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The Midway Dispatch C. M. Crouse 1902-08-18

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 % <<fi^UttU^L (W9 yt^-i
Vol. I, No. 7.
$2.00 per Year.
All summer goods and broken linen of shoes and
notions to he cleared out at eitreinely low prices for
rash. This is no halt to catch you, but a genuine Summer Clearing S,tle.
FLANBLBMB. good quality 21 inches wide, colors
pink and whit*, and black and white stripes, per yd. gc.
FLANELMTE, a few pieces good quality in stripes
ud cheek*, 33 inches wide regular 10 cent and 124-cent
to clear at 8 cents per yard.
DRESS QHTOHAM8, silk mixture beautiful goods in
blue, green, and pink shades, regular :*)c goods for aoc.
LADIES WAISTS the 9250 kind for $1.85.
•• '-        "  lill.75    "     •'  91.15.
PRINTS, all light colored, prints fast colors, 32 inches
wide regular 15-cent goods to lear at io ets. per yd,
LADIES TAN I10SB sizes 9-9} regular 25 cent
boee to clear tbem is cents per pair.
MOTIONS, pins 2 papers for 5 cents, kid hair curlers '
6 cento per dozen, Indies 50 cent Mts for 25 cents,
Kone of These Goods Exchanged or Charged
O*.   MoNIOOL.
THOMAS WALKER, Proprietor.
i lura/c ? ®. ® B
.All the bott brands of
Cigar* anil Tobacco* kept
Oonttantly on hand.
Lateit fhatfet and pat*
tame of Wall Paper now In
Seventh Street, Midway.
jm ■... '. ^^,
About That Preseription       1
The doctor gave you, he wanted you to
have the purest ingredients it is possible
to obtain, properly compounded, I wili fill
it exactly as he orders.
/ I \
*k* F. Thomas, Druggist, Midway.
' .■. ''.•• ,'■'.-''".'.
The Trip Can Now be Made in
Nine Hours.
And Connects with  Washington &
Oreat Northern Trains to and
From Spokane-No Longer
at the Mercy of the
C.   P.  R.
Prices to Suit the Times.
Special Cot Prices in Summer Goods
Dry Goods, Clothing, Boots & Shoes,
Shdlf Hardware, Lamps and
Glassware, etc., etc.
, Quick Sales and
Small Profits.
A fresh stock of staple and ftney groceries arriving daily.
Yesterday marked a new ent in the
passenger traffic for Midwjiy. Simultaneously with the inauguration of a
regular pa8setip;er train service over
the Washington k Ureal Northern
railway lietween Spokane and Republic, a dally stage was put on hetween
Miilway and Curlew, a point 12 m-les
south of Midway and twenty miles
from Republic, on the Washington k
Great Northern railway, and the trip
c;in now he made from Midway to
Spokane in ahout nine hours.
The twelve miles drive from Midway
to Curlew is over a level road fallowing the picturesque Kettle river all
the way, crossing the fertile Colville
reservation and is a delightful trip.
The ahsence of grades on this short
piece of road admits of the drive lieing
made in a very short time, and awaiting I he extension of the Washington
k Great Northern railway to Midwav,
even tliis means of transportation is
looked upon with pleasure hy residents
of Midway and points west of here, a»
it means the saving of a day and considerable expense in innking lhe trip
io Spokane,and u correspondingsaving
tn other points south and east.
Up to yesterday to reach Spokane
from Greenwood. Midway and points
west of here, it was necessary to go to
Rossland, remain over night and take
the Spokane Falls & Northern for Spokane the following day, two days heing necessary to make the journey,
and in addition to the long lime required to make lhe trip, lhe long mileage
incurred a much greater expense, so
tbat I'Oth time and money were sacri-
Heed for lack of railway competition.
No longer will Canada's great railway have a monopoly of transportation from the Boundary country for
there are others.
Mr. Tyrrell, the proprietor of the
stage line, wilh enterprise worthy of
commendation, will also keep a rig on
the load hetween here and Greenwood
so that residents of that town may
reach Midway and connect with the
stage for Curlew, thus sharing in the
lienefits of the new arrangement.
Connections will also be mode with
Meyerhotfs stage from the west, which
will greatly increase the traffic between here and Cmlew.
The stage will leave Midway in the
morning ahout eight o'clock reaching
Curlew in time to allow passengers to
take the train whicli leaves Republic
at 11.20 a, in. for Spokane. The return
journey will he delayed until after the
arrival of the train from Spokane,
whicli ieiives there at 0.25 a. m and
reaches Curlew shortly  hefore 5 p. in,
The new i-tage line has lirst class
stock and equipment so that passengers traveling lietween here and Curlew can make the journey in comfort
and will not he subjoined to any vexatious delays, Init on the contrary
will he carried over the rond iu the
least possible time, and, considering
the advantage the new route will have
over the old non competitive one, the
short stage journey will be considered
a welcome innovation.
Laurier Returns Next Month.
Sir Wilfred Laurier postponed his
Continental visit until afler the Coronation. Now he will b« accompanied
on his tour hy Lady Laurier, Mr.
Fielding, Dominion Minister of Ki
nance, and Mr, Paierson, Dominion
Minister of Customs, As Sir Wilfred
is anxious to be hack ill Canada by the
middle of Sepiember, the original
programme of his Continental tour
must neCBsarily be considerably curtailed, lt comprised a stay of a fortnight, lo three weik.iat Paris, a visit
to Lille Exhibition, a trip through
Angniimnis, the country of his ancestors, a shortstop at. Beruiercs and on
tho Normandy coast, and finally a
visil to Home, passing through .Switzerland en route.
Paul Johnson Interviewed at Victoria
Among recent, arrivals from the Interior lire Paul Jolmsob, manager of
the B. (.'. Copper Company's smelter
ut Greenwood, and Captain Gilford,
late manager of the Hall Mines at
Nelson. Both are men of established
reputation, whose opinions carry
weight in the mining world, and lt
was therefore a pleasure to the mining
editor of the Colonist to meet them
and secure an expression of their
opinion on milling conditions in the
Kootenay and Boundary districts.
Mr. Johnson expressed regret that,
owing to the strike at Fernie, he had
been obliged to suspend operations nt
the smelter on June 2, since which
time the furnaces have been cold and
the large staff of skilled workmen had
scattered to jeek employment elsewhere. That was one of the most unfortunate features of the close down,"
as the crew were all well trained and
working in perfect harmony and efficiency, but it was impossible for the
conipany to keep them ou in idleness
and in consequence a new stalf will
have to be engaged and broken in before the smelter can again work wiih
perfect smoothness.
The Greenwood smelter, which has a
capacity of 800 tons daily, will resume
work as soon as a supply of coke is
assured, and that is expected—now
that the strike is at an end—liy the
first of September, Meanwhile the
company have not heen idle, development, oi the Mother Lode has progressed steadily and three or four
glory holes have been opened, which
will greatly facilitate the getting out
of the ore, no that when work is resumed, the 12,000-ton ore bins of the
smelter will always he well tilled.
With the coal company again working its mines to their full capacity,
there shodld he no shortage of coke,
and the mines should resume full shipments. Theie is therefore no very
grejit reason for thedepresaing reports
which have been sent out from tiie
Ulining camps, as the dull times, con-
scijucnt lipon lhe coill sti-ikp, wjis hut
a temporary, if unforllimite: check to
the milling industry, from which it
will quickly recover.
Tlie mines of the Boundary district
are all right., for although the urea are
low grade, they are illimitable in quantity, and need only reasonable rates
for coke, transportation and treatment
to make Ihem permanently profitable.
What the country requires, said Mr.
Johnson (and Capt. Gilford heaitily
concurred with him) is competition iu
coal mining. If two or more coal companies were operating, a strike on one
would not be likely to tie up the others,
and ihe smelters would he enabled to
continue working. Another reason
why competition should be encouraged
is the fact that lhe Crow's Nest Pass
Coal Company is not limited by its
contract with the government as to
the price of coke, and consequently
can charge what it likes.
A proposition is now on foot to develop the coal measiues at Blairmnre,
and smelter and mine owners are hoping that it will take definite shape.
There is also a report that .1, J. Hill
has some intention of going into the
coal mining business, which might
still further relieve the situation. The
tr'. P. R. has acted very fairly in the
way of transportation rales on ore,
coal and coke, and is doing everything
possible lo assist ill the development
of the country.
Capt. Gilford, speaking of the Rossland and Nelson districts, said a tunnel
law would be of great benefit lo those
districts. Theie are supposed lo be
extensive ore bodies which traverse
lhe mountains wliieh can only he
reached profitably by tunnels, and as
the law now stands, Individuals musl
hear the expense of tunneling or follow
their ore from the surface at a great
disadvantage in the expense of handling. A law which would unable tunnel companies to make contracts und
share profits wilh claim owners,would,
therefore, be a great boon to the country, and would serve to discover large
ore bodies which, under presunt
methods, will never be touched, as in
a great many cases Ihese ore chutes or
lenses do uot outcrop, bul. would be
mruuu'ored by crosscut ting. Tills has
lieen proved liy the discovery of such
oie bodies in Ihe underground workings in several of the mines.
Ilolh gentlemen express every confidence iu the future of tin-province, the
only difficult) in the way of its progress heing t he cost of coke and trans
porliUioii. If these were reduced to
reasonable figures, lhe lowest grade
ores could be wnrkul ut a profit.
They expressed a deep  interest in
the Coast-Kootenay railway, hoping
lhat there would be as little delay as
possible in its construction now lhat
the con tract has been let. They regarded this road i.s in a great measure
a solution nf the problems which they
had been discussing, and declared that
its completion would see tbe dawn ot
anew era of prosperity in Southern
British Columbia,
Mr. Johnson and Captain Gitfoid
will spend some time on Vancouver
Island visiting the principal mines and
ihe new smelters.
Death of Capt. R. C. Adams.
Information was received here en
Friday of the sudden death on llth
inst, at Sedwuh, Maine, U. 8. A., of
Captain R. C, Adams, whose name has
been associated with Midway ever
since the town was started.
It was in the year 1802 that tbe attention of Robert Chamblet Adams
was first called to the especially favorable situation and conformation of
what was then known as Eholt's tor
a townsite, occupying as it did a broad
level plain at the confluence of Boundary creek with Kettle river and at the
meeting place of three valleys which
constituted the only natural pass
through the mountains east aud west
for a long distance. At that time he
was being shown by the* late H. P.
Palmerstnn, Ihen of Spokane and wbo
afterwards became the first townsile
agent of Midway, what were then re
garded as some promising mineral
showings, these including the City of
Paris, Old Ironsides and Knob Hill
mineral claims. Capt, Adams was so
favorably impressed witb thesuitablity
of Eholt's for a townsite lhat upon his
return lo .Montreal he formed a syndicate in purchase from Louis Kholt his
0W aens of land, half of which was
situate on Kettle river and balf including the Eholt meadow property,
situate between the present towns of
Oreenwood and Eholt. Later Capt
Adams and his associates also purchased Hugh Murray's pre-emption, also
on Kettle river aud adjoining Kholt's
on the west, thus providing a splendid
townsile of about 000 acres nr area.
The original townsite of Midway—
since added to —was platted in 1803 by
J. A. Kirk and J. Kied. Ritchie, now
well-known land surveyors in West
Kootenay. Tbe new town was named
Boundary Oily, but as another plare
had already been similarly named a
new name bad to he found for this
town liefore registration of its plat
could lie secured. Capt. Adams eventually decided upon naming it Midway,
for the reason tbat it was situate ahout
miilway between the Rocky Mountains
and the Pacitlc Ocean, and lietween
the Canadian Pacific and Great Northern railroads to the const through
British Oolumhla and Washington,
Capt, Adams had great and most
persistent faith in n prosperous and
progressive future for Midway and in
his enthusiasm succeeded in inducing
Ixith Eastern Canadian ahd British
capitalists to invest in il. Kor a while
bis forecast that there would lie three
railways connecting at Midway wus
ridiculed by many, but today with one
railway to the town in regular operation and the surveyed routes of three
other roads, lhe construction of all of
whicli will next year Ih? in progress,
passing through/the town, it would
seem, that bis foresight was well
grounded though iu his calculations
three or four years a heud of the
actual results. '*
Besides his missionary work foi'Midway in particular Capt, Adams was a
zealous advocate of the mining interests of British Columbia In general,
and itwas ihrough his efforts that the
Adams British Columbia Milling Co,
was organized in England and afterwards did considerable prospecting
work on a number of mineral claims in
the Slocan, Boundary and Osoyoos
distrii ts, respectively. That no profitable results ensued was bul one of tbe
chances nf milling outlay, but the fact
remains that both by example and
precept Cllpt. Adams sought to advance the interests of Biitish Columbia, especially the mining interests of
West Kootenay and the Boundary.
Like many another pioneer investor,
he sowed without reaping nny harvest,
ami il is probable that hia consequent
impaired fortunes in some measure
clouded lhe closing years of an active
an useful life. He leaves a widow
and one sun, tlie former'having for
niauy years shared with bim bis home
in Montreal, ami the latter, Walter
C. Adams, a mining engineer well-
known iu Ilie Slocan, and other parts
Of British Columbia, 9.
MIDWAY. U. 0.. AUGUST 18.100;..
«. M. 0R0U8R '.,. Kdltor and Proprietor
PnHiihed weekly at Midway, a C.
„ Subscription srios, |M0 pro annum, payable
Is aitaaee, either yearly or halt yosrly st the
option of thr mbtcribw.
Adrcrtlslof rates usnt on application.
Time Is money, but the average man
would rather give you two hours'talk
than lend you a quarter.
The New Denver Ledge says the
Journalistic road in B. 0. has been
thoroughly Macadamized. The Ledge
might have added it will now Mac-it
dam good road.
It has heen reported that there Is no
appropriation for the completion of
the West Pork wagon road. If there
Is not, why did Hon. £. G. Prior tele,
•graph the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works that he was requested to complete the work immediately ?
What ever have the people tip the
West Fork done that they should he
persecuted by tbat august body, known
as the Greenwood Boaid of Trade?
Two years ago the road would have
lieen comple-ed up the West Foik-but
the Oreenwood Board of Trade thwarted tbe efforts of Mr. Thurston, whn
then agreed to complete the woik for
the amount appropriated. But not
contented with tbe disastrous results
■of its intervention at that time it has
again commenced' its deadly work by
asking the Minister of Mines to have
the work on the West Fork wagon
road commenced without further delay, Tbe people up Ihe West Fork
can now content themselves by knowing that nothing will lie done towards
the huilding of the load in the near
future as tbeir "Hoodoo" is at work
again.      Vj	
The Minister of Mines has telegraphed the Minister of Lands and
Works that he is requested to' complete the wagon road* up the West
folk of Kettle river without furlher
'delay. Is this tbe first intimation that
the Hon. W.C. Wells hus had that be
is requested to complete tbis road?
Was ever stub ul ter rot heard of? Is
the Minister of Lands and Works so
Utterly ignorant of the necessity Of an
early completion of this much-needed
toad Ibat be knows nothing n'-out it
until be receives a ministerial telegram? Don't ever think it. The Minister nf Lands and Works has heen requested time and again to proceed
With the work, but bas paid no attention io the matter. He is evidently
Wafting, as we stated is a previous
issue, until Mr. Thurston, of England,
visits Canada and tarries ont the contract with- him for the completion
vf the toad.
Aw people at Rossland seem to tblnk
that by banqueting the Minister ot
Mines and asking him to bave the two
per cent lax sf ruck out, that the evil
li practically removed, and yet that
gentleman ia' stating tbat a great
difficulty baa to he faced, as no alter-
native-chen-eacceptable to those concerned KstamntMble and equitable and
yet assuring the government of the
revenue it must, have, has yet been
liihtnllted by lhi«e asking for the removal of (he existing tax. We earn
eiily hope that the tax will lie re*
. moved but we are ot th* opinion that
It will never be hy tbe present government. If It is not time for a change
When a government enacts such unjust
legislation, It cettainly is if, when
brought to its notice, It refuses to re'
peal it. If the government would but
♦fleet a saving ir. the various departments no furl her scheming would lie
necessary, the revenue d,lived from
the two per cent tax would not be
required. Tbe Lands and Works de
pariuiFM is certainly not run very
Hon. E. 0 Prior Visits the District.
Hon. E. 0. Prior, Provincial Minister
nf Mine*, reached Greenwood last
Wednesday evening, having driven
down from Phoenix, where he bad
•pent tbe greater part of tbe day. He
was informally welcomed to Oreenwood by Mayor Naden, members of
the city council; board of trade, mine
managers and other influential resi
dents. The evening' was spent In
talking over matters nf general Interest. Next day the larger mines and
tbe smelters were visited, and in the
evening the Greenwood board of trade
presented an address to the minister.
This officially extended a hearty wel
crime to the visitor, expressed gratlfl
callon at finding the head of the important Department of Mines making
himself personally acquainted with
the resources and requirements of the
mining districts, and remiuded bim
that the government can do much towards encouraging mining aud other
industries incident thereto. It endorsed tbe views voiced at Hossland
relative to the two per cent mineral
tax, acknowledged with appreciation
Ihe Inclusion in the estimates by the
government of a substantial sum towards the cost of erecting suitable
school buildings and the appropriation
of money for a court house at Greenwood, the erection of which latter
much-needed building before winter
shall «et in was urged.
In connection with the duties of the
local officials of the government it was
submitted tbat owing to many other
duties taking up the time of the officer
who is also mining recorder it is de<
slrahle be be relieved of that office and
that the presenl deputy recorder he
appointed recorder. It recommended
the appointment of the government,
agent, W. G. McMynn, to be a stipendiary magistrate wilb authoiity to hold
Small Debts Court sitting at Green
wood, for tho convenience of the public.
Whilst it was admitted that the
Boundary district hud been fairly
treated in the matter of an appro
prlation for the repair of existing roads
and trails, tbe need of wagon road ex
tension through Oopper camp to West
Copper camp was pointed out, and
particular attention was directed to
the serious losses that have been and
are being incut red bv owners of mineral claims situate up the West Fork
of Kettle river through tbe unreasonable long delay in giving that section
wagon road connection. The address
closed with thu hope tbat tbe Hon.
Minister wnuld lake away pleasant
recollections of his visit aud that be
would come again.
At a public meeting held Inst Wednesday evening in the Oity Hall under
the auspices of the Greenwood Board
of Trade, Hon. E. U, Prior, minister of
mines, replied to the address presented
to him on behalf of the citizens of
Greenwood. Regarding the two per
cent, mineral lax, he promised that
the matter would he caiefully considered by the govei ninent with an earnest intention of doing the best Ibat
can he done in the circumstances, hut.
the chief difficulty tbat had to be
faced was the fact that no alternative
scheme acceptable to those concerned
as reasonable and equitable and yet
assuring the government of the revenue it must have, had yet lieen submitted by those asking for tbe removal of
ihe existing tax. He bad already
telegraphed the minister of lands and
works their request that an immediate
commencement he made with the
erection of the Greenwood courthouse,
also that lhe wagon road up tbe West
Fork of Kettle River be completed
without further delay. The proposal
to appoint sb mining recorder the present deputy recorder, s_ as to relieve
the government agent of part of his
present duties, and the suggested
appointment of W. G. McMynn with
power to hnld small debts court sittings at Greewood, would be recommended to bis cnlleuges, and he
thought it probable these requests
Would he complied with. At the
close of Oul. Prior's speech hit was
heartily cheered and the uieeting tben
Ou Friday' the Hon. E. G. Prior.
Minister of Mines, visited MMway.
He was accompanied by Mayor Naden,
W. G. McMynn and E J. Wilson, of
TheCblonel was enjoying a pleasant
outing aftei listening to the vatibus
wants of the residents of Rossland and
Greenwood, so that the citizens of
Midway decided not to disturb his
peace of mind by vexations questions
aliout the freak legislation of the
government, and wilb which be is
d atbtless unfamiliar, judging from
the way be was innocently coerced
into accepting his present portfolio,
and as he still clings to the said port-
folio regardless of bis promises to resign if be fouud that be had been milled into accepting it.
The Colonel grew almost pathetic
when he spoke of tbe difficulty the
government had experienced In getting
someone to build the Coast-Kootenay
railway, hut upon being asked if Jim
Hill had not offered to huild it, his
li j. ie______-_as-__g i ■ ■_
griof was forgotten and be remarked
in words that were noways uncertain
and which sounded very parliamel*
arlan that "Jim Hill ib a d- liar."
The Coast-Kootenay railway is a very
touchy point with residents of the
Boundary country and when the subject Is mentioned the atmosphere al
Im.___ «..,.—..   A..X    rm    tk.r»,_-t.    If    WON
ways grows dark oa though It were
going to rain, hut a hurried explanation on the part of Mr. Prior about
tbe uncertainty of a repeal of the two
per cent tax attracted attention from
the railway topic and turned tbe
thoughts Into different; If no less un*
pleasant, channels.
TheColonel's,8tay In MMway was brief
hut it was noi. shortened by any desire
to leave hurriedly as be was breathing
the free ozone of Midway and waa not
met by a delegation whose wants were
more numerous than those contained
in tbe want columns of the Toronto
M. Oalhrafth, assayer at tbe Montreal k Boston Copper Oo's Sunset
uiine, in Deadwood camp, has gone to
the Coast on a vacation Hip. He will
prohahly go from Victoria to Han
Francisco and return to the Boundary
hy way of Butte.
James Davidson, who Is employed
at the Mother Lode mine has been ou
a few days' vacation up the main Kettle river, spending a short time in Midway upon his return. He reported
having met a number Of the boys from
the same mine who are also away on
,i holiday awaiting tbe resumption of
work at the mine.
TAKK NOTICK that. SI days afterdate hereof I Intend ta apply to tho Chief Commissioner nf Uints ana Works for pormiasloii
to purchase 320 acres of uiisurri-yod mountain
posture, being tho North | Hen. 3S unit fraction
nl North West 1 Section », Township W
Osoyoos Ulstrict.
M. K. OltKKN,
August Sth, 1902. 7o
Carrying His Jlajesty'i flail*
Will leave MIDWAY on Tuesdays, Thurs-
days arid .Saturdays, at 8.30 a. m., arriving at
CAMP McKINNEY at 5 p. m	
Returning will leave CAMP McKINNEY on
Sundays, Wednesdays'and Fridays at 9 a. m.,
reaching MIDWAY at 1.30 p. m., and making connection with the train going east at 2:55 o'clock.
The bMt ef MOMMHodatlM for
. th* oonvwilMiot 9§ tha
Certificate of  Improvement!.
Situate In ths Kettlo River Mining Division of
Yale Dlstriot. Where locatsd : OnGrasi
Mountain. Camp McKinney.
TAKK NOTICK that I. Henry Nir.hnlnon.
froo miner*' crrtiHcntn No. HI1832, an
agent for K. A Hott*. frwi minor* certlflcate No.
HilMH.. intencl.HtxtMdii**! from thc ilate heroof,
to apply to thc NpnTni* Itcconler for a curl Iflrnic
cfiinprorcnicnUi.for.tlie puruow ot obtaining
a Crown  Grant in) the nbove clsinu
And furthor tnko notico thai aotion, under
section   37, mur-l  bc commenced before tho
ittfiiaiioe of Mich certificate of Improvement*.
Hated thl* 5th day1 of July, 19)2. ' Is
A familiar name for thr Chicago,
Milwaukee k 8l. Paul Railway, known
all over the Union as the Greal Rail
way running i he "Pionkkk Limitkd'
trains every day and night hetween Ht.
Paul and Chicago, and Omaha and
Chicago, "The only perfect trains In
the world." Understand: Connec
tions are made with AI,L Transcon
tinental Lines, amUring to passengers
the best service known. Luluiious
coaches, electric lights, steam heat, of
a verity equaled hy no other line.
S«e that your ticket reads via "tbe
Milwaukee" when going to any point
iu the United States or Canada. All
ticket agents sell them.
For rates pamphlets or other information, address,
RL. Ford. H. 8. Rows,
trKZ?_*fi.:Att'....-..    UsmmlAjgst,
Headqnarteps for
Mining and Commereial Men
First Class Livery Stable in Connection with Hotel.
i . .,,. ■ '•
S. A, CROWELL, Prop*
The Midway Sawmill
All kinds of BOM iiil DRESSED LBIBEH,
Band sawingand job work done to order
Why yon should liy ••Fair Play"
Chewing Tobacco.
Because it Ib the hest quality.
Because it Is the most lasting chew.
Because it is the largest, high grade 5
or 10c plug.
Because the tags' are valuable (or premiums. '
Because we guarantee every plug, and
Because yonr dealer is authorized to
refund your money if you are not
Thk Ksti'iBK Tobacco Co., It >,
Durham Bulls, Fresh Calved
Cows, Cows in Calf, Steers
and Heifers, Boar Pigs, Sows
and Young Pigs, Sheep and
Poultry, Saddle and Pack
Ponies.   Apply to
ll/t miles from  Midway, or
Dispatch office.
Price Mstkirs
Printing Whcsti
Band listing sni
Check     Porter
(nbbur typs
Printing PrtMM
Ute, Btc.
A new building, well furnished. Everything new and first-class. Only the choicest Wines, Liquors and Cigars kept in
stock. Every convenience furnished the
traveling public.    Bus meets all trains.
ttm>' •'».', MIDWAY, B.C., AUGUST 18, 1002.
Dr, gontbauibert, Dominion Health
Bflloer, was In Midway laat Monday
YUitiM the local oOcer, T. McAuley.
J, A, Ooulaon left  laat week with
soother earlo-d of hones for   tbe
Northwest.  Mr.  Ooulaon bas made
I ihip-MBU during the past few
Mrs. Jas. McNicol and son, Lome,
urned oa Saturday  from visiting
ends at Carson.  Her sister,  Miss
(McLaren, cane with ber and will
i for a time In Midway.
| Mrs, 0. Helneman, who In company
. i ber daughter, Stella, hu   beeu
lending a few weeks with her father.
„ A. Main, of Midway, left on Satur*
ay for hsr horn* at Tacoma, Wash.
Don't forget the Minen. Union, hall
In the Sailor ball. Oamp   McKinney,
(ro Monday Saptsiuber 1st.   The Bush
^rchaaU, of Midway,   will   furnish
nusle, and o good time la expected.
Latt ww* tht Midway Livery Stable
thawpjdbandsJ.H. Tymll purcbas
[ tbe outllt from J.  J. Flood.  Mr.
I left this morning for the Okan
i country to purchase horses for
hipment to the Northwest
Tbe telephone service lo Oamp Mt-
[inner waa interrupted for   several
i last week, forest Urea in the tlm-
end country between Oamp McKin
irand Booster's having  destroyed
•lin-*.  Communication was restor*
I on Saturday.
i R. Jackson, one of the pioneer
anthers on Kettle river above Mid*
-ray, had the misfortune to meet witb
i accident nn Tuesday afternoon that
i disabled him for a few days.   He
working with a sickle grinder
jrhen the little linger of one hand got
\might lietween t an cog wheels, minting it badly and necessitating surgical
Attention is called tn the advertim -
nentof Stone A Wellington which
ppearn elsewhere in this is-me. They
i wanting men to canvass for order*
' nursery stock. They are an old
stabliihed Arm ani as their stock
ilways gives satisfaction, it should
iprodteble to solicit orders for
. If you want employment write
I hrta Imuwd lately,
Robert Deader,  an  old-time pros*
ctor in the Boundary, who has lieen
r for several months, is again vis-
[ the district,  He waa one of the
•ioneersof Greenwood camp, having
i W. A. Douglas looated the War
tie, adjoining the group now owned
' > Granby Company, in the sum
rof UH,shMtly after the Knot. Hill.
Ironsides, Brooklyn and Stem
ruder wen staked.  Later he became
be largest holder in the 8nowsboe,
I which he did a lot of prospecting
I, eventually telling out to the
rltishUolambU (Rossland ft 8locan)
|yndtcau whicli laat year transferred
i Snowshoe to the English  syndl
i now owning and operating it.
it a prospect of the Bruce
wral chdh, situate near Midway
owned by J. C. Haas, M. K, and
hs Stratford  Development  Co., of
Btratford, Ontario,   shortly  having
[mon development work done on It.
I On MUh Inst F. Keffer, M.«.. of Anaconda, vlalted the claim in company
i with a. M. Johnson, P. L. 8., who
repntnu tht Stratford Co. The surface showing on the Bruce Is a good
one of tout of tht nicest-looking cop*
Iter act to bt found In the district, but
I tn fM tht crosscut tunnel run hetween
•HO and m foot Into tht hill hat not
J Interatcttd a defined lead of on. High-
l«r up tht hill good ore hat also heen
1 found, to It is considered probable that
[mora work will disclose the presence
Cahoot of on lhat it will pay to
*°]»Tlltsjrtoa, fa.milla»ly known In
lbe Boundary „ "Old Jolly Jack " is
£PPlytng to U-s Hon. the Provincial
**T for tdmiMion to the Old
n s Home, Kamloops.   He came to
oundary Creak in Its plwrlng days
'the sixties, and ever since has heen
""on tht «rlk" as one nf those
»ho was dettrmihed lo "stay with
_M  ■**•"•■•• h" *»a able to.  The
pm man has had an adventurous career,
"°M time having served in Uncle
"amj navy, |n acktiowledgoment of
™n service he bas been for years In
•'Ptof a small pension from the
««d8tatetgo»ernment.  Many will
f .?now,NKHI*at the passing out
■«L u'0o,tbB fanilllar Hgure of
■tne old man wlU| bin cheery view of
P'agii and his fund of anecdotes nf tha
]T~'Jr«ysof the Boundary, Imt it Is
Hi "_*th*1 h* ta h»«>»»»ng Increas-
nayfttbletbat he leave his lonely
.«jd tomhno h* ««n i» »*■""■
'»«during the short period of life
1 to him now.
*ntor£n,Sr.^JnL''* »»»<",t«"«nl ut
-nd Bmli.l",d ,1»n,wy'" Chnrolatea
oothsom*ni'»tThoma(i', fresh and
The public school trustees at Oreen
wood, after much effort persisted in
during mon than a year, bave at
length brought matters to a stage that
warrants them in taking active steps
in tbe direction of proceeding without
further delay with the erection of
suitable school building. Mention was
made laat month of tbe fact tbat arrangements had been made for a site
far mora conveniently situated tor
school purposes than was that occupied
by tht building formerly used as a
school. Tenders have lieen invited for
tbe removal of several buildings now
on the new site and tbis work will
shortly be undertaken. The trutees
have now arranged with Mr. 0. D.
Curtis, architect, of Nelson, to design
a building equal to the school require-
in »nts of Greenwood, and, after Dual
adoption of his plans and tbe letting
of a contract for the erection of tbe
building, to supervise such erection.
Tbe intention is lo have the building
completed before winter sets in.
 »t <
The Emma flint.
During tbe past two or three
months the Emma mine, situate in
Summit catnp, and distant about three
miles from Eholt, along tbe branch
railway to the B. C. mine, bas shipped
nearly one thousand tons of ore to the
Hall Mining ft Smelting Company,*
mnelter at Nelson. Tbis ore bas heen
obtained from an open cut alongside
the railway track, tt has been in demand at the smelter chiefly for its iron
contents, which were required for
fluxing purposes, rather than for its
copper and gold values. When the
Standard Pyritie ^Smelting Company
was building its smelter at Boundary
Falls Andrew Laidlaw, then managing director, had some 650 tons of ore
sent down from the Emma, but this
waa not treated owing lo the pyritie
method nf smelting not having been
tried at Boundary Palls, as was originally intended it should he,
The Emma, having lieen crown-
granted some time ago, htd heen
allowed hy its owners to lie unworked
for several years. In 181W W. T.
Smith, for himself and Farrel ft Mid-
geon, of the I'arrot Works, Butle,
Montana, who were co-owners, put a
shaft down about 100 feel and ran a
crosscut from It some 25 feet. These
workings shoved very nice-looking
copper ore, hut the shoot was never
opened up to any extent. The Mackenzie, Mann ft Co., syndicate acquired tbe Farrel ft Midgeon interest at
the same time aa they did those nf the
same people in the properties at Phoenix since worked by the Dominion
Copper Co., which has heretofore
allowed its several Summit camp
interests to remain idle. At last,
though, there appear* to be a reasonable prospect of the Emma being'developed, for a small power plant bas
been obtained from the Hall Mining k
Smelting Company and delivered at
the mine. This plant consists of a
SS-hnrse power locomotive boiler, a 6
hy 8 Bacon hoist, and two 31*4 inch
machine drills which will be operated
by steam.
It is stated that a drift Is to he run
from the shaft in tbe ore shoot. The
result of this work will be awaited
with much Interest, for no underground mining work of any Importance has been done in thia part of
Summit camp since operations were
suspended ahout three years ago on
the neighboring Oro Denoro, on wbich
tha King Mining Company, of Hossland, previously installed a power
plant and did some 100 feet of development work. Then are seve.trl likely-
looking prospects in the vicinity so
tha successful opening up of the Emma will probably lead to those having
> i *
Why you should buy '"Fair Play"
Chewing Tobacco.
Because it Is the hest quality.
Because it is the most lasting chew.
Because It Is the largest, high grade 5
or 10c. plug.
Because the tags an valuable for premiums.
Because we guarantee every plug, and
Because your dealer Is authorised to
refund pour money if you are not
sat (sited,
Thk EMPiBHTonACoo Co., Lm.
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc.
Greenwood, B. c.
-: Notary Pdblic,
Camp MoKinniy, B.C.
Dr. R. Mathison,
Certificate  of Improvements.
Situate In ths Osoyooi Mining Division of
Yals IHitrlot Whsrs Locatod i-Kru-
ger Mountain.
TAKK NOTICK that I, CliiirUw do Blots
llreoti, iw agonl forOoonjoU. Powoll, free
minor's cerlltlonlo No. nWOS", ard lor Evan
Morris, troo minors eertlfleato No. tjOlTIH,
Int,'in! sixty dara from llio dole hereof, lo apply u> tho Mining Heoordor for a OortlfloaW
ot Improvements, fir llio purposo ot obtaining
a Crown Orant of the nlmvo olnlin.
And furihor lnke notloo that aotion. under
seotlon 87. must Isi onnimonoed hoforo 'ho Issu-
anno of snoh curMllealo of improvements.
Ilntcd this'.llth duy if July, 1MB.
to C. UkB. GlttKN.
p# M. KERBY,
A. 9. Can. Soo. C. E.
Provincial Land   Surveyor
Midway ind Gkbknwood.
Rendell Block, Greenwood.
Phone 06. V. * N.
Tonsorial Artist.
for a first-class Shave, Hair Cut, 8ea Koum
or Shampoo, call at the above parlor.
Rasors honed and ground.
MIDWAY, 11. C,
Spokane Falls &Nopthern
Railway Co.
Nelson & Ft Sheppard
Railway Co.
Railway Co.
The only all rail route betweon
all points Eaat, West and South
to Rosslnnd, Nelson and all
Intermediate points; connecting at Spokane with the Greut
Northern, Northern Pacific and
O. B. & N. Co.
Connsots at Rouland with Iks Canadian
PaclHc Railway for Boundary Crook points.
Connects at Meyer's Falls with stags daily
for Republic.
Buffo Ssrvlos oa Fasiengsr
twsan Spekans and Northport.
Trains bs-
    9.SI im.
7.15 p.m.
4.30 p at:
0.K p.m.
__..  fTAOXXU
General Passenger Agent.
Parlor-Cafe Cars
f A   la   carte
.' OR
able d   hote
Complete Equipment
Unequalled in the West.
Through bookings to Rurnpe
via all Atlantic lines. Prepaid tickets limn all points at
lowest; rat ps.
I'nr tl'iie milieu, rates nml hill Information
ration or address A. W. IIA1MCY, Agent,
Miilway, or
ji H. CARTER, E. .1. COYI.K.
D. P. A., A. O. P. A..
Xel.ou, B.C.      VanWBVsr, B. C
T. M.Qulley&Co.
Large Stock.   Low Prices.
t. ac a-xTiaii-Bir ss oov
•   >
mAAh j_e A__A__________ _______
Repairing and Sundries.
Midway Livery, Feed k Sale Stable
Seventh Street, Midway,
Opposite Crowell's Hotel.
J. H. Tyrrell,  -   Proprietor.
Hay and Oats for. S_Ie. • Bus Meets all Trains.
General Transfer and Dray Business.
Rock Creek, B. C.
S. T. LARSEN- Prop.
Stepping place for Stages tO
and f roni all Boundary
Creek points,
ii M-.r
ii I'
■■■ il
i nrt
■■ I r.i
Good Aeeommodation fop ie Traveling Poblie.
Lancashire House,
: : MIDWAY, B.C. : :
The undersigned having re-opened this well-
known and comfortable hotel invites the
patronage of all old customers and the public
generally. „____.	
Furnnoe-heiited und comlortiibly
furnished   rooms.
Mrs. Dowding* Proprietress. 4.
MIDWAY, B. 0., AUGOST 18 ,(,02
Business, residence and garden lots at low prices and on easy terms.    Send for maps, prices, and full particulars to
• A. M. WOVENDEN, Sec.,
,  30 St John Street,
Montreal, P. Q.
Agent for British Columliiii,
Midway, B.' C.
Survey of Coal Land*.
Wm,Pen ice, of Calgary, who has
been in the Crow's Nest region for
aome time in connection with the
Dominion government's selection of
80,000 acres of coal lands, slates tbat
tbe surrey* of the lands which were
selected are now heing made. Besides
tbe coal landa which have now been
eeleeted by the Dominion government
•Ud those operated hy the Crow's
Neat Pais Coal Co., he says there are
still a large quantity of coal lands in
the possession of the piovince. in Elk
rim valley. North of where Michel
creek tnyis into the Elk there is a
range of roal bearing hills for three
miles, and at ten to thirty miles ahove
that again the coat indications are
very numerous.
f *
tCekMlal Conference Ended.
! Londoh, Aug. 12.-While the results
of the colonial conference which ended
Testrrday are generally satisfactory as
far ar they go, It must lie understood
thnt their enforcement depends ultimately upon action hy lbe colonial
legislatures and by the Imperial ministers whose departments tbey concern. In addition to I be Australatlan
arrangements liy which tbe Australian
contributions are to he hugely inct .its*
ed on condition that cerlain vessels he
officered and manned entirely liy Aus-
tralaeliuu, a general Increase In colon*
ial naval subsidies wiis agreed to. The
scheme also provides tbat some colon-
lei shall allot purt of their li-nul military foret-a to I he imperial defence In
case of emergency, hut Canada and
Australia contented thutuselves with
agreeing to keep their local forces in
• state of efficiency, relying on volunteers incase of Imperial need, as was
done in South Africa.
The contribution nf Cnpe Colony to
the Imperial navy was fixed nt (250,*
()0ti annunily and Natal Ht $1GO,000,
The preferential tariff arrangement Ik
Ina nebulous condition, depending
entirely on future arrangements be
tween the mother country and each
Individual colony, the understanding
being that such arrangnments would
folfow the general lines of the Canadian tariff.
The foregoing arrangements did not
represent the foreign sentiment of the
conference, hut each resolution was
adopted by a majority vole.
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦<»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ 0*99********************************',
trien Wanted *% *% tf
To soil for the large Fonthlll nurseries. Applications should be filed at onoe.  Highest wages
paid, permanent place assured to the right men.
We furnish guaranteed stock commanding highest testimonials from British Columbia Inspectors.
Stone & Wellington.
Stage Line.
The undersigned is running a DAILY STAGE between
Greenwood and Curlew via Midway. Stage will leave Greenwood at 5:30 a. m., arriving in Midway at 6:45 ant* at Curlew
in time to connect with the train for Spokane due returning
will leave Curlew at 5 p. m., upon arrival of inconiing^ train,;
reaching Midway at 7 p. nv and Greenwood at 9:30 p. m.
Will connect with Meyerhoffs Stage from all points West.
J. H. TYRRELL, Proprietor.
It Is reported that. J. I\ Flood, nf
Gteetrvnixl, who went cjisiI a few weeks
auo, In interested with oilier? In a deal
Involving the sate ul' a valuable mining
pi'iiperly trliiit. lm- llPHl bunded liy
I'Setcni nun fnr $1)5(>,<XK) of which sum
$40,1*'. itis in I e paid uikli down.
Leading Business Training Sehool
Business, Shorthand and Typewriting, Civil
Service, Normal, Telegraphy.
Our shirtents hold the record of the United States for proficiency In
BiislneSH and Civil Service brunches,   Send fyr catalogue.
E. H. THOMPSON, B. S„ Principal
The tonnage of ore shipped by the mines of the Boundary!
District during 1901, and for first three months of 1902, isj
as under:
1901        1902
Old Ironsides and Knob Hill groUp... 231,762      68,366!
Mother Lode....,..:....   99.548      33.089I
B- c ; *.......;.,....:„,., 47,517    ...
Sunset ;.>h...„;...'.'.i,;...'."..„.„ ...•.,...,...'. 800 15°|
Winnipeg  :.'tt.;:i.:.:.ri...:i..lrr..i:.z 1,040 3851
King Solomon. .•. ,!..,,^,.'.'.„..., 850 ,   ...
Snowshoe       .-..'.....'....:■'•'^731-' 757I
Na 7 .......,........;.....;,„. :.".'' M$ ,   ''250I
Jewel     325 .'.'. i.njl
Golden Crown       •■'■'-; ''4201
Sundry small shipments   2,500 ioo\
'«-4M-M-_---H .      . —I
Totals .1.386,738   • 104,632
Shipments during 1900 totalled 97,837 tons ; during
the year 1901, to December 31st, 386,7,38 tons/ and /during
three months of 1902, 104,632 tons, making an aggregate of
589,207 tons.
THE        "    "
G-R-B-EI-RrW'OOXl,     -     -     B. C
One of the Best Equipped Hotels in
the Bourxdary. Everything First Class.
J. W. NELSON, Proprietor.
m J. h. bush m
0..VI- Pjj,
Horse Shoeing a Specialty
AIIKiijds of Work Executed to tbe Satisfaction of Customers


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