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The Advance 1901-03-25

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 1 1IC /\UVA1>V^C.
V £tf eieWJUe-tA^n*.
XIV, No. 21.
$2.00 per Year.
gBiHTKit, Solicitor, Etc
Gkkknwood, D. C.
—: Notary Puhlio,
Hallett & Shaw
NoUrlci Public.
OK*: ttislfonl McNeill'*, Moreing J-
Ninil's, Luibor'*.
.  . .   MIDWAY, H.C.
rAUY   I'l III.K .
pitoms entrle* passed.    Mineral Act
J Und Aet  paper* drawn up.  Affl*
rlts taken.  Abstracts made.
lemmunlcitions by mail or telephone
nptly attended to.
jell Block, Greenwood
Phone IMI, V. A N.
A. M. Can. Soo. C. E.
lviNci.\L Land   Surveyor
hjeal Estate
1 i|«iirai*oe.
fit   STItKKT.
Tonsorial Artist.
\a Hr»t-el*_ Share, llulr Cut, Boa Foam
Bhampoo,   call   At the   ulxivu  purler,
EtSSOn belied mul gliiliud.
fTII   STItKKT,   -   -   -   MIDWAY.  II. 0.
Our low prices in  DRY   GOODS have
mude them sell.
We are giving big bargains in CLOTHING, BOOTS and SHOES.
We have made the prices to suit  the
Will Build a Railway Up the Kettle River Valley
to Midway.
Will Also be Constructed by Jim Hill and Mackenzie & Mann-
Nothing Left for the Government to do but Lend Assistance.
Kind*  of  Repairing.    Horseshoeing
A ipcoUlt**,
_itt-iudrl*rh,   »_«_•.
Kxucllort Fishing on Kolllo Rlvor._*
|l kind* of work executed to
•atitfaotlon of cutrtomari.
Wm. St. Qiuntin, Prop.
EDvotfythlng   IHrst**cltt__u
F*-Tfci». ■**-•«_«-»*,, ncidwaar.
H.  REYES, Prop.
|iiih1 Accommodation)
Hi-;, Liquors mul Cigars,
First-Clmw stabling,
| Hotel Spokane,
A new building, well furnished. Everything new
and first-class. Only the choicest Wines, Liquors
and Cigars kept in stock. Headquarters for Mining
and Commercial Men.
Commercial and Mining men should   put  up
at the Fairview Hotel when in camp.
Qeo J. SKeeKar*
jj- Midway Meat Market - j
K. k. MATTHES, Proprietor. f
At this establishment customers can get choicest cuts of
=  *
| j The ' •■ x- Meats arc always fresh mul Bweel    Call and gut a good joint JJ
I TELEPHONE 311- P O- BOX 25.        V
\999999999999 9999999999999999999tr99xriitr99iri^tf999k
■ Rolrierorntor O—l "tlm.*» jp>x*___lF*c->t!i
ijs fresh mul Bweel
tor dinner to-day,
Great Reduction
ID. ____!__
Practical Watch Maker,
('(II'PKI"   HT
(Innd Tool-, Plenty Material,
and jo yeart cxprrlcnce to do
work correctly.   .  .  .
Dry Goods, Notions,
Ladies' and  Gents'
Furs, Jackets and Cape?
Clothing of all kinds at manufacturers' prices plus
freight,  for thirty days, to make room for
Spring and Summer Wear.
We need the cash, and are willing to sacrifice profits,
FUR COATS from $12.50 to $20, former price $17.50 and $25
FUR CAPS worth $5 and $6, now selling at torn $1.50 to $3.50
Now is the time to buy, as no sueh bargains will
be offered again.
Rubber goods at greatly reduced prices, as we do
not intend to carry them over for next season.
Come and inquire about our cash grocery  prices,
Everything cut down for cash.
HAIN &  CO.,  General Merchants
Before another year is over Midway
will bu enjoying exceptional railway
advantages, lietter ilimi any town in
tin' Boundary dislrict.
Th« fact tluit the (Vrhiti chaiter t.
huild a riijiil from the south wasdefeat
ed some time nun his boon a great
drawback lo Midway. Bad thai char-
tor beeu granted, Midway today would
have been one of llm best, railway centres and commercial pnints Intheln*
terior, but the charter was refused and
the town haa passed through a very
quiet time, but .lim Bill has now decided in huild the road covered hy the
Corbin route, and this district will in a
short lime be the Beene of lively railway const ruction, In speaking nf tbis
matter the Spokesman-Review of a
recent date snys :
It will branch off fiom Ihe Spokane
Falls _ Northern at Meyers Falls,
cms* ibe Ciiluiiilii i ii K itie. Falls and
follow the Kettle river north lino llrilisli Columbia and west hack ini"
Washington near Nelson, Wash., and
theme south through Curlew Valley
in Republic, It. will have a lengihof
about 200 miles, and engineers say lbe
route will lie .ui excellent nne so far a*
grades nre concerned. Ii is claimed i
the road will he constructed mid In
oper.ii.inn within six months.
It is ji p''cttliar fact, nntwithslanding
all the rumors thai Ibe Republic
branch was lo g" in via Wenatchee
and up the San l'"il river, thnt President James .1. Ilill never puhllely
spoke for nther than ihe Kelileilver
route, Last August when in Spokane j
President Bill snid :
"lie tire it Northern wishes to
1'iiild tbat line as directly us pilsslhle
from Spokane. That i.s ihe minimi
whv. We imw have surveyois :it
worn seeking a route from tlie Spokane
Palls & Northern and hope that nne
can he found, Understand thispropn
sitinn : Tho bulk of oris in thai cninp
are low grade, They musl bave a low
transportation rate to move them.
li.lib mills wliieh hnve heavy grades
enn not make low rates. Thnl is the
situation exactly. Ii will accomplish
nothing to huild a line to Republic the
operation of which will requ're sueh
high freight tariffs as lo prevent shipments. We hnve in gel an o-isy grade
into the camp, and lhat we will hnve
if the engineers can Iimi it,and I think
I hev ran."
A careful rending will show Ibal at
ihnt lime President Bill hid lhe Ketlle
rivcr route in view, whicli he has fre-
quenlly said possesses the low grade
desired. He would not speak of the
Keiile river route then because he
Hrsl desired to make arrangements for
lhat pari of the line which lies in British Columbia. This report has it he
hns done so. ll was failure to get the
British Oolumhla right of way which
kepi ihe Corbin road out.
But while Mr. Bill was "playing iiis
game" to secure his Canadian rights
ihe Wamor Miller syndicate stole a
march on him on the American side.
The only possible route down the
Curlew valley from the Internaliopnl
boundary will cross many Indian al
Inlnietils.      Ill   Ihese   nihiluienls   tbe
government is holding Ihe title as
trustee for Ihe Indians for 'I'i years.
No railroad surveys can be made over
ibe lands without, permission of tbo
Indian bureau al \Vn hinginn and the
mad can not he buill until the right nf
way damages have heen Itxed and the
iMimtiiit paid in the Indian agent on
behalf of lhe Indian owners.
Winner Miller got ll permit to make
surveys and under tlie depart neill
rule prohibiting parallel rights within
1(1 miles n second perini' wjis denied.
Hut the Miller syndicate has gone nn
further lhan purveys | hns not even
Hied map of definite locution, juiiI re
cently ihe department ai Washington
sci veil noliee on the syndicate to show
cause why the permit should mil. he
The result is that lbe Millersyndl-
rate must al once build or show im
mediate intention of building or lose
ils rights. A prlville wire received
yesierdny Indicates Ibal today tin
syndicate will Ium over Iti rights ti
Mr. Ilill.
All these reports come frnm reliable
sources and have heen confirmed nnd
St. Paul, Minn., March IS The
Grenl Northern nfflclnl circular, si._rm-<i
by ,1. .1. Hill, annoiii'eing tile terms of
the is.,u(> of ijcili.lKtylXXI in new Mock
was issued today. The chculnr recites that the capital stock of the
Great Northern will he increased to i.n
iitnount imt b-.* Hum $28,000,000 for
t ie purpose of "acquiring additional
lines ihnt will be more than 500 miles
io the railroads controlled by the coin-
puny, ami to acquire control of the
ocean steamships of the (ireal Northern Steamship company, of which
twn of large carrying rapacity, design
ed for the carrying trail", are now under const ruction al New London, Connecticut."
The terms of the issue of the new
slock arc described Ihus; "Stockholders will he entitled to subscribe for
$25 of new stock for eacb share of their
holdings of the .slock now outstanding,
payments to be made ns follows :
Twenty per cent each Oil Mny 2, June
26, July 25, Augusi 2(1 and September
25. Four dollars per share will he
credited upon each instalment on account of ihe subscriber's interest in
snid bonds released to this company by
the subscription."
It is generally believed the 5(10 miles
referred In menus the (ireat Northern
lines to lie built from Montann to Ihe
Crow's Nest coal fields and the line
from Spokane to Midway,
' Much speculation bis heen indulged
in since tlie announcement bus lieen
made that .lim Hill wns going to
huild a line to connect with Canadian
territory, as to what object he had in
view in building to the line when he
had no charter to huild on ibis side.
Perhaps more attention was given to
the matter in I his immediate vicinity
than ln any olher part of the district
ns the Corbin survey which Air. Hill
intends to follow crosses the Inter
national boundary line nl Midway.
But a recent telegram received nt
Victoria by E. V. Bodwell, from New
York and signed by Mr. Ilill explains
everything.   It is as follows:
"New York, March 21.- If yon
think ii advisable yon mny announce
that the (Ireat Northern railway and
Mackenzie _ Mann nre equally interested in tlie V. V. A: Iv railway conipnny stock.   (Signed.)
"J..I. HlI.I.,
"Wm. Mackenzie."
The great cry al Victoria by those
who hnve been opposed to renewing
Ihe .subsidy lo the V. V. „ F... luis
heen lhat thev were totally ignorant
as to wbo re behind the scheme,and
therefore did nol know if the promoters lins sufficient en pi till lo finance
the building of Ihe rond. even if the
subsidy were renewed. But if that
was their only reason for r fusing to
renew the subsidy, tliere should now
tie no reason at all, for lhe above telegram should dispel from ibe minds of
most skeptical nny dotlhl about there
not being sufficient caultal behind
the V. V. k E. to huild the rond. and
as il is the opinion .-md desire of Ihe
Province ns a whole lhat the V. V.
& E. should be bulb, there is nothing
lefl for the government to do but lend
it tbeir assistance.
Will Extend the Tunnel to Tap the
rtain Lead.
Work hns been resumed on the
Bruce. This properly, wliieh is situate
bide In Midway, has bad consideralile
work done on il already. A tunnel
has been run aboui 250 feel and the
present work consists of extending It
In ji greater length. Sonic fine ore luis
been taken out. of the tunnel, hut as
yet Ihe main ledge hns not been ell
Last week Mr. Sydney M. Johnson,
P. I.»S., of Anaconda, agent for the
Stratford Exploration \ Development
conipany, an eastern syndicate owning
a large interest in Ilie Bruce, visited
the property in company with 8, W,
Hall, a Rossland mining expert. .Mr.
Johnson was very much pleased with
the result of the rer.enl development,
so much so that a force of nien is
likely lo he kept al work until the
main lend is I ipped. Mr. Hull was
nlso greal I y impressed with the property and is of the opinion lhat the
tunnel will only have lo be run u short
distance further in order lo strike the
I I.
Ill speaking of Mr. Hall's visil lo the
Boundary country the liossland Miner
of a recent date has the following to
sav :  "Mr. s. W, Hall returned on
Sunday nighl fnun a visit tothe Boundary country and the Noi wny inountain section, He went to the Boundary
for the purpose of cxnmining the Bl ure
group neni Midway, nnd while there
took advantage of lbe opportunity to
Inspect lhe mines iu Phoenix camp.
In tbn Bruce group he found a Very
fine showing of cbalcopyrite ore, There
has mil  been enough  work  done   to
d riuine the extent of the properties,
although it Is il fair looking  prospect,
 *. • . .
The Concentration of Ores by Oil.
Much inlerest. appears to have been
aroused in connection with lhe now
Elmore process for the concentration
of ores by means of oil. The English
technical   papers   hnve devoted ;i g 1
deal of space to a consideration of iis
merits. It appears lo have attracted
more allonllon in England thnn in tbis
country, for the reason that a practical
plant hns now heen at work for ahout
six months treating a very low grade
copper-gold ore ttt a mine in Noi lb
Wnles. Tbe ore from I hid mine only
contains ahout one per cent of copper
and one and one-half pennyweights "f
gold, contained in Hue put tides of Iron
nnd copper pyrites m slate, and ii is
claimed that Ihis ore is being treated
al a profit, whereas allsorlsof mechau-
nil concentrators lunl utterly failed
owing to tlie heavy percentage loss of
values in the tailings.
It is claimed that tin' figures fron
tlie hooks of the above mine slum tbat
lhe best woiks that could he accomplished, by a first cla-s modern jig
mill mid vanners, under ex perl management, was a recovi ry of 20 per cent
of the values. This plant lias heen en-
tiiely lepliced by a plant under lbe
Elm >re pjitents nnd the recovery is
now proved to be 80 per een I of tbe
values, which is exceedingly goi d ci n-
sideling tlie very low grade rock
Tlie pioeess has been thoroughly investigated hy Ihe well known ex perl,
Mr. Charles Jl. Rolker. who read a
paper ou the Biihject at the London
Institute of Mining and Metallurgy a
short time ago.
His investigation of the process was
undertaken on behalf of one of tho
hesi mining houses in London ami (he
result of his report was I he formation
of u development syndicate. The husiness is Introduced uniler lhe b*>sl of
financial nnd technical auspices, hence
no absurd clninis nre made ns io
wluit the process is capable of, .The
process depends for ils success upon
the discovery that henry mineral
oil possesses the exlraotdlnary property of attaching itself to paiticle's of
sulphides and metallic surfaces, where*
as it will not attach itself io particles
of wet rock, thus providing a very p> r-
fect means of separation, quite independent of the relative specific gravities of the mineral and "gangue,"
The operation consists nf mixing I he
pulp from lhe stamps, Huntingdon
mills or olher crushing appliances with
a small quantity of mineral oil, ina
specially designed apparatus.
Afler the mixing Ihe pulp and the
oil run Into a srltling tank when tbe
oil carrying the whole el thepyi'it'fl
floats on the Biirftire of the water, Tbe
tailings are run otf at the bottom of
the I link and the oil is run to n special
form of centrifugal machine which
separates I he oil from the concentrates,
The oil is then ready for re-use and the
concentrates are ready for shipment,
li Is claimed that the total loss of oil
does not exceed one gallon per Ion of
ore treated.
The npparilllis is ot Ihe simplest des-
cription, the wear nnd tear being re.
ilmed lo a minimum, Jir. Rolker, in
Ids pi per above refened lo, Bays :
" The mechanical contrivances
brought lulo aotion by the Inventor
are excellently adapted In Ihe wmk
demanded, and bespeak very careful
thought ns well as patient, systematic
mid highly intelligent work. Seen-
iogly Insuperable mechanical difficulties in the Initial stngc have been ingeniously overcome and ilu* process
has arrived nl a practical woikiug
Tests have recently been cartlrd out
on samples of British Columbian gold*
copper ores, and have given excellent
results, the extraction of gold, silver
nml copper being nl Ihe rate ofl'Olo
IIS per cent of the assay values. II is
claimed Hun suoh ores cniiliol be treated by the ordinary wel concern mi em
process without heavy loss from the
fine stale of division iu wliieh Ibe mineral exists.
Iii III" Elmore process ii is Immaterial whether Ibe ore slimes In crushing
or not. as lhe oil picks up all lhe Hunt
mineral thai would be entirely losl on
a vanner.
Tno ore roticent nil Ion syndicate
which controls the palepts Is located
at I liishopsgale Btleel (Wllhin), London, Ei C,    They will I'cgl.id lo leceive
samples which  Ihey will Ireal Ir f
cosl to mine owners uni reporl results. upturn ui un; Hiliiseroicr.
Advortising Hates sent on Application,
■ i. . «-l.- .    t   —re—mm-t i    '.u ...
_--»_■ l ■     - II   Ul ■        ■       .    . .
Vernon is rejoicing over the probability of having direct railway connection wlih the Boundary country. In
speaking of the matter the Vernon
News says : "Il seems more than
probable thnt after long yenrs of weary
wailing we are at last to obtain direct
railway connection with the Boundary
country, and everyone hete realizes
fully what thnl will nienn for this city
and dislrict."
Lust Thursday Joe Martin introduced a hill, in the Provincial House,
to legal ,7.x champerty, which, he held.
In a new eouo .-uch as Briiish Co-
lllinhin, wji- ileilly legitimate, especially oi mining districts, where
id no nssets beyond
i.'ily way in which
h lawyer wns by
iterest lu their pos-
Martlu taken lbe
this liill and
passing   it,   some
men frequently hi
claims, and lbe
tlmy could -eoiiri
giving lhem i
sessions. Had JL
precaution to in trod
been successful in
lime ago before be wis suspended from
the B. C. Law Society for illegally
practicing champerty it would have
saved him much nnnoynnce, but better
lite lhan never and no doubt the Hon.
Just ph has found a chance to make au
even swap of some of his legal Information for au interest - itl a mineral
claim and is endeavoring lo introduce
A little legislation to make the trade in
keeping with tbe law. lf every member of the legislator were working
simply for their own interests, wliere
Would Ihe people, they are supposed
to be representing, get in on the deal ?
There now seems to he no plausible
rensoii why Ihe V. V. & E. railway
should not receive Ihe provincial subsidy. The telegram from New Yotk to
E. Y, Bodwell announcing that the
Great Northern, and Mann, Mackenzie
& Co. were behind the scheme, has
had lhe effect of quieting a number of
provincial newspapers that nf late have
been devoting -■oluinns of editorials to
pointing out ihut it would be foolish
for the government to grant the suhsidy lo the V. V. k E. when lhe puhlic were totally ignorant as to who
wete the promoters. They claimed
that the proposal to huild the V. V. &
E. was simply a scheme to make
money, and they felt more positive of
this fact because it was unl. made
known who was going to huild it and,
not knowing mis, it was aoiintrul ir
there was sufficient capital hacking it
to insure its heing built even if the
government gave a helping hand. But
Bince it has become known that J. J.
Hill is backing the scheme, the papers
that heretofore have been crying dnwn
the V. V. k E. are now in    They
can no longer doubt. Ihe financial
hacking of the rond and as that was
the only reason g'ven why it should
not receive the government's .ml theie
is now nothing left for them to do hul
support !s cause or remain silent.
The same exception ihat was taken hy
these newspapers was also shared hy
a number of the mem hers of the L»gis-
Iture and they, too, tan now do
nothing hut support thn hill to subsidize the rond. The reporl lhat was
Issued to l he effect that the C. P. R.
had offer, ,| to build the road without
a cent of subsidy seems to have been
entirely without foundation, why
such a report should have become
circulated is decidedly surprising, it
certainly did not originate from the
fan ihal Hun corporation is in the
habit of Inptingsuch i policy. Following to , , r nrd, 'here cannot he
found ji -ing! inst nice, since Ihe C. P.
II became ji company, where ihey
have built s fool of line without heing
nver-suhaidized by ilm government.
Of course if ihey have adopted a new
policy und decide lo huild the Coast*
Koolenay railway, without receiving
any financial assistance and tbe V. V.
k E. refuse to build unless Ihey be
given a pubsldy, tben tliere is nothing
left for llu- government to do hut allow
tlieC. P. R. lo huild. But if on the
other hand the (,'. P. H. still waul a
suhsidy (whicli is altogether prohahle)
there is no reason in the world why
the V.  V. E. should  not teceive lhe
preference, and why?   Because it ton...      i-     . #       .i
].      . ,    ' ,, '       I Ottawa, direct from the entries passed
the wish of ihe entiri! province: it n    .Jm   ,   ,.     , ._.        .     .  ,,
.... ...       . land filed at Customs throughout the
Dominion, and the greatest cure is
piovince. There Is no denying the
fact Ihnt tht; building of the V, V. k K.
«ill prove of great advantage to the
entire province. There is no dotlhl
Ihal Ibe building of lhat rond would
prnveof vastly more importance toBrii-
ish Columbia iu general aud southern
British Ooiumbia in particular, than
lbe extension of the Columbia k West
ei n from Midway to connect with Ibe
main line of the C. P. R. What Unpeople of this province wants is competition in railways. Ii hns been too
long already under the iron band of
one conipnny and Ihe sooner il is freed
from this slate of bondage the heller,
The old saying that competition is tbe
life of (rude, applys to railways as
well ns to any other line of husiness.
Why tliere should beany dwubt as to
bow the Legislature should act in the
mai ter, we.cannot nndei stand, and itis
sincerely hoped that it will not go contrary to the wishes of ihe people
and enter Into some contract with Ibe
0. P. It., which, according lo the.ordi-
nnry run of government contracis
with that company, would contain
some loophole ihrough which that
company would get oul of building until such  times us it suited it to do so.
Foreign Trade of Canada.
The following circular has been is
sued by John McDongaid, commissioner of Customs at Ottawa, for the benefit of Canadian business men aud
others who may be interested :
Yonr attention is hereby respectfully
directed to the new statist ical repot
of imports and exports of the Dominion, which is heing published monthly
by tbe Customs Departmeni,
This report gives practically the
same detailed information, by articles
and countries, nf imports and exports,
as tuts heretofore lieen contained in
the annual volume of the trade and
navigation returns.
For the past ten years Ihese annual
returns were not published until on nn
average of about six months afler the
close of the fiscal year. The information therein contained was, therefore,
from eighteen down to six months old
when Ihe report was available for the
The Government Icing of opinion
ihat Ihe long delay in publication,
which seemed to he unavoidable under
the existing system of compilation,
minimized the value to the business
public of the statistical information,
decided, with Ibe object of furthering
the business interests of the country,
to change the system of compilation,
md to issue a monthly report in addition to publishing, as formerly, the
annual volume of ihe trade and navi-
gallon returns,
The new monthly report gives the
following information :
1st. The quantity and value of goods
imported .md passed through the Cus
loins for consumption monthly under
lHII separate heads, and subdivided so
us to show the countries of export.
2nd. The quantity and value of exports, home and foreign produce separately, per month, under 326 separate
heads, and sub-divided so as to show
the countries to which the goods are
3rd. In addition to the information
as to imports and exports for the
mon ih to which it refers, the report
also contains information for the fiscal
period ending with each month ; for
instance, the January report will give
the imports and exports for lhat
month, and, us well, the totals in detail by articles und countries for the
seven months ended January of the
fiscal year, which commences on July
1st and ends Juue 30tb.
The classification of the imports and
exports followed in the report wos
designed to afford as much information
as possihle, respecting the movements
of foreign l rode In the different lines
of husiness engaged in in Canada, and
it is helieved that it satisfactorily
meets tbe requirements,
It is the intention to publish the report as promptly as |M)ssihle after the
close of each month, and every effort
will he made by the Department towards that end.
The compilation of the statistical information is made by a speciul branch
of the Department at. headquarters,
neisuii a ri, onupru
Railway Co.
Railway Co,
Tin* only nil mil route between
nil pointa Kant, West nnd South
to KoNMlnnd, Nelson and nil
intermediate points ; connecting nt Spokane with the Orent
Northern, Northern Pacific nnd
O. It. & N. Co.
Connects at Nelson with the steamer for
Kaslo and all Kootenay Lake points.
Connects at Meyer's Falls with stage dally
for Republic, and connects at Bossburg with
stage dally for Grand Forks and Greenwood.
—nuHwri.wi'   !»■-*•*.»*
SPOKANK     tUU i.m.
IKWSI.ANIi    1I..VI ti in.
NKLHON     7.0Oa.ni,
SPOKANE (1.1,1 p. in,
MKJ8LANU  Il.uip. in.
b. Jh. crA.oxx.uoxr,
Uencrnl PavCtlgOt1 Agent
Direct Route  Unequalled Service
lo iill point*
II.Ill p.m.
3,10 |i iu.
7.1;i p.m. I
7.00 a.m. i
;.ui n.in.
&._o_—L*   _*0_*«^—
Tiik Royai, Inhuhanck Ooy.
Thk London ami LANCASHIRE Fihk
Inhuhanck Coy.
The  Insurance Ooy, op  North
The London and Canadian Fihk
Insurance Ooy.
The Sun Life Ashcbancb Ooy ur
The Dominion Building and Loan
Appraiser tor the Canada Peh-
manknt Loan and Savings Vox
QQft ACltKS adjoining Miilway suitable
_OU   fnr "inciter iirioniisiii-.   Apply
11. H. IILHST k CO.,
16u Victoria.
RKWAMl-vill bc paid bv thc un*
v. fl
vt)_.0  itgned io anyone furnishing intimation thai  will lead to Ihe i-onvleiinn of lhe
party or partlim who poiuoneil my Cordon Si
ter Bitch.
Midway, Feb. 14. i«il.
First-Class Sleepers
Dining Cars Tourist Cars
Steamship Service from Vancouver lo
Gape Nome Alaska Points
Australia     China      Japan
Through tickets to and from
!   For time tallies, rami ami full Information
call on oraddrOfB A. P. Mrl't'l.l.V, Agent,
Midway, or
.1. S. IAII Tilt. B, .1. I (IY1.K,
i>. r. a., a. a, P. A;
| Nelsnn, II. 0.       Vancouver. II. <
| Try ■ Bottle of
| and
I *   For that Cough of yours.
15-}*>*>»»*>*>»»*j*->««*f**«f «««* *
J Agent for Stuart's I
f Map of the Boundary ]
I District. j
1 J. A.
I   Unsworth,
j       Druggist,
| flidway. {
    0O*O***0***********0************O00****ttUK. 1,
flsveiuOta.  MA.,   XtXAeX-we%_r,
One Block West of Customs Office. -»•
;§j>   This is a first-class building, being hard   @§   *»   ...   . I
;§■>   finished throughout,   The dining? n   (§}   a zs, I
>$   t~#j   is run uiuler the personal supervision   jg '.,'
$■>   ;■§■}   of Mrs. Crowell, and is supplied  with    ■::•      "
W  ©   @   the best on the market.   Choice stock '.;;,',
D   ©   _}   °f Wines, Liquors and Cigars at the Si
®   ®   ®   ®   bar-     Lar8e   Stal,le   '"   connection. ;^|
Tho Patronage of the Publlo It Solicited and
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
>W. H. WEBB.f
Practical Wagon and Carriage Builder,
c,       -      -      js. o,
Repairing of all kinds promptly and neatly executed.
Carriage Painting a specialty.
the wish of the people thit  ilie  uiflll*
hereof i.li - Kitr-M'-mii'iit are represent*
hip, they »erc elect>d on the under*
biiiiiiling tluii   each  member   wonltl
look iiflor the Interests of the const!-
tlli*ncy which he represents, the people
hnve Iheir pledges thnl nny hill thnt
raille hefore the House, the passing of
which was likely to prove of  henettt
to ibat constituency,   would receive
their support, I lien how can the individual members of the government do
other l hull give it their support ?   No
better proof of how general is the de-
lire of tbe people of this province to
have the V. V. k l_. tonsti ucled than
to notice the number i.f delegates thai
nave viBiled Victoria for the purpose
of impressing upon the government
the fact that the district or town which
they represented were in fnvnr of sub
sidizing the V. V. k K. in preference
to the 0,  P.   R.     It is not ns   if
only  a   few    towns    and    districts
Were represented by these delegate*.
hut nem ly every   lown   tied   districl
tu the piovince   contributed lo   the
laken to secure accuracy.
The price of I he report hns heen fixed
by Order in Council at the very low
sum of 10c per copy, in order lo ensure
the widest possihledistribution thereof.
It is believed that the publicatitfti of
the report will be of much service lo
the (.'ainillinn business public, which is
the object the Government had in
view in nulliorizing it.
The  distribution  of tbe report is
made by Dr. S. E. Dawson,   King's
Printer, Ottawa, to whom application
should   be  made  hy  intending  sul-
To Ut.
The   Lancashire   House,   Midway.
This is a popular hot "I, and is a goml
opening for a flrst class hotel man.
riic furniture can lie purchased reasonably.   Possession given at once,
Fur terms, etc., apply to
'Tiik Midway Company, Ltd..
Midway, B. C.
J. H. TYRRELL, Proprietor.
$3.00 per month.    Single Horses, delivered in Midway, $5.00
per month.   Two or more, delivered in Midway,
each $4.00 per month.
Pack and Saddle Horses for Sale or Hire
Jf you have lost a Horse send me the brand, and if it is'
in the country it will be found.
Carrying His Hajesty's flails
Will leave MIDWAY on Tuesdays, Thurs
days and Saturdays, at 8.30 a. m., arriving al
CAMP McKINNEY at 5 p. m.
Returning will leave CAMP McKINNEY on
Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 9 a. m.,
reaching MIDWAY at 1.30 p. m.,and making connection with the train going east at 2 o'clock.
The boat of accommodation for
tho convenience of the
travelling public.
KS'I'AHI.I-ill 1)11    l*—.-t.
Ouh  Specialties—Varieties profitable in British 1
Trees Free from Pests.
Send for Free Catalogue,   |   E. HuTCHERSON, Man.,-''
Lancashire House, \
i : MIDWAY, B.C. : :
The undersigned having taken thi-; well-
known and comfortable hotel invites thc
patronage of all old customers and the public
Furnacr-hcate-1 and comfortably
furtilslii'd   room*.
Thos. D. Banbury, Proprietor.
The Boundary Hotel
Strictly First-class Throughout, Excellent Accommodation.
Large Sample Room for Commereial Men.
THOS. McAULEY,   -      Proprietor.
The Riverside Hotel
Is situated at Rock Cre k, B. C, on the main
route of travel between Penticton and all Boundary Creek points.
Good Hunting. Good   Fishing
Best of Accommodation.
S. T. LARSEN, Proprietor.
tf t'f tf
The Pioneer Newspaper of the
Boundary  District   only
$2.00 per year*
Is prepared
fill all orders
for Job Priming at lowest
rates consistent with goo*'
work. n, ofJVnli'iiiiir nml Sunsoi
town mi Saturday.
)B is greatly liti*j|"pv!ng
*"•! dug nut a number nf
ma, of Oi't't'invnnil, wbo has
Hug tx few days in Midway,
■n Salurday's Irani,
Bonk went up to tlie Huliy
|we<'k, where he Is engaged
■haft nn linn property,
Im ris, M. lv, nf Oreenwood.
lo   MoMHuiikdee,   Angola,
flea, nu mining litiiineoa,
e, route agent for tlie Dotn*
ess L'Oilipany, was in Midway
Innking up I Hide fur  Ilie
Jerliy iiiid his assistant, A.
tx Iiihi week fm I'm ini, where
in' fug iKi'd fnr hdiiii! time
tie' Carmi townsite.
(iilir wishes to extend his sill'
kkniu ilu' many friends wbo
ly lent tbeir inciitiUniJi! and
iy during lii*, recent liereivve-
p--i'is frnui Boundary points tn
(iri* just now required t" pro
ctnr's eertillcali' to the effect
Ly line mil lieen iu danger nf
f■',.iii  siiiiillpux.  otherwise
ll nnt lie permitted tn leave tile
It Jaffray,  nf Toriuitn, vice-
It nf the Crow's Nesl PtIMt Cllftl
ly, is expected tu visit Midway
He will come in from the
Ba Uanip McKinnuy, where he
end a day nr twn at lhe Carihoo
■Hi')' Hold mine in wbich he has
leralde interest!
Thnini'i and 0. M. Melville
Irm -I'd In day to do an assessment
IHestei' mineral elaini, situate iu
|y camp. Tliis property is near
puwdrnp, one uf Ihe Highland
(Consolidated Mining k Milling
Iny's properties, which hits an
put showing nf mineral assaying
Iliglily in guld, silvi'i and copper.
ars. H. M. Keefer,!.. Vf. VeMex:
II. Hell and It. Llden, "( (ireeu
I, were in  Midway one day lust
no     then   wny  to Hoik creek
Isit the scene of   the   recently
id placer   company's   intended
■linns.   They f id thai lbe con
■on of the dam was in hand snd
all ili.* liuiiiei- needed for ii «»-
ilie ground,   li   is "xp.cieil ibal
; liy ihe "lioomtng" Bysletn will lie
ogress l-efnre the end "I the cur-
moiit h.
|hn I. Flood, formerly of Phoenix,
opened  a livery,  fei d and  Sale
a h  ih- linililing formerly nceu-
hj Bareklay* Huns.   Mr.Fioiai
ji Hrst class iinttit of luu ->■-  uni
, and parties tiavelling lo Midway
[tfjiin, uinl wishing to visil nny of
suiroiinding towns or oanip*. can
pud on gel ting flrsl class h irsesand
i  n  ieasoufti'le uite-    Mr   Flood
is   c min ■   i   Ira;  and transfer
n -s. and a luis will meet all trains,
iik ou    r ji* In- advertisement else*
li< re iii ihis issue,
ll'iie in ,si ii irlnn theft thai was ever
liinuil ed in Midway look place husi
Ik lii > when some oni stole a horse and
■ill:.' tied to K post on Seventh stl'cl.
h* animal, whicli h*»lontt*ed in James
lynch, nf the reservation,  hul wss
ought uiiowtl hy Frank Black, wa*
ol to a telephone pole iu front nf
|hiwell's   hutel   al   the   time it   wns
nle .   in his great haste to escape
mini iced ihe culprit did nm even wait
i iiuiie the bailer rope from the pole,
tut cut  it  in two wilh a knife.   The
oviiii-ial police were al once notified
bf the theft, hul have as yel heen tin-
■this io g"t any clue as to whn the
guilty parly is.
Norman McMillan,of Brandon, Manitoba, arrived In Midway lodny. Mr.
iMcMillau has decided to leave the
Ipiiiiii' province and try his luck al
{farming itl British Oolumhla, whets'
Ilie climate is milder. He has visited
i great many towns in the district, hut
nine nf tbem gave bim such favorable
Impressions as Midway. The climate,
ne snys, is all thai can lie desiied, and
It is altogether likely he will locale
close to Ihe town. Mr. McMillan snys
|h re is much talk ahout the Boundary
iiiniry In Manitoba, and more partlc*
lilarly ahout Midway. Thai lhe people
■if Brandon hive heard much aboui
Midway and this locality through the
iiliiinns nf Tiik ADVANCE, which is
Inr-Hy read iu that town.
It. J.,Day, a blacksmith lately from
pranhrook, Kasi Kootenay, and who
inked ill his I rude for il few days at
khe Deadwood saw mill, died Insl week
pn   the Greenwood hospital.  Befoie
[oing to Deadwood he complained
that he felt unwell and shortly after-
Winds was lakeii to the hospital wliere
fit ei 'fr, v.i weeks illness wilb typhoid,
died.   His relatives  at Sebright,
JOnl., were informed nf his ilealh and
lull Moftday Ins! Ills Imdy was interred
Ial (Ireenwood, a nunilier nf friends of
Ithe family frnm I'lincnix and ihis city
Attending the funeral, at which Hev.
IJ. R. Davies, Baptist minister, per*
ifni'ined   the   burial rites.    Deceased
lappeared, fnun lunik pass hunks, elC,
■ found witli his personal eneotsjlohave
I been a man nf thrifty habits.—Green-
[Wood Times.
Last. Wednesday n syndicate opera
Iting foi -{old on Boundary cieek, u
[short distance fnun the lown, mode
f their Hrst clean up   of   the   season.
of Ilie nugget is alone worth ahoul »17,
but owing to iis being mixed with
such a nne sample of quarts. Is worth
consideralile mure, as it can be cut,
polished nml used for ornaments.
This is the newt valuable specimen
that has ever been taken from Boundary creek, alilinugh specimens containing more gnld Were found years
ng". Many offers bave already lieen
made for the nugget, some of which
were for quite large sums of money,
but lhe owners have as yet declined to
part with It.
Last Tuesday morning J, H, Brown,
of Kamloops, (irand Chancellor in
British Oolumhla nf the Knights of
I'yihias,  whu was paying nil nHicial
visil to ii numher of K. of P, lodges in
the distrii.", visited Midway.   He was
accompanied liy J, Graves another
knight of this popular order, They
spent tbe forenoon in Innking nver the
town nnd making acquaintances, anil
left for Kamloops by tlie afternoon
train. Bnib gentlemen were greatly
Impressed with the beauties and possibilities ot the town and are of ihe
opinion that Midway will have a prosperous summer, Mr. Brown is very
enthusiastic regarding Kamloops, He
reports tbat rich placer liuds have
been made quite cluse lo tlie town, and
the quirt/, claims, Ihal have had much
development work done on litem, are
looking excellent, He believes that
tiie I hue is not far distant when lhe
Knmloops mining districl will rank
among the best mineral producing
seel inns uf the Provlm e,
Violins, Mandolins and (iuiiar-i from
$6.00 up,  Oreen Wood Music Store.
$IJ7j"i will hy a good Upright Piano
nearly new,  Greenwood Music Store.
There is now no doubt that one
and probably two railways will be
building out of Midway as soon as
spring opens, and Midway is destined
to become the commercial and railway
centre of the Boundary country.
Furniture, |
Carpets, •
************ ty
Large Stock.   Low Prices, 3*f
************ X
T. ML". GKC7__.__i_3T_" __5 co.,0
x :
Now is the time to buy lots in the
town. They will make you rich. It is
not a speculation, it is an investment. I Tlie Travellers Il)SUrailC8 Co. . ,
* TTirrrifTrTnTTinnrT
For prices and terms apply to
Fruit Growing at Midway.
Midway and Vicinity will in time become a great fruit producing district,
I'n lo a few years ago lhe country was
hut sparsely settled and iliose who
weie here at Ihe lime paid but little
alien l inn to the planting of fruit trees.
However, a few yenrs ugo a nuiiilier nf
trees uf vat inns kinds were planted in
Midway, when it was but a ranch.
These Irees flourished and now pro-
due" annually enormous yields nf
apples, pears, plums and cherMes, ho
it may ensily he seen th t the inure
tender verities thrive and produce
as well aa those of a more bauly nature,
Rneotiragctl hy the success "f the
few trees planted in ihe district, other
people were induced to plant a few
trees and in everv instance, wher ■
pniperatiention has Ineu given to tbe
planting and cultivation of them, have
grown beautifully, and many of them
will BOOtl hnve reached the hearing
Perhaps un belter example of ibe
-iiilnhiliiy uf lhe soil and climate in
this vicinity fur the successful culli-
vat ion of fruits can be given, than the
heaullful orchard, of W, 11. Norris,
adjoining the townsite. Ahout two
year* ago Mr. Norria set. out a large
number of tree*, and owing lo the
favorable conditions f"i iheir growth,
last year produced some fruit.
There ire some beautiful tracts nf
Inui held hy people, who have purchased ihem from Ihe Midway Company, water being furnished hy Ihal
coinpniiv's Irrigation ditch, nnd if they
were now set oul tu trees, would, in
a very tew years yield a handsome income to the owners, Tlie Midway
Oompany still have a nnmiier of these
live acre tnicts fnr snle, at a low
tigurn on easy terms of pnyiiient, convenient tn water, and we know of no
better speculation than the purchase
iif one or more of these tracts, set
them out to fruit trees of some stand*
ard varieties, and In*• few years ihey
would return good interest on the
amount invested.
But fruit growing is nnt confined
lo the valley Innd. Trees planted on
the benches have given excellent results, nt*d it is nnly a mailer of time
until nearly every ranih on lhe
benches above Midway will have
several acres devoted to Ihis profitable
Industry, nnd finding, as they will,
that a few acres Into fruit will give
linger returns in proportion 10 the
expense of pioditction than most other
crops, will increase iheir acreage devoted tu orchard, until this district
will eventually become famous for its
 ,*. —-
The Buckhorn.
Ii is announced that arrangements
aie in progress for an early resumption
of work on the Buckhorn, in Dead-
wood camp. F.ll. Moore, nf Stewarts-
town, New Hampshire, has been In
Greenwood (or the part Ihree weeks
endeavoring to straighten out the
tangle the affairs of the Burkhorn
were lefl Itl at lbe time work waa suspended several months since. He will
leave tomorrow nn his return enst, He
will lay before the management .of
the company the result of his ln*wll*
, gatlons nnd will report favorably as to
] the promising nature of the mmeial
Showings he has seen nn thc property,
Altogether about 1,'«m f-"'1 "f «',"'k
1 have  been done underground in de
velopmentoftheBiicklinrn, including
In 220-foot vertical double compart.
m.nt shaft with about iHO feet of cross-
putting at the 100-foot level and nearly
flOOfeotatthe 800. Tlie power plant
Includes half of a 10 drill Rand duplex
far compressor, 20-lmise power hoisting engine, station and sinking pumps,
machine drills, etc,
. . . Of Hartford. Conn. $
rrnrrinnnr i
_J|  Chnrtoriil 1803.
JM   Stock LUe uml
I   Accident Insurance.
ISSI'KS  thebesl life Insurance
I   contracts in the world,   No
The Central Hotel |||
ASSETS, . . .
January 1st, iKg7
§  disappointment ns in dividends,
*   Everything   guaranteed in  advance.   Premium rates 15 trt i'i       LIABILITIES, . . 17,020,260.20 %
$2n,8Ht.y.3 «
Ti'.i   n,   per cent less  lhan   Iliose of old
VV I w  line Mutual companies
llth St., Midway, B. C.
-«Mi»»i»i>€«e««H» ito
This is a  new three-storey he tel, comfortably   *•_,
furnished throughout. \(/
SURPLUS   .... 2,07(1,-I*'-36 _
 _ J  ill
' x_)
The Travellers Combination Accident Policy guarantees foraccldental hi
X                               under ordinary conditions, *
_ xl)
£   Hcnili Benefit     ....     ISCOO      l<o«of Right Hand           .       J2,W1 $
*   Lorn of. Sight of Both Ky_     .      ,«O0       ism of Log at or above Knoo       Jl'"1 W
J   Lossot Both foot Or Both Hands   j.imi      Lo_ of Loft Hand     .   .     .      I.OUi ft
X   Lon of One Hand and One Foot   5,000       I of Elinor Fool                      I.00O '*■
$   IVriiniicni Tolal DhabU ty          1900      Low of sight of Ono ]"yo  .     .     . 650 jj;
Liniits of   Weekly  Indemnity $1,300, *
ii'i    *    *vn   te 1. :..(....:   *..: i ...i.m     _.h_. .   :..    _>
The nearest house to the Railway Station.    The   yjjf
most convenient hotel for railwav travellers. W
ms*****9*i*9*>*** *J«i
The best of accommodation in every respect.
fit AND, tf such Injuries are sustained while riding as ji passenger in /ji
ft any passenger conveyance using steam   cable,   or   electricity as n ft
Jj motive power the amount to he [laid   slmll be DOUBLE  the sum fy
m, specified m the clause under which the clnim i-. made, ^
_ a Iti
I Cost $52 ,\ vear  to Professional  and   Business J
* VIen.and Commercial Travelers. j
% Other sums at proportionate rates
I "W. H. Nor>_-is,
Sff\ A Ul rk •     _ itt   4   Aur"" ruujsiiuiiir.it.> um ii-*n i in 1 ,miji.\. niiiw A > li. r.   4
•     UAnLj     irOpriGlOfe X   *******************m99*999999Cf9«'69$99C^99***********
\_*<Si.£A____\£L £i.A,& <_;&.& £i4m4&.'£i&&_w£i fSi&&&ob
Lequime & Powers, Proprietors.
Manufacturers of all kinds of
Band Sawingand Job Work done to order
Telephone No. 12.   Telephone orders receive prompt
Bakery 1
ST. QUINTIN & McBOYLE. Props.       |J§
,   5_vSl
Good assortment of Fresh Bread, Cakes, Con-   «fl»s
fectionerv and l*rnit always in stock. r.j.*3
M    Restaurant in Connection. j£f
WS mlV**Jl
(3 First-class Meals served at all hours.   Give us a [l--'*
call and he convinced.
trrinnrrpTinnQ rr
THOMAS WALKER. Proprietor.
>° Stationery
All the betst brand* of
Cigars and Tobaccos kept
constantly on hand.
Latest «hades and patterns of Wall Paper now in
jr / Seventh Street, Midway. ,,,
9 ©
|   JOHN J. FLOOD   |
2? Has opened up a rf
fa ,,•,*,        • , , W
(A ln the premises lormerly occupied by *to
fa     Bavoklay  Ss  Ha_ris     ^
and hits on hand a first-class outfit of
t Single and Double Drivers
Saddle and Pack Horses $
Will also conduct a transfer and dray business.    Bus  ^
meets all trains.    Freight and express de- u'i
.„ delivered to anv part of the town, \l)'f
tif       Greenwood, Boundary Creek, B. C.
txm.m.m.m. *.j_*.*, £•&■*• ^.^.^. ^._»._>, ef.**■/*,*■ sr-.f-je./lki.
We have opened the ahove hotel at Greenwootl and
JJw arc prepared to welcome guests and provide good accom-
\ modation.    Good catering.    First-class Livery Stable.
**************** ******** *******0**te<.**<*****<.**m***
T_*C_I    PBOSPBOTOHS'     AECrX.tJXt.A.'SI GrAEl. *
No. 4 K.-W.-C. Block, Nelsol. B C.
OnM,nllviT'l.i'iiil snd Capper Minus rnintodul iho KXCHANOK,
KltKK Mil.I.IMI HOLD propsrtioa vvniiiril m oner (or lii-   ■   lm , ■■ u ■.
Psrlloshaving mimnn prsporly lorsalo'sro roqacstod to -■ ml tampion ot thoiroro
io iln' BXCHASQR torcnchlbltlaii.
All sample* nhouH bo -ml by expfess, l'i:Kl'.\ ID,
Conespondenoo sollcltod,  Addromallc nnnlratfnN ta •     ,
Andrew   X*.   »<iwi-ii!ii"»ki-'', ^
TolophonoKo.lM,H.O.nn*:7aa *.i-i\. |:r.     J
********* ******** ******** *** ***** **************** _jM_.
Beautifully situated at the confluence of Boundary Creek and Kettle River.
ILL BE   lll(-  most important  railway town  in  the  Kettle  River  Mining Division.
The Wholesale Supply and  Manufacturing centre of the Kettle River and Boundary
Creek Districts.
The distributing  point for   Upper   Kettle  River,   West   Fork  and Camp McKinney
mining camps.
The nearest Railway town to  Republic,   Meyers   Creek,   Palmer  Mountain and   other
Northern  Washington mining camps.
The   leading residence town   in   the  country, with an excellent   climate,  pure water
supply and  favorable sanitary conditions.
Business, residence and garden lots at low prices and on easy terms.
Send for Maps, Prices, and full particulars to
e V I
30 St. John Street,
Montreal, P. Q,
O. M. (1ROU8E.
Agent for Hritish Coliiniliia,
Midway, B. V.
di ,
*f4i I
'' I
New Schedule on C. P. R. Between
Okanagan Valley and Nelson.
The C. P. ii. freight ili'partmi'nl is
dlstriiintlng copies of a now tariff he*
kanagan Valley and Nel*
-. xpcolud to niiike a very
i,aterittl dillerence in lbe volume ot
mislness lietween the Kontenays and
•'.ion that is frequently descrih*
. il .is the garden of tbe province. The
'imn; "i valley is famous for the
i; •in md quality of the vegetables
uml sij;r,!l fruil raised by its tanclieis,
and the fact bas boen notorious thai
the percentage of these products marketed in tbe Kootenays bus been iulin-
iif.iiiuil heretofore, altbougli a glance
nl the iini|i will indicate that the until nil market for the products nf the
Oknimgiiu lien in lbe district if wbich
Nelson in the distributing center,
Whill' tlu> inui hers have shipped their
produce east nnd west on the mainline
of the ('. P. It., extending their operations as fur into the territories as Ke-
ginn, practically none of tbo output
has come into this section ; and the
Kontenays have depended upon pro-
duels of 'he Palouse and Oohille valley for theii supply, even iu seasons
when crops were heaviest in the Okiin*
agun com try. The reason for this
has bsen ascribed to ibe fact that the
('. P. It. charges for Roods shipped to
Nelson weie so largo that U0margin
w«« left for the raiieheis afler they
bud cut their prices to meet the compel il Ion from thi' south, Apparently
the railroad people have risen I« the
situation ami are determined to give
ilie Okanagan ranchers .such concessions in rates as will enable the road
to secure ii slice of the fruit carrying
trade, which is now practically a monopoly for the N. „ R K , Hipping the
American fruit growing sections. The
new ('. P. H. schedule is figured on a
basis which will permit the ranchers
tn deliver Iheir product iu Nelson nl a
sin ill advantage over the American
producers, exclusive of ibe charges for
customs end examination which gives
lhe Canadians a further advunlagi
li now remains to be seen whether r lie
new schedule will answer the purpose
of inducing tbe Okiiiiagnn growers to
ship into lhc K<otenii>s. The new
Mies wero effective nn the 2(J!li insl.,
but the shipping season does not com
mence for severed months. A representative of Ihe Kelowna Shippers'
association was in tlie ciiy recently for
the piirpiw nt opening ii connection
with Hi' local produce men, and this
gentleman is oxpacted tn return a («W
weiks lu'iiee lo gu into tlm matter.—
Meh-ui. Miner,
Mineral Act, 1896.
Certificate   of  Improvements.
NOTICE is hereby given, in accord
ance with the Statutes, that Revenue i
Tax and all taxes levied undei the Assessment Act are now due for the year
1SKII. All of the above named luxes
collectible within lhe South Division of
East Vale and pan of Rnssiand Riding
are payable al my oftice, Kairview,
Assessed tuxes are collect idle at the
following rules, viz. :—
If paid on or before June 30th, 1001 :
Three-fifths of one per cent on real
Two and one-h'ilf per cent on the
assessed value ot wild land.
One half of one per cent on persona1
On so much of the income of am
person as exceeds one thousand dollars
in accordance with the following clas-
siticaiions ; upon such excess the rates
shall lie. namely t—
Class A.—On one thousand dollais.
and not exceeding l en thousand dollars,
one per cent up to Ave thousand dollars
and two per cent on the remainder :
('LASS H. - tin ten thousand dollars,
and not exceeding twenty thousand
dollars, one and one-half per cent., up
to ten thousand dollars, and Iwo and
one half per eent on the remainder :
Class (J.—On twenty thousand dol
lars, and not exceeding forty thousaini
dollars, two and one half per cent, up
tn twenty thousand dollars, .iml three
per cent on the remainder :
Class L).—Ou all others in excess ol
forty thousand dollara, three percent,
up to tort y thousand dollars, and three
mid one-half per eeni on the remainder.
If paid on or after 1st July. IIKII I—
Four-fifths of one per cent on Mai
Tinee percent on the assessed value
of wild land.
Three-fourths nf one per cent nn
personal property.
On so much of the income of any
person as exceeds one thousand dollar*
in accordance with the following clas
sillciiiioti ; upon such excess the rates
shall he, namely :—
Class A.—On one thousand dollais,
and nut exceeding ten thousand dollar.-,
one nnd one-half percent, up to Ave
thousand dollars, imd two mid one*
half per cent on the reniiiinile" :
Class B.-On ten thousand dollais,
and nol exceeding iwenly thousand
dollars, two per cent, up to ten thousand dollars, aud three per cent on the
remainder :
Clash C— On twenty thousand dollars, und nnt exceeding forty thousand
dollars, three percent, up to twenty
thousand dollars, and three and one-
half per cent on the remainder :
Clash I).- On all olhers in excess of
tony thousand dollars, ihree and one
half per cent., up lo forty thousand
dollars, and four per eent on the remainder.
Revenue Tux, $3 per capita-,
Two per cent on tbe assessed value
of ore oc mineral bearing substances,
payable quarterly, nn the last day of
lhe months of March, June, September
and December In each year.
C. A. it! I.AMBLY,
Assessor and Ool led or.
Fairview  H. C„ Feb. lo. 1001.      20ii
HiiuiMMi Queen Minkkai. Claim.
Situate In the Kettle River Mining Division of
Yals Ulstrict.   Where Located :-Dead-
wood Camp.
TAKK NOTIOB that I. Korhcs M. Korby, ns
ngonl fm- ilie llli-lilioiil Quoon Con-oudnt'
eil Mining anil .MillinK Oo., l.iiniU'il l.iuhilliv.
froo milter's oorlllloaU] No, ll-Mni, inlaid,
sixty days from thu (lute hereof, lo apply
mi lim Mining Raoorder fur a oerllfloate of
inilirnvciiienis, for Ilie purpose of obtaining
ii Grown grantof thu abovo<*_un,
Anil further lake notloo lhat notion, under
seel ion ;i7. must he I'tiiuuienceil liefore 'he issu-
unco of such curiltlrate of improvements,
Dated this '."Uth ilny i f January, imu.
To 0. A. Peterson, Into of Kholl Cnek in Yale
illstriut :
Hlr: Yon -ire hereby notified I it wo havo
expended $lu:!.iiii In labor ami linpiovenii'iiis
upon lhc "Hig Windy" .Mineral Olali.i, sltunto
in Providence I'liuip, in tbo Keitle Uiver Min-
Ing Division ol Ynlo District In British Columbia, ln order-to bold sUdd&lni undor th" pro
visions of St'.nm :'l of lhe Mineral Acl, such
being lbe nuio'inl required to hold the sniil
uiniiii for the year eniUng April.'). MUI.
And If ul Ihu oxptralton of nlnoiv lll'l ilnys ol
pillllleiitinn Of this notice you tail or refuse  to
contribute your nroijorlinn of liei exiienilllurii
roquired under said seotlon H, lopolhor with
all costs of JiilverilsiiiK, your iulcnsN in *jii,I
clnim shall booomo vwted in the puhsorlboti
lyour ciMovnersl uniler Section 4 of lbe "Mineral Act Aiiieniliiinit Act, IIWO."
Dated nl Midway, B.C., this Intli day uf
Deucniber, 1IMMI.
0.1.. Tiiomet. Manage,
•re J. A. I'NKWOitTti, ScerePu;.
Trade Mmmi
CoevmoMTt Ac
Anyone sensing a sketch and Seserlptlon ntsr
qiih-Klr iweertnln our oiilnion free whether sn
Invent nnl Is |irotml,lT I'rilcliliilile. Communlcs.
tloii.ttrletlfennSileiillHl. tUiuliMSikou I'stenu
sent free, lllile.t nuencj lor seciirlus Iwteni..
Patent* taken llironsh Munn A Co. receive
special ludcr, wlihiuil clisnio. In tbo
Scientific American.
A hdntlnnmely illiintrAUM wmklf. I.itrveol rtr
"itlminii nf uiit ■rinntiflo jnunml. 1'itiiiH. |_ a
f'j-tr: ffittr motittii, $1. Sold byall nrwuti-wli-rn.
MUNN«Co.""--—' New York
Hrsuch Offlea, TO V St. Washiaslun. D. 0.
I'rovlncitil l.nnd Surveyor.
gjUg   Architect and
—_  Civil Engineer...
I-Jeal Estate,
I Ii8unii|<i* and
Mining A{r«*i|l.
H uii viow Townsite Aujent,
. . . AI'lilll.SS . . .
rsittviKW, ii. e.
< lormspondAnoo Solicited.
Riverside Addition.
Just a Word!
To those contemplating an investment in Midway real estate, the information is
offered that on the Riverside Addition may be
found 300 very choice residence sites.
LOTS 50 x 125 FEET.
For terms and all other information apply to
W. H. NORRIS, or        A. MEGRAW,
Midway, B. C Catnp McKinney, B. C.
ttbkSm--  ■


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