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The Midway Dispatch 1902-07-07

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 f!i* mm
Vol. I. No. 1.
$2.00 per Year.
Fancy Biscuits
Just received a full asscrtment of McCormick's
•:• Famous Biscuits -:-
Fresh   and   Delicious, -  Comprising
Wine, Tourist,      Abernethy
Jam Jams,      Fig, Fancy Cake
Assorted Ices,   Priscilla,   Peach Puffs
Fruit Jars
Preserving season will soon be on and you will
require Fruit Jars. I have the "Royal
Crown" Jar the kind that keeps your fruit
in good condition till next season, also extra
Try a pound packet of "Our Own" Rio
Coffee 25 cents per lb., splendid value.
Mall Order* I'romplly
Attended to.
j Hotel Spokane,
iCCCX^cnth St. - nidway. XXXX5
A new building,  well furnished.    Everything new
and first-class.   Only the choicest Wines,   Liquors
\\   and Cigars kept in stock.    Headquarters for Mining
and Commercial Men.        [No Chinese Employed.]
i, ^\/V\/n /\ AA>«
Lemonade Tablets
A* F. Thomas, Druggist, Midway
Prices to Suit the Times.
Special Cut Prices in Summer Goods
Dry Goods, Clothing, Boots & Shoes,
Shelf Hardware, Lamps and
Glassware, etc., etc.
The Riches Of The Great Boundary Country.
No Country   In the   World   Otters
Greater Advantages to rten
With  iloney.
Quick Sales and
Small Proilts.
A fresh stock of staple and fancy groceries arriving daily.
roisTB HAIN & CO. ifpl
The Boundary country offers great
opportunities to men witb capital.
They are to he found in the towns,
where factories must come in the
future i they are to he found in the
country, where the Boil is capahle of
producing almost everything; there
are railroads to he built, mines to he
worked, and many other enterprises
ihat if engaged in would result in a
veritable mint to the investor.
This wealth-producing portion of
British Columbia has already demonstrated that its resources are so intensely diversified lhat there is practically no industry Imt what can he engaged in with a moderate amount of
success. The ideas of man are scarcely more varied than the industries of
Ihis portion of the province. Rail
hunts know a good thing in freight
traffic when they see it, and in a comparatively short time the Boundary
country will enjoy exceptional railway
advantages as a result of its numerous industries and rare productiveness,
No more convincing proof is required
to demonstrate this fact than that
there is already one railway opeiating
iu here and lhat construction on two
more is to he commenced some lime
liefore September of next year. Had
the Boundary country not furnished
very satisfactory proof of an immense
freight and passenger traffic, the Columbia & Western railway would not
have lieen built at such an early date.
The C. P. R. company would have delayed the expending of $1,000,000 on
this line, but the shrewd business foresight of that enterprising company
prompted il to get iu lhe field, und no
reason exists fot it to regret the venture.
The importance of the mining industry is too well known to require any
mention being made, and this industry
is only as yet in its infancy. When
it receives the attention of capital
that, it is entitled to, the results will
stagger the iniueial world.
This rich country, which is comparatively unknown, save as a mining
district, gives promise to become a
great agtirultural country. 'The acres
of beauiiful meadow land furnish
winter food for the large herds of horses and cattle tbat In summer graze on
ihe luxiiiiant grasses that cover the
surrounding hills. In the garden
patches there luscious berries grow,
and vegetables of all descriptions attain a large size and are noted for their
excellent flavor. In the orchaids all
kinds ot fruit known in the west thrive,
peaches flourish and where peaches
grow other fruit* do exceedingly well.
The soil everywhere is good, the climate sotnel lung to be desired in all
seasons. The markets for all kinds of
produce will continue to inciease;
pi ices will remain comparatively high,
never reaching the low llgures they
do in countries where tliere is no home
market and transporlalion rales are
excessively high. Here we have the
advantage of a home market for the
greater portion of the production of
the ranch, the garden and the orchard,
Surrounded by such wealth, the
towns offer opportunities to the capitalist. Here manufacturing establishments of many kinds would Hnd ideal
locations locarry on operations. Instead of the period of quietness that
is visiting this country at the present
time, the towns, for which there is a
reason for their existence, should be
regular hives ot industry! mining
should he giving employment lo
thousands of nun where only hundreds Are working I railroading should
be engaged ill extensively, and what
is preventing tlii-= prosperous condil ion
of affairs!' The withholding of capital.
The Investing puljiio Isnotawnke to
its own Interests, for certainly the
Boundary country offers great opportunities to nien with capital,
Canadian Ore Concentration Floated
in London.
The Canadian Oie Concentration, Ltd.
is the title of a company that has recently been formed to acquire the
Canadian rights of whal is known as
the "Kltnore Oil Process," for the concentration of ores. The process is
based on the discovery thai certain
heavy oils, if brought into contact
with pulverized ore and water, will
take up the metallic constlluenls, leaving the rocky lesidua to puss away
wilh the water, For some time past
samples of ore from differ, nl Canadian mines have been tesieil in London
by this process wilh apparently sal is
factory results.
Tests made on the low-grade ore of
one of the Rossland mines gave the
following results i Tbe concentrates
by Ihe oil process contained 0.08 per
cent, of copper, while concentration by
water gave only 2.0 per cent,, tbe silver and gold contents being proportionately higher and the tailings showing much higher recovery iu lhe cn-i-
ot Ihe oil than by the water concentration. Preliminary lests by this process of ore froni the Snowshoe mine,
Boundary district, have also proved
satisfactory. Tlie B. O. Review of
London in speaking of the niattei
says in part: The prospectus contain-
a very* valuable testimonial from J. I).
Kendall, who bus accepted the position of consulting engineer, and who,
writing a few weeks ago, states that
he is "fully assured of the sue
cess of the process, nnd tln-ie is a large
Held for itsoperaiion in Canada." I'he
reputation of ihis engineer as a reliahle and cautious expert stands deservedly high, and the fact that he si
strongly indorses the process will re
commend this issue lo investors.
Should Ihis process of oie concentra
tion prove as sa'lisfreiory as it is anticipated in the prospectus, it will
practically revolutionize the mining
indu-itry !:i some j'F the most important camps of Canada. ,In the Rossland
and Boundary districts of British Col
nm bin alone ihere are enormous bodies
of low grade ore which, if ihey can he
concentrated in Ihe ratio of say 10 to
1, would pay handsome profits, whereas at present, as water concentration
has proved unsatisfactory, only the
higher grade of ores of lhe liossland
camp can be profitably handled. Ii
may also be found that this pmcess is
applicable to the extensive nickel deposits of Sudbury.
The prospectus states that a plant of
four uuils. capable of treating 100 tons
per diem, costs about £2310, tbe crude
petroleum, of wbich little is lost, is ex
tremely cheap, and the diiectois state
that the royally on only 80 units of
plant would be sufficient lo obtain a
substantial return ou the present cap
Utilization, lf performance should
equal promise there is no doubt, thnt
the Le Roi company alone would find
il profitable to keep a) units of plant
in continuous operation, which would
treat 300 tons per diem, so that the estimate of ISO units should be easily exceeded in thu Rossland camp alone,
Favors Reciprocity.
The Colonial Oonferi nee which is
now being held in London is having
the effect of causing the United States
to fear Ihe effect ofa possible preferential trade arrangement with Ihe
British Empire, and throughout thai
great republic the desire for reciprocity with Canada is growing stronger
everyday, The United Slales understands that if the Ottawa government
is successful in making satisfactory
tariff and shipping agreements with
the mother connlry, it will have a
tendency to imperil the American ex
port trade anil conscious of this it suggests going to extreme measures in
order to obtain better trade relations
wilh this country. It perceives that
Canada is unitedly determined to hold
put Ina friendly way for its rights
and Ihis tariff for tariff policy does nol
meet the approval of the Americans
The United Slales is jnsl awakening
to the fact I hat Canada Is ti resourceful
country and has been gelling along
very well regaulless of the unfriendly
tariff set against il by that country
and seeing this, the .Americans are
making a strong niovoio remove the
barrier that now exisls between Canada and Ihe United Stales, By stick
ing up for their rights ami showing
their Independence, Canadians are
doing more towards securing a tariff
revision helpful to Canada lhan they
could ever hope   to   gain  by   holding
lengthy conferences with the American
governnient al Washington.
Reservation Town Celebrates The
Fourth of July
Everything Passed ofl Successfully
And Everybody   had  an
Enjoyable Time.
Friday, July 4, was loyally observed
by the citizens of Chesaw, hy what
was probably Ihe most successful celebration ever held in thai part of the
Slate of Washington. In spite of the
moist condition of the weather that
lmd prevailed for the previous week
and the dull outlook on the morning
of lhe day itself, a large crowd of visitors were presenl; and ihe nature of
the attraction provided was such Ihal
everybody felt satisfied at the close of
the day. The programme consisted
of horse races, foot races, baseball and
basket ball games, and the keenest, interest was excited among the spectators of the various contests. The base
ball match for which a prize of SOD
was offered, was hetween teams representing Ohesaw and Midway, and
was won hy lhe visitors hy a score of
18 to I , Ihe Midway lean) playing all
around iheir opponents. Midway's
team consisted of Log-den p, Phillips c
Thomas lb, D. Bush 2b, Richardson 3b
Halliday ss, LaPlant If, .I.Bushcf and
Webb if. Logsden pitched winning
ball and received almost perfect support , while Wicks although he succeeded in striking out a number of batters
was bit hard and often and his support
was veiy ragged. L'.ck of practice
was probably to blame for this, as upon the occasion of the!*- visit here on
Mny2l'h thej wcr-.i in much better
shape. Midway also did some very
clever hase running some very daring
steals being chalked up to their credit.
Their fielding was quite a feature of
I he game, only two errors lieing made
and lhe prevailing Hue drizzle, and the
consequently slippery hall, made good
throwing very difficult, Imth errors
lieing wild throws. J. A. Unsworth,
of Midway and Dr. Beale, of Bolster.
acted as umpires, their decisions being
The basket hall match was between
teams representing Kipling and Chesaw and resulted in two goals belug
scored for each side, the referee declaring the game a draw. It was keenly
contested trom slart to finish, and
furnished much amusement to tbe
large crowd of spectators, who cheered
their favorite players ou by encouraging words.
The Midway band furnished music
for the day.
ln the evening a dance was held
under the auspices ot the basket hall
club and a most successful affair it
turned oul tn he, a large crowd being
present, Messrs, Bush, Luscomlie and
Richardson of Midway, provided music.
Let us Share Your Joys and Sorrows.
Don't forget the editor when you
have a news item. If your wife heats
you let us know it and we will set you
right before the public. If you have
company tell us—if you are not
ashamed of your visitors. If a young*
st er nrri ves at your house and demands
food and raiment, buy two-bit's worth
of bananas and come around and if
you are a cash subscriber we will furnish a name for him or her, as circumstances warrant. If you have a social
gathering of new friends, bring around
a big cake and six or seven pies and a
ham, not necessarily to eat, hut as a
guarantee of gond faith, You needn't
bother to Invite us, ns it may be too
cool for our wardrobe. We mention
these little things because we want the
news, and we will have it,
The closing down of the Granhy
Company's mines at Phoenix, nn account of the smelter being unable tool,-
tain coke, owing to the strike of the
coal miners at Fernie, has laid off the
men who were engaged in getting out
limbers on Ihe reservation, for use at
lhe Knob Ilill and Old Ironsides. So
soon as lhe strike is settled the men
will resume the work, which will probably last Ihe greater part of the summer.
; V Ai
MIDWAY, B. 0., JULY 7, -1008.
}jjtl. II- CIJlHI.*iK„, J.....'.'.'.'  Proprietor
I'nWis'.ieil ivoekly at Miilway, II. C.
Subscription price, $2.00 pur annum, payable
ill advance, ciLlior yu.iriy or half yearly at thu
option of the subscriber.
Advertising rates Sont on application. „
MONDAY. JULY 7, 1902.
    .j-  _ a u    .   -
Lawyers without a K. 0. to their
names will soon become as distinguished as Methodist ministers without D.
D. or Ph. D.
The present friendly attitude of the
Boers must lie truly pleasing to Great
Britain, and if the settlement of the
vexing problems left by the war can
be carried out in tlie same spirit as an
imittus Imtb parlies now, a vast burden will he lifted from the administrators of Ihe rnuntry.
Having acquired the plant, of The
Advance we will continue to publish
a weekly newspaper under the name
of the Midway Dispatch. Subscribers to The Advance will receive The
Dispatch, and any advertising contracts with The Advance that were
unexpired on 30th of June will he
carried out by the new propiietor.
Notwithstanding the defeat of the
New Westminster lacrosse team at
the hands of ihe Shamrocks of Montreal, our hoys put. np a good name.
Their playing won the admiration of
the Easterners as will he seen hy the
comment, of the Montreal Witness.
It says: The players are a likely looking aggregation; their speed issimply
amazing, while they pass, catch, shoot
and dodge as only champions know
how; they play as if one man, and
their general tactics are peculiar to
themselves. They move around very
speedily, and their manner of attacking the nets is pretty to watch. They
are great shooters on goal, and as determined as blockers. Their general
slyle of play is effective and clean.
it prosperous'so that il might receive
from their hands tbat amount of at
teulioii and 'assistance it is really deserving of. ' Many a measure has been
submitter] In the house that has been
turned down for np'nther reason than
that a majority of the member.) lacked
the necessary knowledge of its usefulness to give it their support and in
w'itholding their support committed a
grave error unknowingly, and the
blame could not he attached to a desire to wantonly displease, hut rather
to uufamiliarity with the circumstances. But this being the case it is the
duty of every member of the Dominion House to thoroughly acquaint him
self with the nest that he may intelligibly legislate upon matters relating
to its welfare. In thepast the entire west
and particularly British Colunihia has
suffered greatly by the actions of the
Dominion legislature. The most of
the mem hers have never visited tlie
west and the few that have, in the majority of cases, have passed but hurriedly through the country and perhaps
at a time when the opportunities for
gaining knowledge were unfavorable,
owing to the time of year, so that it
is hardly lo he woudeted at tbat the
w->st does not receive the attention of
the legislature that it is justly entitled
to. The suggestion now offered is
that.the members take the excursion
in September. This would be a very
favorable time, They could then see
the result of the harvest in the great
grain producing belt, the possibilities
of the territories as a stock raising
country and view with pleasure the
varied resources of this rich province.
If thia suggestion he carried oul we
feel certain that the needs of the west
will he met with more generous con
Siderationby the Dominion Parliament
than they bave in the past.
Toronto, furnished lhe money to build
the road, while olher reports claim
that ihat inslitiition has not one cent
invested in the enterprise. It will
readily be seen lhat.many reports have
heen published regarding this road.
In fact the road itself is little better
than a report. Many who have seen
the grades of the Hot Air line and the
Great Northern form the opinion that
the latter is built for a double track,
it is sn comparatively wide. But tbe
huilding of the Hot Air has had at
least one noticeable effect. It has
about satisfied the desire for sensational literature among the people
who have read the 1 famous Hot Air
dispatches. Beyond Ihis we cannot
see that it will have any lasting effects.
King Edward's dinner to the poor
took place on Saturday as originally
arranged.and was the only event in con
nection wjth the coronation that wai
carried out. For twelve months all
that patriotism and the memory of
ancient days and the pride of present
wealth and power could suggest
invent has been in preparation to mark
an event in the history of a mighty
empire. The magnificence was lohave
been iliq crowning glory of Ihe great
event. . Tbe coronation of Great Brit
aiu's sovereign was delayed so that
every detail in connection therewith
Might lie perfect. The splendor that
was to mark the occasion was to have
surpassed lhat of uny previous coronation, and tbe world was to gain a new
impression of England's grandeur and
greatness. But almost iu the twinkling of an eye the glorious pageant
melted like a dream. The glory and
pomp faded at the announcement of
the king'*! illness. The costly prepara
lions stood out in idle mockery as the
life of Great Britain's beloved ruler lay
in the balance. Out of theentire prep
arattons but one event materialized as
originally arranged and that was the
king's dinner to London's poor. De.
spite his severe illness and the disappointments of the indefinite postponement of the coronation, tbe king was
mindful nf the poor, which shows his
good'spirit, his large hearledness.
The good points in the character of
our lale queen, that so endeared her
to her people, are portrayed in the disposition of king Edward, and the great
nation that was hletsed by her noble
reign, has had thai blessing renewed
by the succession of our gracious king,
and Ihe fervent prayer of every
British subject Ib :  God Bave the King,
The Winnipeg Board of Trade has
made the suggestion that the members
of lhe House of Commons and of the
Senate at Ottawa should take part in
an excursion which would enahle them
to see for themselves the country be.
tween Lake Superior and thecoastand
gain hy personal observation a direct
knowledge of its extent, its possibilities and its requirements. If the suggestion could he carried nut, it ought
to result In great benefit to Western
Canada and to the Dominion at large.
The West is certainly a great country
and possesses greater possibilities than
perhaps any other country in the world,
but the majority of the members of
the federal parliament are ignorant of
its \v*nts and therefore innocently
enough retard its development. The
resources of the great west, should ho
made the most of and nothing rhould
contribute more to the gieatest advantage heing realized from these resources than that lhe Doniinion legislators
should really understand what they
are and what the west requlreatu make
The public mind is ever craving for
news that savors of sensationalism.
Iu fact il. often matters little whether
there is any real truth in Ihe story or
not. If it only possesses this commodity in sufficient quantities to make
interesting reading, il is readily digested. But, fond as the people are of
sensational reading, they are beginning to weaken on this class of news
since the Hot Air line was first spoken
of as a railway project. Ever since
the idea for the building of this short
line of railway was lirst conceived the
public has been kept, interested hy the
various reports lhat have been sent
out ahout the road. The dispatches
from South Africa regarding the
numerous encounters during the late
war were but mild in comparison with
those sent out from Grand Forks regarding ihis enterprise. First injunction proceedings were instil uted. Then
came reports of the calling out of the
self appointed militia, followed by a
desperate encounter, in whirh no one
was. hurt and nothing gained beyond
an additional reputation for untruthfulness. These fictitious encounters
invariably won spurs for some official,
or roiista-bout, of the road who at
ihe time the engagement, which displayed such great bravery, was reported to have taken place, was peacefully
enjoying nature's sweet, balmy restorer or a glass of Miimm's extra dry,
and prohahly thoughts of the next
world and the railway were claiming
ahout. equal attentions of his brain at
the time. Then came the eventful
day of the driving of the last spike—it
was called the last spike because they
had no more at the time. Large
crowds went, from all over the country
to witness the event because they misunderstood the company and thought
the line was completed to Republic.
As it was the train came to the jumping off place long hefore it reached
Republic and those who wanted to
see that town could do so by walking.
Evidently the officials of the Hot Air
line were easily pleased and also used lo
walking for Ihey at once sent out dispatches announcing the success that
attended the trip. Later on the river
rose washing away Ihe grade and
dumping the rolling stock into Ihe
water. It was then thought that
nothing would lie left of the road hut
lhe officials. However, in misestimate
they were mistaken for later on two of
the officials were found missing. It
was thought with such a set-hack as
loosing these together with the rolling
stock, that the Hot Air company
would become lired of their toys and
quit playing at railroading, hut evidently they are men of poor judgment
and continue to patch up the line and
furnish matter fnr sensational reports.
The last report, which doesn't look as
if il were the closing chapter, is to the
effect that W. C. Morris, Assistant
manager and the company's legal adviser, advises the conipany that he has
it right where he wants it, and just to
prove his sterling worth as an attorney, he will now proceed to show that
he owns one half the stock of the company, Reports clnim that the Dominion &  Periiiaiieul  Loan Coinpaiiy, of
The residents of Toronto are certainly not all prohibitionists otherwise two
papers upholding prohibition could
not exist in that city. The fact that
two papers Hnd their sphere of usefulness rather argues that the man with
a jag is no novelty in Ontario's capital,
for it would naturally be assumed lhat
these advocates of sobriety would
select a field for their operations in
which an example of tne habits they
so strongly denounce could he frequently seen. They would in all probability, camp close to the enemy's
quarters, where their editorial utterances would be devoured by victims of
the diink habit, for what possible good
can result froth a prohibitionist reading a paper thnt expresses the views
he already holds ? The class of people
such papers have to ri-nch in order to
bring about Ihe "sobering-up" act is
tlie drunkard; not when lie is in a
hilinrous stale, hut when he is recovering from the previous day's folly ;
when he lacks the ambition to contradict you if you toll him he feels good,
get him in this stale and if he can lie
induced to read the productions of a
prohibition brain, the argument
brought forth in denouncing the curse
of drink will appeal to him in his hour
of dist ress, nnd ten chances tonne he
will resolve to join the Order of Gnod
Templars so soon as he feels physically
capable of undergoing the little formalities incidental In   the   initiation.
Whet, he recovers he mny carry out
tilts resolution, or he may, forgetful of
the miseries attendant upon resuscitation, proceed to acquire another and
entiily different, jag. And so it is,
probition literature  has   little  effect
upon reforming the intemperate. It
so seldom appeals to. them  in such a
way as to bring about any desire to
depart from the.path of ruin. There
is no doubt a way of lessening the
numher of inteinperales but this reform enn not he brought about hy prohibition publications. One of Toronto's papers in commenting upon the
starting of a second prohibition paper
in the city and how easy it is to prove
that the imbiber of strong drink is
taking a wrong course, because the
very victim nf lhe evil is the strongest
witness in favor nt prohibition, says :
A prohibitionist without a fearful
example next door would he "a lonesome critter," which recalls the fact
that the said horrible example has
never had any oigan to express his
opinion on things in general, and the
prohibition question in particular.
And it cannot be questioned that he is
an interested party. He is such a
horrible example of his uscleBsness in
this money-making age lhat he refuses to make money out of Iiis own
degration. He allows other people to
do It. If the man with the jag would
only take time enough between drinks
to sit down and write enough facts to
fill a small 10x8 paper once a week, il
wonld be interesting reading, and
would have the value of expert evidence, and he might he drawing a considerable part of the prohibit ion editors'
salaries. No hetler example of lhe unfitness of the drunkard for commercial
life can be given than the fact that he
allows men who are not even novices
in the nri of drinking to make a good
comfortable thing out of something of
which he has extensive and thorough
knowledge. He might point out that
the drunkard, it may he properly, is
proportionately nnd indirectly the
heaviest, taxpayer in Canada, that
prohibition, instead of curbing, accentuates, through the curious perversity
of human natuie, the desire fnr Intoxicants, that, is gratifying the desire
which will be gratified as long as men
are human and the devil of gain exists,
a viler intoxicant is almost invariably
provided. He might he able to say a
lot of other Interesting things, hut he
won't do It, In the meantime he may
enjoy a litlle rest from Ihe solution of
the question ns to why he has a burning, uncoiitrolable thirst In the morning, by a lot of Indies nnd gentlemen
who have never touched "the cursed
stull'," and who will contribute the reports of their meet (ngs to either one or
other of the temperance papers until
one of thotli dies,
Carrying His Jlajesty's flails
Will leave MIDWAY on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, at 8.30 a. m., arriving at
CAMP McKINNEY at 5 p. m.
Returning will leave CAMP McKINNEY on
Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 9 a. ni.,
reaching MIDWAY at 1.30 p. m.,and making connection with the train going east at 2 o'clock.
The best of aooommodation for
tho oonvenienoe of tho
travelling public
Headquarters for Railroad,
Mining and Commereial Men
First Class Livery Stable in Connection with Hotel,
S. A. CROWELL, Prop.
The Riverside Hotel
Is situated at Rock Cre:k, B. C, on the main
route of travel between Penticton and all Boundary Creek points.
Qood Hunting:. Good  Fishing.
Best of Accommodation.
S. T. LARSEN, Proprietor.
Lancashire House,
: : MIDWAY, B.C. : :
The undersigned having re-opened this well-
known and comfortable hotel invites the
patronage of all old customers and the public
Fiirnnce-liented nnd comfortably
furnished  room*.
Mrs. Dowding, Proprietress. MIDWAY, B.C., JULY 7, 11)02.
I. A. Crowell took in tlie celebration
Grand Forks on nonunion Day,
Jas.  Lynch Is   back from Fiirt Spo-
■itie, where he went' on a liusinwH
V- * ■.
"H. P. Large left on Tuesday for
Rowland, where be has obtained em-
Mrs. E. J. Dowding and daughter
Susie, attended the Grand Forks cele*
hralion lust week,
J, H. Tyrrell, came down from
flai'iul last Tuesday and spent, a few
days in town.
Customs officer H, Gardom returned
ol* Wednesday from Grand Forks
where be took in the sport s.
0. Gunderson, brakeinan on the V. &
yf, out of liossland, spent the greater
part of last week in Midway.
Mr.and Mrs. It, Meyerboff and family
returned on Saturday after spending
tbe week at Grand Forks.
Jas. McNicol has commenced thc
building of a commodious residence
on his property on 8th Street.
Mrs. R. II. Parkinson, who was visiting her mother, Mr. K. J. Dowding,
lias returned to her home at Fairview.
A. A, McPhail left last wees for
Spokane and before returning may
visit bis family at lloseMe, Manitoba.
Conductor Peek is away on a trip to
Montana. His place is being tilled
during his absence by conductor McKay.
Mr. and Mrs. N. J. LaPlant were
among the visitors of Chesaw on Friday. Mr. La Plant played in the ball
Mr. and Mn. J. H. Bush, Mr. and
Mrs. VV. P. Davis and Mi's. S. A. Cm
well, drove over to Chesaw on Friday
to witness lhe sports.
H. Strauss has been loading ore nt
tbe Jewel mine for It. Meyerliolf who
has the contract for hauling tbe Jewel
ore to tbe railway siding.
J. J. Flood has disposed of his fine
team of matched gray horses to P. S.
itlanhope, who will take tbem to bis
ranch at Cranberry creek.
Geo. E. Richardson and Harry
Luscomlie, returned from Grand Forks
<m Tuesday after playing wilh tbe
(livenwood band at that place during
ihe celebration.
Tbe opportunity to consult Geo. L.
Pedlar, Opt. 1)., Eye Specialist, will be
v e romed hy iiil who suffer trom Eye
Trouble in any form. He will be al
Tin Unas' Drug Store, July 20 2U.
Kul Northrop,  who  was seriously
injured some weeks ngo  by  an   axe
i glancing and cutting him on the foot,
while peeling logs, is again able to tic
| around, the wound being nearly well.
K. A, Hain returned on Wednesday
I from    Nelson,   accompanied  by his
daughter, Mrs. G. Heineinan and her
little girl, of Tacoma. whom be had
j gone to Nelsnn to meet.   Tbey will re*
( main io Midway for some weeks.
George Hering of Rossland, has lieen
| appointed District Deputy Grand Master  of  District No.  7 A. F. k A. M„
which consists of the Boundary conn*
1 (ry and Rossland and Trail,   Mr. Her*
| ing is the successor of the late William
The dance held in McNicol's hail last
Monday evening under the auspices of
the Midway hall team, was fairly well
attended and an enjoyable time was
spent. Music was furnished by the
Bush orchestra aud refreshments were
served at the hall. ,
Frank Rickards, who is now employed at the Snowshoe mine, near
Phoenix, paid a visit to Midway on
Tuesday and renewed many old acquaintances. This was Mr. Rickards'
flrst visit to the town since lie lefl here
j about two years ago,
Owing to the impassable condition of
I the roads caused by the late rains, ore
|*»aulU*g from the Jewel mine to the
Railway siding has lieen abandoned for
llhe present. R. Meyerliolf who has
Itheore hauling contract brought his
| teams home on Friday.
Lust week a letter was received by a
I resident of Midway from John Brent,
J who went out to South  Africa with
the last contingent of V. M. R.   John
is now at Vryberg and is putting in
I rather a pleasant time.   He does not
make mention of when he will return.
Some work is still in progress at the
B. C. Copper company's Mother Lode
mine, in preparation for an increased
output of ore when the smelter shall
resume reduction work, but for the
time being nearly all the men who
were employed   breaking  down ore
in the mine have been discharged,
"Amber" Plug Smoking Tobacco i
| winning on its merits,
"Have you tried it ?"
Save the tags, thoy are valuable
2.Ill p. in.
Wed., Krl,
A rSllllllnyri
2,80 |i. in,
All Coast poinls
I'U. i row's No»t It. It.
KnniiM'ii Canada
Vornon, etc.
Grand Korku
All pin. En»l & South
Camp Mck'lumry
Hock Orook
All Wost Kork polnlu
iii p. in.
k Saturdays
Ol a. III.
Malls for points fnrlhor wosl of Mid way thnn
Camp MoKlnnoy ko via. Revolstoko,
Money orders from 8 a, m. to 7 p. in. with the
exception of one half hour before departure
and ufler ani ial of malls.
Th° death nf Michael Ilnys, nn old-
time prospector, took place at Toroda
Creek yesterday. The eimse of death
is not known, and it is likely that an
inquest will be held to inquire into the
circumstances, Deceased was aliout 52
years of uge and a native nf Ireland.
He was in Colorado in tbe early days,
going from there to the Slocan before
that county found fame as a silver
ramp. For some time he resided at
Kaslo, but of late years has made the
Boundary and Similkameen countries
his homo,
Both furnace? at the B. C, Copper
company's smelter at Greenwood were
blown out Wednesday morning, tbe
coke supply having (riven out. As
prntically no coke has been shipped to
this smelter by tbe Crow's Nest Pass
Coal company since tbe occurrence of
the disaster at the company's mine in
May, it will he seen tlmt the B. C,
Copper compuny must hnve had nn
hand a comparatively large supply
ahead of Immediate needs, otherwise
it could not hnve continued smelting
or more thnn a month after the coal
company had ceased shipping coke to
The hulfhreed, Frank Brazil, who
was arrested at Midway about two
months ago and taken back to Republic to answer to the charge of
shooting another half breed named
Hall, has been released upon a Hne of
$1)0 and $(«) costs. Both Brazil and
Hall were drunk at the time tbe
offence was commit led and as there
was no olher witness hut the victim
of the assault, who at the trial, swore
tbat he did not remember anything
about the circumstances of the shoot*
i ng, the prisoner was released up payment of the amounts mentioned
above. His mother who had come
from Kamloops to attend the trial,
paid the amounts and took her son
back home.
Three men from Cascade narrowly
escaped being drowned in the Kettle
river near Grand Forks last Tuesday
evening. Marshall Jackson, J, Bris-
tow and C. II. Thomas started ahout
11 o'clock to drive from Grand Fork
to Cascade, but when shout two miles
on tbeir journey rain set in so heavily
they decided to return but in turning
around, the horses slipped over the
side of the hank and all were precipitated into Kettle river, fifteen feet Inflow. Bristow and Thomas managed
to scramble up the bank by catching
hold of some bushes, but Jackson Was
swept down stream forHOOvards where
he fortunately struck a sandbar, Bris'
tow bravely swam out from the shore
and rescued him from his perilous
position. The rig was recovered
though hadly broken, lint h horses are
supposed tn have been drowned, as no
trace of them can he found.
There was a witty fellow back in a
Michigan hospital who had to he fed
on a daily diet of egg and sherry. His
physician asked him how he liked it.
'It would be all right, doctor,' he said,
'if the egg was as new as the sherry
and tbe sherry as old as the egg.'
Dr. Simmons, Dentist, will be in
Midway next Thursday and Friday,
July 10th and llth; olllce in drugstore
All kinds of fishing tackle at the
Midway Pharmacy.
Going up iu smoke; some choice cigars at Thomas'
"Amber" Plug Smoking Tobaccois
winning on its merits.
"Have you tried it ?"
Save the tags, Ibey are valuable
"Amber" Plug Smoking Tobacco is
winning on i's merits.
"Have yon tried it ?"
Save the tags, they are valuable,
Bakkihtkkh, Solicitous, Etc,
QnnitNwoon, B.C.
—: Notary Pontic,
Camp McKinney, B.C.
Dr. R. Mathison,
p§ M. KERBY,
A. M. Can. Soe. C. E.
Provincial Land   Surveyor
Midwav and Ghkknwood.
Rendell Block, Greenwood.
Phone 1)0, V. A N.
Tonsorial Artist.
Kor a fimt-cliiKB Shave, Hair Cut, Bea Koala
or Shjimiiiru, will at the above parlor.
Khzois honed and ground.
FIFTH  STItKKT,  •  •   -  MIDWAY, B. C.
Spokane Falls ftNopthern
Railway Co.
Nelson & Ft. Sheppard
Railway Co.
Railway Co.
The only nil roll route between
nil pointe Enst, West nnd South
to Rosslnnd, Nelson nnd nil
Intermediate points ; connecting nt Spokane with the Great
Northern, Northern Pacific and
O. R. & N. Co.
Connect: at Rossland with the Canadian
Pacific Railway for Boundary Creek points.
Connects at Meyer's Falls with (Ufa dally
for Republic.
Buffet Service on Passenger Trains between Spokane and Northport.
Lcavo. Arrive.
SPOKANK     9.20 a.m. 7.15 p.m.
HOSSLAND    lS.&iiuii. MOpm.
NKLSON     Wila.m. 6.15p.m.
-X.   A.  JAOUOV,
Ooncral 1 _<mriiRor Agent.
Parlor-Cafe Cars
[A   la  carte
able  d   hote
Complete Equipment
Unequalled in the West.
Thiinuli bookings to Europe
via all Atlantic lines. Prepaid tickets from all points ut
lowest rates.
Kor tl'iio taliliw, ruins anil full Informal Ion
callon or address A. W. 1IA1LKY, Agont,
Midway, or
J. S. ('ARTKH. K.,1-COYLE,
1). P. A., A. O. P. A.,
Nelson, II. 0.      Viinepuver, II c
Large Stock.   Low Prices.
T.   TIL.   GT7X_I__E_-3r   Ss   CO.,
'wirW W999mWi'W WWWtwm
CARRIAGE AND SIGN PAINTING.   Bieyele Bepaipiug anii Sundries.
999 999 ^i_p!_P ^i^y
Seventh Street, Midway,
Opposite Crowell's Hotel
This stable is equipped with a first class outfit of
Single and Double Drivers
Saddle and Faek Horses
Hay and oats for sale.    Hus meets all trains.
Freight and express delivered to any part of the town.
_-.__._» <i£i& £._£,_& <i<i<___m__\i£i\_m<i<____.i
*\^9Z^- *PCtf *P*C^ CsT^-C^**f'fr'^'^'<'t
THOMAS WALKER, Proprietor.
All the best brands ef
Cigars and Tobaccos kept
constantly on hand.
Latest shades and patterns of Wall Paper now in
Seventh Street, Midway.
The Midway Sawmill
All kinds of ROUGH and DRESSED LUMBER,
Band sawing and job work done to order
,o ions, ant 4.
MIDWAY, B.C., JULY 7,1002,
\      -5     S
&      g
i  I
k §
m       m^
I  s
i   i
HP mm
m        am.,
*   _
30 St John Stiri't,
Montreal, P. Q.
o. m. chouse,
Agent fur Ilritish Columbia,
Midway, Ii. 0.
Both Mine and Mill Have Been Closed
Down—la a Severe Blow
to Wauconda.
A despatch from Republic states
that information has been received
there that the manager nf the Wauconda mine has suspended work uud
that the mill is as silent, as Adam's
tomb. Tbe manager stated a few days
since that the machinery was in perfect
order and did all that was expected of
it, and thai the mill did all that wits
expected of it. The cause of the
shutdown of both mine and mill is not
fully understood, though it is believed
that financial matters have had much
to do with tlie closedown. No statement bus been given to the public, A
well authenticated report has reached
here that several attachments had
lieen issued against the property. It
is understood tbat these demands
wero for wood supplied to the company or cut for it. When demand
was made payment was refused, It
is also reported that the management
has given a mortgage on the teams
and vehicles of the conipany for a
small amount. Tbe amount of the
debt is said to lie small and it is there*
for nnt understood why Ihere was a
general shutdown. No inkling can be
obtained as to tbe proliable time when
operations will be resumed. Tlie main
tunnel is in aliout l.'KX) feet and the
mine is is said to he looking as well as
at any time iu its history.
There is another report in circulation
that J. li. llnssman, J. E. Edwards
and associates have outlined a plan
that they are trying to put in operation. It is to lease the mine for a period of years, if successful in doing so
tbey will eroct a very large plant, of
not less than 600 tons daily capacity.
The ore being of low grade it will
require a large plant to make large
profits. It is unfortunate that tlie
Knssinan company did not give tlie
result of their mill runs to the public.
The closedown of tlie Waticotldil mint:
and mill is a severe blow lo lbe people of Wauconda,
Praetical Watch Maker,
Qood Tools, Plenty Materlsl, .
and 30 years experience to do X
work correctly.   ... ♦
Mineral Act, 1896.
Certificate  of   Improvements.
Aja'x Minkhal claim,
Situate In the Kettlo River Minim: Division
of Yale  District.    Where  located :  In
Deadwood Cnmp.
TAKK NOTICK that I, Korbos M, Korliy,
freo miner's iiortlficato No, u 10287,
intend, sixty Aaytx frni:, tho dulo horoof, in
apply tu Uio Mining Itooordor for ji Cortlfloato
of Iiiiprnvniiiciils. tor Mmj'hii'Iioko of ohtainiiiK
n Crown (Jriuit of thu above ulnlin.
Anil furlher lake notice that action, undor
Motion iii. uiiiut  od conhnonood   before tho
iuuimnce of such Curlilitalij of Imprm irmotilu.
Dated this 10l.li dny uf ilny, A. II. 11(02.-
Oc KOltllUS Jl. KKRBY,
The Italian Joseph (!oston/.o, who
wns charged with an assault on mi-
other Italian Angelo Pasco, whom lie
knocked senseless and who was stated
to have remained unconscious for three
days afler the assault, last Monday
pleaded guilty to common assault arid
was lined I lie sum of $15 by Jnnies
Kerr.I. I'., who disposed of tlie case.
It is stilled thltt previous to tliis i'ine
having been iiiiposeilCostoiizo's Wends
bad undertaken to pay between $|IK)
and $200 hiwpltal and other expenses
Incurred by   Pitaco n- n result of thu
Certificate   of  Improvements.
Moi.TKiJ, KiiiiNi; Kiurniuwu,, anii Hijichu
Sltuato tn tha Osoyoos MlnlnK Division of
Yalo District. Whoro loeated: Krtigor
TAKK NOTICK that I. C. del). (Ireon, as
ngont fol- Jacob llinctc, froo miner's cor-
llfloato No. iiSiiR! and for Louis Krnst free
minor's cortiflcato No. H12G87 anil for If. VV.
Hiickliuly, free hlinor'i cftrlltlato No. n&822(ind
for Herman Link,. frod minor's oortlfleato No.
illiii.",and (or J, Smith, senior, froo minors' cor-
tltleato No. nMDDT, and fur J. Smith, Junior,
free iniiioi'ri'ri'rlill'iile No. 1165008, nml for (1.
W, Tumor, (roo minors cortilicato No. utoOIU,
and fur A. Wuriiburg, froe minors' cortltlcatc
N'o. am Hi, and for F.Zoll, froo minors'uinl ill.
ontc No, uM'lIt, ami for Ai A. Ilriirkii, rum
minora ecrtlflenui No; hlSffllS, nml for (I. II.
Carson, froo minors' c&tlficiito liOUOl ami for
.'. Krcllor, (roe miners' oortlfloalo No. 11118,
InlniiiLOO flays from the dato horoof, lo apply lo
the MlnlnK Koounlor for a Corlltloato ot lm-
provoiiiuiu fur iloi purposo of obt'dtiiilg a
Crown Orant uf LlioahnVd claims,
Ami furthor lake nutiiT tinii notion, under
section 87, musl ho commoncod boforo the Issuance uf such (lortlflcnlo uf I mproi anionts.
Iiatuil UiUidlUi (lily uf May, 1002.
7o (I. iikII. GRKKN.
m\A Job PrintiM
Trade Marks
Copyrights Ac.
Anrnno ■•■ rnlli:^ n nkctfti nnd dGserlntliiii mny
qulf-kly n»«ertniii our opinion freo wfi<>thcr nn
invention in prutiiibly pnlentahlo. Coniimiriint*
tloiinstrlctlyi-Miitldentlnl. Hiindlniokim Patent!
sunt uch. oldest nsoncr fur aecurinirjMtaiit_,
Pntciit. tukcti thrmiirh Munn * Co. ftoMra
tptdat notice, without ehnnte, la tho
Scientific American.
A handsomely lltiifttrntoit weekly. I-nrpont elr
rulntlon of imy iiJIOntlttg Journal. Turin*, |3 ■
yenr  four immths, $1, Sold by ull nowwiejilon.
MUNN SCo.36"""^ New York
Ilraiaili OiTkc, l_j If St.. Wiuhlnmon, D. C.
Durham Hulls, Fresh Calved
Cows, Cows in . Calf, Steers
and Heifers, Boar Pigs, Sows
and Young Pigs, Sheep and
Poultry, Saddle and Pack
Ponies.    Apply to
t1/,   miles from   Midway,  or
Advance office,
Young Cr.M.Patehen
Tbis celebrated.horse Will stand for
tlie season at.
Terms for the season $10, or will
insure fur $1D if paid for in advance,
money to lie returned if mure is nut in
foal,   lJastiirat;e iji!) u month.
Young (J. M, Patchen, Jr., is a hripjlit
liny wilh lilack pnints, stands 1(1 hands
high anil weighs 128(1 His.
The. pedigree of this hurse can lie
seen hv applying to the iinilei'sl((ned,
(Signed)     ZEB, KIRBY,
Btf Sidliy, B, 0.
Ctirtiflcitto   of   Improvements
.Ii'jKFicitsuN MiNi'jii.u, Claim.
situate In tho Kettlo 111 ver Mlnlni: Division of
Yale District.   Whore looated i On Crass
Mountain. Camtl MoKlnnoy.
TAKK NOTICK Hint I, Henry Nlelmlson,
h'oo minors' oortlfloato No. nliSM, as-
iiKi'iil fnr H'.A,Inily, fnni miner's eortltlijatuNo,
IIU81P,. Intenrl.sljJty days fnun Iheilato lmroof,
li, apply in tlio Milling Kecordorfor a eerlilleale
of ilript'in-einents, fnr Ihe purpiiHe nf i,M,lining
n. Crown  Grant of Uio abovo elnlm.
And furthor tnko notion that aetlnn, undor
UjTiimi  jit. musl  be ootninenood boforo tho
Lssuanoo -if suoh cortlflcnto of inipruvoinenln.
Ilalod Mils Slh dny of,tidy, 1002, lo
HKXIIV XICll01..-'iJN,
The tonnage of ore shipped by the mines of the Boundary
District during 1901, and for first three months of 1902, is
as under:
1901 1902
Old Ironsides and Knob Hill group 231,762       68,366
Mother Lode  99,548       33.089
B-C  47-5'7       	
Sunset       800 150
Winnipeg  1,040 385
King Solomon  850       	
Snowshoe  1,731 757
No. 7  665 250
Jewel       3**5 ■.'IS
Golden Crown.  420
Sundry small shipments     2,500 100
Totals 386,738      104,632
Shipments during 1900 totalled 97,837 tons ; during
the year 1901, to December 31st, 386,738 tons, and during
three months of 1902, 104,632 tons, making an aggregate of
589,207 tons.	
-    -    B. Cl
one of the Best Equipped Hotels in
the Boundary. Everything First Class.
J. W. NELSON, Proprietor.
A* J.
Horse Shoeing a Specialty
All Kinds ol' Work Executed to the Satisfaction of Customers


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