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The Advance 1901-06-10

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Bl. XV, No. 6.
ftwiSTBR, Solicitor, Hit.
—: Notary Public,
i McKinney, B.C.
Hallett & Shaw
Notaries Public.
[Adilromi: "IIau,ktt."
OODKS J Hi.'dfoi'd MoNolll'9, Moreing &
Nuill's, l.i'llii'i---.
Sn wood, ii.c.
.  . .   MIDWAY, H.C.
[Customs entries passed.    Mineral Act
Land Aot   papers drawn up.   Alti-
avlts taken.   Abstracts made.
nmunlontions by mall or telephone
iromptly attended to.
Isdell Block, Greenwood,
Phone DO, V. A ti.
A. M. Can. Soc. C. E.
foviNciAL  Land   Survevou
I^eal Katitte
1 r|8urar|Ce.
Tonsorial Artist,
i-rn flrat-olam ShaVo. Hair Onl, Bea Foam
or Shampoo, mill al the abovo parlor.
Razors bound And ground.
llKTH   STIIKKT,   ■   ■    ■   MIDWAY.  II. ('.
\V. DAI.HVMI'I.E     Bl»ok«mttl»
^11 Kinds  of  Repairing.    Horseshoeing
A spi'r.iiiliy.
Flttsudi-lH'h,   ■BtXm*'-
Kxcellorl, fishing on Kellie Itlvor.Jl
$2.00 per Year.
We have just received a fine line of
Our aim is to carry the very best the
market can supply, at the
lowest prices.
Hotel Spokane,
CCOCSeventh St. - midway. XXCCCI
A new I
and  first-i
milding,  well furnished.
Onlv tlie choicest
and Cigars kept in stoc
and Commercial Men.
leadqtiarters I
IsVervthirig new
, Liquors
>r Minitie
Camp  HcKinney Stage Goes Over
an Embankment.
Two Passengers Slightly Injured—Horses Became Unmanageable
and Dashed Down the Long: Winding Hill, Leading to
Jolly Jack Creek,   at a Furious Pace.
* = Midway Meat Market
K. A. MATTHES, Proprietor.
At this estaMishmeiit customers cm Ret choicest cuts of
im   • Boii*lB«rirtor on tiio pr Dininas   -  ■
Therefore Hearts are always fresh and sweet    Call and got ;i good joint jj
S"for dinner to-day. nt
TELEPHONE 311- P. O-BOX 25.     J*
fa  ^
fa    w
fa    .w
Greenwood, Boundary Creek, B. C.
We have opened the abovf
The fuii'-horse stage which finis he-
twi .'ii lici'i' and Oamp McKinney went
(ivi'i- jiii ('iiiliiiiiknii'iil, nt Jolly Jack
reck Insi Wednesday niocnii'g. Driver 'Andrew Kiikliind had his ne. k
liroken iii.d only lived a few miiiiiles.
Two passengers. Henry Nii'hnls"ii mid
.Wis* liiiiiiinii, Imth nf Cainp McKin
ney, «ere slightly injured. Roller
Clii.k, of Marrtonald, Manitoba, whn
wuh :i passenger on the stage, escaped
wil mul injiiiy. Two of ihe hurses
were sn hadly injured Ihal they both
Ai nui eight o'clock mi Wednesday
mo ninglhe stage lefi Cainp McKin*
ney, All went well uniil It reached a
poinl nearly Hve miles oul and started
to iiiike ihe descent ilown a long
winding hill into the canyon of .Inlli
.lack creek. At lhe fool nf this hill n
bridge cinsses ihe stream al nearly
liglii .ingles tn ihe road, put in this'iinn fm the purpose of spanning
the r-iicam with as s.nii'i a hridge as
pn.-sil le, .sn thai iihcn th" foul nf i he
I.ii! is reached it is necessary to make
sharp tion in oider lo cross ilie
When the shige started on its jour-
uey down ihe hid llie driver allowed
the burses lu stait on a hrisk I rol,
win-h  uas soon increased into a run,
gors thai lhe Oliver had lost control of
the horses, which were now dashing
wildly down ihe hill, lhe coach swaying io and fro, threatening to upset at
any moment. Alioul half way down
lhe hill the road lakes a sharp wind,
mid it was al lii st ihought thai th-
driver would he unalile to guide the
runaway team around ihis hend, as
they were going at such ll lerrilic rale
of speed. However. Ihis turn in the
road was gol ten over safely and lhe
* lu lines were headed dnwn Ihe straight
though steep piece of load leading lo
the bridge, going at their utmost speed
and helped along hy the weight of lhe
heavy coach and ils load of passeng rs.
At Ihe bottom of lhe hill the diiver
hi tempted to turn the horses onto the
luidge, hut this was niade iuipiis-ilile,
JAII kinds of work executed to
(the satisfaction of customers.
Wm. St. Quinlin, Prop.
vorythlng   B'irst-olhss.
I*lt'tIiatr*oet, Midwuy.
II. KEYES, Prop.
(innd Accommodation,
Best Liipiors anil Cigars,
First-Class Stahliug.
[j iMMt
Practical Watch Maker,
COTM'l'.K   ST
(loml Tools, Plenty Material,
and 30 years experience   to do
work correctly.   .   .   .
9 We have opened the. above hotel at Greenwood ant
5v  are prepared to welcome guests and provide good accom-
fa modation.   Good catering.    First-class Livery Stable.
'9 Q^&^t^-$&£&^'£&&'&'$&&&&9<
He I hen gave the end nf Ihe line lo
Mr. Nicholson lo hold, while he rescued the injured woman, who was
lying face downwards. All lhat saved
lier fiom heing kicked hy the horses
was that the tongue of the each,
which hnd heen broken out was hi -
ween her and the horses legs, so that
i hen i hei kicked it guarded lhe hlnws
ovei her and in all prohahiliiy prevented
her death. As it was her collar hone
was dislocated, heyonil ihal she received hut a few bruises. She was
issisted loa place of safety and mude
as comfortable as possihle until help
When Mr. Clarke had done all that
he could in the way nf making the injured passengers fairly comfortable,
he stai'led for Camp McKinney lo give
I he alarm, hut before he had gone far
he met a man on horse buck, who
slarled back to convey the sad news
to the camp.
Coroner While was notllied and in
company witli a number of men immediately started for the scene of tile
accident. L'pon examination it was
found that Kirklaud'sneck was broken.
His body was removed lo Camp McKinney io await inquest,
The injured passengers .vereremoved
to the camp  and   medical assistance
was put into place ami Mr. Nicholson,
who was slightly injured in the back
and legs, was attended to.
To anyone looking at the spot where
the incident occurred, ii must seem
litlle less than a miracle that any
should have escaped with their lives
To tliuse who saw theoverl ui ned s'.nge
crushing on the body of the dying
drivel', whose head and chest only were
visible, Ihe tangled heap of struggling
horses; the bundle ot clothes which
marked whnt was a human being, was
indeed a piiia'ie sight, tendered more
so hy lbe teeling of almosl utter helplessness.
An inquest was held Thursday afternoon iu Camp McKinney on the deceased, Andrew Kirkland, before Cor-
r Dr. 1(. B. While, after a jury had
Seasonable Goods
Down to actual cost. 20 per cent to than formerly
as ihe horses were going so fast that neen empanelled and the body viewed,
it is doubtful if they could have made ihe coroner took Ihe evidence of the
the turn successfully even if ihey had|passengers, the jury finding a verdict
not been 'illached lo the rig, and with of accidental death, at :he same time
i he force of tbe coach swaying to the strongly recommending an alteration
lower side of >he hill, the leaders only hn the bridge across Jolly .lack creek,
managed to clear the bridge and went] The funeral of Driver Kirkland took
nver ihe em bank ment. The wheel place-to tlie Outiip McKinney cemetery
burses jumped jnsl as they were going ! |np| Friday morning at i) o'clock.
olT the comer of Ihe bridge an.I the The siage and horses were owned hy
two wheels mi lhe right hand side of j u, Meyerholf, of Midway, who has
lbe coach went nver the side of the | the conli-HjCt for carrying the mail he-
hridge, causing il lo upset, hut It was Uweeni here- and Camp McKinney.
gnlngatspchli high rate of speed lhat Kirkland was in tlie employ nf Mr.
il cleared lhe creek onl landed bottom j Meyerboff for ahoul, len years, foiiner-
side up on the hank nl' the si, earn
Tbe force of the coach forced lbe
wheel hoises rigid over th'' leaders,
and when found weie.ill Ehaft position
For the Republic and (irand  Forks
Road-Construction Will Commence in a Few Days.
Lasl, Thursday the contract was lei
for the Immediate construction of a
railroad fiom (Irand Forks lo Republic. The Republic <fc (Irand Forks
Railroad company lei lho contract to
George S. Decks k Co. for ihe construction of the -III niiles of track and
roadway to connect lbe two towns.
The work is to he turned over, ready
for equipment, Novemher 1, HUM.
The contract was signed in Spokane.
T. W. Holland of Grand Forks, geueral
manager and secret my-treasurer nf
the railroad, and W. E. Morris of He-
public, assistant manager and general
counsel, were parties on one side and
George Deeks on the olher. Mr.
Decks was accompanied at the nieeling
by his attorneys, Niizum & (1 raves.
The work of clearing lhe right of
way was commenced on Wednesday
morning, the first start heing made at
Nelson, Wash. Within a few days lhe
contractors expect lo bave their grading outfits scattered over the line. By
July 1 it. is hoped UKKI men will he al,
work. This number will probably he
increased to2,000by A.igust 1.
Whether Mr. Decks will sublet any
parts of the work is nol known. The
company's contract witli Imu calls for
grading, building hridges, laying ihe
steel, ballasting the track and all the
wnrk neces*ary, so that when ii is
tinned over il will he ready for the
Tbe road will be about Hi miles long.
It, will be au absolutely independent
line. The conipnny Ims made arrangements for a connection with ihe Canadian PaclHc ai Urand Forks and fur nn
Interchange of traffic. Toe company
has not yet reached far enough to announce what, freight nr passenger tariffs will he. ll claims In have two
year contracts fur the transportation
of ores frnm all ihe leading propeNies
ai Republic.
Mr.   Morris  ami  Mr.  Holland have
gone to Toronto to consult, with ihe
other officers of ihe conipany.   While
..<.„... thttv u'ill nuiL-p arrancji-iiients
for  the   Itllllieilialr   inns	
501) (on smeller al (Irand Forks. Their
contracts wilh Republic mine owners
call tor smelting, While their smeller
is building they have arranged 'o have
the ores cartd for at lhe Granhj smelter. When their sn eller is done I nlh
smelters will probably he kept busy
wilh the increased output. While
easl they will also arrange for tin*
shipment of their equipment, already
ordered. The road w ill he in operal ion
hetween November 1 and 15 nexi.
_r* .	
Having a large stock of Summer
to dispose of the same, we have
auction,  bringing these
hand,  and  wishing
made  the  ahove  ret
down to actual cost.
Fancy Ginghams, for Shirt Waists ;
Zephyrs and Chatnbrays, striped and checkered ;
White Muslins, Fancy and Plain Outing Flannels,
Organdies, and numerous other seasonable gotrds for
Ladies' and Children's wear.
and Children's Straw 1 lats at greatly re-
Onlv a few left, as thev   sell   last  at
dticed prices
our [trices.
Clothing fot
,.;fjce, so don't miss
and Sweaters.
Shoes in Tan and Black,  to suit
ly its a freighter hefore Ihe advent of
a railway, hut has been driving ihe
stage evu'since Mr. Meyerhnll received ihe mail contract. He was always
considered a capable driver. He has a
brother at Cooley Ciiy, in the Big
Rend country,' who is the only lelative
iff the deceased man. He was Ho years
nf age and a member of the I. O. 0. V.
Thuload at lhe point where the accident occurred was always considered
dangerous. Last session an appropriation was made for Improving the road,
and work will commence shortly.
•■ ►♦-	
Men and Boys to be sold at a sac-
the opportunity.   Bicycle  Hose
all  tastes.
As soon us the accident (occurred
Mr. Clark, who was the only occupant
nf the slage vim escaped without any
injury, began to look afler ibe oilier
passengers. He fomid Mr. Nicholson;
pinned under die hack of one of die
seats, wbich was testing on the
ground : he grabbed him and pulled
him out. lie tlicit crtuuni'nocd the
work uf liberating the driver, who was
held down hy lhe back of the second
seal. Mr. Clark, after Huding lhat he
was unahle to I urn Ihe coach over hy
means of a pry, look one of lhe hni|f
lines ulV lhe lead hoises, tied one end $J..the Sunset in Deadwood camp a
lo lhe wheel of the ioach and. passing tunnel has been started on the east
die other end around nne of the side of a, large knoll and for the last
siringers of lhe bridge, managed by few feet lias been peneirating a good
lhe aid of Mr. Nicholson lo turn Ihe body of ore. The "glory hole" just
coach nveron llsside, llheriiltug the above Ihe railway spur on lhe weBt
driver, who never spoke afler Ihe rig side of the knoll is assuming the pro-
was taken nif of him. portions of a quarry.   The oie i.s slated
Up to this time il, was not known
rhe Grocery Department is stocked with a full
s sold at small margin for cash. Pros-
rdware and Shelf Ware for Builders.
HAIN  & CO.,  General Merchants
what   bail    beeoine   of   the   w an.
When Ihe accident took place she had
evidently faintod bill hud i ow come lo
and her cries w heard from under
neath a pile nf runs, In among the
feet of the horses, whicli were kicking
furiously in their efforis In get free.
Mr, Clark managed tnshifl one ol' the
horses down lhe hill anil then Inking
lbe line dial, he turned the conch nver
with, fastened ii tonne of 'I"' ffW of
die horse to prevent   il   kicking   bim.
io be of a shinping grade, mid lhe present inei bod of extracting it will not,
exceed a cost of 25 cents per Ion, pulling it onto Ihe cars. Work on lhe
adjoining property—the Crown Silver
—also ill lbe nalnre of a quarry, has
been fruil ful in exposing good ore.
Harry John, manager of the Montreal
k Huston Copper Company, owning
these two claims, gave oul the infor-
uialion, llint within six weeks he hopes
to have over 100 men employed on the
Deep   Mining.
in Ihe theory that a good thing cannot, last merely because it is a good
thing, the belief that deep mil,ing is
impossible in high grade districts lui>
become qnile general, It required
yi ,.-s of practical experience to teach
the world that copper mining could be
carried on to undefined deplhs, and
that proper appliances a* lo Ibe operating a mine were alone required to
make such deep milling profitable, li
is now generally conceded that the
only restricliotis placed on deepcoppei
mining are tha barriers which nature
throws up to proi eci hei treasures
from the aggressive spirit of mini.
With the problem nf expense in hoisting water and ore, in lowering limbers,
supplies, niachliieryjiuid men, properly
solved, there is.nothinu lo prevent the
sinking of mines loan indefinite depth.
lt is rightly argued Ihal liquified air
will solve the heat problem as far down
into the bowels of the earth as the in-
genuiiy of man can penetrate, Of
course, the ambition of lhe mosl aggressive mining man will scarcely go
to such extreme lengths its to attempt
In freeze die molten lava in the interior of the earth by pumping in tin*
valuable supply of liquified ah, in
order to gel, al the reserve slock of
minerals. Hul for all praclical purposes the problem uf deep mining lias
been solved.
Willi the possibility of deep mining
comes a greater hreadlh of Intelligence
relative to inducements I'm deep mining. Scarcely bad the world learned
tn believe that copper oie is of Indefinite depth, than practical experience
dissipated the delusion ibal gold mining is a purely turface pinposltiou,
There Is really no reason Fur believing
that gold and silver un s do nnt extend
to a great deplh. except Ihal pinching
ore chutes and harreii -/.ones have heen
cunslrued as nature's definition of Ihe
.nil. The interpi etal ion has unfurl un*
ately interfered with mining in many
localities, even where comparatively
little depth Ins been attaintd. ll is
often tlie case thai In high guide mines
a barren or very low grade zone is
found three or fnur hundred feel below
Ihe surface. Sometimes ibis ore I e-
conies so zinciferous and refractory
that the ore is scarcely worth hoisting,
But below Ihis zone llm high grade ore
is lesuuii'd and followed nnlil al somewhat Irregular iiUervals the z,'urns reappear, the ore chute as a rule being
displaced tlluehy yet practically roll*
tlnnous in character.—Western Mining Wm Id. C. VI. 0R0U8K M.isiiiiJii
I'lilili-licil   ivci'tl.v   iii   Midway,   ll. e.
Subscription Prlco, $2.00 ]ior « nn. imynlilu
In ii'lviu, a-, ci hor vi-ni-ly rn- half-yearly at lit"
op! inn ef ill" siili-iiilicr.
AdvortisillK Rates boii! on application.
Just now at ihe lime when
the boom is likely lo slrike Cascade and knock that town all oul
of shape, the Cascade Record is offered
for sale. Prospective huyers will
naturally bo n little slow in making
Inquiries, as nn men I ion is made as lo
whether the editor is included in Ihis
offer or not.
The editor of the Cascade Record
has again made himself ridiculous hy
criticising the editorial utterances of
this paper ahout, something that did
net in the least, concern bim, and in
lining so made a number of statements
that were entirely false. We would
adv ise die edilor of the lleeord to colli-
Vale his brain for a new crop of ideas,
tlie stuck he lias at present are poor
imbed. They may have heen nlrighl
for primped ing in Ihe early (I1158 hul
are of no use for running a newspaper
al the presenl, time. Another trip to
(Ireenwooil would furnish the Record
man with a wrileup on lhe "contaminated hellishness" of Ihal place, and
he could then stick to lhe I ruth,which,
alt dough ,1 liu!'1 Foreign to his nature,
Would be more palpable and less like
iE-Ktp's failles lhan the fairy tails be
Uow decor ites l,he editorial columns of
die  Iti cord   with.
Al Ilie opening of Ih" Pan-American
Exposition, Vice President Roosevelt
of the "United States, in extending the
hand of fellowship to Canadians, said.:
"You mi f Canada are doing substantially lhe sn 1111- work Ibal we of
this republic are doing, ami fjice suh-
stiindally lhe same problems that we
also face Yours is the word of the
merchant, (he manufacturer and mechanic, die farmer, die ranchman and
the miner : you nre subduing lhe
prairie and the forest, tilling farm
land, building cities, striving lo raise
ever higher the standard of right, to
bring ever nearer lb" day when true
justice shall obtain hei ween man and
man ; and we wish God-speed in you
and villus, and may tho kindliest lies
of goodwill always exisi  between us."
From the above it will he seen that
the people of Ih"  t'niled Stales are
gaining   knowledge   about   Canada.
I'hey now realize that this country is
of snnie Importance,  which has been
demonstrated to tbem by the l'acl that
the six  inillinn peuple of Canada are.
lietter ciivtinners of the United Slates
tlTilli tiie lilly-si.- in no „,,„b„	
smith of that republic,"
Capital is again Broking investments
iii ihe wesl and bids fair to profit accordingly, It is now time to exercise
due caution in the treatment of willing
capital, and protect investors of high
and low degree from die sharks ami
impostors who are ever ready to take
advantage nf men of limited experience in mining matters, If mining
men will proceed along legitimate conservative lines, there is no reason why
the splendid opportunities of the mining slates cannnl he improved. Willi
so many promising prospi ets, so much
virgin ground, it shoulil he the first
duly of mining men to educate the
Investor into willingly sharing the fortunes of developnienl, An intelligent
idea as to the chances for and against
success uill lead the eastern investor
to share in lhe profits and losses of
mining i)lli(P as readily as ilm local
prospecior. What discourages I hi In-
' 1 stui. however, is to have held out to
him thi impossibility of failing—to be
! .11 to ll li' ve lhat th" iliveslinenl of
ii mey means a sure return, only to
discover al a later dale that his money
yields no profil at all. In other words,
more candor is required on the purl, of
linkers and promoters generally, The
possibilities of failure should ho n«
graphically pointed oul ns the possible
sue es. of ihe Invi stmeni. The capi*
should und >K(iinil clearly thai
it hili h ii- l"i; t- J and ntineralogii a!
Iml ■ ,0 ns 11   .   j "ini in ji successful
■ ' ei", 1111 properly,  the
chance  "i 11      ver presenl and
that the wisest ol 1 xperls often fail lo
lift lh« veil from nature and peer successfully ml ' ilie hidden mysteries of
lis rocky fastness,—Western -Mining
Midway never presented a more attractive appearance than il does nt, the
present dine. Recent rains have made
the large Hal beautifully ureen, which
now looks like one greal lawn, here
and there decorated with beds of flowers Ibal perfume Ihe whole alt', The
surrounding hills are also clad in beautiful attire, and as the sun struggles
with the clouds In no effort for supremacy if produces a pleasing effect,
by making lhe hills appear as it Ihey
were covered witli various shades of
green. At this particular point we
are favored with variety regarding
mountain   scenery ; Iheie  is mil   Ih"
sameness Ihal generally murks n mountainous country. Here we have bills
covered with luxuriant grasses, which
attain a remarkable height, owing to
the fertility of the soil, while at I be j
opposile side of the valley are sleep, j
fugged mountains, thickly wooded,
and inaklng a striking oontrsst to the
olhers. Kettle river, 11 large stream.
Wends    ils   winding   way      lo    lhe
gr isand halm of gileads.   It is now
at, its height, and Its silvery waters
can he seen glistening in the sun
tlirough the openings in the groves on
its flowery banks. Innumerable varieties of wild flowers deck the woodlands through which the liver Hows.
Wild roses grow in profusion and wild
In ysuckle and denial is twine around
the stiirdv cotton woods, and are equal
in beaiily to those which climb around
lhe verandahs of city palaces. There
is no town in the interior of Briiish
Columbia more beauiiful than Midway.
Those who have lived here for some
time and have become accustomed In
such beautiful surroundings, aie not
so much impressed with Ihis pretty
spot which has been so handsomely
pictured by nature's paint brush, until
they navel over other portions of the
dislrict thai have been less favored in
this respect, and then they return and
are enthusiastic over the lieaulies of
this place. It is from Ihose who visil
Midway for the flrst lime that the picturesque appearance of the town calls
forth expressions of admiration, and
who fairly marvel al the ultra ctiveness
of Midway, which in the month of
June is beautiful beyond description.
A Clever Canadian.
One of Canada's representatives in
Africa has cut a very huge swath in
the Engineering branch of die army,
Ijieut.-Col. Percy Girouurd has been
knighted for his distinguished services
and is on his way home to Montreal
for a rest. Col, C>. S. Ryerson, of Toronto, who met Captain Girouurd in
Africa, and saw bis work, writes an
account of Sir Percy's career, from
which it is gathered that he was nol
brilliant in his course at the Kingston
Military College, and was not offered
a commission in the army till two
years after getting through his examinations, during which time he was en
gaged on the construction of tlieC. P,
R. short line through Maine. Railway
engineering was his fnrte, and after
doing military railway work in Eng
land, was sent to Egypt in'HO on the
railway staff. Through death and illness of superiors, he unexpectedly he-
came chief, and by his ingenious plans,
inventiveness and fertility of resource,
completed the Soudan railway that
followed Kitchener's progress for
£200,000 less than was estimated.
When il was decided to send Roberts
jiml Kitchener to Attica, Girouurd accompanied them as chief of railway
construction. Not without much op-
posii ion from the government, he insisted before leaving England on ordering duplicates of all bridges likely
10 be destroyed ill  Africa.   Through
tins loresignt, ne repiaceu uiiuk*-.*. 11111
few days that, would have taken six
months to get out from England.   He
has well earned his honors, and lieing
only fit years of agt has still a long
career before him.
Baby City of B. C.
Slocan mining district has another
city. At the recent session of the
legislaturean act was passed, incorporating tbe city of Slocan, in which it
was provided that the act was to come
into force by proclamation of tbe
l.ieut. Government in Council. On
Saturday week an extra of the British
Columbia Gas-eUe was published proclaiming the new city and providing
for its government.
The proclamation gives effect to th
incorporiilion act from June 1st. It
provides that the council of Slocan
shall consist of a mayor and six aldermen, who are to be nominated on June
loth, and an election, if necessary, is
to take place on June 22nd. It defines
lhe qualifications of candidates for
mayor and alderman, and of voters,
and the preparation of the voters' list.
Power is given to the mayor and coun
eil to appoint a city clerk, treasurer,
collector, assessor and other officers.
Granby Consolidation.
MONTIUSAL, June 5.—The consolidation of Ih,' Granhy  mines  imn the
Granby Consolidate^) Mining conipnny
j was effected to-day, when the following directorate  was Heeled:   A.  C.
.Miner, bresidenl ; Jay P. Graves, vice*
, president and general manager j A."L.
While, secretary ; George W. Woos-
I ter, treasurer; A. 0. Flumerfelt, assistant general manager.   The follow-
Ing were made; W. V,
Williams,  supeiiiitendenl  of mines;
J A.  B, S. Hodges, superintendent of
smelters.   The  first meeting of the
! shareholders is to Im held in August.
Oertlfloato   of   Improvements.
Om.n llu,i. Minkkai, Claim,
Situate Iii the Osoyooi  MlnlnK Division of
Yalo District.  Where located:  Krugor
TAKK NOTIOK Ilia! wc. K, II. Ilnrltn*. free
minor's I'l'.i'illli'iiui No. nmtl-. nml sii'in
Miuiudll. free ininer's ccrllllralo No. lUllw.'l.
ml end. Klviy iI'i.vh from the ilal-i lierciif,
I" away in i Iir Mining I'MJordor/nrallorlifleiil"'
nl lininiivrini'iils, (nrUio purpose n( obtaining
n Crown (Irani n( tlm abovo claim.
And furthor lako notico tlmt notion, uiuler
soctlon .'17. hum! lm coiniituiiMtil Iwlnrii tho
issuance uf suoll Cortlfloato nf Impnivoniiiiiin,
lliilcd Iliis 17th ilny :>f May, IMII.
B, II. llOIIINrt,
Railway Co,
Nelson & Ft. Sheppard
Railway Co.
Red Mountain
Railway Co.
The only nil mil route lietween
nil points Bast, West nml South
to Bosslnnd, .Nelson nnd nil
Intermediate points ; connecting ut Spokane with the (.rent
Northern, Northern Pacific and
(). R. & N. Co.
Connects at Nolson with tho stonmer tor
Kaslo and nil Kontenny Lako points.
Connects at Meyer's Falls with stnso dally
for Republic, nnd ooiuiccts nt Bossburg wilh
stage daily tor Grand Forks and Grconwnod.
Buffet Sleeper run on Passenger Trains
between Spokane nnd Northport.
hciivn. Arrive.
SPOKANK     0.(101.111,
ROSSLAND    li.i'in in. I.m pin.
NKbSON i.l(i|
_a.   A.  JACKSON,
(Icnul'iil I'li-'srngi'l' Agent.
Reduced Rates
East.    .    .    .
May 31, June 8.
ooo******************************** ******** *•*.
m*swes**X.ta  ■_..   Wldway,
One Block West of Customs Office.
To — Sohlurko, late of Spokane, Washington
(wIiobo Aral or Christian namo Is unknown),
Sit*,—You aro hereby notlflod that I havo ox*
pi'inli'd Slli.1 in Inhor and Improve moots HpoP
tho "ttoim" Minora! Clnim, sltuatod in Krurfou
Mountain Milling Camp, in tho Kairvlow Mining I'i vision, in Osoyoos Mining hisLrlct- in
llntisli Columbia, in order to hold aald olalm
undor tho provision, of soction 24 nf ihs Miner*
nl Acl such boing tho amount required id hold
-aid claim for tho yoar ending May 2nd, 101*1,
And if, ut thi' ox pirn tion nf ninety dnys of
publication of this notico, ynu fail or rofuso to
t 'Op tribute ynur portion of tho expenditure ro*
quired undor said sect inn L'4, together with nil
wis of advorli-tng, your interest in stUd clnim
hull become vested in tho subscriber., mo A
your co-owners, under section ik nf tbo Miiwrnfl
Aot Amendment Acl, 1900,
Diitod at Midway, H. ('., Ibis 271 li dny of
May, 1001.
JOHN (JKIKU,     <
Co-owner in tho "Rona" Mineral Claim,
Postodice address Dragoon,  Spokane
Ire County, Washington.
Vo   3B_._r_.lo
June 4,18; July 2,16;
August 6, 20.
Imperial Limited
June 10.
For il'ii" mMi'K. rAtosiviid full Information
,,,11 nuldrws A. V. Medl'MA, Agent.
Mill wny. or
11. I'. A.. A. «i. P. A..
Xi'lKon, B.0.       ViiiW'ouvtr, II.C.
TAKK NOTICE Uinl III days nflor ilule I
iiili'inl to apply lo tho Chief Conitiilsslopfr
of I^iikIh uml works for pormissibh lo pijr-
ohose fraotionnl 80 acres of land, begfmjtnir al n
post marked A nn llir wesl boundary of Olalla
towiislto, Koromooa Creole, llicnco north 4(1
chains iniin* or li'ss. (honoo west 20 chains
south tr rliiiins. i'jiui _ chains in poinl nf begin-
ini,', mul containing 80 acres moro or leas.
Hilled lhc Hid day of Mny, IIKII.
('. licit. GUKF.&
General Real Estate & Financial Agt.
Affeut   _*o_*^-
The Royal Insuiianck Coy.
Thk London and Lancashire Fihk
Insuiianck Coy.
The  Insuiianck Coy. ok  North
Tin'. London and Canadian Fihk
Insurance Coy.
The Sun Lii'E Assubanok Coy ue
Tiik Dominion Building and Loan
(§ This is a first-class building, being hard {§} (§ §
i§§   finished throughout,   The dining room   @   jg
fig $} is run under the personal supervision .fe g
SB   fig   of Mrs. Crowell, and is supplied  with   ■>;,,
©  ®  ®   l'u; ')est on l'ie market:   Choice stock   •
@g   fij)   <_}   of Wines, Liquors and Cigars at the
©   ©   ©   @   bar,     Large   Stable   in  connectioi
Tha Patronage of the Public Is Solicited and
Satisfaction Guaranteod.
Chloride of Lime
Lime Juice
"We  Have   \Wlhkm___x.
The Midway Pharmacy
Practical Wagon and Carriage Builder,
_a. o.
Repairing of all kinds promptly and neatly executed.
Carriage Painting a specialty.
The Boundary Hotel
...JWDWAY. B. G,.
Strictly First-class Throughout,  Excell nt Accommodation.
GOOD   JS_T_«k_E8I«TC2!ffQ..
Large Sample Room for Commereial Men.
THOS. McAULEyT~   Proprietor.
imnsraWiTsmstniMS ;ist»r»w)tftsi3 i\t it %.::;
Carrying His Hajesty's flails
Will leave MIDWAV on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, at 8,30 a. in., arriving ai
CAMP McKINNEY at 5 p. m,
Returning will leave CAMP McKINNEY on
Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 9 a. in,.
reaching MIDWAY at 1.30 p, m., and making con-
nection with the train going east at 2 o'clock.
The best of accommodation for
the convenience  of  the
travelling public.
SH i
}   I
tit!SJSI* •I"*" El" '12 "'" *l» "! i'i e"  l* *'* "• "- 't'- Wie '¥**•. *'■ -
lm tiikxiix-mi. m *\a s\. m m v*. m ~\~ a* v* mm m d» m m ->■■
ks'I'a 111.1-.111:11   i«M:t,
Ouk  Specialties—Varieties Profitable in British Coli
Tree.-i Fict: from  Peatet,
Send for Free Catalogue.,   j   E. Hutcheusom, Man; cr.
Lancashire House.
: : MIDWAY, B.C. : :
The undersigned having re-opened this well-
known   and   comfortable    hotel   invites   the
patronage of all old customers and the public
Pnrnnei** lii'iitvd and coin fort nhl.v
fu mi nIi ed  rooms.
Mrs. Dowding, Proprietress.
The Riverside Hotel
Is situated at Rock Cre.k, H. C, on the main
route of travel between Penticton and all Boundary Creek points.
Qood Hunting:. Good   Fishing
Best of Accommodation.
S. T. LARSEN, Proprietor.
The Pioneer Newspaper of the
Boundary  District   only
$_.oo per year.
s prep
ill   all  Opk'fl
for Job Pri"1
i'lig al !'«'"
rales con isl'
ent witli gu*
work, A,;,
I I\IXU UMlllin/        w
luis returned Iiiiui ii tri|i
li'Kutt', of Veruori, who in
Bui ui day.
ill's, II. A. Kingi ut Green-
In town to-day.
Ib is now driving Meyer*
jh. lietween here and Camp
[m- Peek is ngiiin nn the run
phniihin & Western, liel ween
ke, representing the Inland
ftpiiny,  Kauiliiops, is regis-
he Crowell Bouse,
|rinslroii|*, of Kelowna,  ai-
Midway on Thursday and is
Ifew days in town,
Ms, McNicol lefl on Wcdncs
11 lie   i-iiiist,   where  she  will
feral weeks with friends,
, A. Mai tiles left on Tuesday
|a, Idaho, to attend lhe sick-
■ sisler, whom* life is despiued
terns, Johnson, of Missoula,
ii, in spending a few weeks in
lhe guest of Mrs.  t\, .1. La
elson, »f Ni'lsini, Wash , and
Ige, Auii'i'ieaii customs nfflcer,
Wash., were in  Midway
Cowan, of Ihe fli-ni of Cowan
iinai'.hineiy  manufacturers, of
III., was registered al. the Crow-
be on Wednesday,
| Bergman and  I. Gardom re-
un   Saturday   from  Nniiili's
fwhere they  had  he."ii  doing!
■lent work on llm Irish  Boy.
Eg Keightley and J.W, Lind left j
[fnr Myers Greek, where they
assessment work oil   the  Otiri*
Ind    olher    elaims, owned hy
, Keightley and Lind.
J Lawson, of Seattle, Wash., was
vay last week  on   his   way   to
iv, In lake charge uf the  Mut'ir-
Ilie, for a Seattle wholesale com*
■who ace the largest creditors.
M. Kerby, I'.L S , returned
'dnesday from C.irmi, and  on
day loft for McKinney, when' he
engaged for some tune in sur-
in: mineral claims in (hat Ideality.
iKei'lty accompanied liim on his
> i ime of arrival nnd depai t ure ot
i over the Coliimliia & Western
iged (o day.     Trains   now   leave
fay ai 11.10 a. in. Instead of 2.10
as formerly, and arrives al 11 p.
Instead of 4 10 p. tu. as has heen
|uie heretofore,
A. Crowell,   proprietor of the
■ell House, relurned ou Wednes
from  a  trip  to   Orand   Forks
Rie away Mr. Ciowell pur hiised :i
laid tJihle, which will lie placed in
new ntldilinu lo hi" hotel as soon
|hc building is completed.
I". Si. Quln'ih Ims greatly Improved
appearance uf Ihe iinerior of hi*
hy placing nu enormous slum
! at one end of lhe building, which
Iws otf th'- large   cimsigninenl   of
Ifeiiioneiy, lately received nt the
• bakery, to nood ndvaiiuw.
oheit, (!lark, of Macdonald, Muni
■ii, came in from Cninp McKinney.
[ Thursday.   Mr.   Clark was a pas-
Jgei on the ill fulfil slime   thai, left,
mp McKinney on Wednesday morn-
t, nnd was lhe only person on the
kge ihat escaped without injury.
,nsi   Monday  evening  Mrs.  15. .1.
bulling invited the members of the
|ldwny hand lo spend the evening at
Lancashire Mouse.   Ri-freshiuents
oe i renin nlid Cllke were served and
enjoyable  evening passed.    The
lud  hoys are enthusiastic   in   Iheir
laisesof Mrs. Dowding's hospitality.
ITIie postofllce department is Issuing
[new form of money order, the new
Inn lo come into use as soon as lhe
jipi'ly of old forms at the various nf*
es is exhausted.     The n**\v   forms
II not he in use at tlie Midway office
|ir some time, as ten thousand forms
i sent to each office at one time and
Nisi master ILiin has used only four
thousand Of the last len thousand -cnl.
i A huekiiiif caynse wilh a puck on ils
Ji'ick caused consideralile exeitemenl
|li Ihe lown one day Inst week.    While
. was bucking Ilie park saddle turned,
■.Inch scared the cayusc considerably.
Immediately   proceeded   tn   run
lionnil the (own, and tor a time had
Ihe streets almost entirely lo Itself, no
bne seeming to cure to dispute with it
pver the right of way.   Afler a lime
It succeeded in distributing portions of
pis load over the entire l ownsite,hut was
finally captured, tint, however, without
having   received  a   nunilier of  culs
Shout llm heels.
A serious lire occurred on
IT'iiesilay night, and as a result three
■buildings   on    Barnard   avenue,   in
IVccnon, have been destroyed.   Ahout
[a quai-ler past twelve lhe alarm was
I sounded, nnd when the disturbed eltl
I /.ens rushed oul, they saw tin ines shoot-
I inn fori h from tlie bullilihg occupied
liy Miss denier as a millinery shop;
and ii al,once became apparent Ihal. lo
save ii would bu au impossibility,   In
an iiiiireditnbly  short time  the lire
brigade was on the scene, and  chief
Hull sunn lmd. his men well under con*
'rol.    Under his    directions,    three
streams were direcled   against   tlie
flames| the fronts of the adjacent
buildings (,ii the west were lorn down ;
and tlie bride, huilding of S, A, Shut*
hMJe wind, and |n |eM Uian „„ |„„ir
the lire wiissulidued, Too much piiaise
cannot he given lo the b.ysof-.he the
brigade for Iheir excellem work, and
the thanks of the city is due them for
Saving n seiiiun i,| |,|K. |,iisii,essdislrirl,
from destruction, The lire is supposed
1.0 have heen unused hy lhe explosion
Of a lamp in Miss Cenier's.-Vi-riion
V. I, ,1m os, charged with breaking
imo the c. p. k, warehouse at (ireenwood, and who was confined In lhe
lo kup al, ilmt, place made a hold nnd
successful hre. k lor liberty Thursday
morning, Chief McLaren wns down
lown to hienkfiist nnd Ilie prisoner.-
Were in i:harge of Fire Chief McKeuzie.
Jones scaled the high feme at. the
rear of the city hull and mude a bold
dash up Um hill Inwards the hospital;
Me was soon missed by ihe lire chief
who after a diligent search found liim
hiding behind a log. Before he could
becnpluied he mn again when McKeuzie railed iinon him to slop or le
Would shoot, Junes slopped lint rinding thai McKen/.ie was without a gun.
he started again. Thei huseaulitinued
up and down the hill until the water
works dnin was reached when Jones
secreted himself in Ilie woods. McKeuzie returned to lhe city hull fm
help mid Chief McLaren, Officer Law
der, (i. li. Taylor, oily clerk and a ('
P, It. detective stalled in put suit. Tin-
hills are sleep and wind wiisai a prom
Ium for the rest nf lhe forenoon hut
Jones succeeded in eludiiiK lbe police.
He hnd been iu tlie jail for several
days, his case having lieen adjourned
from time to time in order lo give the
police an opportunity to secure evidence.
Hide a Cleveland,
Por all Incycle accessories and supplies cull on W. II. Wehh.
Order a Cleveland wheel from W, H,
Wehh, who hns the Midway agency.
Hide a popular wheel. The Cleveland is acknowledged tobethesuoerlor
wheel made to-day,
Three new and slightly used Upright
Piauos at a great bargains : one Walnut at $230.0!); one modern si yle, O.ik, fully guaranteed at $275.00 ; one
Mahogany, latest artistic design m
$325,00, Greenwood Music Store,
(ireenwood, II. ('.
 *■ *.	
Stampede was a Fizzle.
Grand Forks, 11. ('.. June 0.- A
horde of hungry, disappointed gold
seeker- has just utiiriiiil from the
scene of i he gold excitement in Franklin-camp, While no doubt there is
gold in the camp, it is still doubtful it
it will ever pay moie than small
wages. The excitement seems to be
His a practical impossibility, however, lo piove the real value of the
lind in the ,shotttime ihe excitement
lasted. Most of those who rushed
wildly lo lhe Cninp tunk no supplies,
.mil only slopped lo wjisIi  a  few  pans
of din. Noi finding nuggets, the)
Hi-lied OUI again to condemn the camp.
McDonald and Barllett, the discoverers, me installing sluices nml intend lo
thoroughly test ihe ground, Uniil
then no one can tell what lbe lind
actually amounts lo,
,  .-r *. ■	
An Editor's Market Report.
The Canadian editor who prepared
ihe annexed market report bad a
happy conception of life, and a good
lah on things as they an- :
Young men, unsteady ; Kit'ls, lively
nnd in demand ; eoll'ee, considerably
mixed ; flesh tish, nciive and slippery;
wheat, a grain belter than hnrlev i
eggs, quiet but will prohahly open in
slew days; whisky, steadily going
down ; onions strung nnd raising ;
I'l-cndslull's, heavy ; hoot and shoes,
(hose in market soled, and steadily
piing up and down : lints and caps,
not as high as last fall, except foolscap, which is stationary; tobacco,
very slow, and has a downward tendency ; money, close enough to get
hold of! feathers, light aod going up;
iron, llfiii ; butler, sl longer ; opium, a
drug on the market ; advice, good, hut
no demand.
 r * s	
The Cariboo.
A despatch senl mil from Cninp McKinney Inst Wednesday says ; There
is al present a remnrkahly ttne showing 111 the west drlfl at the fourth
level of lhe Cniiboo mine. West of
ihe last break the ore has heen opened
up for a length of 21(1 feet and I lie face
nf lhe drift shows 12 feet of solid
ipinrlz with the banging wull not in
sight. On the lowest level at a deplh
of 180 feet ihe east drill lias been in a
jjoiid grade of Oio for 800 feel  nvenig
Ing a width of four feel.   No all pi
is being made to open sloping ground
and lhc ore extracted In developnienl
is more than sufficient to supply tbe
capacity of the mill—80 stumps.
During the past live inolU lis develop
meet work has open al up 76,000 ions
of ore, estimated nl n value of $12
,. ,,„,, The present showing has
mm been eipinlled in the history ol
Ibis famous producer, and if its past
rai.ord of.$178,087 in dividends is nny
criterion, it promises something equally is profitable fcr the lulure. Early
nextnionihit is expecied tlmt plans
I wiili n view to
f  the   lllill.
rvrvii^ yy rv l
1 1 !__/   V Y  V_/
There is now no doubt that one
and probably two railways will be
building out of Midway as soon as
spring opens, and Midway is destined
to become the commercial and railway
centre of the Boundary country.
Now is the time to buy lots in the
town. They will make you rich. It is
not a speculation, it is an investment.
For prices and terms apply to
_**'_fr:_ki_: A^jJ&r iSs-Si jC_-__'_i___fc_i iiJfcis ____ ,v
\ The Cen*ral Hotel |
fa llth St    M.rlu/av  R  f\ t
m llth St., Midway, B. C.
fa MHfffl___!
>!; This is a new three-storey he tel, comfortably   A,
fa   furnished throughout. ii/
fa **W*»J»»««*8«Jf^<* W
fa The nearest house to the Railway Station.    The   yu
fa   most convenient hutel for railwav travellers. W
'   X''«-^',«V >k' ""-^' >- V.'^' ^f^'^V^'^*'*^'^'^' ^'^'^',»
The best of aiccommodatioTrin every respect.
S. BAHL, Proprietor.
i? 3_s: _3
Lequime & Powers, Proprietors.
Manufacturers of all kinds of
Band Sawing and Job Work done to order
Telephone No.  12.   Telephone orders receive prompt
i The Travellers Insuranee Co.., i
I YrrrrirrrmTmrir |
.... Of Hartford. Conn. $
,   Clmrtcrcd lS«:i. *
»     stork Lift' mul 9
'   Act'ldont InsiiriinoK. *
ISSUKS tin' lii'*"! Iif'1 iimnrftiice
I.   1 inn-is iii llu' win-Id.   Nn
disiippnintitieni ax i» (llvldi'iids,
m |C\-i-ivlhitivr   ■tuai'iiiili'U'i In   ltd*
• Vlltll'l*.     I'l'l'llli'l"! I'"1"" '•'   '"   fl
% |„.rn'nl less ll>;'"  'I"""' ut i'ld
ll, iiiid Mm iml cmiiimirii**
ASSETS, . . .
January ist, 1897
$20,884.53   %
LIABILITIES, . . 17,920,160.29
. 2,976,424.36 jj
|. ThcTraVi'lferaCtmiUtnnilmi Accident Policygiiarantet*foraccidctital |
* under nt'dinary conditions, jjj
js mm
.111 HI
fa llimlli Bonoftt
* l.iiss nf Sluht of Kyi
i * Lossot Both I'ootor Both llaiiila   WTO
i 9 |,„.rs at (lin- llitnil ami nnr I'ool   S.iuki
2.S00  *
will hi! fully nniini'i'il
Iniirciislng tho capacliy "
While the  nninlu'r of stamps   <> hl'
,„| I luis nnl' I» fliwlly SBlUeeUtl.
BxpectedloliellUvniuv piiii.p-irniieiii
shnl't is also tn lie «.nk. *ill -
|„1,U.Ml....n.'.li»U'lys.H.'l.»l liM-
nitjHlial't ,....1 , line with lhe mill.
JjJ   Pormtnoiil Tolal Dlwibll ly
i JllHI
1,088 of   ItlKill Hllllll       .      . ?•-'.-'I'11
l.ims nf l,ii|!ii.|. nr uliiivr Kuril  . -
Lous nf Lefl Hand     .   .     . UN" 9
Ims of Elllior Foul l,""!'
Lola of sight of ('no 1'yo ,    . . (Wi ^
l,iii|ils (
,f   Weekly   lndehinity $1,300.
I Wl) [f such Injuries nru sustained while elding as a passenger in |
S ,'inv ottssoiigei' convevanoe using steam   cahle,   or  eloclric ty as a *
$ XS lho amount tn he pnid   shall f,eDOUBLE the snin *
H) specilled 111 the clause under which the chum is ininlo.             |
t C0St $52 A  VEAR    TO   PuuKKSSIONAl.   AST)    BUSINESS J
w Mi'N.and Commercial Travelers.                 %
_ i
n> other sums ai proportionate rates                                      %
I "W-. XX. ToTovXr±B,                  I
************ "
Large Stock.   Low Prices,
T.   BC.   GULLED   Ss   CO.,
Bakerv II
Good assortment of Fresh   Bread, Cakes ane
Confectionery always in stock.
Fresh Fruit in Season.
Try our Lunch Counter for a good cold lunch at  VHKl
any hour ol the day.
%&__&____>_ -^--Ji ___&:£: _i^A _iAiiS »
In. tbe premises formerly occupied by
Barcklay   Ss   XXa.-?x*i_3
and has on hand a first-class outfit of
fa Single and Double Drivers
I Saddle and Pack Horses
i!i    Will also conduct a transfer and dray business.    Bus
j)i\ meets all trains.    Freight and express de-
fa delivered to any part of the town.
4. if
f.«i*4 __Z__t__i_€_\ _€y£i&. €i£i& £itti&Hi4L£ifSi€f,Ar&ii^
* 'Xfyaxta   frosfbotobs'   23.7^cx-i-_.iMGrD. *
* No. 4 K.-W.-C. Block, Nelsoi . B. C. *
Gold. Sllvor-Load anil Cupper Mines ivnmoit in Uie KXCHANQE. ♦
FUKK MU.l.I.NR UOU) proportion wanted hi onoo for Enstorn Invostors. T
Parttofl liRVtng nrining property tor salo aro roquostod to solid siunploii of tlieiroi-c X
to llu; EX0HAN8K tor oJtMWtlon. *
* All s.iniples should bo soul 'jy express, PREPAID. J
* Corrospondoiico aolloltofl.  Address all communications to *
* —Lndve-w-  X1.   Kouenbergel•, ♦
t  Tcleplione. No. 1IM. P. O. Hox tnu.                                                            NI'I.SllN. 111'. J
********************* ******** *** ***** ****************
DEPOT      ^ Canilies
THOMAS WALKER, Proprietor.
All the best brands of
Cigars and Tobaccos  kept
' constantly on hand.
Latest shades and patterns of Wall Paper now in
: ) Seventh  Street, Midway.
@  _}
Rider Agents Wanted
One In each town In 1'idniuul exhiliit a unniple 1001 model bicycle nt nnr nivn
imuiiifiicturi*. YOU CAN MAKE $10 TO i.;*) A WEEK, besides havingh
wheel In ride yiiurself.
IQOI Models, High Grade Guaranteed,        $10 to $18
IpOO and 1899 Models, Hest  Makes, $7 to $12
500 Second Hand Wheels, taken in trade
by our Chicago retail stores, many good
as new - - • - $3 to $8
We will ship nnv bicycle ON APPROVAL tn anvnne wllhrnit >i cenl deposit in and allow TEN DAYS FREE TRIAL. Vmi lnke absolutely no
risk ill ordering from ns, as yon dn not need to pay n rent if the bleyele dues
not suit von. On not buy 11 wheel until von have written for our KACTUIIY
PRICES and FREE TRIAL OI'TER, Tbis liberal niter bus never heen equalled and Is a guarantee of lhe quality of our wheels. WE WANT areliubla
person in each town to dislrlhiite catalogues for us in exchange fora bicycle.
Write to-.lay for free catalogue and our special offer,
*J. Tm. B_I©a.«a C/3rol<_5 Co., cj^i«««». aHSKHaHBHBW^^
•fZAJ'fZtt'f Hj'ffZiff'f'Zjt'f ZZjtf ttJif w
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ff, 'r-A.
IDWAY, :=: B. C.
Beautifully situated at the confluence of Boundary Creek and Kettle River.
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SO St John Street,
Montreal, P. Q.
ILL BE The most imi,orta|it nii|w;,vtown in thc K('tt,e Rivcr Mining ^ivisi(,n•
The Wholesale  Supply and   Manufacturing centre of the   Kettle  River and Boundary
Creek Districts.
The distributing  point for   Upper   Kettle  River,   West   Fork  and  Camp  McKinney
mining camps.
The nearest Railway town to  Republic,   Meyers   Creek,   Palmer  Mountain  and   other
Northern  Washington mining camps.
The   leading resilience town   in   the  country, with an  excellent   climate,  pure  water
supply and  favorable sanitary conditions.
Business, residence and garden lots at low prices and on easy terms.
Send for Maps, Prices, and full particulars to
Agent for British Columbia,
Midway, H.C.
il_i.i7Zji'A7C'y.'.zz\Z'i'.LWy,.Will!^ •'■'   v.;
i.'..:y.'.':y'nye,-ryey. Me_..'Sle_.iriMe.;.,*e..\.Me ...Me  iv. Me  ,v Me ..  Me   .  Me „  Me i. Me .:. Me .. Me .:■ Me  ... ,.e ,.  Mem... Me ...Me .-Me ...Me ...Me ...Me .... Me ...Me .... Me_... v^... y,e_ .„  ,o ...  „«,'. ■■:
Vtt&r.V^tirx'^FWfTt&fl^ lU'f'Z''f -'-     ■'•
An   English  Specialist on Those of
British Columbia.
The paper on the Auriferous Quaitz
0,-; osila of Soul hern Briiish Colmnhia
liy Mr. .1. I). Kendall, which appeared
for some weeks in these oolumus, has
now been reprinted in pamphlet form,
and owing to lhe imp rtiince of the
subject, and lhe greal experience
which the writer posaessesin regard to
tile chief mineral fo illations in Ihiii.-li
Ciiliimbia, hi- remarks Hre deserving
of inure thiin passing reference. Itis
KJitisfactory In receive the writer's
assurance that in regard In quartz
mining in the province very little Hi it -
ish money has been Insi, and even thai
little has not been due to lack of opportunities so much as lo bad management, In iliis latter respect Mr. Ki n
dail Ih-inly puts his linger nn past errors. Owing to tlie keen commercial
rivalry of Ameiican mining men, we
must improve our ine. I.mis. Very
properly he denounces such unbusinesslike procedure—to use nn harsher
term—as purchasing properties on
vendors' reports of huilding lullls he
fore sufficient ore is exposed to feed
lliem, etc. His strictures on thebabil
of placing men in charge who are top
inexperienced t<> deserve such resp. in
sil..lity are, we fear, unly loo well deserved, Ian, in -pile of .In- mnny blun-
dms ma.le ill the, lie Is of opinion
thiil capital has an extensive and pro
(liable Held nf operation in British
Columbia in developing gold healing
(pun izdep .-its if tin. money is properly expended, Musl of the deposits, in
the writer's experience, consist, nf
quarlli in wliieh are a -sue.and sulphides nf nne of (he base metals and
(he great bulk of this ore can be liest
treated I.y amalgamation ami line con-
cenlrilinli. The gold value-, are found
Ihi' li in I he quartz anil also in the sulphides, anil usually in a free state.
Carefully drawn plans of some of the
chief quartz mines in the province
accompany his paper, which show, not
only lbe position of the U'Oiklllgs, liu'
also Ilie ore bodies, faults, dykes,
stopes, eie. In Ihe course of bis refer-
ence to lhe Vinir mine In- observes
thai a strong vein "slinulil never lie
abandoned until the character uf i.s
ore has been tested lhroughoul,"nnd if
this hlisiltes.tilke policy was always
adopted, shareholders wuuld probably
have less cause to regret (lieii investments, The loss iu the tailings
this mine to whieh Mr. Kendall r, fcr-
red will he obviated in fll'lire, as the
experimental cyanide planl bus p. nve.I
q,uilesuccessful, und all tailings uill in
future be so treated, thereby em
Increased  profits  fur ihe cumpauy,
The Doi-aiha Morton mine, which was
owned by a subsidy cumpauy of tin
Estates, Mines and Finance Corpora-
linn, whieh is chiefly inn-rested In
South Africa, turned mil unfortunate
ly, and the writer ohsi rves lhat "tbis
property affords a good illustration ol I
tlu-iisk attending premature erection
of treatment plant. Had lhe mine
been so far developed hefore the mill j
was decided upon, that, the ore in sighl
would pay for the mill, il is quite cerlain Unit, neither the mill nor lhe
tramway would have been built.'
Afier dismissing bona (ide properties,
he referred tu the methods of unprincipled promoters, and exposes some of I
the tricks employed by wildcat npeia-
tors in Bidiish Columbia. One of ihe
most glaring instances was in connec
tion with ihe flotation of the Golden
Cache mine, and he discloses affairs in
connection wilh this swindle which
; are now made public foi (he first time.
Had ibis exposure been made concern-
; Ing in Knglisli registered company,
there is a lhat lhc public
prosecutor would have taken the matter iu hand. Summing up the future
outlook, Mr, Kendall observes that if
i lbe auriferous quartz and other mineral deposils uf British Columbia be
worked efficiently ihey will yield handsome returns. This is a satisfactory
statement coining from nne whose
views ,ue never,colored by undue op.
i in.ism, The Review may fairly take
credit fur haviiiK been Ibe medium of
| publishing what is undoubtedly the
|stuudttld work on the subject at the'
present time,—11, C. Review, London,
 r*. .—.
done to England.
Ottawa, June -I.-Ministers Fielding, Davles and Blair lefl io*day for
, England.   Tbey will join Hon. David
; .Mills at Boston to-morrow, where Ibey
will all  take passage on the steamer
Commonwealth  fur  Liverpool.    Mr.
I Mills  goes  as   the  representative  of
| Canada ami Newfoundland to attend
II lie conference between Imperial ami
i Colonial authorities in reference to the
i eorganisiatlon of the judicial committee uf ihe Imperial privy council,
('aiiada and some uf the olher colonics
I are in have representatives on the
— m —
Contract   Awarded.
The eonlrant for huilding a new
steamer In replace the. government
steamer Druid has heen awarded to
I Fleming and Ferguson, of Paisley.
Scotland, for ,$110,00(1, There were
fair tenders fruiii Britain and two
from Canada. Fleming and Ferguson's
lender was about $00,000 less than the
, luncol Canadian tender,
l'o D. MoKay. E_q.t of Koromeoa, British Co-
Take notice that I have done on lln1 " Vulley
Viow" mineral claim aituato on tbo West side
of Koremoos Oreek in Uie Osoyoos Ui virion nr
Yale District, the work required hy section :'l
of thc Mineral Act for llio yoar which has ox-
plred and hnve duly rocordud tho cortlUCAto of
wurk :
An I further Ulce notico I Imt ir, nt ilm oxpir*
atlun of no daya from tho dato of the flr.-r on Mini tion of this notice in the Midway ADViNOB,
ymi.n co-owner, fail to contribute your proportion of lhc expenditure required by said hoc lion
BUn.rwpect of such work, namclv $.>i._,i together with all thocostB of Advertising, vour
inlerest in snid mineral olalm shall become
vested in meupon tiling; with iho mining recorder of said mining division tin; notice mid
affidavit required by the "Atiucrnl Acl Aiuond-
mom Act llfDO."
Dated Ihis 20lh dny nf April 1001,
I'roviiieiiil l.iuirt surveyor.   foC. a. Pttonon, l«.loo( Blioll i
j    .lell-i.l :
Trade Marks
Copyrights Ac.
Anunn* flpnrtlnn a -kntrh und ilJMKjrlptlon may
(Inlrkly risriTiruu our <i|iliilini freo »In-ihi-r an
InvPiilfen Ih jiMliiil !v iJiitcutnhle. ('unniiiinlra.
tloii>strictjjooiindential. Handbook on I'niciit,
soul froo. ultlo-i nuonry for socurlnir parent,.
I'jitonla tala-n thnmuli Mniui A Co. receive
rprrlal notice, without charuo, In (ho
Scientific American.
A hnnttflnmely llluntratm! wppktr. Lureest rtr-
cniiiin'ti of any iclenttflo juiirtnil. 'I'itiud, V> m
year: lour tnoiilhs, fl. Snid hynil newnd on lorn,
MUNN _Co.36,B-'"'' New York
Branch Otllcu, ffi V St. Wuhlnuton, D. 0.
VV/   Architect and
_1_L  Civil Engineer...
l^x-nl Kstnti*,
I risurarice and
Mining Ajfeirt.
«»v'tlTAHV     I'l' lll.UitrH**
I' alt view TowiiHili' /\i*i'ut.
. . . Alllllt'JSS. . .
('oi-roHiHiiiili'iu'*' Bolloitoa.
Sir:   You -in- horobr notlfle I
i-x| I.i!  tl'r'Z'l iu labor an I
upon tie- "Hia V\ i'l'lj Mineral '
III I'uurlei.e I raap, lo 'lo K'' <
ii>k litrla ' Yule |ii-!rn i lu I,
bi,r. m.f.lm-I" holli mill i Iiiiui "
vi-|.ii-...f ,*Ji-,-'li,n'.'|i,f lho Mu,-'
luini,' lho amount roqulroil i" '■'
Claim fei llu- year riiillni; April '. I'-'
.'unl if ni lho cxplnuion "f hlii''!  '
publlenllon "f Mil* linllco you fall
toiiliiitiin- \<-ur projiiirlleli of ih<
rcqulrial  uiiJer .-iil-l -i-ellun Jl. J- ■
nllomtiiof JulvonWoc, fonr mn-'
claim ahall become vcatoil in Ho
tyoiir cn-ownoivl undor Soctlon Ini
u'l Acl AliH-nilliiiet An. 1000.
[luted ni Midway, It. ('.. lliln '
April, 1001.
llltllll.AM) ('I'KKN COKS01
('. I,. TlloMl.T, Mill
.1. .\. Unsworth. *
Just a Word!
To those contemplating an investment in Midway real estate, the information is
offered that on the Riverside Addition may be
found 300 very choice residence sites.
For terms and all other information apply to
W. H. NORRIS,        or        A. MEGRAW,
Midway, B. C. Camp McKinney, B- C.
r.r-    ,r.JJ.. ,-M
"    'MM'


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