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toL XVII, Np. 6.
$2.00 por Year.
—: Notary Public,
[h .STATE,
n, 11,0. Ml W,
Hallett & Shaw
NoUrlea Public.
■ Adilretw: -1IAI.I.KTT."
Coons : Bodford MoNolll'*, Moreing k
Noal'ii, Lolbor'a.
[nokll Block, Greenwood,
Phono »e, V. * N.
A. 9. Can. Soo. C. I.
loviNciAL Land   Surveyor
Uav -su Oan-Hwouo.
l-£eal Estate
1- flret-claw Shave, nalr Cut, Hoa raaox
ior .Shamnoo, call at tho abovo parlor.
I IU*ir« hound Md (round.
VtII STItKKT,  -  •   •  MIDWAY, B. C.
loral    S1»o-BB>bk<*->.
Klnii of »eialrln_.   HarMihooIni
A specialty.
rx*ApmaAmAM*Ai   *■*-*•
Kxr-ll.Tt. Mailing on KetUo llivor. Jf
Ml kinds of work executed to
\nt eatlafaotion of euatomert.
flood Tooli, Plenty Material,
•nd jo year*, t (partc-ict lo do
work correctly. '. i '.
gold by All Newsdealers
Shoes Arriving Weekly
This week have received a new
line of Misses, BoyS&Childssho'es
m in soft, pliable jrrain leather up-
j|j pers, medium soles, a shoe that
S& .contains lots of good hard wear
.33 in it, and just the shoe you have
$3   been wanting.    We also have
tthe same line in Womans, just   $$
the shoe for working around the   {$
53    farm or garden.     +     +    +   fi
tC\t*ftrtAfiPiC. ^ur arr'v;*'s ''■is week comprise
UI UCCI ICd Blend of Rio & Maracaibo Coffee
at 25 cts„ good value ; Blue Ribbon Tea, Blue Ribbon
Icing Sugar ; Jams & Jellies in 5II) tins and ift glass,
equal to home made goods ; Full Cream Ontario Cheese;
Oranges, Lemon and Bananas,
yovir Mail Orders Qiv>er\ Prompt /\tter\tior\.
J. flcNICOL :•
j Hotel Spokane,
KCCX8""*'-*•- ™«vttZZXl
Have All Passed The Provincll
Granted to the Const-Kootenay. Mid.
way & Vernon, Canada North*
ern and Kitlrnat-Hazelton
Railway Lines.
A new building, well furnished. Everything new
and first-class. Only the choicest Wines, Liquors
and Cigars kept in stock. Headquarters for Mining
and Commercial Men.        [NoCiiink.sk Emploved.]
The Coasl-Kootenay, Midway ft
Vermin, Canada Northern nnd Kiti*
inat-Hazeltoti railway liills have all
paused the house.
It will uoticed lhat Midway figures
very prominently in conncclinn wilh
these linos of railway. The Coast-
Kootenay and Midway & Vernon ciiuh
have a terminus here; the former
rond running from here to Vancouver,
and the latter, ns the name would suggest, from here to Vernon,
As nil the hills provide tor $5,000 per
mile sulisidy the work of construction
should commence atno late date,
Itis altogether prohahle that lhe
provincial aid will not he the only
assistance given in the. construdioj),
of the these lines of railway, for'them
is hut little dnuhFihat a suhsidy will
lie forthcoming from the Dominion
government in the iimjonty of these
instances, ns most of these lines are
lindly needed in the furlher development of theoprovlnce.
The provincial government has, hy
its obstructive tncticts, delayed the
huilding nf Ihe much needed Coast-
Kootenay road, And In addition to this
del ny. have given more liheral terms
for its const met ion, hut there is nn
use of worrying over these regretuhle
circumstances, It Is hetter to have
these railways, and especially thediast-
Kootenay, in the near future even if
they do come % little expensive than
to wjiif for years tr they coulil ttiei* l,»
nlilnilied Without a suhsidy,
$4,50olN PRIZES.
Official  Programme Dominion Day
Celebration, July I, a, & 3,190a,
at Grand Forks, B. C.
One of the Best Equipped Hotels in
the Boundary. Everything First Class.
J. W. NELSON, Proprietor.
u..*}?*** Monlhl. io !R lown «l font
W*rOTle*Pn*,"»»» hi ««eW top-
hSivSift.,?,* *'«l«»of Plan* Mm«Ic,
?•*_* vi.fJi"!r0nH|» mo-1"* *■?. •»
will »Jrf*'lf*tt,"*'.i|>tloii, **■**. U ton
,Ji___.ritfrB". «»ubH«t««r.
> • Ue mt 9ia_l thllaealail*, 9*
In order to save labor we wish
to dispose of as much of our stock
as possible before stock-taking.
Although prices have been cut
before we are still coming down.
Everything eut in all Departments.
"TS^Hrt.slil.i- i«J8"* arriving dalljr.
liiHiJll HAIN & CO.
Under  the  Auspices   of the Urand
Forks Driving Park k Athletic
Sunday, June 29. — Excursion of
Rocky Mountain Rangers and Rifle
Associations from Kaslo, Nelson, Ross
land and other points, arriving ill
Grand Forks Sunday evening.
Monday, June 30,8:30 a. in. - Rifle
compel ition. under the auspices of the
Kettle River Valley Rifle Association.
ns follows:
Nursery Match, 200 yards, 1(25 in
Grand Forks Corporation Match,
200, SOO and 000 yards, $51 and cup
worth $75.
Ladles Mutch, COO yards, $23.
Rocky Mountain Rangers Skirmish
ing Match, $45 and shield worth $75.
0:30 a. m.—Military manoeuvres including exhibition with Maxim Guns
al rillej'angt'.
11 a. in.— Military parade through
the principal streets of the ciiy.
12 o'clock noon—Haselmll Match on
the athletic grounds,   ,
Opening of the new $10,000 regulation half mile race I rack of the Grand
Korks Driving Park and Athletic Association, live minutes walk from the
lnisiness centre, «
Racing Programme, Hist event
called at 2 p. in. sharp.
No, L—Running,'Quarter Mile Dash,
purse $175.
No. 2—Three Minute Trol or Pace,
mile heats, hest two iu three, purse
No. 3.— Running, Grand Forks
Derby, one mile, purse $100,
Exhibition by Dr. M, guiileless pacing wonder, who will endeavor to
brook his record of 2:25.
No. 4.—Running, Gentleman's Saddle Horse, quarter mile duab, purse $75.
Open to horses which have never competed in any nthei class.
No. 6.—Running, live eighths mile,
purse $250,
A Lacrosse Match, Nelson, B. C, vs
Grand Korks will be played between
the racing events,
General illumlmilinii of tin; city.
0:30 a. in,— Firemen's Tournament,
Hridge street.
Ilnli and 11 uii Knee,distance 150 yds,;
reels to ciu'iv 250 feet of hose,  Ujpl
pt'1/.e $100, second priae $50.
Wel. Teal, distance 100 yards to
hydrant, teams to lay 150 feet of hose,
first pri/.e $100, second prj.6 $50.
In Iml hot above events three or
more teams to enter or no second
money awarded.
12 O'clock noon - Baseball Match on
the athletic grounds.
2 p. m.—Race Track,
No. f).—Running, three-eighths milei
purse $175.
No. 7,-Free for All, Trot or Pace,
mile heats, best two in three, purse
No. 8.—Running, Ponies 14i hands
or under, one quarter mile, purse $50.
Exhibition hy Dr. AI, the Guiileless
Pacing Wonder,
No. (1.—Running, half mile heats,
best two In three, purse $31X1.
No. 10.— Running, three quarter
mile, purse $250.     *»
No. 11,— Cowboy's Race, 300 yards,
three turns, purse $50,
General illumination of the city.
12 o'clock noon,— Athletic grounds,
conclusion of baseball tournament,.
Race Truck, 2 p, in.
Consolation Trot or Pace, purse $100.
Consolation, Running, half mile,
purse, $150.
Both of above events ure open only
|o horses which have not won Hrst or
second money at this uieeting, post
entries, free,
Conditions for horse races'. Entries
in all evenis close with the secretary,
Board of Trade rooms, June SOatOp.m.
Entrance fee five per cent of purse
wilh live per cent. additional from
money winners, In all races four 10
enter and three to start. All purses
divided 70, 20 and 10 percent. A horse
distancing the Held entitled tu lirst
money only.
The association Reserves the right of
changing the order of any race if
deemed advisable. The rules of the
American Trotting Association (of
wbich this association is a member) lo
gnvart) harness events. The rules of
the New California Jockey Cluh to
govern the running events (hy per
mission). This association is also a
member of the North PaclHc Fair
Association. Entry blanks ran he obtained from the secretin y to whom all
entries must be made. Racing starts
each day at 2 p. in.
General Information. — Excursions
and special reduced rules hy all rail
ways entering the city, see railway
posters. Grand stand seal s 1500 people;
a section reserved for ladles and their
escorts; General admission, adults 50
cents 1 children under 12 years, 26ets.
General admission to grand stand 25
cents. Restaurant and refreshment
booths 011 the grounds. Competent
judges have been engaged ; also an
official starter. Good stabling for
horses at the track. Official score
cards for sale on Ihe grounds. Firs1
class hands in attendance each day.
Dr. G. VV, Avbrii.l, W. A. Hakkin,
Piesident. Secretary.
Cariboo Hotel Was Completely
Only $3,500 Insurance on the  Property   Fire is SupposeJ to Have
Originated From Furnace.
Seizure was Legal.
On February 12th last, in the county
conrt of Yale, holden at Greenwood
before His Honor Judge Learny, an application was made on behalf of one
Sue Wo for redress in the circumstances that certain firewood cut by him on
a mineral claim had heen seized for
non-payment of limber dues, his counsel arguing that the said wood was
not cut tin bind to which the Land Act
and aiui'iiding acts apply in respect to
payment of such dues, and further
thnt the seizure was illegal for ihe reason that it was made hy one C. .1. Mc
Arthur, who hud not been appointed
in mannei prescribed by law lo curry
out the provisions of the said acts.
The judge agreed with the latter contention and ordered possession of the
wood seined to be restored tti the petitioner. The question us 10 the right
of the crown lo collect royally nit-dun-
ber and firewood cut on mineral claims
was therefore not considered, l^fer
McArthur was properly appointed to
colled timber dues, etc., and, failing
pnyiiient of the dues demanded, the
firewood was again seized. On the 3rd
inst. application was once more made,
this time to Mr. Justice Walkem, who,
afler hearing arguments of counsel for
and agninst, decided that as the claim
owner hns only the right to use Ihe
timber for mining purposes and not to
dispose of it loiiny person whomsoever for nthei purposes, the action of the
petitioner in rutting and removing
lire wood wus illegal, und this being so
he hud no right lo nsk the court to
protect him trom the consequences of
the unlawful act. His petition was,
therefore, refused, The disputed question of the right of the crown to collect dues on timber cut on mineral
claims wus once again not gone into,
so no judicial pronouncement thereon
Was obtained, us has been hoped for.
The Cariboo hoi el at (lamp Mrffin-
ney was destroyed by fire early lust
Tuesday morning,
Tbe lire Is supposed to have originated from the furnao. It wus lirst
discovered at Iwo o'clock nnd i>• less
than three quarters of i.n hour from
that time nl! ihnt remained wus a
heap of smouldering ashes,
The occupants of the building found
considerable difficulty in making their
escape, us the lire bud (.'ut well uiuler
way before being discovered and bud
cutoff tlie passage to the stairway
leading to the lower stoiay, and us
ladders were not availahle'escnpe wus
made by means of ropes, made by lining the lied clothes together.
The building wns a line structure
and cost $11,(0). It was built lliree
years ago by Harry Rose and Alexnn-
der McAuley. At the time ol the tiie
the property was owned try Mr. Mc
Auley, who purchased his partner's
inlerest some time ago. His loss will
lie heavy a* the building wus Insured
for only $2,600,
 *- • a	
Has Issued rVinifesto   Advocates Grenl Reform.
The Progressive Party lias issued a
manifesto, signed by nil the niciubi'iS
of lhe exeimive committee, Afler
alluding to the rirctnustunces lending
up to Ihe Convention of liclium Associations ut Knmloops, it Fays;
At last we believe the duy of awakening has arrived. It would uppeu.
that the limits of public patience have
been finally reached, A •.'real wave
of polhii-nl Unrest and discontenl is
making Itself felt throughout the entire provlni'-.t. The liiavening forces of
public opinion are moulding ji mighty
protest against the incomprehensible
and inexplicable amies of ihe present
apology fur a government nl Victoria.
The handwriting on the wall stands
out in sueh bold lelief thut he who
runs may lead. All evidences indicate
that the tune is nenr ut linnd w hen the
great voice of tlie people will proclaim
in a mandatory manner thnl the makeshift met hods of ihe present 1'iovin*
cial Administration, mid ihe pi ity
quarrels nndijiickei ings that huve too
lung disgraced the sessions of our legislature, must be brought to a speedy
and abrupt termination. History will
repeat Itself; nil reforms come from
the ranks of common people. Indeed
it seems that our political harque bus
been launched upon ihe troubled wat*
ers of the sea of provincial politics at a
most auspicious nnd favorable moment. Our party must, wilh the utmost vigor nnd energy, tuke up is
mission of legeneraling the politics of
our province, and make itself if possible! a po'enl factor in the work of
placing the institution of govi rtiineiit.
upon a more stable, eqult ilile aud permanent basis I bun bus hitherto exist*
ed. If we arc permitted to accept the
spirit of conciliation and harmony,
which prevailed at our bile convention, and the manifest unanimity of
purpose and feeling on the p.-ul of llll
delegates ihere ossein hied, together
with iheir reasonable altitude toward,
and expressions nf sentiment upon
Ibe great fundamental principles,
which necessarily cuine before ihnt
'gathering, for consideration and discussion, us a'i indication of the (lis*
prrsitiitn of the various leform elements throughout the piovince,
towards Ibis new movement, then indeed do wc feel quite safe in assuming
thnt its iiioi ive and guiding principle
will be to impress upon our statute
books higher mul ti'iiorCiiiuidlilin Ideals
of liberty und justice, nnd lo develop
IV sound, sill-tnntiul, progressive and
more self reliant conception of Calm-
dianlsin in public life, In submitting
for yoltr consideration the platform of
the Progressive Party, we do not contend fora moment that it is perfect.
Neither do wc pretend ib.it it completely satisfies the cherished aspirations of all the d|veieu elements of leform, represented at llm convention
which gave it birth. Whn I we do
maintain Is that it glands for fundamental reform principles of sufficient
(Continued till page 2.) THE ADVANCE,
JOHN WITI1KLI. Proprietor
(!. M, CROUHK Miuinger
Publlshott workly at Midway, II. C.
8til.iuu-llit.liin tirlco, 82.110 per annum, payable
In itilvuiiije, either yearly ur half yearly at tlio
option uf Uu- subscriber.
Ailvorlifiliig r;tli-s sunt on application,
MONDAY. JUNE 1), 1902,
The large number of immigrants
that have settled in the Canadian
Northwest during the present year
will, lo a great extent, benefit this
province, Many ranchers in the
Northwest have disposed of their
farms to American immigrants and
ure now seeking homes in British
I'uhimhia, where the climate is more
favorable than that of Alberta and
the -Non hwest, This class of people,
uill make good settlers for ihe province. They ull have means, nsthey
disposed of their former holdings to
good advantage, and are willing to
give a gond price for land that will
suit ihetn, What Ihey are looking foils good land where llu: climate is less
Br-vere than the territories, and natur
lily well' attracted hy what Hritish
Columbiji hnd to olfer. Shoulil these
people lind places thut suit them—and
there is no reason why Ihey shouldn't
—the result, will lie lhat a host of others will follow them.
One of tho most noticeable facts in
connection with the strike of lho packing house teamsters at Chicago last
week, is the remarkably small number
of seious injuries resulting from a
conflict in which such Inhuman violence was resorted to as marked tlie
forces of the rioters. All kinds ot
missies were hurled nt Ihe drivers of
tlm meat wagons us they attempted lo
relieve the semi-meat famine that op
pressed the hotel-i and eating houses
of the city uiid'nllhough submitted lo
Iho assault for such a long lime, only
a few sustained what uiigh be called
serums injuries ami probably not even
I :cn weie these of such a nature as to
r -ii t f.tally. One ca:i scarcely imagine nf how it, were possible for sueh
a large number of excited strikers, all
I eut on obtaining their ends, regard
less of tho methods adopted in gaining
them, io not accomplish gi eater dlfias
ter tii,in is report ed to have occurred
in tliis affray, ll, is doubtful if the
*■'rikers will share Ihe sympathy of
pu'ille sentiment, because they violated
the rules of law und order, in attempt-
no.; lo gain Iheir ends and more es
)io, ially will this sympathy he with
held on account of the inconvenienc-
snlf'i'dhy the public on account of
tb-'ir net ions. The citizens of thi
United .Stales are generally not adverse to displaying their sympathies
for lu bur strikers, providing they act
in au orderly manner, hut these siuiir
citizens do not generally approve of
such strikes wlr n they know that lhe
acts of violence ate directed against
individual rights under the laws.
Chicago strikers seem to he unfurl un
ate jn not learning this. They have
bad many opportimill-_ of doing so in
the past, for on similar occasions they
have found that the leaders of organ
iz d labor refuse tn approve of violent
the esteem of the'-British,   whilo tho
courage of tlie British, chief among
whom were our noble Canadians, has
proved toIhe Beers that to surrender
to (ireat Britain is not an act of cowardice, hut of wisdom, therefore, Ihey
will submit to their defeat ,viihout
bitterness or any rankling memories,
The Boots understand that complete
submission nnd incorporation in the
Empire are included  in the terms of
peace.   The terms as accepted by the
Boers are practically those which Lord
All I ner offered at the commencement
of the negotiations wilh, perhaps, ope
unimportant exception that is in lhe
permission  that   will he granted lo
the Boers  to possess rifles when required for their protection under certain  rr giilalioiis.    The    flrst   terms
offered did not permit the Boers lo
possess rifles under any circumstances.
But it was shown  that  this might
leave them defenceless against, attacks
by natives or wild animals, hence the
modification  no  prosecution   will he
taken  against   any  burghers except
those who have been guilty of acts
contrary to the usages of war, and
this leniency will practically relieve the
Moers of all civil disabilities as soon as
they acknowledge  allegiance  to the
Crown.   Dutch will he taught in the
public schools where the parents desire it, and it. will ho used, when neces-
ary, in lhe courts.   But the English
language will ho the official  medium
and thus a probable source of complications in the future will he avoided.
Tlie  financial  aid  that  the   British
government will immediately  give lo
lhe destitute to provid- indespeusahle
means for the resumption of their nor
mai occupations,  whilst  exceptional
treatment liy ix. victor to a conquered
people, is  a  wise   stroke  of, policy.
The same may also be said of the pro
posal lo loan  nn  equal  amount for
similar purposes.   The announcement
lhat no special tax will he imposed in
landed property  in  I he Transvaal or
Orange Free Colony to defray Ihe expenses of the war is surprising indeed
as it nits generally supposed that the
former, almost immediately, and the
latter, at some Iai or period,  would be
able to contribute something to the
expenditure of the war.   It is likely
lhat. the Imperial government will-not
long delay the organization of ihe two
new territories into Crown Colonies,
this could not  very  well  be  accomplished  immediately while the Boer
prisoners are returning from exile ami
thecounlry   undergoing the changes
of wai to peace.   When this is accomplished ami tb- territories have heen
formed into Crown colonies local self
governnient will follow but not before
it is considered ihut it will be in the
interests of th« Empire.   The question
of grunting of the franchise to the natives will he postponed until after Ihe
establishment of self government.
It is only a question ofa short time
until that portion of the Coast-Kootenay Railway from Curlew to Midway
will be constructed.   This line would
be now being built, but for the scarcity
of laborers.   When this road is built,
most of the spur lines to the different
mining camps will start from here,
making this the railway centre of this
district.   With the advent of more railways into Midway the prices of real
estate will advance, and the choice lots
purchased and taken off the market.
Show your good judgment by buying
now.   Midway property will make you
rich.   It is not a speculation, itis  an
For prices and terms apply to
Carrying His majesty's Halls
Will leave MIDWAY on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, at 8.30 a. tn., arriving at
CAMP McKINNEY at 5 p. m.
Returning will leave CAMP McKINNEY on
Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 9 a. m,
reaching MIDWAY at 1.30 p. m., and making connection with the train going east at 2 o'clock.
Iho bMt of aoooiMMdatlofi for
tho eonvonlonoo of tho
travailing public
The whole civilised woi-lil will rejoice
at 1 be ui nnniiccmeiit of ihe termination of the hostilities in South Africa
..ml par iuiil.nl>* su nn account of the
satisfactory ending. The terms of
Surrender ending this great war were
s gnod by all ihe Boer representatives,
which clearly shows that peace was
anxiously sought by the insurgents
■unl the peace, that has now beeu oh
I.lined will prove enduring anil puts
en »nd in one of the hardest fniiglu
Wars In history, The war just closed had
t > be fouiiht at some time or olher if
Great Britain was to letain lier possessions iu Smith Africa. Therefore
Ihe war was Inevitable. Everything
that was possible was done on the part
of Great Britain to prevent it but to
no purpose. The struggle for supremacy nf the Hritish and Dutch ideals of
government in that vast SuithAfii
nan domain had to lie Bellied, South
Africa Is a large country hut even so
tliere was not room for two races so
much intermingled as the Hritish and
the Dutch, living side liy side, each
holding different opinions as to the
hvidecrf government. True, bad tlie
preceding negotiations been differently
nnnaged the country might have re
iitiiiiictl in the unsatisfied state it was
in previous lo tlm war, for some lime
and the actual riicouree to arms mixlit
have been deferred for a few years ;
but what would it have prullled either
te British or tlie Boers? The-wai
was Inevitable and had to he fought,
then what would have been Ihe use of
postponing it. The Boers will, with
the progress anil enlighlinent lhat
will come as British rule becomes
more established, see that Ihey are far
hetter off than under any form of
govei'iiinentthe Dutch could give them
and Will bc thankful that the War
terminated in Ilritish victory, In
after yeurs the Boers will themselves
rejoice at what, probably to-day Ihey
consider a ((rent calamity, As they
become more enlightened ami peace
progress nnd prosperity reigns hi .South
Afric, these same people who so bitter
ly fought for the Dutch government,
will aektiowledge their mistake
they become to lvalue that British
rule means justice for all. The fuel
tbat tlie liners proved Iii lie nidi for
inidaMe adversaries have won for Ihem
(Continued from page 1.)
value aid importance, and plainly im
pies that tlie living political issues of
the day ihat confront the people of
this province for solution, shall be
grappbd wilh in such nu intelligent
and pratical manner that will justify
ail ol. ments of reform, rallying round
the standard, and cheerfully according
it undivided support, and at. the same
lime ils clear cut declaration for comprehensive principles of polil ical progress, we submit, is well calculated lo
secure Ihe sympathetic cooperation
of the more timid und conservative
element, who, possessing Imt a hazy
knowledge of the intricate problems
involved in modern economic conditions, are apt to heroine prey to the
wily machinations uf the professional
political I ricks ter, who wiil not hesitate
to impose upon their credulity, if- he
feels that Ihe interest is in any way
jeopardised, liy branding our movement, if the slightest justification can
be found for so doing, as revolutionary
and anarchistic in in its tendencies,
and all of I he false arguments of this
type so familiar tn Ihe ears of honest
reformers in all parls of Ihe civilized
world, Iu short our party and its
platform is neither extremely radical
nor iiltiaconservative, but as its name
indicates in the pruper conceplion of
the word, it is progressive, in all that
I he term expresses and implies. The
alvocacyof lhe principles contained
therein, will create public issues well
within the Held of pratical politics.
We me content and satisfied lo have
il so, uud will appeal tothe puiilic for
sympathy and support fiom the sound
positisji. We might furlher point out
that in the principles of our platform,
are contained tbe germs of a political
plant, which, if properly nourished by
aiilllricnt sympathy and support, will
ultimately develop into a mighty oak,
offering under its sheltering branches,
a refuge and a common standing
ground for men in all classes of society,
w.io are possessed hy progressive re*
form principles, and who are animated hy a desire lo improve existing social conditions and to further the true
interests of our country. Our immediate aim will be to exercise a wholesome Influence in public affairs nnd to
secure the election of a substantial
parly of candidal es in the next provincial election, lo represent the reform
interests iu the Legislative Assembly
of our province.
"Amber" Plug Smoking Tobacco is
winning on Ps merits.
"Have yon tried it ?"
Save the lags, Ihey are valuable.
Dr. R. Mathison,
Certificate   of  Improvements.
Achmr Minkiiai, Claim.
Situate In the Osoyoos Mining Division of
•   Yalo District.   Where   Located :-Kru-
ger Mountain.
TAKK NOTICK llial I, Cbnrleu do IIlols
(.rami, free ininer's eertlfleato No. iitil7j.il,
intend sixty days fnun tlm flute hereof, lo apply to the Mining itecordor fur a Certitluafe
ol Inijirin iinicirts. r-ir the purpose of oblaining
a Crown Grant of the above clninis.
And further lake notice that aotion. undor
seetion JIT. must lie commenced before iho issuance of such certificate of impro voiuents.
Ilntcd this 14th day cf April, I'M.
Ic C. obD. GKEKN.
Certificate of  Improvements.
Anaconda Minkkai. Claim.
Situate in the Kettle River Mining Division
ot Yale District.  Where loeated : At the
mouth of Baker Creek.
TAKK NOTIOK that I, Forbes M. Kerby,
freo miner's certificate No, nlttei., for myself and us iment for Charles Hamilton, free
miner's cerlillcate Nn. uttttm, and Wiu. Ileilly,
free miners' ccrtltlcate No. nll.'iW. and Ainsley
Megraw, freo miner's eertitlcate Nn. Knoll,
intend,(Kl flays from tlie ilalu hereof, lo apply tn
the Mining Recorder fnr a ('ortifleate of lm-
movement for the purpose of obt'ilnlng a
Crown (iiriiit of the abovo claim.
And further tako notice that action, under
section ;(7, must be coinniHiiced buforu tho issuance of such Cerlillcate of Improvements.
Hated tills Oth day of December, IIMI.
Headquarters for Railroad,
Mining and Commercial Is
First Class Livery Stable in Connection with hotel,
S. A. CROWELL, Prop.
Certificate   of  Improvement*.
toronto, no, i, uauna and bosks phac
■noma*. Mineral Claims.
Situate In the Osoyooi Mining Division ef
Yale Dlstriet.   Where located : Camp
TAKK NOTICK that I, Charlm de llloi.
Oreen. ss agent for I'oler Scotl, froe miner's oortlfloate No. iilulxi, intend, sixty dnys
from the ilate hereof, lo apply to Ihe Milling
Itcconler for a ('ertiflcate of Improvements,
tor the purpose of obtaining a Orown Oranl
of the above claim.
And further take notice that action, under
seetion :ti. must be commenced before Ihe
issuance of such Certificate of Improvement*
Datod this llth day of March, IM.
2lo 0. iikII. ORKKN.
Certiflciite   of Improvement!.
Arizona Minkral Cum.
Situate In the Kettle River Mining Dlvltlon of
Yale District.  Where located: Graham's
TAKK NOTICK that I, Forbes M. Kerb*', an
agent for T, W. Stack, free miner's certificate No. hMMI, and Chris McDonell, free
miner's curtllicalti No, altm, intend, sixty
days from tho date horoof, to apply to tho Mining Itecordor for a Certlflcaie of Improvements, fnr lho purpose of obtaining a Crown
Orant of tho above claim.
And further take notice that action under
section 37 must be commenced before the Issuance of such Cerlillcate of Improvements.
Dated this 22nd day of February, IWi,
Certificate  of   Improvements.
•  . NOTIOB,
Ahehiikkn Minkhal Claim.
Situate in the Kettle Itiver Mining Division of
Yale District.  Where located; Copper
TAKK NOTICK that wo, John 1). Nsrrlsh,
froonilnors' eertitlcate No. nlT.IXI, A. K.
Cross, free miner's eurtilteate .No. nli*HI."i, and
I/nils llryiuit, free miner's eertitlcate No.
tiimiii, iiiluii'l,sixty days from thc dale horeof,
to apply to the Mining Rooordor for a cerlillcate
of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining
a Crown  Urant of tho above claim.
And further take notico Unit, action, undor
section 117, must be cominencod before the
issuance of such certitlcato of improvements.
Dated this aith day of April, 1«B. lo
To ,1. V. Williams, Donlol Lynch nml others
Interested 111 tlie Malum ilh nml Hilltop
Mineral Claims, situate In llonmernng
Camp, In the Ketlle Itlvei Mining Division
of Yale District.
TAKK notloo that 1 have oxnenilod on each
of the nliove meiitioncil mineral claims, in
labor ami Improvements, the sum of lllill, and
I lie sunt of fji for recoi-dltig tho certificates
thereof, such expenditure (icIiik required to
hold the said claim, under the provisions of tho
Mineral Act, fnr the yenr einllng July .1,1001.
And if within ninety days from tho date of
this notice you fail or refuse n, contribute
your proportion of such expenditure, tngoihnr
with all tlie costs of advertising, your Interests
in said mineral claims shall be liable lo forfeiture as provided by the Mineral Act Amendment Act, unto.
Dated this Kith day of March, litrl.   . 2uro
To J. 0. Ileilly. W. II. Reilly and J. M. Judd,
of Issimls. Washington:
TAKK notico that I have done on the Rock
Creek Mlnoral Olalm, sltuato on Hock
Creek, In tho Osoyooe Division nf Yale District, lho work required hy Section tt of the
Mineral Aot for ihe yoar which esplred on
August 16, llitll, and have duly recordod the
eert Itlcalo of work for this and the two years
And further lake notice that If at tbe eipira
tion nf iM days from tho dato of Ibo first publication of Ihis notice in Till Miiiwav Aiivanuk
you, co-owners, fail to contribute ynur proper
tion of tho expenditure required by said Suction 21 In respect of such work, namely I&J.M,
together with all the costs of advertising, yonr
Interest In said mineral claim shall becomo
vested in mo upon filing with tho mining recorder of said mining division tho notloo and
nlHilavlt required by the Mineral Act Amend
ment Act, 1801).
Dated this 6th day of March, 1102,      lire
__■*•_** JPoarm*.
Thk Hoyal Insuranck Cot
The London and Lancashire Firm
Insuranck Coy
Thb Insuranck Coy. of North
America       ^^^^^^^
Thk London and Canadian Firm
Insurance Coy.
Thb Sun Lifb Assuramjk Cot u*
Thb Dominion Building and Loan
Appraiser for thb Canada Permanent Loan and Savings Coy
The Riverside Hotel
* V
Is situated at Rock Cre:k, B, C, on the main
route of travel between Penticton and all Boundary Creek points.
Good Hunting. Good  Fishing.
Best of Accommodation.
S. T. LARSEN, Proprietor.
Spokane Falls Morton
Railway Co.
& Ft, Sheppard
Railway Co.
Railway Co.
The only all rail route between
all points Bast, West and South
to "Rossland. Nelson and all
Intermediate points ; connect-
ine Rt Spokane with the Great
Northern. Northern Pacific and
O. K. & N. Co.
Connects at Rossland with the Canadian
Pacific Railway for Boundary Creek points.
Connects at Meyer's Fall! with stage dally
for Republic.
Buffet Service on Passenger Trains between Spokane and Northport.
Leave, Arrive,
SPOKANK     9.180-i.m. 7.16p.m.
ROSSLAND    12.25a.ni. Mo pin.
NKL80N     M»s.ni. n.lAp.m.
General Passenger Agent,
Thia celebrated hone will, stand for
the season nt
Terms for the season 910, or will
insure for 910 if pnid for in advance,
money to lie returned if mure is not in
foal.   Pasturage 93 a month,
Young O. M. Patclicn, Jr., is ft bright,
hay witli blftck points, stands 10hands
high nnd weighs 12H0 Ihs.
The pedigree of this horse can be
seen by applying to the undersigned.
(Signed)     ZKB, KIKBY,
Stf Sidley, 1). 0.
May 26, 30, June 29,
July a, 3, 4.
Trom Rossland, Trail, Nelson
and intermediate points to
Minneapolis, $44.Mt
Chicago, 64.KO
Detroit, 77.00
Toronto, OII.JIO
Montreal, 100.50
Corresponding reductions from »'l
Knot-inny i-oinU. Usual diverse
routes, iih'hIn and berth Included on
C'Muulian Facillc Lake 8le»iners.
Through bookings lo Europe
vift all Atlantic lines. I'n-
Pftid ticket* from all points at
lowest rules.
Kor tine tallies, rsmtx end full Inforntsllnn
callon or aildrem A. W. II All,M, A*-*"''
MMway, or
■>. 9. OARTKK, B. i. CO-IS
»• P. A., A. (1
Nelson, B.C.       Vancouver.
II. 0
Mineral Act, 1896.
Certificate  of Improvements.
Ajax Minkiiai, CLAIM,
Situate In tha Kettle Elver Mining Division
of Yal* Dlstriet.   Where located I In
Deadwood Camp.
TAKK   NOTICK that I, Forbes M, K«Jj*
, ,    froe   minor's   eerltllcal.ii   No.  I"'-";
Intend, sixty days from the ditto hereof, j"
apply In tho Mining Rooordor for a Certl«»*J
of IniprovemenlH, for llm purpose of obleinuw
a Crown Ornnt of tho above olalm.
Ami furthor lake notico that action, un'10'
section 37. must be oommeneod  before ino
issuance nf such Certificate ol Iniproi omen*
Uatod this Uth day of May, A. D. «•
tkl rOllllliS M. KKlllll. m»t* nw"** * Ti
Lllmiit returned from an ex*
Jviait to ths Simllkftmeen last
, Mitchell and Charley Dunn
|lBd down from Greumwood one
laBodinsiirvoylnKftnumt-*-- »f
•,,v Inuritn, of Myers creek, was
fi eight forch(Umw nierchantB.
L. Rose,  of Oamp McKinney,
Midwuy on Wednesday on his
Lt l» KoHslfttid to spend a  few
[ hotel* in Midway are making
tinn to the Bourd of Licence
1,,1-sioners, which meet here on
lllh, fur a renewal of their licences.
IViisrhi-r. who Is superintending
Lrk that is now being done on
Liy claim, near Beiiverdell, wns
L,r to Midway during lho past
,tart Wood, who for the,pftst few
i hus been at the coast endeavor-
HKiire aid fo.r Ihe Mld*iiy.Vi'r-
,„,livay, In which charter he is in-
J,«|, hus relurned to Oreenwood.
I, Thoinet and H. P. l*rge are
m,e pri-spectlug on the Hester
, near the town, preparatory to
'aiuesBment work. The proper-
owned by Mr. Thoinet and L. E.
1,10 p. III.
Weil., Krl.
A Sundays
A   (Jiiiwl polnu,
Pts. Crown Soul ||,ll,
KttHlern IJiumiiu
' Kulrvlew
Venion, etc.
Orand Korks
Union wood
All inn, Kiwtfc n,ral|.
Camp MoKlnnoy
Hock Crook
All Vt est Fork polnln
Tiiim., Thurs.
k Hutiirdays
Ola. in.
Mulls for pointa farther west of Midway than
tamp McKinney ko v|a. ltmel«Uikc.
Monoy orders from 8 a. m. to 7 p. m. with the
(eoptlon of one half In
and afUir arrival of malls.
exception of one half hour before departure
ml.gO. Dale, nf Carmi, is spending
, days in town. Mr. Dale, is one
'e owners of the Butcher Boy, and
■ere in connection with the deal
Lis pending for tbe disposal of
I property,
liiswti'd that the B.C. mine will
l|y resume shipping to thc s Iter
nwood,   There are in the bins
e mini' mine two or three  Hums
nf ure, which was mined and
,| Mine the B. C. suspended min*
tions early in  the current
|e C. P. It. has added another shay
e to the run between the Orunliy
,. «i I'lj'ir nix. and  the amelter,
>i tbe same hauling rapacity na
dune, which is 20 empty ore cum
[hesleep Ilill lo Phoi'liix     This   is
Me the work an ordinal y engine
I.S. Hurri-on,  of   Westliridge   is
IK*  few   days   ill   lown.   He
husinen very  quiet  up  the
r.due largely lu traffic   being Ullt
lierlhe wagon road onftccimra of
It iir water.   Supplies tor  Ilea ver-
■mul Cu mi, have lo   lie   taken   in
k Westhridgfe hy pink train.
J. G. Graham, of  Nelson, spent a
liliy* in Midway last week lookitiK
Jr iIk* lown with a piobable view of
Itinn ln'iv l.iier on.   Mr. Grabain
pvery inuiii pleased witb what,  lie
iie hero and did nnl lu-sitati' in
■ that Midway has the best natural
|ii*"c in the Interior.
fwiduijiiii J. Irvinewaann the run
ftllieCnliiiiiliiaoi Western hetween
ksnd .Nelson, fora few  trips  Insl
Ik in place of A. V.  Mesker, who
prnjiiyiuga well earned   holiday,
|tolast week Mr. Mesker had never
*il 11 trip since he first started on
(■line nver eigbteeu months ago.
Rsi Hopkins, agent for the Inter*
lional Siluiol of Oorrespondenre, uf
mtflii.l'u., was in town last week
business for lhat institution,
nn here In. went on to Camp Mc-
'"*)', Fairview  and  olher   towns
Mane.   ThesohiKil alreudy lias
NU in the province. 1.200 of
'«* «* in the Kootenays.
«Wednesday Mr. Ralph S. Rout,
•nndchild arrived in Midway from
"land, whither Mr. limit bad  gone
n|wt his family, who bad come all
'*»)' tfom Alum, llliuois, their for*
*n«me,  Mr. Root nnd family have
wiiiji ||K,jr nim,*,. iM    u,„ mag.
wnt residence recently  built by
on his ranch acroM the   Interim-
1,1 boundary line from Midway,
half yearly statutory meeting of
hnsiil of licence commissioner* fur
Boundary Creek  Licence District
[wi callod for Monday afternoon,
Wi inst., at Midway.   All hotels
™ district between the Columbia
l*« «nd Uoek Creek, except  tluiBe
WHelti liuinlolpalltletj are under tbe
'""wtiun oft his hoard,   The meet*
>lf will Ih* h«ld In the otflce of Crow*
|V«tei i8 now nmn(n(r ln UlB Mid-
"-ohtpany'H lurge irrigulion ditch,
'"ystein nf 11rtlllci.il ruin ensures 11
wttaiit gro.v, |, ,,t,gl„.lll(,8S of ft 11,,,'t.
,ln Wl, and the giirden und farm
I n)nni Mid'vivy, that is thus wat*
PfHliues better rosulU thnn if
wd whoro rain It. tihundunt, foi* In
1 '•'ni'cd spot t|,e srav,\,ifr c,,,p8
[J the ndvantiiges of the   sun's
lUiiii.     ',UI(1 l"<)i8,l»'e  at the sumo
llMinl * I'-'oo-'ces ft  vigorous
L 'te?8' -?Lntil>t'  *■■■ ■»  '»
|J»»thun 1  D,.lUh ,ind'W of «,ul11
l^tafctS?,,u,,cl''o,,lce ,n
1  All Li j "^
_*Cw._* """"R  -Mkle ftl Uie
F. 0. Hiilliday him opened up the
barber shop on Fifth Street, formerly
occupied by Hurl Smith.
W, H, Thomas, consulting engineer
to the B. C. Oopper Conipany, arrived
fiom New York last week, un his
periodical visit lo tbe company's Mother Lode mine and smelling works,
Next Monday June 10th the time
table on the Onluinhla ft Western
will he somewhat changed, Under
the new schedule ihe incoming train
will arrive at 2:10 p.111" while the lime
of the departure of the out going train
will be 2:55p. in., 15 minutes later.
W. V. O'liara anil his paity of surveyors arrived in Midway on Wednesday and arc now husy in running
mystifying lines to various points
Around the town, in connection with
establishing lhe correct hoiindary
line hetween here and ihe United
Stales. Tbe party numher sixteen in
all. They will Hrst work from here
ns far west as the Siinilkauieen river
and after reaching that point will go
over to Sheep creek, where they lefl
off last fall.
Chesaw ib going to hold a celebration
on July Ith, when our local baseball
leain will contest hono**8 wilh the
Chesaw boys. In all probability the
linnd will go over and the townspeople
will all turn out Ui witness the sports,
which in pnst yenrs have always furnished a good day's amuseminU The
people of Midway are mindful of the
large attendance accorded this plare
liy Chesaw on May 21th and will take
advantage of the opportunity to re
clprocate nu July lib.
Lost Saturday morning as Earle
Ndrthrop was engaged in getting out
tiiiilxT on the reservation, for the
Oranhy mines at I'hoenij, he met
wiih a painful accident, which will
prevent him fnun working for some
time. Ho 111 company with his father
were pealing 11 log when the axe of
the latter glanced and struck Earle on
1 he tonnage of ore shipped by the mines of the Boundary
"•strict during ,901, anrj for first three months of 1902, is
as under:
Old Ir
ronsidesand Knob Hill group 231,76.
^Lode  99i548
Sunset       800
Winnipeg    I|040
King Solomon  850
Snowshoe     ■«■■>•
No' 7      '665
iewel       325
Golden Crown	
Sundry small shipments     2,500
Shipments during
T. M.Gulley&Co.
Linoleums, $
1900 totalled   97,837   tons
year 1901, to December 31st, 386,738 tons, and during
three months of 1902, 104,632 tons, making an aggregate of
589,207 tons.
***** *** $$£££$$$ *** 9m
The Qentral Hotel
llth St., Midway, B. C.
This is a new three-storey he tel, comfortably
furnished throughout.
miff} 9999 vWV WWW'
The nearest house to the Railway Station.   The
most convenient hotel for railway travellers.
mrflj WWfWW"
The best of accommodation in every respect.
• S. DAHL, Proprietor.
W*£_____-.&&. <i£i<i ££.& &<i£i4i£i£i£i£i &
Large Stock.   Low Prices,
Tm   IML.   G-T7X_X_Xrap   Ss   CO.,
Lancashire House,
;: MIDWAY,B.C. : :
The undersigned having re-opened this well-
known .and   comfortable    hotel   invites   the
patronage of all old customers and the public
Furnace-heated nnd 1 1 fort ably
furnished   rooms.
w"y I'liiii.
i«««_l!-.Tln*",okl'i «»■»« choice ei
b^CT, uIUR 8,,,oklnK Tolmci'o Ih
I       "Kciiltainoi'lii,,
■w0"m ltf"
e"»« tuK., they ft,0 valuable.
the loot pearly srvrring two of hi«
ini'H. Tlm wimiiiiIs were oftrofnlly
dressed and the young man i.s now
doing us well us cun lie expected.
Alex. Robinson, of Beiivprdell, c»im
down in Midway on Wednesday,
lil'lnglng wiili him some samples of
what ftppeaw to be tine litliogriipliing
stone, tnken frnm a quarry which was
lately uncovered on one of Mr. Robinson's mineral claims. The stone up-
peart in large (jinintitiea and if it
proves to lie of value should lie a
source of great revenue to Ihe owner.
The strains are easily separated, are of
uniform thickness ami can lie taken
out in large sized blocks. The slone
easily takes on a line polish. Samples
have been sent to a niiiiilK-r of different places and Mr. Robinson will wait
with no little anxiety lo hear whether
tho product "f his find is of sufficient
value lo justify hlra working It.
The Waterloo mine at Camp McKin*
„,.y, closed down last Tuesday.   It is
reported that work was suspended on
,1,.,'uiint of there not  being sulHuietil.
funds in the treasury to  continue development.   If this be  the case  it is
very unfortunate Indeed, as the mine
evidently requires only asmallamount
of labor expended upon It to put it In a
good paying position.   The oie recently encountered in the 25 foot drift, at
(be m foot level, is said to be the
.icbest yet found in the camp, and the
ledge ftvetilges  three feet. In   width.
Kor some I ime there has been friction
lictwei    the nltl company and thejnew,
th,'former claiming that the transfer
of the property to the new orgaima-
Hon was Illegal.   If Uie« difference!
Were settled and arrangements made
t„ replenish the treasury, Ihere is   It*
tto doubt but lhat  lhe mine would
soon be in a position to pay its own
"Amber" Plug Smoking Tobacco is
winning on Its merits^
••Have you tried It P
Save the figs, tbey are valuable.
"s-rTciTfor sale.
DuVham Bulls, Fresh Calved
Cows, Cows in Calf, Steers
and Heifers, Boar Pigs, Sows
iU Young Pigs. Sheep and
pQUltry,    Saddle   and   Pack
Ponies.   Apply to
&  miles from   Midway, or
Advance office. ffl
PETERSEN & CO.,   -   Proprietors.
.  ,   MIDWAY, B. C   .   .
Fresh Bread, Cafes and Mectionery
Fruits, ett„ always in Slock,
Try our Lunch Parlors for a good meal.    Meals at all Hours.
Mrs. Dowding, Proprietress.
Lequime & Powers, Proprietors.
Manufacturers of all kinds of
iifwsw wllillS* P m l~, T-i_ ii. ay Ei*
Those in need of first-class HARNESS, SADDLES, WHIPS, etc.,
can procure them here.
Special attention given to Ordered
Work and Repairing.
Fifth Street, Midway.
■1» JIS HSlttlllilii !!■ 81* 2)5 Hit *li tAiS'z 3iS.'''
mmmmmmmii, m.'t-imxsi-*' m
Band Sawing and job work done to order
Telephone No. 12.   Telephone orders receive prompt
>W. H. WEBB.-I
___*:_.:_-:_- &&& -S.&& A__=__i'\ .
f9 995 999 555 9999A
Seventh Street, Midway, ty
Opposite Crowell's Hotel ty
This stable is equipped with a first class outfit of      ty
Single and Double Drivers |
Saddle and Pack Horses t
Hay and oats for sale.    Bus meets all trains.   A*
Freight and express delivered to any part of the town.   y|/
Practical Wagon and Carriage Builder
Repairing of all kinds promptly an
.Carriage Painting
neatly executed.
a specialty.
THOMAS WALKER, Proprietor.
® ® B
,  @ ®
Seventh Street, Midway, i
All the ba»t brands of
Cigars and Tobaocos kept
oonstantly on hand.
Latest shades and pat* <
I Wall Paper now in il
•  it,J
MIDWAY, :=: B.C.
Beautifully situated at the confluence of Boundary Creek and Kettle River.
ILL BE The most ''"Portant railway town in the Kettle River Mining Division.
The Wholesale Supply and  Manufacturing centre of the  Kettle River and Boundary
Creek Districts.
The distributing   point for   Upper   Kettle River, West   Fork  and Camp  McKinney
mining camps.
The nearest Railway town to Republic,  Meyers .Creek,  Palmer Mountain and   other
Northern Washington mining camps.
The   leading residence town   in   the  country, with an excellent   climate,  pure water
supply and  favorable sanitary conditions.
Business, residence and garden lots at low prices and on easy terms.
30 St   ,I(rllll  Street,
Montreal, P, Q.
Send for Maps, Prices, and full particulars to
Agent fm- British Columbia,
Midway, B. 0.
Irrigation. nml carries it nut on a scale eoinmgn-
The Importance    of Irrigation  by aurate of tbe results to lie achieved.
which arid lands may be transformed 8o,great is the productiveness of the
Into productive areas  has  been  dis-! soil, under perfect conditions, fur ngri-
ensued, from an American standpoint j culture, viz : thc lout; days of continu-
by Or. Shaler, of Havard University,
n well known consulting engineer,
Much of what lie pays applies wilh
equal force in Canada and as the sub.
jj'ct, is nne of considerable importance
lo British Columbia lhe following ex.*
tract from his published opinions will
lie read with interest.   lie says :
"The domination nf the Pacific
Ocean and the acquiring of the paramount influence bj the United States
in the commercial an-l political affairs
nf the Oriental nations is intimately
bound up, if not entirely depeudent
upon tlm Kocky Mountain region hy
lhe means of Irrigation, Tliis is lhe
great national question of the future.
"Water is the key that solves the
problem ; once turn upon the 1,'AflOO,-
000 acres of government land in Montana the water which nnw runs to the
ocean, causing destructive (Innd* along
the lower reaches of the great Streams
that head in your stale, ami il, will produce of agricultural produce an amount
equal I.u any iu the United Slates.
Irrigation is nut an experiment, it is
nidi r iban history. We read of it in
the hieroglyphics upon lhe temples of
aneieiil. Egypt j w,' Ilml works slill in
use tn India that were created thnns*
***.       •
mills of years ago and again in tlie
Kiiuihi'i'ii regions of Arizona and New
Mexico, we iimi Irrigation canals sn
old Mint great forests have grown over
them' and decayed and again a new
fnresl lias replaced the old, Long before the iiilvenl of lbe while people in
the United Stales these iriigatlon
canals supported a hlghly-tilvllized
people, We have an example in
modern times, Kngland restoring the
irrigation woiks uf the Phuroulls end
uf the prehistoric races iu India,"
"Once awake ,lhe people of the
United States in lhe importance of
irrigation as unlocking Hie treasure
houses of the mines* .'.ml aiding the
United States in lhe acquiring of iis
true position on the Pacific coast and
the opposition, whieh conservative
people naturally have to the unknown,
anil, as they suppose untried, and
government appropriations for national Irrigation will come even more freely
than ihey do fur the (improvement of
rivers ami harbors, I say to you frnm
act ual knowledge that the land susceptible In Irrigation is capable of supplying I.n lhe wpl'ld as iiiueli of the
necessaries of life as dues ilm great
Mississippi valley. ^
The semi-arid region is about one-
third of the eiiliri! urea nf lhc Ull I led
Slales and of this area abbot one-third
ran he iwhilnind ; this provided the
government    undertakes   the   mailer
ous sunshine during the growing seii'
son, fertile soil and water applied just
when ii is needed, lhat this onothird
will equal in aggregate.productiveness
both in quantity and quality the
average productiveness of the whole
as compared with the Mississippi valley. In other words the one-third, for
which lhttte is water available for cultivation, will produce from 2J to 3 times
us much as any similar urea of land in
the United Slates, making the production of the Rocky mountains fully
equal to any other similar area of
Fur United Stales read Canada and
lbe hulk of br, Shaler's contention
may he applied to the dry lands in this
province, What is needed is a sound
policy having as its fundamental
principle the development of one of
our best natural resources, the soil.
Too much stress cannot be laid upon
the urgent need of taking hold of this
irrigation question in a business like
way. The land is here; there are
numerous si reams Contributing millions nf ions of water to Ihe ocean.
The problem is lo bring them together
and ihis cun only lie done hy handling
il is a systematic manner. It would
pay the governmentto secure the services of an experienced, competent
engineer to make a thorough investigation of the entire dry bell and upon
receiving bis report a definite plan for
storing much of the water, that is now
running to wasie, and convoying it to
the arid tracts could lie intelligently
formulated, A thoroughly capable
man would be able to make an estimate
of the probable cosl of the necessary
works which would prove more satis-
faotory in every way than tho dyking
schemes which lias already cost the
piovince so much.—Knmloops Sentinel
Get a Start on the Flies by Using
4 "Tanglefoot"
NO DIRT      -:■       NO DISEASE
A. F. THOMAS, Druggist, Midway
Provincial Lund Surveyor.
SU*  Architect and
___—  Civil Engineer...
l<eal Estate,
Insurance nnd
Mining Agent
Pttiiviow Towimltu Agent.
. . . AIUIIIKSS , ..
faikvikw, n, >:,
ftorriwpon'leiH*© Soltottod.
Certificate   of  Improvements
VirrimiA .Miskiiai. 1'i.aim.
Situate In tht Kettle River Hlnlan
of Yals District.   Whero Iwnicil
4 miles northeast of Camp McKli
TAKK NOTICK that I. Korbc. M
hkhiI for 8, H.John, tr" n ■
can No. MOTHS, snd Henri Call
er's oortlfleato No, n63So, Intern
fnun the iluir hereof, to »PI>!) "
Itooordor for* Certiflciite »f Imi ■•■ '•'
lhc purpose of olitnlnliiK * Crown ,,!'
above claim.
Ami furthor mku notloo Hint «•''
secllnii 3V. must  la* connncnri.il
Imuinnce nf mieh Cortiflcato oi Unl'"
llalcil tlilii I8tli lift)' if Ki'lirii,ir;   "'
tin TORBIC*! M   K
. ■■  "J
:   l'-:.l|
rr    JI
Commereial Job
Lord Kitchener's serviscs Recognized
In iicconliince with King Edward's
message to the hoiiAC of commons Inst,
Thursday the government leader, A.
J, Balfour, In Ilia house nxked for a
vote ofi?fi0,000lo Lord Kilcheiier. A»a
reiiiarUable coincidence, parliament on
Ilie same day, three years agoj voted
Its thanks and £10,000 tothe name general fur Ills sen-ices ill Kgypt.
(lenelle Liberated.
In the Supreme court, at Vietorhi
last'riiursdiiy, Ohluf Justice Hunter
ili'rliiriiil ihe 'warrant from Dawson,
on which Joseph fiinelle, uf Hossland,
was nri'i'sted nn the charge >rf conspir*
lug lo burn Yukon river steamers to
defraud ihe insuriince companies, was
defective, nnd In* ordered thnt. the
pri-oner ho again releasi'd on bail
p"inliiig the receipt of it new warrant.
Riverside  Addition!
Just a Word!
To those contemplating an invest-1
ment in Midway real estate, the information is
offered that on the Riverside Addition may be|
found 300 very choice residence sites.
-     LOTS 50 x 125 FEET. PBICES
For terms and all other information apply to
W.H. NORRIS,        or        A. MEGRAW,
Midway, B. C . Camp McKinney, B. C
MM . .'. .


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