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 Vol. XIV, No. 24.
iiii-, _ii>v/\ntE;.
$2.00 per Y«ar.
p. M01.K0D,
(illlJKV WII'lli. B, 0,
—: Notary Public,
Hallett & Shaw
Notaries RaMlc.
|lllll AllllrilM: "II.LI.ktt.
Cooks: llmlfnnl McNeill's, Moreing Ic
Nests, Leltwr'ti.
•.p.v.s wood, ii.c.
. . .   MIDWAY, B.0,
Customs entries passed. Mineral Act
and Land Aet papers drawn up. Affidavits taken.  Abstracts made.
Communications by mail or telephone
promptly attended to.
' TIkndki.i. Block, Greenwood.
Phone UA. V. a N.
A. M. Can. Soc. C. E.
tkoviNciAL Land   Surveyor
I<enl Estate
I i|suriti)o_.
Tonsorial Artist,
Kura Unit-class Share, Hair Cut, .Sen Knalii
nr Hhaiiitinn. bail al ilm aim vr parlor.
Kii/'irn ttbliod nml iti'iiiinil.
KIKTIl   STIIKKT.  •       •   MIDWAY,  H. C.
aanaval     Blaolica- —— it—a.
All Kinds  of   Repairing.    Horseshoeing
A  specially.
«.    __*XAOmaatAasXmX*.,   S__r-*.
■4    f'wsT-Ci.AS*  AecommOATio*.   roa Ui-ksth.
tir   Kxoellert Kishlna on Ketlle Itiver.mi
All kind* of work oxoouted to
tha aattafaotlon of outtomort.
Wm. St. Quintin, Prop.
K very thing   P'irHt-clHHH.
II.  REYES,  Prop.
Good Accommodation,
Bea.. Liquors and Cigars.
Kirsl-Claas Stabling,
U,   ——=:__________
Praetieal Watch Maker.
COri'Kilt  ST
at cost.   Now is the time to buy.
We are also giving good values in
Groceries and Hardware
j Hotel Spokane,
• A new building', well furnished. Everything new
and first-class, Only the choicest Wines, Liquors
and Cigars kept in stock.    Headquarters for Mining
and Commercial Men.
Midway Meat Market -
K. k. MATTHES, Proprietor.
At this establishment customers can tret cltoicc.it cuts of
ti*i ^ni-ntor on tho promlaea   .   ■ T
9 Therefore Meats are always fresh nnd Bweel    Cull ntnl (jet 11 guml joint X
S for dinner to-day. S
I       TELEPHONE 311- P. 0. BOX 25.       5
w. mymmmtmwwwjwwww wfmwwmww^ ww^ww vw m ww fwv ^^^* v^w*
j£        Greenwood, Boundary Creek, B. C.
We have opened the ahove hotel at (ireenwood and
'ja are prepared to welcome guests and provide good accom*
ilk  modation.   Good catering,    First-class Livery Stable.
(loud Tools, Plenty Mstcrlil,
snd jo ytara experience to ta
work correctly.   .   .   .
Seasonable Goods
Down to actual cost. 20 per cent less than formerly
Having a large stock of Summer Goods on
hand, and wishing to dispose of the same, we have
made the ahove reduction, bringing these goods-
down to actual cost.
Fancy Ginghams, for Shirt Waists ; Fancy
Zephyrs and Chambrays, striped and checkered ;
White Muslins, Fancy and Plain Outing Flannels,
Organdies, and numerous other seasonable goeds for
Ladies' and Children's wear.
Ladies' and Children's Straw Hats at greatly reduced prices. Only a few left, as ihey sell fast at
our prices.
Clothing for Men and Hoys to be sold at a sacrifice, so don't miss the opportunity. Bicycle Hose
and Sweaters.
Shoes in Tan ami Black, to suit all  tastes.
The Grocery Department is stocked with a full
line of goods sold at small margin for cash, Prospectors' Hardware and Shelf Ware for Builders.
HAIN & CO., General Merchants
By All the Towns and Cities in British Columbia
Interested in the Building of
When the House Re-Opens the Opinions of the People Will be
Brought so Forcibly Before the Government That lt Can
do Nothing but Favor a Competing- Line.
To-morrow morning tin* Provincial
Legislature  will again  inert, mul thn
most Important question   tlmt. will
coins before tlio Untitle during its en-
lim session will lm ilml, nf I lie Oust
Kootenay ntllwiiy, Imt Important as It
is there hIihuIiI he nn time spent liy the
government in deciding upon whnt
action slinulil he taken In the matter.
The House .-iiljoiirtieil for tlie purpose
f allowing the members to consult
their constituents mid obtain an ex
pie-sinii of their opinion regarding the
building nf ihis line of railway, The
government left il with lhe people to
decide whether it slinulil support, the
0. P. 11. or favor a competing line of
railway, The people have deeiiled
that nothing tmt tlte latter will satisfy
Iheir wisln-s, so ihere is nn alternative
fm the government when the question
Comes before lhe House hut. to give its
Support to a competing line.
Midway is unanimous in favor of
any line nther I hull lhe 0. P, R, huilding frnui here to the coast. We already have the I). P. It. running into
beie and onr experience witb ii is such
that we would rather see any other
company, no mai ter who is nt the
Hack uf it, Imilil tlie line to the const,
than to he at the mercy nf lhe 0, P. II.
.Miilway. like all lhe r si of lhe towns
ami cities in the province interested In
the budding nf this load, luis passed
strong resolutions in favor of the
Const Kootenay railway being built by
a compi-titlve line, .ind these i-esulu
tiiins witl lie forwarded to both the
I roviiieial uinl Dominion government*.
Greenwood has taken a strong stand
in favor of the V. V. _ K. At a meet
iug uf the (ii-eeiiwooil Board of Trade
held a short lime ago all ibeiiiipni'latil
husiness un li nf Lbe lown were present
and I here wus nol a dis-ciiting voice
when resolutions weie passed in favor
ul lhe V. \._ K. building the Const-
Kootenay railway. In a reporl of ibe
uieeting referred lo the On enwood
Times ton tains the following :
0. M. t rouse, I'dilnrof the Midway
Advanck, addressed the board in
reference tn the V.,V. k li. railway,
He pointed out that public opinion had
i ecu so forcibly expressed elsewhere in
reference lo the necessity for compel
Galliher, M. P., to the minister of railways, and In the press.
Rossland, the most important town
iu the interior, held a meeting lasl.
Thursday evening and passed the following resolution.
Resolved, That it being assumed
the provincial government will nut
huild the direct Coast-Knot en ivy railway ns a public work, but intends ns
declared iti the speech fiom the thione,
to subsidize a coinpaiiy lo build it,
then it is the emphatic opinion bf this
meeting that such suhsidy should gu
only to a competitive line entirely independent of the C. P. R., with pro-
visions absolutely preventing any
amalgamation with or control by the
0, P. It.; also that such railway should
lie extended at leant as far as Ihe
Boundary at Cascade, and Ibat it is
the imperative duty of the government in the interest of the country to
have such railway begun this spring,
mid pushed to completion at. the carli
est |sissihled'ite, and that copies of
this resolution be forwarded to the
members of the provincial government,
at Victoria forthwith.
The Rossland Minor in speaking of
the meeting says : With no uncertain
sound Rossland declared last evening
for railway competition lietween the
coast and Ihe Kootenays, free froni
any entangling connection or alliance
with the Canadian Pacitic railroad. A
large and enthusiactlciiudlenceattended lhe puhlic meeting in Ihe Miners'
Union hall and Ihe sentiments of tbe
speakers were warmly applauded
Mr. Smith Curtis addressed the
meeting. Mr. Cm lis stated that the
feeling in Victoria nnw was that the
representative* should resign if they
failed to support, a competitive line.
He expressed the belief that, there was
mi doiiht ahoul the unanimity of sen
t intent on this question prevailing
throughout the iuteiior. Tu various
deputations the premier in replyingto
tbem snid that he proposed to make
ibe liest bin gain in the interests of the
country. He practically said thai he
was not out for competition, being
merely content to obtain what he considered ibe  best  terms.   Mr.  Curtis
live railways thai lhe government bad argued that the C. P. II. had alieady
letreated from iheir posilion of favor- j obtained all that they were clearly en*
ingtheO.P.R. and were   willing to j' ttled to from tha people.   The various
leave the matter to their supporters.
For this reason lbe house bad been
ndjourniied for two weeks in order
that tbe memla-rs might get all ex
pression of opinion fnun iheir constituent*. Ml. Orotise believed lhat
this district should lake furlher action
and suggested that if (ireenwood
would appoint delegates Midwuy
would do the same. After some dismission in favor of the scheme, Duncan
Mcintosh and C. Scott Galloway, wer
bonuses antl subsidies already paid to
them exceeded #130,000,000. It should
lie borne in mind that while Mr. Diiiib-
miiir agreed tn use his best judgment
he bad mure or lets business ndations
with the 0. P. H. Mr. Curtis consider*
ed this n very arbitrary method of
disposing of so momentous a question.
The people, after all, had to pay the
subsidies and their wishes and representations should be listened to. Il
was his belief that Dunsmuir would
appointed and tile cuiincil weie iu | have tn give way, or else retire from
81 Minted to prepare a petition in favor office, This was not a party question
of the V., V. k K   III lie signed by the j and it gratified him to find out ihal
residents of the districl, also the
secretary was Instructed to write
Phoenix and Grand Polks Boards of
Trade asking for Iheir cu-oneratlon,
Phoenix is very pronounced in ita
views regarding this matter and is
strongly opposed to lbe ('. P. H. building the line. Grand Korks favors a
competing line, while lbe following
despaleh from ('iisiiule giws thai
town's views of the matter :
Cascade, B. C, April 10.- At the
regulai monthly meeilng uf the Cas-
cade Hoard of Trade, held oil Monday,
April Ist. them was a large attendance,
and the append'd resolution was
passed :
Whereas. The provincial govern
men I has ..ecu HI. to delay action ill
lbe mil I ter of granting chirlcrs to n
railway from the boundary line In
pelade, and lo a railway front Cascade
to the roast ; mill
Whereas, The rnn«lruetion of these
iiiilways will develop tin' mineral resources of Smith Kootenay nnd Vale ;
Whereas, The people of this district
are unanimously In fevof of Hie ini-
medial* construction of huth railways;
therefore, be ii
Resolved, Hint the Cascade Board
i of Trade presses upon ibe government
the urgent necessity of prompt ael ion,
and that charters lm granted m any
railways which will cniup'te wiih the
P. P. R.| and, furlher bell
Resolved, Thai copies of this reso
lotion he sent in Mi. Smith Cm tis, M.
P.P., tn ihe provincial pri'inbr, to Mr.
some of his Conservative opponents
weie tbe siuidiest rhampinns nf railway    e pet ition.     If   Ihe    present
governiuenl failed lo do its duty
these people he had referred to could
consistently work for tbe establishment of a new government which
would grant the relief sought for.
The Vancouver World, iu speaking
of the meeting held in that city recent
Iy for the purpose of discussing ihis
iiiipoilant question, snys :
Vancouver has joined hands with
ihe Kootenays, Similkauieeii, Victoiia
and other parts of lhe Province In protesting against Ihe ronsiruction of the
Const Kontenny line by any other than
a direct competitor of the C. P. R.
Thin**ilay night's mass meeting wns
called and presided over by the Mayor,
iu response to the public sentiment of
the city. The meeting wis free and
open lo all who cared lo speak on the
railway question. But not a single
advocate appeared on behalf oft he C.
P, It—at least not openly. There was
a shrewd suspicion that, some of those
whu spoke iu favor of government rati-
ways—who said il would he better lo
bave no railway at all if the govern
ment itself wnuld nol hn the builder-
were in reality appearing in the interests iff the C. P. R. Some of these
men appeared openly agninst the ad-
voeati's iif government railways last
.Tunc, when Die question was put In
the people for a decision. In the pres
ent contest for a line to the Kootenay
it is not  remarkable that  one side
Steady progress continues to be tha
oilier of the day lu lhe Boundary district, says the B. C, Mining Record.
The three chief ore innducers, viz., the
Old'Ironsides and Knob Hill group,
the Mother Lode and the B.C. are
nnw, together, turning nut about,
1,100 tons of on-daily. Of this quantity,
nearly (I'll) tuns comes from the oid
Ironsides and Knob Hill group ; about
380 Ions from I lie Mother Lode nnd
rather better than 100 tons from the B.
C, At present no oilier properly in
the dislrict is maintaining a regular
OlltpUt, although several other claims
sre approaching the stage of regular
production. As, however, the tolal
dally treatment capacity uf the local
smelters at work averages rather less
than 1,1*10 tons, as yet hothlng is Inst
by the output being restricted to the
quantity mentioned. Of course, mure
mines could do as the B.C. is lining,
and send Iheir ure to Trail, but Ihe
general disposition appears lo he to
hnve il treated by one or oilier ot the
local smelter*,
There is really litlle that is new to
chronicle in connection with the Old
Ironsides and Knob Hill gt p, tin-
several mines of which aie hy far in
lead ns regards nut pui. ami am ii..,;.
to continue a long way abend in ilos
respect of all others in thu Boundary
country. Official announcement has
lieen made thnt this group will, hefore
the close of next summer, be required
tu maintain a dnilv oul pill of about
1,200 Ions, in order to supply the
Otanby smelter, wbich, by that time,
will have facilities for treating that
quantity dail;. The reported olfer of
■815,1100,1100 for the Minei-tiiaves properties, which include the Granny
smelter, Ihe Old Ironsides, Knob Hill,
Victoria nnd Grey Kitgle mines, and
other interests, has emphasized the
importance of these properties, and
attracted fresh atteution to them.
The enormous quantity of ure shindy
opened up iu the mine*, Its siticiil.nl)
suitable tint ure for economical smelting, and the murked success ihal has
al tended nnd is still nl tending the
operation uf the Grnuby smelter, combine to greatly impress capitalists
wilh the big possibilities of this industry. It appears, though, that its
present owners fully appreciate ils
great promise, and aie taking advantage of the opportunities|it ntfoids
tbem for building up cupper mining
and smelling business uf large proportions,
Some particulars of progress on the
Snnwsluie group, situate in the vicinity
of Did Ironside* and Knoh Hill, were
given last month, There is nothing
fresh to add just now, the work on this
property continuing nn ■similar lines of
development to those followed forthe
greater part of Ibe past yenr. Mr.
Anthony J. McMillan, managing director of the British Columbia (Rossland
and Slocan) Syndicate, which owns this
group, will probably return shortly
from Kngland, and it isexpetled that,
as a result of his conference with his
co director* In London, development
operations will he enlarged.
The Brooklyn and Sietnwinder group
is another neighbor of tbe Old Ironsides and Knob Hill thiit is not likely
to sutler from either lack nf capital nr
experienced, practical management,
This group, which is owned hy the
Dominion Copper coinpaiiy, Lid., uf
Toronto, consists of the Brooklyn,
Stemwinder, Idaho, Rawhide and
other mineral claims near Phoenix.
The company lately closed a contract
wiih Ihe James Cooper Manufacturing
conipany, limited, of Montreal, Quebec, under which tbi latter ban undertaken to supply n Corliss cross compound Ingersoll Sergeant, nir compressor, steam cylinders, 18 inch and
At inch diameter, by :m in, h stroke,
air cylinders IS inches diameter by HH
inch stroke : 10 Ingersoll-Sergi'iinl :ij
inch drills, wilh double sciew columns,
hose and linings complele ; an nir receiver 6t inch by 12 feet, and afied
water heater of a capacity of HOO-hot-se
power. This constitutes aUi drill plant,
and it is to be snipped iu aliout time
months. For immediate shipment
olher plant bus also been contracted
fnr lietween the same parlies, including a Bullnck diamond drill equal io
drilling a 1,1100 foot hole, and 1.000 feet
of rods; a o-drill Ingersoll Sergeant
air compressor ; a (Kl horse power loco*
motive holler ; an all' receiver, 42 inch
by 8 feel ; a boiler feed pump and it
quantity of supplies. This littler plain,
Is for Ihe Sli niwiiider. Ihere already
being a plant of similar capacity, excepting the diamond drill.nl wnrk on
the adjoining Brooklyn claim. The
larger plant, will la' for lbe joint use of
the Brooklyn, Stem winder ami Idaho.
Very Utile information is available
just now ns to what development aot k
is in progress nn this group, which is
reported to I* employing froni 100 in
130 men.   When work was nsiiueil
(Continued oil page 2.)
(Continued on page 4.) j'liliiir.in'il   woekly   at  Mtil'vn.-,   11, 0,
Rubnorlptlon Prion, t'l.ttt per iiiuiiini, ptiyahlti
In wtvanoe, either yuarly or half-yearly nt tbe
op* inn ofthesulMcnDer,
Ail \ urt iiing Rates soul uu ii.itiliuttl um.
MONDAY.  A PR ll/l,-i. IfiUl.
The last issue of Ihe Vancouver
Daily Province that reached tbis
nlliii coniained no C. P. R, nd in lhc
form of lengthy editorials devoted to
pointing on' why Ihe V., V. k E.
should not build the Ooast-Kootefttv)
railway, Tbe Piovince didn't even
tneiii ion the V„ V. k Vi. 11, looks ns
ii iln* ('. P. R. had allowed its advertisement in tin: Province tn lapse and
that that paper bad decided to take it
out unless paid for in advance. It. will
lie Interesting to watch toe editorial
columns of the Province to see if this
advertising contract be renewed.
The Vernon News speaks very highly
*lf   "rice   Ellison,  M.   P.   P.  for  Kast
Yule, for the able manner iu which  lie
has looked after the interests of the
people of Vernon and vicinity in connection wilh the building of lhc Midway nnd Vernon Railway in having
clauses insetted tu the clfcci that work
shall bu commenced ill the Vernon end
und also making provision fnr the cuu
ai ruction of a  line  twenty   miles  np
While valley.   It is lo be hoped  that
Mr, Ellison, in sn   efficiently looking
after Ihe   interests  of  the   people  of
Vernon, will  not overlook the fact
tbat there are a large number of  his
cniistlttients Interested in the building
of the Coast-Kootenay railway nnd
who want that line built hy snine company independent of the C, P. II.    If
Mr. Ellison displays tbe same zeal in
supporting  the  V.  V. k li. Railway,
thereby looking after Ihe interests of
the greater humher of his constituents,
that be bus in moving amendments to
the Midway and Vernon Railway and
looking after    the    interests of the
residents of Vernon, his efforts will
lie gieally appiecialed.
The Greenwood Board of Trade is
deserving of great credit for I he able
assistance ihey are lending in support
of the V. V.&K. railway.   At  tbeir
annual meeting, held on the 1th inst.,
this subject came up tor discussion,
There wns a large at tendance, representative uf all the leading business
nien of thc city, und all favored  the
Coast Kontenny railway being built by
tbe V. V.&E. Railway company.   C,
Sunt   Galloway ably addressed  lhe
meeting.   lie favored the idea of llm
Board of Trade sending delegates to
the reopening of the House, nnd also
Ihnt th* Board of Trade prrpire a petition in favor of the V. V. k E., to be
presented to the government. Duncan
Mcintosh next nddres«ed lbe meeting.
He said that nil hough he was nut a
member of 'be Boaul of Trade, he was
a mem her of"n conipany lhat wns a
member and therefore he believed be
bail   . right to talk.   (Mr.  Mcintosh
lind   reference to   the   Russell-Law*
Urtnifield Co., Lid., of Which he ia the
cm ji inv;    Mr- dm otecl it uch tune lo
;   im n    i ui 1111 sl ortcomiiigs of lhe
that   ii" more
  _      the    be let    lite,
!., ed ymi,   iml that iii 'bis instance he
•jis  likely  io gam ilcir everlasting
.iii ndtdijp,    He .poke strongly iii favor
nf ih,   V. V k K. and believed thai
tie-  Board of Trade should nut only
si mi delegates to Vicloik, hut lhat
In   delegates should be armed with a
petition   'i favoi  of the V. V. k K,
signed   ii  nil the resident* of the district.    >lt  Mcintosh's speech through*
olll  showed plainly ibat the V. V. &
K. has no stronger supporter and that
tlie 0. P. R. has no greater antagonist
in the entire province than himself,
and      ere will he no mistaking the
view     f the people of Greenwood on
this mailer when Mr. Mcintosh buttonhole*   the  members at  Victoria.
Mr.   Mcintosh   regretted very  much
that he could not vote on tin   resolutions thai acre brought up, lull as one
member of hisfhni voted ii prevented
him giving vent  to  his  enthusiasm.
Messrs. C. Scott Galloway and Duncan
Mcln  ish were appointed delegates to
gut   .lictoria.   When  Mr. Well It
was proposed he jokingly replied that j
i1 wns Impossible fur him logo, ns the
iv liking was had : this iciiwrk caused
ui'icli la ighter, coming as it d I from
n   man  of  Mr.   Mcintosh's   wealth
However. Mr. Mcintosh agreed to go
to Victoria nnd do all that he could in
favor of ihe V. V. k E, building the
Const-Koolenay railway.   Every resolution that came before  the  Board,
favoring Ihe V. V. A E„ passed without n dissenting voice, showing that
the business men nf Greenwood have
nil united in an effort to impress upon
the government that that city favors
'he   Coast-Kootenay   railway   being
iniilt by the V. V. & K.
'       P    It,      li.'sllj'
xx ith ii al cumpai
('i.u   opposed   Hi
and this fact-will he brought so forcibly before (he government when tbey
again meet that they dare tint do other
than   favor  a  competing  line.    The
people bave grown tired of humbly
pel it inning an Inattentive government,
Thc people are now demanding tbeir
rights, and with the cities of Victoria
nnd Vancouver, together with the entire Siniilkameen, Boundary and Koot-
enay countries in favor of a competing
line, the government will find that it
Ih up against, a strong combination.
I he people of this province hnve lunl
enough nf the C. P. R.   Their policy is
too well  known  to require being explained,    If a line from hete to the
const   were buill   by lhat company il
would  only  iocrense its  chances  to
cinch tbe people,   il would hu better
for the people of this district if the
Coast-Kootenay railway wero allowed
to drop tat Iter than have it built by
thnt company.   We want competition
aod must have it. The Rnssiand Miner
in referring to this matter says :
The absolute   unanimity of feeling
shown   by    the  public  meeting  Inst
night, which wns held to consider thu
railway quest inu, is another barrier to
the granting, by the government, of
llm bonus to the C. P. It. to build  the
Cniist-Knnteniiy line.   What the meeting demanded, and demanded with n"
uncertain Voice,whs that the government of the province should give every
encouragement  possible   to the construction Of a competitive line of ro d
from Dm cuasl through tbe Kootenay
country.   The utterances of the speakers which weie concurred in by theii
auditors, were to the effect that iindei
no circumstances should the government give lhe bonus lo IheC. P. R.
It was recognized by all present that
the construclinu of such a line,  under
C, P. R. control, would not  only   not
be in lhe interests of tbe country, lull
wnuld   be  diametrically     opposed  to
Ihem.   It. is understood by every citizen   of the Kootenay   country that
while railway facilities are wha1, are
icquired for the development of that
immense tract of mineral  territory, il
would he better to .allow it tu remain
in its present condition than have   it.
opened   up  under   the auspices of a
monopoly which would exact as tribute
nine tenths  of  its  production.   Thnl
the country is an immensely rich one
has been proved beyond the possibility
of refutation,    but   those    wbo   aie
chiefly  Interested   in   it,  and  in the
development of its properties, are unanimous ill saying that Ihey  woiid
rather bold on for a yenr or two in lhe
hope of ohtaining railway competition,
than see the C. P. R. x.. nstriict a bee
from which tbey hope for si much.  It
Is difficult In see how Ihi" government,
in view  of  the meetings which have
heen   held in Victoria and Vancoiive ,
and which are now being held through-
nut l ho whole Kootenay district, favor
able to the Construction of a competitive   road,  can   insist  nn giving Ihe
bonus to the O.P.R. Coinpaiiy.
Railway Competition Endorsed.
(Continued from page 1.)
Railwav Co.
Nelson & Ft, Sheppard
Railway Co.
Railway Co.
The only nil mil route lietween
ull pointa Enst, West und .South
to   Kosslninl,   Nelaon   nnd   nil
intcriiiediiite points ; connect-
ing: nt Spokane with thn <ij*i''l*t
.Northern, Northern Pacific mul
O. K. & S. Co.
Connects at Nelson with the steamer lor
Kaslo and all Kontenny Lake points,
Connects at Meyer's Fulls with stago dally
toe Republic, and connects at Bossburg with
slago dally for Grand Forks and Greenwood
uav thais.
Ijciivc.        Arrive.
SPOKANK     S.tiil'i.ni.     BatOp.in,
lUISSbANII    II..KI11.111.      Jl.llllilli.
MCbSO.V      7.IHIII.IH.      7.1.1 |i.w.
SPOKANK  ti.W p. in,       7.ou.n.iii.
IUI.SSI.ANII   11.00p. m.       7.(«n.iii.
IK.   A.   fXA.OXK.MOXI,
Uiinernl Passenger Agont,
Direct Route   Unequalled Service
to nil paints
First-Class Sleepers
Dining Cars Tourist Cars
Stoatmhlp SorvlOO from Vancouver to
Gape Nome Alaska Points
Australia      China
Tliruiik'li tiokou lo uinl from
^< *********************a****at***a*ta ***JZ I
One Block West of Customs Offi
I   For time Lftblw, niton and full InfurnmUon
C. F. COSTERTON !;i'i:;:;;;::;h''-'w''M,',,nj'v'«*"
j. is. i.in run.        K.,i. Kiviii:,
1). p. A.. .».(.. p. A..
Kelson, H.C.       Yaiu'iiuv-'r, II. I',
AmmMX-ti   Por^-
Thk Royal Insuranck Coy.
Thk London and Lanoasbirb Fihk
Inhuhanck (Joy.
Tiik   Insuiianck (Joy.  of  North
Thk London and Canadian tins
Inhuhanck Coy.
Tiik Nun Life Abhuhanok Got nr
Thk Dominion Huilding and Loan
jianknt Loan and Savings Coy
Lancashire   House,   Midwav.
This in a pupulai hot"l, Will fan good
opening fur a lirst ulass hutel  mun.
The furniture enn lie piirrhnsed r**iiH(iii
ably.   Possession given at once,
Fur terms, etc., apply in
Tiik Midway Co.mpany, Ltd..
Midway, B. ('.
JH Try m Bottle of *
[I and
| j*   For that Cough of your*.   *
i |»»»Mi>Mi»»i*J>*£«C«*ii«««eC««^
* Agent for Stuart's |
| Map of the Boundary |
{ District. |
(>fe   This is a first-class building, being hard   fig m r
(■§■>   finished throughout.   The dining room  fe,*s *
®   S§   is run under the personal  supervision   $ &
(§   <§}   of Mrs. Crowell, and i.s supplied  with   a
#   @   ®   the hest on the market.    Choice stock &f
#   {$   ®   of Wines, Liquors and Cigars ai the
§   $}   ®   &   bar.     Large   Stable   in   connection*
Tho Patronage of the Public h Solicited and
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
I J. A.
Unsworth,     |
flidway. i
The   question   as   tn  whelher tiie
Cins'.-Konlenay railway will he cun*
strutted liy the C. P. R. otf a competing lino will soon he sel I led, nn.l there
is now no dinilit thnt if the wishes of
the people are reeugniueil tliere enn he
nn nl lier decision hut lhat of favoring
n  iiiiiipptiiig line.   The  governinent
hns asked for the opinion of the people
and the people have nol heen slow in,
expressing themselves on thissuhieet.
All along the line of lho proposed road,
hei iiles must, of the. towns in theprnv-
ince, esp.eejiiljy J,iiiij<e that are not Inn
far distant to make use of this Hun of
railway, lhe cry is the same : "We
maul th' t'xiad Iniilt hy Nome company
should seek all the aid it. can to lure
the people away from the hoon that is
Offered them of competition and increased trade.   He that as it. may the
fact remains that nol a single mice
ivns raised on  hetnlf of construct inn
hy the 0. P. IJ.   Let  lhe   iJiiisiuuir
government make a noleof that.   The
plea of the minority, whn favored cnu
nl ruction   hy  the   government,   was
must   ahly answered  hy  Mr. Smiih
Curtis.   There is no stauncher advocate of governiuenl   railways in  Ihe
province than Mr. .Smith Curtis, aud—
greatly to his own loin politically antl
financially—he Blood up for that policy
in Ihe cnuipnign   nf  hint June.   Mr
Curtis has in   no  wny  changed  tin
opinion he held then.   But Mr. Cnrti-
i* no meie theorist—uo political doctrinaire whn will have hia own way or
nothing,    Mr. Curtis nhnwetl lhat the
Dunsmuir governiuenl would notiuiiii
the road iiself, Ihnt the road was need
eil at, once, and ther-fore, asaprncti
i .il statesman, he l.tvon-d the iimi
I hest thing—tbe huilding of the roud hy
nn independent   competing   railway
thai wnuld be absolutely independent
of the 0. P. H. and that would gi>'"
connection with au Independenttnim*
continental line.   Mr. Curtis isumaii
who, iu integrity and ability, rank-
second to untie io this province, mid
bis presence on a puhlic platform nd-
i vocatlng  Immediate construction liy
| an Independent, company, is as complete nn answer as the people requite
to the cheap sneers of the newspaper
opponents of the   people  who  favor
It was pleasant indeed to see Capiiiin
Tallow   und   Mr.   (iilinour  standing
shoulder to shoulder on thU quest lou,
ii respective of party lieu.   The absence
of Mr. Martin and Mr. Harden from
the platform wns Ihe occasion of criticism.   Mr. Martin hns given his reason
for staying away but we should have
liked to see him step boldly forward.1
ns did Mr. Smith Curtis.   In this m liter ihe public is in deadly earnest and
ares  not  for parly.   The public demands the Immediate construct inn of
a line of railway lo Kootenay which
| will be independent pf the C.P. It.   If
there is any   valid   reason  why  the
Uri'jil. Northern should not huild l he
innd nnd come.inlo Midway Ictus he it
il.   If Ihere is any valid reason why
Vancouver   shnuld   continue   In   the
hnids of Ihe V. P. II.  let us hear it J
Carrying His /Majesty's flails
Will leave MIDWAY on Tuesdays, Thurs
davs and Saturdays, at 8.30 a. 111., arriving al
CAMP McKINNEY at 5 p. 111.
Returning will leave CAM!' McKINNEY on
Sundays,   Wednesdays  and   Fridays  at  9 a. in
reaching MIDWAY at 1.30 p. nv.and making con
nection wilh the train going east at 2 o'clock.
The belt of accommodation for
the convenience of the
travelling public.
_m_mmmmmmm_mmm_mmmmm i i ■
KHTAIII.r-SHKI)   1883.
Oun   Sn-.ci.-u.TiK.s-Varieties  Profitable in Hritish (   .
Trees Free from Pests.
Send for I'ree Catalogue,   j   E. Hutchkkson, Man   ■
Lancashire House*
: : MIDWAY, B.C. : :
^**~   -"ammam
Practical Wagon and Carriage Builder,
Repairing of all kinds promptly and neatly executed.
Carriage Painting a specialty.
L C.
J. H. TYRRELL, Proprietor.
$3.00 per month.'   Single Horses, delivered in Midway, $5.00
per month.   Two or more, delivered in Midway,
each $4.00 per month.
The undersigned having taken this well-
known and comfortable hotel invites thc
patronage of all old customers and the public
Kiiriiare-lu'iitnl nml comfortably
fitrninli*>'l   1*001118.
Thos. D. Banbury, Proprietor.
Pack and Saddle Horses for Sale or Hire
If you have lost a IIoK.se send me the brand, and if it is
in the country it will be found.
the Boundary Hotel
Strictly First-class Throughout,  Lxcell nt Accommodation.
The Riverside Hotel
lb -situated at Rock Cre k, P. C, on the main
route of travel between Penticton and all Boundary Creek points.
Gt>od Hunting. Qood  Fishin^
Best of Accommodation.
S. T. LARSEN, Proprietor.
Large Sample Room fer Coinniereial Men.
The Pipneef Newspaper of the
Boundary District-only
$3.00 per year.
Is prep.iii 'I l"
fill all orders
for Job I'i im
ing at li wesl
rates coi isl
ent with ;,';i«l
knil   Korku  purposes   holding   11
I's sports, beginning with July 1st..
\ J. Pholan, nf Ht-ndell, has been
nintt-d   a   notary   public   for tin-
jr. and Mrs. 0. N.Owen, ofdreen-
j, were auiiuig yesterday's visitors
lid way.
Elliott, a prominent barrister of
no   II.  C.   paid  Midway  a  visit
, S. Stanhope, who has been spend.
(Ilie winter in England, returned to
Jw.iy last week.
M. linlil. of the firm of Judil k
(errotli liverymen, Loomis, was in
ii wny nu Saturday.
diss Madge Mi'Ewen, of Itock Creek
nt Saturday   and Sunday   in Mill
• tip* kiii-sI of Mi's, Mesker.
liss Kate Lindsay, of Rock Oreek,
(|icinlii« a few weeks iu Midway,
i guest of Mrs. C. M. Melville.
"Yank 11. (iiblw, representing the
ckiiuiii-Keir Milling Co., of Vic*
ria. was in Midway on Saturday,
.1. FimiPtna, ('live l-ringleand II.
(liiliniiighain of Greenwood were
iniing yesterday's visitors to Midway.
M. Johnson, representing 8.
-■eensliirlda, Son k Vo., wholesale
lygoods, Montreal, paid a visit, to the
twn ou Saturday,
|K. McKenzie, formerly police officer
t Greenwood, is now acting as i_uai-
mine officer nn Ihe stage road been lhat city and Phoenix.
, (i. Neal, a prominent Obeaaw
Vwyer, was in Midway, Inst Tuesday
i his return frnm S|iokane, where he
id been on a business trip.
I J, A.Tujio has relurned fnun Kng-
tml where he has la-en spending Ibe
tinier. He will shortly visit the Wesl
fork country, where he is heavily
VV, U. Mclnnis, general western
reiirbt agent, of Ihe. 0. P. R. with
ladqiiarlersal Winnipeg and II. A.
Jftcdonnell, of Nelson, as«istiint
leight agent for Suulbern British
loltimhia, were in Midway on 8*tui-
J. 0 lli'iio(isnii has returned from
uinga tninilier uf assessments on hi*
nip-ilies up the Wesl Fork and will
in fe,v days proceed to Myers cieek
i look alter a placer mine in which
lbe is interested and whicli is nn« he
jim; equipped with machinery.
Hnteri Jaffniy, president nf th»
ICmw'a Nest I'oal Co., »as a visitor to
Midway lasi Friday on his return fnun
I imp Mi-Kiniiey, where lie has lieen
liii-iinss in cniiiiectiiiii with the
i mi nn ii ine in wliieh be is heavily
Interested, Mr. .'a If ray believes that
the Oasi Knot "tin v Railway will be
buill by Ibe V„ V. & E, and that if Bn
Midway haaa great future before It.
Rev. A. M. Unss, whq l« on his way
In Camp Mi Kinney to take charge nf
tin- Presbyterian mission tin re. is
spending a few days in Midway, the
guesl of Rev. R. P. Murray. Yesterday Mr. Ross conducted both morning
und evening services and judging from
the discourses delivered here, Camp
McKinney is indeed fortunate in oblaining such a gifted young man to
look after tlie spiritual welfare of the
e imp. Mr. Ross is a graduate nf Toronto University and a Iwo-yeins
s'lnlent at Knox College,
The spi ing courts of assise will tie
opened in Nelson on May 7 and Vernon nn May 15. The crown is making
applies Hon for a change of venue iu
case of Hex v. .1. McGill des Rivieres,
charged with killing Harry Rowand at
Denoro, Summit camp. Galliher k
Wilson, who are acl ing for the defence,
are making no objection to the transfer of [he case irom Yale to Kootenay,
and the venue is likely lo la- changed,
and lbe prisoner tried at Nelson iustead
of Vernon. Other Boundary cases
likely lo he heard at Nelson aie I hose
of Chas. Ciiuiininus. of Grand Korks,
charged with forging a telegram,
Waller Brewster, of Greenwood, fill'
hurglai i/iiig, and Roy and Dnrelle for
unlawful assembly at Phoenix. The
case of Hex v. I,mirks, commilled for
trial at Camp McKinney on a charge
of bringing stolen properly into Canada, will most likely lie dealt with at
W. D. Brewster who came to Green
wood ahoul two weeks ago fnun Trail
was arrested by Officer Lauder at two
o'clock last. Monday inorniug for break
ing into the dry goods store of Geo. K,
Williams. The same day he came up
befoie Magistrate Hallett and was
committed to stand trial. Brewster
does nn hear ihe best of reputations as
lie was implicated With J. D. Sinclair,
alsoof Trail, in cml'i-Msling C. P. K
funds. Kor this he served 12 months
in the Nelson goal. Since he name to
Greenwood Mr. Williams has befriend
ed him and eudeivored lo obtain em
plnymenlforhiiu. Himday night when
Mr. Williams went lo lied, in his room
immediately below the store, every-
tr.htag w»s all iii-rinna. He was awaki
ed early in the uiorning by hearing
lniiiste*w overhead. He th-eased and
went to Uie Pacific where h« obtained
a"sisiance and returned to.the store
and found Brewster endeavoring to
gel out nf the front entrance. He was
eaplitred mid tinned over tin Officer
Lander. The cash till had been emptied nf some louse silver. Nothing
elae was taken. Officer Lauder took
the prlsmier to T'elson Thursday,
■»**•"" up.   Uiveiiwnoil Musicsioic.
$27.") will by u K,„Hi Upright Piano
nearly new.   Oreenwood Music Slnre.
No Strike.
There will be no strike at Rosslmd.
This waa decided at a meeting of the.
Miners' Dniun held last week. The
following taken from the Rossland
Miner sliowa the grievances uf the
"Ever since Lhe contract was signed
lasl year there have been gtievanc s
complained of by the members, nf the
union. Out. of the principal of these
bas been the violation of clause 15 uf
l he agreement, which reads ; 'That an
employe being a member of the union
shall bu no bar to his getting employ'
ment, nor shall Ihe mine owners place
any obstacle in the way nf nnn-uiii'iii
men joining the union.' This agree
ment has been violated by the refusal
of the mine managers to allow tin-
walking delegate, or the officers of the
union, to viait the mines and there
anlicil iimi union men to become iiiein
hers. To show you and the public
that union men arela-ingdisciitninated
against and that there is apparently
an ai tempt in destroy our organization
I need point In but one fact, ami that
is that,in the piu*t six months no less
than 437 union men have been dis
charged from lhe various mines in I hi*
camp fur one alleged reason or auotb
er. Does not this look like a very
large proportion if it were not ad
signed and was au accidental move
ment. The men who were diachaigeil
are as good a lot of hard rock miners
as could he toiind un this continent,
and we contend were not let out foi
any lack of competency. Most of th III
had established themselves in homes
here, had money in the banks, whi-h
they dtew mil when they lefi for 01 hi i
places. They were goial citizens, anil
ihe only crime they were guilty nf wa*
that Ihey with union men,and be laved,
in a fair day's wage for a fair day's
work, and every mother's son of them
could do a day's work, Ion, Ther-
was no time when ihere waa any gieal
increase or decrease in the force nf
miners employed, as the forces employed her.' remained about the same
numerically dui iug the past six month",
and so the wholesale dismissals are not
iccoiinlable lor on the hypothesis that
they were discharged at a time when
large reductions were being nude in
those employed in ihe several mines.
"Another grievance, which we de
idedly oljji'ci t". first, because it i-
oiiirary to lbe genius of the people nf
Canada, who recognize none lint the
regular officers of the law, und.M'coinl
ly, for the reason that wr believe il a
Mow at the liberties of the people, is
ihe employment of spies ; what I mean
is the system of espionage which i-
jirrieu on at the mines here hy the
leteetivesof an alien agency. We do
not want the curse nf Pinkertonism til
1st fastened onto this country, nnd tin
sooner it is stopped tbe betlei It wilt
lie fnr all concerned. These spies con
stantly dog the footsteps of the men
employed on every level in the piinci
pal mines and follow the officers uf ihe
union around as though Ihey Were a
lot of criminals. One of these detectives attempted lo induce one of the
ineinlieis of our union to lireak the
law, Imping in this way lo put the organization in a bad light hefore lhe
public. The attempt failed, because
ihe members of the union are law-
abiding citizens, and were mu tu lie
snared in Ibis way. This shows the
hararter uf llu- men who nre hired
from this alien detective agency by lhe
mine managers tn watch the miners of
theivimp. The Dominion and -M-nvii-
ial parliaments should take the opportunity, now Dial both bodies are in
session, to stamp out Piukertoiiisui in
Canada forever.
"We also most jrmphatically obje-t
to the importation of aliens to Ink" the
place of good Briiish subjects employ-
nl in lbe mines here. We think thai
we should be protected against tbis
sort of compelitiOD, and call on those
who have charge of enforcing the alien
labor laws to look carefully into this
"In conclusion, we believe thai itis
in the Interest of the country and tie
camp that the imn-keia be paid mure
than Ihey are al present. Lei snine nf
the mine owners iry lo support n fain
iiy iu Rnssiand on $'lfr) pec day and
you wnuld tlml tbat they  would  he
shouting as loudly a.s th en are fm
an Increase rn $'1 per day. All thai we
ask is living wage for our members
working underground at bard and
hazardous work. It is our intention
tn work In the liest interests nf the
camp, and we submit lhat lln- wages
paid to the muckers are nol fair wag. s.
"We are not discouraged In the least
by the vole cast loilay, and feel sui"
that In time right will prevail, and
tlmt we will get what we ask fill and
that the grievances complained uf uill
he remedied."
Midway Mill Service.
Mails close for all points east al ItlKI
p. in. daily, and bu'all points west itl
8p.m., Mondays, Wednesdays and
Malls arrive from all points- east ai
■Itlllp. in. daily, and tmm fll1 P"lnt"
west at, 2 p. in.. Wednesdays, Fridays
and Sundays.
Money orders and Registration close
Ull minutes before •*I"JV'' MlM*
There is now no doubt that one
and probably two railways will be
building out of Midway as soon as
spring opens, and Midway is destined
to become the commercial and railway
centre of the Boundary country.
Now is the time to buy lots in the
town. They will make you rich. It is
not a speculation, it is an investment.
For prices and terms apply to
T. M.(j!>jluey&Co.
].iii<ri' Slock.    Low Prices.
T.   BE.   GULLEY   Ss   CO.,
♦ ♦
The Travellers Insuranee Co,.,
| YrnrmTrrrrrrrrr
.... Of Hartford. Conn. 1
mrrrrrr §
Chartered 1863. *
Stock Life and jjj
Accident Insnriinec. w
The Qentr&l H°tel
\ llth St., Midway, B. C.
» *__'_ __b'__b__b____l____i_______i_______i___A*
J *W*J If If If If CT W (f'"
i This is a new  three-storey  he tel,  comfortably
^   furnished throughout.
■ Mi_i a a_______tt i_____
* ■■■#>»w xwmmwfmweWWmm
y The nearest house to the Railway Station.    The
>   most convenient hotel for railway travellers.
L mtT****999tr*e**
\ The hest of accommodation in every respect.
• '*»*<t<W43KK«ee<*<-*
!; S. DAHL, Proprietor.
ISSUES tlie best life insurance
I   contracts in the world.   No
disappointment ns lo dividends,
Everything   guaranteed In  ad*
w    jj!   vftuce.   Premium mine 15 in i'i
iki    J   per cent less Hum   those of nld
W.\ w   line Mutual companies.
January ist. 1H97.
LIABILITIES, . . 17,020,260.19 JJ
SURPLUS    .... 2,976,.<2.4.36 *
™! o   Tbe Travellers Opiiibinalion Accident Policy giiarantees-foraccidental *
*iv                                  uiuler ordinary conditions. JjJ
* IJu
d)    lli'illll Hl'lllilll       ....       $.-|IKll         l_B8 Of   ItiKllt llllllit       ■       •         tl.'xll" 4j
Vl/    2,    i''K*"r s'Sle »f H""i I've*             .ium   ,    Low of lag at or nbovo K        3,800 *
llli    »   l^sof Bo'tl •sntor Doth Hands   5.0M       Ij I  Left Hand     .    .     .      I,  *
Wj   Ijj    !.">"< of Omr linml uml Oiiu H'oiit    5.000   j    Lo* of Either Kool                        1,000 ?J
UU,  lb   I'l-riii-ineiii Tniiil liisuliiliv          Jjon  ]    Loss of sight of Ono lye  .           ,.0SO m
1          *
Lirriita of   Weekly  Lriderr|r|ity $1,300.
vi/ *
y»vj  J Cost  $52   A   VEAR    TO    PROFESSIONAL    ANU     BUSINESS
Vf/i S nuy passenger conveyance using steam cable, or wledtiicity
* motivo power the amount to he paid shall he DOUBLE the
41 specified in the clause under which the claim is made.
AND. If such injuries are siislaineil while riding ns n passenger in  /|.
j/| I Other sums at proportionate rates J
Ail W.KNorPis,
,\tj,     *******************m9****99999kX;99999999***********
Lequime & Powers, Proprietors.
Manufacturers of all kinds of
Band Sawingand Job Work done to order
Telephone No.  12
Bakery If
Telephone orders receive prompt
wru/c( # $ _)
Good assortment of Fresh  Bread, Cakes .iti'i
Confectionery always in stock.
Fresh Fruit in Season
Try our Lniuh Counter for a good cold lunch at
anv hour ol the day, *f>7&
THOMAS WALKER, Proprietor.
All the bMt brand* «f
Cigars and Tobaccos kept
constantly on hand.
Latest shades and patterns of Wall Paper now In
: ) Seventh  Street, Midway.
Rider Agents Wanted ji
OltP In W'lt tnwn tn i*l(3-i hiiH ujchlhlta wMliple 10l)1 ninrti'l liii-vi-li- nf nm- nwninN
miiiiiifiii'iiiiv,   YOU can MAKK $10 To #00 A WEEK, liwildes having a illy
wiii-t'i 1.11 liiii- vniiiwir. 1 -Xi
oto$i8 '£
«a57T955?TT* 999 -*■*-* ■*•*•*■ ■* 99w^t
M. In tlie premises formerly occupied by yj/
fa      Barcklay   Ss   XXc«.x*z-is     ^
iiy and has on hand a first-class outfit ol
ll Single and Double Drivers
Saddle and Faek Horses vvi!
Will also conduct a transfer and dray business,    Bus
meets all trains,    Freight and express de-
delivered to any part of the town,
1901 Models, Hi,di Grade Guaranteed,        $10
1900 and 1899 Models, Hest Makes,
500 Second Hand Wheels, taken in trade	
bv our Chicago retail stores, many good *****************************************************
$1 tO $8   ♦ IfXXXl    PROBPaOTOBB'     DXOKANGX. *
*      . ♦ No. 4   K.-W.-C. Blook,Nel80I.B.C. *
put  xxt ^JIO    ^L Ui
$7 to $i2' %£$£ £££ €$$ $$$ $$$€€$-€€$€#
as new
Wi- will "hipunv lilcVi-li'ON AI'I'HOVAI, inanvmu- wiilmnl u cenj Aepn
xi in mlvaiici- nml ullnw TEN DAYS FREE TRIAL.   Ymi ink- almnlntely nn
ri«k in nt'-l-M-iii-rfimn ns. an iniidn nol m-i-il to pay 11 cent 'f tha lil'-yol- 'lm-s
lint HIlit vnu.    lln mil Imv 11 nln-i'1 until vnu Imv.- wiim-ii fnr nur l''A('TOI!V
'  'Vi I' lll'l'll I'lpilll.
 /ANT 11 pflisbl**
111 in i-ai'li ii'wn in flimHhiite catalogues fop usin exclningu fm-11 liloyoli*,
linlil.sihii' l.i'n'1 ami Uoppor Mlm-n mwitod nl H»' BXCHANQR,
KIIKIv Ml II IM! GOLD proportlw wnnloil 111 01 tor ICaitorn Invonlnni,
Parttunhiwliiii mining propoi-ty forialoaro roquontotl to itenil iminpliMof tholr m-
It, lho KXi'H iN'-lK lorOXlilbltton,
All nainplen ulioiil I bo Mill 'iy impn-w., I'MKI'Alli.
OorroMpomlu nollolloil.  AtldruM nil oominhiileatlonn in
yWro/-] ri.p and our special nlfer, J _____»_<w x*. Bo«»b».-K--
J. Xa. TtfLta^bd. Carole Oo., omcu-ro. *************
lint HIlit, mu.    lln nnt liuv 11 ivlici-1 until vnu Imv wi-Ulcii tm- nur I
PRICES and FRRK TRIAL OHVER.   This liln-ml nffet hns n.'v i-1
led and Is 11 guar nil f the nudity pf nur wl Is.   WRWAN
pi-i'siui iii i-iirli iiivvii in ilisiiihiili' catttlogitesfnpus'" ■■■■'	
Willi- loilay fuiiji;"i-.i:ii'iilii|*tii' and OUI' spii-ial iitfi-p.
TolophnnoNo IIII.I' lUl'.viiHi. NBIJTON, lie.
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦» ♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦ ************** 1
i SyK
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,,,   •■: ,  ■
ff -z
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y.-z -ziy.'..-. y.
•J-     Ze,,
-..'    ....
t'f "
Beautifully situated at the confluence of Boundary Creek and Kettle River.
80 St, John Street,
Montreal, P, ti.
|[_[_ [J£ The most important railway town  in  the  Kettle  River  Mining Division.
The Wholesale Supply and  Manufacturing centre of the  Kettle River and Boundary
•Creek Districts.
The distributing   point for   Upper   Kettle  River,  West   Fork  and Camp  McKinney
mining camps.
The nearest Railway town to  Republic,  Meyers  Creek,   Palmer Mountain and   other
Northern  Washington mining camps.
The   leading residence town   in   the  country, with an excellent   climate, pure water
supply and  favorable sanitary conditions.
Business, residence and garden lots at low prices and on easy terms.
Send for Maps, Prices, and full particulars to
V. M. ('ROUSE,
Agent fnr Hritish Ciiliiniliiii,
Midway, U. V.
**- 9 _#
ivil Me Tf, Me
.:'.'.-■,■ "■-..;■
(Cnntinueil from page I.)
two or three inonlhs ago the number
nf feet nf development previously done
.-Innd ihus: Brooklyn.—Sinking and
raising (including shafl 268 feet In
depth), 810 feel : crosscut ting snd drift
Ing, 2,030 feet, Stemwinder.- Sbuft,
IHI feet ; crosscuts 115 !'" I
feet. Idaho.—Shafl, 60 f
hide.—Tunnel, 160 feet, Oros«cuttltig
at the 250-foot level in Ihe Brooklyn
waa the first development wmk undertaken when operul ions wtri resumed,
nml later simlliu work tin- done in the
Steiuwiuder, Now the sinking of a
iiinin shaft un tin- Idaho is in bund as
In ihe'Wellington catnp things now
hnve n more prninislng uppearnnce
thnn for some lini" psst, Al tho Winnipeg the winze from the SOO foot level
is nnw down about 7(1 feet snd in in ore
lhat lur ijii.ntiiy and assay value is
very promising, luu more than this
tin- mining mnnager, .Mr. Nicholas J,
Tregear, will not say just now. preferring lo wait 10 see If fnrllier develop'
ini'iii mill additional sampling will ttou-
thin present promise. Mr. Richard
I'li'wiimnof Hossiuii'.i, managing director, Hliiles that the vein in tin- winze
bos-now widened out. lo in feet, with
eight feel of solid oro in the boll om
At a depth of 81 feet Ihete was only
two feel of snliil ore In tliis winze,
Kui'tlii'i'iiiiii'i', tin- values nf the low
mude ore are steadily Improvlngi
Prom Hossland, where   the   head
office nf ilu inpany Is situate, It Is
learned thai n plan has lieen perfected
Whereby Ihe treasury nf the Brandon
nml Golden Crown Milling On. will lie
resumed shorlly, on an extensive scale,
Owing to the slump in the mining
simies iii Eastern (Janiidn, i he directors
were utialile lo dispose of nny more
treasury stock, uurl in consequence,
operations were suspended liu-t Novein-
ber. Tin- re-organization just effected,
luis taken n ditfurent form from thai,
usually adopted, Instead of thu com*
p-iny being n-conslriii C d, and made
assessable, ji-j is the practice, thc original subscribers have entered Into a
writlnn agreement, in virtue of which
they have agreed lo contribute or surrender tothe treasury, 40 per cent, of
thnlr original holdings \ ntnl. us the
miiisH-rihers' stock   lm*  l n   iu  pool
i vide sufficient funds for working capi.
tal, so that when nre shipping shall he
I resumed, it will  lie on a permanent
Some ore Is again  heing sent out
from the Athelstan, also in Welling-
inn camp, hut until development below I
the Kit) fool, level shnll hnve lieen dune j
on a more extensive scale thnn any j
drifts, 601 work yet done on  this property, the
i.   Raw- Athelstan   is   unlikely to anything
more than in Intermittent shipper nl a
few hundred tons at a time.   It is un
derstood that the management of the
Standard Pyritie Smelting Co. is sup
plying the money for present work mi
Mineral Act, 1806.
Certiiicate   of  Improvements.
tbe Athelstan, and tbat tbe ore is to
lie treated ul ils Btnelter near Ilniind-
ary Kails.
The 11. C„ in .Summit ramp, is keeping up Ite ore shipments, which now ng
gregate alum t28,000 tons, Crnpsciit'ing
it the 100-foot level is nnw in progress,
tin- policy ut tliis iiiiui- heing une that
is only tn he expected from experienced and capable managers, nf Mr, S, V.
I'lirrish's type, yiz : that nf keeping
developnienl well ahead nf sloping.
Other properties nnw at work in
Summit cump are ihe It. Bell and the
Blue Bell. The former is deepening
its shaft, now down ahout 270 feel,
preliminary to cross-cuti ing the ledge
In morn settled country lhan where it
was cut at about 80 feel down. The
Blue Bell prospect shaft Is uow dnwn
about 100 feel, iiiid it is stated that, nt
125 feet ti cross-cut will be run. Some
gond grade nre bus been exposed iu
this shaft, and the Intention is to .in.
j-tul a powei plantshoulddeveloptm-trts
at tbe greater depth appear to justify
the expenditure, as it is confidently
anticipated they will do, Alit.'le sur.
face prospecting on the Ore Denoro
iiiid the sending out of ore of a ratbei
low grade from an open cut nn the
Emma are the only nther Items of
mining news from this camp
Dead wund camp grows In importance
each month, The big hoisting engine
and the ore sorting plant at the Briiish
Oolumhla Oopper company's Mother
l.inl- mine, particulars of which were
given lust mouth, are nnw in opera-
lion. The Iai ter is new in this dlatrlct,
hut it is working effectively and economically, The two new platform
cages have lieen put iu mul now the
mine enn easily put otlli more ore than
the smelter under the sum" ownership
can at present, treat. The recent provision of plenty nf power, hoih for
drilling and hoisting, makes itpraeti
cable in resume .sinking, so shortly the
dci-pciiing of the main  sliuft   tn the
500-fool level will be pushed on with,
Bv the limn the mini-shall have been
Hllllll.lNII Quben Mixkhai. Ci. VIM.
Situate In the Kettle River Mining Division of
Yale District,  Where Located:  Dead
wood Camp.
TAKK NOTICK Hint I. PorboSjt Kurliv. ns
wiit fur lln- Highland Uaniin Conselldnt-
eil Mining nml .Milling Uo„ Limited Liability,!
free miner's cer I Monte.  No.  Ix-mii,  Intond, I
sixty days from ihe ilnie  heroof, io apply
I"   Ilie ■Inin.' Keeiirder for   n eerlilliuili! lit
improvements, for thp piirpune olobuiiniug I
n t'rmvn grant nf ihe above eUiiiu.
And funlier lake notico tlmt aotion. under |
seeliun 37, must be eomiiunieed beforo 'bu issu
nneo of sueh oertlfloato of improvements.
Dnted Ihis Sth dny i f January, 1001.
Trade Marm
Copyrights Ac.
Anrnne -eniltim a tkeXcli nnd description amy
quickly ii.i'i-riitiii nur ntniiinii free wliotlier an
Invfliiltnn w.prnlirtlily ,iiaeiitnt)lo. Cueiniiiiilen.
U'lim'trirtlyriiiillileiilliil. Iliui'llii-iiliiili I'ntL'lilj,
Benl free, olilem inienxy for "eeirrll'p patent!.
IMUint* taken tlirmu-h Munn x x ". reueWe
tprrlnl nittcr, wit hunt elinruo, tn tbo
Scientific Hmerican.
A Immlflniiioir 111 tint rat e<1 weeklr. I.nnrwt rlr
i-nliiiiiiti of nny Ri'icniinc Journal. Termn, fS ■
yenr; (our mouths, fl. Sold bjrall nftwiitaRltn,
MUNN *Co.»'—* New rork
Brancb Office, e_ V St. Washington, li. 0.
Provincial LmikI purveyor.
\_/.   Architect and
Z_l  Civil Engineer...
I-Jenl Estn'tc,
liisiir.u*r<* hticl
Mining Ajfcrit.
«#>viitahv   tm;hi,if.tm*
P itli vlww 'I'owiiHilo AkoiiI.
.. . -.DDKttS. . .
ruHVirw, ii. c.
nru-raapondenoo Holii-itotl.
tenon, iiiiii'l Khali i
rev, A.I'
ill.Inn :
j-ir:   Vmi   in- hi-ri'l.i  notltll
cxpnnded  I108.M In libor and Inn
upon the "Bit; Wind) 'Mliiornl i
in Provltlonrc i'.un|i. in 'In' K- "
Iiik lllvlaion uf Vnle Dlstriot In II
bin. i -iln in bold -lid'In unl
Viainli-iif .Sei-'liin'.'lnf   lhe  Mill' I '
iii ing lln- 'ijjiiiinii ri ii'iitiil i" bo
rtniiii fnr Ilia year cndii.i,' April ', '"
Ind Unl lln- nxpirall I  :t)   "
piihlli'iitliui nf lln- nm ur ymi fnil ' '
iiuiniiiiie jnur proportion ul llm
required under wii-i •oclioii :'i. Iipi*1
allonitaof ndvcHlidnir, i  Inn ri*1
inllu  n.ili  ■   i-e-iel i" Ino -u
Mulir iii-iiimii'i-I unit." --   "      I 0* llli
.1 Ael Vine i| Act, U"1-
Haled nl  .Midway,
April, Iimi.
it. a, tbi* mi,!
;,H :   rtlLI.IN«C«
c. I.. T i■""':
.1. A. I'.n'kwiiiitii. HiemlMl
luce 1807, Ihis arrangement wss thus
mo   easily at mplished,   With thejopened up ut. tiie Itlii anii iviiii'iini levelii
iien-iii'v un Inuiii, the 40 per cent, In-second fiiriuu-e will have been added
lotiu-lbutedbytbeoilulnalsuhscrlhers "l the smelter, but thai will not he
■ ni   i      ,1, until aluiul   llvii ni-six ilionlbs benre,
II bring the shares In Ihe trewurj* to L..Mihiy (l Uah, ,„t(,,. Meanwhile
i ikiii. Negotiations for the sole of a. prepariitloni will be made to still fur
largo hlock of the tirasnty shares are 'her Increase the producing capnrlty
unld in i.e now iu progrpssi and Ihe
I her
of the mine, ami the tieatini-nl cnpa
, ,   ! eil v nf the smeller with the olilei'l. i,
proeet'ds will, Itis ex|ieeted, nol only 1 hundllng. hy Ibe olose of the current
pay oil' the floating debt, hut will pro- year, aliout 1,000 tons of ore dully
iverside Addition!
Just a Word 1
To those contemplating an invest
ment in Midway real estate, the information is
offered that on the Riverside Addition may be
found 300 very choice residence sites.
For terms and all other information apply to
W.H. NORRIS,        or        A. MEGRAW,
Midway, B. C. Camp McKinney, B. C.


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