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il. XIV, No. 19.
$2,00 per Year.
KBiBTKit, Solicitor, Etc.
UltlCKNWOOll. B, C.
—: Notary Public,
{.financial AGENT
[Hallett & Shaw
Notaries Public.
odks: Radford McNeill's, Moreing it
Neiil's, Leibor's.
; . .  MIDWAY, B.C.
uitomi entries passed.   Mineral Act
Und Aet papers drawn up. Affi-
tits taken. Abstracts made.
nmunlMtlons by mall or telephone
nptly attended to.
Idell Block, Greenwood.
Phone 99, V. * N.
A.I.ten.Ioc. CE.
ifiNciAL • Land   Surveyor
IJeal Estate
Tonsorial Artist.
| n Hrst-chuM Shnve, Hair Cut. Hen Kontn
ior Sliniimoo, call at tbe above parlor.
IKiuoi n honed and ground.
ri'll  STItKKT,  •  •   •  MIDWAY, U. C.
mmamasmat    _teo__mlt—
Kinds  of  Repairing.   Horseshoeing
A specially.
Z>A--«»mc_--Af-r_..   IWEk_*.
Our low prices in  DRY  GOODS have
made them sell.        ^S
We are giving big bargains in CLOTHING, BOOTS and SHOES.
We have made the prices to suit the
I Hotel Spokane,
A new building, well furnished. Everything new
and first-clnss. Only the choicest Wines, Liquors
and Cigars kept in stock.    Headquarters for Mjning^
Itr .
and Commercial" Men.
Commercial and Mining men should put up
at the Fairview Hotel when in camp.
Qeo J. Sheekar*      -       -     •-     proprietor.
Miner=Graves Syndicate WiU Double
Their Force of Men in July.
For the Dominion Copper Company's Properties—First Shipment
of Matte from the Boundary Country.
Kxcclloi't Kishinu oil JCettle Iti ver. M
tl kinds of work oxoouted to
a Mtltfaotion of outtomer*.
Wm. St. Quintin, Prop.
Everything   Flrnt-oliwB,
H. KEYES, Prop.
pod Accommodation,
Besi, Liquors and Cigars.
First-Class Stabling;
Midway Meat Market
K. tt. MATTHES, Proprietor.
At thl* establishment customers can get choicest cuts of
Therefore Moats are always fresh mid sweet
for dinner to-day.
>_>c*.*bo_* oj_k tHe premliaea  -  -
('all ntnl Ret a jrootl Joint
P. 0. BOX 25.
Great Reduction
9i****   \**^*****r**~*lr**®
Praistieal Wateh Maker,
Oood Tools, Plenty MSterUI,
and 30 years experience to do
work correctly.   .  .  ,
Dry Goods, Notions,
Ladies' and Gents'
Furs, Jackets and Capes
Clothing of all kinds • at  manufacturers'  prices plus
freight,  for thirty days, to make room for
Spring and  Summer Wear.
We need the cash, and are willing to sacrifice profits,
FUR COATS from $12.50 to $20, former price $17.50 and $25
FDR CAPS worth $5 and $6, now selling at from $1.50 to $9.50
Now is the time to buy,  as no such bargains will
4   - be offered again.
Rubber goods at greatly reduced prices, as we do
not intend to carry them over for next season. '
Come am
inquire about
Everything cut
our cash , grocery prices,
down far cash.
Kg))******** ***0O*******(9)
HAIN & CO.,  General Merchants
Aj ('. Flutiierfelt, assistant general
manager nf i be Granby smelter, Grand
Forks, nnd lhe various minimi companies embraced in tlie so-called Miner
Graves syndicate, in a recent interview
with a representative nf the Rnssiand
Miner, inave a graphic outline, ot tin
scope nl tlie mining and smelling oper
tions now lieing curried on hy bin
principals in the Boundary,' and tin
idea of the plans and enlargements
contemplated in the near future,
"The Granhy smelter," said he, "up
to March 1 has treated a total tonnage
of our own ores nf 100,000 Ions, lacking
17 tuns. It has a minimal tonnage of
600 tons daily. The plant began operations on August 21 last with one furnace, tlie second one not having heen
"blown iu" until Octnlier 18. The ore
received at flmiffl Forks from our
mines, the Knob Hill, Old Ironsides,
Grey Eagle and 'Victoria at Phoenix,
has all heen mined since we commenced smelling, njne of tbir ore on
the dumps represent ing from 15,000 to
18,000 Ions extracted during early developnienl, having yet heen removed.
These latter reserves would he available immediately were our reduction
plant j.lile to handle them, hut developnienl work was proseciilnd so rapidly ihnt we Werijvciinpelled to remove
and ship Un olher ore as fast as it was
mined. That we have not heen idle is
evidenced by ihe fact that we have today sufHiMeiit ore blocked cut lo keep
the smelter lit, its present; capacity
fully engaged jfor the next, thirteen
5mars.      . -,      . 'fi '.tt   i.
"f'r>,,l"ir^l.,fc"<l li.^tvuouit.u.,1. in Hip
reduction works ate being arranged
for. Two new furnaces are now being
ai rang* d for. Two new furnaces are
how being sel, cbed by Mr. .1. 1'. Graves
and Supt. Hodges. They are now iu
New York, Mr, tjedges having just
completed a time nf all the leading
smelting centres in the west. We expect to have every modern device and
improvement that, can be secured for
the expediiioiis and economic handling
of ibe ores, A converter, whirh will
convert the matte into metallic copper, without extracting the gold and
silver values, will he installed in July,
when we will be able lo treat 1,200 tons
daily. When Ihese fi air furnaces are
installed and in operation it is our in-
teuiion lo add Iwo additional furnaces
if ibe present slack pet mils of such an
Tlie Grunby smelter is dally, receiving considerable quantities of ores
from Republic and other camps on Ihe
Colville reservation and is treating
Ihem yoih unqualified success) it. seems
a certainty Unit all the ores of that
ilisiiicl are destined to be I rented in
Canada, exactly reversing the relation
of the Le Roi mine tii the smelter at
Northport, Wash.; lhe only escape
fnun Ibis logical fale will be secured if
the reservation i an supply for Hexing
put poses, ores similar io lbe sulphide
mi's of tbe Boundary: under other
conilitions ii would be difficult, in fact
almost impossible to treat these siliceous ores by the smelling process. If
we had a freighl rile fnun Republic,
say of $1 or $1.50 per ton it would
mean a great deal for Republic mine
owners and no doubt tend to build np
an important industry on the Canadian side.
It seems to be generally and errone
ously believed,"continued Mr. Fluiner-
felt, "that the Granhy smeller does
not care for outside ores; how this misconception ever originated I do not
know, yet when tlie new plant is added we inlend lo devote one of the furnaces exclusively to Ihe Irealuient of
custom, ores thus giving treatment facilities to mine owners pratically nt
their own doors; and just io this extent will be given a preference to outside ores over our own ores the supply
of which is pruriently unlimited."
"Have you kept in view lhe possibility of other smelters being erected in
the Keltic river valley?"
"Certainly, our people have always
entertained the belief that it will eon
lain two or three plants within the
next few years, a condition of. affairs
we will heartily we'eome, and when
the six furnaces are installed, and the
circumstances warrant it, a duplicate
smelter will lio-ercctcd on the adjoining ground. Then if oilier corporations arc out prepared to take care of
Boundary ores we will go a step further. We hnve made provision for the
future by inquiring   mi  alternative
smeller site al Carson, B.C., on the
boundary line nenr Grand Forks, and
if the necessity wises, will be prepared
to erect another smelter om selves.
"On our Grand Forks and Phoenix
payroll we now have ISO nnd 285 men
respectively; nnd both these forces
will be doubled in July, when the enlargement of the smelter is completed.
"As soon as Ihe snow disappears we
propose pulling large gangs at work
quarrying ore from the nurture nf lhe
Knob Hill ledge, and we hope to effect
still greater economies by tunning .ore
trains into the long tunnel of that
mine. The workings nn our Phoenix
properties exceed two utiles in length.
The extent nf the development will be
appreciated when it is realized thai
they were mere prospects three years
ago, the Knob Hill tunnel nnt having
heen started until May, 1908; nor do
we possess a monopoly of the activity
that prevuils at Phoenix. The Brooklyn and Stemwinder group, employing
130 men, owned by the Dominion Cop-
(Hir company, is being developed on an
extensive scale, and I understand a 20
drill compressor plant has just been
ordered. ' The development on the
well known Snowshoe property also
speaks for itself.
'The necessary authority to consolidate our mining and smelting interests
is now heing sought from the Provincial Legislature. The capitalization
will he fifteen million dollars and the
basis of the allot ment of the new issue
will be Knob Hill and Grey Eagle, each
$1.00; Granhy smelter, $1,50, and Old
Ironsides. $2 50 each per share, leaving
four millions in (he treasury fur future
operal ions.
"Our relations with the Canadian
Pacific railway," said Mr. Flutiierfelt
ill conclusion, "are most harmonious.
The company has done everything in
its power lo co-operate wilh us and the
service it. provides is all that we can
The Dominion Copper company,
limited, of Toronto, owning the Brooklyn, Stemwinder, Idaho, Rawhide and
other mineral claims near Phoenix,
has closed a contract wilh the .lames
Cooper Manufacturing company, limited, of Montreal, under which the latter hns undertaken to supply a Corliss
cross compound lngersoll-Sergeunt air
compressor, sleain cylinders 18 inch
nnd ill inch dinmeter by SKI inch stroke;
10 I ngersoll-S'M'geaii t Sit hich drills
with double screw columns, hose und
fittings complete ; an air receiver 54
inch hy 12 feet, und feed water heater
of a capacity for 200 horse power.!
This constitutes a 20 drill plant and it
is lo he shipped in about three months.
For immediate shipment nunther plant
bas been contracted for between Ihe
same parties, including a Bullock diamond drill equal to drilling a 1.000 foot
hole, anil 1,000 feet of rods ; a5 drill
lngersoll-Sergeunt air compressor; a
(10 horse power locomotive boiler ; nn
air receiver 12 inch hy 8 feet; a boiler
feed pump and a quantity of supplies..
This 1'ittei plant Is fntJtho Stem winder,
there aire; dy being a pi int. of >imilnr
capacity, excepting the diamonil drill,
at work on the adjoining Brooklyn
claim. The larger plant will be for
the joint use of Brooklyn, Sicmwiniler
and Idaho. Mr. .lames Ureen, the
well known smelter man who Is now
largely interested in tlie Dominion
Copper conipany, is now at the company's mines.
Thc B. V. Copper company last Toes;
day made its Hrst shipment of copper
matte produced at its smelter al Greenwood, This shipment consisted of twik|
cars containing aboui 00 tons aud was
consigned to New York, 'there aie
still al the smelter more than UK) tons
of high grade matte awaiting ears for
shipment nnd more is being added
daily. This is the first shipment of
matte ever sent frntn Boundary creek,
the Granby smelter not being initial
part of the district thus named, it
will bring in the Hrst returns the B.-C,
Copper conipany has yet received from
its Mother Lode mine, on which and
the smelter the outlay to dale totals
between $800,000 ami $1100,1100.
The R. Bell initio, owned by,lay P,
Graves and a separate syndicate, will
soon lie counted among the Boundary
shippers. This property is situated in
Summil cainp. Tbe main shaft is
Hearing the 200-foot level and cross
cutting will be started as soon as that
level is reached,   ll is estimated that
there will be 100 feet of crosscut!inu
before tb" main ledge is reached. The
general characteristics of tbe ore are
similar to that of ibe B, ('. mine,which
is less than 2,000 feet, distant. Il is a
cbalcopyrite carrying vjilues ill copper
anil silver nntl some gold. The silver
values are probably lhe highest ever
obtained froth any mine in the Boundary, The ledge at the sin face is
aliout. ten feel wide anil, of course, is
not nil in pay ore, Ou the same property there is ,a 200-foot tunnel, which
connects with the shaft, and wbich extends 80 feet beyond, The plant consists of a drill operated hy si earn,
Later on n plum, probably a ten drill
compressor, will he installed. In the
same camp a spur is being extended tn
the Kinina, a properly in whicli Mt**>-
•M's. Mann & Mackenzie are interested.
Want Government Aid.
A petition, largely
citizens of Grand F
river valley, has beei
lion. W. Cl. Wells, (
er of Lands anil   W
signed hy Ihe
li-ks and Keitle
forwarded to Uie
ii f (loiniuibsion-
tks,   asking ilie.
provincial government io grant substantial aid toward- tie- pn jeel lor re-'
moving the obsMiir-iiqid from the
north fork of Kettle river,- thus making the stream nvuil'ihie."f.iv various
purposes. The memorial is as follows!
"The petition of the citizens of Ihe
city of Grand Forks nrcl residents of
the Kellie I(i>. r Valley, humbly show-
eth; Ihat.ihen rih.fbrk.nfKettle ru-
er for aditiance of sixty miles north
of the city of Grand Forks traverses
one of the richest limbered sections "I"
country in the province; ihat thi" river throughout its course i.s obstructed
by a great number of i,.gj in ; 'I:
cumulation of yenrs of drill wood   aie!
tiers falling and thrown therein which
completely boom  the  rlvei   al  many
points and render the driving of Irigs
down the river an  impossibility; that
if ihese log jams were removed so tli.'t
lugs could   ne driven down   the river
from the vast ilnrber limit) extending
many miles on Imth  '-'inks and npnn
expert authority • -.ouated to contain
over one hundt d million feel, to the
sai.ini.issi'ou'j' n- ;ir the city iflimnd
Forks,ibis vastumonnl of timber, nnw.
useless could be rendered Immediately
available for. mining, smelling and ag-
riculiural and buildingpnrposi s, enterprises now being rapidly   pushed  forward throughout tbat section of the
province known iip'Ihe Boundary district; that, if these vast   timber limits
could be made available it  would not
only add very materially  to   the provincial revenue iu tin- wav of stump-
age fees but vvmild add  materially to
the husim ss activity snd general prosperity of the Bonndary dislrict in giving employment to a large number of
laboring men and  wnuld necessitate
lhe erection and  operation  of many
new sawmills and Wood  working  factories; that llu1 pn sent out put of lumber material is ii sufficient to-cirry on
the mining, smelting, agricultural and
building enterprises now  being actively carried on in said  district; that a
private charier was applied for under
the Rivers ami Streams AH   for  permission to i le. i- oul  these  log jam1!,
which chioter wa* refused ; thai ynnr
petitioners nre anxious 'h.-itu grant of
at least $:|.IH)0 should be nnide for tbe
purpose of removing these logjams in
said river and putting tie same into
such a condition  lhat logs could  be
driven down it i oplar.es of manufacture.   Your petitioners tlur fore pray
that a sum of money may lie prpvid' d
for in the estimates of the next session
for the purpose above mentioned and
they  estimate    ihal     although    the
aniounl a*ked  i-   insiiMlrieiit   for lbe
purpose of clc-iriiig out lhe piesent obstructions it would do a great deal to-
wards il."
Enforcement of Alien Labor Law.
A Rossl.ind press despatch of 2nd
inst. slales thai Messrs, K. I'. Breinner
of Vancouver, and Edward Williams,
Dominion Labor Coiiimissioneis. have
been here for ahoul ji week looking
Into the matter of alien labor, and, as
a result of Iheir labors, sixteen nf the
men in the employ of Messrs. \V'ini,*rs,
Parsons & Bloomer, who have a contract to do sine- work for the Red
Mountain railway, were ordered deported. Tlie conivjo'tois wiil pay lhe
way of ihe men buck in ilie United
States, where, they were engaged.''This
is the Hrst. lime a case of tbi- kind has
come np in this Province, and the pen
alty of $1,000 line for euch conn,irt
laborer brought iu, wis noi enforced,
Tbe Commissioners staled, however,
that In the future lbe law would be enforced to lhe letter, as ihe munition of
lhe Dominion niilhoiities is lo protect
Canadian workmen from unfair competition.
Toronto, M'tn-li
be raised to th
bill puPSed private
the legislation loduy,
idshv k
,   cif
I . ullt matWH u, if**--.
By the way, it wonld he interesting
to know if Mr. Nation proposed to Carrie or if Carrie "axed" him.
A Western Kansas editor apolgizes
for saying a bride appeared in her
"shirt sleeves." "We wrote 'short
sleeves'," says the editor, "as plain na
we know how."
It is announced that the landing of
the Strathcona Horse, fully equipped,
In South Africa, cost Lord Strathcona
about $400,000, The out fitting alone
cost upwards of $150,000.
j less character of the coal deposits in
the Crow's Nest district is a fact beyond dispute.   Their rapid  develop
ment is simply dependent on the ex-
tensiveness of the demand for the product,   The greater the demand is, the
greater will he the output.   The argo.
ment that if a large and increasing
market in the United States Is secured
tho supply needed in British Columbia
will fall short is absurd.   At Ihe present time, indeed, misleading   reports
are heing circulated, for interested reasons, that the smelters in this province
'are suffering from a dearth of coke,
land tbat the Coal company is unable
to supply the demand.  Such  statements, however, are without founda-
       Z,. .-  tion, and the members of the Associa-
Perhaps one of the most important ted Boards of Trade, during the lale
matters with which our Provincial re* convention at Greenwood, were given
Railway Co.
 ....«." uur irovincial re* convention at Greenwood, were given
presentatives will have tb deal with at an unanswerable argument of their
this session of tho L-gislatiire is the ffmnnHi»o*,»»»-   ***■ -    * ■
this session of the Legislature is the
present tax on the output of all mines
when they go beyond a certain point.
That it is injurious in its effects is the
opinion not only of Ihe majority of the
residents of this province, hut outsiders, who have noticed the effect it has
had upon the province in introducing
capital, are of l he belief that it ia greatly retarding the development of Ihe
' country.   Not only will the position
taken by the government regarding
this important mutter he of great concern to all people at home but to large
circles  abroad   as   well,   Capitalists
should be encouraged to come tn British Oolumhla and make investments
and we sincerely hope that their investments may meet with  great success.   The benefits which   Ihey reap
themselves may he shared to some extent at least hy the country from
which they draw their dividends.   It
is to he hoped that the government
will not  lose sight of the hitler feature in coming to a decision of so much
importance to the community in a province in which the output of ore pro-
Illises tn ttm en l» t   *
groundlessness.   The   delegates   had
heen led to believe that the Green
KailWAy Co.L—«.
The only nil mil route between
all points Bust, West nnd South
to Rossland, Nelson nnd nil
Intermediate points; connecting at Spokane with.the Great
Northern, Northern Pacific and
O. K. & N. Oo.
Conneots at Nelson with the stsamsr for
Kaslo and all Kootenay Lake points.
Connects at Mover's Falls with staff dally
for Republic, and oonntets at Bossburt with
stage daily for Grand Forks and Greenwood.
■o.        Arrive.
     ati0i.ni.     (I.»p.in.
    Il.fi0a.-n.     3.lilpni.
     7.00 a.m.     7,15 p.m.
^^___^JNI0nT TRAIN.
SPOKANK 9.45 p. m,
HOSSLAND 11.00 p. m.
dr_-0_ci ,
Oonoral Passenger Agent,
7.00 a.m.
    ...... ... ounujt ior coKe
owing to the inability of lhe Coal company lo All the orders which bad been
placed, and that an appeal had fron
sheer necessity been made to the smel
ter at Trail, and the request had lieen
complied with.   The actual facts are | A
 -..,  mm*  ww ureen *
wood smelter Was In straits for coke,  ss    rm    /^/^QT,I?D*TY"\1_'
VS'OVtlta  X, n
°"' General Real Estate <fc Fioaoelal Age.
r .......   ...m iwtuai racts art
that on the day, February 27th, the re*
' quest was supposed to have been made,
the Greenwood smelter had a surplus
of 800 tons of coke ou hand.   As only
135 tons daily are consumed, there was
la sufficient supply for at least 15 days.
The Trail smelter at the same date had
a large supply on hand, and, having I
a consignment of 20 cars, which they
were unable to store, on the way, tbey
asked (bat these cars be diverted' to
Oreenwood, which was done, giving
the smelter at Greenwood thereby a
I surplus of about a thousand   tons.
| These tacts were established by the
delegates and have not heen denied.
If, then, the Crow's Nest Pass company cap meet all ihe growing demands of the province for all time to
COIIie. out. hualA..~ - '
On all trains running from RevoUtoke and
.     Kjotunny I-andlHr.
FMs Dunmora Junction fbr St. Paul on Sun
days, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.
For Toronto on Mondays and
' Wednesdays.  For Montreal and Boston
Same can pass Rorehtoke one day earlier.
For time tables, rams and full Information
callonoraddma A. F. MeCUIXY, Agent,
MMway, or .,
1. 9. OARTIUt. K. t. COTLK.
D. P. A., A. O. P. A.,
Kelson, 8. C.      Vanroavar. B. O.
 »»s*MMM* >*H>ti I
A.mmbta-m*„ KMw«r,      ^m
One Block West of Customs Office.
!.{§} : This is a first-class building, being hard <$} m' *>
t$j finished throughout. The dining room (g i& *
® '$ is run under the personal supervision $ J~
'•.$) % of Mrs. Croyrell. pjid i$. supplied with $ u
@. ® @-. .^e kst on:the market; Choice stock d'
@ ® © of Wines, Liquors and Cigars at the h
®   @   %'■©" bar.. Large   Stable   in  connection,
Th* Patronage 41 tki PuMio to Sollottad and
•attafaotlon fluarantMd. L
mmmmmmmmmmimaaammaammaammaamimaamm i	
 ._ n.unmg  ue
- ■""•*H'i>«• *>t* pr<>* inands of tlje province for all time t<
wises to be so large before many years couiei cnn besides supply a large mar
have elapsed. It. therefore devolves j„ the Uniled States and stilt make lit
upon the Legislature to listen to a|l ar tie real inroad' upon the immeijt-e
guments that have heen prepared, and measures which exist, and which wili
after   weighing   all    the facts   op- continue to exist for thousands  of
The Royal Insuranck Cot.
Thb London and Lancasrim*. Fibk
Thb lN8t;R{(NCK Coy. of North
America. ,
Thr I.ONDON and Canadian Fihk I
Insurance Coy.
The Sun Life Assurance Coy us j
Thb Dominion Building and Loan
Appraiser for the Canada Permanent Loan and'. 8a vino* Coy
OQfl ACRES "adjoining Mid way mill«Ue
(OU   for Hinelter or townsite.   Apply
h. h. mntsr «; co.,
Try a Bottle of
and I
Fop that Cough of j**vur**.
^Aj_U_H_l!_______ __ttl___rfl__-__l _-_____)_______!
'• Agent for Stuart's
Map of the Boundary
.„ ,    ..,,     mn   tans   op
pnsed to their Contentions render a de
ciidoii in the interests nf the community at large. A coast paper in speak
ing of Ihis matter takes a different
....,_ .... luuiiNinas ol
years, what valid excuse could possibly
be advanced for refusing the operating
company these facilities which are nee
cessary to the development nf this
 ....... o nunjimre nee
-■- ■",** " "'uerenl ceesary to the development of tbis
view of the mineral tax and if all the great property ? The larger the mar-
ores of tbe province were high grade ket and the greater the development
no  tlmf  n>" * " ' ihe more -v.*-..*-*—      *   ■  ■ '
RKWARI) will be mid bv the un-
^r__m\s fliitnod to anyone furiilxhiittf Information that will load lo tlie coiiriotioa of lho
party or partial who poisonral my Uvrdo* Bet'
cr Biteh.
; * P. W. McLAINK.
Mldwnj-, Feb. 14, iai"   '
J. A.
bo that the tax would be hut small
on the value of the nre mined the argument might hold good, but where
the ores are of a comparatively low
grade such as the Boundary country,
the ,'ugiiiiient is looted upon as lacking in strength. It says: We have gone
vary deeply into debt for the purpose
ri, uirB-..ioniio ui  access io tne
wealth stored up in our inountain fast*
nesses.   The people have   home  the
taxes imposed fur tbis purpose with no
more grumbling than their forefatheis
have indulged in for generation under
similar circumstances,   because   they
had faith in Ihe future of their province and  were convinced  that   the
day would come when their confidence
would receive justification.   The question seems to be, has tbe day arrived
when they should lie relieved of some
part of tbe burden wbich they have so
long borne, and should they be compelled lo continue in tbe old nay, preparing the path of > the. capitalist and
receiving none of the benefits of the
wealth which as long as it was inaccessible belonged to tbe people,  but as
soon as the latter bad provided railroads and all other modern transportation conveniences for its development
passed intu the hands of private individuals ni"''"*"*■ ■"-*"    ' "
ihe more populous and thriving the
district will liecome, and the more hen
eflcial will be tbe influence on thi
whole Dominion. The more speedilj
the mines are opened up the more iin
mediate will be tbe period of prosper
ity thereby induced. Already the town*
Jn >hc ''rmi'n N"~» ■»..»■» ••-« um* n—
of industry drawing vigorous life from
tbe mines, hut without incteased progress in the mineral development tin's
natural growth will le retarded and
the baneful effect will be felt not in
that district alone hut throughout the
Province,  On the other hand, should
development increase, as it will increase, if the company's plans are hot
interfered witb, the communities which
are now small will become large, and
will add a great commercial, to the
natural industrial, life of thecountiy
Other towns, too, not yet thought of,
will spring into existence and increase
the population and wealth of tbe Province.
To day 312 coke ovens are in opera
tion in Fernie, and these give more
than a sufficient supply of coke for the
British Columbia smelters now in ex
istence, but. if the charter for the rail
way to the boundary is granted, immense additions to the plant, at Ihis
mint. »IH "*~ — --*-
Carrying; His ftajesty's Hails
Will leave MIDWAY on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, at 8.jo a. m., arriving a
CAMP.McK!NNEYat5.prm.     .
Returning will leave CAMP McKINNEY oi
Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 9 a. m.
reaching MIDWAY at 1.30 p. m„ and making con
nection with the Wain, going east at 2 o'clock. .
The batrt af a+oaanwad-tfcui for
tm oanvaiitono* at tk*
travailing puMie.'
 --«»»• private indi- mense additions to tb
ddualB and upon dividends from which p,,-.,-, w(|| ■*, niade, and a great sum ol
the said individuals will live suinptu money win ^ expended in opening up
""J,"!" the dennuli- .* **•-*■-'      ' "
 «... nm nve suinptu   ^uucti in opening uf
onsly in foreign lands, leaving merely j,ne deposits at Michel and Morriss>
the wages of the laborers for Britisli (ereek.    The coal company has an
""' "'    ' lt„   Inl—*' "
Columbia lo wax strong upon. We
are not preaching -socialism, hut are
pleading for justice to the province.
Are the capitalists who pay one or two
percent, royalty o*> lhe product of
Practical Wagonind Carriage Builder,
¥Kxsy^^^*%T,^.   U --'.'J   !'W.    ;
Repairing of all kinds promptly .and rtltly exetrutJd ^
Carnage Ralnting a specialty.
  vw». uumpany has' announced its intention of bmnedialely
'erecting at Fernie 130 more ovens and
60 additional houses, at a cost of 1(117,
£00.   At Michel 100 ovens will be erect
' ed at a cost of $9110,000 ,* 100 bouses at a
enst nt »K* imn - -       ■
.,,...,, ut> ine product of ed at a cost of t»j»*u,uw s ww houses at«
their properties more severely taxed cost of K»,.W0;'on plant and mine lm
than the merchants and the farmers of ,)roveiiienl 180,000 will lie expended,
British Columbiaf Iiit the Legists* -,nd $5,000on offlces and store htm*** *
lure atik the real estate owner what h„
  ,i'x, me Legislature ask the real estate owner what he
thinks almut it. We are all anxious
to see the mining industry flourish, as
there is no doubt whatever that upon
it largely depends the future of the
province; hul none of us is prepared to
add to the  burden which he is al
_._..,...^ -•„ *m expended,
and (5,000 on offices and store houses ;
making a total of 4420,000. At Mo -
tissy oreek the following amounts will
lie the outlay: 200 coke ovens ai
$160,000: ISO houses al $82,800,•mine
Improvement and plant, $40,000, and
offices and store $5,000, or a total of
■Tr™.. „.ncii ne is al- $_r*,500.   In all. tbe granting of the
ready compelled to bear in order that cbalter wi„ ^ tbe signal for the ex
the fat dividends of capitalists may lie* pend!,,,,, |„ these three places of $835,
come more frequent.   The railways nm   iu ■■'•
(which fni> ».!•• "■—* -
~..k.  liviiu-. i i1Ul U
J; H. tYRRELL, Proprietor.
y°***m - BRtTISH   -   OOLDMBU
°« ^-^.'iU"; ?«»mbi
Irccb Free from Pests
■*- *i Pm Ca^   ,  e^^™ "" ™»
-—— K   '   '   *• Hutciiersow, Manager.
i : : MltfWAV,B.C.
•   —H§)^---      -
The  undersigned having   taken   this   well-
known  and   comfortable   hotel  invites  the
patronage of ?ll old customers and the: public
generally.   ;. ; ':t :',,'' '
,/ Furnace-heated and comfortably
furnished rooms.
Thos. D. Banbury, Proprietor.
. rv..««. uit 1111.11
 - "»i»»>'   'ne railways (jno.  This will  r..,,.,m..
(which for the most part were built at Lf hundreds of men and the inaiigura
the expense of Ihe people) exact a | ••„„ ..# ■ i .-# —*••-•*   •    -
MML.mm^^^maMm ~ -•■■IC K,BCes oi ttffli,'
come more frequent.   The railways |orj0.  This will mean the employment
utidreds of men and the inaiigura
tion of a period of activity fn that din
trict which will make itself felt nol in
Ihe province only, but also in Eastern
! Canada.
Tht argument insidiously advanced
and industriously circulated that Mr.
J. J. Hill of Ibe Oreat Northern railway possesses a controlling interest
in the coal company has lieen proven
to he without a shadow of truth.
Seven-tenths of the stock <of the company is owned by resident Oanadians
who absolutely control all ita operations, and whose interests are hound
up in the development of tbis Doniln
ion and nf ifci- »»—*-*■--
,  ui me people) exact a
heavy trilmte upon the ore they carry
for the beneKt of their shareholders,
the smelters take off another slice on
nehalf of their owners, the proprietors
of the mine take the rest, and the prov-1
hire, which was the original owner of
all this wealth and went into debt to
render lis exploitation possihle, comes
in nowhere.   We do not contend  that
this is an absolutely correct, statement
of tbe case.   But we bave stated the
point of view from which the question
is regarded by many people.   It is the 	
duty of the Legislature to make taxa- „,,,„ me development of this Domfn*
tion as equitable as possihle.  There- |on and of this Dominion exclusively.
fore in view of the persistency of Ihe —Rouland Miner.
demands which have been made upon mm^_^_<_—
il. since the imposition of the tax lhc —~~~	
fairness and inequalities of which are The Canadian Bank of Commerce
now subjects for discussion by the has contributed $200 towards the tv*
House, the importance which is likely 'id of tbe widows and orphans of min
to bit attached toils conclusions will en who were killed In the Dunsmuir
he understood. mines at Cumberland, _. 0,
Uco p, -™lh.   sngle HorMSi ^JM ■
permon-h.  Two or m«re, delivered in Midway.
.....    tuck $4.00 pa mcmlh.   "   .
le Hotel
*        _******^_^__^__i_^_________»
fPaek and Saddle Aim fir Sale ir Hift
If you have lost a Horse send me the brand, and if'if is
in the country it will be found. '
The Boundary Hotel
...JvllDWAY, B..C._ ;
Strictly First-class Throughout! Excellent Accommodation.
Is situated at Rock Cre It   Mr        _.
dary Creek points.  '
Q«N .Hunting.        Qood ...
Best of Accommodation.
s: T. LARSEN, Proprietor ,
tap. SjmpteJMiii for Commercial Men.
^""* 9
The Pioneer Newipiiper of the
per year.
?s prepiare4 tp
fiU all orders
for Job printing at, lowest
rates consistent with good
WQtk. ;    .
"u"" "   '•  • j  M LNelll, barrister, of Ohesaw, was
|rn last week. .. .    ,
ry Kerslake left Saturday with
, V. _ E. survey party,
enwood wsnts the proposed V,
, extended to there.  Of course I
Hamilton, one of the owners
Dayton claim, Oamp McKinney,
i tOytn to-day.
I'W-.  Bigger, representing Oopp
i'k Co,, stove manufacturers, of
Ont., was in  town over
i Mi_weii, formerly of the Boun*
[hotel, has taken a position at lhe
side hotel. Rock oreek, replacing
Abbott, who hii gone to her
i in Spokane.
i ranchers down tbe river are all
just now putting in logs, some-
[ like a million feet heing required
i new Curlew sawmill.
. Atwood' has disposed of his
st in the Crown Point claim, fn
sn Point, camp, tn outside parties,
•al heing made through J. P.
eod, barrister, of Ureen wood.
Hulling season is near at band.
local enthusiasts tried their
t week, but found too much ice
be river.  Toroda creek resident*
i plenty of mountain trout heing
i now.
■rs. Atwood, Boone, Cunning*
and Winters are engaged in put-
in flume* and filing up a ditch,
[ing everything in shape to go to
at their placer claims on Boun*
r creek.  Hood luck to you, boys.
net smelter returns from the
gins of nre sent to tbe Trail smelter
the Oold Bug mine, in Deadwood
n, was |85 per ton.   Ann! ber ship-
will ha made to Boundary Palls
on as the pyritie smelter is blown
lix Shawr leaves this week lo as-
'.Garrison Bros, in a logging con
Jit the latter have taken at Carmi.
I hope ynu have got over your spite
cook him»e, Felix, nnd won't
cany morenhnis at it with a twelve
Wi&.'iiWdd'-left^iir the cosst on
Irsday on .(natters connected with
.application fora railway charter
Veen   Vernon  and   Kock Oreek.
Kerf left (irt the same Inu-inem
{'Saturday.   Duncan Rons joined the
nmitlee from tbe associated '-nards
| trade who Mt for Victoria on Shi-
Bay to'dist'iisii the resolutions
Ith the Provincial Government
I;. M. Shaw, C, E„ and James Kerr
turned last Monday frtnin Vernon,
(leir many friends, who were alarmed
cause tbe explorers wese several
fiys overdue before reporting at Ke*
vna, were much gratified to Hnd
1st the trip was a most successful one
nd Unaccompanied by My exciting
leujentt. Ww paiiy Mlosred the
Vest Fork to its head water* and
und   that the topography, of the
^untry VasdUtsrent ftom U«at shown
the inaps.- After thoroughly ex*
goring the section, they followed a
attcb of the West Fork to the head
Inters of Mission creek, and then the
Itter to Kelowna. They report the
puts) an exceptionally good one for
ailwny construction. — Oreenwood
In an article on the railway question
he Greenwood Miner says:  J. H
Kennedy, chief, engineer of the Victor
a, Vancouver _ Eastern railway, was
i the city the past week, and went on
lo Midway yesterday with the intention of commencing' work on the sur
ley of the line.  Operations will he
xiinnienced at the summit between
lock Creek and Chesaw. and from
pat point the survey will be run easl
Cascade and west to Ihe Slmilka*
|ieen, for the one hundred miles west
Cascade.  This branch will act as a
teder of the extension of the Ot eat
lorthern from Ihe 8. F. * N„ which
|ill connect with the V. V. k E. at a
>int near Cascade.   If this road  is
i into, the Similkameen, it will en
|iletlie Great Northern to handle all
ores of tbat rich miniiTg region.
■ tramway trom Midway to tht
|mps of the Boundary will also ena*
* the same system to handle the ores
Oreenwood, Wellington, Skylark,
hid-.rood and Copper camps.
The evening shadows blanket all tbe
town t
Tbe weary husband homeward takes
his way r
In fear his waiting wife may call
him down 1
Behind the billboards on tbe vacant
The hold-up crouches with his bag of
And clustered 'round tbe corpulent
Sit anxious men wilh pictured cards
in hand.
And lovers stroll beneath the starlit
And feed each other's ears with honey
The are lights spit and sputter over
The noisy tramcars roll ilnug Ihe
The  hig policeman of tbe funeral
Swipes peanuts from the stands along
bis beat:
Within tbe washy bouse the snowy
With Spray from puckered mouth
Wuu Lungee wets;
And prowlers pick cigar stumps from
the dirl,
Which, later, we will get in cigarettes.
And o'er his fragrant, greasy, steaming
Of mystery stands the hot tamale man.
In moisture joints where glasses clink
we hear, -
As ihrough the dimly lighted streets
we walk.
Men curse expansion o'er their lager
With tongues expanded till tfiey
scarce can talk. -
And heelers,, flush with cash of candidate,
To drink with Ihem the red-nosed
rounders press,
And In their slangy eloquence dilate
Upon the ballot's guarded eacrednesa.
And ask the bummers to do all tbey
To land their pure, unspotted, honest
The. night creeps on, the hackmen nt
tht! call,
Their sleep Iw.ked eyes with chilly
fingers rub.
Then speed away witb rattling wheels
" to haul
The men wiih tangled legs home
from the club;
The tired harkeeps close and lock tbeir
Itie Hums themselves to ten-cent
heds betake;
The weary top* in darkened hallway
And dreams of nlues be sees pot
when awake.
Tbe wicked town relinquishes ils sins
To take a nap before the day begins.
—Denver Post,
X 1
▼>!'▼     maj
There is now no doubt that one
and probably two railways will be
building out of Midway as soon as
spring opens, and Midway is destined
to become the commercial and railway
centre of the Boundary country.
Now is the time to buy lots in the
town. They will make you rich. It is
not a speculation, it is an investment.
For prices and terms apply to
aaaaaaa _. _._._._.
W WW W W W V^^r^
Large Stock.   Low Prices.
wvww www
t. soc. GHcrxAxnr ss co.,
The Central Hotel
llth St., Midway, B. C.
This is a new three-storey he tel,. comfortably
furnished throughout.
The nearest house fo the Railway Station.   The
most convenient hotel for railway travellers. .
The best of accpmmodati«i -jn every respect.
S. DAHL, Proprietor.
TrnrrrrrrnTToTTT t
The Travellers Insuranee Co.
.... Of Hartford. Conn. |
rnrrmrir ~
Chartered 1863.
Stock Life and
Accident Insurance.
ISSUES the hest life insurance
I contracts in tbe world. No
disappointment as to dividends,
Everything guaranteed in advance. Premium rates 15 In 25
per cent less than those of old
iiue Mutual companies.
ASSETS, . . .
January ist, 1897,
. 17,930,260.19
Tbe Travellers Combination Accident Policy guarantees foraccidentsl
under ordinary conditions.
'iolins, Mandolins and Uuiiars from
I up.   Oreenwood MuhIc Store.
Hm will by a good Upright Piano
>arlv rtew.  Oreenwood Music Store,
Provlncisl /lining Output.
Statist les obtained from the mines
pw that the tnetaliferniis mines of
Province during  1900 produced
llal valued at 111,340.784.   The lode
lues produced IUMXB.082 and placer
Ines $1,278,724.  The values from the
le mines were:    Gold, $8,3it.(K»,
per, 12,205.000,  copper,   $1,015,280.
$2,600,667.  the tonnage of ore
Ined  Wns MUM j total number of
Ines shipping, Wi .number of mine*
lpping oWt 100 ion's, 601 number of
In   employed underground,  2,428;
mlier above iground, 1,8051 total,
Th(s Is ah Increase of oui put nf
*0 pet cent over tbe year lHUO.
value of the prodm-tsof the ens I
nes was 15,880,880.   This w*ki»tb*
sl value of the output «l oil the
tot tho Province MJOMp.
The Bonus HaMt.
A very interest ing phase of the Inter
esting railway question has developed
in the resolutions passed by tbe Liberal
Association of Vancouver. Mackenzie
ftMann hold the charter for the V., V.
A K„ and are willing to proceed with
the construction of the line without
loss of time provided a subsidy he
granted hy tbe Dominion government.
It is understood that Ihe provincial au
tboritles have pratically concluded an
arrangement witb the C. P. H. to
build a milway into tbe Kootena*
country over the route covered hy tbe
charter held by Mackeniie ft Mann.
A short time ago sre were told Ibat the
latter would not think of building unless Ihe subsidy which had been annulled by the previous government
were revived. Sow we gather, al
though we may be mistaken, that the
Dominion suhsidy alone would be satisfactory to theib. Perhaps the G. P.
R. will also be willing to abate the rigor of ils terms nnw that an active coin
pel Itor has appeared upon the wene.
There is nothing like competition after
all. With patience we may yet reach
the stage at which offers to huild rail
ways without money and wil bout
price will not, lie regarded with suspicion. Th** conditions produced by the
bonus habit are abnormal.—Victoria
— »
iln. Nation Criticised.
Here 4s something taken from "The
Owl" columns of the 81. Marys Journal i—"You bave all read something
of the doings of that fanatical old hen.
Mrs. Carrie Nation, who seeks to abolish intemperance hy smashing saloons
with aa mo and thumping saloonkeeper's wives. When » woman so
far forgets her womanhood she deserves nn bet(«r treatment 1 ban would
he meled out to the vertett law breaking rowdy. 80 long w saloons are
tolerated by law tbey should lie pin*
tented hy law, and the playful Mrs.
Nation and her little hatchet carefully
detached from each other and locked
up. A crasy woman and an axe is a
more dangerous combination than qui
nine and Whiskey."
Lequime & Powers, Proprietors.
Manufacturers of all kinds of
Band Sawing and Jqb Work done to order
Telephone No. 12.'   Telephone orders receive prompt
Death Benefit     .     ,     ,     , $5000
lm of Sight ot Both Eyes     . ,000
Um ot Both Veet or Both Hands 5,000
Loss ot One Hand and One Koot 5,000
Permanent Total Dlaabll tj- 25110
I/j-m of Kight Hand     .     . *«..W"
I_w of Log at or above Knee , 2„M
I.ohu of Left Hand     .   .     . ),u»i
Low of Kit her Foot    . 1,000
Loss of sight of One Kye ,     , . (ISO
Lirr|its of   Weekly Iridenwity $ 1,300.
AND, If such injuries are sustained while riding as a passenger in
any passenger conveyance using steam  cable,   or  electricity us n
motive-power the amount to lie paid   shall lie DOUBLE  tlie sxini
specified in the clause under which the claim is made. .
Cost $52 a vear   to Professional  and   Business
Men.and Commercial Travelers.
Other sums at proportionate rates
J3E. Nozvis.
To Let.
The   Lancashire   House,   Midway.
This Is a popular hotel, and is a gnod
opening fora 111* class hotel mall.
The furniture can be purchased i-iiaon*
«hlf,v'PiM»esslon given at once. .
fit* terms* etc., apply tot'        '
Tint Midway (Jo*PAirr. Wd-
* Midway. B. C.
Good assortment of Fresh Bread, Cakes, Confectionery and Fruit always in stock.
THOMAS WALKER, Proprietor.
All the beat
Cigar* and Tobaoeoe
eonstantly on hand.
Latest shades and pat-
tarns af Wall Paper now In
Seventh Street, Midway.
Restaurant in Connection.
First-class Meals served at all hours.   Give us a
call and be convinced.   ,
 . ty
Has opened up a W
Livery and Feed Stable $
In the premises formerly occupied by ty
3x       Oreenwood, Boundary Creek* B. C.
We have opened die above hotel at Greenwpod and
Are prepared to -weldome guests and provide good accommodation.   Good catering.   First-class Livery Stable.
Special attention given to all kinds of transfer work.
A rig will meet all trains.
The patronage of the public is solicited.
Rates moderate.
aaaaa*.aaAAa aaaAaaa.a AAAAAAAA AAAAAAAA m a, m. a, Aax m.m. m _,_,_,_,_,_, _,._.A
' ' WWTWW m W WWW^ WW WW WW-*vvwvwwwwtww*~~t
vacs  ncoajp-icrx-o-ia*-  uxohaxob,        ?
NO. 4  K.-W.-C. BLOOK, NEL80I, B.C. *
(lold.fillvprl.rad nnd Copper Milieu niinlud nt tlio KXCHANOK,
KltKK MII.MM) OOI.lt proportliw wanted at once for KiiHtorn iuvcitofn,
■   ParUoflhnvIng mining proporty for nolo aro roquustotl lo wjiicI wuiiplo« of tlmir ore
tothe KXCHANOK toroxhlbllton.
All minpliw kIioiiI'I he senl by oxprnw, PIIKPAID,
Corronpomlonco nollelted.   Addroiw all oomimililcallonii to
A_*__-• Mr  XT.   Roasiib-n'K't'i*, *
Telephone No. IM, P. n. Box 70(1. NK1jS0N,H.0.     X
ammmaaaa ...... — .-..■■....-...-....._.....^ MIDWAY, :=: B.C.
Beautifully situated at the confluence of Boundary Creek and Kettle River.
ILL BE The most important railway town in .the Kettle River Mining Division.
The Wholesale Supply and Manufacturing centre of the Kettle River and Boundary
Creek Districts.
The distributing point for  Upper  Kettle River, West  Fork  and Camp McKinney
iiining camps.
The • nearest Railway town to Republic, Meyers  Creek,  Palmer Mountain and   ofher
Northern, Washington mining camps.
The  leading residence town   _$   the country, with an excellent  climate, pure water
supply and favorable sanitary conditions.
Business- residence and garden lots at low prices and oa easy terms.
Send for Maps, prices, and full particulars to
t„ ■-
'- (,* i
30 St. John Street,
Montreal, P. Q,
Agent fnr British (,'iiliiinbia,
' Midway, J). 0.
.V I' 1
['... xl,
tt "i
CA vi I
(    l,X
At at:
ta ni
■ >','.
As  Looked Upon by an Outsider.
It is* unfortunately true tbat the politicians of British Coliiniliia—past and
presenl—have done more to injure and
retard the industry of mining than
they have to encourage it. Not only
is the mining industry of that province
more heavily tux»d than nny of the
newer mining states, or Oritur in, but
numerous legislative blunders have
dealt bad blows to the mines. The result has lieen tn seriously retard the
development nf British Columbia's
undoubted mining wealth. Tbe cap!-,
Inl for which every mining camp has
anxiously awaited has failed Income
ia any consideralile quantity, and with
a few notable exceptions the mines of
the province are struggling manfully
hut vainly under the heavy burdens
imposed iii various >vays upon them.
The Herald does not make these
statements unmindful of their serious
nature nor without having satisfied
itself of their truth. They are simply
the expression of opinions hold generally hy mining men throughout Ihe
interior) men who know what they
ure talking about and who have been
foi'.ed tn their opinions by bitter experience.
The miner, the prospector or the
capitalist who goes into tbe mountain,
aud gives his time and hard wnrk, undergoing hardships unheard of by the
kid*glnve legislator ut the coast, and
maybe risking his life, to discover and
develop mines is entitled toagreat deal
more than he gen<*rally get*. Ue is
the man who is developing the dormant resources of ihe province, find
ing employment for men, huilding tip
towns and cities and furnishing husiness for railroads. Instead of getting
encouragement and assistance he is
burdened down witb taxes and royalties, and iv is told, ns was the wi iter a
few days ago, by one of lhe kid gloved
gentry at the coast: "Every ton of
ore you take out of the ground makes
the country that much poorer," Itis
when we run np against such fool sentiments as these lhat we, realize the
inadequacy of the English language.
The first Ihing a man has tn do lie
fore he can locate a mineral claim is tn
pay a $5 annual license fee. If it is a
eomp my the annual fee la 8IIX). The
.next thing is a $H poll tax. Every time
he records anything in euiinectinn with
his claim he is molded $2SO. For all
the timber he uses on his claim he has
to pay 50 cents a cord royalty. Now,
ull this would perhaps he reasonable
enough if it slopped ihere. But It
dues hot. After he bus spent pmhah'y
thousands or tens of thousands of dol*
Jars in opening up his mine, incidental
Jy giving employment at flood wage*
to a large a number of men; and start
ing up a little town, he commences to
ship ore, very probably over several
miles of bad trails, and worse wagon
roads, which means more expense,
more men employed, and more money
spent to help the development of the |
country. And when he gets his returns from the smelter he has to give
up two per cent of them us an uddi/im-
al royalty or tax oyer and above all
the others. The British Coliiniliia
miner is the heaviest taxed man in
Canada. The miners huild up towns
and creale revenue for the Government
and then have tn pay for the privilege
of doing it. And yet the politicians
wonder why capital prefers to go
across the line into the states, wli-re
tuxes are higher and the people offer
premiums to the investors. Evidently
the politicians of British Colombia
have yet to learn tbat when thoy
shackle mining they nre shackling the
life of the country and killing thc fowl
that lays the auriferous egg.
The country itself is all right and
ought to he the finest mining country
on earth. All it wants is to be let
alone.' If insured from periodical hlack
eyes and set liacks from would-be
statesmen It will look after itself. How
long would Alberta's great cattle industry prosper if it hnd to contend
with foul legislation such as nffrcis
mining in British Columbia ?
As an old Butte man said to the
Herald recently : "When a man gm h
into this howling wilderness, sleeps
under a tree and lives on bacon and
beans he feels hot when he sees tender
foot politicians swooping dnwn on him
and taking Ihe cream off his hard
California, to-day one of the richest,
states of the union, was not opened up
that way. Every ounce of gold a man
dug was his own and he paid no miner's
license, And every other mining state
was developed on the same principle-1
giving the miner all heco.ild make and
getting revenue out of the growth of
Ihe country created by his industry
and enterprise. The miner does nol
keep all he makes. It costs him on un
average more thnn dollar for dollar for
every ton of ore produced, and nil this
money is spent in the country helping
tn build up prosperous communities.
The two per eent royalty is a tax on
industry, a discniirager of enterprise
and should be wiped out. If the Brit
ish Columbia Oovernrnent is bound to
tax mining let them adopt an equitu
hie direct tax nn all mining properties
and thus stimulate owners to inii'ie
(heir claims producers instead of holding tbem year, after year for purely
speculative ,purpotws.--Calgary Her
aid. '
Mineral Act, 1896.
Certificate  of Improvements.
Hiohunii Quuen Minkkai; Claim.
Situate In ths Kettle River Mining Division of
Yale Ulstrict.  Where Located :-Dead-
wood Camp.
J* A* KB NOTICE that I, Forbes M. Kertiv. as
atfentfor lhe Highland Queen ttinuolitint-
*Hniiig and Milling Co., Limited Liability,
free miner's certitlcato No. tttutfl, intend
sixty days from tho dale horeof, lo apply
to lho lining Itooordor for a certificate of
Improvement.!, for tie purposo of obtaining
a Crown grant of tlio above claim.
And further lake notico that action, undor
nclion 37, must bo commenced beforo 'ho issuance of such eertlfleato of improvements.
Dated tbis 28th day tt January, I'JOI.
To 0. A. I'olerson, lale of Kholl (reek in Yalo
Sir: Yon sre hereby notified Ihnt no hove
expended tlirizn in labor and improvements
upon the "Hig Windy'' Mineral Claim, situate
in Providence Camp, in tlm Kettle Hiver Mining Division nf Yale llislrli'l In British Culuill-
bin, In ortler lo h'uld siid claim under Iho pro-
visiii'iKuf Sec'jim2J of lho Mineral Ait. such
being lhe amount required in hold'lhe said
claim for lhe year ending April!,, IIKII.
And if at tlio expiral iimof ninety (001 days of
publication of this noliee vou fall or refuse to
conlrlbiite your proportion of tho sxpentlltiiro
required under said section S4, together with
all costs of jidveriising, your InterestiL in said
claim shall become vested in Ihe sunscrlbers
(yonr co-owners) undor taction 4 ol tho "MJaSr*
al Act. Amendment Act, IW)."
Haled at Midivny, B. (!,, this loth day of
December. IRIIO.
C. L. TiniMKT, .Manager.
Timdc MMNW
Anyone sending aeket«h nd deecrtMlon —
auleklr ascertain nor opinion free whether an
Intention le prolwblr wwnuihle. Come-tuUc*-
lions strictly conSdentlal. llnnitboo* on l-atenta
■ent free. Oldest iimi lur eecurimr iwtenti.
I'aienta taken tbnwiih Munn a Co. receive
tatdtl acute, mathm, teuse, to the
Scientific America
Ahwdiwmelrfltantmt**! wwklf.   Unrest dr-
mi Iiit (mi tit my ifientlfln jonrtmJ.   Tcrmi, $8 »
enr; four monthi, 91.
roar; four montbi
Branch Oflice, I
J by all newsdealers.
CJ6 V BC Washington, D. ft
J. A. Unbwoutii, Secretary.
yLiiKINSON.   ■
Provincial Lund Surveyor.
XU/   Architect and
 ;_  Civil Engineer...
I^enl K.slate,
Iiisurai|<-<* unci •
Mining Agvt)i
•HWVOTAItV     I'l'III.H',-Mhk-
_ oir.vtow TowiiHiti* As*«fit.
. . . JU1IIIK8H . . .
rv*rrc*N)iot--lniioe Solloltetl.
Riverside Addition.
Just a* Word!
To those contemplating an investment in Midway real estate, the information is
offered that on the Riverside Addition may be
found 300 very choice residence sites.
LOTS 50 x 125 FEET. &   PBB MSOMLE,
For term* and all other information apply to     /
W. H. NORRIS,        or        A. MEGRAW,
Midway, RC Camp McKinney, B. C.


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