top aud Triangle fraction claims situate in Phoenix camp, in the vicinity
of the Old Ironsides und Knob Hill
Mr. J. A. Tuzo returned to Midway
last week from a short visit lo tbe Siinilkauieen. There did nnt appear to lie
much activity in mining matters in
that dislrict, hut rep irts were general
1 hat there are some good mineral showings on Copper Mountain. The properly in lies! public repute in Ihe whole
district seemed lo be ll.e Nickel Plate
in which it is understood some of the
Standard Oil magnates are interested.
Mr. Tuzo was informed thai' there are
V>- men employed un this properly,
that, lhe development work includes
three tunnels, lhai gold shows freely
in some of tbe ore and lhat assay
ret urns give a value of $110. per ton.
Mr. F. W. Holt, of the mining firm
of Roll k Grogiin, Rossland. reached
Midway.on Saturday evening intending lo visit lhe Zala M. mine situate iu
Sheridan cninp, Wash., about 20 miles
south of Midway, but finding that the
emeigency quarantine regulations
would interfere with his early return
he turned buck. From bim it was
ascertained that the management nf
theZnltiM,Company is very desirous nf
shipping ure without further delay
but at present tliere nre ohstacles in
the way of their doing so. These include too heavy freight charges nnd
the quarantine regulations, hut it is
ho|«.il thaHhese difficulties will shortly
be overcome. The lirst olfer received
for hauling the ore fiom the mine to
the railway was at the rate of $110 per
ton.   This was of course prohibitory,
part of them are loaded witb bay, oals
and potatoes.
"Ilie farmers in the Columbia and
Colville valleys, neBr Ketlle Falls,
huve nol had a good market for their
produce, but the opening up nf this
road will give them a fine one. They
have an advantage over any other
community that could supply produce
to the people of Republic, as they call
readily make the round trip in Ihree
days. Many nf them deserve their
good fortune, for Ihey contributed
liberally toward the construction of
l he mad.
...New Store on Seventh Street.,,
J. Xi. Te«py
Is now on deck with a complete stock of
General Merchandise, Mod's Clothing, Boot!
Shoes and Rubber Goods.
Call  and   convince Yourself.   :   Special dieCo J
of 25 per cent, off Ladies' Hals for tlie next no -j J
MILLINERY DEPARTMENT—Mrs. L R. Tarry in charge.
( %L
CROWELL, Proprietor. H..,n-i. st™., *„-,,,. B. c,
Ono Block We-l ol Uucim!.,.,
MIDWAY - B. 0.
'THUS is a new building hard finished all through J
furnished in first class style. The dining rcw
is supplied with the best t>n the market. The bar _\
connection is run by Messrs, FRANCIS & MIL.V£
late of Cascade City, and has a choice stock of X^
Liquors and Cigars.    :    :    :    :
Patronage of the i ublic is Solicited and Satisfaction Is GuartntK
The Royal Inspbanck Coy.
Thb London and Lancashire Fire
Insurance Coy,
The  Insurance Coy. of North
The London and Canadian Fihk
Insurance Coy.
The Sun Life Assurance Coy o>
The Dominion Building and Loan
Appraiser for the Canada Permanent Loan and Savings Coy
The Riverside Hotel,
In situated nt. Ki.uk Orwk, B.C.,   nn   the   main mute  of   tr»»*
lietween Peuliclon -iiid nil Boundary Creek point*.   Sloppin.
place (or stages.
Good Fishing -:• Good Hunting -:- Bestof Accommodstioi.
ma,  _m__smyftpAaaOaam,
Practical House and Carriage
Paper Hanging, Graining and Sign Painting. Also Hal
and all kinds of Decorative Work exceuted by
E. Nash J Co., Midway and Greenwood Cib
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Xjyj/   Architect and
__-_ Civil Engineer...
I^eal Estate,
Insurance and
Mining Agei-t.
_ ati view Townnite Agent.
... -.iidhkhs.,.
Oori*enpoiutHiioe Sol lol toil.
K8TABL.ISHND   l***-»3.
Our  Specialties— Varieties Profitable in British Columbi.
Trees Free from Pests.
Send for Free Catalogue,   j   E. Hutcherson, Manager.
WnulttV thoii thy luiiim. And in rf. prizo
Anil wliion jilcftHiircn mi*nidi
tin Imilil ihy Iml of uny ui/..1.
llu*. niiike tliy gitnlcn large.
The Midway Conipany still
have for sale a few 5-acre tracts.
Buy one on easy terms, and
"make thy garden large."
It in nnw piiiliiil.li> tlmt n $12 nite full
liu sectiii-tl, Mr. Rtilt stab-that It was
expected I hilt thu mint, wnuld ship «t
li'iisl 1,11*1 tuns nf its rich silver nre
during the ensiling six months, hut the
prestjiitnutlottk for doing so is not
fovoruhle, It is intended thutigh to
make it determined effort tn ship snt'
ficient nre via Midway to serve the
double purpose nf demonstrating the
value of the mine and bringing in cash 'K^
If The Advance
SH»      To Vour Friends.
^>,3^^_ Sub-crlptlon ii a ye«r   __„., _.,
fpJtlP  or f. lor .IX month..  |${§$§
Commercial and Mining men should  put uj
at the Fairview Hotel when in camp.
Qeo J. Sheckar*
Lancashire House,
: : MIDWAY, B.C. : :
The   undersigned  having   taken    this   well-
known   and   comfortable    hotel   invites  the
patronage of all old customers and the public
HEST BRANDS OF LIQUORS & CIGARS. ir...-   IjIAIAU A..v   f*~_»«v_.
Mt. V. Monnier is arranging to open
* hotel in White'* camp.
Ihe HpiiLiiii*- k .Vi.iiIi.-iii Teh-graph
Comnaiiy has ..pitied nn<*fflient Phm*
Ihe Columbia Telephone Company
bm extended its system to Nelson,
$U«th inst. the Grand Forks "Miner"
HBle iU first appearance as a daily
JH Caledonian society, with Mr. Thos.
MBer as president, has lieen organized
be Vernon hockey  cluh will this
take part in a series of hockey
clii-s at Rnssiand.
fcnety names were offered in Kast
for i-nlisttnent in Strathcona's
wi.—Vernon "News."
iGrand Fnrk.i city liand has pur-
I s Imilding wbich ii purposes
I|ng up M a band hall.
Hpr. Donald Graham, nf Armstrong,
Km. P. P. fnr East Yal.- paid another
Visit t.i llu- district last week,
■ P;Mc C. F. Alston, tl.  K„ is advocat
ing lb** ornsiiiMtiiin at  Oreenwood of
• •IisjjiI iiiiupinv .if .Militia.
j    The Provincial Oovernnient Timber
lnspi-ci.it'is once ugain in the Boundary .list ricl collecting stumpage dues.
Mr. A.   K.   M.   Meyer,   formerly of
'Midway, is nnw eng igiil in the law
o_kv of Mr. J. P. McLeod, Greenwiaid.
Twn cas-'S of   smallpox   have   been
■IH in-...-d in H.pul.li'. so Health Offl-
•j,".«ei. Iiil -p  wns nd vised  liy  wire   lasl
-- Tbe  K.isslimd "Dandy Coons" gave
■ * capital entertainment at Oreenwood
ip Saturday night in aid of the patrl-
•4*k f uml
.;   Jl Mr 1. H. H.illeit, of the legal firm nf
.Hallett k Sliuw hns returned from a
• «bU   to   New   Brunswick and nther
.; , lipetern points.
_Blr.  E. C.  Willsnn,   of Vancouver,
esenting the Toronto Type Fnun*
ry Co. Ltd.. paid Midway a husiness
i&it last Friday.
jSjjMr. H. It, Parke, of Vernon, recently
'••ceived   a   medal   fnr    his    services
■gainst the Fenians in their futile raid
. *0 Canada years ago.
SRev. H. Saunders is now pastor of
the Greenwood Baptist church.    Hev.
' •«—ilph Trotter purposes concentrating
hu intention upon Grand Forks.
-   The until f inenrporatinn of the
Qfeeiiwi'iia    ".Miner"   Printing Coin-
'piny.wiih a capital of $1(I.IJ0II «ns puh-
■HHlrd ill last week's "Gazette."
■y Mr. O. Arthur Rendell. of  the mer-
r.nuile tii f Keiulell A to., has re-
j^.tiuned ui the   ili.uiil,   after visiting
'   his nld home in Newfoundland.
A niastpieiade d-nre   in tn l*e held
licit   Wednesday evening,   under the
)i auspices nf tbe Midwav Quadrille Club,
in the (lull's hall on Fifth Street.
Messrs. Sawyer Bros, have arranged
foi a renewal of their lease of the large
livery tiarn in Midway in which tbey
hive done husiness since last Match.
Orand Forks intends raising a sufficiently large sum of money in aid of
| the soldiers' Widows and Orphans
fund tn do credit to so enterprising a
Mr. Thos. Ellis jtinr. died at Penticton last Friday morning, the injury
received two or three weeks since
when riiliny a bucking home having
S proved fatal.
Trainmaster Lawrence   expects to
f have trains running through the Bull
Dog tunnel, on  the   Columbia  and
Western railway, hefore tbe close of
the current win k.
Mr.J.R. .'ackson last month hrnught
in fisiin Colville and Spokane almut a
dozen good dairy cows, including one
pure Jersey with a pedigree. Midway's
milk supply will consequently la- added
to next spring.
Helphrey Bros., merchants, nf Cur
lew are reported tn have lost a valuable
team   last    week.       When    crossing
Kettle River near Curlew, the Ice gave
way under the horses, which were
About six tons of iron wnrk. to he
usi*d in the const ruction of the bridge
over the Wesl Fork of Kettle Itiver,
has lieen hauled to it* destination.
This lot wns among the earliest nf the
inward freight shipments to reach
Midway by rail.
Messrs. Chailes Richter of Osoyoos,
Frank F.lli* of Penticton, Alfred Sivln*
born, nnd William and Joe Brent well
known cow-punchers of Southern
Yule, lire reported to have Is'en accepted us uieinhi rs of the scouting section of Sti'iiMu-niia's Howe.
". stock company In ho known us the
J Siiiillkauteen "Star" company, is he-
IJng organized fnr ihe purpose of publishing a newspaper al Princeton, It
is understood th.it Mr. .las. Anderson,
of Princeton, and 11. E. Gosnell, nf
Greenwood are Ihe moving spirits in
this venture.
Fiom it-.pul.llr Information comes
to the ellerl  that Ihe Ferry County
Onmnilsslonets and C. P, It. Freighl
Agent F, W, Peters, of Nelson, have
had a conference al which il wns pro*
pn. >l tlmt the county should appropriate $160 inwards the enst of Improving the wngiiii road to Grand Forks
conditionally thai the C. P. R. Co.
and others interested contribute $1,000.
O'Brien, It. H. Palmer and Alex, unaw,
all of Greenwood have heen passed Hi
Nelson hy the reel uit iug olllcer for
Strathcona's llnrse. Mr. .1' Edwards
Leckie. formerly nf Greenwood hns
obtained in the Kast a commission as
Lieutenant iu this force.
Mr. G. A. Stewart Potts, until laU*ly
associated with Sir Chas. Hilihert
Tupper and Hon. Fred. Peters, Q. 0.'»
In legal business at Victoria, purposes
practising his profession as a barrister
and snlicitor in the Boundary district.
Mr. Potts was at one time connected
with the newspaper press.
An exchange says that Father Pat,
(Rev. II. |r.vin| has written from Fair-
view in Rnssiand regarding his new
hnme. He is very much in love with
the Fairview valley, and expresses his
surprise nt anybody living among the
snows, when lhe open valleys of the
Similkameen mid Okanagan are inviting (settlement and exploration.
Cninmittei's representing the Municipal Councils of Grand Forks and
Coliiniliia respectively, have lieen
appointed to discuss and endeavor to
art Ive at some basis of mutual agreement us to the hest means of bringing
al.mil the proposed merging of these
Iwo Incorporated towns inin nne,
Messrs, Stanley Mnir nf Grand Forks
and Matthew Burrell of Grimsby, On-
tarlo, bave purchased 150 acres of land
situate four miles from Grand Forks.
They purpose establishing a nursery,
where fruit, ornamental shrubs and
flowers will lie grown. In addit'nn
they will devote considerable acreage
tn fruitgrowing, gardening and general farming.
A Mrs. Ella Scott was arrested sl
Eholt. on Oth insl. by Sergeant Mi
IMu-e, of Rossland, nn a charge uf llleg-
nlly ohtaining u registered letter, at
Rossland by mis-representing herself
as the owner and afterwards rushing
a draft for $tH.0o il contained. She
wus taken hack to Rossland where the
charge will be investigated in Ihe Pn
lice Court.
Contractor Welsh has informed the
Grand Furks ''Miner" that he expects
to shortly complete the grading of the
spur line from Ihe Columbia and Western Railway at Grand Forks tn Ihe
Oranhy smelter, also that afler he has
finished a contract he has undertaken
on the Lardeau-Dunran Railway he
will re I iu n to this district to grade a
liranch line from Phoenix lo Central
Mr. Alex, 1). Frew and Miss Gertrude
Sanderson, of (ireenwood, accompanied by some friends, drove down on
Saturday morning with the intention
of lieing married in Midway. They
were disappointed though, for whilst
the requisite marriage licence was obtained there was no clergyman or
minister in town to perform the ceremony. It is understood that they h id
better luck elsewhere.
Rev. W. A. Robins, M. A., gave an
interesting lecture at Greenwood last
Wednesday evening on the war now
in progress in South Africa. Several
large-scale maps drawn by Mr. A. E.
Ashcroft, P. L. S., for the occasion,
served to convey a very goml idea of
the seat of the war and the difficulties
that the British troops have to overcome. The accumulation of so much
information on so "live "a subject must
have cost the lecturer much time and
trouble, but nnly a small audience
assembled to show appreciation of his
Shot His Brother.
A man named Maurice O'Connor,
who \>as in trouble some time ago in
Rossland, where he is staled to bave
assaulted another man with an ax-, is
under attest at Grand Forks, Itseetns
ilml he had been on a dl inking spree
for days and on Saturday evening
lucked hill self in n room at the Windsor Hotel, Grand Forks mid it is supposed set tire lo the lied clothes, A
slsiet'weni to endeavor lo pacify him
hut he frightened her so that in her
liuriy In escape she was injured nn ihe
li-iul. pinliiil.lv by running against n
door, A brother, Patrick O'Connor
ptoprielnr of lbe Otillia Hotel, lien ring
of ihe lrouble wenl upstairs and endeavored lo take away Maurice's revolver, but iu lhe slruggle lie was shot
ilnee times, Two bullets caused scalp
wounds und one entered below lhe
li fl eye mid lodged ill Ilie head, ll is
feared a fatal result will ensue.
Two of lbe Grand Forks city police
between them find three shuts at
Maurice O'Connor before, finding his
revolver empty, be surrendered,! but
they do not appeal to bave bit bim,
O'CiniiHir wm armed wiih an ulil-fashi-
niied 45-callbre Colt's revolver. The
lire brigade extinguished the Ure liefore
much damage was done to the hotel
. u Iding.
Great Future for B. C.
Mr. T. II. Treihewey, milling engineer, ims Interviewed the olherday hy
the Montreal "Gazelle." and he tuld
that paper that in the near future British Columbia would le one uf the
greatest, mining regions in lhe world,
He sillied iluil dcpite the flotation of
many wild schemes and despite iuex-
pciici.ee mid lack nf capital, which
handicapped many enterprises, the
country would turn outa Iaige number
uf pnilit-iinking mine*.
Iiii'Mleiiinlly Mr. Treihewey spoke
encouragingly of the Dominion Consolidated Cn.'s claims in Fairview
camp, characterizing these as being
very promising.
An International congress of mining
mid metallurgy will he held in Paris
about the middle of next June, and a
large attendance is expected.
The Colorado Springs Mining Stock
Exchange during 1HD0 snid 218.310,221
shares having a cash value of $M4,527,-
t«l. For ISIH its sales were 05,576,020
shares, value $10,287,510.
The total production of pig iron in
the United States during 1800 was 13,
620,703 tons as against 11,773,034 tons
produced in 1808. The 1800 total was
contributed by 21 states.
The copper mines of the United
States produced 23,788 tons of copper,
nf 2,210 puiintls each,during the month
of Decern tier, an increase of 571 tons
over the November output.
The supply of rough diamonds is rr-
ported to be so seriously affected hy
the war in South Africa as tn have led
to the shutting down of practically all
the rough-diamond shops In New York.
The production of zinc oxide directly
from lhe ore in the United Stales in
1800 was 30,(W short tons. This total
shows an Increase of 001(1 tnns over
the production of 1808. Including
spelter the value nf the output of the
United States zinc mines was $10,850,-
000. fnr the year 1800.
U. S. Senator Teller estimates that
the gold production of Colorado during
the year 1000 will reach $:i0,(.»*0,000 in
value, as against $23,000,10) in IW.
He says the cyanide met Insl is growing
hettet every day, and he thinks the
lime will come when it will pay to
ecu uce ores which carry only $4 or $5
north of gnld to the ton ; also that
Cripple Cnek alnne bus lying on its
dumps $20,000,000 worth of gold, which
will eventually he taken out.
From Dawson Ciiy tbe information
conies that the 1(1 per cent, royalty on
the season's output this last summer
amounted tn $700.000; the previous
year, the total collected was $400,000.
The output for 1800 is generally estimated at $15,01X1,000; fnr 18B8 it was
leas than $12,000,000. The introduction
of steam thiwers, steam hoists, and
other tune and lahor saving machinery
on all the creeks has practically ushered in a new era in the working of
the mines and should produce astonishing results.
Referring to the Boston k Montana,
the Boston "News Bureau" says that
the directors of that company have
declared a regular quarterly dividend
of $5 per share and $3 extra.   Three
i iths ago $15 were paid ; a year ag.
$5. The feature of the Montana divi
dend declaration is the raising of the
regular quarterly rate from $t to $5
A year ago $1 were declared icgulnr
and one extra. In 1S0D tbe company
paid stockholders $36 per share, in
181)3, $10 ; iu 1807, $12 ; in 1806, $10 ; in
1885, $7 ; in 1804, $2. This dividend is
payable Feb, 20 to stock of record .Ian
25. With this dividend, total disburse
menU will aggregate $15,725,000.
There are now about 1,700 stockholder-
of the Boston & Montana, the, largest
number on record.
Colville Reservation.
As Midway abuts on the North half
of Ihe Colville Indian Reservation, the
following, from the -'Spokesman Review," will he of local interest:—The
approach of the opening of the Colville Indian Reservation to homestead
entry prompts frequent inquiry regarding the character of lands to Ihi opened
to settlement. A commission which
treated in 1800 with the Indians on
ihis reservation for the opening of the
! mirth half, reported as follows :
I "Ot that-portion of the territory ceded (the north half), it is estimated
'that aliout 300,000 acres are suitable
I for agricultural purposes, The re-
maindei is very valuable for grazing
purposes and for timber thereon.
Much of the territory ceded is mottle
tuitions and abounds tn rich mineral
deposits. The southern portion of
snid reservation, it being the portion
thereof not ceded, contains the largest
proportion of agricultural lands, and
the grazing lands upon this portion are
for the must part fine. The supply of
Umber here Is quite ample. From the
best information the commission has
heen able to obtain, it is believed that
there is upon the portion of tlie reser
vat ion not ceded an acreage of land
suitable for agricultural purposes very
largely in excess of 160,000 acres (the
i limitations indicated in the depart
I ment instructions of date October 21,
Excepting lands taken in severalty
by lhe Indians, and lands taken under
the mineral land laws, the euiire res
ervation, having an area nf 2,800,000
acres, will he open to settlement,
Opposed to a Chang*.
The Anglican Synod of the Diocese
of Montreal at III session last month
bud a discussion as to whether lhe
Chinih should adopt Ibe revised
edition of i he Sri ipi ores iii Its services,
Some clcrgyinenailvnciiti.il I he change,
as the English language had changed
considerably since the lime of .lames 1..
and the revised edition more clearly
expressed the original Scriptures, It
was opposed nn the gioiind that the
change might prejudice the authenticity nf lhe Bible in the eyes of lhe
members of the Church. A mot ion lo
permit tbe clergy to use Iheir discretion, was voted down, and the Church
will adhere to the authorized version.
Bishop Chillies H. Fowler,of Buffalo,
N. Y,, whu was the principal speaker
al the tenth annual banquet mid reunion of the Society of Sons of New
York h*d.l lecently al the Palmer
House, Chicago, said of the Anglo-
Saxon race; "This race rules a goodly
part of the world, even though it haa
been the Initcher, the rubber and the
pirate. Si ill, it moves and governs
the world, Touch one hair uf a Saxon
mid an account musl lie rendered.
"They are greal missinnaries. Give
Ihe Anglo Stixnn conscience lime tu
move, time tn assert itself, and its
problems will he solved. The Saxons
have never robbed a people without
the victims heing gainers, and there
are tin   such   liberties   as   under  the
Union Jack und Stars and Stripes."
Some "Go It Blind."
Too many men lake a chance in mining the same as if belting nn Ihe led or
black. They shut Iheir eyes, qiiil
thinking and throw their money into
almost any scheme which comes along.
The more vague is the information regal-ding ihe properties mid management, aud mure wildly alluring are Ihe
stories I old the more readily they
grasp ul the scheme and take some of
it. This class of men usually get bitten, and us a result will invest no more
money in mines. However, there is a
class ..f men wbo are investigating the
vurines mining schemes liefore pulling
their money into them, and this class
are gelling results. Legitimate mining enterprises are as wurlhy of atten*
linn us Hour milling, lumbering or rum*
u.erce. II. is lbe greatest field for
innney making In-day—M. 0. French
iu Wesl Superior Telegram.
| ne iYuners nume,
Going Westwards.
The Columbia Telephone Company Is
projecting a long extension of its line
westward from the Boundary country
lo the coast, Application for a charter
has heen in ide by Mr. A. R Brown
uu behalf of the Western Telepone k
Telegraph Company. The route promised is from Midway through Itock
Creek, Bolster, Camp McKinney, Fair
view, Osoyoos and the Siinilkauieen
valley to Hope or Spence's Bridge on
the C. P. it. main line. Tbe proposed
route is that surveyed for the cut-off
of the C. P, R. through southern
British Columbia in extension of the
Crow's Nest line, rejoining the main
line at one of the points named. This
will Iw a short line lo the coast cities
irom the Kootenay and Boundary
districts.'—Rossland "Record."
What one Good   British Victory
Would do.
Mr. 0. G, Laberee, the mining operator, has returned fiom a visit of
several weeks' duration in Eastern
cities. He spent ulioui half the time
in Montreal and Canadian cities anil
ilie other half in New York and nther
ciiies on this side of the line. Said he
"1 lielieve I be financial embarrassment
if such it can he culled, will he of only
short duration. There has been a lit
tie tightening of money, hut I found
a liet ter feeling growing in Montreal
and New York liefore I came home
One good British victory would clear
away the financial clouds very quickly
It will not be long until Eastern cap!
ial will again lie seeking investment in
Western mines and money will come
with a rush this time when it starts."
Mr. Laberee will return to Montreal in
a few weeks.—Spokane "Spokesman
JOB PRINTING-fiet yonr printing
done at The Advanck office. Gihsi
work, reasonable prices.
JUST RECEIVED-Something neat
in Invitation Cards and Ball Pro
grammes, at
LIQUORS, the liest -, meals, excellent;
rooms, warm and comfortable ; attendance court—otisand prompt ial
the Lancashire House, Midwav.
Trv it.
0T10K (« hereby riven that thirty rtorn
„ . after time I IntomT to apply to iho Cl.fef
t'omintsi-innerof ljindu nun Work* fnr i-er-
misosjon lo purohtuo 320 AoroH of Iniul n* fol*
(own— cnnmicwhiK tit u t»*I hnlf n mlllo South
of the North Km! oorhor nf IjOtSWJthonoe
Kw-i 40 chains South thence 80 chain*, thonco
Went 40chnlnS- Ihenoe North 80chit)na ro place
of commencement nnd containing WO ACTOR
mon' or le*ft.
The said land hcitiK required for agricultural
Dated thin 8th day of Jnnn-iry, 19fW,
To Enjoy Life.,.
Live in Midway where there is
plenty of room for rendition,
li'vi-l -.'round for outdoor sports,
good roads for tiding, driving
snd cycling, and at I he river INh-
inu in season and skating in
For furlhiT Information apply ts
The Midway Company, Ltd.
Commercial Job Pii™
THIS HOTEL offers the best of accomnv !a;
at moderate charges.    Only the  best branch
liquors and cigars kept on hand.   A   good i.
and good beds add much to the comforl
D. L Barcklay.
J. A.  H,
Livery and   Feed  Stable
T _».___ Iff S3F 23 ia,  _t.x _$■__?,
-Midway, B. C
Now is the Time to Furnish Your _3
Receiving new Goods Dally.
10 RS
REFRIGERATORS   etc., just
If. HO.. Gm.12.oy & Oo.
Furniture   :   Undertaking  and  Embalm
****9**9*99**b9*9"tii*99**9*t999*99i*f:<eZ**ef*':-*-.» >
j Tke Travellers Insurance Co...
1 .... Of Hartford. Cox
Churtprrd 1S0.1.
Stork LITc untl
|   Accident lnsurr.no->.
% ISSUES th>* lii'it lifo insiii-iuic-e
* t cimtracls in Ih.* wm-ld, Nn
2 disiippnintiiient us lo dividl'iid*.
Rvi-rytltiiiK irttHruittf'fd iii inl-
viitii-i-, lVi'iiiiiiin i-ali-s lo in 25
pert-Hill less thiltl lllOSB nf Ilill
lint- MiiIuhI cniiipHiiiri*.
January ist, 1807,
LIABILITIES, .. i-,t)io,A„
SURPLUS   .... a,?-!*..-;
Thp Trnvelleis Cn111l1in.itinn Ai-i-iili-iii l-nlii-y (iiinriintces form
tinder nrdiinuy condition!!.
Death Itcncltt     .... |o000 Ix—- of Itlght Hand
Lo— of Sight of Both Kjros     . ,I»I0 . Loss of Leg ut or above Km-
I,oss of Both Koot or Both Hands 5.H0-) : Ijisk.iI Loft Hand     .    .
I/isa of One Hand anil One Koot JJ.WO j l/ws of Kithor K6ot
Hernnncnt Tolal Dtaabll ty 3i» I I<om of Highlof O110 1 yc   .
Lhrilts of   Weekly  Indemnity $1,30
J) AND, If suoh injuries are sustained while riding ns a pasi
A any passenger conveyance using steam   cable,   or   electric
T motive power tlie amount to i«. |iaid   sluill be DOUBLE
$ specilleil in tlie clause under wliieh the claim is nun.
I Cost $52 a year  to Professional  and   Bi
Men.and Commercial Travelers.
Other sums at proportionate rates
The  hotel   is  centrally located nnd is ;i slopping place   foi   1 •
(innd fishing in the vicinity.   Good stitliling.
A variety of the choicest brands of liquors and cigars iu ih 1
1   tl C ^wIMMMU-MWiTA
Greenwood City  Boundary Greek, B
We have opened Ihe nliove hotel at Greenwood City, ai tare*!
tn welcome guests and provide gn.id accommodation. Good Calm ■-'.
cliua Livery Stable.
PROPRIE" t mnti
)perate the Fastest Train across
_he American Continent.
First Class and Tourist Sleepers
iii.imj   DAILY TRAIN    U'estuoi-nii
l.v.     Pli-iimnns Jot,      l.v.     19:511
• s   I'lMilloton. Too,, Tliur., Snt.,   0:00
vim Pnnttotou, Mon,, Wi.I. l'Vi,   17:30
Aeeslerated Serviea to and irom
all points and through
::,  -  v,     daily TliAIN'      Kx.'bun.
i.ijjn l.v.     Gi-oiiiiwood      Ar. 10:10
t' i; ; i I information as ti) lime, rates,
!••'-, nt- for copies of ('. P, Hallway
i iihlic.t inns, address:
K  K   RRDPATH, Agent, Greenwood,
H  I... SMITH, Agent, Penilclon,
tt'  )■• AXIJUHSON; T. P, A. Nelson,
lv .1. . OY1.E, A.G. P. A. Vancouver.
1*11 DWAY, B. C.
Beautifully situated at tlie eonfluenee of Boundary Creek and Kettle River.
ILL BE   The mos'l important railway town  in  ihe  Kcttle  River  Mining Division.
The Western Terminal and   Divisional  ptjint  i f the Columbia & Western Railway
The Wholesale Supply and  Manufacturing  centre of the Keiile River and Bounda y
Tf% Qreek.Districts.
fo fo fo       l"1''   disiributi-nrg   point for   Upper   Kettle  Kiver,  West   Fork   and  Lamp  McKinne;
liming camps.
Thc nearest Railway town  ro  Republic,  Meyers   Creek,   Palmer  Mount .in    nd   other
Northern  Washington'mining camps.
Tie   leading residence town   in    the  country, with an  excellent   climate,  pure  water
supply and  favor..Ide sanitary conditions.
Business, residence and garden lots at low prices and on easy terms...
J. F, PIOGOTT,~Ma.\ MJ  it. E. JACOBS.
•   v',t,on&LSr!.alBPyfn8' THE MIDWAY CO., Ltd.   AsentforBritl^t^c
t,"l'.'     '. i- liinvliy (rivoti Ilml  thirty il.ivs
I 'i I'thtO I illti'llil In a■ 111>IV  In  llm  Clllrf
Ium i I'limiriit IjuuIk nnd Works, fm peril I— 1.1 purcliase H.'il noran nf Innd ns (ol-
I.y I'liii'idni; in .. |,i.si   pliiniud nn lho
-fl ti      '.I Hi..i-iiiiilkiiiiiiji.il Itlvor nl Ilie 8
■" "f liiilinii ijcsi'i-vi- Nn. i a ii'lnu-lin-
way    i   i'i ii,-,. Nnriii   11 i-halim, ihonoo Si
■ 'n : iii'iro of lew ui ilu- Sfmllkatnooti
l:i< ■ ••• ilu.vii ihe Siiiiilljuu dgii It.ver to
■'  I if .lotiinioiiQotiimil and rontalulng 320
1  ■ in .reorliau,
-■ 'i '■ Lind lieing required forn. ranKe ami
-'  ■ n:.ti..i: inriHiKes.
1 i  ih dny of Nuv.jiiiliur. 18'.lfl,
Certi ;.:.ito  of   Improvements.
isromo 3
Giiamti; .un Hanvkk Mixkhai Claims.
Sltuato In ths Osoyoos Mining liivlsion ot
Vale District.   Where looat6di   ln Camp
"TV. .  VUTlii'" il.-i l,ll. II. I'lirklnnnii aB
:il- ii' fur   llir   ' iimi'  il Kinney Minos
f.iiu     i. . if Catnp Muluiini.v,   froo   miner's
(TiJJ    '• No. 1(17711.. itni'ii-l. -I. ly ilnys from
IihIiIjii: Ji'ii'il',toaii|iiy i.i -li,   ..lining liocor-
der f .i .. ■ r i'|i"ileuf Imptiivoiiionbl, for thu
: jri. i      i "itJi'ning n flown grant of Lhe
And f r H-  :;ike nolhv 'Iml nctlon. under
Hoctitin 17   mini he cnnininnood   before tho
Igauanoc. i -... li oortlfli tne of improvements
Ij.iwJ thb 17thday of An um. lSld.
Mineral  .       a.i
Certificate of Improvements.
DOMINION. Kaikvik**-. a
Hawk Mini: . t
Situate   in tho Osoy ..u. .,.     ...    -      oi
Yale IMstriot   Wno.'O I    I u-.i:   .1 ...xup
TAKE NOTICE Ilml 1. t'lias. dell. Green,
us agent for tho Dominion Consolidated
Mines, l.itniteil.frei- miner soortlficato No. nMAl
Intend, sixty days frntn the iliile heriiof. 10 j
aim y lo lhe Milling Iti'corder for ti Ccrlltlento
of Improvements, for tlie purpose of obtaining
n Crown Grunt of I he nbove claims.
And further tako notice thnt action under j
section 37 must be commenced beforo the issu-
unco of such CcHiUi-aie of Improvements.
Hated Ihis 20th day of October, 1809.
Ortlllt-nle   of  Improvements.
I*     *
Real Estate and Mining Brokers.
Fire Insurance a Specialty.  QEOQ^nNwA^Nc,;yTcA0E*
Mineral Act, 1896.
Certificate   of  Improvements.
Bob Hall's Stage Line
'lull*     MOCNTilX,     IlLAfK     AND   Al.rill.n
■i..Te In the Osovkos Mining Division of
i'i.■!• I. sir it. Where loeated ; In Green
ituujitain camp, Keremeos creek.
TAKK NO'lluK thai l.l has.iliiltlois Uri-on,
acting nn egiiii fur liavlil lll...k froo
miner - ccrtldcate No. H..WI. Jinn— lllack. free
tnlncrsi-ortitleale No. Hi 17X1. Alfred Wuodcnifl
free mlner'a ccrltHcnit- No. HJ667, nml 1*.
C. McArthur, free ininvr sc rtlflonie N<i.lt>_17a.
iiiii-n.l,.ixiy djiyi. from UiimIhw! I.e.,,.I, to
apply lo tho Mining lienor lirfor a CertlfloaW
of Iiiipriiveiiieiiis. tor the |iir;.,»e nt oblaining
a Crown tiranl of thu above cl.. ims.
Anil further lake notice Hint action, tinder
Miction 37,  iiiiini   be i-oininiinci-l  before the
lssiiiiiM.<! of such Ccrllllnnte of Imp, nromcnls
llalod ilm- anh day of .Intmiiry, IIHIO.
, Certificate   of Improvements.
m On good paper,
B and in ^e most
H approved style
of any kind.
forms for Mineral Claims
i A Ifidavit forms for Field
Notes, etc., etc
A Trial Order Solicited.
AiuiiiKHH :	
TKe /IdVartce,
1 _ i mmmmmm
THK lliiii-.ii Colttiuhla Southern Kailway
i i.n \ will iippi,. in the Parliament of
t nun I. i: ,. -icM Scsi.ii.li for nn Act author*
IHilg io ■''on imny locmipli'ient nny tii.-ic bo-
1 H i «■ -in! .i'tl.ey mr Ilml. ilu we.lcrn secliiin
i 1--.-.-ii..-.l hi ihe Act of the nald Pai'llnmoul
il-1.'! \", ■:■ r , rhaplor H.I) nml n brnncli liu.
1 ii i ' i. , on ils iniiiii line nt or near lie
fm,- i ',! ii.-l i ri ek Ihelice hy way of Michel
t'l'ci. lo \l i.Jon ■ reek, nnd for nihtr purpjiseii
livni'ili-iiif ihellnnnl,
, Seorotary,
M i-n'.lTillNovi'iiihcr. 18:111.
ni ilsevb Fraction Minkhal Claim.
Situate in Osoyoos Mining Division of Yale
District.   Where Located:-On Kruger
TAKK NOTICE thnl l.Chns. lie HlninGreen,
ns ngcnl fnr .Iniin ('. Fisher, free uiinrr'H
ccrtilicnte No. l_,"l_x, George A. Kllgcl, free
ininer's ccrtitieate No. 187:'7a, nml for Win. F.
Keller, free miners cerlirtciite No.n57-'8. intend.
aixty dnys from the  dale   hcrenf, to app y
lo   lhc Mining Itccordcr fur n certificate of
improvements, for the  purpose of ohtaining
a Crown giant nf the above claim.
Ami fnrllier lake notice Hint aotion, under
cction 117, musl bo commenced liefore Mie issu
mice of such .vrlillcnl e of  improvements.
Iliitcd this SUI h day i f Oclnber, IK II.
 CHAS null, GltKEN.
Jertifitute  of  [mprovements
(Carrying Her Majesty's Mails) '
Meets the steamer Aberdeen at Pentcton on Mon
days, Wednesdays and Saturdays. Passengers lo
and from Fairview, Osoyoos and Oroville, Wash.,
delivered in quick time, and by comfortable
Livery, Feed and
Sale Stables.
At Pentictoi, B. C.
111 R. S. HALL. Proo.
Subscribe for
Tnu MnAtam- i,.hk Minkril Cum.
Situate In the Kettle Hiver Mining Dlvlilon
Yale  District.  Where locaied:-In Skylark Camp, lying southerly or and ad-
Joining the 'kylark mineral claim.
TAKK Mil IK Ilml I. Nelson Joseph lex
I'lani, free miner oortifioale No. uiilill, fjr
mym-lfaud an agent for ll. I,. ' ut iur. free
I,mer enrliflcate Nu. IKKIIa. .Inmes McNicol,
free minor i-crlillcalc Nu. 19575a, and William
Graham .McMynn. free miner iwrliflcalc No.
B—Ot, intend, nixly days from thc date hom.f.
toapply to the Mining llncnrder for a I'eriitl-
oale »f lii.i>im..iu,.|ii.. tor thrpurpo-ie nf obtaining a i rown Gram of lhc above claim.
And further take noliee lhat action, under
Hocilnn 37. iiiiiki be uiiiiineneed bofore the
issiiniire of sueh Certlflcatenf Improvement*.
Dated thia 7lh day of November. IMN.
Certificate  of   Improvements.
Situate In the Owyoos Mining Division ..f
Yale district. Where locaied:- ii
Camp Fairvlew.
TAKK NOTICE, that I. J„hn A. Monleetli
a. agent for II. T. Shi It.in. of Van
couver free inliii-r'a ik-itlflt uii- No. B—8J7 ln
tend, *lity days frni:. Uio date hereof, lo
aniily to the Mining Itecordor for a Certiflcai,
of Iinpn.iomenta, for the piirpnw of ohtalnhiK
n t rii.vniirniit of Ihe almve clnlnis.
And furthor take notice that action, under
aecUnn .17, musl be coiiimcnced before tin-
.ss.uiin ,■ of such ririiilii.il. of linprin ements.
Iinie.1 this l.'.iI. day of November, IN*.
Aa Idee! Residenee Town.
Buy a residence site whilst
there i.s plenty of choice. Pure
rir and water, beautiful scenic
[•urrojwlings, skilled resident
physician, excellent school-jus',
tne place for families.  Try it.
iii:s and Terms
iply to
:H ■ - *. 1. tn m •
Balmoral Minkhal Claim.
Situate In the Osoyoos Mining Division or
Yale  District.   Where locaied: Camp
TAKE NOTICK that I. It. H. I'arklnwu
as aarnt for William Small, free
miners ocrtificate No. n Atw, Intond, sixly
dnys from ihe dato hereof, to apply lo the
Mining Recorder for a eerlillenle of Improvements for lhe purpose nf obtaining a Crown
Grunt of the above claim.
And further Inke notice thai action, under
..eel ion 37, must  lie commenced before the
imniancc of such Certificate of Improvements.
Ilalod Ihis 2Slh day of November, IMV.
The pioneer
newspaper in the Boundary distriet
Only $2.00 a Year.
Certiflciite   of   Improvement*.
j woTton.
Gold I)l*«t anii Littlk Gold |)i*it Mineiial
Situate In the n   .m. Mining lilvlilon of
Yale  nisir.ci    Where locaied :  Kruger
TAKK NOTICK lhat I. Chaa. deniols Green
aaagnnt for (J.s.rge A.Kugel. free illner's
cerlilleale No. 18727a, a..d for Win. Keller, free
iiiinen.eertiheate No. ii-'n:*. Intend aixty daya
from the date bereof.to apply to the Mining lie-
corderf.iea iwrllflcalcof inipr.iveinei.ts, for the
purpose of ohtaining a Crown Grant of the
ahove claima
A i o fm iliei lake nolleo thnt action, under
section    Jl*.   iiin-l   be coiiimcnced boforo Iho
issuance of such eertitlcate of improvements.
Hated thia ailb day of October, imp.
Certlflcate   of  Improvement a.
Hi.i.n Ilia Minkhal Claim.
Situate in the Osoyoos Mining Division
of Yale District. Where Located: Camp
TAKE NOTICK that I. Otias. Do Illois Green
as agent for George Sbeehan, free miner's
cernniJile No. n Jo*:*., intend, sixly daya
from the date hereof. Mi apply In the Mining
'toonrder for a Certiheate of Improvementa for
the purpose cl obtaining a Crown Grant of the
above elnlm.
And fun hei take m.t ice that action, under
section  ,17,  musl   be commenced  before   lhe
lssuni.ee of such I 'erl litem.' of I mpruvotnen ts
Hated this ith day of January,IA. 1). IWO.
Spokane Falls
..& Northern,
Nelson & Fort Sheppard,
- - AND --
Red Mountain Railways.
Ti.e   o;ily all-rail route, with
out flange of cars, between
Spo'am,   Rossland
ani !!3lson. . .      _i^
ii.iivji -nliTII,                   GOING SODTtt
IStl! a. in..   .   MARCCS I2illn.ni.
Tini . IcuinR  Mareua al 12:41 a. in.
nui}. 'n»i> connections al Hpokane
\- i li irnliis fnr all
Pieific Coast Points.
c:   I'linin-i'liiins   nt  Nflann wilh
v m .,'i..iisj fur Kimln and all Kootenav
I'. "./..is fnr Kettle River and
Iti■" ij.iy Orpi'k I'tinnect al. Marcus
wlih otiiirrdiilly.
XO.. A. JAO-aiOlv,
G. P.iT, A
erside Addition.
Just a Word I
To those contemplating an invest-
ment in Midway real estate, the information is
offered that on the Riverside Addition maybe
found 300 very choice residence sites.
For terms and all other inform ation apply to
W. H. NORRIS,        or A. MEGRAW,
Midway, B. C. Camp McKinney, B.C.
»a__ Practical _s_~
Midway, B. C.
Promptly  and   Neatly
Pi-lcn TKtaaAmarmOm.


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