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 I11L< ^i^mnvu
HV, No. 3.
$2.00 per Year.
HouciTon, Etc.
-: Notary Puduo,
itlNNEY, B.C.
|. R. Mathison,
ii.c. siiaw.
illett & Shaw
Notsrlci Public.
„• |t,„lfnrd \I. S'rlllK. Moreing &
Neal», UiiKir's.
.  . .   MIDWAY. 111),,
ks cntrlos passed. Mineral Act
id Acl papers drawn up. Afll-
[k      Abstraets made.
.illons by mall or telephone
j ultondedto.
i Block, Qrbenwood,
I Phono OO, V. A N.
Closing Out
At Cost
For Cash
y.'~tete\'.itel'*'.'*l'M' M* M, M, Me •'•
fi* tf tf *f ti, t,tti?i',?ff v,n;t-tirif ;'
Dry Goods, Clothing
Gents' Furnishings
Heavy Mining Shoes
i!4J!4^!«!«!ii!i>:!4j!_;''{_,,» s_ «_>«_ Me
ff ff tf tf tf f„ ff ff ffifi,fifVf "e'f
, LTD.
I A. M. Can. Soo. C. E.
:, Land   Surveyor
Bl vi u
1-Jeal Batate
l Tonsorial Artist,
Ham Mhavs, Hair Cut, Se* Koam
rii.ii.i. (-all at the abort; parlor,
oneil kiijI Rroiinil.
MIDWAV, a 0.
| Hotel Spokane,
JSCC£s«__ st.. runway. £££
A new building,  well furnished.   Everything new
and first-class. Only the choicest Wine-.. Liquors
and Cigars kept in stock. Headquarters for Mining
and Commercial Men.
A Spokane Capitalist's Opinion of the
Possibilities Of That Section.
K. V. Massam, of tbe Arm of Massam
A fjaidlaw, says the Spokesinan-Ro-
view, has returned from it hn dnys'
trip up th,. Wi'M, Fork of the Kettle
liver, having visited tho ramps sur-
rounding Beaverton, It wus lii. Hrsl
trip into the district, snd he returned
thoroughly satisfied thai there Is u
bright future hefore It,
The Provincial Uovermnenl  has ji
f"i of •*> n .ii work mi ill" wagon
mini heing liuilt hetween Westliridgf
snd Beaverton, k distant f 26 miles,
whii'li, he says, is heing constructed
witli n wi.-v in making it n peiinttnenl
highway of it mosl suhstantlal charnc
ter. Tlii* wagon road ia expected to
in- completed wiliin the next BO days.
Benvi'iiuii, where he made hii headquarters, i'. quite lively, ii is a town-
site having exceptional natural advantages I with the development of the
mini's surrounding It, promises to lie
ninii' a place nf ii.> Miuill Importance,
in that section, It, is the supply poinl
and will In' the terminus of the wagon
road, There nn. jiiinm 20 log buildings, |
including two general stores, livery
stable,blacksmith simp, i saloon and an
exocllent hotel, it is atypical mining
camp ai the hase nf i semi-circle of
Speaking of ilv claims he visited,
Mr. Mnssain said : "One of tbe liig
properties, which has for the develop'
mfpt so far undertaken shown up ex
(■Heiliiijjly well, a iIn- Bally, owned by
Uoberl Wood ami associ ites of Greenwood. Ii in a high grade silver proper
ty, having three parallel ledges. Sam-
pie* from Ihi
Where   In- ci
Windsor Wants one of the Captured Boer Cannon.
Record Hun ou the C. P, It.   Minis-
ter Drops Dead in His Pulpit -
West Durham Election
Over $26,000 will he expended tor
additional machinery for the Kingston
locomotive wnrk-, whi h has an order
(or twenty engines fori he Intercolonial
The Canadian Northwesl creameries
are lieing operated longer this season
than   last,    The   increased   mil put
iiinmini-, i.i 100,000 ','iniiiils. Nearly
all Un- Northwest butter finds Ite way
in British Oolumhla,
While engaged inpreachlngal Lansdowne, Ont,, llm pastor of tho Melhn-
'IM church,Bev. Mr.Slmpsnn, dropped
dead from heart, disease, He had lieen
asufferer of the effects of typhoid
fevet a year ago, and never l'nllv recovered,
R. Campion, who was one of :li"
liveliest, nien  iii greet  th" lemming
soldiers    In    Kingston   n nl ly  and
paraded through lhe streets with thi	
is il. ,nl from paralysis ni' the brain. He
wjis stricken shortly after returning
homo from the parade.
Llettl-Colonel William N, Alitor, for
many year* paymaster of ill" Toronto
military district, Is dead, aged 02
v ir-. II" na* i native nf Norwich,
England, and came to Canada at the
rir,,*- nf the Trench affair, and had heen
No, I ledg . at i p 'im I paymastei Mine tbat time up to eight
s in tunnel intersects yearsngo,
Commercial and Mining men should put
at the Fairview Hotel when in camp.
■UH>k-ml AXx
or Itepalrlni.   Horseshoeing
A sucoiallr.
Qeo J. SKeeKar*      -       ■       -     Proprietor.
the vein, ii a vertical depth oflOOfeet,
gave values exceeding $800. Tin* was
from n sampling of lhe ore shout, and
ihdre are tuns of ii ihal will run jnsl
as well, If not !ii:hi'v,as here and lii -re
Imnches of native silver are to be
found, dn the surface of ledge No. 2,
on which there is pracl oil- litlle development, sautples taken gave nssa*
vain,- exeeeding til"-' in silver and
gold, Wink is tn lie on all
"Almut a mile mirth nf Beaverton is
tii" Bounty. Afler examination I se
cured a working bond on this claim, as
I helieve thai with development li will
tmn nut well,  The Bounty lias two
Litlle Miss Luella Hunt, 11 years oi
age, tlm daughter of Mr. Tin.-. Hunt,
read m address m Lord Strathcona al
th" Board of Trade banquet in Toronto recently, The little girl has since
received a letter from Strathcona en*
closing a cheque for $100 for 11>• - "elo*
(|ucnt little gentlewoman,"
Windsor, Ont., "ants nne of the
captuted Boer cannon which Lord
Uoberls has allowed the Canadians i»
hringhack wilbtheui fnun Smith Africa in lie placed ill the new drill hall
iu memory of the gallanl Windsor hoys
who fought against tbe liners. Th.'V
woidd like one nf ihe cannon captured
distinct lends running parallel fnr thi < ti Paardeherg ami will request the
length of th" claim. Both averag- military authorities to grant their de*
about lliree feet in width of quartos, mand or endeavor to procure one from
Aei-omsouATios  roR tleiwre.
n l-'lshlnw on Kettlo Hlvur..«f
£ds of work executed to
•tisfaction of buittomers.
rv"e.vtUin(i;   leirntolHHH.
Pta thasmmo, Kidwny.
KEYES, Prop.
Bust Liquors ami Cigars,
Kirst-Clana Hlahling.
fmepeial Job Printing.
■ Midway Meat Market - j
K. A. MATTHES, Proprietor. |
At this establishment customers cm get choicest cuts of
.  . Xt,a±«^lfro_-a,*bo_* ou -tlxcx pvouii-io-i  •  •
Therefore Meats are always frnsh and sweet    Call and get a good Joint
for dinner to day.
Fall is with us and Winter with
approaching.   So take time by the
w„Wr.rrr .--. _** * ****** ********
**** *** *************<>******** ♦♦♦♦♦♦•♦
iis roKl and snow fast
brelcck and be prepared.
We have imported the latest styles in Ladies' Jackets
and Wraps at prices to suit everybody, and if not suited in
sizes we will order fnun our samples direct Irom the manufactory at almost cost prices.
A large and selected stock of Fall and Winter Dress
Goods has arrived, comprising suitings
and the latest in Checks,  Blisters and Crepons,
terns.    Full assortment of Ladies'
Heavy Wool Underwear.
Now is the time to buy vour Furs before the penetrating
cold of winter catches vou.   We have Wombat and Cooney
Gloves and Mitts.   Vve-also are agents tor
of Fur Goods in Canada, and
Cloaks, Caperines, Collars,
n the fur line through us, and
be sure to get quality as ordered.
Full assortment of Men's Winter Underwear on hand,
Hardware and Miners' Supplies.
i Self Colors, I
Misses' and   Chiklrens
Overcoats, Caps, u
one of the largest manufacturers
vou can order your Fur Jackets
Mulls, Gloves, and every thing
with airniiu' oiitoroppiuus. Average
samples lak.'ii across U2 inches of the
smith ledge mi the surface gave iv-
iiii-ns of !_1 ami BU) ounces of silver,
wiih siiuill unlil values in each case, I
intend to open up the property tbis
"Not-Ill from the Bounty half amile
is ihe Bell. The claim is owned hy
Rendell A: IMI, who are developing It.
It, too, hns n renuiik ible surface show,
ing, having Ave distinct ledges running
parallel ami traversing the length of
the claim. A ptospecting shafl is being sunk on one of theBe ledges wilh .
favorable results
"I saw numerous olher properties oi
which more or les*. developnienl hnd
been done, sufficient at least to detti
mistral.' that there is plenty nl'mr .in I
good values throughout 'I'" camps
adjacent lo Beaverton. This winter
there will he j.i least three shippers
Of these mention should lie made . l
the Carmi mine, ln whirh London cap
inl is Interested,   My impressions of
the   West   Folk jiii' lll'l il is ili'Slllie.i
in become nn.' of the rfchenl Bilvei
producing camps in lhe province,"
 -*. •.	
A New Compar  .
Vf, L, II iggof Montreal, promote!
jiiul managing director of lhe Moutieal
Boundary  Ureelt   Mining   Company,
pievtous lo Iiis leaving fnr Oallforni.
in ul,- puhlic ji partial outline of futnr
operations that means much tor 'li
Deadwood  camp.   A reorganisatloi
Ins been effected whereby the Suns.'
and Orown Silver,   adjoining mines
ihe imperial aulboritie
A surprise was sprung nn the public
Inst Wednesday ut the recount in the
West Durham election, I). 11. Simpson, Q. (', representing Belth, the ilo-
feated Lilieral, entered protesl against
Thomas Bingham, lhe reluming
olllcer, declaring Thornton (Conservative) elected, although he had n majority of I'i votes. The protest wns
based on the faci that Thornton's iie-
pnsil was not made in legal tender or
hills of any chartered Canadian hank,
The protesl Is based nn th Forbes
use iti New Brunswick in 1885. Thorn*
inn's was made Ihi day previous in lii- nomination liy .iis linancial
agenl by ji check on n local agency of
the Standard Bank.
A Montreal press despatch i f 10th
insi. say*: The Canadian Pacific
made a record run to-day hetweeu
Montreal and Ottawa, covering the
112 miles in liu minutes, The record
trip wns mail.' by Lord 8tratheona on
,i Bpecinl train, whirh lefl Iho Windsor
utreel station al 8.87 a.m. and reached
Vttudreuil, twenty-four miles distant,
in twenty-sis minutes, the rale being
lillyllne.' mil's per hour. The run
thence tn Ottawa, eighty-eight miles,
was made In eighty-four minutes, al
lhe rate of sixty-three miles per hour,
Deducting ten minutes for stops and
slow-downs while passing through Lhe
ynuls. ihe actual running lime wns inn
minutes for the 112 miles. Tho inn
wn.-. made on a heavy track, snovi
having fallen all night, which makes
lhe speed all the more phen
Shoes, Groceries,
HAIN & CO., General Merchants
will become the pi-opertj of the Montreal Boston Copper Company, whicli     The statement of revenue and ex
isably bucked with funds to prosecute  p,.u-Jliute of tho  Dominion  for Ihi
develop nt mi n huge scale,   A. E. unarter ending October 31 lus heen
Monroe, representingthisnew concern, iigned liy the finance department, T
will shortly arrive in camp from Mon revenue for thai period wns $17,829,833,
i,eal, On his arrival work is lo b.' ,,n increase of 81,828,872 over the samt
resumed with d larger force lhan ever .|mf. |as| yenr, Expenditure was $1(1,
nn ihe Sunset, which Is opened in the [48,23-i, an increase of abnit one mil
200-fool level. When woik wns re- ||undollars over the same four months
eently suspended on this inlnn Super in 1809', making n bettennenl in tho
intendeiii Harry Johns turned his al finances of the pasl quarter of over
1,'iiiiiin in ilm development of lho|$800,000. There wns a sulistantlatIn-
Drown Silver, whicli adjoins the j crease in the revenue of every depart*
Mother Lode, and made a splendid meni of the service for Ihe currenl
t. .cot _ in sinking the shaft to a depth Lear. Expendi'ure on ordlnM-y ao-
of 260 feet, Ai the DBO-fnol level in.-s- ,„„„i leaves it Bttrplus of nver $7,000,*
cutting of the bigorehody is in pro- ooo, Capbs.1 nccottnl expendilure is
mess. Mr. Hogg's announcement was increased 81,874,000 over lhe same
received with greal   interest, as It| qnorter in 1890.   Deductingthoordlna-
A Flag Incident at New Westminster.
The Minister of Mines Will Visit the
Boundary   Accident at the Lu
Rol Mine   It. C. Trade
The trade of British < olumbiafex-
|inrtv uinl imports) in Mm im ill.-i $io,.
000.000.   Tins y. ii it is $28,1*10.01*0,
"re in Hi" | $282,108 wns exported from Kaslo last month, wh >n
oustomsdul.y of $8,022.49 was colleoted
on Imports,
Hon, Richard MoBrlde, mini ton f
mines, lefi yesterday for a trip through
thi  mi g districts nf the province.
He will go to Nelson Brat, and thence
in Rossland jhuI ihe Boundary country,
On his return he will take Id the Slocan
and Easl Kootenay.
The hitter racial controversy hetween
Bomo French-Canadians and Britishers
culminated recently In a Hag incident
jii New Westminster, where probably
seriiiiis consequences wereonlyavi rted
by the prompt ai Hon of lhc authorities.    On  the  new  sti    postofflce
linililinu, in process of construction,
am employed a number o( French-
Canadians, brought thilher for that
work from Quelioc, They wen' given
n Snliinlny linll'-liuliilny jiml hoisted
the union j u kand the Frenrh tri col n-
mi the Bimie pole. The Briiish flag
wn~ removed Bitrreptltiotislj and when
the French ensign wits discovered floating alone over Ihe government building
a crowd of Englishmen gathered to
pull ii down, The French-Canadians
defended their flag and ii general band-
to-band .'in.Hii t followed. The authorities Blopped the light by pulling down
ii ffending  flag,   The   occurrence
has caused intense feeling between
representatives of tlte differenl nationalities,
A fatal accident occurred in Ihe Le
Roi last Wednesday morning al iu
o'clock, when Norman McDonald a
carpenter employed in lhe Le Rol, fell
Inn feel in iii" in.iin shaft and subsequently Buccumhed to hi* injuries,
McDonald was working on a se IV I
in the main or Blai k Bear shall ot
the Le Roi al slation. The
Bcatfold wns stretched acrow tbe shafl
and McDonald .vjis ilml m ■ li is
said that he wns placing j » ■ ■ in
between ih" timhers and hi i
balance, causing him to stumble forward, The plank on which h" wns
standing turned nver and ilie unfortunate nuin was precipitate ' I" "11". g
down the shaft, falling a full hundred
feel to the 800*fool station, The in-
nri'il man wns at once hrought to lhe
ttrface and taken lothe Sign-is' hospital, wliere Ills. Bowes anil Ret
attended him, Mi D m iiil
badly Injured, however, and n.-vi    h
any  sham I'  recovery.    He   died
within a very short time after be wns
hroughl to  Ihe hnspil 'I wilh iu   i'i ■
covering his senses.   II" was
iu:ril 2**. -iinl came from Kinross,Princo
Edward Island,
,1. K. Il.u-kei-. of iln- Consolidated
Carihoo Hydraulic Mining i'n.. of Bullion, B, 0., and a pionei i resident of
iji-iioo, has lefl   for Sin Francisco,
wle ie lie will lllilke Ins Inmie.    li-.. li is
heen actively identitied with Ibe workings of the property of the company,
u I is now retiring. Mr, Barker wns
one of the original holders of the old
South Fork, near the Carihoo Hydraulic, and lins heen connected witb the
mine ever since Mr. tlohsnu assumed
management, He snys h" will noi
work any move in or around i he mine,
Iml will visit it insl year for a few
weeks to see how the bedrock gravel,
which has never been disturbed yet,
will wash tip,   He thinks n very rli h,
and says quite a large section will i e
intn lhe returns '"-\t year, which
slinulil very inaterlaMj in -n-1 ■■• tbe
output. From the Consolidated Carl-
boo mine wns recently shipped the
large I hlock of bullion ever sent across
the continent. Mr, Barker hrought it
from the mine wilh him and bud it
shipped lo the Bank of Montreal, The
metal wns east in lhe form of a cone
ifl Inches high and 12 Inches in diameter al ihe Imse. The weighl was 783
pounds Inin' ounces, or 9,040 troy
ounces, and its value is given at $164,-
705, This liiillinii represented 68 dnys'
run of the Consolidated Cariboo mine.
In July 7,897 ounces of bullion valued
$l"..,2.'ih was shipped, Tliis latter wus
the lirst shipment tho company made,
after Bpeudlng $1,100,000 for development and equipment. The company
expert, if the weather keeps fine for
from $80,000 to $60,000 before the closing of lhe season, The mine is located
on the si mill fnrk of the Quosnel river,
means that expense will nnt lie stinted j
In placing these properties where ihey
belong on Ihe permanent shipping list. I
iv and eaiiiinl expendilure from the180 miles from tho Barkervillo military
revenue, ihere remains a surplus of post, and Is reached hy stage from the
$5,809,170 ilue the currenl quarter,       Canadian I'acilic railroad. JOHN WITHELL hitol'MKTOli
C. M.OROU8K Manaokh
Published   weekly   at  Midway,  11. C,
Subscription l'rlee, I2.IM por annum, payable
la advance, cither yearly or half-yearly at tin-
option of llm subscriber.
Advertising Rates sent on application.
«_l      ■.*..       SflBB_9_B■ ■ S-^^""*
wenf i ji- tmamaaammmomam—
A Description of the New Plant at
Boundary Palls.
The construction of the pytitic smelter a few miles east of here on Boundary creek is progressing rapidly, All
the hrlck and masonry work is about
completed and Ihe hig limbers for the
main huilding are being put up so that
one gels an idea of the importance of
the undertaking that the Standard
Pyritie Smelting Co., limited, has embarked in. Last Tuesday, with Andrew Laidlaw, the managing director,
tbe site was visited. A force of over
40 men under the foreinauship of Hum
Young is at work on the superstructure
of tbe smelter.
The site secured for lhe pyritie smel.
ter is an ideal one. It comprises almut
HO acres of land on the weal side of
Uouudarv creek. The smelter in located on three natural benches, just
above Boundary Kails, and has a frontage on the creek of half a mile, A
valuable feature of the site is that it
includes a number of acres of the finest
limernck to Iw found anywhere in the
district. It can be quarried and laid
down in the hins for less than SO cents
per tou. A flume one mile long brings
the water from a datn to a 10,000gallon
tank, so there will always he an ine-t-
hanstible supply for uses of the smelter
in tbe water jackets and for granulating the slag. There is ample room to
the easl andeouihfordumpingthe slag.
Railroad facilities are provided by the
Columbiu& Western branch of the Canadian Pacific, which runs through the
site. Sidetracks and spurs which can
he built at a nominal expense for grading have already heen staked by a Canadian Pacific railway engineer. Tbe
main wagon road between Greenwood
and Midway also passes through tbe
property, so il is accessible for both
wagon nnd railway.
Nearing completion is the assay oflice, a frame building 20 by 24 feet iu
size, situated ut tbe north end of the
site, A. B. C. Davis it the company's
assayer and metallurgist. He has bad
many years' experience in pyritie
smelting, having been connected wilh
the Cleopatra smelter at Ouray, Col. ;
the. Beunu Vista S. k R. Oo, and the
Bust on Gold-Copper Smelting Co. at
Leadville, Col. He has already taken
np Iiis duties at the smelter.
Immediately In front of the assay of-
lii e is ihe general business office. It
is a substantial two story structure 23
liy 88 feet in size, containing three
large offices and five other rooms,
Other outbuildings consist of stables,
carpenter and blacksmith shops, supply warehouse, elc.
The smelter proper is all under one
roof. The outside dimensions of the
building ate 182 feet length by 120 feet
width. From the charge floor to thn
roof is (il feet und from the furnace
floor nearly 80 feet. The construction
of the building will require aliout 400,-
000 feet of timber. Mut>t of the heavy
timbers and truss work are in place.
On tlie west side of the structure is
located thenamplingdepai ttiienl.   The
machinery for the department consists
of tno 80 and two 48 inch automatic
samplers, one 7 hy 10 inch Blake crusher, two sets 12 by 20 inch rolls and two
belt elevators.   East  of this department are located the bins for sample
discard.    Next comes    two parallel
rows of ore storage hins, each hin be*
liu* if; •■ • m '• ". wi h --; tht   'i i :i"li
."■. ■   in th ■   . -    gii.ii ace lime aim
coke storage bins.   Ali thi se hins are
practically in the center of the huild
iug, and overhead, crossing the  ore
bin.- are double rows of railway track.
N'exl cmie- the furnace department,
wilh a floor running 60 feel east from
the  retaining wall  and  140 feet in
length.   The walls for the dusl.flne are
completed, as is also the concrete hase
for hoih the stuck und furnace,   Tbe
inn and  cold  blast  pyritie  smelting
furnace to be installed here will he 40
by HH inches  inside nt tuyer lines,
having exactly the Same cubic capacity
as thnse in uie at the Granhy smeller.
The metal smokestack when in place
will ri*e 112 vet. above  its base.    Its
diameter is 9 feet H inches.
In lhe southeast corner of the furnace department will be located a No.
7 llonniaville blower and a 75-horse
power engine for it, two 80-horse
power engines for operating tbe sampling works. The Iwo boiler smokestacks will he of 28 inch diameter hy
00 feet in height.
From the mainline of the Columbia
IV Western railway three sidetracks
«ill he built. The first will be a sup.
ply truck, running parallel with the
main line fot al'out 1501 feet. The
x track to convey on. tn tlie smelter will
be IdOO feet long, and within :!oOt'e.*t of
the smelter will form n V running two
parallel trucks into the liullding over
the ore hins. In the south end a spur
will be put in to the furnace floor for
coal, The transportation facilities are
admirably urranged for the economical
handling of ore and other material,
Tlm smelting plant, manufactured
by the Denver Engioeiring Works Oo.
of Denver Col.| for which the order
was given on June 21, is en route, and
on its arrival will he quickly assembled,
•o that hy the end of  the year the
start operations,    ino  mi.......  (
used ia what is known as the Standard new combined hot and cold blast
pyritie furnace. Tliis furnace allows a
high per cent of silica aud utilizes I be
waste heat of the fiirnmo to produce
the hot blast, thereby largely decreasing the cost of smelting the ores. In
other words, lu tbis system of smelt
ing, the expense of roasting ores (driving otf the sulphur) which is practiced
in thu majority of smelting works, and
which often exceeds half the cost ol
smelting, disappears entirely, for this
very sulphur Ib used as a prime fucloi
in generating the heal necessary tn
carry on the smelting, and in soon
cases sulphide ores may be smelted for
less than what it costs to roast them
by hand labor under the old system.
Tbe Standard Pyritie Smelting Co.,
Ltd,, is a subsidiary nf the Standard
Copper Co.,'Ltd, This last company
has its head oflice in Quebec city, Quebec, and its registered office at Greenwood. The Standard Copper Oo, is
capitalized for $600,000 in half million
$1 shares. All this slock is used as a
treasury fund. The following llnau
eiiil im! business men of eastern Canada ur" directors of the company :
President William Price, Quebec, a
wealthy lumber merchant and a director of the Union Bank of Canada ; vice
president, Hon, Adelard Turgeon, M.
P. P., Quebec, minister nf colonization
and mines for tlie Province of Quebec;
H. T. Machin, Quebec, a director of
the Canadian Electric Light k Power
Co.; William A. Marsh, Quebec, a millionaire shoe manufacturer and a director of the Quebec hank ; John Ritchie,
Quebec, also n wholesale shoe manufacturer j Philip Aspinwall, Spokane,
mining operator, und Mannging Director Andrew Laidlaw, formerly of
TWaSaftBa*' w"'^d"!"
tlio recovery nf a ilen-bitten -fray tnaro, nol
lirnnilcil. swelling on right bind log In (ullock
joint, whicli strayed or was stolen from A. K.
Hnrrldgo's range, near Mlilwuy, on or about
Nov. Uud,
III      A. K. HORRIDO K, Midway, 11. C.
The Candidate's Promises.
I'll promise yuu sunshine, I'll promise
yon rain ;
I'll  promise you  fabulous prices for
grain ;
I'll promise you music by day and by
I'll promise you beauty and sweetness
und light.
Let's look to tne future and ponder no
On the numerous things I have promised hefore ;
'Twits mentioned when first my career
I hegan,
I am an exceedingly promising man.
I will flatter your fancy and nourish
your schemes
Witli limitless wealth from the mint
,of my dreams.
Come pledge me a vote ere I part from
the place,
And I'll fling you a promise with pro
digal grace I
You'll find I won't falter, whate'er be
the boon—
A rosebud in winter, a snowstorm in
June ;
The health of n peasant, the pomp of a
In sboi t, I will promise you any old
Midway Mail Service.
Mails close for all points east al 1:80
p. m. daily, and for all points wesl at,
8 p. in., Mondays, Wednesdays and
Mails arrive from all pointi east at
4:10 p. m, daily, and from all points
west at 2 p. m,, Wednesdays, Fridays
and Sundays.
Money orders and Rcf-istrat ion close
30 minutes before above time,
—J  .
Development work on the Reming-
lon adjoining the R. Bell mine, Summit camp, has lieen commenced.
The Granhy smelter continues to
hip thirty tons of matte daily to
New York. Thebest treatmentrecottl
to date is 7«7 tons in one day. Thia
howing is remarkable, as the guaranteed capacity of the plant is 500 tons
The government trail hetween Grand
Forks and Franklin camp on the Easl
Fork of lhe Kettle river has just been
completed, Capt. W. H. Denshrowe
has charge of the work. He reports
that the trail is first class in every
respect and will solve Ihe question of
the cheap transportation of supplies,
The gradient is an easy one. Wilb
eight of his men he covered forty-four
miles on the homeward trip, on fool,
in one day. He considers Franklin
camp a low grade camp with a few
properties yielding high values in copper, gold and silver. Capt, Denshrowe
says it will he an easy matter to extend a railway to the camp. He
speaks of the limber wealth up the
river us very valuable.
A pleasing feature of the meeting
was the announcement that the last
car-load shipment of 22 tons, gave a
net return of $30,20 per ton. This ore
came from a new discovery, known as
the No. 2 north lead, at Ihe 300-foot
level. When the reorganization goes
into effect something like $10,000 will
he available for immediate use and if
it is thought advisable to levy Ihe
balance at the rate of half a cent per
month, $5,000 per month for the next
eight months will lie procurable. That
is from an assessment of one million
shares, tn this must lie added tho proceeds of the sale of the additional
quartet of a million shares in the
treasury, This should, with the development nnd exploration work already done, lie sufficient, it Is thought
to prove the value of the property.
Friday evening at the office of tho
Winnipeg Mining ft Smelting Co. at
the  Winnipeg  mine  in   Wellington
camp, a meeting of Ihe stockholders
was held with a view  to ihe re-construction of tbe company, pursuant lo
notice,    Rossland,    Greenwood  and
Phoenix  shareholders were   present
and about eight-tenths of the capitalization was represented.   Mr. Richard
Plowman  the secretary, represented
personal stock uiul proxies for eastern
shareholders    for     750,000     shares
ont   of   the    1,000,000.    The    new
company to lie known us Ihe  Winnipeg Mines, Ltd., will have a capital of
$1,250,000 divided into shutes of tbe
par values of $1,00 fully paid up to the
extent of 95 cents per share.   It will
allot to the shareholders of the old
company share for share, and place
the balance of the 260,000 shares in the
treasury,    The meeting wae unanimous, resolutions being passed to effect
are-organization, on Ihis basis.  The
difference of five cents will he paid as
follows, one rent nt the time of the
transfer of stock and the halanre at
not to exceed half a rent monthly until the whole amount is paid up if ao
and Soo Line
81111 centime, to operate
First-Class Sleepers
On all I rains from
Revelstoke & Kootenay Landing
Also Tourist Can passing Dunmoro June
Hon dally for st, I'anl; Saturdays tor Mon
trial and Huston ; Mondays nml Thursdays fm
Toronto. Santo cars pans llovolslokoulidny
I |No trouble lo quote rates and give you n
igiM-ding lho Kuhii-ra trip you eon
pointer rei
template taking.
■       l.W   T T   __ —**-   W nir    M
^•^ »♦»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦ »*♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ 4»4_ H
■•-r.m«l_ ■*-..  XmXAwmm,r.^**-
One Block West of Customs Office
,g} This is a first-class building, l)cinjr|1;m| «> ^
@§   finished throughout.   The dining r ••  «r.
@§ •§} is run under the personal supervision &
$   $   of Mrs. Crowell, and is supplied with i
$ $} ® the best on the market. Choice stock
#   ®   @   of Wines, Liquors and Cigars
$   @  $  ®   bar.     Large   Stable  '
•t tlit j
Tha FatrMiage of tlM Publlo ia Solicited i
Satlafaotlon Quaranteod.
Fall and Winter Schedule now
Kor time tables, raios and full Information
cull on nr address A. P. Meti'l.l.Y, Agont.
Midwuy, or
I',. J. COY I.E. W. V. ANDKH80N.
a. a. i>. a„
Vancouver, II fl,
T. P. A.
Nelson. II. C,
i  a
Line of
k^^^^A&_h_h_h __n_____td___ttd-d-____._________)____)___t
wW*a~~tW9~w\* fffffWffffWf
New Novels.
The Riverside Hotel,
i ftitimtt'tl at KiK'k Vrtet, B.O.,  nn   Iho  main mule „|
l-etwecn Pffntlcton ind nil Bounditiy Creek polnu, Hi
place fur at.i*|*rs.
Good Hunting -> Bestof AccommodiiJ
J. A.
Druggist,    |
flidway.     ]
L-b X*o_cmm~-
thb rovai. in8i1banck coy.
The London and Lancashire Kiiih
iNgfBANfR Coy.
Tub Insurance Cor. op North
Thr I<ondon and Canadian Kirk
Inhiiiianck Coy.
Thr 8rN Life Ahhuhanck Coy or
Thk Dominion Building and Loan
Appraiser for tub Canada Permanent Loan and 8avinos Coy
Carrying Her Hajesty's flails
Will leave MIDWAY on Tuesday*
days and Saturdays, at 8.30 a. in., arriving n|
CAMP McKINNEY at 5 p. m.
Returning will leave CAMP Mi KINNE1'
Sundays,  Wednesdays  and  Fridays at 9 11,11
reaching MIDWAY at 1.30 p. m..andniakiiwl
nection with the train going east at 2 0
Tha bmt of aooommodntlon for
tha eonvanienoe of  the
travelling public.
8SWtta«3tre£UU+:.: -'. ,:i
and Cake
are light, sweet and wholesome,
while others are sour, heavy,
bitter, unpalatable. The same
flour, butter, eggs and sugar are
used; what makes the difference?
It's dl in the baking powder
can be depended upon always to make the food light,
sweet, delicious and wholesome. This is because it
is scientifically and accurately combined and con-
tuns the purest grape cream of tartar, the most
healthful of all fruit acids, used for a hundred years
in the finest leavening preparations.
Pmttul Watch Mer,
Ooo** Taeto, Pltirtr Material,
aad ta yen* tiptrttacc te ia
wark carrtctljr.   .  .  .
mrsAZBtitmweni i***-1
Our  Specialties--Varieties Profitable in British Q|
1'rees Free from Pests.
Send for Free Catalogue.   |   E. Hutciif.ksox, M«
NOTICR In hereby givon thnt application
will bo mads to Uio l,egl«laiivo Assembly
nf lhe Province of llrltliih Columbia at IU nexi
session fnr a Private Bill lo Incorporate 11 Company to build, equip, maintain and operate a
line nr linen nf rail wny of slandnrd guage from
n point at or near thc Junction of t lie Com Water
aud Nicola Itivers. thenee following tho Cnld
Water river up slroam aliout 22 miles, thonce
running easterly through a natural pan* frnm
the Cold water llivor tn tlie divide lo the Wcit
Fork nf thc Otter Hiver.  thonco dnwn the
Went Fnrk nf tlu" Ottor Itlvor lo tho main river,
thence following the Otter Itlvor to lujnnc
Hon with Iho Tullameen Kiver to Ottor Flat,
thence fallowing tho Tullaiiiein lllver down
stream lo Its Junction wilh the Sluiilkatiii..ii
Itiver at or near Princeton, or aaan alternative
route from tho nald junell'in of the Cold Water
and Nicola Hiver* following Ilie valley nf lhe
Nicola llivor to Nicola Ijike. thonce along lhe
South ■hore of tho nald Nicola Lake loQull-
chena Creek, thencs following the vallev of
''uilehcna (reek lo the divide of One Mllcnr
iraveyard Creek, thonco dnwn the valley of
One Mile or Uraveyaiil Creek to Princeton at
the jnnctinn nf tho Tullamuen and Slmllkainonn
Rivera ufurewvtd, thonco from Princeton ful.
lowing down Iho valley of IheKaHHimllkameen
Itiver to a point Went of OaoyojH Ijvkc, thence
In nn Kaatorly direction to tho Ofloyooa Itiver,
crowing the aatd rlvor ahove Onoyooa Iaku or
at other convenient polnti.. thonco in an Km.!.,
erly direction to the divide of itnek Crook,
thonco dnwn one of the Irlhularleit of the Kettle lllver to the villey nf the Kottlo Hlvor.thoiiro
following the Ketlle Hiver dnwn nt renin to tho
Town of Midway, thonco frnm tho aald Town
nf Midway along the valley of tho Bouudary
Creek to the City of Uronnwood, and from lhe
mid City of (Ireenwood In a Noulhcaaterly dl
rection to the City of Urand Forku; with power
to conxtruct, operate and maintain   branch
linen to Aepen drove Camp, In tho Tullameen
llivor Camp», anil to Copper and Kennedy
MoiiiiMim and other points, and with power to
construct, operate und maintain all nocesniry
bridges, roads, ways and forries, and to con-
struct, acquire, own arid maintain wharves and
docks ln oonnootbn therewith, and lo construct, nwn, acquire, equip and maintain steam
nnd other vessels and bonis and operate tho
Lancashire Housf
: : MIDWAY,B.C. : :
The   undersigned having   taken
known   and   comfortable    hotel
patronage of all old customers an<
thi* vvell-j
invites ll*
the P"|llic
Fnrnnce*.hented and comfortabl.v
furnUhed  room*.
Thos. D^nbury, Proprietor
samo on any navlgahlo waters,
struct, operate ana
Note.—There are many alleged cream of
tartar bilking powder* upon the market
cold at lower prices, which prove, upon
analysis, to be alum powders in disguise, Alum is a corrosive poison,
which must not be taken in the food.
. and to eon
 _ maintain telegraph and
telephone linos along the routes of wid railway
and Its branches nr In c'liiiiecllou therewith.
nnd to transmit, mosiutesfor coniiuerclnl pur-
poses and to collect, tolls therefor, and to generate electricity and supply light, heat and
S>wur, and to acquire anu receive from any
overnmoiit corporation or porsons grants of
land, money, bonuses, privileges or other assistance tn aid of the cons, ruction of tho Company's undertaking, and to connect with and
enter into traffic nr other arrangements with
railway, steamboat or other oompanles, anil
for all rights, powers and privileges necessary
in or incidental to tho premises and for other
Dated nt Vancouver, R. ('., this 10th day of
November, limn.
31 Solicitors fnr tlie Applicants.
Boundary Hot|
...y IDWAY, B.C...
Excellent Acco^
Strictly First-class Throughout,
Large Sample Room for Co
Propri* '||H» turned fro* the
I****** down from West-
)d and ThoniM Humphrey
'".wnUHt Monday.
,.  „,,« In town on Frw»y-
"lm luii^-taf**
Jin town l«t week on their
(Eiiifci- ***•_?'
het visil U"t week,
kelson was in Midway j«.
Lis return from Be-tverbin.
Had been for several week..
Lame In on Thu^ay's train
lend at the Boundary hotel.
Ham** and child arrlved
t(,n Wednesday's train. Mr.
L them at Kholt and aceoni-
L on the remainder of Iheir
Irian, ore buyer forth. Stan-
front the weal on Wednes-
,,n. out again by the »fU*r-
kins of WestbridRe, whs in
(Wednesday,    Mr.  Perkins
Kh soon a. the Pfrillc smel-
■ he will n>»-"" » tri»l ''bl*>'
L was called for last Satur*
, tn discuss matter, in con*
|th the (-round recently ael
i cemetery, but owing U» the
[dance it was decided to hold
.etini* for the same purr-.**-*
w|ay evening.   Let there lie
turilnv Jas. McNicol received
... from Ulaimow, .latin**
n her was very ill and to go
once. Mr. McNicol left for
... Sunday morning, driving
Jn-whurg in order to cauh
leaving there that evening.
Nicol I'll to*day   for   liar
Marcus Daly one of the lending mine
owners of the world died in his apartments in the Hotel Netherlands New
York last   Monday   morning.    Sis
weeks ago It. was known thnt lie rnultl
not posslhly recover, Init. with a grim
determination he hns hung on to IiIn
•lender threads of existence.   He sul-
fured from dilation of the heart, and
and Bright'*  disease.   While his lire
was slowly eliding itwity one of the
llgures mosl frequently seen aliout the
corridors of the Netherlands hotel, nt
which be lay, was VV. A, Clark, whn
contested a seal iu the United States
minute as a repieseiitative of Mtintuiui.
Thus to the very end the lives nf these
two men were thrown inlu sharp con-
trast.   The presence of Senator Clark
under tbe same roof that sheltered
Mr. Daly serves lo recall lhe relentless
warfare that these two men waged
each against thu  other for almost a
score of years.
Montana's recent history has lieen
largely the history nf the (.'lark Daly
feud. The scars left try the strife are
tn he found in the state from Knit As-
sitiilioine clear across to Port Missoula,
Yet these two giants of finance were
•tone lime close personal friends untl
business aasnilates,
It was in 18HD thnl Man-its Daly
sold his interest in the Alice mine, und,
witb Clark, purchased a large tenet ot
land, on which it tlie now located the
Anaconda copper properties. Clark
was even then a wealthy iiiiui, and
while Daly stayed at. home In plan
f*reat improvements and to manage
the properly, Clark went lu Pans on
pleasure bent,
He returned to Montana, to find that
Daly had gone far ahead with the
work of iniproveinenl wit boul consult
ing him. Clark was diss.iti-.Heil, and
demanded that I) iiy either buy nr Mil,
Daly was embarrassed somewhat
financially, Imt succeeded in raising
the sum demanded liy Clark and ink
over his interest. Since then he hns
taken $SMim,U«l out of the Anaconda
min*»—a fact «huh has not made his
old-time associate happv.
Ont of this transaction has grown h
feud which has attract.d more thnn
Procrastination is the thief of time.
Do not put off until to-morrow what
you can do to-day. Now that times
are improving throughout the Boundary Country in general, and in Midway
in particular, the number of lot sales is
daily increasing, and not only will the
prices soon go up, but the most desira
ble locations will be disposed of. Invest
now and show your good judgment.
For prices and terms apply to
I  •   At Km   V-» "~ ' w
Large Stock.   Low Prices.
▼▼WWW w ▼▼ w
V.   THE.   GTTX-X-XTir   Ss   OO.,
Pioneer hotel
.W       r.r..„.,..,..mi Unimrtnrv Creek. B. C.
im&999 777 _*££ 7»£ 9^'^ 5*7*£ _*$$ £.*A
The Central Hotel |
llth St., Midway, B. C. 1
fo     ifo       Oreenwood, Boundary Creek, B. C
•»■• We have opened the above hotel at Greenwood and
are prepared to welcome guests and provide good accom-
i modation.   Good catering.   First-class Livery Stable.
_ht_b_h |_____________i th ih _____l!l .%._n_.<_ __b_tti___a_t-.t__l__h__tt_tl a_i_____i_______t_- *_ (_____
▼▼▼ iviVfVfvVfVfifP 'wnwffwwfr mmmmmmmmm) mm mm wvff '^x
♦ ♦
ihe will remain during Mc.  natural interest.   A  man whn is well
   11--   rUrr...
aequainted wlih the *>eruliar charai
leristics of the twn millionaires a|iily
described the OOlldltlom tlm*. :
"It's war, with no peace abend, fm
neither knowa Imw tn surrender nr
even strike u tnnje,"
Afler   his ini-ii I'.'-Jsful    at temp'    Ul
Mr. Tlioniei crn-ih Only, (llnrk fnund tint   DO unit-
  Ibr interest   ler whilt he tinned tlis hand In lie lunl
iken in the hand nnd upon the » resourceful enemy tu encounter. If
" Cluck wai In favor nf a thing, I)al>
wai* against it, I'liii-k Hlat'ti'd a diiil\
iohard*, Dominion veterinary. |>h*h-i in Hnttc Cl y ; Duly put in n
ililimrt-rtt at Urand Korlu,WH8 plant in Anaconda, nnd has since pub
Friday inspecting J. It. Uahed a paper that would do credit t.
'  a metropolifi.
iiiiisence in Scotland
rk of hii appreciation of th e
,ni* rendered liy lhe Midway
nl. since liecoming pintlcient
n appear in public, laat N.niir-
tin jl' 0, I.. Thoinet put up a
r Hi." Iiand boys. An cnjuya-
HK »n» spent, and Mr.Thoinet
Miiiiiended upon '
-ikiii in the hand r^^^^^^
Imatiuci  in which it waa die
This is a new three-storey he tel, comfortably
furnished throug'.iout.
The nearest house to the Railway Station.   The
most convenient hotel for railway travellers.
_*4_1_ _h_h__b__b__tt_t______-ti_mA_tm
The best of accommodation in every respect.
The Travellers Insurance Co,..
Oi Hartford. Conn
Chartered 1R«.'I.
Stock Life nnd
Accident Insiirnncc.
ISSUES the liest life insurance
I. contracts in the world. No
disappointment as lo dividends,
Everything guaranteed In advance. Premium rules 15 io '£1
per cent less than (hose nf nld
line Mutual companies,
ASSETS, . . .
January ist, 1897
7,910,160.29 i 1
i,976,4a4-3*> ] j
herd of milch euwx, and
11 10 lte free from any form
..   Mi. Jackson deserves great
(having the inapection made,
1 not compulsory, but done
I hit own f iw will to aec-rUin
potion existed which uiighl In
let the whole band.
Implied, who a few month* ago
[ the east to Uke charge of
sol at Keremeos, haa resigned,
j that teaching the easy going
Ichildren iaan entirely different
ion from subduing theambi
mt h of the west.   A Vancouver
twenty yean' experience will
ke charge nf the school and
-1 lie suceewiful at transforming
[mgerie, which formerly existed
1. OampbeU'i control, Into a
|sianhope who, during the past
r has made Midway hia head-
11 while in thia country ha-king
ti* various mining interests, left
ay fnr his borne in Yorkshire.
ml.   He will return to Midway
spring.    Before leaving Mr. I
»|ie purchased a numher nf valu*
Ides from 0. L. Thoinet which
hornet secured while on different
>K nips during the fall.  The
tion  cnuslst**d   nf lhe hides nf
Mountain goal,   beaver and
Among ihem was that nf an
Ullv large Muck bear, which he
l|> Nicholson creek a short lime
}ml is one of the finest specimens
en in thia country.
ttge Holbrook, the first to return
Hindaiy's representatives to the
Afiican war, arrived home on
Jny lust..   He Uvea in Anaconda,
■when the war l.mke out left for
psl and joined 0Battiry at Kings
««l sailed for South Africa wiih
lecond contingent,   He is an old
|sh soldier, having served in the
r-Elghth at the disaster of Majii'.a
He wns wounded in that battle.
Iirook was with the MafekinK tf
"K column and fought at Kenz*
. Ulnemfontein, the Vet  river,
(lldeel, VVlnhurg, Klandafonlein,
was presenl at the occupation of
tori*, where his term of enlistment
M, He wai once slightly wound-
^"'ing the campaign. At Foures*
I he saw the surrender of 5,070 Free
|tet« and len guns.
8. DAHL, Proprietor.     |
The Trave
ilets Cnnihlnal.lon Accident Policy guarantees foraccidental
under ordinary conditions,
llwithllunrftt      .... tAtm
Low ol .sinht nf Hoih Bret    . ,im
Um nt lloth Kcul or llolh llaniln i.W)
I.II.JS uf iii,,- Band ami One Foul i.i»»>
I'lTiiciiiciil Toliil  llltnliil ty 2.ii-|
Loot ol  ItlRht Hnnd      .      •
U»S ol UK ut or abovo Klieo
Loss nl  Lett llaml     •    •     •
Uss of Either Koot    .
Liisb of sight of One Kyo  .
.    iffiN
. 6iu
I-nncnshire   House,   Midway.
ia a popular hotel, and is a good
n»'K for a Hrst class hotel man.
- ."imtiire can lie purchased i-ason-
I'ossession given December 1st,
J'Win, etc., apply |„
I -»K Midway Company, Ltd..
Midway, B. C.
(Hark waa nominated for delegate In
cengress in 1888, before Montana hnd
heen admitted to slatehnod. Daly an
nounoed thai the batobet wns buried.
If he told the iruth, the bloody weapon was resurrected hefura election
day. In Daly's strongholds Chirk was
l(t«rally cut otf the ticket and his Ke-
publicau opponent was cisilv successful.
When Montana became a state, a
dual legislature was nigani'/.ed. Clark
and Martin Maginnis were sent lo the
United Stalesseiniieliy thn Democrat!"
branch; T. C. Powers and W. F, Hand
ers hy the Repuhllunni, Daly had a
■•art in having the latter two seated,
Again in INUI, when the coveted seal
lu the senate seemed within the g.nsp
ot Clark, the relentless Hgnre of Marcus Daly loomed up, and Ihe prize was
once  more snatched  from  the  oui
stretched hand.   In the MonUnn leg
Islature that year there were thirty-
live Democrats and thirty three  It"
publicans.   Clark was the caucus noni-
linee of hisparty. nine
I Democrats, and he refused to permit
them to abide by the derision of thc
caucus.   He wns appealed lo hy Gorman, Whitney and  Hi ice to lift his
hand in order lhat another seal in the
senate might he tilled hy a Democrat
Daly's reply Was :   "A Democrat, yes,
Clark, never 1"
Then came the Iml lie for senate capi
tal. The cities that coveted the prizt
were Helena, Unite City, Missoula,
Bowman and the despised Anaconda,
It waa supposed thai Helens and Unite
would tight it out. Clark lives in Butte
and spent his cash liberally for his
home town. When the votes were
counted Helena led and Anaconda was
second. Then Olurk obtained revenge
by throwing bis strength tn Helena,
which finally won.
Then camo the third light, for the
senatorsbip.   Clark won, hut it wns an
empty Victory.   Daly curried the con
test 10 Washington and Clark was
unseated after a sensational hearing
that lasted practically all of the last
session.   When before ihe senate as a
witness  Marcus  Daly acknowledged
that he had oontrlhuted $£».<«> to help
defeat Clark. "But," lie added, "I have
not   Ihe  slightest   personal   feeling
against Mr. Clark or lhe mouthers ot
his family, and any statement of tht
kind Is a villainous lie."
*       Limits of   Weekly Indemnity sH*ao°*
Lequime & Powers, Proprietors.
Manufacturers of all kinds of
Band Sawingand Job Work done to order
Telephone No. 12.   Telephone orders receive prompt
**________. I        I        a
THOMAS WALKER, Proprietor,
AND, If such injuries are sustained while *»»«««ffli5
Mi-.N.AND Commercial Travelers.
Other sums at proportionate rates
TXT. _a. _XToii»is,
:A_S-•a'-*1*-*'-*'-**'*-*'^-*''----1*- m.Am.AAAAA*Am.*±*.*.t_\ti_ti9r*SKmmmm__<____ mm._a_a._a. _*._*. A AAA
▼▼▼WW W W W W w fTfTTaWfflfl|T*?*tWMiWf«fffff ffffffv ▼ WW
Midway Horse Pasture,
^^^^^1   T. Prop.       ^n^^BB
Pack ar\d Saddle Horses for  Sale.
If you hnve lost 11  horse,   send me the brand and if is in the
country it will be found.
Single horses delivered in Midway, |6.00 per month,  Two or more, delivered
in Midway, each ijU per month.
tf?9-»r99999-*99 7*9
->}R. WELLS ¥r
Livery and Feed Stable
„  Hrk.  The man s» 1.   I du    ^
Ung HermonH._i-i!ll'«,Ji;hn|y(,1,(,(,,
The  hotel
douie wrath, replied
Htlln,-    r,._,.„,    ... ....   ..
and go to a place where ye'll not have
''      - -    ..#   Uo„„ln|f 1(
is centrally
Gnod Rshlng '»
Ml tha bait brandi of
Cigars and Tobaaaaa kapt
constantly on haad.
Latest shades and pat-
torns of Wall Pap" •••* ,n
stock.      ^_»fc.
Seventh  Street
lnl„1,„(i „„,, I.  a slopping  place
the vicinity.  Good slahllng.
,nimi •» «»«rs at the bar
.halmtA brands of
The Pioneer Newspaper of the
Boundary  District-only
$2.00 per year.
s prepared to
fill all orders
for Job Printing at lowest
rates consistent with good
work. '*!!'?
Certificate  of Improvements.
hiirik Minkhal Claim.
Situate In Osoyoos Mining Division of Yale
Dlstriet,  Where Loomed: -At Fairvlew.
TAKK NOTICK that I, Cliarlos de Hlols
Qreon. ss agont for George A. Guess,
free miners eerllllcilu Nu. H.WIu, Intend,
sixty dnys from the dato hereof, te apply
to the Mining Recorder for a oertiDcalu of
liuprovoments, for the purpose of oblaining
a Crown granlof lhe ahovecfaiiu.
And furthor take notice that action, undor
•ection 37, must he commenced beforo lho issu*
ance of sueh cerlilleale of  improvements.
Dated this 20th day cf August, 1900.
170 CHAS. null. GRKKN.
Certlflcate  of   Improvements
Ilin Hen Minkiiai, Claim.
Situate In tha Kettle River Mining Division ot
Vale District,  Where located :-Camp
TAKK NOTIOK that I, W. H. Norris for
inysolf, froo miner's certificate No. MRUS,
and as agent for A. Megraw, free miners ccrli-
lirnto No. C8203, and Mrs. I. It. MaodonaM, tree
miner's ocrtlltcate No. HUttl, Intend, sixty days
from tbo date heroof. toapply tothe Mining Heoorder for a certitlcato of Improvements, for the
purpwe of obtaining a Crown grant of the
above claim.
And further take nolleo that action, under
section 37, must ho commoncod bofore tho
Issuance of suoh cert ideate of improvements.
Dated thin 20th day of August, 1900.
16c W. H. NOItRIS.
Certificate  of   I mprovements. Oertiflcnte   of Improvements.
Dominion Minkhal Claim.
Situate in the Osoyoos Mining Division of
Yalo district.    Where loeated :-Camp
late in the Osoyoos Mining Division of
Yale District.  Where looated : On kruger Mountain.
AKK NO! ICK that I, Chas. dolilois Green,
3-AKK NOTIOK that, I. Chas. do H. Grcon -"I-	
as agent for Iho Dominion Consolidated |    noting us  agent for Frank   II.    Wol
Ines Co., froe miner's cerlilleale No. HMI823, laslou,    free   minor's   certltlcaui No.  2SWKI,
Intend, sixty days from   the dalo hereof, to Intend, sixty   (I'i)*  from the date hereof, (o
apply to tho Mining Itecordor fnr a Cerllflealo        • ■
of Improvomonta, for the purpose of obtaining
a Crown Grant of the above claim.
apply lo the Mining Kocorder for a Certiiicate
of Improvements, for the purpose of obtuiuiug
a Crown Grant of lhe above claim.
And furthor lako notico that action, undor And furthor tako notice tbat action, under
section 37. must be commenced beforo the section 37, musl be oommeneod beforo the
issuance of such Certificate of Impro- ements.
Dated this :tmh day of Sept ember, 1900.
7f~i-f-fftf 'f
tpxpff 'f
situated al the eonOuenee of Boundary Creek and Kettle Rive?.
unl Camp \|,
Issuiince of such Cortilicato ot Improvements.
Datod this Uth day it June, 1900.
7c CHAS. drH. OltKKN.
Mineral Aot 1896.
Certificate of Improvements.
Pbacock and Hkadmoht Mineral Claims.
Situate   in the Osoyoos Mining Division of
Yale District. Where looated : On Kruger Mountain.
TAKK NOTICK that I, Charles deBlols
Green, as agent, for William Keller, five
minors eortillcate No. nCTT, nnd for George
Etigol, froo miner's certitlcato No. H5K18,
Intend, sixty days from lho date hereof, lo
apply to the Mining Itecordor for a Cerlilleale
of Improvements, for lhc purposo of obtaining
a Crown Grant of the above clninis.
And furthor tako notico that aclion under
seetion 37 in uut be commenced beforo tho Issuance of suoh Certiiicate of Improvements.
Dated Ihis 17th dny of July, 1900.
Certificate  of   Improvements.
Sltuato In the Osoyoos Mining Division of
Yale District.   Where  located:   Keremeos Creek.
TAKK NOTICK that I, Ohas. deBlols Green,
as agent for A. .1. Meliougall, freo
miners certlllcnte No. nMII, intend sixty days
from the date hereof, to apply to the Mining Ite-
corderfora certillcateof Improvements, for the
purpose ot obtaining a Crown Grant of the
above claim.
And further tako notice that action, under
section   37, must   be oomrnenoed before the
Issuance of such oortlfloate of improvements.
Dated this loth day of June. 11100.
Certificate of  Improvements,
HnnsKFLv Minkhal Claim.
Situate In the Osoyoos Mining Division or
Yalo Dlstriot.   Where looated:   Camp
TAKK NOTICK that I. Chns. doBlols Green,
aa agont for K. H. Wollaston, freo minor's
certificate No. n'28,893, and C. H. Arundell, free
miner's c'oi tiltcalo No. 828,825, intend, sixty days
from the date hereof, to apply to tho Mining
Becordcr for a Certificate of Improvementa.
for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Orant of
the above claim.
And further take notice that action, under
section 37, must be commenced before the Issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this ith day of November, 1900.
ILL BE The most imp°rtant railway town in lhe Kettle River Mining
The Western Terminal and Divisional point of the Columbia & West*
Wholesale Supply and Manufacturing centre of the  Kettle River
Creek Districts.
distributing  point for   Upper   Kettle  River,  West
mining camps.
nearest Railway town to  Republic,   Meyers   Creek,   Palmer  Mount;
Northern  Washington mining camps.
leading resilience town   in    the   country
* supply  and favorable sanitary conditions.
Business, residence and garden lots at low prices and on easy terms.
nn .in«l oth
with  an excellent   climate,
TJV?!-, tf
"ftnin^^ininininirf'ti   tininimna!unit^n^nininininix^xtf tminfwff-*■»«»*• ft*•*»•»*•»*• *v*<•*»*■»»*pi»••*...«.».;.". ;;'.;*j
, M. WOVENDEX, Sedretery,
80 St. John Street,
Montreal, P. Q.
0. M. citoi'si:,
Agent fur Ucitisli CToIiiinliin,
Midway, |! r
Certificate  of   Improvements
Kci'Aiioi'i Minkkai.Claim.
Situate In the Kettle River Minim; Division of
Yale  District.   Where  located:  Camp
TAKK NOTICK tlmt I, ('linn, dc n. Green,
iw affont for Duncan DnnnM, free
tniner'K certlflejito N'o. Ii3ii;:t5, intend, sixty
dayH from thc date hereof, to apply to the
Hilling Itecordor tor nCci'lillcnte of Improvements for the purpose of obtaining a Crown
Grant ot the above claim.
And furthor take notice that action, under
section 37, mimt be commenced boforo tho
Issuance of such Ccrtltlcate of Improvement*.
Dated Mile 12th day of June, limn.
7c CHAS. den. GltKKN.
Midway, B. C.
Promptly  and   Neatly
Buy a residence site whilst
there is plenty of choice. Pure
air and water, beautiful scenic
surroundings, skilled resident
physician, excellent school-just
the place for families.   Try it.
For Prices and Terms
Apply to
Provincial Land Surveyor.
XUjt   Architect and
_=_  Civil Engineer...
KJeal Estate,
Insurance and
Mining Agept.
•*»\otary   ptmiAcoom
_. air view TowiiHite Agnnt.
. . . A1IIIKKNB . ..
PilRVlEW, B. c.
Corn-spnndnnoe Solicited.
Cod ca-cat*.
St. Luke's Home...
A Private Hospital
and Nurses' Home.
OPPEI MCIMER St.. Vanoouver.
U(dtaU,Sorgi<—J andMiilwifi'iy ens.«
received. Ternw -.— Prtvftla K.niiiis.
tjSir. per «i*ek : lied* in Wank *H>
per week.
Nuns* lent into the country M iln-
usual t-liiirges, tplcgmuiH receiving
iiitiiedinte attention.
All appltflfttfoni to Ik* tnnile to
Spokane Falls
Railwav Co,
Nelson k Ft, Sh
Mil MY (,
Subscribe for
RAM .       '   ,
The onlv nil rnllrottH
nil points l'.ji-t, \\,.,/,,
to   Hn-sl I,   Vein i
Intornicdintc polntr,*
i ti tr nt Hpoknnr uitiithtl)
Northern, N'ortliernPifl
O. R. & S.I ...
Connects nl Ki
Kf.sloiinii all Ko j
n wkt:
itty Uiav
Connects al Meter i hill tAi
ter Republic, r
stage d4lly fori,"': nil
Tbe pioneer newspaper in the Bonndary district
Tri.ln Ni.  -.
Only $2.00
Riverside Addition.
Just a Word I
To those contemplating an investment in Midway real estate, the information is
offered that on the Riverside Addition may be
found 300 very choice residence sites.
LOTS 50 x 125 FEET.
For terms and all other information apply to
W. H. NORRIS, or        A. MEGRAW,
Midway, R C Camp McKinney, B. C.
TKe /W8
{Mm^'mJ 1


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