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 1 llli
Vol. XII, No. 19.
£2,00 per Year,
I   P. McLEOD,
Bakrwtkb, Souoitob, Etc.
OiiKHMWoon, 13. C.
—: Notary Public,
oKinnev, B.C.
r. R. Mathison,
■UIKTT. 11.1'..-JIM W.
Hallett & Shaw
Neurits Public
' Debie AdArew j "II u.i.ktt."
.Gddks: Hoilfnril Mo.Velll's, Moreing &
final's, l.uil.i'1-.
...  MIDWAY, B.C.
entries passed.   Mineral Act
Act papers drawn up. Anion. Abstracts made,
ilcjitions by mall or telephone
attonded to.
Blaolraml *bS»
&IIWEW, B. 0.
If Repairing.   Horseshoelnir
■   A ,*|ii,'i;ily.
Now is the Time
to buy your furs, winter dry
goods and clothing, heavy   and
medium gents' furnishings. We have taken
stock and find  that last year's business warrants us to reduce the price on all the above
articles and we offer our patrons bargains in all.
There are quite a few reTnnants in plain and fancy silks
and satins as well as dress goods, which we wish to
clear.     This week we will show ladies'white
wear in chemises, nightgowns, skirts and
drawers, and make a special sale of
them during the month of
We have a full and complete stock in plain and fancy
Groceries at lowest possible prices. New consignment of
California Naval Oranges and Fancy Lemons at
Post Offiee Store,  -   -   Midway, B. C.
Some Interesting-   Information
from Mines in Various Parts
of the Provin ce.
Profits from Crow's Nest Coal Mines.
-Vmlr's Oood Return.
Gold Watch his Reward.-
Newfoundlanders for the
Naval Reserve.
Sales nf
totalled iV
mining shares at Rossland
7,000 for January and 185,000
A Railway Accident-A Parson snys
"Shun Paris."-Insurance Com-
pany must pay $2,000.
Mrs. Thomas Jennings,
, Ontario, hlld   given
im- February, making 1,012,000 fnr lhe u,, ,)oys „,„, H ^j,.,
first two mouth* of tlm otirrent yenr,
of Purest,
in triplets,
«. M. MeP.sUte.
ff* ft* ft*
Real Estate.
and Camp McKinney.
m cheek hotel
Hotel Spokan
A new building, well furnished. Everything new
and first-class". Only the choicest Wines, Liquors
and Cigars kept in stock. Headquarters for Mining
and Commercial Men.
A, F. Cotton, engineer fnr ihe
l.'W Mining and Milling Co., left Ash.
croft, lust Monday with twenty men
for the coiii|iniij.'s hydraulic miues at
The mine exports fnr the month of
February from the port of Nelson were
ns follows : Lead bullion, $20,8M 1
gold linllinn, $30,770 ; nther exports,
$1,160, making a lotal of $111,210.
The company owning the I. X, L.
mine, Rossland, is stilled to have received $1,115,88 per ton gross or $1,08*.*
(10 net, fnr 2.63 tons of ore sent to the
Northport smelter,
At.thp annual meeting of (he shareholders of the Crow's Nest Coal Co.
held In Toronto on March 2, the report showed an Increase in production
fromSSOi Inns in January ISO!) lo 15,-
123 iu December, ISOfl. Great strides
in prodnbliou are expected in 1900.
The net profits of the year were $17,:>08.
The Molly Gihsnn is heing developed
into one of the must promising mines
in the Slocan districl;. The workings
are now down 300 feet, and at thai,
depth the vein i.s as true as on the sur-
face. The ore holds its values and the
gold value is increasing. Thirty-five
men are employed in the mine, and
the payroll totals ovi r $1,000 a month.
It'kO—*.-——■!_*—L,   AXcr—•
Accommodation  fob Quiests,
i.-liii«mi Kottie Kii.T.^T
Lato of Adams, Oregon,
nittt* ot
ette University.
Siiluii.. Oregon,
Hvo lintruoUon on tho Plnno
jipllB   li'ortornn,oto.,ad(iro8S
I'lcnly Material,
tiupcrlince   to do
liy. . . .
; *********************9*99************************
Where a flatter of Honey
Is the only Consideration
we Iiave cheap cloth-
thing for you.
Where Quality is
the Main Point
we are with you also.
Cheap goods pay us best
but you are uot as likely
to conie back.
If you make your
selectiou from our stock of
Shorey's Ready (o Wear Goods we fow tllat
 _ J we have permanently secured your patronage, because :
We guarantee the workmanship.
We guarantee the material to be shrunk..
We give you a guarantee Card in the pockets of
♦ all of Shorey's make which means
We solicit your trade on this basis.
Does it strike you as a sound one.
The Midway Trading Company, Ltd.,
 J. R. JACOBS, Manager, Midway, B.C.
»**** »»»9»»^M»»»»^»»Ma«Ma^9»»»»a»»»»»»»»9»^a
Midway Meat Market
K. A. MATTHES, Proprietor.
te Hospital
ses' Home.
I Vanoouveh.
S'lfglcalBuiidwifery cases
TflMM •'■Private Rooms,
**«;     Bf in Wards, $10
wt Into H country at the
rges,   fflftrrams receiviii
'■aUnna Hi niado to
At this establishment customers can get choicest cuts of
It is reported that the mining outlook in the vicinity of Movie, Enst
Kootenay, is decidedly bright. The
Hi. Eugene company is making preparations for a large addition tn iis
working force of miners, and when the
additions have bewi made tu the eon*
rent..it.ii* it is likily that over 200 men
•vi;. I..- required to gel out ore, so Unit
the company will probably have a payroll early in the year, uf some 300.
The following is a list given hy the
Ymir ".Miner" of the mines working
within ten miles of Ymir, with the
number of men employed : Ymir, 145;
Roanoke, 8 ; Wilcox. I; Rainy Day, 6;
Dundee, .j: Big Horn, IJ ; Union .Jack,
3 ; Arlington, 12 ; Erie ('on.. 5 ; .Second
Relief, 33; Susquehanna, 8; Taniarac,
12;  Black. k, 10 ;  Hood   Hope,   11;
Doniinion, 3 ; Nevada, S ; Eldorado, 3 ;
Hillside, 0; Yellowstone. 40; Caiiadian
King, I) j I.,.,., li; Kat.il. a (liven, S ;
Other claims, 20 ; total, 438,
Th.' North Star mine, East Kootenay is now shipping from 75 to 100
toils of ore per day tn the Trail smelter.
Tne railway froni Granbrook to the
cud nl' th.. North Star tramway is completed. It uii-. its a distance of 21 miles,
The tramway frnm the North .Star
tunnel mouth to the railway is a mile
in length. The vein i.s a flat one, simi
lar to those found in Leadville, Colorado, and the mine is one of the largest
in East Kootenay. The ore carries
a large percentage of lead and from -10
to 0,1 per cent, copper.
The following is a summary of the
Cariboo Hydraulic Company's hydraulic work done at ils placer mines, Quesnelle, diirlog the ISbll season ; Total
time iiin—144 days, 8 bonis, Total
quantity of water used -853,05(1 miners'
inches. Total quantity of gravel, sand,
clay, tailings, boulders and sllderuck
removed from both pits during the
suasoii—l.B32,583 cubic yards. Value
of gold recovered during the prugicss
of the season's wurk—302,078.03. The
operating expenses were $131,178,84.
The toial operating expanses up to and
including the season of ISW, have heen
$430,020.12, which deducted froni the
(ir i value of gold recovered. $528,000, leaves
fia net profit uf about $88,973,88,
The real estate belonging to the
Ville Marie Bank has been sold al
auction at Moiiiieiii fur $50,000,
E. D, Mirdnuiiid. of Ottawa, rescued
Ibe life of his employer, Win. Howe,
n ho gave him a gold match as a reward.
A by-law to raise $300,000 fnr a civic
plant for light, heat si,d power, is to
be submitted io the ralepayers of Winnipeg in Way.
A Toronto Hrin has sent a second
shipment, of saddles to England for
use in .South Africa. Tlie last shipment, was billed at $40,000,
An Ashton, Ontario, mmisler. Rev.
Gen. Bayne, xx bile running around Idling the villagers of Ihe relief of Kiin-
bi'iley, fell and fractured his hip.
In lhe Dominion Parliament a bill
has been Introduced providing that
eggs shall be sold by weight; one and
one-half pounds Io equal a dozen
The Government bas awarded the
contract Air the St. Andrew's Rapids
winks above Winnipeg lo Thomas
Kelly of thai city. The work w'll cost,
Sir Charles Tupper left Ottawa last
week for Boston to led lire for tile
British Association Patriotic Society
whieh i> getting up funds for Soulh
Ii is stated lhat nearly 1.200 sturdy
Newfoundlanders have vo ion tee red to
serve in the British Navy Reserve
Good for Newfoundland, so ino for the
Royal Navy.
At a meeting of lhe Grand Trunk
Railway employes held in Montreal,
ii was derided Io inaugurate a patriotic
fund, to extend over ihe entire svs-
tem of the coinpaiiy,
Elfoits are being made to induce
Finns to settle in lhe Canadian Norlli-
west, but Russia ivanls to keep Ihem
and is establishing a consulate iu Canada In watch the movement.
The strike ai the Montreal Cotton
Company's mill nt Valleytield, Quebec,
is ended, lhe men gelling an increase
of five percent, in wages. Two thousand operatives, who had been out for
three weeks, have returned to work,
A ci hie received from Hon. Jus. ph
Chamberlain says Ibat five of Hie
cadets of ihe Rojul Military College,
King-toil, will receive cniiiuiissious in
lhe Impel ial army. Theyare:— Biione,
Harris. Lewis, Webster  aud   Hosier.
Speaking at the annual nieeling of
iheMcOaui mission at Toronto Rev.
Dr. Potts, secre! ar) oftheEiliicatioti.il
Sncitty of Ibe Methodist Church, advised all loyal Britons to shun Ihe
Paris Exposition, owing to lhe attitude of Ihe Paiisian newspapers towards (ireal Britain.
A "Soo" Main from Mnulreal  one
-  • mtmXatkggmxm'Rtojrom-b'-'io&_ts&__xxAss€am -  -
Therefore Meats are always fresh and sweet    Call and get a good joint,
for dinner to-dav.
TELEPHONE 311- P. O. BOX 25.
ipir ps
| f | ♦♦♦♦♦*♦♦♦♦*♦♦        j | *********
Is now open with a Stock of
All the Leading- Magazines Kept on Hand.
Circulating- Library In Connection.
The following is the official return of
thu output from lbe Ymir mine for the
IP!month of December lasti "During
(t December 2.830 tons milled produced
X. 1,333 ounces of hullton ami 135 tons of
BI concern rates, Shipped 135 tons of
noncen I rates and 17 tons nf smelling
ore. The lotal receipts for the month
are i!3,U55 ($18,270); expenses, £1,828
($0,110). Decrease i.s owing to a breakdown at Hume." This dual return fur
18!)!) brings the lulu! production of the|(jn *|;
Ymir mine to nearly $200,000 for thei Madame
eight months since tlie mill has been
running. Out of ihis revenue lhe sum
of $50,000 has been distributed, in
pnyiiient of a live .per cent, dividend,
while the balance is being used for the
Thos. Walker, Prop.
Seventh Street,
Midway, U.O.
RoyaJ Congrotuktions onCenera!
Cronje's Surrender.—Lord
Koberts to Have 250,-
0C0 Troops.
Canadians Praised for Their Part lu
Avenging flajuba Hill.
Filly-five thousand persons-of " ,' ■'■ h
number lj"ili.»i were whites, lin.i in
Kimberley during Hie siege,
Twenty-five hundred women inui
children weie lowi red into tlie miia-d
al, Kimberley during one night a \.., x
U'fori. the inwn was relieved,
The Straits Settlements "Times" has
collected almut £2,500 for the Mansion
House Fund. Cf ibis at least C7H0 has
been contributed by Malay princes,
Aspecial despatch fnun Klinherley
says its inhabitants have planned tn
erect a statute lo Mr. Cecil Rhodti. in
recognition to his services during tbe
The   Transvaal   Government
claimed February liltli and 27th
of thanksgiving and prayer, pn
ably in memory of the battle of
Julia Uiii.
His Excellency the Governor General
received a c.-il le from tbe Governor of
New South Wales, tendering the sympathy of that colony to Canada in lhe
loss, of so many of lier brave soldiers
in .'iouth Africa.
The Toronto Public Schools last week
i contribilled ililCO to the Patriotic
Fluid. The sum total was made upas
follows.'— 15,"mi coppers, several J,.'5
bills one $10 bill, ami the balance in lite
and ten cent pn ces.
A wave of profound sorrow passed
over Winnipeg when news of the .1. nth
Of Major Harry Arnold was received
frnui South Africa. He was highly
respected and nne nf (he most popular
young men of the city.
The St. Petersburg newspapers outdo tlie rest of the continental press in
bewailing General Orunje's driVat,
They suggest that the besthelp for i.;e
Boers would be to create a diveiMt.it
against (ileal Britain.
Dr. LeyiN' says General Jouberl is
assembling 50,000 men at Winlunv i'i
miles inui beast of Bloemfont. iu.
Colooel Albrccht, .'icciiiding to a despatch from Paiirdeberg, affirms tli.it
tlie Boers have 75,000 men left.
Lord Roberts recently addressed de
Canadians, expressing in th" stnnigct
terms iii-, pleasure and appreciation . f
tlieir splendid work and coinage. Ke
attributed to tbeui lbe greatest share
iu General ('ronjes's surrendt r.
When the burying pari les wenl ont
on the [fay following Magersfonti ,i ,
writes one of I iie Cape medical stuff
corps, they found tiiat every u.nd
man's pocket had been rifled and only
two nut of tile eighty had bonis ou
The local newspaper of Fulkinion ■_■-.
a town iu PouiiT.'iiiia. gave the lei , . -
ing bit of news in a special edili. ..j—
"Renter's offiee just announces tl.it
the Boers have sunk forty-six Engi sh
ironclads iu Delagou Bay with a
Lord Lansdowne rather startled ll.e
public hy unfolding ihe programme of
the War Office,   to  send nut.   iu  addition to the 30,000 troops now  afli    ,
150,(0) fresh soldiers.    Lord  Roheris
a    force  ol  a
ill   nil
night recently ran into a stiowplough
near Glen ville and coiuplelely wrecked j
the van of the plough haiii; injured Itti
Conductor Howard, Ollawa,  Brakes- 'inartcrof a million.
man Suave, Muntieal and  Kiigiueerl   rt is understood that the Queen
('harrier,   Hiiiliiiiluiig.  and dauiH'ged j the Prince of Wales received a
huth engines so badly that tbey had to I grain of generous congratulation i
be left ai Grenvillc. Emperor William of Germany on
The Courl of Appeals has directed vi'',"lT <>f Paanb-berg. Kim
lhe Standard Life Insurance UoYtipany |
In pay $2,000 lu the lumber, lumbers
and i-islers of Isidore Polrler, who was
murdered by bis wife and Sam Pars-
low at St. Canute over two veins ago.
The conipany pleaded ihat ihey were
iml liable for the policy, as lhe wife
had insured  lbe deceased  merely
and Queen .Margheriia, of Italy, also
wired congratulations to the Queen.
From Her Royal Highness i lie Princess Louise tu His Excellency ihe i lot*.
ei'ior-Genera1 : I., iidon, Feb. 27. 1
desire lo express congratulations on
Cronje's surrender effrcted by galliinl
Deep   sympathy fnr
fori Canadian aid.
the purpose iif getting the money after Canadian looses.   Am proud to ban
ihe murder had beeu committed, lbe lived among ihem,   (Signed) Louise.
court held thai  lhe trilnsaclion   bad
been a perfectly legal one,
Hon. I. Tarle, Canadian eouiinis
sinner lu the Pan's Exposition, will,
according to present arrangements,
sail from New York un March 16; by
steamer Aqullfilue uf Ihe Transallan.
tiquu line. He will be accompanied by
his daughter, and his sceielnrv Mr,
Fred ti.liii.i-, mid Madame Gelinas.
same steamer, will also go
Dinidtirand, one uf the Lady
commissioners, and Mile. Barry, (Fran*
eoise), secretary to lhc lady eouiinis*
sioiiei, Mrs. Tarte and Miss Tarle
have heen in Paris fur  snnie iiionlhs.
stamps. About 73 men are now employed oil lhe erection of this new
plant, and lhe full 80 stamps will prub-
ably bu iun.i...h ... A, t'.'. ...;:',.
The army estimates issued provide
fora total expenditure of i'til,-!:!i,,;.n,
iiii increase over last year uf CI(i,.s,-2.-
200. The lotal number uf officers and
men is placed ;it 430,000, an increa e
over lust year of 215,1 '■". The new estimates include the sums of tl'Miflii.." 0
and *.i3,000,000 alrcjuly voted fur tbe
A dispatch In tlm London "Times"
frnm Paairleberg, says; "The perfor.
malice nf the Canadiiins uiiilrra Willi
ering lire, which caused litem to retire 50 yawls until ihe engiDeers bad
(lug  trelirhes,     was   splendid,     iiie
greatest adiniraliun is exprusstd for
their gallant valor, iintl itis fell that
Il isslalcd thai Mr. Tarte will lease al
'"'.iriicii.iiinl 'oe • I  iiilll nf 10 huusein (he French capital, where hei
will eniurlaln Canadians and olhers, I
and that ibe Dominion Government I a new Ahi has been opened to the Bin
will place $50,000 at Iiis disposal for pile, now ihat lie' Canadians hav
Ibis purpose, | avenged M.;j ilvi Hill. I*
"'":    «
_ .   J     .U.T A-..l..ti_l
;     ...am   *««_,-    „   _u-mr    3.  1
*u»_*is_h *rrr_ £lw i«- mmun. »m_.
n ui-vu_*. ami*- ■ -j_..* _r uur-.-ai-.- «  a-
liu..;'J  il Ort .;:,.- :utr.
ui-ftra-im _,_;* wn, in umilejujnn.
"iungn  ui- t-uiutud   rt "'Kl  i-i*' ..tea ur
WWW'i   IIJK7   1lT   tit,    m*_MIC1    if   lUUJm   II
j»"*tlp nnarwi um momr-anes. v. u. t»« u*-
t»~ ■. i '*wtur!wi ,nv T tu, uuimuu. ::__imsiixL.
ZximMimuxiexe* Uh i«*'nmu uHTun ril nn. if-
»';9_*_T   Tt-xZrrZB IX m
%->■■ Thi vioi  Z~- i nm . ril 11* *fe
^iii/jri * I'ii J*      Zen A iii-tj-* v *'i.'
Sli» crvi ii immr rf 1-eiutil   unt  J****
3nr.-in nunc
i ..u*.ntef ji* ,im. l"iiu lie _uil _
nine n SleeiHui "una. TX,m.. vie
».m. vtsii uuurt-l *_    1>*   A xl , . -     i
.' -.-.u.iiii i**u**ii!rt r, * il w-nuiOKt
rf'.ur iirt*i «•*» low ,c vii**i in le
ii-U"*- iiine*T* "mm !**.«• ft-U'Vi.'
7ih Ji-UHWffii «iU*t «-_-***t -"u-i. * n
-Ate «.*!tr .u   le tqo****   nir-J-iiiiiiiiii   'f
ll"*.   H   lrt'n,r iH***JH'lrt*f.
TV iubi'vnir r.«ii» u" liiiunit left
«** ~.in.**i i-un si* ii'M-num  ' liu."*'
Tie Ttiitiiniiiii *.innmuu,iw SGninu'
'". cnujmiv \t Jur"',*** tr.ii****! vtev
vi 1 rt lew "iJimi-wmir Jiium -nr"
i_r. unnra. inu a j*-iir-"***niir win.
uiuhj „rwriu:r ir? ****.iir,.».    ?   inn  win
»_jiria    Jir     -te     AteA     Lttfiitif
Warm uot.   >unu
ittji'it I
-■  ~:  ?.er**...   lunl   !r****L   _u_   W
J...ii 'i i
"X luuiuii*. ii     11 '■•ci    ::*'•••*•.    ,'iihim
entuiiBk     JE7_*i    rr*rtMt.
. minim
56* iniin   ri.x
V—i -.ijiirnr ir n
h.,xt nnt *tji a.i.ie
i. .uri en...   ".i
l-mimit Jin.il-i'ilH
..Jimi"*Tl    TilM   MCI.II
x '.mile' ill ".in lute*-* -jjuin n mint- 20
i«. xiuxm m "iff -le **_••* tu i 0*01 1
:f llfi i**** *" uiie*-iiiH jimmi "t x*-'* i.*
t • *~mr» ' uiirt* n puit *r-un HI vi (fill
v-nie *iih^ - ui e. iit*"i «♦ tZZt. Tie
i**ui a no* #*"-**i 1-mwj vite in.i h ii-
•~*_«nir « «Hiii*" nui n ui» uuC 7*ert-
.i0i!**i'   'iif mil .iioiler  .'in.   I**ii;
w.m.l ...un Z   * inr-^si.ii.
J_U!*~Mlll.'.    -,1111'ul I     UUIIII.     I.t*V._»l
il ' II "111.
XaXtZX. t.
7 tiu_uu. ?iuiiui * .^iiia..."juii**s 2t?*ieM
uni . ..ii*--. ..iHi'oH'Ujiii.
*J\l3l'3 IL
n*** a !}••«■
**U'I   :l*-U
li.-ea «
•tfi—r - nu. n :w iir.u*"
_n.i ki -ma.* ir le
"liul »*-i:' i« 1 lierneu.
n »ie*r le-ul-l:-*»i ".;
uie ttnUxiUA-t \f ire z-mi *:iuie_. u
Aiux sete-ir; i»i™.»*i n 'Miina i*reav _L*
a ^ir^iei* -uuiiiiiueni: *.i "ae .i"i,
iron ]e-!i).e -«_> iiiH*.n inn iti'.nieti »i
~wn jr"iunf ii"i' in j n iu. in*>-j*nir m
tie ■•e.e-*«icu .unci u luiuin. *_iai
iu« u**ei !iiii*i*'t ir. 5t jV:#ieRrjr+ &»-
jixsa. xo j,m ,',«•*»:*' «n* Llir :r !*ui»
cm. Tie«* cu;;i:n" ii'U, xn as jm!*: rf
_,*.;- «,,„_»uirl v-i] o;ni-r.i"« ie c*_C-
Tiiie'r.*** •«-„ir*i»
ur«l J*m* ~rn.i
Ut"i ie-n *«--M.tu
■er -ie a—.r~f .,
^le -Ale li ims K
rn- r-I* ne u-*~
iiHir :!1iu*t-i nut
tui» u*'zie **ine*
-1»* lui.    !^h~* ii
one iriQ»i.ui-
"uiir,**! rriram
•t i? K.*   £.   £    -"
i     if    Ar   "imdiui i
..WU. "I i-i..   -«•«.....[
Jle*i~uni. nut     -i.
I***M1   J*U|[.        ?*|H JT*-I«^
inrjncis i- u» *t^i .:
•»   *i nn—- me oww
R'lfl    mil    . li*-
!Tie    uii.iri,'
te unl
*   mor
troxi  y
'.u.-i    ■■■
mag -.r
'■   -»'.IH«1   1
Ale  V,
.-iir.  m
Slff.     T'llU-SUI.'Ji
Tinw' jiuuiini.il
VA Zile 'itil'vi.-* tem
'i**j*C"j._-etuni**» a
ricuii il* ins y~xm i
Iiih n*"jiii~.[ v. le l
■Sft. Tmt; -Anr «m-
—iicin gMi'i jaw*   ,
_****r*n ir
ir-nn-tie-, itr
ub**p*jt iuin**
liacrcr i.tiiw -ji.
'r-rxft via unail
v_ i ii.'ri_suii
-;   lecurMiUHit m
as uur.
aur;* if
vii*uii.:ne. vi^iuun tuiff. mc
Aesmi im £••-■_ i'le uier.-:
w ntiir-UiKiim *i». vh- _
i •furiuii. •inia* '^ku ^iii_i_«:.*: in
?-rtuit ?u_* i-i*f iee*i -'^jurvn mil
Ju "wt^ii-Ut'*' iai» "Ciueit* jiuuiiHie*!
i rrjuerr---. "lir.uriii ■■;.'. mt 3ir
t.."-.~. He'wiu*«ji—r nia  ior. i-w.   ut'"i-
tt KiniamcTii-s ui .1
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The Riverside Hotel.
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_ - *. __, « «„ >■, i   .•nt'*^. • 1i                » mwi   i*__«u
ft ■*»
Bunts    ;«*t*
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I**T~ir*nt*Tii. "nu   "*»_ftiri t " its
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-TJITV9 U*»   ■TJ«"-1
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_ip  mining ***
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Sip »ii uwt JM,* U ,Oulr*_t
-   i     i»*    tinCi:!;    vittn**•■"***
un; -tt* iruiiT.1 :*-
ui.uiiif -mtt.i ■ \ • **
• •     ?•*.     uf".:i    u*
%2   J   f
■-     ..'ttiii. tpoiit.-*    .'•ii!m*:'_ip   if
Ml-   U      lC.lt W t. T       UU*      IIPMI
•i    ii- I» ini.-.i ii    T.-.«v*rniu"*  ■Hip-
' p    li*  ti^rr-    -liu    rt«t*H it iTim*
I,;;,   I'J      llM"t***t      lit'1* ItAdfJ     tMWt
*-••;  ii    i.u   r »"il   >M   it**:,**wu-"
■ *lt      iw    wi;i    :ti    ul    inrwtf
rn*—•    '   u.     : -   n      :•*      v ■    ■■:;*•
mu;   5»iuiiit.i*"  ;      ■ >"-•   v
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ill - b- xe ■ ,   _   .     Irt
thf   . -i.iit*r> rui.iuur  ..i    i»- . ji-
'I »     Ui.l     *    < i.*".^ '     - '•***. t ll.Ull
7^-iuu iiu**3.:m<** "rt*ii.ii,t tier*,'   % .nrt
luirt uu*-;iir '.if -u—"i.  ;i. ii. i ji   ■ .1-
li"-.i ll v:..'.  „lrt    1.   'in.-'.  -.."'      -r- :
mx *'.* -rtfa.u* --uft    i   »trt -... »■ ,
I  • -i.,i' .i.«   "i u~-t « Uiuja if   -,118  ...r,. Wll ,     , , A      ,,        v.- .—_
v t.t^ijiirtH..   --ni   ..1.*  wo*   , ,.u     _u_-ct   -i'urnit    iu*    ___•
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lit   tu.'-.     :   U**»    III   "IK   *•*_■•*
Iif   ill     Irt   V lit   1. ..*•*>   .'mill
-1I1..V    lilt   .."!"::it   Im* J'Jill.'   11
.vn*   in   Tliir^
rirt ...•■:- j,'.--. v ]•   ' r trt Hiirf   «s
» **i»L. Ox's ir^i   -iliac-: ll   --*" j it
„rt *-i»i vxx i.uituuj*-  », irt    _t>ivx-
ie-iuitui"  if   :.-      •• 'in- ■ . uiit   "^"**
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mkt .i.ii    irt jj.*>mniiu  imirt    iu- ,, f,     ,A..,     ■*. , -.-■■■   .
■p    ... a--i 1,-   t"   x-   r.-'rt.- -Wu.itx.ie—   irt-' :...   ui i   -   izna   ■
' " xr"i    won unl .i.it»',* •"rjl ■•■u-.iim:   ji5i'"  uw:    '-•» .*•'."•
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it  in    iw   nr   irt'j j*» -mi.*   i>"»" > ,,.,  j,,_    ,. .. - ..,.,; -. ,,-,.    —
lM.it '-in, -_h -*i'» i»    Irt » ,,-n nun*. 4. il». i-u. ■:   "    i,.'     ins
jpR   "..-    f   ii .,-iu,,..—   i-.i    i h- uiii.*.*.,',   ..uius'ir "•' ■•"     ...'.-.■
Ih'     Irt    Jrt'HIillilJ  jRt.lu:!tt   ._I1U»U17 ■ u- uur : .UK      -.  x-     -ie-    -r—     ■-_.  ,
mt-i > .rt f... n^. ii, ,.u.,,. -.,. K., M ,.,,, rf..,.,,
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^_:i'"        HIIIHll-l       llrt»l    MrtU     *"■*   V ' Ul.-ur. .     Til. !rt*t      l.'Z. -     Ji 'Jr
V_.*i v . it Miit .ui   t.u-eit  '..li*i*i.    '. "      'h.Ih**.    Ii- *:»i»t "'       -        ■ ■:*.
Ir-kn-v ,- i-     !„.    y    ,,.     .—, i..r Cn*.-*.* buI "w.   o m»   umts  d   *
■Muu*"****r *"iunr  wiuiiwi  «MHi6*!ifi   n.
t.i, in        Ir     -ir—unit". ^
Irt*,   .!   '    I.lit     I,      *,.'       ' **lrt*-..
i, ler Ui'»   u,   —iiim.1 -i    im
l.li |»  t. -uit ul*nr -jh i
irt in *-r.   v r.:—      » j.   r
?'•..*   •■ ':.      • t    :
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'i i ut i..i.i     .   r —   »   ii
liu   l.  'I*-.*"  n—ll  III!   Jf    Irt
Irt jr- i>— * -.:, .', ,: i^ n.uie
l»-    'll.-!   "*    •**' 1.      '.o    -
.—     ■' '   l.'.t      •    '"..I.*,.   .»'*
iii-in-i  , ,;        le   ■ -"I.     i.*
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ruur* n .iiua *t.u_j;'**",j i.u-
liuf   , 7i,M"~     Tien   ;;e    "im
nt*f*i.*rt if   le .-..„-• -, rn. ' •«
IWIT     t" -tr.i»
Irt"   Trt'lf   lUlfrt"  ,   JM,J.**|.J   T
"ITT.   -.1. lint   V r'™*l-  -Irt ll^T
.--   Ki.f  -mmiiir   f f, "-
-  - j7ir tent niinunr vsxi   *i.f-
•   mu:-»" ns.
II*-"" lrn     VT1      * —___-__.
e J "Wtiirttt  n  ai*   -j»u*rt in
■filter ".e:r*   te
■r unit.     Lzrs. ie«
TMC*    W!St      irtUH
£ =..; ' .'t:i ;_>•*•
| Z'-rSi. 55_
j   3__f B__4 L". tfVWP'—_—Ci 7119
« oaun.mr™  "   •
i —MX———— »
'-> T
  i mH-lO
i V . _._.
, J. , .. _
__._!_.         m-  .
nr.    ^|   j,, —.H.n - ■,m,   *- ■  ;*,•.■!,   m—**i'H    "it: '^ ■ ;    •-■"    ■■
* tt" urn- u«< tr ">   ' *ni-   IW.     r."    .!•*   uii.''
"♦■nu*   -i-      in *i,'t    with-,    ir;-* mi*—tiim r*i;mi   tiw  \l*rx     '-'l    "V,     tnt**»     »     *? TT ■111"'    **r^u **t
:t-~hh«   rf * mp   mk:-i-   h^*.   i**--ttt# tf nr    "
It*   ,r-iri-'"        tip-     ,flr-  „    •*«rv'P^    T nc   ".tvz-v.       .u******-**. , _
-r*r   "-aft*, k- -ttitwrhi** n   ;tr ix^fp^nv •„»«*■     s
f    z; *u»t wt •<• ******** *m* i**Ki. :^Ht"-
^ii**— •ii.'svm it m* •**■ *siu. ni -tu iminr^.
'I*        CVi   ;i*il   >W*-4_jjii   »"•  f_il.    m  liwo -WI   -*'1UW
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tn*— nu! t 'nr T|™"imi".-fw "
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l.:<: i'-nzr s Alt* nr
-~ ti' -   Trt **"*, i**-    " r.'l '*- i ii'-iM***!      "*i **• *'i^*i if jm*  ri-ttt.  n mi-   r^-...i ».   *>▼!*- xe-fe; 4T
...  . . r.-"***i'.i.irt**T' *. *n,7T  -""Tit-TiT*.   -ii^wmr-  -■ —rt ^m   ,->^-«» rr   .nrmiH.
iir .,rt*. «-•- MTi.rn.£  j.T. *m -,_i'T "t.   ^"^ "** **iDrt i* Mrt wmt-»   iwi  em  _r-'iimiitt
S*:*Or*-Si£T FALL** B.
•v-T-*xro*   j    nrn'TTir  rrnnr*
1.-  ->»-it        »      *i»    Tfiitft*     w
'i '-■p-r,t»    it'****   »'t»?   jiaT   n**«7**
-*-r -vjju.   *r-r   »»-H.    it-n rrn*-   tt   I
•■"•-«■     ?\tt   -fr*  »—r,-*   mmtri^ *
.* ,*«•t-i    "r»     *-.     n;-     ^      «,   «T7T***Tr
I!i.;;i4tu?*'"**'Tni» *"ti;»i "** r " if   h*4***   h
tmiar** rm* mr   — iv.   r*wi *m-n rv-*>» «*- iwir
t-h^*"^    'm ,**M,*vl|'n'1 wlmr» ttm mt w.r* Ami   wuif*
Hn__n»j  HnitcTrv mc itw   nif*   i'iitt*TtT  if mn
niflr ^b»   T**r —t*.    r-n»ri   -ir?»   tr*********   h   r»»*»   -w**n™
miMCM m4ap« nm hm   «**-   M_r  rr   ri..-   v ■-
_T *vtf m rnw .Uhrn* l.m *_**   rh#» _
1 i*ir-tt*MP i* tm* vr •-•r.  m   ■"*-..   it-inrr-r-i
*"i;--* n»r —i*. "»  :•»* ai*****■*■**■■< "-■«'«? tf  v*in
■V"-tiur.i*- "■   mm   wr*  •*ir.   m   »**^»wiaj
I»»   "Vimur y   *•-ir.^  ♦W'Tfif     > * »w» rf ,t*r m-Tn»f rf ur* «p-v*t u*
.       i     na*u)iin**"i*H   ;mnm«if:   unliuw-    n« "♦uhm'itir
r.m*e it    **n«-r     pu-nTHmiT.    -^w,,,..   '»t» «i_i    ntnm    m,-   rm
V"'"  Ue.T   |      r*l #J        U.^l*        (Tl  T-      ~«ITI*r K*   lit    i«S7-^        i,.,I     *"1      3nlWB.UH       tl'llW-V
**-M)i   | if     *»•*{,      *|..       cVtP****'*****f     -^»  ii.   -r,-.-   ufl   7i-nu**»ll   Hh!mT-  UJl!    i~-       llll!
-f.R|t«M  JlnllWHTIt   fek-fam   'Hi'. UIK   Ol**-   tiuf  ;f
pi r -r.r ii -\t* "K**.n 3*h« if 3*Br..
**■—i.i w **! nu*'t uiit *»*iw*>'^ «t-—
p -uni"* Tivt n    iii-"   "Vi. '* ' "" *n
il ttttUTP 4:r ..-uii- :*** i*c -m -■ ■;- tr
unt .tp- :p-a:i«u"' *,if^.'«—* > - 't
m i •    vmf    • u • i*-;    •:   toe* *_•   «nmn
7r"ir>M" r mr^   f"t^ i<-   "r»-
>ni- »rr   "M!
t..,•■• •" unt itut _.- ia  ;-nii:iit ****"*.     i' ti"u,t-mMU
*pt*    _    wu'n   iwiirmu-*   »»■*"   ^w u,,tar*'"" "m "^ ,,tarirr% ,r ,IW
t«r *«ni*. ^_ i'JU?^ -.
i.7if in «*r!.Hii*'i    -iH ir v-rnij     -u-m.v-1,"!!!.1,iwim we. E. *« *r imn* ^^^^^^^^^^^^
_              _-                                                              tty. _.
\r      r.m_*.. -  " T*-•;>•"»    fmnif   ;  _„   t ..•_«_tt ^ ;.■„■■>      |   yy      SFlS^S
*   -i7»*!li*t     Iff   f*ir^*»    *.'■ ••    ''      ' ■
rip**n*> ma  TP"^*nt' *"■'*'*  f*" n* '-,r':
T »p'i_»
nr-K^. J-   ...
PrC::-.ifO;' •*-»riecjt
■        lT
0 v
t-ea■■„   p-.j..
-'-""     -J-:-'
"«**■ ra ocias.
-*— ■**■*. *vu
ui   mc
™ or AHUHbiT fink ___ fcnie Bivep.
**£•   ^e   most imrv,rr,  .      *,
Wkfe* Suppfy and  M H ..   . \ ^ Q*«fe* WTeaeni R^
Creek Dferrf^ *   . * «"* * the  K«fc  River and ^^^
prin, H
-Jj-.n ' ppe'   K«*  R
1 0fl9oodJ
|| dnd ,n the J
•er,  West   Fork  aad  Camp  McKinr-y
Meyers   Creek.   Pair.*;.-  Hi untain and   other
^ L«WTH,_-T! ^""^j
VV  B   , v	
The nearest R;>;V-„ I	
J ****.*>  town to  Republ-;
The   u  •• "**■*■«■ nmh. ^
ine   leaamr »__ __■_	
*  "S'dmce fn     . IBH___H__S_H_S_-_H_fl
|^^nl      suPP«y and _tv-on.hu      . °Untr>''  *"& an except   rKm ,
BBsi*^ reside**,   ^ ^^ CWhiiti'~ ■ ^ *aJer
    ^^ dodJ>« eas> terms
J- * PlWOTT w.-:.^ '  scv*> *"oa iLips. »„.„_..	
- run. £, _«-■, ,_     ».-,_,_..,
ft LETT?.
; BIL. H
■■   NOTE 1
l&S   STATE*
*» ~
*"' R neGon w,»
.      . 1.1.x ..-Jin-,
Lor.).— x , -*"£1L
*nenU« 1S9-T
v-ertiicate of fm„„
^■OTT. «4__._** "   '"""» *_*-. Pto. 	
—■**■-*    THE MIDWAY CO Lm   *- —
""-"fl**.  ***«rirw   .   *
__, ^£*^*t«x___™D**«
W*.. *■>**• t«_«J .■ h Cm,-,
T'i™ »onc_ a«,rt    ,
--■  ., ■ • """ia Mj-.i_„
• -■
Kiiufiiua ■ ani ■  ■-:
_      ifcte her**';?.    3
 ■ —{«artar tar * *. e ■
CartfcBf *aiu ane/--* •_*_ aetjoa safari
^V-i Or— ■«c_£e uf Ejupn.T«me«u.
■ ■    k- ,
-*•:__ ft, o_, ■"-'••A.i. Cubr
twin &___. J^r^**ate V..a£q«      _ ,~
ZT. .**
||    BLANK Fo,
f$      B      •••
r? ,-   B'LLOF>v-:
V.3, lorra-i tor \;
r* _-. —_ZL** """»• :-r.>*_ • 2 _•
-»=_r-* %aS*^
^d from   Fainfew (Lr   '"da-VS-      P*«W
; '    -a«e      ""      tune»   ^^    t-
1 ■- j'. .
n^^s*3?^**s>m. -'"***!_■
^BBI  ^^^__        ^__^__ ,^^^^
—m     * -J-J-'j.
c«*tifftate   of   i» I       	
»o_^_, «»taAL ACT is
•r-S*^**-^5k_i »-ertitkate  of
rrti ^^^drr£5s*^ u
•* •*«»i«r,___i,,«i* *
u»*1 firn...      "^   '•<*.«
B37 3. nriiiij,,,,    .
^PPl.-  to
"Tr^Jia/A   v«    '--*•**!   J?Tiiii^,_i.
'.■'--       -:.-     -    J
ffi J1ICE
AY -
J«st a Word!	
-nt in Midway° llT^T^J ** in^-
offered that on the RiZ_7    e lnfor-ation is
W- H. NORRIS, oe;wfor,Da£io-ppiy to
Midway,ac A MEGRAW
Ca«P McKbas- ac.
w- H* WEBB,
^^ Practical ^^
.MidWav> B c
W All Ki.v:s **
^^   and   Nea0y


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