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The Advance 1902-03-10

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 Ill ii ADVANCK.
L. XVI. No. 19.
12.00 per Year.
Iabhistbiw, Solicitors, Etc.
Ohkknwooii, II. C.
_: Notakv Public,
|l estate,
financial aoent
and mining brokkr.
swtlt. II.O.i.UW.
Hallett & Shaw
NoUrlct Public.
I AilrtrottH: '•JIai.i.ktt."
Codkh: Itmlfonl McNolll's, Mowing fc
Nosl'n, Lolhor a.
pell Block, Greenwood.
Phone 00, V. ft S.
A. 1. Can. Soc. C. E.
oviNciM. Land   Surveyor
■wav and Gkkiswood.
I<<*itl Estate
Tonsorial Artist.
U Itnrt-claas Shave, Hair Out, So* ■rnam
lor Rlminooo, onll at Uio atwvo parlor.
Iltuoni honed and ground.
TH STIIKKT,   -  *   *  MIDWAY.  11. 0.
iraaral     mXaaotmrnamaAOha.
|l Kindt of Repairing.   Horseshoeing
A special! J.
PltiaudPlC--,   _*»*■■
Kxwllorl fishing on Kottlo Itlvor.if
Ml kinds of work executed to
lho satisfaction of oustomers.
-: AT COST :=
Our entire stock of Dry Goods,
and Clothing, Ladies and Childrens Shoes, commencing Jan.
15, we will sell at cost.
Yon cannot afford to overlook these eash values.
All 15c and 17c prints 11c
" ioc Flanneletts 6c
" $4.00 Ladies Shoes $2.50
" $2.75      do      do $1.65
" $15.00 Mens Suits $10.00
" $12.00    do      do $9.00
" $8.00      do      do $6.00
" $5.50 Boys Suits      •     $3.50
Call and see oar $2,75 line of mens shoes at $1,75
The Associated Boards of Trade
Pass Resolutions.
Ask Dominion Oovernrnent to Make
Selection ot Oovernrnent Reserve
Cosl Lands   Division of Vale-
Kootenay  Electoral Qls-
trict-Two  Per Cent
fUneral Tax.
f.  -
Id, r. imioN,
Practical Watch Maker,
eholt, b. c.
•  -0-
Oood tools. Plenty Material,
and ]o ycari experience to do
work correctly.  .  .  •
Sold by All Newsdealers
rurnisnae HoiUhly tn sll lovers ol Hong
and Hiult a vast ttJiuma ol Now, Cholcs
Copyright Camaasltl.na by the nrat |«i**
Mat Million. 64 .agaaof Plana Mualc,
tall Vocal, hall IiMtrumraUil - si Complete
*}**** lor flaaa-Onco a Month lor as
<•■"»•• Yearly Biil**orip*lon,»s.oo. lljou
will acnil ur, th* name ttxxt aridrcn ol Ftv*
Jtano or Onmn Wayon, we will aend you a
«____'•_ ."• WWII, fubllahor,
*<•"** • UomUU., Philadelphia, Pa.
Hotel Spokane,
KCCXSeventh Sl- ■mm*- -CCCC**
A new hnildinfr. well furnished. Everything new
and first-class. Only the choicest Wines, Liquors
and Cigars kept in stock. Headquarters for Mining
and Commercial Men.        [No Chinese Emi'Lovkd.]
One of the Best Equipped Hotels in
the Boundary. Everything First Class.
J. W. NELSONTProprietor.
In order to save labor we wish
to dispose of as much of our stock
as possible before stock-taking.
Although prices have been cut
before we are still coming down.
Everything cut io all Departments.
, Quick Sales and
Small Profits.
1 m slock ol staple md taiy pn* ttm xb%
post fill HAIN &C0. Ull
Kama B. 0., Fel>. 28.- -The Assocla.
led Hoards of Trade of Fast ern British
Columbia concluded their labors today
and will meet next yenr at Fernie, .
The proceedings closed wilh a ban-
quet tendered hy lhe Kaslo board this
The Associated Boards passed the
fnllowiiiK resolutions i
' Ui niii|* the Dominion government to
make an immediate selection of lh>-
government reserve of 50,000 acres of
coal, landa and lease them with such
safeguards as will absolutely preclude
now and in tne future, the possibility
of tbeir amalgamation wiih, ur control
by the Crow's Nest Coal company or
any allied corporation, and that) the
minimum price to lie charged for coke
be 93.50 per ton f. o. b., and the maxi
1110111 price for jj inch screened coal be
$1.73 per tun f, o. li,'This was nn
amendment liy the Rossland delegates
lo the original resolution offered by
ihe Greenwood board, which simply
called for the throwing open of these
lauds and proper restrictions from the
govern mem.
A resolution was passed asking thai
the Kuolemiy-Yale-Cariboo federal
electoral district be divided at once 01.
the line of the Columbia river.and thai
an election for a member of the Dnui
inn parliament lie iiumediati ly held iu
the new dislrict thereby ciealed wesi
uf the Coliiniliia river.
This resolution was pawed in refer
ence 1*. thu uitiuftw us ; Ws...*
there is now imposed by the government of British Ooiumbia a lax of two
per cent on the gross value of all ore
after deducting il(e charges paid fm
transportation and smelting ; whereas
the prosperity and growth of the min
ing industry of this province laigely
depend upon I lie possihiliyof profitably
working the low grade ore deposits of
ihe couniry ; whereas the incidence of
the tax as at present levied is consider
ed to be unjust, bearing unequally
upon mines hnvingdiffi rent conditions
ns to value of ore and cost nf prodnc
tion ; whereas it is believed that a considerable portion of the revenue, while
it may he deemed equitable to levy
upon the mining industry, could Ic
derived lirst, from the tax already le
gaily colled ihle from crown granted
claims, upon which less lhan work lo
1 he value of $200 annually is done, if
such lax were systematically and
promptly collected, or in default, thereof, if the said crown granted mineral
claims were to lie sold hy the government lo the highest bidder and.second,
liy changing the conditions in regard
to such crown granted claims, so that
wnrk to the value of $400 annually
should he required, or falling that, a
lax of 60 cents an acre Im imposed, and
third, hy requiring that instead of
worn to the value of $100 heing Ihe
annual assessment conditions on non
crown granted claims work to the
value of $80 he accepted with an in
crease of the fee for recording assess
ment work to $12.50, with nn increase
in the nunilier of assessments before
ihe issuance of crown grants, and by
these means the developnienl of the
resources of Ihe country would he
stimulated, he it resolved that the
government he asked to look to tin
means herein suggested for a portion
of the revenue from the mining Indus
try and to reduce by so much Ihi
amount to he derived from the lax on
minerals produced, and tn charge tin
incidence of the tax by deduct ing from
1 he value of the ore the cost of mining,
exclusive of capital expendilure and
licadofHce expenses, such reduction to
he Biibject to the jurisdiction of such
official as the government may deslg
On the Morrison Pending the Taking
Up of the Option on the nine.
Ous Peterson, superintendent of the
Morrison mine, located in Deadwood
camp, is in the city for a few days,
says the Spokesman, and stated yester
day that the Boundary country was
never iu a more prosperous condition
than at the present time.
The Morrison mine has closed down
for a short lime, (lending the taking
up of lhe option on the property. The
mine itself is looking well,   The dia
uioiiil drills have 1 tin into some line
looking ore bodies, but their extent is
as yet. unknown. Mr. Peterson said
of the property:
'The Morrison mine hns immense
ore bodies. The ledges are from fill In
Sl) feet wide in places, and Ihere is any
amount of ore. The average values of
the ores will lie about $5 or $0 to the
Ion, mostly in copper and gold. We
have la-en working on the 300 foot
level and have over 3,1X10 feet of development work done on'lie mine. As
soon as lhe railroads reach Ihe camp
we can ship 100 tons of ore per day,
"It is rumored that either lhe Ureal
Norlhern or the Canadian Pacitlc will
run into the WestVork district next
slimmer, and it is also stated thnt Ihe
('amidinn Pacific lias made a proposition to the government to that effect.
"One thing thnt has made the camp
advance Ihis reason is the great in
crease in tonnage. The Graves com
pany has increased the tonnage of thai
group three or four fold, while the
British Columbia Copper company has
doubled its production. The Mother
Lode, the Ironsides and the Sunset
.people are actually quarrying out the
nre and are mining it at a cost of almut.
50 cents per ton. The Sunset people
have been opening up stopes and aie
ready to supply the smeller with any
amount of ore."
Run Over the  Kettle
Lines on April g.
It is officially announced that the
Kettle Valley lines will complete its
lailroad from Grand Folks lo Republic
1 y April 1, and that the first passeiger
train over the new line will leave
Grand Forks on the morning of April
5. Tbe initial trip over Ihe line will be
under the direct supervision of Genera!
Manager Tracy W. Holland.
The del ails of the programme have
not been worked out, hot thcexrursion
party will be by invitation only. It
will include prominent business men
of Spokane and   Rossland,   Nelson,
-J-*,,-    l*\...l-a   Hll'l   "ll"**' Inwna i.f llu.
Kontenays and Boundary. „.
The train will inn through to Republic, where a banquet will lie served
under the auspices of the Republic
board of trade. Immediately after the
banquet at Republic the train will re
turn to Grand Forks, where another
banquet will bc given under the aus
pices of the Grand Forks board of
trade. The excursionists; will be ac
coin 1 anted on the return trip by a
large delegation of the business men of
' . m-*a	
The Railway Combine Said tobe After
a Dominion Charter.
Montreal, March I.—Application
has lieen made at Ottawa for a Dunlin
ion charier for a company railed Ihe
Northern Securities, with a nominal
capital of $1,000,000. All of the incor
porntors are members of tbe legal tirtu
of McGibhon, Casgrain, Ryan k Mitchell. The company, however, is the
same as the American concern organized by James J, Hill.
The incorporation of Ihe company in
Canada is regarded by the leading lawyers of Montreal as placing the merger
beyond (he reach of a United 8tales
court. The company will lie enabled
to fulfill in every re»|«*ct Ihe purposes
for whicli il was organized, and if so
desired it Will be enabled lo offer its
securities for sale on the exchanges
In the same manner nnd with tbe same
freedom now enjoyed by a score of
couiniercial institutions coming under
Canadian charters.
To Avoid Damaging Disclosures-
Charges Against Premier.
Term* of Contract With Mackenzie A
Mann Have Been Submitted to
the House, but Oovernrnent
Refuses to Disclose Some
Important Documents
Victoria, March 4.-Premier Duns*
mulr made a s|-eech in lhe house today
in reply to Capt. Tatlow, of Vancouver, in which he accused Tallow aid
Garden of a desire to enter his cabinet,
if they could have lieen re elected. Hv
claimed that Martin wns not the dictator uf the government hut was une of
Its supporters.
The terms of the contract with Mc*
K'-nzii and Mann were submitlid in
the house today. They agree to huild
a line ti oui Bute Inlet to Yellowheud
Pass, commencing work liefore June,
1003, beginning at Bute, They are to
deposit $50,000 security. The line is tn
tie completed within live years. Ihe
company is to get $4,(0(1 per mile for
the Hrsl GO miles commencing at Bute
inlet; from the end of the first. 50 miles
to Quesnelle, about 150 miles, Ihey get
$1,001) a mile and from Quesnelle 10
Yellowhead Pass they get $4,500 per
mile, The mileage grant is payable at.
tlie end of each 20 miles of railway
'(instructed. The company also get
30,01)0 acres per mile in Westmiuster,
Lillooet and Cariboo districts. The
land granted is not subject to provincial or municipal taxation until alienated hy lease or sale. The sanieap*
applies lo the stock of the company
until ten years afler the coinji^
the railway. Free in ine'
iii-cos lo the hm '
ferry is lo Ih
land to.Ih-'
Machinery for Wauconda.
The new machinery for the Wauconda mill arrived iu Midway last week
and was taken up to the mine. Il consisted of ft pulp pump, an extra Ross-
man grinder and Iwo Rossman concern
t'.rs. They will he installed at once,
as the mill is all ready to receive them,
and the miners who were laid off from
drifting on the ledge, awaiting the
new machinery, will lie put to work
again in a few days.
The lower tunnel on the Waucnnda
is in about 1,100 feet and running
ahead live feet per day. It is hoped to
encounter another hig ledge before
long. Uie indications lieing decidedly
good, but it is not known if this will
prove to he the main ledge on the
The Klakamas tunnel, which approaches the extension of lhe big
Wauconda vein from the west, is in
almut 160 feet, and may have from 100
to 150 feet further lo run before tapping*! he vein. The money, we learn,
has lieen provided for the work. At
present two shifts are employed by the
company, hut next month three eight
.hour shift* will k* put 011.
earnings nf the 1.
the government unt.
subsidy is returned, lf the .
tended to Frederick Arm provision is
made for additional aid. lf inside of
two years the mule is found impracticable, and so reported lo Ihe government, the contract is null and void.
Victoria, March 6.—The house is
holding a night silling tonight, presumably at the instance of lhe governiuenl to prevent the opposition members from attending E. V. Bodwell's
uieeting. Hon. R. McBride has a
motion before ihe house asking the
mivcrninent tn table forthwith alt
telegrams and other data hearing on
the alleged contract wilh Mackenzie k
Mann, and Ihit will probably reach a
vote as the government refuses to disclose the documents. Earlier in the
daya motion was made hy McBride
asking lhe government 10 issue a writ
forthwith for the vacancy in North
Victoria was defeated by a straight
party, vote of 10 to 16.
At tonight's session the opposition
continued ils demands for telegrams
hearing on lhe Canada Northern contract. R. G. Tatlow asked if Greenshields, who is pushing the scheme,
was ihe same man who was described
hy Col. Prior as making hundreds of
thousands of dollars out of one of the
most disgraceful railway deals in the
history of Canada, naming the Drum-
nioiid county deal, Tatlow tollowid
this up with a charge against the
premier that he had a side agreement
wilh Mackenzie k Mann wheHiy lie
sold his Coiuox and Cape Scotl charter.
This ihe premier failed to deny. Mr.
Dunsmuir finally moved lhat tin* house
adjourn unt II Tuesday, and 1 his elicited
a storm of protest from Ilie opposition,
whn charge the government wilh inability lo meet the contention of lhe
opposition and wilh adjourning lo
avoid an exposure of the governnient.
The government carried its point,
however, .md the house adjourned, all
the opposition ineiiiliers going to the
theatre, wliere Bodwell was holding
one of the biggest meetings in thc history nf the city. Here thc government's course was used wiih great
effect by the speakers and the general
feeling now is that Col. Prior's defeat
is certain, and the government's fale
is involved in that of Prior.
 r t .	
A summary iif Ihe mineral production of Canada for the year 1001 has
been prepared hy the geological department. Thi. total mineral production for the year was $00,107,031. as
compared with $00,488,037 In the year
previous, or a total Increase of $4,01H,*
904, nearly five millions. In 1805 tlie
total mineral production was a little
over twenty million dollars.
jjj Subscription Price. |2.t«i por annum, payable
la advanoa, oitlior yourly or half-yearly at thu
option of lho subscriber.
Advertising Kates senl on application.
MONDAY. MARCH 10. 1002.
The mineral production iu Canada
for 1001 was $00,000,000, or about five
million greater than for 1000, notwithstanding ilm decrease ill the gold output from lhe Yukon.
The Vancouver Province has been
called upon to answer for an alleged
libel. The plain I ilT in Ihe case being
•he Crows Nest Pass Coal company.
The Province has heen neglected of
late, this is the first, libel suit it has
had on iis hands for several months.
The Coast newspapers are greatly
deploring the fact that the Nelson
Tribune has gone off shift. While it
is to be regretted that any individual
should become fimiuci illy involved,
there is no reason to make any great
fins over having one le«s newspaper
in Nelson. One daily paper is all that
is reunited in Nelson, and the Miner
is a better paper than the Tribune
ever was,
Tho forthcoming publication is an*
tioiinced of a new Canadian journal,
e.lited by Bertierd McKvoy, the well-
known newspaperman, under the title,
''Chances in Canada." The principal
field of publication for the new venture will be Great Britain and the
United Stales, and its olij»ct wiil lie to
advertise our Oanadiau advantages.
It will he issued wilb the co operation
of one of the foremost E iglisli publishing linns, and with the countenance
and support of the Ontario Government. Chances iu Canada will lie a
monthly journal of an attractive character, which will appeal to those classes in Great Britain, the United States
and other countries from which desiia
hie immigrants and investors may he
An association for lhe protection of
fish and game has been formed at Nel-
boo, which is a move in the right direction for preventing the extermination
of game, which is rapidly becoming
searoer in the southern portion of Brit-
1-h Columbia. Und*r the present regulations, which are those of the Dom
I 'lion government, it is not contrary to
•Jj^-ii'y1' trout at any season of the
mili, 'ncial  game act not
'-' ^j- '   -' fish, there-
t-SJ |' ■ writ ten
W I    tiding
hi ine uegisiaiure.
The trouble ahout the seat of the
leader of the Opposition arose in Ihis
.way. The Government in the first
instance refused lo decide who should
have ihe particular seat, which by cus?
torn and long usage has always been
accorded to Ihe leader of the Opposi*
lion. Some lime before the session on
Monday began Mr. McBride's desk was
placed in the position usually occupied
by the leader of the Opposition. When
he came in he found it so, nnd took
the seat. Mr. Martin came along aud
objected, but in place of referring I he
matter to the House to decide, remained standing a little dislance hark of
the seat. When prayer!, began and
the members stood up Mr. Martin
came forwaid, seized Mr. McBride's
chair, pulled it back and stood in front
of it. Immediately upon Ihe conclusion of prayers, and not before, I pushed my chair forward for Mr, McBride
to occupy—an acl of courtesy which I
had a right to do. Thereupon Mr.
Martin threw himself against my chair
and against me, endeavoring to puafr
the chair and myself hack, whereupon
I resisted and started lo push Mr.
Martin and his chair over, when a
number of'the other members' look
part in a general scramble over the;
possession of the chkir.1 There Were
two acts of aggression nn Mr. Martin's
part liefore I Interfered with him ;
first, in his seizing and. pulling away
Mr. McBride's chair ; and secondly, in
his thrusting himself wiih great fone
against my chair and myself. In addition to tny undoubted right, to resist
force witb force, it had heen made
quite apparent that the Government
was utterly helpless, as it luu) not
dared to decide the matter at the proper lime; and it was therefore a case
of every man heing a law unto himself
and protecting his rights as hest he
could. There was no al tempt made by
any member to hit or injure any olher
member. So far as I know there was
no real anger sho\vn hy any one—on
my part there -vas none, but I was
fully determined not to allow bulldozing to prevail, as it would likely lead
to other ful ure attempts of it from the
same source.
Smith Curtis.
Victoria, B. C, Feb. 28,1002.
> a<	
It is only a question of a short time
until that portion of the Coast-Kootenay ; Railway from Curlew to Midway
will be constructed. This line wquld
be now being built, but for the scarcity
of. laborers. When this road is built,
most of the spin; lines to,the different
mining camps will start from here,
making this the: railway centre of this
dfeirlct.  With the advent of more $ail-
J if    I -i.-ivj  ;    'B '.J (■■'■,, J    >l'
w^ys into Mjd^ay the prices of real
estate will advance, and the choice lots
purchased and taken off the market.
Show your good |udg^iieiit by buying
now.   Midway* property will make you
i .■ *    a -   -J   »'*'■■'■ ■  '• <j*< •■-■ •
rich:   It is not a speculation, itis an
amended io
Ai close season for chair,
rainhow trout and land locked salmon.
The association will also ask thn Attorney-General to Introduce a bill to
amend the provincial game act Chang
Ing it so as to bring these fish named
under tlie act and to add a clause to
prohibit the sale or exposure for sale
of trout at any time, and to provide a
penalty fnr the offences.  The assocla
tion is called the Kootenay Fish and
Game Protective Association, and ils
Intention is procure the organisation
nf similar associations at other points
in l he district.   Nelson is deserving of
greal. credit for taking Ihe ini'iative in
endeavoring to have the present laws
pertaining to game amended so as lo
prevent   the   streams   which    no*
abound with trout and nther kinds of
fish being lishad nut, and the association should receive every assistance to
carry out its good work from the pro
vincial and Doniinion governments, as
well as other associations heing formed
to work in conjunction wilh it.   We
have evidence nf the necessity of such
legislation as proposed by the association here in-the Boundary country,
where trout are caught nt any time of
the year that those who enjoy angling
find it convenient to catch them.   Not.
only would this evil he remedied hy
the proposed legislation, but the offering of trout for sale would also lie prevented, and this would, perhaps, lie of
more real benefit in protecting the fish
than the observance of a close season,
for during the months not included in
Ihis portion of the year, Imt comiiara
lively few llsli  are caught,  and  although these lew are caught at an unfavorable time, yet the greatest draw-
lia-k lo increasing the number of fish
in the streams in this portion of the
piovince is Ilie large number of able
bodied  men  who devote Ihe whole
summer season tn  catching lish and
offering  them  for  sale,    There are
many men who make a regular bus!
ness of tliis sort of thing ; they have
certain  places  lo supply  with their
catch, and by this means gain a livelihood. But if ihe required amendments
he made lo Ihe present laws as  requested   by  the. association, and the
laws strictly enforced, the si reams of
British Oolumhla will continue lo teem
with I rout, where ru the other hand,
if no sleps were taken tn change the
present regulations, in a very short
time there would  lie a noticeable reduction in the large stmii of fish for
which the streams of ihis province are
fn moils.
Do It Early.
The years ahead, whirh seem long,
and unending to youth, fly fast enough
later nir. The young man wishes them
out of his way ; the elder would fain
make them tarry. Tlie map liuyiiia
life assurance learns this same matter
of years is a vital one, Tlte fewer he
luis left the inoro lbe policy costs him.
Like many another thing, he finds it
could httve-ber-i aceninprrslied. easier
when he was younger. He gets, to he
sure, just as good an article,,hul wishes
ever I hat he had taken it'When he had
more yeai* ahead in which lo pay for
it, at the lesser rate. Besides early
manhood and middle life is the productive time. It is easy enough then to
earn the iiuylerale premium money,
and so eventually get the (who|e thing
out of the u-ay: entirely oi so reduced
lhat the payment in later life will only
lie nominal,
For prices and terms apply to
Carrying His Hajesty's Hails
Will leave MIDWAY on Tuesdays, Thurs*
clays and Saturdays, at 8.30 a. m„ arriving a*
CAMP McKINNEY at 5 p. m.
Returning will leave CAMP McKINNKV on
Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 9 a, ni.,
reaching MIDWAY at 1.30 p. m.,and making con-
nection with the train going east at 2 o'clock.
Th* beat of accommodation for
tho oonvonlonoo of tho
travelling publlo.
Try a
Bottle of
" Syrup of I
White Pine I
and Tar
. .    MINERAL ACT, 1806.
Certlflcate   of, In*w*y*/-ineiitH.
Want Increased Pay,
Movtbkai., March 5.—It is announced that the telegraph operators employed on the Canadian Pacific railway
system want an increase in then*
wages. The new schedule which the
committee will present to the company
is almost complete. It is understood
that the men will ask that the minimum scale he increased from $45 .to
|55 ■; th it operators shall not tie required to light switch or semaphore lamps,
aud that holiday privileges he enjoyed;
also that Sunday work he done away
with at stations where an operator is
not. absolutely necessary, H. B. Per-
hate, president of the Order of Railroad Telegraphers, St, Louis, Mo.,
will meet the committee in .Montreal
this week and act as an advisor,
Alpine Mivkkai. Claim. ■'.--.
Situate In the Osoyoos Minli^.-Divlsiii* ,ol   .
■Yale  District.   Where  lofeted :--Cfc'rnn" _-
.03   :&—■■£» DENTIST.
^Fop that Cough of
f yours, It's
The Midway Pharmacy]
Mineral Act, 1896.
Certificate   of  Improvements.
A  Ur
•AKK  NOTICE that I, Charlm denials
Gr«on, as agent for -Wisp. HcdhimJ,
miners  rertilii'Mc   Nn.'fCMCL Slid   fir
.fnhu Greenhll), fm;  miner)-' eerjlftcaie  xfx
llli-l,*'. inl I, sixty days frnm the linn* ln-ii-t ' '"   ito'liii .vt, k'ivn V, -.-,.., r, .,_,.
toapply tn tho Milling Itccosder for a Cert III- K,X0 *"•"■■"■• C,-*,M»-
rate of Improvement*, fnr tho purpose of ob-, Situate In the Osoyooi Mining Division of
tainingnuroivnurtuitofthoa^vofl^m.    ■ Yjj, .iHstrlct,   Whore UcaUd :-Camp
Anil further lake notice tliifc-MJlioti. ufJUr |?, yB^ijJ
soclion 97. must ho oomflMWW ttfcftire 'llio
issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.
Dated ihis 18th day of Jan., 180*.
')3c „    ,,     C. DU.B. OltKKN.
NOTARY PUBUC.  .   ,   «
_-,_r->-_- **o_-»w- .tt
T^ie Royal Insurance Cot.
The London and Lancashire Fire
Inhuhanck Coy.
The Insurance Cot. w NifhTu
The London and Canadian J^mbi
Insurance Coy.       •    *° '-'it's
Tub Sun Life Assurance Gyy. 0141,
The Dominion Building and Loan
Association. •  ? .     r''Z
Appraiser for the Canadai Permanent Loan and Savings Coy
A good liiiekhoard and double harness for sale. Enquire of VV, II.
Por Raising Poll Tax.
Ottawa, March «.-Mr. Putteo, the
Lahor meinhnr for Winnipeg, has gone
through Ihe voluminous report of the
Chinese coiumission. Me suites tonight
ihu report establishes beyond ull doubt
the justice of Ihe claim advanced hy
the Lahor pally in British Colunihia
for the exclusion (If the Chinese, Mr.
Puttee and Mr. Ralph Smith will sup
port the raising of lhe poll tax on Oht-
ese entering Bri.'ish Coliiniliia Iai $6110,
which virtually means exclusion if enforced. Both members will present
views during tlie I1udget1leb.ile. M*.
Smith is at present confined -to his.
room owing to indisposition, but hopes
to lie out again early next, week.
ToJ.C. Rollly, W_H. liiillly and J, M. Judd,
of I.1111111K Washington :
TAKK iml lm Hint I havo done uu tho Hock
Crock Mineral ,:Um, sltuato on qock
Creek, in lho Osnyoos Division of Yalo His.
Inoh tlio work required hy Heotloti 21 of llio
Mlnernl Ael for Ihe fear which expired on
August. Ill, IM, and havo duly rrcurded (lie
ceiUilcjilo of work for this and lira two ycirs
And furlher take nolleo Hint If at tho oxplrn-
lion of IKI days frnm Iho date of H10 Hrsl, pulill.
eiiilflii nf 1 Ms nntloe In Tiik Miiiw.iv Aiivanuk
you, eonwnci's, full to contribute your proportion of tho iixpoinUtiiro i-quired by sniil Hoc-
lion 21 In respect of such, work, namely I4MJ,
tiigelbcr with all the east* of advertising, your
Interest in said mlnernl claim shall becomo
vested 1 1 upon Mini; witli tho mining ro.
eon or of said mining division the noliee an"
nlndnrlt ronniral by Ibo Mlnorul Act Amendment Act, IWIO.
A. M Wilt AW.
Dated this lllh day of March, mil.     liim
To 1). MoKay, Kin.,.o(, Kcmiamn..Iimtoh:Sl. 1 j)
Tak^mtico that I have dono on the "Valley
Vlcw'.folnoral claim sltunle an U» Wost side
of Kot»-ips"r*'eclrtn'iK^ftoyoo-fiivrs(-ii of
Yale l^jttrlct, lho work required by soollon X
of tho JjMeriyX&t for I ho two years whioh ox.
plrcd OftjbtfT-J.-ieOO and IIMI rospoctlvdlr, and
have dalj'roeordod tho cortimato of work :
And further Inke noliee Ihal if, nt tha cxpir-1
atlon of BO ditys from 1 lip date of tho flint piflrf). I
■AKK NOTICK Hint t. Charles do Illols
..Urtrnm-**fOttnl for Robert It. Hedley,
froo miner s eertlfleato No. *U10378 and for Haul
lS=!lf?'U-TC "li"K'SrWrlUhJalo No. nlijtol and
Jtrttikl «of«hof hex, miner's fort Ifl-Stl' -No/
emu and for I'oler Hcotl, froo miner's
grtifioato^' St). BWJI,! Inland sixtj- days
from lhc date horeof, to apply Uj tha Mining
Ilewirdor for a Ccrtldcalo of Impi-vements.
f» Ute purposo of obtaining a Crown Orant of
tSealsJie olaiuis.
And furiher Inke notice that action, under
seellon .17. must bc commenced bofore Uio issu-
anc«of such certlflcaie of unprovemeiits.
Haled this 18th day c f Jan., !««.-
'*> C. ii«B. ORKKN.
"*     . ,.,.!
Travellers up the West
of Kettle River will find
'popular hotel the most conven-
ient . stopping place. Dining-
room well supplied antl ma+iaged.
Hest liquors and cigars at lhe
bar.    Stable in connection.
Certileate of , Iinprov-inent*.
j, SlM-rSTAKMlNKIUI. Cuim.
itttuit*. In tfie Kattlt lllver Dining Division of
Yale Dlstriet.  ~
Whart located: Wtlllng-
TAklt, NOTKtK thatl, Korbos M, Karbr.«
I    ng cnl for T. W, Stack, freominer.' cer i"
iftloNo. »;j._I. T. A. Howard, fn* miner's
*?f"?!*S.N,5' 34%| ",,d Cl"*"* ifollonoll tYw
l«inc}8cfTtinc„to No. H6»H, intend.sixty days'
Worn the dale heroof, lo apply lo thc Mining 1(0-
oordor for a cerliflcau, of improvements, forthe
purpose of obtaining a Crown Orant of the
nbovo elaini.
And furihor lake notico that aotion, undor
Kir"V'2'•U1-"'' fe aennncnu-M hoforo the
i«il|W< of such cortilicato of impmvi-mcnls
Katod thin 18th day of November, inn.
-Mr.'.,; ■;;:,      TOItllKH Jrl. KKHBY.
f     Mineral Act, 1896.
.-mat >«*■«»*■-JJw*
cate  of  Impro^enrients,
liWiAi, TamiKR anii rnr.n CoiaAnK Mikkiiai,
IU.IUII in isMinjrs innu i no nine or tno nmtp-ini- .,..».. ,-i .. w".—
cation of tills mil lire in iho Midway Aiivaki:k,'I 5"Hftt«.-.ln tha Kittle River Mining Dlvlilon
you, a co-owner, fall In imnlrlhiilo your -ftaMNM *t Tale District. Whera lr-.i.,i . i„
tlonofthooxrMindttunirwiiilredhys.ildaffio-,   *\r_ltl«__,„ p.*. '   n
tl In respprt of such work, namolv »l(tt5rW il^ ?S~r!!1,P-
Ak'K   NOTICK lhat 1, Korbos M. Korby.
' .m   It-i.n,   tnm   T     XV     Ut......     .     .1.     '.'
golher with all theensis of advortlslngjjimf  X 	
interesl in snid mineral clnim shall bMoniofl I .',** I*,'!'t tor T. W. Stack, froe iwTljec's
vested In me upon filing with tho mlnlilE^K'**!, ™*.*<J No- HJWM- T. A. Howard, froo min
cordor nf said mining dlvMon tho notleoFalid   -■-"■•■•»'    -■—	
.illldnvlt required by the
main Aot'HKKI."
'Mineral Aot Ani
or- cortidcato fin. nttufcl,' Jmnes i'rlco, freo
nilnor .corllllqateNo. nl!M73, aud Chris. Mo
unted Ihis Ist day nf January, mil.       '.
In tho Goods of Ronald f. Hodgsen. late
Crconwood, B, C, deconsad Intestate.
NOTICK is lioroli;
.    . nihy given pnrsuniitto tho He-
vlBcd^Slatul-isof Tlrltlsh Ciilun')lila, Chapter
lint.all persons havuigalalins og'-lnst'tlic
ostulcof the lute Honald T. Hodgson, nre ro-
i|iiired on or boforo Ibo Kali day of January
ins., lo sand to tho midorslgnorT their names,
iiildressosniiiideserlptlniis, lognthnr with full
imrtlnularsof their respoellve claims vorldod
byslnlulory dcclnratinn-And all>imr«ons Indebted to tlie said estate aro required In pay thc
amount of llialr Indeblodliess to the undersigned forthwith. It,
A nil fnrllier lako notloo thnl, af tor tho said
IMIi day nf January tmi, tho ndmlnlstrntrlx
will proceed In distribute Ilia ussols of .the drj.
(roused milling the pnt'linseulltfcd thereto, having regard only tu tbe ('.'aims of whioh she
shall I inn havo nut len and ihaMlio said administratrix will tint be llniilofouhesirin" assets or
any pari thereof to any person or persons of
whose claims nutlee sluul nut hnve lieen received hy them at Iho dale of such (llstrieiltloo.
Hilled this 1st (lav of Jioiiinrv. 1(10'/.
Solicitors for Adinlnisliiitrix.
, , , . , . oertlllcafa No. Hltsna,
nteiid sixty (lays from tho dalo hereof, to
ibpWlatha'Mliifngltce-ii-erfor a Certificate
of Imiinmrnionts, fbr tho purposo of o'
' I lionoll,  froo .'Tniiiof'I
I Inteiul,
apply I
fit improvomeiilk, fbr the purpose of obUilnini
a CwwnOrant afihe nbovo claims.     '""""«
And furthor tiko notico that aotion, undor
eotlito ,17. must lio eomiuencod  liefore tlio
asuanco of sueli Cortlflcat* of Improi omoiits.
l)a,tod this 18th day of Novombor, A. I), mil
1*> '    KOIIBK8M. KKItllY.
Teaming of ill kinds done it
B. C.
The Riverside Hotel
Is situated at Rock Cresk, B. C„ on thc main
route of travel between Penticton antl all Boundary Creek points.
Good Hunting. Good   Fishing.
Best of Accommodation.
__•____-_____________, _____________ _______L
S. T. LARSEN, Proprietor.
Spokane Falls ^Northern
Railway Co.
Ft. Sheppard
Railway Co.
Railway Co.
The only all rail route between
all points Kant, West nnd South
.to KoNHland, Nelaon untl nil
Intermedlnte point* ; connect-
In**- nt Spokane with the (irent
Northern, Northern PuciflcHnd
O. It. &N,Co.
Connects at Rossland with the Canadian
Paolflc Railway tor Boundary Crock points,
Connects at Mayor's Falls with stage dally
for Republic
Buffet Service on Passenger Trains between Spokane and Northport,
Loavo.        Arrlvo,
•WANK     O.atlri.m.     MS p.m.
'u'»™    MM.     1.30 pm.
NKlflON     IMlln.m.     0.'Sp.m,
-at. a. -TAuoacaoir.
Geaeral l'asnongor Agent.
Temporary Change of Service
I'nlll fiirthnr adviw'd tlm stcnincr
fur Konlunny Landing will leitvo Pi™-
tor. cunnection from Nelson liriut? »'
fullowH :—
Kor Crows Ncut, WinnlpeK, St. Paul,
CliiniK", Toronto, Montreal ami
nil Eitstern poiiitu,
Lkavk NELSON Aiiittvi!
7:16 a. in.       Daily 6:15 p. ni.
For Kootenay Ijiike points ami KiwIi'i
Lkavh NELSON Ahiiivk
■IM) p. in. Daily 10:15 u.i".
For Knolunny Lake poinl* Proctor
to Kokaneo  Creek oo/inectlmi fr1""
Nelsoii will  ha 7il5 a, in.  MonilftVi
Tiiosdny nnd  Friday,   returning ll'"
Hitmo eieiiiii-* fl.lfi p, m
For time tnhlo-i, rnum and full InfornintI»"
cat on or address A. W. IIAII.KV, Age"''
Mid imy, or
J. H. (All I Kit. JJ. J. ((IVI.tr.
H. P. A., A. tl. - ( *•(
Nolsaii, II.C.       Vuucoutar.il"
■ ■' ■--■ maameom
down from Canni
Hmgley. superintendent of the
Hne, was in town today.
Kth is announced of Dr. Ayern,
Kgelei, Cat., father of bits. J.
H, formerly of Midway.
Rod returned today from Che*
Hre he bad been with a paity
K« who are locating in that
HlUnison, trMellln* represen-
■ the Vancouver Indepeiident,
l|iilway last week soliciting
Hons for his paper.
Handy smelter has contracted
■ 2,1**1 tons of ore from the
Bine, LonR Lake camp.   The
■ owned by an English com*
■it. Hardy, special agent for
Hmericaii Life Insurance Oo.,
Bui Saturday's train and will
Buorrow to canvass Camp Mc*
End Fairview.
B Uw, of the Arm of ttussell,
B'tlnVI'l Oo,, Oreenwood, left
B far Thunder Mountain,
Bh.*re he will prohahly engage
Mercantile business.
I r.rent, formerly provincial
■-> at Camp McKinney, left on
B for South Africa to join the
B contingent. Camp McKin-
Biw without a constable.
Kick Creek Consolidated Placer
Butnpany will hold on lltli
mlher general meeting of share*
■in connection with tbe Intend-
liiniMtion of the company,
Ixly of an elderly woman, wife
■ rancher named Lawless, for
■un- past living at Anarchist
■•I, aliove   Rock   Oreek,  was
■ Greenwood last Tuesday fur
■ui..   Deceased was 75 years of
■ McKinley and A. B.   Knox,
leugineers from San Francisco.
Bmny with an assayer, visited
Bit* mine last week. It is pre*
■hat their mission is to examine
Hiple the Bodie mine for San
leii capitalists.
m to lhe Increased ore shipments
■Granby smelter the 0. P, R.
■ml it necessary to increase its
■ (ur handling om.   Another
Kngine,   which is particularly
m tar mountainous lines of mil
■ill lm added to the ei|iiipiiienl
Bivisinn In a shoit time.
■rs nre out announcing a mas
■ luill in Midway on the evening
Ich 17, St. Patrick's day. A
■in" is guaranteed and tt is ex
■there will ha many from tin*
Bring tuwns in . attendance.
I will In served at Crowell's
I Don't forget lbe date, Maich
Waterloo Consolidated  Mining
Ing Company, Ltd., bas been
wm! as an Kitra-Provincial ram*
lltsnoiiiiuiJ eapiulis $125,0(10
,000 shares at 10 cents each.   Ita
lice it in Spokane, Washington,
olllce in British Columbia al
McKinney:  with  Patrick    11.
ii as its attorney.
nd has heen given on the Ram-
West Fork property owned by
inucane, W. J. Nelson and W. H.
i. The amount of the bond,
extends over a period of 10
i, Is $40,000, Ave per cent of
is to In- paid tbis month. The
ty is considered one of the best
Wesl Fork, and haa considers-
sacked ready for shipment
bas only recently   reached
y of the death ot John Sullivan,
ospital in Victoria. The deceased
or years a resident of Midway,
g resided on his ranch adjoining
uwnsite.    His   health    herain*'
and he went to the coast, hop-
lhat the change would do him
] hut such was not tbe case.   For
; time hefore his death he was
| for at the hospital in which he
1.10 p, m.
Wed,, Krl.
a HtiwliiyH
tM p. m'
All Coast, pointa
Pis. Crows Nirt II. R
Kiwtern, Canada
VariKin, ote.
Orand Korks
All pis. Kast k Houth
Camp MoKlnnoy
...   Itock Crook
All Wost Kork polnti
1.30 p, in,
Tuns., Thurs,,
li Noi unlay*
Ol ll. III.
Malls for points farther wost of Midway Uinn
Camp MoKlnnoy go via. Hovelstoko,
Money orders from 8 a. rn, to 7 p. in. Vlth tht
oxoaptlon of ono half hour hoforo departure
and altar arrlvul of malls.
|id Bean, formerly O. P. R. ticket
1st Hossland, wbo some months
plained a Hve year's lease on the
|**<*' ranch on tho Colville reeerva
'"ith of Midway,arrived in town
Keek and is now preparing tn,
Ience active ranching operations
I*** days. He has purchased n
|P»n nf horses from the B. C.
'red conipany and is now haul
liMirial for a new house fnun
line & Powers mill. Tho Tonaskei
I is one of the lineal on the rest-rand Mr. Bean. should make
' out ot hit new venture.
• Holmes, D. O, C, was entertain
I'liniier at the Hotel Armstrong,
pond, lasl, Tuesday evening hy it
pr of residents Interested In the
Mion of the proposed Mounted
(company there. Afterdinner tii
> was fully discussed.   Liter n
hour was spent,  songs, etc
Jt-'ly yarylng the evening's pn
■igs,  Next morning Col. Holmes
■•ken in Midway, accompanied liy
* wore of those taking a promlu
l»rl in the movement, thn object
TK been lo show the visitor that
) is within an easy riding distance
preenwood   p|enty   of   •nltnhle
agent of thu Jenckes Machine Con*
pany, of Slierlirooke, Quul.ee, ii 00
horse power hoist ing engine, to replace
the smaller hoist now In use at No. >i
shaft nl lis Old Ironsides and Victoria
mines, Greenwood camp. The new
hoist, will lie a duplicate of that recall-
ly installed at'.he Montreal & Boston
Oopper Company's Sunset mine, ex
eept that it will not have a double
drum. It will lie a 12x18 doulile cylinder, single drum, reversahle hoisting
engine, with rawhide pinion, cut gear,
Lane clutch operated liy steam; drum
(10 inches diameter liy 18 inches face,
grooved for 1 inch rope.
R. MeyerhofT,of Midway, who whiht
the snow lasted had several tenuis
hauling ore from the No. 7 mine, in
Central cump, for delivery to Ihe
Oreenwood smeller, lias commenced
lo haul from the Jewel mine, Long
Lake camp, lo Eholt, I Ills mine having
contracted to supply the (irand Forks
smeller with a lot of ore—staled to lie
2,000 tons. As the snow lias f-one from
Ihe lower hill-sides an exchange from
sleighs to wagons is necessary at present, hut later the haul will lie on wheels
all the way from the mine to the railway, The Jewel has a large quantity
of ore hlocked out on several levels
down to the 341-foot level, and is opening up mora from the second shaft,
known as Howe's shaft.
The death is announced of J. H
Illume, photographer, wbo was well
known in Ihe Boundary country, having for a numher of years visited the
different towns, where lie would tak
photographic views, and his familiar
face will lie greatly missed. Speaking
of his death the (irand Forks Gazette
"J. II. Illouie, the photographer, died at the residence of M. H.
Burns,' in the North Addition, on
Monday alteitiiHin, death lieing caused
hy a complication of diseases. The
deceased was 47 years ol age and was
well known here, having been iu the
photograph business here for the past
three or four years, He was well liked
and respected liy l hose who made his
acquaintance, and his demise will lie
deeply regretted. Mr. Illouie came
hetc from California, hut nothing i*
known as to his antecedents, Shortly
More he died he was asked if he had
any word to leave for his relatives aud
replied th.it he had not a relative in
the world lhat he knew of. He mad-
a will More he died, leaving his real
estate and olher property to friends.
Work was commenced last Monday
nn the new piece of road lieing built
lietween here and Ingrim's to avoid
the steep grades of the old wagon
road. This is a much needed improve
ment, and when completed will admit
of much heavier loads being buuled
than could formerly he brought over
the old road. It is generally the cast-
when any work is done on the roads
in this district the men employed to do
the work are brought from elsewhere,
and the present work Is no exception,
for all the men employed to build this
piece of road wete brought here by
road foreman Finley, with the exception of thiee, who arc from Midway.
There is no excuse for importing labor
io carry on any governnient. work
around Midway, as there are plenty of
good wen In tho lown who aro only
too anxious to receive employment,
hut when they asked Mr. Finley for
work were informed that he had all
the men he required. The government
should not put nien in charge of work
who employ men outside of the district where tho work is lieing done. Of
course there may be au excuse for
giving employment to a few outsiders
who may Iw thoroughly familiar with
road and bridge construction and can
render more efficient service than
those unacquainted wilh such work.
hutto have the majority of lbe laborers brought from other places, it W
decidedly unjust to Ibe workingnien of
the district where the wurk is goi.W
-vvnun,,,   VI1L Cllll  l.l_-|-iv_-e
The tonnage of ore shipped by the mines of the Boundary
I-'strict during 1901, is asunder:
Old Ironsides and Knob Hill group 231,762
Mother Lode  99,548
!)■ C  47.5*7
Sunset ,      goo
.,   Winnipeg  ,,040
King Solomon  850
Snowshoe  1,731
No. 7  665
Jewtl  325
Sundry small shipments  2,500
Total 386,738
Shipments during 1900 totalled 97,837 tons, and during
the year 1901, to December 31st, 386,738 tons, making an
aggregate of 484,575 tons.
The Central Hotel
llth SU Midway, B. C.
This is a new three-storey he tel, comfortably
furnished throughout.
The nearest house to the Railway Station.   The
most convenient hotel for railway; ^travellers.
The best of accommodation in every respect.
S. DAHL, Proprietor.
*S€«€ €€€ €€€ €€€ €€€€€ ■
PETERSEN & CO.,  -  Proprietors.
.   .   MIDWAY, B. C.   .   .
Fresh Bread, Cakes aod Confectionery
Fruits, ik, always ii Sleek.
Try our Lunch Parlors for a good meal.    Meals at til Hours.
Lequime, & Powers, Proprietors.
Manufacturers of all kinds of
Band Sawing and job work done to order
Telephone No. 12.   Telephone orders receive prompt
W. H. WEBB, •#
flnw-hy Consolidated Mining
|UiiK k PoWer UompHnK Ud.,
",Bek nrtetei from tbo Qi-wdwuikI
■ Th« Standard Oil <r»»>|.'*«y h"8 f
otawUdlvidemlofa.,;;*rc,nt.   -
th« Hrst quarter of Wl It *«'
BMkeMI-ir vvi. K**t4<* P« ™\™
18,000,0(111. Good enough for tine*
months' hard (?) lahor. ^
ThTvnncouver and Boundary
Creek Developing and Min-
ing Company, Limit-
ed Liability.
Uml fart)'iayttat-
J*» drill .„d o.hcr ,n„«„t,Ht f^^X^t^l^
Ualod this l»l day ot March. ITO2.
Lurge Stock.   Low Prices,
v. ra. GhXJi_.i-.-QTr ss oo.,
Lancashire House,
The undersigned having re-opened this well-
known and comfortable hotel invites the
patronage of all old customers and the public
Furnace-heated nnd comfortably
furnished   rooniH.
Mrs. Dowding, Proprietress.
Those in need of first-class HARNESS, SADDLES, WHIPS, etc.,
can procure them here.
Special attention given to Ordered
Work and Repairing.
Fifth Strekt, Midway.
[niiiiiiiiiiiiiitn^.tiTTff ttm tmtmtm
*****>** »»» »»» »»» »»S:
Seventh Street, Midway,
Opposite Crowell's Hotel
This stable is equipped with a first class outfit of
Single ani Double Drivers
Hay and oats for sale.    Bus meets all trains.
Freight and express delivered to any part of the town.
Practical Wagon and Carriage Builder,
_flft_ o
Repairing of all kinds promptly and neatly executed.
Carriage Painting a specialty.
THE ( °\
1 ri
THOMAS WALKER, Proprietor.
® $ 3
All the hett brand* of
Cigar* aad Tobacco* kept
constantly on hand.
Latest thade* and pattern* of Wall Paper now In
Seventh Street, Midway.
■    '
■___■ 4
Beautifully situated at the confluence of Boundary Creek and Kettle River.
ILL BE Thfc most important railway town in the Kettle River Mining Division.
The Wholesale Supply, and Manufacturing, centre of the Kettle River and Boundary
Creek Districts.
The distributing  pint for  Upper  Kettle River, West   Fork  and Camp McKinney
iiining camps.
The nearest Railway town to Republic,  Meyers  Creek,  Palmer Mountain and   other
Northern  Washington mining camps.
The  leading residence town   in   the  country, with an excellent  climate, pure water
supply and  favorable sanitary conditions.
Business, residence and garden lots at low prices and on easy terms.
80 St John Sti-eet,
Montreal, P. Q.
Send for Maps, Prices, and full particulars to
Agent for Rritish Columbia,
Mid wny, 11. 0.
•W-# *■■■••* ,
The Metallurgy of Hold.
The. tiii-lnlliirgy of gold wiih not. regarded as n very complex ni-t 25 yenrs
ag i, nor win it very generally considered thai there wort many possibilities
of improvement and changes in it.
Gold hearing ores at lhat lime were
olnssifled ns heing eil her ores the gold
iu wliieh was principally recovei-uhle
by amalgamation, or ores the gold in
which would nut amalgamate. The
former made gond mines, the latter
made very bail mines. Thai was about
nil there wis to it. When the ore in a
mine changed in character to that the
gold was no longer ainnlgaiiialahle the
mine was no longer any account. The
really goml miner of iliose simple mining days was the one who knew enough
lo quit a mine after Ihe ore turned
bane, before lie put back into the mine,
iu the effort lo amalgamate gold that
would not amnlgaiiiate, the profit that
he had gained from ores the gold of
which did amalgamate.
The chlorination process and a trifling amount of smelling were the only
openings onto ollu-r lines of ore. treatment, and they were quite limited in
application. Smelting was associated
wilh costly and complex manipulation
and wns really only suited lo silver
ores carrying a great deal of lead.
Chlorination had a limited application
to conceiitrulHS from certain ores
which lirst gave up most of their gold
to amalgamation. Concentration of
tailings was considered dilHrult and
uncertain, uud a report on a gold mine
lo tlm clfi-cl that the tailings hud lo he
concern rated and chlorinated was
enough lo discourage its exploitation.
Ali this is ji resume of history familiar enough, when recalled', lo thu older
gold miners, but to some extent at
least, news to thu younger element
who have been nursed into a master-
ship of the art ou the cyanide process,
ijonce.nl nit ion and matte smelting.
Quite unconsciously, yet naturally, the
beginnings of an art are apt to he considered our beginnings iu it, aud advances in thc art are apt to be unconsciously regarded as being nnly the
advances we ourselves made*
The total of advancing changes in
gold metallurgy is an exceedingly
great, one when Ihe beginning stage
and tlie present condition an- contrasted. Looking nt tlie intervening stages
it becomes comprehensible thai the
inesent coiulillon is itself a stage or
step from wlilllh still olher advances
are to lie inaile. The end of what can
bo done is not yel. Much successive
discovery thai, cheapens the cost of
recovery of gold fiom ores adds in a
geometrical rutin a new muss of oris
from which recovery run be made,'
It cannot be alliriueil i hut, the limit of
|jhiapncsK  has  been   attained,    The
cyanide process when first applied
commercially claimed to lie. the end,
yet the cyanide process as now applied
is cheaper. Also there is now a snhsti
tute for the cyanide process, cliloro
hromiiratinn, which i*i claimed still
cheaper at both points, percentage of
gold recovery nnd cost of treatuient.1
It may be possible thai it may not today be all lhat is claimed for it, but it
cannot be affirmed lhat it will not I*)
tomorrow. Concentration, when the
Hrsl I ravelling bplt machine was invented, was claimed to be at the summit, of
possible perfection. The safne claim
for that, machine today would he considered a jest. It would he an iinwar-
anted assumption to consider that
today's hest concentrating machines
would not live years from now be cabinet curiosities.
There is no reason why a worker,
skilled in the art of gold metallurgy,
should consider bis Junction merely
directory of what it is, in the practice
of it. Many workers will not need this
suggestion. All the workers should
comprehend their wider function. They
must feel thai, they can gain from
what is now unknown something that
will lie both new and valuable lo the
practice of the all. Belief in the ability
lo do this is the longest of tlie steps
towards doing something. Because
progress must now he measured in
tents where a few years since it was
measured in dollars does not make the
value of the gains less to tlie industry,
for its Held is many limes wider now
than when the dollars of advance wore
made, and cents saved or gained are as
large a per cent of totals us dollars
once wer». The reward to the doer
from I he mai gin of i he eeni s of ad vance
made now ia also more than came tn
Ihe doer from the dollars of gain he
With the chlorr.broinnralion process
of gold recovery amalgamation is not
employed, the tri-al ment being made
immediately afler stamping or after
concentration. The uml hod is claimed
to give a high percentage of gold recovery, particularly from auriferous
mlspickel. It is being promoted ns a
rivid to the cyanide process and claims
lower cosl a of treatment as well as
higher percentages of recovery.—Milling and Scientific Press.
Will Produce Steel Ralls.
Toronto, March ft—F. H. Olergne
was iu Toronto today and invited the
members of the legislature lo visit the
new steel plant at the Noo. By the
end of tlie month these works will he
turning out 700 tons (if steel rails per
day, Six ihousutid men ate now employed liy the Cletgue syndicate and
by summer this number will bu in.
creased to lll.MKI.
-PiJEtlx   Stveet,   Midway.
Handles the best Imported and Domestic
Cigars, Cigarettes at»d Tobaccos of all kinds
that can be procured.
All  Papers and  Periodicals of the day at
publishers' prices.
Provlneliil Land Surveyor.
Xll/  Architect and
_____.. Civil Engineer...
KJe.-tl Estate,
Insurance and
Mining Ager|L
«*» VOTARY    PlTHJ.ll'-.'iWe*-
S all viuw TownKlto Agent.
. . . AODHIMH . , ,
C*orr«s"xm<lmKJO Bollollorl.
Oertiflcnte   of  ImproTemeiUi|
UlUIIV   -ASH   KlUCTIOS'l.   MtxtS'l"■"'
Sltusts In the Oioyooi  mnin* DI.WM
Yals   District.   Whsrs locaied; Oil
TAKI-'R'OTICK Ihm wc. J-iiii-' W'HA
minors ctrl'team No. nawo. m*U
lliirlng, frro nilm-r's ii-rlUlmtr M> mm
lnlon(i. slxlr dj)« Irom tin- "•« "J*
In n|i|ll> lo llio MiniiiK I.twol-M fnr •  nl*"
of liii-mivi-inunl". for lho liur|»r tririuwi
> Crown (irsnl nf Ihu ubovi-rlnmi.
And further lake nolii-c Ihal actio • •"
miction J?. iiiii*t be mmnu-nrwl <I™_JT
l»nuRiiccof»m:h Curtilloali' ol Imptorisw
inled this Mil ds* af Auk«»'- m-    .,
170 IC. I). HOKINO,
Riverside  Add ition.
Just a Word! I	
To those contemplating an investment in Midway real estate, the information is
offered that on the Riverside Addition may be
found 300 very choice residence sites.
LOTS 50 x 125
For terms and all other information apply to
W. m NORRIS,        or        A. MEGRAW,
Midway, B.C Camp McKinney, B. C
-...:..,   - ,.r:.^ASif.. I.-


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