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Vol. XV. No. IS.
$2.00 per Year.
Bakribtbh, Solicitor, Etc.
Ohkknwihiii, II. C.
—t Notary Public,
Camp MoKinncy, B.C.
Hallett & Shaw
NoUrlM Public.
| Cable Aditreaa: "Hallbtt."
Couks: Hmlfnnl McNeills, Mori'iiiK A
Seal's, Leilier'a.
■V ....  MIDWAY, ac.
Customs antrlSI pantd. Mineral AM
ant Und Aot papers dnwn up. Affidavits Ukon. Abstracts made.
Conmunloatlons by null or telephone
promptly attended to.
Rendell Block, Greenwood.
Phone OS. V. * N.
p  M. KERBY,
A. H. Cm. Soo. C. B.
Provincial Land   Surveyor
yy   B. RICKARDS & CO.,
_»eitl Estate
tONgOmnt, ABTI6T.
Kor a HwUjUw Shave. Hair Cut, Hoa Kiwi"
or Stiiiiiuwn, oall at the aliovo parlur.
Knur* honwl and umiind.
•1    MXm
All Kinds of KotMlrlni.   Horseshoeing
A «peclall)'.
XX.   __PAA*maa.AarAmXa.   »■*■*•
tr   Excetlert fishing on Kottlo Rlvor.Jf
All kinds of work weouted to
th« MtltflOtlOn Of OMStOHlOPS.
We have just received a fine line of
Our aim is to carry the very best the
market can supply, at the
lowest prices.
| Hotel Spokane,
ECCX*"""' St. ■ railway. XXOCCX
«b    -********-
A new building,  well furnished.    Everything new
and first-class.    Only the choicest  Wines,   Liquors
and Cigars kept in stock.    Headquarters for Mining
and Commercial Men.
Midway Meat Market
K. tt. MATTHES, Proprietor.
At thia establishment customers cin get choicest cuts of
.  . Hatrl-reratov on tha jtremiaea -  - J
Therefore Meats are always fresh mid sweet   Call unci get a good joint
fur dinner to-day.
TELEPHONE 311- P. 0-BOX 25.
Pioneer hotel
(g;       Oreenwood, Boundary Creek, B. C
We have opened thc above hotel at Greenwood and
are prepared to welcome guests ;tnd provide go-id accommodation.   Good catering.    First-class Livery Stable.
Wm. St. Quintin, Prop.
Kvt-rythli-K   B'lr-rt-otaws.
-•-_%_-.■»»-••«. ___€lw_,jr.
H. KEYES, Prop.
Oood Accommodation.
Best Liquors and Cigars,
First-Class Stabling.
Ut   ™_^B_^_B_»_B
Praotiojl Watch Maker,
Hood Tool., Pltnty Material,
aad my ten <>ptrl«nc< to do
week nrrtctly.  . . .
ummmmtz-trc-r-ra.^-. a*r'- _iXTxl___-
Seasonable Goods
Down to actual eost. 20percentless than formerly
Having a large stock of Summer Goods on
hand, and wishing to dispose of the same, we have
made the above 'reduction, bringing Jiese goods
down to actual cost.
Fancy Ginghams, for Shirt Waists; Fancy
Zephyrs and Chambrays, striped and checkered ;
White Muslins, Fancy and Plain Outing Flannels,
Organdies, and numerous other seasonable go:ds for
Ladies' and Children's wear.
Ladies' and Children's Straw Hats at greatly reduced prices. Only a few left, as they sell last at
our prices.
Clothing for Men and Boys to be sold at a sacrifice, so don't miss the opportunity. Bicycle Hose
and Sweaters.
Shoes in Tan and Black, to suit nil tastes.
The Grocery Department is stocked with a full
lit-e.-fiioodssoldat small margin for cash. Prospectors Hardware and Shelf Ware for Builders.
HAIN & CO., General Merchants
On  the  Reservation  (lining Company's Properties.
The big ledge on I lie Reservation
property, whirh includes the Lone
Star snd Washington, nml situate
across tlie international boundary line
from Central cump, has heen encountered in Ihe main tunnel. The company hus la-en driving their tunnel for
the main vtiu, and are now in over
400 feel. The footwall has been encountered and the lunging wall is still
Several days ngn R. B. Thomas, the
engineer of the mini', stated lhat he
had hi en examining Ihe Lone Star and
Washington and lhat 400 feet in the
tunnel cut into ledge matter curies
ponding to the fnotwall side nf ihe formation which had been gone thiough
in sinking the winze.
The nre comes in hunches and is not
yet developed enough In be in a body.
The dip correspond* with the sanie as
In Ihe workings in No. 2 tunnel. The
ernsscut will lie driven straight ihnuigh
the ledge to the hanging nail. The
composition of Ihe fnotwall and the
formal inn con esponds with that of
N". 2 iiiiiuel. The ore is jdenlinil ns
that in the other tunnel and the men
are now 25 feet in ledge matter which
is well mineralised.
A later report from the superintendent nf the mine states that the men
have drifted 10 feet, further in the
ledge and that lhe ore is improving
rapidly. There is more mineral found
anil ihe big ledge is at hand,
Tlie Reservation Mining & Smell ing
compuny has soent a gieat deal uf
money in developing their property,
and now, that the big ledge has been
reached iu the lower workings, Ihey
(iml ihey have a mine. Willi good ore
values al that depth the Reservation is
a l>ig proposition.
Assay Office to Purchase Oold.
Ottawa, Aug. 6.--Acting on nig-
ge*tinti.s received from Vancouver and
the west, the government has derided
to esiahlish the assay nflloo recently
opened in Vancouver as a purchasing
agency also. Details have now leen
excluded, and tht. system is mud"as
perfect as possible.
It is to he arranged immediately lhat
gold will be paid for by lhe assay office itself, either in ordinary currency,
or else by issuing cheques nu a local
bank for ih- full value of the gold
with one per cent uddid as the ieb:tte
allowed on nil gold upon which Ihe
royally has been paid in the imnh.
Regntding this matter the Vancouver Province of n rereul date says :
Mr. McCalfry, manager of lhe assay
office, was tills aft el-noon asked regarding the instructions said lo have been
issued in the despatch frnm the Ottawa correspondent of the Province.
He said that the news was correct, that
he had received a wire from Hon. Mr.
Sifton, minister of the interior, stating
that complete instructions would be
issued at once.
Mr. James A. Smiut. the deputy
minister of Ihe interior, who was here
lasl week, was distinctly in favor of
sueh an al'iangemvut to buy I lie gold
out and out from the miners, ami he
pinhalily made representations to that
elfeci at Ottawa.
Business men who were shown the
announcement to-day expressed them
selves as eminently satisfied wilh the
action of the government.
The establishment of a purchasing
agency heie will give Vancouver an
addilinnal advantage over Seattle, lt
will do away wiih a bank charge of
three quarters nf one per cent, whirh
lias been charged liy the banks for
handling lhe business of cashing what
arc known as us-ay office certificates.
In Vancouver, men In illging gold into
the olllce will Is- paid in cash or Ms direct equivalent. Vnucouv** will have
the advantage of allowing the miner
io retain this amount uf dhu mint, and
also ihe one percent rebate, making a
tolal sal ing to the miner of nearly two
per cent ol his money.
Arrangements have been made wiih
ihe Canadian Batik nf Commerce to
cash checks issiu d I y Manager McCaf-
fry of tlie Dominion assay olllce* at
Under ihis arrangement, a niinci
will take hi., gold lo Ihe Dominion
B8«ay ofHreut Vancouver, accompanied
hy aceitillcale from the gold cniuuiis-
sinner lha! the royalty thereon has
heen paid. While tlie gold is being
assayed he will Ih- given a receipt.
Alter it has heen assayed lit) lumens
the receipt and will receive therefor a
check which will give the net cash
amount to which he iseniilled. This
will he cashed in preseirailon lo the
Canadian Bank of Commerce.
Nn deduction will be nuule from this
cheek by the hank as all chaises from
the ginss value of the hacwfll he do
dueled hy the assay office hef. re issuing. In addition to the miner receiving Ihe face value of the cheek given
hy the Dominion goveiiimcni assay
and purchasing office he will also receive a refund of one p. r rent of the
toyalty paid on the -fold.
Between Cascade and Nelson.Wash,,
Old Line is aoo feet too far North.
Government surveyors at work hetween Nelson, Wash,, and Cascade,
B C.huve discovered the International
hoiindary line lies 200 feet north of
the location which the general public
has accepted as true, ln order to
make the boundary line clear the surveyors will remain In the Held at that
point fnr some time, and will continue
on th. entire work until the middle of
A peculiar situation has heen presented hetween the two lowns. It.
appears «hen the original boundary
was marked the government surveyors
cleared the trail and set their monument". A zigzag line was Ihe result.
After a little investigation it was disco veied ihe boundary line had heen
located 200 feet south of the real line.
Instead nf going back over the line
and clearing a new trail the original
locators measured ihe distance from
the firs; trail and set up new monuments 200 feet north of the trail.
These monuments were hidden among
the underbrush and timber so that Uie
traveller would not noi ice them. The
surveyors did not believe it necessary
to clear a new trail along the real
boundary and left their woik.
People going into the country near
the loiindary in eastern Washington
found ihe (rail and a numher of monuments set at proper distances. They
decided thut the stakes along Ihe trail
marked the real line, and have ever
since regarded it as the boundary.
The present surveying party found
the mistake had heen made, ahd upon
investigation teamed Ihe history.
A numher of complications have
arisen us a result of lhe hidden boundary Hue, Raihoad surveyors have endeavored to locate the boundary in
their own work, and have been confused hy the trail. It wus their request for a closer investigation lhat
wus responsible for the discovery of
Ihe mistake
It is staled that a number of important mines are located in the neighborhood of the line, though none of the
lergei* companies which are working
their properties are in the territory
lietween the lines. Some undeveloped
propi-rity is inside the United Slates,
whereas the owners believed it to lie
in Canada.
The boundary party is now working
near While's camp, not far from Nel-
The Stemwinder.
James Russell, president and managing director of the Fairview corporal ion, limited, has been successful In
the reorganization of Ihe concern hereafter to he known as the New Fairview
Corporation, limited. Speaking of the
progress being made in the reorganization of the concern, Mr. Russel says:
"We propose as rapidly as possihle
to dismantle the Tin Horn mill and
remove the same io the site now being
excavated near Ihe hcudworktugs of
lhe Stemwinder mine, This mill is of
16 stamp capacity, having eight batteries of Iwo stamps. The company
has ulso purchased Ihe Joe Dandy mill
of 10 stamps, which wiil also he taken
down and removed to the new site.
The work will take three months.
During lhe erection of lhe mill, work
at the Sl eiuwindei will he prosecuted
vigonaisly. The wesl di ift on the 300-
foot level is now in 101 feet, with a full
face of quart/., neither walls heing in
sight. The ore is avei aging consid-r-
ahly higher lhan on the second level.
Of 77 samples taken from the third
level the average gives $0.12, while the
ore on the second level only averaged
#1.11. We expect lo treat $4 rock and
make it pay, and with this end in view
we are practicing, and will continue lo
practice, the strictest economy in the
operation of hoth mine and mill. With
the showing we have iu Ihe mine the
direct ors believe that a large daily output, with a small margin of profit per
ton, should place the company on a
sound basis. If we find that with the
26 stamps now being set up we can
make a success, the capacity will he
The Golden Crown.
A circular hus heen forwarded to all
stockholder of the Brandon and Gulden Crown Company announcing the
reorganization of the company and Ihe
tact that stock may now he exchanged
for cert ideates in Ihe new corporation,
which will be known as the Oolden
Crown Mines, Limited. The statement details the development at the
mine, which is claimed to have co-t
about $00,(HI0, and predicts lhat when
the debts of the company ate settled
nnd arrangements made for cnnlimi
oils shipments the pvnp'rty wUI pay
Its own way. The increasing smelter
facilities with the consequent reduced
rate for freight and treatment are refer! ed to its features that will materially enhance lbe value of the company's
Some Interesting Information About
thc Use of the Bicycle-
Points to Riders.
This wrrld we live in has been materially changed since the advent of
the bicycle. Things are no', what they
were hefore it came along, glorious iti
its nickel plate brilliancy, its I ires filled
with air and its passage swift uml almost silent along nur streets?
What good has Ihe wheel wrought
anyway ? Homebody asks.
Well, in the Hist place, it is everywhere the disciple of good roads. It
is the voiceless but powerful advocate
which Incites people to the mending of
their ways. No lown likes to he left
out in the cold by the army of bicyclists. It is * sort of a boycott, on that
town's self-respect and importance.
And the authorities improve the
roads, and free them from ruts and
stones, and the old truck hoises, and
the humble pedestrians, as well as the
bicyclists, thank their stars for the
The wheel has, to a great extent,
done away with the cruelly lo animals
institution known as the livery stable,
from whicli every Sunday the reckless
young blood hired some wretched old
beast, and lashed him through a day
of misery and pain. Now, that man
straddles his wheel, doubles himself up
like a hoop snake, drops his under jaw,
and "scorches" for all he is worth, und
il doesn't hurl anyone hut himself.
The wheel hus induced women to go
out of doors. It bus taught them that
fresh air and sunshine are not by any
means fatal to beauty and refinement.
It has freckled their fines, maybe, and
browned the whiteness of their swan-
like necks, bin it haa given ihem lungs,
and loosened their corsets strings so
lhat these lungs may have a chance to
Il has made them independent, and
taught them I hat a woman may depend on herself and still he womanly
and swcel. It has filled the life of
many a lined, dispirited housewife
with blue sky and sunshine and the
fragrant breath of summer winds.
Peopla who have never known lhe
country have seen it. in the grand glory
of its freshness and bloom—in the majesty of its autumnal tempests. They
have felt the inspiration of the forests,
and the uplifting nf its mountains.
They have watched the shadows of ti.e
white clouds in the clear waters of its
lakes, and listened to the music uf the
brooks singing ever nn their wny to
the s»a. They have got near to i he
heart of nature, which is ever kind und
loving lo those who come close enough
to feci ils warmth.
Then, the wheel has fostered habits
of economy. Men and women who
used tn spend their money on confer*
tionery and fancy clothing, save it up
lo huy wheels. Il may require considerable self-sacrifice, hut self-sacrifice is
good for everybody. No one thoroughly enjoys it, but lhe medicines which
benefit us are u ostly u litlle hitter.
Then, only think whal a wonderfully
prolific subject of conversation tin"
bicycle is. Why, the old hackney, xl
theme of the weather is nowhere beside it. The most bashful young man
in Ihe world can "make talk"about
the bicycle. There are, whole volumes
to be said almut it, and the half has
never yel been told.
We no longer hear the young girls,
when they get together, discussing
beans and new bonnets. The general
topic is "my wheel." The varied and
numberless advent ures and misadventures connected therewith, and the account of the hairbreadth escapes.while
on some momentous trip, are t ui.l with
interesl and listened to with pleasure.
The learner is f mil of recounting the
falls and bruises sustained, and there
seems lo be a sort of honoi iu haying
had a greal many of these casualties.
The pinfcssionnl listens, mildly sympathetic, nnd is lull of suggestions as
to how all these accidents might have
heen easily averted.
The women of maturer years meet
ut snnie sewing society, or club, and
they don't talk any more shout how
Mrs Sound Sn makes her pudding
sauce, or how Mrs. This and That fliits
wilh the grocer—their theme is "my
wheel," and perhaps the relative merils
nf divided skirts, knickerbockers, und,
whisper it low, bloomers.
Just so with the other sex. They
talk wheel everywhere and everlastingly.
The young man takes his "liest girl"
out to ride, and they go on their
wheels, The steady going old horse,
that could he safely driven with one
hand, is at a discount in these days of
progress. The wheel requires no hitch
rein, and it Is not liable to go lame or
develop a ting hone, or have the colic,
or the blind staggers, and it doesn't
have to he watered, and it dnein't eat
oats, nur wear blankets, and ynu don't
■ ;
(Continued <m page 4.1 THE ADVANCE.
C. ItiCROUSE Man'aokIi
Published   weekly   at Midway,  B. C.
Subscription Price. *2.(Xi per annum, imyable
hi ndvanoe, oltlior yearly or half-yearly at tbe
option of the subscriber.
AAvcrttainK Hates sent on nppllcutlon,
AY. AUGUST 12. 1001.
The following taken from tbe B. C.
Mining Redord offers some good sug-
gestions which if acted upon would
prove tif gieui vaiue to this province j
It, is with much satisfaction that we
learn that tne Dominion government
hits decided lo exhihit the admirable
collection of Canadian minerals which
leeched so much favorable continent
ut the Paris Exposition, and is now
hi trading equal attention ul. Glasgow,
In London next year. The exhibit,
which will remain in Mr. A. K. Smart's
capable charge; is Hrsl to be placed on
vie v in the city or husiness centres of
Ihe nii-trop'ilis, a suit utile site having
he.-n selected, mid afterwards permanently transferred tu the Imperial In-
slltule, Tho exhibition in the city,
forthe two iiiuiillis proposed, dating
from January, 10(>2, will unquestionably prove un excellent advertisement
of nur mineral resources, und advantage might well be taken of Ihis occasion by ihe provincial government to
making n special effort in the direction
of cjil'ing at'ciition, hy the distribution
of literature nnd through the financial
piess, to lhe opportunities British Columbia affords lor lln* investment of
capital. We wonid furlher suggest
that overtures lie made to tbe Federal
authorities fur the retention of at least
the Hritish Columbia portion of the
■exhibit in the city liy allowing it to remain in the keeping of Ihe province's
Agent General.
met i   1
K r   ilv.
Tin- Outlook in speaking nf white
labor lieing supplanted by Chinamen
nnd Japanese in this province says lint
thelalioriiigclassi'sof this province need
nntl'xpectto make a living in this conn
try and ptei.nl tin uim-Ivis and their
children fiom being ousted hy an
Asimic horde until they have first
converted the administration at Ottawa and suggests the following method
nl bringing about such conversion ; If
the provincial 'government would tie
voie i.n .inmini gi'jint to th" paying of
■their fares o ist, ami snip every China-
limn and Japanese in the province
luw*k In OUiiW .. it would earn, and re*
c ive the appl 'use no1 only of ihis
■■ ■,- ation, hut of its remotest pos-
i iy j ind the arrival, in iheir midst,
i ihi " ntfolians would do more to
ill i cl ange in eastern senti-
ui  nil   the legislative enact?
|!"tiiiois   mid delegations of.
"iis.    Could   we  afford  it?
F"t- a large wholesale order of
I wen' y-tive tlioii-.tiiil lickelsft-om here
to 0't.awa the t'. P. R. would no doubt
quote a rate of twenly-llve dollars
i sell, To he safe, let us say forty
dollars per head the cost of clearing
British Ooiumbia of Mongolians would
lie one million dollars, or one sixth of
tlie sum they ar-- now sending to China
snd Japan every year. Is it a praci ical
business proposition? Could it he
more so. It if likely lhat if the people of this province could see the
China men and Japanese actually carrying six millions of dollars, in sacks,
down on hnard ofa steamer hound for
Hung Kong or Yokohama, they would,
nt least, raise a woful howl, thu newspapers would raise a howl and the
provincial government, wilh or with
nut federal sanction, would be compelled in put nu immediate »top to
ihis exodus of the people's money.
But because the process goes on day
by day. with slips of paper called hills
of exchange and money orders, business men, professional men, newspaper
men and working men do not seem to
re-i ize that it is a rnld fad. Yet the
this province is being drained as
surely us if I >ie cash were being taken
nut of ihe shops and houses of tbe
inli'iliitunts and cariied off by marauders, It is very simple. Twenty-
five ,hon- nnd men come In and get the
wmk of a like number of our own
people'; 'I'1")' receive tash for their
wages aid send it oul uf the country.
U there my difficulty in understand-
ing this? But we receive value for
their woi k-they don't get the money
for nothing! My deir friend, that is
another pli ise of lhe question altogether nml his noiliing to do with
whitwe.'irc talking about, Twenty
jive th.ins'itid men come in and (lis-
phiiie a like 'number of nm-own people?
they send six millions of cash out of
the province wliieh Is a dead loss; If
onr own people were here in p'ncu of
these Mongolians, tlie cash wonld he
circulated among all classes and the
community at large would he hem-
flied one hundred cents for every do!
lar saved.
A Large tioiu Bncit.
A large gold brick, represent Ing a
poil ion of the year's cleanup on the
Cariboo Hydra .die wus shipped to New-
York u few days ago.
It Is reported that the value of the
brick is in the neighborhood of $115,-
000. It will be sent through lo Glasgow to be exhibited at the exposition.
Last year's cleanup amounted to
8135,000 for a lunger period. There
will he a supplementary cleanup In
South American (lroup.
Messrs. Ji W. Austin, A. L. Marsh.
and G. H. Keefer, arrived from the
Boundary count ty Thursday, and are
stopping at Ihe Grand Central, suys
the Nelson Miner, They have been
developing Ihe South American group,
on the head waters of Kettle river,
comprising eight claims. Tliere are
two ledges on the property, one a five
foot ledge of free milling gold quartz,
ii.isaying $45, and the other one font
wide of solid arsenical iron ore, carrying good values in gold. The first
vein runs with the formation, which is
a slate and diorite. The ledge dips at
an angle of ahout .15 degrees and has
been traced through three claims.
They ground sluiced the lead and made
an open cut eight feet deep, Thenther
ledge is a fissitie, erossciitting the
slate formation, On it they have
sucked some ore from the suifnce
which has given gond returns. They
came ovei lo Nelson wiih it-large nunilier of samples to hnve further assays
made, and if lhe results are us salis-
lactory us anticipated will probably
return to work the second vein during
the winter. The property is situated
within three miles of nn excellent
wagon road hnik from Vernon to the
Monashee mine. On n claim adjoining
the Smith American, Messrs. Williams and Cosily have uncovered a
live foot ledge of arsenical iron, whicli
assays $55 per ton, anil on which
they are prosecuting active aud extensive develupiueiil.
m m x. ix ix x, nxi i  i «jw«
Oertiflcnte   of  Improvements.
Hlack Pink, Bush Hat. Bu-k Bern., Black
Jaok, Hub, Faii Wimt, and Imxt Bessih
Situate In'Yuneman group of Summit camp,
Similkameen river Osoyoos Mining Division of Yale Oistrlot.
TAK E NOTICK Ilml I. Ohssi Dclllols anion,
ns ngont for IMwuril Uullook-tt cbsicr,
free   nilnePs    certltlente    mitnlior     i«KM7,
intend, sixly ilaj's fnun tlio dale liorouf. to
apply to tlie Mining Itecordor for u Oortiflcate
nf Improvements, tor tlio purposo of obtaining
a Crown Qrant of ilm nbove claims.
'ml fnrllier tnke notice that action under
swtliinltfmusl uoonniniciiooil hoforo llio Issuance of such Cerlillcnlo of Improvements.
Hated Ihis 17lh day nf July, 1001.
To Sulihirkc, Into of Spiknnc, Washington
(whoso first or Christian inline is unknown),
Sll'Won arc hereby nollllod Hint. I have ex-
nrndeil Sll'S III labor and iiiiprovcinriils npnn
tlic"l(iiiui' Mlnernl Claim, siluaied in Kruger
Mountain Mining Camp, in tbe Fnlrylow Mining liiil-iiiii, in Osnyniis Mining lilslncl, in
British Columbia, hi order to hold snid elnlm
uniler (lie provisions of section il of the Miner-
nl Aet such being the amount required ta hold
said claim for I lie year ending May 2nd. luul.    |
Ami If,at tin- expiration of iilnely dnys of, a ..,.(..-. Cpnt . , tr Qctl.IS
bul.lion.don of Mils nolleo. you fail or refuse to Aug O, 2U, _ept. j, i/, \jyt.i,i_)
i-iinliibutc your portion of IliocxiieinluJiire ro-|
oiiired under said seclinn 24, together With till i Through Sleeping Cur
costs of advertising, yonr interest in said claim
One Cliunge to llulTiilo.
to BUFFALO via
/Ul Rail : bake f^oute
Soo Line.
(via St. P-.ul or Chicago)
'Act Amendment Acl, 1000.
[l.iteil nt Midway, B. C this li7tli day of j
Co-owner In lho "Jlona" Mineral Claim,
l'ostofllco address Dragoon,  .Spokane
rlro County, Washington.
Kor ilmo tables, rates and full Information
call on or address A. P. McCHLLT, Agent.
Mlilwny. or
D.P.A.. A.O.P.A..
Nelsnn, II. C.      Vancouver. B. C.
At the 'Fone.
Maud Muller on a summer Aay
Culled "Number please" to earn her
Before her mini hers printed small
Fell down when anyone would cull.
The Judge took down lhc offiee'fone
And made to Muuil his wishes known.
Su'il he "we'll ask you just once more
For four eleven forlyfour."
Said Maud, as mild us slimmer sens,
"What nu iu 1 n-r did yon aitk for.plense?"
Snid he "I told you I wire before
It's four eleven forty four."
Said Maud, and you could  hear   her
"Just hnld the 'fone a little while,"
A weary interval ensued
The lung wires hummed an interlude.
And In nken hits of i,ilk nunc o'er
The 'fone ind made the waiter sore.
A Drill grip on the line he took
And rang il till the huilding shook.
Till Muudie's voice he heatd once more
"What numher are you wailing fur?"
The Judge responded with a roar
"Its four eleven forty four."
Severely Mnud ninde answer then
"That line is husy, call again."
The Judge had business late thut day
And so he merely walked away.
But as he walked he shook his head
And this is what he simply said ;
'Tlie saddest words of tongue or pen,
The line is husy, call again."
__.__rmwx-h  Porfc-
Tub Koyal .Insurance Oot.
Tiie Iios-bon akd Lancaniuue Pibk
jInuuranok Oov.
The Insurance Cot. of North
The London and Canadian F(he
Insurance Coy.
The Sun Like Assurance Coy or
The Dominion Building and Loan
Appraiser for the Canada Permanent Loan and Savings (Joy
" jSpokanB Falls &Northepn
Railway Co.
Kelson & Ft. Sheppard
Railway Co.
^•^*^^*^**09*99*****ttt************* ♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦ "—
geventh ■*..   H__c_w_,_j->.
One Block West of Customs Office.
§ This is a first-class building, being hard $ '$ @ |
$   finished throughout.   The dining room   |   ||
•!§ S§ is run under the personal supervision (§}'§(§
§§   <§}   of Mrs. Crowell, and is supplied with   §   $
® @ ®. &$ best on the market. ' Choice stock @ a
®   ®   _}   $ Wnest Liquors and Cigars at the   (§
©   ©   @   ®   bar'     ^arSe   Slal)'e   'n   connection,   $
The Patronage of the Puhlic I* Solicited and
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Certificate  of   Improvements.
L.ikk View Kxtbnbion Mineral Claim.
Situate in the Osoyoos Mining Division of fjp'j'jpj'jl'-j,'
Yalo district.  Where located i-Ki-uger
Railway Co.
Tlie only nil rail route between
ull points Enst, West unci South
to Kossltmil, Nelson nnd nil
intermediate points ; connect-
In^ at Spokane with the Oreat
Northern, Northern Pacific and
O. lt. & X. Co.
Connects at Rossland with the Canadian
Pacific Railway foi* Boundary Creek points.
Connects at Meyer's Falls with stage daily
Carrying His ftajesty's Hails
Will leave MIDWAY on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, at 8.30 a. ni., arriving at
CAMP McKINNEY at 5 p. m.
Returning will leave CAMP McKINNEY
Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 9 a. ni.,
reaching MIDWAY at 1.30 p. m., and making connection with the train going east at 2 o'clock.
The beat of accommodation for
the convenience of the
travelling publlo.
TAICK XOTK'K Ihnt I, Chas. An ft. Orccn-
as niicni (or Iilu Thompson, tree niiiicrs's
u-rtitlcatc No.   n(Wj«( anil (or Frederic   W.
McLaine.  (;-ce mlm-r'u eorlittcatc No. iiJlttiMt,
illteuil, sixty duyrf troui   llic ilate ticreol. to'
npi'li lot-lie Minliiff lli-corder tor n Ucrlllleal*
of (mproVeincntii, (or (he piirimsi! o( obtAining
a (Irown Urant of the above claim.
And further take notice that action, under
section 37. nnisi lie ctminicnce.-l  bofore the
Issuance of such (.'erllfleatc of ltnpnn cmenls.
Dated this Jltli day of June. 19UI.
10c CHAS. HKll. OitKKX.
Buffet Service on Parsenger Trains  between Spokane and Northport.
EFFECTIVE MAY 6th. 1901 :
  12.H0 am.
 ....    (1.15a.m.
ZXx p.m.
i.m p in.
7.15 p.m.
Uoncrnl I'lisneiiRcr Agcnl.
The Boundary Hotel
...\. IDWAY, B.C...
Strictly First-class Throughout, Excellent Accommodation.
OOOD   e^-O-.-Eg-L.ZlN'Gr.
VI m
Chloride of Lime
Lime Juice
The Midway Pharmacy
Certificate of  Improvements.
Triune Minkkai, Claim.
Situate In Yuneman group. Summit oamp,
Similkameen    river,   Osoyoos   Mining
Division of Yale District,
TAKK NOTICK that I, Clim. deltlols Ureen,
aangctilfor Kdward llnllock-rt'cbslcrfroo
miner's cortlfloato N*o.n:tli!l37 nnd for John
Young frcr miner's ocj tilleiilo No. liUllOtHlltcinj,
sixty (lavs from the dale hereof, to apply lo
tho MlnlnK Itecorder for a ('crlillcatc of Improvement for lhc purpose of obl-iiiilng a
Crown Gnuil of the abovo claim.
And further take notice that action, under
section 117, must, tic eommeihrcil bofore thc issuance of sudh Certiiicate of Improvements,   .
Dated this 17th day nf July, 10(11.
Large Sample Room for Commereial Mod.
THOS. McAULEY,   -      Proprietor.
KSTAB1.U31-IHVD   1B83.
-* i* mm mmhmMmmmoom.
Our   Si'EciAi.TiES--Varieties Profitable in British Columbia
Trees Free from Pests.
Send for Free Catalogue.   |   E. Hutchiu'son, Manager.
1 $3,000 IN PRIZES $3,ooo
The Winnipeg.
A strike of considerable importance
has lii'cii niHite nn the Winnipeg mine.
The company Ini.-. for aotne time lieen
running a lung crnsaciit to tap the vein
at d*'pth. A few dnys ngn the tunnel
lirnkn into ore and was continued
across the ore,
The Icjiil is nhoiit ei|(ht feet in width
and shows [.'oi d vslues. Thc company
haa heun tiding to keep the slrike se-
orel, Inn. it. hns leaked out, and as a
result there is again a small movement
in Winnipeg stuck,.'. Drifting-on the
ledge is to lie continued until-the wonh
^-of t-he-nlrike is deti-t'iitinvd.
Old " a i I. veh ud wheel from \V. H.
Weill), who has the Midway agency.
,  D.  C,
;-.|j Drilling Contest,   Athletic Sports,
|j3 Firemen's Tournament,      -:-      Horse Racing, ,_,.
Grand Industrial Parade. SsS
The Midway Brass Band Will Be In Attendance.
Special Excursion Bates From All Points in Kootenay,
I   R. W. JAKES, Mayor, M. H. KANE, DUNCAfl ROSS,
Chairman Executive Committee. Chairman General Committee. Secretary.
Lancashire House,
: : MIDWAY, B.C. : :
The undersigned having re-opened this well-
known and comfortable hotel invites the
patronage of all old customers and the public
Fiirjiuce-lieitted and comfortably
fariilt-Jied   roomx.
Mrs. Dowding, Proprietress.
The Riverside Hotel
Is situated at Rock Cre .k, B. C, on the main
route of travel between Penticton and all Boundary Creek points.
Good Hunting. Good  Fishing.
Best of Accommodation.
S. T, LARSEN, Proprietor. M. AND DISTRICT,
jol Inw returned'«>»» ft llil>
liley i-eturned last week fnun
Ent camp.
I. Jukes has returned utter a
Xeuce in Gieenwoud.
■Meyer, of Deadwood, was a
IMidwuy yesluiday.
Jeiginan, has leturned from
ped trip up the West Fork,
j Mrs'. Frederic W. Kelfer, of
II, were in Midway on Satur-
j Smith, who left here almut a
[for New Yoik, returned on
|d Mrs. Paul Johnson and A
of Oreenwood, drove down
lay yesterday.
funis, M. P. P., was in Mid
duy on lii-. return from the
tin-en country.
Li .ml  drill for the Carlhoo
fciuiip   Mi Kinney, ariived in
[ last week.
I Tuzo lefl on Thursday for
loll 10 do assessment work. He
lm lie alisent annul two weeks.
lO.Rennieand ehildren,"f Port
egnu, are vi«itiug Mrs.Rennie's
Mrs. S. A. Crowell at the Oro-
i and prairie chickens are very
ll this season, mid a nunilier of
|ort* are walling anxiously for
of 8eplenil*r.
llUidway puhlic school opened
Th'-re is a larger attendance
tin (luin lust, owing to auuiuliei-
lii.-. hnving taken up their real*
ten- nf late.
. Knglisli. who has been spend-
vacation al Midway, left on
lay to resume his duties as ac-
Int in the Canadian Hank of
|tc" at Greenwood.
oilier of men are now at work
[wagon road lietween here and
ivond, removing the roi ks ami
kg up the uneven places, whicli
Inch needed improvement.
O'liara  and   his  slnff.   who
Miipleted   the portion nf the
Inlionul    Bonndary   lice survey
■il to Mni, fi'uin   Midway west-
leaves 10 duy for Cascade -Ciiy,
vhich point tlvy work enst ward.
, Deed and T. Gniider-on, who
leen engaged nil the Illlel-jiatiiili-
■ey in the neighhiiihoiid nf ('as
relumed on Saturday, th*- 11-
of the parly having gum-
nth" F'H'1 Steel cniinlry, where
fill eo'iimence the location of the
er llli* Itiii-kies.
Grand Forks laem«s" team wil'
r't'iiu match with the Wdlson'
it Nelsnn, August 22. The team
so teen invited tn lOeettlieTvnin-
twelve as well a*J In gi\'e nn ex-
gnnie at Spokane during the
Ilate rail-,
rent development wnrk ha« dis-
ll a new and promising lend -on
nlhflnder, nhniit 1ST) feet from
lain workings. The exact extent
• new flnd is not yet known. The
hinder could now ship 'At) tons of
per day were it closer to a line nf
tny, thus affording it rhea*ier
einporary observatory has been
Jed near Ihe C. P. R. de|mt, for
i-nieiiceof OltoJ.'Klolz. Dominion
■rnmeiit iisiioiiou-i-r, who with
(ssistant, Mr. Werry, will spend
time in Inking observations iu
lection with the determining of
Ixjii'I location of the 40th parallel
liiiide ut Midway.
Iigiin is Ihe name of tlie latest
Isite put on the market nn tlie
|nf the Great Noriln-rn extension
Mucus In Casiade. It is 1 epru t
it th'-re are a nuiu'-er of promis
imperiled in the vicinity of Mor
I and it is likely the new town will
1 a longer life than a nlimher of
Ir* thai are springing op without
[cause olher than the building of
be Yale Columbia Liiiiib'-rcnnipiny
jseiuriMl the emit 1 ait t" furnish
I'er for the Hill road WK) foot Inn-
Tbis timber will be furnished
It iheir Cusnide mill, which is lo-
Id but a few bundled feet (rom the
Ith of the tunnel, Ai nut three
r'hs of n million feel  will be re*
'il.    Uwillg to III'- illl-ie.lM' nf I'ltsl-
extensive additions will be uiiule
lie sawmill atotide.
luite a number nf people took in
fiards _ Prinulc's Geotgin Minsirel
Iw, which played hetnfe a large
■ience in the Auditorium, Green
I'd, 011 Wednesday evening. It ails
I'll' the la*st show I hat bas yet visli
Ihis district. Tbe singers were all
|d, the comedians were amusing,
st of the songs and jokes were new,
everybody wiih well pleased with
J evening's i-ntcrtainineiil.
pining ihe past wnek there have
t" a number of bush Urea In the (lis
Itt. Sparks from t he railway engines
je ignited the dry grass in different
fees, causing quite a lilaste, but In
p Instance the flics have been extin-
fished hefore any damage was done,
yoi'd horning a little grass off some
llhe ranges. Vp Myers creek eonslil-
jhle damage has heen done hy fires
Inning over a largo tract of country,
lining the grass on thc ranges and
•"'•nylllg cotiKuU-iahle limber.
""""""'.' "'" '""cmnei-y mr Tlie wan-
"onda mine, |„ Sheridan camp, ha !
arrived and i, |„.illR ,„k„n ,„ W)||1.
roiiila as f,lsUs t|„. t,„, ,I1S ,,-,„. MeyeiJ
noB, who has the contract !fur lrikii>g'
it from Midway ,„ the mine, enn ban
it. There Ib no truth in the reporl
sent out from Republic to the effect
that hy some oversight the umchinerv
was not senl in liouclaiiilthai.it could
not be 1 eniovcd nnlil tlie duly was
P"'d. The machinery was sent in bond'
and tin trouble arose ovei -removing it.
It is reported here on what appear-
tube reliable authority Ihal at a meet
mg of ibe Doniinion Copper Company,
held recently at, Toronto, at which Joe,
Breen was present, it was decided In
locale the company's smelter al Mid-;
way. lt has beeu known for several
days that it had been decided to locale
it on thisislde of the mountain, hul
the exact locution was not known it'
having heel) stated that it was to be
buill at, lhe mouth of Kholt creek, but
word was received here, last week that
it has been definitely decided lo locale'
ii here. Tbe fact lhat the contractor*'
have not been allowed to begin work
on the Phoenix branch until they re
celled further orders substantiates the
report, antl if .It be correct the tmiuch'
tn Phoenix will iu all probabiliiy start
from Midway.
Ride a Cleveland,
For all bicycle accessories and supplies call on W, H. Webb.
Ride a popular wheel. The Cleveland is aukiiowledi-i-ii to be (hesunel'ioi
wheel made today.
A Qood Programme of  Sports and
$3,000 will be Given Away
In Prizes.
The committee on the. Labor Day
celebration in Greenwood onS-piem
I" r Und Hie determined ihai tbis affaii
will be the most successful of ils kind
ever held iii tbe Boundary couiilry,
They are hard at, work Hi'i-nngiiig ill-
details and eveiylodv i-enthusiastic
iu the mailer. The eil lien! i-oliiliiii lei
and lhe Trades'and Labor Council ate
working in union in make lbe celehra
lion a grand success. The miners nf
Deadwood, Summit and other camps
are luting 11 kei n interest'ill tbe celebration aud alu-jily the secretary has
i.-i-i,ii-H(l eeveral-C'iuiiuuiiir'aiions from
working miners in which nre main
yalual-le siiggesiions. The business
ineu aie iilsn lull resting themselves iu
the cc chuilinn and ihey intend thai
lln- industrial parade, wbich was nu
iuleiesiing feature nf las' year'srele
bullion, will ibis yearecli|>S'-Jiiiylliui-j
nf the kind ever seen iu the Koileuays.
Already several Hi ins ore Innking pn
partitions fur placing piuturesijtie Hints
ilml •\\.il'lH"fli*scriptiv»iif Iheilitfi■r-ui
imlustiieS thai an-establish'd in the
Oii y. II. P. Williams, ivpi-.g. tiling
'.he Jenckes Machine compuny, h is de
ei led I" dnplicaie lhe Hunt that hi*
company lind in lUlssluud Insl year, li
. asily won Hrsl place -in the parade
and was con.-ideaed by expel ts one ol
ibe most ingeniousexliihiisuf llu-kiml.
li. G. Whi run. manager of the Oreen
wood Electric company, will him- •
pretty eli rlrical display and .mher firm*
will take a special elfnrt.iii (unking th
piuade 11 success. The Hnancinl com*
millee hive received every encouragement from business men, mine owiims
iiiid-utlirrauud from assurai ces given
them it is safe to say that i|3,UU0 wili
lie bung up in puz.es.
The advertising commirtee nre gei
lin_ out snine ileal liieialme and tin
i-elebiatioii will be well adieriiseu
throughout the Kiidteliays,
Big print's will Ih; awai-ded for tin
drilling comest. The ciuuniltie tin
also likely to carry oul the suggestion
made liy u miner, thai a pii'ie be giv. 11
for it middleweight ■drilling contest s
lhat the smaller men will have an op
pnl'tuni y to sliow iheir powers win
hammer and st'eel.
Good horses are expected lo laki
pari III the rnivs and sufficient money
will In-given'foe 1 lie Hietniin's tiiiirna
nielli 10 induic all tin' Kootenay ami
Boundary icaius lo eoiiie beie.
If theciiiiiniiitee kc p up iheir in
Ihusiasiu nnlil l>al'"r Day, it is safe 111
say lhat the Greemvuud iclebiiiti.ji
will In- ihe biggest and best over bcln
in tbe Boundary.
Cranbrook'A Mineral Exhibition.
The uiiliefal exhibit nt thc Easl
Kimlenay exhibition m Ctalil-rook,
Septemher 'io, 'Al and 27, promises to
lie one ol the largest mineral exhibits
h-Jui- held In British Ooluilihia. Al-
lendv much interest Is being t-k n by
1 hose who nre in t»'V way eonnectcil
wilb mining. Many and various are
ibe ore samples which nru heing senl
Intl. lbe. se.-i cl nr.v fiOlll every pan ol
tbedistili'i. This will Iw lhe niost lm
portaiitnf'licnw'y attractive t'Xlih-
its, and ns CraiU'i'onk is situated in'l"f
benrl of a district which is full Ot
mines and minerals, il will prove very
Instinctive 10 vlsltois who Imv.-not
lhe opportunity al their own pl'icesu
reside,.. f inspt'otlug the hwniihil
specimens and mineral I'oiuing "'«
which people hi Cranhrook have,
strikes one nlso that In making «"
ml„w,,| exhibit Uie most Important
feaWM «t the exhibition th«-itn'mige*
ment is ac Ing wisely,!'"'will g
the onter world so  r..lnt We,, of lb"
Immense resources of Snutl'l^ h<»-
.enay, We are infoi mrd that Ihlsex*
hlhlt will form Hi'* nu. I«*.«8 or n pprma*
ne.ultttlne.iU display i"''«»l,,w,k'
*9999 :S^_*3*3s*_^.
The Central Hotel \
llth St, Midway, B. C.
This is a new three-storey he tel, comfortably
furnished throughout.
"x»twimw_w99 WW-WWi BH^^
The nearest house to the Railway Station.   The
most convenient hotel for railway travellers.
1) ^l_ _ ___^i<lC'_-_
wtftm tm <i799TVTf mwm
The best of accommodation in every respect.
$      S. DAHL, Proprietor.
Lequime & Powers, Proprietors.
Manufacturers of all kinds of
Band Sawingand Job Work done tb order
Telephone No. 12
Telephone orders receive prompt
♦♦***i*»3Sj»3a*«»»5«9': ss»a*6*e«e*e«e*««eje*e'e«««««*«««i*»**j
*. **■
I The Travellers Insuranes Go...
i rrYrrrrirrrnxirrn'
Of Hartford. Conn  *
Chnrtcrcd IH«3.
Stock Life nnd
Accident Insi.rniice.
ISSUES the best life Insurance
!. ciiitcacls in the win Id. No
$ disappointment»s in dividends.
Hi Rvei-ylhllut tfii'iianu-eil jn nd-
$ vmice. Premium rales 15 to 2J)
J per cenl less thin, iliose of old
(V   line Mutual eninpanies.
January ist, 1897,
$20,884.53 J
LIABILITIES, . . 17,920,260.29 £
, . 2,976,424.36 »
The Truvellois Combination Accident Policy guarantees fornccideiiliil  |
* under ordinary conditions. <-i
Ilontli Ik-nefli *.)»»'  I   I'O*10' lUght Hand     .     .
§ buss ol KiKht n( llnlli Kycs     .       ,01X1  |    Ixirs "f l*Kat nr nbovo Knee  .
f l/)ssil( llolll Koi-tnrlMlllIillids    4,(«l)|    l/iss "(  lrffl llallil      .    .      .
5 boss of One Hand anil Ono Koot    S.0U0       boss of Wilier root    .
« l'ermaiioni Tolal liUibiltj- 2«,  |   Low »f sight of One I ye .     .
Liniits of   Weekly Indemnity f 1.300.
S AND, If such injuries are sustained while riding a« * passenger in  x%
3 nnv passenger cnnvevatico using steam   cable,   or   electricity as a ®
I motive power the amount U> be paid   shall -be DOUBLE, the sum |J
S specified in the clause under which the claim is made.
| Other sums al proportionate rates
1 -V5T. XX. Norris,
9 ■ S
*ormromm w» » ^^r^".
T. M.Qulley&Co.
Large Stock.   Low Prioes.
t. ne. G-xri.x.B'sr ss co.,
I The
WM. ST. QUlNTIN, Prop.
Good assortment of Fresh  Bread, Cakes and
Confectionery always in stock.
Fresh Fruit in Season.
Ke! Try our Lunch Counter for a good cold lunch at  J$^
<gj^3^3*_£y5?T_fcy£ §*£_* »§7 y^^SP 9^v?^jJ|
Has opened up a
fa In the premises formerly occupied by tin
Bavo-day Ss
and has on hand a first-class outfit of
fa Single and Double Drivers
Saddle and Pack Horses
Will also conduct a transfer and dray business.    Bus
meets all trains.    Freight and express de-
delivered to any part of the town.
_>___■  FBosFaosonr  »:
No. 4 K.-W.-C. Block, Nelsoi . B. C.
Gold. SilvoT-U'iui nml 1'oppcr Mines muileil nl tlio KXCHANOK.
FHKK MILLING GOLD Koporlicu nantcil »l mice for Knstcni llivcslors.
Furtici. having mining pmiicrty fomAlcaro rcqucaloil to ucnil muiiples of their oro
to tho KXCHANOK lor exhibition.
All wimplon nlionl-1 ho sont by oxprcM. PtlKPAID.
* i'iim>piiniloiii'o Holioitcil.   AildroiW all eoinmiinici-Horn* to
♦ AxxAwm-wv X*. Baaentaavsa-.
t Telephone No, lH,'1*. 0,' Ho*700. NKI.80N, B.C.
***************************** ************************
Practical Wagon and Carriage Builder,
B. O.
Repairing of all kinds promptly and neatly executed.
Carriage Painting a specialty.
CASfK'tomj'pronil«08 nlront six -vcokii «*n.
,i hnv ninro. whllo kII'Ip In face, right
rteht. hlnn fonl white »l»n ono huy horn*,, ij-hlto
ifflnlnlM,, right html (out ivllllo, Uotharo
Kiilcil S Voi.lod thlnh. Owiim rn" have
sumo hv proving liropm-ty nml pn.vliiit ohargcu.
Mldwaj', July »ll>, MM-
THOMAS WALKER, Proprietor.
® © n
• Stationery
All the bett brand* of
Cigars and Tobaccos kept
oonstantly on hand.
Latest shades and pat*
terns of Wall Paper now In
Seventh Street, Midway.
Rider Agents Wanted
One III wh town (n lirir and rxhihit ft Miulili* IfltH nimli-l hioyuH nf nnr own
niiiniil'iirtiiro.   YOU CAN MAKR *W TO $B0 A WEEK, h  iAes hnvint? a
wiioel Mi rid- yniiisolr.
1901 Models, High Gi^de Gtiaranteed,
1900 and 1899 Models, Best Makes,
500 Second Hand Wheels, taken in trade
by our Chicago retail stores, many good
as new
$10 to $18
$7 to $12
$3 to $8
We will *-lilp 1111 v hlryi'lt' ON API'BOVAL Iq anyone wit hmit,« rent rirptw
il in iii1vjiim-i- .-mil allow TEN DATS FUCK TRIAL.    V--n Uko nl-mlmi-lv nil
ANfiHof iW-oroH, "Itiinln ono milo (rom
risk in iiidwinp fnun us. us * nit flu not tend tn pay a rent if the hioyole ripen
Mldivay, 901 acre* minor rnmvMtntl, DO j "n''»"lt'0vml; ..'.'".r!.,1.1;^'.' otl?U-,*l,'rE* " I A*V*'l W.»'' T '"'' m"* rACT0,,T
of whioh in  good timothy   meadow.   PRICES mill I'llKKl HIALOH'BW.   This lllieml iilti'f hns novi-r heen tqii.il*
 y of water Is pmvldcil hy Ihroo   Riod  led n,nd is 11 giinrintc.' of tlm fluidity of'onr wheels.   WK WANT a trlmhlfi
*,"'!nKj-J..10. '* ia,l"l "1 b"n,""I'_.5'°Jni5 Hersnn In emli town to Hlsttilii.t** e«»l*.l**«nes fnr us in exrhange fnru liicyclf.
''SuK^^""^ u"A"y f'"' f,"", ''","l",,",0'""' 0^,■',^'',"1 "ff,,,'•
A. HOPPKR, Midway. B.0.     J.   Xl.   -MCCtaid    Oj^Ole   Co., Oixhtumatm
:  I' y% zz% *M m *#M m tffimi tt mt wmm %% &* ®v »* v* * ~- ~ * ~ '" ~ • ~ • ~ " ~ *• mm
-   e>     *»»
i'-- r'r
'•■ .■
■_ *;•
i'.: :Z-.
',. -y
. '•'
.*.'. r:'
«.* ,
■■■■ n.
Me  ..,
,;, jo
'; *•*
■■'- :';■
... ■-
■r ...
i.'- :;>
'.*    Ze
&. tt,
,,,   -.•
tti ''
MIDWAY, :-: B. C.
Beautifully situated at the confluence of Boundary Creek and Kettle River.
fa fa *fs
te fa 9
* fa *
» m *
ILL BE The nKKt »mp°mnt ra^'^y{own ,n the Kettle River Minin?Division-
The Wholesale Supply and  Manufacturing centre of the  Kettle River and Boundary
Creek Districts.
The disputing  point for   Upper   Kettle River.  West   Fork  and Camp  McKinney
mining camps.
Tbe nearest Raikay sown to Republic  Meyers  Creek,  Palmer Mountain and   other
XfOrt»_Ti  Washington mining camps.
Tbe  lea&g reskk_ce town   in   tbe country, with an excellent   climate,  pure water
:zz-:zz  -ttz.z  ?V«"C'tr_bJe utr.iikr, •: ytdiziz-Zs.
Beswess, resident e and garden lots at km prices and oa easy terms.
jl   V.   .'■ ,::  -'••-
HfMH-lIXbA. P. V
S__5 far Mapi Prices, and full particulars to
t*. M CR0t'8B,
Agent for BritUh Columbia,
Midway, B. V.
(Combined from page 1*1
the taty ol th* Warn imd* ta*-**«4 if.
still is good or**.   A test ems wade of j
H* feet of the ledj>e U«t Sa«o-d»y by
ib- proaews ibat will I* u*_ io the!
mill and tbe rami! »bo»wi a value ol a
Mule oxer fZi per um   Tbinent *«a.
ihnrougb one, and seems lo show :b»t
bave lo give it a bot "mash" ttbm it
i. .- been ml in the cold.   Yon can put
it in tin- woodshed, nr behind tbe din-
ii:i*-i'»oiii dour, and once in a while you  ih-t-t-isan fairnenK Mge ot f-arir?
ran limber it np with oil, and mli it ">" '" the mine.   Tbe foundation cf]
.; .".n •■i'ii a cbamoin .kin. thec„cpr«,*.-rpl«.t i* Uid, and -ri:b-
... ,. ...        in th» pre*ent week tbe buiklioz wnl
1--. Ui* wli-el Hagieat aiiilj-lnnmis  , —. , .
lie op    Thi-rv is a la.%. torrent car-
ir,.i,i„!i„ii-and  nobody ditpatca it,[K,„Kn al  _oH-  there.   Foondatior,
Hut there is ,x i ever-e uiii-*. (for tbe hig mill in nearly extavaled.
8..iei.tillfj men tell 111 ihal N dffrelop-: ,rhe «""  »'" ** Uicattd HH teet from
ing an _j.li-.ly new ,U,s „idieses  lhe ,n""tb "f "» l"nn»-1*   Th* '»«»
',   , will lie '.peraled with a s-teel eat.ie.   A
antl thai  it i* i*-:*pmisihe for  many' i ,„„ . . _ ,    , _   .
1 '   large leseivmr i» to le constructed a,
-Elftlx   St:
*,   BO-id.^
defi-riuitien.   Ther,- in the bicycle fa<-e, I short dutaoee north of the mill.   This
and the l.icyele 'auk. and the liiiyile' will he the supply point for the water
I- g, ami ih- Incycle a g.sitl many more I used iu thc mill,
evils.   The bandf, ihey nay, become| ,
i-oarte, the da. k crook*nndsbiy crooked, (he eyei pcoJiuil*-, and tbe fare
(rets lo wear ion»tai.(ly an expre*sion
of dillreM and anxiety.
But why n--nl tbli in- ?  Tliere is no
especial reaimn why any man should
f-'-l i oiDtralned (o ride a certain num
her of mill-, iu
loinuliM,   It ",
Handles tz,<; liest Imported and Domestic
Cigars. Cigarettes and Tobaccos of ali kinds
that can be psx.red.
All Papers and Periodicals of the day at
publishers' prices.
Provincial Uml t*orxoyot.
mt.  Architect and
_!_- Civil Engineer...
r-Jcal Estate,
Insurance and
Mining Agent
*<niAi(v   I'l'iihii.tm
P ail view   t'owimlle A(vnt.
... iittesrm ...
r.mvitw. _c.
Corr«»|x)iiil«nce Solicited.
To 11. McKay, beta "< Kerwuo* I'-'1"!
•hke ao«J-w lhat I butt In n ll* "'
V*e«"*iiliieml<ll*lni«IHi«i' M.ll" "■*
ot K««w»«l'r-*rkiii ihr o*"!'""!'""
T«ie INMrirt. „ie mul rtqulml '■
of ihe JUneral Acl for 1I.1 :■" "     ;
plni and h»vo iti l> r«coro«i ;i j *
work :
And further lnke no Ice Ilml K."' ''•',
•Ilmi u* ») ,l»). t'.ni lln- dale "I"»'»"
anion of tkHaotk in il,.* Mi-I«" »'
rou,aneowner. f»i' In >•*" IritnUj)1"-1
Uontrf UwBapendil.'ivr»]uiri'->nl ■■ '.-.j
«lnr*r>*wl uf unci, w-rrlc. nniw ' P.'   P
-Mhrrwilhall lhe*i.l« '•' «'l"'r"■'*tt
lnlerr.1   In nald mlr ••«! rlaini -I ■•
rwird in ine u|>w d'ny »'"' ''<"' "
rorder of Mid mitiini dl' •■!■"' I'1* '
atbxla.it n-qnlit-d bj it.'' Miner*! .)•
ment Act IW"
Haled lhl. Stl- u») ol \    1' IW.
■re MALCOLM r. »\il
nineral Sent to V. S.
Canada's im[en!s for consumption
during the eleven month] of the fiscal
year ended May 31 xvere, exclusive of
coin and bullion, «l.>,7l."j.ini2, and in
crease  of t6%,3fn over   (he imports
•  -efon iun..*7of|d"ri"8 the iottttponiiox  period  of;
-it  vitally important :'."8t}''',,r'   Kx',"I',, "f ^'Indian |>n
(bat j lm .-I ride ten miles ip the
wime length of lime thatltlakej Mr.
8iirith lo ride seven inileS, is ii ? Why
not he temperate in ridings wheel as
well us iii ..ll). i- ihinfM r
'I here, is no necessity of doubling up
inin a circle, with ymir chin on Ihe
handle Imw, when you no out fora
Spin, You needn't siw «way on the
peril Is as if your BU rnnl salvation de-
pended on 1!." number of times a min-
iil<- you could iiuike your motive insli-
gatnn fl"|i up nnd down.
Vou ne,iln'i look wild whin you hear
itiintlii-r cyderoottiing up behind you,
mul Use up all your breath in keeping
uhead of him, What matter Is it If he
does go by. if he w.mls Ui?
Don'l liile with vour month open.
ducts amounted to   $l53,H8,£i2,   an
in Tease nt (17,772,800.   There Waa nn |
'ucre.ise of ten millions in products of j
tlie mine.    (Jf golil-bearihg quartz, i
gold dust,  nuguet., etc,  Canada  exported dining the period il8.2H0.iMfl.
nearly all of which,  namely,  $18,001},
508 worth, went to the United States,
Of ripper oies and matte We exported
in the eleven monlhs $2,370,318 worth,
practically all to the  United State*/,
liesldes $2,IOI,uil5 worth of lead in or.;
of silver in ore or matte, $2,230,(B3 1 nf
nickel matte, $021,015.
': can't se- ni-.. the i-Hith lhat way ;!
I y ui- throat will feel as if it had i   ''
A Bad Judge.
Some yenrs ago King Edward VII,!
then Prince of Wales, was a guest at a
•oniitry bouse in Kngland.and, picking
p a sporting paper in the Ulliaid
room one morning, wus soon deep in
,,(    ,   (,,u,       ,., ,. Mt" cirntents     A  clergyman,  also a
Don'l  look so dlstrrwed,   As the KTa,     M V"' ""''' "i("ing "p'
plmiogrspher. would tell you, "look **      ,D   .T,'M^" TL'^'T
i' "* nisnrihnlural." Therttenocall 7^*'   l\ ?Z ?*       -
for wearing „„ expression A. ir ,.,„,!''-'"'V »'"-''•»"">•» t'»'t paper T
thought ihnt   lhe  whine  world   was
Conspiring iiKuiii*! you,
If ymi me v-oiing and pretty, every*
Imdy will inliiiiie you on yonr wheel
noil llii-y uill say "Whal mi invention
The prince glanced 1 mind, "I never
read anything 1 do not feel interested
in," he remarked,
I'he clergyman, though, would nm
In- denied.   "Du you know, your roya'
lho*llicycle Is to he stiro l".l'ttt If ynu | highness, that one of my friends ha *
mi; old mid Jnl I hei, you had belter '"*l hundreds of pniinda hy betting <u
tell ihe young folks wilh ull the dignt- horse racing and has never won any
ll Dan. command, that "A horse thing?" he asked.
md carrfsge are -.nod enough for ynu,"
nnd refrain from mounting (hesilent
"Well," said the prince ns he tnrneil
to another column, "he must have
Ineu u very had judge of hui-svllesh,"
Riverside  Add ition
Just a Word!
To those contemplating an invest]
ment in Midway real estate, the information i
offered that on the Riverside Addition may b|
found 300 very choice residence sites.
LOTS 50 x 125 FEET.
For terms and all other information apply to
W.H. NORRIS,        or        A. MEGRAW,
Midway, B. C. Camp McKinney, & c


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