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The Midway Dispatch C. M. Crouse 1902-12-01

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 k Uttttiajj gipi£
Vol. I, No. 22.
$2.00 per Year.
.      ■;." '—^************z$*&&
iNew Arrivals At HcNicol'st
ally provide thn federal government, controller of inland revenue, andluent.
tl »'horn |„ the flesh most likely o,,t of office with his party in ll.e 8,.'n
"c. operate wuh Wl Tar.,, in cer | eral election, of ISDfi He whs re H.h'i.
t«ln forms of spectacular mischief led for Victoria*! ihe general election.,
""ik,,,-;.   A meeting of the   liberals i- ! of 1806 and 100(1. sat for the session
Fresh Select   Eggs
Fresh Smoked
Silver Salmon
Fresh  Kippered
the new Breakfast Cereal, composed of Wheat Flakes and Malt. Try
I       Dry Goods
French  Flannels
Waist lengths, no two alike, latest designs.
Ladies Outing Flannel
Night Dresses, Colors Pink, Blue and
White, cheaper than you can make
Ladies Fur Collars
made up of different Furs, Would make
a lovely Christmas Gift, prices from
$8.5o to $18.
{J. McNicol.    ™'J       •
Arfece of 8
A Piece Of Soap is the whole thing when it comes
to a wash up. That is, of course, providing the Soap
is right. It will be just right if you get it here. We
have full and complete assortment of Toilet and
Bath Soaps. Castile Soaps, Soaps for shampooing, and Soaps that will remove the meanest kind of
dirt. It wont cost you anything to look at them and
not much more if you buy. Come in now while the
assortment is large.
■>   A. F. Thomas,   -:-
Drues and Stationery Midway B C.
We do gt need a "Test"
regard to Advertising as we know from experience that
dvertising with full Values and honest and fresh clean goods
("alwayssatisfy every customer, without giving away  so
"ed silver spoons and money coupons.   Give   customers
I and honest values for their money is our Motto.
I" e have received full wool fleeced lined underwear for men
™ch *e sell at the clcse figure of $2.00 a suit.
f A'l wool underwear from $2. to $4.50 according to quality
A '""'.sortment of Ladies, Childrens, Mens and Boys hos-
frY and sox.
NeW consignment of groceries, meats unci celebrated Five
r0ses lour at lowest possible marked prices, without coupons.
Give ds a call and be convinced.
•M  ,,*n*n*w,*00k ofall kinds of Rubber Oood* for winter
The Situation it Victoria.
Vancodvkk, Nov, 25.-D. M, F.he-is
having positively rcfi.sid the portfolio
it wjis uttered to W.  B. Mclnnes who
asked till ten o'clock thl night to con
sider the mutter.   Meanwhile he con
ferrt .1 with Eherts and  Iheir calcula-
lions convinced them that jointly thev
might he ahle to command a majority.
At the expi lation of the time Mulm.es
Informed Prior that he declined, und
urged lhat Kl. ita lie again  asked  to
enter   the cabinet.   This   was done
and Eherts consented  to   retain the
portfolio, conditionally upon Mclnnes
liecoming president of Ihe council.
In order thai I here might lie no oppor
tin.ity for allot her vol'e face, attorney
general 101 wits and W.  \V. H. Mclnnes were sworn in this afternoon, ami
with   a completed cabinet,   prelum.
tions for tin' elections in North Victor,
la and West Yale were at once begun.
T. W. Pi.tereon  having positively
declined the goveiuncnt candidacy in
North  Victoria,   Moss  Hoherlson, of
Moresby island, who has controlled the
district patronage  under the   Dims
muir regime, has taken the Held and
the government's effcuts, temporarily,
are concentrated upon keeping Pater-
son out of the running as an independent oppositionist,   In   Yale Murphy
invites the   most  energetic efforts of
his q.iondoiu friends of the opposition
declaring confidentially that his  constituents will have none but Murphy.
Efforts are being made to induce ex-
premier .Semlin to raise the opposition
standard against  his  protege, and if
his consent lie obtained the  new  pro
vincial secretary may regret his boasting.  Otherwise Stuart Henderson) of
Ashcroft, will probably lie I be choice.
At the capital supporters of the government declare that pledges of twenty two votes have been secured.   Ihis
is of course denied iiy the opposition
leaders who assert   lhat .Stables will
decline to follow Mclnnes'  had, and
that Neill has balked on advancing the
political fortunes of attorney general
Eberts.   Houston is also regarded as
a probable opposition capture,   upon
his declaration at the Revelstoke convention  applied  to  premier   Prior's
latest action.
Here in Vancouver the election for
the dominion house necessitated by
the demise of Oeorge ll. Maxwell has
produced curious complications even
thus early in Ihe g.ime, Kx governor
Mclnnis having just come into the
list as champion of tbo new Progressive Party of which he is the
II. Selikier, having for personal reasons declined the liherclcandidature,
H. 8. MacPherson, president of the
local liberal association, is the likely
choice, while Joseph Martin's friends
are silently advancing a plan for him
lo Abandon provincial ami re-enter
dominion politics, the plan it, is assert-
il lieing hot .without allurement to
the restless Joseph. It is a consequence of tii" prospective split thai
(he conservatives are now lying low.
They do not hope, it is said, to elect
a member, but will vole and work  foi
Martin, hoping thereby to evict him
from provincial alto", anil Incident
called for Thursday evening x\ ben the
peclilar situation will he discussed in
all ita conlradlclnriness,
Vancoiivku, Nov. 27.—Upwards nt
seven hundred liberals of Bnrrard district, including residents of Atlin,
rSlceena river, and other outlying districts, attended a preliminary party
meeting to night, lo arrange fir the
calling of a nominating convention,
and facilitating the election of a successor to the late Oeorge 11. Maxwell.
December 17th was sel for this assembly of representative liberals, and resolutions were adopted expressing the
continued confidence of the meeting
i.< .he Laurier adminisl ration, and urging the early issuance of the writ for
Bnrrard, so that tbe election may be
brought on not later than January
Aside from thus moving in the mat
ter of filling the vacant, membership,
o night's meeting assumed conspicuous importance in one other notable
connection. This was the absolutely
Unanimous adoption ofa resolution en
noising the stand taken by Jos. Mar-
iin in unqualifiedly opposing the pro
posal of the reconstructed provincial j
government tn transfer the new Fraser river bridge al New Westminster
to any private corporation. I » lib.
erals of Vancouver thus distil.c ,y ie-
pudiate the proposed deal to which
Messrs. Wells Mclnnes aud Murphy
have presumably lent their support,
and in i his extent strengthen the hands
of thc opposition in the tight againsi
provincial secret ary Murphy's ciidors-
at ion in West Yale.
Through friends of Joseph Martin
it is learned positively to night that
he emphatically declines to be shelved
provincial!)-, either hy being the federal candidate itl Bnrrard, or even in tlie
possible event of a supreme court of
"rinnilji judgeship being Offered him,
in which connection his name has been
mentioned in gossip during several
days past. He is in the provincial
Held, he says, to fight certain issues,
and intends not to be di veiled there
from until theii accomplishment, pro
vided onlv that providence grant him
life and strength.
The New Premier.
. _ it
1001, j.i.d was unseated on a charge of
bribery liy ,i,i agent. He accepted
offl ce in lie I/unsmuii cabinet as min
islerof mines on Fehruory 27, IfXtt,
and was elected for Victoria city after
a most exciting contest with E. V'
Bodwell,  K. (.'.-Victoria Colonist.
For genealogy and antecedents generally, the new premier is all right,
but whether he will make an honest
and successful leader and administrator, we do not know. Time alone wili
tell, unless we rely upon the prognostications of the Vancouver News Ad-
y-rtiser, which, according to that
journal, are generally, continued hy
subsequent events.
Half a Million In Advertising.
Apart, altogether from the merits of
the case which the Tobacco   Commission is investigating,   au    interesting
feature of lhe evidence presented bas
been the disclosure of tlie amount of
money   which  lhc    two   companies
against  which   complaint  bas    been
made—tbo American Tobacco Co. and
the    Kinpile   Tobacco   Ciii—have expended of late  years in advertising.
It win  stated  that  lbe   former had
spent $2(17,0(11 in exploiting its wared,
•vhile the sister company has donated
in fnur  years  %'Ml,_xl9 towards   Ihe
same purpose.   This makes a mini of
.1)518,841).   It. was also stall cl   that the
Empire Company  under the former
in.itiagi'iueiit liril r|ir nt  but  $2„'10M iu
vr. years in advertising.
Industrial  con.pa.lies    whirh   can
spend such sums as ihe-e in attracting
attention to what they   have to   sell
nu.81  le   formidable   competitors of
traders less fortunately situated, or
less impressed with the value of publicity.   If the American and   lhe  Bin-
pile Companies have captured a Urge
share of the Cauadian  tobacco li.de,
iheir liberal expenditure in advertising
must be credited with n large share of
the  result,— Went it al Herald.
The Great Dominion.
new pie-
Lieutenant-Colonel    tin
Edward Gawler Prior, th
mier, is the second sun   of  the late
Kev,  Henry    Prior,   of   Dallaghgill,
Yorkshire, England,   where  he   was
horn on May 21, 1853.   He was educated al. Leeds Grammar school and stud
ied iu<ning engineering al Wakefield,
He came to British Columbia to fill the
posilion of mining engineer and sur
veyor for  the  New  Vancouver Coal
Mining & Land Company at Nanaimo.
After several years in  tlie  service   of
that company he was appointed   government inspector of mines and after
wards sherilf of Nanaimo.   Resigning
his olllce   he came  to  Victoria and
established a hardware business, which
he has cart led on  successfully  ever
since.   He  is  a life  member  of the
North rrf England Institute of Mining
and Civil Engineers, and was elecled a
director of the Ilritish Pacific Railway
Oompany in 1883,   He was for a long
time prominently identified with the
militia service, joining  the  Nanaimo
Hides at their organization   in   1874.
lie holds a   first   cis b cerlillcate   of
qualification from  the  Royal School
of Artillery, and was gazetted lieutenant-colonel   commanding   the   Fifth
Regiment, Canadian Attillery, in .Inly
188.S,   He  commanded   the   regiment
with distinguished success until 181)7,
when he retired, being gazetted to the
reserve of officers,   He is a vice-president of the  British Ooiumbia   Rifle
Association, and in  1800 commanded
the t-inaliian rifle team at Bisley.   In
1807 by invitation, he took part in the
military   display in connection with
Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee in
London,     He  was  also  for   several
years an extra A. D. C. to the Governor-General.
Col. Prior is a member of ihe Church
of England. He married in January,
1S78, SuzrUa, daughter of John Work,
Esq., of Victoria! who died in December 1807. On February 1, 1800, he
nun lied his present wife, Genevive,
daughter of Capt. II. Wright.
Ool. Prior lias always tub n an active part in the business and social life
of Victoria and has been closely connected with nearly every enterprise
calculated loadvance the development
and progress of the city and province.
He has always been oloselyidentified
with the Con.tcrvative party 111 Dominion polities, i''presenting Victoria in
the Bouse of Commons from 1888 to
1IKI1. Before entering federal politics
be represented Victoria in the provincial legislature for two years. He en-
ted    the Howell   cabinet   in   ' 05 as
Thai Canada, the greate. portion of
which was once described as a howling
wilderness of   ice   and   snow,   has
breadth as well  as length  is shown
from the  following  taken   from  the
Winnepeg    Commercial:   Some   1120
miles north of Edmonlcin, in the valley
of   the  Peace River, a settlement, is
growing up  near   the  Hudson's Eav
o.'s 'lading post called Vermillion
Wheat, barley and oats are grown in
this remote frontier settlement.   The
Hudson's Bay Co. has this year established a fifty barrel roller process flour
mill at this point, which is uow completed, and is the most northerly mill
on the continent,   There are two other
water power stone mills in the  settle
ment, owned respectively hy Lawrence
Bros, and the Roman  Catholic  mission.   Lawrence Eros,  have  a steam
saw mill and Ihe fl. B. Co. also have a
sawmill,   Ahout. half the grain crop is
wheat, and the  greater pail   of the
other half barley,   Wheat and  hit-ley
were both good crops this year.   Oats
light crop.   Cattle nnd hogs are raised
ly the settlers, and find a'ready market in the north  country  among  the
Thomas Whisk Is, an Indian from
Nelson river, is visiiing Winnipeg.
Among tbe curiosities displayed by
this visitor from (he north was a small
sheaf of wheat grown about seven
hundred miles northeast, of this city,
Wilt Deepen Stemwinder Shaft.
Infoi'inatioti (ui*- been  received   here
fnun Fain i> w that lbe New  Fairvlew
Corporation now has its cyanide plant,
on towards completion, ami   that it
will be In operation shortly  alter re-
ceint. of ihe  steel  bands  required to
finish the four  main  tanks  or tulles
which are being constructed instead ot
the larger  nunilier having  a nuirh
less Individual capacity that  it   had
neeu planned  to build.   These  main
tanks will each be HO feet in diameter
and 10 feet in depth, aud  each   will
hold about 'Hi) tons of tailings,   'lhe
staves fi ir I hese tanks have lieen sh.i ped
planed and notched on Ihe com pany'a
works and are now lieing kiln-dried, so
as to he in readiness for  putting  together immediately  after   Ihe   steel
bauds to tie th-in t'gelher shall bp ie-
ceived form the  East.
The cyanide mill is built of lumber,
double boaidid with tailed  paper between tu keep il   light, and roofed
with corrugated iron.   Ilsriiinensio .
are SO feel by 100 feet, with  an extension Sl feet long   by  50 feet   Vi ide at
each end on the lower side, thus giv
ing a space 50 feet hy 1(18 feet  on ilie
floor on which  the four  main lanks
will be placed, wilh 50 feet hy   50 fort
under the other part of the building,
half of which has one story ahove and
half two storeys.   On  the  flrst Hon
above the ground floor stand the circulating lubes, inch aliout 20feet diameter hy 7 M*t depth, and  nn  Ibe (up
floor,   which   is   the  clean np room,
there are about ten small kegs for Ilie
final process   of  extraction  rf  gold,
il. is estimated that when all shall be
in running order  . will be practicable
to leach froth 175 to 2(K)   tors a day
wilh this cyanide plant.   There  is u
large   quantity  of    tailings   stored,
enuugh. it  is   thought, to   keep the
plant iu full operation from now until next spring.
All lhe mher huildings ahoul the
pmperiy, including those housing thu
stump ni. I and concent rating sppli.'ii-
ces, have been battened up light-, su
are iu gnod shape fm the wittier,
Some 20 men, mechanics and laborers,
are employed around the •vorks, A &)•
horse power holler, for heating put-
poses, has been installed in the cyan*
ide mill, and JC. G. Cunningham, of
Grrenwi«xi, has just finish-d fitting
rliis building up with electee   lights.
Tenders are Mug invited (labor
only) fnr sinking the shaft now down
815 feet, (10 feel deeper, with the option qf continuing 40 feet still deeper.
If a contract be let it is probable tbe
stamp mill will he run during the
winter lo a part of its lotal capacity.
All 10 stamps are now in running
order: four newOsienhurgrone.n . ju.
ing tables have been finished and put
iu place, aid four more are uow being
made on the works. The local management expects to make an excellent
showing in the direction of results ot*
mining, milling and cyaniding, before
next spring.
The Occupation of a Coal rimer.
According to the testimony of
physicians, who look the stand fur t he
miners at tlie arbitration commission
now being held at Scranton, Pa., I he
occupation of coal miller is far frntn
being healthful. The principal [lis
suffered hv miners are miners'aai hum,
rheumatism, lumbago and sciatic.
An experienced physician testified
that a miner had roughed up coal "'
15 years after leaving the mines, ami
Ihal BO per cent of the miners who
reach the age of 50 years are afflicted
with some form of  rheumatiiu.
Boundary Ore Shipments.
The tonnage of ore shipped by the mines of the Boundary
district during i90I, antl for ,902t up t0 November i st. isas
Old Ironsides and Knob Hill group    231,762
j^'Lode ;  99,548
Sunset       800
Winnipeg     1,040
King Solomon       850
Snowshoe     1,731
No. 7       665
Jewel       325
Golden Crown	
Sundry  small shipments     2,500
Totals 386,738
Shipments during  1900   totalled   97,837   tons
the year 1901, to  December 31st. 386,738 tons, and during
1902, to November ist, 414,29:   jus, making an aggregate ol
898,867 tons ©he ftepatcl}
C. M. CHOUSE Kdltor und Proprietor
Published weekly at Midway, 11.0,
jjiiiMoripUon prioo, 13.00 pur annum, pnyablo
in advance, oltlior yotirly or half yoarly at tho
option ot the subscriber.
Advertising rates sent on application.
In an address delivered at the ban*
i|net tendered the delegates of the
London Chamber of (lommerce by
the Canadian Manfuctures' Association at Toronto, Hon. Mr. Paterson M.
P. said that, when the population nf
thnUnliu. States was 211,000,000 thoy
hiul $1,000,000 less in exports than we
had las', yeai'. The per capita ot for*
sign trade in the Suites was only $18
lust year, while Canada's was $115.50.
'i'his should not be forgotten. A sta-
timid .n in Washington recently prepared a stttement showing thai Can
iidn outranked every other nation in
the world in regard tn foreign trade.
THE ) "j
THOMAS WALKER, Proprietor,
.... the bast brands of
Cigars and Tobaccos kept
constantly on hand.
Latest shades and patterns of v Wail Paper now In
§ i
"THE MILWAUKEE"   mtmm§§__
Seventh Street, Midway. - 0
A" distinguished Cu.noliati gentle-
rutin, furui' rly a nioniher of parlia
went, now a Doniinion Senator, one-
Hftid thnt Canada would make a good
fringe for a nation; lit evidently im
' jigined the Dominion to consist of an
iinnieti3ea,re!i, inhabitable mid capable of cultivation for about 200 miles
north of the Inieruatiohal boundary
line, which with it* mantle of white
in winter and its mantle of green in
rummer would make a picturesque
border for the great R-puhltc to the
south, of which ha was m ardent
admirer. Senl intents, like the ahove,
wri'ri' common in I he formitive period
succeeding confederation in 1887. In
I but yenr the four older provinces were
unit eil by act of parliament, hut there
wjis very little community of feeling
between I he inhabitants of the differ-
slit jjrninces. While Ontario and
Qu'lr.'j were jealous of each other.
they united in a somewhat indifferent
feeling toward the small .r maritime
provinces, which was hy them warih
h reciprocated. Formany years the
rJ paiate provinces had carried on a
\cry lucrative trade wiih the United
Slates, especially during the Ameri
can war, aud where their trade was.
there were their heart, a'so. It must
- be bnrne iu mind that a large number
uf people in the provinces were oppos
ed to   -onf-deration ; their sentiments
.vr.Tr- prnvincial rather than national.
•ur (finny yen's, though there were a
■'.'".'■■'•liuniiic:' of people who  bad iin
.tl-'ii faith that some day there
- ibl be n gin at-and united Canadian
.. jjruim,wealth,    there   were people
■.ho wire  carried  away  by cries of
ci"s'n.ii or annexation or  any  nog-
• j ni -, tli.'.t a clever iiiid scheming de.na
yiogrie ini^'ht, make the subject of an
ha.abgue.  It could not have   heen
otherwise| the  growth  nf a strong
natiwtal sentiment in a ntimhet of igu-
tr'.i colonies composed  of people of
':' rent races and r .ligipus beliefs, in
•" peace, must of necessity have
-,-x\   It ivnultl  have  heen far
i :',  had  they  united,   as   the
American colonies did, in  defence of
Ie ir    homes    and   liberties.    Slow
.hutigli it has heen, it is yet consider*
■,h!-, and has been hrought' about, in
a large nieasure, by the adverse tariff
ir gi-Ir.(inn nf Ihe United Stales. The
np!« nf the United States, through
theirrepresentaiives, said in effect!
n jj do not propose that you have access
to our home markets, we want them
f or our own people; the people of the
provinces, instead.nt looking over the
Ih r,i"r, were farced to look 'm one
Mother to develop inlerprovinci.il
trade, as well  as  to look over the
rue.'iu to study the requirements nf the
j r-ii'kels of tbe  motherland.   To in*
.vase tbe means of communication
and thereby develop interpruvincinl
.rude, large sums of money huve heen
'xpended hy Canadian governments.
Thus i.aiional seiitimeni ln Canada
lutj-j hitherlo been fosteied to a large
degree hy commercial strife.
Five Good Reasons
That, the llio Grande Rouic i« the
mosl popular one hetween (he Pacific
Coast and the East, is evinced by the
faet that t he greater per cent of trans
continental travelers use it
First, the scenic attractions in view
from trains areunequaled In the world.
Second, the daily personally con
ducted tourist car excursions lieing especially adapted for ladies traveling
alone nr with children affotds a comfortable mode of traveling at rates
wittiin ihe reach of all.
Third, it is the only route lietweep
■he Easl and West passing  directly
hroiigh Salt Lake City or modern
Fourth, lhe choice of two distinct
rouies through the heart of the Rocky
FIFTH, three fast through trains daily
hetween Ogden and Denver equipped
with every modern convenience.
There are many other reivons why
this route is the most, comfortable and
enjoyable in the whole rounlry.
Vou can learn a great deal on the
subject of through travel, and receive
some very interesting and beautiful
booklets, by railing on or-writing lb
the undersigned. VV. C. McBKIDE
Gen'l Agent oi M. J. ROCHE Travel
ng Passenger Agent. 121 Third Sireel.
Portland. Oregon.
Oertiflcnte   of  Improveme ntn
Waterloo Conboudatud Fractional
Minr>im. Claim.
Situate In the Kettlo River Mining Division
or Yale District. Where located : Camp
TAKK NOTICK that I. Cortes M. Korby. ii;
agont fnr Tho Waterloo Consolidate.
Mining and Milling Company, (roo minor's
certitlcato No. nttsis, Intend, sixty il.iys
from the date hereof, to apply to tho Mining
Itcconler fora Cort Meat, of lmprovomoiits, for
tho purposo of obtaining a Crown Orant. of the
above elaini. , .
Anil further take notico thot action, uniler
soctlon S7. must bo commenced beforo the
Ismmnco nf suuli Cortilicato of Improvomonts
Datod this tfth day of September, HKI2.
lio FOKHK8 M. KKItllY.
i  .      CIUIT.IUO.
An Act to anient! thb Liquor Licence ActltMJI,
"1000 e 18"
<21st Juno, 11)02.1
His Majesty, by and with I ho advice and consent of the Lueislnlire Assembly'*.! '.be prov-
ineo of llrilisli i.'uitlauiia. cnucLs as follows :
L  This 'Act may be cited as' tho Liquor
Liocnee Act (lltwi Amendment Aot I...
t. Saetion ll; of cliapter 18 of tile statutes ot
1900, being Ihe "Liquor Llconoe,Ast IWO"- is
liorohy repealed, and tho following sudstilu
ted thorfore.
"No licetioo under this Aot. shall bo Issued
or transferred to any person uf tho luiliun
race, ur lo any person who is not on the list
of voter* for the Legislature of the province of
lirlilsh Columbia"
Shipbuilding in Canada.
Two hundred and sixty vessels, representing a total tonnage of 2«,-
288 were built in Canada duiing tlio
fiscal year onding June UOtll, an increase of 20,Ks.suls and MS-tons,
as compared with tho picvious year.
Of this number 8!) weie stunners' and
171 sailing vessels, us ttjju.ust 84
steamers and 1.16 sailing vessels
built in tho year preceding. Ihe
number of vessels rcglgicied was
816, aggregating 34,2.6 tons. In
1001 327 vessels regi toiod, aggregating 35,156 tons. Last
year 5 stoatnejs 0ud 22 sailing vessels wore sold to other countries.
The llgures Indicate, that tho wooden
shipbuilding industry Is by no means
on the decline.. Twenty.steamships,
aggregating 5,810 tons, were built
in Toronto, and, In: Montreal 8
steamships of 887 tons!' MoBt of Iho
sailing u'srols cnino from shipju da
in the Maritime Provinces.
Honey laid Oat or tht Federal TroHurf
as Provincial KutMldim.
The Statistical Ycar-Book of Camilla, gives tho incomo of ull tho pro.
voices of lhc Dominion. 'lh» iiKurvg
in. Hide all tho moneys .which are |.atd
to the proHnccs out of the Fodeiul
Ijcnstiryas proU,.cial subsidies und
nil other receipts ol those provinces
Tho sources of provincial ro venue In
aildltiun lo tho Dominion suhsldies
ureas follows: Oown land nato!
tiitibpr sales, interest on capital held
hy the Dominion -comment, lice so
ices, fiuccesslon duties, commercial
Uixoh, earnings of puhlic Institutions
WW stamps, and miscellaneous. The
amm: received (rom all these dliToront
(iimra. are us stated above included
in lhe intuits in the .statistical Yearbook, which we quote below. The
total n-c'iueof Ihe Clovoinmcnt of
I'tiice Kdward Islu d is $809,445'
11 itlsh Columlila, $l,eOS,<121; Mani-
tolm. t: 1.008,6511; New Brunswick,
51,0iil;2fl7; No a Scotia, Sl.OUO,-
ffilO ((ntuilo, ,S.,460,044; Quebec
.'f:,!ir.«.,a»2i. It will 1,0 noticed that
Uk r-Mptiiio ol (iueljoc Is tho largest.
h tew more figures are otptnlly in-
t»i'c:-!lt!g: The Dominion pays, as
sl-'ited above, subsidies lo the dlgcr-
<•!. i ;.t ni luces. Tho totals ol these
I. nlicsat'e as follows: To Ontario
!C,87{j; to Quebec, 1)59,268: to
o'n H.-otla, $482,808; to New
tfrlcli, $488,402; to Manitoba,
l,W| to British Columbia,
■■■'Wi; to I'llhoo Edwardlsland,
■'..'■''At: total. $3,905,781.
Ssult.  Ste.   Msrle,
The following Industries are now
established at the _"n, ste/A works
and rnllltiB mill, meohanlcnl and sulphide pump mills, reduction work".
Iron winks, machine shops, alkali
works ind cur works, while ship
building and oth-r Industries are in
course nf preparation, and tube works,
veneer and o'ber factories, saw mill
and shipyards are projected", On the
(.IliadIan side there is now n town of
1200 inhabitants with a pay roll of Iw
and a half millions a 'year. It Is announced that for ihe next ten years an
average of $50,00(1 per month will be
spent In the development of the Son
Industries, According to Mr. F. H.
Olergue the advantages of the Soo
cannot lie duplicated in any part of
the world, Ou the American side de
velopmen' is equally itipid,
Why you should huy
BROAD8R It is tho liest quality
BEOAC8E It Is most lasting chew
BECAUSE It Is the J^j-st high grade
6 or 10c. plug
BECAUSE ibe tags are val.uihh  lor
premiums until Jan. I, t ■■>$.
BECAUSE your dealer is nnlho \,n
In refund your itioi.r-.■
, you are not eatisfletl,
,,'  I'" li     .i     Aimi ii)!   ■■
Durham Bulls, Fresh Calved
Cows, Cows 'in Calf, Steers
and Heifers, Boar Pigs, Sows
and Young Pigs, Sheep and
Poultry, Saddle and Pack
Ponies.    Apply to
t)i miles from  Midway, or
Dispatch office.
A familiar name for'the Chicago,
Milwaukee k St. Paul Railway, known
all over the Union as the Greal Ball
way running the "Pioneer Limited
trains every day and night between St.
Paul and 'Chicago, and Omaha and
Chicago, "The only perfebt trains in
the world." Understand: Connec
tions tire made with ALL Transcon
tiqenlal Lines, assuring to passengers
the best service known. LiixuiIoiis
coaches, electric lights, steam heat, of
a verity equaled by nn other line.
See that your ticket reads via "The
Milwaukee" when going to any point
in the United States or Oanada. Ail
ticket agents sell Ihem.
Forrates pamphlets or other intoi"
niatioii, address,
Tmv Pass A«t. General Agont,
T8p6kan£vfJiSH.    portUkd.ob.
Price Markers
Printing WhoeU
Numbering .
Band Dating anil
Numbering;    I
Check     Portor-
glibber Type
Carrying His flajesty's flails
Will leave MIDWAY on Tuesdays, Thurs*
days and Saturdays, at 8.30 a. m., arriving at
CAMP McKINNEY at 5 p. m.
Returning will leave CAMP McKINNEY on
Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 9 a. m,,
reaching MIDWAY at 1.30 p. m., and making connection with the train going east at 2:05 o'clock.
Tho bert of Moommoda .Ion for
tho oonvonJonao of tho
travailing publlo-
THE Dartnorxhlp heretofore  existing bc
twi'.-ii thu nndomlKKoil u Saw Mllttr.
muter tlio namo of Leqiiimo k Power*, in Miilway, It. t;.. mul Orand Forks, B. C Jh beriby
ilissolvrd liy nml ual iviiiitonL   All debt. Owing
t« tlio Mill •-»)• Sawmill aro to bo paid to Wm.
I'owcns of Midway, B. <;., who will continue
tho Midway 'bunlncwi and natlsfy all clalnii
ngalnat tho said Ini-iw. n.  A'l ilehls owing1 to
:ho Orand Koikn .Sawmill are tn be paid to H.
Uqnlnio, of Orand Forks, B. C, who Will don-
tltiiic tlio Orand -nrku hii-lnoimand satlsfy'nll
olalma aguittsl tho Orand Forks mill. (
Slunnrl  f WM. l'OWRR$,
Signed I B. LEQIIIMK;'
.   . .     ... Wtncss JAMES MolJUKKN.
Dated at Midway ttns'Jth day of Supt., mi.
Tradc M*m»
Combiohts 4e.
Anyone aendltig s -ketch and do-crlntlnn m»
onlokly ucortnln our opinion freo whether u
InTonflon Is probably patentable, Comnranle*. *
lloiuntrleUyoonOdontiil. HandbookoaPttooto,
flout froe. Oldest iigoiiry for eecorlni* oetenu.
Patent, taken tEroOBh Munn 4t_7rec.lV.
mem noefce, without ohario, In tb«
Scientific Jlmcricam
A handtmnoly lllintrated weekly. I.areeat dr.
dilation of any ectontlfle Journal. Term., 18 s
VUf}._.«' montlu, IL Soldbyall newidealen.
Otllw, e» F St, WuhlnHbn. D"..
St.Psul, Duluth, ninneapolls, Chicago
Through Palace and Tourist Slope™
Dining and   Ituirot   8.-noklng  Library  Cars
For llatoa, Foldon snd Full Information.
call on or address,
H. BRANDT. (!. P.kt A..
Iiil W. Rivcrsitlo Avenue,
SptiKANE. Wash.
A. B. C. DBNN18TON.«. W, P. A..
8u..rn.K, Wash.
Certificate  of Improvements.
Blue Bill Minkhal Claim.
Situate In ths Osoyoos Mining Division of
Yale District.   Where  Located :-Xru<
cer Mountain.
TAKE NOTICE tlmt I. Charlm do Blol-
Orocn, as ngont, for Ooon.ii G. Powoll. free
miner's oorliitcuo No, ii<0_», ard for Evan
Morris, free minors eortillcate No. D6I702,
Intend sixty days from tho dato horoof, to apply Ui tho Mining Recorder for a Cortilicato
of Improvements, tor tho purpose of obtaining
a Crown Grant of the above olalm.
And fur.h<.r tako notico that aotion. tinder
section 37, must bo commoncod boforo 'ho Issu
ance of such cortiflcato of improvomonta.
Datod this 28th day cf July, 1901.
do CosB. GREEN.
Tie Canadian Bank of Gommeree
With Whioh ig Incorporated
The Bank of British Columbia.
CAPITAL, $8,000,000, •   RES., $2,000,000.
HON. GEO. A. COX, Pres.       B. E. WALKER, Gen. Mgr,
Manager Greenwood Branch.
Boundary Falls Hotel
This hotel is centrally located and is a stopping place for stage
lines.   Good stabling on the premises.
Ordy the choicest brands of Wines, Liquors,
ar\d Gigars at tKe Bar
Headquarters for Railroad,
Mining and Commercial
First Class Livery Stable in Connection with ttctdj
S. A. CROWELL, Prop.
fa       ___,.-.	
*^a*^m   i—■__■_■■      i-    m. .     -^^a^^mmmm
Horse Shoeing a Specialty
All Rinds of Work Executed to the Satisfaction of Custom
A new building, well furnished. Everything new and first-class. Only the choicest Wines, Liquors and Cigars kept in
stock. Every convenience furnished the
traveling public.    Bus meets all trains.
Local and district, j
rblph Fisher, for almut Ave year*
(ely   engaged   in the sawiiiilling
ess In the Boundary in  partner-
with Louis Blue, ul' liossland, hits
ned  froni  a trip   to   Alberta.
bi Jwtty lie arranged ti> join two
in starting a brewery at I'M*
i,    Lninhes for tlie  building is
- supplied hy \V. Powers, ot   Mid-
Vhen Denis Clark, waa in Oamp
Kinney a short time ago, he  sent
, M. Bennett and ottered him a
j consideration to iiiduce him to
|primise the litigation  about the
erloo.    Bennett after telephoning
Ills la .yen in Grienwi od (Hallett k
m ) refined the amount ottered,
will aecept no comprlmise unless
Company returns his clnim, the
Ja, which their superintendent
imes D. Sword and H. H. Hhallen-
jer have returned from a trip up the
(it Pork of Kettle river to look a
e mineral claim*, with a view of
ing a deal for them. They were
imparted by W. T. Smith and
irge K. Naden, the former to show
|m a group on Kelly creek, atrihu-
f ot the Weat Fork, and the latter
rer claimi nearer to Westbridge.
|re are several promising prospects
(liat part of the district, but as yet
a gn at deal of development work
been done,
n Monday last at Fairvlew before
R, Laoibly S. M„ the case of
c vs Coss was tried.  C. M. Coss of
illey was accused of smuggling a
ing bull, this he denied. Tbe evid*
:e for the prosecution was Edward
ine and Stephen Johnston, Stone
ore that be sold lhe calf to Coss in
ilson Wash, and helped to put it in
' wagon and that Coss paid $17.60
(r the animal. Johnston swore lhat
> had seen a similar animal in Cuss'
Id who asked him 125.00 for a half
terest iri it, saying it wa* a thorough*
ed he had puichased from Dick Caw*
nn, Coss had no witnesses but
une th'tt before he crossed the line
• met a man named Wallace aud sulil
lm the ralf for $20.00 and that bc nev*
brought Ihe animal Into Canada.
|ft«r adjourning the court to consider
vld'-nce Hi" Honour Hned Cos*.
00!) and costs also 817.50 the price of
e calf.
A new remedy for babies and
young children.
Tie old reliable eough syrap
A perfect emulsion,
of castor oil, witt) all
t^e excellent qualities of tl|e oil unimpaired, arid the unpleasant taste entire,
ly removed.
B.viiiiiOTBiis, Solicitors. Etc.
OitK.NWoni), II. 0.
—: Ncjtaby Pontic,
Camp MoKinney, B.C.
Dr. R. Mathison,
/.. F. JKomas,       Druggist,      pdWay
Edltorally Fearless.
Consistently Republican.
News from all of tho world—Well
written, original nUirlos—Ana won
to queries- Article* on Health, the
Home, New Books, nnd on Work
About the Farm and Harden.
_____ «_»»	
The Weekly Inter fleean
ta a member of thu Aeaociited Press,
the only Wealcrn Newapaper receiving the entire telegraphic nen>a aerr-
lee of the Now York Bun and apodal
cable of the Now York World-^laHj'
report* from over 2.1100 apecbil correspondents throughout tho country.
SntM-rlbo for TIIE DISPATCH and
The Weekly Inter Ovenn one year,
both papers for • '.'.50.
To M. J. Phelan and J. C. Olson or any per
Hon or persons to whom you may have transferred your Intcreat to ln the "Tiger" Mineral
claim situate on the Weat Fork of Kettle River, In the Kettle River Mining Division of Yale
You are hereby notiBed that I have expanded 1205. In order to hold the aald mineral claim
under the provision of the Mineral Aot, that
you should contribute $102.50 aa your portion
ol the Rati! aum for your undivided one half interest in said clnim and if within SO days of
the flrst insertion of this notice you fnil or refuse to contribute the sum of $102.50 which la
now due by you. together with all costs of advertising, your Interest in aald mineral clnim
wili becomo the property of the subscriber
undor section four of an Acl entitled tho "Mineral Act Amendment Act." 1900.
Datod this lat day of December 1902.
A. 9. Can. Soe. C. B.
PROvmciAL Land   Surveyor
Midway and Okbknwood.
Rendell Block, Greenwood.
Phone 88, V. * N.
Chas. A. Webster,
Spokane,Wash.. U.S.A.   Midway, B C.
Charles Dagnmn, s yomiK man em-
loved in tin' sample mill nt the 11. V.
rfiper Company's Mnelter, Green
•raid had a/i«rrt>w.escHp!:.frniiideath,
ith two other in»n lie wuh engaged
emptying oiw from a nunilier nf
ill way dump cars into the smelter
ireliins. When releasing the lever
if one car he did ««>t lhe customary
irHMiitlous for hiii own safety, with
Lhi' result lhat he Inst his lialnn-eami
itep|ied on the ore just as it onipinenit
tn fall through inin lhe hin helnw,
lAlimt h-tlf the contents of a 30 ton
:ar .if ore fell on hltn, camlng mmn't
Ions cuts and contusion* ahoul his face
[and hody. Fortunately the ore had
lieen passed through a ruck crtuher at
;ihe mine previoni tu heing loaded on
lh«car, otherwise, had il lieen large
lumps, as ij often tha oas" in sliippin-!
ore nnt crushed, the heavy rocks, fall
ing HI or 12 feet on him, must have
neftrlypounded tin1 lift' "t'1 of btin.
ll'.'wastak.n in the Greenwood hospital
(there be ralli< .1 froni the severe shock
system, had atist v.ued,. hut, i« now
doing well, no sorious internal injury
having liven received.
A singular position in regard to the
tax laws of the province has heen developed tn regard to cerlain parts of
the   town   of  Oreenwood.    Robert
Wood, the flrst owner of the  town*
ute, obtained a crown grant for a min
wai elaini and later obtained a crown
grant for the surface rights.  Then he
subdivided the land and sold it in
town lots 10 numerous persons.   These
lota are now p.r. of the town of Oreenwood.   In nccntdance with the law relating to taxation of unworked crown*
granted mineral claims demand has
been made for payment of the tax of
25 per cent per sere.   As Mr. Wood
has now no Interest in the property he
naturally does not want to pay this
tax and falling payment by some one
orother the mineral claim is liable to
he sold for non-payment of taxes.   If
•old the purchaser will have the tight
to mine on town lots and the owners
of these wilt have no recourse. In I his
tttiuraal ilate of affairs the Greenwood
% Oouncll has passed a resolution
*M«h, after reciting  ihe clrcmnstan-
"».  respectfully   recommends    the
Pm .nclal Oovernnient to puss leglsla-
tlo» exempting from taxation nndei
ft* Mineral Act, crown-granted miner-
••dalins situate within the corporate
"■nit* of a municipality, to which tbe
■mrfuk'e righu have heen granted and
*hloh have been sub divided Into lots
•nd a plan of same registered.
with freight treatment charges, aggregated ahrtllt $25 per ton, sn that Ihe
gross value of lire nre was a little
ahove $188.00 p.-r ton. This is considerably lietter lhan Ihe car-load shipped
earlier in the month, which showed
a gross value of only about $100 per
ton. Another carload is going forward, and being sorted ore, it is
expected to return even higher values
han the last shipped.
To M. J. Phelnn, A, V. Phelan Wm
Kiitita, J. C. Olson and W. Olson or any per
son or persons to whom yon mny have transferred your interest In tho "Orent Hopes" Mineral clnim situate on the Wost Kork of Kettlo
llivor. in tho Kettlo River Mining Division of
Yale District.
You are hereby notified thnt I hnve expended ?M.V in order to hold the said mineral claim
undnr tho provisions of tho Mineral Act, that
yon should contribute 951.15 ns your portion of
the said sum for your undivided ono quarter
Interest In snid elnlm and if within Dodnyafiom
tho first Insertion of thia notloe yon fall or refuse to contribute the sum ot 951.25 which la
now duo hy you, together with all costs of advertising, ymir Interest In snid mlnoral claim
will become the proporty of the subscriber
under soctlon four of an Act entitled the "Min.
oral Aet Amendment Act." 1900.
Dated thia 1st day of Docomber, 1902.
Large Stock.   Low Prioes.
T.   SCC.   «3-XTI__C_315r   Ss   CO.,
Some Rich  Ore,
'The owners 6f the Providenc e mine
•''•«*te close to Greenwood, have
Weelved $8,887.84, being the net pro-
"•edtofone ear of ore containing 40,0111
founds, grow, shipped to the Trail
Wnelter recently.
This gives a reHlivn.1 value of a trifle
"'ore than 1141,00 per ton, Mtaulaling
tonnage as above,
Several customary reductions mitrto
W (he amelter company-  together
For Getting a Beautiful Watch
and Chain Free.--No Money
Required.—Every Man, Woman, Boy, or Girl has the
same Opportunity under our
In order tn have Dr. Arnold's English Toxin Pills placed in the hands of
all persona sntfering from had health
we make the following most liheral
offer :—
If )ou will stmd tis yonr name and
address and agree lo sell for ns twelve
Imxes of Dr. Arnold'a English Toxin
Pills at 25c. per liox, we will give yon
absolutely Free a beautiful Watch
and Chain in either Ladies or (Jems
sine, or yonr choice of twenty other
premiums such its Hne Beta of Jewelry,
Rings, Violins, Mandolins, Tea Sets,
Sateen Skirts, Cameras, etc. Retnetu-
her we don't want any money until
after ynu sell the Pills and yoit don't
have lo sell any mure thnn 12 lioxes to
get the premiums. This is a l-ona Ode
offer from a reliable concern that has
given thousands nf dollais worth of
premiums to agents all over the con iitry. Kemeinher also that Dr. Arnold's
English Toxin Pills are a well known
remedy for all diseases of the kidneys
and liladder, Bright's disease, iliahetes,
rheumatism, nervous trouble's, and
female complaints, and are for sale liy
all Hrst class druggists and dealers in
all parts of the world. You have only
to show l hem to sell them. You are
not offering something that, the people
don'l. know. Our watches are the
regular standard slue fnr Ladies or
Gentlemen In Nickel or Gun Metal
Oases with handsome illuminated dials
and reliable time-keepers, watches
such its no lady or gentleman need be
ashamed to rarry, and they will be
sent absolutely Vree to all who sell
only twelve boxes of those wonderful
Toxin Pills. Write at once and lie the
Hrst in yonr locality to earn one of
l hose beautiful watches and chain. As
mon as we receive your letter or post
card we will send yon post paid twelve
boxes, together with Oiir Illustrated
Catalogue nnd heautlfullv colored card
with ynnr name and address on ns our
authorized agent, Bear in mind that
yon will not be asked to sell any more
lhan the u boxes and we don't want
any money until after you have sold
them We hear all lhe expense and
are onlv making Ihis liheral offer as a
method of advertising Dr. Arnolds
English Toxin Pills. Don't, delay,
write nt once and earn a beautiful present for yourself for Christinas.
go Adelaide St. East, Toronto.Ont.
Enormous Inoreane of Ituilneu lo the Dominion of Canada Lait Year.
The report ot the Postmaster-General (or the lust fiscal year says;
Tho net revenue for the year was
g8,88. ,120, und thu expenditure 88,-
888,016, giving a surplus of $"»,10'J.
These figures do not include thc revenue and  expenditure of tho Yukon
und Atlin districts.    In 1001 tho revenue amounted to S8.-l.21,102,    and
tho expenditure to 88,R87.,876, Corn-
pnring   last yonr    with the previous
twelve months, thu nut revenue   Increased by $-166,038, and the expenditure by 845,6--.    On Juno 30last
there were in op ration 0,058   post*
offices, nn Incieaso ol 12-1 compared
with the year previous.    Tho    mail
mutter posted    during   the    twelve
months included 213,6:18.000 letters,
26,8-13,000   registered letters,     and
7,111,0(10 free letters.    The increase
in thc number of letters was 21,078,-
000.   Compared in value with the is-
suo ol the preceding year, the   output of stamps represents n growth o(
nearly 6 per cont., the value ol tho
output for 10(10-01  having heen $1,-
401,188(811(1  tliul of 1001-2 84,662,-
a dlllcrcnce of $261,215.     The
of     picies issued was 208,-
whlch.   Compared with tho
Indicates an in-
Spokane Falls &Northern
Railway Co.
Nelson & Ft. Sheppard
Railway Co.
| Red Mountain Railway Co.,
Washington & 6. M. By.,
•Van., Vie.&E.By.&N.(Jo.
The only all rail route between |
points east, west and south to -Rossland, Nelsnn. Grand Forks and Republic. Connects at Spokane with thr
Oreat Northern, Norlhern Pacific and
O. rt. k N. Oo. for points east, west
and south ; connects at Hossland and
Nelson with the Canadian Pacific Ry.
Connects at Nelson with tbe K. B. * S.
Go. for Kaslo and Slocan points.
Connects at  Curlew witb state for
Oreenwood and Midway 11. ii.
Iluffrt curs ran on trains between
Spokane and Republic.
Leave. Arrive.
9.8Si.ra  SPOKANE      5.45p.m.
10.1S a.m ROSSLAND      5.10pm.
7.00 a.m....... NKLSON      8.00p.m.
H.H0a.ni GRAND FORKS....   i.liOp.m.
9.15a.m....... REPUBLIC      6.»p.m.
xx. __.. fTA.axx.most,
General Passenger Agent.
Spokano, Wash.
Stage Line.
The undersigned is -running a DAILY STAGE between
Greenwood and Curlew via Midway. Stage will leave Greenwood at 6:30 a. m., arriving in Midway at 7:45 and at Curlew
in time to connect with the train for Spokane due 10:45 returning
will leave Curlew at 5 p. m., upon arrival of incoming train,
reaching Midway at 7:30 p. m. and Greenwood at 9 p m.
Will connect with Meverhoffs Stage from.all points West.   .
J. H. TYRRELL, Proprietor.
Midway Livery, Feed &Sale Stable
Seventh Street, Midway-
Opposite Crowell's Hotel.
BY THK 0. P. R,
pro.tons dscfll yoar.
crease of l_,?.ri'7,H0, ol 7 7-10 per
cont, During tlio yenr ending Juno
8(1, 1001, tho number ol pnid postal
notes wns ,.77.">!i!>, nnt] their nupr.--
inito vnliic $-1,160,011}, For the yenr
ended June 80, T.I01!, the nunilier of
linlil notes was 1,012,001, nnd tho
aggregate vnluo Sl,702,460,'heing nn
liKTonsc of 181,402 in tlio nuinhor ol
trnnsnetions, uud of $248,161 In the
amount of money transmitted, TUir-
ino; tlio year 1,110,120 money orders
of nn aggregate vnluo of ?2:|>)40,-I02
were Issuotl, u gnin nf 1/140,120 In
number and S">,503,144 in Amount.
This Is tho greatest increase in hoih
respects that hns ever been known in
tho tl'ei'iirtii'ont. Of thc ordirs Is-
.„imi during the yenr 1,082,117 « 're
payable within tho Dominion, und
■118,(12 payable abroad. Compared
with the pro.ions year there was an
increase of 105,417, with an ftgaro-
vdhto of §4,008,716 in (ho for-
61083, and nn increase of OO.ii.s.s,
:grcguto value of M.-10I,-
.... latter elnss. The money
t: nnsactious' With tlie United
Arrive Winnigeg... .3rd day 8:50 a. m.
Arrive St. Paul 3rd dny 0:10 p. in.
Arrive C'liioago 4th day 0:30 n. m.
Arrive Toronto 6th dny 2:15 p, III.
Arrive Montreal 6th day 0:30 p. in.
Arrive New York... .0th day 8;55 a.m.
RQck Creek, B. C.
8.1 LABS EN, Prop.
Stopping plai e for Stages to
and from ull Boundary
Creek points.
Good Accommodation fop tke Traveling Pablic.
eHmt-r. Zxiuu..
,, -.,r-.rr-->7"T-l *Tr*Z*T**^TI
.,...';.,__ _..'»i._:_.'_-.'A_ .-J
A trip Enst over lha 0, P. R. will
convince you that, it Is the "ONLY
Leave Duiimore Junction dally for
St. Paul.
Kootenay Landing Tuesdays and
Sat iirdays for Toronto, Montreal and
nil Kastern pnints.
Through Bookings to Europe,
Via all Atlantic Routes, Prepaid tickets al. lowest rates issued from all
European Countries.
sil sluntlal    in
with dn
.10H in lho
. .tales show a vory
cronse over thoso of the prov ions
yenr. Tlie nuinhor of or'lcrs Issue-'
abroad and payable In Canadu was
250,205, with an iiggregnto vului
Sll,575,S03. I), ing un In
of 77,703 in number and
JL'83,057 In umoiint. The oinoilli'
• if deposits In thu rostollJco Saving!
Hnnk wns Sl 1,88:.
of .f 100,'.180. Tho withdrawals t
I'd $110,617,070, or $842,1171:
than In the prevailing yenr. Tho Iml1
ruling tii the credit of de
■er.ted 84.2;!llja,2tl0, i
Forthe Information regarding the
0, P. R. and further proof of it, lieing
the "ONLY WAY" can ho furnished
on application to
A.  W. HA1I.ET,   Agont, Midway, or
D.P.A., A. 0.1. A..
Nelson, II, C.       Vancouver. B. C
an lucroiiB
in of .2,oc
"Ui iho SSQ1S ttUwi'T ivjtes tfo yowworib"
Commercial Job Printing
J^^e&mm^  si    ...  _
will Mc ovory p.rtiolo of dust and dirt from your floor* and
Yr'.;l\vork—malum l.hem ai clean as a whistle, neat at a pia.
Nothing c-o cood for wwhitlg clothe* and diohos.
CMcsuro,   I'eviYgrlf,   KtaWft    St.lcul*.     _.o-"-a..
UBnrsrnstSB A**
It will b3 the most important Hail ,_y Centre in tbe
Interior of British Colmbia.
It is io tbe centre of a
"oh Minliig, Stoek-Baisinj,
...iihk-l, Maing, Mauo-
., Coal Prokiag,
and Railway District.
MMway property will
■aie yon rieh. It is iot
a speeolitioi, it is aa ft
Midway, tbe coming nil.
way, commereial, whole.
Mb) lid nannraetoriDg
eeitre if tbe Kettle Biver
aid Bonndary Creek Dis.
Wets, issitaated at the
eonOoenee of Boundary
Creek and Kettle Biver.
Tie leading reside, ce
town li the eoootry, with
ai excellent dinaie, pure
water upply, and sorrowed by rieh igrieiil-
Ural Iiit
Business, residence and garden lots at low prices and
prices and on easy terms.     Send for
IB Nt John Struct,
Montreal, P. d
maps, prices, and full particulars to
Oatnt Law*.
It li lawful to shoot game
lows (inlets inchisivr):
September 1 to IVceniher 14— Deer,
buck ordn. i mountain glial, mountain
the* p (mm.)
September 1 lo December 81— Pari*
Imu; elk, wapiti, (bull) - grouae of all
kinds, including prairie chlckta*; bare
mooee, (hull).
NOTirK 18 HRItKBV OIVRK. that appll
cation .III be maHo tn Ihu Parliament nf
1 lanada, at tbs nest ulttlng* thereof, for an Aet
Incorporating a company, under tbo name of
the "Vancouver ami Coast Kootenay Hallway
Company." to oonnfrncl ititd operate a lino of
railway, from a point at or near tho City of
Vanoouver, thcnot muth easterly to the City
rt S*m Wo* minuter and acrom tho truer
Itiver; thenee eaoterly by the moat fnulMe
route, to a point at or near JlM«-«» '- **■-
November S lo March 81— Beaver,
land otter, marten.
It ia unlawful to aboot or deetrojr at
my time i Birda living on noiioni in*
wete; Knglleh MaekMrda* caribou,
cow or calf i chaffinch i deer, fawn
under twelve raontbi; elk. wapiti, cow
or calf under two yeata s gull t linnet I
monee, cow or calf under twelve
month'- mountain tbeep, ewe or lamb;
KiigMah partridge; pheamota, cock or
hen. eacent aa l___.t_-*>      •
. .--,Mn. mm maintain,
uienannand telephonelluen, alone the route
...Br,.,. imnrmge I pheaanota, cock or nl tlie prop wed railway or tt* branclica, and to
k.... „.™_» .. k__i_.r,«. r~,miA~t . ' anwnlt mewam, for commercial purposo,
hi'ti, eaceptae hereinafter provided ; ,,ml to collection, ihorefor: to generate elec*
ntii.ll, all kind* ; roWnn (fanuere only iflelt-'for power and lighting parpowa, and
Inttv anmi* *___»  ■-  —■
The Midway Sawmill
All kinds of EOU0H and OflESSEO L.IB__,
 ..,...u, ana   operate, steam and other I '^_■__       '   ~"
reweh, nn nny navigable watera; and with I ^^■*3_wlvSB*^
power tncnintruct. o.n. maintain, and oper* I •'I'l
, ate a aultablo ferry, from tha moat convenient ;
point on thr.miilnl.nd of DiitMi Columbia, lot _ , . -Z.   : . -.
fewsSm^s Band sawmgand job work done to order,
•ami': to  conntrnct, operate and maintain, . I
.'leaianli and telephone linen, alona the route    un^---—^,^^^ —
nl tne prop ned railway or lb, brauchen, and to
t an-mlt mewaina for «m,_.«_-'-"	
«...• fumxxxttm ..vMrura uKiuin ox tbo Fnwor
River; from a point oo tbe main line cant of
Hope, to a point at or near Nicola Lakes and
train a point on tho main line of the railway at
or near tbe City of Vanoouver. northerly acmaa
llnrrard Inlet, at tha meet ft««iM- —■-•  -
...,        „.nnr near Nicola take) and
_, ,„,„,_ trom a point on tho main line of the railway at
■*-—"■" ■'■■"*• _:'_... or near tbe Cltyof Vanoouver. northerly acrnea
Septemher 1 to February Si-Bittern; Uurrai. Inlet, at tha mwt tnslble point, to
tick,allkinda■ baron;meadow lark, toTpdn.afwilSarttaawu_. rf°l_. CapUano
lover. Creek.
u .      a ,    __, -   .   — With power to eonatract am) operate breech
""'"'" linen, from any point on the main line of the
propoeed mil way or branehea thereof, not o*
oeedlng In any one ra»e thin. <*» -"— '-
    —...   r.   MM,
r.rr.mr.1 mu way or bnuiohM thereof, not exceeding In any one raw thirty (Sill, mllce In
length; and with power tooonMruct, own, and
npeiato, whim™, dock*, elevators, and ware
bounea. In coiinnctlon therewith; and to con-
»i root, own, and operate, atoam and other
voMeli, nn any navlmhl. ■_.<-— • and with
I   Riverside Nurseries
Orand Fork*. B. C.
Home-frown, thrifty, acclimatised tmt and shrubs,
Current!, Raipberrlw, Strawberries, etc
Aflnt uiortment of Maplct and other shade trees,
Rmm, Lilacs, Hedge Flute, other ornamentals.
Tbe aecrel of inceeas in planting, to, pimt—to eeeiire gnod slock,
ucoNP-to plant aa aoon aa poaaiUa afUr it ia dug.
Trees obblued froi ev unery eu be piloted it
IMwiy twe days after tlejr ire dig.
Prle* list, aad fall Information promptly given.
o. m. cnoisK.       I
Agent for Britiah Columbia,    a
  , rm-inn (ramie!, only
may about theae in gardena hetween
June 1 and Sept. 1); nkylark. thrunh.
It In unlawful to huy, aell or expoae
for aalu, ahow or advertiaement, carl*
Imu, haiv, hull iiioosh, mnuntaln goat,
mountain ram hefnre October 1; deer
before Septemiwr 1: nor any of the
nUive imiiied animala or birda at any
liiiii*, except duck, hlue gronae, heron
mul plover during the openaeamn.
Itis unlawful lo kill nr take more
Hum Ave uni'ihoii in one season ; more
tliuti un deer, or to hunt ihem with
lilies' nr tn kill for hide* alone ; more
than 250 duck*; more thnn two bull
elk or wapiti: more than two bull
moose; more lhan Ave mountain gout*;
more than three mountain rain*; nr
to t.iikt! or denlroy l he eggaof protected
hirda.it any tlm..
It is unlawful to enter land encloaed
liy fence, water or natural boundary,
iii'trr notice or if notice und. r Section
17 is | .'ted up; for  Mm-militenta to
aim■■: x iihout a llreMet for non-real*
dj'.p Indiana to kill game at any time ;
to export or tranaport in   the raw
»bpe, game birda of every kind and
aniinala protected except hear, beavw,
marten and land otter; In une trap*.
nvta, gin*, drugged halt, etc., Mi catch
game hirda; to expoae fnr aale any
deer without it* head or bird without
iu plumage; tn one halleriea, awlvel
gun* or nunken  punt* In  non tidal
water* lo take duck* or geeae ; for nn
licenced lioii-tvuidenta to trap or kill
hear nr heaver for tbeir pelta; lo ''llli
any game hiid hetween one hour i f er I
aiini"! and one hour before aunt ae ;
to kill gime bird* or animal* ltii|.utod
fnr iirji'liiiiii'iiatiiiii iMirpniea; to tuy
Abtell tii'Jids  of mountain >heep : to
inj'il, .'*tce|it hy hiKik mid lim or
e iitlmoo me aii halt.
■"ttvi-ttiih ...y^j^A
• rlclty for power and .«.,».« |iarpo__, ami
fnr all right* power* and prlrllegw, nenemary,
u»ual. or Incidental to all or uny of the afore-
mid purpowm.
Mated at Vancouvor, Ibla lat day of October,
A. 1). m»
Solicitor fm API llcant*.
vou* Children
Of conrso tbey do. It is their
woy of learning and it is yonr dnty
to answer. Yon nay need • dictionary to aid yon. It won't an-
.swer erery question, bnt tbere are
thousands to wliioli it will giro yon
true, clear and definite answers,
not almut words oiiIt, but about
things, the sun, machinery, men,
places, stories and tbe like. Then,
too, tbe children can And tbeir
lown answers. Some of onrj
greatest uton hare ascribed tbeir]
'power to study of tbe dictionary.
Of course you want the best dictionary, 'J'be most critical prefer
the htm and Enlarged Edition of J
~*    ff yon kam any intttiov •
t      aboui it wilt nt.
. h 0. MIRRIAM 00,
•Mworiuo, m
809 Second Ave., Spokane. Wash.
The school where thorough work is done; where the reason
s always given; where confidence is developed; where Book-
keeping is taught exactly as books are being kept in business ;
where Shorthand is scientific; where penmanship is at   its
best; where merit is the standard; where the training in Civil Service, Telegraphy, English and Cartooning wakes up
students, develops their powers and teaches them how to be
successful.   No argument is so eloquent as   the record of
things well done.    No mortgage can corrupt, no thief can
break through and steal the knowledge of How to Do    When
you know what a school can do for you by what it has done for
others is it better to trust to luck?   Is it wiser to guess?
For detailed information call, telephone or write
809 Secocd Ave., Spokane Wash.
Advertise in
The Dispatch.
i -*" »
rflen Wanted itt
«S__"_^_'£,!_."",M" »""•* *fi
SlSSiJtlMi*mA *•-■"*««..
«>honTO.oW.   stone & Wellington.
********f 1111iaai•■iii . .
Lancashire House,;
I ? MIDWAY,B.C. : : \
1 The undere|gned having re-opened this well- 1 '<
known  and   comfortable    hotel   invites  the \
patronage of all old customers and the public <
generally. '
flF»rn„«.he.te<^^ ;
(treenwood-Cnriew, via Midwav SiLm 8t°p"for bre»kfH"t i
Mrs. Dowding, Proprietress.    I
______ _-. ■_.'_■._.' -'..'.. 1


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