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The Midway Dispatch C. M. Crouse 1903-03-14

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Vol. I, No. 39.
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Amalgamation With the
Halifax Banking Company-Will
now have p^id-u iCapital of $12,000,000
Oreat interest has been shown
in the announcement from Halifax that a provisional agreement has been made under
which The Halifax Banking
Company is to be amalgamated
wit|i The Canadian Bank of
Commerce. The latter bank
has at present a paid-up capital
of$»,0l)0,000withare*»t of $2,-
j")!)t),0jK), but a week or two ago
a special meeting of the share*:
holders was called for llth
April next to pass a by-law increasing the capital stock to
$10,000,000. Its head office is in
Toronto, and it has now 84
branches throughout Canada
and, the United States, stretching from Sydney, Cape Breton,
in the extreme East, to Victoria in the West, and from Dawson in the North to San Francisco in the South. It is represented at all the principal business centres in Canada west of
Montreal, and has its own offices in New York, Portland (Oregon), Seattle, and Loudon, England.
™_£*«iJlnfcUAixm wmetmit-xiaktAAhAtiltOnl,
of a branch at Sydney, The Canadian Bank of Commerce had
no office in the Maritime "Provinces. Its stock, however, has
always been a favorite investment with Nova Scotians, no
less than $800,000 of its capital
being held in that province.
The purchase of The Halifax
Banking Company will give it
offices at fifteen additional
points in Nova Scotia, including
Halifax, Truro and Windsor,
in fact, all the more important
places. Two branches will also
be obtained in New Brunswick,
at Ht. John and Sackville.
The present directors of The
Halifax Banking Company will
continue t» give their services
in the capacity ofa local advisory Board at Halifax, the Cashier will become local Manager]
there, and the entire staff will \
be taken into the service of The
Canadian Bank of Commerce.
There is consequently no doubt
but that the good-will of the
institution is being taken over
along with ite tangible assets.
Originally established in 1825
as a private partnership, under
the same name as at present,
The Halifax Banking Company
became incorporated in 1872.
It has retained the friendship
and support of many of the
old Halifax firms whose pre-
lecessors did business with it in
its earlier years, and in spite of
the disadvantages under which
in these days a comparatively
small local bank must always
labour, it has built up a sound
and remunerative business. It
has a paid-up capital of $600,000
with a rest of $525,000. Ite deposits are about $4,000,000, ite
total assets about $0,000,000, and
with the added strength and
prestige which its incorporation
into The Canadian Bank Commerce will necessarily give, a
lai'ge increase in tho present
business may confidently be
The terms under which the
amalgamation will take place
are said to bo as follows:
After tho necessary approval
of the shareholders of The Halifax Banking Company has been
obtained and all the requisite
legal formalities have been
completed, The Canadian Bank
of Commerce will assume the
liabilities of The Halifax Banking Company, and will give in
exchange for the surplus of its
assets over its liabilities stock
of The Canadian Bank of Commerce of the par value of $700,
Doubtless some of tbe new
stock which the Canadian Bank
of Commerce is taking authority
to issue will be used to carry
out the terms of the agreement.
Both bunks are to be congratulated upon the arrangement which has been made,
which mjstmateriallystrengtli*
en the position of Tho Canadian Bank of Commerce and
add tothe exceptional facilities
which it already possesses for
conducting a successful banking business. When the amalgamation has taken place, it
will have a paid-up capital and
rest combined of nearly $12,000,
000, and. total assets of some
$80,000,000, with 101 branches
distributed throughout the
length and breadth of Canada.
Will Build a Castle.
The .following taken from the
"Pasadena Times" shows how
a former resident of the Boundary country is doing in California;
Plans are being drawn for a
home that promises to be one
of the most striking in this section! '' "*N. tt.    Pketch-r,- - Wnowu.
over Southern California as the
Bee King, because of his success at honey raising, has an
architect working on the
plans for an octagonal castle to
be built on Harrison Heights
in North Pasadena. Fletcher
will not say just what his home
will be like, preferring to have
lib works show for,themselves,
but he hints that it will be
something unique.
Tlie Bee King purchased
oleven acres belonging to the
htte W. W. Harrison and situate on East Washington street
and Garfield avenue several
weeks ago for a sum upward
of $50,000. This property has a
commanding elevation just
south and east of Monk Hill.
and is improved with granite
drives, handsome stone and cement gate pillars and the like.
The beauty of the property and
ite cost suggests that the home
that is to crown it will be of
surpassing grandeur. The
house will probably cost at
least $25,000 by the time it is
finished. Fletcher is designing
it himself with a purpose of
making it unlike anything in
these woods, being assisted by
an architect in technical details
"I prefer to let tho people see
what I am doing first," said
Fletcher yesterday, at Iiis home
on N. Fair Oaks avenue, in
North Pasadena. "I'm not
much for notoriety and boasting. All I can tell you now is
that the house will be unlike
anything hereabouts, lt will
not be more than three storeys
in height, and will Ih) fronted by
an extensive lawn. I consider
the location the handsomest in
town, and I have been trying to
purchase it for several years,
but it was held at $05,000, which
was too high. 1 got it finally
for a little less than that."
From remarks the bee man
has dropped from time to time
his aquaintances have gathered
that he will erect something of
a feudal castle with eight sides,
beautiful courts and grounds,
and, in short, a Koine that will
attract attention far and wide.
Greenwood Notes!"01'
W, G. McMynn, inunediata
i past master of Greenwood lodge,
No. 28, A. F. & A. M„ has been
presented by the members of
the lodge with a past paster's
jewel, clasp, On the.,reverse
side of the jewel, which has the
customary emblems beautifully
finished in Sold, is the following
inscription: Presented by the
brethren of Greenwood lodge
in token of their appreciation
of your zealous work for the
order (luring 1902. The gold
bars of the clasp are engraved
with,the name of the recipient
and the letters G. R, B. C. The
presentation was made in the
lqdgeroom, W. M. James 8.
Birnie presiding, and there being
a numerous attendance of members to do honor to brother McMynn.
Gustave Sundberg chemist
and assayer at the B. C. Copper
company's smelter for about
two years and a half, has gone
south, his intended destination
being Mexico, if nothing occur
to change his plans before he
readies that country. Before
coming to British Columbia he
spent several years in Mexico
and in various p.irts of South
America, so that he is familiar
with mining conditions iu those
J. P. Graves, who a short
time ago acquired an interest
in the Greenwood Electric Co.,
Ld„ lnus been here in connection
with plans for an extension of
operations in the future. E. J.
Wilson, representing Price brothers, of Quebec, who are under
stood to hold the remaining interest in the company, waited
upon the council at ite last
meeting and asked for au extension of the company's* franchise. Nothing definite as to
the company's plans for the
future has been made public,
but it is believed that they are
in large measure contingent up
on the development of an extensive scheme iu connection
with the proposed generation
of power at Kettle falls, on the
Columbia river, in the state of
Washington. It is probable a
bylaw to authorize an extension
of the local company's franchise
will shortly bo submitted to the
Judge Forin, of Nelseu, came
in Tuesday to hear arguments
in two cases dealt with earlier
by judge Leamy and referred
back to the country court by
the supreme court. Written
arguments are to lie submitted
to the visiting judge, who will
render his decision after he
shall have had opportunity to
consider them.
■— ♦-—
Bodie Camp Claims Bonded
An option on the Mountain
View and Keap Cool claims in
Bodie Camp, on Torodo creek,
has boen given to D. W. McKinley, who represents other
San Francisco parties. The
price of the two undeveloped
claims is $5,000. These properties are on the same hill with
the Bodie mine. The lead
which can be traced the length
of both claims, is about nine
feet wide and shows values
ranging from $8 to $20 in gold.
A shaft has been sunk 50 foot
on the Keep Cool. The men
taking the option will sink 50
feet farther, and if the showing
continues as good as the present depth they agree to take
over the claims and pay $5,000
in erase. The claims adjoin the
Golden Howard, upon which
considerable development work
has been done. They, arc situate about 16 miles south of
MB (!. M. OUOlrSK  filHciinii" riupriuiur
PublMiod wookljr nt Mlilwny, 11. C,
Su'i-oiIiiUoii priori, |2tfl por annum, pay*'1''
in lulran--., i.-ither yu.vrly oi-half yearly »Hlir
option of thi' mitaorlbor.
Advertising ruto-t sent on application.
IwJ \J k*L 11 tu-: «fc*. v-/ w».
SATURDAY, MARCH, 14, 1008.
Ono of the .latast .of tho great
state of Missouri to distinguish
hiinsalf   is   Mr.   De    Arnior.i1,
whose resolution   in   congress
requested   the    president    "to
lerfrnar.d advise the  congress
up8n what tonus, if a .iy, lion*
orable to both nations and sat-
ijsfactoiy to the inhabitants' ot
tliotbrriirtiry   primarily affect
ed| Greit   Britain would con
sent   to  cede   to  tho   United
Ktatcs n'l or   any part of    the
territory lying north of and adjoining'Te    United    States.
This resolution wliieh failed to
receive Consideration has   been
muesli c;)r.r.iie.ifced upon  by the
American and Canadian   press.
For our part wc consider it one
of thc ittttr thiiigw 6f its kind.
It, is cerLiv.nly cbuolted in lan;;-
ua;4'e most respectful  and coi>
siderateof the feelings of   the
people '■pr!;n.ii':!y iif.'ected."   It*|
is a  distinct advance  on. tha
sontmie'ibs of a  former member of congress, who while  ad-
voba&nj* the acquisition of Canada used tho   following words
"I'leaseably if we   can forcibly
if   we    must."   The    Toronto ••'
"World referring to  the resolu-,
tion   slid.     "The     American
Il.msoof lVpresonf.jitives icfer-
ivil l-e \ nm nil's resolution to
:, : oinniittee. instead of referring De Aimpnd himself to an
a-i/hun."   'ihis seems rather seL
very.   Tt must he borne in mud Mr. De A.mond hails from
a state far rei::ovcd   from   the
Canaditth border, nnd,    tlun-
fm-o. h's idea'*i of Canadian put -
lie   ::'i]J.:ii.eiU    are   necessarily
very hic/.y.   lii  Missouri,  what
i .nr ;!■ y havo  for  recreation
'...'!• ho -ing the corn and  tnk-
i ig care of thc tobacco, cotton
and the other crops, is spent, in
hinting c on and jiossunij and
not  in   studying  the   vario; s
phases i3f Ca:i idian public sentiment.  Ai d it is quite uaural il
s1\wtiUV  lte so.   What prompt
id Mr, Do Armond's  resolution
wo do not. know, but he  prob-
a'bly thougiit it.a g<:od way tc
sott'le'1 the   Ala; ka   boundary
(inestion nnd other   matters ofj
difficulty between two kindred
nations, antl it certainly   would
bo a -most  excellent  method.
Possibly he reads carefully  the
.English- papers, or  despatches.
if so, lie has doubtless observed
that for years- past, ever since
the Kpanish-Amercan   war, at
least,  Jihn Bull   has     been
hugging      his     dear    friend
Uncle Sam, to the great danger
of dislocation of the hitter's ver-
tebrae;   Mr.   De Aimond   observing tliis peril, perhaps, conceived the idea that if John Bull
could,arrange to give Canada to
Undo Ham, it would be practical proof of his  undying affection but would als.o materially'en   Uncle Sam's backbone,
This, however, is a mere hypothesis,1 we cannot accurate]
read  Mr.  De Armond's  mind.
Whatever were his reasons, he
lias only revived an idea once
hold by several prominent Canadians, and still held by some,
that Canada  is destined to become  a  part  of   the   United
States. The .Spokesman-Review
of Spokane, Wash., referring to
the Do Armond resolution said:
"Ciuiadians are still stout and
loyal 'Britishers'with a sort of
contempt for tho United States
that has been   inherited from
tiie fathers of   1.00  years ago,'
We do not know where   tho
Spokesman-lleview obtains, its
ideas about Canadian   affairs,
whether they tiro inherited or
not, but one thing is  sure they
aro ridiculous.   Canadians as a
rule  aro not   "Britishors"~an
oll'oiisive term used at the  time
of tho, revolutionary war—but
loyal British subjects, and tlmt
Wholesale and Retail Meat
Markets at: Greenwood, Gratjd Forks, Phfoeriix
Kdltorally Feart«M.M:   ;'*- i''J
Cnsist-iitiy .R«publlcan.
Newafroni nil of tho world-Well
wriUun, '4rte'"H! HUfriOK-Answers
to. qticrlos7 f A rl iclon on lamllh, ihu
lloino; NoV IJiJnKftv and oti Work
About ihe ftirm-ajr.1^ f)i«4y|tj'a-- ''tol
id I'.ye-
'■■y-W   » S&r^ *T* !'
Is a inomjj^p of ihu J_««t)_lito 1 Prow*,
tlio'ouly Wostorn S'uwsptfpor rece.7-
jngt^hc nnj'i"0 j-rlcgm^hte newjt norv-
Job i E lhc Ninv \oiV-Suii aiid'Hpui'iAl _
'initio of Cho tfWf Yo#k HVorlil -daily
top tria* fnaii* ^vcriUOW S[juci{tl,por-
i'L'si))ii-li3iiU UiiMiiia'Ii mt tii. 'country.
YEAR ■■0'-W'£D0.«A;t
OR,      Hllltb
 T O    —	
McMillan fur & wnni'
inl-  J ■ 2  FIR6T  AVE
ESTf-dLlbhEt)   21.  VCARS
'make shipment. convince yourseir
wri(te for circulars
all ovei-the Union us tfe* flr^al Jtt.ii 1
wny running dh>' "PioiijSEl^lMijKn'
ii-niiiB t'veiy Any antl ujght lietwn** St,Jj
HjiuViuid #1liiciiigi5," aSitt Oniiibjir' m4,
CliiaiKo, ''.Tlie only perfect trains in
the world." OnnVi'SliiiKl : Connec
tions are liuide with AI,L Transopn
tinentiil Lines, assuring; to pus.engeri-
the liest service known. Liikuuoiis
coaches, electric lights, sleain heat, of
a verity 'equaled hy no ol her line,    u
See that yont-ticket reads via "The
Milwaukee" when going to any puinf
in the United States or Canada. All
ticket agents sell theiu.
Forrates pamphlets or othei   intor
iiuitiqii. address,
It. L.Funn, U.S. Howe,
Tj-hv. I'jiss. Agt.SJj Uonoi-al ifaonl,
S^jtKANRjjW^SH.       roi'TUAMlVOU.
NOTICK IS  HRRKBV 'nirBl^Tlint   lh*-j
Mill "ay   ned Voriion   ltallw-y Ikiinpany'
will Apply lo lho Piii-lliiinciit of ('ntutdn nt It*
next session for an act. (li-r'laritii; il*a "-nilwiij
nml works whieh tho lins lio*ln iii*IIi-
oi-lzifll by lhi'le-*isl,ituro of the  I'l-ovinoo of
I'ritlsll l'r liiinlrin lo cotiStniRt, to bo works for
Ibo n-jiernl ndvnnlmso of Canada i)xlondiii|*i|
lhe time wlilihi wbleb II may construct lhe1
snnie, Hnd Kivln-; lo the ('ompniiy surh po A-crs
us lo.ipniiilJU'iiiiK and npcriHitii; or dispusini;
of ilitriiil'.v'v and works and .such oMior.pow-
r'rsatid prit i)o{-0HjaR(ity uuijiirly (*lven to Itiil-
v.-ny Coinpaiiios incorporatod hy tne Parilittnenf
of Canada.
Jialcd at Ottawa, tbis I8lh duy of December,
A. II.. llKtt.
-J Solicitors for Applicants,
Agents for Ottawa.
re jviLiLnnurr o
Carrying His Hajesty's Hails
Will leave MIDWAY on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, at 8.30 a. m., arriving at
CAMP McKINNEY at 5 p. m.
Returning will leave CAMP McKINNEY on
Sundays,  Wednesdays and  Fridays at 9  a. ni.,
reaching Ml DWAY at 1.30 p. m., and making con-
L nection with the, train going east at 2:05 o'clock.
The bo»t of acoontmodatlon for
the convenience of the
travelling publlo.
SnliHi-i-ibo I'm TH.: HHIMl'Cil _«m
' ;T 10 ,1'j-jJily I i*.-r A •, 11  i i.i yi ..-
hbtll.fKipci-B for i2.."iO.
72 PllECIE^ OF
C-MKW to Join • Club Tl
Make and ham* Montr i
Brerybodr ihould Join the Kiini
•leClubofAmerica. Therelsnotl
Anywbera. ItcosteAlmostnothlm
beneOtalt gives ere wonderful. l---_ .-.—'rUcO.tsintlamtmminl
Instrumcnu at tpecial ent prion It MestM n*
4nep.lratriHni.tnTSmall. IttotwenqMMMU
free of oharne. It olten leholaraMiw ud niu-
'blectshprUoa to members. It nalnulM Oah
rrsrjn-iQnir.iiyciHr-if-rr li. member*. taasSXOm.
eTeryliieniberiC'Ji_r_l.tii_.o£IJflr* " '
Itaelf.lneladlngtpleeea.oriUgb-claUToralud .,
itrumenUI nia«lc((oll ilie) eaek Boltk K-knt
extra elnei nileeea In ono TewtatH _T0U
CAN OUT SlfteOt TBUit B-NtfilS FOB Airl
HOSTNOTHffiff."     ^
Tbolmlieorij momherttlpfeeHOoeOoltirfot
whicb j-n set All eiro'e, ae-l torn mmawlth.
draw anr tl>« wHbin tbrc* moSXs 3 Ton;
draw anf tlm wltkln tbrc*
don't care to flpena $1.00. Bend SSeeoUfor
montbime'mbenbipT- Kpbody eak ■floid'ttlMii!
tbli offer br.„YouVrlllTiet four^moner istVS\
     liUyx ,_
■end la rour requert tot membeiwila	
proper feoatonco. Th-l&at««kreema_t_u_Mi<.
it»retnptrir,-r will »oon*btnm.  Write atone* ad-
,«lue mtnr tlmea overi Tf ull parUculanwIlt
■enlrfree of ebarga. but r **-a™
r moner M
, rttoulaft--
t ym fajrl-tf
Strayed to my place nt Oknniignn Kftll«, on
Ihelitlidii) of .liinumy. IWtl. n sorrel liorec,
wilb whllo hind lon», whllo strip down fnco,
blind In left eye. wolght about 1.0IKI lbs,,
li'olehed brand on right shoulder, resQiubles
i oross wilh the ends lexccpting tbb-lower
one) bent to lho loft like n hook. Ifinol cliiini-
ed within 30 days will be sold to , defray ex-
punsca.  Kor further particulars apply lb.
Cnracloiny promises about thc middle ol
liii-nn'itV'jn nhiiepriiy niaro, roaened inane
>raaik«,,<3 <'ii left shouldcd. If not. elnimed
■vitbln 3b Jiny-w e   sold to pny for for keep.
• i M. A. TANNKIt,
i-'e ! 19, lliltS: Roek  Creek, B. C
SITA'LKH'TEKriKIiS. nddrokfcA to the Post-
uiiister tieneriil,, will bo, reeeivod nl Oilawn
until inioi,, nn ivlb Miirch, for the eonvi^iiirto
if llis iViiyc-iys. Mails, on s proposed C6ntmel
tiirrour years; oiiee per'week eiu-b wny, be-
iMtH-gJ'jJiiliclpn .iiull'riiiccloi^fiom the Jsl,
of Mny'libirt.
Hrintcd coiilniniiiK fuiUbcr informn-
.ion as locondiiionsuf proi-osed'Couti-netrHiay
leseeirand bliink forms of Tender May be ob-
■  * '"'ty-—iz—ty—f:nf,f-TJ.t'
they have a ri-nfenj^fitf' tU]
Uniliid States isriit trittir' Ttfe
idcii tl'ir.'ta Hy::feyal'^() OIIS'h
country oilb' .illlist net-ewtfAttty1
havo a 'contempt foi* ofylA*
countries is not pveval^nl!' m
Caiiailii or most othtttft'l'lftlizbd
coimci'ies, niid ]#oT;ar)ly lias W0
own true honle in ^10 ,1clS^'';'S a'
place thiiii"f]le,l?Hil-M'St«t«H'>flf'
America. All 'i,-'seh*Uil<j«-«t)-ottl^ |
have discarded ',HiUj?R<"*>ii'i,ow-
mincled ideas long"aj»<W '
laltinlnt'lhePiMtOfllinwof l'eiilicion. I'riiiet'-
vrltou, Oljilhi, Keremeos, White Lake,  Kairview,
'(jtKAmwood nnd Midway nnd at lbe ottleo of
Uif.l\*fl,On*li-e liis|«-<j|or. Viinnoiivcr, li. C. <
I HostOIBcellispeotoriil   W, H. DOHMAN.
nnliJ(?Vaiiiwliver. H. C. J Post   Offlco
Kith Kebrnary. IWO.     I Inspeotor
-—•—j> , ,;< ■■;
The provini^il ^(n'ommoi^t
has offered to: take enough
time off from;- giving away
land and otherwise squandering the c..uiitry,;ir< wealth, to
settle the Cl". !{.* -strike. The
I'rior jjjoverHment is not capa-,
bio of settling a idotf-iiglit let,
alone grappling with such
weighty problems as setting
Tmdc Marks
Anyone imdlni t -kdtch and deMrlptlnn may
•«miy uwtaln oor opinion free whetlie	
,  . ,,_ .jrouiih Hunn _ i
iprciot notie*, without cbarae, In tna
ly ueertnln oor opinion free wn
lion laproti"'"'—•—--*•-   -
 -j. Oldest neency for seeurlnir pa
PatcnU lakn tbrouiih Munn _ Co. receire
lUTentlnn la probably patentable.  Contmiinlra-
i, .... "—tuo. Handbookoa Polenta
ricy for seeurlnir patents.
tkma strictly eontdentlol. Handbook on Pi
lent free. Oldest nj"
Scientific JRFtiiericati*
A hmidnrvHf lllnntrntful weeklf. I.*nnwt oir-
ctilatlun of any Hciwitltlo journtl, Ternin, 93 a
—j* _ femr maltha, ft Bud brail newidealerf
luwiiniit »u bom of an newanemera.
.....AComibtm^. New York
Branch Office, SS K St. Waehluton, D. C.
The Mormon Temple.
Why yon slinulil luiy
IIHCAUHB it is tbe IipbI, qiu.lily
BECAUSE It'Ift must. Inslrin-; chew
IIKCAUHK il, is tliii jitrgwl. IiIkIi |*iml,i
10 oi- 'Ek. pltjtn
BKl'AlJHK llii' tugs iti'H'vnliiiilili W
lireiniiiiiis until .Inn. I, i,o$
Hm?AD8Eynii'' diMiii'i1 is nnifi'iVixtM
t.n   li'flllnl    Villi   !'   Ilinill'V
vnu nre nnt satisfied.
—•■ i i     -
ii-'W AND FlfOM ALL-
St.Paul, Duluth, ninneapnlls, Chicago
Tbroutfli 1 'jilture nuii .Tourist Slcoperb'
liinliiK and   HulTel   Smoking  Library  Care
1 Kor Hntes,  Kolilere nml  Full Inforiiiiilion,
mil on or ntltlreK.,
H. BKANOT, (), P.&T. A.,
701 W. Itiveisi(l(*A.i;niic,
Spokank. Wash.
■ft. B. C. DENNISTON. H. W. P. A.,
Skatti.k, Wash,
Headquarters for Railroad,
■Mining and Commercial
Certificate   of  Improvements,
Moonmuiit   Minkkai, Claim.
Sltuat* In   the  Kettle Mining Division of
Yale District.   Where Locattd:  In Loir
Lake Camp, lying south of and   adjoining the Lady of the Lake Mineral clailh.
TAKK NOTICK ■ thnt I,   Spencer    Boner,
iniin. froo' miner's cci'tlilcnto No.   nll'Jin.
iiiiriui sixty dnys from lbe (Into hereof, to up-
ply lo tbo MiniiiK Recorder for n I'eriiliniic
of Iniiirovomeiits. fir tbo |>nrpose of obtiiliiing
n Crown Urant. of tbo nliove clnim.
Ami furi.b.i' lnke notice thai action, under
auction 37, iniiht bc coinmcnceil liefore 'lie burn-'
mice of -jiicIi certiiicate of iniprovenieiiU.
Dnlcd thin ,51 h dny cf *fiTrch,"ATn'. HiO.'^ '
llll .'•■'«-<-' ''
,, The   MniiiiDii  temple   ut' Suit
L?«ke'(!ily in ii" ilmi'il the iniint Mill
stitllti/il (Ind Well cniistiuiti'il relltrioils
ediflce iit-the United States, if not in
tup-vot-lil.   (Jnrnet- stnne laid April ft!
1858,,-iip •mine April 0, Ibifi and dedicated April 0,1803, over fnrty yeiim of
i-ohatiint liihor lieing i-onmiirAid  in lis
construction.   Thisitin-piiHcentstiuct-
ure am feet lung, 100 feet wide is Iniili
entirely of Ulitii white Kir.nite, licmitl
fully carved, symbolic of the Moniinii
faith, surmounted hy six towers, the
highest lieing 2X1 feet, from the ground
supporting it bronze statue (if the'ang
el Maroiii.   The cost of Ihis building
ie about HHI,(IOO,000.   There are   innny
other attractions at Halt Lake City of
interest   to! I he traveler nr   Inurisl.
where it day cun he well'spent   The
KioOmnde is the only   Trans-cnnii-
nentnl route passing directly through
Salt Lake Oity, where a stop over is
allowed on all classes of tickets.   The
service of the Rio Gninde'lines is unexcelled.   Three ti-ains dally lietween
Ugden and Denver, lurrying all elJts-
sej of .t^odern equipment.   If yon are
(■iiiileinplating a  trip' tu Ihe   Kast,
write the undersigned for informal ion
i-ftgardiiiK rain, via the "scenic line of
fh*%orld:"   •ir.'C. McBride, Oeneral
g^nt, Tttetr- Rdehe,  Traveling PiW
seiiger Afent. 121 Third St., Portland
1    HOTEL
This well-known hotel has
been re-opened and offers ev-
ry convenience to the travelling public. The building i.s
newly re-furnished and the bar
is stocked with only the best
Wines Liquors and Cigars.
Excellent meal* served in the
dining room.
Make this ypur   Headquarters
When in Camp McKinney.
W. E.
First Clasi Livery Stable in Connection with Hotel,
S. A. CROWELL, Prop.
Boundary Falls Hotel
This hotel is centrally located and is a stopping' place for stage
-■     lines.   Good stabling on the premises.
Orvly 'kbitz ckoic«st brands of Wines, Liquors,
and Gigars at tKe Bar
-itTUVTIS:) AT B)UX1»\«Y   FALLS, B. O
Horse Shoeing a Specialty
All Rinds of Work Executed to the Satisfaction of Customer
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
With Which is Incorporated
The Bank of British Columbia,
CAPITAL, $8,000,000.   -   RESr, $2,500,000.
HON. GEO. A. COX, Pres.       B. E. WALKER, Gen. Mgr.
Manager Greenwood Branch.
.v--* visiting Mrs. J.   Mc
eturned home on Tues-
|4 +^^**#****»***"»w~:^'m™-*"---
JMi's. Coryell, of Carson, who
Is been
■icol, i'
IXlio Montreal & Boston Cop*-
B Company's mine and smelter
IvclxHsn closed down,   owing
I the stoppage of fuel supplies.
Parry,  of the  Imperial
ltd, Greenwood, ,was a pas-
\mxi- uii Wednesday's   stage
. Curlew on his way out  to
II ,W. Keith, M. D., arrived
■Midway the flrstofthe week
|l lias opened an oflice on
■th Street in the building
Imei'ly used by W. B. Rick-
Is & Co., as a real estate
marriage licence  has been
lied by tho registrar, Green-
iil, to Horatio Alfred Pear-
aiitl Susan Jane Martin,
ll, ,,f Dock Creek.
Ins. II. Mush, with a number
■musicians, go to Camp Mc-
fineyoii Tuesday where tbey
1 fiiniiwh musie for a dance
In- held in the Sailor ball, in
It town on Tuesday evening.
Henry Raymond Bradish and
sie Agnes de Spain, both   of
Iriiix,   were    married     last
lus'l iy afternoon by Rev. J.
'. Knox at (ireenwood.   Af-
he icreinony Mr. and Mrs.
lulisli left for Plxenix, where
|v « ill make their home.
und car of  gold-quart/.
is being sent   out from the
lic.'ishire fraction, under bond
imrtios represented by D. W.
tVicur.   The lirst car return-
L'oiiil values and it is   conli-
nlly   anticipated    that   this
Kind shipment will also  pay
for getting out.
Ingus K. Stuart, collector of
Ihibits fur the  Dominion for
j St. Louis and .Japan exbibi-
Rns. is expected to
i Hoiindary next week. Mean
Bile II. P. Griffin is getting to
jtber representative specimens
• as many of the district mines
iiissible, so tbat by the time
Stuart shall come in there
1 lie quite a creditable collec-
|i awaiting his disposal.
Kev. J. Burtt Morgan, until
lently pastor of the Baptist
li'ch, Ho-tsland.aiid publisher
this Truth newspaper of that
w, has moved to Grand Forks,
|nro he is acting as district
pager for the Mutual Life
|uraTire Co., of New York.
; Morgan has spent the week
Midway, and in company
fi R. Gardom, the company's
agent, is canvassing the
In for now business.
■avid Bain of Midway is in
Icity for a few days, the
pt of his daughter, Mrs.
pes G. Irvine, Columbia av-
) east. Mr. Bain hus been
|u> service of the Intercol-
and Canadian Paciiic
pis for tlio best part of his
I, his last railroad post being
Iterator and clerk at tlie
Bland depot. Now lie 1ms
bdoned the ticker for the
p, and possesses a splendid
Midway, -Rossland
WANTED-To exchange a
buggy for a good work horse-
apply at this office.
Mrs A. Wenrick, returned on
to-day's train  from tho Coast,
where she  has been spending
the winter.
II, Nicholson, of Cami) McKin- i sltua'V" tJ!e Keltle Rlv<"' «'■•">« Division
. ' •' wt*v*n-       of Yale District Where located :  About
liey was Itl Midway one day last       SI" miles north from Beaverdell on the
week on his way home from the '    -?--between Beaver Cpeek and lhe
Mining Convention.
Certificate  of  Improvements
Knoh Hii.i. Minkkai. Claim,
Gkbowood, H. 0.
—: Notary PUBLIC,
Camp MoKinney, B.C.
!      West Fork of Kettle River.
| TAKK   NOTICK thai i, Forbes M,
i   I ir
ni    at
. Kerby,
A  youiiir  man   nained llim-v'  ' ,"sl«onl'.f'«-slll'W O.fJoBons, froo minor's
R 11    1      io", * y  00l,u*"»"'No. H45M0, Intend, ilxty days fron,
B611, aliout __ years ot age   met: tho llal" burnt lo apply to the Mining Itcconler
with his death at the  Fisher-ifo™ "f".^10 ot'"•p™.™"""*'. for tho pur-
.,      , ... ' pernio! obtaining u Urdwn Grant of thoalmve
man  Creek    siding,    between |r|lll|»-
Eholt and Crimd  Forks   oil the'   A,."""rtl,CTlllk« "°'l™ that action, undor
,,  ,       , .     „    ... ' '   " 18Botlon   37. musl  bo oommeneod boforo tho
L/Oiumoia K    Western   railway ; Issuanopof BUohooj-tlflcatji'of improvomonta.
last Thursday.     He  wns  head '< LTthU "l""1'"'"' N<»'oinbcr, wo?.
uu'sdny. iie was heatl
jrakeiiiiui on one of tho ore
trains rundihg between Phoenix
and tbe Granby Company's
smeller ut Grand Forks and was
riding on the running board of
the engine of his train, when
the engine wus slowing down
to back into a switch to allow
the west-bound passenger train
to pass. The unfortunate fellow jumped off' too soon and
was caught by the arm switching apparatus, breaking his
back nnd three of his ribs, and
cutting  and   bruising him  in
Came to my place last summer, a hay geld,
pig, branded fj on shoulder, weight, about 950
Apply lo   POST-OKKIOP.
Okaiiiigan Luke, 11.0
I   Tint I, Charles rie Blois Oroen, for  myself
| awl hh agent for M. K.  Green, A. Wood,   F.
j Ijimb, C. A, Oi Steward and 0. H. Arundell,
Intend (JO days f roim the dnte hereof to 'ipply
to the Chief   ConunUsiuncr of  hands   and
j Works for permission to purchase respectively
und in the same order: The S, J of Sec. HH,
tp. .9; the West, i of See. (i, Tp.   61;   the
numerous places besides,   The North jot,Tp. 49; tin-west iof sec.
Hrst injury wus fatal, for h« ?■ Yr "i-^^r'w ".T'r T'*?*?
..... J 5 and fractional North West 1 of Soo.   4,   Tp.
died  on   the   passenger     train, Ll and tho North West 1 of See. (C; Tp. 51, all
which came along just after the ^???°?,D1tr'cl:     ,,
n •' lljited lliirj J.II1I1 (lay of .liimmry
accident, before it reached
(ireenwood. He was a steady,
industrious young man and bis
untimely death is much deplored
His body wns taken out on Friday's train enroutefor Spokane,
where his mother, sister, and
brother have their home. It isi
stated that be also bus a sister!
living at Everett, Puget Sound.
The district coroner, after making full inquiries determined
that it was unnecessary to bold
an inquest.
Reduced Rates from the East.
Commencing February   15th
and continuing until April Mth
there will be low rates in effect
j from the East via the Illinois
Central R. R. to all Washington, Oregon and Idaho points.
If any of your friends or relatives in the East are coining
West while these rates are in
effect, give us their name und
address, and we will make it
our business to see that they
are given the best possible service. We operate through personally conducted excursion
cars, and in fact give you the
benefit of the latest conveniences known to modern railroading. We have 15 different
routes between   the East and
A. M. Can. Soc. C. E.
PkoviNciAL Land   Surveyor
Midwav and Gkkknwood.
Rkndeli, Block, Grkknwooo.
Pliono 00. V, * N.
Chas. A. Webster,
Spokane.Wash., U.S.A.   Midway,BC.
For Getting: a Beautiful Watch
and Chain Free.«-No Money
Required—Every Man, Woman, Boy, op Girl has the J the West, and are in position to
same Opportunity under our \ give you the benefit of the
In .mid-I" Im.e Dr. Arnold's  Kng-1 "D "" ,,,,,...,,,,-, ,    •\,,„i
IMi Toxin Pillx placed in llir hands of lars.   li. 11. UU MBULL, Com I
nil persons suffering from lmd Willi j ,       t -;■•_ Qent_ |{, R   142 Third
we make lhe following most liberal,.    b
olfer:- , 3b., Portland, Ore.
If j on will send ns yonr imme and I	
address and agree to sell for in twelve
iKixes of Or. Arnold's English Toxin MINERAL ACT.
combinations, Write us and
we will give you full   particu-
Railway Co.
Nelson k Ft. Sh-ppard
Railway Co.
Red Mountain Railway Co.,
Washington 4 G. M. Hy,
Van., Vie.&E.By.&N.Co.
The nnly nil, niij i""l.U'.. In'lwrei
piTfiTEs»- astf„-*.vi,*st inui Lo tloss
Innd, Nelson. Gniinl Korks and Repu'i-
Iiii. Conuecis at !Ypiikllne with the
llu-rii Niii'f.Kei'ti, Noriliefh I'.icilie nml
0, tl, k N. Oy. for points, ejisi; \yesl
nlid Sotit.h ; coiinei-ls hi Rns-lniid mul
Nelson wilh the Oiinndiiiii Paelflii l!y.
ComieetR nt, Helsnn with the K. It. * >\
In. I'm- KiikIi> und SIimjjiii points,
('.uioii-vls nt   Carluw   with  utiijje  for
Greenwood uml Mltlwiiy 11.1'.
lluCfct curs  run  mi   trains  botwoon
Spukune und Uupuliilo.
Lonvo. Arrive.
(1.25-l.ra  SPIllCAN'K ...   ..      ji.IJ
litis nn   ROSSI,ANU      S.lO'pin.
T.ixi  NKI.SON      8.00 p.m.
IliOOn.m UIIANII FORKS....   LU0p.m.
U.I.*,a.m  It.j_r-UUL.TO.   ...      <,
__X.   A.   _TA.aiMM09xT,
Goncral l'ii«seni*i)r. Agont,
Certlflcate   of   Improvements
Sl.AMKT  MlNKKAl.   Cl.AlM.
 _..i the Koulo River MlnlnK
of Yalo District.  Whore located : Camp
KOBpeeting   work  is to lit
lined ou the Rambler inin-
I I'lniin, situate  on Wnlliiee
Wntniii, West Fork of Kettle
ter, next week.   This prom-
K clnim is owned by W. 11.
\ibo, .I.W.Nelson find F, J.
feline.   A  slmft  has  been
: on the vein 07   feet und
 |t drifts and cross-cuts run
|t|0 feet depth.   About 'MS tons
^ili'st rlass nn. are sacked and
*^iliiiKr<'i)inpletioii of the long
^nised wagon road  np the
■st Fork, so hh to havo it sent
fa smelter.    This ore is esti-
,ted to average about $80 per
|n in gold ami   silver values,
Jnio 75 tens of second   class
worth about $28 per ton is
Ing on  the   dump    as  well,
he intention is to sink another
Jfospecting shaft ahout 500 feet
gvay from No. 1, to prove tho
naractorof the vein  in  that
rt of the claim.
Pills nt 25e, per liox, we will itlve yon
absolutely Free a beautiful Watch
and Chain in either Ludies or Genis
ni/.e. or yonr choice of twenty other
preininnis such as Hue sets of Jewelry,
UioKS Vi"''"*. Mulidolins, Ten Sels,
Hitteen Skirts. Cauieriis, elc.   Heuuiii-
fe^tRWiWVSl" ***™«r-™V.™?.
huve III sell any more thnn 14 hoxes lo
uet toe pieuiiiuiis.   Tills Is a liomi title |     McKlnnej.
liter from n l-elinl'le eoiiceni thnt lins | —AKKXOTH'K Ilml I, KorbesM. Korb)',ns
  ' | ngonl tor Lyiion Wllmot Shatford, troc mile
oi-'b oortlnoalo No. IIII17W, Sldnoy 0.   Cononn,
(roe minor's  wrtjtlcato   Nn.   nfiitlO, Alfred
Mullor, fraomlnor's coi-llllcftio No. nllSlS nnd
Willimn KiHvnrds,treeminrr's ecrllltmlo Xo,
nllSll. Intend sixty d-.iys trom tho date licrc-
„f. in iiiM'1;. in lbe   Mining  Rocordor for «
('.(•rlilli-jili-'ifljniij-.ivrjiilnnl.-i. for Ibe purpose of
obtaining u Crown Uranl of lho abovo elnlin.
Ami fiii-iliri- inko nolleo Ilml aotion, nmli-r
Boelion :i". nuiBt bo oommeneod bofore t lie
Issuanco ot suoh Cortillonto of Improvements
limed ibis Uth day nt Novombor, IIW2.
U'ob.118. mitlllOS M.KKHBV,
Agent. thoiisaiids of dollars Worth
iireiiiiiinis to UK1'"18 all over the country, Itenieiiilier also that Or. Arnold's
English Toxin Pill* are a well known
remedy for nil diseases of the kidneys
and Madder, Brlght'i disease, rtiahete-i.
rheiiniaiisiii, nervous tHHibles, ami
feiiuilc eiiuiplninls. ami are I'm- sale hy
iiii first eliussdrtiKirlsfel and ilenleis in
ull purls of Ilie world. Yon hnve only
toshnw lliem lo sell tlielii, You are
notolferiiii! something Hun Hie people
don't know. Out wntehes nre thi?
i-etmlui' slandard size for Ladies or
(ienllemen i" NUkel or (ion
Olises with handsome illuminaieil dinls
uud reliilile lime-keepers, walches
suoh its no lady or gentleman need he
ashamed lo earn', aud they will he
sentfthsrlnlelv Vxvx- lo all who sel
onlv twelve lioxes of tlio-'' wonderful
Toxin I'ills. Write al once nnd lie the
lirst, in vour locality I" rni-n one of
those heautiful watches and chain. As
ninii as we receive yonr letter or post
card we will send you post paid twelve
boxes, together with om- Illustrated
OntnlORue nnd hcautifullv colored card
with your name and address on ns our
authorized agent. Bear itl mind thai
you will not he asked to sell nnv more
ilmn the ll hexes and we don't want
any money until after you have sold
them. We hoar all Ihe expense and
are only innking Ihis llherai offer as a,
llietlloa nf advertising Dr. Arnold's
Knglish Toxin I'ills. Don't delay,
Wrile at once and earn a heauliful present fur yourself for (llirlstmas.
Arnold medicine co., pept. 118
jo Adelaide St. East, Toronto.Ont.
'I'o 11. K, Mitchell or nny person or persons to •vliom you may bave transferred your
Intorcst loin tho "Bold Drop' Mineral olalm
sltuato on Dry t'raok, on tbe West fork of
Kottlo lllver, In tbo Kottlo River Mining
Division of Yalo  l'lsj.ript,
You urn hereby nnl Illrd Hint I havo os|nnd-
nl $102.60111 oriler In bold the said mineral olalm
minor tho provision nf Iho Mlnoral Aot, Ilml
you should J8I.M as ynur puritan
„UI,o said mini for your undivided ono half lie
loroat lu sola olnlm uml if «'ithln OU days of
Uio tlrai Insertion of tills nolleo you fal or ro.
[UROloooulrlbnlolbosuinot »1.IH which is
now dun bv you, iogotfiO'r with all coats of ad.
vorllalng, yotir Intoroslln said mineral olalm
will become llio properly ot the ailbaorlbo.1
under sootloo four of an AotOlitltlod lbe "Min
oral Acl Aniondiiiorl Ad." woo,
Datod this lllth day of January, WKi.
A. Maslonka
formerly of Nelson, B. C.
has opened a Boot and
Shoe store in Midway,
with a large stock on
made to order.
Repairing   promptly attended to.
All work guaranteed.
Only the best stock used.
A. Maslonka.
and Stationery
All the best   brands of Cigars and
Tobaccos kept in stock.
Midway Livery, Feed k Sale Stable 1
Seventh Street, Midway,
Opposite Crowell's Hotel.
J; H. Tyrrell,   -   Proprietor. 1
PACK   and  SADDLE  HORSES      £1
Hay and Oats fop Sale. - Bus Meets a!! Trains,
General Transfer anil Bray Business.       J
IgaSi_2^lK__E25&C3SES22ai_E' ••s's9
I... -W'.-Kv'-'':     -.      *■
L T-  '   **■< *'   -       *
Ijl-.trsilJ. ...■.■>.•- ... ...   >..-,,
jOsiK f!£i, --;,,-_--. ^t-r
s ift'iyrz--.
iverie Eote
Rock Creek, B. C.
<■'- 4;j     Stiippltij?  pliiie-fm-Sli gos in
„i nir Bnimi iivy
('in k   pirilris.
Mi Afieommodatien for the Traveling Pukiie.
CeMfflciitP   of   ImprovomtMits.
HlonuxD   Cimer   Minkiiai. Cr.vui.
Situate In the Kettle Rlvei- Mining Division o
Yale Dlstriet.   Where located ; In Bcav- ■.
er Crook Canu, about   0,1c milo North
Durham Bulls, Fresh dl
Cows, Cows in Calf, Su
.md I Icifers, Boar Figs, S
Eastot'Beavariiell. ;l|Kl   Y0UII0   PtgS,    Slluep
AICK NO I'll'.-', thnl I, Vatbes M. Kerby,
! mt'oiit foi- H'.iyulUr Harris, froo minors oor-   |Y,ultl'Y
UBcilcSo. nVillllntoiiil sixty ilny>   from the
dalo horeof, 10 app.p to llio .Mining Uocnnlur   PotlieS.
for a Corlllloale of  Improvements,   (nr   Uw
piirposo of obtalnliiK ii Orown tl rant of   llio j r-Ai'i CAM
abuV-eolalm. J. A. COULSON,
Ami fiirflii'i- tnko notice Unit aclion umlor I
•ioi.iinn JITninst liooiiniini'iii-oil before lho is„ii
aiioe (if sni-li t'oriifii'Jili' nf linprnviriin-iils.
Iiaio.l ihis Wth day nf Novoinbnr, UM'.'.
h'ob. » KOIIIIKSM.   KHillllY.
\ tti
'i rs
f\pply i'
1 \i   mill's   IV' in   Midway.
Dispatch office. ...MIDWAY 18 ON THE MAP TO STAY...
It will be the most important Railway Centre in the
Interior or British Columbia.
It is in the centre of a
pie. Mining, Stock-Raising,
Ranging, Gardening, Manufacturing, Coal Producing,
and Railway District.
Midway property will
mike you rich. II is not
a speculation, it is an investment.
Midway, the coming railway, commercial, wholesale and manufacturing
centre of the Kettle River
and Boundary Creek Districts, is situated at the
confluence of Boundary
Creek and Kcttle River,
The leading resi.mce
town in the country, with
an excellent climate, pure
water supply, and surrounded by rich agricultural land.
Business,  residence and garden lots at low prices and on easy terms.      Send for maps, prices, and full particulars to
SO St John Street,
Montreal, P. Q,
Agent fm- British (Joliiinliia,
Miilway, It. G,
©he f t*pittdj
Kev. Alfred Uom-IuihI Write- Hin Inter-rut*
iiil* IJApt ru-iio.-M lor lli*i Luiuliin rluiitl-
Itlli V, ,.j ,tl—" Anna am tex.o.1 a* Hid
-*ll,.|»rl-   111    -j'ull.i.ltl"—Slx.ti tu.tllllllfjl   ol
lJvtnlW.-nllliv ,u .tit, ><altul- 4.1 ,,r,-...
During our stay In ltcgina, the
chef ci,,y in Aa.iiiluwitt; we .i-siioa
tno suu.on ul the idinous itiu..n,uu
luii.e, tiiiiu luiies out. L ojiumssiun-
er ru. ry, who .ojnuuiiid.s lor.e,
po SoiiinJy .siioWL-ii tiB o,er ti.e pieiiii-
sxi.. iiixxi look ua iato iiis ho.,ue to
tea with hi*> Wile noo (la^lLCis. 'lhe
imu are oiten oi g-oou faiiuiy, wiio
emist for the so. e ol adventure, and
of tins, in earlier days at lu-usi, tney
hud their Iiil. -mi less tlmri -J)0 ol
tlurui voiumocJed ior survi.e in .^outn
yii.j.a. i ney ale leailu.-.s lurlo-vs,
solenoid ho.somen and good -hots.
AltuoUfeh only nuout iuO in nuinlje.,
thoy i,te;i pei'l'q t order throughout
these Vast i,o:tuweut terruoiies,
jKioplgd Uioiigii tj.e.v a,e by men of
fliiiei'eiit nationalities, in 1 ding many
liniians; 'ihe C-umtliulls aie | roud
uf Liioni, and niaue it ttic-r boast
thai when onoe tney are set on t: e
tine, oi a criminal tl.ey no.or give
u'i iiil ho i.i caiignt, unit it is claimed Unit llio io itiiiity oi
i.s far gi outer on their siuo of the
border tiinn on the oilier. Somo
time ngo jjUU .ndini.s had proved
iiuiiUluouiiie in the United States,
whoso itJLhoi'itius sent ihem witti tin
es,o L of -UU n.oi, to tne border. A
couple ot iuounted 1'oliee we.e de-
tttiled on lo receive thorn, and rode
across tho line for tins purpose.
"\ lice n.e your men?' tis..ed the
oii' in iluirgo, expecting a troop
of .-.orilie s. "uny, heie we are,'' was
tii- iiiiuulinn s answer. Then turn-
ii.g to luo iwiuwi he shouted "Fall
i.i. imiivhl" and instantly his com-
iij.rii.i was 'lie umnJiod
Amo.i tin suggested that it was
lisky wi.r'.v lo b ing so small a foico.
".on; tnut s ull ngnt, snid the Online i in, "we wear the Kings starlet,
uinl all lho Indians I now ns. Vi*
no\o. lt,.o t.Oriirlo with them." 1
toll ti.e .tiny as il was told mc, and
ii is simple mailer of fact that the
iiiui..jjs i.mlc' iiriti.'h rule give no
trouble at all. Law anil order pie-
viul uni'.o sully. A suojiKiepor in
lio. ia I lime thut he had some*
li. o. loil things out ail night und
tlii-y  wire novel' touched.
i no wni-i i omo se-s heie, us in our
own' co. niry, nr,- d.Jo to drink, and
of the towns we have yliltcd Hogina
is in ths lespii t one of the woist.
V.'e (liiyj.l in what wo tne assured is
tlm host hotel in the pine, yet een
iii il wc wo e met by the notice that
a ih n . wo .id be served froo to any-
pn) v. lio i aino between 10 and 10.5
)nn, A traveler in lhe hotel said, in
t;:o fort ilita vernacular of the district, "There's more hell in the li-
q.u'or Untie here than over I m
any w here."
I We Were amused by the fice-and-
easy ways of those whom Engli. h-
nien are wont to re.-eivc with ic-
K, oct, if not scr,. ility. "Juck Is us
good ns his master," if not   belter.
I "Hoots," for example, who is a Ind
| from Whitechapol, made it a great
favor to give more "shine" for lhe
cent*, nnd off duty he was    dressed
I with ihe best, swaggering into tho
writing-room, (hulling tho    visitors,
I nnd whistling shrilly now un-1 again,
to assert his independence, 'lho burlier conducted operation's in the same
room, and for ptautico, or pleasure,
began shaving himself, Wul-'lng round
the room, und exhibiting his skill
('iiappily on his own throat,! without
even a glun e into tho glass, occasionally inal,iug a joke, or singing a
smith of a music-hull song. J'eun-
time u young clerk, f:-oin a storo
dose by, settled himself in Ihe shaving chuii- to wtiit tho good piousuro
of the barbel', who, looking ht him
qui -zictilly, ex-l.iimi'jl, "Well, my
buck, you needn't look sapious,
though you may be as good as you
like." Tlie next customer was facetiously tiskod, "Do you want a
s rape? Then J giic-S you must wait
ti I I've done my own hair." With
all this noisy rhnlf theo was great
good nature, Whon I expressed my
stirpiiso ut the impudence of Boots
to one of the townsmen, he said,
"Oh, we don't mind it: you see, he's
an orphan irom the Old Country."
The truth is those men earn good
money, and their places could not lie
cosily supplied if they went off in a
liulf. One of the men (old me that
its a rni'pcntcr he earned four and a
hulI'doMais a day, and could live on
one dollar, liy way of change he
hnd taken on work us a porter in the
h-.itel, boaid and lodging
free, and earning, wilh ths, foity
diillins a month. The lown does not
appear tor Ho very healthy. The wate;'
is drawn from wells, and di| htheria
Was prevalent at the time of our
Any Fiu'lishmtin must, lie struc'<
wilh the disregard of appearances iii
the "iV'eft. Tra■■ elers in lirst class
(nrriuiros, who prove lo lie educated,
intelligent, and oficn wealthy men,
are d essed in coloied s'.i ts, o)cn
Wulst oats, and slouch cowboy huts;
while their poi'iolis nre often none
to.) clean, ml th-.i disagreeable habit
of ohowing and spitting is almost
universal; iuilocd, yesto dny, to my
disgust, I saw a fill l.v wo'l-<'rcssed
woman guilty of this hntofi 1 habit,
Thc names ol   plaois   a'o rcdo'ent
of dnys when Nature reigned sujinoiilc
in this vast .Doniinion.    'ihe C'ranc,
the (lull, the (loose and the    Ea'jle
Lakes,     lled-deer    Station,    Crow's
Net Pass—tiro examples which might
be   Indefinitely   multiplied.      Inrlian
names aro constantly re urrlng, e.g.,
iSf.skat' hewan,     Assinlboia,     Olosk-
wan. l'olis! o and Kootenay, The Cit-
tholiJJ ml siois hi'e left their tnjf'-feq
ill l.acro*s-J Lale, Priest Hiver, Tito'
.1 mi■ i    Cache and   Lacombe,    n-imed I
nfto! the l-'ren-li priest who   half   a j
(eulury ago l-cgnii a work which,   I i
be'ieve, he still  lives to    carry    on. '
I'ei •■'. although hiitnrlrnl and arch-
iioologlcal ..associations,     so    well
known to iin in KuropoJ nre   absent, ,
'e c, more recent history is suggest- !
>.l at evert' turn.—Hev, Alfred Itow- ]
■ ml   in London Christian World.        I
The Midway Sawmill
All kinds of ROUGH and DRESSED LUMBER,
L. _I_-l_-_-_-_-fe
Band Sawing and Job Work done to   order,
809 Second Ave., Spokane, gWash.
The school where thorough work is clone; where the reason
is always given; where confiJerce is developed ; where Book-'ing is taught exactly as books are being kept in business ;
where Shorthand is scientific; where penmanship is at its
best; where merit is the standard ; where the training in Civil Service, Telegraphy, English and Cartooning wakes up
students, develops their powers and teaches them howto be
successful. No argument is so eloquent as the record of
things well done. No mortgage can corrupt, no thief can
break through and steal the knowledge of How to Do. When
you know what a school c-m do for you by what it has done for
others is it better to trust to luck? Is it wiser to guess?
For detailed information call, telephone or write
#09 Secocd Ave., Spokane Wash.
Advertise in
The Dispatch.
Riverside Nurseries
Orand Forks, B. C.
Home-grown, thrifty, acclimatised trees and shrubs,
Currents, Raspberries, Strawberries, etc.
A fine assortment of Maples and other shade trees,
Roses, Lilacs, Hedge Plants, other ornamentals.
The sen-i-l of success in planting, is, kiiiht - in serin*** good stock,
hk< -iimi -In plnnt 118 si ion un possihle after il is xlng.
Trees obtained from our nursery ean be planted at
Midway two days after tbey are dug.
Price  list,  and  fnil  Information" promptly   given.
. ............... ............................... .mmmt,
{-Hen Wanted a it %
\To sell for the large Fonthlll nurseries.  Appli
cations should be filed at once.   Highest wages
paid, permanent place assured to the right men.
We furnish guaranteed stock commanding highest testimonials from British Columbia Inspectors.
m^SZr- Stone & Wellington.
lo********************************** ****************
Lancashire House,
: : MIDWAY, B.C. : :
Purnace-luMited and comfortably furnl.l.od root..*.    \ '
Mrs. Dowding, Proprietress.
 ® .
The undersigned having; re-opened this well-
known and comfortable hotel invites tin-
patronage of all old customers and the public


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