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The Midway Dispatch C. M. Crouse 1903-10-17

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 .WTT*   £!****■ WH^
VoL 2, No. 1«.
$2.00 per Year.
exeeptional values king October
Boys Reefer Coats Blue Chinchilla, cloth heavy
lined, double breasted, just the coat to keep'out the
cold.   Sizes 25-36-27-28, regular price $3.75
October Cash Price $2.95
Boys Suits in Cashmeres,'FSerges and Tweeds, sizes
27-28-20-30, regular prices $3.00,4.50,6.00
October Cash Prices $4.75, 3.75,2.35
Gash must aeeonpy mail orders.
J. HcNicol
Druggist's Sundries
Your druggist has a nice stocK of them
Dressing Combs
Pocket    Combs
Gentlemens Combs
Fine    Combs
Razor Strops
Curling Tongs, etc.
A. F. Thomas
Hair Brushes
Tooth Brushes
Nail Brushes
Lather Brushes
Bath Brushes
Manicure Files
Manicure Scissors, etc.
Canada Heads The List.
Now is tht tin)@ t© pre pore for
************* ***   ^****'***4**************************W*****
And we or® in positloi) to help you out it) your laudable Intention) to do so, witl)
Ladles, Childrens and Gentlemens all wool underwear and hosiery, also wo©! fleeced lined, all sizes,
prices right.
As we are closing out our Mens and Childrens clothing at less than cost we call the attention of th® readers
of this paper to it.
Everything In the above line goes at less than cost.
Be 'sure to call and examine before too late.
Full line   of   GROCERIES and SHELF  HARDWARE,
LAMPS of all descriptions at cost.
IN & COo
The forests of Canada con-j not protect themselves in   tlio
tain pine, spruce, hemlock, oak, case of single baskets, thoy are
'•Canada will take part in the elm, maple, beech, birch, buttor-1 not likely to do so at all,  as
r*w— n—1.— Exposition nuti hickory, bass wood, etc.
Louisiana Purchase
as a Nation." Such was the answer given by Sir Wilfred Laurier, of Canada, from his seat in
tho House of Commons, to an
inquiry made to the government by one of tho Canadian
members of Parliament.
The great "silver tongued"
man of Canada meant what ho
said. The news just received
from Ottawa, the seat of the
Canadian government is to the
effect that extensive preparations are being made to show
to the world the immense resources possessed by the
neighbors to the North.
Canada has grown and pro*
sperod wonderfully during the
decade. It's trade has increased
lio enormous proportions. It's:
crops havo been such as to
merit for Canada abroad the
title of "granary of the world."
It's mines and ore fields, particularly those of Nova Scotia and
Cape Breton, have been developed in such a way as to set
dreaming the most pessimistic
and it is generally conceded
that the finest jewel in Oreat
Britain's crown can more than
supply it's home market for
minerals While in exports annually millions worth of grain,
fish, lumber, and timber.
Of the industries based upon
natural resources the fisheries
rank second in Canada. This
country has over 5,600 miles of
sea coast, in addition to inland
seas, innumerable lakes, and a
great number of rivers. Tho
exports of tti« fishery products
in 1897 amounted to $22,783,5 Ml.
The home consumption is estimated at a value of $15,000,000
giving a total yield from the
fisheries of nearly $38,000,000 annually, exclusive of the catch by
foreign fishermen
The sea, inshore and inland
fisheries of Canada furnish cod
mackeral, haddock, halibut herring, hake, salmon, shal, ale-
wives, stripped bass, smelt, lake
trout, muscalonge, white fish,
sturgeon, pike, perch, black bass,
brook trout, eels, and gold-eye,
besides oysters, lobsters, seals,
whales and walrus.
The richest whaling regions
in the world is said to exist in
the Hudson Bay and Artie regions of Canada.
The Pacific coast fisheries furnish halibut, black cod, oulachan
anchovy, herring, smelt, and
many species salmon and trout.
The salmon of British Columbia
are worth over $5,000,000 annually, and the total yield of
the fisheries of that province exceeds $6,000,000.
Lumbering ranks third among
the extractive industries of
Canada and the forest wealth is
very great It is stated that
123 species of trees grow in that
country, 94 occurring east of
the Rocky Mountains, and 29
on the Pacific coast. The forest
belt extends a distance of about
4,000 miles east and west, with
a breadth of some 700 miles.
The trees consist principally of
the following species: black and
white spruce, banksian pine,
white and red pine, larch, balsam fir, balsam poplar, aspen,
canoe birch, bird cherry, white
cedar, black ash and mountain
ash occur sparingly in the
southern part of this belt,
British Columbia is thought
to possess the greatest compact
reserve of timber in the world.
The wooded area is estimated at
285,000 square miles and in
eludes many kinds of timber.
The Douglas spruce is the snow
tree of British Columbia and in
deed of Canada.
Nearly 38 per cent of its whole
area is forested.
In 1899 the capital invested
in the pulp mills of Canada
alone was about $15,000,000.
The capacity of the mills over
1200 tons per day. The value
of. the forest products exported
in 1901 was nearly $33,000,000,
and their total must have been
at . least three times that
It will readily be seen that indeed,. Canada has something
to show and she intends to
spring a universal surprise next
year. Mr. Wm. Hutchinson,
Canadian Exposition Commit*
siouer, is just back in Ottawa
from Japan, where he represented his couutry at the Osaka Exposition. Mr. Hutchinson's trip
to Japan is certain to be of considerable future benefit to Canada and already trial shipments
of wheat and flour have been
made to the Far East couutry
just visited by him.
Annual Meeting of the Winnipeg
Mines, Ltd.
The annual general meeting
of the Winnipeg Mines, Limited, was recently held at the
mine. The managing director,
Richard Plowman, submitted
his report It shows that a
new shafthouse was built to replace the one destroyed by tiie
in May, 1902, the new building
being considerably larger than
the old one. Arrangements
wore also made at the mine for
the shipping of ore from the
dump, that within three weeks
after starting over 1000 tons of
second class ore were sent out,
ore that yielded a profit. Now,
however, ore is being taken
from the mine itself, which has
been largely unwatered.
• The following officers and directors were chosen: President,
John Dean, mayor of Rossland;
Vice president, Charles D. Hunter, of Phoenix; secretary treasurer, Richard Plewmau, of
:Phoenix. The other directors
areW. W, Gibbs of Portland,
Ore.; R. E. Plewmau aud P. W.
Bauer of Rossland aud John A.
Morrin, of Phoenix.
■ Bythefirstof November, Mr.
I'lewnian expects to have a
compressor in working order.
I The mine has 23 men on the
ninety per cent, of their purchases are of single baskets. It
will be the policy of the Department to hold the retailers more
strictly to account in the future for the packages of fruit
which they pass on the public.
If the retailers do not themselves complain when they find
dishonest packing it is because
they are willing to share fn the
fraudulent profit. Of course
the original paeker will always
be prosecuted when he can be
discovered, but that will not excuse the retailer.
Publication Clerk.
Enforcing: The Fruit Marks Act.
The inspectors of the Dominion Fruit Division are now devoting special attention to the
enforcement of the Fruit Marks
Act. Several prosecutions havo
taken place in Ontario, all of
which resulted in convictions,
and several are now pending in
Nova Scotia. These are mainly
for marking inferior fruit No. 1.;
although there is such a large
amount of first class fruit in
the country packers still persist in trying to palm off inferior fruit as No. 1.
I Mr.* W. A. MacKinnon, Chief
of the. Fruit Division, says that
retailors are beginning to understand the scope of the act much
better than formerly, and appear well aware of the existence
of the law and of the fact that
it is being enforced by inspectors. They also understand tho
fact that it is at the disposal of
any private citizen. A prosecution is now pending in Toronto by a private citizen against
a retailer who is said to have
disclaimed responsibility. Only
a single basket is involved but
it is clear that if individuals do
Poplar Creek District.
VicroniA, Oct. 14. — William
Fleet Robertson, provincial
mineralogist, after several
months spent in southeast Kootenay and Poplar Creek dis-*-
trict.isin his office again in
the department of mines.
Mr. Robertson has nothing to
say of the result of his visit to
blocks 4593 and 4951. It is understood that this will form the
subject of a report to be made
to the governnient, the premier
having announced this during
the campaign.
The provincial mineralogist
made a very careful survey of
the Poplar creek country. He
.-•ays there have been exaggerated reports circulated as to the
richness of the district. Some
men are taking advantage of
the recent rich finds there to
boom properties which have not
any  showing to  warrant    it.
This,   Of   COUlse,  ie   only   what
might be expected in view of the
showings which have been
made in some instances.
Throughout a very wide area
there are, however, strong
quartz veins, carrying gold.
The great area which is miner-
tlized is a strong point in favor
of the territory.
Mr. Robertson does not for a
moment doubt that the veins
have good depth and extent enough to satisfy any miner. Ore
of the most exceptional value
has been found in many places,
but there is need for a considerable amount of development.,
work before any well defined
rule can be established as to the
general value of the country as
a gold producer.
After travelling up the
mountains and seeing thc cracks
at Frank left in tlie rocks, Miv
Robertson thinks that the work
of disintegration has not passed
away. Tliere will undoubtedly
be other slides, as conditions
still exist for causing them but
when these will tako place is a
matter for conjecture. There
may be no further slides for
conjecture. There may be no •
further slides for years, but
they will undoubtedly come.
He accounts for the unstable
conditions at Turtle mountain
as being due to the hot spring
at the base a short distance from
Liberals Meet On  Monday.
Victoria, Oct. 14.—Tho date
of the meeting hero of the liberal members eloct has been fixed for Monday next, in place of
Friday, as at first announced.
The meeting will be held in
the uiorning.
Among those who have
notified by the McBride
ernment that their services will
be forthwith dispensed with, is
Killeen, the provincial road inspector, who was appointed by
ex-commissioner of lands and
works Wells.
' ■;
 -"- "  " : 0. .VI. OKOUSK  Mltor mid firopriotor
Published weekly ut Midway, 11. C.
SubHoripllon priijrj, $1 IKi por annum, imrliblo
.jjlvaneol flithof yi'.irl'y or hull yearly nt. tlio
pi Ion of tin' Hiilisi'i'tbcr.
Ad.vortisi'ng ratou wont, on application.
Tho Doukliobors will come
around all right and be just
]i!:n tho rest of us. They have
already developed an objection
to paying taxes.
King Peter K. 0. Vitch of
ofServia already is talking of
abdicating. 'Whatever else his
predecessor may have been, he
wasn't a quitter.
The St. Louis Globe-Doniocra
is authority for the st;.tenion
that thirty-six robberies at the'
point of revolvers have occurred in St. Louis since July 4.
This is encouraging for those
who are thinking of attending
the exposition there next yea
■ny Oi Kept u Wllderu.-a. ^, .., ............ ..._
Not a park, but n wiklcnii'sa full ot stroy at any tune: Lirds hying
wllil beauty ami natural disorder, may ou noxious insects; EtlgltSli
wu keep tbe plnue as nature left it, disturbing no landslide where It lies, no
natural dum of logs and stones heaped
here by mountain freshet, no havoc of
windstorm or avalanche. The windfall,
Mr. Ritchie, member of par.
liament for Croydon, and until
recently, Chancellor of the Ex
chequer, in the course of ft
speech delivered tit Croydon
Town Hall, in opposition to Mr.
Chamberlain's preferential tar-
iif scheme said amongst other
"The country must guard
against giving tho United States
erase for resentment against
this country since if thoir
nuiglibcn'Si the Canadians, wer
allowed to send their wheat into England at two, or throe
shillings a quarter less than
America could, America would
certainly punish Canada."
To the orodit of tlie audience
this statement was met with
cries of "No, they exclude us
now." and shoijfcs of "Tho McKinley tariir "Ifubbish' and
Mr. Ritchie, after order was
restored continued: "I am quite
sure that whatever opinions you
may hold on the fiscal question
you do not wish to see any
breach of tho friendly relations
between the United States and
Canada or beteen tho United
Sfefces and Great Britain." A
large "-oution of the audience,
now broke out. singing "Britons
Never Will be Slaves."
Lord Rosobery in a speech recently delivered on the same
question, said thtit the prospect
of   worse   relations   with   the
United States, Russia, Germany
and France  wore not allurinj":.
It would appear fropi   this
that some of Britain's most em-
inoiit ViUtemen cannot advance
anything    hotter against   Mr.
Cliavnher'laiii's   proposals  than
these cowardly and   pusillanimous sentiments; but that   at
heart the British public is sound
and   wiser   than   its  leaders.
Though conservative by nature
find adverse to sudden changes
in thoir economic system, they
will  in  time adopt whatever
system they may bo convinced
* is in the interests of the Briiish
Empiie,   irrespective of  wbat
the United States,   Russia, or
any other country thinks about
it.   Foreign countries, and the
United States in particular, as
the popple of Canada well know
aro not aj'custornod, very properly wo think, when framing
thoir tariffs to worrying about
offending the people of  Great
Britain and the British Empire.
Wo should think tlie speeches of
Mr. Ritchie and Lord Rosobery
would be in a manner eminently satisfactory to Mr. Chamberlain, and we can imagine with
what disgust Canada's   vetern
statesman, Sir Charles Tupper,
wbo recently said that this epoch w.'h the (li'o.tm of his   life,
would read them.
with its shaggy spreading roots full of
matted earth and stone, rapidly being
covered with grass and moss, and the
elver bed full of bleached driftwood,
each has Its own Dare quality of pic*,
turesqueness, its own fitting place ln
this wild 'harmony. There is beauty
oven In the work of the forest fire,
which has left whole mountain sides of
freshly scorched pine foliage, a deep
golden red smoldering in tlie sunshine,
aud many a blackened bit of forest,
longer burned, leaves nn impression of
somber shadow, of silence and death,
which cannot be forgotten.
One even comes to begrudge this wilderness Its telephone poles, its roads
aud the excellent stone embankment!
which keep them from slipping down
the mountain sides Into the swift
streams below, for they detract from
Its wild perfecUon. We may behold
nature ln Its softer and more comely
aspects almost everywhere, but every
year, with thc spread.of population
ln our country, it becomes moro difficult to preserve genuine wlldernesl
places where hill and forest and stream
have been left exactly as nature made
them. Already our indomitable pioneers have driven the wilderness into
tbe very fastnesses of the mountains,
so that only remnants now remain. And
this great Yellowstone park remnant
bu been fortunately set aside by tbe
government for thc enjoyment and inspiration of the people forever,—Ray
Stannard Baker tn Century.
Hovels Without  Kind.
It Is recorded as something remarkable that a Japanese novelist has com*
pleted a story which occupies ninety
volumes. Such a work would seem
rather long If one had to revlcw.lt, but
there ore possibilities in tbe very long
novel. Ono very well known writer
has frequently snid that if be were entirely free be would select a group of
characters and. at the end of two years
would have produced a tale dealing
with all that happened to them ln a
single twelvemonth. In tho next two
years he would carry matters on tor
another twelve months, and so on to
the end. It Is not Incredible that he
might do this with complete success,
for where a man hns written seriously
he very often leaves bis characters at
tbe end of the book in such relations
that they cannot go on living in the
world without helping to make another
and an Interesting story.—London Post
Marked br the Raaalan Police,
Thirty-seven young men belonging
to tbe higher ranks of society In St. Petersburg nave organized an association
called the "Club of tho Enemies of
Flirting." The- members exchange sol*
emn oaths to refrain from flirting and
to prevent others from doing so. Those
breaking tho promise contrlbuto, "for
charltablo purposes," $500 for the first
offense, and $2,500. for the second. According to tho bylaws of the society,
punishment for the third offense Is left
(o the discretion ot tbe president Tho
society meets In Ernbst's restaurant,
on tho Kamennostrovskl Prospect Although the charter pf tho clnb has been
properly registered with the authorities, the police see • revolutionary
movement afoot and Imagine that It
they could discover thi key to the char*
ter the youthful member! of oome of
St Petersburg's most noble families
would soon find their way to Siberia.
We will not sell a watch that
we cannot positively guarantee.
Do not understand from thii that wa
sell Watchci of citravagant price
only.   <
Our No. 915 Silver or Gun
Metal Watch at $6.50 ia a
warranted time-keeper.
Whan wa -late that we »ll Watchn
io price as high aa $700. you can
judge of our greal anortment.
Write for our new catalogue.
Ready for delivery Nov. 15th.
It will cost you nothing, and
it may be the means of saving you considerable money.
MB, 120, 122 snd 124
Yonge St., Toronto
blackbirds; caribou cow or calf j
chaffinch; door fawn under
twfefv'e months; elk, wapi'tn,
caw ov calf under two years;
gu'|* linet; mouse, cow or calf
undor twelve months; inountain
sheep, ewe or lamb; English
partridge; pheasants cook or
hon, except as hereinafter provided; quail, all kinds; robins
(farmers only may shoot these
in gardens between Juno, 1st
and September 1st); skylark,
, It. is unlawful to buy, soil or
expose for salo, show or advertisement, caribou, hare, bull
moose, mountain goat, mountain ram, beforo Octobor 1st';
deer, beforo September 1st; nor
any of the abovo-naniod tmiipals
or birds, at any time, except
duck, blue grouso, heron and
plover, during the open season.
Itis unlawful to kill or take
more than five caribou in one
season;more than ten deor, or
to hunt them with dogs or kill
for hides alone; moro than 251)
ducks; more than two bull elk
or wapita; more than two bull
inoose; more than five mountain
ranis; or to take or destroy the
eggs of protected birds at any
It is unlawful to enter   land
enclosed by fence, water or luit-
iiral boundary,'after notico or a
notice under section 11 is posted up; for    non-residents , t ,
hoot   without a license;  for
iioii-ivsldcnt: fud'ans    to   Tell!
game at any time; to export or
transport for export in the raw
state, game birds' of every kind,
and auim'a' . protected, except
icar, braver 11 .u'teii  aud   land
.itter; to use  traps,.nets', gills,
di'iigged bait, etc., to cii'tch game
birds; to expose for sale   with
out its head, any deer; or bird
without its plumage; toiis'o batteries,  awiyetgims  or sunken
punts  in  iiiiii-tiii.il   waters lib"
t.dxr duck*-,  or  geese; i'or unlicensed   non-residents to /.nip
cr kill bear or beaver for their
pelts; to kill any game bird between  oue  1104,"  after sunset'
and one   hour  bofore sunrise;
to kill game birds  or animals
imported   for   acclimatization
purposes; to tako trout except
by hook and line, or to use Sal
inou roc as bait; to enter wi]th
hunting implements or permit
dogs to enter fields, or growing
or standing, grain,  or enclosed
lands, without permission; for
Indians to kill does or fawns
froni Feburary 1st to August 1st
to shoot on enclosed lands  on
Sundays   without   permission!
But Farmers or  their  authorized  resident  employee's  may
kill dear depasturing- their cultivated field," and  free miners
may kill  game' for  their own
use any time.
(jHHATHsTNuKSHKiKS-'in the town of
MIDWAY ami jiiiiminding I'Oimti'y,
iin.l liikeiwlww ftir
iri'Fruit Trees. Small FruitK
Ornamentals, Shrubs, Roses,
Vines, Seed Potatoes, &e.
Stork H'lii* to mime nnrl.ftW from 8»n
Jose 8e«ln.' A perinari.nl position for
the right man on either salary   or
Stone & Wellington
over 800 acres
TORONTO ■       ■       ONTARIO
To Aiidiiiw Uildliiw anil to any person or
persons in whom lio may liiuo transferred hia
Interest lo tlio "Colby uml Itiioo" mliiornl
claims, altuittiMin Kirlly Creek ill tlm (11*000
xxnnA Mining Division nl Yalo Districl, llrilisli
Von nro hereby notified Unit. I hum expend)
oil ^'ilKUK) in unlet-10 hold tlio uiiiil Colby unit
Uivo mineral I'lninm (iinler tiif. provisions uf
llu: oiioui'iil ui't, 11111I...I1UV.! pild iho sum of
fji.OO for roouriliii!; Ihu name fur tlio yen' ouil.
lug LHIlh'.rune Iiiiui, Uml. yon should cnnlrlhiita
'*iI.'J.iiih yiiii''p.'niir)i'lirin of tlio snid sum for
A'liur undivliliril iiiiequiirtor interest, in sulil
Iniins.iiii'lif williln Ikhlnys from Ih" Hi si. in-
'iti ion nf tliis notice you Ilill nr rofusy t.o con-
tribute the sum $51.:rfl ivliiuli is no .vil 110 by you,
together with nil costs of ii.lvorllslng, .lour
interest in llio.'ill mlnoral claims wilt become
lho propeity of thu siiliscrllwr under soclion
four of an Aot oiittilMl tho "Mineral Act
Amendment Aii|."l!Klo.
Uutod at MiU way 11. C. iliislTiili dny nf Aug.
ust, 1903,
First Insortlon, 151 li Allium! MM.
Uist        do.    MUt November, Imi.').
K. MtlUflMFS
Carrying His Majesty's Halls
Will leave MIDWAY on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, at 8.30 a. in., arriving at
CAMP McKINNEY at 5 p. m.
Returning will leave CAMP McKINNEY on
Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 9 a. m.,
reaching MIDWAY at 1.30 p. m., and making connection wilh the train going east at 2:05 o'clock.
The beet of ■coommodatlon for
the eonvenlenoe of the
travelling publlo.
^u-tttitrt^ntmttutt^n^anuu:; ;,rs
,M'i\t lho promises
,lf.tYiinry tiist,
•f Lho .im.cr>>.Kttcd In
hlack horso.   Owner
"tn hiiv.ii canni l'V imhigcorunf this ar.uriiso-
innjL-uiiil fi'.otl of iiijiiuu to ilulo, othenvi-iti tf
nijt.rlliiniutl wil Mil 3$ (lays will he sold tn pay
ArMchist Mountain.
Pointy  East
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
With Whieh la Incorporated
The Bank of British Columbia,
CAPITAL, $8,700,000.   -   RESr, $3,000,000.
HON. GEO. A. COX, Pres.       B. E. WALKER, Gen. Kgr.
Manager Greenwood Branch.
J 1  no-aaia.ra-aaaaaaaa-aa-a---
The Game Laws.
Open Seasons.—September 1st
to December 14th.—Deer, buck
or doe; mountain goat, mountain sheep (ram).
September 1st to December
31st. —Caribou, elk,, wapita
(bull); grouse of all kinds, including prairie chickens; hare j
moose (bull).
September 1st to February 28
tb.—Bittern; duck of all kinds;
heron; meadow lurk, plover]
To A. W. Boyd or uny poiHon ov persons lo
wlioin you may liuve I riuiufurrod yonr IntorfiSt
to ln lho "Morning'' KmollonnJ Mineral claim,
siiiiiiir iii 1 Jump MoKiiuioy, in tinsGroenwoon
Mining rtivhliin of Yalo I>fnt i-i.-l.
Vuu nre horoby nolifloil lhat 1 havo oxpfcml-
eil $|I"!.j'iII in order lo hnld tho aald rninvml
cl.iim iindur Ihoprovli'ionRoflhoMlnwal ^pt,.
Uiatyou should ooiilribiifo $!11.Illii na j*««ir portion of lho snid sum lor your undivided one
third Interest, in snid oliilin and lf within 00
days of Uie hrsl insertion of the dnte of Iliis
noliee you feilorrcfusoto contribute tiie aum
of 8.11.mil which la now duo by you, together
wilb allcoslH of advorlMni*, your interest in
said mineral cl lim wjll become tbo properly of
the subscriber under soctlon four of an Act entitled the "Mineral Aet Amendment Act."
Unled this 2nd day of Juno, 111)3.
Tickets at Low Rates to the East,
The Chicago. Milwaukee & St.
Pauls  Railway.
Will be on sale at all ticket
offices on June 4th and 5th,
June 24th to 30th, inclusive;
July 15th and 16th, and August
25th and 26th.
Tickets good for going passage for ten days from date of
sale, with final return limit of
90 days, from date of sale.
Por further information address
II. Siltowe,
General Agent.
Portland, Oi'egpii,
Spokane, Seattle and Coast Points,
St. Paul, Minneapolis, Chicago
2Tj-ra.lmu29nJ.l-fr Q
F»nt   Time   £.
Now Eoulpmont Throughout, Day Coaches,
Pslaoeand Tourist Sleepers, Dllung and
BulTet Smoking Library C    .
Kor Tickets' Itntea, Kolrters and Kail
Information, enll on or addr aa
Any Agent oi tlit Orent  Northern   Rollwuy
jr write
*  A. IT. C. DKNNI8TON. 0. W. P. A.
OUKi.st Avenue, Skatti.k, WaMI
Lancashire House,
: : MIDWAY, B.C. : :
The undersigned having re-opened this well-
known   and   comfortable    hotel invite    thc
*      ■
patronage of all old customers and the public
Fiirnnceoheattjdfand comfortably fiirnUhed rooms,
Mrs. Dowding, Proprietress.
Best Hotel in  Midway
Crowell's Hotel
Rigs to any part of the country for guest's convenient
PROPRIETOR j. McNicol returned 'on
Cjty fiom visiting relatival
j, F, McKaracher,   and
J,'tor May, have returned
after visiting friends in
ix McQueen,  representing
Lmloops cigar factory was
L the' week's .Visitors to
rO j -x,
J. Keed who has been
[ling a few days with her
ii ts here returned to her
o at, Kholt yesterday.
fcS, S. T. Larsen and sister,
IMcQreg or, of Itock Creek,
j iu on Friday's train from
lu months'  visit with rc-
iiu the east.
|r. Thompson, who hus
relieving A. W. liuily, (J.
I agout here, during the lat-
liibsonco in the east, left for
Line on Friday.
L. Streeter, representing
J Deering Harvesting Malory Co., wits in town on
lisiliiy, making contracts
lirxt years business with J.
Kicol the local agent
| D. Garrett of the govern-
t mail service left this week
JVuiicouver and will be suc-
|ud on the Nelson and Mid-
railway mail car by R.
Bliiim of Medicine Hat
i. E. McCandlist tho popular
■ress messenger who has
li lately running on the
Iw's Nest Pass railway has
lined to the Boundary
"Billy" has always lieen
Llm- on the road aud his
Iny friends are glad to see
|i back again.
Hews, the blind elocu-
nist.   of  Denver,   Colorado,
u u vory pleasing entertain-
it to a small but appreeia-
uiidience iu  McNicol's hall
Tuesday    evening.   Miss
■»'  Irish dialect   selections
selections from Will Carl-
art' well worth the price of
uission   and  the   audience
well satisfied with the en-
'wo weeks ago in these coins Tho Family  Herald and
•ukly Star of Montreal made
lown   to   our   readers,   its
iw   premiums   for  this sea*
1, and it is most gratifying to
rn from the publishers that
\e, result of their   announce*'
■nt iu this [wiper has created
ie biggest demand thoy  huve
er luid from this section of the
mntry.   The liberality of their
R'er and our extensive circula-
Ion could not fail to bring re-
ins.   The Family Herald and
eekly Star is this year offer
ig as free premiums to all sub-
iiibers two lieiiutiful pictures,
Intitled   "Heart   Broken" and
[Hard to Choose," as woll as a
urge coloured ^library map of
lie Dominion of Canada with
ii enlarged map of the   pro
ince.   Every place of import-
dice can be found at a glance
Populations are also given.   It
is nmst complete and with the
pictures and The Family Herald
nml Weekly Star for one year,
I'll for one dollar, is certainly
Worthy of public patronage.
A Chicken Shooting Scene.
Tho September picture pre-
Isentcd to readers of the Weekly
|I>co Press, is one whieh is sun
|t° appeal to every ono through-
Tout the West.   Nothing could
j be more appropriate at the present season.   Tlie picture is a
I strikingly artistic reproduction
in the original colors of the
painting "Scenting," by the celebrated painter, D. W. Hunt
'"gton.   It shows a sportsman
out after prairie chicken.    The
manner in which his two dogs
'■re, shown at work will delight
every dog-lover and sportsman
The scone is a typical Western
o<ic.-an expanse   of   stubble,
with brushes in tho background,
H»me low hills blue on the far
hori/on, the sky flocked with a
fe« light clquds, and over all
w*e clear September sunlight.
Blae-rlt OT.rha.4  Win. DUalMM Ola.
late* et Llihlai*-*-
It It agreeable to be aide to dissipate th* Idoa which pernont unacquainted with tho wtya of thunder*
•tormii and of oarthly electrical sys-
toma have lately been entertaining
-that the municipality of electrical
wlrea li causing an increase in the
number of storm* soys au English
change. Tte tendency li Just tht
other way.'"'
According to tha simple explanation which llr. Sowerby Walljs, it»
rainfall expert of Cambden Square,
gave the reason is this:—The disruptive explosion in a thunderstorm lt
an ellort on tho part of nature to
adjust tho distribution ol electricity
between earth and sky. But just as
a lightning conductor provides an
easy passage for thc electricity from
sky to earth, so every baro wire acts
as a conductor and helps dissipate
the aerial electricity which Would
otherwise cause thunder.
The influence ot the wires la London I>r. Wallis said, is very perceptible, to that with the over extending
system of telegraphs, telephones, and
other electric/ works thunderstorms
should show a tendency to decrease.
Out as td "whether there arc more
or fewer storms than tliere were a
few years ago Dr. Wallis pointed out
that the question arises: What is a
thunderstorm? Are one clap of
thunder and one flash of lightning a
storm? The meteorological method
is to measure the rain, as heavy raiu
it a notable feature of thunder-
"Ther* -aecnr In an Irregular manner," tald Dr. Wallis, "groups of
years with frequent thunderstorms
and groups with a marked absence'
of them. As far. at I know, this cannot ba ascribed to any specifle
cause. Storms are lest frequent Over towns than ln the country, as the
chimneys and steeples tend to prevent electrical explosions."
■aeh at tatter Caa.aa tr ASallenlUa
el tke t.rm.r
In 18S9 there was one Insane person to overy 5H0 sane Individuals.
The average has aince risen until non
one person in every 2U9 is mentallv
"What is the reason of this?" ask*
td Professor H. W. White, in delivering hit presidential address to ths
members of the Medico-Psychological
Association, at London, England
One cause was the fact that fewer
eligible aliens settled In the country
and intermarried with our people.
There was therefore less infusion of
fresh blood into the race than was
formerly tho caso. Tho lorelimerB
who did land on our shores tended
to weaken tho stock, tot they wert
mottly town dwellers of poor physique, with constitutions undermined
by disease.
Tht frequent marriages ol neurotica
with those Inheriting the taint ot
insanity was another cause, and the
Increased tendency to marry late in
life was anything but desirable. The
abuse of alcohol was another great
cause of lunacy. We were now a
tpirlt drinking race, which we were
not half a century back.
"There is no standard of purity for
these spirits," said tho speaker. "If
the adulteration by noxious constituents be Important factors in tht causation of insanity, should' not the
Legislature enforce both the maturity
and the purity of all alcoholic
Ths survival ef ths weaklings who
would formerly have died In Infancy.
tht fast that w» are rapidly becoming a nation of town dwellers, unnatural excitement, over-education.
late hours, badly selected and badly
cooked food, and overcrowding wero
ail responsible causes for the terrible
increase in the lunacy returns,
Caaaoa Lamp raala.
The earlier lamp-posts in London,
Says The Magazine of Art, were
evolved from the cannon discarded as
obsolete or faulty after the Napoleonic wan. That* actual service
cannon were freely used at Woolwich
and probably other garrison towns,
as street corner-posts, the bora being plugged with oak to keep out tho
raln and refuse, the emerging end of
the plug being shaped in Hemispherical form to represent the issue of a
cannon-ball. Later on these real
cannon were superaeded by Imitation
Iron eastings, the half cannon-ball
and all. This cannon pattern for
corner-posts found Its way to London, where it may still be seen in
many of our older straits and
squares. Frm the unenlarged cor-
per-post of the cannon pattern
emerged the lamp-post of the period,
which is familiar in London to this
day.       __,_	
A OladaHM Starr.
Just now, when gossip about ths
repeal of tho corn laws is current,
space mav perhaps be found foi a
characteristic story of Mr. 0 lad-
stone. Early in 1892, when Mr.
Gladstone was absorbed In home rule
and obsessed by tho delusion that his
policy was popular, he roundly dc-
clared ihat the Irish question was
ths most Important eontroverty In
which he had ever been «W«t*
listener ventured mildly £suna*
that perhaps tho struggle for the ro-
£u if the corn low. was ate* M
important as home rule, but Mr
Olidstone would have none o It I
do not deny," he thundered "that If
iL rental 61 the corn laws had boon
defeat there would have boon a ro-
% ut on, Mt the Irish controversy
i. «-. » for higher plane. - tor.
Ghrlatli* Oame* h**** *l* «'•»•
a private letter from South Africa
..v. Christian l*w<*. the renown-
!5' -ruerllla leadov, failed to renew
M.'gun license, ,-uid was summoned
?„ the South African Constabulary
ramp «t Vrcdotert. He appeared, and
«« refusing to take out a now 11-
Zm his lowllnt-plccs and -un were
Sen l-om him by Captain Dal-
-Sh tho officer commanding tho S.
f c a" Vrodefort, ths district la
which '»>*•* teeldeA
popularly known hh tbe "Sceiiic
Lineof th<) World," luu* announced greatly reduced round-trip
rates from Pacific Coast points
for tbe benefit of teachers who
will spend their vacation in the
East, and of delegates to all the
prominent Conventions—N. E.
A., at Boston; A. O. U. W., at
8t.Paul; B. P.O.E., at Baltimore; Woodmey of America
at Indianapolis, Eagles, at
New York; Mystic Shrine, at
Saratoga Springs; K. of P., at
Louisville, and T. P. A., at Indianapolis.
Tickets at tbo reduced rates
will be based upon one fare for
the round trip, but will be sold
only on certain days. These
tickets will carry stop-over privileges on the going trip, giving
passengers an opportunity to
visit Salt Lake City, Qlcnwond
Springs, Colorado Springs, and
;)enver; and will be good to return any time within ninety (90)
Jays. Passengers going via the
Denver & Rio Grande are giving the privilego of returning
via indifferent route.
Por tbe rate to the point you
wish to go, and for date of sale
aud other particulars, as well as
for illustrated pamphlets,
W. C. MCBRIDE, General Agent,
' 124 Third St. Portland, Or.
To.Thomnn Murray, of Ymir, anil M. J. Mor*
tarty,lale of Ymir, H. 0.
Yon aro hereby notified that T hnVn
expended One Hundred Dollars ttliHi-W) in no-
Heoftmentwnrkont.hu "Lucky .lim" Mineral
Clnim, Minnie nenr Myers Crook in thc Greenwood Mining Dl virion of Yah District in Brit-
ftfh Columbia, to hold snid claim for the yenr
ending October, l'lth, 1!Mt. nnd n further
KUtn of One Hupdrcd Hollun* (91(41.00) in assessment work m hold raI(I claim for the year ending October 10th. l'J02, and have furlher impended tho sum of Five Dollars ($5.00) in re-
oordiiiB onW iissCK-menls In order to hnld said
claim undor the provisions of Section 24 of
tho Mineral Act.
And if within ninety dnys after thc puWi-
cationof thtoiinliou. vou, or cither of you fail
or refuse to pay or contribute your portion
of tKe expendilure required under ontd wjp-
Hon 24. that is to way. the w\id Thomns Murray In tho sum of $3-116 nnd the mid M. -t.
Moriarty in tho sum of ?C8.a3, together wilb
your portion of till rnets of .lulvtirtiripK, lhe
inlerest of ouch of you as fail or refuse to
contribute your portion of said expenditure
and boat* of advertising shall become veslcu
n thc Mibscriber (your co-owner) under sc
lion I of. the "Mineral Act Amendment  Aet
Dated at Cnmp MoKlnnoy, B. C, this 23rd
day of June. 1W3    Ust Issue Sept. 27th, 1003.
Henry Nicholson, Notary Public.
Notice of Forfeiture.
Tq Thomas W. Stuck, formerly of the City of
Rnssiand In the Province of British Columbia, but whose present address is unknown to the subscribers :
You aro horoby untitled that, we hnve expend ',1 $10! in Inline inui improvements upon
the "Great . Lnxoy"nnd "Twin Mine" mlnernl
clnims xium'.,! in .Siiiinnil ramp in thctlreuil-
wnal (formerly Kcttle Itiver) Minium HlvisU.ii
of Yale I listriut. aa will appear by Certificated
nf Work recorded In thoolrlce of the Mining
lleooider for the aald Oreenaroml Mtiiii.it
INvtaloii on tho 1th day of A ngxxM Vkil. In
orclcr to hnld said clninis tor tho yenr ending
September 3rd MB.
And you are further notified that, we have
oxpended tho further sum nftSM, in Inls.r nnrt
improvemonta upon sniil "Great I,axoy"nnd
"Twill Mine' mineral claims, as will appear
by Certificates of Work recorded August Uth,
liim, in the "tlicir of sniil Mining lleenrdor, in
order to hnld said clninis for the year ending
And lf at the expiration of ninety (Iai) nays
of publleallmi of Uils noliee you fj.lt or refuse
to contribute your proportion of thc expenditures require! under suction 24 of the Mineral
Actio hold snid claims for tbe yoara nliove
mentioned, togotlior with all ensta of advertising, your interct In said mineral claims
shall become vested in the subseriliers lyour
co-owners) uniler Section i of the ''Mineral Ael
Amendment Art. MW."
Dated at (Ireenwood, 11. C„ thia 1st day of
«*«»-• »* ANI...KW HAMILTON.
Hallett k Shaw, Solicitor**.
TO Joseph E. Boss, formerly of the City of
Spokane In the State of Washington, and
now suppoaod to be In Mexico.
You are herehy notltlcd that I and Janice
Napier Paton Have expended Ilia) In labor nnd
Improvementa upon the "Monte Keen" mineral
olalm, altiia'o in Oreenwood eamp In tho
Oreenwood (forntcr'y Kettle Hlverl Mining
iHrision of Yale District, na will appear by a
Gertlflcal'O or Work recorded March 'ilst.l we,
In the nlHco of (he Mining Hocorder for ,hn
said Greenwood Mining Division, In order to
hold said olalm for the year ending Mnroli
Klnl. !HK. ,    ,,
And you era further notified thai. I and said
James Napier l'alnu have expended a furthei'
aum off mil, ln labor and Improvements upon
aald mlnoral olalm,aa will appear by a ('or-
tideate nf Work recorded March fflrd IMV,.
lu the oflice of said Mining Itecordcr, In order
to hold said claim for the year ending March
And ynu aro further notified that your proportion nf the expcndlturca above mentioned
waa eniitrlhutnl and paid by tho snlwerllmr:
And if at' the expiration of ninety (inn days of
publication of this noliee ynn rail or refuse to
contribute ynur proportion nf the expenditures
required undor section it of tho "Mlnoral Act"
to hold said claim fnr lho years abovo mentioned, together with all cimla nt advertising,
) "in internal, in said mineral elaini ahall become
vested lu the subscriber (a co*nwnorl under
K'ntliiii t of the "Mlnornl Act. Anieiidtnoiil. Acl
WOO," .'   '
Dated at Greenwood, B.C., the 22nd day nf
Septciuhnr, I WW.
Halletl and Shaw, Solicitors,    "*"
soil round trip ticket* from Or-
e^'oii imd Washington point* to
C:iiie,'i<,'o, Cairo, j Memphis and
New Orleans at UKEATLY
Tickets -rood for three
months. Going limit ten days.
Returning limit ten days after
starting -west. Stop over privileges either way, west of tlie
Missouri River.
Sale dates are arranged to be
convenient for delegates to conventions of National Educational Association at Boston; Elks
at Baltimore; Woodmen at Indianapolis ; Eagles at New York;
Shriners at Saratoga; Knights
of Pythias at Louisville antl
Commercial Travelers at Indianapolis.
You can take your choice of
Sixteen Different Routes.
Write us. We will cheerfully
give you anydctailed information you want.
B. H. Trumbuli,,
Commercial Agent.
142 Third St.
Portland, Oregon
jyjcLEOL) k BROWN,
Bakkistbrs, Solicitors, Etc.
gkkenwood, B. C.
Chas. A. Webster,
Spokane,Wash.. U S.A,   Midway, B C.
A.M. Can. Soc. C. E.
Provincial Land   Surveyor
Midway anu Ohkknwood.
Ri'.NDELL Block, Greenwood
Phone 90. V. A ti.
J. S.  HARRISON.   '%
Spokane Falls SNopthern
Railway Co.
Nelson & Ft. Shsppard
Railway Co.
Red Mountain Railway Co.,
Washington & G. M. Ry.,
Van., Vic &E.By.&N.Co.
The nnly nil fail nitite iH-tween
pointH enflr, west unci smith tn Hnss-
Innil, Nelsnn. Uriind Forks nnd Repuli-
lir. (/OiincutK at K|wikane with the
Oi*b»i Nmt hern, Nun hern PuciHc nnd
0. It. &N. (In. for pnints east, west
nml sntitli ; unniK-t'.ts at Rowland and
Nelson with the Oanailiiiil Piififlt! Hy.
emiiHH'ta at Xclnon with the K. It. * N.
I'n. for Kiwln anil Sloi'aii pointa.
t'oniHTtn at Onrlliw with utiige fer
Oreenwood anil Miilway It. 1'.
Ilnffvt enra ' run on tratnx lietween
Spokane unit Hepublle.
I*nvo. Arrive.
lUi-un  SPOKANK  S.Wp.m.
10.M a.m  BOSSI.AND  «.ltl|iin.
7.00 a.m NRLSON  8.00p.m.
ll.OO.v.i'1 OUAND FOURS.... l.Mp.m.
!U5a.m...   ... UBPUllUO    ... Mllp.m
B.   A.   JAOKROM,
Uonerol Pnisoniior Agent.
Spokji'ie Wtish.
via Denver
If you go East through Colorado,
do not overlook the through service, Denver to Chicago, via the
Chicago, Milwaukee & St.
Paul Railway
Through standard sleepers and free
reclining chair cars leave Denver
every evening via this route, arriving in the Union Passenger Station,
Chicago, early the second morning.
General Agent,
134 Third Street, Portland
Riverside Bote
Rock Creek, 6. C.
S. T iABSEN, Prop.
Stopping plare fm*Singes tu
nd f nun ail Bimiuliiry
Creek points.
Good Accommodation fop the Traveling FuMle.
TARK nol too that OH Anys from lho itulu
tioreof I intend to apply In tlio Chiof Com-
inlHHinnnrof l,iinilnnii<l Works for permission
to pnrohacs tho 11111100111110(1 (mot.iuiml north
west | of 8oot«inl8 Township 61, Osoyoos district.
l)at«l this 3rd dny of Aiipist,, linn.
CON.II. AltCNIIiai,,
C. doll, Oroon,
Manufactured by the Hikla Cigar     £7| Q££3|
Factory, I. Blumenstiel, Proprietor,  ^^   iB  '"''
Hamilton, Ontario.
The "BABRISTER" is a Hnnd Made, Union Mtiko Cigar. It is
1), inches, full sizt* antl if made out of Pure Havunna Filler and
the very Choicest of'Sumatra wrapper.
j _.
Through Salt Uke City, Leadville, Pusblo, Colorado Springs and Denver   find
the Famous Rocky Mountain Sconory by Daylight to all Points Enst.
or rttos folders and other
Infonnatlon, address
W.C. McBKIDE,  Oen.   Agt.
Horse Shoeing a Specialty
All Kinds of Work Executed lo the Satisfaction of Custom
To Joso'ih SnulUii' or liny person ov |ior80ns
to whom yon limy Imvi' tiiinsf"iTi'(l your In-
Uircwt In in tlio "HlKir.nml Chiof" Mlnornl
olnlnv silimto In Cnmp MoKhlnoy, In lhc
OVtiotiwnoil Mining llivluion of Yiilo mlxttk.
You aro ho'rony itotliWiltlUil 1 hnvooitpBiiilijtl
|I18, in order to hold ymir IntorMt In llio
mid mlnornl oliiiui uudor lho provision of lho
Mlnornl Aot! tlint you nhuulil I'ontrlliulolho
mun of ?H8. for your Intoiwl. In wiiil clnitjj,
■ind If nithlnIKI dWI oflhc fli'sl. hnwtloil bf
thin nolleo you full or refuse in collirllralo lho
siiinofjlls. which Is now title hy you, In-
irollior Willi nil ensts of ndvoflMng. your III-
forest In sniil nilnenil clnim will becomo llio
proper!y of tluimilwcrllior under seeUmi four
iifiMiAet ontilleil Hie "Mineral Act Amend-
ment Aol." IIW.
llnlcil this ISth dny of July, IMI.
XAKF,nolleo llm! ft' tlnyn from Ihi dnte
hereof, 1 liilonrt loivpply In lhe f'hlof Cutniitls*
sionol'iif IrOirilsnnii Woiks for pirinl-..-'.)'! to
pnrelnwie IM ncres nf Innil heing I lio north wcit
1 of Heel hui li. Towiiship 61, Osnyoos ilisirht.
Hilled Ibis lib il.iyof AiiKUfl, 11*03.
r. dell. Broon,
f AKK nolleo thnt tm dnys from thi dttlo
hereof, I inlnnil tn upply lo tho ( bief i "iu
mlsnlonornf IjiiiiIs uml Works for pet'tnlssioti
in pni'el.me 320 neresnf Innd heinir lho   'til
1 of Mention lit, Township III, Osoyooi" d'talrli I
Hated this lilidiiyof Angnsi, 11X13
C   loll. Cxreeix,
Agon IS
It wiil be tbe most important Railway Centre in the
Interior of British Columbia.
It is in the centre of a
rieh Mining, Stock-Raising,
Ranehing, Gardening, Manufacturing, Coal Prodneing,
and Railway District.
Midway property  will
make you rich.   It is not
tion, it is an in-
Midway, the coming rail-
way, commercial, whole.
sale and manufacturing
centre of the Kettle Biver
and Boundary Creek Dis.
triets, is situated at the
confluence of Boundary
Creek and Kettle Biver,
Tie leading es ience
town in the country, with
an excellent climate, pure
water supply, and sur
rounded by rieh agricultural land.
30 St Jolm Street,
Montreal, P. Q
Jusiness, residence and garden lots at low prices and on easy terms.     Send for maps, prices, and full particulars to
Agent fur British Culutiihin,
Midway, B. V.
Sqasr* ftmttaf Ware.
Bet* It a littla ttrmon on honest?
that Canadians who produce lor mr
port should take well to heart. "Dishonesty on tha part ot the American
checsemakcr," saye an agricultural
newspaper published in Iowa, "destroyed hie English market for hit
product, .and Rave to his shrewder
and more hottest Canadian competitor a market worth miltlons of dollars a yow. It payi in the lone; run
to bth'or.cst."
flavin;!, uccordinR to this, gained
market worth millions by honosty, it
should not he nrccssary to remind
Canadians who export cheese, butter,
fruit, and other produces that "il
pays In the long run to be honest"
Dut such reminders arc necessary.
The Canadian trade agentl abroad
arc Rending home warnings against
sharp practices in packing good* for
export. Tlio Government hae found
It necrsfcr*' to guard the outlet, to
prevent improperly packed and dishonestly graded goods from getting
away to foreign parts. It seeme that
the Individual producer often takce
no interest in the foreign market,
and that thn small dealer le oftea
equally deficient in a sense of responsibility, so Ihnt everything depends
on the man who ncttiallv docs tht
exporting. The Government hy various nei'lv-devlsed regulation* seeks
to enio"'o honesty where it docs not
exist, and tho Importnnre of this
ennftot hn overestimated. Hut thc
Individual producer should hear in
mind thnt when tho products of a
country get n trood reputation In the
world's martlets It means prosperity
tor the pi'oduring classes,
n.o.ln.- *• Are pi P*.*.
Niche as Murphy, K.C., who Is an
old friend of, Sir Melville Tarkcr,
who liu*- In en recent Iv ill at his
home in Cool-millc. noted tho fact
that Sir Melville, who over 40 years
ngo watt appointed a justice of tho
peace, is one o( the vtrv few holders
of such olllce who declines to accept
loos or emolument for his services,
While 1|\ Ing a quiet retired lift! as a
country gfiUlonitili. .Sir Melville hns
always taken on active interest in
local affairs, and was wat don of Tool
County, and waa reave of Toronto
Township for several terms.
"A man of education," said Mr.
Murphy, "of refinement nnd ol a
most genial disposition, with both
friends nnd opponents, and a Justlco
of thc I'cuco for many, many vonrs,
in tho County of Peel, Sir Melville
has settled more cases that have
come before him by making friends
of those who wanted to bo enemies,
than any other .lustlco of tho .cacc
In Canada. And lie was always an
adherent of tho fact that stands patent, that. Justices of Iho Pence should
not bo pnid foes, and ho held his position In thnt capacity without any
fees or reward for his valuable tad
long service."
i       ••  •- —?..
s Ib Weekly Inter ton
Editorally Fearless.
Consistently RepuMkaa.
News from all of the world-Well
written, original stnrini-AiMWeni
to queries-- Articles on Health, the
Homo, {tew Books, and on Work
A'limttti     Karm and Garden.
Iri a member of the Amcwlited Prow,
tho only Western Newnpapor receiving the entire telegraphic news service of Ihe New York Sun and special
cable of thu New York World-daily
rcp-irU from over MOD special cor-
respondent* throughout the eovntry.
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jboth I'ii firs lur t2.*,o.
WhatTeaareea's Packet Amaw Aham*
Bmoeeae Mai's Aetaaelaaltoa.
Shortly after the Mstsslattlon of
Emperor Paul of Ruutt Ttnnyson, the
father of tht pott, dined with Lord Bt
Helens, tht British tmbssssdor, In
Moscow. Several Itusilsn ofllcers ot
Ugh rank whose names ht did oot
know were also guests. Daring dinner
a guarded reference wat made to tht
emperor's death. "Why do yon tptak
ao gingerly about a matter ao notorious?" cried Tennyson Impulsively, loaning across bit neighbor, a Haitian
whose breast was covered with order*.
"We know very well In Bngland that
the Emperor Poul waa murdered.
Count Zoboff knocked Mm down, < and
Bennlngsen and Count Pablen strangled bim." There waa a strained silence; tben tht ambassador abruptly
changed tbe subject. Aa tilt guests
Hied out into an adjoining room Lord
Bt. Helena drew Ttnnyson aside.
"Don't go Into the nest room," ba
whispered, "bat fly for yoar lift. Tht
man next you. across whose breast
you leaned, w..« Count Pablen, and
Zoboff was also at the table." Ht gave
a few hurried directions, and Tennyson rushed off, threw bis clothes Into a
portmanteau and fled behind fast
horses to Odessa, still In evening garb,
though tht cold waa Intense. Ht lay
bidden for weeks and at last, In tht
disguise of a servant, waa smuggled
on board nn English frigate.
Riverside Nurseries
Orand Forks, B. C.
Home-grown, thrift/, acclimatised treei and shrubs,
Currents, Raspberries, Strawberries, ete.
A fine assortment of Maples and other shade trees,
Roses, Lilacs, Hedfe Plants, other ornamentals.
The secret of success in planting, is, firm'—to secure gnod stuck,
HWJONII-to plant as soon ss possible after it is Aug.
Trees obtained fron pur norsery ean be planted at
Midway two days .Iter tbey are dug.
Price list, and ffitll information promptly given.
Sop Seqortf Ave., Spokane, Wash.
PAINTING *   a™—*
AND       I?   SKATES
The school where thorough work is done; where the ivasonl
is always given; where confidence is developed ; where lint
keeping is taught exactly as books are being kept in business!
where SHORTHAND.isscientific; where penmanship is at }
best; where meHt is (he standard; where the training in Civ
"* service, Telegraphy, English and Cartooning wakes up
students, develops their powers and teaches them     howto te
successful    No argument is. so eloquent as   the record ol
th-ngs well done.   No mortgage can corrupt,   no chief ci
weak through and steal the knowledge of How to Do.   Wheti
you know what a school can do for you by what it has clone h<
others istt^t^fotrust to luck?   Is it wiser to guess?
For cje^iled information call, telephone or write
809 Secocd Ave., Spokane Wash.


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