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 1 Ht AUVAlNLt.
lol. XV, No. 7.
$2.00 per Year.
Uhkknwoiii,, II. 0,
—: Notary Puiilic,
Hallett & Shaw
Natarlct Public.
I Aililrum: "IIallktt."
Coin:': Reitforil McNeill'-, Moreing It,
Nuiil's l.oll„-i-i.
ti:>«(M»i>. ni.
,  . .   MIDWAY, H.C.
Customs entries passed. Mineral Act
und Land Act papers drawn up. Affidavits taken.   Abstracts made.
Communications by mall or telephone
promptly attended to.
|ndell Block, Greknwooij.
Phone OO, V. * it.
A. H. Can. Soc. C. E.
KoviNciAL Land   Surveyor
I-Jeal Estate
Tonsorial Artist.
for a Ursula*. Shavo, Hair Cm, Son foam
or HlmmiKKi. call at this abovo parlor.
Itatoni honed anil ground.
IlKTH  STItKKT,  •  •   •   MIDWAY. B. C.
We have just received a fine line of
Our aim is to carry the very best the
market can supply, at the
lowest prices.
* Hotel Spokane,
tr^X/ST Seventh
n idway
A new building, well furnished. Evetything new
and first-class. Only the choicest Wines. Liquors
and Cigars kept in stock. Headquarters for Mining
and Commercial Men.
All Hindi of SipalHnf*.   Hortatho«ln«
A -por.ially.
IriKar-GbAH AoooimonATio!!  roi* Guitars.
\tr  KxccUei'tnuhliii-on Kotlhi Rlvor._f
I All kinds of work oxeouMd to
tha »atl»faction of ouatomora.
- Midway Meat Market -1
K. K, MATTHES, Proprietor.
At Ms csUbllsNment customers cm get choicest cuts of
.tor on tha protulaea  -  -
Call mul gol a gi ii nl joint
A   Description   of  That
Promising Country.
done upon them. Samples of ore from "Tha' the Boundary ('-amp Mining
I the surface assayed well In gold and & Milling company never al any tine
some copper, Imt, the principal claims owned any property of any nature
Therefore Metks are always fresh and sweet
for dinner to-day,
P. 0- BOX 25.      |
b____ «_b_k_k _______-_ti_ti___F
vwtWjwtWf mmmw wtwwwtw*
»* -—THE
\S?      Greenwood, Boundary Creek, B. C.
We have opened the above hotel at Greenwood antl
are prepared to welcome guests and provide good accommodation.   Good catering.    First-class Livery Stable.
From Nearly All the Ores of the
Different Camps—Several
Towns Located In the
Thi' following description of the
Wesl Fnrk country, well tun hy James
Atwood nf Midway, nnd which appeared in ilu' .Ium' number nf tin* Mining
Record, will doubtless piovcof interest
lo a number nf nur readers :
Thi-rc has been a gond deal written
about thn Went Foik nf thi; Ketlle
liver mid its tributaries, but as a rule,
nnly nne or two localities have been
desrrilied in such a manner as I i give
people any real idea of the vast pnssl
lilhties nf this Important mineral Miction nl British Columbia,
Leaving Westbridge nt Ihe roiiflu-
ente of ihe West Fork wiih ihe Ketlle
river, and following lhe si renin for six
mill s, we come In Boomerang creek.
This creek marks the southern linini-
d.-irynf the Boomerang mining camp,
a liiiner.il til-anile hell al'Ollt three
miles wide hy nine lung, commencing
alkint two miles east of lbe West Fork
and running iu a westerly direction
for nine miles.
On lie* wesl side nf lhe river the
iniiiiT.il In-li i.s missed liy French nnd
Kf iiy creeks, Th se creeks run
ilimugh deep rugged canyons. The
Ml does not seem in extend beyond
Lit tie Goal creek, two miles faith r
nn. The principal mineral zone up
pears In lie ill ihe southeast curlier nf
the bell, ami aliout equally divided
by the river—men something ueai four
square ini'es. Here are located ih-
chief claims of lhe c.uup, snine of
which are showing up exceedingly
well ns far as ihey have been developed*.
The nre i.s gold, silver, copper and
iron, cm vying snine lelluriuni, and is
partially free milling.
Assays nf leu to ihirty dollars in
gold per ton are quite common. The
wilier lias had assay returns showing
values nf frnui lifty In ihree hundred
.md seventy-live dollars, fnun sped
mens taken by himself from claims iu
ihis camp,
French creek is a small tributary of the West. Fork. Ueie are
some good looking claims, Inn en
far very litlle work hns been
ilone ou Ihem.
The country rock along ibe canyon
Is heavily impregnated wiih iron, and
the same may be said ol Kelly creek,
two and a half miles furlher nn, and
Quartz, a tributary of ihe Kelly,
Leaving Kelly and keeping on up
ihe main stream we arrive at Bull
creek. No mineral has yet been found
Ahout a mile beyond is Little Boat,
and then Big Goal creek, both on the
opposite side of Ihe liver, wilh Deep
creek intervening on the olher side.   I
Wm. St. Quintin, Prop.
Everything   First-class.
X-xrtfhxMOwsmm*. tO***<V
H.  KEYES, Prop.
Good Accommodation.
Hen, Liquors and Cigars.
Flrst*Cluss Stabling.
In r. nnmor
l,',\J.    BSB■—BBSS
Praeiieal Watch Inker,
(lood Tools, Plenty material,
■nd jo yun Hptrltnci to tn
work corrtctly.  . . .
Seasonable Goods
Downtoaelualcost. 20 per cent less than formerly
of the zone are situated around Rea*
The ore in ihis zone is of very good
grade, ten to twenty-five dollars in
gold being common, and some claims
with good sized nre bodies assay better.
Ore that was shipped frnm Ihe "Sally"
last winter is said tn have run over
$100 to ibe Ion, and free gold is often
taken from claims iu Ibis camp.
Five miles above Beaverton is Carmi, tin' cenl re nf mineralization of the
Beaver ere -k mineral belt lying on the
west side ot the West Fork, and
known as lhe Canni zone. It lakes in
the whole of the Carmi aud Arlington
country wiih un area uf thirty square
The Hrsl discovery here was made
liy James D.ile, a prospectoi in 1800,
and it is now in a fair way to become a
prosperous cninp. The Carmi claim
shipped one thousand tons of ore lo
tin smelter during last winter. It is
of good grade, I believe averaging
forty-live dollars In the ton, and assays of seventy-live to three, hundred
dollars iu gnld have been obtained
from claims iu Ibis cainp.
Continuing up the river we pass
Wilkinson creek. The trail from Bea-
vei-liin to Penticton follows Ihis creek
to its head, nnd then on down Pentic-
ton creek to Penticton, situated on
Okanngnn lake.
Further on is Hall creek, where some
gond claims have been located. Across
lhe river is Ch'na cieek. Nome placer
gnld has been laken from Ihis, but il
appears that in most of the cieeks i
have mentioned the gravel bottoms
are auriferous.
Two miles from Hall creek we I each
the Kast Koik, a considerable stream
len miles in length.
Keeping on up the West Fork we
arrive at the Summit of the divide and
ihe head waters nf the si ream, which
lakes its source in some meadows and
small lakes. The tolal lenglh from
there to iis confluence with the Kettle
river heing about forty-five miles.
In the summary report of lhe Geoln
gieal Survey Department for 19(10, ii
short description is given nf the geolo
gieal features of ihis region, from nb
seivations made last *ear liy Mr. R
W. Brock, I quote ns billows : One
mile above Rock creek, dolomites, ser
pontine, argillites and greenstones,
probably belonging to the Cache creek
series, occui. Afler continuing altom
a mile, these give place to a cnuglnin-
eiate, prohahly Tertiary. The con
glomerate is soon succeeded by more
nf the Cache creek rocks « hich enn I ill
ue to James creek. From James
creek 10 Wesl hridge, and from West-
bridge to Boomerang creek on the
West Fork of the Ketlle, the dark
purplish and reddish basalts (hirds-eye
porphyries of the prospector) obtain.
Frnm Boomerang m**k lo Ranch
creek the rock is a gray granite. From
Rock creek to Beaverton it is mostly
the reddifh younger granite. At Bea
vertoii ie an important area of green
stone aud some altered sedimentary
rocks in the gi unite.
except the machinery of a sawmill
erected at Curlew, then on property on
which the said Kettle-Curlew Mining
k Milling company bad nn option,
known as ilie townsile properly ; lhat
lhe L'uinii Consolidated Mining company, wilh a capitalization of one half
billion dollars, is not now the owner of
any properties whatsoever and in advertisements and assurance has since
Mav 15, 1901, continuously agreed lo
pay to all purchasers of such stock
dividend nf 2 per cent upon Investment
nn July (Innd lo guarantee a furlher
dividend nf 10 per cenl for two years
mi ihe said Union Consolidated shares)
that such assurances are fraudulent
and can not by any possibility be carried out."
The complaint alleges that 8125,000
hns already been collected fiom the
sale of stock ; that the revenue lequir*
ed on stuck certificates niimunis to Hi
per cent nf the purchase price nnd that
the tolal expense fnr officers, etc., exceeds 75 per cent of the receipts,
The Kettle-Curlew Mining and Milling Company in Trouble.
St. Paul, June 10.—The American
Mining Investment company, which
have not heard ihat mineral has been j proluia,d to build smellers at Grand
discovered ou eillier of Ihese thiee
Waists ; 1"
and  checke
Having a large stock of Summer Goods oti
hand, and wishing to dispose of the same, we hnve
made the above 'reduction, bringing these goods-
down to actual cost.
Fancy Ginghams, for
Zephyrs and Chambrays, strij:
White Muslins, Fancy and Plain (luting Flannels,
Organdies, and numerous other seasonable goeds for
Ladies' and Children's wear.
Ladies' and Children's Straw Hats at greatly reduced prices. Only a few left, as they sell fast at
our prices.
Clothing for M<'n am' '*°ys t0 lx' s,0'^ llt il sac"
rifice. so don't miss the opportunity,    Bicycle   Hose
and Sweaters.
Shoes in Tan and Black, to suit all tastes.
Grocery Department is stocked with a full
|jne of goods sold at small margin
hardware and Shelf Ware
for cash.    1
for Builders.
HAIN & CO., General Merchants
Grossing (he river al lhe mouth of
13 g Gnat and aliout three miles dis-
lent frnm it, is Cranberry ereek. This
is ihe southern (inundnry of the greal
Beaver creek mining hell, The belt
litson both sides of ihe West Fork,
nnd so far as explored exiends to ihree
mili-s north of the Bust Fork, having
hi area of one hundred and tifiy
square miles. The cimnlry here is
more or less inimrnliied throiighoul
iis entire area,.
The Hrst settlement in this dislrict
is Mcndcll, siliinled on Ben ver creek,
but tlie supply point for ihe surround*
ing country i* Beaverlnn, which lies
ahout n mile mid a half f.inher up, nnd
seems destined to beeoine ere long a
place of considerable importunee. The
Boundary Falls Smelting On. are
largely Interested In this property aud
ils rapid growth and ill iinale prosperity appears lo be nssiued,
There are two mineral '/.ones in the
Ben ver creek bell, 'lhe Heaver mountain i, <uc takes in that part of il lying
east of the West Fork, nml from lhe
mouth of Cranberry to I be head wafers
of Ben eel- cieek, nlioiil fifteen mil' s in
lenglh by Hve ill width, thi'iil'eii h-ing
somewhere in ihe neighborhood of
seveniv-llve sipiare miles, lhe ceuire
uf minor.ili?.Jii ion being around II -nver-
loll, Some good clninis have been
found nu Kuuii Hill mountain, thiee
miles farther up lhe creek, and nlso
some very promising ones were suiked
two utiles beyond and like,vise nl lhe
head of Beaver, but this was only last
year und very litlle work has   I men
Forks, B. 0., ha* got into trouble, The
compauy, which has been   doing  nn
Funds Will Likely be Provd.-d for
the Early Resumption of Wurk
on the Mine.
The Stemwinder at Fairview is likely to resume operations at an early
dale, Richard Russell, manager of
the Fairview Corporation, Lid., is now
in the east consulting with shareholders regarding the proposed
thiee cent assessment, Oiving
io Messrs. Gooderham nnd Black,
slock dmppiug their bond on a controlling Inlerest in lhe slock olher
means of providing funds to carry forward development have to be arranged, A syndicate nf heavy Montreal
owners have, clubbed their interests
nnd have sugge-led to the management Ihe idea uf levying a three-cent
assessment, distributed nver u period
uf three ninnlhs. If I he scheme is carried out and .shareholders generally
fall in line, there can be raised morn
than sufficient money lo repay lhe
loan advanced by Onoderhnin and
Blackstock under the lei ins of the
bund, and also to carry on thedeveb
opuient of the Sleinwiuder. Tbe mine
itself has ieally a wonderful showing
nf low grade free milling nre. It is
developed by nn incline shaft lo a
depth of SOO feet. On the lowest level
the west drift haa heei ruin log in ore
forthe pasl (HI feel, fnun wh n in
vein was encountered by n shi ri 'To-r-
eut fiom the shnfl. Ni ither wall is in
sight and it is approaching a poinl
under the 200foot level where the uie
widened out to 21 feel between walls
something big is expected. Again the
values have shown a slighl increase,
lhe average uf the last ten samples
lieing $7.04 in gnld and silver. It is
hoped locally that a strong effort will
he made to cany on the development
now thnt the mine has reached a really promising singe.
If the scheme outlined above to obtain f.inds i» carried through ii is most
likely that a sum will beset npnrl tor
the development ot the corporation's
400 acres of cojiI Inn.is at Whit-e ...
Tne showing of coal, where it crops to
the surface, gives evidence of something better at deplh. Local black*
Biuilhs suy the coal is good fui coking,
and the opening up of the numerous
camps wesl of ihere would provide an
unlimited and growing market,
enormous business fnr many months
by aid of vigorous advertising, ir. facing
a suit fnr dissolution,
Attorney General Douglas has begun
proceedings to dissolve the American
Mining Investment company. It has
been operating in the stock of Washington and Idaho mining concerns.
He charges the conipany with fraud in
the representations which it made in
selling Ihe stock of the Ketlle-Oiulew
Mining & Milling conipany, (he Boundary Camp Mining company, the
Queen Bee Mining cumpauy, and
In brief the charges are : "Gioss
misuse nf corporate power which
threatens substantial injury to the
public ; fraudulent exercise nf powers
and functions uf a corporation ; the
payment of dividends trom the sale of
stm k instead uf from lhe proceeds of
the mines i decepllnn of public by
nii'uns of false advertising."
In his summary Ihen11urney general
declines "that the Kettle Curlew Mining & Milling company never owned
any property whatever, except, an op-
lion to purchase whnt is called a portion uf the townsile of ('in lew, situated
about Itl miles distant frnm the Canadian PaclHc railway in northern Washington, except, also, certain options to
purchase alleged mining claims from
ihedistiict adjacent (hereto i that all
of said options lapsed prior to May 1,
1001 i thnt siid compiiiiy is not at this
lime and has nnl been since the dale
aforesaid, the owner uf uny interest
, therein.
Some interesting figures nn the value
of ores in the Morrison mine nre given
in a report on lhe properly inst completed by Boy H. Clarke.
The tusk of examining Ihe mine was
undertaken a few weeks ago by Mr,
Claikentthe request of the Morrison
officers. His report, which has just
heeu completed, has been printed In iv
neat booklet, and has l»'en distributed
to shareholders in Ihe company.
"Some 5,000 tons of ure which was
token out simply in drifting lies nn
lhe dumps." says Mr. Clarke. "The
greater part uf the ore contains ahout
the right amount of silica, lion and
lime In make it a good self-fluxing
ore, similar to the nthei- ores of the
Boundary country. However, the
large amount of iron pyrites pieseut
may make it necessary tn mast a portion nt Ibe lot In reduce the quantity
of sulphur in it before it is smelted,
"The ore recently shipped from Ihe
Morrison contained about 22 percent,
sulphur. This exceeds the amount for
smelling operations, us required ut
present iti thisiiisitict. Such, If smelted by Itself, is desiilplii,iizeil by being
rousted before it, is Bundled. It may
la* found practicable and profitable for
the company to roust ihe ore in heaps
at the mine. With fuel at hand and
proper methods foi bundling tbe ore,
this can be dune for about.fifty cents
net- ton, A saving in freighl and sniel-
tei charges will thereby be effected.
(Continued uu I'nge 4.) Published   weekly   ni  Midway, I). (.'.
Subscription Price. $2.(10 per annnm. parnlil-.'
Id jiilvitncr. either yearly or half-yearly nl the
option nf the subscriber.
Advertising,' Rates sent on application.
MONDAY. JUNE 17. 11*11.
We nre in receipt of a copy of a
map of the Osoyons Mining Division
of Yale dislrict issued by R. H. Parkinson, C. Ii., P.l, S., of Fairview. The
map is lithographed in colors and
shows all wagon muds, trails, Indian
reserves end principal towns, If is an
accurate and useful guide to Unit sec-
lion nf Vale between Oamp McKinney
oi the east and Princeton on the West,
and North from the International
boundary Iiii" to Okanag iu lake, it is
bv fai ihe bed map nf the Osoyoos
division ever compiled and is certainly
a credit to Mr. Parkinson,
Il iss'iid ihe census slum's Ihal. the
population nf Bruce County, Out., hus
decreased nearly live thousand In ten
yenrs. This .seems hardly credible, hut
the people of thnt noted division of
Canada must be very prolific indeed if
Ihey huve kept themselves np to Ilie
old standard besides distributing stur-1
tly specimens nf niunhniul in llll pans
nr tbe country, It is a notorious fuel
that you mayfly tothe uttermnsl parts
of the earth, bin you will find a Bruce|
limn Ihere ahead nf you. When Capt
Beruier lakes pussessinn of the north
pole ill the name nf ('.muda he is sure
lo be welcomed to the alleged temper-1
uie climate of ihnt region hy arepre-
Mutative nf the dominant county ofj
Canada,—Victoria Times.
he finer, i( would seem.   The furnish
lugs of the ladies' cal  the lounging
room nnd other parte are of the finest,
One of the attractions 'vhicli is always
lnnked for hy the sea traveller is a
chance lo promenade. The Islander's
cihin is so locaied that a splendid
walk cun be hud around il.
But it is in the state rooms where
the well heing nf the passenger has
been zealously guarded. Every ar-
rungenienl nml detail which could possibly contribute lo the comfort hn*
been provided. From main truck In
kielsun, from stem to slern, the ship i-
kept, scrupulously clean. As many
wended theii way up town after viewing the vessel und enjoying the hospitality uf Captain Foot ihey were cull
strained to suy she wus the finest ves
sel wiih the most popular skipper on
lhe run.
Ou lhe wny up there were many musicians on board and lhe last night nut
u concert wns given, nt which T. Ii.
I'limphiry presided.
The  Dividend Group.
"British Columbia," snys The Toronto Globe, "bids fuir to become nn
Industrial nnd commercial rather thnn
an agricultural province. I1 Isdiffii'iill
fnr us lo realize how very important a
pan Bri'ish Columbia is likely In
play in tha future history of Canada,
When we ihink nf foreign trade we
Ihinkof the Atlantic Ocean, as een
t ii lies ngn men Ihniight nf the Mediterranean. But il is likely that ill llio
yours to come the Pacific Ocean will
be fully ns Important a commercial
highway as ihe Atlantic, It washes
the shores of the countries in which
will lake place the greater development nf lbe tweii'ielhcenliiry—China,
Asiatic Russia, lupm, the United
Sales, Canada, Australia, Wednnol
know i.nt that in the yenrs to come ns
large n part of tiie products of Canada j
.-in I tin- United States may be shippei
westward ns east waul."
An interesting report is to baud from
j the Dividend group, on lhe roud between Penllctnn and Camp Hedley,
near Fish Luke, says the Kossluml
Miner. The property is owned hy lhe
Keremeos Mining Syndicate, in which
lucnl men ure largely interested, and u
few dnys ago a crew of men cuine
down afler completing the programme
of work which the company has hud
in hand for some time. The reporl
returned tn the management was thnl
at a point .100 feet east of the shaft on
I lie claims hud heen found n fine showing nf snlid nre apparently as good or
belter than the nre in the shaft. Four
samples were taken frnm the latter
for assuy purposes, and these ran respectively, $4. $14, $20 and $24. The
outcrop was found to he !-i0lo40fe> t
iu width, and this wus only one of several ouicinps on part of what is undoubtedly a very large ore body.
There are a dozen nr inure expnsures,
and all of tbem show copper at I he
Hrsl stroke of the pick, For an urea
500 feet in length and SK) feel in width
Ihe heavily stained cup nick and lhe
appearance of the earlh alongside indicates the presence nf an extensive
ure Imdy immediately beneath. Ai
another puiul a ledge of mineral out
crops every 120 feet for 400 feet up and
ilown the hillside with copper ore in
every showing. The report wasin the
way of a private communication to
the company aud concludes by remarking :   "The showing was a wonder."
Railway Co.
Nelson & Ft, Sheppard
Railwav Co.
Red Mounlain
Railway Co,
The only nil rail route bet ween
nil points Enst, Most mid South
to Rossland, Nelson and all
Intermediate points ; connecting at Spokane witli the (Jrent
Northern, Northern Pacific nnd
O. U. & X. Co.
Connects nt msiland wilh the Canadian
Pacific Railway lor Boundary Greek points.
Connects nt Meyer's Fulls with stage daily
for Republic.
Buffet Service on Passenger Trains be
Iween Spokane nnd Northport,
EFFECTIVE MAY 5th, 1901 :
Li-jivo. Arrivi-.
SPOKANK     !l.i»i-'..m. M5p.ii>.
ROSSLAND    p.*ann in. (.lupin.
NKI.SUX     tl.lSa.til, 7J5p.ni.
xx. a. frA.oxx.soxx,
(lei,itiiI P&wuigor Agent.
Reduced Rates
basu    *.-  *-*   -*
May 3!, June 8.
_*o  B-uffnlo
June 4,18; July 2 16;
August 6, 20.
*O***O*0***********9******* ******** 0*****^ I
Seventh   0t.,   Midway,
One Block West of Customs Office.
M This is a first-class building, being hard §§ ® ...
vg   finished throughout.   The dining room   (§)   ft
W ® 's run UIH'er l^e P('rs"n;i' supervision •::-, ,::
tt,   i§j   of Mrs. Crowell, antl is supplied  with    ■--.
3S €) _j7 the best on the market. Choice stock ■•.
;g   -I/   @   oT Wines, Liquors and Cigars at the
'W   ®   ®   §§   bar'     ,'ar*e   Stil,,lt'   in   c°nnectioi
The Patronage of the Public is Solicited and
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Imperial  Limited
June 10.
  i   ynr thic tables, mum Mid full Imorrofttlon
'callonornddreafl A. F. MoCriXY. Agont,I
Vo —Soliliirkc late of Spokane, Washington   31 jdtvii v. ur
iwhoso first or Christian name i*< unknown).
Strr-You aro hereby notlflod thai I havocs-
ponded $105 tn labor and improronionle upon
tho''Rona*1 Mineral Clnim, sitoalod in Kruger
Mountain Mining Oamp, in tin- Kairview MiniiiK DIvWou, in Osoyoos Mining I'i-irici, in
Ilritish Columliin. in order to hold said olalm
uniler tho pro visions of section -•! of the Mineral Acl Mieh being the amount required t.i hold
said claim for tin? year ending May 2nd, 1901,
And if, a- the aspiration of ninety day* of
publication of this notice, you fail or refuse to
contribute yonr portion of the expenditure re*
quired under said section il, together w\rh all
_08tf> uf advertising, yonr interesl in said claim
.shall become vested in thc subscriber, Mjeof
your en-owners, nndor section l\ of Uie Mineral
Act Amendment Aet, JiKM.
D.vted at Midway, li. C, this '5th day of
Co-owner in the "llonu" Mineral Claim.
Post office address  Dragoon,  Spokane
ire County, Washington,
j, s. cAitn.il.
I). P, A.,
Nersoo, It. C.
A.G. r. A.,
Vancouxer, II. 0.
TAKK XOTICK lhat i\) days after date 1
intend toapply lo tire Chief ''ommis-mmr
of Lands and Works fur penttiasien tu pur*
ehasefractlonal HD acres of iand, beginmug at a
post marked A on tin- west tMmndary of Olalla
to wi milo, ICcrcmcos Creek, thence* north 40
chains mop or less, tlienee west '*s\ chain-.
soutti*4Tchains, east Wchains to point of beginning, and containing 8U acres mora or less.
Dated tho 3rd day of May. 1901,
' C. d.ll. OltKEX.
General Rent Estate & Financial Agi.
A|j;wnt  JE"o_"^«—
Thk Hoyai. InbubanCK'CoY,
The London and Lancashire Fihk
Insuranck Coy.
The  Insurance Coy. of North
The London and Canadian Fike
Insi'hanck Coy.
The .Sin Life Assihance Coy x.t
The Dominion Hi'ildino and Loan
Appraiser von the Canada I'kii-
manknt Loan and Savings Coy
Carrying His Hajesty's Hails
Will leave MIDWAY on Tuesdays. Thursdays and Saturdays, at $.~o a. m., arriving at
Returning will leave CAMP McKINNEY on
Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 9 a. m.,
reaching M IDWAY at 1.30 p. tn.. and making con
nection with the train going east at 2 o'clock.
The best of accommodation for
the convenience  of  the
travelling public.
i!S aK* Sti !'■•!« *!* ».*»' J* gs «« j»» ••■>«*• "■► -ii «.*.«» »<*i.e. r- •
«w »,:- mu te- mmmt xVt 5» m *t*****A-m* IS 5* Hi iti Hi Hi wi i- Ji.
"C. P. lt. vs. the People of British
C .luiuliii" is the till** of a pamphlet
Issued fnun a Victoria printing office,
Orand Forks Celebration.
Gra\u Forks,  Line 12, UWl.-Th
ifflrial prngriimni! for the two day
and is n.iw hying'.•ircnlaled throughout oelehratioii hereon July 1st .md 2nd
the province. The work gives a his- has heen issued. A noteworthy tea-
tuiy of lbe slrugglejto obtain a coui- ,„■„, win  he llie mi.e3 ,lt ,^ lle
pelitlve railway from thccoasllotbe Westside  half mile  track  which i
Kootiunys.iiudhowlheenteiprisehiis neaping   completion.   In addition to
1 " temporarily blocked by the Duns-1 ,*,e attendance of the fastest horses in
the Kootenays and tne Okanagan.
several Washington, Idaho and Mini
tana stables will be represented.
The events are as follows : July 1.
quarter mile dash, purse $200; half
mile, pu.se $25(1; 3U9 yard diish, pur.-c
SIS); pony race, purse $30 ;  cow  b iy
innil- government. The writer of"the
pamphlet proves clearly that ihe C. P.
IJ. is controlling the provincial government, and thai the wishes of the pen-
pic have been ignored. The reasons nf
the publication, as given in the bonk
Dself, are as follows : tl). "To lay before the people of British C.*luinbiaanjI.ace|25() Vltl.ds an(1 ,,,„.„ pil,.se m
ac.-u.rtte and connected statement of I JuIv2, ,me ,„ile race, purse «2M ; U*e
lhefa.,-t- relating to the legislation in! eights of a mile, purse $>M; ladie-
Ihe matter of ihe Ooast-Kootenay saddle race one half mile, purse Slu;
Railway, (21. To show (,) thai, the gentleman's saddle race, quarter mil.-,
Dunsmuir government b.ve, in th? purse«50; one mile-trat green, purse
legislation which they have broughtUgo. Emriesclose Saturdav June 20
down, disregarded the almostunani- at8p, ,„, Kniries can he'obtained
sion   of public opinion| from the seor^lary.   In all races foil
KSTAHI.I -II l-;i)   Ll
. l'OK
Chloride of Lime
Lime Juice
~Wg   Have   ^Tlxe-X]..
The Midway Pharmacy
Our  Specialties—Varieties Profitable in British Colui
Trees Free from Pests.
Send for Ittt-.t Catalogue.        I". HutcHerson, Mai...
s A
Lancashire House.
: : MIDWAY, B.C. : :
throughout the province, and have not I
t enter andthri-p siart.   All puis
performed the pledges mule by 111.' divided, 75 per cent tn Hrst and 23 per
Ministers to their constituents in the Lent lo second. Anv h ww dirtanciuK
general election which returned them' lhl, liM w|n b(J eisyvh,A .„ nrat „mn
to p.iweri(b) that the L.an A.-t whioh  „„h.     Tne managing en iee r*
i hey have passed is beyond all questinn ■ KtfrV(,s ,1|H Hght of eh tnging the owler
detrimental to the province generally of any-raw if deemed advisable, aid
and to the coast eiti-s iu particular; (r)
lliiit.it discloses an undue preference
for the Canadian Pai-iflc Railway .-om
pany.   (:l) And  to wain the public nf
lo declare otf j.ny rac-* not  filling  t
their satisfaction.    Kniranc- f-e live
per cent of purse with an addition**.'
live per cent fpom winners.   Californi.-i
jockey club rules to govern,   Entries
I he very dangerous situation whirh is
now created bv the •„iivei,,t,.,-f..1vnee|wi|| :,.,,„..,,,.,,   ,,,   ,-„..     .,..   ,,„.,,,„
nf ih*' Grttiftdmn  PHfinc llailway in.
nw] the  undoubted  influence  which
tint ro'piniiinii pnssesse8 ovpp, legia-
i.t'iv*'-lif.tiis in British Oniiimbia,*1
>W. H. WEBB.f
puny, gent's s ..Idle, cow boy and ladies'
Kor the double-hand drilling con
test for .-< pnrse "f *203 donated In- .lav
P, Graves and A. t'. PlumeVtelta larifn
nunilierot entries are expe-ted.   There
will be a hose contest (wel t»st| for a!
purse of  .SUM.    Teams  from  Green ;
wood,   (irand   Porks,    Hossland   and |
Nelsnn are expected lo enter,   On lhe
A Warm Welcome.
Skamvny heralded the arrival nf tht
(' in -.dian I'a.-i lie Navigation Company'!
Bleaiuihip Islander in it* port on ber evening of .Inly 1; under lhe auspices
first trip by the following glowing re*  "f the Urand Porks Athletic Associa-I
port, which appeared on tbe front page !'""•• tblfK w"!  !*" K heavy weight I
,.,,,   ,, .,,. ;     , '  b    Imxiiig contest lietween Char ie (iotf
of ibe Daily Alaskan : nf Spokane and Bob Hodge, the chain
The undersigned having re-opened thi-; well-
known and comfortable hotel invites the
patronage ol* all old customers and the public
I iirii,i.-.-.|n'jit((| And com fort Jiblv
furnished   room*.
Mrs. Dowding, Proprietress.
"Sunday afternoon h .If the poputa
lion of Skagway accepted tbe cordial
invitation of Captain Pool to Inspect
pion of liaho.   The fallowing eve. ing I
in tb- lightweight class. Dal Han kins,
of  San    Prau-isco,    formerly    lixh'
. weight, clmuiplnn of the world, will
lbe.steamship Islander.   Captain Font   n„.e, Kill champion of Colorado
was personally in charge and he was Negotiations with the O. P. R, forthe
very solicitous lo see that everybody, tunning uf   special I rains are in pro-
bad a .h.nee to see the fine  ship and   "*—, '.       , .,.    „    ,        ,,,
,   , ,  ,, . ,, 'he members of the Spokane Chain
partake of the good things. He was Ihm-,if Commeire have lieen invited to
most ably assisted by agent Dunn, Mr. aHeii.l the celebration,
Pilinphiey and every member of the
crew. Tbey weie all just as |Hiliu nnd
ul ent Ive as though those aimanl bad
paid Iheir haul cash to be lakeii can*
li would be difficult to giveannccur-' .;,„„ HoT_jii__l Cum.
me description of the ves*cpland ber Sltuau In the Osoyoos Mining Division of
The Riverside Hot
Is situated at Rock Cre Ic. B. C, on the main
route of travel between Penticton and all Boun-
Practical Wagon and Carriage Builder, dar> Creek i)oi,us
ttIDWAY-       -       "       »• °- STOPPING    PLACE   FOR   STAGES.
Repairing ol all kinds promptly and neatly executed.
r D . . , ****************
Carriage Painting a specialty.
Good  Hunting;. Good   Fishing
Certificate   of   Improvements.
nppointmenln without going Into Ihe
minutest details. The ship's exterior
is well remembered by in any Skagway
nns, but the Interior baa lieen so com
pletely changed th.U il was absolutely! ioapp
in.recognizable yesterday. Tne Ht-
tings are n,.,.| ela'n,»te ,iud the.decor-
at ions are all ..f jui i-i ii- merit xt.A pres
ent a harmony of view which is iu
desciib.bly grand.
Yaie District.   Where located :  Kmger
T.\KK NOTI.'F. lhat we. K. II. Ilortng. (.-..
minora ctrUflcau N,>. H.W. ntxAi'
tree Ji.ite-rs c-rlifirale N'o. nAl-AI.
Ul)   fr.x.   ironx   Ihe  date  hereof,
■ ':,• Ulnlpg Ke.-onlertora CertfAml ■
■■.'-. tor iht- purpose ot obtaining
h , emu .,r.,t r "t 'h<- i.lwve pfrtilll.
And farther take notice tliat aclion. 'it'ler
*t*rli.,n .17.  must   bc commenced betoit- Um
K.i,.i!ici:„f ..nil r,ji[illeale of  I „Xf,,x -i.,,     .
li.f.si this llth day al Mar. l'-"l-
B, D. Iiil..ISO.
The Boundary Hotel
...flIDWAY, B.G,..
Strictly First-class Throughout, Excellent Accommodation.
GOOD   S_P-__»_B__-T_H'Gr.
Large Sample Boom fop Commereial Men,
THOS. McAULEY,   -      Proprietor.
Best of Accommodation.
S. T. LARSEN, Proprietor.
The Pioneer Newspaper of the
Boundary District-only
$2.00 per.year.
S prep i
fill ail ■
fur Job
[ng at I
rates i'
ent with
ti \L ANU -OI nil. I
ago-   Stooke and    ll.    Mc
Breen wood, were visitors to
Itl..111   left on   Wednesday for
[her Lnle mine,  where he ha*)
Ind Mra. A. W. Strickland, of
loud, drove d.irtu from Green-
bsterday to spend   the  d,iy  in
■Madge M-Given left nn to-day's
|r Nelson, B. C, where she has
a situation as waitress in one
aiu's most popular hotels.
rai fishing parties went up the
esterday for a days outing,
Report fishing good, some of
laving caught over one hundred
week R. Oardmii r-ceived a
potu his brother, wrbten frnm
rsdorp, nhe.e heisgett.ugal.mg
sly. having lately  received pro-
fSrtii.burn, of Camp M.Kinney.
ent Ul South Africa with Strath-
lor-*, was in Midway on Thin*
his way   to Camp McKinney,
arrived the previous evening
)lt i»., where he had h.-eu since
gitm-Iit was mustered nut.
. 0. Dale came down fnun Carmi,
be   West  Fnrk,  Tuesday.    Tbe
grant  ha*  lieen obtained for
ii, and lots will immediately Is*
on the market.   Considerable
ting has lieen done al Cunni, and
3v a nunilier of families are resi-
Kerr, of Greenwood,  whn has
itlv returned frnm Victoria, where
Is lieen completing ar.angeuients
sr'ing work nn the Midway and
■on railway, was in  Midway nne
fast  week.   It  is tp.ite  protinhle
|W"i-k on  this  line   uill be  colli*
ted early next fall.
In*'i   r.nuer»n.   piop.ietor of the
Ip  .McKinney hotel, and his niece,
McKay,   were   iu   Midway  lasl'
lue*day and left the same day for
Breton.     Mr.    Cameron   h.*»s
a    resident   of   this  province
-the  early  day,   having iu   l#7ll
red iu California, a. d tbree years
came to British Columbia.   He
visi' Scntland In-fur-- returning tq|
l. i e it i'i uj) M -Kinii ty.
I).    Cunningham    last    week
Whi down smite fine si**' iui'-lis of
fr -III a llUllilel of ,-laiu.s. will, h he
James Atw.Hid have *■**, enla
ed up lb'- West Fork. Mr. tun-
rbim returned on Thursday ..id
I.in . unp.iiy wiih Mr. Atw.ual.f-.in-'
ie prospecting through.>nt the
n'. J.Bgan, of the Rnssiand Miner.
i io 1Mid**y one day lasl w.ek on
inest in connection will, thai pap-r.
Miner i* fast gr >u ing in popojo ity
»■ 'b. Fiver found the patient in a
; very precarious condition, -lull by
| prompt action soon relieved j her from
| the effect-, of the poison.-Chesaw
i Times.
H. N'ewn.aich.of Riverside.C'al., was
, a ii-itor t„ .Mjdivay during the past
Week. .\|r Xiivmarch is taking a look
j over the entire Province with a view
to locating in the place that best suits
bun. He wis v.-rv much pleased with
Mi.l-.iay. and thinks it hy far the most
pleasant place lo live of any he has
vet -,-en. From here be went on tu
'he Okanagan country, to look over
thai locality liefore definitely deciding
where he will locate, hut from the iin-
pression, which he has of Midway, he
wilt, in all pi-ohal.ibiy leiiirn and permanently locate here.'
— r*.	
Ride a Cleveland.
F..rail bicycle aco»ssoiies and supplies call on W. H. Webb.
Order a Cleveland wheel from Vf. H.
Weld., who has tbe Midway agency.
Ride a popular wheel. The Cleveland is acknowledged to lie tbesuoerioi
wheel made In day.
Three new and slightly used I'pright
Plan -« al a LHvat liargains : one Walnut at $250.03 : one modern style, Oik
Case, fully guaranteed at 4275.00; one
Mahogany, latest artistic design ai
$£25.00. Greenwood Music Store.
(ireenwood, B. C.
Elkins   Clark.
One of the prettiest weddiigs ever
witnessed in Greenwood was celebrated by Rev. VV, A itol.ins at Sl. Jude'.-
ML-simi room bist Wednesday at Vi'.i)
in the morning when Mr. F. M. Elkiu>
and Miss Annie Clark Here united in
the holy bonds >.f matrimony, Mi-s
Keefei acted as biidrsinaid Wliile Mr.
Randolph Stuart Btipporled tin-groom
Tb- luide was gowned in a pretty electric blue costume with lace aud bat to
match and the bride-maid in a p-i|e
blue costume. Mr. VV. G. McMynn
give the bride away. Tbe service »a*
choral and the altar was nicely decor
a'ed. The congregation crowded the
budding, among (hose presenl beiue
many old tJnie..-. Both bride and
groom aie well known in lhe ciiy. having resided there sfnce*Gtieenwotid was
Iml a small milling camp. Mi. Elkins
i-i depiuy slieutf for 1'ie canity iiid
was for nun;!' ye.,is a utrtiil-t-r of the
provincial polio- -f.ii-.-e. Among 'be
iiu.i.eroiis |i i'.-jI- received was a
hands me .me from the local lodge \.
F ft A. M^ of wbich Mr. E kins is .
pi online.,1 .ii.ni ei.
M . and Mr- Blkitis lefl by W.iin.-.-.
day train for Nelson where lhe none)'
moon will l-e spent.
For Smuggling Tot-scco-One Forfeits
His Bail and the Other is
Fired $ioo.
sdi-tiici and. ntlder the present     (J,,Hecior JlcCmcheon of the local
geiiienl, will iiu.tij.ue.oincr-a-e    ,(_rehas heen  roundiug up some  of
dilation in tbeBoundary country.    |,„    u,..a(.,.„  o_UBjrh.l8 du.iug thej
shy far superior io any ether    V(.t.k    |)n Sattratay Alex. Hamilton a I
ly published in the interior. rancher residing near Buuudai y F-.ll-
■ Benennan returned  on Fil- appeared  before   Magistrate   H.illeiti
Iy from Lous* Lake lamp,    where charged with offering cortr.ili.nd to
'has l-een   eiig.ged   for some time   '«ceo for sale.   He «as r.-inafid.-d un
There is now no doubt that one
and probably two railways will be
building out of Midway as soon as
spring opens, and Midway is destined ]
to become the commercial and railway
centre of the Boundary country.
Now is the time to buy lots in the
town. They will make you rich. It is
not a speculation, it is an investment.
For prices and terms apply to
_*:;_* i;_s :_^:_-j xs a&>»>i ^A& &_t<_ A .v
97?5> 757 WrywyW 999 '_*-*-*9^,
w *^.
& The Central Hotel w
fa ku
'     Carpets,
Large Stock.   Low Prices.
▼▼▼ »▼▼▼▼▼▼▼▼
T.   HOC. G-X7X.I._E3^Sr Ss    CO.,
I The
Bakery m
llth St., Midway, B. C.
.. ^^ai_^fc_i_i __*___t__W___\ t*_M
0999 7999 WW 51 ~*
|§§Jj  Good  assortment  of  Fresh   Bread, Cakes and   n^S;
Confectionery always in stock. Jjywj
iji This is a new three-storey hcte!, comfortably   JE
fa   furnished throughout W
fa The nearest house to the Railway Station.    The   »(/
fa   most convenient hotel for railwav travellers. w
fa y
to t^**i**ti«99*re» Mi
fa The best i I ace immodatidn in every respect. \{/
M? f:$S*.999XtX99e*** JK
I      S. DAHL, Proprietor.     J
Fresh Fruit in Season.
■a.->.->.-^>, y>x *>*^A ^>.^ &■•_>& A.
!_>-?;>-'5~ 775 999 ■*■*■-* ■rs-^WtA
^•'«&^__ &&&. <f'ii *i t-&_V_m-m_^__\m<i &gz<£*£
v *?r«55>*5: ^^.^ ^?^?^'*'C*«C*«<*«i^.«^r*».'
Has opened up a
In the premises formerly occupied by
Bavcklay   Ss   Harris
and has on hand a first-class outfit of
ikiiilSiin the Mojinliglit, adjuiiiing
e Roderick D.in. Tneladw .'» the
iuht h*< liwn I meed fcir 70U f.
il Mouthy j.n.l ieler,«.i| on I..H of SiVI
f.iritisli.jil liy I,. A. Sniilhof Anacond.u
When his msv im* cillr.l Oil   M .wl.iy
id v»rle* in width from two tn fonr Hamilton runde no *i*-pean*nci* nnd
luiil  w-iivS   esu-ealed.    He   \v«
lutl.it  of  pinrluisiiis    l<i'-«c.
in  111
fruiu |
Miner wh" h is ,-i .slnre .jii   the Ain*-ii-|
.-jn. si.!.* belotv Uidwtty, .ind selliiiK lo
ll.e   ii.ei-ch.i.t-..   Some  l>ti»ii,e-s nien
evidently do noi r.-aiize lhe serious-'
nen  of  piii-i-lusinu-sm.igKleil g.wds. I
I'm* penally jitJJ.ihed  is as severe a-1
tint diiwied  agninst  the smiigKlt-r I
The minimum tin-  i< Slw ..ml  S-Vn j
with  iMssil.le  additional   |ienaity oft
imprisonment from three lumilbs to
IK'.j y.'-ir^.
On Momlav Ur, McColcheon «mii-.1
the hi rest ..f J.J. O'Neill a .mrii-r ivo.k-l
in)j in Minn.i,it   i-«ii.p.     He .ipi'i-ju. d j
l-efore   Judge  Balled  and  was lined -
$100 which wna  pnid.      Mr.   O'Neill
bought     t.i...'-* i   ii   Kelson.   Wash..;
and    sold    it    Ul     the     mit.ers     ini
Summit ramp.   As he acknowledged
In- guilt, the inagisiiite iinp..s-.l the
minimum title.
The department is determined lo put
. stop to smuggling of i his nature and I
sillaeqitent cases ».li in ..II pnilwlillliy
he morvjseverely d^alt  with.—Green*
W.kkI Tillies.
•t.   This property, which helm-gs to
Benennan, was Incited in 1S6 and
is lmd considerable work duns on ii-
P. S. Stanhope has retorted from a'
ip up the West r'.rk country.   Mr.
inh.ipe was greatly s-irp.is-d at the
i elleni   i esiilin   obtained  from th-
.rk thai has been done on a ninnl-et-
properties in that dislrict dining bis
sence in Kngland and says that It  i«
ilv a question of ttniwp rij.tioii facili-
es until a number of properties,   lb.it
itm have a g.Kid  showing on  them,;
ill U-c -me sllippei^.
A promising vein is being followed,
Ito the   hill   lelivefl)   the   |,.tt»   rail
ay spur to lhe Ureeuwond sinelM
nd whal the railway men c.ll lbe
high line." The claim i- a fraction
>vr.ed by Me-rs. Hedpath and I'i use.
ho, slarting on a siinill broken q.ii.rt?
in initierali/.ed with g.lena. .ur now
Conraged hylis improved ..ppeaianc.-
continue wmk on it. The tunnel is
ow ill hetwecn lit) and 40 leet
Developnienl work continues at 'he
1 V. mine, near Kholl.  and lbe di.i
innd drill is al work prospecting both
.i.-rilly   and   vertically.    0 e shin
i-ents are being well maintained, the
'Kgregate. tonii ige shipped having now
xceeded 40.000  tons.    The nv.-ran.
'■ 'Pner   values  obtained   from    this
iuantity of ore mn In nearly seven pel -j Pre.emDt0rS Of Crown
cm.   whilst lhe yield of silver wa».N0UCel° rre emHluls ul
b .ut throe iimices to the ton and there Lands.
rere small gold values iM-si.les. 	
c  1    tk       . 1 it ' TIIK slWiUon et I
X.I..   Ihomei has retilin.'d  from it'   '
[rip acmes ihe line in search of horse
lbie.es.   His parly wenl as Iai as the
P'lliimhla river, lint  w-.r.* too late in
Overtake the thieve-, who are said 10
pave crossed the liver some days pre
i'n-to the  arrival  of  Mr. Thoinet
ii-l hi- party. No doubl Mr Thiumt's
Persistency will  yet lend to the iin.si
of l|„..,,   |,a,1(|s    „f   t|,j,.V|S     „|m   „,,.
working the ranges between here and I 'y^.h ,
Wenal.bee. Tern
I'i-. Freer wns called Into the country
Monday nigh. rose.. Mrs. VV. D.Qlaae,
who was siitfering from the effect, of
*• .rli.ilic a,id poisoning. Mrs. Glaze
li id la-en suffering from toothache and
«'..s iisini* some medicine, the principle
"igredkiii of which is carlwlic acid.
Lequime & Powers, Proprietors.
Manufacturers of all kinds of
Single and Double Drivers
Saddle aod Paek Horses S
Will also conduct a transfer and dray business.    Bus   ^.-.
meets all trains.    Freight and express de- ib
delivered to anv part of the town. \J/
'i. ft'
•?__£____ _:•_;_:• £i_&&£i<Si£i.&£i&£i£f£i£i£i£i&4p-*
v^**C**«* ^P^ ^•■C-'C •C-^-'C* ^^^'V'k-^-^'v-v-v^
Band Sawingand Jt)b Work done to order
Telephone Xo. 12.   Telephone fdrdets.receive prompt
****************** * ******** ******** ♦♦♦♦*♦*♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦* ***
* No. 4 K.-W.-C. Block, Nelsoi . B C. '*
I * OoM. Silver-Lead and Copper Mint- ranted M Uie KXCHANOK. .♦
I ♦        KKKK MILLING GOLU propcrlie> wanted a! oner for L.,-                   - •
T D_Wt__ V>a t ii>e» mi til nir Iii-iitrf>rl \     {{,_• Ot\t. nTV    riTilIli-«!>-i!  '.'■  -■ - . f   it.! IT OF
! The Travellers Ins;iranee Co... ]
I rnrTrYTrrnTTTinrir j
1 .... Of Hartford. Conn, j
| rmmnnnr!
| J    Chnrtend lS«:t. 1
• _*     .stock Lire nnd *
S **'      v.-.-iili'iif liixiirnnee. *
a  Telephone Xo. 101.1'. 0. Hex :■". NEU*OS,aC.      *
****9***0*****0****** ******** *** ***** ****************
I t^rrrxiTizUiri^
■~ { THE
* Particl—viug mining proi*r'! fors«_Me requested to scud
* 10 lhc KXl'HAXtiE.toreshibilion.
' J Ali simples shoull l>e scut \v exprtm, PHEPAID.
r + i'omJsp.->ndence sdicil»j*t.   Address All commanfcttUo) -   1
* ___lc3.v_-w   X*.   Rosonberg-cr,
I* T-l.nX...n-, Kn   IM   P   fl   RlMT Till.                                                                                                      XELSOX.  !
* ISSCBS the I.I--.I Iif** liisiiimice
.li I    ,-.,iiir-..i-is in  lln-  world.   No
* rll.-xppoint.iient b* 10 divMnid*
* RrnrvihiiiK |tuiu-«nt'i*"l in ■"'•
» v.,in,'-. Pi.-ini.Ki* i'-i'"» l-> '" «
J -H-rwil less Hi'" U'"*1' >'f "ld
9 luxe Mutual ■•iiio|.iiiii>'>.
ASSETS, . . .
January ist, 1897
$30,884.53 I
He   Thr Tuivillels t" lllllHli
LIABILITIES, . . 17,930,260.29 f
SURPLUS   .... 3,976.4J-4*36 *
Accident PoHoy (ftiamtitets foraccidfiilal *
THOMAS WALKER, Proprietor.
All the best brands of
Cigars and Tobaccos kept
constantly on hand.
Latest shades and patterns of Wall Paper now in
Seventh  Street, Midway.
l.u.ii-. i< hereby 1
, lhc "L....I A.:.   !">*-'
. lhc  Uu-i-Utnrc.  «hl.
- .it. :—
!    "5 l're-o.np'.*
nrrt'Ar* in p.yii
plon nt f'rmi-n
o, Bniandnionl i"
l„ bul m-ton nl
Mm .,. foUon-
}   [Math Hi-nriii . _ .
if   !.,-. ,.f Sig'.ii of Itoih Cyr
*   I,,., nt IHI. Ve I or lloih Il»i»1
iii.iIhi- ..uliimry cnndltiona.
■piw-n Inn'l*. «h-ih.-rin    *
..f pnr.-li.v-.
\,r.. nt On-,- Han 1 nn.l Orio Koot
pemnnonl Total IH-wblt tv
!/>« ol  Itight Hand      .      . HM" £
len* at lx*g at or above Knee  . UW _
1,..* uf  U'tt llnnil      .    .     .       t,O0fl •
ton nf Eilher Kool                        1..'" T
Um of night of Une I ye .     . . f
!   Rider Agents Wanted
ton f
ttoprovement. "r
i:fli-al. "i( Iropro
ll.i-i.-.ift--'. -1 ■•"
rtaln fil." 'l-i
ij,,-!. b. •-. 111.
tbeir prtH . pti
ment* ol 1 •
9        Limit** of   Weekly ltidciv)iiity $1,300. |
m j       i ■
*   AXD. If su.'h injnri.-s art' sttatained while riding as n passenger in *
n tl\- 11
Sl-I.laj .-fib
Jtlth.l.o of J"1
■uinl Uie rem—t.
.11.1.1.. ol :
jm. ij.. it* "'. ll
Ili-puty I'.-'Ji".
l.-in.Uaiul Work*
1    Victoria. B. t
efort thi
One in c.-t.-h town I.. ri.l>-nii'1'■xhil.it ii minplr l(«D inoilel huyi-ii- of mil- own
iiwmtfacture. YOl' CAN MAKK $TD TO $S0 A WEEK, besides Iwviug*
1901 Models,        High Grade Guaranteed,        $10 to $18
* VM, ,-,   rr „itii,... j- .,-,',,..1 .nil- .i-.i,.,   ,-"-.'--  •  T.   1900 and 1899 Models, Best  Makes, $7 to $12
» ;„;.- 'asmtngeb 1 v.-ynnce iisinn s..-j.,,i eaiiie  or v^;V:";'>', "•;„;' t \ eoo Second Hand Wheels, taken in trade
xi   ,„, ,ii„ i,,«-.i- th,, iuiioimt   t>. t»* lKiiil    shall lie IHU IJI..r.   Hie Mini   i    _"" ..
• l •-■ * by our Chicago retail stores, many good
as new ... $3 to $8
\\V will -Oiipjinv i.i.-v.-le OS AIM'HOVAL Innnvnne wilhnnl u cenl depos*
i, |n u.Ivj, j.n.l .How TEN DAYS FREE TRIAL.   Vr 11 t.k • »l*solnU*ly ih.
risk in nrderinff fuini us. its y«udo nol itei-il to pay a rent If the hiryrle ii«
not suit vou    Do nol hny n wheel until vou haw written for
PHIt'ES.nil FUKKTK1AI.OKFKR.   This lil*-..,l . IT-1 hi
led and is a gnnnntec1 uf thn quality of our wheel
lierson in ea.-li town In dlstrihiite c.ttalot(j«*# fo. n-
Wi ite to-tiny for five i-hImI. gue and our spw ml 1 ITer.
l.t   JlltK
t ni.'.li'v,. ...wi- the amount   Ul l»- patU    sliall ne l.ui i*t.r.   tne sum  S
* specified 111 the •-•latise under which the claim is made. *
« COSt  $52   A   VKAK    TO   PkoKKSSIONAI.    AND    BUSINESS*
* Men.and Commercial Travelkrs. %
* *
* Other sums at proportionate rates J
\VB \\ ANT 1 t-
*T. X*. Mead Cycle Oo.,o_ic«_«, Ma
MIDWAY, :-: B.C.
Beautifully situated at the confluence of Boundary Creek and Kettle River.
\\_[_ OL 1 'ie most important railway town in the  Kettle River Mining Division.
The Wholesale Supply and  Manufacturing centre of the Kettle River and Boundary
Creek Districts.
The distributing  point for   Upper   Kettle  River,  VVest   Fork   and  Camp  McKinney
mining' camps.
The nearest Railway town to  Republic,  Meyers  Creek,   Palmer Mountain and   other
Northern  Washington mining camps,
The   leading residence town   in   the  country, with an  excellent   climate,  pure  water
supply and favorable sanitary conditions.
Business, residence and garden lots at low prices and on easy terms.
Send for Maps, Prices, and full particulars to
30 St John Street,
Montreal, P. Q.
Agent fur British Columbia,
Midway, II. C.
mmmw        '
^k —- -az -f m; -£,'^2jW'.5J -j-- >-~ *>* -aJ 'A* o^ IB ^
, :A',y.'. A' iii. 59i!i A i.i. A iii, Zc iii. it __ *i!4,,S&_
A despatch sent out from Greenwood
a few ilnys ago says :
Miileolni McAuley has arrived here
frnm Olalla. He stales Ihere is a great
ilea. Hi of provisions Milling the pros-
pernors i..- Kereiueos creek uud vicinity. Those who are in want of provisions have to go to Penticton or Pair-
view, and ihey feel it a hardship, con-
tillering ihe short, time ihey have got.
prospect iu, to waste valuable tune in
Ruing so far for stores. A storekeeper
has n splendid opportunity to opan out
in Olalla, and the flrst person tn comment', would get the cream of Ihe
Mr. McAuley is interested in some
claims on Cedar creek, which tomes
into Keremeos ereek above Olalla, and
he brought a large sample nf gtmd
looking e..pper sulphide ore with him
to he assayed. Mr. McAuley suites
thai a namesake nf his and a man tall
ed Irwin have made a good strike on
the east end of Dividend mountain,but.
be dins not know full particulars. Me
Lean and McKinnon have also made a
good Hud on Oreen mounlain, which is
lo the north of Dividend. Theirllu.l is
topper sulphide, and they have got a
large body of it to work on. Mr, Hul
lock-Webster has a force of 15 men
working on the Yuniuiaii, and Ms labors are meeting with satisfactory re* >
suits iu free gold quartz,
The connection between the Kereiueos- IVniictnii wagon road, nearMt.
/.ion, and the Nickel Plate Penticton
wagon road his already leen commenced, The road hetween Princeton
nnd Ketemeus is now finished and lhe
bulk of the freight for Princeton will
now ciiuie in via Peniictoit am! Keremeos creek. Kuotvles nnd McKay
have struck the continuation of lhe
Mt. Zinn vein on the highest part of
that mountain,
Messis, McMillan and Forties are arranging to send a large exliil.it of mc
frnui the apex and Ml. Zinn group*, of
which they are the owners, to the exhibit ions of Glasgow and Buffalo.
Their action is highly praiseworthy
nml will do something inward*, drawing attention to the mineral wealth of
this country. Mo far as known those
are the only exhibits which will rcpre-
m ni the Similkameen nt those exhibitions.
Geoige Cahill, whu sold lhe Nickel
Plate to the present owners, has just
returned from a business I rip tu Spokane.- He hints there are certain negotiations on the tapis fo. Iiis property,
which, if brought, tun successful Issue,
will introduce cerlain of Canada's most
prominent statesmen to the Similka
ineeii. Yates is a partner with Cahill
in a gtonp uf claims that surround the
Nickel Plate on Twenty [Mile creel-.
The banner claim is the Climax, and
on Ihis Ihey have driven a tunnel for
05 feet on a 36-inch contact which is
heavily charged with arsenical pyrites.
They have obtained assays on this up ,
to $157. Mr. Cahill speaks highly of I
the Humming Bird Fraction, which
belongs to Mr. Marks ; he considers it
is a claim which will help to make
things look well for the camp.
Jienning and Braithewaile and Albert Dalrymple have bonded the Sacramento, lteno and the Evening Star
to some Spokane people.
Wyhnn Williams and Olson own
the Copper Cliff, which adjoins the
Climax, and the work they are doing
demonstrates they have a splendid
large body of copper sulphide ore averaging $12 in copper and gold,
Certain prospectors who own good
clninis on the sleep mountain sides of
Keremeos and Twenty Mile creeks
have complained to mc that when a
likely purchaser visits them, and Ihey
point from a lower level nf the creek
to where their claims are situated
away up above the likely purchaser
sometimes refuses to take the climb ;
moral to the prospector—do not expect
a tired and weary man after a hard
climb tn luok on the bright side of
things, I,nt imike aii easy graded trail
1.0 ynur claim und gel ynur man then
feeling gnu.I mid fresh.
To ll. McKay, Esq., of Keremeos, llrilisli Columbia.
Tnkc notico that I have done on tho " Valley
View" mineral clnim situate or, llm West side
of Koronico*. Creek in tho Osoyoos Division of
Vale Ulstrict, thc work required by section 24
of lhe Mineral Aet for llio year wliicli lias expired and have duly recorded tho .-.-it ideate of
work :
And further lake notice Hint if, nt Iho expiration of 1*0 days from the dale of the first lailili-
culi.in ..f litis.intiec in the Midway ahvinck,
y.ai, a co-owner, full lo contribute ynnr propor-
li.ni of the expenditure require.) hy said section
21 iii respect of such work, naim-lv gal.25 to-
fjelher with all the costs of advertislni*, your
merest in sniil mineral elnlm shall become
vested in meiip.ni tllini; with the mining recorder of said mining division the iinliee nnd
nltidavit required hy the "Mineral Ael Amendment Act IIMI."
Dated this '.Uth tiny of April IIKII.
Anyone lending n akeleh Init deMriptlnn may
quickly naneruin nur opinion frae whaticr m
. ...«...* •»«,»  i'iiouno  mUllll At
irttlal nntlee, without easrte, In th*
.—tir nsovruln nur opinion frw .nwnsr mi
l..t«..ll..n il nn.hnlilr •wienlutile. Cn-nnimim.
.. ._.-. ....     »■—'bookonPi'
... .._. ...._,. nm.,..:, ,vr mwlMemtOt*...-
%lLtfr.A**°'j!..t'''?''i!'1 Munn MA imlft
t free.
Ur "until
toner for Mean
mM, "', KC, W M.nUUL CDlllWB, in IM
Scientific American.
A huidsntnclf llltitttmted weeklr. Lnnmrt Hr-
milfttlon of nnr HlentlflQ Journal. Termf, |a a
yenr; four months, |L Sold by all newsrteiiicrs,
MUNN & Co.36»e~—«New York
Bnneh Olllce. m K St. Wuhlmtton, O. C.
Provincial Land Surveyor.
XU/  Architect and
___. Civil Engineer...
1-^enl Estate,
Insurance and
Mining Agent.
•dVOTAKY    PUBLIC.*****
t nil view T<jwiiwit« Agnnt.
... Jllil.lcKss . . .
H. H. PA l< KIN SOX,
norrespondenoe Soliuitod.        | Ore
To ('. A. IMarmii, Int.- of Elioll Creek in Ml
illntrl.-i :
Sr: Yo« ire hetfehy nutiD.il tli..t «* lu"
expended fllK.ai in lalsir anil iiiipmnMl
•pan the "III*-Windy" Mineral Claim, iin*
tti I'mi'Mxin-p Camp, in the Kelt I.- Hi'" >'
liiK IHvialon of Yalo Dlslriel In HrllMi i'*»
hUi, In order tnhokl slid claim nii.l.r tin-1"
visions of 8ee*Jol) W Of lhe Mlmral Art. «
MiiK Ihe amount required lo hold thr m
elnlm for the yew endinit April .1,1'.'c
And if at the expiration of nln.'i- iWdiji*!
puhllmtlon ot (hia noliee you fail ... r.-fu" -
comribute yonr proportion of ilu- exptnoW
requiml under aald aecllon H. logtlhrr W
allriisianf -i.lur'l.ii.r, yonr liilen-ma m **
claim shall heenme vested In lln- .ul
lyonr ciH.wnert.1 nndcr 8wlk.il I of llic
al Act Amendment Ael, lm)."
Haled at Midway, II. C. tlii* 8lh d»l
April, 1901.
C. L. Tiiomkt, .Miin«s'"-
J. A. UNiWOIttll, StrrtWll
(Continued fnun l>nge ],)
Mr. Clarke tnnk aliout 25 samples
from various parts nf Ilie mine, They
were averages as nearly ns eutilil lie
nlitaiiietl. Iii speaking of the resnlis
thai be obtained frntn theni Mr. Clark.
says :
"in conclusion, it is evident from
values given ilhove that the ore thus
far encountered in the Morrison Is of
low grade. The average value p. r Inn
lies between $5 anil $0. On the olhot
hand, the ore is fairly uniform in Value, and every sample shows sume gnld.
silver and copper, The largest value
is iu gold, a condition whi.-h is desir t-
hie mid which does not obtain in th •
huge producers in the Boundary country. They are worked chiefly for cop
"To make the mine profitable, first,
the nre must appear in large quantities | scennd, It mint be mined, trans
pin ted and smelted at a cost not tn exceed $5 a ton.
"The Ural condition gives promise of
heing fiillllled. The other large mines
of the dislrict are milling their ore
where they do imt. have lo hoist it
I'i mn helow; at a cost in some rases nnt
exceeding $1 a ton. 1 believe Ihal, It,
can he made possible tu mine the ont
in the Morrison above the main tunnel, if large bodies are encuiinteied.
fnr a price not to exceid $l.lio a ton,"
Just a Word !^^^—^^^^^^™
To those contemplating an investment in Midway real estate, the information is
offered that on the Riverside Addition may bej
found 300 very choice residence sites. I
LOTS 50 x 125 FEET. -H-_1__^—
For terms and all other information apply to
W. H. NORRIS,        or        A. MEGRAW,
Midway, B. C Camp McKinney, B. C


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