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The Midway Dispatch C. M. Crouse 1903-04-04

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 ^r"*   £)****■ ww jj    ^*^j*v***fj
Vol. I. No. <M.
$2.00 per Year.
Brace up!
Death of "Jolly Jack"
Aged Pioneer   passes away in
his Cabin on Boundary   Creek.
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J. McNicol.
Perhaps you are at It now, or soon will be.
Johli  Thornton, known   for
more tluui half a, century; first
in tho placer mining dnyH of the
1'ocifle coast and inter in tiie
Hoiindary country  of   British
Columbia   and  the   adjoining
state of Washington, as "Jolly
Jack," died   Wednesday afternoon in his cabin on   Boundary
ereek, aliout two   miles   from
Midway.   The   old    man   hud
long been failing,  so tlmt his
dentil Was not unexpected.   He
has been cared for since lie became unable  to care for  himself liy the Pioneers' Association
of Okanagan and South Yale,
most of tlie surviving members
of which are still resident in the
Boundary.   Last October Jolly
Jack was taken to theold men's
homo nt Kamloops, his admission having been arranged for
some months earlier, but his unwillingness to go to that institution not  having lieen overcome   until    then.   His    stay
there, however, was not a long
one, for the  old man was not
content to  remain, so during
the winter lie returned  to his
cabin on Boundary creek.   Since
then his needs have been supplied and his comfort provided
for by (lie oki timers of the district.
John Thornton was born at
Stockton,  on the   river  Tees,
couty of Durham, England, on
June 11, 1825, and was consequently in his seventy eigliih
year.   In 1838, sixty five years
ago, he left his home to go as an
apprentice on a collier, and to
become a "Geordie," as  those
who followed this vocation were
then and there called.   During
six years ho voyaged here, there
and every wliere, changing from
one vessel to another as   was
the custom among many of  his
class.   His experiences  during
his earlier years at sea   were
similar to thoso of many another lad.   Afterhaving "sailed the
Spanish  Main" he   eventually
landed   in the United   State
tween the capes Delaware and
Chesapeake, on the lookout for
distressed vessels. From there
he went to New York, where he
was discharged. At New York
lie shipped on board the brig
Metaphor to go round the Horn
to Valparaiso- Chili.
In 1848 news came to Valpariso of the discovery of gold in
California and the consequent
great excitement. Jolly Jack
at once joined the Scotch brig
Annie Moon of Aberdeen, and
sailed for San Francisco. He
remained in that country
about nine yenrs. Once during
tips period lie was buried by a
fall of earth. He was got out,
but was injured so much that
he was knocked out for nearly
a year.
In 1858 the Fraser River excitement broke out and Jolly
went there, but his stay on the
Fraser was not a very lengthy
one, for in the fall of the following year he came to  Boundary
Oreek by way of the Siniilkameen   country.   After a short
stay here the Columbia  Kiver
drew placer miners, and  Jolly
was one of the crowd.    lie travelled down Kettle Kiver from
Boundary Creek,   and   thence
down the   Columbia   Kiver to
Grand Rapids, as one part of it
was then called, and it was on
this river he found the famous
bar, afterwards known as "Jolly
Jack's", and from which ho and
bis partners took out gold to
the value of $20,084 net.
In 1864 Jolly went to Wild
Horse Creek, in East Kootenay,
but did not remain long, goin ;
from there to   Find lay   Creel.
rond Inter rm ir» thu* P*-*-rry (r.xtntfli.
diggings, also in East Kootenay.
Then he had a ferry on tho
Salmon River.   Later, in 1807,
until th -, t\ ite wi n fi 1 'i 1,1! ar*
rangeineiit was achieved.   Even
when   the  matter   had   been
further   threshed out and the
terms of the agreement accepted liy Michel nnd Morrisey miners,   it developed that   Fernie
wns still  iu  opposition,   Then
the Western Federation of Miners took a  hand in   the   game
nnd declared tlie strike ofl; in
view of the majority vote in the
three uni >ns.   The  agreement
was signed hy all parties,   but
even  when the  commissioners
left Fernie it   was   generally
known that the   Fernie    men
were   not altogether   satisfied
with the arrangement, although
compelled by the majority vote
However, matters nre straightened cut and tlie only point required to guarantee the continuous operation of the coal minus
i i that the parties shall stick to
tho agreement which they have
signed and sealed.    The settlement covers a term of   three
years, but may be abrogated at
the end of the second  year hy
sixty days' notice from   either
party to the document.
The commissioners generally
aro not disposed to attach much
;importance lo the disturbance
occurring  during    the   strike,
stating that a   comparatively
small number of irresponsible
men were involved and that no  '
personal injury was done.   One
of the parties charged has been
sjnt up for trial nnd two more
are to have a preliminary hearing.
The sentiment in regard to
the wage question at Fernie is
that the English-speaking min-
efca can make suhsliuitial witges
in the coal mines and have no
reasonable ground for protest
on this score.   The presence of
he again came to this country la large proportion of foreigners
on his way to the coast and af- substantially increases the haz-
ter remaining there until 1886 ard to working miners, audit is
he returned to the Bouudary stated that this militates
country and spent that yenr on against the company securing
the creek, but not making auy- the bos' class of English-spcak-
thing he moved to the Pend ing men, wliieh helps to make
Oreille, and going in the spring | trouble
to the Big Bend of the Columbia, where there was a placer
excitement at that time. For
years afterwards the old uinn,
after the manner of that, class
14111,1,    V, ...        ....
and thereafter sailed out of New |TJ,^ prospected,   takin
provisions tor a week or tw
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of your dollar expands
at this Great Clearing Sale. Give us a call.
York, Philadelphia, New Orleans and other Atlantic ports
to tlie West Indies and Venezuela southward and to Bermuda northward,
In 1844 he joined the U. S.
navy, going on board the steam
frigate Princeton, the lirst vessel iu the United States navy to
bave a   propeller.   After   two
years in the navy Jolly Jack
was discharged and for a while
he was once more in the merchant service, but only for a short
time, for in 1846  at Boston he
joined the Independent frigate,
Commodore Shoebrink,   From
Boston he went to   California,
I for the Mexican war was   in
reached    ~,^^^—1_,^____
Stars and Stripes had already
been hoisted.
Invalided, Jolly Jack went
back round the Horn to New
York in tho frigate Savannah.
But once again he shipped and
this time was drafted into lhe
southern const survey service,
surveying with pole and lead
from from Pensacola, Florida te
Texas.    *<W nine   months all
going into the Slocan, Lardeau,
or one or other of the sections
of the   Kootenay   country   on
both sides of tlie Boundary line
that that the wandering placer
miner of twenty or thirty years
ago used to intermittently prospect.   Eventually be made his
homo on Boundary Creek  with
which    he   was associated up
tothe time of his death.   His
cabin near the mouth of D.rag-
for the  concern.
The miners returned to work
Tuesday, so thai coke shipments
should be forthcoming immediately.   The coke ovens   are al-
1 ready filled with coke, but this
I cannot be drawn on until fresh
11 coal is deposited in the top of
the ovens.     Unloss the    mines
require time for general repairs,
wliieh  is unlikely, a few  days
will suffice to  pile   up    such a
reserve of end as to enable tbo
ovens to operate continuously.
las creek, where lie was living ^
up to the last, wns on   a placer j Mermen  $200
claim staked many years ago. I sorviij«a for  th
The funeral, which was large- j T])js ^y-law luu  ..  .
lv attended, took place yes tor- L   geeond reading and an un
• . . „    1 ....:..I    l.,,;„.r .. ,       ,1         J I .,,
Greenwood City Council.
'Iho Greenwood Ciiy Council
nfc its. last regular meeting turned down an Indemnity By-law
under which it was proposed lo
.my the mayor $500 and the
each for tbeir
current year.
This by-law had already passed
day, the place of burial lieing
but by the time h« but a short distance from tin
San    Francisco   the| Cabin wiiere ho so long resided
Fernie Strike is Settled.
The strike at the Fernie coa
fields bas been declared off and
the  miners  have   returned to
The members of the conciliation committee are of the opill
ion that outside influences were I council,
exerted to postpone the settle '■*""■">■"'
•oxns.   Aftr        J      e'«,t   of    the trouble
hands were discharged at   us   me .
M aeola.   From there he went to the out,ma h
1  New Orleans and there shipped aiuvodat
I on the packet, Robert  Burton
H for   Philadelphia.    There   lie
3| I once more shipped in the nayy,
I Las drafted   to the  receiving
1 ship Philadelphia at   Norfolk,
___*____*_____________-.   I
final settlement, the committee
believed that its labors were nt
an end, but next day it develop
ed that the parlies in the issue
were as widely sundered as ever
ah      i   il,,, frigate Rarot'.n and the committee was c.onipcl-
.nd then to ^J*"*^ ,,„. M t() k„uckle down to   work
deistaiidiiig had been arrived at
to defer  for three  months  its
final rending and passing, when,
if the city finances would  warrant it. its passing had   been
promised by tho council.   The
action of the mover and seconder in trying to get   it   passed
three months earlier thnn the
time agreed  upon   was disapproved by  a   majority   of the
and    the by-law was
consequently   thrown   out.   A
committee    was appointed to
prepare resolutions   endorsing
I hose lately passed by the Oreenwood Liberal Association asking the Dominion  Government
for au appropriation for a   federal building at Greenwood, also that   Greenwood be made a
port, of entry for Customs purposes.
lo cruise during
;,. 1. _-...:.AAl.-.-uJ&z— I'iiIiIIhIioiI wut'kly at Midway; It. C,
Sii'woriptlon prion, S2.ui> por annum, pnyulilu
in ailviiii'Mi, ull.hor yo.ii'ly or half yoarly attlnj
option of llii' Kiiltncrllii'i'.
Atlvortlslngratosutjni.on application.
SATUUDAY, APHIL, I,   11)03.
J———:— .. i—. — :..-.    .—-—
The good people of Ontario
are  no   doubt   more  or   ks
shocked at tho charges brought
by Mr. li, Gamey  against Mr.
Stratton, and will not grumble
becauso  the   functions of  the
legislature are suspended until
the charges are thoroughly sifted; but imagine the impatience
and rigiitjous   indignation   of
tho see'rors after f ranch ises, sub ■
sidy   hunters    and   lobbyists,
that their work should be   interrupted became a in iin ber of
tho legislature allege*   that a
Minister of the Crown atl. mipt-
ed to purchase him for paltry
sum of $5000.
I X     •       J_-#  \*   A ~_ X   1 *«_*      ~_r*»        -mm   -mm- •
I ■'■   .'   "  .,?■■-,,' '. '.;
I        Wholesale and Retail Meat
I Merchants.
I Markets at: Greenwood, Omi^d Forks,) Plyoenix f
% and Midway. , jjj
i 1
The Midway Sawmill
in.effect to hundreds ol ppmw
in the  West and   Northwest
from Chiergp and from many
other points on tho
Chicago, rtilwaukee & St. Paul Ry.
as well as from eastern territory.
The low rates will he espec:
ally attractive to honieseekors-'
If you know of any ono contemplating such a  trip,  send   the
name and address' to the under?
signed and   complete   information will be forwarded free.
H. S. ROWE. General Agent,
chlcaiio Milwaukee k St. Paul Railway,
IM Third street, Portland, Oro,
R. M. BOYD, Commercial Agent,
Chicago, Milwaukee k St, Paul Railway,
619 First Avenue, Seattle.
Canada should talk less politics and more souse and then
people might get tired listening
to a lot of office holders telling
tbem the country has been
saved by thc occupants of public offices.
It was perhaps the grandest
moment in the career of Wil-
linm Pitt when he was received
in the city of London and glori
fied as the man who saved En^ -
land, li.'s n piy goes .down in
history as lhe greatest speech of
ii.s size over delivered.
"Gentlemen" said Pitt, "nobody saved England; England
saved.herself by lior cxertiuis
and will save Europe by her example."
Canadians militarise in their
might ut some meeting and loll
(lie orator lhe politicians do
not save I imida. Canada saves
herself, mid there is perhaps no
country on earth which owes so
much to the industry of Ikt
people, and so little ti the .wis
doin of her politicians living qr
dead.- Toronto Telegram.
All kinds of COUGH and DRESSED LUMBER,
Banil Sawing and Job Work dono tn   order.
■ •*- "' b.    ■■-|'V-'l»<H_t->
j r R li E
■■■■"<&*'•-   '    ' :
i*p o_—;
McMillan fur _ wool co.
J Minneapolis,   Minn.
The political career of Hon.
Goo. E. Foster who was recently
defeated by Mr. Geo. Grant, a
young lawyer inexperienced in
politics in North Ontario affords
a good illustration of the ups
and downs of political life in
('anada. Mr. Foster was elected
fo parliament from Kings
county, New Brunswick, at a
time when the Conservative
party under the leadership of
fjir John A. MacBonald wns
carrying everything liefore it.
His great abilities wire scon
recognized by his appointment
—    It tires ar* wondertu.
lo Join ind iho
■evsbles yon to
tauIU It «lTM>r* wonderful.  .	
pmimn 6ojj-»«nd period mi%»i»_fl aid m mlci-l
fiutnimnu at iprtUri ent prfow. It tectira re-
Meed nteaataunr botelf. I»»arw«i**<n>MelotJi
frwor charm, It otters MMUnklpf and win-
ble eua prliei to nicmVrt. It nialntalns club
nomilaman-r eltleatoFlumeinnn. In addition,
ererr member rocvlreetlieolllclalmeanslne en 11-
llwlf.lBeladlnit IpleoM of blgh-clam»«al and In-
■traauul uiuloirnll aim each noatb without
extra ehartei R ileee* la one jeer ta all,   WU
cam oct JlWihijs- B-tferin roa tie
MOST NOTM1VO. i_M_Mfc__i_"-i-^_"_""
 Aeetyw* _. _.._.
 toipeulll.OO, trad Memta tor three
moatkiMmbuuilp. NuU-Jrctn »II nl to put
liametetty. tea will tel tour aum-y (arkla
mlde naif UmMO*>-r. Tull parUoulin will be
beat free cfekarn*. but It yea at»%l*c yo« will
uj.—■. . iSenv'—"*■ '"
lat rear, letter aid eoeloalnf |l_) for full
stStmtmmiiintatweatfaraeattt tee tkn*
tt_a Ltmattr mrato citv
Mm. tm jtoMlj. N TcUt.
as Minis
if Marii
cries iu Wo.    In 1888 he was
appointed Minister of Finance
which position he held until the
memorable overthrow  uf   lhe
conservative   party    in    1890,
though he was elected by a large
majority  iu  York   Co.,   New
Brunswick.     Mr.   Foster and
Bir Charles  Tupper  arraigned
the Liberal hosts  with all the
power of their great   oratory,
but with more voice and bluster
it would appear, than good judgment,  since  they   with   other
prominent Conservatives went
down to defeat at (ho, general
election of 11)00.   They accused
the Liberals of  stealing   their
policy, the    National    Policy,
oblivious   of  tho  fact  that a
policy   when  adopted by  the
people as   tho National  Policy
had boen on several occasions
at  the  polls,  belongs  to  the
people and not to their servants,
It is tlie duty of  (be peoples'
representative to frame policies
which tbe people may adopt or
rejecta« (boy see fit.- In this
and many other ways both Sir
Charles Tupper and Mr. Foster,
who in   their time  had  done
excellent  service   for Canada,
gave evidence that  thoy were
"has bonus" and wore wont to
dwell upon their past achievements rather than attempt to
keep up with the march ofpvents,
In 1000, Mr   lfoster opposed
ibo lion. Mr. liiair, Minister of
Railways and CanAls, in Ht.
.Johns. Ntfw Brunswick; This
was too great an undertaking
I'or the ex-Finance Minister, and
he wns defeated by a very large
majority. Though Mr. Foster
is an uncompromising opponent
of Liberals and liberal principles, there is one point on which
he and Sir Wilfred Laurier are
in accord. Shortly after the
election in 1000, he was asked
to what he attributed lho Conservative disaster, he replied
ihere was too much Rlaii'isrti
and Tarteisin among the people.
He had "just bad convincing
proof of flic formers ingredient,
hut that tbe latter would be
eliminated, so far as fciir Wil-
frcil Laurier could accomplish
it, with i n two years, he of course
could not foresee.
The New Denvoiv'Ledge and
the Sandon Paystreak lmv$
been . amalgamated. R. T.
Lowory will contiuuethe publication of tbe New Denver Ledge,
while Wm. McAdams will go to
Vancouver to edit the Ozona**
gram, a new weekly which will
make its appearance ahout the
Hrst of May.
Edltorally Fearless
Consistently Republican.
Nownfrom all of lho world-Well
written, original moriun-Aimwors
to queries- Article* on llniltli, tho
Home, Xew Hooks, am) on Work
About the Kami and Garden.
The Weekly Merita
U it moMitJur of tho Associated Press,
lhe only Wen torn Newnpuper receiv-
liiK 'lit! entire tclwjriipltlc news serv-
ie*! of lhe New York Sun and upedul
eableof the Xew York World -daily
ropnrtH fron, over 2 000 special cor-
rcrip-mdonU throughout tlie country.
till mrlln- roi TIIE    I
lhc Wdllj In, r   (,
'•oili piiporn for HI..10.
I/'111 null
U' yixe
Wliy yon slinulil luiy
BKGA0SE il is tin1 licsl i|iu.lily
BECAUSE it is musl Instill)* ijliuw    J
BEOA.ySE it i» tliularyi'st hinli (-Hid.
10 or 'iir. plug
BBOAU80 III" tuts nru vnlnnhli- for
pt'ciniiiiiiH until Jan. I, i>os
8E0A USEyiMif iIimiIit jh nu'limiy.-'d
to "Mf'ind  vou r ninimv
jn  the Matter of Tho   Adnms   In vent ment
Hyndirate   Limited,       ■ .
almvc nnnlcil company wur hy sneoinl rcmilii-
Ilmi iiihukhI ,tt, an extraordinary {general ninet-
IiikiiI lho company held In Lnnilon, KukIiiiiiI.
on.the lolhdnyol January IHUS, and oonllnnud
at a guncrnl meeting of tho Kharehnldern held
In l/indon, Kngland, on the llth day of Kohru-
ary IIHUI, iigruijil Id lie wound up voluntarily,
and Williru ICdward Murdnck of No, I Castle
Court. CnmhHI In tho (Illy of Uindnn, Knglnud,
acenuntanl. waa apiHilnleil l.lquidttoi forthe
pm (lose of sueli winding np.
ynu mi' not MltiKnYd,
ii pose of sueh winding up.
The creditors of thealsive iinnied oompany
arc required oft or liefore Wednesday the I.Ita
day of Apr!) I1K«, lo send their ti-trjitM 'iim Ml*
dresses anu the particulars'of their Aebit or
I'laluis and Lhe names and Addresses of their
solicitors (Ifltny I lol he said l.lqnldatnr, or to
his solicitors, in llrilisli Oolumhla, Messrs.
Wi son, Scuklir mu) liloninlleld, Inns nf
4'iuirt Huilding, Vancouver, II. <:.. and if so required hy nnl lee In writing from the said' Liquidator, or hy Ids said solicitors, lo conic In
and prove their snid dehls or claims in tlicw
ual way at sueli tlinens shall ho spccHlcd In
such noticej or In defaiilt thereof, they wilt lie
excluded from the Isincllt of any distribution
made hofore sueh dehls are proved,
Hated this lot li day of Maroh, A. 1). llm,.
Solicitors for Ihe Liquidator.
Trade Mmm*
Copyrights Ac.
Anyone sending n sketch nnd desciintlon may
quickly aacertnln our opinion froo weedier au
Invention Is pmlmhly imtcntiilrle. Cniliniunlca.
lions strictly oonlldentlnl. lltuidbookon Patent*
Bent (roa. (Driest neoncy for securing patents.
I'litante taken thrntieh Munn A Co. receive
ttfclol notice, without, ehnrao, In tho
Scientific American.
A handsomely lllnslraled weekly. Lsniost clr-
(Jiilntioil or nny selirntlUc Journal. Terms, f:i a
yean four mouths, (I. Soldbyall newrniealem
MUNN iCo.""*"*"' Hew Yoik
Rraoeb Office, 6> K St. Wuhlnglon. D. C.
n. mc i u\iw r o
Carrying His Hajesty's Hails
Will leave MIDWAY on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, at 8.30 a. m., arriving at
CAMP McKINNEY at 5 p. m.
Returning will leave CAMP McKINNEY on
Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 9 a. m,,
reachinfjMIDWAY at 1.30 p. m.,and making connection with the train going east at 2:05 o'clock.
Th* m*i of aooommodatlon lor
the oonvenlonoo of tho
travelling publlo.
Points   East
j"";   ' TO   •'
Spokane, Seattle an. Coast Points,
St. Paul, Minneapolis, Chicago
•wrxAmxm Xhaat.t 3
am mmm*.   Vimi
•J*wrxtmxmX>t*t*y rt
New Equipment ThroiiKhoul, Day Ceache-,
Palace and Tourlit Sleepers, Dining and
Buffet Smoking Library Cars.
For Tleketa' Haloi. Koldors and Knil
Infornintlon, call on or tuhtreKii
Any Agent of the Great  Norlhern   Railway
ir write
A. 1). 0. DKNNIS'l'ON.O. W. P. A.
1112 First Avenue Kkatti.ij, Wjibii.
Certificate   of" Improvements.
Modki.iuiit   Minkhal (Iuim.
Situate In the Kettlo Mining Division of
Yale District. Where Located:-M Long
Lake Camp, lying south of and adjoining the Lady of the Lake mineral claim.
TAKK NOTICK   thnt 1.   Hpcneor
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ lloner
intui, free inirter'n certificate No. ntlftHl.
inlcnd sixty ilnys from the date hereof, to apply to the Mining Hccorder for a Cerlilleale
of Improvement*, for the purpose of obtaining
n Crown Oranl. of the above clnim.
And fui'ih.r lake notice thai, action, under
section 117. must he commenced beforo 'he issu
ance of such certificate of improvements.
Dated this Sth day of March, A. I). MUI.
Commereial job Printing
This well-known hotel has
been reopened and offers ev-
rv-lionvenience to the travelling public, The building is
newly re-furnished and the bar
is stocked with only the best
Wines Liquors and Cigars.
Excellent meals served in the
dining roqm.
Make this your   Headquarters
When in Camp McKinney.
W. E. McBoyle   Gorman West
Headquarters for Railroad,
Mining and Commercial
First Class Livery Stable in Connection with Hotel]
S. A. CROWELL, Prop.
Boundary Falls Hotel |
This hotel is centrally looated and is n stopping place for stage
lines.   Good stabling on the premises.
0r\lvj the choicest brands of Wir\es, Liquors, i
ar\d Cigars at tKe Bar
Horse Shoeing a Specialty
All Rinds of Work Executed to the Satisfaction or Ouslonffi
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
With Which li Incorporated
The Bank of British Columbia.
CAPITAL, $8,000,QOO.   -   RESr, $2,300,000.
HON. GEO. A. COX, Pres.       B. E. WALKER, Gen. Mgr.
Manager Greenwood Branch. ia A. Crowell visited Grand
)rks during tho week.
Mr and  Mrs. J. W. Rood, of
,4 are visiting iii Midway
des, Jas.  McNicol   and son,
hriie, aro visiting friends at
Mrs, 0. L. Gunderson leaves
Llay for California, where
|c will spend the summer.
.Heldstab, who for the past
i,'T luis been working for the
„, Fairview Corporation, at
irview, is spending a sliort
itttion in town.
D. Cunningham left on
[dnesday for Alberta with a
floHd of horses. He will on-
., in ranching somewhere in
f Edmonton district
i flri! destroyed tho greater
it of the business centre of
lowmi last Monday. The loss
ounts to about #25,000, whicli
ar from being covered by
... Leggatt and wife arrived
iMidway during the week
(in Trail, where for a number
lyHBW Mr. Leggstt has been
Icticing the l-g»l profession.
lwill in future reside here
I will hang up his shingle in
_fW ''ttyB' amimm__mmmmit
luperintendont A. I. Goodell,
lli« Montreal & Boston  Cop
company's smelter is  pay-
-    " M
Auniwn Kfc.h'AlRS
—: Notary Public,
Camp McKinney, B.C,
A, H. Can. Soc. C, E,
Provincial Land   Surveyor
Midway anu Giieknwood.
Through Salt Lake City, Lendvllle, Puablo, Colorado Sprlnti and Denver and
tho Famoui Rocky Mountain Scenery by Daylight to all Polnti Eait.
For rates, foldtri and other W. C. McBRIDE, (Jen. Agt.
Information, addre-s ■ m THIRD iT.  PORTLAND, ORE.
Ia brief visit to Spokane in
nection with the construc-
l work that was interrupted
iln* miners' strike and which
. now intended to hurry to
i marriage licence has been
[nil by the Registrar at
|tiiw<mmI to Edward Richter
1 Jennie Sumner, both of Ker-
eos.   Mr. Richter is a son of
I'ell-known pioneer and land-
ner, Frank Riehter, whose
perty at Keremeos is one of
most valuable in that dis-
'he Kettle River Lumber I"
, Ltd.. the Jncwpbrnubii <it'
(which was rec.ontlj'-gHaetted,
been organized io acquire
business! of Rpvjini'cl \*'-,
ne und VVin.lJ(»wers,oj)i:i'Ht-
|at (irand Forks as luntber-
sawmillers, and mami-
|uroi's and dealers in timber
lumber. Lequime and;
kern were the pioneer saw-
in the Boundary
bitry, Mr. Powers having
[ut ten years ago brought in
winill from the Okanagan
I'liat is now Midway.
, 11. Wilmot, well known iu
Rock Crock district in con-
lion with his endeavors to
. tlio creek for placer gold
flint is known as tho "boom"
em, was in Midway during
Week on his way to Green-
I to bave   an   injured eye
Id for.   Dr. Spankie remov-
i small piece of rock from
bye, and he has returned to
brock to see if he cannot
|i>K the spring now opening
Some of the gold he confi-
y believes is still hidden
r the gravel   beds of the
|jor   Ainsley  Megraw   is
from Camp   McKinney,
lii); West Fork mining ree-
|brought up to date prior to
ening the    sub-recorder's
} at Beaverdell, on the west
Kettle river.    Owing to
virtual abandonment of Uie
It Fork country the record
at Beaverdell has  been
during the winter, but
I bridges being constructed
the stream  and  a near
ect of the wagon road be-
pmpleted so as to give
jlgh communication, pros-
Drs and others interested
I'retnrning to  that part  of
I Boundary district with the
intion to get   some of the
iieral claims into shape for
luring ore.
Itis quite two years since
business men of Greenwood
commenced to urge upon the
Provincial Government the desirability of appointing a magistrate undor the "Small Debt*
Act" for Greenwood. When
Hon. Col. Prior, Minister of
Mines visited the Boundary last j
August the matter was brought
to his attention, and his representations to tbe Attorney Gen-
oral were afterwards supplemented by those of Greenwood
citizens who visited Victoria
later, At length the long-desired result has been achieved
for Win. G. McMynn, S. M.
was last week gazetted a magistrate under the "Small Debts
Act" in and for the County   of
Rendell Block, Greenwood.
Phone BO, V. * N.
1*  Y¥ AL-tVE-n.   rrxurmniur..
and Stationery
All the best   brands of Cigars and
Tobaccos kept in stock.
Chas. A. Webster,
Spokane.Wash.. U.S.A.   Midway, B C.
3.15 p. tn
Yalo, whicli for court purposes includes Hie Boundary dis-
a p. m.
Tues., Thurs.
k Saturdays
».:«i r». in.
Malls (or points farther west of Midway Uinn
Camp McKinney ko via. Revelstoke
,    All Coast point*
Pts. Crow's Nost It. It.
I Kastern Canada
Vernon, etc.
Orand Korks
All pts. Kast k South
Wed., Krl.
A Sundays
t.M p. in
MIDWAY.        '        B. C.
Camp Hc-Kiwiey
Itock Oreek
[All Wwl. Kork pointa
Money order* from 8 a. m. la 7 p. m. with the
exception of one half tm*r before depvtiire
and after arrival of inahY
Rl). A. HAIN.
Por Getting a Beautiful Watch
and Chain Free.--No Money
. 11 i —Every Man, Woman, Boy, or Girl has the
same Opportunity under our
Th.it I, Charles do Blols Green, for mysolf
ftiul ns agent for .M.K. <3rcen, A, Wood, K.
Iamb, C. A, C. Steward and C. II. Arundell,
Intend lip days from the dnte hereof to apply
lo the f'hief Commissioner of Lands and
Works for permission to purchase respectively
and in tho same order: The f*. 4 of Sec. !W,
Tp. 19; tho West i of Sec. «, Tp. nl; the
North 1 ol Sec. 31, Tp. 49; thc West 1 of Sec.
38, Tp. 19; thc fractional North Kast. iof Soc.
5 and fractional North West) of Sec. 4, Tp.
51 and tho North Wesl | of Sec. 18, Tp. 51, all
in Osoyoos District,
Dated thlii 9th day of January, 19113.
CHAS. dell. OltKKN.
Reduced Rates from the East.
Commencing February 15th
nnd continuing until April 30th
there will be low rates in e .ect
from the East via the Illinois
Spokane Falls &Northern
Railway Co.
Nelson k Ft. Sheppard
Railway Co.
Red Mountain Railway Co.,
Wishiigtm 4 fi. N. Ry,
The only all rail route iMwi-en
points erir-t, west nnd smith tn Buss-
liinil, NeVwm, Oruntl Forks and IShjiii'i-
lie. Uniini'ijts ut Spukane with the
(lieut Northern, Northern Pacific and I
O. it. k N. Vu. for points enst, west
nnd smith ; connects al ltns-lniii! and
Nelsnn with the Canadian Pacific Ry.
Connects at Nelaon w)th the K. B. A S.
Co. for Knalo anil Slocan pointa.
Connects ut   Curlew  with stage  for
Greenwood and Midway H. C.
Buffet ear*  run  oo trulnn  between
Spokane aod Republic.
EFFECTIVE »0¥E»KR 22,1902:
I«avc. Arrive.
9.85 i.m SPOKANK      5.46 p.m.
10.15 a.m ROSSLAND      5.10pm.
I.m a.m  NKLSON      8.00 p.m.
ll.OOa.i:, GUAND t'OBKS....   4JI0p.ni.
9.15n.m  UEI'UBMC       5.10p.m.
ik. A. jAoxaoir,
Oencrul Passenger Agent.
Spokane, Wash.
Midway Livery, Feed & Sale Stable
Seventh Street, Midway,
Opposite Crowell's Hotel.
J. H. Tyrrell,   -   Proprietor.
Hay and Oats for Sale. • Bus Meets all Trains.
General Transfer and Dray Business.
M Riversiile Hotel
Rock Creek, B. C.
Stopping place fur Stupes to
ami fruin all Boundary
Creek points.
Good /.eeommodation for the Traveling Pitt.
tn order to have Dr. Arnold's EtiR-   c    t    • R R   to   aU   Washing-
li/h Toxin Pills placed in the hands ,,f ^«""*" "' _■-._:•.
i;„i. T.i.in I'i N p auei lin tne nanus in     .
,  s'lVanlTelinKfro ad health ton,Oregon and Idaho points.
weuSke'Ae following most liheral I - - *_=—j-   i«
If M,u will send us your name and
.'■ > .  --II f„>. in  live ve
If any of your friends or rela-
  tives in the East are  coining
it..... u-ill send  us vour uiiuie it""   *'■**'
,u/ie^a«.'"ei"8ellf0r.u twelve West while these   rates are in
Imxea of Ur. Arnold's English Toxin     _    .     . ..•--: —  ....A
/ANTED-To exchange a
ggy for a good work horse-
ply nt this office.
hoxes III   ui. _.-   	
Pills at 25e. pirliox.-we Will give you
absolutely  Free a beautiful Watch
and Chain in either Ladies or Oents
sir,e, or your choice of twenty other
nreiniunis such as line sets of Jewelry,
Itings, Violins, Mntidollns, Tea Sels,
Sateen Skirts, Cameras, eie.   Ilenirm
her we don't want any money until
after yon sell the Pills and you don't
have lit sell any more than li! lioxes to
get the premiums.   This Is a hona tide
offer from a reliahle concern thnt hag
Riven thousands of dollars worth of
premiums to agents all over the country,   Keineuiher also thnt Dr. Arnold's
English Toxin Pills are a well known
remedy for all diseases of the kidneys
and bladder, Uright's disease, iliahetes,
rheumatism,  nervous   Irpnhleg,  and
female contplairits, and are for sale hy
all Hrst class druggists and dealers iu
all parts of the world.   You have only
to show I hem to sell them,   You are
not offering something that the people
don'l. know.    Our  watches are the
regular standard si/.e  for  Ladies or
Gentlemen in Nickel or Gun  Metal
Oases with handsome illuminated dials
and   reliahle   time-keepers,  watches
■uch as no lady or gentleman need lie
ashamed lo carry, and they  will  he
gent nhgrlutely Free to all  who sell
only twelve hoxes of tho«e wonderful
Toxin Pills.   Write at once and he the
Hrst in your locality to earn one of
those lieautif ul watches and chain,   As
toon as we receive your letter or post
card'we will send you post, paid twelve
lioxes, together with  our Illustrated
Catalogue and heautifullv colored card
with your name and address on ns nur
authorized agent.   Bear in mind that,
you will not he asked to sell any more
lhan the I] hoxes and we don't want
any money until after you have sold
them.   We hear all lhe expense and
are only making this liheral offer as a
method   of advertising Dr.  Arnold's
English  Toxin   Pills.    Don't   delay,
write at once and earn a lieatihful present for yourself for Chi ist inns.
effect, give us their name and
address, and we will make it
our business to see that they
are given the best possible service. We operate through personally conducted excursion
cars, and in fact give you the
benefit of the latest conveniences known to modern railroading. We have 15 different
routes between the East and
the West, and are iu position to
give you the benefit of the best
I'oinliiimtions. Write us and
we will give you full particulars. B. H. TRUMBULL, Coral
Agent 111. Cent. B. R., 142 Third
St., Portland, Ore.
Certificate  of   Improvements.
Hiam.Axii   riniKi*   Minkrai C,i,\m.
Situate In Ihe Kettle River Mining Division or
Yale District. Where located : In Beaver Creek Camp, about   one milo North
-   East of Beaverdell.
TAKK NOTIOK tlmt I, Korbos M. Kerby, :is
axunttor K.iyette Harris, freo miners otir-
litlrralu No B551IJ inteiul slxtr ilnys from ilie
date hereof, to n-iplp lo the jMining Iteeorder
for a Certlflcate of Improvements, for the
purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of the
above claim.
Ami furthor tako notico that action uniler
neition 'Xi must bo commenced beforo the isgu
ance ot such Certincate of Improvements.
Ilateit this lllth day nt November. 1902.
Durham Bulls, Fresh Calved
Cows,  Cows in Calf,  Steers
and Heifers, Boar Tigs, Sows
and Young Pi^s,  Sheep and
Poultry,    Saddle    and   P^'-.k
Ponies,    A   pirticularly    fine
young Durham bull for sale.
Apply to
i]4  miles from   Midway,  or
Dispatch office.
go Adelaide St. Eent, Toronto.Ont
To it, K. Mltcholl or any person or persons lowborn you may have transferred your
interest to In the "Oold I»n>*>' Mlnoral olalm
BlIiinM) on Dry Crook, on the Wost Kork of
Kettlo Itlvor, tn the Kottlo Itlvor Mining
Division  of Yalo Dlstriot.
You arc hereby notltleil that I havo expanded Il02.sn In order to hold tho wid mlnoral clnim
under the provision of tho Mlnornl Aot, thnt
you should contribute #51.23 as your portion
ot tho said sum for your undivided one half Interest, in said claim and lf within «) days of
the first insortion ot this notico you fall or re-
fusclo contribute the sum of JM.tt whioh is
now due by you, togothor with all costs of advertising, your Interest In said mineral claim,
will become the proporty of the subscribe!
under section tour of an Aot entitled the "Min
oral Act Amendment. Aot." 1000.
Haled this loth day of January, IWO.
A. Maslonka
formerly of Nelson, B. C.
has opened a Boo1 and
Shoe store in JVlidway,
with a large stock on
made to order.
Repairing   promptly attended to.
All work guaranteed.
Only the best stock used,.
A. Maslonka.
■-.:r-rrj:-p.-Y!-:- • • •
It will be the most important Railway Centre in the
Interior of British Columbia.
It is in the centre or
ricli Mining, Stabilising,
g, b;
factoring Coil Producing,
and Railway Distriet.
Midway property will
mike you rich. It is not
a speculation, it is an investment.
Midway, the coming railway, commercial, wholesale and manufacturing
eentreof the Kettle River
and Boundary Creek Districts, is situated at the
Creek and Kettle River, i
The leading reside nee
town in the country, with
an excellent climate, pure
water supply, and surrounded by rich agricultural land.
-fl) St. .Min Street,
Montreal, P. «..
Business;; residence,and garden lots at low prices and on easy! terms.      Send for maps, prices,, and full particulars to
'    P. M (MOUSE,
Agont for llntir.li Coltniiliiii
Midway, H. C.
rt$hz §|Wf# c%
S.ViU.iD .1,
Triiitriiliimi of tho Country mill Her lirdt
future fur the tJiitei'tirlrfiiit* Worker—
t.r.'ut Wo-turili hunt fiuliis uml Timlr
buiToujium^s liesuriboti lu Friendly
i<ui,liti,ii-..iru;;Sleit nnd *juouem>oft.
Tho   London*   Qxpreus'   journalist,
Mi j i, us with Uio recent lo.ning
n,vjSJ|ia',ui' inn llu'oij'jh t-uiia-u,
wi'llus its follows:
ijcndon v,us cnrjsleiiotl u city when
it wa, ix Lollii'iiun of tents unit
wooden shanties, 'jo-day it is ono
cf the Ijiagest town in Viinilouu; ijos-
*r.'ssing' liulf u tli,-en hotels, and 5,-
(ii 0 ia.Oj.Io. Our train; drew up with
tlmt I'tJiuUie and roar oi wheels and
ringing ol Lolls' that only the Canadian lav.ilie llailway cun make, and
in another n.iiiuiejvhe iUuyor and the
i.o.uil ot Tiado oi liiiuidon City wore
t.,\i'n_to grasp the various names of
the party.
They toll yo i out hero that no one
cun help I dig piospoious und happy
wlip'Will wiivi.. "tunic aloiiK iii'yotlr
tho sands,' is the cry ot the Noj.th-
weHt to the little islniBl. across the
bjiis,. vhiih l'.s b. oad terriloiies could
KWallorv up niijiiy times. "Work,
liiuij, fiiU res for you uii, nnd there
nre nlilliv us of iutiodiiun acres out
jVe: dtovc out across'; the wheat
fields whi'i'e th.1 luir.ieM hands make
llii a H'veli, wilh lood and* board lie-
ridos. ut il who u nuiiiy a .sUVgglhi1;
fal'in'oi of the Old Counliy reaps a
held of half a mile uqi.aii1. Y.ehcatd
Ki*vitt stories not only of fanners who
caiiie out with some qa.Pllal, but ol
Uio:ins who emigrated fiom Enp-
laild.with it few dollars in their poc-
I■< 'ti,. xxxxxi now own hundreds of acres,
'i Ijete a o no small farms in linni-
tobu. A soi tion of lntvd is a milo
■i|ii«re. nnd u niuji who dors not possess'hn If a section is not considered
iitu'l md 1 (-.0 acres is the smallest
111110' nt worl ed.
The alt1 waslll'ed with the wh-r-r,
wh-'-'-. of the rrupinK uinl binding
innchlnes. li'iiS1 ns the eye 'could
ron.'-'li to Iho'ho'I pn-*aid in Wnni-
Inbayoti run sOoa long .Wny—lav a
treal orcnit of wheat stilted Into
gentle wa es by n tool wind. Wooden farmhouses und burns seemed almost engulfed in'this sea of grain,
nnd the on'.v I'elief for the eye wus
the blue'; lii.iin pf a sunned fallow,
whore the li h soil wns renting' from
Its labor. Down the st"bble a milo
iiwny a reaper was tinning his team
nf four ho'ves, curving a slice eight
feet broad fi om Mio solid bloclt of,
lie showed a white gloum  of teeth
In a face bronzed almost Muck   with
the sun us he cuine nenr, and we hal-
loedhlm a theory greeting.
"V. hero from?"
"/.mnmerset," came  back   the an-
I    Ana in another minute ne was ex- '
plaining tq   us in   the   soft-tongutd
dialect of*'"Messc'x how he cuine   otft J
to Manitoba ten years ago with two
dollars in his pocket.   His    story   is
lyrical of many  others, (   The    first
four    years,    he said,    were a hard
! time; aid if ho hnd   been able to do
[so,ho would   ha"o gone home again
In his fiist year, home to the   dairy
farm at Yeovil whore he tended   cows j
for elght.icn sh liings,1. week.
Fortunately for him, ho' "stuck1
lt," and after four years of work on
other nun's fai.nis he. .hitd Eau_
enough to buy u'ljuatter ScctlAn of"
his own. I'o built his jog cabin, and
plowed I bitty arris in the fall. But
In' tho winter be worked in*the lumber woods with his U'um of horses;
then flitted lack to his land und sow-,
ed his wheat in the spring, working
ns a hired band again during the
Bit in September he reared his own
harvest, and his thl ty. acres of
wheat brought him in eloviri dolla s
for ei cry acre. ln tho autimm,. ho
p'owotl si:ity acres, and paid down.
the (irst instalment for another quarter so. tion of lun!: till by degtces ho
yime lo hisr.picsont prosperity—the
proud owner of 480 acres of land,
with 360 aires ol the finest wheat'
that a man could wish to see.
Thc average cost of plowing, sowing, and harvesting iin acre of hind
amounts to sui on dollars; the a cr-
ago yield in Manitoba this/year will
beat least twenty-live bli.hols to hn
acre,.and that means tho farmer nets
nearly seven dollars prolit' on ea.'B
acre, lf English farmers could ma •
twenty-eight shillings prolit on twei^
ty-Iive bushels of wheat, we Khoulij
sue tw™f as inuiji wheat grown id
our little island.
'Ihis j'enr Manitoba und the Noi thi
wesl have two million und a han
acres in Wheat and another million
mid a half tu oats und barley, As
lH'.j yield 0 high there will be over
fifty rail lion bushels of wlunt to cv
port. And this can be shipped at
tho a crage price of twcnty-llio cento
—or a shilling—a bushel to Liverpool. ' ''•'
But a great deal ot nonsense Is
talked aim t ,f oe grants of lund fiy_J
Ifaaitoba. All the best Imki Is occi*.
pied, or in the hands of lai.d loin-1
panics; and uny immigrant who comes
to'Winnipeg oh the idea lliatjtnc Oojftji
oinmentof Manitoba will, give him O
profitable free grant' of 160 a res had
ilutferjeiiiiiin at home. In.thc noijgi
bo hoodf 61 Brahdijn—the cuntre 0f|
the wheat bolt whlth extends x,uu«
Ihrep h mired iniles west of Winnipeg,
into AsSiniliola—good innd cosjte
fromtivvnty lo nearly thirtv dollaMJ
an act o, a dollar being four shift-,
ings. But twenty miles nnd ino.e
fiom the lailwuy there is stilllar.il
to lie iiiid ' at six' to ten dollais an
it re; and labor is so scarce and
ivuies ro high that ,u hurtl-worklng
ninii will, lii ir out; .''Ztlmmcrsotshlrjl^
friend, save,.enough in -a. few yeai'*''
time to by 180 acres, and farm it
by degrees till he can sot. up on bis
own.        *-Z .*■'■'■■
't youitvahtyo'T, free grant of Ami
ejiisu lund^ you must go into thc Voir
West, Into Asslnibola, .Snsk'atchcwalii
and Alberta: and even there vou will
i with (illticiiity escope the American.
Vest tracts of land have been bought
bv the' Vanl.ee epuculatots, who  art
turning It over at ah Immense profit;
ahdth'o genuine American farmer is
(olloiVing In their' wake.   "".''
Ctinuda is, in fact, booming: and
in itwenty years', time, their Js no
reason why; she should not produce a
bliljon, busjiels of wheat. She, grows,
after all, 'q mere bagatelle today,
not more than could be, or, Indeed,
wps but receijtly produced between
thcThamct) and Carlisle. Manitoba
alone could produce ten times as
much, a ltd "the only reason that
the wheat fields seem vast to-dav is
tlU.t tlMjy are mns.«od togethei; in one
smallbelt of territory. Even moal
than labor, capital .and brains nrp
needed In Canada to^iiiy And if Knglish cnpMal and brains do not. come
soon, the" richest agricultural herl'tttre
that the'Empire possesses will   pass
Into alien hands. ..•>,
FttBM*.   ■
H Is largely a matter of accident,
fieing in tho right place nt thc right
lime, und doing the right thing, or,
better still, making people ti'ilnk you
aro doing the right thing, U about
til there ie to fume.
Tree* on. the Pralrlft.
Mr. Stewart, Dominion Superintendent of forestry, made arrangements
while on the plains ftir systematic
tiee-plunling. The forestry branch
hus ut e.is set apart for tree culture
at tho Brandon and Indian Head ex-
p.ji iiiientnl farms. These plantations
aro making excellent progress, and
next season oyer,a million trees will
be available for distribution, chiefly
Manitoba maple, cotton wood and
ltusshin poplar, from the steppes,
which is especially adapted lo dry
and sandy, territory. Four agents of
the deportment ure now ut work In
the country, examining the soils, anil
mapping out the territory, and the
trees will lie planted with reference
to their .vnluo in,|h« spe:lul loculi^J
ties to ho torxslcA. The'trees are"'
supplied (rec chiefly tor whid-hrcaks,
nnd will be planted under lho superintendence of the agents of the department. It Is belivcd that under
this systoin in a very few yours the
l-treeless condition of the plains will
become   a thing of the pnst,
809 Secoml Ave., Spokane, Wash.
Riverside Nurseries
Qrand Forks, B. C.
Home-grown, thrifty, acclimatised trees and shrubs,
Currents, Raspberries, Strawberries, etc.
A fine assortment of Maples and other shade trees,
Roses, Lilacs, Hedge Plants, other ornamentals.
Th'e secret nf success In planting, is, KindT—to secure good stork.
'   1' ■■     SECOND—to plant as soon as possible after ll is dug.
Trees obtained from oor nursery can be planted at
Nelson two days after they are dug,
Price Hut, and full in format tun promptly  Riven.
.....|A......... iiiMtii**snmimtisiiilillll ttt**
fsffwffvwfffff wwwvvwwwvwvww—iw——r—'w——rv——*"---*.
rflen Wanted it it it
To sell for the large Fonthill nurse ries.   Appli
cations should be filed at onoe.  Highest wag;es
paid, permanent place assured to the right men.
We furnish guaranteed stock commanding highest testimonials from British Columbia Inspectors.
The school where, thorough work is done; where the reason
is always given; where confidence is developed ; where Book-
keeping is taught exactly as books are being kept in business ;
where Shorthand is scientific; where penmanship is at its
best; where merit is the standard : where the training in Civil. Seuvick, Telegraphy, Engush and Cartooning wakes up
students, develops tjjek powqrs and teaches them howto be
successful. No argtmwMi'!M$ rio eloquent as the record of
things well done. No mortgage can rr upt, no thief can
break throug|j)indjfeteal the knowledge of How to Do." When
you know what a school enn do for you by what it has done for
others,is*it jitter to trust to luck? Is it Wiser to guess?
For detailed information call, telephone or write
■    SogSecocd Ave., Spokane Wash.
Stone & Wellington.
Lancashire House J
: : MIDWAY, B.C. : :
The undersigned having re-opened -this well- '*
known   and   comfortable    hote| invites   the ^
patronage of all old customers and the public »
Fnrnnco-hcnted nnd comfortably furnished roo'"s
Mfs. Dowding, Proprietress.


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