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The Midway Dispatch C. M. Crouse 1903-07-11

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 Vol. 2. No. 2.
$2,00 per Year.
D@2M.ng Ijmm sftog Machinery Wor
miltoo» Onti
[Peering Binders
The most "Up to Date" Binder  on   the   market.   No harvet
has yet been found so difficult as to try its capacity.
[Peering Mowers
The Granby Mines.
George L. Walker   recently
i wrote tlie following about the
Death of Theodore  Gunderson.
Ht in our painful duty to tliis
week chronicle   the   dentil
Theodore Gunderson, which wid JGwinby   m\nm  i„ tlie  Boston
event occurred lust Wednesday jCommercial:
eVoiting. nfter a long nml painful illness,
List winter Mt'. Gunderson
went east ami while there contracted a cold, which although
nbt considered serious at lirst,
afterwards developed into lung
Peering Rakes
Granby Consolidated is described hy those who have recently
inspected it as a mining proposition of tremenduous poKsihil-
ities. Its ore body is fully
proved for 2500 feet in  length
____________      ]>y m t^ wide and SOO  feet
trouble of so serious a nature as |(|(wp  m)l|-in({  (t total of fully
tp render tin operation necessary. The opera tion, which was
for the purpose of removing
|3,uh that hud gathered ubout
the lungs, was most .successfully
performed uud Ina compart ivelv
20,000,000 tons in sight. This
oro is not broken by dikes or
other rock intrusions, and carries just enough iron, sulphur,
silica, etc, to make it a perfect
_______r^^__-_-_-_-_-, "melting proposition. It is fig-
short time, the patient wus | Ured out that it can bo mined
around and feeling quite well. at tt cost of $1 per ton, and it
So near was recovery complete iM believed that it can ultimate-
that he was able to engage in ly be smelted for another dollar
out-of-door  pleasures such   as pol. t,,,,, though this  in yet to
rjding and driving, without experiencing any ill effects.
' During tlio time of his first
sickness, his mother, who hud
but a short time before gone to
California to spend the summer,
be demonstrated
The ore lias a value of $4.50 to
$5 per ton, yielding from 25 to
27 pounds of fine copper and
$1.75 in gold and silver. It
costs from 11-2 to 1 34 cents
wdth auother son, was sent for;!pol.  poumj  for   renllj,-g   ttll(|
You can save Money and Big Fish b- buying your Tackle here.
ristol Steel and Split Bamboo Rods,
Landing Nets,    Baskets,  Reels,
[Flies, Hooks, Lines, Leaders, Etc.
"■< THIS   WEEK. |
7-: "A'ty.- r-ey., ,*;*,y '.
■iS^.SMK!fiS_C '' '*■
■*y_ .rtyiiittW.,
;*>. SSK'   ^
•»*A ,;>y;;, ..'tW-Zfii&Z:-, W'-- /Wi-./'
. "\m. 'Sis' "<*. ,:*m   ;*.' >sk
■r* '.-i.'r' x.ai      :..:--     :..
she arrived   a  few days afte
the operation, and so soon wus
Im in apparent gootl health that
her return was thought unnecessary.
But ull this time disease had
gradually entwined its tendrils
around the ever weakening
form of the patient. Even
more sudden than ho temporarily recovered, he was again
taken worse. Again medical
attendance was sought -aud a
trained nurse remained constantly in attendance; every-
thing that was possible for
human aid to accomplish was
performed, but all to no purpose, death had marked him
font victim and at a little after
seven o'clock ou Wednesday
evening he passed away in the
presence of his father and
mother, news nothaving reached
his brother, at Oakland, California, in time to admit of hit*
being present, even for the
burial, j
Theodore Gunderson was a
ulucd resident of Midway, and
his death at the early age of
twenty seven was deeply felt by
all who had the pleasure of
his acquaintance. His quiet
manner and exemplary habits
won for him the respect and
esteem of all. He was possessed of an irreproachable character that had a good influence
upon those whom he came in
contact with, so that in his demise the community loses one
of its most valued citizens, aud
the parents a dutiful sou
The deceased came to Midway
about four years ago and has
been a resident of this place
ever since, save for a time last
year when he was absent for a
few months employcdon the International boundary lino survey in the neighborhood of Sheep
Croek, und his services in this
connection were so valued that
he would have been similarly
engaged this year had not, Providence ordained otherwise.
Tho funeral was held from
the family residence on Friday
morning at 10 o'clock, and
was very largely attended.
Rev. A. 8. Thompson ably conducted impressive services both
at the house and the grave,
The casket was hidden beneath
the prof tission of floral offerings
contributed by the many
friends of the deceased. The
pall-bearers were: C. J. Lundy,
J.H. Bush.D. G. Mills, H. H.
Pannell, F. Kroupa and C.  M.
The bereaved relatives have
the heartfelt smypathy of the
entire community in their sad
freight on the bullion from tht
time it leaves the smelter until
it is ready for sale iu the market at New York. If the ore eai,
be handled and all costs inei
with a total expenditure of $3.50
for each ton, therefore, it will
represent only a 7 cents per
pound cost for copper,    .
The company now has four
furnaces and is installing two
more. The six will Iki capable
of treating 2000 to 2500 tons of
ore per day. With copper sel
ling at 24 1-2 cents per pound
there should be u net profit of
$1.80 per ton on the ore treated,
or at the rate of $1,296,000 to
$1,(520,000 initially, equivalent to
bettor than a dollar por share
on the company's outstanding
At present smelting operations aro curtailed by inability
to get an adequate supply of
coke. This trouble will lie remedied shortly. Coke costs $0.50
per ton at the smelter. Miners
are paid $8:50 per day and surface men $!1. It is the plan of
the management to continue
smelter operations as at present until thc matter of costs
has been fully demonstrated,
after which the question of
doubling the number of furnaces will receive attention. In
the meantime additional exploratory work is being done.
It is declared that the estimate of 20,000,000 tons of ore in
sight is vory conservative, It
is based on a measurement of
2500 feet in length and a depth
of 300 feet, While a shaft is already down 100 feet deeper, and
in ore all the way.
John Stanton   believes   the
Granby will make its copper at
a cost of 7 cents per pound.
Away on a Pleasure Trip,
Last Friday night, as the
result of an executive meeting,
Charles Wilson, K. C, president
of tho council, and R. F. Green,
minister of mines left for Ottawa, where they will lay before
the Dominion government
some matter affecting the
The new government is apparency to follow in the lead of
former ministries of the
province. It has dispatched its
delegation to the federal capital
preparatory to getting out an
election platform. The delegates will have among the
principal features of their
business the immigration
question. Fearing that the
Dominion may have in view
the disallowance of acts passed
at the last sitting of the legis
lature dealing with tlte subject,
of oriental innuigratiraii the
ministers will press upon tho
government the necessity for
strict laws dealing with this
question. The dolegat.es, it is
said, will urge upon the Dominion government that the Japanese governnient is apparently
not. carrying out the agtvomoufc
to restrain immigration of .Japanese to Canada, which was
used as un argument against allowing legislation aimed at Jup-
inese immigrants. The delegates claim to be around with
information on this point anil
will miiko vigorous protest
against any proposed disallowance.
The Westminster bridge will,
as usual, be a question for conference, and fho silver-lead
question will also be br.o)ig|i.y
up. The special mission of tho
minister of mines is undoubtedly iu connection jyith tlio industry and in this way it is hoped
that a mining policy may bo
evolved which will materially
assist that minister in the upper country.
Bill No. 1(J will also bo dealt
with, and an uil'ort will be made
to insure the bill being allowed
and the action of the iiouse in
connection with blocks 1598 and
15!W endors.xl by the Dominion
government so that these tracts
inay bo kept out of the hands
of the C.  P. R.
An Ottawa despatch states
that a Liberal representative
from British Columbia, when
asked about tho mission of Messrs. Wijson and Green to Ottawa, said they wore no doubt
taking a holiday trip St the expense of the proviuce. Incidentally they would try and find
aery to use at tlio election.
The represontatioi.'s from British Columbia in the Doniinion
parliament are fully informed
on till questions relating to
their province, and at the present moment have them well in
hand. The prentice bauds of
Messrs. Wilson and Green will
only injure the matter, but
probably the visit to Ottawa is
only a blind to cover up negotiations to be carried on in
another city for funds to run
the election. In any case tbey
are not travelling for their
The  Bounty   on  Lead.
Oitawa, July 6.—Finance
Minister Fielding to-day gave
notice of regulations authorizing the payment of $5000.000 a
year for 5 years by way of
bounties to the lead producers
of British Columbia, The terms
of the resolutions areas follows:
(1)—The governor in council
may authorize the payment of
a bounty of 75cents per hundred
pounds of lead contained in lead
bearing ores mined in Canada,
such bounty to bo paid to the
producer or vendor of such ones
upon evidence that such ores
havo been smelted in Canada,
provided that the sum to be paid
as such bounty shall not exceed
five hundred thousand dollars
in any fiscal year, Provided
also that when it appears to the
satisfaction of the minister
charged with tho administration
of this act that the standard
price of pig lead in London,
England, exceeds twelve pounds
ten shillings sterling per ton of
two thousand two hundred and
forty pounds, such bounty shall
lie reduced proportionately by
the amount of such excess.
. (2)—The payment of the said
bounty may be made from time
to time to the extent of sixty
per cent of the full bounty
authorized, subject to   adjust-
CdllllllUUll on jingo 4.
• Published wookly al. Miilway, 11. C.
Siihsorlptlon prlco, $l.t*i por milium, payable
advance, either yo.irly or half yearly nl tlm
ptlnn of thc subscriber.
Advertising rule* nont nn Application.
i r\itv
r imtrm
Register your, vote now.
After' August 14th no applications will be received. On
August 31st the several courts
of revision will be held to finally
settle and determine the list.
BROA USE It is the liest. qnulll y
BECAUSE it is moat tinting ch w
BECAUSE it is thn lai-gmt high widr
10 or 20c. plug
BECAUSE lbe tiix* axe vultnthlf for
•pre iiiiiimutltll J.iii i, i 906
BECAUSEyeur. ilititler.. is itii'hii.H'/.i'i)
All the voters' list have been
cancelled, and everyone who
wishes to vote at the approaching provincial election must reregister his vote. This should
be attended to at once. The
qualifications for voters: Applicant must be male sex, 21
years of age and a British
subject; resident six months in
the province and one month
immediately prior to dato of
application iu the electoral
district where registration is
desired. Applications for registration must be made on lhe
proper forms and must be
sworn to before one of tho following officers: Justice of the
peace, mayor, reeve, alderman,
councillor, notary public, col
lector of votes, provincial con
stable, government agent, government assessor, mining recorder, deputy mining recorder,
judge of any court, stipendiary
magistrate, municipal clerk,
municipal assessor, postmaster,
postmistress, Indian agent, commissioner for taking- affidavits
in tho supreme court, registrar
of titles,. deputy. registrar of
titles. After being subscribed
and sworn to the applications
must be sent or handed to the
collector of votes—for Greenwood riding, W. 6. McMynn,
mining recorder.
1.0 refund 'year' mmiey
yimntPntii snl.istii'ii. .
The true reason for the introduction of party liftea into pro
provincial affairs is that we nre
tired of coalition governments,
and need party lines for better
organization. Party lines, or
not, we must preserve oni;; au,>
tonomy. It must be the province first and the dominion second, where their interests clash.
The conservatives, as we have
said, desire to maintain existing institutions and customs.
What portion of Turnerism,
.SemlinCottonisin, DuuTiiiuir-
ism or Priorisiu does premier
McBride and his .goveroineni
desire to preserve and keep intact?
Wc cannot imagine anything
except themselves and 'the old
Tory gartg,that will certainty
sink or swim with the McBride government. "On the oth
er hand, the Liberal party favor change and reform in administration. Tliey''hiive- play
eda most important-part in the
governments o£ thq. older prov
inces, and'still continue to do no.
Let every elector ask himself,
which party is likely to give 14s
what we need so much, reform
in the administration of provincial affairs, 'j      irt.-
Jiuild and operate smelters
and refineries. No reasonable
change should be made in the
mining laws without full notice
to all parties .interested,* giving
full opportunity, >for discussion
and criticism.
8. As the province can only
advance by the 'settlement with
in its borders of thrifty and
prosperous-, citizens, and as
Orientals never become citizens
in any proper-sense of the word,
we declare.it to be the duty of
the government s to discourage
Oriental immigration inlil employment by every nleans with
iii its power, and we appeal to
onr fellow liberals throughout
the Dominion to aid us; in our
efforts to protect ourselves
against the ruinous competition
of men'having a standard of
decency and conifcji'timmsensoly
below that of civilized peoples,
and who shirk every duty and
obligation of citzenship which
the law will allow them to
0. (The government ought to
prevent the waste and suffering
caused by strikes apd lock-onts,
and an earnest effort ought to
be made to provi<to;some means
of preventing such strikes iiiid
lock-outs,' ttnd w&) apprrtvertho
aioption of compulsory arbitration.
I 10. The fiscal system of the
province stands in need of' i'ftvis^
ion. Taxation shoii Itl bear upon
privillage- jrjUWi't' tiian upon
iitdiis,ti-y, and 110addition should
be made to the debt of ihe
provineV'ex(«ptF6r publicworks
properly cha rgeabj'e to Capital.
j 11. The, jej^u'r^ing of the
Resources of the province as an
isseFtffiHhtf 'ttaAeflt'-' of "iffie
people and. taking effective
jneasu res to prevent thi) alienation of the piihlicSoin&ihexc'^pl'''
ogon and Washington point* to
Chicago, Cairo, Memphis and
New Orleans at GREATLY
Tickets /good i'or three
nitfnths. Going limit ten days.
Returning limit ten days after
starting wost. Stop ovor privileges either way, west of the
Missouri Uiver.
Si^le dales are arranged to be
convenient for delegates'to con'
ventions of National TMnpatton
al Association ijit boston; Elks
jilt Baltimore; Woodmen at In*
dianapolis; 'Hidgles at-'New York;
Sliriners at Saratoga; Knights
of Pythias at Louisville and
Commercial Travelers at Indianapolis,
You can take your choice of
Sixteen      Different     Routes.
Write us.
will cheerfully
^iveyou uiiyilet-ailed.
tion you want.'
B. If. TuiiMnttLL, ■'"'■
Commercial Agent.
142 Third St.
Portland, Oregon.
I\, mLlLIUlUI 1 0
Carrying His Majesty's Hails
Will leata MIDWAY on Tuesdays, Thurs-
•lavs and Saturdays* at 8,30 a. m., arriving at
CAMP McKINNkYat5p.m.
Returning will leave CAMP McKINNEY on
Sundays,. Wednesdays and Fridays at 9 a. m.,
reaching MIDWAY at 1.30 p. m., and making connection with the train going east at 2:05 o'clock.
The beet of accommodation for
the oonvenlenoo of tho
travelling publlo.
Now that it has been decided
to conduct provincial affairs on
dominion party lines, it might
be profitable to consider what
principles tho two'leading parties advocate, and what have
been thei* Jleadlilg.) poliniesi Tn
the'past. nnd what they are at
the present .time, „ A .coiisefyAT^
tive in politics is defined as one
who desires to maintain existing institutions and custouis
one who is opposed to- change,
and has the disposition and tendency to preserve what is established.
lt is easy to understand that
conservatives desire to preserve
intact .much thkt was advocat-
edand carried into execution by
Sir  John   A.   MacDonald and
other leaders; who   controlled
the   dominion   for   about   25
years     since     confederation.
They will find many liberals to
agree with them iu this, and it
is said, that Sir Wilfred Laurier
has more than once expressed
his appreciation of the states-
manli:.e manner that Sir John
A. MacDonald mot and solved
the many difficulties that confronted him as leader of  the
government in the earlier yoars
of the   dominion.   But   these
difficulties are not bofore us for
solution   to-day.   They are at
rest, and many  of the leading
statesman who had the settlement of these questions have
passed away; and others, like
Sir Charles Tupper and  Hon.
Geo. E. Foster, have fallen by
the wayside, because they wore
unable to grasp the new situation, to keep up with the procession.   It should not be forgotten that the primary object
of our decision to run affairs on
dominion lines is not to preserve
the principles of liberalism or
conservatism or  the liberal or
conservative party.. The liberals in the dominion are safely
entrenched    11 power for  the
present, and the conservatives
under Mr. R. L Borden make a
very    respectable   opposition
The   liberal    platform,
adopted at. the provincial
liberal convention held nt Vancouver on Februafy ,7th, 1902;' is
as follows:   ■'*"■' ".'" •'■ •'•
1. The immediate redistribution jof,the oonstStufcr/eies Jof
the province' thi the- basis trf
pWi»lati»n,.,,.Jb|it ^allaying a
smaller- unit of population per
seat for the outlying districts.
2. Government ownership,
Dominion, provincial and- municipal, . of public services of
utilities is sound and should be
carried out in British Columbia.
3. Should it be advisable at
any time to grant aid to a railway company such shall be in
cash and not iu land and no
bonus of any kind shall be given!
without definite and effective
means being taken to safeguard
the interests of the province in
the management of the road,
control of the freight and passenger rates, and provision made
against such railway having
any liability against it except
for actual cost.
4. Immediate construction
of the Coast-Kootenay railway;
the Cariboo railway; a railway
from Alberni to a point on the
east coast of. the island; a road
in the northern part of the
province from the coast to the
eastern boundary with an extension to the northern boundary; thp railway from Vernon
to Midway by mirth fork of
Kettle river; with necessary
branch lines, ferries and connections.
5. The enforcement of the
act now in force compelling the
scaling of logs by governnient
ft that such legislatiorf
should be enacted as will result
in making the lands included in
tho various dyking aroas avail
able for cultivation as quickly
ns possible and securn prompt
payments of assessments when
7. That the ' government
should keep iii touch' with con
for actual b"ona fide business or
bidustrla^^rppsMr^iuttiifg an
end to the practice of speculating in connectWh ' with the
same. f
l       ■■■■■■ ■_■!
jmaiutenajty-g 0/ tiyjjta..', throughout the province to aid in the
(development of the mining and
lagriculttirtJItlistncis. It   .
'TKe'^conWWdtion'" totf
 JP.   A.Jjf-SI-UAI. CMIN.,
Htuati lii \tardtoy'l*it' Mining OlVlilin '4f'
When kieataitlh
jC*itlWoite.-«if >l»***v*ni«J.fi.
! ;::-*:3K:;V05J_m*_- .'■   23tjV.'W
^fiW^Wtttt.D mc
Yala     Dlitrlet.
Krurer Mountain
--AKK NOTIOK tlmt I,, C. deB...Uroen, yxr.
• I agent (or A. I. Brodcrick, (niu minor« our
Ullu-tt« No. utHIttland tor -Geo. PreAerlek,-
trh: iiiinui'n cortiftcalo Nu. xtOtiti;' tul^
sixly days (rain ihu dale hereof; to npf y'
lu the MlnlnK Itocordur (ur it rcMili<ete
•( Improvement*',", Up (huj*urpii«io( obtnlu
itiK a Crown Orant of tho above ,, Inin.
Aod further.lake untieo 'thnt' action under
^•jtioiiitfnuistbooiiiiiiiieifccil boforo thu tai/t.
micuuf miuli (:iiri.(llijiiir'','iftin|iniri!iiioiitv> v I
I mu.il llii- 1Mb day ul Juno, HUB.
■.'■*   VsV.'O.'iloll. GltKKN
S^otianc, Seattle and tatPomts,
SLPiyl, ilnneaiwlis,' Ciiieap'
New Bittilpihant Throughout, Day Conches,
• Pataee;and Tonrlit Sloepara, Dlnlngaud
Buffet Smoking Library C i'i.
;    ' '   .'     -A
: ■-    For Tickets' llatoB. roldorn nml Full
Information, callon or aildiWD
Aiiy Agent bl the Oreat Northern   Rail Way
jr write
,,    A.B.C.nKNiyiSTON.CW.l'. A.
012 KlrrJl Avuinic. Sk.citi.k, ,Wasii.
The 0ffdefttgneiJ"1faving re-opc,ned thi* well-
kio,w(i ■ iihtl -coh»fort;tblc Hotel invite _ the
patronage-of all old'cusiomers and the public
jieherial?y.'! '-1
/ ).*..       '.:■   'i y'tx-.y   :.,■... :•
Fnrnnee-hented?nnd eainfortMbly fnrnlahrd -»»»'•.
Mrs. .Dowding, Proprietress.
Cert Ideate   of   Improvements
"H. 11.and Hiuioklink Mixkiiu.   Ouimh.
Situate In the Kottlo Itlvor MlnlnK IMvislon
of Yale DUtrlct.  Where located:   In
Commonwealth Camp. ..
TAKK NOTIOK that I. j&rboitM, Kerby."*'
an iiKiml for Itntierl. K. Ilnyu-, Ireii'inliicr'n
corliHcalc Nu. hJHWj i and IIiikIi lluml Iron mill-
Ar's iwrtllloatu No. nJIHMl, liitonil sixty days
frinnjho <liit« horruf, toapply tu tho Mining,
Kucoi'durfor atJurliltiuiili!, n( liiipi'oviiinonfsV
fur-tho purposo of nlitninlttg a Crown tlrimtj iif
tlio ills)vr- claims.
And  urthor tnkc noti™ thai action, under
soction 117,. must., he cuniiiioucoil before thc
issuanco uf mieh (JurM'tli'iite. nt Iinprovetnoiits
Dated this lilt li day :if May, HUM
Tickets at Low Rates to the East,
.     -   '.      VI*''. ■ .
Tiie Chieago. Milwaukee & Si.
Paul; Railway. -
Will be on sale, at all ticket
offices on June 4th and 5th,
June 24th to"H0th, inclusive;
July 15th and 10th, und August
25th and 20th. '
.Tickets g^b||;i^i'going pi^s-
age for ten drtys-f rom date, of
sale, With fii}i|i('-(if^hr^ litait of
99 days? from dato of sale.
For further inforiijfltion address
"■■*■•■' "G8ri6ral Agent.
Piirttarid; I fro'&im.
Best Hotel in  Midway
Crowell's Hotel
Rigs to any part pf ihe country for guest's convenie^l
tzmm ji "UfrOUB*" ■" ""»'»■"(  ""•  ——
Liidary Falls smelter.
I o, Thompson is away on a
', up the west fork of Kettle
-j, Mdville and son. Will,
1 working at carpentor work
grtuiil Forks.
lisn Josephine Levoque of
Lnwood, spent a few days in
L„y this week.
lr, nnd Mrs. .las. H. Bush
Inled   the   celebration   at
L.,v on 4th hist.
L litis been struck in   the
Loii the  Ituby, wliieh is
Laboflt 100 feet.
[slnillenbergeriH putting a
»of men at,  work  ou   the
Irfiiitin Skylark camp.
% ,1, W, Hoed,    who    hns
J visiting her parents here,
Jrtied to her. home at Eholt
A. McPhail left on   Sittiir-
jfor his home at Carman,
Itoba, where he will spend
encer   Benennan left   on
Innsday to do   assessment
on it  mineral clnim  on
hf\.\s\, Mountain.
jl). Cunningham and J.  J.
ll.ofLedtic, \lta„ ai-espend-
]{cw dnys in Midway.   They
Itiikit hack several carloads
IrsM with them.
.nml Mrs.  J. W. Winters
returned to   their   home
I the Defiance mine   where
[Winters has lieen working
■ng     temporarily      closed
In, *   '
In- funeral of  Mrs.   Mose
nbers, who died at   Ana-
Bit, on  Saturday, 4tb inst.,
; place Tuesday afternoon.
body wits  buried   in the
imwoou cemetery.
|. J. Uitrdy. of (greenwood.
iin Midway on Wednesday]
Hurdy bud just ^returned
- a teii^lays'.-t'ripr' thriiugb
EdmntitOji  dlstHijt   und
Biks vory  favorably of that
Intry .''•••'
(rs. McKaracher and fnniily
Ijvi'd in Midway on Saturday
niu Mr. MeKnrrehor, who is
Incur on the Columbia and
p'tft'ii   railway,  and  whose
is ont of Midway.    Tliey
lin future reside here.
|iss M. Jackson arrived in
way last week from Ontario
| is spending a  few  weeks
l her brother, J. II. Jackson,
leanie by way of Nicola and
I acct mipained on the journey
\y Mr.  Jackson's sister-in-
Miss   Tannaliill, of that
, who will spend her vaea-
I here.
|iu voters' list for the Grecn-
I electoral district is having
3 names added to it daily.
day the total number en-
ltin it had exceeded 400.
king by the applications to
government office in Green-
kl for the requisite forms
p will be quite a number of
b« apply for naturalization
flif next sitting of the
ptry court, to lie held in
piwoodon the 14th inst.
pvclopmont work    on the
and    Hesperus    group,
"* by the Hesperus Gold
■Copper Mines company, a
j**K<- corporation, was sturt-
P'i*. week.   The properties
■situated on  Hardy mount-
four miles  from  Grand
j". and owing to the largo
Podi«» that have been open-
|P_ promise to be big ship-
in the no,*-, future.   Tlie
lis self.fl„xjnK     T|,0 1>rosi.
N the company is Charles
|N. of Chicago.   Mr. Magee
F the property directing the
(wl operations.   A glory hole
""JKoponod up.   Shipments
1"> made at an early dato.
'he recent rains appear to
r« heen general throughout
^ Boundary and the district*
"twurd to the lower Okan-
ftn-   Tho driver of the weekly
Ne    from   Westbridge   to
Seidell found that the Wftt-
Anyone wishing
to purchase horses
will find it to their
interest to, inquire
one and a half miles
from Midway, or
Dispatch office.
Mr. Mrs, and Gunderson wish
to thunk thoir many friends,
who so kindly lent their assistance nt the time of the sickness
nnd den t li of their sou.
er, already high when he went
up, had risen two feet between
his going upstream and returning the following day. As the
west fork of Kettle river has to
bo forded four times between the
two places mimed, the travelling was somewhat risky, for
the horses Imd to swim across
tho stream, the water having
been over their backs. News
advices from Ciimp McKinney
tells of much rain in that
neighborhood, whilst in the
farming sections of Anarchist
.Mountain and eastward to
Itock creek the rains have been
timely and helpful to the growing crops. The area under cultivation from Bock creek west-
Ward to .Sidley is larger tliiiu
in auy previous year and the
prospects are favorable for
good crops of grain, hay and
roots,   Between Rock creek and
For Getting a BeautlfU} Watch
and.Chain Free.--Ho Money
Required—Every Man, Woman, Boy, or Girl' Haa the
same Opportunity under our
In'nrdi-r t« bave Dr. Arnold'* Kng-
li«h Tmin Pill* |il»ci*d in th* luttirii of
nil iwi-Kiini* *iiffrriiiH frntn Iwul hwilth
wr itiiikt! the following most liheral
otTef :—
If j on will netid tm your -iu-m> mid
iiililii'i" »nd itRree In nel I for n< twHve
Nixes of Dr. Arnold'* Bit-rliiti Toxin
Pills »t 'Sir. |H*rhnx, we will -rivi- ymi
absolutely Free a beautiful Watch
and Chain in pit her Lsdit-n or lieni*
»!»*•, or your choice of twenty other
premium* "itch ssflne set* of Jewelry,
King*, Violin*, Mandolins), TVs Shis
Sateen Skirt*. Oitniems, etc. Hem, in-
hei w« don't want any money until
itfter you sell the Pill* nnd you don'l
huve tn wit nny more thnn 12 hoxe* to
(jet the premium*. Thi* i* a honn fide
nlTei from a I'eliuMe concern thnl hit*
(fiven thnuKHiid* of dollar* worth of
nt'ctniuni* to HHents nil over the country, ileinemhei' itlso that Or. Ai-nold'*
Kn|(lish Toxin II"" nre. a well known
remedy for nil diseine*, of the kidney*
and lilttddei'. Hrlilhl.'* dltte-tH*. dial**!!'*.
iheiimiitiKiii, nervnn* troiilile*. ami
female complaint■«. nnd Hre for *ale liy
all tirit. rla** driiKirint* and denier* in
nil part* of the world. You hnve only
to *how them to *ell them. Ymi aie
not offering wiliiel Iting thnl the |ieopl.'
don't know, Our wntrho* nre the
regular Nlnndnril sine for [.ailie* or
Gentlemen in Nil kel or Gun Metal
Danes with handsome illiiniinnied dial-
anil reliahle timekeeper*, wntehes
such ns no lady or gentleman need lv
inhumed to carry, nnd they will lie
sent iihupliite.ly Free In nil who sell
only twelve hoxe* nf Minne wonderful
Toxin Pill*- Write nt once and he the
Hint In yonr locality to earn one nf
t hone lieaul if nl watches nnd chain. A*
Minn a* we receive ynur letter nr pout
card we will *end you post pnid twelve
hoxeti, tngethev with our Illustrated
Catalogue nnd Iteautifnllv colored card
with ynur name nnd address on ,i« our
authorised agent. Bear in mind thai
ymi will nnt lie nsked In sell any more
than the is lioxes and we don't want
any money until after ynu have sold
them. We hear nil Ihe expense and
nre only making lhl* liheral offer a* a
method nf advertising Dr. ArnoldV
Knglish Toxin Pills. Don't, delay,
write at once and earn a heaulifnl present for yourself for OhrlituitM.
50Adelaide St- Eaat.Toronlo, Ont.
Horse Shoeing a Specialty
All Kinds of Work Executed to the Satisfaction of Customer?
Wpllfo      BICYCLE  AND
Cnmp McKinney the rainfall
proved very welcome, benefiting the liny crops,.although too
late in one of two instances to
save fields planted for grain.
Aliout Midway and Boundary
Falls the numerous market gardens will also show much more
vigorous growth as the result
of this spell of Wet weather.
No. DOtt, English   Stud   Book
By "HAWKEY" Out of
Will   stand   at Rock Creek
Hotel .for  sefvice   of . irUres,
I   SEASON  OF 1903.
! TERMS:   $15 for the season,
$20 to insure, $5 Ut be paid at.
time of service. "■■:.
: vsEN'npv;. iA
,is a seal Bft>wn,*slnnds ft Jtifnd-i
_ inches, weight 11(10 pounds.
A,s mny tasquq hy preference to
thi* pwHiirein. this horse comes
of the best blood of tlie English
throughbred and was selected
by Col. Dent of the British Remount Department purposely
for breeding to Canadian mares
,with the intention of producing
remounts and! high class driv
Free Pasturage for Mares.
For particulars apply to     >
Rock Creek, B. C.
Reduced Summer Excursion
The Denver & Rio Grande,
popularly known as the "Scenic
Lineof the World,"has announced greatly reduced rouud-trip
rates from Pacific Coast points
for the benefit of teachers who
will spend their vacation in the
East, and of delegates to all the
prominent Conventions—N. E.
A., at Boston: A. O.U. W.,at
St. Paul; B. P. O. E„ at Baltimore; Woodmey of America
nt Indianapolis; Eaglos, at
New York; Mystic Shrine, at
Saratoga Springs; K. of P., at
Louisville, and T. P. A., at Indianapolis.
Tickets at the reduced rates
will be based upon ^one fare for
the round trip, but will be sold
only on certain days. Those
ickets will carry stop-over
privileges on tho going trip,
giving passengers an opportunity to visit Salt Lake City,
Glenwood Springs, Colorado
Springs and Denver; and will
be good to return any time
within ninety (90) days. Passengers going via the Denver
& Rio Grande aro giving tho
privilege of returning via a different route.
For the rate to the point you
wish to go, and for dittos of sale
and other particulars, as well
as for   illustrated pamphlets,
W. C. MoBRIDE, Gwiml Agonl,
124 Third St. Portland, Or.
Uakhmtkkn. Solicitors, Etc.
Qkkknwood, II. 0.
Chas. A. Webster,
Spokane,Wash.. U.S.A.   Midway, B C.
A.K. C4K.Set.CS.
PltoviNciAL Land   Sukveyou
\n%. x AND
,    ,     CiyiL   ENGINEER.
MipwiY aai, OHUNwnoi*.
DR.  SIMMONS,      '
JRe^deu. Block, (jRE|?»wootr>
|" PIidimM. *.• ».' *
Rotary public,
real estate.
Spokane Falls&Northern
Railway Co.
Nelson & Ft. Sheppard
Railway Co.
Red Mountain Railway Co..
Washington & 6. N. Ry.,
Van., Vic. 4 E. By. &N. Co.
The nnly nil mil rottt,-> hflwt*pu
puiiil* <»i»sl., xxert ninl south to Ross
Iniul, Ni'Noti. (IriiiiH Forks ntnl Ri*|iiti>
lit'. Oonnt-ets nt S|mkntii" with the
fiiBiil Northern, Nunhfrn Piicilii* ntnl
0. tl. * N. Vo. for points p.ist, wh»I
nnd siiiit.lt : coiinecJtH nl Hns-liiuii nml
NpIsoIi with tht* CHiiiulian Pm-iflR By,
I'nnniTt-jit >(>l-on with thr K. It.* N.
I'ii. tot Knsln nnd Slwnii pointa.
f'onnuela nt   (nrliw  with «tn«o for
Ort'-inwoml and Mlilwny II. I'.
ItuflVt vara  run  on  trains  between
Spokuue nnd tlepublle.
.SPOKANK      Mip.tn.
. Hr>SSI,ANI)      MD pm.
. NK1.SON.      Il.(»p.m.
OR ANII KOItKS... 4.(10 p.m.
.. RKPIMMC. ■•• M0'p.ai
lleiH-ml l'-iwiiitw Aiiimt.
S|mkn*ie Wash.
A '     »« ni-i\k_j.ii     a~xx\_fx  i\ J i— i x_txx.
and Stationery
All the best   brands of Cigars and
Tobaccos kept in stock.
msm niuonm
m Hotel
Rock Creek, B, C.
HhipplitK pliice foi',Sllit*('« to
till finiu nil Hiinnilniy
C'l'fi k pillllt*',
ion for tho Traveling Public.
Manufactured by the Hilda Cigar
Factory, I. Blumenstiel, Proprietor,
Hamilton, Ontario.
The "BARRISTER" is a Hand Made, Union Make Cigar, It, is
U inches, full sizo and if made out oi Pure Havanna Filler nnd
the very Choicest of Sumatra wrapper.
'      ;'. ,    THE SCENIC ClN&:A;.
;Thnufk Salt Uk* City, Leadville, Puiblo, Colorado Springs and Denver  and
the famous Rocky Mountain Scunory by Daylight to all Points East.
or ratti Holders and other
Information, address
W. C. McBHras, Oen. Aijt.
Wholesale and Retail Meat
Markets at: Greenwood, Grand Forks, Pl)oer|ix <»
| aqd Midwav. $
t St!
9.25 -km..
in.15 a.m.
7.10 ii.m.
It. 1.1 B.lll  •
TAKK NOTICK that ID day* frnm Iho date
h-mol I Intend to apply to thi!  Chtrf Com-
mlMionor ef Unds and Work* fnr permlmiiHi
to pnrnhaMi TK acre' nf land tn Township ta.
OwiyooH ntntrlut, hiKlnnlng at a pmt Im the
north boundary   ofO.  Oteen'n   praemptlnn,
thenoe north Id chain*, west Ml chains, south
in chains, oast Ml chains,
Hated this 28th day of April, A. D„ lim.
C. deB. OKEBN, Agent
To,Thnnifts Murray, of Ymir. untl M. .1. Mot*'
Inrty,'into iif Ymir, B. C.
Vnu aro hci-Mii- nnilflwl Ihal I ha'Vi
expended Ono Hiindiwl Pollnrs PIIKI.W In »s
sessment wnrk on llio "liitH-y .Hin" Hliioni
Olalm. sltinto ni-ar Myura tli-ook III lit" Oroi'i
wood Mining lllvislnn nl Yale lllstrirl In Hrli
ish Oolmnhla,tn hold salil.claim ln\< tlio >w
ending UuUibvr, Mth, lOtil. ami n fintlif:
snmofOtiulliipdrod llolliirri (•1MI.0UI tiinwav
sment work to hold, said clnim for tlio year <nd.
■ ng October loth, 1»I2, and havo furilior U
pended thu sum of Klvo Dollars 1*5.00) in fe-
conling said HSscssniontK In order to hold sulil
clnim under the provlsloim of -Soctlon 24 o(
thc Mineral Act.
And If within ninety days after tlio publication ol Uilsnollue, yon, or either ol you fail
orrofuso 'to pay or contribute your poll Inn
of thc nupoiidlturo roqulrod undor s,ild section 21, thnt Is to say, tho said Thmnas Murray In tho sum of *M.I6 and the Haiti M. .1.
Morlarty In tho sum of JIM, logo!her,'with
your portion of all cost* of advertising, the
inlerest nf such of you as fall or refuse to
contribute your portion of said cspeiulltuie
and oosts.of advertising, shall become vcsled
In the subscriber (your co-owner) under ne
tion t ol tho "Mineral Act Amendment Act
luted at Camp 'MoKlnnoy, 11. 0., this Hrd
day of June. WW.  Last Issue Sept, 27th, IIMI.
3. A. llAliANUKK.
Henry Nicholson, Notary 1'iiblic.
tstato of William Edwards, late of Camp
McKinney. B. C, Deceased I-testate.
"TBNHKHH will lie rural veil hy tho under*
1 shmi'fl up in iiiion nn thc22nd. .Inly, i'l,
tor lho pui'chnso ot tho following ml oral
claims and minhig IntoiwtD siluaiu miir
Cump MoKlnnoy, in tlio (Ji-eumvond Mining
Division nt Yalu:
North Star Mlnernl Claim. Crown granted,
Nost Kkk Mlni'i'itl Claim.
Trapper Mineral Claim.
Highland (Idol Mlnoral Claim I Ititerost,
Sunset Mineral Clnim  Unionist.
Sliimnlli Mineral Claim I Interest.
All persons having claims again*! the said
estate aro ronttesLod tn file Ilium wlih tho
undersigned befnro tlio-22ml day nf .lllly, IMI
and all persmiK imlobieil tothusali! estn'.u are
rciiulroil to make pnyniont. fnrlhnlllt.
Camp MoKlnnoy, Juno, 2llh. 11)113.
That«) hays from tho dato hoi oof, 1 Intend
to apply to lho Chief Commissioner of Lands
nnd works for permission to purchase IM
acres of land being the south west I ot Soctlon S3, Township W.
Dated this lOth day of May, 1003.
I H, \V. Yates.
■■..■•> C, doB. Oreen.
Agent. It wiil be tlie most important Railway Centre in tiie
Interior of British Ooiumbia.
It is in tlie centre of a
rich Mining, Stock-Raising,.
Handling, Gardening, lann-
fasturing, Coal Producing,
and Railway District.
Miilway property will
make you r;c!i. II is not
a speculation, it is an investment.
• • •
Miilway, the coming n\\- j
way, commercial, whole.
sale, and manufacturing
centre of the Kettle River
and Boundary Creek \
tricts, is situated at tlie
confluence of Boundaiy
Creok and Kettle Biter.
Tlie leading aside m
town in tho country, wiih
sn excellent climate, pi re
water supply, and surrounded by rich agricultural land.
A. M, WOVRNDRN, Sec.,'
HO St, .li.lm Street,
Montreal, P. «..
Business, residence and garden lots at low prices and on easy terms.      Send for maps, prices, and full particulars to
V. M. (.house,
Agfllll fnr British (Jtililliiliiil,
Midway; 11. t.
©he §tejmtclj
SaTUHDAY,  ,)UNK 11. 1»I3.
Continued   fiirm pnge 1
ment lit the c.lost: of each fiscal
year.   If at the  close of any i
year it shull appear that during '
the year the quantity of leatl<
produced on  v.'liicli   bounty   is
authorized exceeds 33,330 tons
of 2,000 pounds each, the rate of
bounty shall be reduced to such
sum as will bring tlte payments
for the year-'within the  limits
mentioned in section one.
(3)—If at any time it shall appear to the satisfaction of the
governor in   council  that  the
charges for the  transportation
and treatment  of lead ores in
Canada are excessive,  or   that
there    is   any   discrimination
which   prevents  the 'smelting
of such ores in Canada on fair
and    reasonable    terms,    the '■
governor     in     council    may j
authori'-e the payment, of thei
bounty at such a reduced   ratel
as may be deemed just on lead
contained in such ores mined in
Canada   and     exported     for
treatment abroad,
(4)—Said bounties shall cease
and determine on the 30th day
of June, 1908.
Edltorally Fearless.
Consistently Republican.
Now* from all nf lho world-Well
written, original slorluH-Aimwers
In cpici'ltM- Arlirli'u nil Health, tho
Houii', New Hooks, mid on Work
About the fiirm nnd Qm'duii,
rhe Weekly inter Ocean
Iri ii mjinber of tho Asrioclritod Proiw,
tho only Wewtorn Nvirs-mpur rccelv-
iriK <he onllro teliu-mpliluj iiuwh nerv-
luu of tlio Now York Sun and vpocinl
cable of tho New York World-dully
roportji from over 2 000 iipeeliil cor-
renpondentu throughout tlio country.
Sulmcrllj* for THH IMHlUTtJH and
Tlio Weekly later Om-iui one yeur
both p»p«m for »2.50.
mM.rn.mAih. -----_ A m.-..__. m.  AAAA_A___d_A _k_-__h_L___k _._.____k_t_iA___k_!______-.__L____
^^hwww——w W VtWW wwwt- T—WWwW—WW^^-r^^V-WWWW^
JUflen Wanted %lk%
Busy Times in Boundary District
The Boundary falls smelter
blew in its second furnace last
Tuesday morning, the coke supply wing pratieally assured.
The main difficulty in the dis
trict at present is a shortage ot
men. Every mine in the district is running full blast and
the three smelters are running
at full capacity. The third furnace for the Hoiindary Falls
smelter left, Spokane on Friday,
3rd inst. and will be installed
immediately upon arrival.
Thos. McDonnel! and IT. S.
Simmons, of Greenwood, have
obtained a lease and bond on
the Roderick Dhu in Long Lake
camp, and will start work in a
few days.
Ciimo to tlio lU'omlnou of lho undersigned.
one white cnyuw, with kIiisx eye ond branded
j—'—, on right hip. Owner um havo mime by
paying the cosl. of tliln nilvei'ti»onientand wintering, otlietwiHc if not. claimed within 30
days tho some will bo wild to pay expenses.
Itock Crook, II, C,
To A. W. lloyd or any poison or pomotis to
rvhoni yon may have l.miwfcrred yonr Interest
-oln tho "Morning'' Fractional Mlnoral claim,
-.Hunte ln damp McKinney. In the Oreenwona
.Mining Division of Yale  Ulstrict.
You aro horoby notlflod that I havo expended $102.30 In order to hnld tlio said mineral
claim under tho provisions of the Mlnernl Aot,
that you should contribute SJU.IUjj us your portion of tha wild sum fnr your undivided one
third inlerest In said claim am) If within 90
dnys of the (ft-st insertion of tho dnte ot this
notice you Ml or refuse In contribute thc sum
of $51.ItliJ which Is now duo by you, together
wilh all costs nf advertising, yonr interest in
said mineral clilni will become the proporty of
the subscriber undor section four of nn Aot entitled tha "Mineral Ael Amendment Act."
Dated this 2nd day of .lunii, 1803.
To soil for the large Fon thill nurs ries.   Appll
cations should be filed at once.   Highest wages
paid, permanent place assured to the right men.
We furnish guaranteed stock commanding highest testimonials from Briiish Columbia Inspectors.
Stone & Wellington.
Riverside Nurseries
Grand Forks, B. C.
Home-grown, thrifty, acclimatised trees and shrubs,
Currents, Raspberries, Strawberries, etc.
A fine assortment of Maples and other shade trees,
Roses, Lilacs, Hedge Plants, ouier ornamentals,
The swot uf •Hit'ni*"-' in pin n liim, i-, I'liiNT—te st-riii-i* g. ml *l"k.
SKCUNII- III plant Its KtlOII lis |lirs.illli' .ll'ti-l' il Is llll),'.
Trees obtained from oiip nursery can lie planted i
Miilway two days after they are dug.
Price Uiit, mid  full  Inforitiiitloii promptly  r-Ivcii,
809 Second Ave.,  Spokane, Wash.
The school where thorough work is done; where thc ^
is always given; where confidence i.s developed ; where M
keeping is taught exactly as books are being kept in busing
where Shorthand is scientific ; where penmanship is •••
liest; where merit is the standard ; where the training in (-"'
students, develops their powers and teaches them    howto j
successful.   No argument is so eloquent as   the record*
things well done.   No mortgage can corrupt,   no thief cj
break through and steal the knowledge of How to 1 >o.   ^1
you know what a school can do for you by what it has done'*
others is it better to trust to luck?   Is it wiser to guess?
For detailed information call, telephone or write
809 Secoccl Ave., Spokane Wa'M
Advertise in
The Dispatch.


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