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Vol. XV, No. 2.
$2.00 per Year.
Bakwhtkh, Solicitor, ID re.
—: Notary Public,
Imp MoKinney, l.C.
Hallett & Shaw
NoUrlei Public.
|le Addroiw: "llALLn-r."
Cooks j llodfurd McNeill's, Moreing &
Nual'H, l.oiber'n.
.  . .  MIDWAY.B.C.
Customs entries passed. Mineral Act
and Land Aet papers drawn up. AID*
\ davits taken.   Abstracts made.
Communications by mall or telephone
\ promptly attended to.
I'bone 00, V. A N.
A. 9. Can. Soc. C. E.
KoviNciAL  Land   Surveyor
/y  B. RICKARDS & CO.,
t{eal Estate
Tonsorial Artist.
Km-a AmtHileiw Sbavo. Hair Cut, Soa Koam
nr HhamwHi. call nl the above parlor.
ItainrA hnnc.1 aad (-round.
MIDWAY,  11. C.
nl    mxmmtmm
All Kinds ef  Repairing.   Horsesboelnn
A  aprclall)'.
We have just received a fine line of
Our aim is to carry the very best the
market can supply, at the
lowest prices.
| Hotel Spokane,
A new building, well furnished. Everything new
and first-class. Only the choicest Wines, Liquors
and Cigars kepi in stock. Headquarters for Mining
and Commercial Men,
| - Midway Meat Market
J K. k. MATTHES, Proprietor.
At this establishment customers cm get choicest cuts of
.   nttaailrtals,   »■■»■
t*iHHTOi.Aaa  Accommodation   koh (Jural*,
UT  KmwIIi'I-i. Kiahlneji-n KoUlc Itivur.jW
All kindi of work •leeuted to
Itks tatUfaott-on of omtomora,
• Therefore Moats are. always fresh nnd sweet,
2 for dinner to-day.
I       TELEPHONE 311-
Call and gut n good joint
P. 0- BOX 25
Ma -— THE
j£       Greenwood, Boundary Creek, B. C.
Houston Challenges Smith Curtis to
Resign and the Challenge
Is Accepted.
Victoria, May ».— ThU afternoon and
evening the house whs treated tn a
Hiirring delate on the reporl. of the
loan railway liill. The I.ill wuh completed in committee at two o'clock
thin morning. Tallow's motion practically excluding the V. P. R. from the
Const to KiHilemiy contract was then
defeated liy a vole of 2(1 lo l;i. On report this afternoon, however, Tatlow
revived his resolution in a modilled
form liy moving that in giving a suhsidy for the Ooast to Kootenay road
preference should he given to n compel itive line.
During a speech hy Curtis some very
sharp passages took place hetween lie
and the premier. The latter said it
was uot the intention of the government to give a contract to ihe (,'. P, It.
hut t.n Ihe road offering the hest hin-
gain, and added that if the V, V. k K.
would agree to Ihe terms of the hill
they would give it to the V. V. A: E.
lo night. Furlher questioned by
Curtis the premier said that lie did
nol agree with Miirtin that, the (.'. P,
It. was the only road which could
huild the line, lie added that, the
piovince could not have a competitive
Ihu-, hut that the only way to get a
competitive line waa to have ihe control of rales.
The premier finally lost his temper
anil said he was willing to rei-ign to-
nit-hi and go lo the country on the
lii 1. (lur'.is retorted, "Do It, do it."
Houston then followed with a challenge to (Hii tis ihal, he resign snd uu
hack to his constituency, Curl i.s immediately took it up nnd offered to
t'l-sigo and tun in Vancouver in opposi
lion to Martin und if allowed to make
one speech, declaring he would heat
Mm i in out of his hoots, Mclnnes
followed Curtis and ki lacked him as
Inconsisient iu a muling speech. He
referred to the fact that compel ition
iu coal hetween Dutisnitlir and tlie
company headed hy Kohius, al-i. one
of the greatest philanthropists in
Canada, had not kept down the price
of coal.
Eherts spoke for the government,
holding that on Saturday tin- V. V. k
E. promoters had a conference with
lhe government, at which Dunsmuir
offered lo give them the contract for
the Coast to Kootenay roud al once if
ihey would accept the government's
terms. Instead Ihey had otf ned lo
huild Hu miles ut euch end.
McBiide also spoke and the division
resulted as follows : Ayes— (iiltnonr,
E 0. Smith, Oliver, Uawlhornthwaite,
Neill, Curtis, Munro, T. Hall, McPhillips, llelmcken, Tatlow, Hay ward,
Murphy, 13. Nays—Mclnnes, Staples,
Martin, Brown, Kidd, Green, Houston,
Turner, Dunsmuir, Eherts, A, W.
Smith, Ellison, Clifford, Garden, Fulton, Prentice, Wells, McBride, Pnuley,
lingers, Hiinter.Tuylnr, Dickie, Mouncr,
The usual three days' grace having J    The mine is well known mid Ims lmd
expired yesierday, Mr. Roht. Kennedy , the reputation of lieing one of the hesl
properties in that section of the conn-
entered the Columhlan office ahout
seven o'clock and informed the malinger, Mr. Taylor, that he would have
to tak° possession.
He asked for the keys, hut Mr. Taylor refused to give tip possession,
Mr. Kennedy hroitght iu a carpenter
and ordered him to take off the old
lock and put on a new one. Thts carpenter wus warned hy Mi. Taylor to
leave the door alone, hut the workman did as he was told hy Mr. Ken'
nedy, and when he had finished handed
the key to him,
Mean while Mr.Taylor had telephoned
for Mr. li. I.. Reid, thi solicitor of the
company, and Capt, Pittendrigh, S.
M. Both these officials having arrived
hefore Mr. Kennedy left the premises,
a warrant for his arrest wus sworn out
hy Mr. Taylor.
OfH-.er Johnson made the arrest and
Mr. Kennedy was taken to jail, He
was seen hy a representative of Ihe
paper hut refused to make any statement fnr publication. Mr. Kennedy
was let out on a hail of $500.
The case was called at 11 o'clock this
uiorning, hut was adjourned till Thursday, the adjournment heing mude tn
allow tin- interested parties to procure
some documents which are necessary
to hu hrought hefore Ihe court.
Mr. Taylor is authority for the statement thai civil suits would he started
against a nunilier of persons who
made libelous statements against the
Columbian company in connection
with the present case.
i' u
try.   It is proposed thnl the new company   lie called the "Oroville Mine.-',
Limited," und   thnt   il   shall   hnve   a
capital sio.-k of 81250,000, divided into
2,500,000 shares of the pur value .
ci-nlsench.   Of these shares 2,.
shares or thereabouts shall he nl
in proportion of two shares foi
one shine held hy the  presenl        . .
holdeis in this company nn  pnyiiien
of one cent per slime.   Said .-hint.; I
Ik- ctediled as paid up lo Ihe extent ol
nine cents per share, leaving dun the
sum of one cent pershare, which is not
to lie railed up until the expiration of
four months from the date of the registration of the  uew   compuny, and
inly tben if the requirements nf ilie
mine necessitate   it,   in  furtl i
planalion of this airungen      .    is nol
proposed to call on   lhe   shar. hoi i. is
for the lasl cnl , provided the miiieui.ii
be put. on a   self   BiiHtatniii
paying basis  with lhe film
on Hrsl. payment,
We have opened the above hotel at ('ireenwooil and
are prepared to welcome guests and provide good accommodation.   Good altering.    First-class Livery Stable.
Wm. St. Qumtin, Prop.
Everything   KirHt oIhhh.
X_jr*_L*■__-«_«, KtAwny.
lii,  KEYES, Prop.
(loud Accommodation,
lies,. Liquors and Uigurs.
First-Class Stabling.
Seasonable Goods
Downtoactualeost. 20pereentless than formerly
Practical Watch Maker,
e'»,i»i«rcu st
Onoil Trnlt, Plailty Mstcrlal,
•nd .to yean cupcrltnce to to
w»rk correctly.   .  .  .
I m\^-r^r__--r-i--. . . . . . _r.'. . . z^ ..___.
t^jw^^m^^^wwww^^^w^m^ww ww^.i
a large stock of Summer Goods on
hand, and wishing to dispose of the same, we have
made the above reduction, bringing these goods
down to actual cost.
Fancy Ginghams, for Shirt Waists ; Fancy
Zephyrs and Chambrays, striped and checkered ;
White Muslins, Fancy and Plain Outing Flannels,
Organdies, and numerous other seasonable goeds lor
Ladies' and Children's wear.
Ladies' and Children's Straw Hats at greatly reduced prices. Only a few left, as they sell fast at
our prices.
Clothing for Men and Hoys to be sold at a sacrifice, so don't miss the opportunity. Bicycle Hose
and Sweaters.
Shoes in Tan and Hlack, to suit all tastes.
The Grocery Department is stocked with a full
line of goods sold at small margin for cash. Prospectors' Hardware and Shelf Ware for Builders.
HAIN & CO., General Merchant;
A  Former   Proprietor of  the New
Westminster Columbian Attempts
to Take Possession of Plant.
The vagaries of the tlolumhian of
New Westminster have contributed
much to ihe gaiety of nations from
lime to lime, hut it is safe lo say that
tbe last prank played under il-auspices
quite outdoes anything hi its previous
As everybody knows, the Columbian
used lu he a sluing supporter of Ihe
Lilieral party when Ihe Kennedy
brothers owned ii. One of Ihe Ken
nedy*. became pnsiniusier ami the
paper. In-ill-; acquired hy thu Columbian Printing company, wilh Mr. .1. 0.
Taylor as managing editor, became I he
chief ex lion, nl of Ooiiset'vntism in Bt-i
lish Columbia.
During lhe lasl. Doniinion election
tbe Columbian wan an ardent opponent
of the governiuenl. The tight It put
up in favor of Hon. Edgar Dewdney,
the Conservative nominee, wus dis
linctly poor, mid the Liheral candidate,
Mr. Aulay Morrison, wiisclected by an
overwhelming majority. From that
I line on, It is understood, things have
nol, Ineu pailti'tiliiriv happy, hul mat
lew came to it crisis last night when
Mr. Koheil Kennedy, on., of the former
owners, attempted lo lake ovei the
ownership of lhe paper again, and as a
result was arrested tin a charge of des-
inning pioperty.
According lo Mr. Tayloi-a payment
of $6,(100 principal and $17oln'pi'.-sl was
due to Kennedy Bros, nn May 2. A
check for l lie amount was tendered by
Mr. O. I.. C .rhdiild, president of lbe
conipany. bin was refu-eil. Then the
amount was tendered in gold, hut, the
a.'ceplani'o was i-i-fti-.-il ow ng In a difficulty ahoul a uioi'lgag" on th-properly which was to have been assumed
by the compuny.
A Large Body of High tirade Ore Has
Been Struck at the -oo-l-'oot Level.
A rich body of ore has been struck
on the 400-foot level in the west end of
the Cariboo. The face of the drift nl
Ihut level showing six feet ot high
grade ore. The marked success of the
development work in the Cariboo dining ihe last two months has been phenomenal, and has thoroughly eonvinc
eil tbe utaiiitgeinent of the future possi
bilities of the pioperty, depth giving
greater solidity and richness to th
ore hody, and though dnuhtless breaks
or faiths will be encountered, they will
occur with less frequency, and the
plans for increasing the output of the
mine, which have been for some time
in contemplation, may now he carried
out with tbe utmost confidence.
The Cariboo stands pre eminent as
the free gold mine of Briiish Columbia.
Ils unbroken mill run of over seven
years, its constant record as a dividend
payer, with its present remarkable
showing nf a large hody of high
grade ore in the levels, must place this
properly in the premier rank as one
if not Ihe most successful of the milling
undertakings of the province.
Though the Carihoo overshadows all
other properties of Ihe camp, then
are many claims of undoubted merit
whose owners have as far as means
permitted, endeavored to develop, but
owing to lack of capital many of these
properties hnve scarcely mm* than
passed the prospective stage. Tbe
huilding of the new wagon road this
summer from Camp McKinney to Rock
Creek will pass thinugh one of the
most promising mineral seel tons in the
vicinity of the camp, and when finished
will lie the stage road, being shorter
and a better grade tbanthe old road,
and its construction will be of the
greatest benefit to tbe camp, more particularly lo the owners of the War
Kagle, Le Hoi. Homes take, Triangle,
Dayton, Night Hawk, .Inn Crow, etc.,
lo whom it will give means of transportation, and whose pro|ierties are
well worth the attention of mining
fl. \
On the Okanogan Uold nines,   Ltd.,
at Oroville.
Tbe Okanogan (iold Mines. Limited,
situated near Oroville, is again to resume work on a large scale. Tin-
affairs of the company have been iu
lmd shape for some time. A large
(l.-lil. was acquired wbich necessitated
tin- placing of the properly in the
hands nf a liqiiiiljilor.
An extraordinary general meeting
of the coinpaiiy has heen called at
Hossland for May 27 lo organise the
coinpaiiy and to resume work.
The reports from the Okanogan mine
show that at present Ihere is a considerable amount of ore in sight of
sufficiently high grade to pay off all
the debts of lhe company. The uttli/.-
ni inn of ibis nre, along with the,money
available under l he plan of reconstruction and the placing nf development
work always ahead ol the requirements of lhe mill, will, in the opinion
of the directors, Boon dear the mine of
delil, and ll can nol. he very lung hefore the mine is placed on a dividend
.paying Oasis.
System Instituted three Years ago
Proves Successful.
The provincial government, always
anxious lo give the residents and
sell lets in out of the way places some
of ihe advantages ei joyed by urhiiii-
ites, has been lo great pains und considerable expense lo extend lhe travelling library system founded some
three years ago, and there are now 24
libraries of 100 volumes each in t-iicu-
latiiin from the wt-st, coast of the Island to 160-Mile House, Carihoo.
The system was design il to place
within reach of residents uf farm ng
districts and luoue tain mining ram pa
a small bul choke linriuy M no . >.■
pense to the reader and il has prov d
very successful, ll isexpeitrd hut il
furlher appropriation "ill he uiiuie
this year for ib<> purp"s-- of Increasing
the numher and variety of Luoks intended for circulation.
So far Inn very few nf the farming
communities and mining towns of ihe
interior have taken advantage of the
opportunity offeied hy tbe government for securing a free puhlic lihraiy,
and it in Ibe put pose of ihis article lo
cull this fact lo the attention of our
renders, and to poinl out lhat the residents of Midway should at. once
set about procuring one of these libraries convinced as we are thai ii
would prove greul value to the community and a source i.i pleasure and
profit to uur people,
K. 0. S. Schofield, provincial librarian, Victoria, has charge r,f the lihtar-
ies, and to whom all couununicnliuils
should lie senl, Twenty-live mule
res-dents of any community may,
after electing a trustee who will he
held responsible for the hooks in the
uinounl of $60, milking application lor
a case of hooks. These cases contain
100 volumes hy standard authors, and
comprise works on nalui nl and social
science, literature, history, biography
nnd fiction, Works on lechnical subjects of interest to the locality lo
which the hooks are to he s.-nl ,-ue ;. .
Within two or three weeks uft, i .
plication is made for alii,nu y, thei use
will he received by the local llluari in,
who ischosen by lhe applicants. They
will he allowed t.. remain in one locality for Bix months, when directions
will he given for lis shipment lo si tne
olher point mul another rase will he
received in ils place,
There is absolutely no charge for
tbe use of lhe hooks, and Ihe C. P, U.
evei- desirous of promoting the .velfate
and comfort of the people living iu the
remoter port ions of tin- province realizing lluil transportation chaiges in
some cases might prevent I heir taking
advantage of this opportunity to
secure a public library, carries the
..uses of books to and from ell points
on its inil uml steamboat lines free,
and is affordim* lhe government eery
faciliiy nt its disposal in Iheir effuils
towards making the system a success,
 —r * , -
Tells  His   Men
to   Never
A despatch fro
states thai General
heen giving some s
men of lhe South
in   London,  Kng..
Ilml.'111'..well  has
ottnd advice lo tbe
African Constuhnl-
from headquarters, -ii
u Cui'tiilV  ninn .tunned
ary,   Writing
Dobbin suys :
"In the course of nn address to his
men, 'Baileii Powell sniil the South
African Constabulary were expeclcd
never lo surrender, if a man did that
it wonld lie no good coming Luck.
"If you buvi 2.iii rounds nf uniinu-
nitlim,'  he   added,  'lire 211) at lhe
, iloers and keep the rest for yoiusell'.' " Muliscrlpti.nl Hrloo, t'.'.IKI por niiiuini. in-ynM--
In mlvniiuu. olthor yeurly ur linlf-ycnrly ut lii.'
o-ilion of i lie subscriber.
AilvurlisillK Hates sunt un uppllcatioll.
The first ticket for admission to the
Paii-Ame-.'iian Exposition sold for
#3000. Tlie pntchaser must have been
anxious lo see ih.- show.
Here's the way Bixhy.nf theLlnciilii,
Neb., Joiirnnl, expresses bis opinion of
W. .1. Brynn's paper :
Now doth lhe mighty Commoner
Grow commoner each minute,
Because, outside of politics,
There's iiotadaiiilhioginit,
A mistaken idea tlmt prevails among
a large number of siih-rrilu-is to this
paper is tlmt subscriptions urn not
payable in advance. This Idea is entirely erroneous, A subscription to
fits pitpcr is due and payable us soon
lis a subscriber ft ks to have the naper
sent to his address,
An Eastern exchange says: There
Is nol the slightest question that, the
Noi ih Pole belongs to Canada, It's
our buck ynril. Of coiitse we have not
exact v slaked il oui, bill thut little
formality will he done within the next
yenr or sn, hy Capt, Bernier, of Quebec,
The Capt. will make a stake of lllill
old pole, right where it is. He will
mark the end of it with his stamping
hammer, nnd paint It red to preserve
it from cheeking.
Editor Lowery of tin' New Denver
L'.ilge has returned froni the Kast, or
the cenl hell, us he terms il., afler nnly
three weeks' absence. His return was
c.'lehriileil by the burning of two nf
New Denver's hesl residences, Al
this rate, hnd the editor's ahsenc* extended over several months, New
Denver would now be a bed of ashes,
nnd It would be looking to lhe newspaper tn huild it np just the same as
every other town does,
Tbe Silvertonian bus found it necessary to reduce lhe size of Ils publication, and :n doing so makes the following announcement; "We have
no apology to make for appearing
with a paper educed in size, ihe appearance of out- advertising columns
being justification for our backward
The business men of Silverton are
not alive to their own interests, other
wise they would never have compell-'d
the Sllverlonittn to have taken this
backward step by wilh'hnldlng their
pal ronage from it. The business man
who refuses to support his home papet
might just jis well close up shop. Such
ihori sigh ted ness will eventually bring
a html, failure.
Celebrations have been held nt Midway on thn 24th nf May for Hie past
four y.-ni's nnlil that dalp is now-
looked lipomas Midway's day. Other
towns in tbe districl recognize this
nnd instead of holding celebrations In
rivulrv to Midway, now look forward io
coming to tiur town on lhat duy and
having a good time. ("Ireat harmony
exists among lhe towns of iheiBound-
nry district regarding holidays. A few
years ago there were only three towns
in the district—Grand Forks, Green-
Wood and Mid vny. The billet-place, as
before staled, held lhe 2ilh of May,
ftieunwood held the 1st ol July, while
Grand Porks, partly for the r.'asin of
not. continuing wiili either of the other
towns untl partly because there were a
large number of Americans tributary
to that town, reiugnizi-d the:ith of
July as their day fm recreation,
Residents from the other towns visited
the town Ihal was holding its
celebration, and so it lias been ihut
although the spirit ot rivalry has heen
displayed to a certain  extent among
iiii' three lowns n.enli d, regarding
their ndvnncemenl, yet when Imlidajs
were held all   this   feeling   was   set
aside and all united in having a good
time anil   .sharing   iu   the   pleasures
afforded  on  the respective  holidays.
hi only mentiooing ihree lowns ii is
not out. Intention to he in the least
disrespectful   to    Phoenix,   hut  thai
place has only lately readied the stage
jiit which if could he termed a town. .A
Tew years ago it was only -., small mm
fag damp, hill the weal, h of the surrounding bills brought iu capital to
work  lhc  mines  and  Phoenix giew
rapidly until now il is one of the must
prosperous towns in lhe district.   It.
has a large population and we hope
that a larger number of residents will
visit Midway on May 21th and assist
in making the celebration the grandest sticces Mid w ay lias ever experienced
and although the 24thof May und July
1st, the two great national holidays of
Ihis country, are celebrated by towns
in the districl we  hope thai Phoenix
will select a  day  on  which  to  hold
spoils and thus allow the people from
Midway tm opportunity of returning
lhe  visit,  which  we anticipate  that
town p tying us on May 21th    Everybody isdotih.bss pleased thai Ihe21ili
of May has been set apart as a permanent national holiday and Victoria
Day will he looked forward to by all
loyal British subjects just the same as
that date was  when  il  was  held  in
honor of our lain Queen's birthday,  li
Is our chance of paying a tribute of
Mwpect  to  our   depin led  ruler, und j
pievious years, to do all thai they can
in the way of contributions and lending their assistance both before and ou
that day, to make the celebration a
ciedit to Midway. A large crowd is
expected und we want the sports lo
exceed their expectations, so that they
will go away feeling salistied with the
pleasure the day nlfnrded and resolved
to again visit Midway when it .holds
a celebration.
(Hy our own correspondent,)
II. D. Kerr, G. D. Cunningham and
John 0. Thompson, of Midway, are
spending a few days in town,
Gorman Wesl, who has recently
leased his hotel, at Bull Cieek, to D.
W. Wilklns, is now building a three-
story hotel hn Biver Avenue, When
completed it will he conducted under
the able management of Mr. West,
who is well aud favorably known up
lhe West Fork and throughout Ihe
liounilaiy country as well.
F, C. Boles has completed his new
twu-stury building on Biveravenueand
has received a large stock of general
merchandise, Mr. Boles was formerly
local ed al. Beaverion.
V. M. Kerby, P. L. 8., has opened an
office lieru,
George Barshard has a force of carpenters at work erecting a large hotel
ou Hiver Avenue,
W. A. Logan's new residence is
rapidly Hearing oomplellon. Mr.Logan
has done most of the packing for the
West Fork country and formerly had
Iiis headquarters al Beaverton,
G. I. Dale k Sons'sawmill is running
full blast nnd is tinning out large
quantities of luinher, but owing to tbe
great demand (he firm has but little
lumber in stock,
Thirty mon are engaged by the
Townsite company, making improve
menison the streets,
Ellison Avenue, a large street in the
cenl ie of the town, has recently been
opened up,
A force of men are at work on lhe
Butcher Boy. The property adjoins
tb..- townsite. James 0. Dale is in
charge nf the work.
Work has been resinned oil the
Great Hopes claim, ahout half a mile
from the lown. This properly is
owned by .Ian.es C. Dale and R. D.
Kerr. One of the highest assays
ever obtained in the camp was from
this claim.
.Superintendent J. O. Thompson has
a fotce of men at woik Oil tin-Midway,
a promising property a short dislanci
from bete.
That Tumbler.
Have you  loitered  in  Ihe smoking
Of a palace sleeping rar,
Keeping tab upon Ihe water tank,
As you smoke your lasl cigar?
Have you observed Ihe tumbler?
Has il occurred to you,
The many different uses
That people put it to ?
Here's a fellow with a colic,
His face is pale and drawn,
Poms paregoric in it,
You hope his pr in is gone.
Next comes a bilious drummer,
Wheat the tumbler halts
Aud tills the vessel blithely
Wilh a slug of epsnm salts.
He's followed by the person
With the customary whim
That a seidlitz powder nightly
Is jnsl the thing for hint;
And, ou his heels, comes some one
Who fancies ''something hoi,"
And takes a swig of Itadwny
To touch tbo chilly spot,
One takes a morphine tablet,
Which llm tumbler has to drown,
And another drinks a bumper
To help a blue pill down ;
One mixes up a gargle
(We wnuld all this were bush!)
Another gives his mouth a huth.
And l hen his teeth a wash,
line Oils his toiintninpen thereat
A nolle r, i hen nnd there,
Takes a hot tie from his pocket—
I   A mixture for the hair-
He puis a spoonful in the glass,
A thousand miles from home,
At sixty mil s or more an hour,
He milk.s his own sea-foam.
And twenty-seven other men
At various stages try
To solid themselves tn hye bye
With a thimbleful of rye,
And just as many other chaps—
You mny count I bom if vnu watch-
Will use that willing tumbler
For n thimbleful of Scotch,
Yi u tuny tnlk of golden heikers,
Ynu may ho-utt of pewter mugs ;
You may cho'tle over tankards,
You may dream of silver ines j
Bul there's not a drinking vessel
In restaurant or bar
That's In it with the tumbler
Of a palace sleeping ear,
-II. F. ii. in Toronto Star.
Sale Under Chattel Mortgage.
UN'IIKU nnd by virtno of tlio powors con-
lainurl   in  a cot-tain chattel mortgage,
which will hn produced at tho thnn of sul.-,
Ihi-i'i! will he olli-ri'il Inr sale by puhlic unci ion
nl Mil) Rtot-tt now occupied by .lames A. this,
worth, in lbe. Town of Midway, In tlio lllstrlcl,
of Vale, in llu. Province of British Columbia,
nl ilie hour of 11 o'clock In lho forenoon, on
Thursday, thu nlt.li day of May, 1001. tho ful
lOWtlM pmportv:   All   that slock of droits,
drtlggfits' sundries, patent iiiedlolniw, slniion
ry, fancy goods, unit all other mui'clmndlsc of
vot-y tinltir'o nnd description  upon nml almut
the promises nnw occupied by thosjiid .liuiics
A. I'liswoi'lh. and beliia* °n hot Twenty-four
dill. In Itlnck KV-rlj-olglil. US), MnpThree (31, In
Town nf Midway,
llnted tills lllh day of May, A. It. 1001.
jsihcllor* for Mortgag-cc,
KAIiWAY l <'
Railway Co.
Railway Co.
The only nil mil route between
nil points Kust. West mid Smith
to Hosslmid, Nelson und nil
intermediate points ; connecting: nt Hpokane witli the (irent
Northern, Northern Pacific nnd
O. B. & X. Co.
Connects at Nelson with the steamer tor
Kftslonnd nil Kootenay Lake points.
Connects at Meyer's Fulls with stngo dally
for Republic, and connects nt Sossburg with
stage daily for Grand Forks nnd Greenwood..
1,1'iivo.        Arrive.
SPOKANK     O.IKi'i.m.     7._p.w.
UO.S.SI.ANI)    IU.jVI lllll.      4.111 pill.
NKU40N' *.    ll.Ua.iii.     7.l.i|i.iu.
Direct Route  Unequalled Service
In all points
First-Class Sleepers
Dining Cars Tourist Cars
Steamship service from Vancouver lo
Cape Nome Alaska Points
^^o******************»**************o *****Hi |^
MtaawmaaAXa  MA.,  Mldwaj,,
One Block West of Customs Office,
■Qfe   This is a first-class building, lieing hard ( &,   $   .,,
(§•}   finished throughout,   The ditfilfg room   SB  ia ■■
igy   i^i   is run under the "personal supervision   jffl   //
$■}   <jg}   of Mrs. Crowell, and is supplied with   ffij „
<§_    _}   ■_)   the best on th^ market.   Choice stock ®
@   ®   @   of 4Vines,. Liquors and Cigars at the i
@   %   $)   §   bar     LmW   Stable   '"   connection'*
The Patronage of the. Public J«l Solicited and
Satisfaction Guaranteed* ,
*" A\tautiM^!"Tg'i,,,,.! Australia     China      Japan
I Thrmmli MokclH liuuid from
Knr ll-iii. lalili-s, riiii'B ami full Information
cull on or iidih-ms A. P. McCttLLV, A-rmit,
Mtil-vny, or
1,1. S. OAflT^It, K..I. CIITI.V,,
11. I*. A., A.fl.l*. A.,
Nclnon, li 0.      Vimeoavcr, ll. ('.
MAY 24
Horse Races, Bieyele
Athletic Sports k hm
Try a Bottle of
I   For that Cough of yours,   f
t Agent for Stuart's |
| Map of the Boundary *
| District. |
41 9
| J. A. |
$ *
|tiiiiafgiif$^r3saiiiigir?ira8^ifiiriit?i?a?iii' i
Tk Midway Band
Will be in attendance.
f   Unsworth,     1
Druggist,   I
Hid way. {
TAKK NOTICK that IKIilnju nflcr iljiiu I In-
li-nd loam-ly lo the Chief CommlMlonor
of Ijindsnml Work,, fnr iHirmiiwIon In puicliaso
IMI owqh nf I.ui.l. Iiif-hiiihi--nl tljflSoutlioittl
gnrnor of lot 241111, on llio Smiili Imnk uf the
hiinilliiiinci'ii rjvor, thence Smith I'i clintrot
.thence pint f(i oh-iins, ilu-nro North In chains
llli-nco Went Hi clmiiis to tilt-lKiilitofhcirilil.ini-,
inui contAlnln-f Hill acres more or less.
Haled tills ISth dny bt Mnrcli, IIKII.
UoiieralReal Estate & Financial Agt.
A.-fout ForM.
The Royal Insuiianck Coy.
Tun London and I.4\ncahhiiiic Fiuh
Inhiiiianck Ooy,
Tiik  Inhuhanck Coy. ok North
Thk London and Canadian Kike
Inhuhanck Coy.
Thk Sun tog Assuhancr Coy o*
Thk Oominuin Buii.dinu and Loan
Appraiser por the Canada Hek-
manknt Loan and Savings Coy
Practical Wagon and Carriage Builder,
33.  O.
Repairing of all kinds promptly and neatly executed.
Carriage Painting a specialty.
The Boundary Hotel
...^ IDWAY, B.C,,.
Strictly First-class Throughout,  Excell nt Accommodation.
Carrying His flajesty's Hails ,
Will leave MIDWAY on Tuesdays, Thurs '
days and Saturdays, at 8,30 a. 111., arrivin■• at I
CAMP McKINNEY at 5 p.m.
Returning will leave CAMP McKINNEY on  !
Sundays,  Wednesdays ahd   Fridays at  9 a. m., i;
reaching MIDWAY at 1.36 p. 111., and making con
nection with the train going east at 2 o'clock. ',
The bait of accommodation for
the convenience of the
travelling public.
wmmwMi*wamm&*m^ Z : •
KS'l'AHI.I'-tlll.lIl    IMM.t.
Our   Si'kciai.tiks—Varieties  Profitable in British Cultanbin
1 rees Free from Pests.
Send for Free Catalogue.   |   E, Hutcherson, Maii.nr.
Lancashire House
: : MIDWAY, B.C. : :
The undersigned having re-opened thi-i well-
known   and   comfortable    hotel   invites   the
patronage of all old customers and the public
Enrnncv-licntod and coin fori ably
fiiiiiisiiiii  rooms.
Mrs. Dowding, Proprietress.
Large Sample Room fop Commereial Men,
THOS. McAULEY,   -      Proprietor.
The Riverside Hotel
Is situated at Rock Cre k, B, C„ on the main
route of travel between Penticton and all Boundary Creek pnints.
Good Hunting. Good   Fishn;i».
Best of Accommodation.
S. T. LARSEN, Proprietor.
f T^     's pi'efjan tl !"
^      fill all orders
for Job I'riiU*
ti.   i»* a,  i    Ins at li «('M
The Pioneer Newspaper of the       Jes ,,,„sisi*
Boundary District-only em with :tt«l
$2.00 per year. work.
H. A. Malllies returned tn Mill-
■Friday's I ruin ufti-t- spending n
mjts with friends tit Spokane,
Hbnniiiii|*liiiiii,: It- I). Korr mid
Bmiipsnn Init nil Tiii-kIjiv fnr „
Bb'"' West Kork. TJiey expect
|hent iil.nnl a week.
Hnik of building un addition tn
Hhowcll's hotel iti progressing
jHlldly untl in till probability it
am '" H"1''1  CUIM'itl011 I'.v  M«y
jHtdmit nf its being used tn nssist
^Bmnii dating the lurgo crowd
Hpgpeeleil here nn I hut ilny.
BrK. (1- ICd wards Leckie hus re-
^Tft-oin thn iiiiitiagciucnf nf tin-
■li- Company, He hus u tiuti her
■western milling Interests nn
■rliii-h will ink- nil his time, uml
giv ii up his cntmi-elinn with
ipui.lii' in order lii hnik after
lli'l'iin- leaving the mini' Major
arraignl a plan of develop-
Bllch is being ini'ii.'il I'ni'wni'il
dn- direction nf Superintendent
Forty men nre employed, a ml
•I- stuping Iimi t.in-i nf nie daily,
Leckie I'xpi-eis tn ninlti' his
fuartcis iii Spokane,
(bins .1, Tregenr, whn for twelve
p.ist li.uj Leen supi-riiiteiiilent
Winnipeg mine, hns resigned
liiiou with lhe ititeiitinii nl l.'iiv
iii i.i -li Otiliiitlhin. He purposes
iking his fmu'dy In Moulin.n nml
laving ji liu.k iirntind the milling
(ts nf l.lulin. During his Hve or
irs'slny in this pmvliice In- has
■Bond wnrk, lirst n the Le Hoi,
Jinl, of which mine lie wns super
■nt during its days nf slenly
fnd paying, ami moia recently at
inuipeg. He leaves the latter
•Ith ils mor,' recent workings in
of ore, after having rescued it
ih" sirutid"il condition in which
when lie assumed charge nf it,
bnscinenl  of the Granhy hnnk
nt Phoenix is heing arranged fo
ji dining hull for mine employe*
Miner-tlrnvessynilienie.   In the
int. dining room there is seat rontn
persons ut one and the sunn- time,
(ugh i wire that  number can he
d  without difficulty,  since the
i unt nil pill in an itpprar.incc ill
nn- linn-.   The new dining in.iin
hnve seat, room f..r ISl.sn thnt there
ipleucciinini'.ilntiiii. foi'H large
Becnf men.   The dunk house pro
sleepJugiiceninm.id ition fnt'iiliont
flien.   Tin-it there are rooms avail
[for sleeping purposes in the Old
■ides hutel, and besides cottages for
fled employes having their fuinilii-
h (hem
lhe (ireenwood   shooting c:ise wus
tin adjourned on Tuesday Inst to
low lhe police In pro. ore evidence.'
prsiluy's  hearing    went   lo slmw
the Inmates of the bouse did not
bine excited utgun priinice, neither
Ithey lifti-nvarilsshow nnv curiosity
lefereni'i' to the alleged  slim.ting
believed I hut at next hearing the
•ce will be ulile to produce evidence
Ihe effect thnl    It   gnu   WUS Hot  (lis
Irged on Hold sl reel on the night in
►slinn, Ihnt tbe person dning Ilie
oting was not present at the time
| shot was tired ; that the gun missed
I i that I he person wounded  wns in
bkiine, nnd the gun iu  Midway al*
■dinga meeting nf the Thirteen club,
thnt Oold  street will prove un
»ii, personally nnd as to location.—
• •."■i-iinii ot ciitciiaimnenis, anu cum*,
and coffee, nnd progressive eoelire.
One uiorning the startling news was
whispered around that the Lind ft»' club
pudceased loexlsi, whether liy nfoii*
tiinenuscniiihuslioii or otherwise hul
uot heen ascertained. As ihe muter
wns nne which enncerned the women
nlnne, the Imys did not iniike nny en
ipilries ns In lhe cnii«e nf the c illips",
hut culled a nieeling al Clark k Hit:
knrils' cabin, wilh theobjecl of pussing
resolutions of jhaiiks to the Udie-.'
club fnr the muny ph-asant evenings'
enti'i'tninmeiit. The nhjecl of lhat
meeting wns never fulfilled. Theie
happeni d to he cither III persons or IU
of something else at ihe nieeling, i'he
Writer only remembering lhat ther,
wns a 18 cltlliformed Ihnt evening.
The cliili giew nnd prospered, in.HI
it numbered members—either active
or hniiornry—in every pari of the dis-
Iricl. Kholfs_iuiichli('cnniefamous on
iii:cnuiit*i«f |hej,f^i'yri*rtnnl»'t^jgfi'^(rti':;j' j;^
by' lbe cliih. The ranch wus di.id-il
into lols ns u resiill of the popularity
of these social reunions! young men
frnm across tlie ocean came, pro
iiniimed ihem awfully jolly, beastly
decent, nnd nearly equal to such affairs
"ut home"; justices of the pence said
Ihey were legal and nlso hllUWons j
In.t.'I men fiom Rnssiand uud Orand
I**.ii ks said, frnm the appearance
if Ihe residents, tbey could not
hnve thought such eotertainuieiiis
possible ; men who hud never
sung hefore, tliitde the welkin ring
witb iheir joyous melodies; nnd lhe
fume of thn Thirl eeners was sting froni
the Columbia rivcr lo the Provincial
Cousin bl e range nn Trout creek.
In mi evil moment un uthletlc clul.
was broached, Whether this was the
thin edge of the temperance wave de
pnnint sny.-th not, but Ihe athletic
cluli wusfoini-.il iiiid ibe 13 dub "w s
bust." Ahoul tliis time four students
frnui a theological college or seminary
nriived at Kholt's. They had several
new braudsof civilization under iheir
Imts, und a ivell-developed temperance
wave wiih gnsnt'a.'hiiieiit.
The wnvi.struckand struck nlinigli'v
hard. Kholt was renamed, roads were
run across trails leading to and froni
llu- principal place of husiness, streets
were made to conform lo lbe sur
veyor's p.-cnlini ideas, au irrigating
ilif.li wns pin in to supply ih.-deinuiiil
of the wave, huilding-. sprung lip. the
athletic cluh went "l.nst." the stud, His
went prospecting, and since ilien uu
effort lias been made to arnnse th"
culm, sweet restfulness of Kholt's
There is now no doubt that one
and probably two railways will be
building out of Midway as soon as
spring opens, and Midway is destined
to become the commercial arid railway
centre of the Boundary country.
*^*iw-$|.Tn- aaa*fi^.*>'T'J "H*' '•■ ,; •
Now»ifcib£- tiE^e,.to*4>uy lots in the
town. They will make you rich. It is
not a speculation, it is an investment.
For prices and terms apply to .
5{7»59 -^y-y 3?^9-5*-P5P5*5* 999 9999A
ti-i *^<
The Central Hotel |
llth St., Midway, B. €.
* ■ -   .
fa   furnished throughout.
Ride a Cleveland.
.'inliiis, Mandolins nnd (liiilnrs frnui
|OII up.   Ureenwiiod Music Store,
or ull bicycle uccessoiies nnd slip
Irs call on W. II. Webb.    ,
1275 will by a good Upright Piano
|irlv new,   Oreenwood Music Store.
Jrdcr a Cleveland wheel from W. II,
I'lib, wbo hns the Midway agency,
Hide a  popular wheel.   Tin- Cleve-
ml is acknowledged tohelhustioorlor
el iiulil.. to day.
 ^   —
Thirteen Club fleets.
W, (irier, editor  of  the  Oroen
id Miner, piiid Midway a vijiil  one
lasl week.   His  arrival   iu   town
considered  of sufficient   Import'
' to justify the culling of a nieeling
the   Thirteen Olub,   Which   wa*
fcrdlngly done in the evening,   ll
is the Hrst nieeling uf ilu- kind we
ever alt ended, and nsoiirinvilni ion
nccnnipniiicd hy a. r.'tpie-l  not lo
lilisb n report nf It, we are prevented
B'» giving  nnr  readets  si  very
"resting reading.
rhi'Thiriecn Cluh. an organization
(ich was fofmed in Midway hefore
lown had reached such luce pro*
rtions and ,vas known as Rholl'l
l'h, is well descrilii din the follow
which was written by Mr. (Mer
Jen a resident, nf Midway nnd « hicb
published iii last week's Miner,
•ne of tlm principal nhnracteristlo"
a fl'initier mining town is thai all
Iliis lead to the saloon. A few years
|o 'bis was the ouse down al Bholl's
Inch Then there wen- nnl tunny
I'uieit folk nt Kholt.s, Imt enough to
rin u women's club, the object ul
hii h was to provide entcrlaininents
pcisinnally, in ,,1-d,.,. t|,„t the winter
light, pass more pleasantly,
[M(,sl of the bnys intended the enter
lininents, and helped In eat cake,
wink cuff,.,,, |,|,iy |),,i).ressive euchre
[nd huve a good time generally, This
"nt on during tbe greater purl of
'inter, euch succeeding week bringing
About  the  Local  Horses  That Arc
lieing Trained for Victoria Day.
The races on tbe 21'h of Mny til's
ye ir ui Midway promise to surpass
iliose of nny previous year. Lncnl
-ports are Inking a grent Interest in
tit Ing their horses. W. St. Qulntin i-
frnininu' bis trolling horse, Christmas
It is well known lhat it requires a good
horse to successfully compete wiih
Christmas even when he is not ii
shape, so that witb the attention he i-
receiving al Ihe pit-sent lime ihere i
Utile doubt but that he will he
the winner of lhe free for-all trot. Ill
innking Ihis assertion we are guided
almost entirely by the fact that lie is
tin- favorite with tbe majority of lhe
sports uud is consequently recelyii ir
the most bricking, nnd if In- is success
ful on thai day he will,in ah probability,
llgnrc prominently at all the meets
within a reiisoualile distance throughout the season.
Tb.-re is nnly one other horse in the
immediate district thul is likely lo
hold n place with Christmas, und ihnt
is Whirlwind, belonging tn A. K Hoc
ridge. Whirlwind lias lieen in it grenl
many races nnd ii is claimed by many
I hut be bus seen bis bent days, but his
owner seems to hnve every conlldeni e
in him und is very entl'ii-ins ic nver
tb- probable results of the coming
A few days ago n meeting wns quietly arriing.-d lietween ihe uwnins of the
two hoises mentioned, und iln* li.-i-.-t--
weie speeded, but with whnt. result i-
tiot known, only the fact Ihui holli
nwoeis se.-in in huve such faith in Iheir
respective hnrses has given lbe iniprcs
sinn that Ihere was hul little difference
in tlie speed of the Iwo trotters.
Kor ihe running races a grant iiiiui
her of local horses will cninp le. The
half mill' run will be contested liy V.
\V\ iVIcLaine's mare nod It. Wi.I-'
horse, and although I). McOlungdetiies
thai there i.s any trillh in il th .1
Sleepy .lim will be in evidence thul
duy, yet local horsenirii claim thut
ihere is litlle dnllbf lull lllill S'e.py
.litn will he decidedly iiwake on Mjij-
Easter ''iiy, who won lhe half mil'
dnsh lasl year, is now ben- .md is being trained by her owner, Alln-ti Lee,
wbo decided 10 mine here I" Ht her.
ntnl thus take advantage of the gnod
track whicli i.s getting in butter shape
every day.
All are anxious In see ,1. ,1. Flood
.'liter Mollie H. f..r the 11011-yard dtwll,
hntiis vil hehas not il.cidnl. and ih
the lime i.s now shori It would hardly
he fair to run her under ibe disadvantage of such lii He pt'epaiiuion.
There will he a large number n'on1*
side horses hei ens well,  lo lake pat"
in hoih lhe iriiiiint! nnd i' ling races,
owing to ihe liberal purses offered.
Tlie Weal her heing favorable, with it
gond 1 rack nnd many horses. th» races
this yuu-should be lhe best In the history of the town,
This is a new  three-storey' he tel, comfortably   ft-.
The nearest Ivmse to the Railway Station.    The
most convenient hutel for railway travellers.
The best of arc imm ulation in every respect.
S. DAHL, Proprietor.
Lequime & Powers, Proprietors.
.Manufacturers of all kinds of
*.'.    *   ,«*.  \
Band Sawing and Job Work done to order
Telephone No. 12.
r iiit
/' *»
'I elephone orders receive prompt
THOMAS WALKER, Proprietor.
All tho  best brands of
Cigars ar.,; Tobaccos  kept
constantly on hand.
Latest shades and patterns of Wail Paper now in
, Seventh  Street, Midway.
Rider Agents Wanted
Large Slock.    Low Prices,
*r. thl: "i^trx.XiE'sr ss oo-,
I The Travellers Insuranee Co..,
* .... Of Hartford. Conn. |
1     , 'TYrnnrTinr |
Cliurtcrtd 18«3. »
Stock Ute mid $
Accident liiNiirnnce. Hi
      . ©
I ISSUES the best-life insurance
* I   1'iiiit.i'iicls iu the world,   Nn
iii ilisiippniiitiiieni as in dividends,
j* Evepytbing  guarnnteed in  iul-
Jf viiiiii'.   Pipiiiiuni rales 15 In 25
§ per cent less than  those nf nld
§ line Mul iml companies,
January ist, 1807, «
$20,S8.,.5,3  %
LIABILITIES, . . 17,920,260.29 f
SURPLUS   .... 2,976,424.36 \V
w The Travelleis (loinliiniiiion Accident Policy guarantees foraccldelilal V'
di uiider ordinary conditions, JjJ
JD lliiiilh HunctU     .     .     .     .     $.i(Km   j   Im nl RIf[hl Hand     .     .       8-'..ii»i ^
» tad of Sight of Both Kyoa    .      ,i«ni  i   Loss of heg at or abovo Kneo       2,800 vt
_ Ims*nl Holli H'uiitor Hoih llainl«   fl.ilii'i       Loss of 1,'fl llnnil     .    .     .      i.ikhi *
jj{   Loijk of (Ino Maud nnd Olio Fool    S.IKKI
fli   I'ol'llianciil Ttilnl IMmjiIiII ly 2.11111
Loss uf Ellhor Kim!
Loss of Blghl uf uni' 1 vi'
Lirpita of   Weekly Ir|derr|r|ity S ■ ,.'-!<)(). |
« ANII. If sueh injuries arc sustained while filling ns ji passenger in *
* any passenger conveyance using steam cable, or electricity us ,i (li
™   motive power the amount tn he paid   shall be DOUBLE  Ilie sum |
nde. if,
ll  -IMSS   «
%   Cost $52  A  VEAR
* Other sums at proportionate rates
* "VST. -EX. _XTox«a?x__,
specilied m [he uiimsu under which the clnim
to Professional  anu
Mi:n,anii Commercial Travelers
.WM.'liST. QUINTIN, Prop.
Good assortment of Fresh   Bread, Cakes and
Confectionery always in stock.
"•  Fresh,',:Fruit in Season.
i£j  Try our.'TAUich Counter for a good cold lunch at   JJJW
anv hournf th
e dav.
%_fc-fe-&&-k_b_fc-b_b_- l_^i_i iit^ij i*i&A ■^j^^-'N .
I exliilill ;i siiiuplp 10*11 model Incvelc of our own
MAKE $10 TO .$511 A  WEEK, besides Imvingn
One ill c.'l'-b town In
inaiiufiieturi'.   VOt' (
wheel In rifle yniusell'.
1901 Models, Hi*h Gmde Cuaranteed,
1900 and 1899 Models, Hest  Makes,
500 Second Hand Wheels, taken in trade
by our Chicago retail stores, many good
as new -
We will ship nnv blevele ON APPROVAL in lllivone wil limit 11 rein depos>
ii in mivi e nml allmv TEN D*VS FRFE TRIAL.   Vmi take nbsnluteiv no
risk in niilcring fnun Ils, tis vnu il i i m ll 1 lo pity a rent If the hleyel*' flow
mil suit vnn,    lln i nl Imv i wheel until.vnu  have wrillen for nnr FACTOItV
I'lill'ES inui FBEKl'IUALOKFEU.   This Iiiienil offer hns never heini equal
led nml is ii gum I I' lhe ipi il:lv nf nur wheels.    WE WANT n lel'iihli
I'lM'snn in Pilch inwii in fllsirlhiite I'liinloguesfor ns In exiliiingo for a bicycle,
Writs lO'diiy fnr l'r -i- cniiiliiirtu' and our speeull litfer,
J. Ii. 3VE€»e_c_  Cycle Co., oixion_*o
$10 to $18
$7 to $12
$3 to $8
Has opened up a
In the premises formerly occupied  hy it/
Barcklay   Ss  Haz-vis     ^
and has on hand a first-class outfit of u>
| Single and Double Drivers |
Saddle and Paek Horses f
M.   Will a"lso conduct a transfer ami dray business,    Bus  X
fa 11 • I*     •   U 1  ' I w
iiy meets all trains,    rreignt anil express de- tjit
fa delivered to any part of the town. W
«i iW
'\\tZ____-_: _-£i<i &&&- £ik_lk_\ ____;&.&.&._-t_;£±£i____;____:£A*'j4e*
' X-C^-C -S?*?^ ^*1?*!C -S^^ *5r«r«*C:*5S:*5?*?r*5!*C:-C-E:
******************* ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦•><»•>*♦♦♦♦♦♦♦'»♦<*
* NO. 4   K.-W.-C. BLOOK, NEL80I . B. C. '
linlil. Sllv.'i'l.i'iiil iiilil Coppor Minus lilinliiil ill llir KXCIIANllK.
KIIKK Mil.I.IMI ili)lil)|ii'ii|ioi'llns ivnnlril ul once tor Riwliini Investors.
ParHoshaving mining proporty for mlo ivro roqnoatoil tn wild iwmpl"* of ilii'li oro
lo Hin KXrllAMiK loroxlilhltlon.
All smii|>li.'i sliuiil I lii'si'iu byoxpross, PltEPAIl),
CoiTiisiiiiiiili'ili'i'siiliiili'il.   Aililri'ssall I'liiiiiiiniiliiiliinia In *
_k.n.c__>e~v   X*.   Kobi'i ..-tai-vsr*'*: ■ *
, TolopllonoKo. 104,P.0. Box700, vn.siiv. ur.     |
************ ******** ******** *** ***** **************** tfew'ivw*vxjm*'i3u*mm*fvi*pi3Beirisimwiii
Beautifully situated at the confluence of Boundary Creek and Kettle River.
||J_ |J£_ The mast important railway town in the  Kettle River  Mining Division.
The Wholesale Supply and  Manufacturing centre of the  Kettle River and Boundary
Creek Districts.
The distributing  point for   Upper   Kettle  River,  West   Fork  and Camp  McKinney
mining camps.
The nearest Railway town to  Republic,   Meyers  Creek,   Palmer  Mountain and   other
Northern  Washington mining camps.
The  leading residence town   in   the  country, with an excellent   climate,  pure water
supply and favorable sanitary conditions.
Business, residence and garden tots at low prices and on easy terms.
Send for Maps, Prices, and full particulars to
Agent for British Columbia,
Midway, 11. t'.
New Machinery at the No. 7-Kepub-
llc's Qood Showing.
The new machinery lately installed
-on the No, 7 mine in Central camp is
nnw running smoothly, sleain having
been got tip for the  first  time nhout
ten days ago.   The No. 7 is the only
mine heing worked in   thnt  camp at
the present time.   It is owned hy the
No. 7 Mining Compuny, of New York,
the principal shareholders heing also
leading members of lhe Briiish Colunihia Copper Conipany, which has done
such extensive and successful work in
developing the Mother Lode mine in
Deadwood camp.   The No. 7 was acquired under bond hy Col. John  Weir
for himself and New Yoik associates
about the same time as they secured
the  Mother Lode and  il   was  first
worked, concurrently with the latter,
in 1808-7.   A shaft was sunk 130 feet,
and between 100 and 600 feet of cross-
cutting and drifting was done at that
depth, this work resulted in its being
conclusively shown that the lead gave
excellent promise of proving permanent.   The ore is quartz, iitineralixed
with   galena   and   carrying   values
chiefly in  gold  and  silver.    Surface
croppings indicated that tlie lead was
continuous for about 700  feet  in the
northern part of the claim, hut higher;
up the hill, lo lhe sooth of  the shaft,
an old ravine, filled wilh wash, cut it
off.   A prospect shaft sunk still farther
south picked up the lead again.   After
the. year 1897 very little work was done
on the claim, only  sufficient In  fulfill
the requiienienis of the law in Ihis
connection, until a crown grant was
obtained, and since then no work was
done  underground   until   Ihis  year.
When ihe No. 7 Company was organized, a year or more ago, mine build- j
ings were erected,  mine timbers and
cord wood were cut and other preparations were made for further opening
np the mine, hut Ihis intention was
abandoned for a time, and attention
was concentrated on the Mother Lode.
Now, however, conditions being more
favorable, Ihe No. 7 is to be developed.
A carload of ote from the Republic
group, near Boundary Fulls, has been
sent to lhe Gteenwood smelter, Ihis
heing the flrst shipment made from
thnn«'«»l».**-»    an          ■
locations made in thc dislrict before
the Non Such but it to they were nut
kept on record from time of first record
to tbe present,
The group hat been owned for the
last five or six years by the Kepubli
To I). McKay, Kim., of Keremeos, British Columbia.
 - *~"•" "' "i" ««*«»p«t»lic* I   Take notice that I have dono on thc "Vslloy
Oold Mining  Company, of Spokane, I view" mineral claim situate or, the West aide
Mr, Smith having heen In ••>—•—'— ' -* **
Mr, Smith having heen  its managing
director ever since it*  organisation.
The claims are all crown granted and
consequently there haa not lieen any
necessity to do work on them during
the last two or three years.   The development work done nn them to date
is as under : Republic, shaft 100 feet;
Last Chance, shaft 100 feet and crosscut 25 feet; Non Such, shaft 80 feet,
raise 07 feet, lower lunnel 360 feet ami
upper tunnel 'Ait) feet; total 1,022 feet
of underground woik.    Only surface
prospecting   has heen done   on lhe
Hidden Treasure.  The ore is generally quartz, containing values in gold
end silver,   That front Loth Che Republic und Last Chance is freely mineralized with galena and iron  pyrites
and is generally in appearance one of
the nicest looking ores yet found   in
the   district, although   it does   not
show sn much  native silver as that
from the Gold Bug and D. A. claims,
located north-west of Grenwood by D.
A. Holbrook.   It is intended to continue making small shipments of ore
from the Republic group to the Greenwood smeller.
  w—•■.■ mmwc on the West, aide
of Keremeos Creek in the Oaoyoos Division of
Yale District, the work required by section Hi
of the Mineral Act for lhc year which has expired and bave duly recorded the rirtiflcato of
And farther lake notice lhat if, at Uw expiration of M days from the date ot the Hrst publi-
cetioaof this notico In lhe Midway Aunsfi:,
you,*eo-owner, fall 10coalrliiuteyour proportion of Ik* expenditure required by uiii -ection
IM In reaped ot such work, namelv tilrlA to-
Klhtt with all tkn coals of ndvcriiwiiK, your
Iciest in mid mineral claim ahall become
vented In ine upon filtiur with the iiiliiini* recorder of said mining dtrMon the notice anil
affidavit required by the "Mineral Act Amendment Act WOU."
Dated Ihis Hltli dey of April NOI.
llMllff a__l*ln  nn. n_,.
tatltlf wearuln oar wnM free mktUm ao
i«k-iW la ereeaMr paiyiaMe   fi'iaaiiaiaa.
Tmdc Mama
_   Diatom
■ wonts waen tnniih ai_u>
meUlmttu, -HboutehanSTta
aw am*, without charts. In lie
Scientific BmxkmX
tiandanmrlf HIiatreUA weekly. laWMst air-
ot any adenine knnuL Tenia, W a
nr months, IL *_" brail ■■■Uaeleia.
A handenmi
enlttlon of
»r_; fnur
Provincial Lund surveyor.
XM*   Architect and
—  Civil Engineer...
lineal Estate,
Insurance and
Milling Agent.
- nil vi»«w TiiwiinI!,' Ago nt.
... itiDHKaa ...
rilHUKW. B.C.
Cori*awrx»",',""J,» Solltiitwl.
Toe. A. Peterson, late of Kholt Cnek
Sir:   You ire hereby notlflod lhat»
expended tllrlZil in liiiKit ami in>|i'
upon the "Uiit Wind) Mineral > lain
in I'rnviilciicc (Jnlnp. in the Ki-tt!•■ I ■'
iiiK Dlvlalnn of YhIc Dlstriot in BrllW
Wm, in order to hold a-ild claim nedrr
viaionaof Bcc'.lon 21 of the Mlnrra, '•
bt'itiK thc ainnunt required In hold '1
claim for lhc year endltiK April .1. II* "■
And If at tho expiration of ninety n< I'
publication of thia nollce you fail ot n
conlributc your proportion of the r\',»
required miller aaii! nection 11. logrtl"
nllcostKof ad vert i-iint-, your InlcrtMi
claim Khali Imtoiiic vein! in tin- ''.''
lyour co-owner*.! under .Heciion 4 nl i In ',r
al Acl Ami'tiilmi nt Art, IdOtl."
Hated al Midway, H. 0„ tbh «li ''■*'
April. Iimi.
1.1. L. Tiiomkt, Mann."
J. A. I  SHHOIITII. .*■'
Bluffed mm Out.
An  Ottawa   correspondent   of the
Mail, says an Knglisli gentleman visiiing Ollaiva, tells a good story almut
Mr. Dan Mann, I he railway contractor,
which he vouches for as correct.   It
was when Mr. Mann was in China two
years ago looking after a hig railway
concession.   One evening at Ihe eluh
in Tien-Tsin an altercation broke out
lietween a Russian and a French of
fleer.   Mr. Munn, who was present,
was appealed to as umpire, and gave
his decision in favor of the Frenchman.
This so incensed Ibe Uuwian that nnxt
morning he sent a second to Mr. Mann
demanding satisfaction,   Only for  u
moment was the sturdy Canadian railroader surprised, and then recollecting
thul according to the code governing
duelling Ihe choice of weapons lay with
 „_.„..„„„ o-Ht-iiit-iir  maue  Irom. him, he piomptly accepted the chill
those claims. The group includes the'lenge. and named the national weapon
Republic, Last Chance, Non Sueh and of Canada, the axe, with wbich Ihe
Hidden Tieasure claims, all adjoining, duel should he fought. The Rinsian
nnd situate almut a mile north-west of, wns simply   flabbergasted.'    He had
Boundary Falls townsite. The Non
Such has the distinction of being the
oldest location in the Boundary district, thut is lo Hiiy its record has been
kept continuously on the hooks of the
district mining in-order ever since Ihe
Innjllinn ■•,•.«. •«.••*-•  ' -   *•'   "•   -*
.-r-j u»...^,H'«,.ni, ne nau
ii'ver heard nf a duel fought with axes,
and the prospect was not an inviting
one, He sent his second to Mr. Munn
again with an apology, expressing
regret for his ebullition of had temper
and the fight was called off.   Since
-..„ ..... o.ci oniue ine ami the fight  w» 	
location was made hv VV, T. Smith, in then the Russian and tbe Oaniidiun
t_6.   Thei e niiiv have Ixjfii one or*jMO tm« Into ttth tfeofc.
Riverside  Addition,
lJust a Word!
_. %..A To those contemplating an investment in Midway real estate, the information is
offered that on the Riverside Addition may be
found 300 v^ry choice residence sites.
LOTS 50 x 125 FEET.
r? _■_______________■ *'""wv,
For terms and all other information apply t0
Midway, R C
Camp McKinney, B. C.


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