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|l. XVII, No. 4.
$2.00 per Year.
j-MHT-K-. Solicitors, Etc.
Okkknwood. II. C.
—: Notary Public,
[financial agent
HoKiNNer, fiOi
[Hallett & Shaw
[rristers, solicitors,
NeUrke Pabllc.
bonus: lMford McNeill's, Moreing k
Seal's, Leibur's.
\tih Block, Greenwood.
Phone »«. V. * N.
A. I. Can. Soo. C. I.
liNciAL Land   Surveyor
tsu Okkknwooii.
\i*.itl Estate
|t smith,
...I-cIsm Shave. Hair Cut, Hex foam
Hhmiiooo. eall at the alwve parlor.
on lioned and ground.
-   MIDWAY, a C.
w. dalryAplk
KAIRVIEW, B. C.       >
|nss af nepalrlng.   Heneihoalig
A specialty.
Don't Forget!!!
Midway's Celebration on Victoria Day.
Don't FflPiTflll   ■can out^t y°ucom"
O    pletely with good goods
at reasonable prices.
Men's Pine Soitslhave,:veryfnicef
MiaivM assort*nent of
Men's Fine Suits, best quality of Tweeds,
at prices ranging from $6 to $13.50.
BnW Sni.q Dress wur b°ys for the
IIUJO  OUItO 24th in one 0f McNicol's
small prolit priced Suits.
also other makes.
New line just arrived
in Stetson's goods ;
EC O 33 S — Headquarters for
Victoria Day Loyally Observed by the Residents of
the C. & W. Terminus.
Visitors From All Over the Dlstriet Attend Sports—Everything
Passed Off Successfully—Everybody Enjoyed Themselves.
Hotel Spokane,
ixccc •—»«•■ "a***- -.ccca
A new Riding,-,,We|l furnished. Everything new
and first-class. Only the choicest Wines, Liquors
and Cigars kept in stock. Headquarters for Mining
and Commercial Men.        [No Chinese Employed.]
Cu« Acoo__oD»Tio*i  roa OVHim,
Imlluri Kluhlng 011 KetUa River.Jf
kinds of work eieoutod to
1 Mtisfaotlon of —otowore.
n r. Mimi
U. a_____a_s_a_a_---_-
Practical Watoh laker,
Oood Toole, Plenty material,
■"<! jo yeare eiperleace  (a ia
work correctly.  . .  .
_B. O.
One of the BesTEquipped Hotels in
the Boundary. Everything First Class.
J. W. NELSONTProprietor.
In order to save labor we wish
to dispose of as much of our stock
as possible before stock-taking.
Although prices have been cut
before we are still coming down.
old by All Newsdealers
Everything eat io all
»■_1 a van -illume of.
"m!_°'. v.*_»t_e„*_*_>
\ Quick Sales and
' Small Profits.
assBSpSSfiBM 1 ^sz u a 1 m & co
«_._,_ It'. f»?»«e. P.Hkllabar. I l___J--Vi!^ji====
BeHiitiful weather,*good programme
mid it large crowd all combined to
make the celebration here on May 24
the greatest in the history of Ihe town.
The crowd began to arrive the previous
day, when innumerable rig*, crowded
with pleasure seekers, caroe in from
the different pnints weet of here, ali
enthusiastic over the expectancy of s
successful day's sport* on the morrow
The appearance of the town upon theii
arrival hut increased their enthusiasm,
and their anxiety to witness the following day's sports grew greater as
their eyes caught sight of the numerous nimble legged rare horses brought
here to compete for. the lilieral purees
offered by the celebration committee.
The day opened fine. The threatening clouds lhat hovered round for several days before th* 24th had cleared
away, and as the sun rose in ita magni-
flrent splendor all nature seemed to
rejoice and otter tributes of respect to
the memory of her whom it was that
flrst caused the Briiish people to hold
May 24 as a public holiday, and hy
whose long and most noble reign the
day, for all time to come, will remain
as one fur recreation throughout the
entire British nation'.
Before nine o'clock nearly all tM
residents of the various towns west of
here, and the people ff»ni the extai
•ive ■ auching country tributary to this
plare, were in Midway, but it waa
found lhat the special trains from
Phoenix and Cascade, which were to
arrive at 9.45, were over an hour late,
so the lime for starling the sports was
postponed until their arrival.
At eleven o'clock the shrill whistling
of the incoming trains could be heard
around the bend, and immediately the
Midway hand, materially strengthened
by a number of musicians froni Phoenix, began to play and as Uw trains,
groaning beneath their heavy burdens
of human freight, rolled into the *>ta<
tion a hearty welcome waa extended to
the large crowd of visitors from Cascade, Grand Forks, Phoenix, Oreenwood and other points eut.
After sufficient time bad heen allowed to admit of Ihe visitors reaching
tbe grounds, ihe procession heing
headed by the Midway hand, and marshalled hy the world renowned drum
major, Major Morton Hill, the snort*
were called.
The flrst event waa the boys' pony
race. As usual much time was (oat In
ili'termiiiing the nunilier that were
eligible to run in this race. Horses of
nil sixes were on the grounds, their
owneis claiming they were under
fourteen hands and entitled to ran,
while the shrinking process would
have to have lieen vigorously applied
to many of them tn have In ought
lliem down anywhere near the mark.
At last the nunilier wasdwindled down
to two, owned by Walter Murray and
J, ,1. Flood respectively. These obtained an even start, and il was one of
the most closely contested races of the
dny. All the horses lacked was speed,
but as they were both shy In this quality, which is so very essential to a race
horse, the event proved very interesting. Murray's horse won by only half
n length.
The next event, and one which perhaps furnished more amusement than
any of the others, was the prospectors'
nice. The conditions of this event
were: the contestants had to start at a
quarter mile post, riding one -horse
nnd lending a pack horse, and when in
front of the grand stand a pack had to
he put on wiih a diamond hitch, and
then leading the packed horse a run
wns to be made for the quarter mile
post In this race there were three
entries, L, Slone, A. McDonald and B.
W. Bubar. The race was more of a
lest of the speed of the men to pack
than of the horses lo run. At the out*
start Buhar's pack horse pulled away,
mul before It was recovered the other
iwo had reached the point to com
nieiice packing operations, Alex,
proved a little slow lu adjusting the
ropes and bad to he content with sec
ond money, Slone winning lirst.
Thu bicycle race was next In order,
nnd brought nut three entries, W,
Melville, II. H. I'annell nnd 0. Phillips,   Melville wou tbe flrst and third
heats and waa given Hrst money s Pan-
nell winning second.
After lunch tbe sport* were resumed,
the Hrst event being the novelty race,
for which four horses were entered;
Duck, owned by J, J. Flood, Emmert's
Charlie, A. W. Hailey'a Uipsy and B.
W. Buhar's Alexander. Dock proved
o be tbe best all round hone, arriving
tt the wire several feet in advance of
harlie, who won second money.
The hoys' sack race afforded much
amusement. The priie* were won by
W. Munroe and N. Mnnroe.
Tbe tf)0 yards dash brought out some
Hne specimens of the English Thoroughbred. Five bone* were entered.
These were L. Stone'* Bane, __neas'
Redbird, J. J. Flood'* Mollie,a, A.
Lee's Kaster Lilly and Ah Tuck's Joe.
It wa* expected that Tuck's horse
would make a good (bowing aa he
cleaned up nearly all the races at
Oreenwood last year, but when he got
alongside of real racehorses he brought
up the rear. Stone'* Babe had it all
her own way and wa* an easy winner,
iEnaes' Redbird wa* second and was
closely followed by Motile B and Bvter
The free for all, ) mile and repeat.
was a pretty race. Four hone* mn,C.
V. Emmert's Northern Eclipse, _Knaes'
RedMrd. Ab Tuek'a Joe and a Siwash
who evidently entered to wake op the
number, for the others pawed him as if
he were tied to a post. Northern
Eclipae won, hut if Hedhird had been
properly filled it 1* doubtful if he
would not have been first under the
wire.  Tuck'* Joe wa* distanced.
The final race for local horse* only
brought ont fonr hoises, J. J. Flood's
Mollie R, C. Buhar's Clipper. Ah Tuck's
Joe, C. Weed'* George. Mollie B won
lint and Joe second.
In addition to the race*, an interesting feature ot the celebration wa* thr
hase hall match between teams repre
tenting Chesaw and Midway. The
teams lined up a* follow* I Chesaw—
Week*. *. s.; Baker, c; Knopp, Ih.;
Freer. 2b.; Thorpe. I. f.; Btnallsy, r. f.;
Davidson, p. s Stagg. 8b. t French, c. f.
Midway-J. Bush. lb.; LaPlant, I, f.;
Thomas, p.; Richardson, *. *.; Logo-
don, Sh. t Wehh, Sh.; Phillip*, r. f.;
D. Bush, c. t Panned, e. f.
The game was called at three o'clock.
with Chesaw at hat, and their initial
venture resulted in (em, Weeks' long
fly to right and Freer's to center being
caught, and Baker failing to conned
with the hall at all. In the second
Thorpe and Davidson each scored,
Smallry and French heing thrown out
al lint, and Weeks fanning. The
third was where Chesaw hit the ball
and bit it hard, with the result tha'
Baker, Thorpe, Freer and Knopp euch
made a circuit. The fourth also proved
fruitful in i unt, Week*, Baker, Knopp,
Thorpe and Smalley scoring, the hitting powers of the Chesaw boys heing
assisted hy several Midway errors. In
the fifth Logsdon and Phillips were
substituted In the pnint* fnr Midway,
French fanned and Week* went, out nt
Hnt, and Baker should have heen out
at second, but be wasn't, and three
run* came in Mon Davidson struck
out. In the sixth, seventh and eighth
Chesaw drew blank*, six nf the nine
batters being unable to find Logsdou's
shoots, the other ihree being thrown
out at lirst, while the last innings saw
Knopp cm** the plate, making Che-
saw's total 15.
The game opened auspiciously for
Midway. J. Bush made a nice clean
single, LaPlant wa* thrown out at
first, Thomas struck out, Richardson
swatted the hall for two liases, scoring
Bush, Logsdon repeated, scoring
Richardson, and coming home nn a hit
by Wehh | Phillip* died at first. The
second was unproductive, Thomas
scored in the third. Phillips In the
fourth, while Ihe fifth and sixth were
blank. The seventh saw Thomas,
LaPlant, Richardson and Logsdon
each make a tally. J. Bush got a run
in the eighth and Richardson and
Logsdon acoied in the ninth. Total
for Midway, tt
The game was interesting from start
to finish.   Davidson was hit often, but
the hall always seemed lo he attracted
hy the big mill ot a Chesaw fielder, at
«*,«.'; J_.*,**,M«,>eWI»li«r,
"*•«•» Usual «u.; l-Mla-slsals, »«.
any rate that often saw their finish.
Be struck out four men. Thomas,
pitched four innings and fanned four
men, but was hit hard and often, Ihe
hall seeming to drop in all the oul of
the wny corners of the lot. But Logsdon did the star twirling, In Hve in*
ning.i he struck out eight butlers, aud
with proper support would have had
hut one run off his pitching, the three
runs in thc llflh heing tallied after t wu
men were mil und the third man safe
by an error. In the fourth Phillips
made a beautiful throw from deep
right, shutting a runner otf ut the
Ritchieof Chesaw nml Unsworth of
Midway acted impartially ns umpires,
while Fine and Hallherg kept cases on
the runs, their work heing eminently
After lhe sports were over the crowd
was Riven a genuine treat in t he way
of ail exhibition in front of the hase
hall grand sUnd, hy Major Morton
Bill, the celebrated drum major, who
delighted the audience with his phenomenal feats of Indian cluh swinging
lightning Zouave drilling, etc., Major
Bill is certainly u leader iu his line of
work and all those who saw him on
Saturday were loud in their praises of
his wonderful performance.
The town was beautifully decorated
aud presented a very pretty appearance. Many of the merchants and
hotelmen had gone to considerable expense and spent much time in making
their respective places of husiness up*
pear attractive on that day ; nnd they
succeeded admirably. Such elaborate
decorations assisted materially in
showing ot? the usually pretty town of
Midway to good advantage.
Every accommodation was provided
for the comfort of the visitors. The
grand stands were arranged so as their
occupants could watch the races froin
start lo Hnish or view the hasehnll
game, which wns going on at ihe same
time, as tbey desired, Fortunately
the seating capacity of t he grand stand
wa* greatly enlarged since last yenr,
ot hern Ise mere would have been a,
scarcity of seats to arcoinmodnte the
Urge crowd of visitors. The hotels
did their hest in endeavoring to attend to the wants of the people.
Every hotel wns provided with sufficient waiters to ihilt no one was
neglected. A numher of booths on
the ground provided lemonade, ice
cream nnd served lunches.
The committee was very fortunate
in securing the ahle services of Capt.
Roger of Chesaw and 0. I.. Thoinet
and A, Mardonnld of this place, us
judges of the horse races. Their decisions met wilb universal satisfaction
and these gentlemen are tn he complimented nn Ihe wny I heir decisions met
with such general favor.
Auot her very important, or perhaps
the most important, part to pel form
successfully in n horse race is tho
starting, but in tins the committee
was equally attccessfltl in oblaining T.
J, Kelly, who has had considerable experience in horse taring. Not amiii-
tnur was beard against the starts
given in any of the races, which speaks
well for Mr. Kelly as il shows the impartial manner in which be performed
his purl Of the programme.
Taking everything into consideration
it, was one of the most successful celebrations ever held iu Midway aud it is
believed that the visitor* went away
well pleased wiih Ihe day's spnrls.
Everyone seemed lo thoroughly enjoy
themselves und wire loud iu their
praises of the efficient manner In whi> h
the whole programme wus carried out
ns well us lhe attention that wus
paid lo providing accommodation for
all those present,
Tlie excursion train left Midway on
its return al H p. in, carrying with it.
most nf the Visitors from the east anil
a merry party they were. Many from
the west remained over until the following duy.
ln the evening a dunce wus held iu
McNicol's bull, which was largely attended. Dancing wns kV'pt uA until
12 o'clock. This made a pleasant
windup to nn enjoyable day, and il is
to be hoped lliul the lillh of May celebration itt Midway nexi year may meet
with no less success than thut which
so marked the one of 11X12.
Matched Usee.
After the celebration was over u
matched race was run between a hotsti
belonging to I., Stone and Snowbird,
owned by .-Enens. Both horses had
heen used as saddle horses during the
day. und it would never have heen
suspected that they possessed any
speed, They were sleepy looking
animals, but when lined up nl lho
starting post were decidedly . v.jiIji.
Il afterwards was learned thai both
hoises had run in many races, Tim
distance was a quarter of a mile, ami
hud Stone's horse not left, the track
the race would have proved unexciting
one, ns the horses were well matched
for speed. However, |is Stone's horse
Hew tlie track, Snowbird wou. JOHN WI'rilKl.l, lViiprletor
0. M. OliOUSK Manager
Published weekly at Midway, B.C.
Subscription prion, 82,00 poranmim, payable
lu mlvjiiH-e, oltttor ye.u-ly or luilf yearly al the
option of tlie subscriber,
Advortlslng rates sent on application.
MONDAY; MAY 26, 11*12.
Over 125 Men Entombed in Coal
Mine at
Not a Man In Mine No, i Escapes to
Tell the Tale-Work of Recover-
ing Bodle Now in Progress.
FERNIB, B. 0„ May 23.—Ono of the
worst coal mining disasters in the history of Hritish Colunihia occurred at
the Coal Creek mines at 7 o'clock last
night, when from IS to 150 men met.
almost instant death in mines Nos. 2
anils. The explosion occurred in the
depths of No. 2, ami not u man of over
100 employed In that, mine escaped tn
tell the. tale. From No. 3 workings,
which are connected with No. 2, ubout
21 men i scaped,
The lirst intimation of the disaster
whicli thase nn the outside received
wjis a rush of coul dust and lire lo the
height of over l.UOU feet above I he fan.
Word was immediately sent to Fernie,
live miles from the mines, and inside
of 12 minutes from lhe Mine the accident occurred relief parties were at
work. It. Drennan, Dr. Bonnel and
True Weatherby were the first to enter
the mine. When about 5W) feet into
the workings Drennan was overcome
hy afterdamp, and had it. not, been for
his two companions he would have
perished. On being removed tn Ihe
■outer iiir he rec
structions to the rescuing paity t
commence repairing ihe overcasts,
Tl.ejjvercnsts are Ihe pipes which enn
met the nir through the mine. As
ihey had been almost, completely destroyed it was! in possihle to enter owing
in I he ufterduinp which prevailed.
Volunteers were called for and a
seme of hiave men sprang to the work
andifin- t)early six hours this policy
was, pursued with tireless energy,
livery few minutes the men would
cnlli'|ise and were home to the outer'
air, and Iheir places were quickly tilled
by new volunteers.
The lirst hody recovered wns taken
fr mn No, 3 mine aliout 11 o'clock, and
was that of Willie Robertson, a lad of
13, Several hours elapsed and then
I luce more bodies were recovered.
Nunc of the victims gave the slightest
signs nf life and- were removed 'o the
wash house.
At la. in. the relief parties had penetrated so far I hat the gas became unbearable, and operations had to he
suspended for tut hour or two in order
to let the mine clear of the afterdamp.
Among those who escuped from No. 3
mine were :
C. Burrows, James Bake, P. McNeil
C. Dunlop, A. FaKjiiliarson, James
Cat'l', James Dobie, John .Sharp, H
Monahiin, 11. Salter and a number of
foreigners. /
Many acts of bravery were »itnessed
(luring the night. The heroic work nf
a miner named True Weatherby, who
lime and again entered the pit where
men weie falling all mound him, wus
particularly noticeable.
So far only tell bodies have been
taken from the mine and several days
will elapse hefore all are recovered.
The dead so fur recovered ure :
Steve Morgan, Joe Saiigulu, Willie
llohcrlsnii, Victor Johnson, John Lead*
beater, Frank Salter, John McLeod,
T. Fearful, Thomas Johnson, and a
miner whose name is unknown.
The mine is free from fire and the
bodies will Iw removed as fast as thu
lift Ul [lamp is ileared from the mine.
The rescuing parlies are working
four hour shifts and the compuny are
doing all in their power to assist in the
work, General SnueriniendentStbcket
and Superintendent Drennan have
heen on the scene ever since the acci-
dent, and Me Ad9\g ull in iheir power
which gave employment to nearly
1,009 men. Many nationalities are
represented hy the working' force at
the mine, the Slav element bciiijr predominant, although Sclrhdinngriuns,
Italians, English and Welsh uiluers
are well represented.
The mines are worked from levels.
Theie is no ascending or descending in
cages. The'ventilation of the mine
and removal of Inflammable gases wns
carefully looked afler liy the management, the most modern system of ventilating plants having heen installed.
This is the worst fatality Hint hus ever
 *■ a.	
Low Grade nines.
Successfully exploited low -grade
mines are kept prominently hefore
possible investors in new mining enterprises ns examples of great mining
profits from small, lurrgins over low
working cost's. 'There 'fs something
fascinating iu the idea of putting n
dollar into one end of a mine and having the machinery deliver to you a
dollar and u splinter or u dollar and a
half uf the other end. It looks to tlie
outsider as simply finding money, and
lhat anybody could do it with a low
grade mine. The mischief in it, the
indeterminate element, is, what is a
low grade uiiniveJid how do you know
il. when you see it ? The experience of
ninny years of' tinning has' taught
miners that it is not easy to know the
real low grade mine offhand, und that,
many failures ot,«l*Pttn'Htly sure winning enterprises have resulted . frnm
mistakes W ustimttfiiui. TJic outside
investor rarely khuws, thi^, and is frequently misled, lo. Iii.s{*mtiiniury loss,
by depending on the false idea that :v
low grade metal .deposit- must he. n
profitable low grade mine because
some other well known low grade deposit of similar iuetnllic,.;iConteiit is a
profit earning jtjjiiie., ■ . ..
Thi; metallic content of a." oi.-e.body
K__A1_UVV/\I      ly-Jiv
for the comfort of the mon who are
The town is horror stiicken and
heartrending scenes meet the eye on
every side, All day the trains to the
mines have been crowded with anxious
friends nnd relatives of the imprisoned
men, hurrying to the scene of the dis-
A meeting of the hoard of trade has
been called for tonight to organize a
relief fund for the sufferers,
The cause of the accident* is unknown, but th>' opinion of many of the
miners is that it was lhe result of a
heavy shot from one of the machines.
No explanation has yet been made
as to the cause of the explosion, The
(,row's Nesl, mines, in which the explosion occurred, are sittlilted On Coal
oreek, six miles from Fernie, having
Immediate connection with the town
by rail and telephone. Thereare Ihree
king seams ut Coal creek  wl
is (i'nl'y one"of the elc<*'*jen|s,tl]at coqi-1 ,f
bined make n mine! .Wilh ,-8°'d thej f-J[CJl»
metal, the elements are simpler and
more certainly e'sjl.tnjif.'iblein ady,a.nce,
than where s'uverT(.\)pper.iH' lead, or a
combination of".lheni, make up thc
value, The fiiityities for low cost of,
mining nnd low costs of reduction, and
thc ore conditiups which adnjit of the
last, do not exisJt',i(i coinbinatiop with
every low jgrjMie deposit. It rnrgly
vered and gave in* happens that exactly tbe same, cost
" '"" ' outlay's can be accomplished for Identical work in t.wo low grade mines.
Kven the seemingly simple matter, of
stamping,o(re ciyuyit be,assumed to he
accoiiipl.islu'fl, at iMe.c.iselj? the ^nine-
cost in I wii adjicent mines.
livery so callti] JnjVjgrade tyiiie re-1
quires an jn^ejlfiudeut a«iilysis of the NAO|N»-PLOOD
working.conditions and..costs,, ..J^ith-
ing shniijd be asBUiuejJ.aSj proven by
comparison with the. data of .gome
other mine. The chances of actiadj)
luge scale testing musl \>e ifxkyn hefore
large stale exploitation is projected.
This looks Jjke waste, but it is not.
Finally, exploitation should not be
based on narrow margins of po$.<jble
profit, even with a hydraulic plucer or
free milling quarry of gold .hearing ore.
There are always 'cjjotingencios that
increase estimates, .'ttliiuinj.ely they
may he eliminated, us tbey have been
in many, low grade mines operating
now, but tjiev should be allowed for in
the beginning of a mine exploitation,
Wliere the ore.deposit, is a Iq.w grade
copper or lead pinpqsil.inn tbe profit
margin inyst be niucfi.lii^ger^aawjtb
low grade gold-iujnipg.'. The vari'atio||;
in the tnaiket price of the output is an
element that enn wipe out prgflt niur-
giim Yasier than economics of mine
operation, enn add to them. It is not
Wete o'stimu'e on the perpjanence of
any liuirjict prjee. It. should always
be ostiirrjgwu on ..as if it wn.s,,certain |o
go down,. V^y. snuill losses in„market
price of copper or Uud. will wipe out
the profit jmirgin on low-graile ores of
Ihese metals. With goldores^stiniates
can be made wjth the Ion of file as tJjie
unit basis. Witli clipper nnd.lead.ljlie
unit basis should be, to (-void .misleading deductions, ihu pound of, piety),
(itiiput. A. margin of profit on lhe
tone of mine ote output thut will seem
attractive will iltiiiionntrute itself tn be
unsafe when the margin is est^nated
in the difference, jietween Ihe pound
cost of production jiml the pound selling price. Silver is Ida large extent, a
by-product of mining I lie other metals.
Associated with (jpld, its amount in
low grade propositions is bo small tjifct,,.
flucinations of the market price, ure,{,,
not, likely to affect the profit margin.
With low grade copper and lead mines
it is often tho lending value,und materially affects the value of sfth propositions.—Western Mining, World,., ,
winning on i's'merits.
"Have you tried it ?"
Save the lags, tliey are valuable,
To .1. V, Williunirs, Dun lol -Lynch And other*
iutcrOREQa i'l Uk! Miiinli'wtli and Hilltop
Miiiem! Claims, tiltuate in BoomemnK
Otttnp, in End Kettle Kivci MiniiiK I'ivismn
of Yalo DlntHot.
TAKK notico thnt J hfivo f)xi>«inlefl on each
of tlir iilmvf! mentioned mlnoral clahiiH, tit
labor and Improvements, ("ho mun at ffum, and
tti<: Kiini of $6 fur runmlluu f(nJ (icrtlllcaleh
thoroof- 8'tioli exjjcndlturo nniny; required to
Imiil Hm.-iiitl clMnr. uuikr (hn pmvtolniiH of thn
Mlnoral Ant, for thu yiar ontlliitf July '.I, HM.
And if within ninety dtiyK from the date uf
thi* notico ynu full o». rOfuftn Ui <;oii tribute
 „,.  ,n   rciiiwi   Ut   lioiliritiilh!
ynnr proportion of HU«h p^nnndituro, toKolhor
with all thecitxUnf adfdrUHlnff, your InljjrcHta
in mild ui In oral rluliiiw Khali no lUhlu to. for'
   «> iimuiv m.ior
felt nru an provided hy thu Mlnorul Ant Amend
wont Aol, imu-
U I    Datod this Villi day of March.JIKtf.., jjflre
It is only a question of a short time
until that portion of the Coast-Kootenay Railway from Curlew to Midway
will be constructed. This line would
be now being built, but for the scarcity
of laborers. When this road is built,
most of the spur lines to the different
mining camps will start from here,
making this the railway centre of this
district. With the advent of more railways into Midway the prices of real
estate will advance, and the choice lots
purchased and taken off the market.
Show your good judgment by buying
Midway property will make you
It is not a speculation, itis an
For prices and terms apply to
Dr. R. Mathison,
. ■- : DENTIST.
Certificate  of Improvements/]
Aciime Minkkai. Claim.
Situate In the Osoyoos lining Division of
Yale Dlstriet.   Where  Loeaied :- Kruger Mountain.
TAKE NOTICE thnt I, Charles (le Hlnls
Gnrirn, free miner's eertilleale No. HfilT'ifi,
intend Rlxty day* from the dale hereof, lo apply to the Mining Heeorder for a Certificate
of Improvements, for thc purpose of obtaining
a Crowu Orant of thc ahove claimu.
Aiid further take notice that, action, under
seetion.37, must be commenced before tlio Issuance of qucb certificate of improvement*.
. Dated this llth day cf April, Wl.
Ic C. null. OKKKN.
Certificate of   Improvements.
- - vorioa.
Anaconda Minkhal Claim.
Situate ln the Kettle River Mining Division
Ot Yale District,  Where located; At the
mouth of Baker Creek.
TAKK NOTICK that I, Forbes M. Korby,
free miner's certificate No, nHStTi, fnr myself and as agent for Charles Hamilton, free
miner's certificate No. D363B3, and Win. Hellly,
'1 free miners'certificate No. 11II.HM. and Ainsley
■' .Megraw. fran. miners certificate No. vttttlll,
liitendiOOda-s from the date hereof, to apply to
of I
a Certificate i
liitciid.BI days from the dl
DieMltlinK liecordnr for .. — ~..u ... «m-
nroveiuenl. for   the purpose of outlining a
Cro-vn'bi-tht of the above claim.
. And furthor tako notice that action, under
[section 37, must be commenced before thc issu-
1 ance of such Ccrtltlcate of Improvements.
' Dated this ith dny of December, IM.
Certlflcate   of Improvements.
Toronto, No. 2, Oalkna anu IIonks Pants
tioNal Minkhal I'laims.
Situate In the Osoyooi Mining Division of
Yalo   District.    Wkw.   I.re.t.d ■   Camp
TAKK NOTICK that I. Charles de Itlols
J Oreen, as agent for I Vtcr Scull, free miner's certiflci-le No. nHIIXI, liileml, siii* days
front the dnte hereof, tn apply tn the Mining
Itcconler for a Certificate of Improvements,
for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Oranl
of the above clulm.
And further take notice that aclion, under
action .17. must be commenced More the
issuance of such Certificate of Iinprovcuients.
Dated this 19th day of March. IW.
21c 0. iikII. UltKKN.
Certificate   of Improvement..
AKiiwm Minkkai. Claim.
Situate In the Kettle River Mining Division of
Yale District.  Wkere loeated: Graham's
TAKK NOTICK that I. Forbes M, Kerby, as
agent fur T. Vi. Slack, free miner's certificate No. Hl.'ISl, and Chris McDonell, free
.miner's certificate No. 111200, intend, sixty
days from the date hereof, to apply to the Mining Kucordcr for a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose uf ubtalning a Crown
Orant uf the above claim.
And further tako notice that nclion under
section 37 must Iw oomrnenoed before the Issu
ance of such Certificate of Improvements,
Dated this 22nd day of February, IWI2.
20c FOUHKS M. KKItllY.
Certlflcate ..of. Improvements.
Aiikhiikkn Minkkai, Claim,
Situate In the Kettle River Mining Division of
Yale Dlstriet.  Where located : Copper
TAKK NOTICK that we, John D. Norrlsh,
frgcmlncrs' certificate No, 1147333, A. K.
Cross, free miner's certificate No. nliWtt, nnd
fit.'    o     i-      m ( .   I touts  llryalit,   free  miner's  cerlillcate  No.
rnig Smoking ..^uhacci) is   till»l'.,ii'tcnrl,sixtydav8 from the dale hereof,
■■•-■-      •■ iiiapplytnihcMlnliigltnennliTforacnrtlflente
.... ..v,„, «, ...tv ..■>„,i,K ...unrrii.-ririr a oornncate
of iniprovemciilB, for the purpose of obtaining
ii Crown  Urant, of the above claim.
And furthor take notice that action, under
section 37, must be commenced before the
issuance uf such certificate of improvement*.
Daled this 31th day of April, 1002. Ic '
. M. Judd,
To J. C. Ileilly, W. n. Ileilly and J.
of l/iirmis, Washington :
TAKK notion that I have done nn Ihe Itonk
Creek Mineral .,'lalin, situate on Hook
Creek, In the Osnyoos Division of Yalo Ills,
trlet, the work required by Section 21 of the
MttioiT.I Aot for thc year whieh expired ou
August Hi, IM, and havo duly recorded thc
certificate of work for tills and tho twu years
And further tako notice that If at tho expiration of tm dnys frnm I he date nf I ho first pulill
union of tills notice in Tiik Miiiway Aiivanuk
you, co-owners, fall to contribute your proportion of the expenditure required by said Seotlon 24 In respect of snoh work, namely $.'a7.i,
togiilhcr with all the costH nf advertising, ynur
interest In said mineral claim shall becumu
vested In mc ii|sm filing with the mining re-
(junior of sakl mining division thu notice and
affidavit required by lhc Mineral Act Amendment. Act, IIMI,
Dated this 111 li dny of March, 10112,      lino
Teaming of all kinds done at
Uf. .
__________   !i.
Ammae* tPoarwmm
Thk Royai. Insuranck Coy
Thk London and I.ancahhiiik Fire
Inhuhanck Coy,
Thk  Insuranck Ooy
Thk London and Canadian Firb
Insuranck Coy.
Thk Sun Life Asbuhanck Coy ur
Thk Dominion Huiuhnii and Loan
mankntLoan and Savinos Coy.
Carrying His Hajesty's flails
Will leave MIDWAY on Tuesdays,
clays and  Saturdays,  at 8.30 a. m.,  arrit
CAMP McKINNEY at 5 p. m.
Returning will leave CAMP McKIN
Sundays,  Wednesdays and  Fridays at
reaching MIDWAY at 1.30 p. m., and nui.
nection with the train going east at 2 o'cloc
'ng at
9 a. m„
Th« bast of accommodation far
tha convanlanaa af tha
travailing publlo.
Headquarters for Railroad,
Mining aod Commereial Met
First Class Livery Stable in Connection with Hotel,
S. A, CROWELL, Prop.
\ 1 -
Travellers up the West Fork
of Kettle River will find this
popular hotel the most convenient stopping place. Dining-
room wdl supplied and managed.
Best liquors and cigars at thc
bar.   Stable in connection,
The Riverside Hotel
Is situated at Rock Cre.:k, B. Ci, on the main
route of travel between Penticton and all Boun*
'■   dary Creek points. I
Qood Hunting. Qood  Fishing.
Best of Accommodation.
SVT. LARSEN, Proprietor.
Spokane Falls &Northern
Railway Co.
Nelson & Ft. Sheppard
Railway Co.
Railway Co.
The only nil rail route between
all point* KiiNt, West mid Houtli
to KonhIiiihI, Nelson mid nil
Intermediate point* ; eoniieet-
liiK at Spokane with the Orent
Northern, Northern I'livlflemid
O. It. & N. Co.
Conneoti at Rossland with th* C»n«dl»n
Pacific Railway lor Boundary Ci-Mk points.
Connects at Mayor's Falls with staga dally
for Republic.
Buiret Service on Paisengor Trains between Spokane und Northport.
lvavo.        Arrive,
SPOKANK    tl.2fii.in.     7.1/ln.m.
  I9.8S a.m.   1,80 pm,
     MO 11,111.     IU.', p.m.
Uwwriil i'awuiKer Atfvnl.
May 26, 30, June 29,
July a, 3* 4-
From Rossland, Trail, Nelson
and intermediate points to
Itiiii'il "ll
iiiiiI.cn,  iiichIh nml  licrtli t"1
Cmmdliin Pacific Ukc Hlt'tuiier*
Thrmnth iKioklnKt" I" --''ffj*
vi» alf"Atlantic li"<* .
nnlil licked from nil I""
lllWIHl  I'lllCH,
illU At
Vxxr tlmt tallies, rams *$J$Jf*utdi
callon or nildrcss A. W. IIAH*1' "*
Mlilwny, or
J. H. (AIU Kit,
I). 1>. A.,
Nelson, 11, C
■"■■ W. renm -—  jj
p. Clement, liarrlsterof.Orand
eiit a few day  *n Midway
fitiscH McUren,    of Oaraon,
filing (belt' sister. Mra. Jas.
, last week.
i nunilier of residents of Mid*
in Oioenwood today acting
I at the court of assize.
Itwood and F.  B. Boone are
Racer mining  on   Boundary
far the town and are taking out
ladle gold.
IConlson is expected in thia
mn Manitoba wilh several car-
Istoik. See his advertisement
|rc in this issue,
jilmr of men are now engaged
[out timbers on the other aide
International boundary line for
jtlie Ironsides and Knob Hill
Phoenix. The timbers will
|ed to Midway and shipped by
i the mines. About IU) cars in
[lie used.
nrpenlers h»fe completed iheir
\ the Sunset smeller and every-
now in readiness to receive
crusher and sampler, which
ave arrived several days ago,
Ism ui as these arrive and are
■in position, the smeller will luin, which it is stated will not be
June auth.    Had the ma-
r not lieen delayed in transit
teller would doubtless huve lieen
|in by June 1st ns was expected.
. *-*-*	
Killed in a Los Jam.
Ki iiluy afternoon J. Murphy
us in lhe employ of I.ei|tiimt> At
, sawmillers of this place,, was
I lo death by falling into a log
J short distance  above  lhe mill.
(how the sad accident occurred
known, as Murphy was alone Ht
tie,   It appears  thai  for  some
[small jam had  lodged  against
thc   piers   and   Murphy had
I limes sa<d that he believed he
Ireiuoveit in order t<i prcveni
|ainage    to    the pier,  but   Mr.
i had warned him  not to at
iw removal until the water suh-
|when Ihe   work   could   lm  ac*
islied wilh less danger.
I clay of the accident the itnfoi-
> mini "was  piling  slabs at  the
Itul il is supposed lhat Hulling he
little time tn spare he undertook
ve the log jam,
place  where  the accident oc
I wan but a short distance from
arding    house   and  Murphy's
For help  were  heard  by  some
, Who rushed to the uiill to In-
e men at  work   theie, lhat  a
A fallen into lhe river amongst
gs.   Allhandu wjtr>-(|ukkly on
kit, Imt It was found that Iheir
were mstifllcient to perlorin
ffirk of rescue,  as  a  nunilier of
forced by ihe boiling current,
old Ing the man fast and had to
•nived liefore he could la- liber-
Hogs were removed and lhe mun,
ins now dying, was taken out.
bralives were applied but without
, the pressure of thc logs,  to
ei with the lung exposure to the
■water, proved  too much for  the
|s constitution and death came in
• minutes.   It was some time be-
|Dr. Oppenheimer, who had  been
plumed for, arrived.
iirphy leaves a wife and family,
| live in the Bast.
funeral took olace oi Sunday
ke Midway cemetery, the Rev. A
thiimpson conducted the burial
 ► ♦«	
(Ireenwood Jail Escapes
' week ending May Sit, 1002 :
If'ily lockup  2
I I'loviiK'ial lockup 0
1.10 p. in.
Ww]., Kil.
* Sunilayh
IW |l. li
AllI Coa«* ,„,•„.,,
'>,' f<"»j>Nest lt.lt,
KwMctii ('lunula
Vernon, etc.
grand Kork*
All pts. Kiwi & .South
Cjimp NoKinnoy
,„ „ lock llreuk
All V, um Fork poliitu
1.30 p. in.
V^IIBI    ITIb.li
_ ie tonnage of ore shipped by the mines of the Boundary
'"strict during  1001. aluj   -
as uniler:
for first three months of 1902,
Tims., Thurs.
k Hatiiriliiyu
Ola. 111.
Malls Ior polnti tanker we8t „f m      ^
Camp McKlniiuy no via. Kovclmokc.
Money ortlcm from 8 a. 111. to; p. m, will, tho
exception of one hall hour hefore departure
and after arrival of malls.
Kl), A, HAIN.
I'oul master.
Thinks Two.Psr Cent Tsx Is Alright
Says the Mining Review : The governnient of Hritish Columbia lins ap.
pointed John II. McKilllgan, surveyor
of taxes and ins|icctor of revenue, who
ever he is, and whatever his long des*
srriplion nmy mean, to report on a
system of taxation for the province.
He reports he would make no reduction
in the two percent tax on mines, but
he would slightly Increase thc rate on
realty and personal property. He ail
heres to the present mineral tax, be
cause it is not more than is paid hy
mines across the line, If it were not
for fear of a vote of (.ensure we would
say that itis just as fair to compare
the brains of some men (0 those of an
ass, as it is t<> compare the taxation nn
mines here to that across the line.
McKilligan might be able to see the
conditions surrounding the brains of 11
mule were somewhat different from
those surrounding the brains of a mun,
but he appears wholly incapable of
understanding the differences between
mining operations here and operations
across the line, lf he had half the
anxiety for the welfare of the proyims
that he has for the support of the
policy of his masters, he could see producers here have no smeller trust to
guarantee Ihem $8.60pcrcwt. for lend,
the same as they bud across the line ;
lhat they pay here from 25 lo 50 per
cent more for all kinds of supplies than
they do acioss thu line, and thai there
arc many other conditions equally forcible against operation here that most
be considered before an honest enne
parlson 011 whicli to hase taxation 1 an
Im- properly made. It is liecaiise of
natural conditions we cannot say a
pound "f cheese is the same as a pom 1
of chalk, and because of artidcial con
ditions any governnient should sel to
work and remove thai, we cannot say
mining here Bhnuld he subject to Ihe
same taxation itis ntross tke- line,
(live iis the same conditions and our
mine owners will icadily consent to
1 lie two per cent tax without a murmur. 'Van you get these thing-
through yonr official, but overpaid
noddle, John B. McKllllgan,-"surveyor
of taxes and inspector of revenue ?''
group 231,762
Old Ironsides iiiid
Mother Lode
»c 47.5.7
Sun«    800
King Solomon
No. 7	
Golden Crown
Sundry small shipments '.     2,500
Totals   386,738
Shipments during   1900   totalled   97,837   tons
year 1901, to  December 31st, 386,738 tons,
three months of 1902
589,207 tons.
ind during
104,632 tons, making an aggregate of
The Central Hotel
llth St., Midway, B. C.
new three-storey he tel, comfortably
This is
furnished throughout.
The nearest house to the Railway Station,
most convenient hotel for railway travellers.
,a_____l __b__t_m__b__tim____t___m___i___A_m
™T7 WWW WWfWfW/WfWtwim
The best of accommodation in every respect
S. DAHL, Proprietor.
*•€€€ €€* €€€*€€£€
"Amber" Plug Smoking Tobacco is
winning nn Its merits.
•'Have yon irnd it f"
Save the tags, they are valuable.
Total .
Durham Bulls, Fresh Calved
Cows, Cows in Calf, Steers
and Heifers, Hoar Tigs,
and Young Pigs,
Poultry, Saddle
Ponies.    Apply
\i/.  miles from   Midway,
Sheep and
and   Pack
(ireenshlelds Disgusted.
Jictobia, May 21.—It hsiks today
ly much as if lhe Mackenzie * Mann
[■way deal is off, as the result of the
pniinent withdrawing the land
Mv. (ireenshlelds, who has been
pmitient throughout all tha negotia
s, left for the east last night, after
Jpressing his disgust to all and sundry
|tl" the latest railway hill that the
i'l'timent. has brought down,   He is
iMited with having said that he could
t raise a postage stamp on such con*
Jioiuil concessions as the government
fw offered, and that he would wash
»hands of the whole affair.   Green*
"'Ids also expressed Ills dislike for
Hsecllon in the act which gives the
f"tenant - governor * in ■ council  the
per to fix the rates.  This alone, he
|[y», would render it impossible for
1 to raise a dollar for the building
I the road,
j -be members of the opposition had a
|w<-ttB iipn,, •*,•* mi- th|8 nwtnmg „„d
1'"Sl,iu that their future action will
' a|ong Uie line of censure of Ihe gov*
r'uneiit f„|. abandoning an excessively
™«vagaiit policy for one which they
Nl claim is designed jw obstruct rail
f "V construction.   Th«y will also take
l(Wl'tion to the vciy large powers
'"i'ii, under the amended government
V 'lmv'' ,K!en invested in Ahe ticuten-
1 *-*-*	
"Amber" P|„g Smoking -pol-acco |a
,?•»»-on Ita imri*
*»»«■«-» tags, tbey aie valuable.
Advance office.
rSEED   ^
Extra Early Bovee, Rose ol
the North, American Wonder,
Rose and Pride of Mid-
PETERSEN & CO.,   -   Proprietors.
.   .   MIDWAY, B. C., .   .
Fresh Ureal, Cakes and Confeetionery
Fruits, ete., always in Stoek.
<    ,   n , 1
Try our Lunch Parlors for a good meal.    Meals at all Hours,
Lequime & Powers, Proprietors.
Manufacturers of all kinds of
Ban*1 Sawingand job work done to order
Telephone No. 1 .'.   Telephone orders receive prompt
For first class
above choice varieties of
toes apply to
of the
Mineral Act, 1896.
Certificate of Improvements,
Situate In tho
of Yale  District.
Wellington Cnmp
AKK   NllTlt'l- "
13$ SIa
i k'orbon M. Kprb>;,
s'urk. fro" minors
llr.wruM, (roo min-
' Inmo? PriMi 'jj};!;
, . .ortlllonn,
;„.,„, ,1,0 iln
hotoof, i"
er'H oertlBotto • j,
niliwr'ii'i'il'"1'  „;.."■
Dono I.  (roo ,l1""
A"" '%lh0mltf1, '"om mtVil j-W^Hl
j|. KHUllV.
Large Stock.   Low Prices.
t. ns. 0-TTz.x.zi^sr ss co.,
Lancashire House,
: : MIDWAY, B.C. : :
The undersigned having re-opened this well-
known   and   comfortable    hotel   invites   the
patronage of all old customers and the public
Furiiaco-lieatcd mid comfortably
furnished  rooms.
Mrs. Dowding, Proprietress.
tmmtim mmm&immtm msnii
. and SHOE SHOP.
Those in need of first-class HARNESS, SADDLES, WHIPS, etc.,
can procure them here.
Special attention given to Ordered
Work and Repairing.
Fifth Streist, Midway.
3 Mlffffflftff--
WrWW*^^W^*»Wtm »ip^r»,WT»   *-^ti
Seventh Street, Midway,
Opposite Crowell's Hotel
This stable is equipped with a lirst class outfit of
| Single and Double Drivers
Saddle and Faek Horses
Hay and oats  for sale.    Bus meets all trains.
Freight and express delivered to any part of the town.
f^€€€ €€€ €€€ €€€ €€€€€€€€€<
® ® ^ MIDWAY NEWS)"® ® ^
Practical Wagon and Carriage Builder,
lacrDW.A.-'sr,      -      -      b. o.
oe-.airini? ofa" kln[1s nromo'tlv and neatly executed,
kinds promptly and neatly
'aiming a specialty.
DEPOT      ^ CanllifiS
' THOMAS WALKER, Proprietor. ^    famil
All the best brands of
Cigars and Tobaccos  kept
' constantly on hand.
Latest shades and pat*
tarns of Wall Paper now in
i v Seventh Street, Midway. M,
MIDWAY,:-: B. C.
Beautifully situated at the confluence of Boundary Creek and Kettle River.
WILL DL The most important railway town in the Kettle River Mining Division.
The Wholesale Supply and Manufacturing centre of the Kettle River and Boundary
Creek Districts.
The distributing  point for   Upper  Kettle River, West   Fork  and Camp McKinney
mining camps.
The nearest Railway town to Republic,  Meyers  Creek,  Palmer Mountain and   other
Northern  Washington mining camps.
The   leading residence town   in   the  country, with an excellent  climate,  pure water
supply and favorable sanitary conditions.
Business, residence and garden lots at low prices and, ow easy terms.
30 St John Street,
Montreal, P. Q,
Send for Maps, Prices, and full particulars to
Agent for llritmh CnhiiiiliU,
Midway, B. 0,
Shareholders of the Csscsde Mining
Company Elected New Officers.
The Cascade Gold Mining ft Milling
conipany has started out with a hrand
new set of directors and officers. This
is the result of an extraordinary meeting of shareholders which took plate
al the company's offices, Rossland. a
short lime «go. Much inside history
in connection wiih the company's
iiff'tirg is unwritten, but it is more or
less general knowledge that the directors elected last fall at the annual general meeting of the corporation did
not satisfy tbe shareholders who were
putting up the funds to operate the
mine, aud that the recent extraordinary meeting was the outcome ot the
The new directors are E. A, Oui-
mette of New York, E. W. Thomas
and H. A. Arnold of Philadelphia, and
William B. Townsend, EugeneOroteau
and V. 0. Lalonde of Rossland, with
Robert Robertson of Nelson. Following the shareholders' meeting, at which
there was a full quorum of 20, the directors convened and appointed the
following executive officers:
K. N. ('iiiinette, president ; Judge
William li. Townsend, vice president;
Eugeii" Ooteati, secretary treasurer.
Thi* company's auditor, \V. H, Paid
ing, presented a financial statement,
which was unanimously adopted.
The statement is issued lhat the
company's affairs are in a most satisfactory condition, and that shipments
are to he resumed as soon as the
wagon road to the Columbia k West
ern railroad is in shape for traffic. A
considerable amount of ore has heen
collected on the dumps and is immediately available for shipment, while
even a larger amount, is broken down
in the stopes, and can be readily moved
when required. At present the crew
is confined to four men, who are drifting in the main tunnel, This work is
to he continued until a larger force is
required by reason of the commencement of shipments.
Another interesting feature in connection with the Cascade company's
programme is the construction of a
concentrator for the purpose of treating the ores from the mine and from
other properties in the vicinity, including the Bonanza, on which work is to
he started shortly.
The Dominion Oovernrnent Selected
50,000 Acres In the Vicinity
of florrlssey Creek.
Victoria, May 29.—A Times Ottawa
special says : The Dominion government. ha« passed tin  order-in council
Iwtlng 50,1X10 acres of roal lauds iu
the vicinity of Morrissey creek in the
Crow's Nest coal fields. The right to
do Ihis was obtained as one of the
concessions from the C. P. R. when
assistance was given that company to
construct the Crow's Nest Pass line.
It was estimated that the coal obtained from the O.P.B. in connection
with this transaction would be worth
over $20,000,01X1 at an estimated value
of five cents per ton, but the money
value was not considered so important
as Ibe possession of these lands by the
government, which would control the
price of coal to mining centres of that
province and prevent monopolies
among private owners of roul lands,
There has been considerable activity
on lhe part of the railway company
and Crow's Nest Pass Coal company
as to how this aiea was tn be selected.
The minister of the interior, who had
this matter in hand, has pursued a
very careful course, and hus succeeded
in making an excellent, selection. Mr.
Sifton did not entirely trust to the
reports of his own officers in selecting
these lands, but in addition secured
the services of an American expert to
report to him. After having the benelit of the information obtainable the
minister recommended t<i his colleagues
tlie lands near Motriisey creek, and an
order has heen passed adopting this
report. J, McEvoy, who made a geo
logical examination of the Crow's ."est
Pass coal fields wilh a view of determining the extent and the relations of
the coal deposits in that area, speaks
very highly of the coal seams in the
Morrissey creek district. An officer
of the interior department, who has
some special knowledge on Ihis subject,
says that ihere is enough coal in the
lands selected hy the government to
clear otf the public debt of the Dominion.
»»< -
Notes From Ottawa.
Victoria, May 21,—An Ottawa special says that the governor of the
Windward Islands asks that $25,000 be
voted hy the Dominion to be sent in
The fisheries conference closed today.
Nothing definite resulted, but the
opinion was general that the Dominion
was the proper authority to ad mi nisi er
the fisheries in the country's interests,
The V. V. k E, applied today for
approval of Ihe plans for the branch
to Colunihia and Urand Forks,
The Kettle Valley's solicitor opposed,
who held that the Oreat Northern was
behind it, and that there wai no evidence of the company's intention to
build the main line, And that this was
onlv to divert the traffic south.
Blair allowed the application to
stand until Ihe company showed its
intention of building the inaiu Hue.     j
Is for your convenience.
Your Prescriptions Filled.
Your Drug Wants Supplied.
Yon eao 'phone yoar Mor at any hour here.
A. F. THOMAS, Druggist, Midway
Provincial Lund Surveyor.
SU*  Architect and
_____ Civil Engineer...
I^eal Estate,
Insurance and
Mining Aff-i-t.
mo*\OTAH Y    l'lJIIKH '.«••
t airvlew 'J'owimito An,.tit.
... AbDltHW...
ru kvicw, B.cT
Oorr«*«pon<l«*nc>e Soliolted.
Certiorate   of   Improvrntilfc
VltfTOItll MlNKHll. CUW.
Sltuat* In tht Ktttl* «l*tr -Mm. IM*
trr.lt DUlrlct. Whsr* louirf: U*
4 milts northMit of Camp BtKHwr-
TAKK NOTICK lhat I. rattmAteMS
■Kent for B. H. John. Irr- mlnn* «i*
cm« No. HOiTKI. nml Henry Citlrnx.tmss
tr's certlnr«i<! No. I*JSM, hrtts*. "I*1!.-*
from tht <l»l« herfof, to •|iply I* U_ mm
Itcrordcrrora CcrtMcal* ol fmprinra""-"
Ih. pnrpMo of obtaining a Crown UfMl« «
•bote i-lnlm. ,-
And farther lake -wIIm th»t artlon. i>4«
noflllon S7, miiat be oommfnrMi b-W V
Iwuanco of miirh OrtlDctlc of Impel*****
l)al«l thb IMh da? it Vebtnxn. IM.
Commereial Job PrioiiK
Riverside  Add
Just a Word I;
To those contemplating an investment in Midway real estate, the information i«
offered that on the Riverside Addition maybe
found 300 very choice residence sites.
LOTS 50 x 125
For terms and all other information apply to
W. H. NORRIS,        or        A. MEGRAW,
Midway,B.C Camp McKinney, E C


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