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The Advance 1901-02-25

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 i iie /\uv/\i>^n.
VoL XIV, No. 17.
$2.00 per Year.
Bvrhistkr. Solicitor, Etc.
Gkkrnwoud, B.C.
Ump McKinney, B.C.
Hallett & Shaw
Notaries PaMlc.
blc AifilroM: "IUluttt."
Codes : Bedford McNeill s. Moreing &
Neat's Leibcr's.
Ireenwood. ii.c.
NOI ART rrui.ic.
Customs entrtei passed. Mineral Act
and Und Aet papers drawn up. Affidavits taken.  Abstracts made.
Communications by mall or telephone
promptly attended to.
Lendkll Block, Greenwood.
Phone 96. T. A S.
A. 9. Can. Soc. C. E.
>uoviNciAL Land   Surveyor
|ltnv»i   .SO OreKNWOOD.
I-^etil Estate
I lyjuruiv-i*-
Dry Goods-Dry Goods
We are determined to
close out our entire
line of the above, regardless of cost.   .   .
The priees will eonvinee yon
that we mean business.
Tonsorial Artist.
|K..r.i tlr-ick- Share, Ilur i'i'. UN Foam
or -J': .mi.... O— nt 'be abuse [-.irinr.
Raaors boM'. ud At xga j.
ta.-iil   8TUKBT,   -  ■   •   Mll'WW.  I). C.
\\. D.'iLUVMl'l.i:
roBenri     Black»uii aha.
| All  Kinds  of   Repairing.    Horseshoeing
A -ik Ul;y.
j Hotel Spokane,
t^f^T Seventh St. - jtidwav. fr^-^i
A new building,  well furnished.    Everything new
and first-class. Uoly the choicest Wines, Liquors
and Cigars kept in stock. Headquarters for Mining
and Commercial Men.
Commercial and Mining men should  put  up
at the Fairview Hotel when in camp.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ has.berti askedXott Itwfe me reavoEUS
„ *.-•■ fi'i-ii, wbich wiH salisfv rary uupre*
ine Toronto Qlobe Does Not Agree jirt1"' '*A«•»*■"•* fe»«-
° ties _we oot been the leant nf our dif-
With Mr. Houston's Ideas.       ■*•■«""■M *n "■••*"• *■«»■»'*"
Is Inexhaustible, so Says Elias Rogefs. Managing Director of the
Crow's Nest Coal Company—Provision Will First Be
Made for the British Columbia Trade.
Under the heading of."An American [tic -cale over the respective proflis
Monopoly" ihe Toronto Qlobe nt/a te- [that should fall in each. Itisuiiea-
rent date comments editorially on sonable lu attribute the struggle lo
John Houston's ri-iii.irks unite in Mon j national antipathies, The boundary
treal in ref-rence to J. .1. Hill's propos line has no more to do with it than
ed road from Fernie io(heInl>-rnatiun-' with the convulsion of nature thai
al line,   it snys : | tossed up tlie mountains and forced
Iu an interview pul.lish.-d ye-teiday  some of the internal -.tores ot wealth
Mr. J.ilin   Hot—lOB,  "f  Nelson, B. C, j to the surface.    All that we tan dn is
expresses   considerable   aljirin at   the   to  keep the highways open andfiee
Kailway, raining and smelting projects I from   discrimination  or overcharge,
of.I.inies J. Hiil and the capitalists as | trusting to natmal business competh
RSciated with him in British Columbia,; tion as a prat ection against monopoly.
Mr. Houston says in opening tlmt Mr. ]    Already the leading mine operators,
Hili's purchase of an interest  in the: are securing smelters of  iheir  own. j
Crow's Nest coal lands is th'-Hist step They may also secure control of reflu-]
towaid securing control of theCai a-ling works, thus settling a disturbing '■■
dian Pacific Bail way.   He thinks that  conflict of interests.   A'n analogy may!
Mr. Hill wishes in squeeze Canada as I he found in the co-operative gri*  iiiiila
one wnuld squeeze a sponge—in fact,  which   farmers  have  established   in
as that railway magnate and his asso-: Canada and the United  Stales.    Wilh]
cia'es haie been squeezing the western   the unfortunate ex ample >! the I nr.a-
Stater- fur years    Mr.   Hill  i_ said to J dian Pacific Railway hatvain before ua,;
contri-1 "one of the most powerful and i Parliau.ent  should   br- ahle lo avoid!
relentless combinations uf capital the 1 similar mistake* i„ dealing with MK]
United States ha- ever sen,'' and hej Hill and his railway projects. No valid'
is Warningiy alluded to as the leadiug ■ reason exists lor refusing fi;* company
spirit of a combination of capitalists i penhi-don to build some 50 utiles ofl
owning allegiance tothe UniiedStales. j railwaj " nadian  territory  it his
The crucial point of the interview is j own expense. With the possii le ex j
Mr. Houston's opposition to the char-j ception of China, no nation his tv-'
trring nf a railway fiom the Crow's , gone tosuch a length io such extremal
Ne.-t coal deposits In ihe American j protection. We have put mauv ob.-t.-'
boundary for connection with the | des in the way of imports, and ■- few]
Cttv.it Northern, which is iitcl-r Mr. in the way of exports, but to prevent
Hili's control. It is asserted titata hot j the construction of lojids to the l*OUO* J
HiAt will be fonght against the charter Idary would be a policy of isolation I
a<°Ottawa by the p ople of British Col I which the Cauadian people wili never:
Uittbia.   In considering the matter at | countenance.   In fact, such roads wiil
afford relief from 'be eil" »r mniunj . j
tv iiieady dominant in British Colum-1
iiia, and that is the secret of the ..'tea! ■
make eveiv allowance "ti
for the difficulties undi
• whi
ch   lhe
railway \*.--   -,, , ,,ing.   ^
ih- llaS
l-een a 'i.- "• ■ .     -na
.  ,,.,
ton-.    Pmii g tbe  .- ■:
i ti.. re
wore unusua        tya
ul' cer*
tain nulling machim ry. t
x,l\ Of
S'MUe nf    Our   KlipplN***    ' t
i g tt
ui   ...d
liv- months t chiml ibe i
•i time.
In cons, qui■!.,•■• ..i thh xx.
t'> wuik some ol oui ui ..
lit ■ -
bej 1
tbeir rapat ity—a  power
e more
partico!,ilv.    In Dei i ml
■ |- u •■
b  i oi
unfortiii: tte ai :idi til 1 i
' :- ti
•  Ml e.
W-faich   lie     ;.••,!   nur op. 1*1
tii nu
fors -v-
eral we ■ -.    Foi iumu. lv
It !,■■'.
p wer
engine t'*|    •■    ■■■ ■ wav e.'
ll.e.   t.i
has since been  itista]    .
.    So
ibal at
tbe present  n,- >ii — j
ii   . .-
entirely overcOBJ .
■"     il    :.V
turning • nt _ ire ■
■•     111      1
can t ,ke. as Jb it u  il kl 1
ril) tons of coke and -A
i |, n;
per day.
"A year ago, when ih
B '
•!■ J    ,.
unr ia biiji Iters cl -   .  .
notice, u e w. i	
li ut a
ina, k.-' !  . ■■ n .■'.„ - ;-■    , .
,   .   ;
mi OBEEK HOTEL . . .
Pltten—rl-r—.   It_cr_*.
rii«T-Ci.AS8  Accoxaoiunox  roa Oiksto.
Qeo J. SKeeKarv
Kxccllert flsbinfr on Kettle Kivar._r
(II kind* of work executed to
1*3 satisfaction of customers.
Wm. St. Quintin, Prop.
HI very thing  fireta-i.-.--...
H. KEYES. Prop.
|ood AccommodaUoD.
Be-. I.iipiors and Cigars.
First-Class StahlioK.
- Midway Meat Mark
_ *
m   a,
K. A. MATTHES, Proprietor.
At this establishment customers can ;et choicest cuts of
___(g_._--_4;o—* on. tho jaaraxxxA.jxem
.■.- fresh and sweet
for dinner to-day.
= *
■ issue we must getaway from all&1-surd
if, -X :•  :il'  A.ra-e-eo.» . .-rpOrJUI. Ill ■'.      .VllV-
tt»:i*gT m private hands, whether a railway iA roal deposil or a smeller, may  part   of   the   opposition   developing
he Canadian io tbe morning, Ameiican Iagainst the proposed _rent Northern
ai noon and French ur German iu the (connection.     There   may   he  some;
evening.   Capital do*  not  re, -ugnize j groundi for the fear that exessive t, -.'.
political h mndaries.   Th»te is at much exports may injure Canadian industri*,
danger beia- from a Canadian a- from j by depleiing the local supply.    In»l.'|
an Aitieii jm or a  l!u->ii!H monopoly    such matters it is best to err. if nt all.;
It is said that a large part of the Dana* on the side of caution, and to make
dian Pacific       k is owned  In 8er* i ptovisiod for every possihle eontingen-
iiuiiiy. lm    iln:  i> i.u mi-iia e to the i cy.    Already   the  Clow's  Nesl   Coo
Doniinion.   W.-  would  be no better I Company is under an obligation to sell
off i( every dollar of it were owned in | coal on the cars at $2 per ton.   Thrr
Canada,   neither   would   we   Iuj  any   is no provision as to the amount to bet
worseoff if ail lhe -t n s  -iiouid  be  put ou the maik-'i.and that'is regatded
bought up by  iJ.u.   Kruger or auy J in some quarteiv as a defect in the,'
ut ber enemy of I be empire.   Oui losses  agreement.'  Tne application   for thl
will depend ou uur fully, and our gains charter   affords   an   opportunity  to
..ti our wisdom m liargainiug with tlie amend this and other defe is. and the '
promoters and regulating ihe wrviee,  Korerntttetit should lak   advantage or
1  i-, of no material • o:a em where the  it.   The idea Of denying British C luoi
owners of uur railways reside oi what  bia or any oilier par' ot the Dot.iiniot
national allegiance tbey acknowledge. I railway connection with  tt,;   United
Tliis is fortunate, foi we li ,x- no con- j -States is loo absurd to be seri msly en-
unl over the ownership of railwuys t_| tertained.   Canada sulfei-eii in i-ep la-
private hands, tion through tbe defeat of the Kettle
If the American magnate should buy ' River Railway ch'.Her, and that mis-
up the Canadian  Pacific Railway he | lake should not be repeated.   Unsafe.
ooke plan:, but foi :' ■ r i natwe
were able tu nuike a . ' tj-. I fox .. liin*
tted 'I'u.itoi.y with N utan*smelt*rs.
Ii ttiis in '-.-sar; at the time to nm ke a
i on; i act v. ith-Mout naoe . !■ in     or
to get   :lie  t'Usill«s-.   .     .    :,.     x   -UUie
witb tbe knunledgv a -r,r.,:,\ , of
the c.uialjjii; Pacill Itui imymtdaH
)■ : 'i.s " ncemed. V\ ti u t ■•• i..t- o
ai rang   For fm tlieri. 'i  ■ ien i oi nine*
:■:- •:■■■->■ ed up, i : ni n lv
called fiy .i.- an nam ufi >s - pn rl us-
ly   t.i^eJl,   but   eliojrpojs'y   ill.' <Jj-.d
theii   d-ia ds.   j\i    "•;.-'..   li  g   ,11
ihis, how ver, v.e have it  i  ■ A ,t in
-i.pi > i ; ill    :.   .   in .:• sis   »llfa ti.e
exception  if the tin    I ';■      was
a shortage pi ,-.o-. .....I otue:- ti..i*so.rr-
lat--'ai'-^'Jc --i.'—. -■'.-' -"■-■ •-'-a xl,.- ri.i.^
whe'n our lamei • i :'■• r w x- i ri| pied.
Ol "■i.o-e, i; j^ utuiei tuod ll. j i':ik.e
ovens c. not he I .; i u'.u ,-r. ami
i.a'x.   lulu     i.iMil" dere]   red M'th
unlin ,t.-d -i^eil. ! ji t.''M. is pnu i-
eally no limit io tb« poisth'e ultima e
e.ipai ity which n.>y b  devt-loped tioth
m ii ii ..- and c k  ; t.
1'Oarc i panyt.avealiKidyatroiged
pi uj- ai >i io ide peovi-  .. foi j Ih ex-
pendiiu I .i i ■■-.   • mi I un ool'ars
during the next sumui t  uLhefurtli r
■ ievei .;. ,., ni ol iniin s and ; uk : ovei a
-oos ru ta.:. if tve siivi-ied iu bpcu i. g
direct access to tbe American msrK t—
'.m.kIi we hope i i •'•■'■. I his, lusti.. t ul
in my way limiting theanpply I i i- i*
■ i-!i i u jicbia, wih iocrease y
to meet the Unci inu ii g ii ii md   of the
trade,   li is ilu- settled policy of our
i'.'pijjy t.i make  iii-J  pravu-ioi  foi
Rrilish   Columbia   ti ide,   mid   lo  u»
every bing in     ir :  iwer to a--i-i in
. ii.iuo'iii. the ii j - i.e.- ot thatcuun-
11 y."
The  (il...-eow   Lxi.ititicn.
The Crlasg ivx International exhibition
1* mj • ill  ■'   ■■■ that!      idacan-
Therefore Meats are always fresh ami sweet    Call and get a good joint S
P. 0- BOX 25.
Great Reduction
Practical Watch Maker,
(topPKK  8T
Oood Toot», Plenty Mstcrlal, '*l
snd 30 years experience to do |2
rnttkecorrectly.   ... O
Dry Goods, Notions,
Ladies' and Gents'
Furs, Jackets and Capes
Clothing of all kinds at manufacturers' prices plus
freight;  for thirty days, to make room for
Spring and  Summer Wear.
We need the cash, and are willing to sacrifice profits.
FUR COATS from $12.50 to S20, foPiDGP price $17.50 and $25
FUR CAPS wort!] $5 and $6, now selling at from 11.50 to $3.50
X.iw is the time to buy,  as no such bargains will
be offered again.
Rubber goods at greatly reduced prices, as we do
not intend to carry them over for next Season.
Come and inquire ahout our cash grocery  prices.
Everythihg cut down for cash.
HAIN &  CO.,  General Merchants
might be iin isfomiml from "Jin- Bill"
io "Sir Janie*. Ilill," .mil lhechitogr
would Heof nobeoefil lothe Dominion,
except to nave us from i inpuningtess
i rusade agaiusUi "foreign'.'Oi oration."
That which was foieign ivould siuiplj
U-.-oni** doiio'-tii'. Mr. Hill "- |o<*. /. .!'
the people of ihe we-t-ro KtalesDOt
liecao-e they were Americans, Uni because they w.re iiinoeiii euougb to
allow him. If he Rqiieeaes the people
of Canada it «ill be torpnche'ly the
-une r-fw.D.   li  i- ii t  icconolol
any national antipathy thai the 0 ma
ty lies in according all reasonable fa
ri iiies in railway enterprise, iei ilnii g
control ofj-ates mil services ami i real*
ing thc machinery necessary foreffl-
ei* nt s i]u-rvi>ion.
The qnestion of coke supply f ir lbe
British Oolumhla Smellers i- ju preseut
commanding much attention, ai 'I al
thongh ;i great numl er contend thai if
Mr. Uiii get* hi- charier Un* quantity
of coke taken to the American .-n.el'.-r-
ndll be so great thai li will leave the
smelters uf this province tsithoul an
adequate supply ami therefore be the
.ell'lii-  l' jj. i-, ol
ly iioioei-oiis, bill I
exhihitiun fur tti
trade in Ureal   i
The   Pan a nei
ford i        ■ - uit
ii- a
dian Pactflc Railway is squeezing thei means of British Colombia ores having
lieople of Hestein I'an.iil.i. bui because to he treated at theAraerican smelters
our legislators were si unwise a.- to ex j But aii interview given by BllaaEog
einpt the national highway from Gov : ..,>. managing director of the Crow's
erntneutal control. Qui safety lies, i \e>t Goal company, in reply toques*
not in attacking Mr. Hill on account of! tions asked by Mr. JaBray, -how> that
his nationality, a matter sumewhat in j it is the intention of their company to
iloiiht. for he is at lea-H'anailian-lKiru, j first  make provision for the British
lot in avoiding nil similar errors when
dealing wi'h  him.    We must  expect
the men  wb
lie as  "leleii
Colunihia trade.   Mr. Kogeis -ays j
"The   first   development   work  al
pital he cont: olsj to j Crow's  Nesl   Coal company's  mines,
IS any other set of I near Fernie, B. C, was commenced
investing capitalists. Mr. Houston j something .ner two years ago. In
-aysth.it Ihey have secured eoiilrol of j commencing operations ther. , il'ti! ill-
American rellnlng works,aud, to favorI ties were met with which are only in-
their own smelleis, have intreased the I cident to monntainoos country, such
charges for refining the product of las that where the geology Is largely
Canadian Siiieliers, ihat they hiivt'iunknonii, and ran onh be proved hy
erased to bundle Cnnadiau lead ores,(actual drift work. The Crow's Nesl
and have secured eonltol of lhe coke! railway  was only just  heing  built,
land coal output   of tin- Crow's Nesl I Supplies of all kinds had to he brought
I Pass mines These sre phases of the, long distances, ami there were many
protracted struggle that iiiu-t continue ; other di«advnntatres   which  are  un-
!MI1 mining, smelling and refining he known in other coal fields, No twit h-
merged more closely In the matter of [standing all tbis, aud other difficulties
I husiness management As the farmer j which might he named, 'he Ciow's
in primitive times dispnied with ihe i Nesl Coal company have broughttim
miller, and the wool grower with the ' capacity of the Coal Creek iiiinrs up to
weaver, over the division "f the Hour | over 1,211) tons |M'r day, and have now
and the cloih, lbe miner, smeller and I reached a point where rapid Increase
j refiner are now contesting ou a gigan-l in the output tuny la- eipected.   This
develoi nl of Ca   id
Cnit.-.l  SUtes t.r...   -
strii't ..in exppi -t.i.
we think the I'u.  in
wili  have liule . ."■.
trade with our neigh!
Iimi of affalts i- o lite
Glasgow,   'I'm- :. •  ,   ■
are enormous ,	
product! of Ihis
anxioo- lo dl al   ...    s in |       .••  re
lo foreigners, iml      sou   ■.;'••,    if
we do not  culttvati    ind -    laid   'i.-ir
trade.   i'.iii.eJ..f. . i duels ..i ■.' ii idy
fairly  well   knot* n   in   i-'.-n md    nd
Scotland, bul we-till havean immense
Held for our products and we nngh   lu
lo-* no opportunity id  keening our*
i (elves and ihu good   I ■ I     ■ I he Bl.   -h
' coii-niij. i -     I ■   |     -     . :, i i, -  i., ■, i-
vert se theinsi U i -. jusi    i it pays 1 nsi*
; neas men to keep  tbe t   names i ■ •
■ slanth   hefore  tl"-   -r ilill -.    llai   da
oughl •■'•. tat i",     L-gi     I, !  ,-.
n uional esfa ... in il
ium f' .     i ■ i -       inong [ie i-
pie Who may, and s elik   ••:...  ec   ue
OUI CtlS ■■-.   W.  ii'i a'.V  oi I,  -,.  ,,|
five dollars al <o   gov f i-.j.h . ne
i\e appropriate i   loi  the  \'.,„'fr. |'.u-
j :i' Paris  oi inl nd I   -• I in, ■ ;,,    he
, Pan-An erii .• . I iu di»ti m OiufaclJii**
er> sii ii. ■ ■ -•■ i in- nulqn     • j or*
UinitJ for coming in I      :h   he
greal c ui- iu :■    |    ;   "i ihi in uiii-r
i counti'v,—Toronto lS'orld, JOHN WITHELL nMMUVM*;
Publlahod   weekly   al Miaway, B.C.
SuWiption Price, SHOO per annum, parable
in advance, either yearly or baJf-rearly st the
option of tbs subscriber.
Advertising llatei sent on appUcatM.
The proposal to nationalize the telegraph systems of iheDoniinion is meeting with great favor throughout I he
country. It is clearly recognised that
Ihe telegraph comes within the scope
of the Postofflce depart ment, and that
the government should monopolise Ihe
delivery of all letters, whether they
are sent by telegraph or mail. We
believe the roitnlry is prepared to
sanction the purchase by the govern
ment of the telegraph lines of the
country. Under government operation
telegraph charges could be reduced hy
3(1 Der cent., and the service would still
he self-supporting. The elimination of
competition, the use of government
huildings already erected, and olher
economies rendered possihle by the
transfer of the services to the govern
ment, would justify such a reduction
at once, It looks now as if the nationalization of the telegraph systems of
Canada is within sight.— Toronto
World.  ■
Just as often as an American Com
pany asks for a charter lo build a
railway into Canadian territory, just,
so often appear ulaitiling articles mid
Interviews setting forth various dan
gers such railway connections would
be to the commercial interests of Can
ada. These dangers are, of course, as
seen by those whose individual interests would not he benefitted by add!
lional railway facilities and are, therefore, hypothetical as far as the interests
ut Canada, or more especially this Pro
vince, are concerned. Such articles
are generally written by people that
have only their own welfare at heart
and would do anything to belter their
condition if it. meant ruination to the
country. Every thinking man knows
full well Ihal British Colunihia requires more and better railway facili
ties. Then why should any reliahle
company anxious to supply what is
needed in this line he shut off from the
privilege of building a line of i -vil way,
especially so when not. a dollar is
asked of the eoutiiry to h«lp huild it.
Canada has already erred iu this way
when it. refused io grunt a chattel' to
Ihe Kettle River Valley Kailway and
it is to be hoped I bal the ei ior will not
be repeated. At Hie time D. C. Cor
bin was seeking ji charter to build into   Oaiiit«li.n»   lp»-i it»».y,   ,.   ui.oilae  any
was Hindi; to that at the present time,
the commercial interests of Canada
were going to suffer by Ibe building of
a foreign road, and when the application was made before the House at
Ottawa it was thrown out and the
people of British Columbia had to
suffer in order to satisfy a few selfish
individuals, T'he reason now advanced
by those who are trying to keep the
country hack by preventing railway
competition is that Hill, if granted ihe
charier for his road, will lake the hulk
of the coal from the Crow's Nest coal
fields into ihe United Slates and that
Canadian interests will suffer on account of n shortageof this commodity
Now is this reason any reason at all P
All reports unite in pronouncing the
coalfields of British Columbia amongst
the most extensive aud the mosl easily
mined nn the continentr They ate
said to have an area hf at least 275,000
acres. With sufficient development
there appears to be no doubt of their
being not only ahle to suppy the needs
of British Columbia, present or future,
but to furnish an immense supply for
export, and as the supply for home
consumption will first he provided for,
fear of a shortage of coal or coke in
British Columbia is as absurd as fear
of a shortage of timber. Such shortages can come only through the dis
eotiiagemenl of eiiteiprise hy a foolish
policy of obstruction, and there is no
reason in the world why this charter
should not he granted. Instead of becoming so alarmed at the possibility of
British Columbia coal going into the
United 8tates, we should assist any
enterprise that is likely to offer a mar
let for thp products of our coal mines.
Story with a Moral.
Here is the latest story of the man
who is too stingy to t»ke his home
paper : A man who is too economical
to subscribe for a paper sent his litlle
boy to borrow lhe copy taken by bis
neighbor. In his haste the hoy ran
over a four-dollar stand of bees, and in
ten minutes looked like a warty squash.
His cries reached his father, who ran
to his assistance, and failing to notice
a barbed wire fence ran into that,
breaking it down, cutting » handful of
flesh fiom his anatomy and ruining a
four-dollar pair of pants. The old cow
took advantage of the hole in the
fence and got into the cornfield and
killed herself eating green corn.
Hearing the racket, the wife ran, upset a Hve gallon ihurn full of rich
cream into a basket of chickens, drowning the whole flock. In the hurry she
'dropped a seven-dollar set of false
leeth. The baby, left alone crawled
through the spilled milk and into the
parlor, ruining a brand new twenty-
dollar carpet. During the excitement
Ihe oldest daughter ran away witb Hie
hired mad, tbe dog broke up eleven
setting hens and the calves got oul,
tmd chewed tbe tails off four Hne shirts.
Thft lodge Plfty Feet in Width at
the 600 Foot Level
On ta Sight Will Keep tbe Preeent
Mill Running for Several Yean.
The Republic mine bas been recently
examined by a party under the guidance of Superintendent W. J. Casey.
The flrst workings done on the now
renowned mine were first inspected.
Near the old Workings a large foroe of
men is opening up the big ore shoot
that lies south of the discovery shaf',.
The payshoot comes within a few
inches ot the surface, where it Is exposed, and ie the richest ore that has
been near the surface at any point on
the porphyry belt.
The descent into the mine Was then
begun. Kvery etopein the mtarf was
inspected from the surface to the 400-
foot level. There is still considerable
hand drilling going on where it is inconvenient to set up machine drills,
but there are three of the latter iu
operation. At all points where the
men were at work there were solid ore
bodies, and all of it of good grade, ln
the upper level the ore body averages
aliout three feet across, except in que
spot, where there is a big swell, and it
is about eight feet wide. Itis in this
that the fabulously rich ore was found
t hat gave the mine its great reputation
and its owners wealth.
In the next level helow the swell il
is ul out 10 feet wide and the general
average of the ledge about six feel. In
the same shoot at the 400-foot level
the shoot is .upward of 35 feet wide,
and at the 600-foot level it is as wide
as 56 feet for a short distance.
The mine has been thoroughly
opened up between tbe surface and the
first, second and third levels fur about
220 feet on the soul h side of the tun*,
nels that have been driven to cut l he
ledge at the various levels. About one
half of the ore bas heen sloped ont for
250 feet from the surface. From there
down the ore body is practically intact.
As $600,000 have been taken ont of
one half of the oie that is known to
exist above the 250-foot level it will be
readily seen that the mine will produce
a pretty large amount of gold before
ihe or" is exhausted ubove the level of
N'o. 4 tunnel, which cuts tbe ledge at a
deplh of IK» feet.
After leaving tunnel No, 3 the party
went to the month of No, 4 tunnel,'
auu arter walking n, a,ouofcrt«fee fade*
was reached. This is the tunnel
through which the ore from the upper
levels reaches the sampler.
Here a large station has been cut out
for the accommodation of the ore
cars. The ledge at this point is ahout
30 feet wide and 60 feet south of the
tunnel it is 56 feet wide.
Superintendent Casey stated that a
new 15 drill compressor plant bas been
ordered und a 60 horse power engine.
The station where the winze is will he
enlarged for the reception of the hoist
and the station at Uie tunnel will be
considerably enlarged to make room
for more tracks. As Boon as new ina
chinery is installed it is contemplated
pushing down the wince and developing the ledge on the WO foot level, as
the ore at tbat point is of high grade.
There need, however, be no rush to
open this level, so far as an ore supply-
is concerned, for it will take several
years for the present plant to treat all
Ibe pre that is now te sight. With
such large reserves tbe conipany can
develop tbe lower working* of the
mine in tbe most systematic manner.
. In the past the work bas been crowded to determine to what extent the
mine was a paying one, or rather to
ascertain if it would justify the erection of a mammoth reduction plant.
The latter question has lieen answered
in the affirmative beyond doubt, for il
is there us a monument to lbe foresight
and euierpiise of the management uf
the Republic company. If all recog
nized signs do not fail generations will
he born hefore the mine is exhausted.
Tbe entire ledge wae not filled with
very rich ore, although it all carries
values that will ultimately pay for
Ireal ment. There is, however, a con
siderable body of the ore that is of
high grade. At tbe point where the
ledge is the widest a winze has been
sunk to a depth of 140 feet At a depth
of 100 feet the ledge was crosscut and
found to be 26 feet wide. Tbat appears
to lie about tbe average width of tbe
big oresboot at lhe 800 foot level. By
actual measurement tbe Republic ledge
has beeu opened to a depth of TOO fee},
on iis dip. wbich is ahout 80 degrees,
Work was suspended on the shaft aa
the power was needed lo drive drills at
other points in tbe mine.
no small degree td the decision to reorganize the old company. Meantime
work was suspended on the No. 1 north
and commenced on lhe No. 2 north
und immediately some small kidneys
of very high grade ore, running, from
$70to$200thetoiiiwiire encountered.
Picked samples assayed up tn linearly all gold. -        „
Owing to reorganization, work was
suspended on this ledge also, but a
trial shipment gave U30.26 net,per ton.
Not heing satisfied witb the smeller
returns for the No. 1 north, the management had the shipment umpired
and the result proved the ore ly'be of
shipping value.
Last month work wa^i repiimrd.on
the No. 2 north. Por the flrst 25 feet
of sinking there was no improvement
in the winze. The vein was dipping
north at 60 degrees ahd it will be remembered lhat the dip of the No. 1
vein waj 30 degrees. Half way distant
hetween these Iwo veins, in the north
tunnel, a small stringer wus found,
dipping 35degrees to lho north. Consequently both this stringer and thc
No. 1 north milst eventually join the
No. 2 north. At a depth of 28 feet t be
stringer came in, aud at a depth of 60
feet the No. 1 vein, if continuous, must
also come in.
A station has just been completed
over the winze and un engine, hoist,
pump, etc., installed, and sinking will
he continued wilh vigor for another
ISO feet, making 451) from the surface.
It is confidently expected lhat a strong
ore hody will he encountered when the
union of the two veins takes place-
During January 44 feet of woik was
done on the east drift, HOI) fool level.
Ore of |uw hut shipping.grade was
continually encountered.
and Soo Line
On all trains rumilng from Revelstoke and
K jotenay Landing.
Pass Dunmore Junction for Bt. Paul on Sun
dnys, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.
For Toronto on Mondays aud
Wednesdays.  For Montreal and Boston
Sumo cars pass • Revelstoke one day earlier,
^*S*** **0*****************999*******m„*\m, J
MtmwmmaAXs. »*..  ____tw_,y.
One Block West of Customs Office.
<§§ This is a first-class building, being hard $ g§ ^ J
@   finished throughout.   The dining room   ^  {g tJ\
^ t$ is run under the personal supervision @ t& A
@§   §§   of Mrs. Crowell, and is supplied with   (g  # I
# ® i/1 l^e be8t on t'ie TO*11"***61* Choice stock §g A
&)   #   @   of W»nes> Liquors and Cigars at thc  $ I
# @   ©   @   bar*     LarSe   Stab,e   in   connection. ||
The Patronage of the Publlo lo Solicited and
Satisfaction Quaranteed.
Work on the Winnipeg
Development work on the Winnipeg
mine is progressing satisfactorily.
Last summer a very important strike
wus made on the 900-foot level in Ihe
nori h tunnel. This tunnel cuts several
ledges running east and west, and the
strike above leferred to was on the
Hrst north vein, dipping nnrth at 30
degrees. Here about 20 feet of sinking
was done and a trial shipment was
Bent to the Oranhy smelter; hut tbe
values returned by tlie smeller left a
loss of 34c per ton, jOn •*. IMQIreiglV
and treatment rale.  Much belter re*
For time tables, rates and full information
rail nn or address A. F. McCCI.LV, Agent,
Midway, or
D. P. A., A. Q. P. A.,
Nelson. B.C.      Vultcouver. II. C.
Try a Bottle of
. „.„v. OF WHITE PINE;
Have   Purchased   New  Machinery.
Oeotge O, Bradley, mechanical engineer and manager nf the Bradley
Engineering and Machinery Conipany
of Spokane, who arrived in -the ciiy
Tuesday evening from Phoenix, says
the Nelson Tribune, had (hat day
closed a deal with the Dominion Cop-
per Company for » large quantity of
mining machinery. The couipuuy
com lids the well known Steuiwinrler
and Brooklyn groups. For ihe Brooklyn mine tbey purchased a double 12x111
geared friction drum hoist, and also a
hoist of the same size for lhe. Stem-
tiindcr properly. A S50 horse' power
boiler is also included in lhe purchase
anil Ihis will lie placed on the laiuudary
line lietween Ihe two clninis- so that
both hoists can le operated from the
same point. .In connection wjtjhvfiie
hoists they have purchased ATsBp of
tbe automatic safety pattern which
w|l| bring Ihe ore from Ihe mine and
discharge it directly in the receieiug
bins. The improvements will also con
slst of other machinery and thewhole
undertaking will probablv amount, to
Both nf these properties have been
well developed and a depth of .300 to
400 feet has heen ohiaiued on 'each.
There is a large quantity of good pay
ote in sight, aud from 600 to 600 tons
have been placed on the dump. When
the new machinery, which will he
shipped to the property at once, is installed apd operating a much larger
quantity of ore will be lemoved. For
some time past development, has heen
carried on actively and everything is
now in readiness lo make the properties large shippers.
The world's greatest
Introducing  many  new  and
wonderful acts.
In an entire new programme
of most pleasing and startling
illusions entitled "Nights in
I challenge the World to
eclipse my ventriloquistic acts
consisting of distant voice imitations and automatons.
A scientific olio of mirth and
mystery, good for the old and
delightful for the children.
Don't miss this rare treat
to be'held in
Admission, 50 and 25 cents.
Performance begins at 8.
For that Cough ef yviirt.  ;
9999 mmwmwwwwwwwjwfWfWfwrwi^
Agent for Stuart's
Map of the Boundary
A __> _hd_i_H_s_k_k_kA_____t_tl___l___t__Al
999 mmmm mmmwmmmm wi ww
J. A.
JVhflHON B.0
1   NOrTAUY PUBLIC.   >     !
Ammxx* fovC*
The Royal Insuranck Cot.
The; London and Lancashire Fire
. Insurance Coy.
TH«f Insurance Coy. of North
The London and Canadian Fire
Insurance Coy.
The Sun Life Assurance Coy u«
• Canada.
The Dominion Building and Loan
Appraiser for the Canada Permanent Loan and Sa vinos Coy
REWARD will bo paid bv the mi
,   sljjnod to anyone furnishing Infor-
Uut will load to the conviction of Ihe
artr or parties who poisoned my Gordon Set-
°'tm' K.W.McUINB.
Midway, Feb. It, 1901.
NOTICE ts beroby givon that application will
twinadoto the LegMative Assembly nf
the Provliico of British Columbia at lis nest
Session, for 11 I'rivftUi Bill to Incorporate a
company to build, equip, maintain and operate
a line or lines of railway of shinfltnl Kuai*e with
any kind of motive power from a point, at nr
near the town of Midway to a point at or near
the month of Buck Creek, tbonoe in a northeasterly direction to the Wost Kork of Kettle
Birer, thenee following the West Kork of until
river to ils head, thence by tbe must convenient
route via Oknnngiiii Mission Valloy to Vernon,
Willi powor to construct, operate awl maintain
branch lines In anv point within twenty miles
of thn main line of railway, and with powor to
construct, operate anil maintain all nuuiwsary
brl'lges, roads, ways and terries, and to con.
struct, acquire, own nnd maintain -vunrvcu.
and docks In connection therewith, and lo construct, own, acquire, equip aud maintain steam
and other V08w „ and boats and operate the
same on any navigable waters, and to consi ruet,
operate ana maintain lelcgiapbaml telephone
linos along thc routes of said railway and Its
branches or In connection therewith, and lo
transmit, messages for commercial purposes, to
generate electricity anil supply light, heal and
power, and to erect, construct, build and maintain the necessary buildings and works, and
with power to lake water from the falls on
SnallmncheennrHhuswap River near Luinby
sud on tho Wost Kork of Kettle River niar
Hull creek, to generate any kind of powor for
the purposes aforesaid or tn connection therewith for reward, and to acquire and receive
from any government, corporation or persons
grants of land, monoy, bonuses, privileges nr
oilier assistance in aid nf the construction of
the company's undertaking, and lo connect
with and enter Into traffic or other arrangements with railway, steamboat or olbor companies j and fur all rights, powers and privileges necessary ln or incidental to tbe premises
nnd for olher purposes.
Datod at Vanoouvor, B.C., this Hnd day of
December, 11100.
H Solicitors for tbe Applicants,
2NK RANCH KM acres, good buildings and
fences, situated lu Township 117 S. W   j
bc. 7 known Ss the Wilder Hunch. For
terms write.
.Mother Lode Mine,
Oreenwood, ll.r.
for Sale.
ACRES.adJolnlng'Mldway suitable
for smelter nr townttte.   Apply
& H. HURST k CO,,
'•'-     Victoria
The Riverside Hotel,
Is sltuoted at Rock CiwV, B.C., on   tbe main rout* of   travel
between Penticton and nil Boundary Creek points.   Stopping
place (or stages.
Good Fishing: -:- Good Hunting -:- Bestof Accommodation.
Carrying Her Jlajesty's Hails
Will leave MIDWAY on Tuesdays, Thurs
days and Saturdays, at 8.30 a. m., arriving at
CAMP McKINNEY at 5 p. m.
Returning will leave CAMP McKINNEY on
Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 9 a. in.,
reaching MIDWAY at 1.30 p. m., and making connection with the train going east at 2 o'clock.
Tmm beat of acooMmodatlon for
Um oonvenlmM «f lhe
travelling puMio.
r. meyerhoFf, proprietor.
KSTABUI-IHltiD   1883.
Our Stecialties—Varieties Profitable in British Columbi,.
Trees Free from Pests.
Send for Free Catalogue.   |   E. Hutcherson, Manager.
Lancashire House,
: : MIDWAY.B.C. : :
The undersigned having taken this well-
known and comfortable hotel invites the
patronage of all old customers and the public
* Fiirnnce-lieiited nnd comfortably
fiirnUlu'd  room**.
Thos. D. Banbury, Proprietor.  1
The Boundary Hotel)
MIDWAY, B. 6...
Strictly First-class Throughout* Excellent Accommodation.
large Sample Boom for Commereial
PS. McAULEY,  f      Proprietor. LOCAL AND DISTRICT.   J
|lu. Robinson ia do wu from Beaver*
kn. Dr. Jukes it spending a few
|i in Oreenwood.
, L. Thomet spent a tern days in
Hid Porks last week,
eneer   Benerman   tuts returned
i a trip up the West Fork.
j'0, Lannerherg, eye specialist, of
aland, spent last Week in Midway,
om—At Rock Creek on Tuesday,
18th inst., to the wife of Jhb. 6.
iMynn, of a daughter,
lames Beckwilh has been confined
his bed for a few days from an at-
i of La Orippe,
larry Kerslake has returned from a
1 months' absence to Sandon and
r Slocan points,
filliam 8. Graham, proprietor of
(South End grocery stole, Ureen*
Kid, waa in town to-day.
Urs. W. 0. McMynn and daughter
spent a few daya in Midway
1 week, tbe guests of Mrs. Dr.Jakes.
0. Thompson leaves to-morrow
| Carmi, to do assessment work on a
nher of his mineral claims in tbat
I Smith, representing the W. J.
Company, Ltd.. manufacturing
(Winners,   Toronto,  paid a visit lo
t on Saturday,
lis Honor Judge Boles will hold a
rs of the County Court at Green-
to-morrow. The docket is an
jnally large one.
RCing Kennedy, the world's greatesl
tnjiirerand ventriloquist, will give an
hterlainment in Terry's ball to*mor*
bw night, the '26th Inst.
Kerr and family, who have
en spending a few weeks with
[lends al Chilliwack, returned on
Wednesday last. 4
I Rev. R. P. Murray leaves to-morrow
pr Rossland to attend a meeting of
lie Presbytery, which will he held ln
hat town nest Wednesday.
Jas. McNicol is now in Carson on his
Mum from Glasgow, Scotland, ahd
I in company witb Mrs. McNicol re-
urn to Midway in * few days.
[ George Miller, whn has lately return*
from Chicago, where he has heen
king a course at the Opiical Insli-
e, waa in Midway one day last week.
[ John M. 8crafford, formerly silperin*
endent of the B. C. mine, hint heen en-
aged to take charge of the Blue Bell
nperty on the flrst nf next month,
Irurn the force will probably be in*
he C. P. R. rated on matte and hul-
from all Kootenay points to New
fork and Newark have just heen re-
laced to |10 per ton.   This means a
pit of H per ton from Trail and Nelson
and It from the Boundary points.
John Rogers, of Grand Porks has
taken over the tiianagemr ntnf thePatli
finder niine.on the North Fork. Active
developnienl   bas   heen resumed on
• hat proper! y.  Tbe ore will be treated
at the Boundary Falls Pyritie Smeller.
Jaiiifs Dale, in c.iinpany wilh his
brother and four nephews, arrived iu
Midway on Tile-day.   Mr.  Dale  has
j purchaxed a sawmill plant from Lequime A Powers and is taking il to
Carmi, where he and hia associates will
| engage in the sawmill business.
B. Gardom, of Epderhy, brother of
our townsman, R. Oardtun, has been
accepted for the Smith African conntab-
.ularv and leftonSaluiday for Revel*
stoke, where in i niiipany with a mini-
.herof others will leave to-day for Ottawa at which place (he fordes miibi*
J. U.Barnes, express messenger whu
* some lime waa engaged on the run
bftweeu  here and Nelson, but who
iiely  has been   |ierforiiiing similar
duties between Kootenay Landing and
|Medicin« Hat, ia again attending to
the express over this line.   His many
■friends in Midway are pleased to see
i back.
Invitations have heen issued for a
anquet to lie held in Greenwood on
Friday evening, March 1, and tendered
b) tbe citinuis of Greenwood tn Ihe
delegates nf the Associated Boards of
Trade of Eastern  Briiish Columbia.
»hn will then Iw in convention in the
n, and in formal recognition of the
|blowing in of the local smelting plant.
Jas.   McGill Des   Riviera was  mi
Thursday afternoon formally commit-
I fnr trial hy Police Magistrate Hal
Hell, of Greenwood, on a charge of the
[murder of Harry Rowand at Denoro,
Summit cump, on the night of Saturday, Uth insl.  The prisoner was on
Friday taken to Nelson hy Provincial
Constable Darraugh to there await hia
W. 8. Keith, formerly editor of the
Sreenwooil Miner, who was a le*
veeks ago appointed a preventive
officer in the customs department «u»d
•tationed at Greenwood, having heen
■ccepted fnr service in Soulh Africa,
i resigned his appointment, at Green
wood and left Friday in oompany with
. B. Smith en route lo the scene of
hii new duties,
E. J. Wilson, metallurgist in charge
of the blast furnace at Great Falls'
[smelter, Montana, has resigned that
isltion lo become superintendent of
'Standard Pyritie Smelting Com*
any's aawlter   at Boundaiy Falls,
hns.  Anderson,   accountant, lately
Mislant secretary-treasurer   of the
King Mining Company, Rossland, has
i appointed accountant of tbe same
tbat Angus Stuart, for several years
connected with the provincial press On
lhe coast and in the Okanagan and
Boundary districts. '4fjd, who was
British Columbia's official, representative atthe Paris exposition, is to act
in a like capacity at the ei-hfidtiori to
be held this year in Glasgow, Scotland.
Mr. Stuart is at present in Ottaiiijt.
Last'Friday EDO tons of ore were s#nt
down to the Greenwood smelter fi
the Mother Lode mine. Total ship
niHiita to date from this mine are Hearing 10,000 tons. .Commencing about
March 1, hy which time the big new
hoist and ore sorting plant will (win
running order, daily shipments trim
the miue will average 800 tons. The
smeller is now treating about that
quantity of ore daily.
The plant to* the No. 7, In Central
camp, has all heen hauled up tbe
mountain to the mine, and the Work
ot installation ia lieing proceeded with.
It consists of a claw A Ingersoll-Ser*
geant straight Une air compressor capable of running from three lobar E
24 drills, two machine drills, an air
receiver, a 100 horse power horiwntal
return tubular boiler, a Lidgerwood
hoisting engine with 31 Inch drum and
cylinders ItyxlO, a No. 5 Cameron sinking pump, Northey duplet holler tted
pump, feed Water heater, shaft skip,
four ore cars, 500 feel steel rope, 1,400
feet pipe, 1,000 feet steel rails and a lot
of sundries. The main shaft is being
enlarged ahd rettnihered down tolls
present depth of 130 feel prtditUfoHry
to resuming sinking. Some •crjr filce
ore is lieing sloped at the W foot level
and sent to tlie Given wood smelter.
In view of the recent applications fnr
water rights upon the Keitle river
near Cascade City the Provincial
government has requested Mt. H. B.
Smith. M. Inst. C. E., to measure the
amount of the flow of the rivet, tat
Cascade Ciiy. Despite the prevalent
opinion that the river is at it* lowest
in August Mr. Smith declares tbat th**
real period of luwneaa in tbe river* of
the Kootenay. aa may be tee* In
watching the rise and fall of the Co
littnbia, is the present month of February. Hence this season is the beat fbr
ascertaining the least amount of ihe
flow of any particular river. Mr.
Smith leaves Rossland for Cascade today to reporl on tbe matter for tbe
Provincial government
The annual meeting of lhe Briiish
Columbia Copper company, limited,
owning lhe fu oilier Lode mine and
smelter, near Greenwood, haa heen
postponed to Mai eh 14, on Which date
ii will he held in New York city. By
that, lime the smeller will have Ik-.-i
running netrly a month and the man*
agement. will then he in a position to
tell shareholders what prolit the nre is
yielding. The New York Engineering
and Mining Journal reported on "tbe
ICth inst. that the company's |3 abates
had gained $1) and were then at 121}.
During the week ending February U
there were sold on th* New York
Stock Exchange 8,3)0 shares of tbis
company's stock, and on tbe Boston
Slock Exchange 800 shares. Tbe lowest quotation during tbat week was
$19.88 on 8th inst. in New Yoikand
|20 in Boston.
On Friday night, 22nd inst., a presentation was made to Mr. Jas. Anderson,
who for some time past bas lieen manager of the Greenwood branch of the
Bank of British North America, and
who the next day left for Rossland to
take charge of the hank'i branch in
that town. The presentation took
place at Ihe Imperial Hotel, Oreen
wood, where Mr. Anderson was entertained hy a numher of personal friends.
The gathering was of a veiy cordial
though informal natme and it was
presided over I.y Mr. Duncan Ross,
editor of ihu Greenwood Times, who
during Ihe evening called upon Mt
Frederic Keffer, E. M., general man-
ager of the Briiish Columbia Copper
Company, to present the guest witb •
(•old watch-chain and locket. This Mr.
Keffer did, accompanying the presentation with some remarks expressive
of high esteem iii which Mr. Anderson
was held, boi h in bis official and pri
vale rapacity. Other gentlemen also
testified to the worth, nf their guest
both as an useful ill lieen ahd a good
friend. Mr. Anderson Suitably responded, acknowledging much kind-
ness shown him in (ireenwood, which|
he was leaving with regret. After a
couple of houis had been spent Very
sociably Mr. Andeismi, who left on
Saturday's train for Rossland, was
hidden "God speed" and ihe company
sang "Auld Lang Syne" and then dispersed. Dining the evening a hearty
welcome was extended lo Mr. W. G.
H. Belt, Mr. Anderson's successor.
The locket given lo Mr. Anderson bore
the following inscription : On one side
"Jamas Anderson. A token of friendship Greenarond, B.C.. Feb. 22,1001,"
and on Uie other "Bettor lo'ed ye
eaona lie. Will y* no come hack
There ffe^cgf&rno doubt that one
ptfMfiw two railways will be
building out of Midway as soon as
spring opens, and Midway is destined
to become the commercial and railway
centre of the Boundary country.
Now is the time to buy lots in the
town. They will make you rich. It is
not a speculation, it is an investment.
For prices and terms apply to
The Central Hotel
llth St, Midway, B. C.
T. M. Qulley & Co.
Large Stock.   Low Prices.
__\ m. oT7x.--.xrir ss co,
Greenwood, Boundary Creek, B. C.
We have opened the above hotel at Greenwood and
are prepared to welcome guests and provide good accommodation.   Good catering.    First-class Livery Stable.
«i______#i_____A AAA,
This is a new three-storey he tel, comfortably
furnished throughout.
The rtearest house to the Railway Station.   The
most convenient hotel for railway travellers.
The best of accommodation in every respect.
S. DAHL, Proprietor.
Lequime & Powers, Proprietors.
Manufacturers of all kinds of
Band Sawing and Job Work done to order
Telephone No. 12.   Telephone orders receive prompt
THOMAS WALKER, Proprietor,
Violins, ManddHtwaiid ttuilaw from
15.01) up.  (ireenwooil MiibIc Store.
$276 will hy a good Upright Piano
nearly new.   Greenwood Muaic 8tore.
The   Lancashire   House,   Midway.
This is a popular hutel, and Is a good
opening for » Hrst class hotel man.
The furniture can tie purchased reason*
ahlr.  Possession Klvan *■ imK'f'
For terms, etc., apply «o
The Midway Company, Ltd..
Midway, B. C.
AH tho l»«t
Clear* md Tobaeooa
constantly on hand.
Latest shades
terns of Wall Pap
Seventh Street, Midway
The Travellers Insurance Co...
rmrrrirmTirnTY 1
.... Of Hartford. Conn. $
rrnmmnr i
Chartered 1S63.
Stock Life and
Accident Insurance.
ISSUES tbe best life insurance
I contracts in the world. No
disappointment as to dividends.
Everything guaranteed in advance, Premium rates 15 lo 25
percent less than those of old
line Mutual companies.
January ist, 1897, *
$20,884.53 J
LIABILITIES, .. 17,920,160.29 t
SURPLUS   .... 2,976,424.36 I
The Travellers Combination Accident Policy guarantees foraccidental S
under ordinary conditions. *
De&thBeiielt     .... |5Qai
Lo* of Sight of Both Byes     . ,0(10
Loss of Both Peel, or Both Hands 5.000
Loss of One Hand and One Foot 5.000
Permanent Tolal Dlsabllty 2 SO)
Loss of Right Hand     .     .
lam of Leg at 01- abovo Kneo
Loss of Left nand     .    .
Los* of Kit her Foot
Loss of sight, of Ono I yo  .
. 6311
Linr-its of   Weekly Indemnity $1,300.
AND, if such injuries are sustained while riding as a passenger in
any passenger conveyance using steam   cable,   or   electricity ns a
motive power the amount to He paid   shall be DOUBLE   the sum
specified in the clause under which the claim is made. *
I Cost $53 a year  to Professional  and   Business g
Men.and Commercial Travelers. |
] Other sums at proportionate rates $
T ♦
aa a a. .*,._■.*.-■ a. aaa a a _, »i|i*ij|*|ii|----*a>w^_fc__/.__AA444AAa Afa
St Quintin & McBoyle. Props.
Good assortment of Fresh Bread, Cukes, Confectionery and
Fruit always in stock.
First-class   meals   served at  all   hours.   Give   us   a  c;tl!.
4) R. WELLS ¥r f
Has opened up a W
Livery and Feed Stable §
In the premises formerly occupied by y)>
Baayoltlay Ss -ga,:_*-p»l-_.     *
Special attention given to all kinds of transfer work,   a
A rig will meet all trains.
BOUNDARY        thqsjvake
The  hotel  i-  centrally located and is a stopping place  for  stag* line.
Good fishing In the vicinity.   Good stabling.
i wirty of the cholowt brands of Ifquors and cigars at the bar
The patronage of the public is solicited.
Rates moderate.
AAAA*AAA4__k44A4- 4A444AAA4AAA4A4A4*A*A44**4*A4*_*Ai
_^^^_^^___^^^^____        ORAirO-
No. « K.-W.-C. BLOOK, Nelsoi , B. C.
(lolcl. Silver-load and Coppor Mine wanted at Iho KXCHANOK.
FREE MILLING HOLD propertie* wanted at once Inr Kiwtern Investor*,
Partlon having mining propwtjr fornaloare roqiicstod lo send (mniple* nt u, .11 co
to tho KXCHANBE tor NhlMtion.
All Hampton iihoilH he Mnl by cxprew, PREPAID.
Correq-ondence eolicited.  Addraw all commonloatiiMw le
A attimm —   V.  Wttammaa.Xatoa.gex'w,
Tolephono No. IM, P. O. BolTO, NELSON, B.C.
____,_■ ■__,_.._.._, AAAAAAAA -a m.m.m.m.Am. _ _._._. _aa.a.^. m. rn.rn.rn. mm. _ _ m _. __._■_._ J
ifffffffff ^^▼^▼^▼W -•^"^▼^"rw vwwww»ww»>r^ ^v»»vwv Certificate  of Improvements.
HioiiMND Quekn Minkhal Claim.
Situate ln the Kettle River Mining Division of
Yale Dlstriot.   Where Located :- Dead-
wood Camp.
JAKE NOTICK tliul. I, Forties M. Korby, as
ngont tor Lho Highland Queen nonsolliliit-
.   Milling and Milling Co., Umlled Liability.
freo inluor'8 cortilicato No. H2IKIK, Intend,
Bitty days from thc dalo horoof, tu apply
to the alining Rooordor for a cortllioato of
Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining
a Crown grantof tbo above elaini.
And furihor toko notice that notion, under
flection 37, ntm>t bo uoimiionood hoforo 'tic Issuance of suoh oertlUcntc of improvements.
Dated this 28th day cf January, 1901.
Certlflcate of  Improvementa.
Bio Boo Mineral Claim.
Situate tn the Kettle River Mining Division ol
Yale Dlstriot.  Where loeated s- Camp
TAKE NOTICE that I, W..H. Norrte, for
myself, froo minor's cortilicato No,
aud as agont fur A. Megraw, froo minor's certificate No. 08283, and Mra. I. M. Maudonald.fnm
miner's eertlfleato No. 1121191, intend, sixty days
from tho date horoof,'to apply to tho Mining Itecordor for a cortilh'ulc of improvomonts, tor tho
purpjsn of obtaining a Crown grant of tlio
above claim.
And furthor take notice that action, undor
section 37, must bo commenced boforo llio
issuance of suoh onrtilicale of improvements.
Dated this 20th day of August, num.
Certificate  of  Improvements.
Dominion Mineral Claim.
Situate in the Osoyoos Mining Division of
Yale  district.    Whero  tooated :-Camp
IAKE NOTICE that I, Chas, do B. Groon,'
as agont for lho Dominion Consolidated ;
ios Co., free minor's oorlilleato No. BSH82I, |
intond, sixty days from   tho date heroof, to
apply to tho Mining Hoeordor for a Cortiflcato
nt improvements, for tho purposoof obtaining
a Crown Grant of the above claim.
And further take notico that action, under
Section 37. must bc commenced, bofore the
issuance of such Cortlllcale of lmprbt Omenta.
Hilled this 30th day of September, IW
Mineral Act, 1898.   \
  tte a)
Certificate of I mprovements.
€armi and B. A.  iFuactional), Minebal
Situate  in the Kettle River Mining Division
of Yale Dlstriot,  Where locatod : Carmi
TAKE NOTICE lhat 1, Forbes M. Korby,
as agent for E. ii. Thruston, froo minor's
oertitlcite No, itilll, intend, sixty days
from the dato horeof, to apply to lbe Milling
Recorder for Cerliticates of Improvomonts for
the purpose ol obtaining Crown Grants of the
above claims.
Aud furthoi tako notloo that notion, undor
section 37, must be comnienoed boforo  the
■issuance of sueh CerLillcale of lmprovomoiits.
Dated ibis 27th day of December, A. D, MUI).
'' 10c FOItBKo M, KERBY.
Certificate   of  Improvements.
Occidental Mineral Claim.
Situate In the Osoyoos Mining Division of
Yale Dlstriot.   Where located: Camp
j      Fairvlew.
1 TAKK NOTICE that I, M. K. Sadler, as agon!
I for H. T. Sholton, freo miner's oertlficaio
No. b:OT7, Intond,-teisys from tho dnte hereof,
to apply to tlieMining Itecordor fora Corttlleate
of Iniprovomonts, for the purpose uf obtaining
a Crown Grant uf tho above claim.
And further tako notioo that action, under
section 37, must  be commenced boforo tlie
lssuanoo of suoh Certiiicate of Improvements.
Datod' this 31st day of August, IIMI.
7c M. K. SAD1.EK.
Certificate  of  Improvements.
Certificate of  Improvements.
Horsefly Mineral Claim.
Situate in, tho Osoyoos Mining Division of
Yale Dlstriot.   Where located:   Camp
TAKE NOTICK that I, Chas. deBlois Ureen,
as agent for F. H. Wollaston, freo miner's
cortiflcato No. nl!8,8l»3, and O. H. Arundell, froo
minor'soei lillenlo Ko. 1128,81",, intend, sixly days
from tho dnto hereof, to apply to the Mining
Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements,
for tho purposo of obtaining a Crowu Grant of
tho above claim.
And further take notice that aotiou, under
soction 37, must bo commenced bofore the Ishii-
anco nf such eortillcate of Improvomonts,
Dated this Ith day of November, 1000.
St. John Mineral Claim.
Situate In the Kettle River Mining Division of!
Yale District,   Where looated: About
seven miles abovo Beaverton on the west
side of Beaver croek.
TAKE NOTICE that I, Forbes M. Korby, as !
agont for Elmore Collier, free miner's oor-'
tincute No. n20tl3, .lolm O. Thompson, free
. ininer's certiiicate No. nKKBO, and V\ alter Stirling, froe minor's certllieale No. nlJIilll, intond,
sixlj' days from tlie date horoof, to apply to the
Mining Recorder torn Cort ideate ol Improve*
moms for the purpose of obtaining a Crown
Grantof the Above ciisim.
And furthor take notice that action, under
section 37, must   be commenced before the
issuance of such Certiiicate of Improvements.
Dated tbis 20th duy of November, 1900.
Certificate  of   Improvementa.
Idaho and \Vabhington Mineral Claims.
Situate In the Kettle River Mining Division of
Yale District,   where looated: Beaver
Creek Camp,    s
IAKE NOTICE that 1, Forbes M. Kerby, as
agent for Tbo llouudary and Heaverton
uug Co., Limited, non personal liability, free
miners eertlfleato No. ixUHDil, intend sixty days
from the date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for o oortiflcate nf impruvoinonts, for the
purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of tbo
above claim.
And further take notico tbat action, undor
section   37,   must   be coinmoncod boforo tho
issunncc -.il such oortlfleato of improvements.
i  llatod this 29tb day of November. 1000.
Midway, B. C.
Promptly  and   Neatly
ft* ff ff ff
ff ff fix
n I DWAY, B.C.
at the eonfluenee of Boundary Creek and Kettle River,
fi, fa
a '....
ILL BE The most imPortant railway'town in the Kettle River Mining Division.
The Western Terminal and Divisional point of the Columbia & Western Railway.
The Wholesale Supply and .Manufacturing centre of .the Kettle River and Boundary
Creek Districts. •<"
The distributing  point for   Upper  Kettle River, West  Fork and Camp McKinney
mining camps,
The nearest Railway town to Republic,  Meyers  Creek,  Palmer Mountain and   other
Northern  Washington mining camps.
The  leading residence town   in   the  country, with an excellent   climate, pure water
supply and favorable sanitary conditions.
Business, residence and garden lots at low prices and on easy terms.
A. M. WOVENDEN, Secretary,
HO St. John Street,
Montreal, P. Q,
• '■sl
..._._._*.,»__. mmm.
ff ff ffff ff
Agent for British Colimiliiit, .
Midway, B.C.    &M.
ii!4i!«!4i!«!_i!4 i!ii!«!4i!42!«!«!4 iltiliili^liilt^lt^liiliiliili. £&&!&£&&&&&•&& ,S!0!«!«!«!4i!«!«!4£!«!«!'.,,.*:'.*'' *W|
rSiifitzsi, tf f'f tt? Vi> «*'?*>KW?J? tit^^lt^tTt^i^t^ttffr^it ^«>j??l?^57i?7j>?7l>?75?VJf5Jf WPtZilTit-, **i?^*^«'*?ij?vjf»;«;cv;r,;*^|
ToC. A, PcLorson, lute of Kholl- Crook in Yule
Sir: Ton ure hereby notified that we Hti/o
i!xpi!h(lcil $102.50 in Irther urnl tmprovotnenta
upon lhe "lliff Windy' Mineral Cluim, minute
in lJrovi,Ience ('antp, in tin* Keltic Uiver Milling Division nf Yule Dlrttriu.t in UrUlsh Colum-
!>Iu, in onler to tinld s'id clnim tinder Die pro*
vi-dontiof See'.ion _4 of the Mineral Aet, mieh
hiring dho amount required lo hnld the said
elaini tor tlu* year ending April 5, 11)01.
And if atilic expiration of ninety (9i)| days of
publication of this noliee you fail or rofti^e to
contribute your pHinortiou of lhe expenditure
retpiired under HiihUeelion 24.^-tpgetKor wilh
all costs of .irU-ei'Msinc, your inierfstn in entil
claim -lull become vested in ilie BUbiorihcrs
[your co-owitortt) undor Soction i of the "Mineral Aet Amendment Aot, liwu."
Ihiled al Midway, U,_0„ Ibis lOlh day of
i»eeemhei\ I9UU.
O. L. Tiiomkt, Manager.
Ore J. A. Cnhavjokth. Bcore-vry.
Provincial Lund Surveyor.
y^fjt   Architect, ani
___i  Civil Engineer...
l^eal Estate,
Insurance and
Mining' Ag-er|t.
-399VOTA11Y    fitJBi.IC.««»
t aii vie\v Townsite Agent.
^     , . . AlllH'.IJSH .;.
vi tuviKW, n. c.
OorreflpiMidenoe Solicited.
The Berliner
; the ninchine that talks—sings—plays every instrument—reproduces
Sous i a lliiud—siring oihcestras—Negro Winstrcls, Church Choirs, etc.
lt reproduces the violin, pinno, flute, cornet, trombone, banjo, mandolin,
piccolo mid every other-instrument.
Thfe Jleriiiier Gratii-o* phone is louder—clearer, simpler and better than any
other laiking machine at any price. Itsiiifjs every kind of song, sacred, comic,
sentimental, p itriotic, "Coon" songs, Englmli, French and Scotch Songs, selections from Grand and Comic Operas, plays cake walks, waltzes, two-steps, marches,
i n fact everything that can be played on any instrument or number of instrument*
can iia reproduced on the Berliner Gram o-phoue with the wonderful indestruct-
ilile record discs.
It tells funny stories or repeats a prayer. It can entertain hundreds at one
time in the largest hall or church, or it caube subdued to suit the smallest room.
The Records are not wax, they are Hard, Flat, Indestructible Disci, which
will list 10 years.
The llerliner Gratn-o-^hone is made in Canada, it is guaranteed for five years.
Tin Griim*o-plione is used and endorsed by the leading clergymen and
others throughout Canada.
The llerliner Gram-o-phoue received the only medal
forTalking Machines at the Toronto Exhibition 1900.
The llerliner Gram o-phoue has been widely imitated
and the recorilscounterfejted, therefore be ware of machines
with misleading names as they are worthless.
If th-; Berliner Gram-o-phone is not for sale in your
town, write to us for illustrated catalogues aud other
information, free.
Factory : 207-371 Aqueduct St., Montreal.
..Emanuel Blout, General Manager for Canada.
Price, complete
$7.50 4 $15,00
a 111 inch horn,
3 records
concert sound box.
L BERLINER, 2315 SL Catherine Street,
Just a Word! -
To those contemplating an investment in Midway reai estate, the information is
offered that on the Riverside Addition may be
found 300 very choice residence sites.
LOTS 50 x 125
For terms and all other information apply to
W. H. NORRIS,        or        A. MEGRAW,
Midway, B.C. ~      Camp McKinney, B.
Spokane Falls Mortal
Railway Co.
& Ft. She
Railway Co.
Bed Mountain
Railway Co.
The only nil rail route bet \ueil
nil points Enst, West mul Snntlil
to   Knsslniul,    Nelson   mid    I
intcniii'dintc points ; coiincrtT
iii*.' nt Spokane witli (lie c,m\
Northern, Northern I'm ilii
O. H. & S. Co.
Connects lit Nelson with the ■-.,,,.:..,
Kailoand all Konienay Lulic polnu,,
Conneots at Meyer's Falls with si,..-.
Ioc Republic, and connects at Boss! .
stage dally lor Grand forks and tn ei
    Hit* in.       !■ r
     7.W n.in.     : i-i 1
  (MSp, 111,      >'«
 n.wip. in.    :,'m
A.   JJ-CJSEfc.CK.
(ilrlMTIll Pu-«i'IIL'l ;   Alf'
Tr»0£ Marks
Oopyrights &c
Anynnaimdlng • akMch and dcucrintinn m«*
onlokMr Mcortnln our opinion freu wluilipr mi
liiv«nlli,n Ulirnhnlilr iwlonluljlp   ('uininiiiiii-*.
UomilrtothrmiilMwillal. Ilandhnokiui I'n M
•unt frae. Oldml asetipv for -murine pnti'in*.
I*utentB tmksii tlircu'uh Munn A Co. reailn
ipeetat notlte, without clmoro, In tbe
Scientific ilmcricdtt.
A hnndimnalf lllnitrmlrt wmtly.  Ijototi dr-
onlatlun of any nolenttBo hiurnil.  Torrn*. li»
MONII £ Co.««««»«—•» New York
Brmoh Offloa. 8_ K Bt„ Wublwiton. D. (.'.
"Te Paper of the West for
the People of the West"
('(IIlllll.'111'lllK   JUllVI'lllllIT    iMl,    Itlllll
lll'1'lllllil'IUt'lltK    llll vt"    lll'l'll    llllllll'    ll
prcsolil overy two wri'lm to everj
suluoi'lbor   In   tbo   Wi'okly   Vw
l'ri'ns,   Wlmilpog,  a  Aim  ra'protliir
tion  prlnloil on  11 rt  piipor Hiiltnbli'
fur fi'iimliig.   The lllolliras will    bo
Hpoolully iniiilo bull1    liinos of    tlio
lugliost    i|iinlliy,    wull    wui'tliy  nf
pruMirratlnii    mill     calculated     I"
nibii'li tlio liniuo.    Tliev will liiolinlo
bile   pniliiillH  Hpoolully    inkon   f"
t li in Hi'i'ii'K, uf thu loiuliiiij men  |n
the publlo life nf Oniiiiilii, InTimnn
with Sir Wilfrid -Limi'lor mul    K,
ChtirlcH Tini|i(iL'.
Willi lliM'piirlriillH, whleb wl
oonmltiito'u viiliinhlo cnllcry nf th
most eminent CiiiiniliiiiiH nf in
Milieu, t'hoi'o will be Itatanperso
hnlf tobo ropi'iidiietlniiu fnun Ar
Wni'kH, slmwiiiK Mniilliiliiiti uml
WoHtoru Views, pictures ilopliilii-'
lyplonl soeni'N in ('niiiiillnii III
Mllltiiry pIclurcH anil roiici'iiI view
the whole furnilui* a most ilpnlrnh
•nlloollnii   of   the   lilBbest   liilon"
und value,
Wbeihor used for framing nf li'i
im 11 pnrifnlln of 11(1 iittrnellvo Ai
Wurkii. fur Hint will be the i i»
received lu tlio couVue nf iibuui
yeai',   (hone  plolures  will    bo  iv
worth    hnvlng,     The   pronoiiiu""
every  furlnlght nf    tboHo    ploiuro
will be but one respoet In whieh Hi
I'l  Press will commend llnelf ||IM
Ing Hie ounilng your ns better Hui
ever bofnre.
Willi   new   presses,   new   iniiohln
cry, new type uud Improved 'ju'11
Hon, It will continue tn strive t
serve tbe reniitiitluii II  Imn i'»
uf being "the pnper uf the west <'
the penple nf tbe west." )
Hy ordoi'lng nt uliee now Htilicerlii /
era will nbliilii Ihe weekly t'"'1' )
I'l'esN to IhI Diiniiiiry. lim". imd "» K
Hie plotiiius, for (l.nu only. J


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