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The Midway Dispatch C. M. Crouse 1902-10-27

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 ; Vdi. I, No. 17.
$2.00 per Year.
:l '■
SUtf$ ihnt will sua you both in quality and
Price a rare chance to, clothe the Boys for a
very smalt amomnt of money.
ChHdrens two piece suits from $1.65 to $2.95
t-       three „     „ $2.95
Boys Suite a nice assortment in Serges, Cashmeres, Tweeds and Homespuns'all $4. $4,25
and $4*50 Suits to go at $2.95
B0V8 Reefer Coats, Blue Chinchilla, Double
Breamed?jjizes 23 to 28, special price for this
■■ VR
The New Fairview Corporation's Large Hotel was
Burned early Wednesday Morning
Miss Smith, a School Teacher from Vernon, Perished ln the Flames
Philip H- Matthias, Manager of the Hotel, was
Badly burned and has Since Died.
Aftci trying in vain for two dny* to Wehslor, J, P., of   Keremros,   who
olitain Authentic details relative to thei happened to be a guest nt tht hotel
"   *•      -ii
TB*A. WALKS, Proprlatnr.
AH th* bast
Otgaro ami Tokaoooe
■■mtfitty m haM.
Latoet shades and pat*
Jama af Wall Paper now In
Seventh Street, Midway.
tbout that letter!
. r
»An othetiwise nice letter is top often spoiled by,
the stationery. If you Want Vour letters to
make an impression and be appreciated by the
recipitant, you should write them on good paper
and use good envelopes.
I  have a good stock of statioi^ry, clean and
well assorted, at right prices.
*:-  A. F. Thomas,
and Stationery
We do Rot need a "Test"
in regard to AdvertfeilN as w* know from experience that
advertising with Full Values and honest and fresh clean goods
'ill always satisfy"-^ customer, without, giving away so
Wled silver Spoons and money coupons. Give customers
M and honest values for their money is our Motto.
1 We have received full wool fleeced lined underwear for men
ifhich we sell at the ckse figure of $2.00 a suit.
Ail wool underwear from $2. to $4.50 according to quality
of wool.
AJfoll assortment of Ladies, Childrens, Mens and Boys hosiery Vnd sox. . ,   . .      , „.
\" Nfew consignment of groceries, meats and celebrated Five
J Roses flour at lowest possible marked prices, without coupons.
is a eall and be eonvineed.
A full«nd«,W Stock orall kinds of Rubber Good-for winter
and wet weather use on baud.
Are that destroyed tbe Fairview Hotel in the early hoar* of last Wedne*-,
day morning the following particulars
were obtained hy telephone from Oamp
McKinney through the courtesy nf
Henry Main, druggist, of that town
who hastened to Fairview on Wednesday morning lo tender assistance
there. He says that Frank French,
manager at Fairview for Shatford k
Co., general storekeepers, gives the
following version of what occurred so
far as lie remembers. He was sleeping on the second floor of the hotel,
and was awakened hetween two and
three o'clock by a sound like the cracking of Are, but thinking some one had
lighted a Are in the open fireplace in the
large puhlic oflice on the ground floor
of the hotel, did not take much notice
of the matter. Presently, though,
ihe sound appeared as if children were
playing downstairs, so he got up and
opened his bedrooVi door only to And
flames coming in. He shut the door,
put on part, of his clothing and
then rushed through the flames to
ihe door of the room occupied by
Miss Louise Hmith, the school teacher,
the flames not yel. having got that far
along tlie hall. He broke open the
door, dragged Mine Smith from tier
bed, and carried her along the hall
farther away (mm tbe flames. Bid
ding ber remain there whilst he returned to his own room to open or
break the window from which Ihey
would be ahle to jump safely to the
ground, he rushed luck through tlie
flames, broke the window down, and
then relnrned through the Are once
more for her. But she had meanwhile
disappeared, so he turned lo try and
get out alone. By this time tlie Hre
nearly Ailed the hall and he thinks a
gust of flame caught him and knocked
him down and he remaindered no mo re
until be found himself outside the
burning building lying on the ground,
but not- much burned,
Mr,  Main states  that   Phillip  H.
Matthias, the manager of the hotel,
although burned, got  outside after
having gone downstairs t» where he
found the place was on Are,  As by
this time the staircase was in flames
be clambered up tn his room from the
outside seeking his wife and child, but
they were not there,  Here the Are
caught him again and burned all his
clothing off his body.   He was rescued alive, but so badly  burned that
after   lingering   in   unconsciousness
ahout Ave hours death put  an  end
to  his sufferings.
Mrs. Maltlas jumped from the window of her room with her child. Her
back is injured but the child escaped
John Love, druggist, of Fairview,
was sleeping on the third floor. As
soon as he |found that the place was
burning he hurried to waken Lime
Hunt, the housekeeper, whose room
was on the same Aoor, He got her
from her room,* hut finding no other
means of escape/dropped her from the
window to the ground helow and then
jumped himself, but not until after
one of his hands had lieen so much
burned that he will likely lose part of
it, and his face had also been injured.
Fortunately he landed on soft earth
and so escaped other serious Injury,
but not so Ibe unfortunate Miss Hunt,
whose thigh bone was broken, back so
injured that her body was paralysed,
and a hlood vessel in the head broken.
This young woman is being nursed liy
Miss Flesher at the home of Oold Com
missiontr LamMy, but her recovery is
despaired of.
A man named Allen, employed as
a Areman in lhe boiler house at Ihe
Stemwinder mine will also likely die.
He Jumped from the top story and
broke his ankle bones and received
olher injuries that caused paralysis of
the lower limbs. Another man named
McKinley, also broke his ankle in
jumping, whilst Peter Twombley who
jumped from the second floor had
serious burns on his face. A butcher
named Birch, only lately come from
Kelowna 10 take charge of F. VV
Swlnlmrn's butcher business at, Fair-
view hurt, his '**'•• ns a result of a leap
from the third floor.  Edward Bullock
Executive Committee, 51 Front street,
west, Toronto, oi' the National Trust
Conipnny, Treasurer, King Street east,
Toronto. The head oflice is in the
Mail building. Toronto. J. 8. Hoberlson, Secretary.—Toronto Ololie.
Is progressing Favorably with  the
Work of building the big mill
for the Cyanide plant.
for the night, escaped with his face
und one hand burned. Other persons
wer" more or less burned or hurt in
jumping fiom the burning building,
but l he above mentioned ate all that
could be reinemiwred. Besides Mr.
Main was pretty well exhausted after
riding sixty miles and going without
sleep for two nights so he was nol
troubled to give further particulars.
Miss Smith was only 18 years of age
and the Fairvi-iw school was the Hrst
one she had had charge of. Her parents lire near Armstrong or Euderby
In the Okanagan Valley. Mr. Matthias
was an Englishman, about 45 years of
age, and was three or four years ago,
eo it. is plated, iu the real estate business at Vancouver B. C,
Dr. Morris reached Fairview on
Wednesday night, and Dr, Schon and
Nurse Flesher soon after midnight the
same night, after having driven nearly
70 miles from Greenwood, Tnese with
Dr. White, who escaped without injury from the hotel, are attending the
victims of tbe disaster who are not
beyond help. Dr. Morris, in his iifH*
cial capacity as district coroner, held
■n inquest on the charred remains of
Miss Smith, found nest, morning in
the ruins, and on the body of Mr
Matthias, but no evidence as to how
the,Hre started was elicited.    	
The Consumption Situation.
Unless one ha* made himself fatuilar
with the consumption situation in Canada, it is hardly possihle to appreciate
the greatness of the work lhat has
lieen undeitaken by the trustees of tbe
Free Hospital for Consumptives at
Graveoburst, A representative uf
this journal chatted the olher day
with Mr. J. 8. Ituherlsim, Secretary
of tbe: National Sanitarium Association, under whoie auspices this hospital has been mahliehed. We learned
that though the doors weie opened for
the admission of patients only in the
end of April last, there are now aixty
patients in residence, and tbe applications on the Secretary'* desk ore so
many tbat the trustee* have given inst ructions to have the accommodation
Immediately increased to Id) patients.
They have undertaken ibis additional
expense purely on faith, and io response to the pitiful calls that are coming to the office every day from applicants.    '
'•W.thin the pis', 21 hours." said
Mr. Robertson, " I have received ap
plications for admission from Nova
Scotia, New Brunswick. Quebec and
Manitoba, In each of these cases the
patients, if they are ahle lo pass the
medical examination, will be admitted
absolutely without a single cent being
paid for their maintenance, and will
be kept in lhe institution as long as
their condition makes it necessary.
A careful estimate of the requirements
of the institution, witb 100 patients
in residence, shows thai ut least $20-
000 will lie required to maintain this
number during the year,"
"But," the inquiry was, "is there no
endowment in connection with this
"Not a farthing," was the reply of
Secretary Robertaon, "The original
huilding was the grant of two well
known Toronto citizens. But outside
of this lhe institution has heon fur.
nished aud will require to la! maintained solely by the contributions of
the great mass of the Canadian people
The trustees have felt ihal the money
required will be furnished ; nevertheless, il is a heavy undeitakingforthein
and it will be a calamity, with the
death rate of consumpl inn throughout
the Dominion: reaching 8,000 a year,
for the doors to lie closed against applicants because of insufficiency of
funds. Just at the present time, with
the huilding extensions that are going
on and patients crowding in as the
winter approaches, the financial needs
are very urgent."
Contributions for tlie hospital. ,in
large or small amounts, may lie sent
to Sir Wm, R. Meridith K-„ Vice*
President of the National Sanitarium
Association, 4 Lamport avenue, Toronto ; W. J. Gage, Chairman of  the
Work on the hig building for the
200 Ion cyanide plant of the New Fair-
view Corporation, Ltd.; is progressing
rapidly. During the erection Superintendent Charles Ostenburg has a force
building the tanks, a* tbe company
has adequate facilities to manufacture
ils lumber, thus avoiding the execs
sire expense and freighl charge and
effecting a saving nf fully 50 per rent
in cost. Meanwhile there have been
stoied ready for treatment sufficient
tailings, the value of which, when they
are treated, will fully pay for the cost
of the new planl. From the results
of the present small experimental cy
aniding plant it has been demonstrated
that the whole of lhe tailings, after
leaving the tables where the high
grade sulphreta are extracted, can be
run direct into the tanks and treated
at a very small cost, which should in-
crease the profits on the Stemwinder
ore considerably. In fact, the management .has every reason to helieve
that the plant will establish a new record on ryaniding hy saving 88 per
cent nf the tailings.
Ai the mine the ore body at the 300
foot level is lieing further exploited by
a winze following the footwall side of
the vein, The policy of lhe management is to develop, a* tapidly as possihle, the ore resources of the different
levels, so hy tbe time eveiything is
ready to be put in operation at the
46 stamp mill and the cyanldiug plant
there will he an almndance of ore for
('rushing. Ther* are.now o»«r 800O
tons of broken ore in the stopes. At
present onediill I* more than sufficient
to keep 11 stamps running.
With regard tn .tie values it Is sat
iefscinry to note that the greater the
depth the higher the values, A two
weeks test, with 14 stamps, on ore
taken exclusively from the 300 foot
level, gave the following returns. One
hundred and sixty eight ounces bullion, $1030; 5 tons high grade suphret,
yalue per ton 6211, $1055 ; 60 tons low
grade concentrates, value |ier ton, $18
$9110 iflUO tons tailings, value per ton
$3.70 62220; total, $5805, giving a
value of $0.60 per ton, In addition to
these value*, ahout; 10 per cent was
lost hy heing carried off in the slimes,
hut thl* will he saved by the cyanide
plant. A second mn of ore from the
same level, of 846 tons, and 454 from
the second level, or a total of 1300 Ions
milled, resulted as follows; one htuid
red and thirty**eveti and one half
ounce* bullion, value $1557,87 ; 7 toius
sulphreta, value $146 per ton $t015;
00 Inns low grade sulphrets, value per
ion $15.85, $00500; 1100 tons tailings,
value per trim $2.80,$!1080; total $0010 87
showing an average value of $2 07 per
ton In addition, to slime loses, lu
comparison with the ores milled from
tbe dump, with values ranging from
$2 to $.! per ton, lieing ore extracted
from the two upper levels, the results
are most favorable. With.the use of
larger screen* there is no doubt, says
the management, that with the full
46 stamps running, from 160 lo 172tons
of ore per day will la! treated.
In discussing the cx|ierlnieiual tests
of the Stemwlnderore, Supi-rinlendciit
Charles Ostenburg said ; in our llr*t
mill test we found that, we eoiito not
by the use nf Frue vanners alone, make
■ncriitrates high enough in grade to
net 00 per cent of tbeir value, ae the
freight and I reatment. charges are excessive, Consequently, I constructed
tables whirh separate the slimes from
the sands and classify ibe concentrates
taking nil a streak Which roniiijns tbe
galena, currying a high pecci ntage of
silver and gnld. nml bringing the shipping product to a value of from $)5(i;i()
$01X1 per ton. The shipping ntnl treatment charges nre no more on this
grade of ore than on the lower values ;
in fact we also receive the I, ad values,
which on the lower grade were not
aliened, and now obtain (Xi per cent
of the gross value. The lead saving
alone pays for lhe treatment charges.
The second product which we run
over the Fine vauneis and saved in
the shape of low grade concentrates
was worth about $15 lo $25 per ton,
and was treated hy the small cyanide
plant with whicli we made an extraction of 75 to £5 per cent, with a perfect precipitation, We expected to
run a considerable portion of the sand
over wiih this mineral, and have but
a small loss in tailings. However we
found that when we treated ore from
the third level, especially, which was
of u higher grade, that fully a third of
our values was being lost, as even the
slimes contained values ranging from
$2 to $4 per inn.
After many tests the management
concluded thai nothing remained but
to erect large cyanide tanks, now in
process of construction, nnd treat the
whole product nf the mill, us *it,h our
present small plant we have demonstrated that Ihe whole of the tailings,
after leaving the tallies where the
high grade sulphrets are extracted can
Iw run direct into these tanks and
treated at a very low cost, with consequent handsome profits. I expect lhat
the large plant will be finished about
the flrst of next year, and meanwhile
only enuugh stamps are Mug operated
to crush the ore taken nut in development.
For some weeks pnst, the press of
British Colntiihia has been publishing
stories regarding the sale of the mine
and mill of the New Fairview corporation, limited, loan English syndicate.
President. Richard Russell to day staled lhat tne property was under consideration, pending an examination by
John Hays Hammond, the noted American engineer.
Should the deal eventually go
through the - company will receive
$800,000, making an average of 23
cents per shine. The consideration is
iionflnally stated as $000,000 in the
English financial press, while as a
matter of fart the company will only
receive the price mentioned, the balance nf $100,000 being commissions etc.
Mr. Hammond accompanied hy an
English engineer, is shoitly expected
In camp. The presenl selling price of
the shares nn the Toronto stock exchange ranges from 7 12 lo, 8 cents,
and there has heen considerable I lading in the stock. When tlie milling
planl, already installed, is in operation, the company uill have the second largest stamp mill in lhe province
Barker's Hotel, nt Chesaw, across
the International Boundary line a few
miles south of Rock Cnek, was
destroyed by lire nn Sunday, 19th inst.
Mr. Barker had spent lietween $8,001)
and $9,000 on the building and contents, so thai, the loss is a heavy one,
as there wns only $2,1110 insurance on
the propeity.
Boundary Ore Shipments.
The tonnage of ore shipped by the mines of the Boundary
District during 1901, and for 1902, up October 25th. is as
Old Ironsides and Knob Hill group.. 231,762
Mother Lode .,,.  99.548
B.C  47,517
Sunset ...       800
Winnipeg     1,040
King Solomon       850
Snowshoe     1,731
No. 7       665
Jewel       335
Golden Crown j	
Sundry small shipments    2,500
_ 386,738     400,794
Shipments during 1900 totalled 97,837 tons ; during
the year 1901, to December 31st, 386,738 tons, and during
1902, to October 25th, 400,754 tons, making an aggregate of
885,923 tons /
C. M. CHOUSK Kdltor slid PropriHor
l'ubliriliud weoltl)- at Midway, B.C.
Siilmcripllmi price. B-Wper annum, piiyaMc
in rulvHiiw, eltbor je.irly or half yuan)' at the
opiirai of lhe KiilMw.-ribcr.
Advertising r»Uw sent on application.
The territories are agitating for division into Provinces, Miny ndvo-
cate one oittwo largi' provinces, thinking thereby to lersnn the cost of gov
ernment. Wc lielieve it is easy to
make a mistake in this direction. It is
proliable that we wonld have better
and less costly government in British
Ooiumbia to day, if Vancouver Island
and Ihe Mainland had not been united.
Victoria is not very well situated for a
capital city, au I moreover the residents of this wealthy and comparatively old city have very littl- in
common wiih tlie various pioneer settlement* of tbe interior,
A few days ago, a gentleman came
into this office aud asked for a map nf
British Columbia, Ue were unable
to furnisli him with a map, and we are
not aware that a good one exists. A
map showing the different paits of
this Province would have a sort of
crazy quilt appenunce, It is divided
into counties for judicial purposes.
It has separate divisions, for land,
mining, assessment and electoral pur
poses. The other Provinces are divi
ded into counties each hiving a county i-eat or capital, wliere all govern
ment business Is transacted, We do
not expect any change for tlie lietter
in this or any other matter, until ue
place a different class of ineu in our
The government is short of money,
This fact is impressed on the peoples'
minds liy meeting the pull-tax collect-
I or; hy the unfortunate pioneers of
th» country being sold up for taxes
and by the laments of the government
officials at Victoria, who, when asked
for improvements necessity for the
huilding up of n. w camps, reply sadly,
that the only reason for preventing
Blub Improvement* is shortness of
cash. It is of intf rest to observe how
the money gathered so inugbly i«
spent. We have already pointed out
in these columns lhe waste that goes ou
ill road huilding within the province
nnd hy reading the report of the min
islet- of Mines our attention is called
tn another example of wasted expend
lliire. A little ovei a year ago, a gen
tleinan provided by a generous government with a pack train and a few men
to do chores around camp, came into
this district from the headwaters of
the Kettle nver, visited the prospects,
or such ones-is he "oiild Ilml in Ihe
camps on that river, aud then after
further wanderings returned to Victoria and wrote a report on them,
Tbis gentleman was the Provincial
Mineralogist. Surh prospector* M
heard nf his travels looked forward
to seeing hi* report, thinking that it
would contain words of wisdom on-
formations; information on districts
favorable for prospecting, and guidance for those whn toil in tbe mountain* endeavoring against great disadvantages to open up the mineral
resources of the province, But what
do they Hnd!1 An account of
where tbe trails were liad—all of which
we are painfully aware of-the hard
ships he had to endure, and a pessimistic view of neatly everything he
saw. This gentleman on bis trip vi*.
lied and sampled many properties,
made criticisms on the wdtk done
without taking into consideration the
reasons for doing such development.
In one cose he publishes an assay from
and makes remarks on a property he
never was within half a mile of. It,
Is scarcely fair to the prospectors to
have their claims sampled and the
results published wilhnut their
consent, as all men who are experi
enced in mining know how deceiving
assays are when the exact condition*
under which they were taken are no*
known. How can any expert pass an
opinion on the value of a property In
! a few minutes examination? Vet
this was what was done in many cases,
The Provincial Minetaloglsl is, no
doubt, a first class expert, and hi*
intentions may have been to do justice
to ihe mineral industry of the province, but, under the circumstances, tn
whom was this expenditure of money
a benefit? To the prospector ? No, for
In the report there is nothing ufservice to him hut rather discouragement.
Tlie capitalist intending to invest in
mines will gain no benefit from ils
perusal for If he knows anything ht
Will aee the weakness of Iho report he
cause the ore on the dumps of 'many
properties in the dialiicts visited will
prove to him that there is ore in the
. country both In large i-uantities and
of commercial value, if the develop
nielli of the countrv had depended
upon the advice and reports of experts
liossland and the Boundary camps
would still lie dm man), as they were
all originally unfavorably reported
upon. Tlie whole mining country
has been opened up by the prospector,
"le may not know many long names
ilnerala but lv has had the faith
not afraid lo exercise  his
muscle 11) develop his claim*. Ik* has
endured the hardships incidental to
the life iif the pioneer, so let th« government spend what money they can
spare in helping bim iu the way of
building roads and trails rather than
paying it Mi salaried officials in making Useless irips to black eye the must
important industry in 'lie province.
Not only are the properties iu this
district, in lhe majority of cases, unfavorably it-potted upon, bul the same
seems lo 1st true of olher district*
Only recently we noticed in the New
Denver Ledge some information relative to the Portland gmup of claims,
in Aspen Grove camp, taken from the
Kamloops Inland Sentinel, which
state, that on the Portland property
the values, not from picked samples,
average $4 in gnld, $7 in silver, and 'Sl
per cenl, copper. Upon turning lo I he
repott of the Provincial Mineralogist
we And lhat on tbe same property he
reports as follow*; "TliisseeiiM to Is)
a copper impregnated zone, over HO
feet wide in the same agglomerate
rock, striking in tbe same direction.
Ou the Quela-c there was an open ent
3D hv 7 feet, wilh 12-foot face, which
was sampled and gave: copper .9 per
cent." It will readily he seen from
the foregoing lhe absurdity of the
Provincial Mineralogist's report and
and the injustice done claim owners
liy reporting upon their properties.
It lhe repuri of the Mineralogist is intended to assist ihe mining. industry
of,the province, it certainly is not.
fulfilling its purpose hut on the contrary is discouraging claim owners
and driving away capital. Not
only do these bad effect* i-esuli from
publishing such unreliable literature
hut the report costs the province a
huge sum of money. This is another
instance of bow government money is
heing squandered upon something that
sl of worse than no value lo the province.
is uivrng Away watcnes.
In pros-filling ita plan to build up
ihe larg—t circulation in the Kootenay, and Incidentally, in ubservsnee of
its seventh anniversary, the Trail
Creek News is giving to each new *uh-
arrihera w_tcb. It is not a full jeweled 18 karat gold watch, but is * neat
perfect running time piece. It is gur*
anteed for one year and if it fails lo
keep acciirale timeduring that period,
it will he exchanged for a new one,
Tbe guarantee is ihat of the largest
watch conipany in the United Staaes.
The subscription to the NEWS is $2.
per year, upon receipt of which a
watch will be forwarded, together
wiih the Tiail Creek News for one
for man or boy, Remittance should
be forwarded hy express or postal order, to Trail Creek News, Trail, B. C.
A Flowery Writer Arrested.
F. Augustus Heinze leader of the
Montana "independent democratic''
pari y, is exp»cted in town lo day. The
latest feature of hi* campaign against
W. A. Clark was the arrest. Saturday
of tbe entire editorial staff oft,h •
Butte R»v-ille on a charge of attempting to send indecent matter, through
the United.Siates mails,
The men under arrest are ; P. A.
O'Farrell. formerly of Spokane ; A. W.
Brouse, R. A. Pelky, T. 0. Mctiill and
A. F. Wilmorlh. Each man furnished
a $250 bond and was allowed to go, the
hearing heingset for next Wednesday
The complaint wa* made by E. D.
Beatty, post olllce inspector at Ureal
Falls. The complaint charg-m : '-That
on nr aliout the Oth of Octolier the defendants knowingly, willfully and unlawfully deposited and caused lo lie
depositedlin the Butte postofliireabout
HUO copies uf the Reveille, each of
which contained among other things
a certain picture, cartoon, print and
publication under lbe printed heading
"I am the leader of democracy in Mon
tana." which cartoon was an obscene,
lewd, lascivious and indecent picture,
artoon, print and  pul llcatiet.'
Copies nf the Kcveille show that the
cartoon wa* too vile for description.—
Mtlngf   ot   Supreme Court   Hi*
On Tuesday Supreme Oourt Se gi*
trot'. McMynn received' telegraphed
instructions from the Attorney Ben-
eral to notify ull grand juror* and
petit juiors summoned to attend the,
court of assize aet for May at Greenwood that their attendance will not
now he required, Ihe »|ttlng of the
court having been cancelled, this
action was taken following Mr. McMynn having, in thr performance of
bis official duty, informed the Attorney General that there were nnt any
criminal case* fur thia aesice and in the
only Important civil case net down for
hearing at ll, the counsel Concerned
hud consented tn a postponement.
Two ci (initial cases should in ordinary
course have come liefore the court, but
these were not serious ones and were
disposed of ln Nelsnn when ihe court
was sitting ihere. It is an evidence
of the law-abiding disposition of resi
dent* generally that in a districl iu
whirh well on for a thousand men aie
employed In mines, smelters, and other industrial works, no serious crime
ha* taken place since the Spring
Why you should huy
BBUAU8K it is mostToitliig chew
BECAUSE it is the largest, high grade
5 or Klc, plug
BECAUSE the tugs are valuable for
premiums until Jan. i, 1904.
BECAUSE yonr dealer la nm limited
to  refund  your monev If
you me nut hii I tailed.
Oertiflcnte   of   Improvement*
WATtaioo CossouDjrncn jVhactIoiial
Minkhal Claim.
Situate In th* Kettle River ■Inin* Hlvlslon
of Yal* Dlstriot.  Whers located : Camp
TAKK NOTICK lhat I. Korbes M. Kerby. ss
I agent fnr The Waterloo Con«>lid»led
Mining a*id MilliiiB (Joinnan*-, free miners
wrtltl(Atc No. HUMS, intend, sixty diys
(mm lhc ttittc hereof, 10 apply 10 tbe Mining
Heciirderfora Ccrtltlcate of Improvement*, 'or
the purpose of obtaining a Crown Gram of lhe
above elaini.
Ami furlher lake notice that action. Udder
section 37. must be oommeneod beforo the
issuance of such Certificate of Improvements
Haled lhl- J7th day it September, !»«.
Ik roilUKS M. KKKBY.
A familiar name for the Chicago,
Milwaukee A 81. I'aul Railway, known
all over the Union a* tlie Greal Ball
way running lbe "Piokmh Limitkd'
trains every day and night hetween St.
Paul and Chicago, and Omaha and
Chicago, "The only perfect trains in
the world." Understand : Connections are uiade with ALL Transcontinental Lines/assuring to passengers
the liest service known. Limit ions
coaches, electric lights, eteatn heat, of
a verity equaled by no other line.
See that your ticket reads via "The
Milwaukee" when going to any point
in the United States or Canada. Ail
ticket agents sell tbem.
Forrates pamphlets or other information, address,
it. L. Ford.' H. 3. Rowr.
Tr»v. Pass. Agt. Uenetml Agent,
Durham Bulls, Fresh Calved
Cows, Cows in Calf, Steers
and Heifers, Boar Pigs, Sows
and Young Pigs, Sheep and
Poultry. Saddle and Pack
Ponies.    Apply to
t-Vt  miles from   Midway, or
Dispatch office.
On ]8tli inst., somewhere between J. 0.
McMvnn'rj ranch and Midway, one logging
chain. Kinder will oblige by leaving at this
TIIK Partnership heretofore existing be
tween the uwli'i-iguixt as Saw Millers
under thu name of U-qiiliire t> I'owuv. in .Midway. H. C., and Ornntl Korks, II. C., Is hereby
dissolved by mutual consent. All debts owing
to lhe Midwav HawtnUI are lo he paid to Wm,
''ower*. of Midway. B. (.'.. who will continue
the Miit way husiness and s-itlsfy all claims
Maln«t tbe sain buMnos-. AM ilcbts owing to
the (irand Korks (Sawmill are lobe paid to B.
Lequime; of Grand Korks, B, C, wis, will continue Dm Grand -orks business and satisfr all
claims against tho Grant! Korks mill.
Simied (WM. rWVRIUI.
,... tH.I.EQUIMK.
Witness JAVflM McQL'KKK.
Dated at MWwiy'tMsOth'day-of JStpu, lUtf!
Korea. Mnsir., . _kmo5m!!2!2_l£.
A JundKHnely ninttrttsd wMklr.  LamM Mr.
MfUmi of any •rNlllllc InsnaL   trail* a
Pries Markers
Printing Wkstlt
Band listing and
Check      Perls*-
kubker Type
Printing Prawn.
St Paul, Duluth, ninnetpolls. Chlcigo
Through Palace and Tourist Sleepers
[lining and   Buffet   Plunking   Library  Cars
Kor Ilate*. Kolder- and Kull InformaUon,
call on or address,
H. BRANnT.'tVP. *T. A;.
701 \V. Riverside Avenue,
Siiikanb, Wash.
A. B. C. DKNNI8T0N.H. VV. P. A.,
Certificate  of Improvements,
Bui* Hull Mixk-ul Cum.
Sltuat* In th* Osoyooi Mining Division of
Yal* Dlstriet.  When imatat!-_».
I*r Mountain,
XAKK NOTICK that I, Charles de Blots
9«en. as agent tor GeowoO. Howell, free
ma certlltoaU) No, awCard for Kvan
Morris, tree miners certlfluite No. ntllTIH,
Intendjl«trdai's from the date hereof, to tp-
pjjr ta the fining Keeorder for a Certifloate
of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining
aCrownOjantof th»at»ve«a_lro., """""""»
And further take notloe that aollon, under
section II, mast be commenced beforo iho Issu
anco of suoh certificate of improvements.
Dated thia Uth day cf July, NO,
*> CnsB. ORKKN.
The Canadian Bank of Commeree
With Which It Incorporated
The Bank of British Columbia.
CAPITAL, $8,000,000.   •   REST, $2,000,000.
HON. GEO. A. COX, Pres.       B. E. WALKER, Gen. Mflv
Manager Greenwood Branch.
Boundary Falls Hotel
This hotel is centrally located and is a stopping place for stage
lines.   Good stabling on the premises.
Or\lvj tKe choicest brands of Wines, Liquors,
and Cigars at tKe Bar.   .
Carrying His Jlajesty'a Halls
Will leave MIDWAY on Tuesdays, Thurs*
days and Saturdays, at 8.30 a. m., arriving at
CAMP McKINNEY at 5 p. m:
Returning will leave CAMP McKINNEY on
Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 9 a. m.,
reaching MIDWAY at 1.30 p. m., and making connection with the train going east at 3:05 o'clock.
ThebMt tf
tb* MnvMlanM •! Um
travelling pubHo.
Headquarters for Railroad,
Mining and Commereial Hen
First Class Livery Stable In Connection with Hotel.
S. A. CROWELL, Prop.
r*!" *,p
Horse Shoeing a'Specialty
All Kinds of Work ExenM to tke SaUsfteUoi of Cistoroers
* •
7?fls ^
A new building, well furnished. Everything new and first-class, Only the choicest Wines, Liquors and Cigars kept in
stock. Every convenience furnished the
traveling public.    Bus meets all trains.
■***" 11-WWWMm.rawBiia AND DISTRICT.
Unsworn in ovei Ht Ummt
0. M. CroUKD lias returned nf-
ending a couple of months with
arentf at 81 rathroy, Om.
Flett returned mi Saturday
| Wlnnepeg, where he was wiled
. illneM of bit luothi'r, who haa
red Knepper wn* arrested at
McKinney hy Provincial Con*
B. H, Venner, nn a warrant,
| at the Instance of Hitli-Colleclor
unloini 0. F. Hone, of Cascade
charging hhli with having evad-
(e Ojstoun  regulation*   in   not
U paid duly on a home and Mdd le.
night across the Boundary line
Colville and wild in the province,
rd wa* taken to Orand Fork*
) appeared liefore two justice*
) peace.   Mr. Hone testified that
I received from accused a writ-
jidrrUklng lo remit lo him muni duty, tiul Mil* he failed to do,
fqueiilly  action   waa  taken   to
him to account.   Upon accuaed
Ing guilty the uiagiatrate* look a
it view of the caae and inflicted
inimuni Hne of IM.O" and coat*.
|an named William   Kennaugh
Mnesday, after only IH lioii-n
at the   head   of   Providence
i where he had heen living with
[ighter and *on in law, Mr. and
red Whitwell.   It bad neeil the
i'» cuatom to get up almut six
Cevery morning, hut a* he failed
l an appearance on Thursday
ng   at   the uaual   time,   Mr
veil went to hi* room and found
ng unconaclou* on lbe floor,
lighted hi* lamp and  then
t dressing lieen aeited with paral
I He lingered until night hut did
(cover consciousness,    He wa* Ti
t age and a native of the lale of
Ihnt had spent part of his life in
" Zealand,   whence he came   to
iColumliia last year. Tlie body
rronght   down   to   Greenwood
i interment took place on Friday
i Lindsay, a rancher well known
x district for year*, died Tuesday
Misters'   Hospital,  Hreenwood,
ihaving heen ill fifteen days with
lid fever.   Deceased was SI veara
. a native of Wenlworlh county,
in, bis home having  lieen neat
limn.   He came   went  about I'i
) ngo, and to the Kettle River val*
vmi nine  years   since,   At one
; had charge of   the provincial
niiient road repair p.iriv   in this
After leasing his rancli near
he removed to  Rm-k  ('nek
i »at4er and brother lived  w'th
Miiw Lindsay wa* to have  lieen
lecently  Ihu  her hrotherV
jit illness lad^to a postponement
marriage.   The  hody   of th
Ur. Lindaav was  taken   to Rock
I nn Thursday far interment, the
|Dr. Mcltae,  Presbyterian mini*
(inducting ihe  hurinl service.   A
| number from Midway attended
The Knglish farmer who acqnipes
land In British Colunihia can havit all,
mid more than ull, that lie hns in the
liest agricultural count lea of England,
Hi* house Is surrounded hy oj-nhards,
diruhherle*. and lawns; he is within
-t«y access of a home market, and
everything that he rears is equally
remunerative, Hv obtains splendid
price* for all the minor prislncts of his
farm, poultry, dairy produce, and
fruit, and can never rear sufficient to
meet the demand. His only trouble1
is with the native vegetation, the persistent encroachment of which renders
it difficult to farm upon a large scale.
Knglish farmer* wilh a few hundred
ponnde of capital, who are minded to
throw up the anxieties uf farming iu
the Old Country and make a hid for
fortune in Canada, would be well advised not to settle in Manitoba or lhe
Territories until they have paid a visit
to F.ritish Colunihia, where I hey would
And an equally brilliant prospect of
making moony, and hi my mind a
more desirable mode of living. It is
possible even for those whn have little
or no capital tn make money hv farm
ing here, but Knglish farm-is are seldom successful in adventure* of thi*
description. Along the new lines of
railway and the steamboat routes up
the lakes you Hnd Swiss and French
settler* who burn out. nn acre or two
of timber, start In with a few cows,
and hy selling cream, milk and butter
push a lucrative trade along the lines
of communication. Far in the recesses of Ihe lakes and mountains ynu
often strike these settlers, whose picturesque wooden houses, perched on
some rocky promontory, at once bring
all the peripatetic photographer* Into
At the Nickel  Plate.
One of Life's Pleasures.
There Is nothing In life more enjoy*
niili'.mil hi I lie mime time so bene-
Hcial to Imth mind and body, ns travel*
A modern railway journey) intelligently taken, tends to prolong life,
break the monotony nf existence and
acts as a panacea for dull care, by
Inking us nut of the well worn channel* of worldly and busine** struggle*.
Before stalling upon a trip, whether
on laisiness nr lecreatlon, it Ih well to
inquire and investigate the variou*
routes, and choose the one offering the
best inducement* in the way of comfort and attraction. The traveler, the
tourist or husiness mun is wine in
selecting the Rio Grande Line* in a
journey lo and from the east, a* it
offer* every comfort and modern eon*
venience lo suit all classes of travel,
with an array of scenic attractions unsurpassed In the world. Castle Hate,
The Canon of Ihe (irand, Marshall
Pass, Tennessee Pas* and the world
renowned Royal Corgi are but few of
these attractions seen from the car
Three fast trains daily hetween Ogden and Denver.
Pullman Palace and Ordinary Sleeping curs on all trains to Denver,
Omaha, Kansas City, Chicago and St.
Louis without change.
A perfect Dining car service. Agents
throughout the Nnrthwesl can sell
tickets via this route. For rates, maps
and full information or for copy of
lieauiiful booklet, "With Nature in
Colorado," write to or call on W. V,
MoBRIDK, Gen'l Agent or M. J.
ROO HE, Travelling Passenger Agent,
IW Third Sreet,  Portland,  Ore.
girl to cook and assist at house*
l for family of two.   Wages $211.
nth.   Apply to Ralph 8. Root,
vay B. C.
■have not advanced the price of
olmccas. Amber smoking lohac-
*>i». Currency and Fair Play
(tobaccos are the same sise
price to the Cuttnmer a* formerly.
i also extended the time for
dempthmatf Snowshoe tags to
1st. 1MM.
pi»h Editor* ptmmd with B. C.
following taken from tha Leeds
»ry, shows clearly how favorably
ditor of that journal was iwpres
'Hh British Columbia upon hi*
t visit to this country :
ies, forest*, and Hsheries const!
the natural wealth of British
mhla,  To these may he added
"Iture, which is yet tn its infancy
'or which a future ia In store prole
"1'ially rich with, and incalcul
«• their apparently inexhauatihle
tn is, more durable than any of
"•hers.  At present It takes from
ln $180 to reclaim an acre of land
8 fertile valleys of British Coliiin-
l,|d when, after  prodigious labor,
•and has leen put under cnliiva
"nffinltiing tillage is required to
"""' the hush gaining ascendancy.
*™ >s left |n pasture for three or
,^Mon"» dense infantile forest of
■Prune, Knd maple proclaims
'"I'wmacy of th. native flora, lhe
y."'th« «u«,ate, and the fertility
'"'nnd.  Britiah Colunihia at pre*
'"[Port, a large p^ „f it* food sup-
|   ihe farmers of tbe Okanagon
" *'"• lhl> Fraaer River Delta can
"°Pe with tbe ever Increasing de*
"™ of (h« cities of Victoria and
;"'»«. and the mining camps of
»»»therndliWota)and  ln *m'
0 theae, a new demand for food
"c" haa sprung up in Dawson
f*m the Yukon
0 'wm In Britiah Columbia requires
, *; but •«» farming has many
actions "uperlor to those of Maul-
*•  «e winter is mild and genial.
citiaeni nf Victoria and Vancou
^ywniildthlnk It. a severe win*
''Meed If then werenoroseshloom-
* m lhe,r «*«!•«!• on Christmas Day.
Hkdley City,   Similkameen, Oct.
21, (Special to   Thk  Disp\TTH,)-The
owneraofthe Nickel PlHte mine and
group of mineral claims are proceeding
with lhe construction  of  a tramway
and waler Hume preparatory to installing a OO stamp mill and concentrating
plant.    This  mine  and tlie   several
neighboring  mineral claims forming
the group are situate on Nickel   Plate
mountain, which lies towards the head
and on the east watershed nf Twenty
Mile Oreek, a tributary of the .siinilkauieen River.   The inountain reaches
an altitude of aboui 7,000 feet, and it
is well covered   with mineral   location*, but little Important  develop
ment work ha* lieen   done  outside of
ihal on the Nickel  Plate group, the
owner* of which are understood to lie
M. K. Rodger*, of Seaille, wlm i.*, man
agerofth«mit,e;  John H,  Toole, of
Montana, and the esiale   of   the  late
Marco* Only,   The Provincial Mineral
ogist, who   visited   the pioperty lasl
year, ihus refer* to it  in  the annual
report for 111)1 of tlie Mini-ter of Mn
of British  Columbia; "Nickel Plate
camp may be put down as a gold camp,
for all hough Minus  copper   is found,
the chief value he* in the gold, whicli
seem* tn be  associated   with arsenn-
pyrities, and does not appears to be
found lu any extent  witb the  iron
pyrites in lhe absence of arsenic.   The
rock formation of the mountain, from
a hasty examination,  ap|iear  to be
composed of very highly altered  sedi
mentaries, interspersed with planes ol
igneous rocks—audesites, etc.,   whicli
are so exposed a* to produce  I he appearance of being  bedded,   It would
ippear as though on thi* property the
ore liody consisted of a highly silicifled
hand ur bed, now so much altered
that its original character is obscured,
The ore-hearing body on which the
discovery waa originally   made outcrops on the face of the hill at an al
tilude of fl,30D   feet,  striking nearly
horixontally along  the  bilUide and
dipping into It at an angle of almut 17
degrees*   It has a total width of about
40 feet, overlaying a bed or sheet nf
apparently Igneous rock, the mineral-
ixation lieing strangest near such contact,   The mineralization, which, to a
certain     extent,     is     disseminated
throughout the ore-bearing   body,  is
much more pronounced along lines of
Assure in the hody,  and   naturally
varies in amount along such  lines, sn
much so as lo render sampling of the
mine very indefinite.  The  mineralization cousisis of iron pyrites with a
considerable   proportion   of   arseno-
pyrite, with  which latter  the bigli
assay value* obtained in thi* mine are
associated,     From selected   samples
assays of considerably over $100 per
Ion in gnld have  been obtained, but
ihe ore as mined will not mn nearly so
high, proliahly not much over $20, per
ion.  This propeity has been developed by tunnels entirely, the configuration of the hill rendering such the best
method, since, approximately, two feet
of tunnel gain one foot in depth.   For
the past Ihree  year* active develop
ment work has been carried on conlin
nously wiih a force of almut  20 men.
No oro has been shipped nor ha* any
been taken from the pro|ierty,   '-'
■uch as has been broken In process of
developnienl bus been stored  In  the
mine ready for shipment or treatment
when the prop"!' facilities are afforded.
Consequently  no authentic  data are
available as to just what   the ore as
mined will run, but, as before slated,
it is estimated iu lhc neighborhood of
$20. |ier ton.   A sample taken, representing roiighlv lhe assorted ore, gave
im assay d($MS0in gold,   1.08 oz. in
silver per ton and 2 per cent, copper,
while another sample   taken,  of the
lower grade ore, gave $8.80 in gold.
From another source the following
Uakhihtkiih, Solicitors, Etc.
Ohkunwihiii, II. C.
—: Notary puiimc,
Camp MoKinn.y, B.C.
Dr. R. Mathison,
p# M. KERBY,
A. M. Can. Soc. C. E.
PkoviNciAL Land   Surveyor
Midway and Qhkknwood.
Rendell Block, Greenwood.
Phone 00. V. _ Hi.
Chas. A. Webster,
Spokane,Wash„ U.S.A.   Midway, B C.
information has been obtained : The
Nickel I'late ore is an arsenical Iron,
carrying gold, but, singularly enough
there is fieegolddisseuiinated through
the very middle of the arsenical iron,
It is an extraordinary formation. A
number of milling men have examined
the ore, and, although a little puzzled,
they are none the less well pleased
with Ihe outlook. From 10 to 4(1 per
cent, of Ihe lotal values can, it is es
tiinated, be saved on the plates after
lhe ore is milled, The remainder of
the gold is held iu the arsenical nre.
It is easily concentrated, however, al
a ratio of 10 or 11 to one, and it will
mike a high grade product which call
be shipped to lhe smellers. The propeity wus bought aliout three years ago
by the Int* Marcus Duly on lhe advice
of Mr. Rodgers, who was then in his
employ as a mining engineer. About
$«),«»> was paid for it. Since hen
money spent in development and the
purchase of neighboring claims has
brought the expendilure up to about.
$400,000. The new mill and olher improvements planned will, when completed, make the investment here show
a total of $800,000 to $700,000,
Spokane Falls &Northern
Railway Co.
Nelson & Ft. Sheppard
Railway Co.
Red Mountain Railway Go,,
Washington & G. N. By.,
Van., Vie.&E. Ry. &N. Co.
The only all rail route hetween
points east, west and south to Hossland, Nelsnn, Grand Korks and Republic. Connects at Spokane with the
(Ireat Noil hern, Norlhern Pacific anil
0. li, k N. Oo, for points easl, we.i
and south ; connects al Kos-land ami
Nelson with the Canadian Pacific Ky.
Connects at Nelson with the K. R.I 5.
Co. for Kaslo and Kloeiin point*.
rounect* nt   Curlew  with  mlnge for
Greenwood aud Midway H.C.
Iluffet cars  run  on  train* between
Npoknne ami Republic.
U»ve. Arrive.
J.W-uii SPOKANE      £.4- p.m.
10.30 n.m  110-Wl.ANH      Mo-mi.
7.IS a.m  NKLSON      8.00 p.m.
"•«•*•>» {oiUTOKOBKs)    '•S8".|n-
11.20 a. in.
A.  ff,
i.ii |i.lil.
For Getting: a Beautiful Wateh
and Chain Free.—No Money
Required.—Every Man, Woman, Boy, or Girl has the
same Opportunity under our
In order to have Dr. Arnold'a Kng
lish Toxin Pills placed in tlie hands of
all persona suffering from Iiiid health
we make the following mo»t liberal
offer :—
If 5 ou will send us your name and
address and agree to sell for us twelve
lioxes of Dr. Arnold's English Toxin
Pills at25c. perlKW.'we will give you
ffitriy Free • beautiful Watch
and Chain in either Ladies or OeiHB
sine or your choice of twenty other
omniums such as line sets of Jewelry,
Kings, Violin*, Mandolins, Tea Seta,
Sateen Skirts. Cameras, etc, lleiiiem-
be,, we don't want any money until
after you sell the Pill* and yon don t
have lo sell anv more thnn IU boxes to
get the premium*. This is a bona tide
offer from a reliable concern that has
given thousands of dollar* worth of
premiums to agents all over the country Remember also that Dr. Arnold s
English Toxin Pills are a well known
remedy for all diseases nf the kidney*
and bladder, Bright'* disease, diabetes,
rheumatism, nervous troubles, and
female complaints, and are for sale by
all Hrst class druggists and dealers II
,ill parts of the world. \ ou have only
Ui show them to sell them. You are
not offering something that the people
don't know. Our watches are the
Regular standard size for Udies or
Gentlei l in  Nl( kel pr Gun  Metal
Oases with handsome Illuminated dud*
and reliable time-keepers, watches
such as no lady <u-gentleman need be
ashamed to carry, and they will he
se, t absolutely Vree tn all who sel
onlv twelve hoxes of those wonderful
Toxin Pills. Write at once and be the
Hrst in vour locality tn earn one of
, hose beautiful watches and chain. As
'on il* we receive your letter oc post
, -owe will send you post prmliweve
boxes, together with  nnr Illustrated
"italogue an.l beautiful v colored card
a„lhori/.ed agent. Hear ...mind that
;", will hot he asked to seU a«V more
than the i J hoxe* and we don t wan
any money until "flee you have sold
B We bear all the expense and
art only making this liberal offer m.a
etli'id of advertising Dr. Arnold's
Sh Toxin PHls. Don* ?*2.
wrfieaUnce and earn a heannful present for yourself for Ohrlstmas.
So Adelaide St. East, Toronto.Ont.
General PassciiKer Agent.
Spokane, Wash.
Direct line, Lowest rates
New York
Large Stock.   Low Prices.
T.   Ta.   GKLT___,I__E_Trr   Ss   CO.,
Stage Line.
The undersigned is running a DAILY STAGE between
Greenwood and Curlew via Midway. Stage will leave Greenwood at 6:30 a. m., arriving in Midway at 7:45 and at Curlew
in time to connect with the train for Spokane due 10:45 returning
will leave Curlew at 5 p, m., upon arrival of Iticoming train,
reaching Midway at 7:30 p. m. and Greenwood at 9 p. in.
Will connect with Meverhoff's Stage from all points West.
J. H. TYRRELL, Proprietor.
Pori land
San Francisco
Midway Livery, Feed & Sale Stable
Seventh Street, Midway,
Opposite Crowell's Hotel.
J. H. Tyrrell,   -   Proprietor.
Hay and Oats for Sale. • Bus Meets all Trains,
General Transfer and Dray Business.
Rock Creek, B. C.
S. T. LARSEN, Prop.
Stopping place fnr Staged to
and froni nil Boundary
Oreek points.
St. I'anl, Chicago, and all
U. 8. points.
Lv, Diinmnre Jot, Daily
Lv. Kootenay lAg. Tues. and Saty.
Toronto, Montreal, Boston, etc.
Leave Iteyelsloke Daily
Vancouver, Seattle and Coast Points,
Good Accommodation for the Traveling Public.
Through hookings to Europe via all
Knr ti'no tablos, raros and full InformaMnn
rail nn nr address A. W. HA1I.KV, Agent,
Midway, nr
J. R. <WIUT.lt, K. J. CO-LB,
D.P.A., A.O.P.A..
Nelsnn, II, C.       Vnnronv-tr, 11. C
Certlflcate  of   Improvements.
.Ikkkkh-ON  MlNRRAI, I'l.AIM.
Situate In the Kettle River MlnlnK Division of
Yale District. Where located : On Grass
Mountain. Camp McKinney.
TAKK NOTICK that I, Honry Nicholson,
(run fiillitiin' uiri'iltliviio No. 11IISJIJ. as
ukimii (nr v'.A lintv, (nru minor's uortltlonto No,
nllHI'.l.. inUinil,sixty davs frnui the date linrnnf.
tni\p:rly to tho Mininx Uwumh'r fnr n oortitlQAtu
nf iiiHinivoiiioiitrj, forthe purpose nf obtaining
si Orown  Grant ol tho nbovo claim.
And further tako notice that ftot-lon. undor
sootlon  S7, linini  lm ontninciioed boforo tho
IrJsmuico nf aubh oartlQonto.of ltnprovomonta,
llivtod thlsiith dny of July, 1!XB. lo
-____________________■ .;!
9   •    9
It will bo tlio most important Railway Centre in tho
Interior of British Columbia.
It is in the centre of a
rich Mining, Stock-Raising,
Ranching, Gardening, Manuring, Coal
Midway property will
make you rich, It is not
a speculation, it is an in-
Midwiy, the coming railway, eomiereial, wholesale and manufacturing
centre of the Kettle Bivep
aad Boindary Creek Districts, is situated at the
confluence of Boundary
Creek and Kettle River.
The leading
town in the country,
an eieellent etimiie, pure
water supply, and surrounded by rieh agricultural Iiil
HO St ..John Street,
Montreal, P. il
Business, residence and garden lots at low prices and on easy terms.     Send for maps, prices, and full particulars to
C. M. CHOU8K, 1
Agent for British Ool hin,
MMway, ii, V.
©he §t*patdr
Game Laws.
It is lawful to shoot game as follows (dates inclusive):
Septemher 1 to December W—Deer,
huck or doe: mountain gnat, inountain
sheep (ram,)
Septemher 1 to December 81— Caribou j elk, wapiti, (bull); grouse of all
kinds, including prairie chickens; hare;
inoose, (hull),
September! to February28— Bittern;
duck, all kinds; heron ; meadow lark,
November 2 to March 31— Beaver,
land otter, marten. >.
I tis unlawful tn shoot or destroy at
any time : Birds living on noxious insects ; English blackbirds; caribou,
cow or calf; chaffinch ; deer, fawn
under twelve months ; elk, wapiti, cow
or calf under two years : gull; linnet';
monse, cow or calf under twelve
months; inountain sheep, ewe or lamb;
English partridge ; phensants, cock or
hen, except as hereinafter provided ;
quail, all kinds ; robins (dinners only
may shoot these in gardens lietween
June 1 and Sept. 1); skylrtrk. thrush\
It is unlawful lo buy, sell or expose
for snle, show or advertisement, carl*
bun, bare, luill moose, mountain goat,
mountain ram before October 1; deer
before September 1 ; nor any of the
ahove named animals or birds at any
time, except duck, blue grouse, heron
and plover during tlie open season,
Itis unlawful to kill or take more
limn Ave caribou in one season ; more
than ten deer, or to hunt them with
dogs or to kill for hide* alone ; more
than 250 ducks; more than two hull
elk or wapili; more than two bull
moose; more than (ive mountain goats;
more than three mountain rams; or
to take or destroy the eggsof protected
birds at any time,
Itis unlawful lo enter land enclosed
by fence, water or imtural boundary,
after notice or if notice under Section
17 is posted up ; for noii-resldeiits to
siiout without a license ; for noiwesi-
dent Indians to kill game at any time ;
tn export or transport in the raw
state, game birds of every kind and
animals protected except bear, heavi,
marten and land otter; lo use traps,
nets, gins, drugged twit, etc., to catch
g.iine birds; to expose for sale any
Aonr without its head or bird without
its plumage.; to use batteries, swivel
f?»ns or sunken punts In non 'tidal
waters to take ducks or geese ; fnr unlicensed non-residents to imp or kill
bear or heaver for ' l.eir pelts; lo kill
HilVgame biid between one hour after
sunset nnd one hour hcloie sunrise :
lo kill prune birds nr animals imported
for acclimatization purposes : to buy
ell beads of inountaiu sfieepVlo
trout except by hurl; end line.or
I salmon roe as bait.
cation will be niailc to tlio Parliament of
(JaiiHda, kl tho next nlltbiKu thereof, for an Act
incorporating a coinimiijr, luidor lho namo of
Iho "Vancouver and (.'mutt. Kootenay Kail-ray
<'nullum)'." to construct and operate a lino of
railway, from a point nt or near tho City of
Vancouver, thence south eastwly lo tho City
of Now West minster anil scrim thc Kroner
Hiver; thence easterly by tho most feasible
route, toa'poiiit at or near Miilway, ill lho
Hoiindary. rook Ulstrict; from a point mi tho
main line of tho railway south of tho Fraaer,
ton poinl at or near the mouth of the Primer
Uiver ; from a point on the main lino cast of
Hope, to a point at or near Nicola l.akc ; and
from a point on. the main lino of.Uio railway at
nr near tho (Ity of .Vancouver, northerly across
llurrard Inlet, at Iho most feasible point, lo
Non h Vancouver Municipality, thonce westerly
to a point at or near thb mouth of the Capll.no
With powor to copslruct and operate branch
linen, from any point on the main lino of the
proposed railway or branches thereof, not exceeding in any one ease thirty ths. miles In
length; and with power toeonstriict, own. and '
operate, wharves, docks, elevators, and Van-
houses, is connection therewith ; and to con-
si met, own, aud operatic, steam and other
vessels, oii any navigable waters; and with
power to construct. o*n, maintain, and operate a suitable ferry, from tbe most convenient
point on lho mainland of lllitlsh Columbia, to
thc most convenient point on Vancouver
Island, mi as to make connoctlon wilh tho city
uf Victoria, or to connect I here wilh by tho
same; lo construct, operate and maintain,
telegraph and telephone lines, along the route
of the proposed railway or its branches, nnd to
transmit messages for commercial purposes,
and to collect tolls therefor: to generate elec-
I licitv for power and lighting purposes, and
for all rights powers and privileges, necessary,
usual, or incidental to all or any of the aforesaid purposes.
Hated at Vancouver, this 1st day of October,'
A. 1). 11W_
Ua Holieitor for Applicants.
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦ MMMMMMMM'
rflen Wanted •» £ (*
To tall for the large Fonthlll nurseries.  Appll
cations should be filed at onee. Highest wages
paid, permanent place assured to the right men.
We furnish guaranteed stock commanding Mghe  testimonials from British Columbia Inspectors.
Riverside Nurseries
Orand Porks, B. C.
Stone & Wellington.
Do your Children
Ot course tbey do. It ii their
way of learning and it ia your duty
to answer. You may need a dictionary to aid you. It won't answer every question, hut there an
thousands to which it will give you
true, dear and definite answers,
not about words onlv, but about
things, the inn, machinery, men,
places, stories and tlie liko. Tben,
too, the children can find tbeir
own answers. Some of our
greatest mon have ascribed their
power to study ot tbe dictionary.
Of course you want the best dictionary. The most critical prefer
the He* and Enlarged Edition of
If yen hem m* qnution*
ttttnit it writ* nt.
'0. tt 0. MCRRIAM 00.
Leading Business Training Sehool
Business, Shorthand and Typewriting, Civil
Service, Normal, Telegraphy.
Our students hold the record of the United 8UU>s for proficiency in
BiiHini'Ks and Uiyil Service hranchi-i.   Send for catalogue.
E. H. THOMPSON B. S., Principal
Home-grown, thrifty, acclimatised trees and shrubs,
Currents. Raspberries, Strawberries, etc.
A fine assortment of Maples and other shade trees,
Roses, Lllaes, Hedge Plants, other ornamentals.
The «rrret of succea* In planting, Is, FIRST—to.tecure g'»iA stock,
brcond—Uj plant as toon •• pOMible after It is dug.
Trees obtained froi our nursery eai be plaited it
Midway two days after (key ire dag.
Prlee Hat, nnd fnil Information promptly Riven.
One of the Best Equipped Hotels in
the Boundary. Everything First Class.
J. W. NELSON, Proprietor,
The Midway Sawmill
| Band sawingand job work done to order
Lancashire House,
; : MIDWAY, B.C. : :
'. . ®—       .
The undersigned having .e-opfened this well-
knoWn  and   comfortable    hotel   invites  the
patronage of all old customers aiid the public
—,_,__-__ ____	
Fnrnnce-heftted nnd comfortably furnished room*.
fireeowood-Cnriew, via Midway Satge j^j?5S
upon Iim Mrivnl in the evening, while change of hon** •» ■■•''"K tntd*.
Mrs. Dowding, Proprietress.
J'  fi..,'ti.,.r«rr


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