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The Advance 1901-04-22

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ISxiS- xnstrtsi/ I—      W   -Wl^ _. ia^
Vol. XIV, No. 25.
$2.00 per Year.
! p, McLEOD,
liAKKiRTKit, Solicitor, Etc,
llHK.KSWOIIll, 11. (J.
—-. Notary Public,
Sal estate,
financial aoent
Hallett & Shaw
Notaries Public.
Iibln Aililrami: "Hai.i.ktt. '
Ciiiikii : Bedford McNeill's, Mni-flni* &
NiiivI's, Iii'iini'-.
.   . .   MIDWAY, B.O.
Customs entries passed. Mineral Act
and Land Act papers drawn up. Affidavits taken.   Abstracts made.
Communications by mall or telephone
promptly attended to.
Lendell Block, Greenwood,
Phone Oil, V. * tt.
A. H. Can. Soc. C. E.
Provincial Land   Surveyor
inWAV anii Ukkknwikm*.
yy  B. RICKARDS & CO.,
E_3al  Estate
Tonsorial Artist.
Fori Unteelsm Bkaxe, Hair Col, Se* foam
nr Shiunliiio,   call   nl tho   alinvi- parlor.
Itiiziii-K I,.uinl ami ground.
KIKTIt   STIIKKT.   •   ■    ■   MIDWAY,  II. C.
mmmaamatwaX     Blssolcaml *_v
All Kinds  of  lUpairlng.   Morseshoelnti
A Hiii-oiftliy.
pitt-nuivi-ris,   __»_-.
UT   KxocllorlKiHhinuon Kettle Itivur..cf
All kinds «f work axeoutad to
tha Mtltfaotion of outtomerr.
Wm. St. Quintin, Prop.
Everything   First-class,
_•__*»* BtvMt, a__«_w_.y.
II,  KEYES,  Prop.
Oood  Aceuininodiltinll,
Hi-Hi LitpiorH ami Cigars.
First-Class Stabling.
*n _jt_ML
_/,    J_S=SS_E—=—3—S
Practical Watch Maker,
tlnod Tools, Plenty Material,
•nd .10 years experience   In dn
work cnrrectly.  .  .   •
at cost.   Now is the time to buy.
We are also giving good values in
Groceries and Hardware
j Hotel Spokane,
A new building, well furnished. Everything new
ant! first-class. Only tht.' choicest Wines, Liquors
and Cigars kept in stock. Headquarters tor Mining
and Commercial Men.
- Midway Meat Market - j
K. A. MATTHES, Proprietor. |
At this establishment customers cm Ret choicest cuts of
, K._*_-lFre->A«-o_- on tHe premisea   ■   . J
Therefore Meats are always frash .nnl sweet    full nml get ti good joint S
foriliiiiii-r to-ilnv. if
TELEPHONE 311- P. 0-BOX 25.       fi
(£        Oreenwood, Boundary Creek, B. C.
We have opened the above hotel at ('ireenwood and
I are prepared to welcome guests and provide good accom-
\  modation.    Good  catering.    First-class Livery Stable.
Seasonable Goods
Down to actual cost. 20 per cent less than formerly
Having a large stock of Summer Goods on
hand, and wishing to dispose of the same, we h ive
made the above reduction, bringing these goods
down to actual cost.
Fancy Ginghams, for Shirt Waists; Fancy
Zephvrs and Chambrays, striped and checkered ;
White Muslins, F.uuy and Plain Outing Flannels,
Organdies, and numerous other seasonable gocds lor
Ladies' ami Children's wear.
Ladies' and Children's Straw Hats at greatly reduced prices. Only a few left, as they sell last at
our prices.
Clothing for Men and Boys to lie sold at a sacrifice, so don't miss the opportunity. Bicycle Hose
and Sweaters.
Shoes in Tan and Black, to suit all tastes.
The Grocery Department is stocked with a full
line of goods.sola at small margin for cash. Prospectors' Hardware and Shelf Ware for Builders.
HAIN & CO., General Merchants
Debate on the Crow's Nest Southern
•-No Settlement Effected
With C. P. K.
Thn debute on the ('vow's Nest
Southern Railway hill in tho Railway
Committee at Ottawa, snys tin-Toronto (ilolii-, shown that the expected
Agreement with the Canadian Pacific
Iiiin not been effected. The application
ha* I i-i-ii treated hy smut* members hb
a request foi' a puhlic favor, a position
unite nt variance with llu- attitude of
Parliament and thi- people to wai d
other productive enterprise*. A railway uhttrter is not regarded us a favor
fm whicli compensation shoulil be
demanded, On tbe contrary, charters
have been almost invariably supplemented by extensive gifts uf laid and
money, It may In- that in railway
circles this proposal lo huild a line
without bonus or subsidy Is regarded
as Ikely to establish a bail precedent,
If lhe promoters had ask'-d tor a few
thousand dollars and a few thousand
(101-68 of land per niili- the nun ter would
have appeared in a guise far more familiar, if not more attractive, to the
public, When men approach Purlin
ment lor permission lo Imilil a railway
engage in any other line of enier-
prise, asking nn bonus, subsidy or olher
aid, '.he presumption is strongly In
favor of standing aside and letiing
them go ahead with their work. Unless some greal public danger is in-
volviilorsniue important publlcllilerest
is threatened thee is no justification
fnr obstructing individual enterprise.
Il was an unfortunate and unpardonable mist-.ke to refuse a charter for I lit*
Keiile Uiver Railway. The rival in
tercet that successfully organized the
opposition in that project, and sei in eil
i victory in Parliament without the
uppori nf a single sustaining argument, has naturally bt lie far more
bold, while the confidence of the public, especially the investing class, iu
mc Parliamentary representation has
been shaken.
The Canadian Pacific Railway Company has appealed openly in opposition
the, proposed Citiw's Nes' Southern
Kailway. and has negotiated wilh the
promoters a-, io the terms upon which
its opposition would In- withdrawn. It
has acted throughout this matter as If
it held the Railway Commit tee in its
pocket, and its successful obstruction
in Ilie pasl. has la-en ibe wjiriani for
that attitude. The pretension apolitical influence in ihe distribution of
patronage for the purpose of securing
ewards b r the granting of Governmental contracts or olher favors has
lieen made a criminal act; and itis
the duiy of Parliament to deal with
pretensions to control over a standing
committee su as to exioit favors in
t-tiirn for permitting llu-passage of
legislation authorizing tne building cf
a railway. When il was seen ibal the
ntcrference of the Canadian Pacific
Railway in this matter w»- likely lo
awaken considerable public indignn
lion, the corporation wisely assttiind
a mure retiring altitude, and luis lale
ly been content lo act by proxy in
bringing ohsl i net ive influent es to hear.
But iis tad lis seem lo be designed
with considerable skill. All ihe thin
gers at first depicted have disappeared.
All tin- aigutiifiiis iu favor ot nbstruc-
lion have been demolished. Hut the
same Influences thai defeated the
Keitle Hiver Railway charier are
strongly in evidence. South of the
boundary line it would lm necessary
only to tile the requisite plans and
notices hefmegoing nu wlih the wnrk.
A railway charter is treated hy the
State laws in the same way as n building permit is by uur municipal council.
If every man who wauled lu laiild a
house in Toronto wis forced to secure
the passage of a city bylaw, it is easy
tn imagine cases in whicli wealthy
firms could prevent threatened competition hy iil'Nlriictiiig sin li by laws
al the City Hall. A linn desirous of
building a factory would encounter
opposition promoted in tin- city council by uthers In the saint line of busi
liens, That is the nature of the iippo-
sii ion developed at Ottawa to Ihe proposed railway connection with the
Great Northern, The duly of parliament is plain. The Railway Committee
must clear its reputation of th« memory of the Kettle River Railway fiasco,
nnd musl iiinke it   plain  li-yond   per-
aih tore tbat. the public interest will
be paramount in all railway legislation,
Were the American system in tiper
atlon, were the coal deposits adjacent
to tidewater, ns on Vancouver Island
or at Cnpe Breton, or were ihey ail tl*
utid close to lhe boundary, this ques*
tion which threatens to entail a parlia-
nieiiiary si niggle could notarise, The
proposed railway cannot in any way
strengthen a monopoly, for it will
leave undisturbed ihe existing lines by
wliieh ihe American mirkel is reached.
Tin- proposal is discussed jis if ii in-
tliltleil tin- tearing lip of  all   llu- lilies
over which the Crow's Nest coal is now | mine cull  expect   thai   i;   will, I'nr nil
exported to American lailways ami
smellers. The chief effect on existing
lines will be a reduction of their
charges, and that is the cause nf the
opposition thnt hns developed, There
is no more justification for preventing
the building of tbis railway than theic
would be fm prohibiting the construction ofa wagon road to the boundary,
The plan nf prohibition seeins to have
been prudently abandoned, tin- pres*
ent means nf exerting pressure Is-ing
ihe proposing of conditions apparently
fair, hut so ill-signed as to entail loss
and waste in the piaulical operation of
the mines ami ovens, Mr. Blair has
lakeii the stand lhat advantage slinulil
be taken of the application hi ns lo
secure a giiaiantee tbat Canadian
Industries will not he subjected In ad
verse discrimination in prices, ami it
is announced ou behalf of the coal
conipany that tin y are willing to give
such guarantees ns arc necessary to
ihat end. The power uf ihe Dominion
In impose au export duty and tbe
authority of lhe piovlneial legislature
to levy royalties are abundant guarantees against any policy calculated to
awaken local antagonism. There is
absolutely no inleiest  adverse  In Ilie
proposed line except   the Canadian
Pacific Railway, and ils monopoly has
nut been used in such a way as In
warrant the straining nf tin- powers of
parliament to perpetuate ii.
Views of a Prominent Mining Man
Regarding This Subject.
.1. A. Smith, of (irand Forks, who
lias lately returned from a trip to the
Bast, in an interview al Rossland a
few ilnys ago had the following to say
regarding cat Ital fnr ilu- developnienl
of Hiiiish Columbia :
"Both in Canada and the United
Stales there was a very strong desire,
on the part of tbe moneyed Interests,
to invest in Borne remunerative industry, and there was litlle dotlhl Ibat
ihey would be more than delighted to
send capital In British Columbia if 'be
conditions here were such that thev
seemed lo iuslifv il. "I will not conceal from you," said Mr, Smith, "that
Rossland and the entire districl. have
sustained some very serious blows iu
the eastern money market by the manner In which some of the properties
have heen bandied, hy lbe uncertainty
nf  the   mining laws and  the fear nf
lahor troubles whicli seem ever in he
impending. Added to these is the fact
that in the early days of this camp,
some five or six years auo, a gieal
numher ol 'wild cats' wen- unloaded
ou the people uf the Easl, and the loss-
ses which tbey then sustained still
rankle in ihe breasts of the people. Ii
is tine that those 'wild cats' were not
in the majority nf cases thrown on the
hand.i of the moneyed men. It was as
a rule the small investors, the man,
anil even the woman, who could not
affoiil to lose their little earnings, who
were'roped in'anil insl everything in
tbis way. Tbe sentiment, however,
which was then created against min
ing investments in Ihe West has pervaded society in general, li is a fact,
nevertheless that then- is no time like
the present to bring British Columbia
and its mineral resources hefore the
capitalists of the Knst. In the larger
centres, laitb In Canada and the United
Slates, money is lieing withdrawn from
real estate Investments, and even loa
very considerable extent from intlus
Iriiils. and Ihe capital thus realized is
seeking fur a new Held nf investment,
Millinns and niilliiins nf dollars ale at
the present time lying ill the hanks
simply for sate keeping anil ale earning noiliing. \\ ith any veal assuianee
that, al least, lbe principal wns sale
and could be regained a very large por
tion of this capital would la- invested
quite willingly in mineral properties
witli the hope of seeming a return.
Before, however, the Eastern capitalists will, to any large extent,risk their
money tbey must have an assurance
lhat the mining laws nre not only
good, but are nnl likely lo he altered
at the whim of demagogic legislators
or to suit the pally purposes of each
succeeding adiniliislralion. People
will certainly nut invesi their money
wliere tbey see that they are likely to
lose it through the existence of bad
laws or the continual; unexpected and
ruinous changes which are made nl the
dictation of this class or Ibal, wbo
care nothing for the g-m-ral inlerest
and prusperttiy of the couptry, Then,
again, the time has cuine when proper-
lies, placed tin the market, In order lo
olilain any recogniiioii froni investing
capital, most to a considerable extent,
at least, have been proved, The time
of -wild cats' and the time of 'surface
insl ant. engage I he al I en I inn nf capital,
"Another thing wliieh I cannot dwell
on with sufficient einphasi< Is the necessity fnr a community like this to
properly keep themselves and I 1
properties before the world, I mean
by this in legitimately advertise themselves, to lii the world know what
they possess, hut not 'hoom'theinsolves
unduly. In this age i' is Impossible to
expect the world to turn Its attention
to us unless we |el il know that we
possess snlllol lling whicli il  Wants,    If
we have gieal milling propel ties in
this dislrict, then we slinulil let lhe
world know it, and once capital is convinced nf ihe truth of om claim, ii will
he anxious lo come here and will pnttr
in without nur solicitation, Fur a
community like this then lo possess a
good newspaper and tn give that paper
all the booking possible, it ih uglily
generous support. Is a matter of dollars
and cents to themselves,"
 r* .	
Four Persons Killed and Seven Injured by the Bursting of a Boiler.
Last Wednesday afternoon the hoiler of the steamer Ramona, a vessel
running between New- Westminster
anil Langley, nn lhe Fraser river, 80
miles from Vancouver, explodpd, resulting in the ilealh of four men and
Beriutisly injuring seven nthei-B, two of
whom nre not BXppcled to recover.
The accident occurred just after the
vessel had left Langley wharf and was
nearly in the middle of the river,
Withuiit a moment's wanting Ihere
wns nn explosion, like the deafening
reporl of h cannon, and Ihe whole
front pail of the vessel was blown
Two .vnmen, Mrs Henry Morrison,
nf Fort Langley and Mrs. .1 es Bail-
lie, of Mount Lehman, whn weiestand-
iug nn lhe '"iw, weie knocked Into the
water and drowned.
Two deckhands. Jt.e McCarleand A,
Phipps, were frightfully burned by the
escaping steam and were both dead
when picked up,
A. Power, the purser, .1. Maynaid,
the mate, and Victor Novell, the fireman.- who had -con- on ilia* il'iy for
the first time, were burned so ladty
that Ihey cannot possibly rccuver,
Pour Indians were dreadfully scalded
and nnly one of Ihese is expected to
recover. One Indian baby is at the
poinl of death.
Captain Seymour aud engineer John
Oliver, wiio owned the higgei inteiest
in the vessel, were unhurt. Both Mis.
Moiri-un and Mis. Bniley bad left
Iheir babies upstairs in tho saloon and
bad come in, deck for fresh air The
babies are unliiiil. The Injured people
were brought to New Westminster.
Power, tin- purser, has gone insane,
and the others are in so had a condition
that no hope is held oul for their recovery,
 •■ •.	
The Waterloo.
A circular has been issued by tbo
hoard of trusters nf tin- Waterloo .Mining ,V Milling pany (Camp McKinney). to shareholders, in whicli it is
stated thai while lhc mine is in asaiis-
facinrv condition, and thai there are
at present available over IK*) Inn* nf
"gunil ore" to run through the mill,
the company's fund.-., after the March
payroll hns been met, will be exhausted. Tin-re is, moreover, an Indebtedness of aliout $2,000 whicli matures
next Ootoher, Tb- shareholders ate
consequently asked lo come to Ihe
rescue, anil the appeal is made as follows :
"We a*l; each shareholder to voluntarily agree to pay lo iln-company an
assessment of one eeni per share. In he
pnid in lour payments, one payment
on or liefore April l*i, Ilml, and the
oi hers tin- Hist of .Mny. lime and .inly,
Ilml. And if a shareholder sells stock
thus vnluiitai'ilv subjected lo Ihe as-
scasllielll, be shoulil see Mini   lbe   pin.
chaser assumes the remaining payments.   Tb iinpany  will  issue  to
each persun agreeing to this, when he
makes his payments, a paper agreeing
to repay the aiiiuiuils so advanced
from the first nel profits nf tb - mine,
witli six per cenl Interest, after the
Indebtedness of the company is paid
olT. We thus consider it no more I Inui
a loan to tide the conipany nver its
present ilillieullins. This is hellei and
cheaper tban any attempt to reorganize the conipany upon nn assessable
basis. Unless tliis plan is adopted,
ami at once, the mine will he shut
dnwn, as tlie board will incur no new
Indebtedness. With 810,00(1 the properly can he made n dividend payer,
This is uur confident belief,"
Tlie New York Commercial Adver-
prospects' bus gone by. Tlie period of lisei snid that Hill and BSSOcilltes own
business propositions is upon us. and 600000shares of Burlington -lock ami
nn iiiiui, unless lie is able to show a lhat hereafter Iho mad will he con*
reasonable promise, fnun actual worki trolled jointly by the (ireat Northern
dune thai his property will beeoine a'ami Northern Pacific. Advertising; Kales soul on application.
as      m       ii'   .... .      ii    . .1 .   ..
».   . I.S- I.      .-■      .1 1     JII -       .       .
Au exchange remarks that Mr. .1.
1'ierpiiini Morgan, Hie git-at financier
nf New York, who Is on his way lo
Kngland, is not accustomed lo throw
up anything he gels hold ot, hut if
Old Neptune is feeling iu fairly good
(wist Mr. Morgan is likely, for once in
his life, to ease his hold of a few things.
During the past few weeks a number
of burses belonging lo people in Midway-and whicli have been wintering
on tlie range buck of the  town, have
been missed and it   is suppuscd they
have been stolen.   Some of the miss
ini; horses have ranged for years on
these same hills,   They have linen seen
since ilie snow went nlf ami it is very
llllikely Ihnt at tliis lime of lit" yenr,
when fee 1 Isgnod, thai   they should
wander away  of iheir own accord,
The I'm I ilml nil   lhe   hornet   missing
are valuable animals strengthens the
supposition Ihal they have lieen stolen.
Some means should be taken lo put. a
stop lo tbis  horse   stealing, and   we
would  suggest that those who have
suffered loss in this respect, together
wilh those who have horses running
on the hills, should   unite  with the
provincial police In an effort lo bring
the guilty parties to justice.
The Portland, Ore.,  Telegram  bat
the following editorial reference to tin
approaching Lewis and Clark Celilen-
teiillial :   "Not only the immediately
adjacent states of Ihe Oiegun country,
but our sunny and enterprising compatriots of California, and uur Hritish
neighbors of Canada, will join with us
heart'ly und helpfully in celebrating
the 1005 Lewis and Clark Centennial.
Favorable reports in this respect come
from all  sources.   British  Ooiumbia,
with Its Vancouver, Victoria and Nelson: with its historic places and people;
with its great forests, mines, plains and
undeveloped resources,  will suiely he
represented hare on such an occasion,
And not only British Columlrin, hut
Manitoba, Quebec, Ontario 'ind all the
eastern provinces of Canada will take
tin inteiest iu this great event, and will
be "here to see."   Britons are jnsl a
little hit clannish, and will stutid together in this matter, all the way from
Vancouver lo Halifax.   What, may it
be asked, will the British help us celebrate an event tliatcoiumemorales our
| ment employ and has been applying
bis knowledge to the detriment nf I be
province. Money lias been squandered
nn useless rights-of-way and expensive
bridges, consequently appropriations
run out before mails are coiuplet'il.
West Fork is not an isolated case.   An
appropriation was made for a road lo
lbe Mount Baker Mines.   The money
went in clearing a 00 foot right of way
notwithstanding the strong protesls of
practical  road  men  and  Hie  people
mosl directly interested.   Shaw placed
Ihe road in the la-si  place, the grade
given is a good one, but starting in to
build   il   on   (iambic's    extravagant
specifications,  assured   hy  lhe laiter
gentleman  hu plenty of funds would |
be forthcoming, he soon gut order*
from the government that ilia appro
prlation was exhausted and ibe work
was discontinued,   For a few thousand
dollars lbe Carmi  people  built more
wagon road that is being used today
Ili'in tin-government built for nearly
$2D,iKK).  The government's is a buttet
road hut what value is il when it end-
in .< rock bluff thai cannot Iw removed
wit bout   additional     money.      The
blunders of last year are past and son)' ■
ihingsliinilil be done in the Immediate
future,   The temporary bridges hn il i
over lbe   West  Fork   will he tarried
away liy high water leaving the dis
ti let without any means of commuiii
cation,  Tlie government should acl
at once.   A few thousand dollars expended by a practical man will no
build Howe truss bridges or make a
wagon road on railway grade,   but it
will complele the present wagon road
along lines that will meet the requirements nf of the district until the rail
way is completed,
ueison & n.
Railwav Co
Railwav Co^^^_
The only nil roll route tn'tween
nil points Kiist, Wi'sl nnd South
to Hosalniitl, .Nelson und nil
in term ed in tt> pointa ; connect-
ing nt Spokane with tho Orent
Northern, Northern I'uclfli'iiiiil
O. It, iV N. Oo.
Conneots at Nelson with lho jtoamer lor
Kaslo and all Kmitenny Lako points,
imv thais,
Conneots at Mayer's Falls with sisko dally FlTSt-ClaSS   SlteptTS
for Hepubllo, and connects at Bossburit with ru __.!_.__, f_m_.~   T        .   , f-._._.
state dally for Grand Forks and Greenwood. \)l tWIg Caf\S    I OUTISt CATS
^_^_■^■^■» ""' ""•■*• steamship Service from Viuioouvor to
Cape Nome Alaska Points
Australia     China
Tlirough llokols in anil front
ii la p.m.
8,10 |i in.
V. I .'• |i.iii.
.     11..'si II in
^^^^^^^  MIIIIIIT   TIIAIN. m^^^^W
SPOKANK 11.4.1 p. in,      T.uoa.m
ltOS.s|..\N|i  II Kip. m.       7.00nun
(b'iK'ral J'assoiigiir Atftint,
I   Vnr 1,1'ne tallies, rsies anil full Information
D.I'.,'.. A. (I. P. A.,
Ni-lwin, Ji. C       ViUM iiim-r. II. (
h******************************" ■ u
One Block West of Customs 6ff|ce,
This is a first-class building, being hard   ®
finished throughout,   The dining room   ®"
*f   is runjinder the personal supervision*!
®   ol   ],   Crowell, and i.s supplied  wiih  |
vg}Jg Ae best on the market. Choice stock .
W <& ol Wines, Liquors and Citrars „ ,i '
*   ft   ft   »t.     l*ar,e   Su,,*,   f^^l
The Patronage of the Public I. Solicited and
1 »«tletaotlon Ouereoteed.
Iriuinpli nver them—the nulalile even
tint iii.ule die "Oregoncountry"*ptiri
uf lilt* American  HepuMie instead nt'
Ilie Brititili Empire?   Yes, they will
dnsii; all  Ilml. is forgiven, if there is
anything tu f'U-givc ; t»oaro Ifctrnlug
mure and more, every generation ami
clei-nile, that "nil we   are   brethren,"
Almost all our interests are mutual,
fiaternal,   tnther  than   antagonistic
And the men whu help In make them
mine mutual, ntnl fraternal, are liest
Herving iheir country, whether thai
country he Camilla,  Knglaiid nr the
L'liiieil States,   This Lewis and ('lark
Centennial will he a love least hetween
ourselves and ihe".Sisti-rtif the Snows,"
We got n little the hest nf her, nr her
royal master, inn years ago, hut she is
ton hig and prosperous and  hopeful
and reasonable now to hold any grudge
about thai.   Indeeil.il is all lhe more
reimin  why the   adjacent   Cauadian
provinces shnuld shuw their good nature, guud will, and the effects upon
them ofa century of civilization,
The wedding of Julius  Khrlich  In
Miss .lulia Fisher took place last nifchi
at Davenport's and was an elaborate
atfiiir.   The guests iiiiinliered 80, many
having cuine down from Greenwood
the home uf the In-lda and gruum, and
all sat down to a welding repast in the
reception room,   Kred V. Fisher,  of
Spokane, cousin of the hride, was be-i
man, and Dolly Fisher, of Oreenwood,
the hride's sister, was hridesmaid. The
ceremony was  _>erftiriiicil hy Justice
Keenan anil was repeated according to
the Hebrew ritual hy Rabbi Reubens,
The  marriage  took  place under a
Invely hnwer, in which over 1,100 specimens of pink and white roses were
wreathed.  The hride was dressed iu
white oiousseline de soie, wiih lace in
Thk Roy a i. Insuranck Ooy,
Thk London and Lancashire Firk
Insuranck Oot,
Thk  Insuranck Coy. ok  North
Thk London and Canadian Fihk
Insuranck Coy.
Tiik Sun Likk Ahsukanck Coy xo ,
Canada. ^P
Thk Dominion Buii.dino and Loan
Am-kaihkk kor thk Canada Pkii-
^^^^   To Ut.   ^^^_
The   Lancashire   House,   Midwav.
This is a popular hotel, and is a gond
opening for a Hrst class hotel   man.
I'he furniture can he purchased reason-
ahly.   Possession given at unce.
For terms, etc., apply
Tiik Midway Company, Ltd.,
Midway, II. (
| Try a Bottle of |
For that Cough of yours,   j
I   Agent for Stuart's
I Map of the Boundary
District.   ^^
:j. A,
--; sertio,, sh;;0;;:;,;;--
apart   and  tilj_>_. „f .i  ..      ■*   "u "
(ireal dissatisfaction is expressed hy
those travelling hetween   Westlirldge
and the towns up the West Fork at
ihe pool excuse for a road on which
the   pruviuci.il  govert ment  spent so
much money last year,  At th" presenl
time just when a rnud is most  needed
people are afraid lo travel over Ihe
temporary  hridges which are across
the river, and ii Is only a matter uf a
few days until   these  hridges will gu
out, owing to hik'h  water, and then
there will he nn way uf ttaveliug up
the West Fork unly hy going over a
rugged trail on horse hack.   The VVest
Fork country in now becoming rapidly
developed ; lowns   are springing up,
hut the growth   of  Ihese   towns and
the development of  that country are
heing greatly retarded through lack of
the provincial government providing a
wagon road.   There is no doubt that
enough money has already  heen spent
lu have huili a first class wagon rond,
hut the money appropriated foi  that
purpose was   injudiciously expended
and Ihe fact remains thai the money
already spent is entirely wastetl unless
the governmnnt makes a further ap
jiropri.il ion to put the road in a uassahle
condition.   Duncan Ross editor of the
Oreenwood Times, who lately took a
trip up ihe West Fork has the follow
ing to say regaining this matter :
A w.1'1- -'■■   ■
and lilies of the valley. Miss Dollii
Fisher wore pink silk organdie, tiim
med wit li cream lace and hlack velvet
Mrs. Fisher, mother of the hride, was
dressed Iii lilack silk gienadine ovei
laifeta jind lac*.
The decorations were in white ami
pink. Surrounding the In hie and
along the walls were large palms. Un
the table were roses and smilax. The
wedding cake was four stories of
square design. All orchestra furnished
the music.
Mi. and Mrs. Khrlich leave at once
for a two months' wedding trip
through Oregon, California, Arizona
and New and old Mexico, after which
they will lake up their residence in
Among Ihe guests present were Mr.
and Mrs Adolph Fisher, Oreenwood ;
Mr. and Mrs. Blake Wilson, Nelson ,-
Theodore Fisher, Nathan Fisher, Fred
V. Fisher, Miss Dolly Fisher, Mr. Des-
chattps, Greenwuod ; Mr. tmd Mrs. W. I
II. Hahlo, Mr. and Mrs. D. Kpstein,
Mr. and Mrs. I. Hreslauer, Milton
SVehster, Miss Lekow, M. Diaz, Spokane.
The ahove, which is taken from the
Spokesman-Review, will prove nf in
teres! to imr readers in this disiri t.
Vlr. Khrlich is Ihe popular manager
for P. Hums k Co., Oreenwood, while
Ihe bride is a daughter nf Adolph Fish
er, the lumber king uf Ihe Boundary
Carrying His /Majesty's Hails
Will leave MIDWAY on Tuesdays, Thurs
clavs and  Saturdays,  at  8.30 a,  m.,  arri\ in '
CAMP McKINNEY at 5 p. m.
Returning will leave CAMP McKINNEY on
Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 9 a, m
ihing MIDWAY at 1.30 p. m.,artd making con
nection with the train going east at 2 o'clock.
Tho boat of aooommodation for
tho oonvonionoo of the
travelling public
-   LADNERS.   .   BRmsH   .   COLUMi [.
i" British <
Dan flann Speaks.
The Grand   Forks  Gazette of UHli
insl. contains tlie following :
"George ('lark received this morning
a letter from his brother, Fred, « ho
went, easl with the delegation fiom
the Sunt hern British Columbia Boards
of Trade, and contained therein is tin
latest and best railway news which
has heen received here.
"Mr. Clark, who is well acquainted
with Dann Mann, Ihe hig railway con
tractor whn is hack nf the V., V. k K.,
was in conversation wilh Mr, Mann
who staled that, his railway would he
built into Grand Forks nnd transport-
ation furnished lo the international
hoiindary line hy the first uf August
"His company, he says, is not asking
any bonus for the line from Cascade to
Midway as it practically parallels tin
Ihe C. P. B. over this part of the route.
Practical Wagon and Carriage Builder.
mTiJOTxr_A_rsr,      - 33. o.
Repairing of all kinds promptly and neatly executed.
Carriage Painting a specialty.
J. H. TYRRELL, Proprietor.
$3.00 per month.    Single Horses, delivered in Midway, $5.00
per month.   Two or more, delivered in Midway,
each $4.00 per month.
Si'Kci.u.tiks-Varieties  Profitable
Trees Free from  IVsts.
Send for Free Catrilogufi,   j   E. Hutcherson,
Lancashire House,
: : MIDWAY, B.C.
The  undersigned having   taken
known   and   comfortable    hotel
patronage of all old customers and the public
Furniice-hcnted and comfortably
furnished   rooms.
Thos. D. Banbury, Proprietor.
Paek ii Saddle Horses for Sale or Hire
If you have lost a Horse send me the brand, and if it i.s
in the country it will be found
J. *m* in Rock ere* II. c, „„ tkc „,ail,
2***&.\*«***atmam B„,
dary Creek points.
,  -...._,   |i«i-iiiieis He
_, a <•"» maiter :        the C. P. B. over this part of the route.
A wealth of inforuialion on how to it js only from Midway on to ihe
build the least amount of wagon CtiaBt that my bonus is being sought
road fur ihe largest amount of public "Referring to the rumors whrb
money can easily be secured in the have been presistently circulated In
West Fork country. From Hock (he effect that the V., V. k K charter
Oreek to Carmi, Ihe interrupted por- Ims lieen allowed to expire, Mr. Min.n
tions of the government wagon mad, explicitly denied such a report, saying
the magnificent rock cuts, wide ihat Iiis company had two years in
enough for a standard gauge railway, wliieh to commence operations and
the sisi ■*./«■•» ..!•->-» -*
The Boundary Hotel
 ...... ,1 gauge railway,
the sixty-foot right of way cut the full
width even lo the fraction of an inch
is an riiM-ueiit ti Unite to departmental
red tape  and  engineering stupidity
.,      ., —t*.»rn-|nu-   s tllihl I .. i    ,     .  n "*c V"',""U tin
t  ^  Shaw has been crL'iX   ,t,  ' ,,,ew   V"^"'  «^
Homed for the launder on tll)! w2 HSS»      "",he ''"nditions of
. -,..v_.r   nml
five years in which lo complete Ihe
road. They have already expended,
he says, something like $(O,<KI0nn the
road   bed  near   Penticton,  which  is
*"*«»«■-*-■** taaAmimmmmmm.
Qood Hunting.        Qood Fishinir
Best of Accommodation.
S- T. LARSEN, Proprietor.
I« SamplB Jon for Comnnwial Men
THOS. McAULEYr.     Proprietor
The Pinn^Pi- W_.  *■*
The Pioneer Newspaper of the
Boundary District-only
$•2.00 per year.
I-s prepared id
fill all orders
for Job Prim
ing at It wesl
rates consistent with good
'■■•' ■*•*"*-■•■■»—" LOCAL AND DISTRICT. \
■Mies Dale was down from Uarml
.   ivank Ciirey, of Hoik Creek, Is in
Hu to day.
lilies Kerr, of (Ireeiiwuiiil, was a
lor lo Miilway on Filday,
(ini -In Hpokane, on llth iiiHt., the
of K. A, Matihcs, Midway, uf a
M.  Kerby, P, I,. S., relurned lo
Hii  to-day,  where he is engaged
■Iting the tiiwnsilc.
Uiii. Cook is now working on th,.
by near lliiuudary Balls. He has
sineil some nice looking ore in
es by melius of surface ruts.
liss Kate Lindsay, of Rork Greek,
luis Ii i spending a few ilnys in
(way, the guest of Min. C. M. Mel
relurned tn her hm, II Satur
P, Keane, who Ih superintending
Hlainond diitl workiin tlieOarllion,
pip MeKinney, was in  .Midway one
t Insl,  week  Oil Ills reiiirn from a
I to Spokane.
II. Boone anil family lefl lust
rk lor Carmi, where tbey will re-
rin  for  ii  few months,    Mi. Hoone
I have charge uf the luijiriling house
hb- sawmill conipany.
llu- appliciitloti bus heen gianted
change of venue fnun Vale to
lllleiiiiy in lhe null lee n|   Rex,   v.   .1.
HMI des Riviera, charged with the
[der of Hairy Rowand at Denoro,
Built camp, a few weeks ago.   The
■used will In- tried al Nel  nl the
fees opening May 7th,  uinl wili be
iili-il by  ('bus.  Wilson,  K. ('., of
■young lady visiting lown dropped
[nne of our stores the other day
..-inl :   "It is my desire In obtain a
of e'lislie appendages capable of
ng contracted  ami expanded  by
of oscillating burnished sit-el
ftlianei-s ihai sparkle like particles
old leaf sel with Ala-dot diamonds,
I which are utilized fur keeping in
liiimi (lie halillatrienta of the lower
|r iniiies whieh innate delicacy for-
ii mention,"   'I'm- clerk had
| lime to hand out. h pair of garters
i lien fainted,
en i V. Oodenrath was iu Midwuy
|Rituii|.iy on his return from a I rip
ll"i k ereek and its iriliiit.uies,
lieli ni present is i4ie scene tif much
liu'v in placer mining. Mr. linden-
|li 1'i'i'oi'ls I hat dill Ing the |ni-t week
.■ miles of Rock mid Baker creeks
lieen   staked.   The  present   ex
|" nt i- prohahly duetoacimi|iany,
hi'li waa formed s short time auo tn
In ibis i-rii-k by tha "Imomlng"
fci.-iu. mul ihe present Idcilibtls are
fug m.uie in hope iluif this company
v  Is-  successful, and  if so claims
ng theseoreeks will become valine
p. A.Young, nf Spokane, was in Mid
un Friday on bis return trom tbe
iiiilkiiineeii,    where    he    lunl   lieen
iking extensive   locations of coal
* fm-a Spokane syndicate,   These
nl outcropplugs located nave been
own mi the settlers in iln- districl
about  Ihree years  and   colli  bus
en mined in a small   way  fiom tin
rl'itee for Iheir own use dining lliat
e.   Strange   to   say,   no locations
•e ever made,   This was recently
iivered, hut got   out  iu  Spokane
'I Rossland at about the game time
'liresenlatives   were  rushed   in  hy
|lli parties and  the good ground is
[tl to have heen iilniiii equally di*
tied     The  OlltCWppIng is said to he
I considerable sixe on Ihe surface, nl
list   assuring a good Imdy nf edal,
product is mid to he nf excellent
tility, comparing favtirnhlv with any
lmd in Kast Kootenay.   The discov-
rs are nn the line nf the proposed
V. & K. railroad, and if Ihey fulfill
►ir original promise they may he
tne of Immense Importance,
litle a Cleveland.
Ilolins, Mandolins and (iuilars frnm
("•up.   Oreenwood Music8tnre
ftir all bloyole accessories ami sup-
call on \V. II. Webli,
ia will hy a goml Upright  Piano
tlv new.  Oreenwood Music Store,
iler a Cleveland wheel frnm W. II,
'b, who has the Midway agency,
Me it  popular  wheel.   The Clive
is acknowledged to he t be superior
I made loday.
misleading Statement.
pder ihe heading of ''Plewman In
Ir" the Greenwood Miner nf 20th
i snys ;
his stock letter of the lfllh inst..
laid I'lt-winan of Rossland publish-
V following relalive In Morrison
f and the Standard Pyritie com*
['a smelter!
Is"|,l m,„,.|y 7t),(|(»|B|.,..,.„,,f M.uri-
dining lhe fortnight.   The slock
I previously advanced from :i to I)
land WAS flrmljl held.    In fail tin
was considered, in anticipation
arly shipments, a gond htiyuplo
But the closing dnwn of the
Idiiul PyVIHr smeller Hi Boundary
involved ihe discontinuance of
Clients fnun the Athelstan ahd
Other prnpei ties.' 11 is well
fn ihal a shipping contract exist-
Itween the Morrison and the I'yri-
Blieltflr, which was tn take elf-el
•onus the C. P. R, had built the
to lhe Morrison mine,    Iiis re-
ported ilmi serious iiiistakmlinvc lieen
iinidti imt, only in the ci-tistruciloli of
the smell er, hilt also iu the purchasing
"I oivs Illimitable, fnr the pyriiietiM-ih-
"ds.    Mr.  Laidlaw   has giuic nisi   lo
' suit with Ills principal* and some
time  must elapse  before tlie smeller
siiiiaiiun niljii-ts Itself, Meantime
stockliuldeis in tlie Morrison and oilier
mines affected should remember that a
temporary iel back of ibis kind is Incidental to milling, and mi the lirst nut-
blll'Sl of disiippoiiiluienl III" ell'eclsnre
certain In he exaggerated."
It isa nily ihal Mr Plewnnn was
mu careful in bis fuels liefore rirrulut-
Ing such misleading stateineiils us are
contained iu lbe foregoing, Taken
serial lin tlieM.iitetnenls now challenged it is here cimleiidt'd :
1. Thnt nn "closing down"  of  the
Standard Pyriilcsineller, in il rdln*
arily accepted sense, ever look place,
for  the  very goml  reason lh.it it has
nnl yet been "started up," the furnare
not having heen blown in.
2. Tin- disnitiiiuiiatice of shipments
fnun lbe Atlu'l-tiiii, there is good rea
son In leliete, was mil due mi llllll'll III
ibe temporary suspension of construe
iimi work ni tie Pyritie smaller ns io
another cause, which would have heen
snllleieiil In have Iiiid a like result even
bait the smeller heen running continuously.
8, The railway spur to the Morrison
mine lias not yet lieen Iniilt. because thai mine is not yet npi'iiidtip
and equipped iu such u manner ns
would admit of a daily output nf lin
ions-the t|iiatiliiy comtacted for—nl
pay nre heing regularly maintained,
11 does not by nny menus follow
Unit "serious mistakes" have lieen
made iu the iwo dir< minus Indicated
above, simply because sueh "is re-
ported" to he tin-case. Mr.Plewman'*
slock letter Mill prol ahly In re reliahle if hedefera making use of street
gossip until he shall have ils purport
verified, Were the Miner to publish
Ihe silly repot'lS oeeasionally heard on
the streets it would rlskunwarrantahl)
damaging the reputation nf district
mines and smellers that aie the main
stay of the mining industry in the
Boundary. Thej actual position of
affairs apparentlyi*lhia that loo nun h
haste was made in n/flclitdlog lhat
the Morrison mine was in a posilion
to keep up shipments of nre lo an
appreciably huge extent and lhat I lit*
standard Company's smelter was both
as-iireil of a stiftieiitit supply of ore
for continuous operation ami ail,.
quulely equipped lo Ireal it toad
vantage. More development at lhe
mine (assuming thai ii contains suf-
lliieiii pay nre) and additional appliances at the smelter will, all iu
xi I tine , right matters, hut meanwhile it behooves mining men of g 1
sending to exercise great care ihnt
they do not mislead tin- puhlic, evei
unintentionally. If Mr. I'lewnian wil!
lake the (rouble to look up tin- stint
market reports, be will prohahly lind
that the price nf Morrison stock fella
week or iiu'l'e hef.ire eonslriiition
work at the smelter was teinporurih
The Boundary Line.
It is now fifty veins or mure since
the international boundary between
this country and tbe United Stales
from Lake Sui'erioi In llie Pacific was
marked out. Negotiations have heen
proceeding between lhe government*
of Canada anil lbe United Slales in
view of a passible disappearance nf tin
Imuudacy marks, an iimb-istanding
having lieen arrived al Ihe result of
which will Is* that the two t-ounliles
will proeeeil ihis coining Slimmer to
review the work that wasdnnein pan,
iml for Ihe purpose of fixing ally new
houndiiiy line hut for lhe pin pose of
preserving tin- location "f lhe forty
liinlh parallel. Tile pressing n-ri'ssii*
at the present lime is to define act-iir
alely the boundary line between Can
ati.t and the United Slates iu the min
eral regions nt Hiti-li Colunihia. ll
has come to light Hint doubt has arisen
ill sou e eases of mineral claims as Io
which side of the boundary they are
loeated on and immediate work this
summer will ho direitisl towards preserving and renewing the liounilaiy
line in Southern British Columbia, li
is the Intention of the department of
the interior to send oul parties this
summer for that purpose.
There is now no doubt that one
and probably two railways will be
building out of Midway as soon as
spring opens, and Midway is destined
to become the commercial and railway
centre of the Boundary country.
Now is the time to buy lots in the
town. They will make you rich. It is
not a speculation, it is an investment.
For prices and terms apply to
I-liryt* Stock.    Low   I'riccs.
T.   IML    GKCTI_IjE^5r   Ss   CO.,
******************. *****tttt*tf-*tt.tl.i:tzii.i.c'-.y**iis
I The Travellers Insurance Co.., I
$ .... Of Hartford. Conn. |
1 rrt tut mr $
W 4
s The Central Hotel ]
\ llth St., Midway, B. C. j
Chartered isil-f.
Stock Lift- tiuti
Accident Insurance.
ISSUBS the hest life Insurance
' cnnlriicls in lhe world. No
disappointiiienl as to dividends.
Kvi-iylliiti-j guaranteed in advance,   Preinfuiii rales 1j"i lo 25
per i I less  lhan   Iliose of old
line .Mutual companies,
January ist, 1X97,
, 17,020,2(13.20
. 2,970,424.36
s is a
new three-storey
The Travellers Combination Accident Pulley guarantees for
uiuler ordinary conditions,
J.i ium
v tel, comfortab
furnished ih
Death Menem .     .
Loss nf Hlght of ll.il h Kye
lai-.^ ef Both Fuel or Both HriiiIji   5,000
lees nt Ollu Hanil tliul One Knnl     5,000
I'lTiieini'iii Tnial nisabtlty lAm
l.o- ot   Right  lllili.l
Ism uf Leg jii nr nbove
l.n-x Ol   l.'-fl llilli'l       .
Lots of Killer Fool
LOSS of sii-lil uf line 1 J'l
-*i******9i:*f.ei- W
The nearest house to the Railway Station.   Thc  y|/
most convenient hotel for railway travellers. w
The best nl accommodation in every respect. SI/*
*.*»i»i»i»i»i»a«Wie«j«M» W
S. DAHL, Proprietor.     I
I^iniils c^f   Weekly  [riderpnity $1,300,
AND, tf such injuries are sustained while riding
any passenger conveyance using steam   cable,   o
motive power tlie amount to he paid   shall be DOUBLB tlie sum
specified in the uluusu under which the claim is made.
passenger in
iti-ii-ilv us a
i Cost $52
\ vear  to Professional  ano
Mkn.ami Ct
n,.\mi Commercial Travelers,
Other sums at proportionate rates
TaXr. H. Noxvis,
1.1.Ill  Ib
'■"" *
■ '■■" tTi
Lequime & Powers, Proprietors.
Manufacturers of till kinds
Band Sawingand Job Work done to order
Telephone No,
Telephone orders receiv
Lastin' Things Arc Slow A-tlrowin'.
Rapid grows the poplar tree,
The lititly oak sue soon oiitstrippin',
Willi wad thlllk thev e'er slenild see
The oak iili.ion Hie poplar sllppltl'f
But the onk will rear his lieitil,
Mighty  arms around him I hum-in'
When the poplar's dry an' dead—
Lastin' thing* are slow a gruwin'.
Mony a laddie lit the school
Beside the dux, sue Iniihl an' clever,
Is IIioukIiI nae heller than a foul,
Dull anil slow he shall he ever I
But lu life's lung, Iryin' rai e,
Time an altered view is slmwlti ;
Booliy hands I he fol osl place—
Lastin' things are slow a growln'.
Aft (he wise all'solid sel	
Beside ihe proj'-ci fair an' hollow,
May seem bill as an idle dreillll,
Fl-ae   Which   nae   glide   fdllld   evei
follow ;
But fl-ae that slow-win kin' plan
Benefit! fm langnre flowln'
To bless the life an' Inl o' i|i;i" "
Laslin' tilings are slow a-gi*uwlD.
THOMAS WALKER. Proprietor.
1 ©
All the best brands of
Cigcrs and Tobacoos kept
constantly on hand.
Latest (hades and patterns of Wall Paper now in
Seventh  Street, Midway.
«^_*:^5f!?5fy^y'5f5f 999 999 99V 999 _S$
I   JOHN J. FLOOD    '
Rider Agents Wanted
One iii e.-i'b lown tn ride ami exhibit, a sample lllill model bicycle of
oiiiniilaeliit-'. VOU CAN MAKB 810 Tt) WO A VVI5BK, liesiiles
wheel lo l-lde V Self,
li Grade (lu.'irantecd,
nur own
having a
1901 Models,
1900 and 1899 Models, Best Makes,
500 Second Hand Wheels, taken in trade
bv our Chicago retail stores, many (food
$10 to $18
$7 to $12
as new $$ to $8
We will ship anv hlt-vcleON APPROVAL loanvnne without. 1 111 ilepos-
ii in advance and allow TEN DAYS FREE TRIAL.   Ymi take nl<snltitely no
risk in inilei'iiur fnun us. as villi do nol n I til pay a eent If the  b'1 -yel-  does
not suit von Do nnl Imv -i wheel until vou have wriUen for our h*-\<T<)IfV
I'nif'KSanil KHKKTIIIAL Ol'FKIL This liln-ral olfer has never been 1 qual-
led nnd is a gimrinte" nf Mm nuility of our wheels. WR WANT a reliable
person in eie li lown 'o ilisiribi.te eaialnitues for us in cxeluiuge for a hicyele.
Write loilay for fi-e nilia logos and our special titter.
In the premises formerly occupied liv
-3a»_?c3-_-._t._p-   Si   _EiI__x»x»if
and has on hand a first-class outfit of
Single and Double Drivers
Saddle and Pack Horses |
Will also conduct a transfer and dray business.    Bus JK
meets all trains,    Freight and express tie- a>
delivered to anv part of the town. yj^*
V&&.&S. £i£i<i <i£i£. £i£i£i &.-Zf4L.£;£i.£f4L£i4L£mtJt*
vs5!*C^!*5:^:'v- -k-*^-*.->i-*C^:*-j-.-^^*S:-:C!5!^:'5:^'CsC
No. 4 K.-W.-C. Block, Nelsoi . B. C, I
OoW, Sllver-bi'iiiliiii'l tlnpjior .Minus ivantod ai 1 li<- KXCHANOK. ♦
I'liKK Mil.I.IMi OOM) properties wanted atonco for Kast0 11 Invostors. *
PartloS tiavlno mining proporti' fur sale aro roqucsti-il In srntl aaiiiele. nf tlir 4
lo the KXrtlANi.'K tnrcxhlbl  ♦
Allsamplosshoiill ImisoiiI '" oxprnss, PntJPAin J
Oorrffliponiloiiuosollt'lii'il.   Adtlr-wt all 1 0
A.rx*!k-xso'tHr   A' '
Tt-li-pliiini- X11 UU. IM'. tin
J. Ij. BOCea-d  Cycle Co., m*.Ao**mo\****»o*********************************************** WJBO
'Me  .Jul.  .,.
MIDWAY, :=: B.C.
Beautifully situated at the confluence of Boundary Creek and Kettle River.
WILL BE   llu' most ""i,,)rl;iMt  railway town  in  the   Keltic   River  Mining  Division.
The  Wholesale Supply and  Manufacturing centre of the  Kettle River and Boundary
Creek Districts.
The distributing  point for   Upper   Kettle  River,  West   Fork  and  Camp  McKinney
mining camps.
The nearest Railway town to  Republic,   Meyers  Creek,   Palmer Mountain  and   other
Northern  Washington mining camps,
The   leading residence town   in   the  country, with an excellent   climate,  pure water
supply and favorable sanitary conditions.
Business, residence and garden lots at low prices and on easy terms.
80 St. John Street,
-Montreal, P, Q.
V ft-._»
Send for Maps, Prices, and full particulars to
('. M, GROUSE,
Agent for British Columbia,
Midwav, II. ('.
■Hi.WAI*. %& ffiiklyili.ryilA^ilt.%il'.&i!4i.i'.'. •'}
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"f '•:,
Canada and the Empire.
Iu an address delivered some time
ago bettire tb" I'oloniiil Institute, Admiral Sir John Coliiiiib, in dealing
wilh lhe economic relations which
have grown  up lietween tbe colonies
and the hei land, said :   "If in 1800
these islands lunl heen Bubiiieiged,
British trade would have totally tlisap-
peanil, now Hie effect would he to
leave in active operation a British sea
trade practically universal in its distri
button, and in volume mid value far
greater than that of Russia," A con-
■tiii'iunee on these lines is to be looked
for until eventually the total trade of
Great Britain .vill he less than that of
lhe colonies.
It would seem tn he only a commonplace uf political wisdom that the colony placing itself iu the closest tiiucb
with the motherland will not only re-
ceive the initio,al overflow of Briiish
population, but will receive as will,
and nt the same time, ihe attention of
those who control enormous sums of
capital which must be invested outside
(Ireat Britain, The outlook of each
citizen of lbe Briiish empire is not
circumscribed liy the borders of the
country within which be lives. He is
a citizen of a world slate which Includes
Canada, Australia,South Africa, India
and Egypt, aa well as the Briiish lsler.
themselves, Without British trade,
it is nut likely that these parts would
have continued iu sueh close relations
with tin* home centre, or that their
material progress would have lieen so
great. Certainly, wilhuiii her euor
•nulls com ree Stent Britain would
unt nave iK'en able lo maintain in any
tiling like its present unrivalled statu-
the navy, upon whirh rests the hope
of every Briiish dependency. So long
us the colonies do iheir best towards
int'icasing tbe aggregate of British
commerce, they are assisting iu keeping up the navy, which Is the protector
of thai commerce,
Considering lhe natural tendency of
British population and Briiish capital
io gravitate to Canada when conditions
an-sueli as lo favor It, reiiiemlierilig
aIsn the general illness of this country
—witb its excellent seaboards mi twn
oceans, its natural resources and its
vast agricultural resources—to assume
a progressively mure Important position in tbe empire, the wisdom of the
policy whirl) has been adopted of pro-
muting irade wilh (ireat Britain, is
abundantly justified liy lhc results
which are accruing, anil especially iu
the Stimulation of the interest uf tbe
British peoplu ,n Hm foremost uud
most promising of the colonial nations
which make up I he empire.
Newspaper of the Future.
Ur. Alfred  HarillSworth, owner ol
the London Daily Mail, of London,
Kng., and several other papers, in an
article lo lbe North American Review,
speaks of what he calls "The Simultaneous Newspapers of the Twentieth
Century." Mr. Harmsworth expresses
the opinion Hint in spile of all the pro I
gress that lias been made iu the development of the newspaper hitherto we
nre still merely at the fringe of journalistic development, Mr. ilarmswnitli
thinks the ordinary newspaper illustration is unnecessary, and many times
only used to Iiil space, and he consider-
lhe present form nf papers clumsy, und
says improved machinery will produce
a newspaper which will he a small and
neatly indexed publication, Mr.
Harmsworth pays a high tribute to the
press of the United States us heing in
nne respect Iai III advance of the press
of his own country, Predicting what
the journal of the twentieth century
will In-be says j "I feel certain that
tbo newspaper of tbe twentieth century will he drawn into the vortex of
combination and centralization,   In
fact, given the man, the capital, tin
organization and the occasion, there
seems In be no reason why one nr two
newspapeis may not presently dominate greal sections of the United Stales,
or almosl the whole of Great Britain
In other words, where there are now a
multitude—good, had audindilfeient
ihere will then be one or two greal
journals, The methods by which sueh
journals would he established wnti'd
lie precisely those employed in the
formal ion of the ordinary trust. Possessing its own cables, wires, dispatch
boats and special trains, Hit- simultaneous newspaper concern would soon
have its own paper mills, printing it k
factories, machinery shops and the
like. The simultaneous newspaper
would represent a standard of excellence whirh has never before been attained, and witli its vast resources it
would be ahle In carry nut an unprecedented  scale of enterprises outside ul
the strict newspaper Held." Mr.
Harmsworth is stnmgly of the opinion
Ihal the newspaper slinulil not bc partisan in a political sense but should
endeavor to represent Ibe will of lbe
Midway Mall Service.
Mails close for all points east al lit)
p. in, daily, and for all points wesl at
8 p. iu,, Mondays, Wednesdays ami
Mails arrive from all points east at
lilllp. in, daily, ami frnm all points
wesl at, a p. in., Wednesdays, Fridays
and .Sundays.
Money orders and Registration close
'M 11,mule., before above time.
Mineral Act, 1896.
Certificate   of  Improvements.
Hiuiii.Axii Queen Mimnui Cum,
Situate In the Kettle River Minimi Division or 1
Yalo Ulstrict.   Where Located : -Dead-!
wood Camp.
TAKK NOTICE Uml I. Fortran M. Kerby. as
ugi'iil fcr Hie Highland Viiern Ciia-oli'liil-
ed .Minna,' ami Milling Co., Limited Uahilliy.,
free miners cortitloato  So,   Han."   i nd
sixty tliijs from lho dale   heroof, toapply
m  tin1 Mining Itcconler fnr  a oortlfloate of
improvomonts, for lhe purpose of obtaining I
ix Crown grantof tho abovoolalm,
And further take notloo that action, under!
reel ion ;ir. must be coini tod boforo i ho issuance of sueli oertlfloato of improvements.
Datod iliis-.'tttli dny tf January, luu.
Trade Marks
Copyrights Ac.
Anyone "cndliiK a -tieli-h and description may
nnl,-ijlv nRuertiilii our oiiliunii free wln'tlu>r an
Invention Is protnitily luitciiliitiio. I onimiinle*.
lions ntrlcl J J- eoiilldnnt ml. Iliuidbookou t'ntonts
lent free, Oldest iiKenr}- for iwcunit* pateiim.
l-ift.'. taken itiniiiuh Munn A Co. recetTt-
tptrial notice, without ctinnio, liitlio
Scientific American.
A hnndwimoljr lllintratpil weekly. I-nnrest clr-
dilution of Jiny ft HHiMilr Juiiriml. 'J'eniin, f-'l a
ynnr: four mon t lis, fL Holilbynll nnwrnloalorn.
■mm & Co.—*—* Nm Tort
Branch Utile., __t ¥ Si, WuhlDiiton, D. 0.
Provinoiul l.iinil Surveyor.
■Ml/   Architect and
2___   Civil Engineer...
I-^cal Estate,
Insurance and
Mining Aj*«*i|t.
##» VOTARY    IMriU.M'.«••»
i- nil view Townsite A-*t-nt.
... AiinitKss ...
ntavtgw, ii.e.
< lorrnapourtanoa Soiii-itiM.
ToO. A. Peterson, late ot Elioll < reck
illslrk't :
Sir:  Ymi an' hereby notifiedIlml'
t-xis>uili'il 1101.(0 in labor and lintn
ll|Mll the "Hig tt iml)•■■ Minn.il L'lnlll   ■ '■■'[
In I'Hivlili-iiee Damp, In the K.'  Ill
ing llll'iaion "f Villi' Districl in Ho'
1,1,1, ill order Iii In.l'l siill rlailu  llll'i"  ''''
visions,,fSrr'ititr'lnf llir Mini''
lu-iiig ilie lojiuiim roqalrod lo I
olalm for tho year ending April A, ll'"
Ami If at the expiration of ninot) ''""/
publication of tills notloo you fnil w
contribute yotir proportion of thf "'■	
required  ua eranirt aoctlou 21 i I
allriHi.ei ndvorlllduB:, your u.'1'■ ■
olalm -li.i.l become restt-d In llu   '
lyour co-owner*.) under Soctlon I of u
al Aet Amendment Art. ism.'
Dated al Midway, 11. O., llii" »i'
April, mm.
0, I.. TlloMlT, .Mm-i
are .1. A. 1'SSWOltTII. S
Riverside  Addition
Just a Word!
To those contemplating an investment in Midway real estate, the information is
offered that on the Riverside Addition may be
found 300 very choice residence sites.
LOTS 50 x 125
For terms and all other information apply to
W. H. NORRIS,        or        A. MEGRAW,
Midway, B.C Camp McKinney, B. C


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