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Vol. XVI, No. 2.
$2.00 perlfear.
j   p. McLEOD,
Habbistbb, Solicitor, Etc.
(JnnisN wiiiiii, 11.0.
•"' —: Notabv Public,
Camp MoKlNNEY, B.C.
I.n.iut.l.t-TT, II.O.SIUW.
Hallett & Shaw
Notaries Public.
Cililn Adii™»:"IlAi._STT.'"
(tonus: Heilfnrd MoNollls, Morelnif k
Nij.ll'-,  l.ulliijr'ii.
(illHBN WOOD, B.C.
U ...  MIUWAY, B.C.
CUSTOMS.   llllOKI.lt,
Customs entries passed. Mineral Aot
and Und Aot papers drawn up. Affl-
ji..itstaken.   Abstraots made.
Communications by null or tolephono
promptly attended to,
Rkndell Block, Greenwood,
Phone IMI, \.A K.
p  M. KERBY,     '
A. H. Can. Soc. C. E.
Provincial Lanh   Surveyor
.Mll.W.lV   A.1U  UjllUtNWOOU.
yy, B. RICKARDS & CO.,
l^eal Estate
Sale .  .
s ff tf f„ t-,, f„ f„ e„ ,„ tiTfitVinitTHfiffitVtniiVimrtin:
Our large stock of DRY OOODS,
CLOTHING and GENTS' FURNISHINGS must be reduced at
once. While they last we intend
to give the best vaiues in these
lines ever offered to the people of
Midway.   A call will convince you.
W.i,lit,i.u'A52i!4i!ii!iJ!ii!ii!__I_*_> __3ft *v \ie Me Me*.
> 'f 'f ff *f W tf tf tf tf ff tlttltflttl,&c_ 'fiff'ifflt'flfe
Mi Me
tf fit
ff ff
A Few Sensible Remarks to This
Class of People.
Account of Mr. Clergue'g Venture at
Sault Ste. Mnrie-Bnundary's Development is Progressing.
The flidway Trading
Company, Ltd.
| Hotel Spokane
J   " ^   Seventh St. - flidway
K.irn llrnt-clww Hhavu, Hulr Out, foa Fi«iiii j
nr sli.iiiuiiMi,  cull  nl thu   iilmvu imrinr. ]
Hi/,IK I Wl   llll.l Itl'.iiin.l.
I I nil  STIIKKT,  -  -   •  MIDWAY, B. C.
„,„-,ral     BlKClcse.mxat.Ax i
FAntVlEW, B. V.
All Kinds of Repairing.   Ilorseshoelnir
A Hpeulall)'.
IX.   X*AX.t,t.wx.AwAgfAx.   3—_*jz-.
tt KxocllortKlshlnitoii KoUlo RIvor.jBT
A new building,   welt furnished.    Everything new
arid  first-class.   Only the choicest Wines,   Liquors
antl Cigars kepi in stock.    Headquarters for Mining    f
and Commercial Men. >
All kinds of work executed to
tha satisfaction of customers.
Wm. St. Quintin, Prop.
Blvorythlnic   FHtsst-oluSH.
Ciftli. MAasmmA, XtXAAwv-xxy.
9        Sf       Greenwood, Boundary Creek, B. C.
9 We have opened the above hotel at Greenwood an|
J!v   are prepared to welcome guests and provide good accom*
fa  modiition.    Good catering.    First-class Livery Stable.
fa w.9.9w.m.^^9 9%t-tttf'tSttf-S-AA2£
U. KEYES, Prop.
'"•ml Accommodation,
llu... l.lt|Utii'.i nml Cigars.
. Kirst-Class Stabling,
9<****  *************** 9
♦ Practical Watch Maker,
Umiil Tools, Plenty Material,
■nil jo years experience to do
wnrk correctly.   ,   ,   .
Seasonable Goods
Downtoactualcost. 20pepcentless than formerly
Having -i l*use stock of Summer Goods on
hand, and wishing to dispose of tht: same, wc.have
made the above reduction, bringing .hese goods
clown to actual cost.
Fancy Ginghams, for Shirt Waists ; Fancy
Zephyrs and Chambrays, striped and checkered ;
White Muslins, Fancy and Plain Outing Flannels,
Organdies, and numerous other seasonable goods lor
Ladies' and Children's wear.
Ladiesi and Children's Straw Hats at greatly reduced prices. Only a lew left, as they sell last at
our prices.
Clothing for Men ami Hoys to be sold at a sacrifice, so (Ut miss the opportunity*    Bicycle  lb.se
Shoes in Tan and "kick,
The Grocery Departmei
The following rninniiiniciition hns
heen sent tn Thr Advanck liy E,
Jacobs, mul furnishes gome wholesome
nilvitje tn that class of people called
knockers t
Yesterday's innil brought me a copy
nf the Toronto ''Monelnry Times" of
lut inst. in which I rent], with much
interest, the concluding purl ion of nn
Recount of it vitjit to the Sault Sin, Ma*
rie industries, with whicli conclusion
I lie writer mude "a series of reflections on the meaning and use" of what
he saw in the—to :hc eye of many—
uninviting country lying immediately
north of Lake .Superior. The article
is too long tu here quote in full, Init in
view of tlie disposition evinced iu certain quarters to "knock" lite mining
and smelt in;; industries of this Boundary District in parficiijitr, and indeed
uf the Province in general, it appeals
io ni" probable that there ate innny
who like myself will feel encouraged
In persist ill having faith m ii.irilistriet.
nnd province if thoy lend lhe inure per
tiiient of the "rcflcrtions" iilludcd to so
piole lliem as follows;
"No due who sees what we did and
bests explanations of the gradual and
natural evolution of these industries,
the one fnun the other, is likely tu
hive any patience with the people—
who say ; "All very fine no doubt. Mr,
Olergue is a clever ami ad venturous
man, an opiimist, who  bores  with  a
!■—•■<•• '  -i- .-;' -•■• '•'•••
water. Hut In- i*n'i making any money." Let us suppose thai lie is an unpractical idealist. Lm the eastern cap.
ilnlir-ts he has behind him, putting up
iheir Iif teen million dollars or more,
are amongst the shrewdest and most
bind headed people iu the Slates.
They, or some of them, visit these
works once a year, some of lliem probably uflrner. Is it loi.ceiviible that
such nien ns these would continue,
year after year, tn invest lbe money of
thetijselves and others if tbey were not
either getting ret urns now, or satisfied that tlte returns will cuine? Besides, whose liusiiiis-; is it hul their own
whether the Chigoe Syndicate make
money or nut j it ill heciiiues any
Canadian In lind fault with people whn
put theii own money into our waste
places and cause them to blus-oni.
"The Testimony of tbe liucks is
proving what riches we have in Northern Ontario, It is hardly wonderful
that many people of mi imagination,
seeing that rugged const line of Superior, should say; "Behold I here is
naught." Scrubby woods—weather-
beaten, unlovely rocks; these to the
nninstnictedeye, ate "all there is to
orinoiisly by the expenditure  of this
Of course similar reflections are only
in part applicable to the conditions
ublaining'in ihis district, yet they do
apply in sufficient tiegree to have con-
sidenilileforce here. But we need not
depend upon others for't'ocourag'tinent
through this our time of building up.
We have much to justify the faith
thut is in us; i. e. nur faith in out mineral resources. I shall not now dwell
on the progress tbe province ns a
whole litis made in Ihis connection,
hut shall confine my reference to the
general progress r.f the mining Indus
try to simply directing attention once
again to the great advance.inttnt.nl value of its mineral production that has
heen made in ten years. In 1801 the
tolal value of minerals produced in
British Columbia was $11,521,012,
in 1805 it was $5,(113,012, whilst in
1000 it reached lhe comparatively
large total of $16,841,761. These
figures tell their own tale of material
Tlie progress of tlie Boundary Dis
trict though, concerns us more nearly
so I shut! endeavor to use it as a set-oft
to tbe insinuations of the "knncker'
Prior to 1000 practically no ore had
been sent out, from the mines of the
district; During the first half of thai
year production was on a small scale,
I ut al shipment shaving been only about
4.000 tons, und not a single ton smelted
in the district hul early iu the second
half prngiess was fairly entered upon,
and hy tbe close of tbe year the output
of the district aggregated 07,741 tons
of which quantity 02,887 tonB were
smell ed ul the flriinby Company's smel
ternt Grand Forks. In February of
the current year the British Columbia
Copper Company's smelter; at Greenwood commenced operations and there
after Loth production und local treat
in-lit sul.Htnnl hilly increased until to
day we have good reason to be proud
of t he progress made; tbe output of
the mines of tbe district fbr ten months
to October81st having been IJ05.808 tons
nf which 280,151 Ions were smelted nl
the two district smelters. True there
have been and still are drawbacks and
disantioititments, tint these are inevitable iu a new country. Ton; Sir," titt'e
myself, have lieen associated with the
development of the districl since its
days of small things, so you have an
intimate knowledge of its vicissitude's.
But admitting lhat il lins hud its
downs as well asits tips, you can appreciate the force of my contention that
it has made very substantial progress on the whole, In particular one
great point has been gained, viz., that
not only have the mining companies
learned l hat operations must lie on a
large scale to make the enormous bodies of low (.rude ore characteristic of
lhe district yield profitable returns,
hut two or Ihree of Ihem are adapting
themselves to the conditions, and here
in lies our chief hope, "knnekers" lo
the contrary notwithstanding.
'Let ine, in conclusion, adapt to our
own case the closing "reflections" of
the tvritei 1 have already somewhat
fully quoted : The value of the advent
of these industrial combinations is not
that they have shown us what we bad
Ihere, but that they bave shown ns
how lo utilize oui riches. If they have
nol found our resources for the first
time, they bave shown lis what they
wen. good for, and have railroaded In
to  the  wiltls for neglected   wealth
W. I. Brewer, M. ft., Ofe
Good Suggestions.
It.'  But  tbe piospecior,  the miner
the scientist discover in such elements J They hnve been u sliniuhis tn this dis
minerals of both use and beauty 'trict of ours, to  Uo6h_ our enterprise
Those   things  being    demonstrated,
along inines the capitalist in his turn,
and puts up his money lo transform
them inln merchantable commodities,
yielding him so much per cent. All
this cannot go on without, benefitting
lhe country. These people buy food,
machinery and clothing from us and
employ our citizens. If the usufruct
of the capital so used goes in part out
ofCaiiada.if is a pity; tint Canada
and Canadians meanwhile   benefit en
nuis, to not h
nd our self esteem. They must have
worked and explored lo reach where
they now stand. Such heights and
depths of mineral riches as ibey have
reached in searching
Were tint ntiaineil by sttdded flight,
But they,   .vhile theii' companions
Were toiling upward in the night.
And I hough in some respects it is
yel night with us, the cheering
signs of dawn are certainly tn lie seen.
Yours etc., E. JACOBS.
Greenwood, B. C, Nov. 7,1001.
and Sweaters.
Shoes in Tan and Black, tn suit rill tastes.
snt is stocked with a full
lj|f r g00(;is sold at -..wu margin for _caBh. Pros-
Sectoi/Hardwarc and Shelf Ware for Builders.
HAIN & CO.,  General Merchants
The tonnage of ore shipped by the mines of the Boundary
District during Oct. to 31st, so far as ascertained, is a.s under :
Old Ironsides and Knob Hill group	
Mother Lode	
B. C.	
• 8,730
■ 3750
Kins*' Solomon      49P
No. 7	
J ewel .. .
• Shipments during 1900.totalled 97,741 tons, andduring
the current year to October'31st, 305,976. tons, making an
aggregate of 403,717 tons.
That Markets for British Columbia
Copper be Found In Hawaii,
Japan and  China.
Recent actions on the part of the
copper trust, and the growing production of cupper in Briiish Ooiumbia
have aroused the apprehension of min-
ing men In regard to tbe future, and
have led to their suggesting steps
which would counteract any hostile
acton the part of Ihe big I rust. Prominent among those who have studied
the question .is ,W. M. Brewer, M. R.,
of this city, and in an interview with
Ihe Times Ibis morning he outlined it
course which he thought would meet
the danger.
"A short telegram published fiom
Butte, Montana;'' he said, "relative to
the closing down of some of the copper
minus temporarily io order lo keep
the price of copper at ils present, high
rate, is suggestive to copper producers
in British Columbia that at some fu-
tuie time, whenever the copper production of this province is sufficient to
have an influence on tlie eastern market, the copper trust will have to la-
dealt, with, utile-H tbe Pacific coast is
independent of that trust.
"There is no doubt that the price of
copper for a long time past has been
nu ber artificial than real, and regulated more by the trust, and curtailed
production than by actual demand.
Up to the present time the production
of British Ool ttm hia had not been .-.iiBi-
-lunt. fn ...,t ,mT "n"-. r.n  Wu.  ,ulukll,
Iml In future these conditions are finely to be changed. During the past
year the production from the low
grade ores of the Bonndary Creek district bus been such that any increase
in tbe Hineltiiig capacity will certainly
attract attention from the copper
trusts. It is the expressed intent ion
of some of these companies to continue
increasing their smelting capacity,
and the present time i.s, in my opinion,
the hest time to look ahead so that
tliere may not be uny fear of a repetition oft.be complaints which followed
the action of the United Slates smelter
men when they concluded that they
did not wish to purchase British Ooiumbia lead ores.
"British Columbia is in a position to
help herself, if she w ill do so, and place
herself iu the position almost entirely
independent of either the trusts in tlie
United States or the Eoglijh market
so far as lead, copper, iron and steel
products nre concerned. True, this is
a very early day to advance this position, but it is nevertheless true, he-
causu tbe markets of Hawaii, Japan,
China and Australia are at her doors,
and in those markets she should be
able to meet all competitors.
"A good deal of talk has been made
about the establishment of smelting
and re lining works in British Columbia, This has lieen of a spasmodic
character, and no steps have ever hi en
taken to follow it up or ascertain w bat
results could be achieved.
"British Oolumhla cult  help I111-.'If
in tbis way.   Let the provincial government select some representative itl
each of the countries 1 have mentioned
who is competent to compile statistics
and ascertain beyond any doubt lln*
(loantity and character of lead, copper,
iron  and steel   products which  tbe
markets of tbe Orient demand.   With
these statistics gathered under  the
auspices of the government, and endorsed liy tliegineinm..in,then llrilisli
Coliiniliia is in a position to present
for the attention of capitalists statistics
showing the demand as well as statistics showing tbe product ion, transportation facilities from tlie interior to
the coast, and from  tile coast to the
ports of ihu Orient, antl it will take
but little consideration for nu individual or syndicate to decide whether tbo
establishment of refineries and factories would lie a paying oralDsinggnine.
"lf no effort is made In ascertain tin*
conditions nf tlie markets nf the Orient, nnd  ihe copper production  of
British Columbia increases in the uett
live.years at the same rate as it has
during the past year,  out operators
will be in tbe position of the tail to lhe
New York dog, Instead of occupying
the posilion of independence by having
direct connection with tlm niorkois ni'
the Orient und refining our crude pro*
(Continued on page 4.) Subscription Price, fli.i pit iiiiiiiini, payable
In advance, cither rear); or half-yearly at the
option of tho suliMribor.
Advertising Ilnu» sent on application.
Those Bulgiii ian brigands seem to
consider Miss Stone a precious one,
ami about the only pebble on the
beach.—Bolicnygeon Independent.
The Depart ment of the Interior has
issued an excellent atlas of the Dominion of Canada, giving distinct maps of
each of the provinces together with a
large number of engravings, lhe greater part of which represent ranching
scenes in Manitoba and the Northwest,
which give a good idea of the rapid
progress made in western Canada
since a comparatively few years ago
It also contains much information tbat
Intending settlers should know before
starling out tu make uew homes for
themselves in a country where the conditions are probably entirely different
from where they are leaving. Il is hy
far the best immigration literature that
depart ment has yet issued, and should
prove very effectlva in carrying out
the work intended for it lo do. It is
presented with Ihe compliments of
Hum Clifford Sifton.
If this province bad a department of
mines that was worth calling a department of mines, which it has not and
has nevei yet had and which there is
not. the slightest prospect, as things
nre tit present, of its gelling, Ihere are
several ways in which it might greatly
foster and assist the infant, mining industries of I he country. To begin witb,
there is a practice which hus been in
vogue for several veins in Manitoba
and the Northwest with the best results. It is Ibe practice of exhibition
cars. The C. P. It. in us own and the
country's interest provides Ihe car.
The government, or even as has more
than once been the cnse, some city
through ils board of trade, provides a
good tnmi to do lbe talking and a collection of grains, grasses, roots and
Vegetables, and there you are.
The car travels around in Eastern
Canada or lhe States, stopping at fie-
queill points, wheie it is calculated to
do most good and furnishing an object
lesson of llm agricultural resources ami
capabilities of the country, such as all
immigration literature ever printed
cannot equal. Now, why should not
lhe 11. C, Department of Mines adopt
a similar plan. There is no doubt the
C. P. it, would be as willing to help us
as Manitoba, The cost would lie very
little.   The advertisement  given the
mineral resources of the country
.voiini ne ehoffnous. as ii is now ev
ety visitor to the province marvels at
our riches and at the lack of policy
which is content to leave ihem timid*
vertised and unknown, for so practically they are.
There is aunt her way in which a live
mining depart inetii might do a great
deal lo push the developnienl of our
mineral wealth. There are at this day,
for instance, two metals for which a
demand is rapidly springing up, with
a corresponding increase in their market value. These are platinum and
molybdenite, Does it never occur to
the deportment that some information
with regard to these minerals, both of
which arc known to exist ill the province, might be of value? The Department nf Agriculture issues pamphlets
telling the farmer all about caterpillars
and truit culture. Why should not
tbe prospector l.ejnstructed in all particulars of value to him wilh regard to
platinum ami iiiolybdenile.and for that
mailer other valuable minerals which
he might possibly come across in his
explorations, bul which he is just as
likely as not to pass over owing to lack
of familiarity, such as lhe most usual
ore of tin called cassiterile and cinnabar? The only known ore of platinum
is i are but It does exist near Sudbury,
pamphlet in plain English hearing on
them might prove of immense value.
In the case of platinum, which is now
nearly double the value of gold, and
which is positively known to exist ill
the province in placer form in considerable quantities, there are two chief
difficulties. It is hard to save and
there is no handy market for it in small
quantities. These are twodifticullies
which a live depart ment of mini's
would bestir itself to overcome.
But in countries where the government bus gi isped the fact of lhe immense value to the whole community
of the mining industry, such us Australia, Ihe education of lhe miner and
prospector is taken iu band in a much
more extensive and energetic manner
than even as suggested in the preceding paragraph. In Australia Ihey
have a regular government, system of
free instruction in lheelemenlsof mineralogy and the use of the blowpipe
for qualitative analysis. Theprofessms
who conduct these classes are the very
best men who can he obtained, usually
men with a Freiburg diploma, the most
highly esteemed in mineralogy and
mining science. They navel round
Ihe country and give courses lasting
four months apiece. Tbe course is entirely free, specimens are provided
free, all required is regularity in attendance, The consequence is that
you find a number of men in every
Australian mining cump well grounded
in mineralogy and skillful in the use of
the blowpipe, The average British
Columbia prospector and miner is pi city much at sea outside of Ihe few mosl
familiar ores of lead and copper. But
nothing escapes the trained eye and
tbe little blowpipe of bis Australian
competitor. Of course, these courses
entail expense but Australia has found
them a profitable investment.
When the new minister of mines,
whoever it is to be, is seeking re elec
tion fiom his constituents on accepting
the portfolio, it might add some point
to the usual guff about doing all in bis
power to develop the magnificent min
eral resources of this country if he
would come off the perch for a few
minutes and tell us what his opinion is
on a real policy of doing something
such as is sketched out above.—Kerel-
stoke Herald.
Mr, (iodenrath Interviewed.
Percy F, (iodenrath, of Oreenwood,
passed through Miilway on Friday en
route home from Princeton. He says
that times in the Siuiilkunie. u are
still quiet. Around Princeton there is
some activity in the dnvelopniepl of
the coal measures, One concern, the
.Siinilkauieen   Valley   Coal   company.
*>,-■. bv.l   x.j    I>.  IV.   VUU1I(*    Ot     MuloOII,
has started to open up its holdings.
This company has perhaps the most
phenomenal surface exposure of Ilie
black diamond yet found in the Sim
ilkameen. Besides developing its coal
the coinpaiiy has platted a townsite.
being a portion of the Angus La
iiioiii, ranch, adjoining Smith Curtis'
townsile, Copperfield, which has also
been acquired. Some 150 lo's have
been laid out and streets surveyed.
Mr. Young, accompanied by W, Blakemore, a former manager of the Crow's
Nest Coal company, and V, B. Murray
of Toronto, are at Ashnola—the com
pauy's townsite—examining the coal
measures. Mr. Murray represents
Toronto capital having an option mi a
portion of the coul lands. Aslinola.,
Mr, Young slates, is to have a hotel,
brewery, general store and a ding
store just as soon as buildings cun tie
put up, Mr. McLean, a Nelson con.
Iractor, will erect tbe hotel. Mr.
Fisher, a Sandou brewer, will put up
the brewery. The company also pur-
(loses building 18 cottages.
"On my way home I was in Loomis,'
said Mr. Godenratli. "I was there the
day after James M. Haggerty was
tarred and feathered by indignant cit i-
(Coiitiniied on page 8.)
Bussell- Law - Gaulfleld
Company, Med
Wholesale and retail dealers in
Dry Goods
Boots and Shoes
Wc buy all goods in car lots
and can make yon Bed Rock Prices. ||&*
It is only a question ofa short time
until that portion of the Coast-Kootenay Railway from Curlew to Midway
will be constructed. This line would
be now being built, but for the scarcity
of laborers. When this road is built,
most of the spur lines to the different
mining camps will start from here,
making this the railway centre of this
district. With the advent of more railways into Midway the prices of real
estate will advance* and the choice lots
purchased and taken off the market.
Show your good judgment by buying
now. Midway property will make you
rich. It is not a speculation, it is an
For prices and terms apply to
Oertiflcnte   of  Improvement*.
Hlack I'i.vk, Hush Hat. Ilia r. Bki.i. Hlack
Jack, Hun. Kaii Wkht, .mil I.ittk Hkssiij
Minkiiai, Claims.
Sltuat*. In V,,..*... it«w»>>t» of Commit nmli.'
Similkameen river Osoyoos MlnlnK Division of Yale District.
TAKK NOTICK that I. Chas, DoHloIs Qrooli,
ns agrnl for Kilnanl OlllloOk-Wtibstcr,
free minors cerllllraitii iiumlior aWUi,
inteiul, sixty ilnys from the ilnte Unroof, lo
apply lo the Mlnlni; Itooordor for a OcrtiHcalc
..f Improvement*, for tho purpose of nliialnliiK
a Orown Grantof the shove clninis.
And further take notice that notion umlor
unit ion .17 must bu commenced before tho issu.
.nice of such ('uriitleatu of lmprovomoiits.
listed this Hlli duy of July, 1901.
lfc CHAS. null. OltKKN*.
The Khyai. Inhuhanck Coy.
Thb London and Lancahhibk Fihk
Inhuhanck (Joy.
Thk  Inhuhanck Ooy. ok  North
Thk London and Canadian Fihk
Inhuhanck Ooy.
Thb Sun Lifb Ahburanck Ooy ■•*.
Tiik Dominion Building and Loan
Appkaihkr for the Oanapa Pkh-
manent Loan and Ma vinos Ooy
Mineral Aot. 1896.
Certificate  of  Improvements.
Camkhoman Minkiiai.Claim.
Sltuat* in th* Kettle Rlvar Mining Division
of Yale District   Where- located : About
♦ miles northeasterly from Camp McKinney.
TAKK NOTIOK lhat I, Korben M. Kurliy,
as OKI-ill fur Ales.Cameron, froo minors
certificate No. sSUIS, intend, slsty days
from I lio dalo heroof. to apply to the Mining
Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements for
the purpose ol obtaining a Crown Gnuil of tho
above claim.
And furthoi take notice that action, undor
section J7, must bo commenced boforo the
Issuance of such Certileate of Improvements.
Datod this 15th day of Juno, A. li. nmi.
■Ox: K0UBK8 M. KKItBY.
Dr. R. Mathison,
Certiiicate of   Improvements.
TiiiixK Minkiiai. Claim.
Situate In Yuneman group. Summit eamp,
Similkameen    river,    Osoyoos   Mining
Division of Yale District.
TAKK NOTICK lhat I, Chns. doBlols Green
lunmeiilfiirKd-viinl lliillork-WebHIorfroo
minors cortilicato No.Kinw had foi John
»oiiiig froo minor's ooi tillcalo No. iiliiHM intond,
-hly dais from the dale hereof, to apply In
the Milling Itooordor for a Ccrtltlcalo of lm-
priH-ijiiiiriit fur tho purpose of obtiiiiinit a
Crown Grant of t lie abovo claim. "
Anil further take notice that action, undor
section ,17, must bo ciiiiimoiiciHl before tU Issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.
Hated this I'tli day of July, -gn|.
I'-o CIIAS. ilelll/lIS GltKKN.
Mineral Act, 1896.
Certificate   of Improvements.
H'AltllOHSK.   KlNHSTIIN,  OllANII  VlKW,   Mm*.
KOUilitan ash Kinostiin Kkaction
Mineral claims.
Situate In the Osoyooi Mining Dlvlilon of
Yale District.   Where Loc.tad i_camp
TAKK NO'l'iCK Ilml I. Charloa ,1. Blols
I Green, as nguut for I'oler Hoot!, frte
minor', corlltlcuo No. IIWIttTl ii™
slxiy days fron, the date hereS, loop :
lo tho Minim; Itecordor for a eerlilleale of
Improvements, for the purim™ ofobtalnlnir
a Crown grantof the alsiveofolm.     "u™"""»
_*.?'"!»"""■ "!kr no,l,!» lh"' "otlon. under
section 37, must be commoueod More iho tail,
mice of suoh eertilleale of improvements.
Hated this isith day rf August, 1001,
"" C. DKB. GltKKN.
Oertiflcnte   of Improvement*.
Certlflcate  of   Improvements.
I'lcTou Minkhal Claim.
Sltuat* In tha Kettle River Mining Dlvlilon or
Yal* Dlstriet.  When looated : About A
miles north easterly from Camp MoKlnnoy.
TAKK NOTICK thnt I, Forties M. Korby as
ngont for Duncan A. Cameron, free
miners'eertlfleato No. MTOU, Intend sixty davs
from lhe dale horeof.to apply to the Mining Ito-
curdcrfor a eerllllralcof Improvements, for the
purpose of oblaining a Crown Grunt of tho
above claim,
And further lake notice thnt action, undor
seotlon 37, must l» commenced beforo thn
issuance of such eortillcate of improvomonts.
Hated this lith day of June, uml.
IBo roilBKH M. KKItBY.
PwitoiToN Minkhal claim.
Situate In th* Osoyoos Mining Dlvlilon of
Yale Dlitrlot.   Where located i-Camp
JTAKB  NOTICK that I,  Charles deBlols
i-l    Oroon, as agent, *,,, patot „,„,„   .'  "
?2T"n" ir"1"1"'' N». ptOUft anil for Blot
. _,- \ ""rl,"K| '™" ""li'm' norlllloato Nil
i.lOii.,1 liiionil, sixty days from lho dato heron?'
! io apply to the Mining Itooordor for a UertBl'
i cue of Ii„„r„ve,„eiits, for the p„r L"  „",'
Mining a crown Qrant of tho above'claim
And further take notice that action  mul...
sec Ion 37. must ho eiiiiimenVel Iwforo lho
Issnance of such C.rllllomoof ffipSJSWJf
Dated ihis Nth day of August, ||»|.
180 0; MfD. OltKKN.
n. rani nnnurr s
Carrying; His majesty's Hails
Will leave MIDWAY on Tuesdays, ThUrs
days and  Saturdays, at 8.30 a. 111., arriving
CAMP McKINNEY at 5 p. m. K j
Returning will leave CAMP McKINNEY
Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays at a •_,
reaching MIDWAY at 1.30 p. m„and makingCOn"
nection with the train going east at 2 o'clock.
Tho best of aooommodatlon for
the oonvenlenco  of the
travelling publlo.
• •
Chloride of Lime
Lime Juice
The Midway Pharmacy
Travellers up the West K< rk
of Kettle Rivcr will lind this
popular hotel the most convm*
ient stopping place. Diiriy*
room well supplied and tnana-ed.
Best liquors and cigars ;it the
bar.    Stable in connection.
The Riverside Hotel!
Is situated at Rock Creek, B. C, on the main
route of travel between Penticton and all Boundary Creek points.
Good Hunting. Good  Fishing. |
Best of Accommodation.
4_iti____a___i _____*
m w VfTVrftffVfffff
S. T. LARSEN, Proprietor.
Spokane Falls Morton
Railway Co.
Nelson & Ft. Sheppard
Railway Co.
Railway Co,
NU.i' , ,Tl'i l*lvo" "'»» thirty dny.
., ,,?''!'''"to I Intomr a imply ui thn fiX
the chief Coram sslotior of. tax,,I and wEE"
«.llll,,..,,,jm,.,!,,t, „,„1 ,,llllta „ , '"„ «» hljH U
Min hixLy urroH muni or limn nunniwi
iiK^j^ ,:,"H *"«»»* *
SB" JAMKS 11. 8WOIID,Locator.
The only nil rail route between
all points Hast, West and Month
to lto»Hli-iHl, Neidoii and nil
Intermediate polnti- ? connect-
In**; nt Spokane with the Orent
Northern, Northern Piiclflcand
O. It. & N. Co.
Connects tt Roisltnd with the a-nndliin
l^eHto Railway fop Boundary Creek points.
Connects at Meyer's Falls with Male dally
fer Republic.
Buffet Service on Passenger Trains between Spokane and Northport.
Ijiavo. Arrive
2'^)KANK     ».'«> 1.111. 7.,'B,l.„i.
HK*»D ttmaatx. „o!„.i.
>-P'bM>S    ll.liV11.111. M5p.ni.
_K. <m*.. •fA.cncsosr,
Oouoral Pa-m-iiger Agont. |
Commencing Oiitobw 1.1 "ill "I"'
In lulilill.m Ui iisunl oqill|iiiii'nl ""
Crow's Nest Section
Lraivlng Kootontt). IjiiiiIIi1!.'
Onnnectlnir at Medlelut' Hii*
with main line earn on WcAM*'
day and Saturday ; f«r st '''",
via Moo line on Saturday* «"''''
for Toronto, Montreal, »"»"|"
and Intertnediato point" "■
direct route.
For time lablns, rattffl sml f"11 i'''"""'1 .
call on or adilreas A. W. IIAII-KV, tK,,r '
MMway, or
J. S. CARTKH. K.J. rorir.
D.P.A., A. 0* «*•*•'
Nelaon, B.C.      Vanooum''. «■  •
____■ , g I'HRi*, U' 8* «'U«tf*n*aot_cer, of
Curlew, wtw i» Midway on Thursday.
Born-On Saturday.  November 9tIt,
„, |hl, Wife of N. .1. IA Plant, admight
P Heldstab and 0. Guiiderson. who
have been eiigaiM *or some time past
lt Fairview, assim in» in the construe*
Hon of the StetitwindHi' stamp mill, re*
,ur„Bd to Midway last Monday, after
seeing the pl»"t operating successfully.
\ mertiiii? of the provisional tlirtc
tors of the Rockland Oopper conipany,
r,,,.,.iHly Incorporated with a capital of
gumflD, was held at Orand Forks on
Wednesday fur ihe purpose of or«ani«-
Will ti. Graves, Spokane, and
(j, W. Woosler, Grand Forks, were
elected provisional president and hoc-
rt,tai yl reasiirer, respectively. The
olher provisional directors are Jay P-
Graves, A. L. White and Jud(i,e Ward
Spinks. J. A. MacDonald, Hossland,
Is solicitor (ortho company, and attended the iimittiiiK- The Hrsl. annual
nieeilng will be held at, Grand Fotks
uii 27th Instant. Tlie company was
organised for the purpose of taking
over lhe Kocklaiid group on Slooan
Like. Il i« a rich copper gold proposition. Kxieusive development work
will lie res'ini'id next spring, and it is
expected that the company will til ri
mutely nwn its own BtnelUir. The
uniii|i was acquired from Frank Wat-
son, Hpokane, and Judge Ward Spinks
of Vernon, British Columbia,
Mr. A. J. McMillan, managing (liter
tnr of the Snowshoe mine al Fhnt'iiix,
luis just returned from a trip to New
Vmi: and Montreal, where lie went to
meet Mr. G. S. Waterlow of London,
chairman of tbe Biiiish Columbia
( Hossland aud Slocan) syndicate,
Tlie Snowshoi' mine, as is well
known, Ims shown up several large
dalles o( ore of lale, and the management i-t enn-idering tbe question of
how to treat these masses of ore. The
Snowshoe has shipped from I,.">IKI lo
I.UHl tons of ore to lhe smelter, mostly
fur test purpose*, and an a temporary
arrangement is still occasionally ship
pini! to I he (Ireenwooil smelter, lull tl
is understood thai, there is some likelihood of the Snowslloe company erect
inu ii large smelling plain at an early
dale to ireat its own ores, When
in New York Mr. McMillan ami
Mr, H'aierlow had an interview
with Mr. Thomas A. Kdison. whole
giving attention to the question of the
reduction of Snownno** ores i,y meth
oils utlier than stn..|tiug. Mr. Edison'
is at present engaged with financial
friends in New York ami London in
opening up large deposits of iron ore
in Norway, and hm is also Interested in
lhe nickel deposits of Ontario.
Tests ware in uie last Monday "f the
iiiuv lire pro eel ion system of watei
works liy Ilv- Plloctilx volunteer lit-.
depaiiini'iu in different parts of the
city, and they Wr re generally very sal
isf ii-tnry, h ith lo the ultV officials antl
to ihe promoters of t.h« system. Tin
' xx;x hose coinpanii'S threw streams ol
"iii-i m..i tlie bigh.-st. luiililingsiii ill.
i'v. three stori.-s in lieigliJ, wiltuuii
anv t;nnlil,., .mil <ti.-u.nrsti-.it.-.1 tli.it
the pressure for ihe purpose lutentled
was all that was needed, Since tin
reconi approval  by thi'ratepayers of
li ■ .in..||.| ul tothe water ami light
franchises I.y law, Messrs, Gravis,
Kliiineafelt mid Williams, the gram ec>,
have put on an increased force of men,
in nider to get. as much of the new
sysiem installed as psmtitih* before
severe weather prevailed. The engin
err in charge, It A.Jones, now has a
force of between fiO and (K) men at
»'nrk on the installation of the system,
and that part needed for lire protection
ia now practically complete. Efforts
me nnw lieing put forth to finish the
domestic service as soon as possilile.
The supply Will lie deiived largely
frnui Marshall lake, near tbe city.
I'he ciiy of (Ireenwooil had a water
record on Providence creek, having
one nf ils sources of supply iu litis
inke, Init. |ms sold the right lolake(
water from lhe lake to Ihe city or
Phoenix for the sum of $|IHKI. The
water will lm pumped by steam into
two tanks, each holding 100,01)11 gallons.
A« soon as the electric power is avail-
able from Cascade, in a comparatively
"burl time, the pumps will he run by
electric power,
Thanksgiving Day Excursion Rates.
I'V Thanksgiving Day the (tan. Par.
Hy. will g,.tt„| *•,„ ,llllltt| flll,e  |IIK| om,
'bird return rate lu anil from all
Miiti in Innil territory.
Tickets on sale Nov. aih, 27lh and
'&Ui, good Ui return till Nov,   80th.
J. 8. CARTER 1). Pi A.
upBuu nivcr ri'uperui s.
Arrangements Will Shortly be Completed for the Establishment of a
Pulp Factory Near Vancouver.
Represent ing an European syndicate
wilh unlimited resources, having some
of the wealthiest people of France at
its hack, George Taunt arrived at the
coast direct from London a few days
ago for the purposes of Investigating
the resources of British Columbia in a
mining way and making a report to
thu directors as soon as possible, He,
however, is not commissioned lo do
this only, hut has in bis hands the
business of establishing a pulp mill for
a syndicate of capitalists of British
Speaking of the Hrst mentioned husiness Mr. Taunt has stated that it wur
his intention of having all the proper
ties which the company owned and
which the syndicate intended to purchase, examined, besides getting all
papers into proper legal form, The
syndicate, be states, at present has
properties on the Fraser and Thompson rivers, liesiiles mines in IheCat'lboo
ami Oinltteca country, Heretofore
tbey have not paid much attention to
Ihis province, having all Ihey could iln
to manage work at other points, Imt
next year their intention is to devoir
some lime to developing their prnperl y
in British Columbia,
In conipany with Mr. Taunt is an
English engineer, who is now up the
const from Victoria inspecting a inin
ing proposition. On his return, ii.
aliout two weeks time, both lie anil
Mr, Taunt will make a tour of lhe
properties of the Fraser and Thompson, examining and taking careful
note of any Indications of richness,
Having satislled themselves as lo their
value they will ciiniintie their trip to
the Boundary country antl liossland.
where the syndicate also owns mines.
Unfortunately it is loo late in tlte year
foi a trip into the Otuineea country, so
that the claims in that country cannot
he inspected until the spring,
The object of nil ibis preliminary
work is, according to Mr. Taunt, to decide whether the probable results
would warrant lhe shipping froni
France nf dredgers for the working of
the properties on the livers.
The syndicate spoken of linn concluded mining operations liy dredging foi
some years in New Zealand, The
dredger which it is proposed to send
fnr work in  British Columbia will be
one of the most  item type mail.' hy
ihe manufacturers, who are, it might
lie mentioned, none oilier thnn lhe
syndicate which intends opeiiitlng Ihe
dredgeis. The machine used in New
Z-aland lias hem givatly improved mi
liy experts sent tntlnit i nny 10 as-
certain its defects, and ii islheiinprov-
ed dredger lhat will lm used in Hritish
As soon as Mr. Tallin's Inspection is
i pleled lie will cahle lo headquarters his report and immediately the
construction of the number of dredgeis
required will lie proceeded with. He
states ilml in his opinion about ten
will lie required, iwo for each of the
live river properties. They will he
shipped 111 sections, having heen llr.*t
put together and tested. Operations,
he expects, will commence early next
In regard lo the pulp factory, Mr.
Taunt slales lhat he will meet one ol
those Interested in a few days in Van
(•Oliver, when complete arrangements
Will he until-*. It will he located in the
vicinity nf the city uf Vancouver. Mr
Taunt is staying nl the Dominion, and
will leave for the old country again
almut Christ mas, coining back in Ihe
spring mid remaining here during the
. 1> • «-	
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Ocean Sailing St Lawrence Route.
I'assengers for the Old Country de
'['ring to travel via the St Lawrence
"onte shtmld note the following sail
Ings for the Allan and Elder Dempster
Inn's whioh are the last for lhe seiion
""Ml from. Montreal to Liverpool.
**• s Tunisian Nov 7th, Lake Simpson
™v. 8th, Lake Manitoba Nov. 15th,
'""'Wtliian Nuv. 10th, Lake Ontario
Ni;v, 2Hn,|.
Tl»e Tunisian, Corinthian, Lake Sim-
™« ami Manitoba are  new 10,000 Inn
"»»i<*m and rank equal to I he Oniric
Whon frnm New York,
wly appHiatim, should lie mad	
'"■hm-hO. P.Ry. a,,,,,,,,,,, |11H„,,.ac
""■U'lttodatlou on these populai   ships,
/.ens on aicouni of cerlain slnleinenls
he made In the Spokesman lleview, in
a spirit of vindiilivenesN against one
iiiiui, in which, however, he al tempted
to discredit the operations of the
Washington Development Syndicate,
His method of "knocking" an enter
prise, iii which every prospector and
claim owner nn Palmer mountain is
vitally Interested, was uncalled for,
Ai ii public meeting belli immediately
previous tothe Indignity thai waa after
Inflicted on him, Haggerty was given
a chance lo substantiate his stale
nieiiis. lie apparently did not do so
tothe satisfaction of the Community
nnd when tlte meeting dispersed, lie
was seized hy nine men, a liuckcl uf
tar pnurcil over him ami a coat nf
feathers added, He was then paraded
around town on a rail currying a pla
card inscribed "I nm .1. M. Haggerl)',
Knocker." These mull—I he principal
actors—were arrested and lined. One
thing is certain, the entire community,
rightly or wrongly, stand to a man .in
endorsing the events of November 1st,
What ael ion llagge.rty will take Is nil
kllOWn, anil while he hcliev.is he has
made friends—oil the outBlde—puisoli
ally I think he has Irretrievably hurl
himself with the investing   puhlic."
Mr. Godenratli also ennllrilled the
report that I be (Ireat Northern surveyors Inui been withdrawn from their
IVOI'k oil the survey up tlie Siiinlka-
menu, The camp oul III bus been
stnrecl at Oro.
At Molson he picked un the Information thai George II. Meiiohem the
erstwhile inwiisiic pl'tiincitor of tile
Rosen at inn -has recently cleaned up
|28O,00Q In oil operations itfBeiiiiinunti
Texas. Meacbeiit wilh Mr. Oainemtl
have elaborate ofllces on Willi Street,
New Y'ork.
Ihe Central Hotel |
llth St., Midway, B. C.
is a new three-storey he tel, comfortably
fa   furnished throughout, 	
The nearest house to the Railway Station,
most convenient hotel for railway travellers.
The best of accommodation in every respect.
I      S. DAHL, Proprietor.
I. 01. (JULLEY&CO.
Large Stock,   Low PrioeB.
T.   TdL.   O-XTXalaZl^Sr   SS   CO.,
Lequime & Powers, Proprietors.
Manufacturers of all kinds of
LATH and
Band Sawing and Job Work done to order
Telephone No. 12.   Telephone orders receive prompt
Lancashire House,
: : MIDWAY, B.C. : :
The undersigned having re-opened this well-
known   and   comfortable    hotel   invites   the
patronage of all old customers and the public
I The Travellers Insurance Co,,. 1
| .... Of Hartford. Conn. I
Chartered 1803. _
          Stork I.i to mul $
* ™||   Accident Insurance. *
| __._  *
y    ISSUES   til.'ln'st lifi'  inullliiliri'
* I  ciintnielH in ihi' wm hi,   Xn
If   ilisn|i|iirinl ,,i|.iil iis in diviili.nils.
* Everything gnurtititcrd in ml*
j viitiii.. Premium nn I'm lii in 'i'i
iy |ih|. ri'iit Ii-mm ili.in those nf nlil
9 Hin1 Mutual |.iiiii|iiiiiirs.
January ist, 1897,
$20,884.53 JJ
, 17,910,2(10.29 I
. 2,976,424.36
The TnivelleiH Ciiinlilniitlnn Aruitlenl Policy guarantees fm iiniilcnial
under ordinary conditions.
2 iii'iith iti'iii'tti    .... $5oon
i boss nl Slgltl nf Both Kit*    . .mm
jjj Loss ot Huth Koot or Holli Unmix .\i»n
Jf toss nf Dili' llnnil unit Due Knnl 5,000
xj) IVriti'wicnt Total IHmaIiII ty 'J.Yui
Loss nf  liiujln Hand     .     .
1,omk nf IrUKiil nr iilinvii Kuril
Loss nf  leitl Uiiiut     .    ,
Uihh nf Kit Iiit Knot
. IM)
I.iihn of hIkIiI nf Dim I'j'O   .
Limits of   Weekly Indemnity $1,300.
AND, If such injuries ure sustained while riding lis u ]mssengiT in
J  nny passenger conveyance using steam  cable,  or  fleet rich y ns a
* motive power the amount tn he pnid   shnll he liot'HI.10  the sum
jj( 'Hieeilled in the ulituse under which the eliiiin is made.
J   Cost $52  A VEAR    TO    I'l'OI'KSSIONAI.    AND    BUSINESS
I Mi-:n,ani> Commkkcial Travklkrs.
* Other sums at proportionate rates
I "wV. aa:.-Sowis, J
Practical Wagon and Carriage Builder,
Repairing of all kinds promptly and neatly executed.
Carriage Painting a specialty.
\_,e.,f„        *   a am
Els prepared to
fill all orders
lor Job Print
VfTtiTfi-       m mam-     -   - - illg   at   loWCSt
The Pioneer Newspaper of the       ratcs consist-
Boundary  District—only ent with good
$2.00 per year. work.
Furniice-lieiit-eit mul comfortably
furnished   rooms.
Mrs. DowdingrProprietress.
nmn w*mmmmioWm wmm
Those in need of first-class HAR
can procure them here.
Special attention given to Ordered
Work and Repairing.
Fifth Stuebt, Midwav.
»»»»»»»»» *S* »»» »»$ 5*jS%
Has opened up a W
In the premises formerly occupied 1>\' yji
BaiKiklay  Ss  Harris     ty
and has on hand a first-class outfit of ij/
Single and Double Drivers t
Saddle and Faek Horses t
,        ty
Will also conduct a transfer and dray husiness.    litis   ?f.
meets all trains.    Freight and express  tie- A*
delivered lo any part of the town. tfo
!•€€€ €€€ €€€ €€€ €€€€€€€€€€#y
THOMAS WALKER, Proprietor.
All tha host brands of
Cigars and Tobaccos kept
constantly on hand.
Latest shades and patterns of Wall Paper now in
©   §
Seventh  Street, Midway.
Beautifully situated at the confluence of Boundary Creek and Kettle River.
ILL BE The mosi »"p°rtant niilwaytown fithe Kettl°Rivcr Minin^Division-
The  Wholesale Supply and  Manufacturing centre of the  Kettle River and Boundary
Creek Districts.
The distributing  point for   Upper Kettle iRiver,  West   Fork  and Camp  McKinney
mining camps.
The nearest Railway town to Republic, Meyers   Creek,   Palmer Mountain and   other
Northern Washington mining camps.
The  leading residence town   in   the country, with an excellent  climate, pure water
supply and favorable sanitary conditions.
Business, residence and garden lots at low prices and on easy terms.
fa fa fa
fa fa fa
9 fa 9
80 St John Street,
Montreal; P. Q.
Send for Maps, Trices, and full particulars to
o. m. <-noi;src,
Agent for llrilisli Ciiliiniliiii,
Miilwti). H. (J.
■ Me ■'■-! Me AAI *,** JH st,
Offers   Exceptional  Advantages for
the Cultivation of I mil.
No ■ i)(l iiiinu i'iiii olfer npy mon-
rjiruiii. returns tlttiti a fruit orolturd In
1 In- I'm,hum Kettle rivi'V valloy. As tin
exmnpli uf tt'lial can he-done in lbe
.. uii. raising line mul "five an iilmof
I.li*- Biiiiniioiisreturns ilintareolitiiiiuil
for lhe |. ntlttoi we have only to refer
to the raitfli .if W. 11. (invert., nenr
Grand Forks, whose crop this year
will Ij'ing him iihout $17,000.
In ISio Mr. Covert, pre-empted nOil
act es . f land and proceeded to cultivate
it on thoroughly husiness like principles. Of the entire farm lie devoted
MOtti-resto the cultivation uf fruits,
He Ins now one thousand prune I tees,
four hundred peach, four hundred
cherry, four hundred pear and plum
trees und several thousand apple trees,
hearing large crops annually. His
sui..11 fruits und vines ulsu hring immense returns.
One great advan Inge in raising fruit,
in this valley is that a home market is
provided, This year Mr. Covert found
the local demand much greater than
he could supply,
What Mr. Coveit has done is uu example of Whal thousands uf others can
yel do in the Kettle river valley, Of
course at the present lime mod of the
hind eititalile for fiuit growing luis lo
lie purchased, und few, perhaps, under*
stand the business as well as Mr, Cbv-
irl, Imt let any man that knows any.
tlu.ig ul all about fruit, culture, pur-
ullage a few acres uf land and set, it out
lo fruit, and in a comparatively short
tune it would lie nel ting liim a revenue
that would alio ,v him lu live independently.
Tliere is no nluce in the provim-u
ihut offers belter advantages fur fruit
noj.ing than tight around Midway,
Hero there arc hundreds of acre'of
choice hunts Ihut are eouveiiienl lu
w ..lor and fin- sale tit I'eaBOnHtileprices,
und wiiii agonil home market provided
for as much fruit us run he produced
there is no leason why any industrious
pni'snn who will take 'uh'antiigi' uf
tueiie favorable ope .rtunitlesoun not tn
a few years be living upon tbe rolti.'ii*
from their in'"i ment, Which a e sure,
instead of depending upon tlfeh barn
F. W. Hayes left last week for hi-
home in Wayne county, Michigan, af
ter spending n fortnight, in th - Bound.
u-y i  untr;   In .■oirJi.viiin  with tin
i ...   linn .'-|l     i   (..,  :' .   '    ,rr'   i
l>'"l...l.i:y Villi..    .'■!''. li..;' " «.is  Well
'   ' !   i , li   I"' rieltv    und   in   n!
•  ■ v     '   .    II,
vlie paid.
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ilmis. saving for the province or the
l npetiitors, which Is probably the same
] thing, (lie difference which is at pres-
I senl paid into tlie coffers nf the East
j us direct and indued refining charges,
roi issions for selling the product,
freight, etc,
''It is nnt tlte high grade ores such
us tbe Texuda and Vuticuuver Island
ores wliieh will feel any detrimental
action hy Hie controllers "of thj price
of oopper tu a sufficient extent to affect
tbe mines very seriously, but it is the
low grade propositions, Hoiindary
ereek, and siinilur ciinips, which,
should the price uf cupper lie redueetl
to-ten coins a pound in New York,
would practically In- wiped off the
map. While it is tn he hoped thai
there is no danger uf suoh a reduction
in price, yet while this is artificially
maintained rather thnn regulated by
supply and demand there is always a
dungi". of fluctuations, und my object
in making the suggestion is to bring
the mat ter before tbe people of Hritish
Columbia so far in advance of the con-
liiigi'tiey I anticipate, tlmt Ihey may
not halve any excuse fur doing lhe
baby act which followed the action of
the smeller in lbe States u couple of
years ago."—Victoria Times,
Fiffcla.   Street.   3M_±cl-_«r_i,y.
; l^^sablejii      ;|
-Every Home
A Reliable
and Barometer
Worth (11.00, specially made lo
meet the climatic oumlltions nt
Western Canada, will bc sent
free to every yearly subscriber
ot the
Season 1901-1902
Cut out this advertisement
and forwahd to Free Press with
nne dollar and receive Weekly
Free Press tor one year tosetili-
er wilth a handsome thermometer and barometer,
Handles the best Imported and Domestic
Cigars, Cigarettes ^nd Tobaccos of all kinds
that can be procured.
All Papers and Periodicals of the day at
publishers' prices.
Provincial Land surveyor.
XK/   Architect and
___ Civil Engineer...
I^eal Estate,
Insurance and
Mining Agent.
P all view Towiidito Agent.
. .. AllDIIKSS . . .
f VirresiKHitUmooSoiit.itfMl.
Cer Ifleiit**   of   liiiiiriiiiiijJMtj
wot 1
IIKA1IY  dl-lt   I'ltl'l  .''.
Situate tn the Osoyri1
Yale District. V, 1.
Illlliei-H rirtilt.ru.
Horiiitr, freo inimt - .
inti'tHI, sixly d'.i)'i- ti' '
njapplflotheMlnii.K 1;"
uf Iiiipniveiiictith. fur lln
n I'll.HH til-lllll (if till! ll!"
Ami fnrllier lako 1	
wiilliui ill, linml li.1 i'i.
Ihhiihuccof Hii.-li Certltli..
Dated this 2l«t day il.'
■ H
RANCH of S3) anr*. - 
Mlilwny, a» arm '."
acres of wfili'li Is   X'" ■'
Plenty ef water In |irmil'
spring*!.    Tnoio   I* ni-"
nivluuil oil till' plftlJC lii'Kil.i
liuie... t.iii-n*. rii.il i.iiM'in
piirllciiliinwi|i|ily In
A. lull'l <
-J_^J \w
To those contemplating an investment in Midway real estate, the information is
offered that on the Riverside Addition may be
found 300 very choice residence sites.
For terms and all other information apply to
W. H. NORRIS,        or        A. MEGRAW,
Midway, B.C. Camp McKinney, B. c
■1-1 •»*■


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