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The Midway Dispatch C. M. Crouse 1902-09-15

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 1 ,    ■
i rry-ttriitrz::-:
*^?TM. I, Tlo. ft.
$2.00 per Year.
I have just received a full line of the
They are made to FIT and give you
that easy comfortable feeling so much
desired in   a Corset, prices from
$1.00 to $1.75.
Visit Phoenix and Learn About
the Wealth of the Boundary
"If the Mountains Are not Actually
Paved With Oold They Are
Certainly Teeming  with
Mineral Wealth."
,.. a..... «m».'-—•--'-■  >
-FaH-geodsare beginning tc arrive. This week's arrivals
are : Ladies Tailor made Suits in Oxford Greys, Ladies Over-
Skirts, Ladies Wrappers, Childrens Dresses, sizes 6 to io
years, good value at $1.75.
Canadian Tweed Cloth
Suitable for House  Dresses and Childrens   Dresses, dark
jfetdes,   26finches wide,  20 cents a yard, 6 yards for $1.00.
THE > °^
About That Prescription
The doctor gave you, he wanted you to
have the purest ingredients it is possible
' (6 obtain, properly compounded, I will fill
it exactly as he orders.
"7- "
Phoknix. Sept. ll.-(Special to Dispatch.)-Of the British journalists on
tour through British Columbia four
visited Phoenix today, These were E.
G.LeSage, London Daily Telegraph; J.
t.iiinsilen, Leeds Mercury ; J. Proud-
foot, Glasgow Doily Telegraph, and G.
H, Howe, Inverness Highland News.
They wete met at Green wood by Mayor
G, VV. Runilierger and managing director A. J. McMillan, the latter repie-
tenting the 8ni*wshoe Hnld k Copper
Conipany, who»e guests at luncheon
the visitors were tn lie, and escorted
I hem I n Phoenix, At the Oranliy Con.
M. H. k P. Cn.'s offices they met two
nf thai company's officials, Wm.Yolen
William*!, mill- superintendent, and
Geo. W. Wonaler, treasurer. Mr.
Williamspiloted the party over lhe
extensive surface working, of I he Knnl 1
Ilill mine and took Ihem in its lung
lunnel, Imt time did not admit nf go-
ing Mow to gee Ihe liig slopes and the
enormous areas of ore blocked out
underground in tbe Old Ironsides and
Victoria mine*.
At the Snowshoe mine the visitors
were heartily welcomed by three dimeter, of ihe Nuoivshoecompany, viz.,
Geo. 8, Waterl»w,t*hair«MMi{ Anthony
McMillan, managing dim-tor, Hnd
Dr. Hi Lewis Jones,   Hare, tno, lime
was verv limited, ao only  a horded
look -wer the surface worka ani at the
n*Tf qtwnietm-w Wing opened np in
ore, waa taken.  The Driugof a round
xtt holes having been witnessed an adjournment was made to the. mine dining hall, where an excellent luncheon
was served.   The room wae decorated
with graceful festoons in  red, white
and blue, and 21 Union Jacks,   A coincidence not pre-arranged was Ihal just
21 pernine  were sealed al the tabic
immediately after grace had been said
by Hev. K. P. Flewelling.   The tables
were prettily arranged with fruits and
sweet peas, petunias and other flowers
grown on the mine.
After the good thing* provided had
heen frcly partaken of the toast of
•The King" wiui drunk and then the
F; Thomas, Druggist, Midway
•■ ____
ices to Suit the Times.
hairtuan, Mr, Waterlow, pmpnsed
'Our Guests, the visiting Hritish Join*,
ualists." Afler again welcoming these
gentlemen to Phoenix and lhe Snow
shoe mine be .aid that it gave him
great pleasure to meet I hese gen tl .'men
from England and Scotland, and to
know lhat at last the Briiish press
was doing snmeilung lo remove the
misconception, lhat exist, in Gieat
Britain in regaid lo British Coliiniliia.
He aud hia friends had beeu working
quietly in Ihis country for three or four
years. Tbey had put money inin mining enterprises and had great faith in
the future. Most people al home
seemed lo have nn idea that all one had
to do waa to make a hole iu the
ground ami a mine would be the result, bul on the contrary, there was no
doubt that milling un lbe colossal scale
il was being carried on in this Hound-
ary district requiieil a large amount of
In responding Mr. Le Sage, afler
paying 11 glowing tribute lo the magnificence of the scenery I lint hnd every-
whue met the eye whilst passing
through llrilisli Columbia and pur
liculiirly 10 the beauty nf the sieueson i
the Arrow Lalies both from the steiiui-
er's deck and from the train whilst
climbing the iiinuntniiis ou the way
into the Hoiindary said that everywhere ihey found such unbounded
confidence in the fill Ilie of lhc country
ihal Ihey had imbibed to a large extent a similar feeling. Regarding the
mineral resources of tlie province they
had been simply amazed and were
much impressed with what they hnd
that day seen. If lhe mountains were
not actually paved with gold tliev certainly were teeming with mineral
wealth. He had travelled much in
various pails of the world and had
seen many lands, bin this visit to Canada had lieen a decided revelation to
him, and he had no doubt Hint the
publication of the impressions of the
visiting jniiriinlists would result in
lienelit lo the Dominion,
Mr.  Liimsden    also   thanked these
present for the welcome accorded the
representatives of the Hritish   press,
who were only a portion of the British journalistic corps nnw visiiing the
mining districts of the interior of the
province.     All   the   members nf tlie
party would hnvecnmeiiitnlhe Bound
ary had it been possible for them to
do sn, but ibey had hnd to split up into
sections in older to cover lhe ground.
The Boundary people would have lo
Hnd consolation in hia assurance that.
from a journalistic pnint of view, their
work wnuld lie bet tec  dime aii a result of this division of forces.   Twenty
years ngn Pi. Nicholson, an etirineni
geologist, nl one time a pupil nf the
lale Dr. Dawson and afterwards associated with   McGill University,   Mon
treal, Iintl informed linn and his fellow
students in geology under the doctor
in the nld country, thnt lie believed
Canada to Iw the greatest. Held in the
world for the  n-Hilii-ibn    lbe j**1**™
alngistaud the Metallurgist.   But nl
rhat lime nothing was known of the
iinporiiint. 'mining   camps  since dis
covered in the Kootenay anil Boundary, so that those wot ds today hnd fin
greater force.   He acknowledged that,
heretofore he had tint   believed   whal
he had read nr been told of the mineral
resources nf British Coliiniliia, Iml nnw
utter having seen for himself some ol
their big mines he was convinced that
even 'though  ihey  did   not possess
mountains of gold, they had   at least
veritable beds of mineral mailer, some
of which he  hail  Unit  uiorning seen
being turned  to goml iieciuini.   T e
mineral wealth   nf   British  Columbia
was simply incnlnilable, ami it was
Visited Midway.
Geo. 8. Waterlow, chairman'.Anthony .1. McMillan nnd Dr. H. Lewis
.Innes, also a director of the th)ow«li<a*
Gold and Copper Co,, Llli,, which own.
the Snowshoe mine and several, ad-
joining mineral claims, all situate Hear
Phoenix, visited Midway on Saturday
wiili lhe object uf ascertaining whether or mil t hei e is 11 good smelter site
here. Afler having been shown over
what is geueially conceded In lie. nne
of the III sl smeller sites in the (list rut
tl-iy expressed themselves as favorably impressed .vitli the advantages
in tliis.conuect ion obtainable al. Midway. Il was learned from the visitors
that whilst the Snowshoe mine is
rapidly approaching the stage of. ure
piudni tinnat which it will be very
desirable for the, company  to own a
miter as well as the miue, nothing
definite in the direction of erecting a
smelter has yet been determined upon.
The directors iu;e obtaining full information, though, regarding the sites
available, sn that when the lime shall
lie ripe for inking active steps to pin-
vide reduction works for ihe treat*
ment of .Snowshoe and other ines they
sluill lie iu a position to select lbe site
iviihoittdelay and go right ahead wilh
ial Got Priees in
quite evident that outside cnpilal wns
required to develop ihese Immense
resources. He fell sure t hut uflerwhal
the visiiing journalists hud seen here
and in oilier parts of the Dominion
Ihey would as far as lay in their power
try tn clear np lhe thousand and ohe
misconceptions of Cnnndn that prevail
in the old country, He considered the
two greatest facts Ihey hud learned in
connection wilh their visil to Canada
were, Hrst thai in British Columbia
there are gnat musses of mineral
nwailitig development ami profitable
utilization—but some day Ihese must
come to n ' ud— nnd second—and this
would nevet come to an end—that
theie is in lhe Doniinion un
exient of fertile land wliieh is destined
to lie in the fin ure the home of millions
of people. Willi such a magnificent
country, with its climate favorable lo
ihe development of   a    strong  antl
Preparal ions aie being made to blow
in lhe second furnace at the Green-
w nod smelter ell her today or tomorrow,
.1. O. Thompson has disposed of an
interest iu the Jersey claim situate on >
Wallace mountain, up the We-t Fink.
Work is lieing poshed on tbe Gold-
finch by   Sutherland   and   1V1 Donald,
who uie gelling quarts wilh gold aa
tbe principal value iu il.   A car shipped Insl   month   from  this claim  it
stated Iu have returned  between (40
$50 per toll nel lo the shippers,   Binre
i hen mure work has heen done and
now ihe claim is reported lo be bat-
•••- — ufW '"a,, ut „„,.   .,r...a -*ia lamttm
A. I. Goodell, superinU-ndent of'lbe
Mont real & Boston Cupper Conipany'*
smeller has relurned from Winnipeg
where he went tn arrange foe suitable
freight rates, and is prepainng to blow
in at the works al. Boundary Falls.   It
is likely the furnace will be running
again   by    about   Wednesday   mil.
Shipment of ore 'o Ihe smeller wa*
resumed   Friday  Copt.   Harry Johns.
supei ini indent of lhe same company's
Sunset group of mines   has also re-
turned ami will put un a full force at
the Sunset Immediately the smelter I*
reaily lo re-commence operations.
Attention is once again being drawn
lo Sinii h's cump, wliieh fnr a jear or .,
more hnB been  very much neglected, ,
liy the recent discovery of a promising   ,
shoot of ore on I he Golden Fleece rlajfn.   -
The owneis, Wide and Jensen,'^hye,,.'
been doing some prospecting wo»k oPjjj
the claim  wilh the result, lhat after;,.,
sinking through  a qmut/.iie capping
they   have come upon quart* freely   ,
uiinciitlisul with roji'iernndalsoearry- .
ing values in  gold  and silver,' 'The
IIIK values   ii,   fc"i>,   -,„■   ........    .....
showing is considered nn encouraging
one and it is intended lo sink about',.
UNI feel and cross cut to ascertain tlu»
width of the ore Imdy at that depth.
 _r*. — ",'.!
■7 aim-in .■*•*■.,..*-.. - „.- -,,.„«,„.,,.„,,        ,
..pttuland a considerable time lo bring hmM)y |11U, wll(1|| lb(,h„n ,„, pt |(,(,
it to Ihe dividend paying stage. Their | )|8 ,, ^inM h|, ,■„„„ U||. A„i||lti(, ^
guests hiullhtilmoiniii^see,, lhe vast j|(( Ul(,   p,t<,i|j(.   „nd   ,,,,„   ,,,„   ,,„
' V"'*" '■     '■'■■'■* 11- I., ll„, Aeel
\ty Goods, Clothing, Boots & Shoes,
I Shelf Hardware, Lamps and
I       Glassware, etc., etc.
1 '   A
Aiin iinTTnTQ«^Sa,esand
of staple and fancy groceries arriving
1 HAIN & CO.
quarries of ore at Knob Ilill and Snow
shoe mines. Thine who aie Inlerestid
in these properties feel certain lhat
tbey will be able 10 make a substantial
prolit out of  them,  iiotwilhstiinding
Unit the ores are uf  g rally  low
grade, for Hie ivnson that in this dis
triet mining and smelting are,  so fains he had been informed, carried till al
a lower cost than hi any other purl of
the world.   He trusted lhat  lbe mil-
way  compiinies Would   Ik* liberal j"
meeting the requlienietit.i of lhe mining and smeltmg industries.   It l« tltti
perntive that they shall do this if ill''*'
wish these to succeed, and thai they
il-allm reduce their rates as in enable
,,„, lu|ning mid smelting companies 10
.el,,,.,! fair pmllis to th-ir slum-hold-
ers.   One   more  ««»•   Wlls  l,ml  t,le
provincial government shall ivpenl the
undoubtedly unjust («>  far  as these
low grade mines are affected) twn per
,,,,,„   mineral tax.   Profits should be
taxed, tie iu Kngland. nol Ihe output
of the mines as I" tfow do118 1,m''
national Imnndury north Ib the Arctic
oc i, Willi its pi nplc enjoying nil the
blessings of ll free and enlightened
country, Canada will become one of
tbe great nations of the earth.
Dr. Join's proposed "The .Mining Industry." He spoke hrielly "f the grenl.
developnienl!- he now saw in I'ltoenix
,0111111 as compared with wlml it wus
I when he Hrst visited it two yenrs ngo.
He eulogised t he enterprise nnd enei gy
displayed in developing its big mines
and  ui  building  up such a thriving
town   ns   I'll ix In.    He   wus  sure
that«- Htitisli j.iniii ilists woulil now
lie able to say lllill they bud seen gen
nine mining I" BrltMl Columbia, for
mining mul smelting is now seen in
this dislriil carried   us bus already
lieen said, nil a colossal scale. It was
most important 10 have these fuels
nrolicilv liluced Mute the Bl'llieh
•mbltc in oiiler to remove the tendenw
that t'tt'fli' '" 'liihebevc that iliereis
anything grenl  :» lhl' Wll>'
out lll'l e-
II r.niililauuli p.i^u JJ.I
Report Good Crop*,
Julius   Khrlich,   manager   in   the
Boundary for I'. Hums Ac Cu., nnd 1*.
(!. Mrllai*. of Smith * McHan, Ureen- "
wood, recently look a liipthmugh the'-
fai'uis along ihe International tsuhifl' '
ary  line  about  Myers  creek,'' Biv'k"'
creek and Anuichist iitonnlaiu, eroni>"'
ing the line us well In the neighlsir* '
hood  of   Molson  and   Clusuw.   All !
tluough tbe dis'rid they found ranch*'
ers with  heulihy looking crops fast-
maturing  for    luu vesting,   including-
wheat, nubs uud barley.   A few call le
ami u lot of chickens were also seen at
nearly  every   fill ill passed.   Fanners
gem rally were in good spirits, their
om- serious drawback being thnt Ihey
are at an inconvenient distance fiom a,
itiail.ei,   Midway nnd Greenwood lire
the neaiest towns at which Ihey rail
sell their produce, but as these places
nre 15  to IU)  miles distant from lho
I'aiins, I he long haul is a con.idei able
disiitlvantnge.    Yet hay,  grain ind
oilier pnxluce is taken that far. and
ilie farmers' wives ire pleased to have
the   benelit  of  stvetal   stone,   each
currying a large and varied stock of
general   merchandise lo choose frmu
when they do go to market. It is quite
evident that as the mines give employment in more nod more men the farm*
jj mere is  lug disiriots to the west will Hnd an
I mining  tncrensingly favorable mat ket for their
pr, since.
IMW nm anww miiiM Maji
IT.wiited"..^.'^.";.'.';!.*!!!.'.' »
I tying irom wiree io four feet in depth
In the winter, the prospect for fruit-
Shipments durincr  1000  totalled   07.817   tons «.
I -'
'«,,;, V   -,.■       i.J, -J*'.!;
«. M^CnOUSK. Kditor and Proprietor
WNBheif wSikly at MidWay; B. C. v"
-UhKripllon price.-H 00 pur Minimi, pajiililc
Id advance, cither rctrly or halt yearly nl the
opUon.-nf theimibscriber.
I rats, seat on application.
(Coiilin'ueil from pngo I.)
Messrs. McMillan, W, Yolen Williams (GranbyCo.), and VV. R. Wil
Ham* (Dominion Copper Co.), respond-
ed. Mr', McMillan, afler expressing
lhe pleasure it gave him to see here
loilay representatives of the British
press, said that there hnd lieen a sense
of disappointment in London at the
returns received from Briiish Columbia
mines, hut much of this had been
attributable to bad management In
London rather than two the mines
themselves, The output of ore is
steadily Increasing in the province,
the.mineral ivcnlth of which i.s spread
over a wide area. In the Rosslnnd
district theie are large deposits ot ore
and' already about 1,000,000 tons fnun
the mines there had been marketed,
much of it at a substantial profit. In
the Hlocun district there are high
grade silver lead mines, with ore hod
les that though comparatively small
are much richer than those of the
Boundary district. Still further north,
in Cariboo, there are placer mines that
have been worked dining 30 to 40
years; and with some of the Hydraulic
mines of that ' section* had yielded
handsome returns to those who had
invested in them. Then Ihere was the
gold offOiriinefii, and still farther north
the Yukon conntiy, the oui put of
Ivhich had heen phenomenal during
the short period during whicli it hud
been worked. But the greatest, mineral section in this province is the Boundary dlstriet. A little more I han two
years ago this district had shipped
Only about 4,000 tons of ore from its
mines, whilst today an nggngnte of
aboutfMUKBtons had been niurkettd.
At the present time there are in the
district nilnes tngetlier Capable of
turning out, about. 3.000 tone of ore per at the rate of mote thnn a
.........I, iu,,-. |-c,   I,,,, it,,,,,   alio ill,,,. ,i
•welters together capable of dealing
Wilh,tliis enormous output, whilst the
snrjj* erect ion of other smellers is con-
Unnplated. The. press 'visitors! htld
Just been shown over the Knob Hii
Minis which was probably one of the
great**. Wines in the world. Hew
sorry time bad not admitted of their
heing taken through the Snonshoe,
whi«lvhe might say for Iheir informs-
tion U a similar property to the Knnl.
Bill, only that it i. nol, in a similar forward state of 'development. These
■linee took n long lime to open up,
but when developed they would un-
doubtedly yield good returns to the
capitalists who invest money in 'hem.
rfe hoped with the chairman ihut, the
railway companies and (he provincial
gJiverniiieht. would do thnir utmost to
Wtoii(ongtheininiiigindustry of the
t^fwdjf^mt, at iiny rateiu its anr
liet.^'agif'i ifSdjifyj the iissisunce il
can obtain from these and other
BOurijee.',",' T': "' '       z
Mr. ,W,: Yolen Williams said that
when he,fti>t came into the BuUiidnry
four or Hve years ago Phoenix wus not
In enisten.e. and he had a litlle ilillicul-
ly in linding tlie Old Ironsides claim,
which then; hud only a prospect shaft
down 100 feel, .without' ffi foot drift.
Now.(here ajfegf. least miles of
underground workings in the G run by
company's mines at I'hoenix, and it
hue lieen variously esliiniited tluitni
thfpresent producing capacity of 1,WK)
to I OHO tons a dny there is siifllci«iit
fli« ill sight to last anywhere fiom 12
IW lift yttot*. The compressor plant
mnf being Installed on thise mines lie
understood In In the largest on any
OW property in the Dominion-a (10
_rfrt plain that will be driven by elec-
trbtty, and after this shall lie in operation il, will lie just hs easy for the
Granhy mines to maintain a daily output of 5,000 Ion. a day as it, now is for
them to produce 1,000 tons. And what
can be done here can also he done in
nther mines. Money is needed, though,
to developsnch big properties, and the
visiting journalists might make it plain
through lhe British prerathnt, there
are in British Colunihia men having
legitimate mining properties nnd
ready to do business on the sq uu re, and
not desirous of deceiving investors by
MNng them "wild cats." He regret
I nd sincerely that lack of time hnd
prevented Uheir going underground,
»i«ce In the Old Ironiudi'S and adjoin-
il(g,Victoria mire Ihey would Imvo
•ntuvstopes that will coinpine favornlily
with anything of the kind on the
American cnnllnent; stopes on the
'All foul level wliere lhc mc body is
fully 1(H) feet across. Ore i.s no'v being
mined here-nt a depth of Wfeet below
the highest point on the surface al
which be hud that morning. shown,
tbem oie. Further, the diamond drill
had proved that Ihe ore continued
down 1,000 feet deeper, so that tbejf,
knew Ihey had ore to a vertical depth
rf 1,700 feet below' the. highest point
just mentioned. They would therefore, find no dilliculty in agreeing wilh'
him that there would be plenty of ore
left for Iheir gruntlcliililteii to mine.
Mayor Uuinborger proposed thp
health nf Ilie chairman. Mr. Water-
Imv s.ud, in responding, Unit his alien-'
tion had first been drawn to Canada'
during A game of gulf withuCunuiliun.'.
He afterwards got interested in the
country, visited it, liked ils people,
and finally invested'in il and advised
friends lo do the sume. To him Catia'
da was liy no means "Our Lady of the
Snows," hot, in the appropriate words
of Ludy Aberdeen, "Our Lady of thi"'
Sunshine." 1
By this time it was imperative that
the C. P. Hi train, which had already
been kept back ni Ihe mine half nn
hour to suit the convenience of the
visitors, with the kind.permission of
the railway company's represenlafive,
should leave, so Sifter a irrotip photograph hud I'een tuken the British jnnr-
nnlists lefl, singing "Auld Lang Syne"
as the train sl earned away.
 r*a !—
P. Kennedy bus sold a one-eighth
interest in the Black Diamond and
Standard claims on Wallace niounfain,
to.I. Devlin. It is reported that the
consideration wns $500.
mammmmmma__m_        .   .■Jf*—Sffg1
j J    i
MIDWAY, II. 0., SKPT»MBH$ 15, !»<&•,* i
■__!___! "•     ' •*
AKK NO'flOK Ilml m ilnys lifterililtc lion'-
. of 1 Iniuiiil In apply to tliu I'lui'f Coin-
mission™ ol l/uiilsnutt Vyoitks tor pormisaloii
lo minihaim Tk iixWv UiitilijVt'.ViXl iA«iln'sin
pasture, boiiiK llii) Nui'lii 4 Sen. A, anil fi io! mil-
al North VVest { Heciion 98, Township »
Augn»UUi.-!IIW. .- ,., -..- ''." ii ■' ;     .I"
i      -MWERAfc ACT,! 1*98,' rf,
Certiflciite  of   Ijiiprov.iiient*
i •■«rQ>_?icrjB,,.i
JKrK-itsoN JliNKiii'i, Claim.
Situate ln Uio Kattle River Mining Division ot
Yale District.   Where located : On Grass
Mountain. Cnmp McKinney.   . i
AKK  NOfll.'K 'tlmt 1) Ifenry [NloWbonJ
free inilirrs'  i'cilltlnitii   No:   ill IKI:', as
lient for e'.A Doty, free minor's oortlfloato Nu.
iti nil'.*,. intviiiUixty days from tho 'lulu licn-tif.
to apply to tliV MliiliiifTti'iJi'raiirfoi'a iwlillctiti
of inipriivoiiienls, (or thi; purp6s<i pf ubtaininif
a Oroivii Oriint of Ilie above clultn.
And furthor lako notico thul at'tlon. undor
scjitiiin il", must tie oonnncnowl liufntr lho
iHStiulico of niujli lei'liljiiile of liiiprovctnclits.
Datod Ihis 511) diij of July, 11)02. Ic
Harvesters unit thrashers who are
heavy lonstimei's of Chewing Tobacco,
will find
il-jd ■■   ■ •"-■"     ■    ii'-ni
mnch more wholesome thnn tt)p I'tyi-
............. ,.r .,,r im.-_.   a.oniy'puij: [ll-
Knilients enti'f into the iiiunufuetill-
of this brand, it can lie used wilh pitr.-
feet security. Valuable presents mn
nlso be obtained by saying the Snow-
shoe Tugs, which are on,eve*;y. pljjg.
lhe t imn for ihe redemption of Suijiw-
shoe Tugs has been extended to
Jan. ist, 1904.
A familiar niinie foi' the Chicago,
Milwaukee fcSl.,l*iii,il Railway,known
all over the Union as lhe Greul Bail
way riinnihg.tbe "Piti.NKFii Limited'
trains evejy tlaynud nightbctweeii St.
Paul uud Chicago, and Omaha and
Chicago, "The only perfect trains in
the wnrld." understand : Conniie-
tions are made with ALL Transcontinental Lines, assuring to, passengers
the best scry-ce kviown, Liisin ions'
coaches, electric lights, sleain heat, uf
a verity equaled by i\i(-olhor line.
See that ynnr ticket retlils' via "The
Milwaukee" nhen going to any point
in l|je UniiedrStates or.Camilla,, All
ticket agents ^cjl ilie'tl.
Kor rule's, pa'|upli)i'.tti or nlliei  iulor
illation, iiild-juse,  .  ,
R.I,. Foihi.    ;■■    Hj.S. lliny^j, i|
Trav. I'liixn. AkI. lioneriil Airciit,
DPOg'AtiKfWASIfi '■■IflRTI.wn.OH.
Carrying His ilajes^y^ nalfif|/^
Will leave MIDWAV on Tuesdays,' THu>s-
days and Saturdays, at S.J^/a. m., ^r/iyirijr at
C'AMPMfklNNI'Yat' '
Keturning will leave CAMP McKINN^^
Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays at' 9 i^m!;
reaching MIUWAY at 1.30 p. ra., and niakingecjin
nection with the train going east at 2.-55/o'clock*-''*
—♦•a^ '        y.&*C
Th* bast of accommodation far
tho oonvenionco of tha     .•>' -''-e
travelling publlo.
Durham Hulls, Fresh Calved
Cows, Cows in Calf," Steers
and Heifers, Boar Pigs, Sows
and Young Pigs, Sheep and
Poultry, Saddle and Pack
Ponies.    Apply to
i}4 miles from 'Midway, "ot
Dispatch office....        ,.'., ,,,
Certificate   of  Improvements.
-,    Bll'K IffJI.I, Ml.VBIIAI. t'tAIM.
Situate In tho Osoyoos Mlnlni Dlvlalon- of
Vale Histrlct.   Wiiora   Located ;- Kru-
gor Mountain.
TAKK NOTICK Ilml  f, Cymric ,to I!li,l-
I Qfootl, nsiiKcnl.forfJ.oii*c(J. tliwnll,free
iiiiiiirs cot'lillcato No. 11IIH157, ,„.,| fm Kviui
Morris, tree miners certfrlriito No, t-tilfn"
Intiriiil f sly ilnn fri.Mi lire ilnte licreiil. to „B.
ply In tin.' Mfullin lliernilur for u I'erlilltiu,,
of Iiii|iriivemeiils. for tho ptirposo of nlniilnliic
ii Crown Grant, of the abovo chlni
Ami fiirilier lnke niitlei! that, liotloli, under
suiilloi:1 .li. musl It' eoriiiiKiiiciril ficfnru ihotonu-
iiiicc of such cvrtlfliaitc of improvement*.
bated thl* _GIIt day (f July, lm.
80 C. usl). OltKK^.
'■ I -C*'l»'   '
Stenclli '■•■':■'
■-.•,'P.rlti tlstkns
PrlifMwfe  Wheel.
•^MMtdtrHik '••
.. .  . .Iiiehisti
B.iul liatl'nc'init
tmt *  :.:> -fcl.m*i*
*i<|»»rTi»».'   ■
lite, Ejc.
' 'i^fo'A^jrHt|,v:4Li,- •'
-  . ■   S.iZ,Si-:,mtti'',..r:      .' ..
'attPtUti bbhthi'tVanmrtnltti tSbtcatn
.AS'lV'KHNTil'ifAsf''"    '
Thmn-rti Paln«l:»iiid'JTi,i.H»r'Hlci'piirH'
l*i|iiir snilcWH'et -ttitoUi,--  Ubrsry .rv,
tlJItlxT TK.tI_- „#AST TIM.K : SIDttV|(!K
,  ,anii,»(,;>'i,in)i:wAi(i.;ii„   ..
.Kor Hale*. Koti^rH,-ju-ilr. K.iit Inf«riimiK,e.
call 11(1 ur nilifrytt-y
--.- ,7P1.>V- ilji'i'ii-itji.* /.i.-iniip,
•,'.-.- V, i".S|'I»KA«K,;\VAH«.
A. B. (.'. DBNNI.STON.H. \\. »», A„
•■ r,H_ATFi,K, Wash.
i',Sit » iiT.*^'*'";" f"'""""'!! «nd lock
,«rtn.palr rf'*pwit«„|„H |„ »„,„,, yi,„n.T
will olif-o l,j; lirivliiji then, at tin* ufllci!.
This hotel Is centrally located ai)4 to n'stppping place fop stage
lines.   Good stabling* on the premises.
Or\l\j tKe cKoicest brands of Wmes, Liquors,
and Cigars at.the'Bar,
.j.j,.,. ,
Headquapters fop Railroad/   ^i^^sa!
.... im - ■mr'-.tjgi'.,
> III: ' "lm -.,*,
Mjniig ^ • Coiinjewiiybi
,.,...,: tk ... ..;,.- X   .  W '
mH&WB* Livery Stable in Codne^iftwIifiyJijJ
■StU I'."*.''''!  *K
The Midway Sai^B:
i.i,tt',i «jij.:*ju
_»■   If     ,,;-.   , ,-..' |< .   H    .-'*>
j  -a !.-.. ,._\  'a rr
.   tag -■■*-'itJ
1— ■ r'!.,.i      -V
MANUFAUTUHEIW (*  •'■ '  _'     'm"
.    . •       i ■:■:   •     *l ■
All kinds of ROUGH and DRESSED 1.HBJ
I&nd sawing and job wofIc idwt td^
A new building, well fiifnisfifcd.  Kvery-
thing new and first-class.   Only thethoic-
.■,' 11
est Wines,  Liquors and Cigars kept' in'
stock.   Every convenience furnished jthe \
tniveling public,    Bus mews all tUiUs.
no vnm kisk mr-ti-Loy-Kt).
it And msTRtcT. j
^_.^_.___._.. - ^r*
,B. L. Curston, the well-known
'9t$h liwn ttme ih Friday from Kere
,|MfM with a hand of BB eattlt* fo- P.
|8* rn. * C'o,
< . 0. OiiMiinghanrRinl Jus. At wood
irned on Tuesday from Kelly creek,
pre they had heen working on the
by 'elaini. The property has an
tlfellent ihowinK.
kos.O. Earl, of Lytton, one uf the
'. prortlhient fruit growers of Ilrit-
OoliiniWs,  lately    made   a  trip
tnigh IS*  Okanagan district.   He
I oft tils return that generally
itfrllent iTOp. prevail throughout the
III rlet.
errard Lequime, sawmill owner of
Bii ind Forks, with Mrs. Lequime and
ibpdn-n, came in on Naturd iy's train,
yesterday started to drive from
Iway to Kelowna, where they will
ind the annual exhihition of the
Iploii Valley district to he held this
tir. O. M. Foster, district coroner, is
i t,y on a vacation at Calgary, where
Jk. will meet his molher, who has come
pi Ri the i**srt<m a to meiiiheis of
pk family resilient there. During his
JM race the doctor's professional brae-
i is being attended to hy his partner,
Boucher, of Phoenix,
. I. Legfatt, barrister, arrived from
ill on Saturday afternoon to spend
iw days here at the guest of Mr.
Mrs. Jus. Annual.   Mis. Legist!,
hat hem visiting her sister Win.
'ond, will return In Trail wilh,her
band and they will lie accompanied
Mrs. Atwood, who will sp-nd two
[three weeks with them at Trail.
.Shallenlierger has twn or three
latttoikon the Crescent, situate
Hylark canip. This rlaim had ally tarn' prospected lonsitleratily,
I now a shoot of quartz '.villi golil
I silver   is heing opened  np.   Two
■ of ore He nn the dump wailing
nrnl, hnt before It run he gol uut
■ Sjm) feet of wagon road will have
I made. 	
Jftndlay, .(mil foi ernan, lias n
j«iT)ii»n'«i>«iork putting the road
I Kholt snd Tj"hg l.nk'e camp in
i, order In readiness fur an expected
H^pftiMV .*r iiVi'-lwlilllfg ftoiii Xixe
mine.      Another gimg under
ft*MM.W*i>.tt,ie North
rrtie lirlifge cros-
•ing the river lu the neighborhood of
Volcanic mountain.
e .  *
H. Mojtimtr lArabslVans(ing«*ditor
■nfthe B.' (V Mlninf* Record, whs n
visitor tn Midway in the early part uf
lam week.'when he was the (fnimt of
W. H. Hinrhi. H« looked over the
Snowshoe. Did Ironsides and Knoh
HM, and Mother Lode mines before
mining In MMway. He went out via
Vwfew on Tuesday intending In visit
the Oranhy smelter at Orand Forks
«nd gn thenee tn Nelson to attend the
meeting of theOwadlan Mining Institute. Hi. brother Prank came over
from Piiirview to meet him here.
Theflrand Forks sawmill was de*
airoyed hy Ure yestenlay morning.
Nn parlirulars as to how the hlaze
originated were • teamed. Mr. Le-
■tpiW, the owner, had gone on a trip
tn the Okanagan country leaving only
the day preylon. to the lliv. The loss
will ha very heavy as theie is no in
sttranee;" Had the lire occuri-iid Imt a
few week^ ago, Mr. b-tpiiine would
not have been compelled to sutler the
-entire loss', as the Him of Lequime k
Powers««j|la»tre<'Hilly dissolved. Mr.
Lef|uiiitetxkiii|* the Urand Forks mill.
James-Rnoter, a young man he-
tween A) and !M .years of age, met wil It
nn accident In tha Cariboo-McKlnney
0_'s in haa Friday. A fall nf rock in
one of the underground workings
«a»ghtljni, breaking his left leg al-ove
t*e kneeahil alno breaking the ankle
of tlie left font. He suffered consider
•My whilst waiting fur. a doctor to
travel t|tl *> wiles of dl-luu'e ht tween
there and Oreenwood, hut showed as
Mwnnys .ny, grit, Afler the
broken hone* had been set. Hunter was
taken to,the 8isters' Hospital at Oreen-
wood, where he is now in the charge
of Dr. Spankie.
R. VV. Brink, of the Dominion Qeo!
logical Survey, having about completed
the work of obtaining ,to|nigia|>liii:al,
KtHqflral tnd niinemtnglral data of
\J|M WPi - developed of (lie mining
famps of the Hoiindary, is about to
leave the district fnr Ottawa, where he
will prepare fur publication a full re
lain on these camps. He will also put
In shape tne Information necessary for
n geokiglrrt map of the pait of the dis
Wet he ha? examined, which limp the
Oeological Survey Will lie urged to
I'uMish a. airily as possible next year,
lor the iiifnniialion of, prospectors mid
mining men generally Inten sled in
Hn)ditUlufc-/*f' .—*,'
Cheap Rates for the
Westminster Exhibition
The Canadian IVidc Hallway has
announced tho following rates in eon-
lfei_!iYh.«H,*a N"" WestminstJr
Kxliihtint, [Vkets will lie ni, sale on
M.UN Tin,- l,(.tAV...IH (;jilKiir]* nnd Kiuii-
loW and on OkanagAi Brnficli, on
Sept. 28th, 29th, 80th and Oct. Ut, good
In return until Oa. 8th, On Main hotween Savonas and Vancouver
tickets will he nn sale Sept. 29th, 8Dth,
October 1st and 2nd, good n> return
until Oct. 6th,   On IheOWgaifLake
a,.[" W-'" '" S"1'1 "" Hl'l"' m'' a)|l'i
and Oct. 1st, good to ret urn until Oct.
Ui ll.
Vaticouvor $
WMImiiistor .Ic'.
Port Moody	
MlBslon Juni'iion
Yalo  ... .
North Hon.I  1 tti
I-)'Hun  _M
Spencot llriilBc _.__
A«hcroU  ".lu
Savohm  1,'i.t,
KlllllloopH    _,',:,
MIiukwsp   _,sti
Salmon Ann  10.00
Simmons .lunc... 11.(11
'.lorolatoko  I2.3J
..ill! IlloulllCHaiit.
■ Hi Warier	
M Uaivi-i- Mouth
-lii, lliiiiald	
, 118,20
. 18.01
. II. Itl
. 11.7ft
. I.i.'.ll
. Ili.M
. 101
. Ili.ill
. 17 75
Caiiinori)  is.211
Mui'li!)'  19.1.0
''orlirane  lo.fa
Calgary  ai.s
Kiidcrtiy  11.70
Ariniilroii(-   li.uo
Vernon  12.10
OkaiiAKhn I,'<1'k. 12.45
Kolowna   i:ho
Kielil ...
2.SU Ar.lliraclto
3.8(1   '
Victoria Exhibition Oct. 7th to llth
PassetiReis who hold tickets Issued
as iihove, and who wish also to visit
the Victiuiri Hxliiliition, ran have Iheir
tickets extended for a period of eight
days on application lo Ihe Thief.
Agents nt Vancouver or New Westminster, mid upon the jillrchase of
tickets to Victoria nnd return.
,-       NOTICE.
THK narliKir-ihli) heretofore exintlni; tic
tween the iitidcrHignoit na Saw Miller-i
uniler tlie mime of taquimo & Powers, in Miil-
»_/, II. ('., iin.l (imml r'orkH, H. I:., I* hereby
absolved by coiMsnt. All debts owing
In lhc Midwuy Sawmill arc lo lie paid I. VVm.
Powers of Midwuy, II. c. wbo will continue
lhe Midway btlfllliom and M-ttinfy all cuillllB
ngalnn tbo said butiuiws. A'l debts owing in
the Oraini r'rrrk-Sawmill arc to lie paid to 11.
liOqmmi), of Orand K'-rks II. 0„ who will con-
tinne the liraiirl -orkri Inl.tncsnaml Atisfy all
ilalnir- against the Oruid Forks mill.
BW'1011 I 11. I,!-: J'lMK
Paled at MWwey lliisOth day 0/ Sopi., Ittri.
Bariiistshs, Solicitors, Rtc.
Ohsknwood, B. C.
—: Not a by PtiBuc,
Camp McKinney, B.C.
Dr. R. Mathison,
A. 9, Can. Soc. C. t.
Provincial Land   Survevor
Rendell Block, GKEKNWooa
Phono M, V. ft N.
Chas. A. Webster,
Spokane,Wash.. U.S.A.   Midway, 6 C.
The initial nutulipr ut the Mnnissvy
Miner has I n rra-ived ni ihis office.
f'. E. Siiii\isnii, uditor of tho Onn-
Imiok Hrriiltl has launcln-d the new
imlilioitinii, nuii if lie is as successful
in makllk as iriiiid a paper out of the
Miner as lie hii* out uf tiie Herald, it
Will leriainly lie a valued addition to
the Provincial press,
Spokane Falls &Northern
Railway Co.
Nelson & FL Sheppard
Railway Co.
Red Mouotain Railway Co,,
Washington ft 6. R. By.,
T. M.Gulley&Co.
Large Stock.   Low IJrices.
V.   BC.   GX7I_I«_E_-sr   SS   OO.,
^^a ^'^■^^ ____.__t.___b A- _:_*,_..
For Getting a Beautiful Watch
and Chain Free.—No Money
Required.—Every Man, Woman, Boy, or Girl has the
same Opportunity under our
In order to have Dr. Arnold's Kiir
lish Toxin 1'ilN placed in the hands of
all persons siilTerini! fr  had health
ive make the Mloiviii-j most lilieral
offer :—
If 5,011 «ill send us vour name and
address and ngtee lo sell for im twelve
iMixes of Or. Arnold's English Toxin
WII»at_5e.|>rrlMix,*ve »ijl [live yon
absolutely Free a beautiful Watch
and Chain In either Ladies or Heins
■ii/.e, or vour Choice of tivenly other
preiiiiiiiii" audi its line seta of Jewell y,
ItiiiKs, Violins, MiUldolllls, Tea Sets,
Siitw'i'i skirts. Cameras, etc. lieuiem*
her »ve don't want any money innil
after you sell the Pills and you don't
have io sell any more Ihun li boxes to
i.-1't the premiums. This is a Imna lide
olfer from n reliahle onnsern that has
liiven tliousanils of dollais worth of
premiums to agents till over the t'Ollli-
irv, Kauieuilier ulan thai Dr. Arnolds
Knitlish Toxin I'ills are « Well ktimvn
remedy for all diseases of the kidneys
and bladder, ((right's disease, iliatietes
rlieiiioalisin, nervous lioitlil.s, mid
lenialecoiiipliiiiitrS nnd tire for sale liy
all flrst .lanaV^rtHfl-ists and dealem in
all purls of ihe world. You have only
toshmvllieni In sell Ihem. You me
iinXofltei'ltiK tffiijthinfe thai the people
don't know. Our watihus nra the
leiruliil' slandalil size for Uldies or
(ieiHlemeii ill Nhkel or Oun Metal
Cases with handsome illuminated dials
and reliahle limekeepeis, watches
sueli as no lady or ftehlMiwn bW he
ashaini'd 10 fttirv, and ihey wl I •
setitillisilult'ly I''"''' l" "" "'",'
^Ivtwi.lve hoses of Um- w.inilei'fill
Tnxin I'ills. Write at tincto tttid l.e the
Hrsl In vour liitnlily to tm "lie O
ilio-f lu'iilHifiil wiit.liisanililimn. As
.oontts we receive ynnr letter ni'pns
card we will Rend you post pad I well e
hoxes, together with our Illiwti'	
Oataloaiie nnd heauUfullv colored card
with your imii.e .iml iiddu'BS on .«a«»r
auihoiwil auenl.   Beat' In mind
you will |in.t he asked to sell any
ihan the 13 hoxesand we dont
any money until after you have
ihem    We hear all Ih'' vwnu
wonly makljiK 'hlfllh^fnfferma
inelli'id   of  inlviTlisiii',' Dr.  A''".10"
Ho nt once an trnftl* ul prwi-
,.„l,foi• yourself fur lihnslnins.
5o Adelaide St. Last, Torouto.Ont.
The nnly all rail unite hetween
pointa east, west and south to Rossland, Nelson, Urand Forks and Repiile
lie. Connects at Spokane with the
Greal Nort hem, Northern Pacific and
0. rt. k N. (Jo, for points east, west
and smith ; connects nt Rossland and
Nelson with the Canadian Pacific Hy.
Conm-Ma at Nelson with thc K. R. * Ji.
Co. for Kaslo and Moran paints.
t'ouneets at   Carlew with state for
Greenwood axxt Midway II. C.
lluffet  can run  on  trains between
Spokane and Repaid"*.
taavo. Arrive.
IJJO a in K08SI.ANI)      6.W p in.
7.1* a.m  NKLSON      «.l»p.m,
ll.«*A | t^ANll'TORKa>    WS »■'"•
»  RBPUBL10       iS-Up.m.
n. a. a-__._n___K>ar,
General I'svenner Agent.
Spuka-le, Wash.
< anil
Excursion   Rates
September 29th and 30th
Washington, D. C, and Return
From Rossland, Nelson, Etc.
Corresponding roiliictlons from all slsllons.'
Parlor-Cafe Cars
meals : auoarteor table o moti
Liquors and Cigars
MVAKX»A»XX    9'.
ami full hifnriimlloii
|)|''t„ A.O.I'.A
i»ui,on, U. 0.       Viiueouver, U, O
Midway Livery, Feed & Sale Stable
Seventh Street, Midway,
Opposite Crowell'.. Hotel.
J. H. Tyrrell,   -   Proprietor.
ii.".'' •
Hay and Oats for Sale. - Bus Meets all Trains,
fieneral Transfer and Dray Business.
1 Biversi
Rock Creek, B. C.
S. T. LABSEN, Prop,.
SHr^SfHa     Stopping place for 8i ages tp ,
iZpnZ'x* it]
'"'*'''"'. and fnun ull Boundary
Creek points. ,
ion fop the Traveling Publie.
Lancasfiire House,
: : MIDWAY, B.C. : :
The undersigned having re-opened this well-
known and comfortable hotel invites the
patronage of all old customers and the public
Fiinmc«-l"<">tod mid comfortably furnished rooiim.
Brerawood-Gurlcw, via Midway Satge KS>5^
upon iln arrival In lhe eveiiiiiK, while Changs of horses i.s helhg made.
Mrs. Dowding, Proprietress.
i eri-iieoiis one.  True, with the snowi
I      J,/-.!,       ti   	
_j...   laasmiBi
Send for maps, prices, and full particulars to
Business, residence and garden lots at low prices and on easy terms.
.10 St John Street,
Montreal, P. l_\.
Agent fur British Udumbia,
Midway, B. f.
Provincial Industrial Bxhlbltion.
The annual Provincial Inilintriil Exhibition tinder I he suspires of ihe K a iii-
loops Agiiciilluriil Association whirh
will be held here on the 24th. 25th and
86th lex's, will hn opened hy His Honor
Ihe Lieutenant Governor, Sir Henry
Joly de Lothiniere. Thearrangements
made liy Ihe directors of Ihe Agricultural Ai-tuciaticn ai'd canltd out with
his aceiistonicd zeal hy Ihe Indefallg
a'de secretary, J.T, Rohinson, promise
10 result. In an eminently successful ex
hihilion. Thenew hiiildiiigawl ground*
which were barely in readiness for Ihe
event of last year, have now been put
la a more satisfactory condition, and
special attention has been given to the
splendid i utile track which is without
doubt one of the best in the country'   '
Butiies are lieing made every dny
and lhe secretary will have his hands
full from now until the exhibition cln-
S'B. There is every iudicntion that lhe
livestock exhiliit this year will am piss,
that made at any previous exhibition
and as thecla-s oi stock in every line
has lieen greatly improved within the
last few years by the importation ol
hlich guide luwtliiii* stork, lhe judge-,
will have plenty to do in awarding the
prises. The fruit exhibit too will lie
exceptionally Hue this year, and a
number of new orchard* now coming
into hearing will be represented for
the Hrsl time. Th-re will be exhibits,
ton of other tilings besides farm produce though lhc ion's, gi'nlp anil dairy
produce will crowd the spare allotted
11 these clime*. Hia id Prairie, Slim-
wap, Salmon Arm, Nicola, Noith
Thompson, Snvina and oth' r dial rids
will conlrihute largely in all class's.
Besides lhc exhibition ptoper there
will be the outside al tractions of which
Ihe horse racing will be chief. Already the numher of entries mad',
point lo every event being well contested. The excellent track is iiniloiib'.-
edly a strong tact or in attracting
horsemen to this meet and every year
a larger number nf outside horses can
he looked for on the Kamloops track.
Then theie will be the lacrosse match
between either the local players and a
team from Vancouver or New Westminster wilh the probabilities in fuvov41
of the Ial ter being arranged with. The j|
grand  dial-lay  of  fireworks   on   the
Hen Wanted <* <* a
To soil for the large Fonthlli nurseries.  Applications should be filed at once.   Highest wages
paid, permanent place assured to the right men.
We furnish guaranteed stock commanding highest testimonials from British Columbia Inspectors. '
Stone & Wellington.
Horse Shoeing a [Specialty
All Kinds of Work Executed to the Satisfaction of Customers
evening of the  Hrst day  will  he a
• jYei
"I   I rn
special feature us it will be the Hrst
pyrotechnic display given In this section of the province. Altngether |he
outlook for this year's exhibition Is
particularly blight and Willi good clean
nun-Id** attractions and a well tilled
exhibition hall there should he aieouid
gale.- Inland Sentinel.'
Leading Business Training School
Business, Shorthand and Typewriting, Civil
Service, Normal, Telegraphy.
Riverside Nurseries
Orand Fork*, B. C.
Home-grown, thrifty, acclimatised turn and ahrabt,
Current!, Raspberries, Straw_errtes, ets.   "
A fine assortment of Maplea and other shade trees,
Roses, Lilacs, Hedge Plant*, other ornamentals
The secret of success In planting, is, tntnrt—to eeenre Hood stork,
B_conn—In plant as noon 1* possihle afUr it is dtlg.'        '
Trees obtained ton oir ursery eu be pleated it
MMway two days after tloy an da*.
Price Hat, nnd fall Infermatlsn promptly  gl»en.
• THE ■
One of the Best Equipped Hotels in
the Boundary. Everything First Class.
J. W. NELSON, Proprietor.
Our stiments hold the record of the United States for proficiency In
Business and Oiyil .Service hranehrs.   Send fur catalogue.
E. H. THOMPSON, B. S., Principal.
Greenwood-Curlew -f •■■•■"
Stage Line.
- O , .... I 'i;i »:iji*i"'.
The undersigned is runnings DAILY'STAGli.lxiiwcM
Greenwood and Curlew via Midway. Stage will leh*e Green-'
wood at 6:30 a. m., arriving in Midway aty-'iy&hXkl, CuiW
in time to connect with the train for Spokane due 10:45 returning
will leave Curlew at 5 p. m„ upon arrival of incoming train*
reaching Midway at 7:30 p. m. antl Greenwootl atop-m*
Will connect with MeyerhofTs Stage from all points'West.    ,
J. H. TYRRELL, Proprietor


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