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The Midway Dispatch C. M. Crouse 1902-11-08

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VoL I, No. 18.
$2.00 per Year.
SUITS that will suit you both ia quality and
Price a rare chance to clothe the Boys for a
very small amomnt of money.
Childrens two piece suits from $1.65 to $2.93
i.      three „    „ $2.95
Boys Suits a nice assortment in Serges, Cashmeres,-Tweeds and Homespuns'all $4. $4,25
and $4.50 Suits to go at $2.95
Hoys Reefer Coats, Blue Chinchilla, Double
Breasted. Sizes 23 to 28, special price
week only,
®   ®
THOMAS WALKER, Proprietor.
•tartly m hand.
Lataet tfcadot ami pat*
tarataf WaN Paaor mrnrn la
Seventh Street, Midway.
[About that letter!
An otherwise nice letter is too often spoiled by
the stationery. If you want your letters to
make an impression and be appreciated by the
recipitant, you should write them on good paper
and use good envelopes.
I have a good stock of stationery, clean and
well assorted, at right prices.
Post Office Entered and $700. In
Money taken.
He ww Brought before Stipendiary
MegIttrate l_mbly, who
Committed him
for Trial.
Information received tmm Fairvlew
recently gives particular* of another
sensation In that mining oamp, following quickly on last week's fatal Are.
It appears that on Tuesday, 21st, inst.,
cash to the amount of aliout (700. was
stolen from tbe Fairview Post Office,
wbich is located in tbe store of John
Love, druggist, who is local postmaster. Beyond reporting the loss to the
Provincial Police and advising VV. H.
Dorman, of Vancouver, Inspector of
Post Offices on tbe Canadian Pacific
eoast, of the occurence, the matter
was at the time kept very quirt, it
In-ing feared that publicity would interfere with the endeavors at once
made lo discover the thief. Later it
transpired too that a Post Office Bank
deposit receipt had heen forged for the
sum of tWU. and this money was also
missing. Suspicion fell on a man named McClusky, described as an ex-
preacher, fora lime in the employ of
Shatford k Vo. ir. their general merchandise stores and latterly a clerk to
Mr, Love. Upon the arrival of Mr,
Doi man, tlmt official closely questioned McClusky, who Anally confessed to
havingVtolen the money and forged
the receipt, The deposit of WOU, he
had hidden, and this money he refund'
ed, hut no deAnile information is yet
obtainable here as to what he did
with the larger sum. It is stated that
he used it in paying his debts In Fair-
view and elsewhere, but this statement
in not yet veritlcd. McClusky was
brought hefore Stipendiary Magistrate
Lamhley and committed for trial on
both charges.
It will he remembered that Mr, Love
was burnt'd whilst reselling Miss Hunt
the housi'kee|ier, frnm the Fairview
Hotel when thnt building was ln
flames. The miction following the
excitement attendant upon his trying
experiences nn that occasion, together
with worry over th" money loss above-
mentioned, have so worked upon his
mind that he baa Inst his reason. It
is believed that he will shoitly recover
from this unfortunate condition, in
which he bas the sympathy of the
community nf which he has long heen
a respected member.
Regarding the olhers injured at the
time of the Hre; Miss Hunt's condition
le very critical aud her recovery is
regarded as most improbable. Mis.
Matthias Is leported as much Improved.
William Edwards perlshei in his
Burning Cabin
Uved ell by Himself Ine smell Cebln
At Camp McKinney-Wss en
Old-time prospector end
Well   known   In
tbe District.
Caup McKmnky, October »th.-
Flre this morning destroyed the cabin
of William Edwards, sittiare in a part
of the camp known as Whiskey Hill,
and it is beleiyed that Kdwards perish
ed in the flames. He was known to
have gone to his cabin the night be-
fore, hot in a sober condition, and
since then all effort* to And him have
heen fruitless. The, cabin was built
of Ings and the roof was covered with
earth. The debris has been turned
over but no trace of the missing man
found, yet knowing his habits and that
he was not seen to leave the camp after proceeding to his cabin, there is
little doubt in the minds of residents
that he was burned in the cabin.
Edwards was a picturesque old timer
familiarly known as "English Rill"
and "Hei Dog Rill". He came to this
camp almu*. 16 yenrs ago and stayed
with lt ever since. He owned several
mineral claims and othei mining interests and last month spent in approved
western fashion the proceeds of a
sate just made. He was in Cariboo
years ago, and his eccentricities there
made him a conspicuous figure. Hn
fttras known .he had no relatives iu
British Columbia, but had been heard
tn mention a nephew still living in
England, The matter has lieen report
ed to Dr. O. M. Foster nf Greenwood,
district coroner.
Camp Mckinnky, Oct, 30.-W, Edwards' charred hody has lieen found IA
the ashes of his cahi.n Coroner Dr.
Forter afaer hearing provincial constable Venner's telephoned reporl. decided au inquest unnecessary,
Camp McKinniy Oct. 81,-The remains nf the late William K awards,
were buried here tn day, numbers of
old timers from all around the district,
attending lo pay a last, token of respect tothe nld pinincr. Irom the position of tiie hody and the portions of
iinhnrned blanket found almut it,
Edwards must have been in bed when
death overtook him. It was his habit to burn cm dies in wood holders, so
It ia thought, that he fell asleep leaving
a candle burning and that when the
flame reached the wood it set il alight
and the burning grease spreading over
the table started that, tno. It is quite
likely that the unfortunate min wm
suffocated hefore the Km burned part
Mr. Birch, at flrst thought to be but Uf hia limits and bis head off.   Near
■:-  A. F. Thomas,
Orugi and Stationery
We do not need a "Test"
|n regard to Advertising as we know from experience that
Advertising with Full Values and honest and fresh clean goods
"'ill always satisfy" every customer, without giving away so
ailed silver spoony and money coupons. Give customers
k°od and honest values for their money is our Motto.
1 We have received full wool fleeced lined underwear for men
Miich we sell at the clcse figure of $2.00 a suit.
AU wool underwear from $2. to $4.50 according to quality
of wool.
A fu" assortment of Ladies, Childrens, Mens and Boys hos-
|iery and sox.
j   New consignment of groceries, meats and celebrated Five
|R<% flour at lowest possible marked prices, without coupons,
Give ns a call and be eonvineed.
HAIN & CO. iiii
A tall Md new-took tf all kinds o« Rwbber Goodifor winter
•»d wat wrath*, uu ou baud.
little hurt has been removed to the
Vernon hospital, serious sviuptonis
having developed; No news has come
of Mr. Allen, whose recovery was last
week regarded as doubtful. Three
doctors and Nurse Flesher are still in
attendance upon the injured, who are
consequently lieing well cared fur.
Oranhy'* Big Ore Crustier.
Tlte immense ore crusher ordered
laat May hy the Oranhy company,
has arrived at the mines and is now
heing set up in the building erected
specially for it. It is the largest ma
chine of its kind ever manufactured or
operated in the Dominion of Canada,
having steel Jaws with an opening
46x8» Inches, and thereby taking in a
piece of ore a cubic yard in site, one
of the cars on which it was shipped
was billed at nearly 100,000 pounds.
The crusher, when in operation, has a
capacity of crushing ..,800 tons of ore
In 21 hours, but it will prohahly not
he run at. IU full capacity for the present,
The crusher will lie driven hy a 100-
horse power electricmotor, the current
to he supplied liy tha Cascade Water,
Power * Light company, the pole
lines of which are already completed
from Capcade to Phoenii, a distance
of 21 miles. William Anderson, constructing engineer for the power com
pany, was in Phoenix recently, and
stated that the company wnuld be
ready next week. The spur line to
the Granhy smelter, three miles long
is nearly completed, the wire now
heing In the process of stringing. As
soon as the new transformers arrive at
the smeller, power will he supplied
there as well as at t he company's Phoenix mines, a contract having heen
made tn tske a minimum of 2,000
horse power per annum.
where the door had heen, was found
the charred skull of his dog, hut the
Die had quite consumed the poor animals hody.
No white man ciui compete with the
Chinese In the mutter nf lahor roidi-
linns, He has no cravings for an
eight hour day, mul his idea nf u min
iiniliu wnge would make aself respecting British bricklayer blush" He is a
standing rebuke lo those who ask
whether poor men rain save, Hin
thrift Is as amazing s* his powers of
endurance, To the sweater he is the
most admirable thing created in the
likeness nf mun. Tn the worker he is
a rival nf appalling import, But, jis
we have said, it. Is not onlv or even
chiefly ss a candidate iu the Inhor
market thai the yellow man Is a menace lo Australia. He is a hatl citizen,
The conditions under which he lives,
the atmosphere wbich he create*, the
problems which he raises are all hihjIi
aa a community 'vhich desires lo see
its country develop on wholesome
lines must desire io avoid. The Australians are jusily proud of their
country. They see in it vast potentialities whirh (hey desire to realign in
iheir own way. They have had sulHcl
ent experience tn know that showed n
fiee course the Chinaman become ns
all persuasive as the rabbit, nnd a fur
greater nuisance. And Ihey ure wisely doing their best keep him at bay."
For some reason or other Canada's
or rather British Columbia's chsc, is
not mentioned liy the London Journal.
It cannot lie that it is ignorant of the
conditions here;   they have   been   so
idely discussed that, small a purl of
the empire as we are, it is not likely
so important a question as this, and
which has heen the cause of so much
diplomatic correspondence, can have
escaped ita attention. To make the
case fit us all that, necessary la to
substitute Briiish Columbia for Australia; the argument that holds gnr.d
in ihe one case, answers equally well
for the other.—Nelson Daily News,
being siipiileiii"iileil liy two Rand -iir
compressors, tfil"1 df-Veii hy two 7iil)
H. P. Weatlnghniiie induction .Icrrrlc!
motors. In give toi;"'hev a 60-dl'lll rapacity, now being installed. Power In
op rate these is being supplied hv tile
Cascade Water Pn ver It, Light Co.,
which has ils plain Well on towards
completion, Addiiioii.il plain nnl,,red
includes the requisite rope orlves for
the cninpresHocs, seven air receivers,
2.8;} iii. new Glartl drills-anti a 10 ton
travelling crane. In connection wilh
the ore quarrying a hig Parrel rock
crusher having jaws with all opening
80 in, hy 12 In. to he driven hy a Vil il.
P, electric motor ; the largest crusher
of its kind yet, made In Canada, is heing
put. Ill, A gravity tram connects I In.
quarries With the. ore bins above Ihe
crusher ami another nam goes thence
to the shipping bins.
Chinese Immigration.
It is gratifying tn know that some
at least, of the influential British jour
nals realize the Importance nf treating
the Chinese question aa affecting the
colonies, seriously. Too many seem
disposed to look upon the objection
raised in British Columbia, it is a pity
we cannot say Canada, and Australia
10 an unrestricted immigration of
Chi nese as frivolous, and inspired liy
tbe laboring classes only. They do
not seem to realize Ihe important
economic effects such immigration can
have upon the countries subjected to
It, because perhaps they have not been
brought in contact with them. The
London Dally News strikes the right
note when it says s "The desire of the
Australian to secure his heritage for
the white man is one wliieh must command general 'sympathy. He is so
conveniently situated for Asiatic invasion that tha "yellow peril" with which
Europe is periodically threatened Is for
him a constant und very real dangei.
More than once he has been brought
fane to face with the possibility of
lieing swamped hy yellow Outlanders,
who, If Ihey could not steal his land
from him by force of arms, as
is   sometimes  done,   could   annex
11 hy force of nuiiiliers, The
future of the country clearly depends
upon the success nf the Australians in
stemming the tide of Chinese and Japanese, It is not merely a quest inn of
lahor and wages though thnt IssuHlci-
ently serious, for the capacity of the
Chinaman for work is only equalled
by his joy In his noisome surroundings.
The open workings at the Old Ironside* and Knob Hill group of mines
aae growing large. The ore quarries
extend north and south about, 1,8(10
feet snd have a width varying from
ahum oOfeet, at. the upper face to about
100 feet near tbe mouth of lbe main
tunnel, Besides ihis an area approximately 8110 feel long hy -ti) feel wide
has been stripped of the surface debris
preparatory lo commencing lo quarry
the enormous ore Issly here uncovered,
From tbe highest point of the ore outcrop of lhe innln quarry down to lhe
level of the Knob Hill No,3 tunnel
which has ite outlet lower down the
hill, is about 100 feet vertical depth,
Connected with thia tunnel hy winzes
nnd lower levels are the exieusive
workings of the Old Ironsides and
Viclona mines, and below these again
the continuance of lhe oie has been
proved by the diamond drill down m
nearly 1.01)0 feet depth. This immense
ore hody has been proved hv actual
workings tn I* continous along nearly
2,800 feet, has a width of frnui 801) to
KM feet and lives down as already mentioned. The total output of ore from
this group of mines since shipments
to the company's smelter at Orand
Forks were commenced in the summer
of 1900 has now reached au aggregate
of more than 540,000 tons. The output has been restricted during i lie last
four months first, by it shortage of coke
to keep the smeller running and latterly liy insufficiency of power owing io
low water, not admitting of all lhe re
quired power lieing generated. Tnese
difficulties are. however, Iwing overcome and will have both heen disposed
of ere long,
The (rawer plant heretofore ln use Is
Stemwinder Closed Down.
FAIUVIBW, B, C, October 20 —Work
bus heen unexpectedly suspended at
the New Fairvlew ClorpoM lion's Si em-
winder mine. It is announced that
lhe suspension is hut temporary and
that work will shnrt.lv hesesutned, but
the men laid off are leaving lhe camp
tn seek work elsewhere, mosl nf them
going to the Boundary dislrict, where
tliere are several large mines being
operaled, The Stoppage of work is
regarded hv many as indicating that
the negotiations with British capital*
istsfor the purchase nf the Ne\v Fair-
view Corporation's properties hava not
been carried to a successful issue.
.    ..   .   .
The Drummer.
The drummer is regarded hy his
"house" as a sort of necessary expense
—a nuisance of which It fvnnld gladly
rid itself of if it could. Bul to the
puhlic he is frequently as it shadow of
rock in the desert, Out of his excess baggage the railroad conipany
clears running expenses, and hut for
his frequent, visits the .hotel would
have to close up shop and tels the 'rest
cook in town to gn fish. Thed uinmer
sc.itteis sunshine and money among
the- -grip toters, nnd pivs full
price, rush down, for his livery
team. He is an envoy of trade, a disseminator of InfoMiiitioti. a relate!- of
good stories, a healer of breaches of
the peace, and a safe political adviser,
The drummer lias more troubles than
any customer he calls on, yet he keeps
them to himself while patiently listening to the hard luck story of an old
friend or new acquaintance, H* misses
his train, silsall night in a freighl "ac*
coininorlation." reaches town in time
toe it cold scraps, but gets a "hot
roast." from the "old man" liy mail,
Treat the drummer kindly. It is not
his fault that he is a drummer and
has to ask you for an order. He
would la> different if he could. Some-
limes he does reform and makes a
model citizen, Try to put as much
warmth into your handshake as he
dues into his, you prohahly feel as well
as he does. Give hint a little order if
you can, instead of sending it in hy
mail. He is human, and may he in a
position to do you a good turn one of
these days. If you can't possibly
squeeze out an mder for him, listen
patiently to his ial , tell him you are
sorry, and ask him tn cull un you when
he comes around again, when yuu
hope there will he something doing.
Especially if he is a young man anil
new to lhe territory, treat libit gently,
These   young fellows do a lot   of hard
boring—and, this  is   no pun—liefore
theyconvince |lie "house"   that Uio
are I he best men for thc position.
         /      -,
Boundary  Ore Shipments.
The tonnage of ore shipped by the mines of the Boundary
District during 1901, and for 1902, up November 1 st. i-i as
1901 1902
Old Ironsides and Knob Hill group 231,762 264,684
Mother Lode  99,548 111,756
B. C  47,517 9,048
Sunset       800 8,450
Winnipeg     1,040 785
King Solomon       850      	
Snowshoe     1,731 11,888
No. 7       665 482
Jewel       325 2,175
Golden Crown  625
Sundry small shipments     2,500 4,399
Totals 386,738     414,292
Shipments during 1900 totalled 97,837 tons ; during
the year 1901, to December 31st, 386,738 tons, and during
1902, to November ist, 414,292 ion$, making an aggregate of
898,867 tons ~ ::ttr ,^."". r -*
,C. MxtliltAlXK..,!:-,..^. fiH$Mid Proiirlelor
l'ubliuhuil weekly ut Midway, B. C.
Sutworlptinn price, $2 OQ per annnm, pnynMe
In n tvanno, ettQfir vo.u-ly or half yearly ut. the
option of thc unhscrfber.
Advorlisini* rates sent, on application.
Pnul Kruger killed Iiis tir_t lion  at
the early age of II, if he htidn t gone a
hunting big game three yeara ngn. hn
would have passed a mote serene old
' nge,
Forthe first time in the history of
British Colunihia, the Chief Justice
and har appeared in the Churl of As
size at Vancouver hut. week, without
wearing wigs. The departure froni
this time-honored oustiini is working a
hardship on the liiildhoad.", who now
have to foment themseh en with wearing pained smiles.
A contemporary in iliserihing the
reception given to the King am) Queen
In Guildhall says ; .after lunqpepn th"
.common crier called lot a toast In his
majesty. The king and Mine. Allium
stationed in one ot lhe galleries, sang
the national am hem, in which the
whole company Joined." We are in-
dined to helieve ihat there is a slight
error in punctual mil in the foregoing,
father than that the King prays tor
his preservation by singing duets with
Mine, Albani.
i nm. ine mn uintnl. Home i*j Hip
mosl popular one hetween the Pacific
Const and the Kast, is evinced hy the
fact that the greater per eent of trans-
continental travelers use it.
FirjST, Hie scenic attractions ill view
from iiains nreiinet|iial«l In the world.
8BCOND, the daily personally con-
din led tourist car excursion* lieing especially Jidnpled fnr ladles traveling
alone or wiih children affords a rom-1
fnrlalrle modi' of traveling at rates1
within the reach of all,
TltlliD, itis the only mule between
the East and West pa-sing directly
through Salt Like City nr ipodern
FOURTH, the choice nf two distinct
routes through the heart of the Rocky
FllTH. three fust through tUilns daily
between Ooden aud Denver equipped
with every modern convenience.
Tliere are many other reajous why
this route is the most comfortable and
enjoyalilein ihe whole connirj!
V"ii can le»i-n a great deal on ihe
subject nf through travel, and receive
some very interesting and beautiful
booklets, liy calling on or Writing lu
the undersigned. VV. C MeHKIDK.
(leii'l Agent ut M. .1. HOl'HE Travel
ing R-i-sef-tif Agent, 124 Thiid Stivet,
I'.jitljiiiil. Oregon.
Anthony .1. McMillan, nianaging
direetoi of the Snowshoe lliild k Copper Mines, Limited, has completed arrangements for the installation of one
of the largest hoists in the Boundary
country, lt is of ISO horse power capacity, and will Ihi installed over the
main ;>V foot shaft recently sunk on
the Snowshoe, The hoist will be operated hy electric power, which will
lie furnished liy the Cascade Water,
Power and Light Company, the hues
for which are now about raady.
Mr. McMiilan will attend the annual meeting of the Snowshoe share*
holilets. which will he held iu Loudon
some time in December, at which tinie
also some definite steps will likely be
taken towards arranging fnr a smeller
or o'her process for the reduction of
tbe Snowshoe oil's. The mine is now
shipping regularly at the rate of 150
tons daily, the ore going to Ihe Sunset
smeller at Boundary Falls,
A familiar name for the' Chicago,
Milwaukee k St. 1'iuil Railway,known
all over the Union as the deal Bail
way running tlie "PinNEKit Limited'
trains every day and night bet ween St.
Paul and Chicago, and Omaha and
Chicago, "The nnly perfect trains in
the world." understand: Connec.
tions nre made with ALL Transcontinental Lilies, assuring to passengers
the liest service known.. Limuiious
couches, electric lights, steam heal, of
a verity equaled by no other line.
See that your ticket reads viji "The
Milwaukee" when going to any point
in Ihe United States or Canada. All
ticket agents sell them.
For rates pamphlets or other intor-
illation, address,
ft. L. Font), H. S. Howe,
Trav. Pass. Ant. Ucnoral Agent,
SPOKANf.. rt'AHH.       1-OKT1.ANI), OR.
It is a pity that i he Post Office authorities could nol arm nge that the
mail to and from the West Forkshould
he delivered at the Midway office direct instead of having io be sent to
Rock ('reek by one singe and there
transfeiied to the West. Fork stage,
This causes a delay ofa day each wai
to this point and two days to all other
places, ns the West Foik stage nuts
through to Midway and arrives in time
for the mails to lie, forwarded rn hy
the train on Tuesday, while now they
do not leave till Thursday,
In seven days the Briiish purlin
uient passed eleven lines of Ihe Educa
tiun Uill, Irish, affairs having engaged
Ibe attention of the house the remainder of the time, In our opinion, it
was a short sighted policy on the part
of the government lo introduce im
pit taut, legislation this session. For
three years pnst, iheNationalist party,
with true Hibernian generosity, have
devoted their attention to the .Boers,
mid.'as a consequence, Irish atfaiis
have been neglected, and are now
lieing taken up with unwonted vigor.
After considerable delay  the ques
tion of allowing the V. V. k E.  rail
way to cross  the  Orand  Forks mid
Kettle   River  railway  and  also   for
huilding a branch line to  the Oranhy
smelter, came up hefore  the Railway
Committee at Ottawa last Tuesday,
and the ministers,  after  healing lhe
arguments advanced  hy both sides,
and conferring but a few minutes, unanimously decided in favor of the application for the i rossiugs and branches.   This decision was not given cither
hastily or without a knowledge of the
affect   the     injunctions    restraining
the   V.    V, .'. k    li.   company   frojn
proceeding with   Ilie  building of  Its
triad,  had   upon this country.   The
Railway Committee was in a position
to give a fair decision ; a decision thai
would meet with the approval not  on
ly of the residents of Southern British
Columbia, hut the   entire   province.
Bon, Mr. Blair, Minister of Railway s,
recently  visited   ihis   province   and
while here heard the  numerous complaints that were so universally ex
pressed  regarding  Ihe injustice lhat
was being done the province   by   the
existence of the   injunctions.   He enquired minutely into the matter and
when he returned to Otiawa was fully
informed of the true  stile  of affairs,
He and bis col!--agues did not   leqiiire
the formality of having lhe case ex*
plainnd to ihem by plaintiff's counsel)
or the elaborate explniuations ail valued by the defendants, in order to de
tittle wisely in the matter,   'Ihey were
familiar with tlie state of affairs ;   of
the absurdity uf tbe advancement ol
this country being retarded by a few
railway fakers, whose sole object, now
that their toy rood litis proved a failure, is to prevent the V. V. k E, from
crossing their line in tiie hope nf get
ting a consideration t'l-niu ihat company nnd tins get a little out. of, what
now proves to he au unwise  invest-
ment.   And   in  order  to accomplish
their object they  have  adopted   this
dug*in-lhe-uiaiiger   policy,    which so
seriously aflecls ihe advancement ol
the province.   But, to use a street ex
predion,    the   Hallway   Committee
would not stand their  work,   How
evert, e owners of i h«   Hot Air line
are nut daunted bv the decision nf ihe
Railway   Committee, ihey still hoi,.
out hopes of gaining iheir point before
he sui it me cum I 1st Hritish Columbia.
and the case oomesnip foi trial on 7th
in»t.   It is to In* hoped the decision of
the Railway Coiiiiuitiee will he upheld
by the court and thai the V, V. * K.
Wgj be allowed  to  proceed  with the
Wbrk or extending its line which is of
vital importance to the welfare of tht
piovince. i
Some journals of the   ultra  Conser
vative Ivpe hive discovered tliar   the
present  Dominion Executive are  a
cabinet,  of-niedioci-ites.     Verily   the
Conservatives are the ihe people   .in.I
political wisdom died when ihey wenl
out of power   Sir John   A.   MacDon
aid was a political genius and a great
leader of men,   bul   when   he passed
away, there was not apyone   able to
step into his shoes and lead the   party
successfully.   Tbeie is a saying that
nothing succeeds like sin cess, and the
present governnient appeal* to be able
to administer lhe affairs of thecountiy
in a very successful way.   "That's nnr
tariff" the Conservatives  say   to the
Liberals, "you hadn't  ability  enough
to  frame  one for yourselves."   Now
wc will suppose that thi-  is the Con
servative   tariff iu disguise,   (and il
is not) whv should the Conservatives
complain?   If protection was such a
good thing under a Conservative   government, why would it not be benelici-
nl   under   a    Liberal    government'''
When the Liberals came  into power
iu 1896, a committee of cabinet minis
ers went through Canada gathering
information thai they might   he   able
in frame a tariff that would suit as.far
as possible the   various industries  of
the country.   The ivsult was lhe pre-
ent tariff, slightly modified from time
to time.   Under the tariff the trade nf
the   Dominion   has   increased   from
$2W,00I1.(JU0  to  l&'iarayiOOi and   lh.
revenue has increased from $i7,(KMiMl
Ui $58,000,000, and is  still ttni-i«<*. Bitf.
if a tariff's known  by lt*Wt uit*, li is
l.siife losay tliai il1si> pnt I Iff Oolisef tif
live tariff.   The members of the present Doniinion caWnei compare most
favorably with their pi edecessors, We
fail lo Hnd  any  mediocrity.   Wlien
that brilliant man Hun. Wilfred Laurier went lo England in  1897,  to lake
pint in the Diamond  Jubilee  celebra
tion, hi« great abilities as an orator
audit statesman were quickly  recognized hy the British people'and  gov-
eminent.   I^e was easily tiist.auioijgst
the Colonial premiers,  a  position he
holds to this day.   In fact all,ihe members of the cabinet seemed to have a
decided capacity forgetting out of the
old tuts, someth.i'ig^iiiitjVery  common
in Canada, and  in British   Columbia
;especHiils,;,iSi- conspicuous  by Its absence.   Mr. Blair extended the Intercolonial railway to Montreal; Sir Wm.
Mu lock gave us penny postage ;   Mr.
Fielding intioducul' preferential tariff;
Mr. Tarte devoted hi? iitterition to iii
creased triinspoutatloii facilities, antl so
on through all the departments.   During the Campaign of l!KX), the Conser
vativesdid not.display any marvellous
powers  of  generaJMilp.   Hugh  John
.MaeDoiiald «ti<l<*rt;r>i»k t,()..defeat Hon.
Clifford Sifton fit tffhftliwi,iifitj as Sir
Charles Tupper would  say,  he   was
routed horse, foot and artillery.    Hon,
0. B. Fo*ter underlonk to annihilate
A. tl. Blair by pinning against  him in
the city of St Jjilin. Mr.   Blair carried
the city by' HWii majority,  though St
John is a close constituency, and was
represented bv Sir Leonard Tilley for
many years    After careful investlga-
lion, we feel inclined to credit I lie Con*
-ervaiive journals With a discovery of
mediocrity, but ive think the .iniioiiii
•■emeiit   was premature.   They   have
failed ti locate it. prnperlv.  and Wit
will he much surprised,  if, iipnn fur
ther research, they dn nol. find it,'hut
a  reflection   from tbe acts of   their
leading men. since the loss of their
great chieftain Sir Jnhu A. MacDonald.
Certificate   of   Improveme nts
WatekUK) fyiNSnunATun Fractional
Minkhal Claim.
Situate In the Kettle River Mining Division
of Yale District.   Where located : Camp
TAKK NOTICK lhat T. Forbes M. Kerby. as
aijent   fer The Waterloo   Conftbjidatcd
Mtnffig ami Milling Company, free miners
0 ililk-atc So. I.11S18, Intend, sixty days
from the date hereof, lo apply lo lho Mining
1 :c<-order fur a Cert ideate of Improvementa,.for
the purpose of ohtaining a Crown Orant of the
above claim.
.And further take notico that action, under
section 37, must be commenced beforo the
Issuance of such Certificate of Improvements
Paled this ittb day it September, 1903.
Durham Bulls, Fresh Calved
Cows, Cows in Calf, Steers
and Heifers, Boar Pigs, Sows
and Young Pigs, Sheep and
Poultry, Saddle and Pack
Ponies.    Apply to ,
• '   J. A. COULSON, ,
il/t  miles from   Midway, or
Dispatch orifice.
Price Market*
Printing Whccli
and Hating and
Check     Perlor.
.        itnre
J rubber Type
Printing Pectm,
^^^^^^^^^1 Ktc, Etc.
Carrying His ilajesty's flails
Will leave MIDWAY on Tuesdays, Thurs
days and Saturdays, at 8.30 a. m., arriving a*
CAMP McKINNEY at 5 p. m.
Returning will leave CAMP McKINNEY on
Sundays,  Wednesdays and  Fridays at 9 a, m
reaching MIDWAY at 1.30 p, m., and making con-
nection with the train going east at 2:05 o'clock.
The best of accommodation for
tm) oonvenlonoo of tha
travelling publlo.
THE partner-hip heretofore Minting be
tween ihe undersigned an Haw Millers
under lhe liana* of l_ouime & Powtrrs. in Midway. H. Cwid Grand forks, II. C. in. hereby
iliwilvMl by miiinal eminent. All turns mtjni
in llM Midway .Sawmill arc tobe paid ta- Wm.
Powers, of. Midway, K. C. who will ugntlriue
the MM x-ay Ini.iim-s and . itiwfy all claims
atf-ilii-t lhe -Jii'i IrilHli'r.s. .VI debt" owing 'U>
the Grand Korks Hawinfll'are to be jiaid to B.
J/j4uinle;-<rfOraifrt mtkt. R. ft.'wWb will can'
tlnno tlifttrand 'ork* business and satisfy all
claims against tho Grind Korku mill..
Sgnod („ |,K(-*.|vi|-.
Dated at MMway tins Sth day of Sept., IM,
Anrone landing • iket
•"'*•» ucanaln our ™
Tmk Mams
__    DctiONg
opinion tree whether an •
~ ~-      Conniiniea.
short Line
St.Paul, r.uluth, ninneapolli, Chicago
Throngh Palace and Tourist Steeper* '.
Dining and   Iluffol   Smoking  Library- Can
Kor Italoa, Koldora and Full Infgrmatian,
leall on or address,
_f.BRANI)T,<:. P. *T. A.. .   ,
,.     Wl-W. Hr-eraWAft-Hup; '    ,;
A. B. C. DENNI8TON.O.-.V., Pi A.,
Seat+i-b, Wahk.
Headquarters for Bailroad,
Mining and Commereial ta
First Class Livery Stable in Connection with Hotel, |
S. A. CROWELL, Prop.
Certificate  of Improvements.
iini-iiii..n iipr,.tiiiriri><ti«n*akia C
ItiHiiniietlycouniientU. Ilandbook
MM In* OldMt areney (or Mantua
1 PatcnU taken throoth liana * to. now
medal tuna, wlthon* china, la tta
Scientific Hmerkan.
A h«idinin_r IUmtntad weekly.  laMM dr. '
filiation or any idenllBc tniirnal.  Termi, D a.
raw t four monibf, ll Bold by all nawidtalin. >
BLvK Ban Minkkai Cmim.
Jltuata In tha Osoyoos-Mining Division of
Yah District.   Wham   Loeatad .--Kruger Kounuln.
TAKK NOTICE that I. Ch-irle* da Blal-
' Oroen. an agont (or Oeonro G. Powell, free
mlner'ii eertltleate No. 11HXU7, ard for Evan
Motrin, tree inlnem certitlcato No. 116IWJ,
Intend nim >• days from tho dato horeof, lo all-
ply to tho Mlnlni* Itecordor tor a Certitlcato
of Improvement", fir tho purpuric of obtaining
a Crown Orant of thn nbove claim.
And furihor take notice that action, under
nection 37. munt be commenced before 'ho innii-
ance of such ortMt'iite of improvement*.
Dated thia Uth day cf July, 1002.
•11 C. MB. GREEN.
Why yon shnnlil huy
BROAD-E it is thn bent c|iiulil y
BECAUSE it in iiiust IjimIjiik chew
BHUAUSEH is theJargwjt high Brad.
5 or K)c. pl»K
BECAUSE the tags nrw vnlimhle f„o
preinliiiim until Jan. I, 190-4,
BECAPSE ymir denier .ia iiuihoHnwif
• to   return!   vour ninney  if
ynu hre nnl KnhfeWtfl.
The Canadian Bank nf Commeree
With Which is Incorporated
The Bank of British Columbia.
CAPITAL, $8,000,000.
HON. GEO. A. COX, Pres.
•   RESr, $2,000,000.
B.E. WALKER, Gen. Mgr.
■ 1
Manager Greenwood Branch.
Norse Shoeing a I Specialty
All Kinds of Work Executed to the Satisfaction of
Boundary Falls Hotel
This hotel is centrally looated and is a stopping place for stage
lines.   Good stabling on the premises.
Only tKe choicest brands of Wines, Liquors,
and Cigars at tKe Bar.
A new building, well furnished. Everything new and first-claSs. Only the choicest Wines, Liquors and Cigars kept in
stock. Every convenience furnished the
traveling public. ' Bus meets all trains.
""■"■—■Wa Imp I
Hanson,   general  merchant   of
i McKinney, was in Midway yes-
, VV. Winters is building a new rest'
nne across (he   International line
i Midway.
, A, McPhail has  moved int.) the
Lldence which he recently purchased
(in It. H. Bergman,
. Lequime, uf (innd Forks, was in
[Iway on Saturday, and returned
x yesterday,
, 8. Birnie, clerk in the government
|ne, Oreen wood, was a visitor to the
tin yesterday.
, W. Keightley has returned from
jing assessment wurk on his claims
I Oopper mountain, Myers Creek,
, P, Keane, superintendent of the
Irihoo, Camp M< Kinney, was in
fdway on Friday on hia way to Hpo-
e, He expects tu return about loth
, J, LaPlant, who has been   away
j some time doing assessment work
Ihis Myers creek property, relurned
(Midway last week.
kmniigftl Saturday's visitors to town
ire 3.C. Carruthers, of Nelson, ru*
isentlng  Turner Beeton k Oo.  of
kt town, aud L. D. Bierly, represent
John W. Peck k Go. of Montreal.
Seorge Oawston brought in a four
•se load of apples from  the   ranch
. brother, It. L. Caw sum, ax, Kn
is, lo Midway lasl, week, which he
ceeded In disposing of in Ihe town,
(bout any trouble,
L. Thomet while ont hunting one
r last week, a short dislance from
j way, shot four deer.   This  is Ihe
st successful  day's  hunt  that has
i made in this vicinity this season,
er being very scarce,
Mrs, Kirkland Seur. and Mr.  and
.Herbert J. Kirkland, of Ladner,
ar the mouth of the Fraser Hiver,
Midway Friday on iheir return
er having spent a vacation   as the
bests of Mr. W. H. Norris, J. P. here.
I the Providence mine the work of
(tiding to tlie railway station two
|rs of tbe rich ore lately mined in the
rift from lhe shaft nt, ahout DO teet
^low the surface, was commenced re
nt ly.   This ore will go  tn the Trail
Inciter, and high returns are ei|iected
inu it.
[thus. II. Il»i-dy, of Nanaimo,   s|hc
I agent for the North American Life
tnoiriince  Company,   is in   Midway
nking  up  business foi    thai    well
own institution.   This company sidy has a large volume nf I .wines* in
i district and  this  is steadily  in
J Kaiivheia from Anarchist and Hock
Ireek    Mouniaius   me   now hauling
pige quantities   of oats into town-
ind judges  claim thai this year's
op i* the   best   giade^of oats ever
lown in the hislrict, and that  they
"fully equal tothe  l«*sl  grown   in
r North West,
| J. R. Jackson returned on Thursday
mm Rossland, «licit* In- had I een at
ending the delinquent, lax sale.   He
* the largest purchaser of I he Mid-
|ray bits that were sold. A larger pel*
enlage of the Midway property lhat
►as offered fos sale found purchasers
han that of any other town in which
bts Were put up,
I Two weddings took place in Green-
fond on Tuesday. Iu the morning
limn Jackman, of Anaconda, was
liarriedto Mist Maggie Wisted, nf
lock Cieek. Tbe ceremony was |ier*
[limed hy Rev. Father Bedard in the
purch of the Sacred Hea-l. In theeven*
|>K Oscar 8. Floyd, owner of a milk
»nch on Kholt creek, was married
' Miss Sophia Deckerson.   This wed-
took place at the home of tbe
Iridc's parents, and was followed by a
Jery noisy charivari hy "the boys"
lumbers ot whom are among thr
friends and acquaintances of the bride-
Both the Greenwood and Boundary
falls smelters, continue to run at their
1 treatment capacity.   Most of the
►re lieing treated at the B. 0. Copper
Company's smelter comes from   the
loiiipsny's Mother Lode mine, hut ship.
Vents from the Snowawou mine are
|l"n being received right along.  The
lontreal k Boston Copper company's
Inieller puts Ihrough ore from the B.
f. Snowshoe and Sunset mines,  Oc*
Nonrlly a train of 24 loaded cars
pisscs through Greenwood and Aim-
P-nda on tit way io the works nt
Poundary Falls. The ore traiu goes
|»wn to the smelter every day but it
fnt always so heavily laden,
*«<• Thursday  evening there was
If*. Central Park, between tho cit*
°' Vancouver  and   New   Wesl •
Nosier, a speciitl meeting of the Pres*
"ytery «f i{ew vvHSt,nlnster at which
. he iimst ln,p„rUnl |„IB|nB8s was tbe
ordination of Mr. H, M. Irwin a graduate nf Manitoba college, who Is to
I Jake charge of the Central Park and
|«»PPerton  preshyterlan mission dis-
I riot"*  Numerous residents in Midway
I ftI%icinity will remember tbat Mr.
* labored here as a misslonarydur*
|ln- his   student davs,   leaving   the
'"•trict early In lfeff to enter Manitoba
I college.
U»e of Spice,
The merchant who thinks he cannot
affords pay for a large spa-je in the
paper, and therefore stays out of iis
co umns altogeiher, is making a great
mistake. Some uf the best advertls*
ing being done to day Is done in small
spaces. Of course t he IllHn who Wlu|t,
his advertisement to count for a great
deal and does not see his way clear
to spend a great deal for the space he
is using, will naturally have Ui look
for some other way io make his advertising attract attention. It may be a
clever phrase which arrests the attention, it may be a small cut which
brings out the quality of the space, it
may be only a heavy Imrcler or a distinct type style, li is fortunate if the
advertiser knows how to g*||i that distinctiveness and Itis fortunate if in
gaining It he can do so without additional expense. Mostsmiilladvertlsei*
see the necessity of saying something
attractive. Some nf llieiu add the cut
which multiplies the value of the
space. No matter how It is done, it
will be possible U) make the small ad.
stand out so that it will attract lhe
attention of thc reader, The great
necessity is to select tbe best way and
keep pushing along that line until the
puhlic finds It natural Ux look for what-
is said and the way It is said, and sees
the value of taking tu huart the lues
sage contained in tbe announcement-
-Advertising World.
A B'rl to cook and unlit at house-
*°« for family of two.   Wages »*•»•
""■• month,   Apply to Ralph 8. Root,
Will Come liefore Supremo Court on
November 7th.
ViNconvKR, Oct.28.-Though the
Kailway committee of the Privy Ooun
eil at Ottawa yesterday granted the
application of lhe Victoria Vancouver
k Eastern Railway and Navigation Co,
for permission In cross the tracks of
the Urand Forks k Ketlle Valley Railwav in the Boundary country, the
trial of the matter in the courts will
nnt he discontinued,
This morning liefore the Obief Justice the hearing uf the case was set
for the 7th of November, Mr. Fiodwell
of Victoria appearing for the V..V. k
V. and Mr. G. H, Cowan for Ihe Grand
Forks people. The case, though a famous one, is perhsps nut thoroughly
understood liy the people of British
Colunihia, though it has heen talked of
no the streets and argued nver in the
newspapers fnr months. The permission granted by the Privy Council according to Ihe plaintiff's solicitors, can
grant the defendants 110 powers that
are not covered by .heir charter. The
injunction ibat was granted against
the V., V. k K, crossing the plaintiff's
(rack, still stands, the trial at least,
Mr. G. II. Cowan, counsel for the
plaintiff explain *ri his position lo day.
"Now the V., V. k E. charter pro
tides that the line shall be built from
the Kootenay to a point on English
Bay, and stales ibat it shall much the
inter national hoiindary hul once. There
is hardly a pretence that Ihe roid from
Cascade to CaMon|is part of thu t hrougl
line io the coast, and moreover it goes
contrary to the charter in touching
the boundary twice in tbe fifteen
miles," said Mr. Cowan.
M. Bodwell, K. 0„ counsel for tbe V„
V. k E. was asked whether lhe action
of the Privy Council yesterday would
affect, the case. He smiled and replied:
"Itall depends upon how the court
looks at it."
The trial will he watched with Interest and will I* Iiii lerly fought out.
There are a number of witnesses mostly from the Boundary connlry, and
they were wired this morning of the
•'Anyhow", said Mr. Cowan, as he
finished explaining the position of hi,
clients. "Railway committee or no
Railway committee, we still have our
One of Life's Pleasures.
There Is nothing In life more enjoy,
able and at the same time so beneficial to both mind and body, as traveling.
A modern railway journey, intelligently taken, lends (o prolong life,
break lhe monotony of existence and
acts as a panacea for dull earn, by
taking us out of the well worn channels of worldly and business struggles.
Before stalling upon a trip, whether
on business or lecreation, it is well to
inquire and investigate the various
mutes, and choose the one offering the
liest inducements in the way of comfort and attraction, Tbe traveler, (he
luurist or business man is wise in
selecting the Rio Grande Linos In a
journey to and frnm the east, as it
offers every comfort and modern convenience to suit all classes of travel,
with an array of scenic attractions unsurpassed in the world. Castle Gate,
The Canon of the (irand, Marshall
Pass, Tennessee Pass and the world
renowned Royal Gorge are but few of
these attractions seen from the car
Three fast trains daily hetween Ogden and Denver.
Pullman Palace and Ordinary Sleeping cars on all trains to Denver,
Omaha, Kansas City, Chicago and St.
I/mis without change,
A perfect Dining car service. Agents
throughout thc Northwest can sell
tickets via this route. For rates, maps
and full information or for copy of
beautiful booklet, "With Nature in
Colorado," write to or call on W. C,
McBRIDE, Gen'l Agent or M. J.
ROCHE, Travelling Passenger Agent,
121 Third Sreet,  Portland,  Ore.
li.viiHUTBiw, Solicitors, Etc,
Ohkrmwood, B. C.
—1 N9TARY Public,
REAL ESTATE,        i
Camp MoKinnev. B.C.
Dr. R. Mathison,
A. M. Can. Soc. C. K.
Provincial Land   Surveyor
Midway ash (iHM-xwnon.
resources, had great and persistent
confidence in its eventually proving,
under ordinarily favourable conditions,
a remunerative field for the free in
vestment, of capital in its mining and
smelting industries. And he demon
straled his faith in Ihe district hy pnt*
ting much of his own money into the
B. C. Copper Company's enterprises as
well as hy inducing many personal
friends tu do likewise.
Death of James F. Tlchener.
A telegram receivedfrom New York
advises the death there, afler a lingering illness, of Mr. James. F. Tlchener,
president of tbelBrltlsh Columbia Copper Company, Ltd. owning the Mother Lode mine, near Greenwood, and
ihe smelting works at that town, these
together regulary employing abont
two hundred men,
The late Mr, Tlchener had, for more
than six years, heen closely identified
with the development of the mineral
resources of the Boundary District of
British Colunihia. and, during aahorl.
er period, with its smelting industry.
He was a prominent member of the
New York Syndicate, known as the
Bnundary Mines Company, that in
18110 bonded the Mother Lode aud No,
7 mineral claims, and afterwards
bought them and opened them up
until, their permanence seeming assured, seperata companies were organised
in New York tn acquire and operate
them, respectively. He had also been
for many years actively connected
with mines In several parts of the
United States in which he was interes-
ted monetarily,
Mr. Tlchener was a man about
fifty years of age, above the ordinary
stature, and p.inr to his last Illness,
usually seemed lo he in robust health,
He was enterprising and progressive
and did not spare himself where the
welfare of the companies he WW ad *
rector of was concerned. His death ia
ly few who, realising   the enormous
potentialities of it. abundant mlnera
On Tuesday news was received from
the B. C. Copper Company's Mother
Lode mine in Oeadwood camn, to lbe
effect that a shoot of ore with an iron
gaugue had lieen met wilh in one of
the upper quarries known locally as
ihe sulphur ore quarries, from the ore
having sufficient sulphur in association wilh the iron and silica to facili-
tale the extraction of iu copper values,
As an insufficiency of iron in the
gangue of the ore is one of the chief
drawliacks the local smelters have lo
contend against, Tuesdays'* news was
lereivedat the B. (I, Copper Company's smeller with much satisfaction,
es|>ecially as the shoot of "irony" mv
was slated tu Ik- from four to live feet
in thickness.
For Getting: a Beautiful Watch
and Chain Free.---No Money
Required.—Every Man, Woman, Boy, or Girl has the
same Opportunity under our
In order to have Dr. Arnold's Eng
lish Toxin Pills placed In the bands of
all persons suffering from bad health
we make the following most liheral
offer :—
If you will send 11s your name and
address and agree to sell for m twelve
hoxes of Dr. Arnold's English Toxin
Pills at 25r. per box, we will give you
absolutely Free a beautiful Watch
and Chain in either Ladies or Gents
sixe, or your choice of twenty other
premium's such as Hue sets of Jewelry,
Kings, Violins, Mandolins, Tea Sets,
Sateen Skirts, Cameras, etc, Remember we don't want any money until
after ynu sell the Pills and you don't
have to sell any more than 12 boxes tn
get. the premiums. This Is a bona ilde
offer frnm a reliahle concern that has
given thousands of dollars worth of
premiums to agents all over the country, Remember also that Or. Arnold's
Knglish Toxin Pills are a well known
remedy for all diseases of the kidneys
and bladder, Bright's disease, diabetes,
rheumatism, nervous troubles, and
female complaints, and are for sale hy
all first class druggists and dealers ln
all parts of the world. You have only
to show them to sell them. Yuu are
not offering something that the people
don't know. Our watches are the
regular standard size fur Ladies or
Gentlemen in Nickel or Gun Metal
Cases with handsome Illuminated dials
and reliable time-keepers, watches
such as no lady or gentleman need lie
ashamed to carrv, and they will he
sent absolutely Free tn all who sel
only twelve hoxes of those wonderful
Toxbj Pills. Write at once and he the
Hrst In your locality to earn one of
those beautiful watches and chain. As
mon as We receive your letter Or post
card we will send you post paid twelve
boxes, tnfcetlier with nur Illustrated
Catalogue and heautifnllv colored card
with your name and address on as our
authorised agent. Bear In mind that
vou Will not be asked in sell any more
than the II lioxes aod we don't want
any money until after you have sold
them. We biMr all tbe expense and
are only making this liberal offer as a
method of advertising Dr. Arnold s
English Toxin Pills. Don t delay,
write at mire and earn a beaut if ul present for yourself for Christmas.
50 Adelaide St. East, Toronto.Ont.
Rendell Block, Greenwood.
Phone 06, V. * N.
Chas. A. Webster,
Spokane.Wash.. U.S.A.   Midway, B C.
Spokane Falls &NorthePD
Railway Co.
Nelson & Ft Sheppard
Railway Co.
Red Mountain Railway Co.,
Washington ft G. U. By.,
Van., Vie. AE. By. AN. Co.
The only all rail route between
points east, west and south to Rossland, Nelson, Orand Forks and Republic. Connects at Spokane with the
(Iieai Northern, Norlhern Pacific and
0. tt, k N. Co, for pointe east, west
and south ; connects at Rossland and
Nelson with the Canadian Pacific Ry.
Connects at Nelson wMh tbe K. R. o 9.
Co, for Kaalo and Rloean points.
Connects st   Curlew with stags for
Greenwood nnd Midway B. C.
iluffet ears ran on trains between
Spokane and KepaMle.
l-nxe. Arrive.
9.85-i.m..  SPOKANK      S.Wp.111.
10.90 a.m ROSSLAND      5.10pm.
MS a.m i. NKL80N      8.00p.m.
■••«• »•■* { or Works}   » »ra*
..t)x.m REPUBLIC       J.Up.m
Ooneral Pawmxor Agent
8pokane, Wash.
Direct Une, Lowest rates
New York
San Francisco
St. Paul, Chicago, and all
U. S, points,
Lv, Diinniorc Jet. Daily
Lv, Kootenay \Ag. Tues, and Saty,
Toronto, Montreal, Boston, etc,
Leave Revelstoke Daily
Vancouver, Seattle and Coast Points,
Through bookings to Europe via all
Kor thio taWos, rates anil (nil Information
call nn nr address A. Vt. HAII.KY, Agent,
Midway, or
J, 8. C ARTRR. K. i. COYLE,
D. P. A., A. O. P. A.,
Nelson, 11. C.       Vnnconver. B. tl
Certlflcate  of   Improvement*.
ittmnmna Mixkhai, Claim.
Sltuats In the Eottle Diver Mining-Division of
Yale District.  Where located : On Grass
Mountain. Camp McKinney.
TAKK NOTIOK that I, Henry Nicholson,
(roe minors' oortltlcat* No. alios, as
wot (or K.A.Doty. (me minor's oortlfloato Nn.
Mlfflft, Intend.sbcty days trom tho dalo horoof,
to apply to tho Mining Rooordor for n cortilicato
ot Improvements, (or the pnrpono o( ohtaining
a Orown  Grant o( the abovo olalm.
And (arthor tako notloo thnt. notion, undor
seotlon   S7. must  bo commenced boforo tho
Imianee o( snoh oertlfloato of imnrovomonts,
listed this 5th day ot July. MM. lo
T. M.Qulley&Co.
-_-_._-__ __.
Large Stock.   Low Prices,
V.   TdL.   G-T7X__C__E_-3r   Ss   CO.,
Greenwood- Curlew
Stage Line.
The urtdersigned is running a DAILY STAGE between
Greenwood and Curlew via Midway, Stage will leave Greenwood at 6:30 a. m„ arriving in Midway at 7:45 and at Curlew
in time to connect with the train for Spokane due 10:45 returning
will leave Curlew at 5 p. m., upon arrival of incoming train,
reaching Midway at 7:30 p. m. and Greenwood at 9 p. m.
Will connect with Meverhoff's Stage from all points West.
J. H. TYRRELL, Proprietor.
Midway Livery, Feed & Sale Stable
Seventh Street, Midway,
Opposite Crowell's Hotel.
J. H. Tyrrell,  -  Proprietor.
Hay and Oats for Sale. • Bus Meets all Trains.
General Transfer and Dray Business.
Riverside Hotel
Rock Creek, B. C.
S. T. LABSEN, Prop.
Stopping plare for Singe* to
hiiiI fiJiiii all UnmuWy
Creek pnint*.
fiood Aeeommodation for the Traveling Fublie.
.. I,
:.■ ' /
• • •
It will be the most important Railway Centre fn the
Interior nf British Columbia.
It is in the centre of a
rich Mining, Stoek-Haising,
faeturing, Coal Producing,
and Railway District. t
Midway property will
make you rich. It is not
a speculation, it is m io-
Midway, the coming railway, commercial,
uie ind
eestre of the Kettle Hiver
and Boaodary Cnek Districts, is situated at the
confloeiwe ef Boundary
Creek and Kettle Biver.
The leading mWmi
town ia the country, with
ai euelleit climate, pun
water supply, and surrounded hy rieh agriculture Maid.
HO St John Street,
Montreal, P. «.
Business, residence and garden lots at low prices and on easy terms.     Send for maps, prices, and full particulars to
Agent for Britiah Coliiniliia,
Midwuy, H. V.
®h* JitejmtcJj
flame Laws.
It Is lawful  to shoot game as follows (dates inclusive):
Septemher 1 to December 14—Deer,
buck or doe; mountain goat, inountain
■beep (rain,)
Septemher 1 to December 31— Caribou ; elk, wapiti, (bull); grouse of all
kinds, including prairie chickens; bare;
moose, (bull).
September 1 to February 28— Bittern;
diirk, all kinds; heron ; meadow lark,
November 2 to March 31—Beaver,
land otter, man en.
It is unlawful to shoot or destroy nt
any time : Birds living on noxious inserts; English blackbirds; caribou,
cow or calf; chaftlnch ; deer, fawn
under twelve months; elk, wapiti, cow
or calf under two years; gull; linnet;
moose, cow or calf under twelve
months; mountain sheep, ewe or lamb;
English partridge ; pheasants, cock or
i hen, except as hereinafter provided ;
quail, all kinds; robins (farmers only
may shoot these in ganlens hetween
June 1 and Sept. 1); skylark, thrush.
Itis unlawful In buy, sell or expose
for sale, show ot advertisement, caribou, hare, Lull moose, inountain goat,
mountain rain before October 1; deer
before September 1; nor any of the
above named animals or birds at any
time, ex!-, ptdiu-k, blue grouse, heron
anr! plover during the open season.
It is unlawful to kill or take more
thjin five caribou in one sc-mi>ii ; more
than ten deer, or Us hunt them wilh
dogs or to kill for hide' alone ; more
than 250 ducks ; more than two bull
elk or wapili: more than two hull
moose; more than Ave mountain goat*;
more than three mountain rams ; or
to take or destroy ihe eggsof protected
birds ut any time.
It is unlawful lo enter land enclosed
hy fence, water or natural loiindary,
after notloe or if notice under Section
17 is posted up ; for non resident* to
shoot without a license : for non resident Indians to kill Kitme at tiny time ;
to export or trans|Hirl. in the raw
state, game birds of every kind anil
animal- protected except bear, heavei,
marten and land otter j in use traps,
nets, gins, drugged bait, etc., to catch
Kjimb birds; to expose for sale any
deer without its heart or bird without
its plumage; to use batteries, snivel
guns or sunken punt" in non tidal
waters lo takedii'ksor geese : for unlicensed nnii'iwldetib! to trap or kill
beiil' or heaver for their, pelia; to kill
any game bird between one hour after
sunset, and one boor before sunrise ;
t" kill jrinw birds or animals imported
foi'Hr.rlliuatizatinn purposedi to buy
or sell hearts of mminM'ti sheep; til
lain: trout except liy lioo. anil line,or
salmon roe   as  liuit.
IN cation will be made to thc I'arllnmont of
Canada, at tho next Kitting thereof, for an Act
incorporating a company, under tho namo of
the "Vancouver and Const Kootciiay Itailwiiy
Coinpanjr." to ooimtrocl and operate a lino nf
railway, from a poln' at or near thu City of
Vancouver, thonco south easterly to the City
of New Westminster aud across tho Kraser
lllver; thonco easterly bv the most feasible
rouie, to a point at or near Midway, ln the
Boundary Creek District; from a point on tho
main lino of tha railway south of the Fnuier.
to a point at or near the month of the Pmsor
Itlver i from a point on tho main lino east of
Hope, to a point at or near Nicola Uko; and
from a point on tho main lino of the railway at
or near tho City of Vancouver, northerly serosa
Ijurrard Inlot, at the most fenslblo point, to
North VancourerMunlclpallty, thence westerly
to a poinl at or near tho mouth of the Capllano
With power to construct and operate branch
lines, from any point on the main line of the
proposed railway or branohf* thereof, not exceeding In any one rasa thirty •(»», miles in
length; and with power lo construct, own, nnd
ppoialo, wharves, docks, elevators, aud warehouses, in connection therewith; and to construct, own, and operate, steam nnd other
vowels, on any navigable waters; and with
power to construct, o m, maintain, and operate a suitable ferry, from tho most convenient
point on tho mainland of Biitlsh Columbia, to
the most convenient point on Vancouver
Island, so as to make oonnectlon with the City
of V Ictorla. or to connect therewith by the
same; to oonstruel, operate and maintain,
telegraph and telephone lines, alone the route
of the proposed railway or Its branches, and to
transmit messages for commercial purposes,
and to colloct lolls therefor: to generato electricity for powor and lighting purposes, and
for all rights powers and privilege, necessary,
usual, ur incidental to all or any of tho aforesaid purposes.
Dated at Vanoou ver, this 1st day of October,
At li* IPB.
'•» Solicitor for Applicants.
The Midway Sawmill
9____________l   if •
Band sawirigand job work done to order
Needed In Every Home
^\      THE Nttw
A Dictionary of ENGLISH,
Biography, Ooagrapb*-, Fiction, ote,
New Platen Throughout
25,000 New Word*
Phrases  and  Definitions
IYrimn-il uiuler llio direct suiier-
' vision-lit W. T. HARRIS, Ph.D., IX.D.,
- tilloil 8lat.os Commissioner of Kiln-
ctitinn nssislril hy alaijiocniiisof uoni-
petoiil. ,'|iucinlisls ami editors.
Rleh htlH!lf**»i4 Quarto Pet.*
    5000 Illustrations
, C3T'I'he International was,iirsl'imtetl
tiiiiwo, Mcneiling the "Unabridged,"
V'l'ti Xtte iniifltlitlargstl Edition of the
tJnle.riitUiouitl mu turned in October,
\1900.        (let the latest and best.
Webster's Collegia!* Dictionary
iiilhOlossurynfScotHih Words and riirnscs
"WrsUilsss In (innllty. second-class Inula,'
K|h*iiIiii«Ii imkcs, ote. of Imth
books sunt ou application.
iO./iC. MF.RRIAM CO./- wu-
I      Puhiuhon,      vBSBff
>  3i>rii.8fiej-- M«aa
| temanotiimtiommmxumtiamomn
809 Second Ave., Spokane, Wash.
Riverside Nurseries
Orand Porks, B. C.
Home-grown, thrifty, aoellmatlsed trees and shrubs,
Currents, Raspberries, Strawberries, etc.
A fine assortment of Maples and other shade trees,
Roses, Lilacs, Hedge Plants, other ornamentals.
The set-ret of success In planting, Is, viwnr—to teenre Rond stock,
BKCONn—to plant M mon as possible after It is Aug.
Trees obtained froi our ursery eai le piloted it
Midway two days after tbey an da*.
Price Hit, aad fall Information promptly *'»*■■•
The school where thorough work is done; where the reason
is always given; where confidence is developed; where Bookkeeping is taught exactly as books are being kept in business ;
where Shorthand is scientific; where penmanship is at 'its
best; where merit is the standard; where the training in Civil. Service, Telegraphy, Engush and Cartooning wakes up
students, develops their powers and teaches them how to be
successful.    No argument is so eloquent as   the record of
things well donfe.   No mortgage can corrupt, no thief can
break through and steal the knowledge of How to Do    When
you know what a school can do for you by what it has done for
others is it better to trust to luck?   I.s it wiser to guess?
For detailed information call,, telephone or write
809 Secocd Ave., Spokane Wash.
Advertise in
The Dispatch.
rrien Wanted <* <* tt
To sell for the large Fonthlll nurseries.  Appll
eatlons should be llled at onoe.  Highest wages
paid, permanent plaoo assured to the right men.
We furnish guaranteed stook commanding hig he testimonials from British Columbia Inspectors.
Stone & Wellington.
it WK1.U NClTliX T. K.
Lancashire House
: J MIDWAY,B.C. : :
The undersigned having re-opened this well-
known and comfortable hotel invites the
patronage of all old customers and the public
Fiirnnc.-heated nnd comfortably furnished rooms.
fipeenwood-Curiew, via Midway Satge j^JHSS (
upon Its arrival in the evening, while change of horses is being nindc.'
Mrs. Dowding, Proprietress.
Proprietress.    <,


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