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The Midway Dispatch C. M. Crouse 1902-10-06

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Vol. I, No. 14.
$2.00 per Year.
A Partial Account of the Life
of Jolly Jack.
Home Made Canned Fruits
Raspberries, Strawberries, Peaches, Red
Currents, Red Cherries, the nearest apprbach
to Fresh Fruit possible, delicious, "make
your mouth water," put up in glass jars with
patent top, as cheap a canned goods as you
can use,   Jars when empty 45 cents.
Silver Spoon Tea
This is a rich full flavored Ceylon Tea
put up in 1 lb. packets, each packet containing a Silver Tea Spoon, socts a pound,
5 ets. per pound less in 6-lb lots, which also •
gives you a set of spoons at once.
Other Goods
New Brunswick whole   Codfish,    Canned
Mackerel, Canned Chicken,  Rubber Sealer
Rings, pts. and qts.
Mohawk Chief Plow Points for 25,30,40.
^A^^^m^^^m^AAAammm AM/Atm mtM_________________\Mi_t_____\m _________
■:- J. McNICOL. -:-
Forty Yean Ago- Will Spend «
Remainder of his Oays In the Old
Men's Home, Where he will
be Well Cared  tor
1 THOMAS WALKER. Proprietor.
All tho baat brand* of
, Cigar* and Tobaccos kopt
1 oonstantly oa band.
1 Latest shadoo and pat'
. tornt of Wall Paper now In
Seventh Street, Midway.
v iirii/c )  ffl ®  fi
—        _.      . _■
An sll very well in their
place. IJiave them and keep
them In their place.
i   A FULL LINE OF . . .
}fa.ir Brushes* JootK Brushes,
Clothes Brushes, flail brushes,
bather brushes- etc., etc,
Stock made up of thn licit. American, Bngliih
and French goods, and sold at popular prices.
1 ___	
Gome in and look around, you don't Have tn buy.
A. F. Thomas,   -   -   Druggist.
Prices to Suit the Times.
Spsial Cut Prices in Suiier Goods
Dry Goods, Clothing, Boots & Shoes,
Shelf Hardware, Lamps and
Glassware, etc., etc.
Among the passengers on the .outgoing twin on September 29 was one
of the early pioneers of Boundary
Creek, John Thornton,   known for
prohahly nearly half a  century hi
"Jolly Jack," and who 43 years ago
paid his first visit I o this creek.   The
old man has so long lieen a Jauinigr
figure in the district thatitM^K
gepuine regret those who have known
him for years now see his Old cabin
vacant, hut    with   his   health and
strength failing, and lacking some of
the comfort* necessary to prolong bis
life, the desirability  of placing  bim
wliere he will lie cared for has lieen
recognized and his admission to the
Old Men's Home at Kamloops arranged
for by the Pioneers Association of the
Boundary dislrict,
It, is not easy tn tell the tale of such
j a life briefly.   Nor could all that would
I lie interesting, whether of ever changing fortunes, of adventures, of varied
experiences and comradeships, or bf
the numberless incidents and vicissi
tudes filling more  than three score
years, of, for the uiostpait, wanderings
hithei andtl-ither as chance circumstances mid inducements prompted, he
learned during the nil too short uppur
tuniiies afforded liy two or three talks
of himself and his doings had with the
old man  by the writer.    However,
since I here aie still many left in the
district nnd province wlm will likely
he   glad    to   read something, even
though it he fragmentary of the life of
'•Old Jolly," the endeavor will now lie
made to relate in as connected a manner as can be under conditions some
what unfavorable what he recently
narrated when asked to tell his story.
And if at tunes the statement* here
made should appear to lie at variance
with known fad s, it must, lie reiiiem*
liereil that these are set down as given
—they are not vouched for.  Of course
it is tn he expected that now and again
the nld man's memory will Iw found
at fault, but  it may be noted with
interest tbat several quotations that
will he made from other accounts of
some of the incidents mentioned by
him in the main confirm Jolly Jacks'
John Thornton was born at Stockton
nn the river Tees, county of Durham,
England, on June 11, 1825. In 1KB,
sixty four years ago, he left his home
to go as an apprentice on a collier,
and lo become a "Hem-die," as those
who followed this vocation were then
and there called.   During six years he
make nne in the States, 'hut, hy G—!
they can make good guns now,"
(In Dr. Alexander Johnson's "His
tnrjr of the United States" the following passages occur: "The screw propeller, to take the place nf side wheels
in ocean steamers, was introduced by
John Ericsson in lSW The
screw propeller had now—1814--bei'ii
introduced Into the United States
navy, and the sailing vessels of the
past were no longer built. The first
of these steam war vessels, the Prince,
ton, was the scene of a terrible accident, during a pleasure trip on the
Potomac in 1814, One of the large
guns burst when it was fired a third
time, and killed two ineiiiliers of the
Cabinet, a commodore nf the navy,
and a number nf other persons. Many
other persons had narrow escapes.")
After two years in the navy Jolly
Jack was discharged and for a while
^ie w«_ once more in the. merchant set'*
vice, hut nnly for a short time, for in
ifMfl at Boston he joined the Independ-
'   frigato,   Commodore Shnehrink.
ent  ...„.._.,   ._	
Prom Boston he went in California,
for the Mexican war was in progress,
hut hy the time he reached San Francisco the stars and stripes had already
been hoisted.   Said he : "There was
very little lighting for ihe navy there
There was quite a fleet at. San Francisco,  wliieh (the   Spaniards   called
'Yabha Bono' which meant beautiful
herbs.  There was the sloop of war
Portsmouth; the battle sbipColumbils,
Commodore   Biddle, jm-t come from
India -, sloop of war Siam, Capt. Montgomery, and Stockton, who was now
a commodore, had a frigaie there as
well.   The  American  flag was also
hoisted at Monterey, San Pedro and
San Di-'gn,   While  we  were at San
Francisco the Briiish Pacific squadron
came down  to take California  hut
they found it already taken.  That reminded me nf a story 1 had heard before, of a lol of Britishers sent, nut
once before   to lake California, bin
they went back without doing it, because, as they said 'the blawsted salmon wouldn't bite, wouldn't take a
Invalided, Jolly Jack   went hack
round the Horn to New York in the
frigate Savannah.   But once again be
shipped and this time was drafted into
the southern coast survey net-vice, surveying with pole Hnd lead from Pens.,
cola, Florida, to Texas.    Aft?r nine
months all hands were discharged nt
Fernanda.   They got a tow boat lo
take them tn New Orleans where Jolly
shipped on Ihe packet. Robert Burton
for Phidelphia.  There he once more
shipped in tbe navy, wai drafted to
the receiving ship Phidelphia at Nor
folk, and then to the frigate Hareton
to cruise during the winter between
tbe cape* Delaware and Chesapeake,
on the lookout for distressed vessels.
Thence to New York, where he was
At. New York he shipped on hoard
tbe 10 ton brig Meteor, Capt. "Bully"
Smith, to go round the Horn. This
brig, having been built for use as a
slaver, waa a very fast craft. When
she reached Valpariso, Chile, her
owner tried to sell her to the Chilian
excitement broke oni. Men from all
parts of the country flocked tn California : they went by steamer to the
Isthmus nf Panama, ciossed il and
sailed up the coast to San Francisco ;
they bought sailing vessels and wenl
around Cape Horn; they travelled
overland across the plains. The fever
was not confined to the United States,
but spread to Europe. Within two
years there were 100,000 persons in
California, and San Francisco was a
rapidly growing city of 20,000 inhabitants,)
In 1858 Ihe Fraser River excitement
broke nut.   Said Jolly ; "Loll of us
paid our passage money to Victoria.
B. C.    From - there we crossed the
straits lo the Fraser river auy way we
could—in boats, dug-outs, or even oil a
few hoards fastened together.   There
must have heen a good many lives Inst
among those who were in a hurry to
get to the digging,"   A writer in tbe
B. C. Mining Record in December of
1805 thus referred to the Fraser rush :
"It is an old story now of how people
from Sun Francisco poured into Vic
loria try thousands and set up their
tenis; of how  they   lushed  up the
FriiHer river, often crossing the Gulf
of Georgia in open hosts ; how otheis
came up the tableland of the interior;
how they crossed the Isthmus of Panama, or rounded the cape; how they
entered from  Whatcom,  or plodded
wearily overland from East ern Canada.
Victoria became a city in a day, and
the mainland solitude was converted
into a crown colony in a year.  The
vicissitudes and hardships of the eager
throng as they pushed  their way up
the turbulent Fraser with facilities for
transport limited t provisions dear as
gold itself; an   unknown   region to
penetrate, and each a stranger among
a strange crowd of advent urers, constitute a chapter of history in  themselves."
Jolly Jack's stay nn the Fraser was
not a very lengthy one, for in the fall
of the following year he came, as already mentioned, to Boundary Creek.
Of his after experiences something
will he told next week.
New Machinery for  Knoh Hill and
OM IroniMe*.
The new machinery house in which
the large electrically driven compress
or plant the Granby Company is put
ting in at ita mines at Phoenix is to be
installed is well forward towards com
pletion.  Thr building is 00 feet hy 1211
feet and 90 feet high to the ridgecap*
ping.   It ii now enclosed and the foundation* for both compressor* and electric motors are about finished, the latter having been completed a month
since.  Tbi* building is placed far en
oiigh away from lhe nre quarries to lie
out ot reach of most of the rock* scat
tered around when blasting.  The two
tandem duplex compound  Rand air
compressors, lo lie driven by two 750-
horse power Induction electric motors
to give together a flO-drill rapacity,
should soon he received at 'he mines,
Two cars have already arrived snd the
restof I he compressor planl has been
are about ready tor the big Karri I
crusher, having jaws niili an opening
3B hy 42 inch, a which will he driven by
a lOU-horse power electric motor. This
crusher is the largest of ils kind yet
made hi Camilla.
The open workings at  the (iranby
mines are assuming large |,iu* nrtiuiis.
The quarries now extend  niirih and
south almut  1.HW)   feet over all, and
have a widlh varying fiom  ahmn  50
feet at the  upper face  to about 100
feel near the month of the miun tunnel.   Besides this   an   area lip'-ruit-
mate)) Mil) feet long hy 200 feet wide
lins been stripped in readiness for removal of the enormous body of ore
thus uncovered.   Woik iu the main
quarries is  being carried  nu  iu  i he
usual manner.   To facilitate sending
mil ore more large openings have been
made from the Knoh Hill main tunnel
up tn the quarries, giving in all twelve
of these big chutes for sending down
theme.   No.2 tunnel, part of whicli
was forn,erly the HiO foot level of the
Knob Hill, starting from ul out the
centre of the Old Imnsides claim, now
runs about l.MX) feet into the hill.   At
that distance in it connects I y a 100*
fl. winze with  the  Knob  Hill  main
lunnel  which continues south about
1,000 feet further, so thai  practically
theie is ii continuous working, in oie
all tbe vay, fur a disim.ee of nearly
2,0110  feel.   From  lhe  Hour of No.2
tunnel to thc highest pomi of the ore-
face in the upper q.inri ies is about 410
feet vertical.   With un ore body being
worked tn ihis depth   and  having a
widlh of 300to 400 feel and u pi-m.-d
length of nearly 2.51,0 feet it is quite
evident that, even wilh i lie daily output of 6.000 inns which the new plant
is designed to pro- ide power for, ihere
are many years' work ahead here with
a consequent   enormous production.
This leaves entirely nut of in count the
extensive   underground   workings  iu
the Old Ironsides and Victoria mines,
which contribute about jt) per cent of
the present output.
The total output of tbe Granby
mines now aggreal en about532.0O0 tons
ol ore, all of which hus heen treated at
the company's own smelting works at-
Grand Kork*. Of ibis total 04.531 tons
.wen- ibip-ied during the second half of
| UMU. Ml.-m uw. in litti, and the tie-
maiuder during ihe current year. Tbe
output would have been Jtill larger tmt
for difficult ies in connection with tbe
fuel supply and water power at the
smelter for the three or four months
just pait.
triune railed.   During six yean ne      -
voyaged here, there and everywhere, government, but failing to come
vessel to another teuns went on to Pern. Whilst In one
of the Peruvian ports the captain received an offer of (35,000 fur the brig
a i oral
Quick Sales and
Small Pronts.
A fresh stook of staple and fancy groceries applying dally,
changing from one
as waa the custom among many of his
class. His experience* during hi*
earlier years at sea were similar to
those of many another lad. After
having "sailed the Spanish Main he
eventually landed in the United Stales,
and thereafter sailed out of tew York,
Philadelphia. New Orleans, and other
Atlantic ports to the West Indies and
Venezuela southward and to Bermuda
In 1844 he joined the U.S. navy,
going on  iKtard   the  steam   frigate
Princeton, Capt. Stockton, during the
time of President John Tyler's administration.   Said he "the Princeton was
built by Stockton himself, and she was
the Hrst vessel in  the  United  States
m-vy to have a propeller.   She steamed
12 or 13 knots an hour, and when the
people first saw hei they got scared to
death, for she had no sails and burnt
her own smoke, so they couldn't make
-at tow  she went along.   Why the
newspapers was full o   it."   A. tha
time she was cruising the coast from
the capes of the Delaware to Norfolk,
in Virginia.    She hiul on  board a
which used iv 74-ponnd shell.   It was
tried on shore, firing Into sand tanks
o" the Princeton,    At Washington
President Tyler and  a lot of  other
Visitor came   aboard.    When Ca,.
Stockton was ready to lire the gun be
lent a message h,.|ow to 1 he im-sib  I,
wlln was down in the saloon with the
|ivdies, hut be sent word up the capl auto nielthiniMf. for hewasnnt coming
„,   Thegunwasllred, Imt It burst,
Wounding Captain Stoctkott md 86 of
X gun crew, ami killing three of th.
It is stated lhat Messrs. iiiinneniian
Lewis will shoitly open a livery stable
at. Gieetiwix-d. M. A. Harvey of the
Palace livery liable two or three
months ago, Muighr. out. Cameron
Bros,, of the Fashion livery stable, and
now he will have opposition once more.
The wife of I). Sherman, an employee
at the B. C. Cupper Company's smelter, Greenwood, died on Friday, leaving
two children inothei less, one being an
Infant only a' month old. She came
from (he State of New York and was
of whom
restoitnecompreswi *>•<* ■ •~*-i one of a large family most
ih'pped from the works at Sherhronke have died.  She was troubled with a
Quebec.   With these  are being sup-1 nervous ailment which  with  other
from Chile, so he accepted it and sailed
liack to Valpariso, where he left the
vessel, paying otf the crew, who were
given three mouths extra pay,   Here
Jolly   Jack  remained for   a while,
stevedoring, rigging and sailmakltig,
In 1818 news came to Valpariso of
the discovery of gold in California and
the   consequent   great   excitement.
Jolly Jack at. once joined the Scotch
brig Annie  Moon  nf   Aberdeen, and
sailed for San Francisco, which upon
arrival he found to lie a canvas cit v
miles of It.  Three times it was burnt
down.   It was a fearful place for gain
bling; men used to work just long enough, at (2,00 an hour, to get money
to gamble wilh and then go hack and
play until it was all gone.   We got a
whaleboal and went up to Stockton,
where we sold the boat and started
afoot for the diggings.   This was in
the spring of 1840 and by the next fall
the rivers, creeks and gulches had all
been taken up.   W.i were all novices
at placering, chiefly soldiers and sailors, and we did'nt know how lo put a
pick in the ground, but we soon found
out, though,"   Jolly Jack remained in
these part, about nine  years.   Once
during this period he was buried by a
fall of earth,   Ho was got out, hut was
Injured so much that he was knocked
out tor nearly a year.   His accident
was a lesson lo others, who afterwards
took tn timbering (licit-workings when
tunneling in the wash.
(Johnson says of the California gold
fever: "The news of the discovery
wss hardly believed at lirst in the older
settled pans of the country ; but early
— — —,j   	
-.*■* —
piled the necessary rope drives, seven
air receivers, twenty 3) New Giant
drills and a 10 ton travelling crane.
The inoinis and requisite accompanying electrical appliances will come on
later, these being itipplled hy other
In addition to the above mentioned
plant, a big rock crusher and building
are being put in. A gravity tram frnm
Ihe upper parts of the ore quarries, ore
bins, crusher house and tram to the
shipping hins, have heen in course of
complications hastened her decease.
About 130 people attended a social
held in the Greenwood Masonic hall
last Friday night under t he auspicea of
members nf the lm al A. F. k A. M.
lodge. After an hour or so at curd
playing and chat the floor was cleared
for dancing In music played by Mi's,
O'Mara (Fii.no) and G. fi, Richardson
(violin). During the evening several
songs were sung between I he dances.
The company dispersed shoitly afler
nne o'clock a, tu. after having spent, a
slii|'|miK ,......,  ...    .._  .,„,...	
erection during several weeks and these! v,,,.y enjoyable time
Boundary Ore Shipments.
The tonnage of ore shipped by the mines of the Boundary
District during  1901, and for the eight months of 1902, is
as under:
Old Ironsides and Knob Hill group 231,762
Mother Lode  99.548
H.C  47.5.17
Sunset....       800
Winnipeg     1,040
King Solomon       850
No. 7	
Golden Crown	
Sundry small shipments     2,5°°
£&_-£mi t« tax *-"»• —■»—'« * ' •""
Totals 386,738      306,046
Shipments during 1900 totalled 97,837 tons ; during
the year 1901, to December 31st, 386,738 tons, and during
eight months of 1902, 306,046 tons, making an aggregate of
790,621 tons ■
A- •■■
C. M. CK0U8K Mltur and Proprietor
PubliKhcit weekly at MM wny. B. C.
Sulwcriptioii price, $2 00 por annum, payable
la advance, Htlier yearly or half yearly at toe
option of the subtunb.-r.
Advcrtisiiifc- ra!.:» soul on ;i|iplicallon.
Elsewhere in this issue we publish a
letter from W. A. Galliher, metnt-erfor
the Yale-barihon district, it, which he
states lhat he is desirous of meeting
the mine owner* for the purpose of
discussing the subject nf encouraging
silver lead milling lit the province. It
is io be hoped the mine owners will
take advantage of ll.e opportunity of
meeting Mr. Galliher and discussing
with him this quesi ion so that he will
Iw in a position lo place ilie matter liefore the Dominion government in a
manner that will he satisfactory to all
those interested.
Last we showed that ll Urge amount
of public money had been wasted in
an attempt to build a i-o.nl up the West
Fork of Kettle river, Ii. is certainly
within the mark to put this amount
together with tlie additional sum
neci'ssarv to complete the road and
the loss to the provincial treasury by
arresting the development of Ihe important mining camps at $20,000 j ihis
covers a period of ahout four years, or
since the overthrow of the Turner
government. This is only a very
small section of a very larf*e province,
and we will suppose that successive
governments have uiid"riiiken similar
works in 2(k» different parts of the
province ; that no public money has
heen wasted in 75 per cent of them,
hut results similar lo those on the
West Fork of Keitle river happened
in 21 percent of tbem, It would mean
that §1.000,000 of public moneys have
been wasted, or perhaps it would lie
more correct to say that the provincial
treasury is short that amount. We
have not heard from all parts of the
province, where public works have
been carried on, hut reliable information received ttoiii several parts seems
to indicatit lhat conditions, similar to
those on the West Fork of Kettle
river, bave prevailed. Is it any wonder lhat the governnient are taxing
everything in sight'/ lhat they are
continually borrowing money f that
they are clamoring for better terms
from the Dominion government? The
lot of those living beyond the hounds
of municipalities, so far as governnient
is concerned, is nnl a pleasant nne.
There is no self governnient; during
an election campaign some individual
from the ranch, the sawmill, or the
law office comes around soliciting
votes, he is, perhaps, elected, and is a
member of the successful political
party. In the new government he becomes a Minister of the Crown, the
head of an important department of
the government. Lines he take off his
coat and say to himself "I will over
haul this department frnm top to
bottom, no matter how much lalsir it
costs uie?" No, he does nothing of
the kind. He leaves lhe work to his
deputy and the other officials through
out tbe province, who are in most
i .uses, fossilized beyond all hope of
cure, and have a life-tenure of office,
Tbe Honorable Chief of the department, lately from the people, clothed
ln new raiment, seduced hy the social
atmosphere of Victoria, beneath the
dome of the million dollar parliament
buildings loses his head, and imagine!
he ii a statesman, but it is perhaps, in
fact the commonest kind of mediocrity
.in the guise of statesmanship. Instead of mastering the details of his
department, he spends his time in negotiating with railroad magnates,
whereby the government undertakes
to give away a few hundred thousand
square miles of Ihe puhlic domain, and
a large cash bonus to aid in the construction of a transcontinental railroad
with a terminus ut Victoria, in Ibe
meantime some civil servant may he
getting in his fine wmk, hut if complaint he made to the Chief he simply
answers in effect, that he upholds his
subordinates ; be call do noiliing else,
because htf Is ignorant of the work of
the department. Ii is lo he hoped,
now that we have increased representation, that representatives will he
chosen pledged to confine themselves
to the lower altitudes of legislation, if
We may use that expression, and that
local inteiest will receive iheir best
and, as far as possible, Iheir personal
I would like this matter to Is- taken
up in earnest by Ihe mine owners and
to hi'advised of the time and place of
By kindly giving this space in your
paper, you will oblige.
Tours truly,
W. A. Ualliher,
Tracy W. Holland Resigns.
Silver-Lead Mining.
Nelson, B. 0.. Sept. HOth, 1002.
To the Editor of Tiik Dispatch.
Dear Sib,
Owing to some divergence of opinion
as lo lhe best mean . to lie adopted foi
I he encouraging of silver lead mining
in Mulish Colombo.. 1 desire I hat the
iiiiiib owners llx a lime ami place for
the dis-ussinii nf I his suhji-ct und also
aslo I lie iuliiiissir.il im.!, Canada free
of duty of all mining supplies and machinery not maniifaciiired iu Canada,
and the lowering of duties on certain
other mining machinery manufactured in Canada.
1 shall In; plea*ed to attend any such
met ling in order that I may have
their views thereon In aid ine in tny
endeavor to bring ahoul condition's
most favorable lo the mining industries in my constitiieniy.
I might add that, the views of the
Boards of Trade and smeller men and
some of the representatives of large
silver lead mines iu my riding on the
question are already liefore the government.
Grand  Forks, f;. C, Oct. l.~ A
private dispatch received today from
Toronto, Ont., conveyed the announcement that. Tracy W. Holland,
general manager of the Ki-ttle Valley
Lin--s, had tendered bis resignation
and had disposed nt his imeresi in the
enterprise. The resignation has already taken effect. Mr. Holland is
now on his way jveit, bat his future
plans are unknown. Mr. Holland will
pmpahly serve out his term as mayor
of Grand Forks.
W. A, Stralton, a Toronto attorney,
has heen here for some time past on
business in connection with ihe railway company. Mr. Stralton is a
brother of Hon. J. K. Stralton, provincial secretary of the Ontario provincial government, and who with
olher eastern capitalists are interested
in the enterprise. Asked respecting
the report of Mr.Hnlland'i resignaiion.
he replied : "Yes I understand Mr-
Holland has resigned, hut have not
received any further inforinatioii from
the east."
The resignation of Holland as general manager of the road is the latest
development in an enterprise which
has been marked with more sensational features and bas given as Utile return on Ihe money invested as any
scheme carried out in the northwest
for many a mouth. The '-Hot Air
Line,"as tbe load has come to l-e
called, represents an investment of
over $1,000,000, which Ontario men put.
into Ihe scheme for building a railway
from Republic, Wash., lo Grand
Forks, B. C, The road has cost far
more than was ever expected, and it
has done practically no business at all.
The formal opening took place ahoul
Ave months ago. Since then the road
has carried somewhat more than 500
toii6 nf ore, tor which it is supposed ti
get a revenue of $1 a ton. It gave up
all idea of runinng passenger trains long
ago, and now it is not even running
freight trains. Tbe cars and the en
gines are lying idle in the yards, un
til such a time as shipements com
meiice out. of Republic, when the
officials of the road expect to get a
portion of tbe husiness.
■ ».
One of Life's Pleasures.
There is nothing in life more enjoyable and at the same time so bene
Hcial to Imth mind and hody, aa traveling.
A modern railway journey, intelligently taken, lends to prolong life,
break the monotony of existence and
acts as a panacea for dull care, by
taking us out of the well worn channels of worldly and business struggles.
Before stalling upon a trip, whether
on business or recreation, it is well to
inquire and investigate the various
routes, and choose the one offering the
hest inducements in the way of comfort and attraction. The traveler, the
tourist or business man' is wise in
selecting the Rio Grande Lines in a
journey to and from the east, as it
offers every comfort and modern convenience to mil all classes of travel,
with an array of scenic attractions unsurpassed in the world. Castle Gate,
The Canon of Ihe Grand, Marshall
Pass, Tennessee Pass and the world
renowned Royal Gorge are but few of
these attraction! seen from the car
Three fast trains daily lietween Ogden and Denver,
Pullman Palace and Ordinary Sleeping cars on all trains to Denver,
Omaha, Kansas City, Chicago and St.
Louis without change,
A perfect Dining cat-service. Agents
throughout, the Northwest can sell
tickets via this route. For rates, maps
and full information nr for copy of
beautiful booklet, "With Nature In
Colorado," write to or call nn VV. C.
McBRIDK. Gen'l Agent or M. 3.
ROCHE,Traveling Passenger Agent,
121 Third Street, Portland, Ore.
Harvesters and thrashers who are
heavy consumers of Chewing Tobacco,
will find
much more wholesome than thc rank
tobaccos of the past. As only pure Ingredients enter Into the manufacture
of this brand, it can he used with perfect security. Valuable present can
also he obtained hy saving the Snow-
shoe Tags, which are on every pbig.
The timefnr the redemption of Snow-
shoe Tags has heen extended to
Jan. ist, 1904.
We have not advanced the price
of our Tobacco. Amber Smoking:
Tobacco. Bobs, Currency and
Fair play chewing tobaccos are
the same size and price to the
Consumer as formerly. We have
also extended the time for the
redemption of snowshoe tags to
January 1st. 1904.
Certificate   of  Improvements
w.ttkkloo co.vsol11htrd fractional
Miskkai. Claim.
Sltuste ln the Kettle River Mining Division
of Yale District.   Where located :  Camp
TAKK NOTICK lhat I. Forties M. Kerby. as
agent fur the Wai-rioo Consolidate*!
Mining and Milling Company, free miners
ml ilkal« No. bIiSIS, intend, sixty <l:iys
from lhe dale hereof, lo apply lo the Mining
Hec-orderfora Certificate of Iniproveinenl*. for
the purpose of oblaining a Crown Grant of the
ubove claim.
And furlher lake notice Ihal action, under
soclion 37. musl bc oomrnenoed before thc
imiiuuico of such Certificate of Improvement!
Haled this 27th day af September, IKS.
Durham Bulls, Fresh Calved
Cows, Cows in Calf, Steers
and Heifers, Boar Pigs, Sows
and Young Pigs, Sheep and
Poultry, Saddle and Pack
Ponies,    .^pplv to
il/t  miles from   Midway, or
Dispatch office.
On 18 ih inst., womc where hetween J. G.
McMmtft ranch and Midway, onn logging
chain. Kinder wiU oblige by leaving al thi"
THK partnership heretofore existing be
tween the undersigned as Saw Miller.
under the name of Ujquiine _ 1'o'vers, in Mid-
whv. II. ('.. Slid Grand Forks, 11. ft, Is herehv
ilav&vei by muturtl consent. All debts owing
to Ihe Mid wny Sawmill arc lo be paid to Win.
Powers, ot Midway. B. C who will continue
thc Midway business and satisfy all claims
ngaiusl the said business. A'l debts owing lo
the Urand Forks Sawmill are lo be paid to B.
Lequime. of Grand Forks, B. ft. who will con
tintie lhe Grand *orka business and satisfy all
claims against the Grind Forks mill,
Witness JA.MK8 MaQUKKK.
Dated at Midway tbis9th day of Sept., 1003.
TAKK NOTICK Ihal SO days afterdate hereof I intend to apply lo Ihe Chief Commissioner of Landa and Works for permission
lo purchase 3-Jo acres of unsurreyeil iiioiiiiiain
piisture, beiiy* lhc Nurlh | See. .V and fractional North West 1 Soclion X. Township St,
Osoyoos District.
August 8th. 1902. 7C
Tmoc Mams
Anyone lending »-tat-h and detertntton mar
,ot-k Ir aanruin our opinion free wbethiran
Intention a wbably ratrntablT^CommaniS
•ent Iw*. cftdeat a.enwfo-feaiiin-ji«te_tfc
J^'on-l taken tbrourtliunn A cSTreSlve
*«£-: aotlet, without charte, In the
Scientific American.
A jiandaomelr llln-tratod weekly. fort-eat dr-
oulatlon of any aclentttlc Journal Tarma. U a
Jgfljtmr montha. IL Bold byR i-mateilm
,*****• New Tort
rear: tnurmnntha.il.
Branch Office, ex ¥
A familiar inline for the Chicago,
Milwaukee k 8t. I'aiil Railway,known
all over the Union iu the Greal Ball
way running tbe "Pionkkh Limited'
trains every day and night between St.
Paul nnd Chicago, and Omaha and
Chicago, '-The only perfect tiaiim in
the world." Understand : Connections are made wilh AM, Transcon
tinental Lines, assuring to passengers
the hest service known. Liixuiious
conches, electric lights, sleain heat, of
a veritv equaled hy tin other line.
See that your ticket reiuls via "The
Milwaukee" when going to any poinl
in the United States or Canada. All
ticket agents sell them.
Forrates pamphlet* or other inlor-
mation, address,
R. L Ford, H. 8. Rowe.
Trav. Pass. Agt. General Agent,    •
Price Markcra
Printing  Wtieeie
Band Dating and
Check     Perforator*
Rubber Type
Printing Prruea,
tic, Etc.
St.Piul, Duluth, ninneapoll., Chlcago
Through Palace and Tourist Sleepers
Dining and   Buffet   Smoking   Ubrnrjr  Cars
Kor Kates. Folders and Full Information,
call on or addres-,
H. BRANDT, V.T.kT. A.,
701 W. Riverside Avenue,
Spoxane, Wash.
Seattle, Wash.
Certificate  of Improvements.
Blui Bku. Minkkai. Claim.
Situate In tha Oioyooi Mining Divlilon of
Yal* District.   When  Looated :-Kru-
cer Mountain.
TAKK NOTICK that I. Charles do Biol*
Oroen. ns agent for George O. Powell, free
miner's certitlcato No. num.')". ard for Kvnn
Morris, tree miners certificate No. inii;iii
intend sixty days from the dato hereof, lo ap.
ply to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate
of Improvements, fir the purpose of obtaining
a Crown Orant of the abovo claim.
And furihor lake nolleo that action, under
section 37. niilnt he commenced boforo >ho Issu
anco of such certificate of improvements.
Datod this Hth day rf July, 1902.
«o   . C.ukB. OltKKN.
Tbe Canadian Bank of Commerce
With Which Is Incorporated
The Bank of British Columbia.
CAPITAL, $8,000,000.   •   REST, $2,000,000.
HON. GEO. A. COX, Pres.       B. E. WALKER, Gen. Mgr.
Manager Greenwood Branch.
Boundary Falls Hotel
This hotel is centrally located and is a stopping place for stage
lines.   Good stabling on the premises.
Only the choicest brands of Wines, Liquors,
and Gigars at tke Bar.
Carrying His majesty's flails
Will leave MIDWAY on Tuesdays, Thurs-
days and Saturdays, at 8.30 a. m., arriving at
CAMP McKINNEY at 5 p. m.
Returning will leave CAMP McKINNEY on
Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 9 a. m.
reaching MIDWAY at 1.30 p. m.,and making connection with the train going east at 2:55 o'clock.
Tha bett of accommodation for
the oonvenlenoe af tha
travelling publlo.
_. M _■> __________ -.l**** *i* *-» a^^A-Jl _____________________ _____________________ _..-  -_-. ™   W
_-S---i _-i3-_-_-_rar-: ill _HCTEfi4-i*Miai^
fT^y»T^Tt^yy*yryf?'fi^rfiyyyiif^wiwiW'yTWiffi|fifji| in
Headquarters for Railroad,
Mining and Commereial Ha
First Class Livery Stable in Connection with Hotel,
S. A. CROWELL, Prop.
CARRIAGE ANDISIGN PAINTING.   Bleyde Bopairing anil Sundries.
Horse Shoeing a Specialty
All Kinds of Work Executed to the Satisfaction of Customers
A new building, well furnished. Everything new and first-class. Only the choicest Wines, Liquors and Cigars kept in
stock. Every convenience furnished the
traveling public.    Bus meets all trains.
■■■*>:. ;■..■.!sitr-..-:*, Local and district, j
, SUnhope Iihh returned fnun a
Li the Weit Furk.
Power- ban  returned after a
| »uy at Orand Kinks,
D, Tboinpton, 0. P. R, lirakeman,
Sum lieen running out of kholt,
Ming a few days in Midway,
■lequime, of Grand Fork*, wa«in
\ny last week,  after returning „,
| a trip to Kelowtm.   He reporlH  4 Hii'i'ida'y"»
-brink In the Okanagan Valley.\m*• ■»<
H. Norris left on   Hatuiday fnr
Icliint mountain,  forthe purpose
licliaHiiig a nunilier  of  hogs for
Iriiiiih, adjoining   the   Midway
, H. Welib has almut completed
lijnntriu't of painting 8. Dahl's
B, near the 0, P, It. slniion, and
J appearance nf the piemises Is
Illy improved.
Imly Cameron, who for a number
leaf" was a partner in the tlrtn of
eron Bros., livuryinen of Ureen-
d, has secured an interest in tbe
way livery stable,
hn Michaely  is applying tn the
! licence inspector for the liound*
Dreek License district, for pet initio transfer  hin  li-ense  to  sell
brs in the Colunihia hotel, Dead-
,, to J.Thonnison and Henry Hodg-
on, who own tbe hotel property,
|s, Luff has artlved at Oreenwood
i Cascade City under instructions
the YaleColnnil'ia Lumber Co
J to take charge of its olllce and
Hess there In place of W. J, Hob
i wbo bas been promoted lo the
I office at Nakusp.   Mr, Robertson
r Nakusp on Saturday.
, McAuley bas returned from Kam-
where  he went   with "Jolly
tk," who has gone to the Old Mens'
line.   Mr. McAuley is president of
Old Timers' Association, which
Sanitation wished to make the jour*
t as pleasant for "Jolly" as possihle,
(being a member of the association.
John Peck, of New  Westminster,
inspector of machinery for the
nvince, and Geo. O, Madigan nf Nel-
, district inspector, are holding an
tninalinn of mechanical engineers.
Jilie a numher of engineers have pre-
nli-d themselves for the examination
liiiii is being held at the City Hall,
enwood.  They  expect  to   leave
■wnwood next Wednesday.
lUeo, Miller is arranging to leave
portly for California, having sold out
ir watchmaker's and jeweller's busi-
|p»s to A. Logan, for some time past
his employ,   Mr,  Miller came to
Ireenwooil  with  his  brother Rimer
filler in 1898, and the Arm of Miller
Inn., whon business connections with
p town is now closed, was one of the
jioneer Brros of Greenwood.
I Miss Moffat left theVemonfe Nelsnn
'cli-phone Company's service on If lull.
Iml on Saturday lefl Greenwood en
Bute, for Victoria taking the Great
lorthem  Spokane — Seattle   route,
lhe will have a couple of years nursing
pining, probably in Victoria. She was
i most efficient lady operator in the
[ireenwood telephone office and suh-
icriliere generally regret that she has
left it.
The Greenwood-Curlew via Midway
Itage line have greatly increased their
transportation facilities in order to
[hi commodate   the   large number of
■passengers en  route  to Spokane to
I attend tbe Interstate Fair.   Owing to
I it only requiring one day to reach
1 Spokane a much larger nunilier aie
I attending the fair from this district
] thin fall than in any previous year,
Nearly all the hotelmen in the small-
| er places west of Midway are engaging
in ranching a* a tide line. S. T. Larsen, of Rock Creek has t his year raised
more produce from his ranch than
niinibers who devote their entire attention to that vocation and H. Pittendrigh, also of Rock Creek, had considerable land under cultivation, which
produced a yield far alwve the average.
The 12-year old son of T. D. Banbury
(formerly of Midway hut who now has
iHnilk ranch at Ihe Last Chance in
Skylark camp) met with a painful
Muldent laat Wednesday. He was
playing wilh snine fuse and a dynamite cap, and as the cap w as slow in
exploding he took it up •vben it went
««" in his right hand, shattering the
thumb and first and second fingers so
hsdly that Dr. Spankie had to ampit-
*"t* all three close to the hand, The
third finger and the palm of the hand
h»d flesh wounds as well, hut not
Prions ones. At last accounts lhe
■toy is getting along nicely in the
"teehwood hospital,
VIZ. P. in.
All Coast point*
Pts. (row's Nest ll, H
Kmterii Canada
Vernon, et«.
Urand Korks
All pts. Kasi, k Houtli
Camp McKinney Tucs.,Tluirn
»n Jl0?lLl''l!0"k.     & Saturdays
All Wesl, Kork points 8.80 a. in.
Malls tor points farllior west ol Midway than
Camp MoKlnnoy ko via. llcvelsloko.
Money orders from H a, tn. to; p. m, with the
exception ot one halt hour before departure
and after arrival of mails.
Kll. A. HAIN.
_____________ l'ostiiiasUir.
Oardom -Haynes.
Thel*ncashire House, Midway, wm
the scene of a very pretty but quiet
Wedding, „„ Saturday last, when It.
Gardoin, customs officer of this place,
Wat united in marriage to Miss Susan
» Hayne8i third daughter of the lale
Judge Haynes. The ceremony was
Performed at high noon hy the Rev.
Father Bedard, of Oreenwood, The
hrWe was the recipient of many
jostly present,. In the evening the
haPpy couple held a reception at which
R l*t"ge numher of guests were pres-
•nt. Mr. and Mrt. Gnrdomhave taken
"P their residence In the government
n,"ld!ngion 7th Street, in which ihe
curtonu office It located. Thk Dis*
*M-H Joint with their numerous
"lendeIn wishing the newly married
•wiplealongllfe 0f continued happl*
The Bodle nine.
James Uronan, who hns had charge
of the development work of the Bodie
mine for some lime past, nunc in from
the mine a few days ago, says lhe
Independent American. In spunking
nf the mine and values nf the oie to a
representative of the Independent
American he said :
"The late development nf the Bodie
mine has In en to open the ledge lower
dnwn lhe mountain. Tunnel No. 2 cut,
the ledge about 130 feet from the surface, south of tunnel Nn. 1.
"The drift from tunnel No. 2 on the
ledge is more than lOOfeettb the north
and is nuw under tunnel No, 1. The
upraise frnm this drift will connect
with the drift on the ledge of tunnel
No. 1, giving good ventilation for woik
in Imth places. A winze is going down
from the No. 2 level, near the south
end is in good ore, When deep
enough another short tunnel can lie
driven, making development 100 feet
"A short tunnel, 85 feet of No. 2 I Un
nel, was driven for ventilation. While
making an upraise and sinking the
winze that will facilitate work in liolb
places and give good air until the nexi
level is opened. The values throughout have averaged from tfi AO to more
than (QUO per loo, lieing samples of
the stratas ranging fnun six inches to
seven feet in widlh.
"Working testa, liy amalgamation of
the free gold, show extraction of between (10 and 82 per cenl, and lead to
the conclusion tlmt at least(10 -wr cent
can he saved by amalgamation. Some
if the selected mv tested in this way
has yielded from a small liead to one
half an ounce of gold.
» a.	
Sale of the Stemwinder.
Itis reported here that the property
of The New Fairview Corporation
Lid., has been sold in England for
■JflOO.IlOO, of which duO.OOO is to lie paid
down. $360,000 iu lliree months, and
the balance latter. This Information
has nnl yet lieen officially confirmed.
Imt it is regarded as probable that the
deal known to have la-en in negotiation for some time past has now heen
The company's property consists of
the unsold portion of the Fairview
townsite (less the government reserve))
the Hotel Fairview, a 3 story building
60x60; office building, assay outfit, etc.;
water rights; 48 stamp mill, with a
cyanide plant being put in ; almut 400
acres of coal lands situate 10 miles
north of Fairview, and 16 ciown-grant-
ed quail claims all within three miles
of Fairview.
The company's chief mining property
is the Stemwinder, which has levels
opened al 100,200 and 300 feet respectively, and which have developed a hig
body of quartt ore. At the 300 ft level
this bas heen yielding ore stated to
have averaged $10 a ton for a IB-font
shoot. Tbe deepening of the mine
shaft Is now In progress, a depth of
alxiul IU feet helow the station on the
300ft level having been reached
values are gradually improving with
depth, a 12-foot laidy of ore running
froul $8 to $20, no assay giving less
lhan $8. The mine is considered to
look better now than at any previous
This week it is intended to start
dtopping 20 more stamps, this number
having lately lieen added lo these heretofore in use. Ostenliurg is pushing
on with the work of installing the
cyanide plant, and it is expected to
have this ready for operation within
six weeks. It is housed in an L shaped
h.illding 150 feet long by 80 feet at its
widest part. Having its own sawmill
on the ground Ihe company has been
ina position to turn out on short,
notice all the limber required, including the 12xl2's foi foundations. 0. G.
Cunningham, of Oreenwood, 1ms completed installing and electric light
plant and 108 eight candle power lamps
iu stamp mill and oilier mine buildings
and workings. Next-month lu. will go
there again to put in .25 additional
lights In the cyanide works. To furnish light a triumph dynamo, made In
Olnolnattl, of 110 volts 63 ampieres,
has lieen put. in.
More power for the stamp mill is lieing provided. By ditch, flume and
pipe water is being conved from a lake
distant ahoul 4J miles, In whicli dis
tance it. has a fall of about 1080 feet.
It, is estimated that 75-horse power additional is obtainable from this source
to stipplenienl the steam power already
available. Connection is made from
the Pelton wheel right on lo a j.ick
shaft connecting stent" engine and
stamp mill, By this combination when
more power shall he required than the
the water supplies the engine will furnish it.
Cheap Rates for the
Westminster Exhibition
The Canadian Pacific llailway "has
announced the following rates in con-
Won with .the New Westminster
Kxhiliiiio,,    Eckels W||| ,,„ 0|, Bll,(, 0|)
Main Li,,,, lietw i Calgary and Kam-
toons, and on Okanagan Branch, on
Sept. 28th, SBth, Ulth and Oct. 1st, good
In return until Oct.. 6th, On Main
Line between Savonas and Vancouver
tickets will he on sale .Sept. 2»th, 30th,
Urtoher Isi nnd 2nd, good lo return
o." '1 Oct. 6th, On I he Okanagan Lake
tickets will lie sold on Sept. 2Bth. 20th,
and Oct. 1st, good to return until Oct.
oi h,
Okkknwood. B. C.
—: Notary Public,
Camp MoKinney, B.C.
Vancouver g
Wostniliutor Jc\
l'ori Moody	
llauuy    7fl
Wluiiiiiock   1,00
Itnsklii   i,io
Mission Junction MO
Human     l.su
Harrison   t >y)
Agassis  a,jQ
Valo..    u
North Bond   |
!/>'Won    f,.ifi
SponoiM Bridge,, Oi
Aslicrofl,   7,m
savants  7,7i
Kamlisiiis    H.Sn
Shuswap  9.50
Salmon Arm mon
sloamonsJuno,,, 11.1m
aevolstoko itx
lllccllluwact. ..
Iliad ur	
Heaver Mouth..
. 11.111
. 14,74
Palllsor   is.iw
Mold t_.tr,
Hector io.su
I.agnail  16.711
Bail*  177S
Anthracite 17.IW
t'altniorc  18.21)
Morley  10.00
iJoohrane  10.68
Oalgiir)-  20.25
Knilorby  11.711
Armstrong  ll.m
Vernon  12,411
OltahsKnn 1,'d'g. 12..M
Kelowna   13.40
Penticton 11.45
Dr. R. Mathison,
A. M. Can. Soo. C. E.
Provincial Land   Surveyor
Midway and (Jhkknwood.
Victoria Exhibition Oct. 7th to llth
Passeniiers whn hnld tickets issued
us above, and who wish also to visit
lhc Victoria Exhibition, can have their
t icki'ts extentled for a period of ei|*ht
days on application" to the Ticket
Agents at Vancouver nr New Westminster, and upon the purchase of
tickets tn Victnria and return.
The Zala M.
V, Vf, Rolt, nf Rossland, secretary
of the Zala Consolidated Company,
owning the Zala M and other claims
in Sheridan camp, from which considerable oie has from time to time
been hauled to Midway for shipment
to tlie smelted, was In Midway last
week. At present 18 men are employed on the property, sloping ore in
the 1«). 160, 200 and 900-foot levels.
Shipments of from I'i to 15 tons of ore
a day have been made for some lime,
but the Sheridan ore bin is now full
and no more ore will he shipped until
the railway siding to the bin is completed. When winter sets in and the
slei(*hinn season Itettins the company
expects to put on a double force of
miners nnd ship twice the quantity of
ore. At present all the nre broken in
the mine is Mur piled up on the dump
in front of the upper tunnel.
 M *
The goods and chattels of the Oreenwood Clarendon, Ltd.. having heen
sold under a distress warrant fnr rem,
Adolphe Fisher, whn owns the land
and building is arranging tn re open
the Clarendon hotel with Fred Munn
in charge, The Clarendon occupies
one of the best business locations in
th* town and was in early construction
ilavs Greenwood's leading hotel, then
known as the Imperial.
Rendell Block, Greenwood.
Phone l>«. V. * N.
Chas. A. Webster,
Spokane.Wash.. U.S.A.   Midway,B C.
For Getting a Beautiful Watch
and Chain Free.--No Money
Required.—Every Man, Woman, Boy, or Girl has the
same Opportunity under our
In order to have Dr. Arnold's Eng
lish Toxin Pills placed in the hands of
all peranns suffering from had health
we make the following most lilieral
offer :-*
if you will send us your name and
address and agree to sell for im twelve
boxes of Dr. Arnnld's English Toxin
I'ills nt'AV, per Iwx, we will give you
absolutely Free a beautiful Watch
and Chain in either Ladies or Genis
size, or ynur choice of twenty Other
premiums such us line sets of Jewelry,
Kings, Violins, Mandolins, Tea Seis,
Sateen Skirts. Cameras, etc, tteitieni-
her we don't want any money until
after you sell the I'ills anil you don't
have In sell anv ttmre than 12 boxes to
get, the premiums. Tbis is a buna fide
offer from a reliable consi'in that lias
given thousands of dollars worth of
premiums to agents all over the connlry, Hemeinbei- also that Or. Arnold 8
English Toxin Pills are a well known
remedy for all diseases of the kidneys
and bladder, Bright'* disease, diabetes,
rheumatism, nervous troubles, and
female complaints, and bi* for sale by
all lirst class druggists and dealers in
■ill parts of the world. You have only
toshowlhem to sell them. You are
nutoffering something that the people
don'l. know. Our watches ate the
regular standard size for Ladies or
Gentlemen in Nlikel or Gun Metal
Cases with handsome Illuminated dials
and reliable line-keepers, batches
such as no lady nr gentleman need be
ashamed to curry- nml tbey will be
sent absolutely Free to all who sel
onlv twelve hoses of those wonderful
Toxin Pills. Write at once and lie the
Hrst in ynnr locality to earn one of
I hose beiint iful watches and chain. As
*oiui as we receive your letter or post
card we will send you post, paid twelve
hoxes, together With out' Illustrated
Catalogue ami heailtlfullv colored card
with vour name and address on as our
aulho'ri/.ed agent. Hear in mind that
vou will not be asked to sell any more
than the l_ lioxes and we don t want
anv money until after you have sold
them We hear all the expense and
are onlv making I his liberal offer as a
,nel,h"il of advertising Ibv Arnolds
English Toxin Pills. Don't delay,
Kfie nt once and earn a beauiiful present, for yourself for Christmas.
So Adelaide St. East, Toronto.Ont.
Spokane Falls {.Northern
Railway Co.
Nelson & Ft. Sheppard
Railway Co.
Red Mountain llailway Co.,
Washington & G. M. By.,
The only all rail mute between
points east, west and south to Boss-
land, Nelson, Orand Forks and Republic. Connects at S|mkane with tbe
Oreal Northern, Northern Pacific and
O. il, k N. Co. for pninU east, west
and south ; connects at Ros»land and
Nelson with the Canadian Pacific Hy.
Connect" at Kelson with the K. B, * N.
Co. for Kaslo and Slovan points.
Conneots at   Curlew with «tu»e for
Oreenwoint and Midway B. ('.
Iluffct can ran on trains between
Spokane and RepnMle.
lieave. Arrive.
liiui SPOKANK      5.«5p.m.
111.30 a.m R08SI.ANII      5.111 pin.
7.15 a.m  NKLSOK      8.00p.m.
■•*•■■» (8WW-) 3-48p'm-
__. Jr.
5.15 p.m.
General Passenger Agent
8pokftne, Wash.
Direct line, Lowest rates
New York
San Francisco
St. Paul, Chicago, and all
U. 8. points.
Lv, Dtintnnre Jet. Daily
Lv. Kootenay Ldg. Tues. nnd Saty.
Toronto, Montreal, Boston, etc.
Leave Reyelsioke Oiily
Vancouver, Seattle and Coast Points.
Through bookings to Europe via all
For tl'iic Inhtos, rtxit". hj«1 Mill informal!.*,.
rail mi or niMrcws A. W. IIAI1.KV, Agent,
Mid way. nr
J. 8. CARTF.H. P.. .1. I'ttVI.F.,
D.P. A.. A.fi.P. A„
Nelsnn, B.C.        Vancouver. H.C
Oertiflcnte  of  Improvement*.
Sltuste In the Ksttls River Minlnpt Division of
Vnle nlutrlct.   Wtw-i located ; On Grass
Mountain, r.imn M<*Klnr.»v.
T\KK NOTlf'K tlm> I. Henry Nicholson,
' tree nxixxerxi -wrllflcnic Nn. iillsa?. xw
mrexx for P.A rtnt.v, free minor'*" i-owflentajM,
IrUSt'l iiitond.slvt.vilflvsfrni-1 lho date hereof,
tn acfllvtn lhc Minim* tloonntorfni. n oortlflnatr.
nf Ininrnvcmcntn. fnrlhc mirposn of ohtalnlnn
a Crown  Urant nf thu above claim.
And further tako notion lhat ii-llnn  undor
aeotlnn   Ti.   must   tic comlcncoit hefnrn tho
lusunnoc nf such oertlnoaN) ol Imnnivnninnl-.
itatoil this 5th Any nf ,Inly. 1KB. lo
T. M. Qulley & Co.
Large Stock.   Low Prices.
T.   JUL.   GXJLLBY   Ss   CO.,
Stage Line.
The undersigned is running a DAILY STAGE between
Greenwood and Curlew via Midway. Stage will leave Greenwood at 6:30 a. m„ arriving in Midway at 7:45 and at Curlew
in time to connect with the train for Spokane due 10:45 returning
will leave Curlew at 5 p. m., upon arrival of incoming train,
reaching Midway at 7:30 p. m. and Greenwood at 9 p. m.
Will connect with Meyerhoffs Stage from all points West.
J. H. TYRRELL, Proprietor.
Midway Livery, Feed k Sale Stable
Seventh Street, Midway,
Opposite Crowell's Hotel.
J. H. Tyrrell,  -  Proprietor.
Hay and Oats For Sale. • Bus Meets all Trains.
General Transfer and Dray Business.
Rock Creek, B. C.
S. T. LABSEN, Prop.
Stn|)|iiii({ pliiee fin■Stiij.'i'S to
ami fnun nil BnundHvy
Creek iKiints.
Traveling Public. tt
*   *   9
It will be the most important Railway Centre in the
Interior of British Columbia.
It is in the eentre of a
rieh Mining, Stock-Raising,
RanehiDg* Gardening, Manufacturing, Coal Producing,
and Railway District.
Midway property will
make you rieh. It is not
a speculation, it is an in-
Midway, the coming railway, commercial,
sale md mat
centre of the Kettle Biver
lad Boeodary Creek Bis.
Wets, is situated at the
confluence of Boundary
Creek and Kettle Biver.
The leading residence
town in the eountry, with
an excellent elimaie, pure
water supply, and sur-
rounded by rieh agricul-
tnral land.
Business,  residence and garden lots at low prices and on easy terms.      Send for maps, prices, and full particulars to
90 Ht John Street,
Montreal, P. Q.
Agent fnr British Ool hh,
Midway, B. (.
©he §tepatclj
♦ ___fc_fc __________ __ *-m.mm m m   mmmm.mm.mmmmm.AAmm* _______t_______|__*.^
W WWW W W ffffff ^^F^^^F^^^V^^^^^^WWWV ffll
Qime Laws.
It ia lawful to shunt kumip aa fol
lows Klat-JK inchiiivc):
SeplemoHr 1 to Dwi-inher It—f)oi-r,
buck or Hoi-; mountain gnat, inoiiiitiiin
Si-pti-uihcr 1 to December 31—Oari-
lion ; elk, wapiti, (hull): -rmuw of nil
kiinl-r, including prairie i liickens; hare;
moose, (lnill|.
Si-pti'inher 1 to February 28—Bitte; n;
duck, ull kinds ; heron ; meadow link,
November 2 lo Muri-h 31— Beaver,
laud otter, iinirlen.
It in unlawful to shool or deal roy at
any time : Birds living on noxious in-
sects; English blackliirdu ; caribou,
cow or calf; chiifllinh ; deer, fawn
under twelve months ; elk. wapiti, cow
or calf under two yeiirs : gull; linnet ;
nun w, row or calf under twelve
months; Mountain sheep, ewe or lamli;
English partridge: -ihcxHuultt, cock or
hen, except aa bereinufter provided ;
i|imil, all kinds ; robins (farmers only
may shoot these iu gardens between
June 1 and Sept. 1); skylark, thrush.
It is unlawful In Imy, sell ur expose
foi sale, show oi nil*i'iiisiineiil, carl-
lion, hare, imil ninone, inountain goat,
nioiintaiii rani hefiire October 1; deer
before S, pteinlii i 1 : nw any of the
aliive iiiinii'd animals or birds at any
tiine, except, duck. Iilue grouse, heron
mid plover duriiiK the open seio-on.
it Is Unlawful lo kill or lake more
llum live cariliou in one se,isou ; more
111 Ft i iin deer, nr to hum lln-in wiili
lines or to kill for bide* alone s more
than iVl ducks; mini' thnn two bull
elk or wapiti i inote llinii two bull
moose; more than five mountain goat-;
ninii'than three lllniliitnln ruins : into take or dcslloy thei-Kgiof protected
liiiilsnt auy i iiui'.
Itis unlawful loonier land enclosed
by fen"", water or natural Uiuiiiliiry,
lifter nntiee or if noliie liiider Scut/Ion
17 is po-led up ; for nnii-iegidenW to
slioot without il Hi'i'iiM'; fur lion resi
drill Indians lo killgeme at any lime :
tti export or ttaiis|ioii, iu the p,i«
stale, game birds of every kind anu
animals protected exept heal', lieavi i
iinirtei. and land ottec; in nm traps
nets, gins, druifgi'd luiit, eie, lo en tel.
HJitne I irds ; to expi se for wile ttlij
(li'cr »i hout its lieiid in liird wiUinii
it- pluniaKe; to use ballcriis, Bttlvi
I'jiijs ni' sunken |utnt« in non tidal
wn'i'is lo take dm knur g.-ese ; for un
licensed nmi-ro'di'iil* to leap or ki.i
. bear or beaver fol" heir pells; to kill
, any game bird between one hour aftei
aniisct.mid one hour hefore sunrise;
t > kill gmie birds or iiniiiuibi iiiip.iitiui
for acrllimiliziitioii piirpn-es; to but
or sell lii'ads of luotiutiilu sheep; ii
take trout except by hook mid line, (e
to use r,ulmun roe lit  bait.'
MOTirE IS HEREBY OIVFV. that appll
ll ralloD nDl be BMde to Oe I'arllsm-jiii of
f'Aiitila. at the next -itUni** ihcrvof, for an Acl j
IncnrixiraiinK a nuripany. under lhe name of
the "Vancouverana Covt Kontcnaf Hallway
Company." to construct and operate a line of
railway, from a point at or near tbe City of
Vancouver, thene*, south ex-terly to the City
of Sew Westminster and acrows the Krastr
Hirer; thence easterly by the moat feasible
route, loa point al or near Midway, in the ',
Boundary Creek District; from a point on the
main line of the railway south of the fraser.
lo a point M or near the moulb ot Ihe fraser
Hiver: from a point nn thc main lino en* of
Hope, to a point nt or near Nicola Lnke; and
from .". point nn the main linn of tbe railway at
or near the City of Vancouver, northerly across
fturrard Inlet, nt thc moat feasible point, lo
Norih Vancouver Municipalllv.thcnce westerly
to a point at or near thc mouth of the Capilano
With power to construct and operate branch
linns, from any point on the main line of the
proposed railway or branches thereof, not ex-
ceding In any one rase thirty ftts, miles in
length ; nnd with power fo construct, own. and
opciale, wharves, docks, elevators, ana warehouses, in connection therewith: and to con-
si met, own, and operate, steam and other
vessels, on any navigable waters; and wilh
power in construct, ovrn, mnlnWii. ami operate a suitable ferry, frnm tbe most convenient
point on Ibe mainland of Hiltlsh Columbia, to
the most convenient point on Vancouver
Island, s» as to make connection with the City
of Victoria, or lo connect therewith by the
same; lo   construct, opernle nnd malniuln,
i ti
Hen Wanted n it <*
%        To sell for the large Fonthlll nurseries.  Appll-
V.    cations should be Die  at once.  Highest wages
paid, permanent place assured to the right men.
We furnish guaranteed stock commanding highest testimonials from British Columbia Inspectors.
I WKI.I.lJfOTfW T . K.
Stone & Wellington.
telegraph and telephone Mum, along the route
nf the proposed railway or its branches, and lo
transmit nxetngts fnr commercial purposes,
and lo collect tolls therefor ; to generate electricity for Ixiwer and lighting purposes, and
for all lights i-nwcrs and privileges, necessary,
usual, or iiicliluntal to all or any of the aforesaid purposes,
Ilntcd at Vancouver, tbis 1st. day of October,
A. ll. 1905.
I), fl. MACHONE1.U
Ha Solicitor for Applicants.
Needed In Every Home
@^        TBE NEW
Dictionary i
.. A Diotl.narr •'ENGLISH,
Biography, Oeegrnphr, Fiction, etc
Now Plat** Throughout
25,000 New Words
Phrases ami Deflnlllonn
Prepared umlcr llm direct supervision of W. T. HARRIS, Ph.D., LL.D.,
United States Commissioner of Education assisted hjr a lliree carpi of competent qieclaliiti and editors.
Northwestepfl Business College,
Leading Business Training School
Business, Shorthand and Typewriting, Civil
Service, Normal, Telegraphy.
Our students hnld thn record nf the United States for proficiency in
Business nnd Ciyil Service branches.   Send for catalogue.
E. H. THOMPSON, B. S., Principal
The Midway Sawmill
Riverside Nurseries
Orand Forks, B. C.
Home-grown, thrifty, acclimatised trees and shrubs,
Currents. Raspberries, Strawberries, etc
A fine assortment of Maples and other shade trees,
Roses, Ulaes, Hedge Plants, other ornamentals.
The secret of success In planting, is, mm—to secure good stock,
MH»Rn—to pl*nt as mum as possible 4ftcr it is dug.
Trees obtained fm mr iirsery eai le planted it
Midway two days after they an dog.
Price list, and fnil Information promptly given.
One of the Best Equipped Hotels in
the Boundary. Everything First Class.
J. W. NELSON, Proprietor,
HT Tht International teat first itntetl
in 1890, tmettdint the "Unabridged,"
Tht Ne.te aud Enlarged Edition of the
international mat issued in October,
1900.       Ott the latent and best.
We sin publish
Webster's Coll.sltl* Dletl.ntrr
witb Glossary of Scottish Words and Phrases
lllol'.-_ UMIIIMnU-H. ■im;ho_im__m.
Flrst-clMS In quality, sscond-olsss ln slss.1
8|ieclraenpsfes,ete.ofboth     >->o.
bunks ssnt on SppUotUoo.  f Gt >
Publlahora,       l*St___-*,
Bprlnsflold, Mim,
Band sawingand job work done to order
Lancashire House.
: : MIDWAY, B.C. : :
The undersigned having re-opened this well-
known and comfortable hotel invites the
patronage of all old customers and the public
Furnace-heated and comfortably furnished rooms.
fireenwood-Curiew, via Midway Satge &J%g£S
upon ils arrival in the evening, while change of homes is Mug made,
Mrs. Dowding, Proprietress.


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