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 ■ - ■ t.
It ID, No. 24.
$2.00 per Year.
Solicitor., Etc.
Oreenwood, B. C.
—: Notary Public,
Dri, R. Mathison,
HUlett & Shaw
K NsUrlM Public.
Hb: "Hallktt."
: Bedford McNeill's, Mort-lng k
Neals, Lcibor's.
6, B.C.
.  . .  MIDWAY, B.C.
Wntrlet passed.    Mineral Aot
Aot papers drawn up.  Afll
en.   Abstracts made,
lications by mail or telephone
attended to.
tr xXlam:ef  Repairing.    Bor«esh<*alng
■rr,     A  Hpeeiiuty.
K. M. McEnllrr.
Mines and
p- Real Estate.
Greenwood and Camp McKinney.
us An*oM»tiHATio» roH Gumts.
(Hurt t-'iahiim nn Kettle Hirer.J»
1 *U- ot Adams, Oregon,
la (1 mil imt e or
fillamette University,
Salem, Oregon,
nred in give instruction on lho Piano
i of pupils, and will also play at
nd dances in the district.
For terms, etc., address,
R. 1K1J0N,
Practical Watch Maker,
30PJ*ICR  8T
flood Tools, Plenty Material,
I 30 years experience   to do
•rk correctly.   ■  ■  ■
.—..*. — * —^ — — — at mil
A Private Hospital
I and Nurses' Home.
iiPEI.HtlMER St., Vanoouver.
"Ileal,Surgical andMidwifory cases
Mi.   Terms:— Private   Rooms,
■ week;   Beds in Wards, $10
NnnM in.*nt into tlie country at the
MUtl diaries, telegrams receiving
tttttfetyftte attention.
Alt applications to he made to
Here!   Here!   Here!
Let us say a word about our stock of shoes,
Men's tan and Mack silk vesting top dress shoes,
Men's medium heavy tan and Mack,
Men's heavy shoes with fine uppers guaranteed water-proof
and all kinds of shoes for either mining and prospecting
or for hall room and easy walking. Ladies' and children's shoes
either heavy medium or light, in black, tan aud chocolate color
with Bitk vesting tops and all leather vicl kid aud French kid.
Boys' shoes in all sizes and varieties.
Is stocked with the latest patterns of Zephyrs, Ginghams, Lawns, Piques,
besides a full line of ready made Skirts for summer wear in linen and fancy,
also BrilUantines, ready made Wrappers to suit all sites, Blouses in white,
colored and black, Cushion Tops in linen and tapestry, the latest fashions in
Curtains with Torchon lace borders, ladies' umbrellas, parasols in black aud
fancy stripes, under skirts in lustre and fancy stripes and numerous other
Is stocked with Boissean's celebrated tailor made goods in
imported English whip cords, cashmeres and tweeds which
musl he seen to he appreciated. Gents' furnishings of all kiuds;
latest novelties in hn-iery and ties.
The Liberal-Conservative convention, an|e an(j intelligent vote. I am con-
held at Rossland last Tuesday after*' ..j.lced that hundreds who do nut see
noon, 10th Inst., was attended by dele*; cye to eye with me In politics, desire
gates from nearly all the centres of | to co-operate in attempting to solve
population in the Rossland Riding of the problem of how best to conserve
the West Kootenay Electoral District, j the interests of British Columbia, and
The basis for representation decided j how best to redeem it trom the slough
upon by the  Executive  of the Trail 10f despond into which it is rapidly fall*
As usual our stock of Groceries and Hardware is complete
at prices to leave only a reasonable margin above cost.
Gall and Sea us
Port Offtee Stores,
| Hotel Spokane,
)XX3C£Seventh Sl- * njdwfly- XXXCi
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»- I
A new building,  well furnished.    Everything new \
and first-class.   Only the choicest Wines,   Liquors \
and Cigars kept in stock.    Headquarters for Mining r
and Commercial Men. S
m k mmmmm®
Hon. C. H. Mackintosh Unanimously Chosen for the
Rossland-Boundary   Riding.—He Accepts the
Nomination and is Heartily Indorsed by a Large
and Enthusiastic Public Meeting.
This week we are showing some excellent
values in Mens' and Boys' shoes and if
you are interested call in and see us.
These goods were bought direct from the
factory, which places us in a position to
sell them to you at a very low figure.
Ask to see our Calf Lined Bals. at $2.75.   They
lead the procession while others follow.
J. R. JACOBS, Manager.
& ^.^^_> _>_____-. ___t_____.__ mm m *■ ■*-»..*■ *.*._>*. .^___tAifc.jfc._*^_,,».*.^^ .*._____ *mmmto______\)i____- __
^m vfivwffVfVffWfWfWVffWfvwwvwf wwvmmmmmwmmm ol.
- Midway Meat Market -1
K. A. MATTHES, Proprietor.
At this establishment customers can get choicest cuts of
(tor on. tlio ppemlaai
Therefore Meats are always fresh and sweet    Call and get a good joint
for dinner to-day. j&
TELEPHONE 31 \. P. O. BOX 25
Midway News Depot
Dealer in   .   .   .
Candies, Canned Ms and Biscuits,
Creek Liberal-Conservative ABSocia
lion, which arranged for holding the
convention, was one delegate for every
100 voters or fraction thereof in each
of the following places, according to
the numlter of voters registered on the
roll on March 81st: Anaconda, Carson,
Cascade, Columbia, Eholt and vicinity,
Greenwood, Urand Porks, Gladstone,
Midway, Phoenix, Bock Creek, Rossland, Trail and West Robson and
vicinity. Nearly all these places were
represented, so that numerically the
attendance at the convention included
within live or six of the possible total
number under the arranged basis of
representation. The Boundary part of
the riding was represented by the following 15 delegates: Grand Forks,
Messrs. C. Cumings, Jeff Davis, F. H.
Knight, Ernest Miller and R. F, Petrie;
Greenwood, Messrs,Clive Pringle, Jas.
Kerr and Jtoht. Wood ; Columbia,
Messrs. R. M. Nisbet and A. W. Ross ;
.Kholt, Mr, M. Tebo ; Gladstone, Mr.
A, Belgrove ; Midway, Mr. E. Jacobs j
Phoenix, Mr. W. B. Cochrane, and
Summit City, Mr. W. C. Haywood.
Rossland had 17 delegates present and
Trail five, so the tot il representation
was if}. No proxies were allowed, so
Phoenix which sent a proxy, whs restricted to the one delegate in attendance.
The convention met in the Board of
Trade room .ind Mr. A. W. Ross, of
Columbia, whs chosen as chairmen.
The committee on credentials did rot
take long iu performing its duties and
presenting its report, which was
promptly adopted. Before proceeding
to nomination Dr. Bowes read a letter
he had received fio u II.ii, CH Muck'
intosh, as follnws:
April I), WOO.
"Dr. Edward Bowes. President, Li ■■end
Conservative Association,   Hossland,
B. C. :
"Deai- Sir : From articles, in various
newspapers, nnd inliniatloiispersonally
conveyed by leading members of the
Conservative Association, it seems altogether probable that my name will lie
introduced at the forthcoming convention as a candidate, for the Rossland
Riding of West Kootenay. In view of
this 1 deem it only fair to state my
"1 xiu nnt solicitous of nomination,
ami only what my friends have convinced me is a duty to the Province of
British Columbia could for one moment induce men to enter the political
arena nt the approaching political
campaign, nor shall I attempt, with
Ilie design of advancing the interests
of a political party or gaining the conti
deuce thereof, to misled any member
of the convention or any elector in the
"While I believe the Conservative
party has at all times endeavored tb
keep inviolate anti-election promises;
while from my experience I have
learned tn love and respect that party,
1 -am free to confess that the mellowing
influence of public life in various
-msi ions tin* taught me, in times of
emergency, to he willing to adopt
broader than mere partisan views. I
lielieve the present crisis in the affairs
of the Province demands patriotic self-
denial on the part of those who have
con fid ne- in the future of British Co*
liiinliin, mid while I do not presume
to sit iu judgment upon the opinions
of my fellow citizens who differ from
ine, instinct prompts me to suggest a
halt, tonsk the que* tion. "what does
duty demand under existing circumstances?'
"The uncertain state of puhlic
opinion is practically demonstrated hy
the various platforms erected by those
who profess a desire to advance the
inteiest.s of thc Province; and, not,
unnaturally, electors might be lost in
the miize of noslrums offered as a panacea for the ills now perineal ing the
body politic. Under such circumstances, 1 prefer the counsel of the
mnltituile.ratherthan to accept the dictum of those who breed political platforms with the fecundity of rabbits. 1
am convinced thatil is lietter to have
something iu the windows liefore the
shutters aiti taken down, thus enabling
tho e whose hearts warm to the work
of developing our great mineral and
Industrial resources, to cast a reason
ing. I therefore feel that I would be
false lo the traditions of the Conservative party, and to the counsel of duty
and conscience, were I to accept a
Conservative nomination without certain reservations, enabling me should
the opportunity arise to fulfil my
promises to those who are manfully
anxious to cooperate In an effort to
redeem the Province from its present
position. I regret that a general convention was not held, a lender nominated, and a Provincial platform
adopted, instead of the opportunity
being vouchsafed those who aspired to
leadership, issuing independent appeals
and, like prospectors, blanketing the
country with scores of claims, irrespective of values. This being the case,
it is incnuihenl upon every candidate
to state bis views and abide by the
will of the majority.
"1 am quite aware thnt the present
lamentable condition of affairs furnishes an opportunity for those ambitions of legislative honors, ils well as
offering a temptation to men who
earnestly and honestly believe in party
government. 1 claim to la* inspired
by motives quite ns conscientious ; nor
can I forget political history has proved
that, when dangertIneatened the commonwealth, a union of those who  be.
unanimous nominee of the cnim-tithm
and of thanks lor the confidence thus
shown in him. The tiommntioii was
then fonunlly placed before lhe c. .invention and it was adopted by all entirely unanimous standing vote. Runs.
ing cheers were then given for Mr.
Mackintosh, a vote of thanks was accorded the chain, an and after singing
"God Save the Queen" thei-omeni,.,.,,
the proceedings of which had been
characterized hy earnest enthusiasm
and perfect harmony, not, one dis*
irdant note having been heard, wns
declared closed ni.u the delegates adjourned to drink health and success to
Hon. 0, 11  Mackintosh.
The Public Meeting.
Not withstanding that only four
hours'notice had heen given the hi*
tendance at, the puhlic nieeling vns
large, with nearly every senl filled iu
the spacious hall of lhe Miners' Union,
Dr. Bowes took the chair, When Mr,
Mackintosh entered Ihe hall he was
given a very hearty reception. At
the request of thc chairman several of
the Boundary delegates briefly addressed ihe meeting after the opening
speech f.-om the chair. These were
Messrs. A.W.Ross.Coluuibin; E.Miller,
Grand Forks; ,las. Kerr, Greenwood;
M. Tebo, Eholt ; and E. Jacobs, Midway. Then the chairman in appropriate lerms inlroduccd to thp meeting
Mr. Mackintosh, whn had lu wait until the cheering ami applause subsided
hefore he could commence his address.
Hon. C. H. Mackintosh's Speech.
After thankii g'he meeting for its
splendid man If esl alien ot confidence
and goodwill Mr. Mackintosh pointed
out to his hearers that he was a candidate for the suffrages of one of
the largest, if not the largest,
of the constituencies of British
Columbia. He referred lo some of his
earlier experiences in the Kootenay
and then reminded the meeting tbathe
had hrnught about the investment nf
an immense amount of capital in Ihe
mines of Wr«i Kootenay. He asked
what had caused the widespread dis*
I rift now prostruting.every industry in
lieved in constitution il uicthodsresult-!Bri,ish (,"lu"'bia  nnd expressed lhe
ed in vcrv meat good.   On the other |"pi,,i"n 'hal il wus n°l the PenI,le who
hat,,!,  wliere   1- present,!lives    0f the I wm" r,,HP''nH',le ful
people  coalesce   for the  purpose of
p- rs uial preferment, official aggrnn-
di/,, ment and methods pointing to self-
it,teres!.,nothings ve disaster followed,
as such cohesion is not the result of an
itss rt ion of principle, hut of a despicable selfishness, and blindness to the
public welfare. Events which have
recently transpired, establish the potent fact that puhlic spirited electors
are anxious to meet on one common
ground, and all I can do to promote
such policj will lie done,
"I helieve the electoral mandate will
sanction the latter policy ; I believe
that not only the interests of the Kootenay country, hut those appertaining
to every district in British Columbia,
depend upon a reasoning and reasonable policy. I hnld that every latitude
should be permitted those who are
senl to the Legislature, charged with
the responsibility of restoring that
prosperity, that progress, that constitutional rule, without which no self-
governing community can hope to fulfil ite destiny.
"If, sir.the gentlemen composing the
convention, men whose hearts, I am
sure, heat responsive to mine in so far
as a desire to do what is right is concerned, are of the opinion that under
such circumstances I can serve tbe
Province, 1 am willing to accept the
nomination, assuring them that I helieve the honest way in politics, the
snine as the honest way in business, is
better for the representative as well as
for those who elect him.
"That there may lie no misunderstanding 1 will hereafter briefly state
my opinions upon legislation I believe
necessary if British Columbia is to
participate in the general prosperity
at present noticeable in every other
province of the Dominion. I remain,
"Ever faithfully,
"0. H. Mackintosh."
Mr. Alex. Sharp, who had heen
chosen by the Rossland Executive to
perform this privileged duly then, in
an earnest and impassioned speech,
proposed Hon. 0. H. Mackintosh as
the Conservative candidate for election at the forthcoming election as
representative of the Rossland Riding of West Kootenay. The nomination wns briefly seconded hy Mr. Jeff
Davis, of Grand Forks. The nominations were then declared closed, and
Dr. Bowes and Mr. Pringle were
deputed to wait upon Mr. Mackintosh
and invite him to address the convention, A few minutes later the nominee entered the room and wns received
with enthusiastic applause and cheers.
As it had already been decided to hold
a puhlic. meeting in ihe evening at
which Mr. Mackintosh would speak at
length his remarks hefore the convention were a comparatively brief expression of appreciation of the honor
done him in making him the sole and
it but those of
their repj-esentatives in the Provincial
Legislature «hn were blind to their
own indiscrei ions and callous to what
iheir fellow citizens thought of thnn.
He directed attention to the present
unprecedented position, to which
constitutional histoiy furnishes no
analagous Situation since the time of
the great Duke of Wellington, in
which Ihe Province has «n administration only one member nf which
represents a constituency. In these
circumstances he had come to the conclusion ihal the best men in the Province musl be asked to assist in the
work of emancipation from such a
condition of affairs. He snid lhat he
was well aware lhat an effort is lieing
made to array the working classes
against those who join issue with the
present administration. He had
represented workingmen for ten
years in the Dominion Parliament,
nnd had always found them reasonable
and reasoning, open tn Ihe teachings
of common sense, and anxious to meet
capital half way. He had yet to
find that ihut same instinct does
not inspire the working classes of
British Columbia, He appealed to
these, as he also appealed to all interested in the progress of Ihis country,
to strengthen bis hands and the hands
of those who believe in a brond Pro*
vincial policy, thus bringing about the
formation of au administration composed of the best, practical minds in lhe
Province. He next enlarged upon
several of lbe planks in his platform,
which is published below, and then in
fervid and patriotic terms alluded lo
tbe part Canada is taking in fighting
Ihe battles of lhe Empile, lie closed
his address wilb ihe following references lo "the dear old flag,"
" Tis only a small piece of hunting,
" 'Tis only au old tattered rag;
" But   thousands  have died  for   its
"And spent Iheir best   blood  for the
"We Canadians love that flag just ns
dearly, Justus loyally and Justus sincerely as our Inei.hien at. home, and
those Englishmen, those Irishmen and
those Scotchmen who came across the
water believing they were still part
and parcel of lhe mother country have
left behind Ihem a generation willing
to dn and dare for the honor of Her
Majesty Ihe Queen, and we in the
West will ever be prepared when tho
storms and passion* of envy and hatred heal about (he motherland, to
give our dearest anil best in the cause
of human liberty, will always be prepared to hear our Gracious Queen
through the dark clouds of advorsity
into the glorious sunshine beyond."
Por several minutes after Ml. Mackintosh took hi.-, seat, the  applause and
cheering found free expression.   Afler
quiet had  been  restored  Mr.   Alex.
(Cominuod on pjige 2.) THE ADVANCE.
k. JACOBS MaNaokr
Published   WMkly   al   Midwaj-,   B. C.
Subscription Price, S'i.tB per annum, payable
Id advance, oil lier yearly or half-yearly at tbe
eption of the subscriber.
Advertising Katua aont on application.
MONDAY. APKII. 10.180h.
One result of the recent overflow of
Boundary Creek at Greenwood wat to
make tbe Oreenwood "Miner" facetious, ln last week's issue the following paragraph appeared : "On Saturday last lots on Copper street below
Deadwood were for sale at so much
per front, gallon." If it continue to
make admissions that, indicate the real
state of affairs in that much-inflated
tiwnlt must expect to drawn down
upon itself the thunders of wrathful
abuse its hoomster neighl-ors pour out
upon those who have the temerity to
prick their boom bubbles.
We publish to-day a copy of the
Lord Bishop's mandate convening a
meeting to ratify thc basis of agreement, adopted at the last session of
the Church of England Diocese of New
Westminister, to divide that diocese
and to form a new diocese to embrace
East and West Kootenay and a part
of Yale, Aside from its particular im
port to members of the Church of
England, this matter is of more general Interest since it is a tribute to the
growing importance of these interior
mining districts, which are each sue.
cessive year becoming more nnd more
Mr. necior jMi-rm-i-eui.,... »»«™	
last week announced bis intention to
contest the election In lhe Rossland
Riding of West Kootenay, ss an Independent. Tbe Nelson "Miner" re
tentlyremarked tbat: "Tbe expe-'-
enceof Canadian Legislatures has heen
that 'Independent' candidates are men
who seek the election in order that
l hey may put themselves up for sale to
the highett bidder.
Several enquiries bave teached us in
connection with a recent appointment
as a Notary Puhlic of a resident 111
this district wbo is alleged to be
an alien. In reply we have to
stale that we are informed the
Act under which notaries are appointed does not provide for other
than British subject* being permitted
toact ill such capacity. If the allegations are true there surely must have
heen either mis-representation or concealment on the part of the applicant,
It may interest supporters of Hon
Joseph Martin's Oovernnient to know
lhat this seeming irregularity, if nol
remedied, will be used against tbem in
ihe forthcoming contest hy at least
one voter who has hitherto voted on
the Lilieral side.
The Rossland "Miner," in its report
of the remarks made hy the Midway
delegate at the puhlic meeting held at
Rossland last Tuesday evening to ratify
the nomination of Hon. 0. H. Mackintosh ss Conservative candidate for the
Rossland Riding of West Kootenay,
did uot correctly report that speaker
in quoting him as stating the amount
ex|iended on public works hj the Provincial Oovernrnent last year in the
Bou udary country as heing "something
over $1,000." What he said was, in
correction of a previous speaker who
had claimed that less than $1,1)00 had
been spent on roads nnd trails, that
certainly more than $1,000 bad heen
spent in the dislrict on these works
Of course the total spent last year
in the district on puhlic works
Was fnr in excess of this. It
fair to the late Government
knowledge this fact.
is hut
to lic
it is reported  from  Victoria that
Hon, Smith Curtis, Provincial Minister
nf Mines, stated  last Thursday  thul
unless his plans change he will seek a
seal in  Rossland  Hiding.    This accounts for his reputed promise to remove the  Mining  Recorder's  office
from  Midway to Oreenwood.    Even
should he do so we decline to believe
thut be can thus buy a majority of the
votes of electors iu Oreenwood and
vicinity, notwithstanding the negative
it will not lose him any votes and that
"Curtis is all right."  To thus try to
purchase votes by doing nn injustice
Ui the greater part of the Kettle River
Mining Division is, in our opinion, evi
deuce that Curtis is nil wrong.   The
Greenwood electors will doubtless he
pleased if tbe Mining Recorder's office
lie removed to their town, but we have
a far higher opinion of the honesty
and intelligence of most of them than
tn believe thut their votes can thus be
Wight by Mr. Curtis or any one else.
The Phoenix    Liberal  Association
last month passed the following resolution : "Whereas Phoenix Is situated
near the divide between   ihe Kettle
River and Grand Forks Mining Divisions ; and   whereas   the  most important    mines    in   both  divisions
are   at   or    near   Phoenix  ;   and
whereas the record offices of both divisions are many miles away and very
inconveniently situated, this meeting
respectfully requests His Honor the
Lieiitenant-Oovernor-in-Council to lie
pleased to appoint a Deputy Mining
Recorder for both divisions, lo be resident in   Phoenix."   This resolution
recommends a course far more just
and reasonable than the projected removal of the office of tbe Mining Recorder for lbe  Kettle River Mining
Division from Midway to Oreenwood.
Midway being about 15 miles distant
from Phoenix on   the one side and
Grand Forks a similar distance on the
other—the record offices for the respective divisions being situate in these
towns— the   course recommended in
the foregoing resolution has the merit
of containing an   eminently  sensible
proposal.   If it be a good argument
in favor of opening it record office at
Greenwood that in that town it would
bo near the mines, it is surely a better
one thut at Phoenix it would be still
nearer most  of the mines now being
developed.   In fact there is no legitimate reason that can lie assigned in
favor of a record office at Oreenwood
but what can be applied with- even
greater force to Phoenix.   If tbe Provincial Minister of Mines have in view
only  the  convenience of the larger
number of mineis and prospectors he
10C  UUiisonawu   «■■■»■—.
(Continued from page 1.)
Sharp moved and Mr. D, B. Bogle
seconded- laith in eloquent terms—
tbe indorsation by the meeting of the
nomination of Hon. C. H. Mackintosh.
The meeting heartily responded, and
then after three cheers and a tiger had
been given for the candidate, "God
save the Queen" was sung and tbe
large audience dispersed,
Candidate'* Platform
To the Electors, Rossland Riding,West
Electors:   1 am a candidate for the
Provincial Legislature at the approaching elections, and I favor the following
1, An administration composed of
those whose practical experience will
enable them to deal prompt ly and efficiently with all details connected with
the departments over which tbey preside.
2. Sanctioning no large expenditures
other than really necessary, until the
ability of Ihe Province to hear such is
cl»arly ascertained, This should not
apply to bridges, trails and roads in
newly discovered mining camps.
3- Preparation of full, authentic und
substantial financial statements of the
position of the Province, together wiih
laud and forest areas and tbeir probable values,
4, Convinced of the wisdom of assisting railroad construction as proved hy
tbe expel ience of other provinces, I
would favor a system of bonuses, surrounded by reasonable checks and
safeguards. Without feeders to main
Hues, the settlement in the interior
must naturally he retarded, the Coast
cities heingdeprived of many supply
advantages accruing from colonization,
immigration and internal improvements. At the present, juncture no
thinking man would commit hlmielf
to a snap derision in connection wilh
the subject of Government ownership
of railways. It is plausible, but I
would be unwilling to hind the Province to such a gigantic proposition involving so many complex issues, unti I
convinced that the resources of British Columbia justify such an experiment,
5. The erect ion and maintenance of a
Technical School of Mines.
0. Amendments to the mining law,
perfecting the existing system of
mine inspection, thus making it. effective and of greater puhlic advantage.
Furthermore, legislatinn hearing upon
placer claims, claim jumping and
assessment wnrk, relieving as much
as possihle the prospector from pn>-
tructed litigationand consequent legal
7. Preparation of carefully compiled
maps, showing trail, water and railway routes traversing mining districts, together with such official information as would assist those en
rising gem-!!..■■,,.,	
the Province and loyalty to the British Empire, and to commemorate the
deeds of those who have surrendered
their lives in defence of that Empire,
as Well as those who are now fighting
its battles. Wilh this intent, I would
advocate such legislation as would
make statutory provision for tbe floating of the British flag during the hours
of tuition, overall schools throughout
tbo Province,
I remain your obedient servant,
Rossland, April 10,1900.
Seventh Street, and see our stock of
Men's,   Youths' and   Boys'   Suits,
At Bed Rock Prices.
Also a   Fine Line   of Millinery Goods   now
Being Opened.
MIDWAY - B. 0.
§ S.A.
S. A. CROWELL, Proprietor. seventh sir-**, nw..,, n. c.
 —— 0ne Block Wwl 0- iiouonlcr'** OBlce
'TWS is a new building hard finished all through and
furnished in first class style. The dining room
is supplied with the best on the market. The bar is
furnished with a choice stock of Wines,. Liquors and
Cigars.   :   :   :   :
Patronage of the Publlo is Solicited and Satisfaction is Guaranteed.
nuilioer OI uunein ana pninprajiwre ur .
will leave the   record office  for the ttW**« **"£*«*
Kettle Riyer Mining Division wheie it
now is, ut Midway, and will place a
Deputy Recorder for Kettle River and
Urand Forks Milling Divisions at
Phoenix nnd one for the Kettle River
and Osoyoos Divisions at Camp McKinney. Such action would involve
the greatest good for the greatest
number, and would serve to demonstrate the sincerity ot the minister.
The Royal Insuranck Cot.
The London and Lancashire Fire
Insurance Coy.
The  Insurance Coy. op  North
The London and Canadian Fire
Insurance Coy.
The Sun Life Assurance Coy or
The Dominion Buildino and Loan
"Appraiser for the Canada Permanent Loan and Savings Coy
The Riverside Hotel,
Is situated at Rock Greek, B.C., on   the  main route of   (rave
lietween Penticton ind all Boundary Creek points.   Stopping
plate for stages.
Good Pishing -:- Good Hunting -:- Best of Accommodation
XI. _•. TrtWii. .ropviatiw.
The unanimous nomination of Hon.
C, 11. Mackintosh aaa candidate for
election as representative in the Pro
vimial Legislature of Ihe Rossland
Riding ef West Kootenay, wbich includes the Boundary country, is a
[Witter for -.inrere congeal ulal inn. Al*
liotlgh there are several r ther pronii*
ient iiieiiil-ers nf ihe Conservative
party in lhe Hiding who deserve consideration, it was fell thul none would
he so generally acceptable as Mr. Macintosh, consequently it was agreed
that his name alone should he submitted M the convention wbich met at
Rossland on Kit h inst. In nominate a
Conservative candidate. Mr. Mackintosh has had many years experience in
public affairs—municipal, parliamentary and as Lieut enant-Governor of the
North*West Territories, He is in
close touch with capitalists in Kuglaml,
having been instrumental in bringing
aliout the Investment nf a lurge amoui
of Brit sh capital in mines in the Pi x •
vince. And too, he is likely lo receive
generous support from the miners,
who recognize that be recently played
nn in,|,oiiiint part in settling Inhor
difficulties at Rossland. Further be is
a clear, forcible speaker and has a
presence and manner that attract favorable notice, whether on the public
pirn iniin or in private conversation.
Space restrict ions prevent our givinga
full report of his speech at the public
nieeling in Rnssiand last week, hut we
publish his plulfnini which we coin*
iiiena lo the careful attention of our
readers, who will later have an opportunity of hearing him enlarge upon it.
Meanwhile we bespeak for him the
support and influence of Ihe voters in
tbe Boundary country, sincerely believing that he merits them and that.
DO better representative can be found.
The Kamloops   "Inland Sentinel''
last week remarked in connection witb
the "good roads" question, "the real
cause of dissatisfaction in the matter
of tbe public works policy of the Pro
vince in the past has heen the entire
lack of efficient methods.  There has
been,  generally speaking,  plenty of
money spent, hut it has not heen wisely
expended under efficient supervision,"
The soundness of this contention is
exemplified  in tbe   poor   judgment
displayed in expending   the money
available lust year for making a road
up the West Fork of Kettle River and
in trying to construct a hridge over
the West Fork,   There seems to lie n,
doubt that a very good wagon road
was made for nine or ten miles, hut
more than twice that distance was left
with only a trail.   What is wanted in
these new mining districts is not so
much a short well-finished wagon road
to nowhere us a passable bush road to
one or more of the mining ramps. The
money tbat was expended in making
the short road to the   West Fork
would in tbe hands of a man experienced in bush-road work, unencum-
liered by the stereotyped methods of a
civil engineer and at liberty to employ
thoroughly good men at a living wage,
huve gone fnr towards giving Beaver
ton road connection with the Midway*
(.'mop McKinney stage mad.   And,
too, the money that has been wasted
in trying (and failing,) to put in tbe
hridge, would easily, under the direction of a competent man accustomed
to such work, have built a bridge similar to the one over the Kettle River at
Midway.   As it is a lot of money has
lieen spent, a season has heen lost, and
the West Fork mining camps are still
without roud and hridge, both of which
aro urgently needed to facilitate the
development of the promising, mineral
resources of that section of the Kettle
River Mining Division.
Provincial Legislature Dissolved.
Un Tuesday, 10th inst., His Honor
the Lieutenant-Governor dissolved the
Provincial Legislature. The following
dates were fixed: May 20th for Humiliations; June Oth, for the general
election; June 30th. writs to he returnable, and July 5th for the meeting of
tbe Legislature,
8. Formulating a policy which would
assure to British Columbia n foremost
plane in Great Britain, thus securing
for lhe Province prominence coinmen.
surate with its resources.
0. Destroying so fat as possihle, all
germs of discontent and consequent
bitterness, by dealing with public
works Irrespective of locality or political affiliation.
10. Development of farming, dairying, stock raising and fruit growing
resources, by increased encouragement
to agricultural socities, when hy such
assistance it may he demonstrated thai
reasonable benefits will accrue to tbe
11. Increasing tho usefulness of a
Bureau of Lalair and Mining Statistics
by the appointment of a competent
official, whose services could lie utilised in harmonizing conflicting interests and arbitrating upon i»*u3s threat,
eninglo disturb the peace and progress
of any community.
12. Ministers of the Crown and their
officials, being stewards acting for the
public, I would insist upon due expedition in the issue of Crown patents,
and prompt departmental settlement
of disputed claims; the tarn paid by
unincorporated settlements In he devoted, as far as possihle tow'ards assisting the laxpaying districts.
18. Careful consideration of the rearrangement, of various constituencies,
removing if possible tlie question from
the political arena, hy such legislation
as, under tbe circumstances, may he
advisable, due care being taken to secure to outlying districts, as well as
rapidly increasing towns, just representation.
14. To deal with various labor questions on rational lines, favoring   no
hasty legislatinn, but consulting all
interests likely to he affected,    Thu
result of recent mediation, particularly
in Rossland, is an object lesson, conclusively proving that all parties tre
willing lo settle vexed que* linns upon
a broad and therefore practical basis.
16. In the present campaign I sea no
necessity for alliance with, nor hostility towards, Federal   authority;  nor
am I willing lo commit, myself or those
wbo support me to   in  unreserved
pledge in favor of measmes propounded hy the present leader of ihe Government   or others who   have announced themselves as leaders.  Some
of the measures advocated must commend themselves to thn electors; hut
I prefer reserving to myself the light
In judge the men behind tbe measures,
for these will lie called upon to crystal.
Hue them into legislation and   give
departmental   effect  to   what   they
profess Lo helieve In.
B8TABI.I3HKD   1883.
Our  Specialties—Varieties Profitable in Hritish Columbia
Trees Free from Tests.
Send for Free Catalogue.   |   E. HuTCHfcRSOK, Manager.
In tho m itl cr of the cslnto of Alexander
Wallace, late of Bearer Creek, ln tho
County of Yalo. British Columbia, Kree
Miner, deceased.
KOT1CK le hereby Riven pursuant to the
"Revised Statutes of British Columbia.
, Chapter 187," tint all creditors and others
having claims against the estate ;of the said
Alexander Wallace wbo died on nr almut the
Mh,lay nl February 1900, are required on or
before the I5lh day of April IMI lo send to the
undersigned, solicitors for Edwin Jacobs and
J. P. McLeod. lhe executors named In the lost
•Vill and tvsU'nent of said deceased, thoir
names, addresses and descriptions and Ihe full
particulars of their respective claims duly
verified by statutory declaration,
... And further take notice lhat after said last
mentioned date the said executors will proceed
to distribute the assets of the deceased among
the parties entitled thereto, having regard only
to the claims of which they shall then havo
notice, and that the said executors will n, . be
liable for the said assets or any part thereof
o any person or pernors of whose claims
■ibtice shall not havo been received by them at
the time ot such distribution.
Dated at Oreenwood, B. C, this 21th day of
February, IM).
Solicitors for said Executors.
Commercial and Mining men should put up
at the Fairview Hotel when in camp.
Qeo d. SKeeKar.
la the matter er tha estate of Malcolm
McCuaig, lata or Rock Creek, In the
County of Yale, British Columbia, dictated, Intestate.
lOTICK is hereby given pursuant to tho
11 "Revised Htatut's of British Columbia,
1807, Chapter 187," that all creditors and others
having claims against the estate of tho said
Malcolm McCuaig who died on or ahout the
41 h day of May, I ' 	
the IJth dny of '
signed, solicitor .„■ www „■_«.,.„..., „.„ —
inlnlstrauir of said deceased, their names, ad
1891, 1.IU11M.JI   lO,,     www. V, u„iw, n ......    .........
having claims against the estate of tho said
nig who died on or about thu
, 18!», are required on or hefore
ine io, n nny of April IMI. to send to tho undersigned, solicitor for ilonald Mcljennan, the ad*
inlnlstratir of said deceased, their names, ad-
dresses and descriptions and the full particulars of their respective claims duly verltied by
statutory declaration.
AND further take notico that after said last
mentioned date, the said administrator will
proceed to distribute tho assets of tho deceased
among the parties entitled thereto, having retard only to tho claims nt which ho shall then
have nolle,., and that, lho said administrator
nave nuiiur,  nnx,  ,  <•„,.»  —„„...,.,..
will nnt bo liable for tbe said assets or any pari
thereof to any person or persons of whose
claims notice shall not have boon received by
him at lbe time of such distribution.
Dated at Oreenwood this Al h day of Maroh.
1900, J. I'. MoI/mkI,
Solicitor for the Administrator.
II. KEYE9. Prop.
Ouod Accommndntinn,
lies,. Liquors and Cigfti-8.
Kirsl-Class Ntalilini*
ALL concerned are cautioned against, dump-
ing gnrhnge ,r other refuso nil nny purl of
the lands of the Midway Coinpmiv. Mil,
K, JACOBS, Agent.
Midway, March ic IKJ0,
Lancashire House,
: : MIDWAY.BX. : :
The  undersigned having   taken   this   well-
known  and   comfortable   hotel   invites   the
patronage of all old customers and the public
Furnace-heated and comfortably
famished room*).
Thos. D. Banbury, Proprietor.
Certificate of  Improvements.
Corrittt Kiwi Minkiiai. Claim.
Situate In the Osoyoos Mining Dlvlilon nf
Yale dlstriet.    Where   loeated:- On
Kruger Mountain.
TAKK NOTICK, that I, Chas, de II.
Oreen as tigmii for Hponeor Cosons,
freo miner's cerlilleale No. rMWI. Intend,
sixty day* from the date hereof, to
iiniiiy In tlio Mining llooorder for n Cortiflcato
of Improvements, for the purpose of olitnlnlng
A Crown Omni of lho ahove elnlm.
And fnrllier lako nolleo tlmt action, under
soctlon 117, must be commenced   lieforo the
IsHiianen of such Certificate nf Impro' ements.
Dated this llth dny of April, HMi.
Dissolution of Partnership.
NOTICE Is hereby klven that tho W^ff
heretofore existing botwoon s
signed nndor the firm namo of ll»"» ,'„,
Harris haa this day been dlraolvod b> nm
consent. ...    , ,,,., ....irl J|L
All accounts dne to the liaM Urn I"'M-to
I). L. Ilaroklay.  The said D, l.; HjW'H „,'
rnsnonslhle for all  debts ''"i'1,."'""  '
Arm previous Ui March lUflxm. ,,. ,,|i|f
.1A n. ft* '    .. i i v
Ii I,HAIi'l;.;v
Datod at Midway D. 0„ Maroh Mill. ""»'
Commereial Job Pri
J |t liascaue.
kt visit of Rev. H. Irwin (Fa
| to Midway will take place on
Hth lost.
Ive Pringle haa lieen elected
ft nf the Greenwood Cluh, Mr,
lucane having resigned,
dot rlut) haa heen formed at
starting with about 20
i and more in prospect.
corporation of the North Fork
|Company, Ltd., nominal rnpi*
0, With head office at Qreen-
Iihk la-en gazetted.
, Olson k Phelan,  merchants
i have assigned their estate
, A. Garland, of Anaconda, foi
kfit of their creditors.
{political    platform   of   Hon,
ilartin whs received  too late
jertisemeiit in this we-k's issue
Advanck.  It   will appear
, P. K. telegraph line was last
ay completed to Midway and
Ikmen employed in its construe-
j Friday returned to their dis*
V. G. McMynn has been gatet-
kistrar of the Greenwood Reg*
(the Supreme Oourt and 8. K.
I of that of Grand Forks, both
jtments to Uk* effect from May
k„ when these registries will be
I of his patrons having shown a
Hnution    to   drink   Boundary
[water after    good   whiskey,
jig its purity, Mr. Thos. Wake,
loiindary Falls hotel, last week
ee men on to sink a well, so as
fcileto supply  water to which
nmers can take no reasonable
Is. R, A. Dickton and P. T, Mc-
I are applying foi  incorporation
loiindary Rapid Transit Com*
[or building  a tramway from
■ City along the  Kettle Rivei
to (irand Forks and Carson and
I in i the North Fork of the Ket*
|rr SI) miles, with spurs lo Phoe*
een wood and Midway,
[Monday afternoon   Provincial
hie Darraugh and City Cousin-
Kenzie went, nut on  the train
Ireenwood having in  their cus-
mrge Lny, who has  been  pro*
|k! insane.   They were   lo lake
Kamloops,   whence he will be
1 New  Westminster.   Loy   fell
tk W. R.-iilway hridge.  lust full
lured his bend.
I annual nieeling of the Green*
Bonn! of Trade held last Wed-
revenitig Ihe following  officers
imiiiiiitei- were elected:   Mr, C.
t Galloway, president s Mr. D. A.
Iron, vice-president and Mr. K. E.
bell, secretary-treasurer; eiecutive
fmilt.ee,    Messrs.    Duncan   linss,
i Kerr, W. M. Uw, A, M, White*
.1.   ChiiIIMiI, .liunes    Anderson,
|en. Wood and Frederic Kelfer,
W. H. Willcox, now of the Phoe-
t" Pioneer" who for a year and a
ondiieted the Cascade "Record",
[unices t.liJit Mr. H, !">, Turner is
[proprietorof the "Record". Mr,
hits hnd editorial charge of the
nl" for the past Hve months,
jig whieh period he has maintained
[.oil reputation the paper Imd pre-
IIy established whilst Mr. Willcox
|l it. Mr. Turner merits success
| venture and he has Ihe desl
Is of Tub Advanck lhat he may
bhlic. meeting  was  held in the
■house last Thursday evening to
Jr the question   of obtaining a
le site for a  cemetery.   It   was
J that several acres of the Gov-
Int reserve situate al the north*
■corner of   the   townsite  were
I to the purpose    After discus-
lessrs. Geo. Cunningham, Alex.
|ley and Hugh Murray were ap-
committee to  correspond
The shareholders of the King Mining Company, which owns the Oro
Denoro, In Summit camp, on Sth inst.
elect *d the following Board of Directors: president, Mr. Geo. R. Maxwell;
vice-president, Mr. Uoss Thompson;
secreUry-treaaiire', Mr. Thos. Anderson ; Messrs, Angus McNIsh, Alex. J.
McMillan and W. A, Corbett,
Mr. G, H. Collins, formerly manager
of the Golden Crown is reported to
have stated tbat in all ahout 2230 feet
of underground work has been done.
A shaft has been sunk to a depth of
!{_> feet and crosscutting is going on
from both the 160and 800-foot, levels.
Ore-bins holding 800 tons have been
built and are filled with 400 tons of
first grade and 400 tone of second grade
ore ready for shipment as soon as t he
railway spur from Hartford Junction
is completed to the mine. The property is said to bu Id a position to ship 60
tone a day.
|the  Provincial Government to
ain whether it will set aside for
ery purposes the land referred to
so on what conditions.    The
Jiittee   was empowered  to call
•er meeting whenever  there is
king to communicate ,,f sufficient
pst lo warrant them ln doing so.
. ►-•-«	
McBoyle Bowser.
Saturday lasl Mr. W. R McBoyle
ned lo Midway after an absence
j Rast of about threpmonths. He
►', onipunied by his bride, former*
> M, ml Bowser, of Monmouth,
■   Mr, and Mrs, McBoyle were
*d at Decatur, Illinois, on Mch.
They will leave  to-morrow
laverton, in which vicinity   Mr.
yle has   mining   interests.    A
, Mr. Alex, McBoyle, also came
> Mr. nnd Mrs, McBoyle and he
|l go to Beaverton.
J reported thnt. some nice oro has
liet with in ihe cross-cut. at the
It level of the Buckhorn mine.
Ito only stringers have been en-
fred in this level.
Mire bins, each wilh a  holding
ly otaootons, are shortly to be
I the Mother Lide mine in Dead*
»">p.  These will admit nf clas-
II he ore as it comes from   the
lay P. Graves is reported In the
Forks "Gazette" to bave said
New Plant for the Mother Lode.
On March Oth tbe British Columbia
Copper Co. signed at its head oflice
New York, a contract to purchase from
the Jas, Cooper Manufacturing Co.)
Ltd., of Montreal, Que., the largest
compressor, boiler and drilling plant
yet ordered for the Boundary country.
The further statement has been made
that there is none larger now in oper
atlon in Canad i, but whether this be
true or not there is no doubt that the
directors of the British Columbia Cop.
per Co. have, in ordering this additional plant after nearly four years'
systematic prospecting of their Mother
Lode property, given practical proof
of their conviction that the company
owns a mine that is full of promise for
permanent and profitable operation,
lt is nearly two years since the com
pany purchased from the Jas. Cooper
Manufacturing Co. the following plant
and equipment; Two 00-horse power
boilers, with feed water heater, pumps,
etc.,one It)drill Ingersoll Sergeant air
compressor, with complement of machine drills, hose, etc., station and
sinking pumps, and pump for water
supply, an Edison electric light plant,
a Lidgerwood hoisting engine, 90-incb
drum, a half mile or more of pipes, and
all requisite cars, buckets, rails, machine and hand tools, etc, Uti-r two
auxiliary hoists were obtained from
the Jenckes Machine Co., and quite
recently a cage, supplied by the Wm,
Hamilton Manufacturing Co., was re
calved wit h thef ore going plant the mine
hus been opened up liy a two-compartment vertical shaft sunk to a depth of
ifio feet and by ahout. 2,000 feet of nn
derground work in drifts, cross-cuts,
stations, winzes and upraise. Adding
the cross-cutting, etc., done prior to
the piuchaseof the power plant, the
underground wnrk done totals about
2,710 feet.
With this much work to its credit
and with results in ore bodies exposed
that appear to amply warrant the
preparation for operations on a much
larger scale, the following Ingersoll-
Sergeant compress, ,r plant,etc.has heen
ordered : A cross compound Corliss
condensing air compressor, wilh compounded air end and receiver inter-
rniiler.lhe high and low pressure steam
cylinders to he 22-inch and 40-inch diameter respectively, the air cylinders
to be of the piston inlet type, high and
low pressure, 19} inch and 32} inch
respectively and 48 inch stroke, the
machine to have a capacity of 80 to 40
drills,and to weigh 108,000 lbs; two
06x10 horizontal return tubular boilers,
each 100-howe power for 125 lbs, working pressure, and to have horizontal
smoke connection and nne stack; a
64x12 air receiver; a feed water heater
of sufficient capacity for 830 horse
power boilers ; ten E 21 drills ; two
double-screw and ten single-screw
columns with arm and clamp; two iron
safely platform cages with safety device and shield roof; Iwo six-foot
sheave wheels ; 1,600 feet of li inch
wire rope, and six steel ore cars with
McCaskell wheels and axles, Delivery
of this plant is contracted to he made
within three months. It may he here
remarked that the compressor is lo be
fitted with every device known to
mechanical engineering for the economical production of power.
A new hoist is also to lie obtained of
a capacity sufficient to work the mine
down to a depth of 1,600 feet.    This
has not yet heen ordered, hut will he
shortly.   Meanwhile a site for it north
of the shaft is being blasted out so that
there need be nn delay in putting it
in position  after it  shall have lieen
received.   The site chosen for the new
compressor plant is on Mother Lode
Creek about 160 feet helow the level of
that on which the machinery now in
use stands.   Economic considerations
have influenced the   choice of this
lower site, the adoption of which will
render it unnecessary to so enlarge the
main shaft dnwn to the 200-foot level
as to provide roomfornlhirdcompartment in which to place compressed air
and steam pipes.    As both existing
compartments will ere long he required
for the two cages that are to lie installed it has heen decided to run a
tunnel from tho present 200 foot level
of the mine out to the oreek, a distance
of about SOO feet.   Across-cut hnd already been driven 100 feet towards the
creek, and this is now being extended
so as to serve this purpose.
APIII1, 10.
Josephine, Klinlieily camp, 8. Bond.
Hester, near Midway, C. M, Melville
andC, 1,, Thome i.
Snowdrop, n_rMidway, John Zur-
Advance, near Camp McKinney, K.
H. Bash.
Comstock, Deadwood camp, T. Q
Madeline, fraction, Skylark camp,
Duncan D, Hardy.
Little Brown, .lames McNulty.'
Black Horse, James Fisher.
Barnato, V, R, Swanson.
Barnato. fraction, V, R, Swanson.
Rambler, Mike Stetson.
Mollie Gibson, David 8, Barton.
Porto Rico, Sydney M. Johnson,
C. O. D„ F. W. Groves and A. M.
Boston, I. H. Hallett asagent for S.
M. Johnson,
Gold Drop, Albert E. Ashcroft. as
agent for The Jewel Uold Mines, Ltd.,
Ulenwood, I. H, Hallett, as agent
for Mary Garland and Paul Johnson,
Mountain View, I. H. Hallett, as
agent for Geo. Smith, George B. Taylor, George Arthur Rendell and J listen
0. Shears.
Myrtle No. 2„ 51(1 interesl, A.   W.
Douglas to Joseph Sterrelt,.
Lead King, _ interest. Olt.i Dillier to
John Brookes.
Caledonian and Vndina, } interesl
each, A. O. Beath to John L. Widdi
com he.
Applications for Certificates of
Notices advertised in this week's
ADVANCE are those of :—
Green Mountain, Black and Alfred,
in Green Mountain camp, Keremeos
California, Kruger Mountain.
Excelsior, Golden Crown and Home-
stake, McCaig Mountain,
Nickerson, Kruger Mountain.
Sunny Side, near to Eholt Creek,
(formerly called Prior Creek), lying
partly uixm and Northerly of and adjoining Lot 252, Township 71).
Uke View and Orient, KriigerMoun
Copper King, Kruger Mountain.
A Sure Winner.
"Mr, Mackintosh's nomination at
Rossland the other day was a cruel
blow to Mr. Smith Curtis, for il m«ans
the certain defeat of Mr. Marlin's Minister of Mines, Theiunk.-r of the Le
Roi deserves something handsome of
that constituency, and the electors
will see that he gets it. Aside fiom
that claim, however, Mi, Mackintosh
is pop,iiar,„i his own account. He tut..
a surprising knack of making Wends,
and was never defeated in a contest,
He is a trained politician, nnd tin- Victoria Legislal lire will be greatly the
gainer in having even one   man of hi*
ability and  experience, "—Nelson "Jii-
.. _ ii
Diocese of Kootenay.
Tbe following is a copy i.f lhe mandate issued by the Lord Bishop of New
Westminster, summoning a meeting
of Church of England clergy ami In)
delegates for the purposes sluied I herein l
Wheieasthe Synod of New   Westminster at. its last   session   by  unanimous vote resolved to divide the Diocese and formulated a basi-.  nf agreement for such division; and whereas
hy such resolution, it was  decided lo
erect that part of the  Diocese of New
Westminster lying East   of ihe l.Dil,
meridian into a new diocese   to   In-
known as the Diocese of Kootenay|
and   whereas   provision is   made in
clause B of  such  resolution   "that ii
shall be ratified at. a  meeting   of the
clergy and especially elected lay dele-
gales of Ihe Diocese of Kootenay, elected according to the rules of the Di-i
ceseofNew  Westminster, duly summoned hy  the Bishop for  lhat. purpose;" now therefore in pursuinee of
such provision, we do summon a meeting of licensed clergy in the said Diocese
of Kootenay, and lay delegates elected
as above, in lhe Church of St. Saviour,
Nelson, B. Cat 10 A. M. on Wednesday, May 30th, 1000, for the   purpose
of ratifying  the said basis of iigiee-
ment, organizing the Synod and I rails*
acting such business as may properly
come hefore the Primary Synod of lhe
Given under our band at one See
House, New Westminster, Ihis 27th
day of Marcb, A. I). 11100, and in lhe
Fifth year of our consecration,
JollN, Nnw Wkhtjiinstku.
Exercising jurisdiction ii,
and over the Diocese of
In connection with the foregoing ii
may be  mentioned  I hut on Sunday,
2llili inst., hi Midway,   after Evensong
a Vestry meeting will be held  to elect
a lay delegate In rcpi-esent St. Coluu,-
bit's Mi-sloniit the nieeling and Synod
above provided for,
slates thut. tin- Halifax garrison nm
laHon will be known in future as lie
3rd Special Service Battalion, Royal
Canadian Regiment.
Mr. E. H. Macklin, for the last 20
'years an official of The Globe Printing
Co,, and for many years cashier, has
left Toronto for Winnipeg lo assume
the business management of Ihe "Free
Press" of the latler city.
The Dominion Cattle Breeders' Association has voted to hold its winter
exhibition in Guelph, Ontario. It, is
iulended to have suitable buildings
erected for the show. The Sheep
Breeders' Association has also
proved of the choice,
Rev. Dipthell, probably the oldest
and best known clergyman in the County of Waterloo, died on March 27 at
Kloiha. Ont. He had been in lhe pulpit over 00 yeare, lieing at one time
missionary of the Evangelical Association in Bruce Peninsula.
The Montreal Street Railway Company proposes to put ils electric wires
under ground. The manager in a com.
municatlon to the Road Committee, of
the City Council stilted that the company had decided to expend some
•200,000 on this conduit sysiem.
Major General Thomas L, Mountain
died at Danville Quebec on March 28,
aged 73. He served through the Indian Mutiny, and bad as one of his
staff General Sir George White, thc
defender of Udysmith. He retired
from active service many years ago
and settled at Danville,
Collingwood, Ont,, will vote on May
30th on a grant of $115,000 bonus to
Mr. Chas. Cramp, Philadelphia, the
well-known shipbuilder, to establish a
smelter, capacity of 200 tons a day, in
tbat town, There is lo he an open
hearth steel plant of three Well man
furnaces, and a rolling mill capable of
making armm plates.
Patrick Monaghan, probably the
best known temperance worker inthat
Province died at Halifax, N, 8. on
April 2. He was born in Sydney and
in 1855 was elected Grand Sciilie, Sons
of Temperance, which position he held
for 17 years. He was also seeret-aiy of
Ibe Royal Commission on liquor traffic
in 1895.
It is announced that Mr. Petersen,
of the Hrni i.f Petersen. Tail & Co.
the Hrtu which secured ihe contract
foe a fasl Atlantic line from the Canadian Government, contemplates establishing a through steamship service for
I he carriage of grain from Uko Superior to England as soon as the deepening of the Sl. Lawrence canals lo 14
feci of clear draught is completed.
Ai tin- .Mucdonaldl'Inl,meeting hei,) in
Toronto last month Mr. F. A. Hu„i
gave an address on "The AfHeulUiinl
Implement Trade of Canada," point
iug out that lhe reduction of lhe Call
jidian tariff in 18:4 fiiiin IS per cent, to
20 per cent, luis iwuli, ,1 in a great increase of Itnpoits from Ihe (Jniied
Slates. Ii. 181)1 the lotnl value ,.f such
Implements brought, lull, Canada was
&24-I.0UO, w liilc in 1SW) il whs $1,621,000.
iix-Lii'in.-liov,.rn.a- Angers, Inruier-
y Miotaii'i-of Agriculture iu the late
I'onservative Cabinet has taken action
in M.inii'i-)il against th.- Mutual Ke-
»-,ve Fund Lif-*, of New York, for
|*i(1500. His grounds of complaint are
[that the ciiiupkuy has illegally squandered im reserve fund, amounting to
.■v. r two million dollars, and broken
iiscuiitacl with hitu by increasing
The following are among the prices
.eali/.ed al a recent sale of British, for-
■ ign and colonial stamps:—British Columbia $1 gi een, unused, £10; Canada
lii, blink, £51 -, New Brunswick Is,
violet, unused, £40; Newfoundland 4d,
carmine, unused, £10 10s; ditto, Is,
carmine, unused, £61; ditto, orange,
unused, £02; Nova Scotia, Is, violet,
unused, £35; ditto, Is, cold violet,
£11 16s.
A new national card game, called
"Bolisi" has been invented anddesigned
by Mrs. C. 15. Humberstone of New-
lonbrook, On'.uio. Those who have
already learned io play the game pro-
ii'iiioce il. extremely interesting. It
consists of I went yfour cards, six he
longing to each of ihe four different
cotllflHosi England, Canada, United
Si„I,san,l Africa, "Hobs"is the highest c,.r.l io Euglaiul, n»xt 5, 4,3, 2, 1
"Washington" highest in (he United
States, the "Maple Leaf" of Canada
uud The - Negro" of Africa. The rules
are "hurt, and explicit., and there seem
lobe im ,1,Hi ,ihies attached lo this
litui-ly litlle game,
D. 1., Bakcklay.
J. A.
Livery and  Feed Stables,
Midway, 8. C.
Now is the Time to Furnish Your House,
Reeeiving new Roods Daily.
REFRIGERATORS   etc., just arrived.
GHxlley & Co.
Undertaking and Embalming,
♦♦♦»»i»»i»W»»»9l»J»J»J»^»»»»««««««*«*l«««««lr««««€««*f *****
I Tho Travellers Insuranee Co... ■        I
j rrirrrirrrmTrinnnf J
& .... Of Hartford. Conn. I
i Yirmrnnnr $
Chartered 1863.
Stock Life and
Accident Insurance.
ISSUMs the 1-,'s! life Insurance
■ cunt .met a lu the world. No
disappointment as to dividends.
Everything guaranteed in advance. Premium rules 15 lo 25
per rent less tliau those of old
line Mutual companies.
ASSETS, . . .
January ist, 1897
, 2,976,424-36
The Travellets Com lunation Accident Policy guarantees foraccldent'al
under ordinary conditions.
Heath Benelit     .     ... $5000
Loss ot Sight ot Hoth'Kym     . ,0U0
lass of Hath Kect or I lol h Hand- 4,000
lens ot One Hnnit and One Koot 6,000
Permanent Total Iilsabilty 2900
Loss ot Right Hand     ,
Un.. ot U'Kat or above Knee
Loss of Left Hand     .    .
Low, of Klthcr Foot
Loss of sight of One lye  .     ,
. 650
Limits of   Weekly I nd entity $1,300.
AND, If such injuries are sustained while riding as a passenger in
any passenger conveyance using steam   cable,   or   electricity as a
motive power the amount to lie paid   shall he DOUBLE  tlie sum
specified in the clause under which the claim is made*.
cost $5_ a year  to professional  and   business
Men.and Commercial Travelers.
Other sums at proportionate rates
"OT. St. STopxds,
TaA m_m_o.__,_*._m_a___._*.AAAAA_mm am_A_A4__.m_AA.___h_m_m_m_mmm_M,__b__b__b_m_*..*'A. aaaAAaaa a a
Iff ffffTTTVTTfffTfT JWJfftfff ff*|if fTTf TTf frfTffTf f f
,10B PRIN'TING-Get your printing
dono nt Tn ii A dvanck office, Good
work, reasonable prices,
JUST RECEIVED-Somethinc neat
in Invitation Cards anil Ball Programmes, at
TO LET, the cottage near thc Schoo,
House recently occupied hy Mr.
1). G. Munro.   Rent $7 per month,
The  hotel  is  centrally located and is a slopping place  for  stagn lines,
Good Ashing in the vicinity,   Good stabling.
A variety of the choicest brands of liquors and cigars at the bar
MK8. CROWELL, Seventh Street,
Midway, desires to announce that
she is prepared to do DRESSMAKING. Patrons will Hnd Imth
style and workmanship satisfactory,   Address
Greenwood City  Boundary Creek, B. C.
We have opened the ahove hotel at Greenv.ond City, ana are prepared
to welcome guests and provide good accommodation, Good Catering. First
class Livery Stable.
J W.NELSON    •    -    •     PROPRIETOR
1 ■ I
Canadian PaeiRy.
" and SOO LINE.
Operate the Fastest Train across
tbe American Continent.
First Class and Tourist Sleepers
AHTBoran    DAILY TRAIN    WKSTiiot-xii
&4S     Lv.     Stannous Jet.     Lv.     18:50
lenvns  I'oullctou, Tne., Thur., Sut.,    0:00
Arrives PonUeton. Moil, Wod., J'rl.,  lijlio
Accelerated Service to and irom
all points and through
Ex. Sin.     DAILY TRAIN
1S:35 Ar.      Greenwood
Kx. Sun.
Lv.  U:M
For full information as to time, rates,
etc. or for copies of C. P. Railway
publications, address:
E. R. REDPATH, Agent, Greenwood.
6. L. SMITH, Agent, Penticton.
VV. F. ANDERSON, T. P. A. Nelson.
E, J. COYLE, A, G. P. A. Vancouver.
Beaiitiftlly situate, at the eonfluenee of Boundary Creek aod Kettle Biver,
WILL BE The most ''"Portont railway town in the Kettle River Mining Division.
The Western Terminal and Divisional point of the Columbia & Western Railway.
The Wholesale Supply and Manufacturing centre of the Kettle River and Boundary
Creek Districts.
The distributing  point for   Upper   Kettle River, West   Fork and Camp McKinney
mining camps.
The nearest Railway town to Republic,  Meyers   Creek,  Palmer Mountain and   other
Northern Washington mining camps.
The  leading residence town   in   the country, with an excellent   climate,  pure water
supply  and favorable sanitary conditions.
Business, residence and garden lots at low prices and on easy terms...
J. F. PIGGOTT, Manager, E. JA00B8,
I_nd„,,_U=h^B„iMing.   THE   MIDWAY CO., Lt A      ABe„tforBritiSMhCo.urnWa,
g  On good paper I
Sand in the most
H approved style]
Mineral Act, 1896.
NOTICK is horpby (riven tlmt thirty days
nfter date 1 intend to upply to thu CMof
Commi-siouor of LatidR ana Works for per-
mfasnion lo purohaaa 320 acres of land as follows— commencing aL a post half a in ilie South
of the North ICoBt comer of Lot SVC thenee
Kftct 40 chains South thence HO chains, thence
Wesl iOclialna, ihence North SO chain's to place
of commencement and containing 32U acres
more or )c-s.
'('lit- sold land being required for agricultural
l»nt id Ihi-*; Bt_ day of January, 1U0O.
I nte   of   Improvements.
.JEuBlOU, Golden Ohown ami IIomkbtakk
Minkkai, Claims.
.uato In the Osoyoos Mininp Division ot
Inie District. Wherolocaied:—On McCaig
\1CE   NOTIOB that   I,   Chiw.   dclllols
(jrroon as ngiiiit f.ir Che National   Mill*
; ind DevolopuiMil Company, free  mtner'R
..•-■".c No, 11 SOltl,intend, nlxtv dnjs Irora
lutohoronf, toapply lo LUc Mining lUjcor-
i fur a oertlflnoU of linprovomonte, for tho
mi ,.!■ of n' mining n Crown grant of the
■i 'ims.
' i, 'arUinr lako notloe that, action, undor
.■ , :I7.  imiMt lie conimonucd   before the
wee -if suci) ciTtiti, .uu of improvementa
'   i thin 22nd day nf March, HMD.
THE British Columbia Southom Hallway
x iotupany will apply to the Parliament of
Canada at Ita next Session fur an Aet authorizing the Company to complete at any time be-
furo the end of the yjjar 1!W1, IU wont em nection
afldeacrlbod in the Act of the _id Parliament
lii,l(il Viotorln, Chapter SOI and a branch line
from a point on iw main line at or near the
forks of Michel Creek thonco by way of Michel
Crook lo Marlon Creek, and for other purposes.
By order of the Board,
Montreal, 17th Novemhor, I8:lit.
Certificate  of Improvements.
Nickerson Mineral Claim.
Situate In Osoyoos Mining Division of Yale
District.   Where Located:-On Kruger
TAKK NOTICK that I.Chas. de Blois Green,
as agent for John C. Fisher, freo
minor's eertitlcate No. 18728a, Intend,
sixty days from the dato hereof, lo apply
to the Minim; Itecordor for a certiiicate of
improvomonts, for the purpose of obtaining
a Crown grant nf the above claim.
And further lake notice that, action, under
ect inn 117. must be commenced bofore 'ho issu
nnce of such oortlfloate of improvements.
Dated this 27th day cf March. WW.
Certificate   of  Improvements.
Buy a residence site whilst
there is plenty of choice. Pure
air and water, beautiful scenic
surroundings, skilled resident
physician, excellent school-just
the place for families.  Try it.
For Pricks and Terms
Apply to
Spokane Falls
..& Northern,
Nelson & Fort Sheppard,
- - AND --
Red Mountain Railways.
The Sinnv Side Mineral Claim.
Situate in the Kettle River Mining Division of
Yale District. Where located:- Near to
Eholt Creek, (formerly called Prior
Creek,) lying partly upon and northerly
of and adjoining Lot 252, Township 79.
TAKE NOTICK that I. William Graham
McMynn, free miner's certificate N'o.
HEM, intend, sixty daya from the dato heroof.
to apply to the Mining Kocorder for a Ccrtlfl.
cule of Improvements, tor the purpose of oh-
tainiug a Crown Grant, of tho above claim.
And further tako notice that action, undor
section 37. must bo commenced before the
issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this 27th day of March. IWO.
Certificate of   Improvements
Balmoral Mineral Claim.
Situate ln the Osoyoos Mining Division of
Yale District.   Where located: Camp
TAKK NOTICK that I. It. H. Parkinson
as agent for William Small, free
ininer's cortlfloato No. n SCO), intend, sixty
(lays from thc dale heronf, lo apply to the
Mining Heoorder fnr a certlflcate of improve*
moot* for the purpose of obtaining a Crown
Grant of the above claim.
And further Inke notice that action, under
section .17. must  be commenced liefore thc
issuance of Mich Ocrtlflrait* of Improvementa,
Dated this SHth day of November, l«"i.
Real Estate and Mining Brokers.
Rre Insurance a Specialty.  0E%^ArUTcaER
Bob Hall's Stage Line
(Carrying Her Majesty's Mails)
Meets the steamer Aberdeen at Pentcton on Mon
days, Wednesdays and Saturdays. Passengers to
and from Fairview, Osoyoos and Oroville, Wash.,
delivered in quick 'time, and by comfortable
Certificate   of   Improvements.
e.iiKKN Mountain, Hlaik and Althed
Minkiiai. Claims.
Sltuat* In the Osoyooi Mining Division of
Yale District. Whsrs locatsd ; la Grssn
Mountain eamp, Keremeos ereek.
T.tKK NOI ICE that I.CIiHs.ilellliiisOrevn,
aethiic as agent for David lllaek free
miner's eertlfleato No. nSISt. James lllaek, free
miner's eertitlcate No. nlKSI. Alfred Woodrrofl
freo miners oortifleats No. nSUSI. aod I'.
C. .McArthur. free minor'soerUfleaie Nii.IKS7a,
inteiid.sixty (Wvs from the date heroof, lo
apply to the Mining Hocorderfor a Certlflcate
of improvement*, for the pnrpowi of obtaining
a Crown Grant of the above claims.
And further take notice lhat action, under
section 37. must  be commenced liefore tbe
issuance of such Certificate of Improvements
Datod this 31th day of January. IWO.
CHAS. i.kII tillKKN.
Livery, Feed and
Sale Stables.
Af, Penticton, B. C.
"" R. 8. HALL. Proa
Subscribe for
Mineral Act 1896.
Certificate of Improvements.
Situate in the Osoyoos Mining Division of
Yale Dlstriot Where located : On Kruger Mountain,
TAKK NOTICK that I, Chaa. dcH. Oreen,
aa agent for llenjamin Anderson free
minor's eertitlcate No. h.1712, and 11. A.
Dowerman free miner certiiicate No. ItfiTIl,
intond, sixly dnys from lho date hereof, lo
apply to the Mining Heoorder for a Cerliflrate
of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining
■ a Crown Grant of I he above claims.
And further take noliee that action under
1 seetion SI must be eomminood before the issu.
ance of such l'ortifleate of Improvements.
Dated Ihtsffth day of March, WOO.
CHA8. Mtll.GIlKKK.
The pioneer newspaper in the Boundary
Only $2.00 a Year.
of any kind.
forms for Mineral Claii
$wjpAffidavit forms for Field!
W'M   Notes, etc., etc
A Trial Order Solicited.
AliliitKNH :	
TKe /^aVarice,
Certificate of  Improvements,
Tim nooTm_***«c asi> Mavruiwi h   \i xr.i
Situate in  the Osoyoos Minn.;: Division •■
Yale  district.     Where   localoJ j     1
Camp Fairvlew.
TAKK NOTICK. that t j„„n A M 
a» agent for II. T. Khi'lKiii, il Vm
couver free miner's cciilllcsir No. KfiiZi
tend, sixty days fron. tlte dale hereof.
apply to tho Mining Hooordor for a CorliOra
ot Improvements, lor the purposo of obt-iuii
a Grown Oram of the above claims.
And further lake notice Ibal aclion. ui
section M.  must be commenced   belon
.ssuance of mir.b Cortilicato ol Imprm uinen' -
Dated this l.'ilh dn)- of November, imt).
Certiiicate   of   Improvement*.
California Minkral Claim.
Situate In the Osoyoos Mining HI vision of
Yale District,  where loeated: Kruger
TAKE NOTICE that I, Chas. dolllols Oroen
as agent for Benjamin Anderson froe
minors cortilicato No, atHli, intend sixty days
from the ditto heroof.to apply lo the Mining He-
oorderfor a oortiflcate of Improvements, fnr the
purpose of obtaining a Crown Orant of the
above claim.
And further take notloe tbat aotion, ender
section   37,  must be commenced before tho
Issuance of sueh eertilleale of improvementa.
Hated this llth day of March, Mm.
Certificate   ef Improvements.
Gni.li lire Minkral (Hne.
Situate   in the   Osoyoos lining Division
of Yal*   District.   Where Located: Camp |
TAKE NOTICK that I. Chas. DoBlois (Jr.
as agont for Ucorgc Hhechati. free niu
oertlleale N'o. n.CTK, intend, sixly i
from the date homof. In apply to lbe Mi:
'toonrder for a Certificate of Improvenicn:
I be purpose ulobUinlug a Crown (inuil „',
above claim.
And furthei tako notice that aotion. nn
soctlon 87, must be commenced befnn   Ibo I
lssuanoe of sueh Certlflcate of lmproreniiiii>
Kate* this 5th day ef January4A. 11. mm.
The  only all-rail route, with
out change of cars, between
Spokane,   Rossland     t/j^
and Nelson. . .     _^-^^"
SOINH NOHTH,                       GOING SOUTH.
12i41a. in    MARCUS Uill a. m.
Train Ipavinu Marcus at 12:41 a. m.
ninUes tlofie connecUons at Spokane
wilb trains fnr ull
Pacific Gosst Points.
doio connections nt Nelson with
•tBftiiiboatfi for Kanlo and all Kootenay
I,iikn points.
Pft88fengflr« for Kettle Hiver nnd
Boundary Creek connect at Marcus
witb stage daily,
mx. a. jAOKSosr,
Q. P.«T. A
Riverside  Addition,
Just a Word!
To those contemplating an investment in Midway real estate, the information is
offered that on the Riverside Addition may be
found 300 very choice residence sites.
LOTS 50 x 125 FEET.
For terms and all other information apply to
W. H. NORRIS,        or        A. MEGRAW,
Midway, B. C. Camp McKinney, B.C
«___ Practical __^
Midway, B. C.
Promptly  and   Neatly
_>_>_o»B B_o_t_»-»t«'
' '■'■'«,


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