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The Advance 1900-01-22

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 l nt; AuvAiNtc.
,?«_ XII. No. 12.
$2.00 pep Year.
rra. Solicitor, Etc.
G—1WWOOD. B. c.
. R. MathLson,
allett & Shaw
Natarks PaMk.
j -Hal—BTT."
: Bedford McSeOl'j. Moreing It
Seal.. Leiber'L
. . .  MIDWAV, B.C.
l__T   PCBI.IC,
eatrlas pauad.    Blneral Aet
Aet  papers drawn up.  Afl-
:e_  Abstraeu made.
(cations b>- malt or telephone
attended to.
Now is the Time
to buy your furs, winter dry
goods and  clothing, heavy   and
medium gents' furnishings. We have taken
stock and find   that last year's business warrants us to reduce the price on all the above
articles and we offer our patrons bargains in all.
There are quite a few remnants in plain .and fancy silks
and satins as well as dress goods, which we wish to
clear.    This week we will show ladies' white
wear in chemises,  nightgowns,  skirts and
drawers, and make a special sale of
them during the month of
A Favorable Comparison.
A Glance at some of the Im-; Ao Effort Is Being Made to
provements Made During
Obtain More Capital.
Midway's   Progressive    Put
Promising Future.
There aie times when comin.inilir-i
as well as individuals dn weH In Inns
hark, if f-.r qobetter teaom than tbat
a review nf the progress Of ibe immediate past mar serve to HHJOUtege
Io renewed effort and to at—0nilaie a to achieve (treat *r re-
Directors  Confident   of   Good
Returns for Money Invested.
The directors nf ttie Fairview Corporation, Ltd.. hare issued a circular
to all sharehold-rs in the company and
the public generally, setting forth the
caus**s nf the difficulties th- company
is imw in and unking an appeal tb all
interested to take up shares m that the
We have a full and complete stock in plain iiii (ancj
Groceries at lowest possioie prices. New consignment of
California Naval Oranges and Fancv Lemons at
Post Offiee Store,   -   -   Midway, B. C.
soils in lhe near fm nrv. Whilst u I requisite funds may lie provided to
cannot be denied ihat th«d»'av in the ! rescue the cotnpioy from its present
compl. t-nn of Uie railway •■ Mid-ay | financial euih.irrissment, to purchjise
bos reasioned disai.p--tniti-ol and land instal a stump mid and the ac
hnsl-d Ina miii-iealizati.m if hopes icompanying gold saving appliances
ind in s in-asiire. 11 a pwlponptueol ' and to pay running eipenses until re-
of tbe carrying out of pluis and prn-1 turns shall cnuie in fnun the Stem-
jecl-. neither can the a-yrtmn he gain i winder mine itself.    As   sn   luurh  de
nre values in the main vein aie three
times as great as in Ibis mine and tabor
is higher with them than with ns. The
Alaska Meijcan luine reports for the
inonth ending November ith, 14V. »
pritit of ■SK.Ioi.iii .in nre avenging
js2.lip.-r ton. and the Al-k.i In ted
mine for the same month reports
a profit of f£,„0 ,-.n ore averaging
$2.1) |*r ton. The ahuvecan only 1*.
done with large plant and ore bodies.
In small veins there is considerable work.nut with large vein.- such as
in the Stemwinder, there is poetically
none, all the drifts lieing in ,uv. We
liroke dnwn a hundred bit— of ure
during the mill run. on the second
level at a cist uf 30 cents per ton. including powder, fuel. labor, etc. ()ur
mill run proves tliat the ore ia i.f a
nature easily treated. The standing
charges fur mnniiigarjj stamp mill are
I not much greater than for a 3) stamp.
Thcaccouipaiiyirg teporta from we||
! known and reliable mining engineers
show that after making full allow ance
saved that material progress his   lieen j pends upon the result of this appeal j .or cost of mining and milling, a ha
I Hotel Spokane,
tnaile and i .iegree of success attained
during the year jusi closed.
To make this progress more apparent it is necessary to cuntr-ist the posi-
tion of to-day with lhat of a
year ago. Most prominent
Evllences of Advancement
is lbe ex elision of the railway lo Midway, promising in lhe n-*..r fut'i"
touch improved facilities for travel and
fnr the transportation of freight. Then
communication by telegraph and   lele-
not nnly tn the Fairview Corporation.;<!ome  Plvftt  wiil  remain.   All thai _
in which hy the way no nne connected
with Ihe Advance is at all inter-sted,
but tu the Town of Fairview, which
this jniiriial heartily uesir*-s to see
prosper, attention is volant—rily adieu
to the endeavors no* lieing inade tu
put the affairs nf the company on a
satisfactory hasi*.
lbe Fairview Corporation was io
corporated for the purposeof acquiring
the assets of several companies and ai
Messrs. Uier. Davidson and Kussell.
who held Urge interests in the neigh-
Jaime.   It
£CCC2*>venth st
phone h.- « -   Neii provided, and ...
,. j j.      I boroood, i hietiv in mineral
■ bt*.  ciGi ..ttu i. ti.. bi r.d ftn-
'her extension io n.eei ibe puhlic con*
veuience has already lieen announced. '
Nor have in nmercial and   nidus-rial'
■ ii. lers   lag^-d   behind.    Midnavhas,
o .lay tniee ^eneial stores each witb a ;
neces-ary to accomplish tlu:
Money to Put up the Mill.
We cannot .eil th? treasury st.. k at
less than 10 cents and teniae the
aiuuunt necessary. The Stemwinder
is a huge mine and cannot iie worked
n a small wa;, Unless lbe money I**
ol,tained hy the sale ot trea ury
stork, nther means must lie taken, bul
we strongly urge our shareholders to
purchjise at least a third (additional! to
their present holdings at ten cents per
share.   By doing so tbey wili- make a
good investment md ia-ide a vear sub-
ouuiienied business with, what under I iUuilM dividends may confidently I*
looked for. Of course, until the ore is
upcovered it is impossible tor any one
to t-I! its value.   It is a eoiumou thi is
lines and
P%- Real Estate.
trMBwood and Camp McKinney.
MOUTH Of P-CX !v i RBilK
Pitta—Aisled   ■
.'xriooaTios   too Gittsrtx.
At BMt~-
t n_—c on Keitle River -Ml
MM. KEYES, Prop.
A Accommodation.
I Beat Liquors and Cigars.
First-Class Stabling
Willi liter.
TaaU. Pltaty Material,
yun eitetteat*   te ta    X
correctly.   ... •
A Private Hospital
and Nurses' Home.
Oppcnheimer St., Vancouver.
|6dic«l,SurgicaI andMidwifery cases
^jred.   Terras :—  Private   Rooms,
jH&|er  week;   Beds  in  Wards, $10
Hirses sent into the country al the
charges,    telegrams receiving
iate attention.
applications to he made to
Avad of the Ea'1? ai...
Is still to the front with a large
stock of
Dry Goods      Groceries      Crockery
Clothing      Blankets      Boots and Shoes
Comforters   Carpets    Curtain Poles and
ai'g>. ind i'.r • I -     k •-f «w>ch*ndi.-*e,
r   ■ J ■   tha     i e r fivoi-
ifal -   n ,,   u        ■    i   ii- *-** ruling  in
arm,    r •» -1 \ e months   since
. u    . ■ .,    tno  sto. s can I ng
Minks I     I   lu    itit-r   would  -KaicilT
, . ■   t        o    .   . <i -   -I :e   t--d;iy.
iu^i v..  |,i Ith, i I err al ihr
si     .  z - there  were iml
1 .. . I..- i )•'■„.n*ii»rr n--w iipen
.»i.-*r- J'l-i- i\ i> U.H aell pri-p.irr.l
for tht* i_^l*> of i 'Imii.->,« a year ng...
Thec'i.ii.iu rv <■> snd l>u>i-
n-**-*., aie -Jill i *.in~d "n. m.d sever:..
oibci^. not 'hen tepieseu'ed are now rile f mm! here. More iinp.iriani sli'.l
is ihe i from the smihII temporary saw mill ..|; Boundary Cieek lo
the Uijie well «*mtipt*ed, p*-rn.anent
Mill and 5ash and Door Factory
now eyj|i-!i*lied and in fnil runniiiK
older on Keiile Rivets jost above the
the conditions that appeared to exist,
should have been sufficient cajjh in
hand to carry on work on the well-
known Stemwinder mine until such
time as it could sell treasury slock,
lo make a sua ess of the couipa-iy it
i* as uei'essary
Tu 0b_in Ample Capital
to fur ber develop the Stemwinder
and to purchase an . erect the required
milling machinery. The only means
the company nad of raising money
waa by the sal- of us treasury stock.
It is stated lhat arrangements were
made for p.aciuit a large quantity oi it
to give cumpjiny lo reuls net yer
share,butthatthesearruugemen s were
upset by Mr. Dier placing a large lilock
ol his promoters' shares on lhe market
:it ahout li Cent— per share, ln the
circular ahove referred to correspondence betweeu the managing director.
Mr. I!. Kusseii. and Messrs. Uier and
Davidson :s published. This seems to
make it clear —tat Dier and Davidson
hare for tne time being pr-aiticail)
stranded the coinpaiiy. In their
efforts to get il afloat again the direct
Anoiliereviden-e..f progress is to be  or* are apparently quite candid as t.
jseriiinllie eiilriprs*. shoan by the
j local post Master in n im* np at his
Iown cost, tbe post o_i-e with ui*-io-
dare'office tiiitores aod !iK-k l*uses—
s.une of the latter wilh ioinbin.ilions.
and olhers with duplicate keys— in
i oak, cedar and brnnwd mei—.t be whole.
I including Money Orler and (jeueral
j Delivery wickei«,pr-*enl ing an appear-
The Midway Trading Company, Ltd.,
J. R. JACOBS, Manager, Midway, B.C.
■—»—————»——»———»— it*. ***•*
■ Midway Meat Market -1
the unsatisfactory condition hrought
aMiut by the art .on of Dier and Davidson in selling a lot of their promoters'
stock al lower price* than wa* being
obtained for tre.sury st ck.
The following cscerp— from the
circular issued by the directors give
the mam points they desire to iuipres
ii[jon those who may he
ance Ibat creditable to even j placing the company upou a
a much larger lown and contrasting wand working basis: Arrangements
strung!) wiih ihe primiiive office ap- were being n.ade^ with a wealthy Ei >:
pointmenls nf a year auo. lish syndicate to purchase a large ' lock
prevents an eipres-ion of opinion as to at 9 pence US cent-i which would have
whrtheror not the local newspaper given the company all the money re-
basalsw kepi p^ice wilb tbe tjeneral quired, hul Dier. and liter Davidson
improvement, bul cimqili-itenlary ; continuing to unload, these arrange-
ii.em ion by ronteaiporarie* aad an in I—_i—were spoiled. It i* our opinion
. .eased sul*rip i..r it-l may lie laken that il is wholly o«iug to the unk—d-litre remarkably
as an indication ut what oiher- ihink in^of ihis promoters' stock, that the
.bout it. The daily stages—two lo market pri e sUtids where ik does to-
and from Urrenvu-od and one be- dHy, t\e judge tbat about B0Q,(XU pro-
tween heieand I aiufi II. Kinney—are mt,iers' shares have been sokl, Mr.
x decided uuproveii^nt upniiih-ihree- _jrr alone .laiuiing to bave sold So,
liniesa week stage of tbe greater pari uu. few sa i*s hue been made by
of last year. shareholders   with  the  exception   of
K. A. MATTHES, Proprietor.
At thb establishment customers cm get choicest cats af
•  • Walilgai »toro—aha
Therefore Meats are always fresh and sweet
for dinner to-dav.
tB_______ _f i
Call and get a good joint
P. 0. BOX 25.
m_____m____*_xm_________.  *_cj
ln the number and style nf piilatr , Lhelalld Davidson- Ills lieeilieSS to
residences ihere has also lieen a change iddthat tto iiiiiiing su-^ can sl.u,.:
fur Ike better. It is ooubiful if tbtre such an unloading wituoiil suiferui;:
is tn he found ill Ihe whole of lhe dis- leverel-*, Tl e sharelio.dein lulerests
iricl a belter finished or iii-.r- ' •,»,-,. been closely guaidevi, mid
Handsome Villa Residence Success was Assured
than thai Mult in Midway hy Dr. J .k -   but for tbe action of Dier and
and now occupied by his fan.ilv.   Se.-  son, who appear to bave detent
for us to get assays np to a sim. but
these high values occur only in Beans
and pockets. Any day however we
may strike a chute of high-gra.ic >te
which would pay ymir invest—rut
many times over. So far. however, it
is a low grade prope ty of jj at
quantity and immense possibilities.
As soon as the iiei-**>^ .ry fu: i> ire on
hand \v.. wiil erect a large mill, uhe
larger the heJvi. We have a con-
siilt-t-a ie p.■ 11; .n of the luaclumiy
necessary new. Hy suhscriliinz foe
addition tl st.»*k yon «-jll end.!.- u- to
carry out our origi : al [nans. With
the Stemwinder » paying property,
the other mines of the corporation r_n
lie worked, the co tl lands w.irked, the
town lots sold, and the increasd popu-
I ition will idd to the revenue ..f the
Water Works and Hotel Fairview,
(aire—ly doing iht_messol jjIi*.'1 |kt
month). With kbe whole machinery
once in motion there i* scarcelv a liuiit
to the earning powers of the Kairview
_kutlt '; —n -ith- a* ' ill- T >nin '
■ W. ,-,.t" published a desrri|Mi.Hi nf
ihe Stemwinder from wnich ihe i,.l-
lowing is taken:—
At the Stemwinder,
Within i total n i.ii b of zm feet oc*
enr four ledges, three-of  which hue
lis^Hised to   already been descritKnl as oceuring oo
J be M .rning Star.    Tbeir UUtcl ojipiugs
ou be traced for i,500 feel acn*- lhe
htve ioc iti.ui-to tbe west.   Hound y
speaking  ihese four ledges show an
iggiegxte surface   uidtb  of 51) feel,
and x\-. ei..pment  wnrk done to date
in.lii-iites that ihese I.--,   i-odi-s   main*
tain Jheii fail wid:h with depth.   Tne
dndergroiind workings of the piopcriy
linilered    aud
erylhing alunt the mine is   in shij.-
-hajie or.iei.    The main .leii-^e   upon
which I be conipany has sunk i's 'ei-
mmenl  *h  'I ;- eiiih" feet wide on lhe
surface, and fur over 100 fet-i  it  bas  i
dip of 45 degrees, Init bekiw  thai level
.lie lile straightens up.
From a po
larnf  he *Ji
.    i _; tne le
a I'he «iy i
lllli-d to
All'*****'"**"     1 t *********     ^ ***********
Is now open with a Stock of
All the Leading; Magazines Kept on Hand.
Circulating Library in Connection.
: discredit   lhe   company,   nn
what the coct to themselves.
It was decided to have a thousand
I tons of oie from different parts of tile
; mine milled, to secure positive asstir
: ance of the values. Wheli hauling on
'. for this mill run rain fell almost cou
1 tinuously and the   mads   became   ilu
Thos. Walker, Prop.
Seventh Street,
Midway, B.C.
eral other bouses of recent eiection.,*--
also creditable and welcome additions
to thetown,   Nm should tbe esiablish-
ing of hi.iii.s on und the cultivation of,
son.e of tii   ■"' i re lots in Ihe Immediate
vicinity nf the'own be   lost sighl of.
Still other Indications of idvuu-. ineni
might be mentioned—among ibeiu the
inrreaseii   attendance   at  ihe   Pniilir ' passable, so that we could not gel thi j
[Jichool, l he erection of abridge across  quantity down   that we wished, but
the Keitle Kiver lo connect lhe Kiwr-  atB tous were uiillei'i, of which .Hi ton* \
side Addition with the town, the put-  were from the different  workings 01
ling down of sidewalks in pairta of the  the main vein, which is 111 feet wideoi .
lown and lhe fencing of the Pmviiirial \ tbe  second   level.     The   headings ui
Government    block   and   Ihe   Public 'simples taken every half  hour fron I
School grounds—hut enough has I een t the automatic ore feeders proved tin 1
written to show that the lown certain    average value of the ore to lie So Iti p. ■:
lybaa   lieen   piogre>sive   during   ihe  ton ; 150 Ions from   lhe   "foot   nott)
past year,   There aie therefore g~*il   ledge gave values of $3—i per ton.
grounds for Ihe asserti-m lhat il-spili      Tlie Alaska Treadwell Co. made j
difficulties and draw-hacks,   the town j profit in October, 1*9. of over jlW1
moved ahead, and, tn*i. ihere is much  ou ore worth only *Jl.Si p-r ton.   Tb.
to warrant a hopeful vie .v being taken | cost of mining and   milling  was onl;
oftheoutlook for Ihe future. iiCJrvnis |vr ton.   Our demonstrate.
li! 75 f*e:  below  lhe toj.
ft  i   Irtfl   ins liern run
z- i ■: [SOfeel toihe west.
a iy in ore.   The ieiige is well
Ion Ihis level  uud  throughout
mosl of the dtifts oiuy  one wall is in
-.^ht. tbe ore not baring been leinored
•   .in the olher.     There are Rl   feel   .f
ore uu the fare iu    his level.   Front
this drift ja crosscu    has  U-en  run  *i?s
fe,.(   In  inlers-.t   the    tuirlh    ioige.
which is seven feet wide at   the point
where it is tapped.   Fnun ihe end of
his cros-cut 131 feet of drifting, all   in
re, has been done on the north ledge
o.d from this diifi   again au upraise
i  - lieen made through HO leet of oie
• lhe surface.    Boll) these veins bave
•-.-n opened further  to   the  east  by
-■if u-e tunnels 175 feet Hid  75 feet  in
• Ji^th. respectively, all in ore ami giv-
i a back of 7.1 feet ou each side.
Twenty Feet of Quartz.
To  r-turn lo the  main   workings,
.•low theUW-foot level, owing to the
tightening up  of  ihe   main vein,
-fore nol eil. the shafi r ins out otots:
W lhel75-f«ii level a crosscut   Was
un fnun the main shaft  to catch the
1 dge and it took only 22 feet of work
u Intersect thai body.   At this .i. | li .
JOHK 'VlTlti'.IX ntoeairroH
E.JA006S   SIjs.6i.Ii
Hublisbed   weekly   at  Midway.  R C
Subscription IVk-e, fitt.' p-.r annum, payable
in _Axt_ -, eiUaer yearly or Salf-yearly at tbe
oplior, of tbe witfcHTiber."
Advertising I_l<* rrnx on applicstiOB.
Tooutrh lbe wiiimni of Thi _Brr_KS are
al way i open for lbe tliscussTotJ of mailers of
public interest aod importance, we do noi nee-
D-s-_rijyeudor* any .if the opinions expnawsi.
CorTfsjxiailence ofa personal nature mD pot be
ttJoftlmxico ft*.im pa^re l-l
the ledge is found   In  lie   wide!
MHILt   KIVCK   ffllivinu   UIVIJ9IU.S
»r"1  (records   for   tbe    Week     Endinu
stninger than at the surfatti ar at the'
75-foot level. Where caught by l b.»- ',
ClOftCUt il inea*un*s 19 feel across and i
al olher p.iinis at ibis depth lb" I
of clear qi u l.z widens oul to over Jl'
feel. At this level on tbis vein a drift
has heen rnn for ISO feet west, in orei
lbe entiir distance, ibe ledge showing I
a width whenever bu*_ walls are
reached ..f ahout J' feel.   This western
January Joth. 1900.
Dorer. fraclioo, Rock Cr-*ek, Forbes
M. Kerby.
lAXVAMt 17.
B. A , C-ntral ramp. John Wallace.
Kvefliug, Smith's camp, John Wai-
The starting uf a dailv newspaper
when the dislrict is in some measure
feeling Ihe eff,-it t a general lighines.
of money, is at) evidence nol only of
the pluct and enterprise of the propri-
etooof ihe newly launched t!reen»ix*d
"Times" but as well of their confidence |n'(.»petity kid pennanence will
attend the fut'i*v uf the district. The
new daily is a distinct inquisition and
is '-ring very generally welcomed
lhruiigli,,iii lhe district. May il bave
a king and successful career.
.1. A.
Eholt creek, John A. Doug-
diift runs under a rising hill and 1 bete-   lace.
fore al its face il gives a depth of over )     Maine, fraction, Deadwood camp, E.
dUOfee. on ji solid ute hody frnm eight! Kelly.
to 20 feet in width.   At  tbi> level __ '    Revanche, Camp   McKinney,
feet of drifting has also heen done on | Frank.
lbe main  ledge Inwards the easl,   in j
mbich   direction   lhe  me   laxly   is of I    John M
similar size. |_, H^H
From this   second level, from near I    john A _ Provid-ncs c,a,p> j(,*,n  A.
the hot lorn of tbe shaft, a crosscut is ; Douglas.
being mn 10 catch the southerly vein ;    Dimifino, fraction, Deadwood camp,
uf the properly.    This crosscut is  now I J   p  H4rian.
in 185 fret, and within a few fe«l  more
it is expected   lo lap   al   the   All-foot j
level Ibe thud vein lefetr.d to as  mil
■UDWAY • B. C.
.Jew Store od Seventh Strew
J. Im. Tezvy
ls now on deck with a complete stock of
General Merchandise, Men's Clothing. {
Shoes and Robber Goods.
Call   arid   convince   Yourself.   1   Special
of 25 percent, off Ladies' Hals for thn> qcx,
■ILLINERY DEPASTWMT—Mrs. L R. Terry in cha.-.
Some putitka] capital is heing made,
ui ibeie have  l-erti    ntlettipt*i in   thi*
direciinn, nut of Ihe aclinn of Ibe Pro-
rimisl (t.ivennnenl in funking preliminary arrangement* with the OnlumbU
A Western llailway Company for Ibe
snlistilirtion of a cash subsidy for the
land giant of ahout 2,500.000 acres nf
land in this district ithe company  bas
become  entiiled to.   Whilsl  not   al j
pres-nl   qiiflintiing  the   wisdom    nf
rhi~ exchange we must confess tbat we
have bit hern,   beeu   in   ignorance   of,
there Iving 111 ihis district any Imge1
area of unoccupied land,  suitable   for
w-tt lenient.    If it can   be shown   lhat!
such lands are arailalle we shall have
sincere pleasure in giving lbe govern
uient credil for lhe proposed transaction.   The queMinn is can it?
propping oc the surface, When ibis
crosscut succeeds in ils purpose Ibe
company will hue ils three mam
ledges all opened by means of its main
-hafi and connected worttings. Tbe
north ledge, by lhe way, where crus.*-
cut at tbis level, is as wide and as
Strung as on lhe .urine* and flrst level
and I'll fee! of dulling bas l-een done
upon iu
The equipment of the Stemwinder
includes a ill air compressor, sleam
hoi»t and .inking pumps, and Ibe
buildings on the property are lbe
usual shaft and engine buuvs, bunk-
house, storehniis.-s. stables, etc,
Mr. Joseph Martin, M. P. P.. is reported to have, in tbe course of his I
criticism of the to give the
Boundary Creek district—or whjil -
probably is rvally meant, the Boundary
district—« separate representative in
the local 'Legislature, ch.iracteriied
this proposal a* "most extraordinary,
absurd and ridiculous." Il may lie 111
opportune lime to remind Mr. Martin,
•nd others tbat this is not simply a
proposal of tbe present gnvrrniuetit.
It is more : it is one of liie planks
of the platform adopted by an
Opposition convention [that is of
suppotters 1 if the party then in opposition, heid at Kosslalitl j.i>t previous
to the last Provincial election, wh'ch
platform Mr. Jas. M. Martin, member
for this dislrict, wjis elected upon.,
The proposal ramsins the siine. it is
Mr, Joseph I——tin who hns changed.
He did not dissent bum it then, so
why now? The reason is plain. Then
he posed &s a luyal s.ipp.rler of his 1
party, now he is a political renegade.
Of what rslue then is such criticism,
coming from one who took no ex*'
ceptioti to the prvposed legislation until after he bad fo.s-iken his party :
Surely there are men tti tiie present
Opposition who regard consistency as
a virtue, even in politic*, and who
will rwte a turncoat socurdingly.
The disastrous effect of placing s lot
of "promoters" shares in a joint stock
tiunpaiiy without restriction!1 as to
nale in the hands of men wbo will sell
IT——terra*it pleases tbem to do so.
without regard to bow such action
may affect the financial standing or
buw it may pj_alyxe the working
capacity of the company, bas once
more lieen forcibly demonstrated—
this time in the cast nf the Fairriew
Corporation. Ltd. Here is a compauy
which possesses properties and resources that appear In require only
tbe judicious expenditure of a iinalerate
amount of capital in their development _' make it a dividend-paying
concern, yet the legitimate efforts of
the management to obtain that indispensable capital have seemingly heen
frustrated hy the Methods adopted by
tho?e who not 01.1*—unfortunately for
the h ildersof treasuty st<« k —had the
tower to strand n prumising »m«-r
pi ise, but used it. There seems to l*e
but one remedy open to those who
put money into stocked mining companies viz. to leave severe!)'ali ine those|wtnie!1 with which is asaociated
any sueli risk as that which has I mdi-d
t ie-fairviewCorporation in difficulties
Mid for ihe time given the '.lining industry in Fairview camp a v-riou. set-
hack. As the greater pot! 1 ,11 of the
pttMuaUsBs1 >L*ik in this n.inpany
appears to luce been "<*-f'there
should open up to this hardly used
org.tnizaiion a fm ure fre^-i from such
a lingbiiug diaibili.y. Ij* experience
tb.aigh should serve as a aarning to
investor? inJ«iotk to avoid similar risks
iin the future.
Cnisscutting at the 100-f.*ot level no
(be Norfolk, in Central Camp, is lo he
slatted Ihis week.
"It takes three years and 8T30.00U to
make a mine a producer in the Lake
Superiordistrict." says the "Engineering and Mining Journal."
The nominal rapital of the company
owning the Morrison in Deadwood
camp ts to lie iucreased from $1,000,1110
to C1.3OJ.000.
The Winnipeg in Wellington camp,
hist week sent oul iu fii>t carload of
ore over the new branch line, and i.
loading tw.- more. In toe mine stuping Is preceding.
The Oro Den oro, in Summit camp,
has about 730 feet of development
work d me, in.iiiding a shaft nearly
300 feet deep, a drift of as much
more and three tunnels.—Phoenix
A compressor plant and steam hoist
have beeu installed at tbe Buckhorn,
in Deadwood camp. Tl.- machinery
was iwrti- List week and it is running
smoothly, A double compartment
vertical shaft now being sut.k here is
down more th in KO feet.
At the Hold- Crows- Wellington
camp, drifting at the —0-foot level and
cruss-cutting at the '.Do foot level arein
prvigre"-i*. No shipping will tie done
from this urine until after the ground
shall have been more extensively
opened up.
Mi. Thus. Graham, superintendent
of the Waterloo, lamp McXinnry,
la-t week l>roiight down about
£2,111), north of gold th.S   -*ui the
lasl lieantip at the Waterloo after a
run uf nearly three weeks. The gold
was sent to Spokane by expre-*s.
Il is reported tbat the company
known as the Cam; McKinney Mines.
Ltd , owning the Granite ami Banner
claims, in Camp McKinney, is in M
011s financial difficulties and tbat tbe
deputy sheriff basse—ed tbe claims, a
five stamp mill and an engine, under
three writs of execution.
Wirk will he started drifting on thr
Gladstone ciaimat Camp Hewitt, Ihis
week, from thr 130-fu>>| level, It is
thought that be wall a ill i« reached
iu »l*jn! 30 feet, afier »hub an engi-
iierr'u wi.I lie secured as lo the
I mat iii.iunei in which tn pruc*erd further wilb lbe work.—Vernon  "News."
The ids Consolidated Co., of liossland. is inviting tenders for hauling
J H tu St) fms of sacked ure from its
Zala mine in Sheridan camp at the
head of Toruda Creek, tothe Columbia
and Western Railway. It is more
than likely this ore will he hauled tu
Midway and be shipped thence by rail
lo tbe smelter.
Keystone, fraction and Columbia,
Camp McKinney, Con. Kane.
Bellfluwer and Like View,   W.  H.
Harris aud Spencei B -net mat..
Pilut, Dau. Brawn.'ban.
JAMAkT 17.
Evening   Star.   T.   Barrett   and I
Revenue, Cb*». Colter et al
Radja, fraction, all interest, Joseph
A. Frank to David R Bogle.
Radja, all interest, J. A. Frank and
Geo. M. Bennett to David B. Bogle
and William J. Reddin.
Bellfluwer. i interest. W H. Harris
to Speni—r Beueriuau.
Lake View, i interest, Wm. Smith
to S|*encer Benennan.
jjuroasT 17.
Ab There, all interest, H. L. Morgan
to Geo. D. Ia-yton*
jaM'aby 18.
t  S. A. CROWELL, Proprietor. _,,«.*,**«««
t-o Biuck We
"I! 1
' '-   -..
Geaerai Bwl Estate t Fiuoeui Agt
The Royal Inwranct Coy.
Thb Lomohs axd Lamashire Fire
bnmujNs Cot.
Thb   Ixsckanck Coy.  or  Nokth
The Lomkix axd Caxadian Fike
Ixscraxce Coy.
The Srx Life Amobj,xck Oot or!
The Domxiox Bcildixg and Loan
Appraiser por the Canada Per-
majnext Loan and SaVURkCoi
TTHIS is a new building bard finished ,.
furnished in first class style. The
is supplied with the best in the market,
connection is run by Messrs. FRANC1
late of Cascade City, and has a choice st. 1
Liquors and Cigars.    :    :    :    :
Patronage of the Public is Solicited and Satisfaction is CotnJ aud Mountain Vie-, j .jgJ-St*- 5&$&<~.- E S5SKSf£l
ntetnt in earb, J .h„ W. 0 B, .-„ to ! Sl 2 - ^ " W&Z' '■" tti
rbou«« Hen.mrrell. | -git '£     S" ?J $?•& ?Zz'* ^%
The Riverside Hotel,
I* nituated at   Rock Cn»k. B.C..   on   tb*   main mute  of   t
Iwtaeen Penlielou -.nil all Bmndary (reek points.    Btop|
plaie for Mijie*.
Good Fishing •> Good Hunt in? ••:• Best of Accom modatic.
Tb.        ^^^^
Marguerite,    fr art ion,    Frank
liieenaiaai lo J. P. Hal Ull aud _:«
C. Bim*u.
X. U C. !!
$m -■■:■
j in'ere-il, Hector, 1 in-
teteiit, Karly Hi-tory b.H iutere»l.
Briton, 5-Sinteiest, K.a .n-j I . Biuan
Ui Jno. P. H u-i.1,1.
Ma-tiietiie. all Interest, Ibinn
to Jim. P. Harlan.
>Si| zz
f f The Advance I
To Your Friends.
Sabxrlrtton f 1 • year
•--■ ■ *-*i 1
.>ta. 2 _ _•%_  j-stuMipswn  mam  7 car ^. *^r
SroeS   m htmstx «o«ih.    ~ZL-2y.i-.
Apptkatiou  for  Certificates  ot
Notitrs advertisfd in this week's
Advastat are tbose of :—
(iranite and Banner, Camp McK nine v.
Dominion. Fairview, A. D. A., and
Black Hawk, in Camp Kairview.
Bulbeye. fraction, on Kruger inountain.
Dividend and Dividend fraction,
Go.d Du_ and Little Uold Dust,
Knifrer mountain.
Meadow Unit, Skylark ramp.
BiwUiUck and Mayflower, Camp
Ba lineal. Canip McKinney.
trod Bug, Camp Fairview.
A p*-titi..ii*r* is iin Illation in N'el*nn
and iiiitnediaif viiiniiy, uriiine Ibe
g.neiMiienl nnl loinleifeie in any way
tvi ii ibe -iL'hi-hour law a. at prei-tit
in lor e. Up lo last night, liin inst.
►.i—l(H-itnatnre- hid been M-rured
i,L-l .rlink' th» na'nes of a nuinl^i of
well  . .own   liiwinees  men.    Similar
(jetiJioilS   Uill   '»•   pt-e«eltlei|   fnun   lhe
*j Iv-rton anil  Sau.lou  disJriii*.—Xcl-
>oll  ■'Tlll.utJe,"
Tke Wltwstersraad.
The Dutch woi- "Witwalersrand"
means lilerally "White Walei Range,''
applying Io a >lri|> ol leriiioiy a fra
hundred miles long and a few miles in
uiilih. whn b M-vrliteeii years ago was
: considered a won bless tidgs. In 1881.
bim-ter, gold wan diacveied. ln l*il
the value of the gold pnduclion was
als-nt fc.Vl.ilS>.'be pil-JlKlloll of 1S#
Wat -laxil Oo.ifll.tfU; allU that   of   lt*UU,
'al-oiil Slii.UUUiO, ItH. over *3.i.nn.-
up; 1S05. over WODtMXP! in 1W7.
ali.iii »J6.0tt).Ull>, 'ii ISA a>uiil *T."i.-
I/IJ.UU0. Tii-- nones can onl> he success-
full* worked by the use of costly ina-
cbiieMV. ,md while eitmnelv  produc-
Tfce mother Lata.
Drifting at thr 300 foot level in tbe
Mother Lsale mine, Deadwuud ramp,
was I'otniiirneed last Thuraday. The
drifi which is being run northward,
has already been advanced 3) feel, all
in ore of good grade. Cro»„uttiug
laith ways fnuu ihe north diift al Ibe
20U fiMH level has already I teen slatted!
near Ibe upraise, wbich is about aUO
feet from the main abaft. Tbt dr**t
• lasts in these n_■_its were tred
yesterday and tbe otr fares in tbem.
v*. ibe foreman remarked, "l.^ked like
a jeweller's shop." Sloping from tbis
Irrrl upwards loa aid* ,be xdd work-:
iugs witb »hirh < otiiiect ion was lately '
made by means of an upraise snd j
wmse, 1. get her At) teet on ihe incline,
will now br pushed on with, employing alt tbe men »bo 1 an br worked to
advantage, ao as In get as much ore
out as poasil.le in readiness fur the
smell el, a bit iseipri led,-001-
uiem-e Healing Ihe ore early neitaum*
user. Tbe cage for use io the mine,
was 10 h nr beep shippru fiom Peter-
l.iro. Out,, a fori 11 lit hi aeo, so it
should snn I* rri-eivrd. When
•tailed and in wnrki'ig order this
greatly facilitate hiisling the ore.
t'-oal frnui Ihe Crow's   Nest   Pass is
now being l.urnrd in one of Ihe furnaces at ibe Moihrr I>*de and  i'  is giving satisfaction.    An order for KO tnn«
was plaied wilh lbe Crow's Nest   Pass
Coal Cl in Dreewiber and of ibis lot
three   carloads—slaiui   W  lODa— have '
lieen r"iei»ed at the mine.   Another 1
HO-tor order has lieen  sent  to  Fernie.
,.i,J after siiffirirn'of this is ..n  hami I
lo allo-jr of lirmi* sul "it il nted altie;
geiherfor   wooil.  the arcnud furnace
will I*- also tilled with fire bail
for coal burning.
Provincial Land S»rreyor.
SU*   Architect and
___;  Civil Engineer...
I^eal Estate.
Insurance and
Mining Agent
i ails-lew- TownKite Aiteiit.
—    ♦   —
. . .   . J'J'.:X~  . . .
f.IKl ISW. B. c
Corrswpondenoe t!i«..licit<*d.
Practical House and Carriage
Paper Hanging, Graining and Sign Painting. Also Kdlwra
and all kinds of Decorative Work executed tn
E. Nash I Co., Midway and Greerm ood Ct
KcTAIII.I.HKD   lHs..jt.
Specultie.**—Varieties Profitable in British Colurr.
1 rees Free from Pests.
Send for Free Catalogue.    |    E. HuTCHERSOH, Ma
Would - Ibon tbj none* xoo sore, pnxe
Aod widen pleasures manre I
Go baild Cby but oi nnx sixe.
Bu*. inr ifsriien large.
The Midway Company still
have for sale a few 5-acre tracts.
Buy one on  easy terms, and
"make thy garden large."
Dissolution of Partnership.
NOTICK i« —seh) ghrsat—ll tbrpirinmiiip
hrrrtatiin- rxwing U-LKn thr under-
«ism*l. DndiT Ihe u»me ot Krmno — Milr.e. to. I
koXel kf-Jt-er- »1  XldFii, B. II., _ui tti. ii.y '
been di^oltfd.
Datol t_1 «-jjh Amy of Ii^-rrnt»r. lit*
W. J. KilASl'1:5,
WM. A. M1I.NE.
Commercial and Mining men should  put
at the Fairview Hotel when in came
Qeo J. SKeeKari      -       -      .     Propi '
SOCTR A-'CJCA" bv John tlark BfcJ-
p*ih, I_ L!».. Nm. 8, KB*. M.A..J..\.r>up-,
cr. M*ntig\ng Kditr-r of the MPiW--Ui Vairi '
tine. Tonrnto. *n_ J H. Afton. ot I^otxit.n. t
t>oL, who tw_- relurned t_i- week (m \2 jmet' ■.
trftvclUnff im &>n\h Jitric* tor ut* We Sit the
tmly *'juu»di»n Pd0_Mn *"ho h«ve had a!
hf*nch iti :y*_:b Afrir* f"r nir^ieei* >■**■-. f,\-
in^ u-* »n IS-BMMe advnntd^e i-i fu Hil^
p_oic4Ti-at>h- »trrd ui»;erul. "Jur authorship.;
SetlerpreiNw nnd QgmTfngi are V0|Mriar< ami ■
Ciutnuii DwiTupiel. flirt IM ffiwtrMed than in ■
any rival wort. So -ui-* ue we of i.'.i* ihfll ■*?'
will mail fre* lor 00B_|KH>Bn our prf>per<u*i io i
UJSNNM-ta| a  ri^al firffM-W     f'rru-:
ltt*aaO*n»frML   Acpiv. Wma Pttbll-Uaf
(.omp*_>. ODiario.
NOTICE i' t, fiven t>.« itilitT
aftrr Amxe I latSMla
____________________________________________—■■ hy
xtxer date I mlenfl toapply to xhf CLii-f
I C*Hnnii*^>ner of l_x,.,'..   \r.x]  Work- f.-r i^-r-
•lllited t ■—■—■ to pjjrrh***- 3*i*rf-rt^ of land   si  M*
' kiw-.— r*.>ni!ner.niv \: a !.•-, I^lf a mille S.jjj'i
It  is   prol«ri|e this!of the North  K«*t <-.mer of lx>! A.c the-ir*
, . '■ .'jot t' ilxxin. South It,.-r.i-e tt Aifm, their-*-
nir inr bqrmtUDg of * i-ig nnl|Trail 9ihslas It1 amtfntlh■ nfcstin isyttin
of roi'inienorulenl   and oettthAtg Ti' *-n-
morr- or !e-..
... , ..   ..    I       „     ,       ...    .    .,       , .     , „ ,i    Thf-aid land bcins:r«;aimi for «pieu:turj*J
makr l.*ud or plater aiiniDK ptaatuh, itimllr du wiihihuUuw^.Nesl Pdwrosl  purr.x-<.
_    . McKlY UOBt-
—tl^oaugv. m_ltmm .......
live where uuidiinrry  lisa  l-rrn  u*«l,
ther are nol ot  suet rhsmrter  ar. lo   tMde the ttiUDdsry ronntry will even-
r'licd Hi- St_i daj m Jstiu try.lMI *                         I    The Midway Advance came to hand •' is stated that the (.'. P. R. Com*.
A KnighU of Pythias lodge is pro-  last week printed on wrapping paper— pany intends on May 1st again putting
fceteil at Phoenix.                                    owing to delay in the transportation °u iu fait continental train, known
A   Mendelssohn  Male Chorus Cluh of tta print paper from the east.    The as the'imperial Liiniled.~and th-it the
haa been formed at Greenwood,            j Advance, if printed on   birch hark, time to he Liken on the through trip
JOB PRINTING-Get your printing
done at The Advance office. Good
work, reasonable prices.
Prizes for Bit Heads.
The   Boundary   Hockev Cluh team i would 5lil1 ** * F>«| loc*< newspaper..
Meat. - the Vir'toria team at Rossland . ~l ***** "KeeotdZ
hit Saturday by two to nothing. " ****
jjpr.J-T. McDonald,  U.S. Customs) Wanted. • Lock-Up.
Smeer stationed at  Oroville,  Wash.,      One of lhe ci ying necessities ofCanip
mma a visitor to Midway last week.       ! McKinney is a lock-np.   Tbe  con-ta-
fiAninviUtionsuhscripUonball is _!hle' there has no place at   bis disposal Commissioner    of   Agriculture,    has
he held at the HotelArmstrong.Green-''"' wbich tn keen prisoners,  and much awarded the prizes offered to boys and
Wood on Fridav evening, i_th inst.        inconvenient* is thereby experienced. girls for the nundred heads of wheat
E  Women's'Association   has been  *>***"-'<*"-»  •**-   •« conipdfadtn   take and oa_ bearing tbe largest nuuiher of
Ibrnied to obuin funds for use in con-,lht"" t0 R *"*"*• and "l up wi,h ,h/"' «^»-     British   Columbia  took   Hrat
Section with the Pi*sbvterian Cbuixh,  »H night, and in any case a great deal _*-j-. ^ wh-t Wld MUI.   The
Breenwood                                               i of trouble is  occasioned through this p^tes went to province* in the follow*
!***   -    L                 i c.              a  lHck-   "-'""'I3 McKinney   is  a rapidly in- order . OnUrio, 13 : British Colum-
|Tbe Presbyterians of Phoenix and  ^.^ miuing (own ^ ^ ^^ ; £       Sor(h.Wesl Territories, Mani-
lcin.typn.poseerect.ngit,  tha  town   „-.„,,,. ,.^,-4^ tl,lhe government toha and N>w Bn.nswick. two each;
mm sprmg a church building to cost fora suiuhle buMding of this  6Wp* H<w_8eo«_, and  Quebec  one each.
phMlfl&U.                                             lion should meet with a   prompt and . Alhm   j*orto0i Sa|t   Spring   Island,
The Vernon City  Band lost all its  favorable response.-Veinoo   "News." receives the first prize for oats ; R. G.
 •**"•  ; McLennan. Beaver Point, third : Don-
City'l Water Power. aid nnd David Graham. Spallumcheen,
.,        ,   ,..,   ..            ,        . first priie for wheat-
Cascade City s hne   water   power is r
large dam
between Montreal and Vancouver and i •*-*■■■■■—__«—•_——_■«—"—•—■—■—■. !
vice versa wiil lie still further reduced, j TO LKT. the cottatr** recently occupied 1
this vear bv ten hours. hy Mr. J. R. Jacob-   Rent *10 |ier
 ■  E. JACOBS.
the   fire
A.   G.
Instruments  and  music  in
;»hich  lately  destroyed  Mr
Fuller's building, Vernon.
|g It is reported that Mr. J. A. Mc*
Kelvie, editor of tbe Vernon "News."
£"»bo was at one time in the North-west
^.Mounted Police, intends going to the
::    The Customs collections at   Vernon
I for the six months ended Dec. 31
were $5.3S7.*{1     The  imports   were •
Dutiahle  goods (SUBS; free goods,
$2,773 ; total, *fi,7».
Colonial Loyalty.
Tht loyaity of England's colonies
during the South African wa- bas lv-en
one of its most   ontahlt* features.   Co-
At the annual meeting of the Okanagan Board of Trade, held at Vernon,
now leing developed.    A
IU) f**el ling and 511 feet bigb is under
construction.   The flume and   tunnel
to carry the water will he 16 feel wide.
13 feet deep and   K«fl feet   Tbe
ISWl   m*lfT *••• tH" carried ftom  lhe mouth  lonial troops were the prime factors in
uf the   tnnn-l to   lhe  water    wh»els   the successful affair near the Modder
through too imn pin—s, each ^ feet in   River on New   Year's   Day.    But the
- diameter and iitf) feel long, wilh a fall j aid given by the colonies lo the Empire .
j nf 156 feet.   Excavation for a power-; of »hich they form a part has not con-',
. A. Henderson wa. el>-cted presi-
Mr.   W.   R.   .Megaw Vice pr»si-
id Mr EL J. Davies secretary
n -*.' wr match betweu W. J.
'dent -1
Tb' v. . ' Phoei ix,  md   lim   Woods,
of    (,..-■ ..  ■-.     il    Greens, .ml   last
Kdaj : g il pes J-'--i 0 the latter t-
ttixi  g the referee'- award on a foul.
M- J. n - • -nl. of R-«Und. Pn«-
vi-.- at g nl f'H -b- J.ines C*«uDi*r
■ant—adoring On . Ltd.. uf Montreal.
ma. niarrini ai Greenwood last Thurs-
bouse   is  no'
j wagon   roid
r   iu   progress  near the I sisted    alone    in    providing soldiers,
bridge,   and   ihis work'; Everything possible has been d in<   10:
alone will cost $1<',W0.    A 10,000 boi>e   make   English  diploma   c    relations.
I )*ower will tie olitained. which will le j smouih.    Newfoundland, for example.
ns^d in developing eleciiical power to
l*.*- In mines in the Bonnd-
aty jind I'liri-'ina Lake distcicta, and
j-r ,;',.; Ind—.Itis p*n|nsea, The
, —•■ iii.aiiii in-tif piatit, complete, is
• nil I.'111.
Commissioner Robertson, Dominion Ijv.ST  RECEIVED—Something neat
in  Invitation Cards aud Ball  Programmes, at
"PAY. PAY, PAY"- Rem-niher the
Great Variety Concert to beheld
in the Aihairibra Theatre. Greenwood, on Janv. 31sl.
LIQUORS, the hest j meals, excellent:
rooms, warm and comfortable : attendance c<nirteou.*.jtnd prompt;at
the Lancashire House, Midwav.
PAY. PAY. PAY. At Camp McKinney. too, on 31*t in»t.. Grand Con-
eert and Variety Show by local
talent, with a J.illy Dance to wind
up. Come and help to .well the
Widows' and Orphans Fund.
TO LIVERYMEN-Offers will be received until Feb. 1st prox. for a
lease for one year from April 1st
next of the Urge Livery Bam at
Midway now rented hy Sawyer
Bros. Rent to !>e paid monthly in
THIS HOTEL offers the best of accommodation
at moderate charges. Only the best brands ci
liquors and cigars kept on hand. A good u.lie
and good beds add much to- the comfort of i.s
D. L BarcklaY. 1- A.  Harris.
Livery and   Feed  Stables,
TBANS7BB Xaxarxi.
-Midway, B. C.
dav    ii
• .r.iiB    to   —In   E si"  KHIv,
i of Mrs. H. A.  King, of thai
Death from Exposure.
The d-ad t-udT of a man named
RiWr-i Lloydwas found lying near tbe
i,.ad i-eiHeen Anaconda and Boundary
Kails lasl Tue<day afternoon. Tbe Dr. Jakes, examined the body
ind Proriodal Const b e t iinninuham
ina.i. pnqwtrirs and as a lestilt no in-
Uti-si w*i. d*^-n,Kl ne.*--^*i*J". De-
..-,-. ,i -,\ is ; ,- g-.i/e-i n-a iian »h'.
ip-iit-i -hi tian.e i-f ThoiiiH. Lems wa.
r*-c*-iiily iuipn-oned for a shiHt time
fol Uiwny. It was a*-i-rtair.ed thai
.iter hi* iel*asefmui m-tody he had
Iwen diii'kir.g Pn.lial.iy whilst the
worse for liquor he lay down in tb-
B-now ard lhe ^vp,istire to he cold led
to his death. Whil-t in tbe Ipck-up
deceased clainied lo have al one lime
l*e*n     a    iiieml«-r      f the Nitth-west
has   azreen    to   the exlension  of the
Fienrb Hindus vjvendi, respecting the
shore   fisheries,    wbich  expired   the;.
first of   the  yaar.   This   was  a very;
irksoroi- arrang-ment   fir  the  Ssw-
toundlanders. a^.d ihey were preriarjne !
stoutly   to contest   its renewal:  but j
rather lh:in do anything  lo emVarresa '
Great   Britain   .n   b.r   relations with
France   '   this  junciure,   th-y   have
amn-ed   to  extend    the    n,-ius     for
another year.—N-w York "Post,"
 **m '
A Sift- of tbe Times.
Two industrial news items published
in Bradstreet's are significant of a
great chanee thnt i> taking place in
the relation of the hig corporations
and their employes. The Milwaukee
Gas Lieht Company is the latest of th-
Vnited States corporations thai has
adopted a plan with it.-
men. Each person who has been in
its serviie a year in addition to his
regular wages, .vill receive sum
equal to ti per cent   of the wages re-
I |,, .i.d   .: .     • •■» '  si... rery r.i p a,.i
fer  L-.lJ... '   and IVueis' sauu-iil   alul
sash md d'«*r f iclory.
Mi. E.   W.  M.irh-n,..  siaxttfcer at
I. i- -. fo. R. G. Dun -C-.'s.   M-r--n-
lile A: in v i»a> in Midway last Friday
lot ib" put p. ise of  nU.ining infi.rti.a-
J^lion eespni tnitf th-*  financial  •.landing
nf lb** laisii'i-ss men of   thetown and
N-'lire has heen given   of lhe intention lo mak" apjilicnti.m lo the Federal
Parliament   for the re.|ui«iie Legisla
live auihority to build a railway from
near Carson up Fourth of Julv Creek
and th*>noe to Phoenix and to construct _ _ 	
branch   lines   to   several   caiups and j
towns in tnedistrict. i Midway Sawmill and   Suh Fictory.
It is proposed to urge the Provincial)    _n 95-horse power toiler and a 30-
Governtnent   to  construct   a    wagon  horse power engine, some sash-making   tbe Great Northern  Railroad
ceived dunng the |ji«t six months. If
Mounted Police and that in lSKihe wss the company paysfi percent dividends
statii.ned at M iple Cre-k under Supt. on its stock each petvon in its
Sleele. He was apparently a man of employ will receive as a bonus
about 40 years of age and one »ho bad  6 per cent, on the wages received.   A
s****n tietter davs.
working man earning 810 a week, or
$530 a year, would secure on th- tf per
cent, basis |3—_I a year in excesis of
hL« regular wages.
The other conipany referred to is
It has
road   to  connect    Princeton,   in   the   machinery and a fire pump   and   con- invited   its employes,  including   con-
Similka—teen,   with    Peachland,    on   nt-ctions arrived last week these being duc:ors. engineers and other irainmen.
Okanagan   Lake.   It   is claimed that   additional   plant   and   machinery for to become   stockholders   of the com-
this   would   bring    the    agricultural   Messrs, Lequime  & Powers'   sawmill pany in February   next.   It is under-' BOUNDARY
and mining interests of the districts  and sasb and  door  factory.   As   the stood snd that the management of the.     i>1>THt. T-
concerned into touch, to their mutual  factory requires to be quite independ- i-ailway svstetn hvs decided to re-corn-
benefit. ent of the sa.vmill for its uiotivepower mend to the stockholders a plan fori
Rev.  H.   Irwin    (Father Pat i  held  a   40-horse   power engine    has  heen the distribution of a large blo.k of the!
Church of England service in Midway  ordered for it to be run in conjunction company's shares among the men who i
last night.   There was a gi«id attend-; with ita *U-horse power   boiler already have been in th" service of  the   com*
ance and the rev. gentleman's minis-  in use. pany for a   certain   number of years,
-rations were   much appreciated.    It      Lequime * Powers have had several It is said that the plan will   lie  to   ift*
lugging outfits at work for some time crease the company's capital stock  10
past getting out logs for the coining per cent, and to allow the meD to sub-;
season's lumher trade.   The winter is st rihe for a  round   amount   at par.—
Dot a good one for logging there heing Toronto "World."
Mnils u'ljug west close ahojt 10 a.
m.on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sal-'
todays ; going east    .in   Sundays,
Wednesdavs and Ftidavs at alout
2 p. in.
P. 0 Money Order Office.
Edward A Haiti, Pos'master,
Office  hours  Pam   to  4 p tn :
Saturday:- P a in to 1 p ni.
R. Gard..m. Acting Sub-Collector.
Offiie hours 9 a in  to 12H.I noon,:
and Ui pm to 4p ai; Saturdays
9< in I.. 1 p in.
Wm G McMynn. Recorder for lhe;
Ketlle Ri\"r Minim Division.
i'\ in VVani Spinks (Yrrnu-i) Judge.'
WuiG McMyr.n (Midway) Regis-,
trar ar.d Clerk of th" Peace.
A 0 Peml-erton (Darks) Sheriff.
I. B T*ylor (Ormisrnod) Deputy
Wm G  McMynn, OooMnisrinner
for Inkine nffidaviis witbm
Briiisb ('..iumhia. •
Wni G McMynn  (Midwar)   Chief
Constable for S .u'h^ast Yule with
cnnstsbles .tationed as under
Ph.vnix. D J lUrrjirgh,
Grand Forks, I A Dinsmore,
Midwav, Ge.. Cunninehnni.
Cainp McEioney, Cha* Winte
FaitvipR,   J   R Bmon,
Dr R IV Jates. M D. C M. Coroner
for KetJl" River and litand Forks
Mining Divsiuns.
Wui G McMynn, R^g.strar.
A A M. Pbail. Tea.-her.
Now is the Time to Furnish Your House.
Receiving new Goods Daily.
REFRIGERATORS   etc..  just arrived.
T. SOC. O-txllegr & Co.
Furniture   :   Undertaking  and  Embalming,
The Travellers Insnranee Co...
is understood that he will conduct
aemcea at stated intervals at the
towm and settlements from Princeton
to Midway.
Meaan. J. McSiml. of Uidway. and • loo little snow on tbe ground, eo that
T. W. Coleman, of Trail bave heen the cost of getting lugs to the river for
appointed Licence Commissioners for high-water driving has been greater
tbe Boundary Creek Urence Dislrict   than usual.   Then, Uio,  the linn has
J McNi. nl : Midwayi and T W die-!
man (Train.LicrnceCoinmiNsioners.
D J Darraugh. Chief Licence In-
sperlnr. Ali Provincial Con*tahles
are Licence Insrvitors. Re*E*_ai
■neetingsof Board on June 15 and
I>*r.l5j sp.-ci-il ineeiings uheu ever
called liy Chief Inspector.
Forbes M Kerby, Wm G McMynn.
W H N"rri«, Jas. Sutherland.
R H   Berzinan.   J   S   Ban—oa
I We** Bridsel
forlhe rurrenl year. Messrs, L. W.
Shatford, of Fairvii-w. and Ainsley
Megraw, of Camp Mi Kinney, have
heen i. .Pi"inled lo like offices f.n
S.iuth    j-   Y.ile.
A Greenwood press iaopakch slates
lhat Mayi r Manly has received rfl
»pplicati.>n- fnmi riiii-n« to j'in lbe
B I'i-h Coliiui'iia rnotliurenl   for the
had to put a bridge over the river, the
hanks bring too soft aud the water
not frozen over, to allow of lugs b. ing
hauled t.i advantage for present use
without tbe bridge.
Free Miners' Certificate Feea.
A Half-War s Retrospect. t^v following  scale will show the
fees to he charted for free miners' cer-
The   revenue   return,   hn   the first   tifirJl[„ „,venn!! onlv a p,,ni„n of th(,
half of Can-da's   current   fiscal  year   -^. CwiiBt-t_itawed_*«« Joae
,h.«  .cur   >f.if.CUT*. .- compared   ist „„d 1Sth. *5 :   Mween   June 19th
and Julv tUh. H.V> i letiveen July 7th
tf IIIHm.HpHTVHlllffTlfTH. Wf
.... Of Hartford. Conn. |
rrrrrrm t
' j  Chartered l86_. J
V     stook Life and J
I   Accident Insurance. o
(SSOBS the hest life insurance
l   c-ntrarts in ibe world.   No
di-vippointmeni as to divid-nd*.
Evt-rythi.ig euariint*-ed in ad-
vance. Preinium rat*-s 15 lo 25
p~r cent le.-. lhan those of .Id
line Mutual companies.
itoMt-SA %
LIABILITIES.    .17.920,260.19  *
ASSETS. . . .
January ist, 1*9"
.2,976.424.36 *
The Travellets Combination Accident P..licv guaranlet-s foracctdenla'   *
under ..rdmarv conditions. %
twaih Rcnedt            .     .     .      %tt„,       Um at Bfcfct Hand     .     . UW' •
_fc-* of Si^bJ of EVjijfe K;\^              . 11         :   ..    j" :   .- ,-   .- ,-.--.c K"t-e   .    IZ.x 9
Los* .-if fkijh Keel or Bolh Hand"    i.:'-        '•—  ■'■   I   '.' Hao-t     .    .              t.u J
Los. ol Oae Hand aod One Koot    Aaij        '">.■ ■'. K.   -er Foot                         \.:*tl ^
Perm inent To-al Iiisabii tr          I St       Uaeot right et Dee kite  ■     .     .(Si 4
Lirnits of   Weekly   Incienmity $1,300. 1
AND. If such :njurii*s are sustained whil^ riding as a p_senger in  #
any pjissr-neer conveyance using steam   cable,   or   electricity as a  9
motive piiwer the ■_toonl  tn 'a* paid    sh;ill he DOUBLE   tlie sum  {
spt-citied in the clause under which the claim is *
Cost S52 a year  ro Professional  and   Business %
Men.and Commercial Travelers. J
Other sums at proportionate rates %
"W. _EC. Norris, |
1 iiiittiifli******'*Miaftaj>aa____-_gi-_B_______t *._._^.__.^. _._._.
X   ■ ■   ■    \ ..    I  -
parti .'.i*. 1 - 1 w ' - ■ • I-nc 11-e
fund f .r Ihe henefil nf the widow*, and
orphans of ^.|diers kilbsl in 'he Sm'h
Aftican war. A concert, varielv shuw
and din'-e h*v« Ihh-h arratitf.-d f"t and
lnis uf fun U   pi—tO—ed   lhi-se   w llu   ^t-
U*d, Bv >he 11 iy enqvirim h^ve l-.-n
mid-a- 10 1!,- imoanl i-..!U-t*.f in
Midway fir ii,,. ,*.,.. 1 ,,.;-,, tthom i'
was renii'ie.1 If b-e partk—*n i»
supplied tn Thk AOYAjKatthey will i».
piii.lish->l for the Informal—a  of ail
The Federal Parliament.
An Ottawa press despatch stales:
Pn-|«iaii,his fm tbe op-*iiing of Pir-
, .ri et>: an going rapidly f irw.rd and
nl,.; ib-- gnu hnom on N**i»*Mn  Ptdnt
!•'  '    1   b.-i •. ii, fi -d   , lervnitut   iti
-. - -- ■ I i   Ei g v--s pro-
—- : .,- c 1 .- -t iidU l> in it,ion
1>'V. .** i • .1' 1..-U-*-n a teJii.ul.
,1 1I-.1. li 1" it d-ctiuns a- In lhe
■ ii 11»-ter ..f lie- kgi.-l.tiuii i'i'*- intro*
with the figures for the cotre*(.jnding
half f lb" previi'ii" year. Tbe Customs receipts increased from ?*12.:i57.-
toi tn S11.115,;i3, in the excise from
Sl.iiI0.5<7 to jo.iCi.tCll. and th. revenue
fn-tti pulilic works ti n |railwa*-s from
S_3t**i.HSitotK.t)T."),»?A The only ma-
ti-nal dei tease was in th*. pist office
re,-*ipts, which wete Jl.465,000against
and 24th. *4.50 ; Mween July 'i'.th
ard August llth. $4.25: between August 12th and HOih. ti; bnween August 31st and September lMh. Sit 75 :
lietween Svptetntier li*th and October
Tih, S3—0; hetween Uetoher **th and
2Bth. $< i">: Mween October 27th and
November   14th.  kCxti: Mween   N".
Sl.tB).HS5 for the n-t-i-esi-.-nduig period   remht.r 1Sth ,5d o^,,,^ -..„d. (] -5 .
in 1—Ml li.i- i» 111 i ined by lhe le-
duciiun ,.f lbe teller rate t-i two cenls
fm lhe toluiue uf posiofii.r business
has Increased with ib- gejieral ex*v.ii-
siim of trade and growth of (aipuia-
liun.   Thecnstou s receiptafw Decen.-
I*r last »et>*i<i34H,ti27
ng-iiiist Sl.
du.i-d, but   there can  Ue liiil
Ihatoiieor   ino  iiupurtanl   m.isures  PT2.lljti fur lhe correspondingmonih of
which have alieady lieen   lefore Par-
li.ui*ni will ag.iin coioe   up fur cour
.iteration tu te rveululely   pn-ssed to
an issue.   Prominent among ihese will
ptviliahly lie found a   u.easuir   of Sen-
ale refotin. and fuiih- r amendoteol of   The RhlpmeaU of butter it
the i-lecliun Uii. it'xx ing a  mute equitable distribution of the voting power
ma.* lie lo >ked for.    Th** creali .n of a
hetween Deeeniher 3rd and JXh. (—SO;
between December 21st nnd January
7th. $2-25: etween January Sth ami
S>th. $2 j lietween January Uth and
February 12th. SI 75; Mween February 13th and MJirrh tod, (LSB; M
Iweea Match 3rd and 3''h. tl.'Si: ie-
twoen Man*h 21st and  April 7th. Sl ;
t he previous year. hetween April 8 h and 25th. 75 cents :
In lb- commercial situation nothing   between 28th and  May 13th, SO
has l-een more saii-faciuiy than  the   cenU.; Mween Mj.v 14th and 31st, 25
great piogre.s the hall  year has  seen   cents.
in dealings wi b th*- Mother country. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Tbe   hotel   is   if ntrally   loca.ed and  is  a   stopping  place   for   sug.   lines
(tishI fishing in the vicintiy. stabling.
A Ta'ietv of'.he choice;', of liquors ar.d clears i\ the bar.
■■ be
maikel increrv.   Wr.   Vriiny   T jfn
Im   $1.o70.iiii.   The    other    leading   IU   MjUJ    Lilt,*..
increases weie : sheep. SlrCUf; II'
(Fed-ial Kailway l'uii.mi-*i..b, as di-    SitUUKI: hnins. S:"*ti.tHJ; rhe,*-, J35l>,-
A long and  varied proc-amine for ni-ie-d on the initiative of Dr.  Kuther   BOB;and liwher, tVi.ttU,   Tlieie were
^r„m^nHnA^',t7'^    u'"'.''  ^^"^ if'"'dl-«t session and fan., ably   rottsid    sex eral lines of exports io   Britain in
latntnent in aid uf the  Widows and!       ,    .     ,,     ,. ,   ,. -,,,., , .
Orphans nf Sildiers kill-din the Trans-,'' ' y th- (.iverniiiet.t   then,  will   whn 1. maieiial decrease, were record
vaal.'to I* given al Green wood on W'e.1- '•*'**" nodouhl form a part  nf Ihe |iro- ed,the chief lieing:—corn, 12,130,(100:
nesday 31st in.*t. has  Uen  published.' gmiume.    Th*-te can   lie  BO quest km   lish.  S1.W4.IU0; whral,  S7W.00O; and
ScmtSuS-^toBS-r*'' h** bSthrt,a,!wW**«ii »nd '•■■' ««« P°* ctft_.t8BW_0.lmt nmch of ihis h«» *"*"rttat**~*»«W^>»
he-t enteruiiimen'tTif 'theTbiTever  ''"" ","d r«*sf,"»*i,'il''5" ot the Dnmin Jl»en   due    to    the    impossibility   of Thi Midway Company, Ltd
given in  the Boundary district.   The   'nn Hs ■ portion of the emtiite, will he. securing adequate   shipping facilitiesj
"Sht to Isiues in the Alhsmbra Theatre discussed ai  leng'h.  and lhe -ession ! since the  Imperial Government   took!
th^ittS^^hS*^^.  ■»*«--««-■   Rood   purpoee,  if | many ocean liners for war traosporta
Live in Midway where there
i.lenly nf room for rerieaiion.,
leve: i*n.tnid fur oul door skirls, j
giHni roj.ds for tiding. i!rivin<:;
and cTibiig. and at tbeiiv-r tisb |
hut in season ami skating in!
Hotel    ;^
asaoE cm, b. c.
C. li. Thomas. Prop
Headquarters for mining men
visiiing  the  Christina   Lake
district   Stopping place for
stages on  route from
Marcus to Boundary
Creek   points
other seats will be : Reserved J2; '" c'° nothing more than establish
unreserved SI. A bumper house in beyond further question just where we
aid of so worthy a cause is expected, j are at  iu this matter.
tion purposes. The iinputU from
Givat Britain bave shown a marked
advauce in every important lice.
Commereial Job Printing.
1 11 Co _■ _* _wwm>h ^_rV<-Wfwm«^
Greenwood City  Boundary Creek, B. C
We iwvp just opened the «l»ve hotel at Greetiv,ood t'i.y. ana arc peers -.
to welcome guests and provide good accommodaiion. Goud Catering, i j,
class Livery Stable.
Tbe "Imperial Limited"
the fastest, train between the
Leave* Sicnmous ... tit ...2:35,
Leaves Sicnmous     at ..23:26.
Leuves Pentlbton Tuesdays, 'riiursdiiys
and Saturdays at 7 u. in.
Arrives nl Penticton Mondays, Wednesdays mul Kntlnys ia 17:S).
Accelerated service into the
Kootenay Mining District.
Through tickets to all Easten
points at lowest rates.
For full inforinatioii as to time, rates
etc., also for copies of Canadian
Pacific Ry,, pit     ations apply to
Agent, Penticton,
or to     E. J. COYLE,
A. G. P. Agent,
"eby iri veil
after iliilu I Intend 1.1 iipnly In tho Chief
NOTICK is herein- givon tliul thirty ilay
after ditto I Intond to upply lo tho Chic
Ciiiiiniissintn>r of bandit nnd Work«. fm  por
fl I DWAY, B. C.
Beautifully situated at tlie confluence of Bouudary Creek and Kettle River.
ILL BE The most important railway tovvn in the Kettle River Mining Division.
The Wes ern Terminal and Divisional point of the Columbia & Western Railway.
The Wholesale  Supply and  Manufacturing centre of the  Kettle Rivcr and Boundary
Creek  Districts.
The distributing   point for   Upper   Kettle  River,  West   Fork  and Camp  McKinney
mining camps.
The nearest Railway town to  Republic,  Meyers   Creek,   Palmer Mountain  and   other
Northern   Washington mining camps.
The   leading residence town   in   the  country,  with an  excellent   climate,  pure  water
supply  and  favorable sanitary conditions.
Business, residence and garden lots at low prices and on easy terms...
fo fo fo
fo fo fo
fo fo fo
fo fo fo
I fo t
I fo 'I
J. F. PIGGOTT, Manager,
London __,r«,ildipg,   TH£   MIDWAY CO, Ltd.
Mineral Act 1896.
Certificate of Improvements.
Dominion. Fairview, a. D. A. and Black
Hawk Mineral Claims.
Situate   in the Osoyoos Mining Division of
Yale District    Where located : in Camp
TAKK NOTIOK that I, Chaa. doll, Green,
as i»t
mission lo pinvlmse 'A ll mires uf land us follows—commoiiotiiE *it n post planted on ilie
left, bank of tho SFinilkanioon Kiver at tho S.
W. Corner of Indian Ito^orve Vo. 2 a (Chuohu-
wvyha).  thenco North  40 chains, thence SO
chains West more or loss to the Similkameen     ,   , , ,.
Uivor thence down the Simtlkamoen Kiver to I   And further take notice Ihal aotion under I
ittfcnl for tlie Dominion Consolidated I
Mines. I.irniled.frei; miner scnrtlficato Na B5622
Intond, sixly days from lhe date hereof, to j
apply lo the Mining Recorder for a Certlflcate j
of improvements, for the purpose of obtaining [
u frown Qranl of ihe ahove claims
tho point of com in once men l and containing u_o
arres m ire or Iohh.
The said land boln, required fora range and
agricultural purposes.
Dated Ihis nimli dny or N'ovem ur, 1893.
Certificate  of   Improvomonts.
iconpie *
cuiiiiii Jl'iniisi lie I'liniiiiriii-uil before Uie Issu*
IlllOUOf Slll-ll t-l'I-lill.-lltUlif Illipi'UltilllClll.S.
Datod iliis 20th day nf Octobor, 18KI,
Real Estate and Mining Brokers.
fire Insurance a Specialty.   aB%rLw*KuyTc*°BR
$ffl of any kind.
ll «**
$X» forms for Mineral Claims
mm •••
'WW Affidavit forms for Field
W$ Notes, etc., etc.
H& A Trial Order Solicited.
$£•#} Address ;—
iltttr Iiit. nf". lo apply in till. Miiiini! Rooordor I ,W. M I l\C    pQvd.TxCZ,
fnr jiii.itillr.ili.iif Imprint'lni'iil*. fur llm pur-   S;,-*i
pose of obtAlulnK a Orown Umnl uf tlm iibuvo  ftx-.n-
i-liiiin*.                                                          "f; •■>
Agent (or British Columbia,
Mithvay, B. 0
Certlflcate   of  Improvementa.
Situate In the Omviio*. Mining Division of
Yale District. Where locaied ; On Kruger Mounlain.
TAKK NO'IICK Ilml l.('liii».ili.HliilHllm;ii,
w'tliiK iw asetit fur II. A. Boworman,
free miliars ctrliflsaUi No. B97U, B. A. Auiler-
mm free iuIihth oortlAcate Nu. lxti'l'l. hih!
.lolm ('. Kinhcr, freo miner*! oortlfloate
No.   ISTS&A,   inti'inl.   sixty   d-urs   from    tlie
On good paper, )__
,nd in the most $
S approved style §
Mineral Act, 1896.
Certificate   of  Improvements.
nn.i.iijvi; Kn.,i-niix Minkkai, Claim.
Bob HalFs Stage Line
iiKuui for   liip  Camp MeKimiey -Mini's
i Filial I. li. II. Parkinson jis
Situate In the Osovjios Minim; Division ot
YAto District,   Where looaiodi   In Camp j situate In Osoyoos Mining Division of Yale
Dlstriot.    Whore Loomed: -On  Kruger
Liniitoil, uf Cump McKliinoy.   froo " minor's I *T"AKE NOTICE thai I.rlins. ilu Illois rirccn.
certlUoato No. M776A.I nn, sixty daya from    I    osagom for John C. Fisher, freo minor's
the ditto horoof, toappl) w Iho Mining ilecor- certlflcate No. IS7j3a, Deorgo A. Engel, froo
dor for a oortlfloato of iinprnvomonts, for tho minor's ccrltflcatii No. 18727A, and (nrwm, V.
purpisi. of obtaining a Urown grant ol tho Kollor, froo minors cortllteato No.BS7i8,inlend
ahovonlaims, j sixty days from tlm  dato   horoof, toapply
And further tako notloo tlmt action, uniler'.1" 'he Mining Recorder fur n corllflcufo of 11 • _ _u. r„„,i ,„
miction :I7. musl bo mmmcneod beforo the Improvomoots, for tho purposo ofoblaiiiing Livery, l_eH till
Issuance of sin li certlfli ate of Itnpiovemeuts      " Crown grant of tin- abovoeialm.
»— «•<»'» t oi A,, -us, m       : .^lt'I;;;i;;t;!!;;::;;:;11,,!!ii„![:,!™:^™l!:r '
R. II. PARKINSON,     onooof simhodrtlfloaloof improvomonts,
wammmmmmwm^mm mmmmmm I Dated lllis 20th day i f Octobor, Id!1.
 'HAS   mil. ORKKN,
(Carrying Her Majesty's Mails )
Meets the steadier Aberdeen iit Pent ton on Mo
days, Wednesdays and Saturdays. I'assen e - t
and from Fairview, Gsoyoos and . Inn ilie, VV h
delivered in quick time, and by comfortabl
zz;;: ^£fe'& tttt$%ttj iz/tt
Certificate  of  Improvements.
Sale Stables
A( Penticton, B. C.
R. S. HALL. P   i
TIIK Hritish Columbia Son thorn Knilway
Oompany will upply Lu ihe Parlfaiuont uV
Cftiinda at its next Sowion fur nn Act author*
izintf the Compuny to comploie at nny Umo i)u-
foro tbe end ut tlio j* »r litni. it* wo**uim section
asdoporibofl In tho Actof thosaH Parliameni
lCO-01 Vtctorin, Chapter 30) and a branrh lino
from a point on it->main Hne at nr noar lho
forks of Michel ijrcok Lhenco by way of Michel
Creek lo Miiriuu .'ivek. and for ntht-r purposes,
By order of ihe Board,
Montreal, 17th November, I&)0,
An Ideal Residence Town.
Buy a residence site whilst
there is plenty of choice. Pure
air and watnr, beautiful scenic
surrounding's, skilled resident
physician, excellent school-- I
the place for families.   Try it.
For Prices anu Terms
Apply to
Certificate   of   Improvements
Balmoral Minkkai.Claim.
Situate In the Osoyoos Mining Division of
Vale Districl.   Where located:  Camp
TAKK N'OTICK that I. It. II. Parkinson I
ns nuriit for William Small, freo
miner'., cortiflcato Nn. it USD, Intond, Bixly
nays fnun tho dato horoof, to apply lo Uie
Mining Rooordor for a certificate n( Improv
Subscribe for
And filrtlirr liikr tintli-u Unit action, iiinlrr
I seotlon ->7. must  in. ootnmonood lief.iri* iho
i--ii.nn o |.f »uoh i vr!itl..iiii. nl liimiiiionisnta
Dated this SOlh day jfOoWhcr, l.*„.
Certlfioate   of  Improvement**..
Tin: Mkm.hw I—rk Miniiiai. Claim.
Sltuato In the Keiile Rivor Mining Division of
Ynlo   District.   Where located:    In Sky-   -r,,r 11,, ,T„, ,,.,        ,   ,,   .
lurk Camp, lying southerly of ond ad- j ",K ""<"'"""■ ««■ Maikuiwkk   Mi.idui
Jolnlt.g tho Skylnrk mineral claim. I _.,. ,     .CUIJIS,
TKKX NOTICK ilml I.  NVNim .l.wpli l«,S««<l«  m   iho Osoyooi Mining Dlvlil.n *"
I'liuii. froo minercortiioato Nn. lUIIIH, fur '■      Yale  dlstriet.
BiMolfamlM ageul  for it. I,   l.iiii.r   fr.,;      cump Kiurnew.
IIIIIHT   r.'t'lilli-Hl.'   N'l    IX.IlA. .IllJllr*   MrSl.-lll. .
froo miner eertlfleato No, ISMSa, aod William *T*AKK NOTIOB. U»l I, John A M
Graham UoMyna, fn't* minor cortii—aia No.    I    m aicenl  fur il. T  Shellon  of
iittiiil, inl. ml,-ivtv iliti* frnm ilu- il.iti- li.-n-n f, j .nuvi-r froe niim-rs n'rilr-tiitc No i.
toapply i.. the .Mining Itooordor fnr a ivmii j land, *i\iy il.iv. fr.n.i Um il,Un i,-r ■
auo ol Improvi mi ni*. tor IHo porpoeo nf ob- apply totno —folng Itooordor for t Ca
i.iiniiiu -I i 'in"ii Qranl nf iho above i-liiim. nf Improrou—m-, tor Uu. inirpn-r of ob
Ami furl her l.ikf nulirr  Uml  aotion, innli-i , ii CruiMilirjiiil ot iiii- ulw,v. • clitiiii -
seotlon 'a'. 11111*1 i iiiniiii'ii'-i'ii before thi ;  And farther like aotlee tlmt ,,
Istmanee ofiniQh CorUfleaUof boprovom n     sootlim it:, tnu: be oommcneni     :
llillnl llli. Vlli iiii) nf \ni .iiil., r. lim. uHUHiii f-ii. h I i Hin,-:,i,   ,| Imp
S'KUWN JOSETlHiA PLANT   baud tin- Uth day of Noveti «
Where   located
iCerllfl<;ate   of   Improvements.  CertiHcitte    nt   Ci
Gold Dwi and Lmxit GoiB Dual Minkkai. I
Situate In tha Osoyoos Mining Dlylilon of I
Yale  lilslrlct.   Where locaied :  Kruger
NO'U   *'<:
i,.iin Hi -
Sltujite   in the   Osnjoos Binltif   Division
of Yale    District.    Where  Located: Camp
TAKK nutick ilmi l, Cha*. dnBlolii Oreen, Falrvlow.
imiigi'iii (orQoorgo A.Bngol, friw minor's I TAKK N'OTICBthal I. 'in*. DoBlolsOrcen
cortiflcato No. IUKTA, ami fnr Win. KHlor. (roo | _ unl (nr Oooivi. shcelian, (roo miners
miners eertlfleato Np, xiAZnx. Intend ilitydaytl oortifleaS Nn. aim intend, sixty d«r»
from tho date hereof, to apply ta the MlnlnK tto* from the date heroof, m appl) I" ihe Mlnlni
rderlor a oerllflontc o( Improromeats, tor the! ■taonrder (nr a i torUfleMe of Imptovomenu lor
meats forthe purpose of obtaining a Crown   ITL        ' •      /i       t» i >■   ,   •   ,  ! •"fawioraoeriiiioati o( Improromeats, (nr tho  tooorder total .-riiilra f lmprovomonu■ ior
Qrantof tlio.above cleim, I l]Q  niflnOPP nOWOnQHOP   III   IllQ    HnHllilnnif   HlCl.flini    l1.",'i»""!, "' oblaining a crown  lirnm „f n„,j ,|„. ,,„r,.,-,-ni obtaining a Crown Oram ufilic
^■^f«am.-t ^ P10'eer D8Wi>papef " [M Mm1 Mmi :A_~t:^z_yriG
BrnjaftM-aBsB"™ oniv_oo» v™, S_L_8MfcS?_ME_"&»<_»• "—■•-■'•
ombor, 1800.
Itli'llAltllli. PARKINSON P.I* 8.
liaiuii ihi- -.iiiii ilny 61 Ootobor, IML       j   Dated ihis ith iay ol January4A. "• iwi-
Spokane Falls
..& Northern,
Nelson & Fort Sheppard,
-- AND - -
Red Mountain Railways.
The   only all-rail mure, with
out change of cars, between
Spokane,   Rossland     //A*
and Nelson. :_1_   _g^^^
•SOINO NiiItTH,                   GOING BOOTH
19)41 a. m„ ..   MARCIS
Tmin Imiviiiif Marcus m 12:11 n. in,
ttiKltes ihi.ih crmnpoMons itl Spukiun.
wiih liniiis fur all
Paciflc Roast Points.
Olnw (•(iiiii.'i'liniis nl Nelaon «Mll>.
»te,iiiiiiiiais for Kaslo nml all Kootenay
I,nk>. points,
|-ms«i'infers fill' Kel I It- Hiver nnrl
Dotii.flary Creek ciinneri  nt Mttrous
•villi since riiiily.
C. P. OT. A
Riverside Add ition.
Just a Word'l:     :;;.,.,,,,j
To those contemplating an investment in Midway real estate, the information is
offered that on the Riverside Addition may be
found 300 very choice residence sites.
LOTS 50x125 FEET.
For terms and all other inform ation apply to
Midway, B. C. Cajnp McKinney, B.C.
W. H. WEBB,  1
--•___ Practical ___»
Midway, B. C
m Q i
Promptly   and   Neatly
XXmslxnexm WXtx**m*ss*Om


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