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Vol. XII, Mo. 22.
$2.00 por Ysar.
Ukkknwood, B. 0.
—: Notary Public,
m mi Am
• McKinney, B.C.
Dr. R. Mathison,
Hallett & Shaw
.,■..?.. Notaries Public
I Aililrcsa: "Hai.i.kt-1'."
Uodks : llmlfuril MuNoiU't, Moreing ft
NYal'iJ, Lelbur'M.
Icnwoou, u.o.
. . . midway, b.c.
Iota iiy public,
customs iibokeh.
commission agent.
^Customs entries pasted.    Mineral Act
id Land Act  papers drawn up.   A8I-
liMflken.   Abstracts made,
mmunloatloas by mall or telephone
.   ij .,iiended in.
Now is the Time
to buy your furs, winter dry
goods and clothing, heavy   and
medium gents' furnishings. We have taken
stock and find  that last year's business warrants us to .reduce the price on all the above
.articles and we offer our patrons bargains in all.
There are quite a few remnants in plain and fancy silks
and satins as well as dress goods, which we wish to
clear.    This week we will show ladies' white
wear in chemises, nightgowns, skirts and
drawers, and make a special sale of
then* during the month of
We have a full and complete stock in plain and fanc\
Groceries at lowest possible prices. New consignment of
California Naval Oranges and Fancy Lemons at
Post Office Store,  -   -   Midway, B. C.
•**-!      tl ''BrWff *mw* ** -' -
| Hotel Spokane,
£XX£>venth Sl- ■ nidwfly- £CCC:(
Fined for Whipping a Boy. .-Sold
Their Church Site.—Sad
Fate of a Girl,
fiction nclt.
H. M. MtEntlff.
VS.*. «4» ft,
G_oiia.II & MeEofa,
Mines and
-:- Real Estate.
Greenwood and Camp McKinney.
Fltteudriirh,    !*-■_-.
xwllnrt l*1«tilii|- on Keltic Rlvor.#»
|RS. M. E. HALE,
lata at Aisxxxn, Oregon,
ho Is a (Irmluate of
Willamette University,
Mnlcm, Oregon,
il |>rnparcd to giro Instruction on the l'lann
Stliv homes of |iuplln, anil will aim play at
Irttea and danccH In the district
Kor terms, etc., add ren,
Mid war.
!(•)♦♦♦•»    s**************®
[) W.WELM.
Practical Watch Maker,
Oood Tunis; Plenty Material,
. and in years ' experience   to do
work correctly.   .   .   .
. *******00*********4*W
Lake's Home... l
A Private Hospital
and Nurses' Home.
M OPPEl HLIMER St., Vanoouver.
jedical .Surgical andMidwifery coses
ived. Terms •.-- Private Rooms,
per week ; Beds in Wards, $10
purses ik*nt/ Into the country at the
I charges, telegrams receiving
Kiediate attention,
pll applications to be made to
A new building, well furnished. Everything new
and firsuclass. Only the choicest Wines, Liquors
and Cigars kept in stock. Headquarters for Mining
and Commercial Men.
Dry Goods :=
This week we are showing
a full line of . ..
Prints, Ginghams, Zephyrs ani Summer
Carpets and Linoleums.
Take a look and we are sure
the price will make you buy.
J. R. JACOBS, Manager.
> »»»»»»»»»»»im»»>»»»»»»»i»»w»a»»»»»-»»»»»»»»»»»»i*;
Midway Meat Market -1
K. A. MATTHES, Proprietor. |
At this establishment customers em get choicest Cuts ot
.   . R*i_l|r*l-lttO- aaaa."t 1»._ praiulaesi  -  -
Therefore Meatu are always fresh and sweet,    Call nml net n good joint jK
foi' dinner to-day. $-
TELEPHONE 311* P. O* BOX 25.       »
Midway News Depot
Dealer in   .   .   .
Candies, Canned Goods and Mis,
Fire  in   Quebec.- Chief of  Police
Fatally Stabbed.- Urand Trunk
Railway to Spend $800,000.
The total cost of taking the Prohibition plebiscite was $180,827.72.
Joseph Gabonrieof Hungerford.Ont.,
lias heen fined $30, including costs, fnr
severely whipping a hoy.
One hundred and fifty 60,000-lh.
freight cars are building in Nora Scotia
for the Dominion Iron & Steel Co.
Mr. Van lluskirk, city engineer al
Stratford, Unt,, has resigned, to accept a similar position in Rossland.
B. C.
Members of tho Board of Trade,
Arnprior, Ont., have subscribed $0,000
towards building a flour mill in that
V. Cormier, Moncton, N. B„ has invented a rudder to be carried and
shipped in case of accident to the
regular rudder.
At Listowel, Ont., thp gas and electrical works exploded at midnight of
March 22. William Bilber, an engineer, was killed.
The Canadian Pacific Railway Co.
is rebuilding its freight and passenger
dork at Port Arthur in view of the
large trade in prospect.
Al Winnipeg Edward Cameron has
lieen sentenced to seven years imprisonment, for shouting at George
Pullipat, with intent tn kill.
A girl named M'.'Lean. while walking
dn ice at Point Acnni, nenr Sydney, C,
B., caught her foot in theiceaiid broke
her leg, and shortly afterwards hied to
The City of Winnipeg will prohahly
purchase the plant of the local Gas
Company at a cost of $300,000 and
also secure the franchise for electric
piivate lighting. .
Informal negotiations have been
made liy the Dominion Govennent for
Ihe purt'haseof ih* plains of Abraham;,
The Government is willing to buy it at
a reasonable price,
The congregation of Knox Presbyterian Church, Toronto, recently accepted an offer of $100,000 for the site
of their church, which will he rebuilt
elsewhere in the eily.
On March 23rd Ihe Montreal Street
llailway Co. was fined $23 and costs in
the Reeordei's Omul for irregularity
111 service. The recorder ruled tbat an
ordinary snow sum in was uut a force
Rev. Faiher Lacmnhe, the well*
known Canadian missionary, has interviewed i lie Dominion Government re*
gilt di oi* a scheme he has on hand to
unionize>, large tract of territory on
the Saskatchewan, east of Edmonton.
Bv a vole of 10 to )8 the Railway
Coiiiiiiitlee of the Dominion House of
Commons rejected Mr. Mclnnes'
amendment prohibiting the employment, of Chinese on the Couiox und
Cape Scolt Railway, which is seeking
incorporation   in   British   Columbia.
Chief of Police, James Bivckam, (or
Beekham) late of Halifax was fatally
stubbed at Sydney, C. B., on March 23,
ami one of his subordinates named
Schurinan, who went to his assistance,
was shot through the body and may
also die, as Ihe result of a riot among
the Italian workmen at the Doniinion
Iron and Steel works,
The Dominion Government is doing
better in 100011)01 for the North-West
Territories in the way of necessary
further aid than In lhe rase of Briiish
Columbia, Thus the voteforthe North-
West Assembly is being incieased from
$282,000 lo $421,000, $50,000 representing an Increased grain towards education, and $02,000 jiiuI increased grant
for roads and bridges,
The Grand Trunk Ity, will spend
during the ensiling year iu lhe neighborhood of $800,000 ii improvements
al. Toronto nnd other points, including
anew slaliou at Queen sheet, east,
new coal chules, turn-talilus and a
large aninunl of double tracking in
lhe vicinity uf Toronto. Double tracks
will be laid between Toronto and
Hamilton, Loudon and Saruia.
The Wi'lliiuiii-Seiiver Engineering
Conipnny, uf Cleveland, Ohio, has
closed a coolnicl with Ihe Nickel Steel
Company, uf Hamilton, Ont., to design
ind build what will, when completed,
be the Im gesi si eel and iron plant in
Canada. The total capacity of the
plant wil) be 2,4001misperday, There
will also he constructed u blooming
null nf Ihe largest she, a billet, rail
mill and two plate mills, Tile en
'ire plant will cost nearly $30,000,000,
Butte Miners get Sunday Off-
Senator Clark's Big: Mine in
Arizona pays $3,000,000
a Year.
Interesting Facts and Figures About
Some nines- Oold, Silver, Copper
and Coal—In Both Hemispheres.
At the big Mount Morgan guld mine
in Queensland, Australia, open vat
chlorination has proved cheaper than
California has produced to date gold
tothe value of ahout$l,350,000, of which
about 70 por cent, was yielded hy ils
placer mines.
It. is reported that prices of soft coal
in the United Slates will this month be
advanced from 20 to 85 per cenl. owing
to the increased expense of mining,
It is reported that the Chicago owners of theOld Dominion mine,near Colville, Wash,, are preparing to resume
work on that property which at one
time was a dividend payer.
The total amountof ore shipped from
the Slocan from January 1,1800, lo
June 30,1800, was 15,113 tons. From
July 1,1800, to Dec, 31,1809, the ship
ments were 4,310 tons. From Jan. 1
to March 17, 1000 the shipments were
3,403 tons.
Beautiful specimens nf cinnabar,
some of them covered with globules of
mercury are obtained from the deposils now being opened in Presidio
County, Texas, The veins are in sandstone and limestone and vugs in lhe
veins often contain large calcite crystals colored bright red wilh the cinnabar.
The Dominion Coal Company, of
Cape Breton, Nova Scnlia, reports
shipments in February of 93,400 Ions
of coal. For the Hscal year ended
February 28th, the total shipments
were 1,671,800 tons, against, 1,155,700
tons in Ihe preceding year; showing
an increase of 515,840 tons, or 44.6 per
cent, for Ihe year.
Many of Ihe Bul le mining operators
give their employes a Sunday off
mice every month, ll is said that
-.nine of ibe mines will in the future,
give their men everv Sunday off. ll
is held as much ore is hoisted, and the
sysiem gives the repair men a chance
in miike iheir repairs on Sunday, thus
decreasing Ihe liability to accidents.--
"Western Mining World."
The output of silver from the Broken
Hill mine, in New South Wales, Aus
tralia, for the latter half of 1800 was
2,502,163 ounces Hne and of lead 17.831
tons. The corresponding figures for
tbe Hrst half of the year were silver
2,218,234 ounces >nd lead 17,823 tons.
Them wero during the closing half of
the year 95,154 tons of ore treated in
the mine reduction works, averaging
lead 18.48 units per ton and silver
22.68 ounces.
During the year ended September
30,18119, the War Eagle mine, Rossland
produced 51,213 tons of ore of a smelter's gross value per ton of $16.28 or a
smeller's net value per Ion of $9.92.
For the three months ended December
31, 1899, the output wus 22,603 tuns
valued at Ihe smelter at $17.71 per ton
gross or $11.71 net. The cost of development and extraction during the
f ot mer period was $6.29 per ton and
during the latter $5.22. The net prolit
on the oro therefore was $3.63 per ton
for the 12 months' period and $0.40 for
the three mon ihs' term.
The United Verdo copper mine,
Arizona, owned by Senator Clark uf
Montana Is reported to have paid divi
(lends at the rate of $3,000,000 for
several recent years. Its lutal receipts
from products for the year 1800 are
slated to have been of a value of
$0,305,808 and its expenses $2,000,310
leaving a prolit of $3,735,522. Its receipts for the year averaged 13.3 cents
per pound fur the mine's output uf
43,390,500 lbs. The deepest shaft in
the mine is 700 feet and the longest
tunnel 3,000feet. Itsore hody is stated
to be 000 feet in width.
The total quantity of rock from the
Quiucy cupper mine, Lake Superior,
stamped during the year 1800 was
650,164 Ions from which was obtained
14.301.182 lbs uf lellned cupper, tbe
yield thus being 1.28percent, uf cupper
from Ihe rock stamped, The average
return was 25.0 lbs of copper pur luu,
Fur several years previously the product had been nver 1.60 per cent, of
lhe rock stamped, or at least 30 lbs of
copper to the ton. The average cost
of the copper Was for 1808 8.17 cents
per pound and for 1800 10.06 cents.
The average receipts for the two years
respectively were 12.14 cents and 17.13
cents per pound, So although the average yield was lower and the cost
consequently higher, the better price
obtained gave a prolit of 6,17 cents per
pound for 1890 us compared with 3.07
cents for 1388.
Gold for Pretoria.-Australasians
will Uphold  Imperial   Prest-
ige.—Col. Kekewich's Grand
Defence of Kimberley.
War  Loan   Subscribed for   Eleven
limes over.-British Losses to
Date Exceed 16.000 Men.
Thc Canadian Patriotic Fund bus
now reached a total of aliout $220,000,
A despatch to tho London "Daily
News" from Lorenzo Matquez snys
that the South African Republic hos
£5,000,000 in bullion at Pretoria', nnd is
coining 35,000 sovereigns monthly,
The cnlunial forces in the Held ill
South Africa are larger than the lirst
British army sent to the Crimea, Australia und Canada have together furnished 7,000 and South Africa 25,000
Tin* Ontario Government hns included in the estimates n grunt of
$10,000 for the National Patriotic
Fund ; also an item of $4,000 for the
salaries of members of the service who
are also members of the various Canadian contingents,
When the material is of the right
sort it does not take long Lo make good
soldiers, and we think it will be generally conceded thnt tliere is no better
material in the world than that which
is to be found iu the Canadian volunteers,-Detroit News.
It is'said that, Lord Strathcona will
bring his troopers home hy way of
th. Mediterranean, and treat them to a
visit td the Paris Exposition. That is
something the boys did not bargain
for before leaving, Theycouuted only
on hard Boer knocks,
Tlio Melbourne correspondent of tbe
London "Times" snys: The Governor
of South Australia bus received from
Mr, Chamberlain a telegram to the
effect that the Hritish war olllce will
offer 174 commissions to Australians
in the infantry and royal artillery!
Lord Minto has received cables from
the governor of British Honduras ;iml
the Governor of South Australia, extending tu Canada the congratulations
of both of these colonies for the splendid gallantry displayed by the Canadian troops in South Africa. They
also expressed sympathy at the number of lives lost.
The South African horses of the
Mounted Infantry are the smallest of
any in the Held force. A little larger
than them are the Argentine cobs, and
then in order the New Zealand horses,
about 15J bunds, the Australian, the
Dragoons and Hussars' chargers, and
last the heavy horses of the Royal
Horse Artillery,
The services of some gallant British
officers in South Africa have received
rather too little favorable notice in
tht press. Thus the grand defence of
Kimberley by thut sturdy man,Colonel
Kekewich, has not received the praise
it well deserves, too much attention
having been paid to the various doings
of Mr. Ceeil Rhodes, who was shut up
in Kimberley and who, but for Kekewich would very likely have been
taken prisoner hy the Boers.
In the British House of Commons
the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Sir
Michael Hicks-Beach, announced thai
the total number of applications for
the £80,000,000 war loan hnd been 30,
800, and the total iimmiiit of subsdrip*
tioAi £885,600,000; The largest implication had been for £10,000,000. Applicants for £10,000and upwards wnuld
get 6 per cent, of tbeir application.
Below £10,000 the assignments would
vary from 0 percent, to an allotment
iu full.
In bidding farewell to the fourth
contingent of the New Zealand troops,
leaving for service in South Africa,
Premier Seddou emphasized the determination of Australasia to uphold
the Imperial prestige of the country.
He snid they had 400,000 mule adults,
mostly drilled, prepared to defend the
colonies and, if emergencies arose, tu
send enough men to South Afi ica to
release the Imperial troops to deal
with any power during tu meddle with
the settlement.
British losses in South Africa up to
March 11 were 15,077. Of these, 2118
were killed in action, 8747 were wounded, 1028 died of disc ise j and 3181 were
missing, The proportion of killed nH
to wounded was as 20 to 100, Official
reports from Pretoria state that the
Boer losses, prior to the relief of Ladysmith and Kimberley, were 1531. of
which 677 were killed, and 2128 wounded. Tho proportion here of killed to
wounded is as 32 to 100. A despatch
dated March 25 gives the total British
losses, exclusive of invalids sent home,
as 10,181 in killed, wounded and mis*
sing, ;>'
K.JACOB8 MaSaoi*
Published   wtokly   at Midway.  B. C.
Subscription Price, ttJtt) per annum, payable
to advance, either yearly or half-yearly at the
uptlon of the subscriber.
Ad vertMnit Rates sent on Application.
MONDAY. APHIL 2. 1900.
I ILL -I Ll II D ■■.-J.J	
Much indignation was aroused at
Camp McKinney last week by the appearance in tbe Greenwood "Miner" of
a paragraph, referring to that camp,
headed "a deserted village," and Thk
Advanck has lieen requested to direct
attention tolhe fact that this reflection
nn Oamp McKinney is entirely nnwai-
ranted. The "Miner." however, as
became a journal having regard tn the
good reputation it. had earned for
honest intention aud reliability, in its
latest issue acknowledged that, it had
lieen mis informed and published
Information setting forth the true
position at McKinney, which is a
favorable one. Under these circinii
stances there Is, therefore, now no
need for THB ADVANCB lo do more
than Join the "Miner" in ils good wishes for the continued prosperity uf
Oamp McKinney.
Tbe Greenwood "Times" last Wed
nesday published what was intended
to be a smart or severe criticism uf
the special correspondent for tbe
Boundary Creek district to the "News*
Adverlisei". wbo resides in Midway.
Thk Advance is not concerned about
the correspondent —he can take care
of himself, if nt any lime he think it
worth while to reply to the abuse with
which, failing fact s to controvert bis
statements, the "Times" is in tbe habit
of assailing bim. We aredetei mined,
though, tbat tbe mendacity of the
"Times" in asserting tbat Midway
"isalinost deserted because uf bis con*
nectiun therewith," shall not pass unchallenged. Tbe simple facts are tbat
to-day tbe population of Midway is
more than double what it was when
tbe "News-Advertiser's" correspondent
came to reside in tbe town, and the
nunilier of huildings has increased
more than ninety per cenl. We do
not desire to expose the neak points
of our neighbors, hut we would remind our Greenwood readers that tbe
repeated publication of mis-statements
In the "Times" about Midway can only
lead tu reprisals, which ut least will
do Greenwood no good and may
possibly do it harm, seeing that it has
some decidedly weak places.
It has nut been made public what
sort of a bargain was nude between
Hon. Smith Curtis, Provincial Minister
of Mines, and certain prominent citizens of Greenwood Inst week, in connection with the continued agitation
tu seenro lho removal of the Mining
Recorder's office trom Midway to
Greenwood, but the promise of the
Minister, if lie made one, has a decided
appearance of political jobbery—for
vote catching purposes and nothing
else. A minister desirous of acting
justly to the Kettle River Mining
Division as a whole would not commit
himself to so serious a step without
first ascertaining what would best
suit the convenience of the mining
community, or at any rate giving
miners and prospectors, whose interests and convenience should he his
first consideration, an opportunity of
making known their wishes in the
matter. With so much country to
the west of Midway now heing prospected, this taking in the Main Kettle
Kiver and its numerous tributaries,
including the West Fork, and as well
Rock Creek and on up to Camp McKinney, ton distance of from 90 to
40 miles west and north-west of Midway, and with so many location
records now being made from
this country, any milliliter not
possessed hy an all-consuming desire
In secure votes would, in common
fairness, look closely iuto the matter
ao as to acquaint himself with the
needs of the district. Itis evident to
all who know tbe posilion well that
the greed of Greenwood property owners rather than the convenience of
• majority of lhe miners and prospectors is at. the bottom of this determination todo an injustice to Midway in
particular aod the district in general.
The move can only he made at greater
eventual expense In the province,
There is, too, another aspect—will the
Governiuenl re-convey lo the Midway
Company tbe block of land conveyed
on the understanding that the Government oflice was to be located al
Midway or will it retain the land,
holding virtually hy breach of faith ?
Three carloads of Winnipeg ore, recently shipped gave returns of $18.
$22. and $24. per ton respectively. Altogether thus far nine cars have heen
shipped from this property.—Phoenix
The manager of the Sailor mine,
Camp McKinney, wires in reply to the
syndicate's secretary that good values
are shown hy the assays just made.
The figures are 1*57.50, $21.21, H18.n0 and
$15.96. per ton.-Toronto "World."
Tbe Rossland "Record" says: A
proposal has been made by the Hon.
G. E. Foster to the Rathmullen Company to sell the Maple Leaf claim, in
Snmmiteauip, to a subsidiary company for development. This will he
acted on at a meeting on April 25.
The Rathmullen would then develop
the Ben Hur claim in the same-district.
Mr. F. H. Latimer, C. E., returned
last week from 20-Mile Creek, in the
Similkameen district where he had
been surveying tbe claims in the Nickle
Plate group. J list before his departure
from there, the engine house and
blacksmith ahopa belonging to the
company caught fire by some means,
and were totally destroyed, with a
a considerable quantity of tools and
machinery; but the company will at
once put an an increased numher of
men and rebuild. Mr. Latimer speaks
highly of the prospects nf that locality,
and alao of the rich indications in the
vicinity of Olalla, the new town near
Keremeos, and predicts lively times
there in the near future.—"Inland Sentinel."
Carlboo-McKinney nine.
At a meeting of the directors of the
Cariboo McKinney Mining Company,
of Camp McKinney, held at the company's office on Saturday March 21,
after careful consideration it was resolved that it was desirable to proceed
to increase the stamps from 20 co 40,
and it was consequently resolved that
money enough should be reserved to
accomplish this purpose, and a dividend of 1 per cent was declared for
that quarter ending April 80, 1900.
The new stamps will lie ordered
within ten days, anil should be running
within a couple of months. The action
of the directors is based on the manager's report that a three years' supply
of ore is blocked out and that to do
justice to tbe property the capacity of
tbe mill should ho doubled.—Toronto
Will He do It.
If Mr. F. Carter-Cotton will take
the liberty in good part, we would suggest to him to drop his opposition to
the party lines movement, fall in with
bis natural associates, nnd go into immediate training as a candidate for the
Commons in the approaching Federal
elections. He is a clever man, and it
so determined can make trouble for
others in the Provincial contest; hut
fnr the present at least there is no useful place for him in the local field,
while at Ottawa there Is scope for his
abilities and opportunity for doing his
Province good service. Shnuld Sir
Charles Tupper carry the country, it
is more than probable that British
Columbia would he given representation in the next Cabinet, and we do
tfr.t know uny one who would stand
between him and a port folio, unless
It might be Sir Hibhert Tupper. We
ld>g the gelitlenian-will give thli *-ug-
llentiuii ais liesUuiianlci'.iliui,.—.,.-x_,_,i,
The following is taken from a letter
on the Similkameen District written for
the "Engineering and Mining Journal,"
New York, by C. A. Bramble;
At Keremeos a large amount of
work has been done on tbe various
properties throughout the camp, The
ore here is for tbe most part copper
pyritas and sulphides in diorite and
On the Opulence, natiye copper occurs in very considerable quantities.
Assays from this property are as high
as 02 per cent, copper from picked
specimens, the average heing about 20
per cent, copper, with very light gold
and silver values. On the Dolphin a
fine ore body has been opened up hy a
tunnel 80 ft. in length, the same body
heing shown up, both below and above
the tunnel, hy open cuts. On the
Roadside, a shaft nnw down 20 ft. has
disclosed a lot of sulphide ore. On the
Golindagroup a crosscut tunnel i»
now in 130 ft. and tbe indications are
that the main lead on this property
will soon be cut. Work is ahout lo lie
resumed on the Copper King, which
has a shaft down already some 90 ft.
On the Elkhorn group considerable
surface work has been done and a considerable amount of copper sulphide
and pyrrhotite disclosed. On tbe Bullion Mountain group bodies of high
grade copper sulphide have been
o|iened, and the management has com
menced an 800 ft. cross-cut tunnel,
which will tap the principal oredepoait
at a depth of ahout 70 ft., besides opening at least two nther leads of leas
size. The Searchlight tunnel, now in
90 ft., is being driven farther, the indications bring excellent.
At present the Black Brothers k
Woodcraft are huilding a new trail into Upper Keremeos Valley, and ns
soon as it is completed, supplies will he
taken in, and they will commence tbe
permanent development of their Gem
Mountain group of claims. On tbe
Dividend group a body of lion carrying
copper has just been cross cut for a
distance of 80ft., without finding the
opposite wall from the one where
work was started. Sinking will now
he commenced on thia showing, and
it is presumed will be carried on permanently.
Taken altogether the mineral showings throughout the Keremeos Valley
Camp, and especially In the vicinity of
Olalla Creek,where the largest amount
of development work of one kind and
another has been done, are in all respects exceptional. The long tunnel
on the Bullion Mountain group is being
driven and should show up some
heavy bodies of mineral. Arrangements am now being mode to bring
machinery into the ramp, and when
installed the work will go forward in a
min:!) more rapid manner than is possible by hand work only.
Records   for   tbe    Week    Ending
April md, 1900.
Strathcona, Camp McKinney, H
Stephenson and A. McKay.
Pewabic, Camp McKinney, C. E.
march 27.
Le Roi, near Beaverton, P. J. Ken
Side Cut, near Boundary Fails, David G. Smith.
Condor, near Beaverton, A. M.
march 29.
Manilla, Anarchist mountain, A. F*
Nellie Cotton, fraction, Greenwood
camp, James 8. Birnie.
Blue Jay, fraction, Skylark camp,
A. H. Black.
Bluemfoutein, Skylark camp, James
S. Birnie.
Hard Cash, fraction,   Long  Lake
camp, John Cameron,
march 90.
Tenderloin, fraction, Beaver Creek,
O. E. Anderson.
Ontario and Toronto, Camp McKinney, Donald A. Rosa,
Chepaka and Kewanew, near Camp
McKinney, A. Muller.
march 91.
Homestake, Graham's camp, Geo, F.
Lulu, fraction, Greenwood oamp, A.
H. Black.
Kanone, near Rock Creek, McKay
Red Rose and Monte Carlo, Kimberly camp, George Henderson.
Progress, near Camp McKinney, E.
H. Basb.
Old Dad, Thomas Henderson.
Daisy, fraction, D. Cameron,
Red Bluff and Scorpion, H. Stephenson.
Pandre, fraction, H. Stephenson
and E. James.
Sovereign, H. ^Stephenson and Andrew McKay,
Omaha, Thomas Dohie.
Summit, W. A, Corlietl.
Mayflower, Pat Hickey et al.
Alice, fraction, The Sailor Con. M. &
Mi 06.
Mountain View, Nightingale and
Clipper, fraction, (4 years) E. T. Wick-
War Eagle, Gem. Daisy, fraction
and Le Roi, J. M. R Fairhairn.
march aa
Apex, James Sutherland.
Southern Bell, J. A. Unsworth.
Fourth of July, Red Jacket, Red
Hill, Climax, Muldoon and Surprise,
Jules Levesque.
Queen, fraction, John Watkins et al.
Globe, harry A. Wright.
Kingston and Boston, . interest
each, Henry Strauss to Robert Wood
Kitchener, all interest, Alex, Robinson, A. O. Heath and E. E. Moss to
Robert Wood.
Excelsior, all interest, Fayette Harris
to Robert Wood. '
Highland Queen, all interest and
Rosalie, . interest, W. E. McBoyle to
Robert Wood.
Rustler, all interest, Wm. Hanna to
Ned Bennett.
Gold Dust, all interest, O. H. Ford
to T. A. Baxter.
White Rabbit, | inlerest, Thomas
Cosgriff and James 8. Marsh to Joseph
Clipper, fraction, all Interest, Arthur
H. Black lo E. T. Wickwire and B. C.
MARCH  31.
La Plate, Lexington and Oregon, all
interest each, Wm. I. Gibson to David
Little Buffalo and Oregon,. intereet
each. F, H. Oliver to J. 8. O. Fraser.
Ruhy, Geo. Cook and W. G, McMynn.
King Mining Company, 100 inches
ont of Cyclops creek.
MIDWAY - B» 0.
viirnon ac
Mt-IVM        mewmmm      - —      —r - . —.      >w-« s»v»a | j
jr. Xi. Tewy
Is now on deck with a complete stock of
General Merchandise, Men's Clothing, Boots,
Shoes and Bobber Goods.
Call and convince Yourself.   :  Special discount I
of 35 per cent, off Ladle-' Hals for the next 30 daj 8
MILLINIRT DEPARTMENT—Mrt. L R. Terry in charge.
Tu Royal Insuranck Cot.
The London and Lancashire Fire
Insurance Cot.
The Insurance Cot. op North
The London and Canadian Fire
Insurance Cot.
The Sun Life Assurance Cot o«
The Dominion BmLDiNn and Loan
Appraiser nm the Canada Permanent Loan and Savinos Cat
In the matter of tha wtaU of .Meiander
Wallace, lata of Beaver Creak, in the
County of Vale, British Columbia, tree
Miner, deceased.
JOTICK is hereby Riven panraant to Ihe
"Revised Statutes of British Columbia.
I8W, Chapter trr," tint all creditors and others
having claims atfain-Jt the tutatn'of thc aald
Alexander Wallace who died on or about the
5th day of February Won, are required on or
before Ihe I5tli day of April IWO to send to lhc
undersign--], solicitors for Hdwin Jacobs and
1. P. MoLeod, tho esecutom named in the last
will and tinta-nenl of said deoeamd, their
names, addresses and description! and lhc full
particulars of their respective claims duly
verified by statutory declaration.
And further take notice tbat after aald last
mentioned date tha said executom will proceed
to distribute the assets of the drceased amonf
tho pur tie* entitled thereto, havluu repaid only
do the claim" of which tbey shall then have
notloe. and that the raid executors wiil not be
liable for the raid assets or any part thereof
lo any person or persons of whose claims
notice shall not have been received by them al
the time of such distribution.
Dated st Oreenwood. B. C,„ this Mth day of
February, 1»».
Solicitors fbr saM Executors.
Provincial Land tfunojof.
Architect and
Civil Engineer...
E£eal Estate,
Insurance and
Mining Agen^
* alx view Towiurtto Agent.
rilBVIEW, B. c.
Gorrmpondt-noe Solicited.
Application* for CertfflctUt of "
Nntio- advertised in this week's
Advance are those bf :—
Green Mountain, Black and Alfred,
in Oreen Mountain camp, Keremeos
California, Kruger Mountain.
Excelsior, Golden Crown and Home-
stake, McCain Mountain.
Nickerson, Kruger Mountain.
Sunny Side, near to Eholt Creek,
(formerly called Prior Creek), lying
partly upon and Northerly of and adjoining Lot 252, Township 79.
Lake View and Orient, KrugerMoun-
A quantity of good aeed
potatoes for sale. Stock
new to the district and
grown without irrigation.
For prices apply to...
A few tons of carrots also on hand.
S. A. CR0WEU.- Proprietor. s«*Mth mm, iu»a>, _. c
One Block Went of Keoordsr', Ota f
'"THIS is a new building hard finished all through and 1
furnished in first class style.   The dining room
is supplied with the best oh the market.   The   bar is i
furnished with a choice stock of Wines,  Liquors and
Cigars.   :   :   :   :
Patronage of the Public is Solicited and Satisfaction is Guaranteed.
The Riverside Hotel,
Is situated at. Rock Crt»k, B.C., on   the main route of   trave
between Penticton and all Boundary Creek pointa.  Stopping
place for stages.
Oood Fishing **!■* Oood Hunting •;« Bestof Aooommodatloi,
Pasn_a_ I—>_*».
Practical House and Carriage
Paper Hanging, 6f dining and Sign Painting. Also Kalsomininq
and al kinds of Decorative Work executed by
E.Nash J Co., Midway and Greenwood City.
K8TABI.I-IHK.D   1__3.
Our Specialties—Varieties Profitable in British Columbia
Trees Free from Pests.
Send for Free Catalogue.   |   E. Hutchersor, Manager.
H. KEYES, Prop.
Good Accommodation.
Best Liquors and Cigars.
First-Claw 8UblinK.
Commercial and Mining men should put up.
at the Fairview Hotel when in camp.
Qeo J. SKeeKan      -      -      -    Proprietor, j
Lancashire House,
>•■   a,  •
The  undersigned having   taken,  this  well-
known  and   comfortable-   hotel! invites  the
patronage of all old customers and: the public
Furnace-heated and comfortably
furnished  rooms.
Thos. D. Banbury, Proprietor. •fctt*Howe on Friday, April wn.
▲ car load of Russian immigrants
wltktMr effects arrived in Vernon
Mr. H. Stephenson, of Oamp McKin*
My, Wl last Tuesday on a trip tn
Barfood from which he haa heen ab*
«nt aibnat IS years.
Tke Grand Foiks Lumber, Hash *
oorOo., Ltd., has been Incorporated
Mtaftglsieied capital of 916,000 in
I of 9100 each.
j Inspector Wm. Bums, after
»~~m last Thursday ln Midway on
Eisinese,lefton Friday mom*
Uinp McKinney.
people's Steam Laundry Oo.
■irand Forks, haa heen incor*
l a registered capital of $10.*
) shares of 9100 each,
head of line beef cattle, froni
, Keremeos, for Mclnnes and
near Carson, were driven
| Midway lasl Wednesday.
Ir. Boyle, of Kelowna.   will
■ortly  to Ashcroft, where be
losUtioned.   Rev. P. D. Muir, of
Hi, will take charge of the Ke*
th. R. Mathison, dentisl, of Oreen*
moot. Will lie at MuAiiley's hotel, Mid
Otof, from to-daynnlilfrthinst. Those
requiring his services should call early
•nd make appointments.
An altera! inti has taken place in the
tfcaoof arrivsland departure of tiains
tt*m Breeuwood. Tl-e outgoing train
now Waves «t 2.36 p. m. and the In
onathyf train arrives at 3.JS, p. M.
' U Iwepnrled that Ihe plans for tbe
mem ftitdge across the Similkameen
MaM-at Princeton have been received
tit ihaltown and that the work of con
•trMtk* it will he started without de
fffce O'Onnnr, who on Feb. 10.
ttmi Potks. shot his brother Pat
imi._|ii been removed lo Ihe Provin
flaettM at Kamloops, where he will
mthk trial at Ihe Spring Court of
WA. Castleman will have ahout ISO
pmder rtiltivatkin  ibis aesson,
Hn vegetables hut Ihe hulk of it
• bay.   Miss Castleman has heen on
tfceatek  list lately, with a very had
•tifcjUUwing vaccination.
Mr, Boiit. Kerr is husy tilling these
4a*-)0O his ranrh above Midway. He
hat flint ed out a lot more raspberry
caMtand is now preparing lo put in
tea news of grain hay and fifteen acres
of vegetables of different kinds.
Tb»r Nelson  Tribune   says : -Bob"
Mrlstad  is back   fmin  Ihe ranching
dtatrkt* of the   Boundary   country,
" *'   V' he  succeeded    in   purchasing
al fine Jersey cows.   He claims
i he will now he ahle In supply all
{customers witli cream  iintend of
i- A gang nf men is nnw engaged in
tintting up ihe poles and stringing Ihe
'Wires for the extension of the C. P. R.
telegraph lin* fit in Oreenwood lo the
terminus of the Columbia and West*
-jarn railway at Midway. It is anticipated lhat this wnrk will he completed
!• a week or ten days.
)jfir. J. O. Sullivan. Chief Engineer of
^glruclion on Ihe Columbia and
ern Railway, met Mr. F. Keller
I, General Manager of the British
nbia Copper Company. laatThurs*
turning and with bim went over
ne of the spur to lbe Mother
mine. Prompt completion of
mr haa heen promised,
(wen pre-emptions bave lieen taken
aaa* McCarren Creek, east of Boundary falls. Mr. Thos. Wake had hia
I last week. He is patting in
i 15 acres in vegetables and grain
j A neighbor, Mr. Oamnn, whose
ng is higher up tbe creek, alao in*
I cropping some of his land this
C. B. Race, formerly editor of
island "Miner," and nowLiberal-
irvallve organiser for the Rosa-
Riding of West-Kootenay, paid
ay a visit thia morning. He ia
ing the towns and camps in this
let with a view of assisting in per*
ig organisation in tbe Bouudary
of the riding.
Paul Hllscher, railway car In*
r, and Mr. J. Barnes wbo is con-
wit hi he baggage and express
.rnenl, were in Midway Tester*
Both are old acquaintances of
SHp. A. Hain, whom ihey informed
lhat they purpose short ly residing In
MMway. Mr. Hilscher's family are at
present in California, but he will shnrl.
ly arrange for I beirremoval to Midway
Mm hndy of Pat Synon, the old road*
rppilrer, whosed»ath was mentioned
In IM week's *'Adv*»!C«" was given
burial by Mr. Hugh Cameron
ler old-timers, who bad known
for a long while. Provincial
e Cunningham, who went up
r's to make enquiries, ascer*
lhat death was accidental,
having choked whilst eating'
A Vernon correspondent sent the
Caralnops "Inland Sentinel" the fol*
|news item! In the ardour of
I a large fish out of Long Lake,
oafMday last, tbe esteemed editor of
tto Vernon-News" left the boat aad
took to the water, but our worthy
member. Mr. Price KUiso-i, was present la the I mi t and wiih hemic struggles safely landed his dripping uippor*
ter oa hoard, bringing up the tout
i to almut two hundred pounds.
Ann then gave it out *"iwu* a vug.
But the fellow that's known as "the
Oot un to their little sneak job.   He
Explained to "the Beak''
That for sueh a freak
Thirty  days   would "do thc  thing
Hon. Smith Curtis, Provincial Minister of Mines, was at Oreenwood last
Thursday evening and Friday morning. Whilst there be was interviewed
by members of the Board of Trade.
It is reported lhat, in response to representations made to him, he promised that the bridge over tbe West
Fork of Kettle River should be completed shortly and tbat the work of
making a road thence to Beaverton
should be proceeded with without delay, He is also credited with promising that the Mining Recorder's office
should he removed from Midway to
Oreenwood during tbe current month.
It Is stated that Mr. Oliver, of Car-
berry, Manitoba, wbo for a lime has
been looking around with a view tn
making his home in or near Midway,
has purchased Mr. Luni WarmothV
preemption on Boundary Greek near
tbe town. The deal was made through
Mr. Jas. Sutherland. Mr. Oliver intends to shortly bring In his family
and will probably arrange for them to
live in Midway.
Mr. 8. Dahl, who has heen in the
hotel business along the Columbia k
Western line since construction com*
menced, came to Midway, with Mrs.
Dahl, on yesterday's train. They
brought wilh tbem a carload of furniture, etc. This morning Mr. Dahl rented a dwelling house and afterwards he
purchased from the Midway Company,
two lots, situate near to tbe railway
station, upon wbich he will shortly
erect a hotel.
The Oreenwood "Times" last Thurs
day published the statement that the
plant of Mcpherson Bros, saw milt at
Boundary Falls "is in operation and
an 80-boise power boiler is furnishing
motive power,with plenty of lumber lo
work on." This is not true, hut per
haps it is as near as the "Times" may
he expected to get to the truth. A 90
horse power trailer has heen built in,
nm. the remainder of the plant is nol
yet in place. A JO-sUll stable, hunk
house and an office are heing erected,
and other preparations are being made
lo get things in working order during
Ihe current month.
A man named Hartel committed
suicide at Anaconda last Saturday
evening hy shooting himself in the
head. He had heen employed as an
assistant in the Russel Hardware Co.
store, Greenwood, and for a few days
had lieen drinking. It is stated that
he was seen to take fnun the store a
Smith a Wesson revolver and that tbe
Greenwood Chief of Police upon heing
informed, followed him to his residence
at Anaconda, but was too late to prevent the man from taking his life,
The man's wife too, when told hy her
hush and that he intended to shoot
himself hastened oul for assistance,
hut this also arrived too late to prevent
Ihe rash act.
» a*
A Dastardly Trick.
About midnight of Friday, 30th uit.
a number of largu stones, were thrown
at the front door and windows of the
house owned by Mr. John Douglas,
situate near the Lancashire House
One stone was hurled through the
wire Mind and glass tearing down the
inside window blind and roller. It it
understood that the identity of the
perpetrators it tbis dastardly trick
has heen ascertained, but that criminal
prosecution has been deferred so
aa to give time for an apology and pay'
ment of the cost of repairing the
damage, and so avoiding proceedings,
It is interesting to note, in this connec
tion, that there is at present a prisoner
in tbe local lock-up "doing" 30 days
for window breading at Cascade.
mat Mr. L. A. tlamlliou, uaim ' *>■■■*
missioner of the C. P. R.. has resigned
and upon bis resignation being ac*
cepted he will leave Manitolia to reside elsewhere. Mr. Hamilton is one
of the most popular men in the Canadian west and his departure will Iw
greatly regretted.
Tbe operators and agents on the
western division of the C. P. R. Fort
William to Vancouver, and branches,
have served notice uponMr.W.Whyte,
the western general manager, that
they will present a new schedule of increase in salaries. The rate of pay on
the Canadian Pacific while entirely
satisfactory to the men nn the eastern
division is deemed insufficient by the
western men, whose living expenses
are much greater.—Nelson "Miner."
From the "Tribune" it is learned
that Mr. William H. Sb-iw, late of the
Hall Mines smeller, has left Nelsnn
for Grand Forks to assume the management of the C. P. R. telegraph office
British Empire League.
Lieut.-Col. George T. Denison of
Toronto, president, was in the chaii at
the annual meeting of the British
Empire League, held at Ottawa last
month. He made a stirring speech in
moving tbe adoption of the annual report. From the report of the meeting
published in the Toronto "World" it
is learned that among the speakers
were Sir Chaa. Tupper, Sir Mackenzie
Bowell, Sir Sandford Fleming, Sir
Louis Davies, Hon. Wm. Muloch, Hon.
K. R. Dobell, Principal Grant and
others. The motions adopted were
resolutions advocating state-owned
cables, a Canadian Naval Reserve, a
Canadian mint and Imperial decimal
President Denison was re-elected.
Tbe following were elected vice-presidents : Ontario— Sir Oliver Mowat,
Sir Mackenxie Bowell, Alex. McNeill,
M. P. Quebec-Lord Strathcona, J.
Israel Tarte, Arch. McGoun. New
Brunswick-Senator Wood, R.C. Wei-
don. Nova Scotia —Lieutenant-Governor Daly, Archbishop O'Brien.
Prince Edward Island—Ex-Lieutenant-
Governor Howlan. Manitoba—Lieutenant - Governor Patterson. North
West Territories—Ex-Lieutenant-Governor Mcintosh. British Columbia-
Mr. H. Bostock, M. P., Mr. J. T. Small,
was elected hon. treasurer and Mr. G.
B. Evans, hon. secretary.
Mr. Wm, Burns, B. A., Inspector of
Schools, for District No. 3, in which
Midway is situate, paid a visit of in
spection to tbe local public school on
Thursday, Wth ulto. This is Mr.
Burns' third visit during the two years
Mr. A. A. McPhail haa been in charge
of the school. The flrst took place
shortly after Mr. McPhail commenced
his duties aa teacher; the second was
paid ahout a year ago and on that occasion the inspector reported that the
school had considerably improved
during the year. Last week the inspector stated that "the school had
greatly improved in every respect,"
adding that not only did the pupils
know much more of the subjects
taught them, but they were much
sharper than he had found them on
the occasion of his previous visits.
lt is hut fair to the teacher to mention that the school would prohahly
have made even a hetter showing and
tbe attendance would have been larger
but for the fact that the recent vaccination of a number of tbe children had
interfered with loth tbe attendance
and progress of the scholars. There
are now 61 on tbe roll, but only 31
were present at tbe examination This
is by no means an average attendance,
under ordinary conditions. However.
as compared with Greenwood, whieh
fur so large a pi ice had a miserably
Kmr attendance at tbe time ot ils
spection, Midway made an excellent.
showing, both in point of numbers ami
efficiency. Por the latter much praise
is due to Mr. McPhail, whose patient,
painstaking efforts bave brought it
TO LET, the cottage near the Schoo.
House occupied by Mr. D. G.
Munro.   Rent $7 per month.
•wit rKiNTiww—wei your priming
done at THR Aiivanuk office. Good
Work, reasonable prices.
J-ST RECEIVED-Something neut
in Invitation Cards and Ball Programmes, at
TOLET-At Midway, eight-roomed
two story house, recently occupied hy Dr. Jakes, together with
ahout two acres of land. Also new
six-roomed cottage with fenced
land   142x150. -Apply
Thb Advanck Office.
In Uw matter of ths eitats of Malcolm
■eCualf, lata of Rock Crssk, In ths
County of Yals, British Columbia, ds-
ceased. Intestate.
NOTICK Is hereby given pursuant to the
"ItevU-d SUtut xx ot British folumbi*,
1897, Chapter 187," lhat all creditor* and others
having claims against the estate ot the said
Malcolm McCuaig who died on, or about the
Ith day ol Mar, USD, are required on or before
the Uth dny of April IW. to mid to the under,
signed, solicitor for Donald McLennan, the nd.
ministratjirof Mid deceased, their names, addresses and description* and the full particular* of their respective claims duly veritled by
statutory declaration.
AND further lake notice thai after said laat
mentioned date, the said administrator will
proceed to distribute the asset's ot the dt*reased
among the parties entitled thereto, having regard only to the claim* of which he ahall then
nave notice, and that the Mid administrator
will not be liable for the aald asset* or any part
thereof lo any person or penunu of -vhoae
claim* notice ahall not have beon received by
him at the time of such distribution.
Dated al Oreenwood this il li day nf March,
ind, J. P. McLeod.
Solicitor for the Administrator.
A OoM American OM.
The gold statue of "The American
Girl," whirh is to be exhibited at the
Paris exposition, was successfully cast
on Mch. 21. Miss Maud Adams, the
actress, was the model, and Bessie Potter Vennah was the sculptor, The
statue mounted on its base, will he six
feet in height, the figure being of Miss
Adams' own height. It weighs 712
pounds and the bulliou used is valued
at $187,001). Miss Adams' gown is nf
the simplest sort. It is a summer
dress of chiffon. Lace ruffles extend
its length and gathered at the
waist ihey give a kind of blouse effect
at the bosom. The sleeves aie tight
from shoulder to wrist The arms
drop to full length on both sides, Tin-
hair sraveshack from the f ir"he.ul and
is parted slightly to the left. The
pose is that of taking a step forward,
MMway to Curlew by Water.
Major Leckie, general manager of
the Republic Co's mines and Mr. .1. C,
Robertson, engineer in charge for the
same company, bave been in Nelaon
for several days arranging to have
some barges constructed. These bilges will l-e used on the Kettle Kiver,
from Midway to Curlew, iu order to
shorten tbe haul to Republic. This
route is contemplated on account of
the soft condition of the roads betw een
Grand Forks and Curlew. Several
steamboat men have been employed lo
survey the Ketlle River and ascertain
the feasibility of the plan, to examine
the channel and waterway and to locate the most desirable place for landings. If this scheme lie found practicable, it will divert to Republic In-ight
which is now going in from Grand
Porks and send it lo Midway. This
would have a serious effect upon
Grand Porks trade. It Is not likely,
however, that the C. P. K. will make
a very strong effort to prevent i he
carrying out of the proposed scheme,
on account of the recent attacks made
on tlieC. P. R by lhe press of Grand
Porks.-Nelson "Miner."
Mineral Act, 1896.
Certificate   of Improvements.
Nickkrsox Minkkai. Claim.
Situate In Osoyoos Mining Dlvlilon of Yals
Districl.   When Looated:-On Krugor
TAKK NOTICE that t.Chas. lie Blnls Green.
as agent for John C. Fisher, free
miner's certlflcate Su. IS7j»a, intend,
aixty daya from the dale hereof, to apply
to the Mining Recorder tor a ccniflcateof
improvementa, fur the purpose of obtaining
a Crown grant of thc above claim.
And further take notice that action, under
ccllon37. must be dbinmunccd before 'he ban
ance of such eeriitlrair of improvement*.
Hated thia 27th day if March, l.oi
CHA*!. dkH. ORKKN.
D. L. Barcklav.
J. A.  Harris.
Livery and  Feed Stables,
-Midway, B. C.
Now is the Time to Furnish Your House.
Receiving new Goods Daily.
REFRIGERATORS  etc., just arrived.
Mineral Aot 1*96.
Certificate of Improvements.
Situate In Ihs Osoyoos Mining Division ot
Tals Dtsiriat Whsrs locatsd : On Km-
get Mountain.
TAKK NOTIOK Ihnt t. Chaa. dell. Orccn.
aa agent fur Hcn'sniln Anderson free
miner* certiflciite Nn, iVilll, ninl 11. A.
Bowermaii free miner mlUlralr No. Id* II,
intend, nix!) days Imm lhc dale hereof. In
appiv m lhc Mining It' cnl ilur (nr a Cerlilleale
of Improvement*, for the pur'atsc of obtaining
* Crown Grant of lhe ulmve claims.
And further lake nollro thai  nctlon  under
section 37 nmat Iw oommencod la-fore the taau-
mice uf audi Cerlilleale of Improvementa.
ttatcd thia 27ih da)' of Mini li. IBM.
V. HOC. CKaJLlesr & Co.
Furniture   :   Undertaking and Embalming,
The Travellers Insuranee Go.,,
Oertiflcnte   of Improrements.
Tlir StNSY 8111K MlNKIUl Cum.
Situs is In ths Rsttls ttlvsr Hlnlnt Divlilon of
Yslt Dlstriot. Whsrs localsd:-Hsar te
Eholt Cresk, (formerly called frier
Creek.) lyint partly upon and northerly
of and adjoining let Ut, Township 78.
TAKK NOTICE thai I, William Graham
McMynn. free mlner'a eertilleale No.
nftmi. Intend, aixty daya from the date hereof,
:o apply tn the Mining Recorder for a Certiorate of Improvementa, lor the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of the abore claim.
And further take notice that aclion, under
■rrilun 37. muat be commenced before the
laanance ofauch Certificate of Improvement*.
Hated Ihla 27th day of March. IWI.
British Imports from Canada.
The London Bonnl of Trade rrtnrim
for the past two months show Uie
following increase of British import*
from Canada compared with the corresponding period last year:
Cattle •190.(100. wheat $art>,IM),
wheat flour *j5,<»n. mts *liV»W.
peaa •15,0110, hacon »2It),UKI, hams $&-
0NO, cheese »K_,n0O. eggs *»UU>, nali
•2)5,000. hewn wood tUMUI. sawn
wood •tftOUO.
Oeciviues : Mnisr •Sfi.MO. hotter
•tailOU, pulp wood HM5,(«»i.
The duel increases in British exports t«> ra-Nula were : Spirit»sjPftttW.
wool •IU,IUI, vuttou piece gmuU *ll»V
tm, jute «au.i«A linen *_,UU>. silk
niantifiicttiivs $_,(M)v wimUetu •Iti.
0011, ■vursleils «40,Um, tatyrts t'AtUI,
pig inui £2,000, galvanised sheets
#:«),(llll. lin plHtes #««.«»►. rant and
wrought iron <tl35,UO, uiiwruu»*lil
steel ijUUIUIt), appttrvtaud itU>v» •70,-
Notice ti Taxpayers.
Reek Creek Dlvlale* cf Tale DieerM
NOTICK l« hereby given In accordance with
Ihu i*i ut ni* Unit Provincial Revenue Tax
and nil taxes levied uniler IhcAeacMmeiit Act,
arr mm due fer lhc year Wo. All the above
named late* collrrllble within thr Hock Creek
Division of Yvlr IH'Irirl nre pnynblo at my
nIHce nt Knirvh-w, Yntc IHairlrt. Aaseased
taxes are coll.i tiblr al I he follmrin** r.tlea, vis:
It Pi-M on er liefore tune Huth. HNWi
Three-Mill* rrf mur per rent, on renl properly.
Two ami one-half prrecnt. on iissewicd value
of wild land.
One-half ofo-ieprrcm'.nn persona! properly.
tin so much of the income of any per son aa
exceeds one thousand dnH-ir* ttm following
rates namely :—I'pna such exewa of Income,
• hen Ihe same ta noi more than len thousand
dollars, one per cent: when sueli exeem Is over
ten ibfinsNiMl dollars nnd not more than twenty
thousand dotlrrs. ivor and one nitarter off one
pereeiM.: when sirh excess is over twenty
ItUMMnd *nlla»» one nml me half of one pur
If Pakf an ar After IM J-rl-r. !»•••_
KoWT'Hflhsnf ami percent, on reel property.
Three pel real, na the aliased value ef wild
Tkre-'-f-mri I* ol ese per cent, en personal
Ihi so mark nf the hmme nf any pome* aa
'■■h'-kmIsnme i_iamo4 dollara, the folle-elng
nxxe.iwumrf''- t'prm seek excess, when thc
-4IBM-1* nr* more than len thousand dollars,
nresnd nne tp»ri<-rp*r real.; when such ex-
ecaa Is nver len thousand dollara end less than
t»enty thonsnnit dollar*, one and one half of
nne per c«ni.; when ssch excess leover twenty
thousand <lollar»oti« and three quartern of one
Provincial Revenue tax, ISM per rsoitttx
a. rT I.AMBLV.
K.ijrvlew, U. C, Am'Hur taixi ..uUcctor.
Of Hartford. Conn.
Chartered 1863.
Stock Life and
Accident insurance.
ISSUES the hest. life Insurance
I c.iniriicis ln the world. Nu
disappointment as to dividends,
Everything guaranteed in advance. Premium rates 15 In 'li
per rent less than those of old
line Mutual companies.
January ist, 1897,
LIABILITIES, .. 17,910,360.19
SURPLUS   .... a,976.4-M*J*
The Travellets Comhinatinn Art-Idem Policy guarantees tot-accidental
under ordinary conditions,
Heath Benelit     ,      ,     .     . »Atni
Loss of Sight of Both Kyes     . ,000
Loss of Both Keel or Both Hands S.twi
laws ef One Hand and One Koot Wmo
Permanent Total ItiaaMI ty 1 WO
Idas nf Right Hand     .     .
l-oas of tug at or above Knee
Lose of IajII Hand     .    ,     •
Loss of Klthcr foot
Loss of sight of One Kye 1     .
Lin\it8 of   Weekly Indemnity ©1,300.
AND, (f such injuries arc sustained while riding as a passenger in
any passenger conveyance using steam  cahle,   or  electricitv as a
motive power the amount tn he paid   shall he DOUBLE  the sum
specified in the clause under which the claim is made,
Cost $52 a year  to Professional and   Business
Men.and Commercial Travelers.
Other rami at proportionate ratei
FALLS HOTEL...      ssfsss
The  hotel  Is  centrally located and is a stopping place  for  slag' lines.
Good Ashing In tbe vicinity,   Good stabling.
A Ti'lety of tho eholcwt brands of llquora and cigars at the b»r
Greenwood City  Boundary Creek, B, C.
We have opened tke ntoxe hotel at Onnrr.ood City, ana nre prepared
to welcome guests and provide good mrommodation, Good Catering, first
ctasa Liter? Stable,
0 0*
Operate the Fastest Train across
tlie American Continent.
9 J **!
First Class and Tourist Sleepers
jistboi;ni)   da I i.v Trt a in*   wssfbowb
5j45     Lv.     Sicamous Jet.     I.v. 19:5(1
Leaves  Ventlcton, Tun., Thur., Sat', (i.«J
Arrives I'eiilicton, Mon., Wed.. Kri., 17:30
Accelerated Service to and irom
all points and through
Ex. Sin.     DAILY TRAIN       Ex. Sc.n.
IojM  Ar.      Oreenwood       Li*.  11:35
For full information lis bi time, rates,
etc. or for copies of C. P. Htiilwny
publications, address:
E. R. REDPATH, Agent, Greenwootl.
8. L. SMITH, Agent, Pentieton.
W. V. ANDERSON, T. P. A.Nelson.
E. J. COYLE, A. 8. ■■■ A. Vancouver.
Nr>TI(.-K fr hurt'by given that thiity days
Hfter (Into I inti'int toatoplv to the Cl.icf
Coin initio; -mf Uuidfl at a Works for per*
mission o purchiuse 320 ooTcg of lrnid ns fof-
Iowa itnineiictDg ul a post imifu mille rioutli
o"i thc Suv.'i Ki.-t corner of Lot $/G thence
:.i-M0 ukalnttSouU] tiauee 'J chains, thence
u '•-' [Orti-iitiH, ilieiicc Xortli_OchiiinR toplace
i Uuinm'ill■ ■" ..ieiii anu containing !ffu borea
mor_ v lc-i*.
'i'lio «Ud tutifl _(-ing required for agricultural
MuKAY INtfRLM.   ,
f>at«l Jii-iSth (iuyot January, 1900.-
taatifotty staW at the eoaflnenee of Boundary tek aid Kettle River.
W'ILL BE The most important railway town, in-the  Kettle  River Mining Division.
,.    . The Western Terminal and  Divisional point of the Columbia & Western Railway.
" The' Wholesale Supply .aud Manufacturing centre of the Kettle River and Boundary
Creek Districts.
The distributing  point for   Upper   Kettle  River,  West   Fork  and Camp  McKinney
mining camps.
•The nearest Railway town to Republic,  Meyers  Creek,  Palmer Mountain and   other
Northern  Washington mining camps.
The   leading residence town   in   the  country, with an excellent   climate,  pure water
supply and favorable sanitary conditions.
Business, residence and garden lots at low prices and on easy terms...
J. F. PIGGOTT, Manaoeb, E. JACOBS,
^.dtm^W^eBmltling,   THE . MIDWAY CO., Lt&      ^\twM^»
Mineral Act 189.
Certificate of Improvements.
Certificate   of   Improvements..
fhi " i. II 1. QOI.DKX CKOWN AMD llliMK<TAKK
le •- lhe Osoyoos Minijig lilviston ot
. .        s'.rtct. W here I'MifeiH-On McCalg
'  i "   .'   'V.i    I,   t'fias.   dcRluis
th    National   Min-
■■    -j . ii.. ny. free  miner's
:: .     •..;. -'. .jv ilny* from
■ ■ the Minimi llecqr-
i   , . iproveuicnbii for tho
-'. ,: ■   .  I luwii grant of the
■ .ii ■*' that .lotion, under
immonced  before the
.:  ■ rtlflu&tc of improvement*
:J rl dar nf March, WW,
t":l.\!.. DKH. OREEN.
Hawk Minkhal ('[.aims.
Situate   in the Osoyoos Mining Division of
Yale District   Where locaied : ln Camp
Fairview.      mm    ,
TAKH 'NOTICE thut I, Chas. tlcB. Green,
u* ftKerit for the Dominion Consolidated
Minus, Utnited.frce minerj, eertlfleato No. i*.v;_'J
intend; «ixty days from the date hereof, to
imp yty the Mimticj Recorder for a Certificate
if liiipruvuniunts. for the purpose of obtJiining
xx Crtlvvit (.nim of the above cfaitnB.
And farther take notice that jiction under
section 'A~ must be commenced beforo the i_u-
mtoeof such i iTiitli-,»i*Mif Improvementa,
Dated Ihis 20th day nf October, 1890.
Mineral Aet, 1896.
Certificate  of Improvements.
Real Estate and Mining Brokers.
Rre Insurance a Specialty.   ^aiiSfe5JiB^
Certlflcate   of   Improvement*.
fl OngoodpapJ
P arid In the ij
W approved style!
m   LETTER Hl-.\i,,
CALLINd ( \R'\
of anv kind.
"["111. ilriiish Columbia Southern Railway i
I : ..mpnii)- will jijiply lo (hi Parliament of I
Qpnada at lis next Se*Mon fo ... \,:i auihnr-
i/.inK Ihe I'oiiiiuii:'w j .nipl j , v time be-
tore Ihu x.uii nl lheyiirl!*"l.. • i'.ii section
as dimcribod in lliu Ai'of the....I Parliament
lti-i.il Victoria. Chapter -nil mul a brunch line
f-'iin ,1 point on wins Une at nr near thc
fork-nl Michel Creok Ihence by sraypf Utatael
Creek in Marlon Creek, and for nther purposes.
By order of tho H aid,
ii. Campbell, o.sivALi),
Montreal, 17lh Novotnber, 1899.
Bullskye Fraction Minkhal Claim..
Situate In Osoyoos Mining Division of Vile
District.    Where Located:-On Kruger
TAKE NlJTICE that I.Chas.tle Hlnis Green,
a* agent fbr John C. Fisher, free miller's
certificate No. I87Wa. Qeorge A. Engel, free
ntfhera certificate Ko. 18'J.Ta, and for Win'. V.
Keller, free uiiiiere certificate No.no728. intend,
sixty days from  the   (late   hereof. Io appiv
lo   the Mining Recorder' fur u certificate of
Improvements, for Iho  purpose of oblaining
a Crown grunt of the above claim.
And furiher lake notice that action, under
cction 37. iiiiim be commenced hefore 'he issu
ance of such ccrlificalc of iiuprovcnicn s.
Dated IhiKjWh day rf Oclobcr. INffl.
  CHAfci. pull. OHKKS.
Bob Hall's Stage Line
Okkkn Mountain, Black and Alfuct
Minkkai. fif_t>i_
Situate In the Osoyoos Mining Division of
Yale District, where loeaied ; In Green
Mountain camp, Ken meos creek.
TAKK NOTICE thai l.t lj,i-..!elUni.iircii,.
acting jis uKen' fur David lllack freo
miner* certificate No. U.W9, .I.u,us lllack. free
miner - c. Hill,-ale N'o. ull7;ti. Alfird Woodcmfl
freo miner's certificate No. nt&R. and lJ.
O. McArthur, free mlnormiertlllraii! So.lft37A.
intond.nlxty djtvs from the date hereof, tu
apply u> the Mining Ret*bHerforii Certificate
of ImpnivemeniH. for tho purpuric uf oblaining
a Crown Grant of thu above claims.
And further take notice that action, under
flection 37, inimt bo oominunocd before lhe
issuance uf such Certificate uf Improvements
| Dnled this S)lh day jf January, inn.
'■ _^ CHA.S.dkII liltKKV.
! MINERAL Act, 1896.
I Certiflciite   of Improvementa.
«&•& forms for Mineral Ciaui
#wA'fi 1 avit forms for FieJ
;$"$   Notes, etc., etc
WV Miuw.vY.aJ
A Trial Order Solicited \
TKe /\dvar\ce,
AnldealResldenee Town.
Buy a residence site whilst
there is plenty of choice. Pure
air and watoi, beautiful scenic
surroundings, skilled resident
physician, excellent school- ist
the place for families.  Try it.
For Prices and Terms
Apply to
Spokane Falls
..& Northern,
Nelson & Fort Sheppard,
- -ANU- -
Red Mountain Railways.
The  only all-rail route, with
out change of cars, between
Spokane,   Rossland
an'l Nelson. . .
(Carrying Her Majesty's Mails)
Meets the steaoief.Aberdeen at Pentcton on Mon
days, Wednesdays and Saturdays.- Passengers to
and from Fairview, Osoyoos and Oroville, Wash.,
delivered in quick time, and '%.. comfortable
Livery, Feed and
Sale Stables.
At Penticton, B. C.
11 R. 8. HALL, Proa
Subscribe for
Tim Mkaixiw I.IHK Ml-iKRAI. ('UIM.
Situate In the Kc.iio River SUning DlvlsPiri of
Yale   DlitricL   Where luealadi^ In Skylark Camp, lying southerly,of and adjoining the Skylark mineral claim.
TAKK SOTiOKftSlt 1.   NulKon Jowph U
l'ljim,fnc miner cefUttayo No. Winn, f.ir
inynelf ami an agent fur  R. U  Uniler.  free
llllllur   rurljll.-iile Nu. MeAla, lamer M Si. m.
free iniuri ijiTlltiuiiiiJ Nn. laSTJ*, nnd Wjlliiuii
iij iliiuii   Mi'Mvnti. free niiiiur uurllrtrele No.
Wtlnl, inlellil. uisiV)' day* frwin lhe dale lierr-if.
In apply In the Mining Recorder for a (Vriitl-
eale uf Improvement*, for the Tiurpoee of ohtaining a I'niun Grant of the aoqve claim.
And further iJike iinlief that actlun. Under
Mj.ii'tii 37. inuiit Iai ijiiiiiiii'-ii-i'l bofore lhe
IsnmMe nfmiuh fitrtiflnileof IintirtiveliientJi.
Datod IhW 7th dny of Nnvi'mhnr. ISW.
Certiiicate  of   Improvement
Tm: Hootiiui'K jisi, M wi  wi.   M *
Situate in  the n*,.,- ■... Mlnln; !)■■■■
Vale  dislrict.     Where     «!««
Camp Fairview.
TAK*';-N"TlfK. Ihal t, John  '■   v-"tt
|   I     Ua agent   for  II.  T   ShiH
couver free miner* tcrtitlrnii   x	
| lend, ilny  iais trt,,:,   tlu.  dal
I anuly to ihe Mining Rtunrdw fur
"I linpnu'i'inunl*, fid* lhe purpn-
a (Vnivniininr „f lhe .iImivc iTatni-
And further lake notice Ibat act!
tiijetlon 37.   in um   be coiuuioiiccd   bcfnrt
i«niMl» of Mich Certificate of Impim et
Dnted tbi* Uth day of November, IS'J.
Certificate of   Improvements
IlAi.MtiK.ii. Miskrai, Claim.
Situate In the Osoyoos Mining Division of
Yale District.   Where located: Camp
TAKE NOTICK that 1. It. H. Pnrkiimbn I
an agent for William Small, free
miner's eertlfleato No. 11 liiSKl, intend, sixty I
days from thu dato hereof, to apply to the
Mining Recorder for a certlflcate of Improvement* for lhe purpose of oblaining a Crown
Grant of the above dlKm.
And further take notice that action, under
section Ji", must be commenced before tho
Issuance of .-.uch Certificate oMmprovcoienta,
Dattid this Sth day of November. 1899.
The pioneer
newspaper in the Bonndary distriet
Only $2.00 a Year.
( ritilti lilt-   nt    liii|iron-iiii-nlH.
I'lllrliHhU  Ml.1l.llll. I'UIM.
at* in ihu Onoywii Mining Jilvlilon or
Ynia filstrlel. Where locaied : Kruger
T.U.K NOTICK llial I, i Ima. diilllola Green
as agent fur Heujiiinln AiuIcmoii tin-
mlmm cjirtlfleaie No. n.ni'2, Intond »l«y dny*
from lhc dale hereof, tn apply lo the Mining lie-
eordorfor a certlllcntc of imtirovcmcnbi. for the
purpnao of ohlalnifig a Crown Grant of the
above claim.
And further lake notice that action, under
section   H7. must  be commeocoil bofore thei
isauancc of tmch certiiicate of improvement*!.
Dated this 14th day of March. 1900.
OOINQ NUItTH,                       GOINtl SOCTH
12)41 tm, tn    MAIU IS I2illii.ni.
Triiiii li'itvitiK MiiiTtia nt 12:11 n. m
iimto-t clusti conniptions at Spokant*
witb trains for nil
Pacific Coast Points.
rin*' connivtinns nt Nelunn wilh
slHiiuilinnls Iiir Kaslo und ull tCootenny
Imk" points.
Piissoiiijoi's for Kettle Hiver nml
Boiuiilary I'teik connect al Marcus
wilb stuKi' ujiily. ,
XX. A.. JA0K3ON,
O. P. AT, A
Riverside  Addition,
Just a Word!
To those contemplating an investment in Midway real estate, the information is
offered that on the Riverside Addition may be
found 300 very choice residence sites.
LOTS 50 x 125
For terms and all other infor mabioi apply to
W.H. NORRIS,        or A. MEGRAW,
Midway, B.C Camp McKinney, B.C.
Certlflcate    of   Improvement
llni.n lit i. Mi.vuul Claim.
Situate in th* Owyooi Mining DlviM
or Yale District. Whir* Located: Ct;
TAKK NOTICK Hint I. t:iui«. IteBloin tir.
an iiucnl for liciiiye Sheclian, free mu
rcrtitli-aic    Nu.   n57!». inteml.   sUty
from tbo ilate hereof, to apply to the Hi-., ■
'teconler for a Certificate of Improvcmoni ■
the uurp.i-1'ul oblainiuK a Crown (imni of
above cbilui.
Ami furthei tako notice that action, tir,
Notion JI7, xnwl I*: commenced before  -
issuance of nuch Certificate of Imprnvemt■•-
Dated thia 5th day of .Imiiiarj JA. D. lSn
o__ Practical .__>
Midway, B. C.|
Promptly   and   Neatly!
MIDWAY, B. C      ,
Prioea mXtaekoasm*0,
"111 nn* '	


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