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XIV, No. 20.
12.00 per Year.
|bi«tbr, Solicitor, Btc,
u-mknwuod, ii, o.
—: Notary Public,
loKlNNIV, B.C.
lallett & Shaw
Neterte- PaMlc.
idss: Bedford McNeill's, Morel-* k
Nesl'm Lelber'..
. . . MIDWAY, B.0.
fairies pssssd. Mlnsrsl Act
Und Alt psperi drawn up. Affl-
lUksn. Akstmsu mads.
nmunloatldni by mail or Mlsphons
nptly sttSMM te.
&dell Block, Greenwood.
Pbonc OO, V. * N.
rl. KERBY,
A. 9. Cm. Sm. C. 9.
IviNciAL Land   Surveyor"
I^eal Estate
Tonsorial Artist.
i a Anit-oUiw Shave, Hair Cut, Hea Faun
or shiiniiKW, cull at the Above parlor.
Raton honetl sad ground.
Our low prices in DRY GOODS have
made them sell.
We are giving big bargains in CLOTHING, BOOTS and SHOES.
We have made the prices to suit the
| Hotel Spokane,
A new building, well furnished. Everything new
and first-class. Only the choicest Wines, Liquors
and Cigars kept in stock. Headquarters for Mining
and Commercial Men.
Kinds of Repairing.   Horiethostni
A speoinlty.
Ft*t«ndrte;b,   *_«_*.
Bxceller l Hstatnn on Kettlo Itlvor.J>
til kimls of work tsxeoutei to
ht satisfaction of ovotomoro.
Wm. St, Quintin, Prop.
Everything   BHmt-olnm.
H. KE YES, 'Prop.
}ood Accommodation,
Bc**i, Liquors and Cigars.
First-Class Stabling.
Commercial and Mining men should put up
at the Fairview Hotel when in camp.
Qeo J. Sheekan      -      -      -     proprietor.
_ ._.,_,._■_._.■_, a. _._i a .»..fc ._,■•_._ a. <_**._> ».^._..w .__-._,._. ^__„__.^*fc.^._ aats**^* _^_-i*t
Midway Meat Market -
K. A. MATTHES, Proprietor.  ,
At this establishment customers can get choicest cuts of
. . m*±_-jiar*»**>'*tox- o:
Therefore Meats aro always fresh and sweet
for dinner to-dav.
Cull nnd get a good joint , ,
P. O. BOX 26.      J
Great Reduction
__/1   ■——■_3a_n_ss_
Praetieal Wateh Maker,
thai Taab, Pl.nty MaMrbl,
sed jo yoen *s**tit*t* ta ie
mark corractly.   .  .  ..
Dry Goods, Notions,
Ladies' and Gents'
Furs, Jackets and Capes
Clothing of all kinds at manufacturers' prices plus
freight,  for thirty clays, to make room for
Spring and  Summer'Wear.
We need the cash, and are willing to sacrifice profits.
FOB COATS from $12.50 to $20, former price $17.50 and $25
PUB CAPS worth $5 and $6, now selling at from $1.50 to $8.50
such bargains will
Now is the time to buy, as no
be offered. again.
we do
Rubber goods at greatly reduced prices, as
not intend to carry them over for next season.
Come and inquire about our cash grocery prices.
Everything cut down for cash,
HAIN & CO., General Merchants
The Crow's Nest Coal Company Will
Likely Receive Charter.
Interesl is gradually growing more
keenas the time approaches for the
House to decide as to the policy that
Ib going to he taken regarding the
granting of a charter to the (Vow's
NestCoalCompany to huild a line from
Fernie to the Boundary hue, hut so
genet'tl is the desire of the people of
this Province to grant the charier lhat.
it, dues not seem as if the Legislature
could very well dn otherwise than
allow the conipany the privilege of
huilding, more especially when no
suhsidy is asked.
It is reported that tlte question has
heen considered of such importance
that the premier has decided to abandon his trip lo Australia in order to
be present when the question conies before the House and see it through.
Not only is it the opinion of the
people of this Province lhat the charter slinulil lie granted, bul. the people of
the Kast.iis well.look upon itas necessary
to the prosperity of Southern British
Thc Ottawa correspondent of the
Toronto Star in writing his paper regarding the matter says:
The opposition press through
out the country wasquitesiiretha1. the
premier should gn to Australia. They
brought Greek gifts to him every lawful uiorning of publication, saying he
was the right man to go, owing to his
indisputable eloquence, owing lo the
part, he played in the jubilee, but especially because he Is premier of these
confederated colonies, The press
urged the premier; the opposition
looked friendly and weak to the
point of foolishness—an nppnxiiinn
that noliody need fear to expose one's
l>ark io. And yet Sir Wilfrid did not
go. Theje is one reason for it, if not
two. A certain reason is the premier's
inherit dislike for the long journey
and the protracted ceremonials at ihe
other end of if. The second, or what
may fairly lie guessed to be a supple
mental y reason, is the coining up of
the \fery important question as to.
whether the Crow's Nest Coal Company shall he allowed to huild a line of
railway to haul its coal across the
boundary line. This is an important
question. It is understood that iu regard tn it members of the cabinet are
not agreed, that supporters of the
government are divided just as leaders
of the opposition are not agived and
as their followers are divided. It will
not lie a party question, hut its importance to Ihe country is nnq.ieu-
lioned. The premier is no doubt anxious to see Ihe thing through, Hols
by long odds the strongest personal
influence iu parliament, and everybody here knows it, despite I he election nonsense talked about Mr. Tarte
being "master of the ndminstnitinii,"
"The minister of public Works is a
man of considerable influence owing
to bis great sagacity and many like-
aide qualities, the chief nf wliieh is
that he is a thoroughbred, and never
says "die," but Sir Wilfrid Laurier is
and always has been master of this
adminstration. Here in Ottawa, on
Ihe spot, the election talk intended to
create another impression is con
sidered amusing.
There will be a warm time over that
railway hill, although those who' advocate it are unable to see bow any
body opposing it can face the country and justify their course. These
men ask nothing hut the right to go
ahead and do for themselves, at their
own expense, what their Interests require, making any bargain that is
deemed necessary to ensure that the
coal consumers of the Canadian West
are not injured. If their coal mines
were so situated that they had water
communication with the American
market, they need ask nobodyV consent, hut could build hoals and carry
coal to whoever might wish lo purchase it. No objection would lie
raised, nor obstacles put in the way.
lf their mines were so near the boundary that they could build a chute and
export the coal in ihat way there
would not now be a light in prospect,
The compiny to-day i.s free enough to
carry roal across the boundary in
wagons or in wheelbarrows, or to ship
it by O. P. R. to Vancouver and from
there shower It In unlimited quantities
upon any market in the world In which
it can dud a footing. Looking at the
case in this practical way, it is seen
that ll is purely a O. P. II. opposition
lhat exists against the granting nf a
charter to a road to cany coal south
in the Only cheap way known. There
is also to he reckoned on that essentially human tendency on the part nf
some to resist anything thai will seem
to benelit other^persons."
The Imperial Limited.
The Moiit.ieal Gazette says :   "New
equipment is being constructed In the
Canadian Pacific Hallway company's
local shops, and other material is lieing
»    .
refurnished for service on the Imperial
Limited train which will go on schedule on June 10, and Hubert Kerr,
passenger traffic manager of the system, says: 'We may be ahle to cut
the time down some between Montreal
and Vancouver. We will he on deck
for business as usual, and baye everything In goml shape.'"
Speaking nf the oul look for transcontinental husiness this season, Mr, Kerr
said ; "We are expecting this year
several large parties of tourists from
England, who will he conducted over
the continent under out- Supervision,
and also i xpeel that many will visit
Ihe newly opened resorts in the Yoho
Valley, where Edward Whymper, the
eminent mountaineer, will continue
his explorations. Reports from our
agents abroad would indicate that the
Kitropi an immigrant business, particularly from Norway and Sweden, will
be very favorable. In addition to this
there should be more than the usual
quota from England, Ireland and Scotland."     "
King's Kindly Act.
The King has bestowed an unusual
token of recognition of service upon
Sir Ponsonhy Fane, a lifelong officer
of Queen Victoria's household. The
recipient of the King's favor, who is
broken down hy old age, and is retiring to private life, was summoned to
Marlborough House, where the King,
in a few simple phrases of thanks for
his loyalty to his mother, presented
him with the cane with which Queen
Victoria walked for 30 years. The old
man's relatives say lhat if tbe King
had mised bim to a dukedom he could
not so havii kindled his pride or touched his heart.
■   m	
An Appeal.
To the Wnrkinguien of British Columbia ;
A bill is now hefore the Provincial
Legislature asking for the increase of
the pi esent $11 revenue tax to $5. This
falls as a direct tax upon labor, and
should ant he tolerated for an instant
hy the workingmen of this Province.
We have already suffered long, and
submitted patiently to the many indignities thrust upon us liy bungling
legislators In the past, and now patience has ceased to be a virtue.
We bave heen deprived of just representation in the Legislature, this
same revenue tax has very often lieen
taken from us by stealth, by drawing
our wages to the amount, without our
consent or knowledge. And worst of
all, while our heads have lieen bent in
toll, the nubile domain has been stolen
frnm us in large quantities by charter
mongers and company promoters,
thieves in collusion wilh the men
whom we foolishly trusted to guard
our interests. Let us rise in our might
and put a stop to this sort of thing at
once and forever. We can do it in
this way. If I his bill is defeated In Ihe
House, well and good ; don't forget
the members who opposed it, they will
be deserving of the support of the people nt the next election. If tbe bill is
carried, ua it is likely to he, then this
appeal is a call lo action. A copy is
being sent to every constituency in Ihe
Province that it is possible to speedily
reach, and you are urged to call puhlic
meetings in each riding, pass resolutions condemning the Act, and ask fur
its repeal. Many of the members will
have voted against it, and th.*y would
have their hands strengthened hy such
resoliit ions. To I hose who voted for it
we can only say, it is time that you
found out that you are only our servant*, and if we say so you must repeal this Act or be dismissed, just the
same as any servant who refuses to do
his master's request. We claim it is
lietter for the few to swallow their
pride than for the whole Province to
he bound in the bonds of iniquity.
There are a few good men in every
constituency whom this appeal will
call to arms, like a bugle to the battle
Held. Do not wait, but go ahead and
call a puhlic meetii g in the most populous centre ; get a few live speakers
from among yourselves, and present
Ihe question fairly In the people.
Have resolutions passed condemning
the Act, and call upon the member or
members for that dislrict to urge and
vote for the repeal of the Act. If it is
possible, aud in accord with public
sentiment, pass an additional resolution asking him or them to advocate
a tax of three or five per cent per annum upon the present selling value of
lhe land, including mineral, wilh periodic valuations. This is a just method
of raising puhlic revenue, and has
made New Zealand the most prosper
ous country in all the earth, Fellow
workmen, brothers, arise I, Do not let
this thing pass unnoticed, or we will
he still further oppressed by our sell-
imposed taskmasters. It is In our
power to repeal tliis unjust, measure.
Strike, while the iron Is hot I Strike,
for our homes, our little ones, and
Liberty t
ALU-tub Thompson.
Kamloops, B. C„ March I), IDOL
Another Beautiful Production From
the Bureau of Publicity of the
Pan-American at Buftalo.   ■
We are In receipt of a beautiful booklet from the Bureau of Publicity of the
Pan-American Exposition, Buffalo, N.
Y. It consists of 10 pages and a cover
In light green. The unique feature of
it is the miniature reproduction of ihe
famous poster, "The 8pirit, of Nia*
gara," Which has had a most remarkable demand. The envelope in which
the postei booklet is mailed also bears
a reproduction of this artistic work.
The booklet is a popular picture book,
the first page having an engraving of
the magnificent Electric Tower, which
is 391 feet high, and which will form
the glorious center-piece nf the great
Exposition. On the same page is a
miniature of one of thn torch bearers
which will adorn the wings of the
Electric Tower, and beside it a picture
of Niagara Falls. The second page.
shows a picture of Ibe Electricity
Building and live other small illustrations of the uses of electricity. The
third page shows tbe splendid gioupof
buildings erected by the National Government and which will contain the
Oovernnient exhibits, also live miniature illustrations, one of them showing
the life-saving station, where exhibition! will be given daily hy a picked
crew of ten men, during Ihe Exposition. The fourth page is devoted tn
the wonderful displays of government
ordnance ; the fifth to the Machinery
and Transportation Building and four
other Illustrations of modern machines
and vehicles. The centre of the hook-
let shows a biidseye view of the Exposition, :uul gives nno some idea ol t>ba
(Treat, extent uf ,i enterprise upon
which about $10,000,000 Ib being ax*
pended. The grounds contain 3o0
acres, being half a mile wide, and a
mite and a quarter long. Other pages
show horticulture, graphic arts and
mines, manufactures and libera! arts,
the Music Temple, tho Plaza anil its
beautiful surroundings, the Stadium or
athletic Held, tlie agricultural, live
stock and ethnology features, and a
few of the 30 or 40 ingenious and novel
exhibits which promise lo make Ihe
Midway the most wonderful that has
ever been prepared for Exposition visitors. The last page shows a ground
plan nf the Exposition, whereon the
(■.nation of different buildings is indicated. The railroads will make low
rates from all parts nf the country
during Hie Exposition, which opens
May 1 and continues six months, and
the people of Buffalo are preparing to
entertain comfortably the millions
who will attend. Anyone desiring a
copy of this booklet may hnve it free
by addressing the Pan-American Bureau of Publicity.
To Divide the Territories.
A Calgary paper of a recent date
has the following despatch from Ottawa i "It is stated here authoritatively
that as soon as the census returns are
all in from the Territories steps will be
taken to divide the present Northwest
Territories. The proposal is to incorporate all east of the third meridian
with Manitoba and constitute a uew
province of the western portion under
the name of Alberta. The capital uf
the new province will he Calgary."
Mr, Haultain, premier nf the Northwest Territories, when interviewed on
the above, said that he had hopes that
parliament would deal wiih the matter
very soon. Legislation would he impossible this session, hut there was a
greal probability that a definite proposition would be laid before parliament
and the legislature in 1002.
The question of boundaries would be
considered in detail, but, personally, he
said : "I am inclined to the belief that
the events of the lust year nnd n half
in Manitoba will make the addition of
any part of lbe Territories to Manitoba
He added that the population of
Manitoba when made a province was
about the snine as the Alberta voting
list is now. Therefore no objection
could be raised on the score of population.
The Dominion Copper company has
commenced work on the Idaho, one of
the company's properties in Phoenix
ramp. No work has heen done ou the
Idaho for over a year. A new double
compartment shaft has been started
almut 200 feel, west of the old one,
whieh Frank Holhins, the late superintendent., started and sunk to it depth
of 60 feel. The company intends to
work actively on the Idaho and put it
on a shipping basis as soon as possible.
Power to do this will he furnished
from the new ten-drill coin pressor
plant, which has been ordered, when
it arrives and is set, up.
The development on the Stent winder
lo date has been very satisfactory,
Several hundred feet of hand drilling
has shown up some flne nre bodies, at
tho 114 foot level. Until the live-drill
compressor plant arrives and is set up,
the inanagent have laid off the force
which was i'l work on ihis property.
o A ivt-riisinx Itul— §em od application.
a a.. wm ..     i.-        i ■..!    .__;
i ..i— i. . *..- -. -i	
An exchange in making reference to
Mr. Hawthornewaite's bill to amend
the Coal Mines Regulation Act nnd his
able speech made recently hi tote the
Provincial House, jsays ibi.t gctleman
is fast gaining u name for himself
We are-cif.the opinion that Mr. Haw-
thornewaite already has a pretty fair
name if measured by linear niejisure-
nnnt—*|iiite sufficient for an individual—and that to add lo it would he a
waste of time on his p.ut unless he
purposes forming a syndicate and being ihe whole thing himself.
The Toronto Globe in speaking of
the output nf the Crow's Nest coal
fields remarks that the Fernie Free
Press is not gtpatly territled at the
prospect-ot the tna! clepi-JO   being ex-
i» 'at
i'i, hy  ihe
d  t
the Great
Not the
... I
'   ui
1 stand Jin
y op to the
VI- i!   8
■ 1. ■ -
J bat dale,'
siv tb
b'd .in- trv*
Ing ta '
•ut Ihe
f rail v;i>-s
in I'rii
*. \\
ii. b,
ve no need
of roal
hi- ir- SI
lento qnes*
tion, v
-i it
has a *
t question-
able Bound
wnen tney ask that a road be built ro
as they run go to and from iheir
ranches. Roads have been, built by
the government in places more sparsely settled and where the building of
a road was not needed nearly as badly
as t he one we have reference to. Then*
is no doubt these people who have
taken up land and are assisting in
developing the country are not nieeling with fair treatment hy lhe Government, and it is sincerely hoped th.it
tbey will consider this matter and
give Ihe assistance these people are
justly entitled to.
R. A. Brown, of Siinvt and Volcanic
fame, in a recent interview at Grand
!•' .... lated that he has the copy-
; .:<• : • greal tunnel scheme which
i. hopes I o-carry out. He says: My
idea Is '•xh-ivea tunnel from the north
fnl: if the Kettle river, opposite the
Volcanic, underneath Summit, Dead-
'vnod e..,ii Copper ramps, tapping the
ore bodies at adepih"of from 1,500 to
3,000feet. The tunnel uill be ten or
twelve miles long, and will enrich its
promoters to un ex: cut not dreamt of
in the Arabian Nights." lf the Boundary count' y lunl the attention of a few
more men like Mr. IS:own, with such
colossal ideas and sufficient capital to
carry them out, what a wonderful
country we would have.
The Rossland Miner suggests that
Rowland should ask Mr. Carnegie for
a donation of 825.00Q_ for a public
library. This suggestion has prompted
tiie Nelson Miner to remark that a
duty seems to devolve upon Nelson to
h >stir herself and drop a little note to
Mr. Carnegie. Now what >etlieuiattcr
with Midway touching the steel king
forafew paltry thousands for a similar purpose ? We fee! certain that we
arc on an eq'.ial fooling with the iwo
former places iv hen it colnes to asking
for a modest sum with which to establish a puhlic library. But if Mr.
Carnegie has any notion of complying witb our suggestion he had
better be quick about it before ihe C.
F. K. or some other philanthropic corporation steps in and carries off the
Another man has decided lo make
an attempt to reach the north pole,
which practically means tbat another
man has decided to dpposit his bones
in one of the ice vaults of the frozen
north. Tbis time it is a Canadian,
C ipt. B- rnier, who ha« become batty
enough to undettake the fatal trip. It
sceiDsa pity that a Canadian should
seek notoriety in this purposeless way,
and more especially, too, al the present
lime when Canadians are looked upon
with envious eyes by the entire world
for their bravery and good common
sense. But here we find a man wbo
has mistaken foolhardiness for bravery
and. blinded by i be darkness of fame,
bas decided tj< undertake the trip, re-
girdles of the fact that many otheis
who have taken the same trail never
returned. If the discovery of the
North Pole were going to he of any
g!-. tb-iietJi to llm world—a teneflt
, that was sufficient to justify the loss
of hit'imn Iif1—then there would lie
■ . hing admire in a man who
"ji*- v,; ling le) risk his life in order to
Ik a public benefactor, but when its
discovery is hul 10 settle a few inys-
i' 53, there can lie nothing to com*
mi nd in a man who undertakes such a
feat mid if it were discovered it
Would likely If .id to a great railway
problem. Jim Hill would in ull probability apply foi a railway charter
from it Jo thp Boundary line aod
.'■.' 'ssrs, Hiiimlou, Goodeve jtnil otheis
v.ould oppose him.
We wish to call the attentions of tbe
Pi j vincal   Government   to. the  had
condition of the wjigon road leading
front Midway to the ranching country
to ihe north of  the  town.   The road
leads np a long hill and in gaining the
top it is necessary to cross a number
of ravines.    There  ravines have become cut out to a great deplh caused
hy the rush of water down them from
the melted  snow on  the hill abore.
A pot it nm signed hy the residents of
Midway and vicinity wa" sent to tbe
Minister of Lands and Works nearly
a  year ago,  asking  for government
aid to construct a good road in place
of the one used at present, which was
built by ihi  ranchers to answer the
purpose und! such times as lhe government   would   lake tbe matter in
ind '<nd awriai '.hen   in the building
ofa niore Miii-i.'-.t''     to d«ay.     But
as yet no notice has* lieen luken by the
Another Victim.
Capt. Beruier, of Quebec, has decided
to make an effort to reach the noith
pole and looks forward with confidence
to accomplishing that achievement.
Capt. Bernier believes he has prepared
him-elf witb a full knowledge of the
ilinirulties to lie overcome, as will he
seen hy the following paper read hy
him at a meeting of tbe Royal Colonial Institute in London recently:
Tbat lbe deep ocean to the north of
Franz .losepb Land has a drift from
ihe Siberian side to the American side
is un established fact, There is a flow
from one hemisphere to the other
This is the explanation of the great
wall of ice to the north of this continent, which Parry could not account
for, and which later explorers bave
come to understand the causes of.
Nansen matured the idea of tbe flow
in the polar ocean, and that from entering the ice from the Siberian side,
a vessel would be drifted over to Green
land. Nansen entered it and was perfectly successful. His voyage proved
that the deep sea he had discovered
continued far to the north, because his
ship came down to the coast of
Spitsbergen. North of the line traversed by Nansen there is an immense
width from Siberia to Greenland,
across which tbe joe drifts. Nansen
did not enter tbe ice far enough north.
Capt. Bernier, hy entering it a gieit
deal nearer to Behring Straits, is confi
dent that he will be carried across this
vast unknown ocean or, a line far en
ougb north of the line along which
Nansen drifted, to enable bim to
reach the Iong-sought-for point whicli
isthe North Pole. He contemplates
entering the ice ahout July, and counts
upon three years heing necessary for
tbe drift to cat ry'him across to the
other side. With bis ship as a basis,
he will, like Nansen, run long dislan
ces with dog trains on the packed ice,
during its proper seasons. Into the
details of his plan it is not necessary to
enter. Guided by tbe experience of
DeLoug. Nansen, Noj-dennkjold, and
bi.Spf Artie expiate^.; be'shows ibat
his confidence of reaching the Pole is
as well bared as such a thing can he.
It is an object to wbicb many live*-
and much treasure have been devoted
in vain, and though the discovery
will lead to scientific results, their val-
'ue can never he worth the heavy
cost which tbey will represent. The
search for the Pole will, nevertheless,
be continued by man until the Pole ia
leached, if such be possible, and Canadians will wish Capt. Bernier success
in his effort to be the man and to
make good Lord Dufferin's claim that
t he North Pole is part of tbe Dominion
of Canada.
» --
Smugglers Captured.
Rossland, March 15.—For some time
pest it has heen suspected by the customs authorities at Northport that
Chinese were coming into Washington via the road which leads from
Rossland to Northport. The customs
authorities conferred with Mr. A. N.Patterson, Ihe Canadian customs officer at Sheep creek station, which is
located a short distance north of the
International boundary line. Mr. Pat*
ersoii reported that be had seen quite
a number of Chinese in that vicinity
recently and advised the American inspectors to secret themselves just
south of the line in some bushes and
that tbey would be certain to catch
some contraband Chinese.
On Thursday night H. Hutchinson,
inspector of customs at Northport, and
Colonel Walker, Chinese inspector
from Seattle, bid themselves in a
place shown them by Mr. Patterson.
They went early in the evening and
as the night was cold tbe vigil was
far from comfortable.
Shortly after midnight four figures
appeared through the darkness and
after glancing furtively around, step
ped gingerly from Canadian to American soil, They had only taken a dozen
or so steps in American territory
when Mr. Hutchinson and Col. Walker
stepped oot from their hiding place
and told the Mongols to throw up
their hands.
The artested Chinese were taken to
Northport. The leader is a Chinaman
who tries to pose as a Japanese. He
bad eut off his queue and let his hair
grow and hy this disguise bas endeavored to pass as a Japanese. He has
>>een seen several times of late around
Northport and itis suspected that he
has piloted a numher of Chinese from
this'city iuto Washington.
To Let.
The   Lancashire   House,   Midwav.
This is a popular hotel, and is a good
opening for a first class hotel  man.
The furniture can be purchased reason
ably.  Possession glvtm at once.
For terms, etc., apply to
Thk Mid wat Compakx, Ltd..
MWway, & C.
nciauii a ru ouqiparu
Railwav Co.
Railway Co.
The only nil rail route between
nil points Enst, Weet nnd South
to Rossland, Nelson and all
Intermediate points ; connecting at Spokane with the Great
Northern, Northern Pacific and
O. K. & N. Co.
Connects at Nelson with the steamer for
Kaslo snd all Kootenay Lake points.
Connects at Meyer's Falls with state dally
for Republic, and connects st fossburg with
stage daily for Grand Forks aad Greenwood.
and Soo Line
SPOKANK     U»_n.
ROSSLAND    11.50».m.
SKLSON     *.0na.m.
SIllllT   TKAtX.
SPOKANK 9.45 p. m,
aOSSLANO  11.00 p. di.
6.40 p.Dl.
3.11 p Dl.
".IS p. 111.
7.00 a.m.
General Passenger Agent.
Oa all trains mining- from Revelstoke and
Kjotcns) landing.
Pass Dun-wire Junction for St. Pan) on Sou
isyt, Tuoulay, ThuratUrs and KrWujju.
For Toronto on Mondays and
Wednesdays.  Kor Montreal ami Boston
Same can pan Kevektoke one day earlier.
For time tables, rates and full Information
callonoraddnw A. P. McCl'LLY, Agent.
MMway. or
J. 8. ( ABTF.H. E. <l. COTL***,
D. P. A.. A. O. P. A.,
Nelaon. B. C.      VaiMflaver. B. C.
The Royal Insuranck Coy.
Thb London and Lancashire Fire ;
Insurance Coy. ,
The  Insurance Coy. of Nobth
America. i
The London and Canadian Fihe ,
Insurance Coy. I
Thb Sun Life assurance Coy ot[
The Dominion Building and Loan
Appraiser for the Canada Permanent Loan and 8avinos Coy
Ft that Cangli af yow.
ACRK8 adjoining Midway unliable
for smelter nr townsile. Apply
B. H. HURST _ CO.,
RKWARD will be paid bv the un*
.. .. - signed to anyono furnishing information lh.it will lend to the conviction of rh>>
partv or purlieu who poi-wned my Gordon Setter Bitch.
Midway, Feb. 14, '901.
Agent for Stuart's
Map of the Boundary
J. A.
One Block West of Customs Office.
@   This is a first-class building, being hard   <!§>   &   -5. ,
^   finished throughout.   The dining room   ^   •>/";;
^   S§   is run under the persona] supervision   ;*   *,'
@   ®   of Mrs. Crowell. and is supplied with   iff*. .;
#   @   @   the best on the market   Choice stock   i.";.
#   ®   ®   of Wines- L'quors and Cigars at th. V'
@   ®   @   @   •»•■■     Lu*w   Stab,e   in   connection."..!
Hm Patronaff* 91 tke
to SoHeHed and
»W. H. WEBB.f
Practical Wagon and Carriage Builder,
mjr,      -      .      33. o.
Repairing of all kinds promptly and neatly executed
. Carriage Painting, a specialty.
: J. H. TYRRELL, Proprietor.
$3.00 per month.   .Single Horses, delivered in Midway, $5.00
per month.   Two or more, delivered in Midway,
each $4.00 per month.
Pack and Saddle Horses for Sole or Hire
If you have lost a Horse send me the brand, and if it is
in the country it will be found.
The Boundary Hotel
...JWDWAY, B. C...
Strictly First-class Throughout, Excellent Accommodation.
Carrying His Jlajesty's flails
Will leave MIDWAV on Tuesdays, Thurs
days and Saturdays, at 8.30 a. m., arriving ti
CAMP McKINNEY at 5 p. m.
Returning will leave CAMP McKINNEY 0.
Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 9 a. m
reaching MIDWAY at 1.30 p. m.,and making cor
nection with the train going east at 2 o'clock.
E8TABI.IUHKD   18*43.
Our  Specialties—Varieties Profitable in British Coluu
Trees Free from Pests.
Send for Free Catalogue.   |   E. HuTCiifcRsoN, Manager
Lancashire House,
known and comfortable hotel invites the
patronage of all old customers and the public
FuraMe-heated and comfortably
farnlthed room*.
Thos. D. Banbury, Proprietor.
Large Sample Room fop Coronal Men.
THOS. McAULEY,   -      Proprietor.
The Riverside Hotel
Is situated at Rock Creek, B. C, on the main
route of travel between Penticton and all Boundary Creek points.
Good Hunting.        Qood Fishing.
Best of Accommodation.
S. T. LARSEN, Proprietor.
The Pioneer Newspaper of the
Boundary District-only
$2.00 per year.
Is prepared to
fill all orders
for Job Priming at lows-
rates consistent with good
"""z~x -~tt'  Zizszy—z-:. rim, of Myers creek, is in
' Sidley, wm in town one
Ir**. I. H. Hallett, of Oreen
■in Midway to-day.
McOully bas n-turned
; visit to friend, at Nakusp.
I, C. P. R. auditoi. was in
I week, auditing tbe books
} C. P. R. office.
, Boone has returned from
iC., where she has been vis*
..tighter, Mrs. H. L. Sawyer.
ergin.ni and.Dan Mi Clung
t Saturday from doiug an
I on Ihe tti eat Hesper claim,
i camp.
f Snowden Bros, hare a con-
extend  tbe  tunnel   on  the
his property is situate on the
nve Midway.
jbie McLaren, of Carson, ar*
iliilway nn Saturday's train
I spend a few days with her
, James McNicol.
Mcleod,  district  lineman
nluiuhia Telephone Co., is in
loilay repairing the line l-e-
and Lequime k Powers'
ck with and Claude Gideon are
■.ment work on the Queen
^Graham's eamp.  Tbe proper-
i to W. H. Norris and James
e, formerly C. P. R. agent
Ion, ha* heen appointed sUire-
|mm1 weighmaster at the Stan-
er company's pyritie smelter
Hlary Falls.
H. Siwrry and children, of
jio.Nl. who have lieen spending a
\s in Midway, tbe gin-sin of Mr.
. J. R. Jacobs, returned home
krday's train.
, Biliary, for some time employ*
! assay office of the OM Iron*
Knob Hill mines, has been
|ted  assayer  at the Dominion
r eotupany's mines. Phoenix.
Atwood has just complete*! a
f the West Fork country.   Mr.
is thoroughly familiar with
district, having spent much of his
i the last few years prooperting
, sn that bis map is very accurate
irry detail and should prove of
| benefit to those wbo are unac
I with the West Fork country
irhn contemplate visiting that seethe map is now in the hands of
lithographers at the coast, and as
ja« the liihflgraphs have b«*encom*
it will he placed on sale, and
to its ust fulness should  meet
I a large patronage,
i Tuesday evening, Sth inst.. Mr.
' Adams, brother of Mrs. L. A.
f th, of Anaconda, was married to
Maud Mnffrt, youngest daughter
[Mrs.  R. H.   Hutchens and   step
■gbter of the popular superintendent
lhe British Columbia   Copper Com-
}y's Mother Lode mine.   Tbe cere*
ny took place at the mine in the
fsonic hall, whirh was very prettily
orau*d with Sags for the occasion.
tv. W. A. Rollins, M. A. clergyman
■charge of Su Jude's Church of Eug-
Vl   Mission. Greenwood, officiated
Id there were present hesides rela*
\es of the bride and groom about 91
there,   including    many    personal
fiends, Mrs. J, A. McKinnon, sister
the Wide, was hridesmaid, and the
^idegroom waa attended »>y Mr. Mil*
i A. Lehner as hest man.  The bride
olted charming in a cream colored
|lk dress,  profusely trimmed   with
* and she carried a beautiful bridal
bnquet,   After the ceremony Mr. and
Jts Hutchins entertained at supper
ihe'r home bftween twenty  and
hirty guests.   The U»ast of the bride
nil  liridgroom  was enthusiastically
ceiv>"d and was responded to liy the
Jitter.   Olher toasts followed and a
|ery pleasant time wns spent until the
umpany dispersed at midnight   The
ride was the "recipient  of numerous
ents.    Mr.  and   Mrs.  Adams at
hie went into bouseheeping in their
ew home at the Mother Lode mine,
►here tbey are held in much esteem.
Greenwood Times.
Violins, Mandolins and Guitars from
5.00 up.   Greenwood Music Store.
9275 will by a good Upright Piano
earlv new.   Greenwood Music Store.
who lives a short distance from Midway : her father, Mr. Jas. Turner, a
brother and an unmarried sister, who
all live in England.
The funeral took place at Midway on
Wednesday and was largely attended.
. The pall bearers were Messrs. J. R.
Jackson, Arthur Roberts, Hugh Murray. N. .1. La PUnt, Will Under and
8. Stooke. The Rev. R. P. Murray
conducted the funeral service in
Terry's hall .ind afterwards officiated
at the grave.
Death of Mra. Laaat.
1 On Tueaday morning of last week
lhe residents of Midway and vicinity
*eie shocked lo learn that Mrs. Land-
fer, wife of Arthur J. Lander,  who
■Ives on a ranch a short distance from
lidway, had died the previous evening after giving birth lo a baby girl,
s'hich only lived a short time.   Al*
hough Mrs. Lander's condition was
nsidered precarious fnr several days,
fret as she waa a very strong woman
per many friends had hopes of her re*
overy and her sudden death was a
httrprise to them.   Dr. Foster attended
ner, but his efforts to save her life
wen unavailing.
The late Mrs. Lander waa a daughter
of Jas. Turner, of Dei by, England, and
Iwas married in 1806 to Mr. Lander.
Iln the spring of 1804 the couple moved
Ito Midway, where they have since
[resided on their ranche, a short dis
Stance from town. Mer kind manner
{had won tor her a host of friends, whn
teitend theii earnest sympathy to the
(bereaved husband, who is left with two
motherless children ; sixteen months
The outlook is good for an active
summer's work in these parts. Two
months ago active work »tarted on the
Stemwinder and tbe shaft is going
down rapidly toward the -100 foot level.
Crosscuiting has I een started ou the
third level, and will he repeated on the
fourth is soon as it is gained. Over
2.500 fret of work has lieen done upon
this properly, and 100,000 Ions of ore
has lieen blocked out and is ready for
stuping down above the second level.
There are 5,1'JU tons of ore upon the
dump. The main shaft is double com*
partmentcd. There is every indication
of the vein on the lower levels equalling if not excelling lhe values on the
upper levels. The ore will be treated
upon tbe ground, it l-eing free milling.
The cost of mining and treal tnetrt is
estimated at tX_b per ton, whereas the
values average 15. Until June the
work of development will proceed
when a mill is to lie installed, part of
which ii already on thegiound. The
sinking of the shaft is heing done hetween tbe north and south veins, and
a third body of ore has lieen encountered in the shaft below the third level.
Work is to commenceshorlly on on*
of the Fairview corporation properties.
This is a coal proposition and is situated at the forks of the wagon road t-
Penticton and Camp McKinney from
Fairvie*. The railroad will come
right over this spot. The coal is of j>
fiist-class bituminous quality, and is
regarded by experts as second lo none
in the country, tt bas already heen
used hy tbe mines in lbe vicinity and
in other places. In the same basin
there are 1,000 acres in coal lauds under
bond to an important Eastern syndicate who have had an expert out here
to look over the property.
Great development is heing undertaken at Camp Hedley, half way to
Penticton frvm Keremeos. Tbis is
heing done probably on the report th it
a wagon mad is probable from Hedley
to the Nickel Plate.
The wagon road is heing completed
lo Princeton from Fairview.   On lhe
completion of this Mad it will he p n -
hie logo in a l-ee line from Midway,
via Camp McKinney, Fairview, Kete-
mens and Hedley lo Princeton.   There
remains about eivbt miles to flnisb.and
there are two gangs of men engaged
in the woik.
» s <	
Caraegk'a Oeaeroas Gift.
A Pittsburg press despatch of 13th
inst. states that two communications
from Andrew Carnegie, which were
officially made public to-night, ssy
the steel king's retirement from active
business life and his donation of 95.
UUO.0U0 for the endowment of a fund
for the superannuated and disabled employees of the Carnegie company is announced. This benefaction is by far
the largest of the many created by Mr.
Carnegie, and is prohahlv without a
parallel anywhere in tbe world. Tht*
fun* will in no wise interfere with the
continuance of the savings fund established by the company fifteen years
ago for the benefit of its employee*.
In this latter fund nearly $2,000,000 of
the employees' savit.gs are on deposit,
on which the company, by contrail,
pays 6 per cent, and loans money to
the workmen to build their own homes.
In a letter lo the president and managers of the O^r****''* compjiny, Mr.
Carnegie announces that Mr. Franks.
his cashier, will hand nvertothem upon
their acceptance of the trust 95,0UTI,OUO
. if Carnegie company lionils in trust
forthe following purposes: The in
come of 11,000,000 io be spent in main
tainitig ihe libraries buill hy bim in
BraddiH-k, Du Quesne and Homestead.
The income of the other $t,OtW,000 is to
he applied;
(1) To provide for the emoloyees
of Ihe Carnegie company in all its
workr, mines, railways, shops, etc., injured in iu service and for those dependent upon such employees as are
(2.) To provide small pensions to
such employees, after lung and credit
able service, through exceptional circumstances, who need such help in
their old age and who make good use
of it, Should these uses nol require a! I
of the revenue and a sarcitis nf $200,-
000 he left after ten years' operation,
then for all over this workmen in mills
at other than the Carnegie company. In Allegheny "-omity, shall he-
come participants in the funds. The
mills nearest the works of tbe C'arne
gie 8leel company being first embrac*
Mr. Carnegie says: This fund is not
intended to he used as a substitute for
what the company has been intbe habit of doing in such cases. Il is intended to go still further and give to tbe
injured or their families, or to employees whn are needy in their old age,
through no fault ot iheir own, some
provisions against want as long as
needed or until their young children
cau become self-supporting-
There is now no doubt that one
and probably two railways will be
building out of Midway as soon as
spring opens, and Midway is destined
to become the commercial and railway
centre of the Boundary country.
Now is the time to buy lots in the
town. They will make you rich. It is
not a speculation, it is an investment.
For prices and terms apply to
& The Central Hotel
Uth St, Midway, B. C.
This is a new three-storey he tel, comfortably
furnished throughout
The nearest house to the Railway Station.   The  tj
most convenient hotel for railway travellers.
The best of accommodation in every respect.
Se DAHL, Proprietor.     t
Lequime & Powers, Proprietors.
Manufacturers of all kinds of
Band Sawing and Job Work done to order
Telephone No. 12.   Telephone orders receive prompt
1   ®
THOMAS WALKER, Proprietor.
AN tha beat brands ol
Cigar, and Tobaocoa kept
constantly on hand.
Latest shades and patterns of Wall Paper now In
Seventh Street, Midway.
Canned .
Goods   <*
Biscuits o
I . IIY. VJULLCY c_^v-
Large Stock.   Low Prices.
■P.   SMC   OTTI_I___.Tr   SS   CO.,
.... Of Hartford. Conn.
Chartered 1863. 1
Stock Lire and
Accident Insurance.
ISSUES the hest life insurance
t contracts in the world. No
disappointment as to dividends.
Everything guaranteed in advance. Premium rales 15 to 25
per cenl len than those of old
line Mutual companies.
ist, 1897,
. 17,920,260.29
. 3,976,434.36
The Travellei s Combination Accident Policy guarantees foraccidental
under ordinary conditions.
Death Benefit     .... 15000
Uw of Sight of Both -yes .OO
Loss of Both Feet or Both Bands 5.9"
Loss of One Hand and One root 0.000
Permanent Tolal Disabil tr S S»
lm of Richt Hand     .     . £.500
Uw of Leg at or abore Knee  . 1500
LoartJ Left Hand     ... l.iirj)
Low of Either Foot LOW
Low of sight of One Kje  .      . .650
Limits of   Weekly Indemnity S 1,300.
AND, If such injuries are sustained while riding tie a pa-wn^^r in
any passenger conveyance using steam   cable,   or   electricity as a
motive power the amount to he paid   shall be DOUBLE  tHe sum
specified in the clause under which the claim is made.
Men.and Commercial Travelers.
Other sums at proportionate rates
* * BMMMMIIUMWMe »♦>»»*
Good assortment of Fresh Bread, Cakes, Confectionery and Fruit always in stock. jggj
Restaurant in Connection.
First-class Meals served at all hours.   Give us a
call and be convinced.
§ •¥) R. WELLS ¥r
fa Has opened up a ijjf
I Livery and Feed Stable I
1 —: : : *
A . In the premises formerly occupied bv tt>
#   ,__--_.,_-. * x        *
jm   Special attention given to all kinds of transfer work.
»M*. — THE
3?      Greenwood, Boundary Creek, B. C.
We have opened the above hotel at Greenwood and
are prepared to welcome guests and provide good accommodation.   Good catering.    First-class Livery Stable.
A rig will meet all trains. W
 B """-. \V
fa The patronage of the public is solicited. ito
Rates moderate. -Ji
£iti£i £j£f_Cl _tr_t_£i t_\\_tijti_Xi_ti_Cm<i-ei_\m\e^
m.Am.m.+-mmmm.m.m.mm.m.AAAA  AAAAAAAA aaaaaaaa AAAAAAAA AAA AAAAAAA
WWWm9^mWWWW^^.m9WW • • W t??f?Tfy W^^^WWWWW ffTTffW ▼▼▼▼▼W V ▼ W
____>  moa-_OTO-e'   _i_cc__j_i«j_-ii.        ♦
No. « K.-W.-C. Block, Nelsoi . B. C.
GoM. Silver-Lead and Copper Mines ranted at Uie EXCHANOK.
FRKK MILLING OOLD propertle* wanted al once (nr Kastern investors.
, Parties having mining prepertr tor lale are rcqocatod to send samples ot tbeir ore
to Ihe EXCHANOK lor exhibition.
All saniple« shouH be sent by expnaa. PREPAID.
Correspondence solicited.   Addresa all communications to
Telephone No. 101. V. 0. Box TCfx
1 fc
Beautifully situated at the confluence of Boundary Creek and Kettle River.
ILL BE The most important railway town in the Kettle River Mining Division.
The Wholesale Supply and Manufacturing centre of the Kettle River and Boundary
Creek Districts. .    *
The distributing point for  Upper  Kettle River,\ West   Fork and Camp McKinney
mining camps. ,
The nearest Railway town to Republic, Meyers Creek, Palmer Mountain and   other
Northern Washington mining camps.
The  leading residence town   in -the country, with an excellent  climate, pure water
supply and favdrable sanitary conditions.
Business, residence and garden lots at low prices and on easy terms.
Send for Maps, Prices, and full particulars to
30 St. John Street,
Montr-ml, P. Q.
0. M. CR0U8B,   .
Agent for British Colunihia,
Midway, B.0.
_3& y_t o.-o'jm
Operations Will Shortly be Resumed
-  on an Extensive Scale.
A plan has just, heed perfected where*
hy the Brandon k Gulden Crown Mining company will he restored and will
enable o|ierulipii» to be resumed shortly on an extensive scale,
Owing to the slump in mining shares
in Eastern Canada tlie directors were
unable to dispose of any more treasury
slock nnd in consequence operations
Were suspended bist November. Prior
to Ihntdate consiilernlileore shipments
to the Trail smelter had heen made.
The freight mui treatment rate was
such that the directors did not feel
justified in pitying it any longer, especially as the smelter companydeclined
to reduce the figure unless a contract
for a specified tonnage was entered
into or unless the entire output of the
mine was sept to Trull for one year at
» fixed nite. The re-organization just
effected has taken a different form
from that usually adopted. Instead of
the oompany being reconstructed and
made assassahle as is thc practice, the
original subscribers have entered Into
awrttl n  •;--. tin virtuenfwhich
they havd agreed lo contribute or sur*
reqder Lo the treasury 40 per cent of
tbeir original holdings j and as the
subscribers' stock has been in a pool
since 18117, tbis agreement was thus
more easily jiccomplishcd as the pro
milters' stock wns not scattered. By
the plan adopted by the promoters two
Important things have been accom*
plished : first, ihe saving of the cost,of
reconstruction i and secondly, saving
tlie casual purchasers nf treasury
shures of an extra assessment. The
original subscribers have thus shotvn
evidence of their good failh as well as
tbeir high opinion of the future of the
property, whieh is regarded as one of
tlie most promising in the Boundary
With the treasury on hand and the 40
per rent contributed liy the original
subscribers will bring thc shares in the
treasury lo 450,000, Negotiations for
the sale of a large block of the treas
ury are now in progress ; and the pro'
ceeds will nm only bo sufficient to pay
off lhe flouting debt, but will provide
sufficient funds for working capital
So that when ore shipments are esuln-
ed it will lie on a permanent basis,
The mine will also enjpy the advantage of shipping to the Mother Lode
or Pyritie smelters at rates considerably lower than those formerly paid at
Trail; in fact the stun representing the
difference between what was paid at
Trail and the figure quoted by the
Ortviivr* ' •■ ,i n tloii plants will in
Itself represent a handsome profit.
Assessment Act and Revenue Tax
Mineral Aet, 1896.
Certificate  of Improvements.
NOTICE is hereby given, in accordance with the Statute*), that Revenue
Tax and all taxes levied under the Assessment Act are now due for the year
1D01. All of the above named taxes
collectible within the South Division of
East Yale and part of Rossland Riding
are payable at my office, Fairview.
Assessed taxes are collectible at the
following rales, viz. :—
If paid on or before June 30th, 1901:
Three-fifths of one per cent on real
Two and one-half per cent on the
assessed value ot wild land.
One-half of one per cent on personal
On so much of the income of any
person as exceeds one thousand dollars
in accordance with the following clas-
siflctttions i upon such excess the rates
shall be, namely :—
Class A.—On one thousand dollars,
and not exceeding ten thousand dollars,
one per cent up to Ave thousand dollars
and two per cent on the remainder:
Class B.-On ten thousand dollars,
ami not exceeding twenty thousand
dollars, one and one-half per cent,, up
to ten thousand dollars, and two and
one half per cent on the remainder :
Class O.—On twenty thousand dollars, and not exceeding forty thousand
dollars, two and one-half per cent, up
to twenty thdlisand dollara, tnil three
per cent on the remainder:
Class I).— On all others in excess of
forty thousand dollars, throe per cent,
up to torty thousand dollars, and three
and one-half per cent on the remainder.
If paid on or after 1st July, 19011—
Four-fifths of one per cent on real
Three per cent on the assessed value
of wild land.
Three-fourths of one per cent on
personal property.
On -so. much of the income of any
person as ekceeds one thousand dollars
in accordance with the following clas
silication ; upon such excess the rates
shall lie, namely :—
Class A,—On one thousand dollais,
and not exceeding ten thousand dollar.*,
one and one-half per cent, up to five
thousand dollars, and two and one-
half per cent on the remainde":
Class B.-On ten thousand dollais,
and not exceeding twenty thousand
dollars, two per cent, up to ten thousand dollars, and three per cent on tbe
Class C.—On twenty thousand dollars, and not exceeding forty thousand
dollars, three per cent, up to twentv
thousand dollars, aud three and one-
half per cent on the remainder:
Class D.—On all others in excess,of
forty thousand dollars, three and one-
half per cent., up to forty thousand
dollars, and four per cent on the remainder,
Revenue Tax, 93 per capita.
Two per cent on the assessed value
of ore or mineral bearing substances,
payable quarterly, on the last day of
the months of March, June, Septemlic
aud December in each year.
Assessor and Collector,
Fairview B. ('., Feb. 10,1001.      20
Situate in the Kettle River Mining Division of
rale Ulstrict. Where Locatsd :-Dead-
wood Camp,
TAKE NOTICE (lint I, l"orbe* M. Korby. as
neonl for ther Highland Quoon Ooosollda*-.
cd Mining aud Milling Co., Limited Liability,
free minors corlllicate No. Haittfi, Imeud.
sixty day* from tho dato hereof, toapply
to tho Mining Recorder for a certlflcate of
improvements, for the purpose of obtaining
a Crown grantof tho abovoobim.
And further lake notico that action, under
section 37. must bu commenced boforo 'ho issuance of suoh certlflcate of improvement*.
Dated this 28tli day cf January, 1901.
To C. A. Peterson, late of Eholt Creek In Yalo
Sir: You aro hereby notlflod that wo havo
expended |I02.o0 in labor and Improvement*
upon tho "Rig Windy" Mineral Claim, situate
in Providence Camp, in tho Keltic Itiver Mining Division of Ynlo District in Ilritish Columbia, in order to hold sild claim under Iho provision* of Section ti of tho Mlnoral Act. such
being tho amount required lo hold the said
claim for lho year ending April 6, Ilill.
And if at the expiration of ninoly Wl day* of
publication of thl* notice you fnil or refuse to
contribute your proportion of the expenditure
required under nald seotlon 84, together with
all cost* of adver'Mmr, your Inlerest* In nald
claim shall become vested In the •nbaeriber*
lyour co-owner*) under Section 4 of tbo "Miner
al Act Amendment Act, MM."
Dated at Midway, B, C, this lOtp. day of
December, MM.
0. L. Thomkt, Manager.
Ure J. A. UNSWOMTII, Secretary. I
60 VIARr
Anyone Mnittnf etkOth ant *meHMrm may
extent Hewuin nor ofHniw ttm whether*n
In.ennrin If pmbiMfMIMaM*. Cmnank*.
Uon*itrt«l»«nnSd«ntfcirj|*^»oor - "	
Mni In*. (IMM uniT for mtloipumtx
Patent* team iBrwujb gnu jTCoTrMtlM
A hsndMmslrllhntntfd weekly. Ummtelr.
culttlonof «n. kl«iiU»-loomaL Tern*, II a
rear: four month*. IL Sot* brail MmmmHlx
Provincial Land surveyor.
XUX  Architect and
—_ Civil Engineer...
, I^eal Estate,
Insurance* and
Mining Agent,
P iiiivi.-w TowiiHite A-p-nt.
... uujuuks . . ,
r*IHVIKW, B. 0.
C!nrr«"*ir>oiiil«n<*e Solicited.
Riverside Addition.
Just a Word!
To those contemplating an investment in Midway real estate, the information is
offered that on the Riverside Addition may be
found 300 very choice residence sites.
LOTS 50 x 125 FEET. PM
For terms and all other information apply to
W. H. NORRIS,        or        A. MEGRAW,
Midway, B.C Camp McKinney, B. C.


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