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The Midway Dispatch C. M. Crouse 1902-12-22

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 JtMnvag mm
No. 25
$2.00 per Year.
Below we offer a list of sensible
;hristmas Gifts, a class of goods
rhich we believe are being appreci-
Ited more by the public each year.
Fur Collars, in Electric   Seal,   Cooney.
A pair of shoes.
Bear and Dog,   a lovely gift.
A pair of slippers,
Dress Lengths in Serges and  Meltons.
Mats, soft,   in high and low crown, Fe
French   Flannels,   waist   lengths,   latest
dora, Coronation and Derby.
Astrachan Mitts Gauntlet,  in Black and
Neckties,    Four in hand,   the   newest
Kid lined Gloves, fur tops.
Silk Mufflers.
Handkerchiefs, plain and embroidered.
Silk Handkerchiefs, plain and initial.
Slippers, Hair Combs, Pocket  Books.
Cloves and Suspenders.
,, _ Twenty Five per _
5      cent, off 5
During this month we will give this Gash Discount
i all Men's suits and overcoats, and all Boy's and
llldw' clothing; goods are all marked in plain figures,
p take off the diseount.
Fire at   Midway.
P. Burns & Co's Butcher Shop
was desroyed by Fire
Friday morning:.
J. McNicol flidway.
P. Bums k Oo's meat mnrkpt on
Fifth Street, ww, destroyed liy die
lust . rMny morning. Il is supposed
lhat thf Hre originated from the stove,
Imt whether the hlase started where
Ihe pipe I'tilered the roof or close to
stove, Iti"not.known, ns it hud gained
too murh he idway liefore it was noticed tn lm aide to determine.
The fire was discovered almut
five o'clock in the moaning liy .1. 8.
Harrison, who moms in an adjoining
liudding. He uava the alarm and in a
reiuul'kiiMy short I line a large nillllhel
of people were on hand and efforts.
were made to save the contents of
the Inirning structure, Iml Ihe flames
aud smirk.- rendered such iinpnssihle,
uo their intention was directed to pre-
vini ing lhe iii'ighiioiiugluiildings from
1'iiicliini! mi Hie, iu which thuy were
assisted hv a fail wind.
Thf huilding Miiiigi-d to the Him
nnd wa* noi iii'i'-h "f a loss iu itself
Imt Ihe slock and fixtures   totalled
iiimut turn.
Theshup was only re*npened on the
previous Monday, having lieen
closed rf nr ahout. a year, hut prospective mil'iiy huilding in ihis vicinity at
an early date poiupled Ihe thin lo reopen fill1 I u-iness.
The Arm will re-open immediately
and It If altogether pmhahle a com-
uiiHlinus simp will lie limit to replace
i lie one destroyed.
Goldfinch Bonded.
The (irrliltlnch miu"ral clnim is
again umlcr Imnd. This time ('. Sl.
Fassetl of Spokane, has taken hold of
of it for himself and others a*sociateil
with him in this venture, Heretofoie
the Goldfinch hi* not hecll given n
fair show to dciiintistrale whether im
nut. it Is a properly ihnt. n^iiy In* ex-
|iectcil In develop inloa mire. Ill Ihe
snminer of liKIl it was oniicr Imnd In
one party who ditl n li'tle work hut n
few Ions of ore inken from neill'the
surfiice not returning high values
when sent loilie Greenwood smeller,
ii was dropped, Last summi'i Phil,
McDonald mid .las. Sutherland opened
a small slope nn the veil* and shipped
two cars of nre, from which the returns were satisfactory, hut no development work nf consequence was
done hefore they relinquished th, ir
opt ion on the claim. Mr. Fus-etl, on
ihe contrary, appears determined lo
give the prop rty a lietter test, for he
is inviting for tenders for sinking the
shafl 100 feel, at which deplh the vein
should show reliahle evidences of permanence or nthei wise,
Adjoining the Goldfinch are the
Lancashire  fraction and K  Pllii'llm*
UllUlll claims under huuil lo parlies
represented hy I). W. Mc.Vic.ir of Nelson. Au old pios|ect shaft on lhe
former has leen cleaned oui and sinking Is now in progress, the piesenl
depth heing 25 feet, Some nice Innking ore is lieing taken out, whli gold
showing freely in I he quart!! in some
of the specimens. The shaft is In he
sunk to HI feel, ai which depth a drift
will he run on the vj-in to determine
its general character and widlh.
Will work Mornint Star.
Frnui Fairviiw comes Inforinatioii
to the effect that, nn effort Is heing
made tu resume work on ihe Morning
Star, a gnld-qunrl/. pioperty fiom
which in the winter of 1802-lW and
1804-05 2,700 tons of ore were mined
and pul through the 81 ial hy re Com-
pauy's stamp mill, situate ahout 4,000
feet distant from the mine, From
this ore Inillinn valued at ahout. jllll,-
000 was recovered. The Sloruing Stir
and the adjoining Black Diamond, to-
together having an area of 41.2 acres,
were owned l,v S. Mangott and P, Mc*
Rachern, of Fairview. They did most
of their development work on the
Morning Star, on which are iwo well-
defined leads. On one of I hese they
sank a shaft 70 feet and on the other
Ihey followed the vein down on the
incline for 140 feet. A drift run 511
feet each way from the latter shaft ul
the 100-fool level showed the vein lo
vary from two to six feet in width.
Other development wmk was also
done, including a prospect shaft on
ihe Black Din-nod sunk 'Ao feet mul
opening up a vein wilh I wn to four ft,
of ore similar in general character and
value to that taken from Ihe Morning
Star. Il is staled that Mr. Mangott
is arranging for sinking another 100
ft et on llu* .Morning Star, Decent developments in lhe New Fairvlew Corporation's    neighhoring   Stemwinder
Hotel, Unison i V. IC. A nips hi, vV ix-
side Hotel, near Onlilinhlat <'. H.
Thomas, (In. cad • H it-i, Ha ij.td- (liiyj
Paulson  Urn,.,  Paul 's  H ,.,,| (\.\io
Hotel Westwoiiill Bii|mn_!t Siding,
near Gladstone; II. Si, Riiinhali,
(,'nsllegar Hotel, Casth-gar.
When the application for new licences came hefol" the hoard it was
liiention'eil that th" Phdeiiix Pioneer
hnd made ihe following statement in
anediiorial puhlishcd the pieviolls
Snt utility i "Already a numher of
present holders of li dices, who cannot qualify as uniler the new Ani,
are having licences taken out in the
names of those who can qualify',
There is nothing in ihe Aot, sn fir
as known, to prevent this, and ads
vaiituun is naturally lieing taken of
that, fart." Iii reply to nn enquiry
from ihe hoard the Chief Licence In-
sped or said that there was nnly one
application tin we slaleuicnis could
possibly apply to, viz, that of M 'inn,
Thompson & On., of Phtvhix, for
licence for the Hartford Hotel, at
Haitford Junction, for which a li -
ence had Ineu held hy J. .1. Hassell,
This application Was granted i; m-
dilionally thai lhe iiispecior lm fully
satisfied lhat lhe applicants are holm
tide proprietors of the ho.el, or should
il appear to him that they are simply peinntiing iheir names lo he used
for I lie lienelll. of some olher person
ihe licence is iml io lie iss led lo Ihem.
App illations for new licences were
grunt"d io Philip Mr I) maid, Oakland
Hotel, Midway ; S, MeOnnond, Mirer-' Excha ige Hotel, Kholl ; KU La-
valley, Christina Ho el, Uhrtiitllit
Lake, nlid Tho*. Price, Price's Hotel,
Fife, on ihe Cnluinhiiii i_ Western
Kailway, lielwien Cascade and Gladstone.
British Columbia Horses for the East.
The  ree-nt ship limit    of    British
Ooliiiiihia horses to Ontario un ur.illv
mine at Ihe 300-fOOt level encouraging  suggest*three Important puiuta.
renewed effort ou lhe other
lies near liy.
fXmas is very near
And to help to celebrate we give here a few samples of suit
presents, Useful as well as
and Alaskan Senl
Gentlemen's For eaps in Seal, Blaek Persian Lame, Ottee, Rat
at from $2. to $8.60 whieh is Wow netnal enst. Faney snspi
eniefs, Romeo slippers,Foncy wool Over shirts.WombatFw Coals,Atost. 	
ladl^Gollarett^dG^ntlets, Japanese  Trays,btouth_ftial,
Trays in different varieties, Opal Fancy Plates, Smoking Sets, Jowde
Boxes, Pin Trays and Utility Trays, besides a good many other art.*
«es fit for presents.    .
.  In *« Or«*ry »_^™ H-ve ,r«K Cndied P»*l<.   «*j»«*J {
J SWM U si* WM Crr.nl.. .no •« «•* « *«■■ "** *
Licence Board Meets.
The hoard of licence commissioners
for Ihe Boundary Creek licence dislrict held ils half yearly statuary
meeting at Grand Forks last Monday
■veiling. Ther,' wer.- present K.
.lacoli-, Greenwood, chairman ; H. H.
Cannon, Grand F.nk-, and YV. Fl,
Tniviiseud, Hossland j also llu- chief
.icence inspector fur the di.-lric, I. A.
Dinsiuoi., of (irand Forks. Hem vials
of 21 hotel liquor licences were approved and lhe issue of live new Indices was authorised, one conditionally as s'ateil Mow. The renewals
were as follows:
8. T. I.ai*en, Riverside Hnlel, Rock
Creek | S. Dahl, Central Hotel, Mid- wanted as heavy is possihle.
way ; U K. Salter, Hotel Spokuie,
Midriay ; S. A. Urowell, Crcnvell's
Hotel, Midway j ('. M. Chiilae, Lancashire   Hotel,   Midway; John Alhl, 11500 lha., anil arc  worth  ahout
(1) What tines the Bast ern market demand ? (2) Win', cm Ihe West supply? (HI What steps should he taken
li. \V-h em hreeders lo meet th, ile>
maud ?
The cessation of lueeding operations
III Ontario suiriQ nine nrlen ye.ias ag i
ri used it lisc iu prices, and the requirements of the Army in South Africa increased the demand, (ieuer.il
husiness pr isperity hi- led to an active demand fnr drivers ami farm horses th the country, and for all kinds nf
harness lloi'ses, heavy draught, ex-
pi«-s horse* and ordinary dimeters iu
lhe cil:e<. I'lle lu.uher husiness heing
exceptionally brisk, a large number of
heavy horses are required in lhe ninn-
enn s |n«giug camps. Heavy drafls
are easily won ll $400 a team; ihese
must he from ljun Ils. up, and are
horses are generally used single, must
Commercial Hotel, Midway; Thus.
Wake, Hound n-y Falls Hotel, Boundary Falls ; Lewis Br %, Smeller Hotel, Boundary Falls ; J. \V. O'Brien,
Veiiduiue lintel, Anaconda; Jas.
Henderson, Algouni Hotel, Deadwood;
Thompson k llodgkin-on, t'oluoihia
Hotel, Deatlwood ; 0, ti. Hoherts,
Colunihia Hotel, Kholl ; Oi A. Hen-
dell, Hotel Northern, Kholt : .1. A.
McMaster, Union Hotel,* Kholl ; Norman Lose, Summit Hnlel, Kiioli ; Fred
Kaiser, Commercial Un el, Klmll ; W.
M. Ludlow, Oro Denoro Hotel, Summit Camp ; It. V. Chisholm, Wiliilsnr
Hotel, Summit Camp ; W. li. Dins*
more, Qlohe Hotel, Fourth of July
Oreek S   J.McLaren,    (irand  I'rairie
' he active and ahle to trot with a goo I
load.   They should weigh from 120(1 to
Ordinary sl reeters for delivery wagons,
hacks, elc, vary iu sil •, style, aclion,
weight and age. Drivers, callings
horses and saddle hiii.es sell largely
accoiilmg In style ad ion and manners
and will run froni $125 to  $8.0,
In Maui olia and llu fanning sections of tlie North IVesl Tr'iriiones
there has lien and will lie next spring
a good demand t ir burs s, medium
ami heavy, for farm work and railway
consililftloil also drivers f r livery-
uieii an I far new, Tliere has als.i
heen agon I liale iu I nlian poui s,
used for herding, driving or for children to ride Id school. Of a.I the various classes, the West, vi/.-the western
(1'nlllillllell oil |nice I |
Boundary Ore Shipments.
The tonnage of ore shipped by the mines of tht
District during 1901, and far 19:12, up to Decembe.i
Old Ironsides and Knob Hill group 231,762
Mother l.ode  99-548
H.C  47.5'7
Sunset       too
Winnipeg     1,040
King Solomon       850
No. 7	
Ciolden Crown	
Sundry small shipments     2,500
1 st. is as
2 So, 601
Totals 386,738     448,599
Shipments during 1900 totalled 97'iS37 toita ; during
the year 1901, to December 31st. 386,738 tons, and during
1902, to December ist, 448,599 tons, making an aggregate of
336,174 tons
' She pgpatclj
C. M. OROUSE Killtor and Proprietor
Published weekly nl Midway, H.C,
_llbsorlptit)ll price, ?'.! OO per iiiiiiiini, puyjililr
11 ulnui.ie, cltliur yo.irly or half yearly al Uie
fipUon ef tic giiHsci'lber.
AilvorUslng rjito-t soul on appltoiitloii,
MONDAY, l)H. .RMBKR.SB, l«l_.
Tim Dispatch wishes its read-
era    and    patrons    a   merry
It is said in official oirclop
that tbe Dominion parliament
will lie convened on February
Venezuela is still well to the
front, hut Grover Cleveland, its
famous champion, is now in
state of "innocuos   desuetude."
Tho orjjaiii'.ition of a Forest
and Stream Club, to prevent the
rapid destruction of game in
tho Boundary country, is a
move in the right direction, and
if sufficient interest be displayed by the individual members it
will have the effect of materially lessening the evil, But a
little wise legislation on the
part of the provincial government would do more towards
altering the existing circumstances and bringing about a
remedy than the combined efforts of;many such organizations. So far as doer are concerned, if the government
would but shorten the time limit of the Open season and permit each person to kill only two
or three deer during that season, instead of ten as at present
allowed; there would be more
encouragement for organizations such tis tlie Forest and
Stream Club, to undertake the
work of seeing that the game
laws are carried out. Under
the existing laws it is almost
impossible te make a conviction,
as is evinced by tlie recent ar-
rest antl Subsequent dismissal
of two men taken uq on the
charge of killing deer in excess
of the number allowed, when
there was but little doubt the
parties were guilty of the offence with whicli they were
charged. However a.s the Forest antl Stream Club will doubtless draw the government's attention to the necessary
changes in the game act as well
as axercise its efforts to qreveht
any infringement of the law,
much good should result there-
THE 5 ®j
THOMAS WALKER, Proprietor.
All the best brands of
Cigars and Tobaocoe kept
constantly on hand.
Latsst shades nnd patterns of Wall Paper now in
Seventh  Street, Midway.
i* sa«8-i3^r._3_a-C_3-iBia-gt Taaimwwfc
A fiipillitir". nnitin fnr the Dhlcagn,
Milwaukee xSl. Paul Rail«'iiy,knnwii
nlliivi'i'llie ..liiuiiiH tlie Gi'hh'1 Ball
way running llli' "PltlNKHK I.1M1TKD
luiins I'vi'i•)■ ilny mul nitflit IihIwpwi St.
Paul and Clik'a;,.i, null Omaha mill
(ilijoHKO, ••The "iilv jiefWot tiWlits In
ills' ttiirlil." , 1'miIim.i.iiiiiI : (''"iin .•
linns are nuiiie with aTC Transi'im
tiiieiiliil Lines. mmliin l" l"*s»,,n«''ls
tlie hest service known, r.uituiiuus
i.'iiai'lies, elei'trie li-flUs, sleain heat, of
a verity eqiliffed liy An other line.
See that youi tick*I. rertils via "The
Milwaukee" when going to nny poim
iu I he United States or Camilla. All
tiiki'l agent*»eM them.
Fnr rates panjphlets or othei inlor-
llllltinll. ailrlitiss,
II L, Vuiw. H. S. ItowK,
Tniv.JW Agt,
lluiii'i'iil Aifiait.
Trad. Mmm
Anion' *enttni • iketrtl ind dewlpMim ww
nnli'Mr ruMirtjiln nnr opinion free whether mn
,..____._ ._.   ._. _..i.__i_k.«Atil_l.l„     ■'jimmtiiiliw.
inrpiHlrrn in proti.ttly
rmiiniioble. .oimmiiilca-
liU. llMiilbiipkoiil'olouu
  .     IbOpkr   .... .
lent froo. (Siteel Metier foriwurfnijiMenU.
PnlniU Uken thrown Mmm A r
tptcial notice, without churn, In it"
Referring to the tariff, at the
banquet recently given in his
honor at Halifax, Mr. Fielding,
Minister of Pittance, laid down
the principle that tariff in Canada must always be a compromise. It must be a policy of
each giving up something for
tlie good of the olher, so that
the greatest gootl of the whole
connniinil) nijfjit lie secured.
"\\ i have never had a free
trade tarifll it; Canada! our tar-
i ? nl • lys meant a measure  of ♦
in ':'lcii!:il protection." Thej An :i""ident to the stugi
l"ri\i'i'iiiiii'iii, ho sn.d, was -not Cui'l..\v bo-Republlc last i
go'ng to tie itsolf down to every; ,iay resulted in the drive'
We have to arrive a large stock of;
Choice Poultry, |
Jyrkevjs Ducks, Qeeseaii\d Gt\lcker\s .
P. BURNS & CO. !
Midway     Meat      Market      i
#999 999989J. 9 »»»»» 9 *3Si»i.»;.-ii. * * £. 4**»i 3»*»»»_»4**9 m9*R
the manufacturers for more
protection than the 17 per cent
tariff afforded, it is probable
that it would have been sustained at the polls. The liberals of
those days had "fixed principles." They could not see any
good iu protection, it was all
wrong, while revenue tariff was
all right. The electors begged
to diffar from them, and • voted
for the "National Policy." A
spirit of compromise at that
time in tariff matters might
have changed the political history of the Dominion. We do
not believe in "fixed principles,"
they are poor things with which
to meet changed conditions.
Adherence to them will probably prevent a preferential tariff
within the British Fr.ipire for
j";c!!eratiotis, while u spirit of
compromise, "a policy of each
giving up something for the
good of the other so that the
greatest gond of the v. hole community should be secured,,
would bring it about in a few
llelll.        it       rlllliJ
ii s thoy woiil<
and changed,   If anything
He  Rest in   Peace.
Itis reported that the Mad
Mullali, while iu the' act of
prayer, met death by a spear
thrust in the stmnach.
i rom
on e
Edltorally  Fearless.
Consistently Republican.
Noivs from all of Iho world-Well
written, original slorlea-Answers
to iiueries- Articles on Health, the
Home, New Hooks, and on Work
About lhc Farm' nnd Garden.
'he Weekly Inter Oeeao
Is a mj'inlier of tho Assocljited Press,
the only Western Newspapor receiving lhe enlii-e Icleijraphlc news service of Iho New York Sun and special
cable of the Now York World-daily
report* from over SUOH special correspondents throughout the country.
Nnlmrllw for THB DISPATCH ana
The Weekly Inter Oeoun ane year,
both paper* for • 2.80,
 iiiencT rorMooruwjate..--.
u Uken tiirniuh Mmm A Co. reeelr*
.     Mttu, without chant, In tha
Scientific American.
A hmHt-omol* lllnntrnted weekly. Ijiremt ctr-
nrlnlkm of nny MJlontllln Journal. Term.. W >
rear i four month-, 11. Sold by all newertealere.
MUNN 4 Co."'6^-New York
mScb Office, eo K BU Wuhlnmon, D. c.
St Paul, Duluth, ninneapolls, Chicago
ANOPOrsfil.   KAST
Throiiirh l'alnrte imd Tourist Slcupum
Dining and   llnlfi't   8mnklng   Library   Cars
For Hales,  Foldeni and  Full Iiiformalnin
cnll on or addrew*, '
H. BRANDT,"(V. 1*.*T. A..
701 W. Itivi-rkiilc Avenue,
A. B. C. DENNWTON. tti. W. P. A„
Certificate   of  Improvements.
Hi.i'K Hki.i. Minkiiai. Claim.
Situate la tha Osoyoos Mining Dlvlilon or
Yale District.' Where Loeated :- Kruger Mountain. ■ -..
TAKK NOTICK Unit*I. Otinrlox do Biol*
Oreen. a" aj-eiit for (lonive 0. Powell, free
miner's cnrlldcatc No. uinn.'.;, ard for Kvan
Morris, Iree miners eertilleale No. ntll'li'.',
Intend sixty davs froni ihe date hereof, to apply to the Mining llcnmlor for a I'ertitlntio
of Impnivainauta. fir the pacpntti of obtalulng
a Orown Qrant of the nliove claim.
And funh ■-.* take notice that aclion. under
section .17. mast be eoiniiienuwl before the issuance of such certlflcate of improvement*.
imtod this Wh day cf My, mi.
Bo .       \ ■.   '
C. una OHKKM.
U i k\ i
poued warranting,a change lie
would not slr.it hia eyes to it.
1/ the country lunl  prospered
was u
for tainng measures leading up
to tlio .xcrssivo tariff of  the
National Policy.   There is hope
for bettor government in Ctui-
fldtt, when its public men give
uttorance to such  sentiments,
They como from it mind emancipated: that can wee gnod in
protection ns well us froe trade,
Mr. Standing's opponents   will
eall it ''political  opportunism,"
Tlmy   bolieve   in "fixed   .principles" tlmt a man should   be
mentally   chained   to   Adam
Smith, Cobden Bright   or   Sir
John A. MacDonald.   Had the
MoKenzio   administration    in
1878, yielded to the domands of
were inequali-j ini.- three ribs broken ant
be considered' of the qasserigera having   .
lap* fractured!
i  ie;
Why you shtulld I uy
the present tariff there  HU AH O        PI    AV
o need .^excitement or ^AiK       I   L,/l ¥
BBCAtJSB it is tlu- IwHiiilIIi y
HEOAUaB it is ii^UaatiMig i.'lii'iv
BEOAUSB it i« Mm lai'R'iti high jjrftflii
III nr 25". plug
UHCAlJSHilm big,   yn
l>i-t_- - niu ms untl
in   ii'l'nnil
_'___.  ,'"1'
11. I, l>Oj
iulliiiir/.i' ■
ymi i.i ni nati»lll-rl'i
The Canadian Bsnk of Gommeree
With Which is Incoroorated      a
\P infant) ttn I f
The Bank of British Columbia.
HEAD OFFICE: TORONTO.       [fl    (jmi
CAPITM, $8,000,000.   -   RESf, $2,500,000.
HON. GEO. A. COX, Pres.       B. E. WALKER, Gen. Mgr.
Manager Greenwood Branch.
Boundary Falls Hotel
This hotel Is centrally located and Is a stopping: place for stage
lines.   Good stabling on the premises.
Only tKe choicest brar\ds of Wir.es, Liquors,
and Cigars at th? Bar
Carrying His Hajesty's flails
Will leave MIDWAY on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, at 8.30 a. m., arriving at
CAMP McKINNEY at 5 p. m.
Returning will leave CAMP McKINNEY on
Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 9 a. ni.,
reaching MIDWAY at 1.30 p. m.,and making connection with the train going east at 2:05 o'clock.
•'       The bast of aooommodatlon lor
the convenience of the
travelling publlo.
Headquarters for Railroad,
Mining and Commereial Men
First Class Livery Stable in Connection with Hotel,
S. A. CROWELL, Prop.
^MluJI ____h-____ __________ ___■_>_.
•*'9 WW9W. 9 fWV worn*
Repairing ud Sundries
^ —,*   fa
Horse Shoeing a Specialty
All Rinds of Work Executed to the Satisfaction of Customers
A new building, well furnished. Every-
tfiiflg new and first-class. Only thc choicest Wines, Liquors and Cigars kept in
stock. F.very convenience furnished the
traveling public.    Bus meets all  trains.
*»«**,;: Your Xmas Goods
You are going to buy what you like
and where you like, but don't forget
that I have some nice goods in the
following lines.
Lowest Prices in the Boundary.
A. F. Thomas, Druggist, Midway
'■•■-r.K I til
Ukkknwoiiii. II. 0,
Camp McKinney, B.C.
Dr. R. Mathison,
ft M. KERBY,
A. M.Can. Soc. C. I.
I'koviN'cLu. Land   Sukvkvok
MlIrWAV   ANU (illKKNWimil.
Stage Line.
The undersigned i.s running a DAILY STAGE beiween
Greenwood and Curlew via Midway. Siaye will leave Gietn-
wood at 6:30 a. m„ arriving in Midway at 7:45 and at Curlew
in time to connect with the train for Spokane du'_ 10:45 returning
will leave Curlew at 5 p. m',, upon arrival of incoming trail.,-
reaching Midway.at 7:30 p. m. and Greenwood at 9 p iri.
Will connect with Meyerhoff's Stage from all points VVest
J. H. TYRRELL, Proprietor.
Mrs. .las. Kerr, of Greenwood,
is rjiiting Mm. N. Munroe.
X. Lamont, of Grand Forks,
wns in Mill wny ou Friday,
Tho Midway schoolcloBed for
the holidays mi Friday last
Ins. Goodyear, of Anarchist
.Mniinliiin: was a visitor to Midwuy on Thursday.
Miss Mary Matthew was a
passenger on last night's stage
frnm Curlew on her way to
11 umilary Fulls.
i H . Kerby, P. L. 8„ is at
pr^ssut engaged in surveying
lot 1111 Norris and Megraw's
liircrside addition to Midway.
I. I'. Kuane, superintendent
of the Cariboo mine, (amp Me-
Kinnoy, went out on Thursday
on his periodical trip to Idaho.
Harry Johns* superintendent
nf tlio Sunset mine, was in
Midway yesterday on his way
to Cliisnw. He was accompanied liy Mrs. Johns.
W, E. Mclioyle has least.] the
Kt Louis Hotel, Camp MeKin-
noy, and will apply at onee for
11 licence to sell liquors. He expects to open the premises before the end of tlie year.    ,
A small hlnze in a Chinese
■hiick last weok, caused great
exoitement among the celestials
•or a few minutes, but the
flames were sul-dued before any
erious damage resulted.
Harry l'ittendrigh and family, of Hock Creek, were among
Friday's    vtotors  to Midway.
lHPy    wore    aiTompMiiiod by
Miss ,\| ills, toaeiier of the  Rock
C$ok school,   who   took    the
''Hin for theeoiwt, where she will
.nnd the holidays at her home.
y*il. Hiiyiies went through
Mid"ny on Tuesday with a
^d of 133 head of hoof eattle
H P. Hums & (J,,. This is
"'fl'i*. lot of Kllis" eattle that
™l Mime in from the Okauag-
1111 this season. Ah-eady win*
,w feeding irf the eattle has
'"""neneed at Penticton.
"aF&Co, have suffieieut beef
"J Bock to about last through
we wint,.,..
Jkonu officer R. Gardom
Jf** Saturday for Eudorbv,
|V» he will spend a holiday
Ttion with his parents. He
^""■"inpiinio,! hy Mrs.  Gar-
!mi i During h s temporary
i»7 Ids duties will he at*
M,f 0»*W Hurbnnk. of near
Va,V. recently came on live
^/ittlng together in tho
,"'the heiul of Kerr ereek.
tliree "*   °f   !t"   kil,i»K
mil, " Kro"P' t»e others
Kf ^ay.   Since   then he
Ato paW% provincial
c«£ °™ent "gent McMynn the
At the same time he collected dent, H. C, Shaw;   Vice-Presi
the bounty on four coyottes he | dent, G. L.  Thoinet (Midway);
had previously killed.
J, Proiidfont, head shift boss
Secretary ami Treasure r E, W,
Monk; Committee, Goo. Fimi
Rindkll Block, Gkeknwoo.
F_on« »«. T. • N.
Chas. A. Webster,
Spokane.Wash.. U.S.A.   Midway, B C.
attheCarihoo-McKinney Coin [lay, J. P. Myers-Cray  and   \V.
O. Wright, Seventeen of those
present signed the members'
roll, mid others in sympathy
with the movement expressed a
wish to lirst have before them
the constitution and by-laws.
It was decided to endeavor to
induct' as many as possible of
the residents of the Boundary
District to become members,
In the course of a general conversational discussion a number
of suggestions were made, hut
no definite decision upon the
various matters considered
were adopted, it having eventually been decided to'leave it to
the executive to bring in a report to the next meeting to be
puny's Cariboo mine; Camp
McKinney, met with an accident to one of his eyes more
than a week ago and although
little attention was paid to it
at the time, last week it gave
him sueh pain that he consulted
Dr. Spankie. who removed
from the injured organ a small
piece of steel and it is now
showing improvement and the
probabilities are that no permanent injury will result.
W. 0, Miller, of Vancouver,
C. P. H. fuel agent and ear service inspector, has just concluded
an official visit to the Boundary.
From Grand Forks he took a
trip to Republic, From him it
was learned that recent interruptions in the fuel supply and
other obstacles to keeping the
smelters rami ing at full blast,
have made it difficult tti provide forthe transportation requirements of the district, and
yet not have a number of
freight cars idle. The intermittent demand, caused by frequent temporary stoppages at
the smelters has lieen a source
of trouble to the traffic department of the district.
List Monday a shooting affray
oecurod alxuit IS miles below
Oro, ou the Okanogan. As both
the parties to it are interested
in concealing the truth it is hard
to get the exact facts, but it is
certain that Saul Hamilton a
half breed, shot John O'Xeil in
the jaw inflicting a dangerous
wound. It seems that O'Xeil,
who is a discharged employee
of thi) United States Indian Department, has been in the habit
of of making a rendezvous of
the house of an Indian woman
named Mary Chance, and
bringing whiskey there for the
purpose of debauchery. Saul
Hamilton.wlio was living with
the woman resented this, hence
t he row. As (I'Neil always goes
around with 11 big six-shooter
tied to him, little sympathy is
expressed for him.
The necessity for some steps
being taken in the direction of
preventing the destruction of
game to the extent it has been
carried on in the Ketttle Hiver
district above Hock Creek having beeoine quite evident to
those who desire to prevent, its
extermination, a puhlic meeting
was held at (ireenwood last
Wednesday evening to determine upon action that will give
promise of  having  this effect,
Ther,. was,,., attendance of ^K'fj^'^HV.-wfta mind thai
tween 2(1 anil 30, including sev-,»» „• ,,„, ,„, 1)sk.„i ,„soil .mv 11101c
Rov.l 1ln.11 Hi" " linxnsiijKl we don t •»■«
Spokane Falls iNoptta
Railway Co.
Nelson & Ft. Sheppard
Railwav Co.
Red Mountain Railway Co.,
Washington & 6. N. By.,
Van., Vie.&E.Ry.&N.Co.
The nnly all rail route between
points east,, west mid south tn Ross-
Infill, Nelson, (irand Forks and Reptile
he. (niineiis at Spokane .ill. the
Greal Norl hern, Nort Kern Pacific and
0. it. k S. Uo. fur points ea*., west
and snutli ; connects at   Kos.land and
Nelson with th" Canadian Pacific Hy.
held on Wednesday, .innuary i,
i    1   ■         ,, ,     .,;.,      Connects nt Kelson with the K. R. * 9.
prox..   embodying suggestions ,.„. f(>r Ku inUWwll„ ,„,„,..
as to {intendments to the Game | connects at curie* with **_»,■ for
Protection   Act;    etc.    A draft Oreenwood end Midway 11.c.
...   ,< ill .nil    !    Iluffet cars ran  on  trains between
constitution and by-laws will be |8pok-MettM(1 „„„„„.„.
submitted to the same meeting
for approval and adoption.
For Getting a Beautiful Watch
and Chain Free.--No Money
Required.—Every Man, Woman, Boy, or Girl has the
same Opportunity under our
In order to have Dr. Arnold's Kill!
lish Toxin Pills placed in lhe hands of
all persons sulTeritiu from had health
we make the following most liheral
If ion "ill send us your IIHIDO and
address and an"''',0 sell for u.< twelve
lKIX f Dr. Arnold'* English Toxin
PUIS ataSMHThox, we will J. v» *»«
absolutely Free a beautiful Watch
anil Chain In either Ladles or Gents
,lie, pr your choice of twenty oilier
premiums such nsllne sets of Jewelry,
Rings, Violins, Mumluliiis, Tea Seis,
Sateen Skirts, Oannmw, etc Uemeiii;
ha-, we don't want any money until
lifter ynu sell the Pills aud you don'l
have to sell any inim-tlinii 12 hoxe*i lo
net tne pre ilium*. This is a Inula fide
niter frnm a relliil'ie concern Ilml hns
riven thousands of dnllurs worth uf
premiums lo agents a owltawi*
rv     lleuieniher also that Dr. Arnolds
English Toxin Pills are a well known
remedy for all diawne* of the k ys
and hladdor, Bright'  ' "
Hseasc, iliiiiicii'
rhei Ulsin, nervous   trouliles, and
fenialflconiplitints, and are for stir l>
,,iitlr-t class druggists and dealers  n
p„r,soflhu world,  You have on y
howiiicin to sell thi    *"««"
^tofferingsomoihlngthal tho people
,„,.,.  kn„w.     Our  w-alilies  lire  llu
,,K,,l..r standard slue for [.idles nr
Gei Immi'ii I"  Ni'k''1 '"'   J"" ^'T1
C,"! with hands Illumlnatod dial
and   rellKhlo   Hi kee s,  wiUohes
whasnoladynrRentetuannHed he
ash.. i". '■"'■',";• ,l,"!lS>lvl
nnn| ahsriitely Free tn all wlir ..
,nly twelve hnxes of tho*e wondetf.
'vi, I'ills.   Write at mu Hit* the
,| st in vour Inrality to earn one   .
Minn us w" ims i" .
card wr»
.box...,    ..    ,,
OatnloRiioniid nuaii
I. nve. Arrive.
9.M i.m  SPOKANK      4.« p.m.
10.tSa.tn   ROSSIrANO      5.10 p in.
T.Ki ft.ni  NKLSON      K.mp.m.
lli«ift.ui GHASn KtlltKS...   1,00 p.m.
11.14 ft.ni IlKI'UIILIC.   ...      .V Hi p.m.
__m.   A.  JAOKM*.
General I'asM.-tii'ur Agent.
Spokftiiu, Wash.
Midway Livery, Feed & Sale Stable
Seventh Street, Midway-
Opposite Crowell's Hotel.
J. H. Tyrrell,  -   Proprietor.
Hay nil Oats Tor Sale. • Hus Meets all Trains,
General Transfer and Dray Business.
Riverside Hotel
Rock Creek, B. C.
S. T. LARSEN, Prop.
Stepping pirn, fm Singes to
anil fnun nil Boundary
Oreek points.
Hood Accommodation for the Traveling Public,
The Mormon Temple.
LEAVE .MIDWAY 2*tk". P. M,
Arrive Wlltnlgeg,.. _nl <l«y S:SH ft. in.
Arrive 8fc Paul Unl dfty 11:411 p. in.
Arrive Chii.go  4th ilny 11:1*1 it. III.
Arrive Tnriiiiln filh ilny 2:45 |i, in.
A i rive Montrwl Sth <l«y 6iS0 p. in,
Arrive New York....«lhday 8;55 n. in.
A trip Enst nver thc 0. P. K, will
iiuivince ynu thnl it is Ihe "ONLY
I.cjivc Diiiiniiire Jimclion tli.ily for
si. Paul.
Kootenay Landing Tuesdays and
Saturdays fn* Tn unto. Montreal and
|| Knslern point*.
Through Bookings to Europe,
Via nil Atlantic Unities, Pn-ptil*- <i,k:
Is at lowest rates issued from all
J i European Omntri.s.
Kiirlhe Inforoiatinn regiirdlng the
('. P. R, anil further proof of it lieing
Uie "ONLY WAY" can lie furnished
II Hi'iid ynu post piul iwi'lve ,„n nppllcittl.il to
together with  mil' Hl«"ll"-'***"'{ j A.   W,  haII.KV,   A««nt. MMway. or
■I |i viillf ,I,IH'<' ■*'"'
lifnllv colored «,nl |
,1 mill I ess on I
**<»^ liife bat* of three.
oral Midway residenl
Dr. McRwe was voted to the
cliiiir. After preliminary di*-
ciissitm it was resolvod that
bbpse present forw themselves
Ihtoa Forest and Stream Club,
ami the following officers and
committee were elected: Prco*
nny money uulil iilioryoti hnve sniil
tlii'in. We liuni'nil iln1 expense ami
nre only innking I his liberal offer us «
incllinil nf advertlalng Dr. Arnnld's
Knglish Toxin Pills, Don'l delay,
Write ul niiicinuieiii'iia heiiiiiifnl pres*
ent for yonmolf for Ohilfitma*.
50 Adelaide St. But, Toronlo.Onl.
II. P. A.,
Nelson, li. ('•
a. a. p. a.,
Vniirouv.r. H. O
Commereial Job Printing
The Mormon temple at Salt
Lake Ciiy is n<> doii'rt the most substantial and well constructed ridigion*
edifice in the United States, if mrt, in
the world. Corner stone laid April 0.
ISoli, rap stone April (I. 1892 and dedicated Api il 0, ISH, over forty years of
constant lalsir Is'ing conmimrd in its
construction. TliNinag.iiflre.il structure 210 feet long, 1110 feet wide is Iniilt
entirely of Until while girnite, Is-awti
fully curved, symbolic of the Moi.ikui
faith, siirinonMled hy six towers, the
highest Is-ingSHIfeet friim thegrmud
snp|s>rting a l-ronxe statue <«f tiie ang
el Martini. The cost of Ihis laiilding
is ahoiit |H,n!lil,rwi. There are im my
other»tlr»etH*ns»t Salt Lake City of
inlerest to the trevelet- nr louiist,
where a day earn be well upent. The
llio Grande ie the only Tinns-conli
heatal nmte passing dinvtly through
Salt Lake Oity, where a stop-over is
allowed on all clas-es of tickets. The
service of the Rio (irand' lines is unexcelled. Thtve traim daily lietween
Ogden and Deliver, citiying ali clas
sc.< of modern equipment. If you are
cnnteiuplatiiig a trip lo Ihe Kast,
write the undersigned for inform nion
regarding rates via ll.e "scenic line of
Ihe world:" W. C. McBride. Oeifral
Agent, M. J. Roche, Traveling Pas
seuger Agent, 121 Third St., Portland,
A. Maslonka
formerly of Nelson, B. C,
has oqened a Boot and
Sho^ stiife in Midway,
with a large stock on
On account Christmas and New Years
Tlie Canadian Pacific Railway
will issue tickets to local points
on account of the above holidays at faro and one third for
the round trip, tickets ({owl go-
tag December 23rd, 24th, 25th,
:10th, :Jlst and January 1st, good
to return up to and including
January 3rd; liKW.
made to order.
Repairing   promptly attended to.
All work guaranteed.
Only the best stock used.
A. Maslonka.
On October 28th, a promissory noUi for #15., payable in .'HI
days, drawn by A. W. Hailey
and mailo payable to the undersigned. Findor will obf-Ke by
returning the same tti
A. Horridge,
Midway, B.C.
Durham Hulls, Fresh Calved
Cms, Cows in Calf, Steers
ami Hfilers, Hoar rigs. Sows
and Young l'u,rs. Sheep and
Poultry, Saddle antl Hack
Honies.    Apply to   ....
J. A. com.SON,
1%   miles from   Midway,  or
Dispatch office. •   •   •  L
Tt   SliiOti  3"
It will bo the most import-'
ant Railway Centre in the
. „„,,,,„. , , \r--      .
Interior or British Columbia.
It is in ths centre of a
rich Mining, Stock-Raising,
Ranciiing* Gardenia?, Man
fapping, Coal Proving,
and Railway District.
Midway property will
make you rich. It is not
a sp3._la.ion, it is an investment.
Midway, the coming railway- Nuaniil, wholesale and DunufacturiDg
centre of the Kettle Hiver
and Boundary Creek Districts, is situated at the
eonfluenee of Bonndary
T he leading residence
twn in the eountry, with
an excellent climate, pure
water supply, and surrounded hy rieh agricultural land.
A. M. WOVKNOKN. Sec,    '
HO St '.lolni Stivetj i^fy.
Montreal, i'. 0..
Business,  residence' and garden lots at low prices and on easy terms.      Setld for maps, prices, and full particulars to
•:■'.*:''v _________ _ii  	
i     0. M, CHOl'SE,
Agent fnr British Uolliiuld*,
Midway, B. 0.
©he ftepatcJj
MONDAY, niiCKMBER. 22, M..
(Conliiiiii'd   fnin. piifci;   1.)
portion of tliH'tVrritorii**', nnd lhe In
teriiir of British Uoliimliia—can supply
comparatively few nviir the HUX) Ih.
limit, the lew Iiiiih'H over tlmt weight
tii'iiif,' not imn*li iiinri' tluiii will supply
local (li'iiuiiiils. Bul nf horses ahoul
thai, woiffhi ihere iin* large nutnliei' uf
useful, h.inly hi'tws with excellent
liune, whieh hi pVesent priced ll will
puy tn shin, i.nt the iimrKel inusl, not
be overdone at any nne tune.
Tu Onljirin anil M.u.it.uhii a large
nun.her of western punies hnve been
shipped. These shipments hnve injured the repiilatinn nf western hni.es
nn ntis hus  ul minify.       '
I Theaciniii<Kjiii.inti.iiiii.l)fC.P. It tayAft
Bund, Hie  niidiliiii   if  snnie  of Ilie'
j j.iids lu'inir I'jui., 11 d 11 e mi vice west
j"f CaJgniiy slim.- KnslnfCjilgary stock
trains make gui,(|.|:iii|e Arid we bund*
Jed well, nn.l ipiikly as a  rule. 'The
!('.   V.  li.   milium iliis  |j|,ve  iihynys
r-lir.wn ii dis) (..-iiii ij lu assist, ilie live
sinck met< in every way, nnd   suitahle
ptovisiiin will liu ill lihl  he  niii'ilt! llli-
uiiiliali))'lu I in (Ih lliifj.iw   line  tif
Iniile. . I iieaper |my  shoulil  he pro*
v iiiid ni ninst nf die leading points,
918j,o iyjll  pi r  tun .is  iniY'niiiqti to
I'hiirge fnr liny in d iii cuntjiqiunfe the
linger  di'ulrr.   puich.i.iie  their   own.
There is ivery reasnti   to  expect lhat/
tin- litiili- in hours  uill (niitimie midl
gi'uH.   The  \vi"-l   ram    r,|ir-e    hots. B|
llleapel' 11.Jill the iusI aud of an  gm dj
ui'lil;.   For   this nasoit   I lit*   west
mn lunk forward In the prolltahle ex-
The Midway Sawmill
■      I ■
All kinds of ROUGH and DRESSED LDMDER,
and haveled the Oiti.iiin mun in par
ticular to Iwjicva tlmt there is nothing f"'1 "' l""'ii,'s':'s w"""8 I.W* '"","
l,el!erinlhew-esi Hum Ihu ui.t,imeahleils •"■",",hlv   llml    "»■'»*«'"•  dealer,
do Ilie   lireakirig  und   idinalmg
lironcliostuck, ami nl lhe [iresent lime
he will nui 1,1,1 r,,r nny I hing hratiiled,
lieyond whnt,bo fun-iili'is n li.-ir^iiin,
liecaitse he thinks hin piirehnse is
hound to give ium morn trouhle lhan
local stock, tii-uil' il liiavy stock is nu
inori! ililli uit, tu hrenk ilum eiistnii
hnises and lhe lira nd is scldmn run
spir nous enuugh to he called a hleuilsh,
[t is a niattei'of surpiisi; t i i. wrgiern
lll'ltl  In ll ' II' il en run 'Ul-'ll   ll|) HI   JH   ll
hlenilsh an I ,x ntirlt if wicke.lriei.,
a ul if the .'aster.i inui wnultl ciuiHlder
f r i ni i ui'iil, rh.it i Ii , ■. * iMiic'i i/.iij|r|
uu lie cnnduc'ril wilh-,ut. t imu ilin-r,
he iniglit, lo ik up at ii ■«! h le*s dn
fivnr. lu regtrtl to li uiliii"**. eiiiliii-
auce inui hniir', Ilie west -i-t! hnt'.u is
equal to theuastein, and opM Ufukeo
lie will he as gentle as any, li, oui recent shipment i.f wvceri Inn-sin lo
Toronto, people ramc to [he staliltja
nnd pnkeil lhe h"fs -•■ Willi lu'dlHrellasj
olc, uiirl whll ■ nnl criiiclsing the ium*
iriji'ilcui'ss in'.mi li nu inns, I he fuel i_-
luii.is tleil, the Imr-e•■ Innk the treat.
n -jii wilh eipuii.uiiir i.
Mi ■ ipiesliini nl' whi ther nr not ihe
nnrses nliiii.; I he hnik. n luings up ii
iiuinhel'uf puiui*. In "ilnhittiN anil
liie     li I'l'ilni i'i s     xuu i-     I'l-np'e   ul'e
snspii'iuiis ul'! -iiken hi.rses „. ih y
k.'iuy tlmt. s ji in', the liiir-v cinchei
l'i-a|ts few lini'Jis, an): they lliink
ilu ie may I n  nniclhliig   winjig with
II! 1 tilillg  llllikell   1 Ilill. is    nl}', fo,d  fn|,
A fu hnrse will s"ll liettt'i' ih ui one
out  ' I ' uiiililiiin.    If the bul'spr. ,*i■-.■ io
ne lipikr'ii it  must   lio seen   tn Ihal
when III v vmi". In   hi,   sliipprd   they
aie   in good   ennrliuup, ns   Ihis may
eiisily meni a   il.IT n■nee   (if   ,$l!0  bet
In-ill.    In lull,.1 rt j a IiiiiiuIi  nl  hni'vc-
il Is liecers.'iiy lu keep down expenses]
jllul In prevent   loss    nl    e.n.ri lir.ii,   In |
pul them ' ii  lhe mnrkei   n>   «nou as|
|)n-si!.le   frnui   i)i"   I line    they   lei||»
their   pasl lire,   as   every extra   day
and he will Ilml tin-|iulilj>lr|e market
for the hest of lhe-e huises, wh. n
thoroughly hinken, in i he uii ies nf the
Ha.i anil of Hie OM Cnuniry. Tli'S
will lenve In lhe iiuiehiT the I.iimiu ss
«f raising horses, j-nppviug his Incnl
nun kei nnd making n guljir shipiiienls I
to some i^'lljjili' jiuiiinueir in the
Kast. In the wesl tlie aim slinulil le
logrow a heller mid heavier class i.f
hoiae*. The draft l.rc.d* me the sat-
es', i. e. : ihe (Hyde*, and Shires,
sliirtini" wilh a If/lltl Ih. sire and using
n heavier itnlin il as the herd is im-
prnvt'd, t.i order to avoid too violent
crose*. The foals should lie weaned
and f-il llu. lii -I winlcr, as ihis witl
improve Iheir si/,., ami v. ill make them
iptieti rand easier to hmidle. ll. will
hImi pay in halier Ineak tliiin lhe
lirst xx inter.
Iii shun   t.jikii'g  Till *' consideration
I pr sent priees,   l„,!.,u   nlMiifg  should
[jii-iillv     le'    ailupiinn  nf   husiness
pliiclInnls,   (1 ul   hniMs    will  always
| sell''1   prefei'eii'e  til  poor  uties nnd
goml uiii'S ens   h. I lilllr. more to rais",
pinelicnlly onlv Ih   rllH'eience   iu  the
j-erviee fee of ijh" *ri:' .
F. iv. !l.i,lu'-nn,
I.i- o ti "ik rniiiniissiniiei''
    . * .
$5  R^WAi^D,
Sli ayi il frnin rli" rin;;" near Midway, a yearling heifri; color red vVll.ll
white sjiois; lirinde.l douhle circle on
lent, hip and halt of one ear eut otf,
anyone relurning hiyue will receive
(,lie aliovc reward.
Laiider Brim.
Md  ay, B.. V
 , m -x 	
fpiiiilil Job Minting
Band sawing and job work done too-dcr
■ t i/    	
Riverside Nurseries
Grand Forks, B. C.
Home-grown, thrifty, acclimatised trees ud shrubs,
Currents, Raspberries, Strawberries, etc.
A fine assortment of Maples and other shade trees,
Roses, Lilacs, Hedge Plants, other ornamentals.
The secret of success in planting, is, kikht—lo secure good stock,
hkconii—to plant as soon M possible after it is dug'
from our nursery ean be planted it
Midway two days after tbey are dug.
Price list, and full Informntlon. promptly  Riven.
809 Second Ave., Spokane, Wash.
The school where thorough work is clone; where the reason
is always given; where confidence i.s developed ; where Book-
i-i'i'.i'iNt; is taught exactly as books are being kept in business ;
where Shorthand is scientific; where penmanship is at its
best; where merit is the standard : where the training in Civil. Skiwick, Tivi-iitiRAi'iiv, j.Ndusii and Cartooning wakes up
students, develops their powers and teaches them ho w to be
successful. No argument is so eloquent as the record of
things well done. No mortgage can corrupt, no thief can
break through and steal the knowledge of How to Do, When
you know what a school can do for you by what it has done for
others is it better to trust to luck? Is it wiser to guess?
For detailed information call, telephone or write
Wl northwestern business college,
809 Secocd Ave., Spokane Wash.
Advertise in
The Dispatch.
Tien Wanted mum
• m mm.m.m.m.m.m.m.m.*.m*m.m.  __ a a a a a __ __ m m.m m m. m m m a
I        To soli for the large Fonthlll nurseries.   Appll
^    cations should be filed at once.  Highest wages
paid, permanent plaoe assured to the right men.
We furnish guaranteed stook commanding highest testimonials from British Columbia Inspectors.
j wZ«*rT'K- Stone & Wellington.
Lancashire House,;
: : MIDWAY, B.C. : :
The undersigned having re-opened this well-
known and comfortable hotel invites the
patronage of all old customers and the public
Fiii-iiiie..'.limited nnd comfortably ftirnliili.d room*
Mrs, Dowding, Proprietress.


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