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The Advance 1900-04-23

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lot XII, No. 25.
$2.00 per Year.
Iabristbr, Solicitor, Etc.
Okkknwooii, n. c.
—: Notary Public,
i McKinney, B.C.
[Dr. R. Mathison,
|l,l.KTT. H.C.SHAW.
Hallett & Shaw
Notaries Pabllc.
lililnws: "HALI.CTt'.''
tCODIts: liwlfiifd McNeill's, Murring li
Seal's, Lelbor's.
(.WOOl). B.C.
. . .  MIDWAY, ac.
fARY   It'llLUt,
jitoms entrld panad. Mineral Aet
J Und Act papers dnwn up. AID
|ti taken    Abtlraeu made.
•   *,! *,".v by mall er telephone
I. rt to.
i-AUIVIEW, B. 0.
ul   Repairing.   Horseshoeing
A sin-malty.
lonnell & MeEntire,
'Mines and
-:•• Real Estate.
< •.".)'•> 1 and Camp McKinney.
xl«>*—>saal_--K—a,   nXgr**.
_    AceoMMnllATMN    1*08   lil'KSTH.
" ri   'iihln.-nn Kettle Klvur.jW
'•-■- E. HALE,
1 Jilc nt Adams, Oregon,
In l.riiiliiiil,. uf
jfillamette University.
Salem, Oregon,
Brodtoglve iiiKtriietlnn on the I'lnno
|wt"< of puplk ami will alan play at
ml danooa In the district,
Kor tenna, etc, address,
Here!   Here!   Here!   ;
Let us say a word about our stock of shoes,
Men's tan and Mack silk vesting top dress shoes,
Men's medium heavy tan and Mack-
Men's heavy shoes with fine uppers guaranteed water-proof
and all kinds of shoes for either mining and prospecting
pr for Imll room and easy walking. Ladies' and children'* shoes
either heavy medium or light, in black, Un And chocolate color
with silk vesting tops nnd all leather vici kid and French kid.
Boys alines in all sizes nnd varieties.
Is stocked with the latest patterns of Zephyrs, Ginghams, Lawns, Piques,
besides h full line of ready mud,. Skirts for summer wear in linen nnd fancy,
also Brilliantines, ready made Wrappers to suit all sizes, Blouses In White,
colored and lilnck, Cushion Tups in linen and tapestry, the latest fashions in
Curtains witb Torchon lace borders, Indies' umbrellas, parasols in black nnd
fancy strips, under skirts in lustre nnd fancy stripes and numerous other
Is stocked with Boisseiin's celebrated tailor made good* in
imported English whip cords, cashmeres and tweeds which
must Is*seen to be appreciated. Gents' furnishings of all kinds)
latest novelties in ho-iery aud ties.
As usual our stock of Groceries and Hardware is complete
at prices to leave only a reasonable margrin abore cost.
c_r_sn^r.  HAIN & CO. ^r_T""
To the Electors of the Vancouver Electoral
I Hotel Spokane,
^X^^"111 st- • njdway- XXCCC3J
A new building, well furnished. Everything new
and first-class. Only the choicest Wines, Liquors
and Cigars kept in stock. Headquarters for Mining
and Commercial Men.
ridM Watch Maker,
mi Teeta, Piety Maltrlal,
I S* ytara ciptrleacc la ta
tk correctly.   ,  .  .
ike's Home...
A Private Hospital
(and Nurses' Home.
(.Surgical and Midwifery cases
Terms:- Private   Rooms,
f net j   Beds in Wai«di, 110
ent into the country at the
[Hues,   telegrams receiving
ations to he made to
This week we are showing some excellent
values in Mens' and Hoys' shoes and if
you are interest .d call in and see us.
These goods were bought direct from the
factory, which places us in a position to
sell :hein to you at a very low figure.
Ask to see our Calf Lined Bals.  at $3.75.
lead the procession while others follow.
J. R. JACOBS, Manager.
_ **k"-i'ta>»am»aM»>m»ifttt>Miiitii_it_iMltt^
- Midway Meat Market - f
K. A. MATTHES, Proprietor. |
At this establishment customers can get choicest cuts of J
Therefore Meat* are always fresh and swept.
for dinner to-day.
Call and get a good joint
P. 0* BOX 26.       8
Midway News Depot
Dealer in  .   .   .
Mies, Canned Ms and Biscuits,
1 lieg for the third time, to offer myself as a candidate at the coming gen*
eral election to represent you in the
Legislative Assembly of this Province,
In the campaign of 1808 I announced
my adherence to certain general principles, and you did me the honor to
choose ine as one of your representatives. Since that election I have consistently adhered to those principles
and still stand hy them.
When I accepted office as Attorney-
General in Mr.Semlln's administration,
you were kind enough again to return
inr liy acclamation.
As a member of the Government, I
took an active part during the session
of 18W in placing upon the statute
book legislation carrying out, aa far as
it Went, those principles. 1 feel quite
safe in saying that tlie work done by
the Semlin Government and its supporters during that session was eminently satisfactory to the electors of
this Province, whose votes placed that
Government in power. I look hack
with pride and satisfaction to the part
which I took in connection with that
The members of the Government
continued apparently to work together
in tlie most harmonious manner until
the Deadinan's Island dispute anise.
In connection with that matter ynu
will remember that I placed myself in
your hands. My colleagues, Messrs.
Macpberson and Tisdall also agreed to
he guided in that dispute by the wishes
of their constituents.
Mr. Cotton, on the other hand, took
a linn stand against any settlement, or
arrangement of the matter until tin*
question nf the ownership of the land
had Itcen decided hy the courts.
The very slight progress made in the
suit then instituted shows that the
litigation would probably not be coin
pl.Wed for a nunilier nf years.
This difference between Mr. Cotton
and myself produced some friction in
the Do. eminent, but, apart from that
dispute, 1 never had the slightest intimation trom Mr. Semlin or any nf my
oilier colleagues of any dissatisfaction
whatever with regard to my actions
until the 1st day of July, l.'iw, when
Mr. Sen lin peremptorily asked fnr my
resignation, giving three reasons, ali
of which 1 can sulci) say Were regarded
hy the public al large as extremely
frivolous, 1 n-fuseil to resign and
asked for a caucus of liov rniuciil supporters to considei what shnuld lie
ilmi,* under the circumstances.
List session it was st.ted by Mr.
(■ottiiiJ in the House, thul I had tacitly
agreed to lie imiiud hy tlie decision of
tins caucus, and should have continued
to support the (intern nent when the
decision wns against me. This statement is very utile indeed from the
truth. The gentlemen who were present at the caucus will remember that
I stated iiiosi distinctly that if the decision went against me I could nn
1' supi'ii i the Government and
would deem it my duiy lo take every
means in my power to bring about
I heir di'ieut.
As the ramus, hy a very slight majority, sided with Mr. Semlin, I at
onue tendered my resignation, and
iiiiiiniiifi-d publicly that 1 must he
considered un opponent of the Government.
.insl prior to the meeting of the
House, you willreineiiilierthall called
ji meeting of my supporters iu the City
nl Vancouver, and submitted my posilion to them. 1 stated that it was my
inIeu ion, if possihle, to defeat the
Oovernnient with a view to bringing
aliout a general election. 1 gave my
reasons fur this course, and also stated
tha. if my *up-sirters disagreed witli
my proposed notion, I would at once
resign and allow them to choose a
rc|ircseiiliil ve who would act in uc-
coiiiaiice vviin their wishes. The meeting was vei y large and representative,
iind a resolution xvns passed without a
dissentient voice, expressing entire
appiiivitl of my intended opposition to
the Government.
I had already informed metnliers of
the. Opp sition in the House that,
while my principles were the same as
they hail heen, and I had no sympathy their views upon political questions, still 1 h id a common ohject with
lliciii in wishing I'i bring iiIhiiiI the
defeat of Mr. Semlin's Government,
and I had assured them that if they
stood together I would be found work
ing harmoniously with them for that
purpose only.
Thecoiiaeqiicntdefeat. of the Government, and the invitation of His Honor
the Unlit* mill'-Governor to myself to
form a Government, arc fresh in your
minds. 1 accepted the task from His
Honor ii|hiii condition that I should he
granted a dissolution of the present
House ; and, in accordance with this
understanding, a general election will
lake place as soon as it can conveniently he held.
It has been charged that tny action
in opposing Mr. Semlin's Government,
after my expulsion from it, was urinated by personal feelings against Mr.
Cotton. There is no truth whatever
In this suggestion. 1 have opposed
and helped to defeat Mr. Semlin's
Government because I helieve that it
ho longer represented the principles
which I had espoused.
It must be clear to everyone that
the frivolous reasons given hy Mr
Semlin fnr my dismissal had behind
lliem real   reasons of  a  substantial
character, and I think that subsequent
evints have shown what these reasons
I Attributed Mr. Semlin's action, not |
to his own desire, but to Mr. Cotton. I
I am satisfied that in his heart Mr.!
Cotton did not agree With the thorough <
manner in whi»h ihe Government and
the House carried nut their pledges in
the session of 1880; and he Knew full ]
well that as long as 1 remained a mem-1
ber of the Government, similar action I
would be taken with regard to every '
question that came liefore it.
At the time that the trouble occurred
there were two matters of vital  im*
Kirtance to this Province pending
■fine the Government, as to which,
the course to he adopted was clearly
pointed out by reference to the principles which it was supposed to represent.
These matters Were, flrst. the disallowance of the Lalsir Regulation
Act, 1806, which prohibited companies
holding franchises from the Province
employing Mongolian lalsir, and,
second, the application nf the Briiish
Columbia Southern Railway Company
for a crown grant of their land subsidy.
Mr Cotton was not prepared lo stand
by the principles of tlie parly in connection nit ll these nialtets, aud
for the pur|>oseof putting iuto effect
his views wilh regard to them, saw
clearly lhat il was tiecessaty lo gel rid
of inc.
With regard to the disallowance of
Ihe Lalsir Regulation Acl, my contention was, and sl ill i-, thai I he Provinri il
Legislature should i.l Ihe earliest, line
ment have been brought together
for the special purpose of le-enacliug
this statute, in order to show the Dominion Government and Ihe people of
Ihe olher Province!! lhat this question
is considered a moat vital one in this
With regard to the land subsidy nf
tlie British Coliiniliia Southern Kail*
way, «' hen lhe n ppli en tion was made,
1. as Attorney-General, looked into the
question with great care, and came lo
the ci inclusion ihat. the railway company had bin complied wiih the conditions laid down in iln* statute granting the subside, nnd ihat therefore the
Gioi ium, ni lmd no tight or power to
Issue the grant,
No one caii he more impressed than
I am with the mn redness of a coll tract-
ual obligation. I q-ote admit that, no
matter now improper the action of the
Legislature may have been in granting
to the B ('. Southern Railway Company their land subsidy, still Ihe Province is Ihiuna by their action, and the
only enquiry that ran he made ia
whether the railway company have
complied with the conditions imposed
by the statute in question. If they
have nol done sn, t ben it apiiears to me
clear that it is the duty of the Government to stand by the lights nf the
I reported to the Government my
opinion thai the conditionsof the statute had not heen complied witb, and
suggested that, as the amount involved
was extremely large, il would lie advisable to obtain the hest legal opinions
available, I was authorised by the
Government to do so, and submitted
Ibe rase to Mr. Haldane, Q. C. of London, England, and to Messrs. Christopher linhinsoti. Q. ('., and B. B. Osier,
Q. C, of Toronto. Mr. Haldane's opinion was inclined to be against my contention, hul.heslated 'hat he thought
the case was a proper one to be brought
before the court. Messrs. Robinson
and Osier on I he conl rary, gave a very
strong opinion thai my enntenlion was
correct, and thai the Government were
nnt compelled, wen if ihey were permitted, to issue the crown grant under
the circumstances.
It may lie thnt iheir opinion is not
correct, hut my contention is that, in
the face of my opinion as Attorney-
General, siippoited by lawyers of their
eminence, the only course o|>en to the
Government— if it was lo Ihi guided
by the piinciples which it was chosen
to represent—was to refer the matter
to the courts, and. after the highest
court of appeal had decided, act strictly
in accordance with that riecisu n.
As soon as I had lieen got out nl the
wav.and heforeanewAttorney-Geneial
had been appointed, Mr. Cotton at
once proceeded to ignore the almve
considerations, snd issued a crown
grant for some 600.(100 acres, including
about 190,000 acres of coal lands, whirh.
I am informed, are worth many millions of dollars.
Wiih regard to Ibe Mongolian labor
question, the Government refused In
adopt, ihe policy which I advocated,
and met the House without any proposition as to a re-enactment of the
disallowed statute.
The aclion of Ihe Government, after
I left it, with regard tothe matter referred to In His Honor's letter of dis*
missil of Mr. Semlin, also affords
strong proof that I was right in my
opinion Ihal I had heen removed from
the Government in order loanable Mr.
Cotton to carry out. his reactionary
ideas, and practically nullify the legislation which we had enacted in the
session of WHO.
One of Ihe most important acts that
was passed in IMD was the Tnrrens
Registry Act. Up tn ihs lime tbat I
left Ihe Government active preparations ware being made to bring tbis
statute into force; bul evidently nothing whatever has heen done since, and i
apparently the Government   had  de
cided to nullify the action of the Lep.
islni ure by neglect iug lo issue i he net •
essary proclamation.
Again it wsspin|iosed by the Gov.
eminent after I left il tn expend n sum
of ahout $400,000 in purchasing fnun
the Canadian   Pacific   Railway Com*
fiany the latin grant claimed to have
■eenearned by them in huilding the
Columbia and Western Railway. In
my opinion, this proposition was entirely in the interests of the Kailway
Conipany, and overlooked altogether
Ihe interests of the people.
In appealing to vou as the Premier
of the Province, I '«*g to lay before yotl
the platform of the new Government
as follows:
I. Thealmlition of the $200 deposit
for candid.lies foi ;he Legislature.
_ The bringing into force, as soon
as arrangeiiienis can lie completed, of
the Tnrrens Rigisiry system.
II, The Redistribution of the constituencies un the basts nt population, al-
lowiiigto.sparsley populated districts
a (iropori innately larger representation lhan to populous districts and
4. The enactment of an accurate system of Government, scaling of logs,
and its ligid enforcement,
5. The re-enactment of the dtsab
luwed Ijiilsir Regulation Act, 1898, and
also all the statutes of 1890, containing
iinti-Moiigoli.iii clauses if disallowed as
proposed h*. the Dominion Govern*
0. To lake a firm stand in every
ol her possible way with a view of discouraging the spread of Oriental cheap
labor in this Piovince.
7. To provide Fnr official Inspection
of sll buildings, machinery and works,
with a view to compelling the adept ion
of proper safeguards lo life and health
8. With regard to the Eight hour
Law the Government will continue lo
enforce the law as its stands. An lln*
mediate enquiry will lie made by lie
Minister of Mines into all grievances
put forward iu connection with iis
operation, with a view of bringing
about an amicable settlement. If no-
settlement is reached the principle of
the referendum will he applied and a
vote taken al Ihe general election ns
to whether the law shall he repeali tl.
If the law is sustained by the vote it
will be retained upon tlie statute book
with its penalty clause. If modlfim*
tions can lie made removing nny of
the friction brought about, without
impairing the principle of thc lav.,
they will he adopted. If the vote is
against it the law will be repealed.
0. To re-establish the LondonAgency
of British Columbia, and to take every
effective means of bringing before the
British public the advantages of this
Province, as a place for the profitable
investment nf capital.
10. The retaining of the resources of
the Province as uti asset for the bene
fit of the people, and taking effective
measures to prevent the alienation of
the puhlic doma'ii, except tn actual
settlers or for actual bona nde business,
or industrial purposes, putting nn end
to the practice of speculating iu connection with the same.
11. Tlie taking of active measures
for the systematic exploration of the
12. The borrowing of money for the
fiurpose of providing roads, trails and
iridges, provided that, in every case
the money necessary to pay the interest and sinking fund in connection
with the loan shall be provided by additional taxation so as not to impair
the credit of the Province.
18, In connection with the construction of Government roads nnd trails,
to provide hj the employment of competent civil engineers and otherwise
that the Government money is expended ii|umi some system which will
lie advantageous to the general public,
so that the old system of providing
roads as a special favor tu supporters
of the Governiuenl may be entirely
14, To keep the ordinary annual expenditure within the ordinary annual
revenue, in order to preserve intact
the credit of the Province, which is
its liest asset.
15, To adopt a system of Government construction and operation of
railways, and immediately to proceed
with the construction of a railway tin
the south side of the Fraser river,
connecting the coast withtlieKootetiny
district, with the understanding thnt
unless the other railways now constructed in the Province give fair connections, and iiinke equitable joint
freight nnd passenger arrangements,
the Province will continue this line to
the eastern boundary of the Province.
Proper connection with such Kootenay
railway to be given tn the Island (if
Vancouver. With respect to other
parts of the Province, to proceed to
give to every portion of it railway connection nt as early a date as possible,
Ihe railway when constructed to be
operated by the Government through
a Commission.
16, A railway hridge to he constructed in connection with the Kootenay railway across the Fraser river,
at or near New Westminster, and
rum ing powers given over it to any
railway company applying fur the
same, under proper conditions.
tl'antimioil on page 8,) *'«
'., ti...
K. JACOBS Maniokk
Published   w.i'.ty   at  Midway,  D. C.
Subscription Price, I'i.lKl per annum, payabl
In advance, either yearly or liiilf.j early at the
option of the subscriber.
Advertltrtng I tales sent on applloitlon.
MONDAY. APRIL 23.1000.
A Indy remarked lhe other day
"How stupid of Mr Smith Curtis to remove the Government office from Midway to Greenwood before the election,
lf he had promised lhat it should be
removed immediately after the elect ion
conditionally Hint he gotta majority
of Ihe votes in that town one could
have appreciated his astuteness, hut
now Greenwood will have Ibe office
nnd he may not get the votes." Just
so, ami yet it. is obvious thnt the man
who has mude this egregious mistake
had only one object in view—that of
voie-calching. And his action will
catch votes, not for him, though, but
for Hon. C. H. Mackintosh,
The address of the Hon, Joseph Martin
to his constituents and the platform
of his Govern ment, are advertised in
t his issue of The ADVANCE. We have
no comment to make except that nur
sympathies and efforts are lieing concentrated in tin opposite direction. In
fact we entirely agree wilh the Nelson
"Miner" when it snys: "It is not likely Ihnt perfect, confidence will he established until the electors effectually
dispose of Mr. Martin and his freak
Government, He is more of a menace
to mining development in this Province than half a dozen Eight-Hour
laws, hut it is pretty safe to say the
electors wiil taku can* of him on the9th
of June."
The Rossland visitors who Inst week
cuine to Boundary Creek to promote
Ihe interests of Hon. C. H. Mackin*
tosh, the Conservative candidate for
election ns representative of this riding
in ihe Provincial Legislature, expressed sincere regret that Ihe party's
district organizer had committed Ihe
blunder of neglecting to arrange for
holding a political meeting at Mid
wny, as one of the series they came
over to attend, nnd gave assurances
Hint no similar mistake should again
he made. They recognized that neither lhe petty prejudices of the few
Greenwood men who misled the organizer nor Hint gentleman's lack of discernment in permitting himself to
ro easily hedeceived, must he allowed
to discourage tbe few in this inimedi
ate neighlxii'hond who during the past
mouth have worked zealously in getting the names of qualified residents
placed on lhe voleis'list and Inwards
securing support for the Conservative
candidate. This gives an effectual
denial lo the luis-slatement in this connection published by the mendacious
editor of the Greenwood "Times"
The public meetings held Inst week
at Greenwood nnd Phoenix made i<
manifest lhat Hon. C. H. Mackintosh
is not going to bave a walk-over in the
Boundary Creek section of the riding.
Whilst the slight demonstration made
al the nieeling in the latter town in
favor of his prospective opponent
cuine fnun ncomparatively small portion of those who composid the meeting, it was clear Hint there was present the nucleus of un opposition
which may not wisely be ignored.
Consequently steady woik must he
done in all parts of the riding—in the
less populous parts ns well as itl Ihe
larger centres—for at the polls every
Vote will count. It is important
therefore, ihnt hetter judgment and
more capacity Iai displayed than hns
hitherto marked the preliminary conduct of thu campaign so far as the
Midway section of the riding is concern mI. Mr. Mickiutiisli sh mill obtain a large majority over any likely
opponiiit yet■ named, but nothing
must be taken fur granted, nor mny
the loss of even small advantages be
risked by faulty organization,
22. Proper means of giving technical instruction to miners and prospectors.
In connection witb recent events,
some criticism hat heen directed
against His Honor the Lieutenant-
Governor. It is mv duty to take the
responsibility for His Honor's action,
and 1 have not the slightest hesitancy
in so doing.
The legislative Assembly deliberately
voted want of confidence in Mr. Semlin's Government. There were onlv
two courses open toMr.Seinlin : either
to ask for a dissolution or resign. He
adopted neither, hut asked for delay,
and took up tbe time granted to him
in endeavoring to enter into most
vicious nnd dishonorable arrangements
with the members of the House who
had been elected to oppose him, and
who had consequently opposed him
until the defeat wns brought about
and whose principles were directly op
posed to his.
No precedent exists in connection
with the working of British representative institutions h here in a case of
that kind, a ministry has heen allowed
to hold power hy means of votes thus
obt lined ; and when Mr. Semlin announced to His Honor tliat he would
he able to obtain a vote of confidence
from the House, the only course open
to His Honor was that adopted by him,
of dismissing bis advisers.
In addition to the it appears
from His Honor's letter of dismissal
that there were ample reasons for that
course, entirely apart from the vote of
want of confidence in the House.
I have the honor to be, gentlemen,
your obedient servant,
Hod. Joseph Martin's Platform.
(Continual! from page 1.1
17. Iii case it is thought nt any time
advisable to give n bonus to nny railway company, the snine to he in cnsli,
mui not by wny of a land guint; and
no such bonus to lie granted except
upon the condition flint a fair amount
of the bonds or shares of the company be transferred to the Province,
and effective means taken i o give the
Province control of the freight and
passenger rates, nnd provision mude
agninst such railway having any liabilities against it except act mil cost.
18. To take nway from the Lieutenant* (invernor-in-Council uny power to
make substantive changes in tho law,
confining the jurisdiction entirely tn
matters of detail in working out tbe
laws enacted hy the Legislature.
19. Tin* establishment, of an institution within the Province for the education of I he I leaf and Dumb.
20. To repeal the Alien Exclusion
Act, as the reasons justifying its enactment no longer obtain.
21. An amicable settlement of the
dispute with the Dominion Government as to Deuiiiiinii's Island, Stanley
Park and other lands,and an arrangement with Mr, Ludgate, hy which," if
possible, a sawmill industry may he
established and carried on on Dead
mini's Island, uiuler satisfactory con
ditinns, protecting the interests of the
Political Meetings.
Mayor A.S. Goodeve, Dr. Bowes and
Messrs, D. B. Bogle and Alex, Sharp,
all of Rossland, last week visited the
Boundary district in the interests of
Hon. C. H. Mackintosh, the Conservative candidate for the Rnssiand Riding of West Kootenay. On Wednesday
evening, at Grand Forks, they held a
public meeting under theauspices of the
local Liberal Conservative Association.
This was well-attended and Mr. H,
S. Cayley was in the chair. The
meeting wns enthusiastic, and after
Dr. Bowes and Mr. Goodeve had
addressed it, adopted a motion, without a dissentient voice, favoring Mr,
Mackintosh's candidature. On Thursday evening Dr, Bowes and Mr.Bogle
addressed a uieeting at Eholt, Dr.
Kingston was in the chair and the
speakers were well received. The
same evening Messrs. Goodeve and
Sharp were at Phoenix, where there
was a numerous attendance at a meeting presided over by Mr. W. B.
Cochrane. Mr. R. B. Kerr, banister,
of Phoenix, who is an earnest advocate of the claims to local support of
Hons. Joseph' Martin and- Smith
Curtis, was courteously permitted to
address the meeting, which had been
called In the interests of Mr. Mackintosh.' After Messrs. Sharp and Kerr
had spoken, Mr. Goodeve gave a clear
and forcible presentment of facts in
favor of Mr. Mackintosh, which made
a decidedly good impression on the
All four of the  Rossland  visitors
attended a crowded meeting held in
Miller's large  hall,  Greenwood,   on
Friday evening.   Acting Mayor Jas.
Sutherland was chairman.   Mr.  Kcir
was again among the speakers and it
soon became evident that among the
more demonstrative of the audience
were a number of Martinites, or perhaps more correctly, supporters of Mr.
Curtis.  Dr. Bowes was the first speaker and for three (quarters of an hour he
held the close attention of the meeting
whilst he  first briefly reviewed the
political history of the Province and
then contrasted the especial fitness of
Mr. Macintosh to represent this riding
in the Provincial Legislature with the
inferiority in this respect of Mr. Smith
Curtis.  He read a letter he had received from Mr. Mackintosh who particularly requested that all   personalities lie avoided in tbe contest, the
writer lieing actuated hy a sense of
duty to principle in seeking the suffrages of the electors rather than by
personal feeling.    Mr. Sharp followed
and he, too, warmly supported Mr.
Mackintosh.   Mr. Kerr,   cniue  next
flrst pointing out wherein   he agreed
with' Dr. Howes and next with alternate lianter and irony amusing his
hearers in his endeavors to ridicule the
arguments of the doctor.    His pleas
for support to thn cause of the present
government were freely applauded by
that portion of the  audience whose
views he was in accord with.   After
Mr. Bogle had made some good points
against Mr.  Martin,    Mr.   Goodeve
took the platform and for the greater
part of an hour trenchantly criticized
Mr.  Martin  and  placed  fairly and
squarely before the meeting reasons be
considered  more   than sufficient tn
obtain for  Mr. Mackintosh the support of a large majority of the voters,
As at Phoenil Mr. Goodeve did excellent work In Mr. Mackintosh's interest, as was appart nt trom the coidial
reception accorded him und the frequent applause he received.
Cheers were given for Mr. Mackintosh and counter cheers for Mr. Smith
Curtis, and then, after passing a vote
of thanks to the chairman, the large
audience dispersed.
»»< •
Dominion Elections.
A Montreal despatch dated 14th inst.,
says : "In an interview this morning,
Sir Charles Tupper, who is here on
party business, declared that the general elections will most prohahly he
held In September or October. As to
the result, Sir Charles said ho was
more than convinced tbat the Conservatives will he returned by a good
wurking majority.
Records   for   the    Week    Ending
April Jist, looo.
Rapid, West Fork  of Keitle River,
James Sutherland,
Hoodoo, Summit camp, R. VV. Lee,
Myrtle, fraction, Greenwood camp,
Alex, Douglas.
Kuka, Cninp McKinney, A. Muller.
Addition, Canyon creek, A. F. Thomas.
' Expansion, near Canyon creek, A,
E. Thomas.
Mammoth, near Beavefton, J. O.
Bin num.
Ivn Lenore, Deadwood camp, I. H.
Otto, Eholt creek, Charles Hulquist,
Beaver,   Kohinoor   and American
Eagle, Deadwood camp, John Sheckell.
Nancy, Graham's camp, Adam Wen-
Midnight, Providence camp, Ben,
Spider, fraction, near Beaverton,
John K. Miii-shall and H. E. Pitober.
Custer, fraction, Greenwood camp,
John Mulligan,
Colons, Gieenwood ramp, John
Ladysnil'.h, near Nicholson creek,
Elmer Archer und E.Dufiiur.
Laacoon, Smith's camp, I.H,Hallett.
York, fraction, Smith's camp,
Charles H. Tye.
Golconda, fraction, Smith's camp,
I. H. Hallett.
Hecla, Smith's camp, A. P, McLau-
Hard Times, Beaver creek, J, L
Junius, Beaver cieek, Alex, Robinson and John Black,
Little Monitor, fraction, near Camp
McKinney, Alex. Ramage.
First Chance, Beaver creek, Hugh
Protection, Providence camp, Con.
Crown Point, Chas. Kelsey.
Highland  Queen,   Highland Queen
Consolidated Mining and Milling Co. ■
Union .lack, J. K. Smith. '■   '•
Jane, W. H. Conkle.
Dynamite, R. G. Sidley.
Jubilee, Sydney M. Johnson.
North End,  Bruce and Pride   of
Peith, J. C, Haas etal.
Wild Rose, fraction, J. C. Haas,
Dudley, J, M.H, Fairbairn,
Solar Plexus, James Dale. ,
Smith, Thorstiem Sigardson.
Sylvester   K„   fraction, (2  years)
Adolph Seren.
Royal Oak, J. J. Han is. i
Mountain Chief and Clyde, J. E.
Tormey, "'
Brandon, James Mart-hell et al,
Litlle Burns aud Little Burns, fraction, Thus, Roderick et al. *
Combination,  Dr.   Jakes,  Thomas
McAuley ~md James Dale,
Queen Bess, W. G. McMynn et al.
L., fraction, Fred B. Holmes.
City ot Paris, i interest. A.  D. McLeod to J. P. McLeod.
Relief, i interesl, Henry Albeidt to
Thomas Murphy.
Rosie, _ interest, Tim Sullivan to
Thomas Murphy.
Arlington, i interest, J. P. Anderson
to John VV. Lind aud Ewing Keightley.
Sunday. _ interest, Nick Tboll to
Ewing Keightley, u
Sbooley, all interest, Fied Kooks to
George E. Draw.
Berlin, all inlerest, H. Cameron to
Wm. Yotliikin and Chns. E, Hamilton.
Silver Cliff and Diamond Hitch, J
interest each, D. R. McElmoti to  Geo.
H. Fold.
Lucky Tom, J interest Thos. Q. Butler lo Gen. H. Ford.
Omaha, all Interest, Alfred B. Patterson and Matthew J. Greevey to the
Lemon Gold Mining Co.
St. Genevieve, all inlerest, Geo. H.
Crane to F. H. Oliver. .    5.,
Texas, fractifn,  Peter McBride to
Thos. Miller. HT
Hob Roy, i interest, Ward E. Ken
nedy to August Bellon.
Halifax, all   interest, Al, Mason to
Bruce C, Garrison.
National council 01 -<,...»...
An Ottawa despatch says: It is
felt .desirable lo bring More the notice nf all societies affiliated with local
.councils that the National Council pfj
Women of Canada intends 10 hold its
annual meeting in, Victoria, B. C„
about July 18, next, The executive
is anxious that many members and
friends nf (he council may lake advantage of this meeting. Very good terms
may In* hoped for froni the rnilway
companies if the National Council can
guarantee a certain number of dele
gales and members undertaking the
trip. Further information may he
had about Ihis fiom Ihe presidents of
the local councils, to whom application
should be made. Some of the subjects
suggested for conference at the meetings are: Employment for women,
such as agriculture, nursing and medicine, domestic service, technical education, and parental responsibility. It
is hoped to have a patriotic and historical gathering as well as a conference
of lhe Victorian Order of Nurses, the
Young Women's Christian Association
Woikers and the King's Daughters,
Seventh Street, and see our stock of
Men's,   Youths'  and   Boys'   Suits]
At Bed Rock Prices.
Also a   Fine Line   of  Millinery Goods  now|
Being  Opened.
f S.A.
Socking a Mm.
The Lilierals nf Rossland are yielding lo lhe logic of events and preparing
to go into the election nn party lines.
Tbey are making arrangements foi
n convention to be held here on Thursday, April 20, lo consider the nomination of a candidate for the Legitlature
and, if I his question he decided in the
affirmative, to nominate one.
But they are in something of a quandary as to who shall lie (he candidate,
J.M.Martinis understood tola) willing t<> mn again as a Liheral candidate, but tbe party leaders have doubts
about hun, Smith Curtis is anxious to
get the nomination and thus not only
secure the support which he lamentably lacks hut secure also a quasi-
endorseuient nf the Martin Government. Itis doubtful, however, whether be will receive the support of a
single delegate.
In this condition of affairs, the Liberals are casting ahout for a man wbo
has no handicaps. They picked upon
J. A. Macdonald, lhe barrister, hul be
prefers Ibe peaceable and lucrative
practice nf law to the stormy and costly practice nf politics, and has
emphatically declined, Efforts have
lieen made to induce him lo change
bis mind, hut without avail.
I Another puiuling problem is what
Ihe Labor Unions will do. J, M. Mar-
|,lin wants ihem logo in with him on
lhe Col Ion platform, though he has
cast nn anchor to windwaid by Usliing
for Ibe Liberal nomination. Should
Ibey decide agninst the Cotton party
or should ils hopes of survival lizzie
out, assfcemS probable, they will likely
put tip a labor candidate, as outlined
by Ralph Smith in bis interview in
ihe "Record." They appear to have
no use for Smith Curl is, nor foi lhe
Lilieral party.—Rossland "Record."
Thb Royal Insdbanck Coy.
The London and Lancashire Fire
Insurance Coy.
The Insurance Coy. or North
The London and Canadian Fihe
Insurance coy.
The Sun Life Assurance Coy ut
The Dominion Building and Loan
Appraiser for the Canada Permanent Loan and Savings Coy
Commepeial Job Printing.
DlMolntlnn of Partnership.
NOTICK is hereby given that the partnership
heretofore existing between the undersigned under the Ilmi name of llareklay k
Harris has this day been dls-olved by mutual
All account* due hi Ihe said flrni tn he paid In
D. L. llareklay. Tho nald I). L. llareklay to bo
rospotwlhln tor nil debts contracted by aald
arm previous to Maroh tilth mon.
Dated at Midway II, C, March '.'llli, IWO,
^^^__^_______^^^_^_^_     mmm*
S. A. CROWELL, Proprietor, H*..»tb sir,.-, «■_«»>, «.,.
One lllock Wesl ot ltoeorilcr, Ol, I
TpHIS is a new building hard finished all through and
. furnished in first class style. The dining room
is supplied with the best en the market. The bar is
furnished with a choice stock of Wines, Liquors andl
Cigars.    :   :   :   :
Patronage of the Public Is Solicited and Satisfaction is Guaranteed,!
The Riverside Hotel,
Is situated at Rock Gr__, B.C.,  nn   the  main route of   trim'
between Penticton -.nd all Boundary Creuk points.   Stopping
place (or atagca.
Good Pishing -:- Oood Hunting -:- Bestof Aocommodatioi.
Our  Specialties—Varieties Profitable in British Columbia
Trees Free from Pests.
Send for Free Catalogue.    |   E. Hi'TCiif.kson, Manager.
Commercial and Mining men should put up
at the Fairview Hotel when in camp.
Qeo J. SKeeKan      -      -      -    proprietor,
Lancashire House,
: : MIDWAY.B.C. : :
The  undersigned having   taken   this   well-
known   and   comfortable    hotel   invites   the
patronage of all old customers and the public
Furnace-heated nnd comfortably
furnished  rooms.
Thos. D. Banbury, Proprietor.
In the nutter of thr estate nt Alexander
Wallace, late of Heaver Creak, In the
('aunty of Yale. Ilrlltah Columbia, Kree
Miner, deceased.
klOTICK la htroliy |rivon pursuant to the
_L "HeviMxl Statute* of llrlllHh Columbia,
IH07, Chapter 187," tint all creditors and other*
having claim*) walnut tho estate ,of th* Mid
Alexander Wallace who died on or about tbe
Sth day of Kebrunry 1900, are required on or
before the loth dny of April IHU) In send to the
undor*l|*ticd, solicltur* for Kdwln Jacob* and
J. P. McLeod, the executor* named in the laat
will uud tesU-nenl of wild deceased, their
name*, addreasoa nnd de*criptlone nnd the full
particular* of their ro«pcotlvo claim* duly
verified by statutory declaration.
And further tako notice lhat after Mild last
mentioned date lho mid executor* will pmewd
In distribute the a*»et* of the deceased among
Ihe parties entitled thereto, havim* rct-nrd only
to the claim* of which they ahall then have
nntlce, nnd that tho wild executor* will nnl be
liablo for the mild asset* or any pari, thereof
lo any pen-on or person* of whine clnim*
notice "hall not havo heen received by them At
the time of *ueh distribution,
Dated at. Oreenwood, B. <!., tbi* lllth day of
February, 1000,
Solicitor* for nald Bxectitor*.
In th* matter of th*J •««««• »f **Ll
■sCualf, lat* of dock Cr**'' |
County of Y»l*. British Columbia. <^«
cwued, IntMUle. ^
OTICK I*  hereby _flTmt«rm^AL
. . "itevi-jed Huitut-* of ";;»;'.'VI
1107, Chnptor 187," that all ere. luu" »    U'I
having claim* a-ialnst the «»•«'' %,| » I
MalciJlm MoOuaU who died 011      »™ ]t0
till day of May, MM, are roqiilrort   '    |||lll(-
the Mlh dav of April MO, W""'!'''    , ,1,.-«
ligtiod, »oflollorlor Donald Me ■'"     i-
mlnl»tratjr of wid deceased, thin „(t
drawn* and description* and I >" " ' |-„| I*
lartxit their rmpcollvo olalm* dun 1
statutory declaration. -n w
ANIt further take noliee Ihnt»'•■ ,|)
mentioned .Into, the mid ndmb' J «||ffW*J
proceed In distribute ih>;a*s..i>< t vi„-r*
anion*- Ilie partlo* eiltllM I' ' ; »|,.|l *}
lard only li. Ih* ola 111*0 »'h ..i.J.trJ
Rave notice, and tha Ibo"'' f'„r»iifffi
will not be liable fur tho rf*" „| "Wl
thereof lo  anv pemon .    1 £ " (,rf|ii*l "I
Solicitor for 1'"'
;»»!""" jj tleo. B. McAulay waa In Midway
iturdayon hii return trip from
i McKinney Whence be had heen
riodical visit to the Cariboo
p.Lundy already haa In her garden
i display of spring flowers, in*
ng crocuses* daffodils, pansies,
t-ith many other varieties coming
, W. A. Robins, M. A., in charge
lode's Church of EnglandMisalon,
nwood, laat Wednesday morning
(an Easter Communion service at
Ivor Goodeve, of Rossland, who Is
of a syndicate which last year
|ht ten Midway town lots paid
inty his flrat visit yesterday. He
driven down from Greenwood hy
fas. Kerr,
st Thursday a Chinaman fell into
hdary Greek at Greenwood and
I drowned. His hody was reed very soon afterwards, and nn
hay It was buried with the rites
omary among the Chinese,
I you see a brown bug about the
I of a bed bug on your friend's hack
it off. It is a woodtick and o
dedly troublesome little insect it is,
i as stylish as an Easter bonnet just
r and the woods are full of its kind,
eon wood is organising a ball tram
Chili* predicted will be able to
it any organisation In the interior.
[attempt will be made to organise
ague composed of Nelson, Rossland,
knd Forks and Greenwood.—Nel*
I "Tribune."
lis stated that the surfacing gang
j tliis week be put to work ballast*
ihe untinlshed eight miles of rail*
I between Anaconda and Midway.
i railway bnidings at Midway bave
i painted and are now ready for
Upalion. •
bur gentlemen   from  Greenwood
let-day enjoyed  playing  golf for
{ral hours at Midway.  This was
: flrst time the game had been
led here and it was agreed that
ftal golf links can he found in the
diate vicinity of the town.
|r, i. P. Myers-Gray, barrister, of
enwood, had a nasty fall from a
king hone yesterday when leaving
May. He did not appear to have
lived serious injury though for he
(able Ut afterwards remount bis
. and return to Greenwood.
|r. Win. Smith, CE. died at Green*
I on Thursday afternoon 19th inst.
t result of having taken an over*
I* of chloral. Some time since he City Engineer at Greenwood for
I while and later acted a* local repre*
tentative of some well-known niachin-
ry houses.
An accident, which might have re-
filled in loss of life happened lately al
Kelowna, where Ibe engine in Messrs.
"i*nliiie ft,lone*'saw mill exploded,
Linking a complete wieck of it, necessitating the disilmige fur a time of
Mime of the hands until new machinery
pin be procured,
I The mission committee of the Pres*
yterian Church  has appointed two
lew missionaries to labor in the Bound
\y district.  To he stationed at Mid-
ay,  Rev. R. P.   Murray, B. A., of
slifax, and to he stationed at Eholt,
ev. Hector Mackay, B. A„ Montreal,
ireenwood "Times."
Ion. Smith Curtis who will in all
►liability lie a candidate for this
Ing at the forthcoming Provincial
fetions, has received the sad news of
) death of hi* mother, at her home,
(Ita, Ontario.    The  deceased was
arly 82 years of age, and had been
piously ill hut four days,
eminder   is  given  that Rev. H.
vin (Father Pat) will hold Church of
bgland service in Midway next Sun*
|y evening.    After lhe  service a
eting will lie held to elect a delegate
| represent St, Columha's Mission at
i Synod of the Diocese of Kootenay
I he held at Nelson on May 30.
kne million feet of logs cut by Messn,
braggett and Heal on the Reservation
pre seised by the American timber
spector at Nelson, laat week. The
knberwascutnn land taken up as a
pneral claim, which is contrary to
laws of Washington. The logs
III he sold at auction;*- Columbia
dr. R. Gardom will leave for Ver*
bn next Thursday to attend the
ring Court of Assise, which will
en at Vernon on 30th inst. He will
(a witness for the Orown in the ease
alnst the man Everett, who is
arged with shooting at Mr. Gardom
I resisting lawful arrest. This case
> to have been heard at the.last
sizes, hut it was postponed pending
|ecision as to whether or not Everett
been unlawfully brought across
I line from tbe State of Washington.
i notice in the "Gazette" announces
kt Mr. A, G. Pemlierton has resigned
e office ot Sheriff of Yale, and that
I successor I* Mr. Geo,  C, Tunstall,
Xamktops. Mr, Pemlierton has for
|ny years filled this position with
Teh acceptance to tbe puhlic and a
lier man for the aomewbat onerous
1, at times, delicate duties connected
Ih auch a posilion, could nnt lie
Ind in I be dislrict. He has decided
Inline to give his whole time and
Winn"in the management of his
■ranch   near   Ducks, — Vernon
hnlel on Friday evening, Kih inst. All
»i* Invited,
Mr. J. M. R. Falrbaii ii. P. L. 8.,
having received an appointment on
the C. P. R. ataff at Wini.ipeg, has
sold his house at Anaconda and, with
Mrs, Fairbaim Is leaving for Winnipeg
Mr. Win. St. Quentin, who for more
than a year past has been engaged in
the baking business in Greenwood,
will thi* week start a bakery at Midway In the premises sltunto next to
the Midway Trading Company's shire
on Fifth street.
Since the quotation from the Rossland "Record" appearing in another
column was put in type it has heen
learned that the Rossland Liheral
Association haa decided tn hold a convention of delegates representing the
Liheral party of this riding at Grand
Forks on Wednesday, May 2.
It is stated that thedecisionof Assistant Land Commissioner Leonard
Norris in the Beaverton land ease is
that the 80 acres in dispute shall be
equally divided hetween the claim-
ants,Mrs. Thompson and - Wheatly.
lf approved by the Minister of Lards
this decision will confirm Mrs. Thompson in her possession of that part of
the land that has been laid off as the
Beaverton townsite. Mrs. Thompson
purposes going up to Beaverton next
This morning a boarding car and a
gang of men were brought down to
Midway, The men are to at once
start fencing the railway line, posts for
which work are now being distributed
along the line, It ia stated that ahout
40 men will he employed and that the
work will he done from both ends. It
is further slated that a large surfacing
gang will Iw put on to-morrow to bal'
last tbe road and that in about three
weeks trains will commence running
regularly to Midway.
An estimate, published lately, of the
area of land under cultivation near
Midway named 600 as about the aggregate. Information since received
shows tbat to be short of the actual
quantity. The acreage Messrs. A.
Hopper and Thos. Lambert are putting
in on the ranch of the former, situate
about two miles from the about
200 acres, besides which they are culti.
vatlng the Sullivan ranch within a
mile of Midway. These were not in.
eluded in the aggregate quoted above.
Mr. Hopper is also planting a numher
of fruit trees and small fruit hushes,
which when they come into bearing
will enhance the value of his holding,
The first, annual meeting of the con.
gregation of St. Jude's Church of
Kngland Mission was held at Green
wood last Thursday evening. Rev. W.
A. Robins, M. A., re-appointed Dr.
Schon Rector's Warden and Mr. P. P.
Sharpe was elected People's Warden,
Dr. Schon and Messrs. J. P. Myer
Gray and Runt. Wood were elected
lay delegates to tbe Synod to be held
at Nelson on 30th prox. It is proposed
to erect a huilding, for temporary use
for church services and also to be avail
able for other purposes, at a cost of
ahout 11,300.
Mr. W. H. Norris, last week. I'>st a
favorite horse whirh be valued highly.
■Some weeks ago the animal waa kicked
by another horse and hadly hurt, but
careful attention had brought ahout so
much improvement that he *»» put
out on the range again. On day when
looking him up to see how he was
faring Mr, Norris found that the born
had slipped down a steep rocky declivity and, striking against a tree had
broken his hack. As theie was no
sign of a struggle where he lay, it
was apparent that death was install
Fatal Accident.
A man named Frank Geary met
witb an accident at the Boundary
Falls hotel on Fridi.y night 13ih inst.
wbich resulted in his death. He was
sitting in a chair with his feet on an
iron railing placed around the stove
when he overbalanced and fell backward*. Other m »n sitting near picked
him up and although he said he was
not hurt, it was evident that he was
partially -paralysed. Medical assistance was obtained and his removal to
the Greenwood hospital wis directed,
to which Institution lie was taken on
Saturday. He retained consciousness
and did nnt realise that his condition
was serious. On the following Monday 16th inst. death came suddenly
whilst he was lieing rained in bed to
give him a drink. It appears that his
spine was so injmed that recovery
under the circumstances could not be
looked for. He is staled to have heen
a steady industrious man, about 33
years nf age. So far as known he was
an Englishman without, relatives in
this Province. For atlme he was em*
ployed In ihisdlstrlct at, construction
work on the Columbia and Wi stern
Railway. Only last month he arranged to work Mr. Thos. Wake's
ranch, McOarreti Creek, on shares and
for three weeks had been busy cultivating it, Mr. Wake kindly arranged
Mr burial of the body at. Boundary
Falls al his own expense. The funeral
took place last Tuesday, Rev, B. H
Balderston officiating at the grave.
Messrs. J. C. Dufresne and Wm,
Eddy, late of Nelson, have rented Mr.
W. G. McMynn'* ranch at. Myers Creek
fnr one year with an option lo purchase It for tlLtmn, The property extend* about two miles along Myers
Creek and contains an area of 800
aires, three fourths being rolling hills
making an excellent innge for stock.
Nearly nne fourth I* bottom land and
although some of Ihi* is sllll timbered,
•he greater portion is sown down in
timothy. Messrs, Dufresne and Eddy
intend seeding down wilh timothy
more land and ihey anticipate.later
stocking tbe range, Pint of the bottom land was sown wilh timothy as
far bank as 1801. ever since which year
part of the ranch has been in cultivation. It is one of the i»»*l-knowii
ranches in the district and should the
lessees later become owners of it they
will no doubt work ii to advantage,
- ♦■
Okanogan Free Hold Mines.
At an extraordinary general meeting
of the shareholders of the Okanogan
Free Gold Mines, Limited, held recently in Rossland, the special resolutions
which were passed nt the extraordinary general meeting of the com*
pany held on April 3rd, were duly confirmed. The present company will he
immediately wound up, and Mr. K. K.
Peiser was appointed liquidator for the
purposes of such winding up. A new
company to be named Okanogan Gold
Mines, Limited, will he registered at
once, with a capitalisation of gSHU,iH0
ii 10-cent Jahares, to take over tbe old
company's interests. Shareholders of
the old company are entitled to receive
share per share alike in the new company at the rate of eight cents, paid
up, one cent to be paid on issuing the
new certificates, and another cent at a
later call. The Okanogan Free Gold
Mines, Ltd., is reported to have some
2,000 tons of ore blocked out ready for
sloping in its mine near Oroville,
Wash. It Is also stated that there are
some large deposits of low grade ore on
the property besides a considerable
quantity carrying fair values, The
main ledge has been struck in the
tower level It is proposed to add 20
stamps to tbe mill in the fall.
■  •   .-
Camp flcKlnaey.
Mr. J. 0. Reilly writing to TitR AD
vancic from Camp McKinney says
James Copeland, the owner of the Le
roy, four miles south-east of here in
cross-cutting on this claim about SO
feet east of the main shatt, has run
into ore like that met with on the
Dayton. He bal about 10 feet of it
now and is not yet through it. 1 saw
three pans of the oxidised gangue tried
and estimate that it will run hetween
m and $40 to the ton. With this
letter you will see the gold token from
one half pan of the ore without crush
ing. With the free gold ore there i*
a large body of the ore thut i* clinratV
toristic of the Bouiidnry-pyrrhotlle
and copper. The theory that the
placer gold ih Rock Creek is from
natural erosion along l he creek is fast
being proven Correct. 1 have seen
pieces of black country rock with g.ild
showing freely in them, washed up by
placer miners. I fur one prospector
cannot understand how it is that men
of knowledge will spend thousand* of
dollars trying to make a mine wlieje
there is nothing to start with, md let
such a hell as this, between the nor li
and south forks of Rock CtVek lie idle.
The DnyUio and Leroy clnim*, with
several others, sre ali ut 13)0 feet
alsive the creeks, thedistJitter lietween
which is a mile and a half. Owing lo
the country being somewhat contorted
t think that it would lie uinafo to
tackle it on a shoe string, still it. will
take comparatively small capital to
make mines in that small licit. Tin*
ore is in small nines nr dykes ofsilic
iotis schist, incased in granite and tlinr
ite. The camp is easily accessible and
there is an abundance of timber, also
good water power available. If surface Indications may lie taken fur anything here is a camp that well warrant*
prospecting.   Surface indications Hit*
a matter of judgment, to lie pronoilt I
on only by those who, understand
them. I look forward to the lime
when this camp will have a smelter.
that "returns have just been received
by the Zala Consolidated Company
from a small shipment of slightly les*
than 14 ton* recently lent tn lhe Trull
smeller. The ore gave values of $1:>I.*
03 silver and 14.12 gold or a total of
144.05 per toil, the net return to the
company from the shipment heing
ll.miB" This Is th" shipment lhat
was made through Midi*ay last mouth.
Capt. T. F.Cosgriffhas sold a two'
mii-d-e interesl iu the   White Rabbit
laitii, Rock Oreek to some parties
who are now developing the property.
A prospect shafl. had heen sunk 15 feet
on a 4-foot quarts vein in which free
gold appear*. An assay retimed 913.
in gold. As the ledge occurs close to a
high sleep bank four men are at work
tinning a tunnel to cut i: al. a depth of
about 150 feet. Spokane milling men
are now »xauiintng the claim wilh a
view to taking it over. Should Ihey
do so they will make Midway the head'
quarters of the company.
A correspondent of tbe San Francisco "Mining and Scientific Press"
writes to Ibal journal i— I have al*
ways noticed lhat the most careless
persons in handling Giant ponder are
prospectors snd miners working in a
small way, where every cent is needed
for "grub" and nnt even Ihe small cosl
ufa patent powder lhawer can be
spared. The usual practice nf such
miners Is lo lay Ihe |tawder In the sun
lo warm. Often when coming out of
tbe mine, when ready tn blast, they
And the sun has gone under a cloud
and the powder is frozen, and the only
thing left in do is to thaw it nvei the
forge or a candle witb frequent disastrous results, ( herewith submit a
method of thawing powder which has
at least Ihe advantage of costing nothing, and I believe In be absolutely aafet
take an empty square gallon syrup
cap, make a wooden box one foot deep
.and large enough Inside lo set the can
and leave a space IJ inches all around
the ran. Line the inside of Ibe box
with three or four thicknesses of cab.
vas, put obe inch of sawdust in lhe
laittoin, All the can wiih water as
warm as yntl can liear your hand in,
set in middle of Isix and stand slicks
of powder upright all around it. It
will bold twenty or twenlv-flve
sticks. Stuff a gunny sack dnwn on
top and Ihe powder will keep in good
condition fm twelve hours in coldest
weather. Prepare before starting to
work and you will always have powder
ready when yoll want lo blast.
r* *
-  WHI Pot on New Coaches.
For the Mlefll of the travelling public the service Oh the Columbia and
Western brunch of the I'. P. R, ia to
he greatly improved. Within a short
period there will Iw added to the roll
lug -took of this lir.tnch two handsome
passenger coaches, They will lie brand
new, upholstered throughout and simi
lar itl every rc-pect to the coaches on
the main line, Of the many branch
lines of the ('. P. It., the management
consider tile Columbia and Western
the best paying one ill their system
and for that reason they are going to
do everything they call to look after
the comfort of their pal runs.-Coluul
Ina "Review."
A contract for 400,000 bricks for lhe
British Columbia Copper Company's
smelter and Mother Lode mine llu*
been let lo Coryell Bros., near Oar-
son. Delivery Is to be commenced
early next inont h. The sample brick
sent in was a Very good one and If this
quality is maintained the bricks frill lie
very suitable fnr the furnaces, flues
and boiler settings, for which they
will he used,
Mr. B. B. McMynn, who owns the
Daisy Bell mineral claim, at Mvets
Creek, hns run a tunnel about 80 fee:
into the hillside with the object, of cutting a quarUledge whirh outcrop* nn
the claim and ia still a few feel Ahead.
This ledge is quarts freely mineralised wilh galena and yielding an excellent prospect in gold when crushed
and panned off, A second leul is
known lo occur on the claim anil ii
was intersected slsmt 15 feel in from
the mouth of the tunnel. This is a
well defined quarts vein showing mineral freely, and assaying $12 in gold.
An asi'hanga says t The Dominion
Consolidated, of Fairview, has the
breast of ils tunnel, now iri 325 feet,
all in ore, whieh avenfge* $0.28 right
across lhe face. A* the ore is five milling and can be taken out ut a very low
rule, these value* yield a handsome
percentage of profit.
Am Interesting Story.
Tli« Vat iver "News-Advertiser''
last week published the following frnm
its  liotinilut-y  Creek correspondent t
Lust month an  old Carihoo miner*
named Patrick Synon, who of lata
yenrs had heen engaged iti prospecting
iu the Boundary country, came to his
death by accidentally choking whilst
eating his supper at a Wayside house-
known as Hoosler's, situate ahout il
miles west of Midway, on the stage
road to Camp McKinney  and  Pentic
ton This Incident waa duly Chronicled
shortly after ita occurrence in the
press of tbe district, but little or nothing was mentioned of the fact that
Synon was a character of more than
ordinal y inteiest.   It Is related of him
tlmt. he whs an enthusiastic admirer of
tin* lute Right, Hon. W. K. Gladstone,
and that some years ago when placer
mining in the Cariboo he found a nug*
gel of gold which he forwarded tothe
gleet linn i Rule sliitesman.whom so
many Irishmen   looked  upon  as one
wbo strove to do justice to their he.
loved country,   As Synon was a well-
read man and  capable of expressing
his views ami opinions clearly and
inteH'stlngly, there is no doubt that
hi* gift was iicconipiiiili'il by a letter
thoroughly characteristic of the man,
Certain ills that it drew from Mr.
lilndstone a letter of appreciative  acknowledgment,  which   letter Synon
valued So highly, so it is slated, that
he hud it locked up in a fire-proof safe
at Ashcroft.   The story goes that only
on one occasion  has lhat treasured
letter been taken   from its place of
safekeeping,  with   the lute owner's
knowledge an.! stt'iction, and that was
in response to a request preferred hy
Mr. .Id*tice Walkem and other Cariboo iiM-tlmera who were at the time
recounting some of their experiences
and vicissitudes of Cariboo life. The
story is given here for what it is worth,
hut if it be true that there is such a
letter in existence, it would appear desirable that an effort be made to secure
it for one of the museums of the Province, to be kept on account of its association with one of England's great
statesmen on the one hand, and on tbe
other With a picturesque and interesting pioneer character whose varied
life had such an iiuromantic and regi etabla ending.
HIL nine iiAiraiLivi- iTftftllUI/kllVlllllV IV.f
Peterborough, Ontario,
       " ■   i   in   j ii ■ ■       a
D. L. Barcklay,
J. A.   HaRKM.
Livery and  Feed Stables,
vm_-_._N>S3E"sxt- ZaX-xrzs.
•Midway, B. C.
Now is the Time to Furnish Your House,
ReeeiviDg new fioods Daily.
REFRIGERATORS  etc., just arrived.
V. BC. GHouLley & Oo.
Furniture   :  Undertaking and Embalming,
IMUHfl the hest life Insurance
I contractl lu the World. No
disappointment as to dividends.
Everything guaranteed in advance. Premium rate* IS to 25
per rent less than those of old
line Mutual companies.
.... Of Hartford. Conn, t,
Chartered 1863. 9
Stock Life and %
Accident Insurance. w
ASSETS, . . .
January ist, 1897
$10,884.53 £
17,930,360.39    ',
3,976,434.3* -
The Travellets Combination Accident Policy guarantees foraccldental
under ordinary conditions,
Death Benelit .... fSOOO
Lou* of Sight of Both Kye* . ,000
Urn* of lloth ITeet or liotb Hands 5,009
Loss of Otis Hand snd One Foot 5.0H0
Permanent Tolal llbaMltr'        IWO
Ism of Itlght Hand . , tS,S00
Low of I*si at or above Knoe . 8,500
htm ot Left Hand . . . 1,000
Lon of Either foot 1,000
Luna of right of Une I ro   .     ,     .ISO
Unfits of   Weekly Indemnity $1,300.
AND, If such injuries sre sustained while riding its a passenger in
any passenger conveyance using steam  cable,   or  electricity as a
motive power the amount to he paid   shall be DOUBLE the sum
specified in the clause under which the claim is made.
Cost $52 a veak  to Professional  and   Business
Men.and Commercial Travelers.
Other sums at proportionate rates
The  hotel  is centrally located and is a stopping place  for stag<> lines,
Oood fishing in the vicinity.  Good stabling,
A variety of the choicest brands of liquors and cigars at the bar
_.,._. ma-Miiimiiwimw
Greenwood City Boundary Creek, B. C.
We have opened the above hotel at Greenr,ood City, ana are prepared
to welcome guests and provide good accommodation. Qood Catering, first
class Livery Stable.
MtDWA- B._.1_PBlt.fflitt.
Canadian PaeifleRy.
Operate the Fastest Train across
the American
First Class and Tourist Sleepers
sStbounu   DAILY TRAIN    WtawnovNi)
_:_&     Lv.     Sluaiuuu* Jot.     Lv.     tt-M
Issu-in   Poutloton, Tue„ Thur., Sat.,   0-00
Arrive* Pontioton, Mon., Wed.. Frl„ 1730
BeaolifiiOy situated at tbe eonflaenee of Boundary Creek aid Kittle liver,
Accelerated Service to and irom
all points and through
, Ex. 8UN.     DAILY TRAIN       Kit. Sus.
1535 Ar.      Greenwood       Lv,  1135
For full information us to time, rate*,
etc. or for copms of C. P. Railway
publications, address:
E, B, REDPATH, Agent, Greenwood.
S. L. SMITH, Agent, Penticton.
W. F. ANDERSON, T. P. A. Nelson.
E. J. (JOYLE, A. (3. P. A. Vancouver.
ILL BE T,1e most important railway town in the Kettle River Mining Division.
The Western Terminal and Divisional point of the Columbia & Western Railway.
The Wholesale Supply and Manufacturing centre of the Kettle River and Boundary
Creek Districts.
The distributing  point for  Upper  Fvettle River, West   Fork and Camp McKinney
•nining camps.
The nearest Railway town to Republic, Meyers  Creek,  Palmer Mountain and   other
Northern Washington mining camps.
The leading residence town   in   the country, with an excellent  climate, pure water
supply and favorable sanitary conditions.
Business, residence ar<d garden lots at low prices and on easy terms...
London k Lancashire Building,   TUC   MID^fVAY CO     Lt(L      A***nt for British Columbia,
J. F. PIOOOTT, Manager,
Montreal, P. <_l.
OTICK Ik hereby given that thirty days
. . after date I intond to apply to tho Chiof
Cummiwilunor of Lunda and Works for pur-
inisssiun in iiurchiuo 320 sorcR nt Iniul its fnl*
tows— cemmoncing at a post, half u millo Hoiiili
of tho North Kant corner of \M U/0 thonco
Eiist 40 chain* South thence 80 chains, tliunce
U'okI 40 chains, i hence North ■■>' chains to place
of uouinicneoiiient and eonuining 920 acres
more or l»*s.
Thu said land being required for agricultural
Iluted this 8th day of Janu iry, 1900.
Mineral Aot, 1896.
Certificate  of Improvements.
Oortiflcate  of   Improvements.
Minkiiai. Claims.
Situate In ths Osoyooi Mining Division ot
Yals Dlstriot Whsrsloeats-T:-On HoCslg
TAKK NOTICK that I, Chan. deHlols
Ureen as iuj,jiit for the National Mining and llcvolnpiw-nt Company, free ininer's
cuniilcat. Nn. n»i;il. Intend, sixty days from
lho date hereof, toapply In the Mining Itecordor for a eert Illume of improvement*, for the
piii'luse of obtaining a crown grunt of the
above cluii'is.
And further I    o notice that action, under
section 37, inu    be commenced  before the
"sunnce of such ....rtiltcaie of improvements
ted tub 22nd day of March, 1900.
T'iK Hritish Columbia Southern Hallway
Company will apply to tho Parliament of
Canada at its next Session for an Act author-
IzIiik tlie Company to complete nt any time before the end of tho year 1904, lt« western section
ns described in the Act of the said Parliament
(WMi Victoria, Chapter ,10) and a branch lino
from a point on ils main line nt. nr near the
fcrljscf Michel Creek Ihence by way of Mlohol
Creek t.» Marion ,Jm:!.. and for nther purposes.
By order of the Hoard,
Montreal, 17th November, IW9.
Nickkhhon Minkkai. Claim.
Situate ln Osoyoos Mining Division of Yals
Dlstriet.   Where Located:-On Kruger
TAKK NOTICK thnt I.Chns. de Illols Oroen,
as agent for John C. Fisher, free
miner's certificate No. 18728a, intend,
sixty days from the dale horeof, lo apply
to the Mining Recorder fpr u certiiicate of
Improvements, for tlio purpose of obtaining
a Crown grant of the abovo claim.
And furihor take notloo that, aotion, under
ect ion 117. must bo commenced bofore 'ho issu
ance of such certificate of improvements.
I inled this 27th day cf March, 1900.
Certlflcate   of Improvements.
Tnu Sunny Hide Minkhai, Claim.
Situate In the Kettle River Mining Division or
Yale District. Where Ineatedt-Near to
Eholt Creek, (formerly culls* Prior
Creek,) lying partly upon and northerly
of and adjoining Lot 262, Township 79.
TAKK NOTICK that I, William Orahsm
McMynn, freo minor's certificate No,
nfflOl, intend, sixty days from the dato hereof,
to apply to the Minion Recorder for a Certificate of Improrements. tor the purpose of obtaining u Crown Orant of the above claim.
And further take police that aotion, under
section 37. must bo commenced liefore the
iKMuance of sueh Certitieuteof Impn-venionU*.
Hated this 27th dny nf March, 1900.
AnldealResidenee Town.
Buy a residence site whilst
there is plenty of choice. Pure
air and water, beautiful scenic
surrounding's, skilled resident
physician, excellent school-just
the place for families.  Try it.
For Prices and Terms
Apply to
Spokane Falls
..& Northern,
Nelson & Fort Sheppard,
'-- AND --
Red Mountain Railways.
Certificate of Improvements
Balmoral Minkkai, Claim,
Situate ln the Osoyoos Dining Divlilon 'of
Yale District.   Where loeated: Camp
TAKK NOTICE that I. R. H. Parkinson
as agent, for William Small, freo
minor's certificate No. s ,_M, Intend, sixty
days from the date heroof, to apply to the
Mining Recorder for a certificate of improve-
mcniH for the purpose of obtaining a Crown
Orant of the above claim.
And further take notice that action, hnder
section 37, must be commenced before the
issuance nf such Certificate of Improvementa.
Dated this 28th day of November. 1899.
limited liability
Real Estate and Mining Brokers.
Hre Insurance a Specialty.  mhj^^mmmm
Bob Hall's Stage Line
Certlflcate   of  Improvement*.
Mm-NTAiN,   Ruck
MtNaaAL Claims.
akd Atrain
sgent for David lllock free
fe No. bMSJuimb lllack. free
Sltuat* In th* Osaras Mining Division af
Yal* District. Whsrs looated; In Green
Mountain eamp. Ktromsos er**k.
TAKK NOT ICK that I.ChaaJoHlola amm.
anting  ss i
mlner'a eertlfleato	
miner's oerUAcate Ko, allTB, Alfred Woodcraft
free miner's ccrfltlente No. BoH7. and P.
C. McArthur, free minoracertlflcsui No.IK37a,
int*nd,sl»ty days from the dat*) hereof, lo
apply to the Mining Reoorderfor a Certihcati-
of Improvementa. for the purpose of obtaining
s Crown Grant of thu above claims.
And further take notloe that notion, under
seotlon 37, must bo oommeneod beforo the
Issuance of suoh OortlAento of Improvement s
Dated thb 20th day jf January. UMi.
H On good papJ
3 and in the most
m approved style]
H ^
of any kind.
forms for Mineral Claims
^Affidavit forms for Meld
Notes, etc., etc.
A Trial Order Solicited.
TKe /\dv>ar\ce,
(Carrying Her Majesty's Mails)
Meets the steamer Aberdeen at Pentcton on Mon
days, Wednesdays and Saturdays. Passengers to
and from Fairview, Osoyoos and Oroville, Wash.,
delivered in quick time, and by comfortable
Mineral Aet 1890.
Certificate of Improvements.
Livery, Feed an1
Sole Stables.
Penticton. B. C.
R.». HALL. Pre*
Subscribe for
Iltoats in tha Osoyoos Mining Division of
Yals IHstriet Whsrs locatsd: On Riga* Mountain.
TAKK NOTICK that I, Chas. dell. Omen.
as agent for Renjamin Aitdemon free
miner's eertlfleato No. HATIS, and H. A.
Iloworman free miner oertHlcat** No. ntfil.
Intend, sixty dny« fnun the date hernof. in
appll* U> Ihe Mining Recorder for a Certificate
ot lmprovoinents, for the purnnae of obtaining
j a Crown Ornnt of Ihe above elnlnw.
| And farther take notice that notion under
motion 37 munt be oomrnenoed bofore the imu.
aiioo of mieh t'ertlfloate et Improvements.
IMUd thia nth day of March, WM.
The pioneer newspaper in the Boundary district
Certlflcate  of   Improvements.
Certificate  of  Improvements,
Careen Kim Minkkai. Claim.
Sltuat* In ths Osojrooi Mining Division •<<
Tti* district.    Whsrs   located.
Kruger Mountain.
TAKK   NOTIOK.    that I,    Clin*,  dr
Oreen  on agent   for  Sooner C i*.
free miner* certlncats Nn. uittii'i intend.
nlxtir dar* fror.i tbo datn, horwil. X"
apply tn tho Mining Recorder for a CarHfli*"1**
or Improvement*, for the purimic nf obuuntiiK
it (rnwnOrnm nf the above olalm.
Ami further take notice that iwtlim. iiwlrr
•motion 37.  mum  be oommeneod  boforr ih"
■Nuance of uucli Certificate of linproxeniuui*
Untod thb llth day of April, isnu.
Only $2.00 a Year.
CAUronNiA Minkhal Claim.
Sltuats In tlw Osoyoos Mining IHvlilsn of
Yal* Dlstriet Whsrs locatsd: Krugsr
TAKE NOTICE that I, Chan. riaRkil* Oroen
se agent for Henjamln Andemon free
minem certificate Nn. 10712, Intend sixty darn
from the dnte horoof, to apply tothe Mining lte-
cordcr fnr a ccrtltlcate of Improvement*, for the
purpose of obtaining a Crown Orant of the
above olalm.
And further take notloe that action, under
motion   37, muni   be commenced before the
Imuanoo of sueh certiflciite of Improvements,
listed thin 14th dny of March, IWO.
The  only all-rail rout,', with
out change of cars, between
Spokane,   Rossland     */_£
and Nelson. . .     ^gs^
OOINO NORTH.                   UOINO SOUTH,    HAW US
Train leaving Marcus at 12:41 a. tn.
makes chute connections at .Spokane
with trains for all
Close criniuntiiini at Nelsnn witli
steamboats for Kiwln and all Kootenay
Luke points.
Hiisski-riii-s for Kettle Kiver and
Boundary Greek connect at Marcus
witb stage daily.
0. P.*T. A
Riverside Addition,
Just a Word!
To those contemplating an investment in Midway real estate, the information is
offered that on the Riverside Addition may be
found 300 very choice residence sites.
LOTS 50 x 125 FEET.
For terms and all other information apply to
W.H. NORRIS,        or        A. MEGRAW,
Midway.B.C Camp McKinney, B.C
Certiflciite   *t Improrements.
Sold Bub Minkral Claim,
Situate In ths Osoysos Mining Division
of Yals Dlstriet. Whsrs Locatsd: Camp
TAKK NOTICE that I. Chns. I* IIIhIh Oroon
aa agont tor George Hlieohan, free miner'-,
eortillcate No. a Mat intend, aixty dnvs
from the date hereof, to apply lo the Miniiut
Heoorderfor»Certiflentoorlmpnronionlx fur
the iiurpow!oliiliu*lsiiigs Crown Omni of the
alsivc elnlm.
And funnel take notice that action, under
nootlon S7. niiMt be comnunoed before  Hu-
limuanoc of audi CertiDoate of Imprwomenu
Dated thia 6th day of January J A. O. IIWii.
«___. Practical
Midway, B. C.
»•pairin g
Promptly  and   Neatly
m*askomm ■■Ktora"


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