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The Midway Dispatch C. M. Crouse 1903-06-27

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 Vol. I, No. 52.
$2.00 per Year.
n^ry Works '
HdnnriHtoi), Omt
Deeritig Binders
"Up i.   I'i tt  iiinder  on   the   market.    No  harvest
:en found so difficult as to trv its capacity.
| Peering Mowers
"iHteriiiy   Ideal   Mowers" possess so many  genuine   points  nf     |
excellence   a.s   to   make    them  the  Leading and    Favorite     i
Mower of the world
Peering Rakes
Deerin;' Rakes are "Ideal" machines in every particular.
Fishing Tackle.
You can save Money and Big Fish bv buying vour Tackle here.
iristol Steel and Split Bamboo Rods.
Landing Nets,    Baskets,  Reels,
Flies, Hooks, Lines, Leaders, Etc.
\v_0   '.tit.
.:. .'ty   .'ty.    'ty     '*,y
ty    '<y ,-tyy. s"Wr-. '*y   '-&':   W   'SP' ■'*?'   ty .-'ty  ■'*?''
i*i>.   -xjh.  XA;   i.t_ii,' \tb.   '>."£». .j».hV   i'h.'■-'lUXki \'lt.   >.»X   vft.'-' yx.
♦ ♦■H >»"•'•* k i '14 + + i * * *»•■-« -If -. •* M****************!***.**
■JC .If
* •>
:     NOTHING BUT HATS     \
1      TRIMMED       \.
i    UNTRIMMED    |
!   STRAW   HATS,  I
-'■   MiStt life BOY'S HATS   |
*j*-.j|.*»*'l-1'^^!;^*W^^***'l'*t'*»****1'll'^'*'*^^?J^'-*'.»-!^ !'
mm ,•,»•, ,*<*%. ,<-*»\. .}■«?•>. /jw^'/WfN rrmymym am vim wg /tyy/m. 'M&M
Clanks   Upon  Which   Ihe   Liberal*
will Contest the Coming Provincial Miction.
Tin' liberal pin tl'j inn, mm
adopted at tint provincial liberal
convention held nt Viii icon ver
(in February tlio 7til, MXI_, in ns
1, Tlio immediate redistribution of the constituencies of tlm
province on tlie basis of population biifcnllowinga smaller unit
of population per sunt for the
outlying districts.
2. Government ownership,
Dominion, provincial nml
municipal, of puhlic services of
utilities is sound ami should Iki
carried out in Hritish Columbia.
It. .Should it he advisable nt
any time format aid to ti railway conipany such slmll he in
cash and not. iu land uml no
bonus of any kind shall be given
without definite aud effective
means being taken to safeguard tlie interests of the province iu the management of the
jjpiidi control of the freight and
passenger rates, and provision
made against such railway haying uny liability against, it ex':
cepl for actual cost.
•I. Immediate construction of
thc Const-Kootenny railway:
the Cariboo railway; the ex-
tiiisioiof th< island railway:a
railway from Albcrni ton point
on the east coast of the island:
a 'load in Hie northern part ot
The province from the coast to
the eastern, boundary with an
extension to tlie northern boundary: the railway from Vernon
to Midway by north fork of
Kettle Hiver; with necessary
liranch lines, ferries and con
5. The enforcement of the aet
now in force compelling the
scaling of logs hy government
tl. That such legislation should
he enacted as will result in
making the lands included ill
the various dyking areas available for cultivation astpiieklyas
possible and secure prompt payments of assessments when due,
7. That the government should
keep in touch with the con'r
ilitions iu connection with mining, protecting said industry
against combines aud trusts
and if necessary for the purpose
build and operate smelters and
ivlinerios. .Vo reasonable
change should he made in the
milling laws without full notice
to all parties interested, giving
full opportunity for discussion
and criticism.
S, As the province can only
advance by the settlement with
in its borders of thrifty and
prosperous citizens, and iin
Orientals never become citizens
in any proper sense of tlie word,
we declare it to be the duty of
the government to discourse
Oriental immigration and employment by every means with
iu its power, and we appeal to
our fellow liberals throughout
the Dominion to aid us in our
efforts to protect ourselves
against the ruinous competition
of men having a standard of
decency nnd comfort immensely
below that of civilized people,
and who shirk every duty and
obligation of citizenship which
the law will allow them lo
11. The governnient ought to
prevent the waste and suffering
caused hy strikes and lock-outs,
and an earnest effort ought to
be made to provide some means
of preventing such strikes ami
lock-outs, and we approve the
adoption of compulsory arbitration.
Id. 'J'he liscal system of the Luin boring rinks third
province stands in need of re- among the extractive imluKlries
vision. Taxation should bear of Canada and the fenst wealth
upon privilege rather than upon is very great, ft is slated that
industry, und no addition should 1211 species of trees grow it that
lie imule to the debt of the country, 91 occuriug east of the
province except for public works Rocky Mountains, and 2!) on i he
properly chargeable to capital.    I'acilic coast.    The  forest  belt
11. The retaining of the re- extends a distance of about
sources of the province as an •,I,(KK) miles East anil We;!., with
asset for the benelit of the a breadth of some TtHi miles.
people and taking effective The trees consist principally of
measures to prevent the alienu- the following species; black
tion of the puhlic domain ex- and white spruce, banksaui
cepl to actual bona fide business piiio, white pine, red pine, Inr, n,
or industrial purposes, putting balsam fir, balsam poplar,
an ond to the practice of specu- aspen, canoe pirch, bird cherry,
latiou in connection with the while cedar, black ash and
same. mountain ash occur sparingly
12. The construction and in the southern part of tills
maintenance of roads through  belt.
out the province to aid in tho|    Hritish Columbia is   thought
development of the mining and  to possess the greatest compact
agricultural districts.
m * *
The Natural   Resource* of the Dominion to be well Represented.
reserve of timber in tlie world.
The wooded area ii* estiiunied
nt 2v),fj()0 square in,les and in-
cliini's ninny i.inn'n .... i.'i.i ic.\
The Douglas spruce is the show
true of Hritish Columbia and ni-
St.' Louis, .lime 21k- "Canada ! ,','<'*1 ■->£ Canada,
will take part in the Louisiana! The forests of Canada con-
Purchase Exposition as a tain |,'ine, spruce, liiliiitock, oua,
S'atiou." Such was tlie answer "I'ii, maple', beech, birch, bnrl< r-
givon by Sir Wilfred l_ii'irier,jnut, hickory, bass wood, ec
;>f Canada, from his seat in the -Wi'ly '.IS of its v.hoie area is
I louse of Common, loan inquiry [ forested.
made to the government by onej *» ^'M "i'' capital invested in
of the Canadian members of j the pulp mills of Canada alone
The great "silver tongued"
man of Canada meant what he
said. The news just received
from Ottawa, the seat of the
Canadian government is to tin
wnsaboui $I5,U(I(WK)()'. lhe capacity of the mills was over 120(1
tons per day, The value of the
forest products exported iu
11X11 was nearly $,".l!.(XKUI00. and
their total must   have  been at
effect tllflf  exfiMisive'-'tirepiir-jIe'istthrei? times that amount
ations are being made to show
to the    world    the   immense
resources  possessed     iiy    the
neighbors to tlie North,
Canada has grown aud pros
It will readily be seen that
indeed. Canada has something
to show hnd she intends, to
spring a universal surprise next
year.   Mr. William  Hutchison,
pered wonderfully during the Canadian Exposition Coinmis-
Inst decade. Its trade has in-jsioiietC/s jiist back in Ottawa
creaseiltoenormoiisproportions, frovi .Itipan, where lie rcpre-
Its crops have liceii such iis fomented his country at the Osaka
merit for Canada abroad the (Exposition. Mr. Hutchison's
title of "granary of the world." I trip to Japan is certain tube of
Its minesandore fields, partic-1 considerable future benelit to
tilarly those of Nova Scotia Canada and already trial ship-
ami Cape Hrt'tou, have heen incuts ol wheat ami Hour have
develop**! ih slifch a  way as to heen   made   to   the  Enr   East,
set dreaming the most pessimistic and it is now generally
conceded that the finest jewel
of (ireat   I Sri tain's  crown can
country just visited by him*'
The Canadian Coinissioiior is
now actively engaged in making preparations I'or the World's
more than supply its home j Fair at St. Louis. On his way
market for minerals while ft i homo from Vancouver to
exports annually millions 'Ottawa he made preliminary
worth  of grain,   lish,   luinber|arrangements for a thoroughly
and timber.
Of tlm industries based upon
natural resources the fisheries
representative exhiliit of tho
timber, fisheries and mining
industries of Canada.     Ilritish
rank second in Canada. This!Columbia will furnish the
country hus over 5(100 miles of (forest monster and an offoft
sea coast, in addition to inland i will be made to obtain the
sens, innumerableMakes, nnd a largest and longest piece of
great number of rivers. The Douglas Eir ever shown,
exports of the fishery products The salmon canning industry
it IN!>7 amounted to $22,7N.»,54fl. | of   the I'acilic   Coast and    the
The home consumption is estimated at a value of $15,000,000,
giving a total yield from tlie
fisheries of nearly $.'18,000,000
annually, exclusive of the catch
by foreign fishermen.
The sea, inshore and inland
fisheries of Canada furnish rod,
mackerel, haddock, halibut, herring, hake, salmon, shad, alew-
ives, striped bass, smelt, lake
trout, miiscalonge, white lish,
sturgeon, pike perch, black bass,
brook trout, pike, eels, ami gold-
eye, besides oysters, lobsters,
seals, whales, and walrus.
The richest \vhaling regions
iu the world are said to exist iu
the Hudson Bay and Arctic regions of Canada.
The I'acilic coast fisheries
furnish halibut, black cod,
oulachan, anchovy, herring,
smelt, and many species of salmon and trout. The salmon of
Hritish Columbia aro worth
over $5,000,000 annually, and
the total yield of the flshluies of
that province exceeds $0,000,000.
numberless kinds of lish from
the Mar,tine Provinces will be
well represented lit the Exposition in St. Louis. Canada is
second to none iu her natural
resources and  her   showing  of
next year will well prove it.
—    ,,,
Register Your Vote.
Only males are untitled   to
vote,     The qualifications   are
shown ou the printed  form of
application and are as follows:
The applicant must be;
(a)   21 years old.
(h)    Entitled to thc privileges
of a Hritish subject.
(c)   Uosidont in the province
for six months   immediately preceding Ihe  dale
of his application  to he
put on the list,
(il)   Resident iu tlio electoral
riding for oue month immediately preceding (Iuj
date of such application.
No   Chinese,    .Japanese    or
Indians can be put on the voters'
list. C. jM. OltOUSK kdllorand Proprietor
I'libllKhmt weekly nt Midway, H. C.
Siilworlplloii priii', HM por annum, payable
In mlvancc, olt.hor yiwrly or half yoiirly at. Urn
option ot thi' unliricrllior.
AdvorliniiiK raton »ont. nn applirnllon.
Premier   McBride may win
in the approaching provincial
contest,  but  it  is  more than
likely that   the Tories, like a
millstone round his neck, will
east him  deep  in the sea of
political defeat.   A great many
Conservatives or more properly
Liberal Conservatives have,announced    their    intention ■ of
throwing in their lot with the
Liberal or Reform party.   Tlj<we
men were followers of Sir John
A. Macdonald in their former
homes in the Eastern provinces,
and in British Columbia.   They
believed in the National Policy,
and still   believe in   it, as do
many Liberals, who, formerly
Conservatives,   left   the party
when, the conservatives under
Sir Charles Tupper proposed to
coerce Manitoba when theschool
question came up.   Many Liberal   Conservatives   recognize
the  fact   that   the   National
policy is not at stake; that it
has practically been adopted by
the Liberal party at Ottawa;
that the Liberal party combines
the best   principles that have
boen advocated by both parties
sinceConfederation ;und that it
is desirable   from every  point
of view to bo in touch with the
authorities at   Ottawa rather
than antagonize them.   Mr. McBride   will,    almost   without
exception,    have   the  sfapport
of the Tory clique, at Victoria
and elsewhere.   For this reason
if he is successful at the polls,
he is bound to reward them for
their  support;  he cannot  go
back .on his  Tory supporters.
It is well known that the Tory
element are in control throughout the province, and it is only
reasonable to suppose that they
will retain control, if the McBride government be sustained.
There will be no change; the
same old gang, whoso motto is
"whatever is, is right" will hold
most of the lucrative position's*
and conduct affairs in the same
old antiquated way.   One thing
is certain,  they will make a
hard fight,  us did  their predecessors in the struggle for responsible   government,   which
took place in the other provinces
many years ago, but which has
never heen established, except
in name, in British Columbia.
Wholesale and Retail Meat
Markets at: Greenwood, Grand Forka, P^oe^ix
arid Midway.
about ten to twelve cars of ore
. At thn^.Qrahhy' mines the
force has been reduced slightly
of .late, owimg to thefact tlmt
but two furnaces are in operation at the company's smelter.
As an auxiliary coke supply is
now beginning to come in, however, a third, and perhaps tt
fourth, furnace will be placed
in operation in a day or two,
when the force jitthe; itiWes
will again be somewhat increased.
Certiorate   of   Improvements
Mark F. Madden, president of
the Providence Mining company has left for Chicago. It
is stated that before leaving he
obtained a one eight interest in
the Goldfinch, which is regarded
as one of the most i-rpmising
high grade mineral claims iu
Skylark camp.
T. H. Rea, a well known mining operator, formerly of Boss-
land, recently organized a com
pany in Chicago for the purpose
of operating  the   Betts   and!
Hesperus,    two   well   known
claims   on    Hardy   mountain
about four miles from Grand
Porks.   Tlie new corporation,
which is capitalized at. one mil*
lion dollars, in  shares  of one
dollar, will start development
work immediately.   The officers
are wealthy" business men  of
Chicago,  the   president   being
Charles J. MacGee. ', President!
MacGee will arrive Shortly to
inspect the property, which has
il ways been regarded as a prom
ising one.    About two hundred
feet of crosscuts and surface
Work performed by the former
owners has 'opened np some
rich  bodies   of sulphide  ore.
Mr. Ilea will personally direct
the development work, which
at the outset will consist of surface   stripping with   a   view
of opening   tip a glory hole
similar fo those at Granby and
Snowshoe mines.   It is his intention to make a smelter test
at an early date.  The new company is the Hesperus Gold and
Sulphur Mines Company.
P. A, Minkhal Claim,
Situate In the Oaoyoos Mining Division of
Yale     District.   Where   looated:  On
Kruger Mountain.
TAKK NOTICK thatl, C. dull. (Ircrun, a*
iiKunl for A. I.. Hroduriek, (roo ininer's cor-
tlHonto No. ulllKlawl for Unn. Frederick,
freo minor's cnrtiHoato No. ixli'AMl, Intend
Hlit*- day* from tho dnte hereof, to apply
to tho Mining Itecordor for a I'crlltkiito
of Improvement-!, for tho purpose of obtain
Ing a Crown Orant of tho abovo Jolaiiu-
And furthor take notice that action under
•Miction 37 must bo commenced before the Ium
ance of mieh Cortlfloato nf Improvement*..
Datod thia 18th day nf Juno, 1903.
C. deB. GltKKN
ust 20th the Illinois Central will
ell round trip tickets froni^Or-
ogon and Washington pioiiitij to
Chicago, Cairo,, Momphis','.ftud
New Orleans at GREATLY
Tickets good for three
months. Going limit ten days.
Returning limit ten days after
starting west. Stop over privileges either way, west of the
Missouri River.
Sale dates are arranged to be
convenient for delegates to conventions of National Educational Association at Boston; Elks
at Baltimore; Woodmen at In-
lianapolis; Eagles at Now York;
Sliriners at Saratoga; Knights
of Pythias at Louisville and
Commercial Travelers at Indianapolis.
You can take your choice of
Sixteen Different Routes...
Write us. We will cheerfully,
give you anydetailed information you want.
B. H. Thumjuiiji,
Commercial Agent.
lUThird.Sfc.  i
Portland, Oregon.
Carrying His Majesty's Halls
Will leave MIDWAY on Tuesdays, Thurs.
days and Saturdays, at 8.30 a. m., arriving at
CAMP McKINNEY at 5 p. m.
Returning will leave CAMP McKINNEY on
Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays at .9 a. nt.
reaching MIDWAY at 1.30 p, m., and.making connection with the train going east at 2:05 o'clock.
The beet of aooommodatlon for
th* oonvenlono* of the
travailing publlo.
r. meyerhoFf, proprietor.
Certificate   of   Improvements
H. Il.itnil lluiii'Ki.isK Minkiiai.  Cmimb.
Situate In tha Kettle River Mlnln-- Division
of Yale District. Where located: In
Commonwealth Camp.
TAKK. NOTICE lhat 1. Korhon M. Itcrtiy. nu
ih Htrcnl for If'birt. S. Hiiyii«, froe infnrrV
■urtlflciUo No. ■■ "0*11 ntnl Hu:,*li l.tnod froo uiln-
tir'-cortlticaU' No. iiJUUvl, liitoml ulxt.y days
from llii' dato hereof, toapply to Min Mining
Itecordor fora tVrtlllicnte of improvements,
fnr the purpoKe of obtaining a Crown Oranl of
Lhc above claim*.
And  ttrtlior lake notico thai, action, under
section 117, must  bo commenced before the
iririuancu bf Hiich Cnrtllloalc of Improvement.
Haled thin Willi day it Mity,, HUH
Trade Mark*
Copyrights 4c
Ant oti0 nendlns a rtfrtrh and dweriptlnn nay
quickly «rf i-tniii our opinion free whether au
Invention l* probably patentable. Conimunlea-
etlyconfldantlnl. Handbook on" '
 j. Olden! iweney for MtrurtiijMi*-	
Patent! taken Uirouih Maim k Co, recelfc
Handbook on P«tenu
tlonn Ktrlctlyconfldantl
lent free. Oldent nuenur
Patent* taken tlirouil _
tpreiol notice, without chircc,
Scientific American.
A handsomely lltimtrtted weekly, l-nrtrctt elr-
riilattim of any erlonttdr Journal. Terms, 13 a
year: four months, |L Sold brail newidealere.
MUNN & Co.«i«—«-New York
•trench omee. SB V Bl. Wuhlnilluii. D, C
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
With Which Is Incorporated
The Bank of British Columbia,
CAPITAL, $8,700,000.
HON. GEO. A. COX, Pres.
.REST, $3,000,000,
B. E..WALKEH,Gen. Kgr,
Points  East
Mining Notes.
Tickets at Low Rates to the East
Be Chicago. Milwaukee & St.
Paul Bailway.
Will be on salo at nil ticket
offices on June 4th and 5tli.
Jane 24th to 30th, ■ inclusive;
July 15th and 10th, and' August
25th and 26th.
Tickets Rood for going passage for ten days from date of
sale, with final return limit of
90 days, from date of salo.
For further information address
H. S. Rowe,
' General Agent.
Portland, Oregon.
The tunnel on the Blue Jay,
in Phoenix camp, work on which
has beeu proceeding for some
months, is now in an even 200
foet, the last few being in the'
ledge, which shows good ore.
The property is under lease and
bond by Morrison and Edwards,
and ia one of the old locations
in the camp, bein^ located at
the extreme end of the hog
back on which the Old Ironsides
and Knob Hill mines are situated.
Now that the unwater
ing of tlte Athelstan, in Welling
ton, camp, has been finished,
Foreman Oxley has a force of
men at work preparing to ship
surface ore if possible. Tho ore
will be hauled by wagon to the
Winnipeg mine, and thence
shipped to the Montreal &
Boston Copper Company's Sunset ■smelter at Boundary Falls,
which concern is understood to
have some interest in the work
now going on at the Athelstan.
At the Snowshoe the new 150
h. p. .electric hoist, the largest
of any kind yet installed In the
Boundary, is now ahout ready
for uso, the timbering of
the main inr-line a MO-foot
shaft, having been completed
and other details finished. The
hoist will be in operation in a
few days. The force at the'
Snowshot! contiir.ios to be about
100, and   the shipments   run
Manager Greenwood Branch.
Spokane, Seattle and Coast Points,
St. Paul,
Estate or William Edward*, lata of Camp
McKinney, B. C„ Dteaaud Intestate.
TBNIIKUS will lm received ihy Ihe under* |
•ligntnl up In noon nn tlurMml. July. 09,
(ur ihe purelmw) of the following ml oral
clalnw aud Mining liitoreeti situate near
Oamp McKinney, hi the Oreenwood MlnlnK
IHvi-lon ol Yiilu:
North Star Mineral Clnim, Drown Granted.
Neet Bug Mineral Clnim,
Trapper Mliiornl Claim,
Highland Chief Mineral Claim I intereet.
Sunset Mlnernl Claim  ' iiitoreel,
Klamath Mineral Claim .'.._ intereet.
All pereoim having claims against the mid
estate are reqnwtal le Ilie them with the
underelgaed before the Hind dar of July, 1KB
and alt venous Indebted to the mid ornate are
required to make payment forthwith.
Camp McKinney, June, llth. UM,
No. 908, English   Stud   Book
By "HAWKEY" flat of
2  9s-_-.__-a-XH_l.ljr ft
New' Equipment Throughout, Dat Conchas,
PalneeUnd Tourist Sleepers, Olnlngand
Buffet Smoking Library Can.
|fnrTlcko*«,.IUt*,'Knldo*-.ai1dK*ilI    ]
Information, callon or addrens
Aay Agent ol the Oreat Northern  Rail wny
jr write
DUFiret Avenue, Skatti.i:, Wami.
Lancashire Houses
,: : MIDWAY, BX. : :
The undersigned having re-opened this well-
known and comfortable hotel invites the
patronage of all old customers and the public
'       . ,     . i ,.4<W
FiirnRce-htatmrnnd comfortably furnlsheii m<)i"».
Mrs. Dowding, Proprietress.
Will stand at Bock Creek
Hotel  for  service   of   mures,
TERMS: *15 for the season,
$20to,insure, $5 to.be paid at
time of service.
Why you ahnuld huy
BRCAUSE it U the Iw-t quality
BECAUSE it ia MjortUjtliijj chew
BEOAU8K it ia the largpal, high grade
10 or 20c. plug
BECAUSE Ihe tug* ine vwlnnhle for
preiniiim.ittit Jan.i, 1 906
nRCAUSEvoiir dwtler Ig HUthnriiwd
to  refund  VQ'l r   money
■ *- you nre not mtttohVd.
is a seal Brown, stands 15 hands
2 inches, weight 1100 pounds.
As may be seen by reference to
the pedigree, this horse comes
of the best blood of the English
throughhred und was selected
by Ool. Dent of the British Be-
niount Department purposely
for breeding to Canadian mares
with the intention of producing
remounts and high class drivers.
Free Pasturage for Mares.
Foi- particulars apply to
Bock Creek, B. C.
Best Hotel in  Midway
That, 60 liuyn from the dnte hoi oof, I inteiul
to imply to the Chief Ooniminslonor of I,iiiul«
and work* for pormiwion lo purohnue IW)
aeietx ot land being the eouth wont 1 of Soo-
Dated this 10th day of Mny, 1903,
H. W. YntOH,
C. doB. Oroon,
Crowell's Hotel
Rigs to any part of the country for guest's conven
*x* sxvfwwxmrrrwtjuui.
-* a t*i xaaa AAxrrt-* *r*mrrr«
PROPRIETOR and Mrs. James McNicol
,eirono to Carson to attend
wedding of Mrs. McNicol's,
or, Miss Elsie McLaren.
«,,9, C. A. B. I-ambly and two
lildrcu arrived by the McKin-
stage,    on   a   visit    to
fl, J. Dowding at the Lan-
,),ire House.
;d, Melville who has spent
-prill weeks, at the Sisters'
upjtal, Greenwood, returned
■m on Saturday, much im-
)vwl in health.
(y(, are pleased to say  that
JJ Munroe is again able  to
ground, and  is  spending  n
dnys  with   her   brother
11,. Kerr of (ireenwood.
llio many friends of Theodore
iderson are sorry  to hear
it he is again under the doc-
caro having taken a real from his recent illness.
A.   Webster,  contractor,
o has been erecting a bnild-
for  Mclnnes & Vanghan
ir Grand Forks, has returned
•in ranch on Boundary Creek.
here will be no lack of Canutes at the approaching elec-
\n the. Siinilkauieen riding,
longst others tho following
minent citizens   are   men-
Kid: 11. 8.Pittendrigh, Henry
ihohon- B. J. Sidley, W. T.
itfoitl and R. H. Parkinson,
nm Strong, the well known
ipector, has been working
several months una claim in
itral camp, on the American
, with encouraging results,
lend can be traced through
length of two clonus, nnd
iys as high ns $100 in gold
le been obtained. '■'
iverylmdy is cordially invited
lit tend the pavilion dance iit
Hotel   Winnipeg,   Grand
•ks, B. C. on the evening of
ly 1st. Dominion Day.   Caller's orchestra,   of Spokane,
HI-furnish   the music.     Tic-
one dollar,
loo. L. Pedlar, Eye Specialist,
[II make his regular visit'ut
Drug Store here on July 8.
mhlg) and JulyO. (tilll_.A.M.)
on sufTor from headaches or
b discomfort of any kind do
fnil to consult him and rare a skilled examination by
most, perfect testing uppli-
that science has produced,
lointments may be made in
ranee at the Drug Store.
[is* Elsie E. McLaren daugh-
lof John McLaren, Carson, B,
twill be married to William
ull, of Chicago, Tuesday,
ie 30th, at 8.30 p. m.   It will
home wedding  to which
relatives   and   intimate
Mids    of   the    contracting
;ies will be invited.   It goes
liout saying that Miss  Mc-
m is one of the most popu-
'oung women in tho valley,
has   resided    here since
Ihood.   Her charm of mankind other  social qualities
be recalled by all who have
»ynd her hospitality.    Mr.
P—"Rube"   as he   is   best
'n by the old timosr- is also
|rvcdly popular.    Ho was
of the pioneer newspaper
in Boundary and did much
-ploit its resources.   He has
abandoned journalism and
,mK well  iu  business  in
«<-•    The  young   people
•*ve the wishes of the en-
■community for their future
Jpiness   and    prosperity.—
■d Forks Gazette.
and the patient died a few hours
The body was brought to Midway, whero it was laid to rest,
in the cemetery on thehill above
the town. Bev. A. 8. Thompson
conducted the services at the
house and the grave. The pall
bearers were: E. Carlson, H, H.
Bunnell, W. Melville, E. Munroe,
J. Ferguson, Walter Melville.
The casket was covered with
floral offerings contributed by
friendsof the deceased and were
as follows: Broken cicle, wreath
of pansies, from family of deceased ; Mr. and Mrs. Ferguson,
spray of Syringas; Mr. and Mrs.
Gunderson, spray of roses; Mr.
and Mrs. B, Kerr, spray of geraniums ; Mr. and Mrs. Castle-
man, spray of heliotrope; Mr.
and Mrs. Lundy, cross of sy
ringas; Mr. and Mrs. Crowell,
spray of geraniums; Mr. and
Mrs. Walker, spray of roses
Mr. and Mrs. Bush, spray nf geraniums ; Mr. and Mrs, Crouse,
spray of geraniums ; Mr. and
Mrs.Hoillshor, spray of pansies;
Mrs. Dowding, wreath of roses;
Mr. Huiley, pillow of pansies;
Miss Addie Melville, spray of
roses; Miss Ethel and Kathleen
Ferguson, white geraniums ;
John and Harold Ferguson,
wreath of syringas ; Miss Pauline Heillcher, boquet.
Walter McNames was a bright
pleasant boy, being only 19
years of age at the time of his
doath. Although he had only
been a resident of Midway for
less (liim two years,his pleasant
manner had gained him many
friends, no one having anything
but a good word to say of
Walter, and his sudden death
was keenly felt by all. No lietter evidence of the esteem in
whicli he was held by the peo
pie hore could bo given than the
large attendance at the funeral,
whicli was by far the most larg-
ly attended of any every held
in Midway, His father, mother
two brothers and six sisters all
reside in Mid way, and much sympathy is expressed for theiu in
their sad bereavement
5»u.n.DUon cam
fa fa
Horse Shoeing a Specialty
All Kinds of Work Executed to the Satisfaction of Customers
Another claim attracting attention is the Hamilton, about
a mile from Greenwood, on the
old Anaconda-Grand Forks wagon road. It has been held for
some years by W. J. Harris, of
Spokane, formerly in the Le
Roi mine at Rossland, who
crown granted it about five
years ago and thereafter allowed it to remain unworked until recently, when he put on a
couple of men to open it up.
It is stated that a good vein of
quartz has been found and that
thc prospects are good for it to
improve With additional depth.
HutitiHTKRH, Solicitors/Etc
Ohkknwood. B. 0.
Chas. A. Webster,
Spokane,Wash,. U.S.A.   Midway, B C.
»«i ol Walter McNames.
Mt week we referred to the
Nn death, at Spokane, of
Iter McNames, but at the
'°f writing no particulars
»available as to the cause of
ttt one short week before
fsad event occurred Walter
nt to Spokane.   He was in his
ttlKood health at the time of
Jrtingbut before he reached
I destination he was suddenly
j*61* ill and upon his arrival a
fetor was consulted, who pro-
lanced the ailment appondi-
f18i  and   that  an operation
Md  have to be performed,
For Getting: a Beautiful Watch
and Chain Free.—No Money
Required—Every Nan. Woman, Boy, or Girl has the
same Opportunity under our
In order to have Dr. Arnold's Kite
liab Tnxin Pill" I'luoed in lhc band, nf
all perauM suffering from had health
we nmke the following inoat liberal
offer :—
If yon will send im ynnr imine snd
n.ldresr* Htiil agree to sell for u.. twelve
l*oxes of Dr. Arnold « Bniriiah Toxin
Pill* st Sue. per box, we will jrive yon
absolutely Free ■ beautiful Watch
and Chain in either Ladies or Uent>
liae, or your choice of twenty other
premiums such»» Hne set* of Jewelry,
hint!*, Violins, Mandolins, Ta 8et».
Sateen Skirts, Cameras, etc. Keiii.m
Int we don't want any money until
after you sell the Pills and yon don't
have lo sell any more than 12 bnxe« to
■ret, the premiums. Tliis is a bona fide
offer from a reliable concern that Ims
given thnusands of dollars worth of
premiums to ageiils all over the com;
try Ken-ember also that Dr. Arnold s
polish Toxin Pills are a well known
■•cioedv for nil diseases of the kidneys
and bladder, Bright'* disease, dtalietes,
rheumatism, nervous troubles, and
female complaints, nnd are for sale by
all first, class druggist* and denier* n
all part-, of the world. You have only
to show lliem lo sell them. You are
iiotofferltiK something that the people
don't, know. Our wateho* are the
regular standard sixe for Ladle; or
Gentlemen in Niikel or Gun Metal
('uses with handsome illuminated dials
nnd reliahle tiiue-kee|iei*». watches
such as no lady or gentleman need he
ashamed In carry, and they will he
sent absolutely Vree to all who sel
onlv twelve hoxes of tho«e wonderful
Toxin Pills. Write Ht "nce Blld ''*'th*
Histin vour locality to earn one of
those beautiful watches and chain. As
mmmi ns we receive ynur letter or post
card we will send you post paid twelve
boxes, together with our lllustriitert
Catalogue and heautiftillv colored card
with your name nnd address on as nur
authorised agent. Bear in minfl that
you will not lie tuiked lo sell any mote
ihan the U lioxes and we don't want
any money until after you have sold
them.   We bear all the expense and
Tn.TlimniiK Muiti*-1, of Ymir, nnd M. .1. Mor,
Inrtr, lale of Vmlr. ll. C.
Yon arc Iwrflhr notlflw! tb-f I have
•TtmnM Ono HnnilruJl 1'nllnfj ltl«i.01r In ns-
-*.«unt<<n' work on tho "hili*ky llm" Mlnoral
rlslni. «lMuti' near Mver. Crmk tn Iho Oroon*
-oo-t Mlnlni Division nt \ei" Dl.trlot in Brit-
l.h rolnmhia. t« hoi 1 sulil rliilm (or Cu: yoar
undlng UvUibur, 1 'tli. km, and a f irlhur
roun <il Ono Hu-slral Hullnr. 1(1141.(1)1 In -«••«•
•incnl work lo hold nald olalm tor tho jtjii ending October inth. Wl. and havo fnrllier ex-
i.imdnl the sum ol Klve Uollnni H6.TO In n
ronlitiK Niid uixt-Mnonti- in order to hold wild
rlaini under Ihe provl-itom of Section 21 nf
lho Mineral Aot
And If within ninety Aay* after tho pobli-
.atlnnof thliiinuloe, vou.or eltherof ynu fail
rrrofurie tu pay or i tribute yonr  portion
..f lho Mpandltiiro required under mid «.•<■•
Hon 21. lliat l» tu wiy, the mid Thomas Murray In lhe -mn nf »Jll.bl and tho nald M. J.
Moriirty In the mim of (HA toifether with
;,.ur purll.m of all costs of advertising, the
interval nf nuoh of you iw full or rofu*i to
iiunirfltute your portion of nald eupendituro
mil (hmim of rtilruriUlni*. "hull heroine vcntod
In the lubwrlher tyuur ooownor) umlcr soclion I of the "Mineral Act Amendment Ant
Ilnte-t at Oimp MoKlnnoy. II. 0., lhl* 23rd
dar of June. I»0.   I*«t I""10 ""I'l* *"■■• ,*a-
Henry Nlcliol-oii, Notary Puhlic,
p> M. KERBY,
A. M. Can. Soc. C. E.
Provincial Land   Surveyor
' es
and Stationery
All the best   brands of Cigars and
Tobaccos kept in stock.
Rock Creek, B. C.
s imm
Stopping place for Singes to
unit from all Boundary
Cieek points.
Good Aeeommodation for the Traveling Public.
Midway uso Ohkknwood.
Rkndem. Block, Greenwood.
Phono HII. V. * N.
Grand Forks,  B. C, July
ist. and 2nd., 1903.
$2,500 IN PRIZES $2,500
Reduced    Summer   Excursion
The Denver & Bio Gmnile.
popularly known iw the "Scenic
Lineof the World,"hiw announced ^really reduced round-trip
rates from Pacific Const points
for the benefit of teachers who
will spend their vacation in the
Bast, and of delegates to all the
prominent Conventions—N. E.
A., at Boston; A. CUT. W.,nt
St. Paul; B. P. O. E., at Balti
more; Woodmey of America
at Indianapolis; Eagles, at
New York; Mystic Shrine, at
Saratoga Springs; K. of P., at
Louisville, and T. P. A., at Indianapolis.
Tickets at the reduced rates
will be based upon one fare for
the round trip, but will lie sold
only on certain days. These
ickets will curry stop-over
privileges on the going trip,
giving passengers an opportunity to visit Salt Lake City,
Glenwood Springs, Colorado
Springs and Denver; and will
be good to return any time
within ninety (IK)) days. Passengers going via the Denver
& Bio Grande are giving the
privilege of returning via a different route,
Spokane Falls {.Northern
Railway Co.
Nelson & Ft. Sheppard
Railway Co.
Red Mountain Railway Co.,
Washington & 6. N. By.,
Van., Vic.&E.Ry.&N.Co.
Innil, N
lit'.   Uf
only all mil route Mwhpii
ii , wi-st and south to Rons-
i    m, tiriiml Forks mid Repttli-
iie-Ms  nt,  Spnkiuie   with  the
nre only innking thin libernl iilTer iih a
tnet.hnn "' advprtiniiiK fir. Arnolds
EiD-lisli Toxin Pills. Don't di-lay
virile nt once and earn n ln-ntil ifttl pre*
i>nt. for yourself for Christmas.
50 Adelaide St. Eut, Toronto.Ont.
(Item Norlhern, Northern Pacific and
O. rt.&N. (!tt. for points east, west
mid south ; connects at Ros-land and
Nelson with the Canadian Pacific Hy.
Conn-win nt Million with the K. II. * N.
Oo. for Knilo nnd Sloran polnti.
Comnwli at   Curlew with itnte Cor
Oreenwoml nnd Midway II.»'.
lluffvt enn run on Irnlni between
Hpokane nnd He-mlille.
Uwvo. Arrive.
l*.H*i,ni  SPOKANK      MSp.in.
tli.1.1 ui IIOSSIiANIl      S.10|)iii.
-,(KI n.m  NKI.HON      8.(mp.m.
HlKiiu-i GRAND KonKS....    I.WIp.m.
(USiun  UKPUHI.I0.   ...      *,W|>,ia
BC.   A.  frJAOMmMOXX.
Uenenil Psmekgtjt Agent.
Spukano Wash.
Arrival of special trains over
three linos of railways. i
Athletic Sport;
0:.*) a. in.—Program of Children's Kaces and other Athletic
Sports, Hridge street
Baseball Tournament
12 noon— Baseball Tournament on the grounds of the
Grand Forks Driving Park and
Athletic Association, Ltd.
Purap IMW), open to all teams.   .
Horse Racing
First event culled at 2 p. m
sharp at the race track.
No. 1—Running,   J mile   dash.
Purse $40.
No. 2.—Running f mile.   Purse
No. '.I.—Running, | mile. Puree
No. 4.—Running, Grand Forks
Derby, 1 mile. Purse SHOO.
No. 5.—Cowboy's Race, :)00 yds.,
two turns. $40 in prizes;
entrance free. ;
8 p.m.—Grand production of
Gilbert & Sullivan s famous comic opera, H. M. H.
Pinafore at the opera
Horse Racing
2 p. in. at race track.
No. 6.—  Gentlemen's      Saddle
Horse Race, i mile, owners
up.   Purse $40.
No. 7.—Running i mile, heats,
best,two in three. Purse
No. 8.—Pony race, { mile 14 J-
hands and under. Purse $M0
No. 9—Seagram Cup, distance j
mile, till ages. Winner of
Grand Forks Derby to carry 5 Jpouuds additional
weight. For a cup valtK-il
at $500 donated by J. E Si-;i-
gram, of Waterloo, Out,
i und$300 cash added by the
association. Cup to bu
won two years consecutiv-
ly by same owner to become private proporty.
Purse divided.
No. 10.—Cowboy nice, J mile,
one turn. Pu rse $21): H rst. $ 15,
second $;">.   Entrance froe.
No. 11,— Consolation nice. A
suitable purse will bo offered by the association
i for competition by all horses which have not won
first or second money at
this meeting. Post entries
TAKK NOTIOK Hint «l iln>» from lho dato
ImriKif I Intend to nmily t" thn I'lilM (Mill*
For the rate to the point yoll I mi,,,.,.,,,,,,- 0f Uwls nnd Worki for tiormlHutoii
• l   ...... ....A fneHntnunf hiiIh  lo purohtwo »« acres nf land In Township W,
Wish to go, and toi dates ot sine ^.^ mm ,,(,Bll,n,„K,lt ,, ^ „„ he
and other particulars, as well, „„rthboundary oft;. Oroon's p™cmpi.ton,
tt8 for   illustrated  pamphlets, ^S^VSST*" ' '.f
Write Dsleil this »th day of Apr". A. !>., 1«B.
W C  M°BRIDE, fienesal Agent, It. W.NKAVKS.
' 124 Third St. Portlaud, Or. o. AoB. ouekn, Aient
Firemen'* Tournament
9:30 a; m.—Firemen's Tournament on Bridge street.
Open. Hub and hub race,
distance 150 yds.; reels to
carry 200 feet of hose. First
prisie $75; second prize $25.
Wet Test-Distance 100
yards th hydrant, teams to
lay 150* feet hose and get
water. First prize $75,
Hccond prize $25.
Horse Exhibits
Parade before thogrand stand.
Liberal cash prizes will be oll'cr-
ed in the following classes,
Best thoroughbred stallion.
Best  saddle  horse.
Best standard bred  stallion.
Conditions: Four to enter in
each competition. Prize in each
class $10,
Firemen's Ball
9 p. 111.—Firemen's ball at opera house.
Secretary, • • •
I !io the most important Railway Centre in the
Interior of British Columbia.
It is in the centre of a
rich Mining, Stock-Raising,
Ranching, Gardening, Manufacturing, Coal Producing,
and Railway District.
Midway property will
make you rich. It is not
a speculation, it is an investment.
Midway, the coming railway, csminercial, whole.
sale and manufacture
centre of the Kettle Kn!f
and Boundary Creek It
tricts, is situated al ;if
confluence  of Donfa]
Creek and Kottlo film,
The  leading  aside
town in the country, with
an excellent climate, put
wafer .supply, and sip.
pounded hy rioh agricui-
toral land.
B Al
it) St,   .Irrllll Sltwt,
..MolltlWll, V. IA ..
Business,  residence and yarded |ots at ]ow prices and on easv terms.      Send for maps, prices, and full particulars to
Chonee to Join » Clob Tliat WU1
Make anil Kn ve Monv- r„r -gem, .
Xrwybiiy mould join tbe Iliittul LlteraiV Hollo Club ot America.. There u nothing->--.%• It
larwhore. Itco«t8«lmo»tiiotblii«tii Join ind tbo
-unlit- it aireianwoml-rful. I WinnTyraxi to
pttrcb-M bo.,ki»nd period Icnln. mualii and mutlral
fulrumenuat apeci^rat prfcuaTItiiecuw re-
m-Kdratwaimiinrime-i. ItunvHiqiiesitcn-
hKS!S,,-"r,s"' ." •"""! "holanblpa and tiIui-
bleta-h nrluri to miniben. It nalotalm dab
roomflnm«ii]reltli<iforlitnnnben. In addition,
S-Waffiir**1" B£jS*1IS m ^
which ytnt tot all aliore, and son aaaywltk.
trawaa- Use wltkla tkr-re monki It y'n
wanl*oduioandf.t,«or*>ll«rb«k. It Ton
dOD'tearttoipjnf HM.-end.-) pent! for itSe
monttaa memb-nblp. Nobody cna iSim* to pan
thli offer bj. *o» will we joiur poqef baekjt
raljo manr timet orer. Tull partloulan will bt
aent free of charm, but If. you are wise tea will
aend la your request for memberalilp wili tie
Er feoaeonco, Tbe25cts. three monthi bun,
Ip offrr will noon change, Wrtto at once ad.
Innyonr Ipttcrand encln-hi,; 11.00 for fall
Bar's mrmbenhlp or twcntyllvu eeut. for three
onttu to
Nm. iaONw»»»l..N  T.CMr.
V. M  (''HOUSE,
Agi'tti fill' l!i-'ti'-ii C11/11111W11,
.Mill ii in, /(. c.
i-ai-tr-g-nr-xjg-.^ ri^r.I
,♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦»<♦♦♦ **************** ********************.
Hen Wanted'-11 ft ft
Kdltorally Fearless.  -
Cunaistently Kepubllcan.
Ni'Wi from nil nf tlio world-Well
writ leu, oilHlmil MnriiM-AiiKwnr-i
lo iinirrlw- Article* on lluultli, lhc
Hoinr, Ni'w Ib-uk*. and on Work
Alnriii llm Kami anil tiiinli-n.
The Weekly Inter Ocean
This well-known hotel has
lieen re-opened and offers ev-
ry convenience to the travelling puhlic The building i.s
newly re-furnished and the bar
i.s stocked with only the best
Wines Liquors and Cigars.
Excellent meals served in the
dining room. .
Make this your   Headquarters
When in Camp McKinney.
W. E. McBoyle   Gorman West
1.411 iiioiiiburof (lio ..x-ufcliitoil I'nws,
tliunnl)' WVnUtn N'i\vt.|KifH'i' ruceiv-
iiiK'lnM'tilir<t tHi^miiliie ww;** nticv-
loo of tlio N'ow York Sim mul .-jmtIhI
4'iiiili i»f llio X«» York WorM-tfully
rrpiH-;- frnm nvorLMHHl Kporial dor*
rosiHii'donts ihniuKh'oit tlio country.
Siilwrlli.- for Till.; IH-ilMTt'll ami
I'he  tVwnfcly tiiliTlliiiiii jrtui-r
l-otli |Mi|H>r> lor »'.'..*,l».
I        To soil for the large Fonthlll nurse rles.   A ppll •
*•    cations should be filed at onoe., Highest wages J
paid, permanent plaeo assured to the right men. •
We furnish guaranteed stock commanding highest testi-'
monials from British Columbia Inspectors.
Ill H'KI.I.INttTOS ST. K.   /-_ d     %tr    If e
roitoNTiMiM.   Stone & Wellington.
1 ***************************************************
Riverside Nurseries
Grand Forks, B.C.
I'ami' to tlm prumlwn nf ihu umlorslKiivil.
mill ivlillaisnytiMi, wilh ■fliian nyo and hrawloil
— —s mi riglii I1I11. Owniir uiiii linvc* wiih, by
•mylng llm oust of IIiIh iiilvertiftuimutl mul win,
irrluK, othulwM) If not rliilnnil within mi
lny* Ihu Kamu tt'l'l Im; fiilil lu |iny  ux'H!I|Muh,
tl. W. IIO/.IKIt,
Itock Orauli, II. I
To A. W. Iloyil or liny imtwin or norimmi lo
whom yuu may havit Irainifurriiil ynur liltm-cxl
10 In llm "Miii'hIiik' Krawlonal Miimral I'lalln,
hlllltllo'lh I'Silp MnKimmy. In llio Oroonwoon
Minimi III,Mini ul Vain IHmrinl.
Ynn ani huri'liy nmllliiil Ilml. I liuvo <n-**oiiil-
011 $|lBJaii|ii oiilur In linlil tlm wiiil mlnoral
iiiiui iinili-r the iii'iiiUlmiHofilin Mliinrnl Ail
that ynu hIiuuIiI ruiili'lliiilul|.'U.llMnii)'oiir |mr-
Hull of tho wiiil 101111 for ynur iimllvliln-l nmi
thinl liitnri'Ml In hhI.1 ,'lultn ninl If within lm
•In}-*.of tlii'^Htliiwrlioii nf lho ilato uf IIiIk
uotli'Oyou fiillnr rnfitHO to ijiiiili'lliulcr tlm hiiiii
uf «M.ltlJ whlnlil" now ilnn lij' ymi, In-fothur
Willi all iJUHtn of jiilvorllrilng, your 'lii'toniil In
Maid tiiliiural ul ilm will Inii'nuin llm pniiiurty uf
thu Mlihwrilior iimlnr unit Inu fnur of a* Act on*
tllloij Um), "Mlimriil iAel Aiimnitliiunt Ant,"
llatuirtlilHilnil ilny ofjiinu, lim,
Home-grown, thrifty, acclimatised trees and shrubs,
Currents, Raspberries, Strawberries, etc.
A fine assortment of Maples and other shade trees,
Roses, Lilacs, Hedge Plants, other ornamentals.
Tin* Bi'tirt nf Miieci'MH in pliinliiitf, i«, FlliKT-lii wiiiiv ppnal idirt. |
hk< UND—III |ilniit jis Niinn ua puMililn .il'l.-i1 il is Aug.
Trees obtained froni our nursery cun be planted it
Midway two days alter tbey are dug.
Price lint,  nnd  full  iiifot-niiitloii  proiiiiitly  Ifim.
809 Second Ave., Spokane, Wash.
The school where ihorouirli Work is done; where the f-,;l*1
i.s always given;  where confidence is developed ; where IH
KKKi'iNti is taught exactly iis books art: Ijein.ii kept in lm*11"!
where Siioktiiani) is scientific; where pennianslii|i is "',
best; where riierit is the standard : where the traii-inff in '-"
11, Skkvick, Tklwikai'Iiv, Knci.isii andCAkToo.MM' wakes'
students, develops their powers and teaches them     howto
successful.    No argument is so eloquent a.s   the runtird^
things well dotie.    Nq mortgage can corrupt,   no thief ^
'break through and steal the knowledge of How to I )o.   ^l!l
you know what a school can do for you by what it has tloiiK.1
others is it better to trust to h|ck ?   Is it wiser tt| guess.
f- -For detailed information call, telephone or write
SooSecocd Ave,, Spokane \V;i^
Advertise in
The Dispatch-


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