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h»L XIV. No. 10.
tRRiCTB*. SoucrroR. Ett.
Qkssswood. B. C.
McKinncy, B.C.
eiixrr. acmxw.
Hallett & Shaw
S«UrK> PaMk.
, AiJitnwJ'HilirrT."
Cooes : Bat..**! M. Neill.. Hart ing A
Seal: I—lo*r_
.  . .   MIDWAY. B.C.
Customs entries patsei. Xiotnl Ac!
I iri Laat Ael peter* traxrn af. Affi-
j unuutn.   Abrtraeu mad*.
Comt»anie»U»a» kt mail er ulspbont
I proolfHlj atuaasa to-
Closing Out
At Cost
For Cash
Dry Goods, Clothing
Gents' Furnishings
Heavy Mining Shoes
Words of Gallant British
.te ,*e ,*e »V .le ,i. tie \le .le »»/> *** *'*_J> _]e
Brive Leader Whose Death Was
.lourned by Hia Men-Graphic
Talc of the Affair.
A graphic iem ripti n uf the ensrjvce-
cit-i i •■ Botbat   -. in which <       I
ftallais was killed, is given by a i   : n—
prmd-r.t of Renter's Agency :—
■** .'nieiily mr vane n|».n   a   sin.i!
I picket of the enemy lyiu_ faal  asleep.
Around them their hurs-s, firmly knee-
after nil>Lin_ iheir eyes, found th-m
selies 1'ii-iii-t-s. Th- imporUli - I
!.- iptnre was not lost qp Uaytn
liean. dr. with ihf tonnuand of ■Gal-
lop f, hia little force inde straight  for-
Uli» Don        -j i.   ■ , chart*
er incorporating th- Pad Be Cm) Cmu-
pany. with a npttal nf ¥l.i"«i.im.
Sir William Vj.n H roe, 1*. B An.
sus, t'ha-. BL Bommt, K. li o- er, W.
D. Matthews . : - • . i-r*. are
■Mined as .inr»ni*ers, and I
lop   coal properties in   'hi*  legion
(ireenw on and  OS
Recent dev**lnpm*-i ' - section
■    x- ■   JlCf  -if
large areas ot
Lekdeu. Block. Greenwoou.
Ptiour »«. V. A Ji.
.    A. >. Ua Soc. C. E.
iKci-l Lasd   Surveyor
.. ime anu -ix   atem of  lhe Suffolk
M   luted Infantry—all if them ben
 , ..:-n- -JtiiH'jin ru-li-.i forwatd
and   poured   a   withering   fire nn ihe',
enemy at  doSB range, driving   then)
heltei skelter  heck,   and  saving  the
WENT TO VICTORY AND DEATH *-'•''   B-*»,hrn *■!a,>"" *"dron,in'
utii until th" arrival nf reinforoementa
to ke^p the enemy al hay. The.iriv.l
II •; Vi i. with ihe Tih M nr.tiil
I - ':v ani the Bnrmahs, a a- im<
w-1.-i.jii*. liriiiually Ihey iir. ve the
B-*ers Im k until they get opp r.iie ihe
Boer laager, snd were in a po«iti..n t
enfilade   ihem.   Quickly   a   pun p tn   which give promise of being equ t!   t.i
■ -   miimhwed, aad abe-U afu   ■ vtbing in Bri'.:-h l .   Sear
*■• accurately  placed along th- - ':■ -   Kiim-a.   - % _   the
of the dam and the wall" held hy the south end of Okaaacan lake, ie * twain
eiiemv.    It was a tin - y mil -. ...y n,ile« in ester.f,  where  Mtmef.
■ - ierahly relieve.!  our front -•::--• 1
showed ihe Ri^rs th-h'.;-!.--    •- I the I    dlamonnl   of   wnrk  done
h.lle    1, were p.ac-fully grazing.    In   th-ir p**'tion.   The iwo companies    f  up   to   date   has     t     ...1     lhe   pro-
I _6mr_l th*y wete awauened, and.   the Yeomanry a!*** p ishe.1 f. iw.rl  "    doelstCl be oi excellent quality.   The
our right, and soon ne held xi-r     -     -   bettappean  0 est X    ■
of i -iiiare, in Ibe middle of which  oteoa, and :he  SaiOIW—*e-o  side ..f
wa* th-B.e-r laager. „•      Q,     _. .       ihaeettade
■-Gradually il   be—ame j-oparent t.-'astudy of thi- -• ive painted
the Boers that their podtkm waa nine,    . :t that all ■ are favor-
ward   toward*  the nut rise.   What   hi'i-lv untenable, and at last, at lfclH,  able lor exta_dveanaa if coal
to de-  the white ilag  was  houned, and sill    It is umlers o.sl iha  tu-- new  .   m*
Tbenaind lbe encircling force there ram ■ i«ny have acquired laree holdings in
yalds of; out a cheer of triumph.   But our men . 'his part ot the Boundary c amtty.and
Dtb-y -1-. ii in it wa- soffiaeal
Ngbi Use  he.it;   of  any   man.
e„eii.i 5 laaaei l»v wirhin An xx
Hote! Spokane, j
J0CCXSiventh st- ■ tmw*r- xxscx^r
us. and l«er e ith us jjur.s, waggons and
bars.—. all iontJiine.1 in a stna'l space
of a few hundred yards square. Immediately despuhiug a n,--s-iii.!
with the new*. M .jor Lean di-inoin t-
ed his men. and fired  volley ah-r vol
would ntxt leave their cover. '1-ay ' that work will begin on a Ur*t- aeaia
down ymir arn's and come nut," th-v a* *-<s>n tx* the ..'harier is arranged
shout*-*., ud in> wed lately the walls I The fornnitiou of the new company,
became l-l.tk with clambering Bo.rs. ;Ka.ked as it will h-^ by sonie of Can-
wh > *il!.nly nalke.1 up lo our men. j«da\i most noted financiers, wffl mean
A pin-.y- gave Mgus at life, for st - in aid   to  the   mil ing  and
,-t.0KAF?OS& CO.,
\'■ ■ ii       9l it'*
t  ■ i
i i- tr nee.
Mm a ■ ,    tat st.
HH   "-Jin. .   M. '   ■ _f   on
-   ..jij*>i.   t-ali   •
lUaor. J««ieJ ami ft*n.m_i.
A new 1              .' Evoythhg new
and  •  >i     -     Onh tht   a icea  Wines,   Liq   rs
*•. b    Headquarters for Mining
ami Commercial Men.
!-y  ,-:t .  the thick of   them.    Tl.-n  denly a Urge galeaaoed ironi   rering   midticg ih.! i*tu,s of  the Boundary
un   ■    i. a  panic   »«.  perhaps,   theI *aa raised, and fcoM under h emerged j roontry.   This is _
Boers bad  never hefoie expenenciHl.  a   &>et.   His  rmnpauloni   had   been lowing to Uie fa I that  j  iirnd facili-
Steyn ar.d De \V-t fled  incontinently I wounded, and he had ibought d».re-. ties can  1«   readily obtained  by the
in a t'ape .art.   Th.-e  hnigmn  «h"  Iwo lhe hetter part of ral prooMten conipany.
had hors-s at   hand leipeii on tbeirIrefrained from rndfiug.   The real-   ;      It is the it.tetnion toet- I
•.. k-   and   ga't'.ped     away,   leivi  g   tie day's  a. rk  wa.~-.-n gam .....
lo-pounder belonging ta tbe IKh Bal ..niy local smelling want*, hot |
i"ry. tak-n at   Sanna'a  Past; threeI pe-e in the entire intei   :  markets.—
K    ■ ;'T.*i iu ii... >.n- piiiii-poin. one ^T  Prov
m.   in    quick-firer,   thirteen   ■ IgOBS
containiog :nitii..use quantities   ■:'  g n
and.-1 .11 armamunition. md   ■    .'^-
evervthing— guns,   atuiuut.ition   and •
wag.-r.^.   Only   ttn'Ke whi raoM  not
iret th-ir hor-e- r-mained and fonghi
with the courage of despairing nien.
"The Bo-rs claml-tred into
' - ireal -i  ''-■-.  ...ri'iy, as well'
-•. ji- vv 11   ihi*   i-r ;■■■'•.  - ■ : ol I .' k powder and dynamite,
way:    he   ef}.     T    v  also manned '•■• i •      the Boer supplies.
u-k* of two dams .nd occupied al    "I.e Oa 1 .-s lay d-ad.  mourned sin-1
whi-e h    -•. cerriy by his men.   Hi* dash had wo.i|
"l"p 11 the present we only had in tti" viiltiry. and everyh.*dy f-lt lhiU it I
' men. which   was  all   thai  Lean   hul OTtshiUev that   be  B_nnld  n t   h..'-
wi!,. him.   "Die lVn-rs num**ered fully lived to enjoy its fruit*.   If anythin_|<
Commercial and Mining men should  put
at the Fairview Hotel when in camp.
Alaska Uold Quartz.
,    Ispalrlaa*
loci am hjtel
Qzo J. SKezKan      -       -       -     JVccricicr
Jack Shan.
The Bodie tunnel his been driven
.74 fi—l and a contract has been '.■ I I i
■!• ive it unjii j!k 1-d^e is encoontetedi
■  - I -.:•!-'. thick wiil been!
Ti.-   I j-'   -■'        -- its   made
j from Ihe ore   in   the   '-•'   ::    of   the
Y K--.U
Ai-coiuinn.Tioir   roa GcrsT*.
****************************i**9*ii****.*iS$S3i***S ,
|» Midway Meat Market
* K. 4. MAnHES, Proprietor.
tf  fjinnerins—km tlOth Ri•<■_*»
All kin* «f work executed te
the Mtisfaetiee ef customer*.
| ■■       ■■        : = = ~~ t=r   »
S •   . Retm'ifrcratojr on *b—to 7?u__Tai i m&rn  -  - *Z
J Thervf.ne Jf eats ..      •'  ysfi - ■■ -- -t I .-    Ij _|  3
J fur dinner I «
I       TELEPHONE 311- P. 0- B3X 25.        k
At this establishment enstoeaers can get choicest cuts of
***00****0OO*00***************>**********e*i-: ********
***o*ooo********»**************************** ********
Progress on Toroda Creek.
Alex. A. D--V   .-.   :: u ---J
- ' :-
losavai-oiit s..iu- of lhe uliiie. no
Toroda creek in the vicinity of Ibe
•  wo of Bodie :
"The Eik company has cut thr    _•.!
'hree feet  of led]Ci   and has not  yet
w..y uou.   .in ie-.-.:,.,,,,:■ r,-,, .».., ,u.p< .-.-,-, -- _—_   ». —j > , -TOSsfd the vein.   The ore is of hiph
■_..!■.,-.,--. |   Z.-'.s'.' .-.:- .,! ; ;.   ,.-,,..,i-ii- •.  ipr*l—_. fat tht has .." crj.de and carries  its  value  in   gpld
Iwifb vigor by .mr iu**o.   In the centre  sm-ha gallHOt stin. it i- ihe Nst wort-   The ledfe i* i-i.-..,. . :; to
tm men nf the Oxlurd Light  Ij.{..t.try  it- nt'ered feelir  to his *t-.ff eft.-i.   10 feet wide.   It  is considered one of
mounted irfantryl held a U'rml m**    Major Hickie. if I d.e. :-ll my m-xhei  tho_wst proouanji properties i:
!.-iii!!ii- ,nl  Ronshrarins;ihefiring   ihat   I  .tied  happy,  as we got   ihrjd_t>iet.   ThnonrnenaA tbe V.i i.  a
id "ped f.-rward to see how ihink*-   jcu.s.'' |hroiher-j   James  S.   Hctrinfttoo ai«l
.arereKning-   They reached   the farm-
leavine  theii   horses __M
-X-.   entered   lhe  bviiidin-;.   when   a     Keremr.i*  to   a   n.-.v.y   discovered |
c.-ai   vi-w   of the  position rouid  I* | •*'>M 1 '■-'■ '■•   '• *'-     "-  '-•*'   JWnu,  th
ohtaini-   L-  liillais perceived thut j Alista lltv t-d-M::i-r -.y-:
■hont&OBases, who bad  Bed al   :he     "Begarding ih- pr-neny in -
j't-t \oll-y. hii f'rme.1 up and w.rv   B ox : ... , md Ae immediate miniwrl
rfcfawrnand lothoorflaiafs. Kstriet  on  which tbe f.run? gretu j shaft showed a ealoe  fjffl     It   •   i
-*LeOalU_Uv*reu|wo ordered Major jinterestiSf onrcitydeoeods, we   hate  Th- - - *      •  ■
' ilickie. 1. *'-t ffotti i-. to ii.vj   it  a  •■ '"' * s«*"irce in which  ahsutate   .--   md wn have not seen the fonttrail.
xUrhtt.   gt ; Mi- rWelsh,  Hancemaybs  had,  »  stalennm   t -The  JleD.
trhowas in   rhanrr   of  the   baggage  gardii-g the mineral value  *-.■ ,.iiiv ■ -j :-  tu     •      The y.,,.
, irt. to pad  his l.»(?ea>*e l-elweeo[•">*■ nrt**n' **f thenweeTtendingl -. very pnuir-i-i: one.
two kopjes and send every man avail*   Mieeprieek,   throogh QM tte s i        ''The Oxford it again alwork.   The
t.i- to the left flunk.   This order »as;->*"»'m   l*ek ■ I   ' :  : • i    is heing    \    '  I Th-
• mp'ly i.'ey-d.   M-joi Mi. k'o r <1e     tha tn_e is from 40D to MM feel  ji     r-ppiiur- of the Oxford hai
ukto the f.iniihiuseaiid wisitree'el   tnkk ess and  ahootl -    •„  n    some tine or*, in 1 ih- - ait*
In-a hail of Inllets. five of whJL-h hit   !ent-   The elm.u-:.; -       rood thai     will prove to   tr   •■
tis home and kiHed B.   He, how- *    -■ -  - _wpeeaej»vritbqn-rti  the leads i:. the
r is luckily unhmu and immediately  which feathers in ar : —♦ —
thrnogfa the enfire in.-- of - _ Sale of the Van AnJa.
in seller-*!. p.r..l.e; to ih-- forma ioi        Tlie si- of   the  entire vViterest  an
This slat.- form ui,-, easts    T..r.,.^  t. i:..\   ,f   th,-    Vas   Anda
iuj -•-•*    I   x;   r    ■ •    ■.:   ■- ,.       , ,.,v ,..vi Uvn
uthe ttoorwi'h hh jaw and a pinion -course of  tho* formation from Sheep completed     |  . p«r rant, cf
i ..is throat shot away. ***«     s -  ■' '"   "akb j■-. h M d-
"Fortiv- b nn these g.llait  men.  tfee* "est.
.ruing Oar fiot.t, held  tnetr g»  n*d     "The  values    are   nearly  er,
,Minst   an   nv,.r„he'n,ii.c fire.* Man   '','rl"1 "'   '"''   «n«*ii: howevnr,  I
f'.erman was M*ot-ktlle.lorwnun.i..i    ■   ''    »a    ntei-pewedins_«« team*
•jt ti.e. ;h—continued tiring cairn I ■ hrooghoui the slate that lbe entire;
'.ere.1 the hou*e.    It   « •-   .    -:
-j-ht that idet  his eye-.   The gaihmt
ti...I.i-   lay    mortally   wounded.
. —.  j- so .'h r' -inn. wa- s're' i -.';
Wm. St. Quintin, Prop. Fall is witii-n- aad Winter with its cold   .      -    n ;'.-:
i*i..*in ami kasiv ling.   So take time bv the forelock ai •'iare*d.
BREAD, PASTRY, CAKES, ETC. \\-,. |j-TC iinpv.rtevl the litest styles in Ladies' Jackets
Kreej-thin**   Kir»i-olj.«<. . .,-J   W'rflpS  ; = ;   ;-    ■- SUlt   everybody",
pu-aB_*n-a«, a__-.-wo.ar  S*1ICS we wj|i order trom our samples direct from tbe m in i
tor>" at almost cost price-.
A bu-gt ind selecti • Falf and Winter Dress
:.-catering; to i ut then- "If.
lien, wi'h bulldog tena-ity. \
asass has a milling valne, as hi- been
deiii.ili-U tied  i.y   tt-    ,
ra ne of ih - -ia'.- dllu
be w.ik.'.l at ui actual profil  is  f i
th- r pro.en  I.y the actual ,-,.-:
ill); and DiUling  on
.-I-l.tid.     I
Recent   'e-t* ..f   ore   dwnpa and
lullkeil V du
-"    -  i ■- I I      n  Kim-
.t-h syndicate, headed I.y John 1.   i    -.
\ M. P. of the Brit-    B   ;-■   if t'uni-
■i. ns. who hi- i iii.'- kit—rests it: Koot*
The d-al i* the 1,-in:- -' •
-•. ihe basis of
a'ion heini: half an -       A!
the bondholder-will >e   '.ukI.   .
small dividend given t.> -
T«o   Irondrt -    '
H.  KICVES,  Prop.
C.t.xd Accoiunioii.iUon.
Bes. Liipiors ui.l Cigars.
First-<'laM Statdins.
Wi9994 *9*
*************** 9
♦ tJt -     *
Prautieal Watch Maker. !
idi'PKH  j-r
Oood Tool*. Plenty Material.
ta_ jo years eiperttnce   <■■ 4°
w-rk correctl>.   .   .   •
Goods has arrived,"comprising suiting in Si If (   lore, Plaids,
and the latest in Checks, Blisters and Crepons, beautiful pat
terns.    P_l!   iss rtmenl of Ladies',   Misseo' and   Children's
Heavy NH'ool L'ndenvear.
Nnw is the time to buy vouf Furs before the penetrating
cold of winter i il s> -.' We have Wombat and Coone*
,,,.,..,    :.  Caps, '- md _fiits.    We also are agents I -
ffl ,,,--.. rg sl tan ifacturers of Fur Goods in Canada, and
y^canor ^ • Fur Jack ts, Cloaks, Caperines. Collars.
Mut1\,. Gloves ■       thing in the lur line through us, and
besure togel qualitj  -ordered.
Full assortmeni I Men's Winter L'ndenvear on hand. v
Shoes. Groceries, Hardware and Miners' Supplies. 4
HAIN  &  CO.,  General Merchants
I] inii i> 'l ly,
"The niuiiHi'd ntt-n in pevttml
;'»'i      u* * ■■ :. ■» «■!' their cnttundrs
ILgbliQc .i ■■■} tnmled  up thn f■ *1 •
* ;!•-•«■ to (ht-ui.   It m*nt-f-i i-onrajje of a
uo older... hold the posiuon.   No.   >"tr <*ti.l in ■! .._   on   a   large -.-<!- ■".   ,i„|Uls w,j, at once ^ gptn% jn ^
, .,,.„. -j,. n -.- titiritwi ht-t.-i' ■■  ''";- '" •--•"••• vetopment, tlOOiODO -       ,- f.u-a
:..u yat sbo.tr,. _•• l.ut Mm «n*re     K-,'*"t   '•*• *   or"   ^""^ »nd tramway from   C -    - to the
But „„,,l"nki-,lM:,-oit!J,. -,ne-hoistingjrtwte Si,
„„M „,„  pwvs c....jlus,vel>  ihat profil ,-an l*| hui)drM- |hwmnd dolUrs h.Te ^
weld, md never tiinihed. As one of
m- iii-i. sai.l Jift-rivnnis *\Ve could
-■ -e iheir guns, and »e w.-u't c-'ins lo
.o-e them,' Aid > ■ •!.- Bghl went on
l . tront—I he courts- uf despaii
side, and on ihe other that dnicged,
^^^I^^B forn. .
htaiited from the entire slat- straU.": fptM on .•M.|m,pel..y to a,,,.
The gold output ol the British Au»-|    H    w    Tr,M,    f„,R1.rlv   pril
owner,   will retire it-.m  '
in ent on   Pebruaijr 1st, wj_re  he will
Indian   possessions    :•.:
mouths   of   the   present
1^^B°"up iADkm!.«w:;le_r.for^^H
. !d.-_ , "Jii.ue w iiit-h has Imiiuht u-
.,.t of so many a difli ulty. On the
i ft flank toinga were othet' wise. Here
t) B ers iveiv itl _ e.,t«-r ir.un era.
. d -eeiwd d-teiiiiin-sl tm do Iheir
i. iy utmost to-.ve tn.- 15.1ns. A tun
ul 0 Batters nai posted to shell the
■ nun ing Boers.   .
And now look plac- one of lhe tin
1 t deeds of d. nine of a day full of gat-
ant action.   The Boers rrept iij> tn-
.*. nils  the  151111.   .ind    1  IliiJy   got    |o
iijthio tifty  puds,   The  rights   bad
een tbet away, and every man of the
"tachtn. tit wa-eiih-r'killed or w     nd-
1. imt ihny served the gnn to the la-t aggregate
^n_H fodl^^^
having a value  of aim.it t3S.00.ltl
Por the same period the gold ooipnt
nf India is reported il 32SJ3I
British tooana.   lti.ttCi  ounces;   Rho-
I ii,. SJ - • Boncea.   Of lbe T     -.
uulpul  no  rviwut-  have  been
since last   _arch.      Fo- the   ihns-
Bond on plnreace Claim.
R. H. Hewif h ,- ie i- i in 1 bonded
the   PtotMce    mil The
5 for 13 ni    '   -     '-A-        - -
will woek ill. - iy the ownerj
a royalty of 10 per cent bf the -
1 if he decides lo take the
'The Bints imagined that it was in. Nome, .si.a**..**.1! ii.
months ended MardhSLn ilie nutpot is: returns, i
I at only *«1.001   n  -- y *HP|t» ftir it.
1,     ...     t_i__mn nwners of  Ihe   propeilv   are  M.   I!
a v 1 ue 'I a ,. it J>ii11 . "' ,- ,   ... ,, i,,        , ,
. , _, ret j.-v   ut 1   v\ ii. .1
San  Flwnc-ro,  li-.eii.T Z,   -A Ut«nd Forks. R C.   The . ■   . rl     -
careful   approximatioii   of  the ;■ north fnrk of I :i\,-r,
yield ut ir id from the Klnnd-ke ui.l abrml twelve milesfi-nm Oi md I
AJa-ki. in haii-c Nome, ftir the r-- Itsorn i>  Ridd*cofnar,   md  there   is
ent year, has  l*e»n completed   by   the two feel drIt thai   S -vikl  *n nveraee
s     ,  Su.- tun,' Company,   —ting  in upwards of |50 ;vr ton.   Mr.  Ht
loijiin t   :, with lhe -;_.-'i i.n of the will at obce start lod
Sjui Franc—c*n  mint.    The  .1 -■ d u'stina  systeniatic   DBannrr.   H*. i- the
^■IZiAZA-Zitti.   divided   u -iiperiu. • .1.'.it   ! ,h-   Chico,   ind  has
Klondike.   S^l.•>'.>.;_' IT j fully demonstrated hi-   ability   14 a
1 uniit' manager, iiii-)     nu* riMVLtt
C. M.OUOrSK :. Manaukh
Published   weekly   nt   Midway,   B. Or
Subscription Price, $2.<H? per milium, payable
In fi'lvant-i', citl.er yearly or half-yearly at the
opUon of tha Kub.-vril»er.
.-Sdvcrtisintf llaies i-etit on application.
Of course Gen. Kitchener can capture the ubiquitous Boer general, hut
the puhlic would like to know why he
doesn't Dewet.
That the monopolist and capitalist
do not always get the best of the poor
downtrodden working man was illustrated on an American railway lust
week. A coal trtiiti ran into « farmer's
wagon loaded with logs and wus completely wrecked, one man being killed
and-another injured. The farmer escaped unhurt. Is the millennium id
hand .
According to figures compiled hy the
Phoenix Pioneer, 103.723 tons of ore
were shipped from Boundary mines
during ium, of which 01,918 tons came
from properties at or in the vicinity of
Phoenix. If anyone lost faith in the
Boundary country when for a shoit
time tbe period of reaction was most
fell, a glance at these figures should
reassure them.
For the year 19U0 assayer Fred A.
Wing, of the United States assay office at Seattle, said that the receipts al
the office have heen 4,618 Ions of gold
and silver. The total quantity of gold
for the year was 1,345,122.41 troy ounces
with an assayed value of $22,038,755 12,
and it represented the individual deposits of 7,106 persons. Over $18,000, ■
000 came from the Klondike and thc
remainder from other parts of Alaska,
Briiish I..iliimhia, Washington and
Other Miies. Nome's output was$3,
723,272.11, which is considered gond,
taking into account the lack of water
there nnd the almost endless litigation.
With au active rifle cluh in existence
ard a gymnasium equipped so as to
afford the hest muscular training,
residents of Midway can calmly await,
the time when, made confident, by
rapidly increasing numbers, the Mongolians may rise and al tempt to annex
our fair Province to the Celestial Empire, It is also among the possibilities.
much to he regretted, lhat unless
some members of Imth political parties
refrain from making use of the race
cry to foster ill-feeling between those
of our countrymen who spring from
different parent stocks, such training
may be of set-vice in years to come.
May such a day never dnwn I
An Ottawa boy named Malloy went
to South Africa us a private in one of
the contingents sent from Canada to
help lhe mo'hei country. He bus re
tinned to Ottawa blind. The people
of that city are talking of schemes for
his benefit. The people of Ottawa are
wrong. Private Malloy should not be
a charge on anyone. The treasury of
Canada should take charge of ull such
men. He risked his life tor his conn
try. His country is not risking anything iu providing him with u pension
as long as he lives. The Tribune calls
on W, A. Galliher, the member-elect
for Yale-Cirilmo, to see that Private
Malloy of Ottawa is voted a yearly
pension of $500. That is lhe way to
take care of blind volunteer soldiers,
and the only way.—Nelson Tribune.
The Carmi has closed down for a few
days until a large hoiler, recently or
ikied, is installed.
Last week the (X P. R.  began the
work of putting in a sidetrack on the1
north fork uf  Kettle river, to secure
shipments from  the  Humming Bird
and other mines in tbat vicinity.
The annual uieeting of Ihe Highland
Queen Mining and Milling company,
limited, will he held at the company's
otfk'e, Midway, on Friday, 18th insl.
Oliiceis for tbe coming year will be
elected and other important business
Messrs, Norris and Beckwith will
start work on the Lygia shuitly. This
claim, which lies uext to the Bruce,
shows a vein of rich copper ore, and it
is lhe intention of the owners to sink a
shafl upon it.
On New Year's day an excellent
strike was made on tbe Blue Bell, lu
Summit Camp, of which John Dorsey
is manager. The find was made iu i he
bottom of the shafl, now over 25 feet
in deplh, and consists of from four to
six feel of as line ore as has ever been
found in Summit camp, The Blue
Bell adjoins the Mouulain View on
the north.
At the annual meeting of the shareholders of the Mountain View Copper
company, limited, held at Eholl on
December 27, the old boatd of directors were reelected and the following
officers appointed for the ensuing year:
Pat Welch, president; li. A. Rendell,
vice-president ; John M. Si rutfuid,
managing director ; J. 11. Mackintosh,
Wilb the prospect of a large output
from the Crawford Bay sec;ion ibis
coining season iu view, a proposition
is ou foot at Nelson to bund a smeller
uu ibe bay early iu tbe spring. If tbis
proposition is caihed oui il wiil iai engineered aud backed by a combination
of mine owners. There is a magnificent smeller site ai Crawford bay, aud
there is excellent power and other es
sentials available.
The long crosscut tunnel in the
Bodie,Turoda creek, bas ai last reached
lhe ledge. The ledge matter appears
lu l.e ut a very higb grade in places,
free gold being visible. Theore body is
a wide one, and wus struck 42 Meet in.
This news will be extremely gratifying
to property owners in Hint neighborhood, many uf whom are waiting till
a definite report, of its succe-s had been
received from the Bodie before doing
development on then own claims.
An important strike has been made
on the Alabama grnitiiiu the Curlew
district. The abaft heing sunk lias
struck a ledge, iu which ii was iu three
feel without reaching ihe other wall.
Assays from un upper level gave from
21 to 27 per cent cooper. The new Uud
had nol been assayed at the time the
news was sent, but it was stated hy
Superintendent Tom Donan that the
ore just found was heller than any
thing that bad been found ubove.
Eight men have been put to work and
the ore will be sucked, us ii is taken
out, for shipment lo the Granby sunl-
ler by wagon. The principal stockholders of the company are Spokane
business men.
Elsewhere in Ihis issue will he found
the notices of ptivate bills to incorporate companies for the put post- of
budding ruilrnadsfrom different point*
into the Boundary country, and to
acquire all lhe privileges available for
such an object. Schemes tn provide
railway communication with this part
of lhe Province, which has proved its
right lo such hy lhe great wealth
stored away by Mother Nature to
reward lhe fortunate finders, are
numerous at present, and it will hei
strange  indeed   if   one    or    more
of lb do not reach fruition in  lhe!
near future. Those who ure familiar j
with the resources of the districts
lying ulong the routes of these proposed liiiii o.iils feel-I but nature has,
in dealing with them, been very lavish
ii.d. eil, anil that only the intelligence
and skill of man is ••.anted to make
them foremost among lhe wealth
producers of the wmid. Many mining
cauipsin the southern part of our
Province have not received tbe attention from either capitalists or legislators that they /leserve, and tbe construction of one or more railway lines
und the increased facilities which only
railway connection can supply, will be
steps in the right direction. The proposed line from Midway to Vernon
would provide shipping facilities for a
Urge area of country, tbe mineral
wealth of which is just becoming
known, and which at present is only
accessible hy means of pack horses.
It is significant that all these routes
are planned so ns to touch Midway,
and residents of this town have every
reason to feel assured thai in the near
future competing lines will be running
here and assist in building our town to
Ihal commercial standpoint it is by its
location suited for.
NOTICE is hereby given that application
will he made to tho Lrgi-lativc Assembly
uf the Province ol Ilritish Columbia at the nexi
sesuionfor an aet to incorpoiaie a 1'imipnny
witli jHiwer, to construct, equip, maintain, ami
operate a single or .Inutile line of railway uf
standard or narrow gunge for the put-ponc of
cinveyins pas—ngcrs and freight, from a point
on llurmrd Inlet at or near tlie Cii v of Van*
couver thence via the City of New Wsstralnst*
er in an easterly direction along the South
Sldo of the valley of the (Truer Hii cr lo some
point on the said Fraser Kiver between the
junction of lhe Chilliwack Kiver wilh the snid
Vrascr and the town of Yale,! hence In un cusi
erly diiecliou alotiglhe valleys of tbe Chilli-
wack, Coquehalla. Tiilamce ii, ami SLiiiilkainecii
Rivers or some of Ilicln or thc tributaries th.-ri -
of or Mime of t belli by I he most feasible route
loa point between Penticton ami the-Inirt'-
national Boundary on thc watercourse con-
Heeling Okanagnn and Osoyoos Lukes, thence
by the mo.t feasible route to a point on the
Kettle lllver at or near Rock Creek thonce by
the nin-t feasible route lu a point ut or lu-ai'
Midway, thence by Ihe most feasible route to
a point al or near the City of Grand Fork* ;
with power to construct, equip, maintain mul
operate, from any point on tne sniil railway,
branches and extensions of the same of mil
mure than HO miles in length, aud roads, bridges,
ways, ferries, wl,ui ves, docks, ami coal bunk-
e:s. with power to build, own. equip, operate.
and maintain steam and other vessels ivul
boats, telegraphs, teleiihonvs, and tramways,
aerial or otherwise, and to carry on n general
express business either a. separate uiulci'luk-
ings or in connect ion with tho said railway nn.l
the said branches and extensions; witli power
to generate electricity for tbe fiipply of light.
heat anil power and dispose of anil deal witli
thc fame al a profit iu any of the illsirnl- or
localities through which the said railway.
branches nnd cxten.-lons pass ; with power to
expropriate lands, for any of Ihe purposes of
tlm Company and to acquiro lands, bonuses,
privileges, or oilier aids from any govcrninciil.
municipality or other par—nt or bodies oorpor-
ale ; wilh power to construct, equip, acquire,
lease, maintain, and operate stnoltors, reduction, refining, concentrating, or other works lor
handling nlid treatment of ores ; wilh power to
acquire and operate coal lands and dispose uf
the proceeds thereof, with power lo acquire,
construct nnd operate hotels ; wilh (lower to
make traffic or other arrangi-menls or amalgamate or connect with any railway, steamboat.
or other coinpanj. or lease, purchase or otherwise pequire. the assets uf any sueli Company :
and wilh power to builil wagon roads to lie
used in the construction of said railway ami
its extension and branches and in advance of
thc same and to levy and collect tolls from all
parties using and all freight passing over any
such roads, or any such aforesaid docks.
wharves, raPwave, ferries, or vessels owned ur
operated by the Company whether built la-
fore or after the passage of the Act hereby
applied for and with all other usual, aeoamary
or incidental rights, powers or privileges as
may be necessary or incidental or conducive
lo ihe attainment of the above ob'ects or of
any uf them.
81 Solicitors fur Applicant.
"I sometimes think I'd like to live nn
the planet Uranus."
"Why so?"
"Well, a fellow can claim he can see
four moons up there wit hunt being
considered too convivial."—
Crow's Nest Coal Company.
St, Pail, Minn., .Ian. 3.—It is re
potted here that J. J. Uill yesterday
closed negotiations for the purchase of
the (.'row's Nesl Pass coal pioperty,
Messrs. Cox, Pellat, Rogers and Buss,
t he ow ners, were in conference wit h
the Ureal Northern president, aud one
of these said lasl nighi that they were
considering a proposition from Mr.
The gentlemen referred to are
prominent Toronto capitalists. Mr.
Cox is pres'denl of tbe Imperial Bunk
of Ciiii.nl i and also of the Crow's Nesl
Pass Coal company. Mr. Pellatt is a
director of the company and one of
the wealthiest men ii* Toronto. Mr.
Rogers is generally known as the
"roal king of C inada,"
The piopcrties of the Crow's Nest
Pass Coal Company comprise 270,000
acres. Much development work bas
lieen done on lhe properties, and 1,000
tons of coal aie being mined daily. At
present ihe stock of tbe company is
estimated to lie worth $5,000,000,
Slock wilb a par value of $25 has
recently sold as high a 80S per share.
It was quoted about Ihal figure yesterday at Ton in to.
Indications are thai tbe construction
of the railroad to Ihe property will be
rushed. Already the Great Northern
has had surveying parties in the Held
spying oui a mute, and it is said that
'lie wilh a feasible grade has been
discovered. Tbe cutoff from Gieal
Fulls not only shortens the distance
from the Crow's Nest coke kilns to the
Great Falls smelter, but. also opens np
a country rich in timber resources.
This cutoff, il is thought, will tap Ihe
main line near Blackfoot. From
ihence a line will run nmtlieily to the
10,0110 acre tract, and thence on ten
miles further to the ('row's Nest prop-
pert y, and will prohal ly make connection wilh the Canadian Pacific. This
will be the third connection lietween
Ihe roads. Tlie other connections are
made wilh Ihe Spokane Kails it North*
ern and Kootenay Valley roads.
NOTICE Is hereby given that application will
be made to the Legislative Assembly of
the Province of British Columbia at its next
Session, for a Private Bill to incorporate a
company to build, equip, maintain and operatu
a line or lines of railway of standard guage witb
any kind of motive power from a point at or
near the town of Midway to a point at or near
the mouth of Rock Creek, thence in a northeasterly direction to the West Fork of Kettle
River, thence following the West Fork of said
river to ils head, thence by tbe most convenient
route via Okanagan Mission Valley to Vernon,
with power to construct, operate and maintain
branch lines to anv point within twenty miles
of the main line of railway, and with power to
construct, operate anil maintain all nocea—17
bridges, roads, ways and ferries, and tu construct, acquire, own and maintain wharves
and ducks in connection therewith, and to construct, own, acquire, equip and maintain steam
aud other vessels and boat, and operate the
same on any navigable waters, and to cms: ruil,
operate anil maintain telegraph and telephone
lines along tbe routes of said nulway-and ils
branches or in connection therewith, and to
transmit messages for commercial purtsi-c*. t-»
generate eleetricity and supply light, heat and
power, and to erect, construct, build and m.tii
tain the neewwary buildings and works. _p<l
wiih furna- xa „irs water ItUR 'IMP So
SpnllumchcentirShoswap Itiver near Luiuby
and on the Wesl Fork of Kel'lc Riverniar
Ball crack, to generate any kind of oowcr for
the purpuwM aforesaid ur in connection I ber. -
with for reward, and to acquire and receive
from any government, corporation or persons
grants of laud, money, bonuses, privilege* or
other assistance in aid of thc consiru -lion of
the company's undertaking, and to connect
with and enter iuto traffic or other arrangements with railway, steamboat ur other com *
panics; and for all rights, powers an,) privileges necessary in or incidental to the premises
and for other purposes.
Paled at Vancouver, B. C, this 22nd day of
December, WOO.
91 Solicitors for the Applicants.
and Soo Line
Still continue to opcrato
First-Class Sleepers
On all trains from
Revelstoke & Kootenay Landing
Also Tonrlat Cam passing Dunmorc Junction daily tor St, Paul 1 Saturdays fur Montreal and Huston : Mondays and Thursdays tor
Toronto. Same cars pass Revelstoke one day
earlier. ^^
Xo trouble lo quoto rates anil give you n
pointer rrganllng the Eastern trip you run-
templets taking.
Fall and Winter Schedule now
Fur li'ue tables, rates and full Information
call on or address A. V. MetTM.Y, Agent.
Mlilwny, ur
A. O. P. A..
Vancouver, II. C.
^s ******** *********** **************** ********'
■eTeut—  fi*..,   Midway,
One Block West of Customs Office.
@ This is a first-class building, being hard @ $g gj a
®   finished throughout   The dining room   ^   &)   a
§§ $} is run under the personal supervision § § |
3_    _}   of Mrs. Crowell, and is supplied  with   <gj   #•
_} ^ ® ,'K' ')est °" l'le mar-*-et- Choice stock :-tt ....
3_    ®   §_    °f Wines, Liquors and Cigars at the
*_}   ®   _}   3_    ,5nr-     ^'ar.>e   Stable   'n   connection.   ,;;..
The Patronage of the Public is Solicited and
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
'$ _)9999-)9 9999999999999
Try a Bottle of
I and
I For that Cough of yours.
^99999 9 ~w •M 9 *wwwtm We ^ mmmwmmmwj*
I Christmas Numbers of
Lara now on hand.
Ij. a.
Druggist,   §
flidway. 1
_rr-£-*_■*-,■*_'■•__ tt___t___Ci_<
NOTICK is hereby (riven thnt "The Columbia
and Western  Itailway Company."   will
apply to the I.cginlalivc Assfitiiljlv of the Prov*
ince of HritWi Colombia, at iu next Rciwinn for
an act to amend paction aixieen of the "Columbia and Weatcm luilwav cninpnnv Act. l_W>"
(Statute* of British Columbia.   1898. chap. Ml
by extending the lime mentioned in the said
section for the completion of Ihe tilth ami sixth
•ccliniis of the railway authorized lo be built
by said Act.
Dated nt Victoria B. C. December 18th.1900.
81 Solicitors for applicants.
L*b   XPtaaemm^.
The Hoyai, Insuranck Cot.
Tub London and Lancashibk Firk
Insurance (Joy.
The Insurance Coy. of North
The I^inijon and Canadian Fire
Insurance Coy.
The Sun Like Assurance Coy or
The Dominion Building and Loan
Appraiser for thb Canada Permanent Loan and Savings Coy
  ComtMHTS Ac
Anyone Minim a rtMeh and ternHptt— mar
qntcklr oeertain oar opinion ttm whether an
Invention It probably patentable, Coromnnle*.
Mom Atrictly confident—. Handbook on Patent*
■ent free. (iHest acency for teennnf patents.
PaKnU taken tEronah Munn A Co. receive
tttttol nolle-, without chara*. la tha
Sctortific JUneiKan.
A haa—omeir tllaetrated weakly. Urnst escalation ol any sctanttfle Journal. Tama, It a
years lour mo—ha,|L BcMbrail newsdealers.
THE above reward will be given to any person KivinK Information that will lead lo
thc recovery of a flea-bitten irray marc, nol
branded, swelling on right hind leg in fetlock
joint, which strayed or wns stolen from A. K.
Ilorridge's range, near Midway, on or about
Nov. Jtnd.
Slf      A. K. HOHHIDOE, Midway, II. C.
NOTICE I* hereby given that application
wil) Im: made lo thu I**tf*lat.ve AjPQtnbly
Of ihe PrOTitMB ol Brit Mi ColuniMaat il* next
BfgKion for ii I'rivatu Uill lo incorporate a Com
i-anv l-i build, equip, maintain and operate n
line or linen of railwav .;f-.lamiar-l k»u^- from
a point ut ornrjirthejuiictimi ofUwCoia Water
and Nicola Kiver*, thonce following the Cold
Wa'tT river up -treain ubout 22 miles, thence
running easterly tliro'nth a natural pi--*- fnun
the (Juldwater Kiver to lhe ilivido to the Wot\
Kurk of the Otter River, thence down lhe
Wc.i K'irk of the Oiler Itiver to theinninriver,
bhonafl following lhe Oiter Kivtr to Itrtjono*
tion with the Tullanieeii Hiver to Otter Flat,
tin ine following the Tullame-cn Itiver down
Stream to itn junction with the Himilkameeii
Kiver al or near Princeton, or a* an alternative
route from the saiil junction of the ('old Water*
and N'icola lii. cr* following llio valley of the
N'lcola Kiver to Nicola l^ikc. Ihence along Ihe
South xhore of the raid Mr-ilu Like to t,.iiil
ehena Creek, IhetiCJ following the valley of
Quilcheiia Creek to the divide ofC. .".	
umvevard Creek. Ihence down the valley of
Olio Mile or Omveyanl Creek to I'HnceUHiat
thejunelionof IheTullAinct naiid BimlUtatneon
Rivera afore*aid, thunce  from   Princeton following down ihf \ alley of thei*aH Siniilkameen
Hiver to a point West of Omjjo is lake, thenee
I in an Kast erly direction (o Ihu Osoyoos Kiver,
'cpHwliig the said rivcr ahove (Koyoos Ia\hi or
| at other convenient points, thence in >m Kasf-
[erly direction to tho divide of (lock Creek.
! thence down one of the tributaries of thc Kettle Kiver io tbe villey of the Kettle Hiver.! heme
, following thc Kcttle Hiver down stream to the
; Town orMidway, theme from tho wild Town
of Midway along the \alley of ihe Houndarj
Creek lo the City of Oreenwood, and from thc
said Clly of (ireenwood In a Southeaster!)' direction lo the City of (Irand Forks; with power
fo eon**lmel, operate and  maintain   branch
lines to Aspen Grove Camp, lo the Tullameen
Kiver Camps,  and  to Copper and Kennedy
Mouniaius and other pointi*, and with power to
construe!, operate and maintain all neeessury
bridges, mads, ways and ferriers, aud to eon-
struct, acquire, own and maintain wbarvc* und
docki lu connectiin therewith, and to construct, own, acquire, equip and maintain steam
and oilier vessels and boat*; and opernle Ihe
The Riverside Hotel,
Is siliiatcil nt   Rink Cren1;, B.0„   (in   the   innin rout*  of    Iniul
between Pentictou -.ml ill Boundary Oreek pnints.   8iop*iitiK
place for Htiigrs,
Good Fishing -:- Good Hunting* -•- Best of Accommodation.
B. _*. Xewxwmmmx,  Fvop-rtotor,
Carrying Her ilajesty's flails
Will leave MIDWAY on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, at 8.30 a. m., arriving at
CAMP McKINNEY at 5 p. m.
Returning will leave CAMP McKINNEY on
Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 9 x m.,
reaching MIDWAY at 1.30 p. nt, and making connection with the train going east at 2 o'clock.
The best of accommodation fop
the convenience of tba
travoliing public.
N-STABI.ItfHKD   1 -»3.
Our Specialties—Varieties Profitable in British Columbia
Trees Free from Pests.
Send for Free Catalogue,   i   E. HuTCHERSON, Manager.
To Let.
The Lancashire House, Midway.
This in a popular hotel, and in a good
opening for a Hrst cltMl hold mutt,
The furniture can In* punlinsi'd reason-
ahly. PoHfu-Htjion Riven Deceinlier 1*4.
For tenus, etc., upply lo
The Midway Company, Ltii.,
.Mlilwny, II I'.
ii nny   liuvtifiitilo  witters,  und tn con
tolupliiiiic llneualnni* the rout** i.f fr.iit rallanr
nti.Tiiti'  mill  iimiiilJiJn   li'letfi-iip)) anil
nml Hn bntnchaa nr In cnniiertlfin tli.T.'Witli.
uni in trioi-iiiit iiiesw uu for oommorcdii pur
pii-i'js jinil to ciillvtit IoIIh therefor. hikI tn ki'"-
unite I'lt't'lririly mill Hlipplv liiclit, I,.-it! uml
MWar, .'iml to ncqtlir.' mul n-i-i'lvii frnm any
tii'vi-nniii'iit corpjimllnn nr pcn*nnn Knint. of
land, iniiiii-v. bonutot, prlrHqni nr otheraa.
-i-l;ii,.c in uiii nf tlm run*rurtinn nf tin- I'mii-
pmiy'n mnirrl.ikiiiif. anil toeonnert with nml
•'iitrr Into trnfllr nr nthrr nrnuiK.-iiniil- will;
railway, itaainboal nr nther i-nnipniilvu. nnil
fnr nil rflthts, powon nml prlvltagM xn-t-irMar}
in nr iii.'i.l.'iiuil Xo the iJi't'iiiiKi'. and fur uther
Datod nt Vniicotivcr, I). C, thta Ifltli day of
Nim cmlicr, KM..
M Hnllcltnr* for the Applieittilk.
The Boundary Hotel
...MIDWAY, B.C.„
Strictly First-class Throughout,  Excellent Accommodation.
Large Sample Room for Commereial Men.
Proprietor. M. AND DISTRICT.  J
(!«rey, of Hock Creek, is in
Unsworth spent yesterday at
(Pringle, of Oreenwood, was a
In town lost week,
rts Bros, killed four cougars on
Inch up Myers creek laat week,
-On New Yeai's eve, io Mr.
A. E. Horridge, a daughter,
orrow evening there will he a
gat  the  Riverside hotel, Rock
I F. Mitchell, of Greenwood, and
aura Battel, of Mnoaejaw, N.W.
i married at tbat place on the
nan McLeod,   lineman for the
lliia Telephone Company, was in
ity Satuiday mnltim: tome im-
liuenls in the local service,
Ella MeyerhofT attended the
lierade hall at Camp McKinney
Iw Year's night. The affair was
Intended  and a  veiy  enjoyable
I spent,
i recent snowfall has put the roads
condition, and shipments of
om surrounding properties, that
waiting for sleighing, can
I he made,
I Walluce-Miller Mock in Green-
1 narrowly escaped destruction hy
last week, a gasoline lump causing
) which was extinguished before
Ih damage waa done.
, A. Bielenberg, of Greenwood died
he hospital tliere  Saturday   morn-
He had become despondent and
[drinking heavily, and while tern-
irily insane cut bis throat.
Uite a nunilier from here attended
opening   dance   at the Pyritie
kl,  Boundary   Falls,   New Year's
nt, and all enjoyed themselves to
i utmost.    The Midway orchestra
pur pieces furnished music for the
ert Smith will have hisharhershnp
eratimi at his new stand on Sixth
let Wednesday.   With a tonsoiir.l
lor and a gymnasium on the ground
fr and practice room for I he hand
airs, it will he Ihe husiest building
I id way.
It, Qutntin k McBoyle is lhe name
nur new flrni, the object of which
' supply   lhe   wants of the inner
i.   To this .-nd they have opened ■
unntit   ii)  connection    with   the
kery, and meals are now   on tap at
hours and at all prices.
Parties wi«hing to become member*.
| ib* Athletic Cluh will please ll mil
I their mimes at once to Bert .Smith.
"gym"  will  cot tain   horizontal
|.| pa'.-illel liars, punching bag, bo»-
r gloves, fencing foil., single sticks.
■., and a large number should avail
■emselres    of    the   opportunity   to
krive pleasant and henlthful exercise
(Three more dance*, are scheduled for
Iir amusement loving citizens.   The
will be held on the 15th inst.   A
heel and pillow   slip  ball   will  take
llace on the 30lb and on February Uth
1 masquerade  is  announced.    These
I'leial functions are under the auspices
If tbe Midway Quadrille Club,   and
lerry'shall will be utilized on all three
pi fusions.
Edward Jack, the Indian who niur-
lered another Siwash at Peuticton a
lew weeks ago, is now in custody, having delivered himself up lo Thus. Ellis,
. P., uf IVuticton, laat week.    He is
It    Fairview awaiting   trial.      Local
>arties not long ago made an effort to
bl'Uiu Ihe rewaid offered for his cap-
lure.   At that time it was said tbat
was somewhere on Myers creek,
lut when the parties went after bim
lieyfiiiiiiiUh.it he hid hit the Irail
pr pans unknown.
Outside capital has acquired control
If Ihe Greenwood Electric Company
Jnd the Greenwood k Phoenix Tram-
fay Company.   H. (J. Shaw, of lhe
fw Hi in of Hallett it Shaw, on  behalf
the purobum dUtnhoted S75,u»i
mug the following shareholders iu
Dili concerns I J,   W.   Siewiiit,   Spo-
ke, 112,1901 Patrick Welch,8pokaac,
12.107; Andrew Kelly, Brandon,
B.125 ; llonald Harris, j$S.125 ; Duncan
IclnlO'b, t(ti,CZ> ; Geiuge ll. Collins,
1,125, aud F. J. Finucane, $12,107.
nd to sundry holders, $100.
recent shooting matches he'd
ere have aroused such a degree of
nthiisiasm among local spuria that a
"operly organized rifle club is now
ftlked of, and we have no doubt will
in existence in the near future. The
fillister of Militia and our local meiii-
er have been communicated wilh,
1 it is probable that by coni|ilying
►ith certain regulations imposed by
he Doniinion Goveinnieni, i grant
tun that, source will lie forthcoming,
' at least some substantial encouragement.
The Official Return*.
The result of the official recount iu
tale-Cariboo recently made at Kam*
Kips is as follows:
Galliher, 3,100; Foley, 2,*N4; Mi-
Lane, 2,681; rejected, 42 ; spoiled, Sl.
[TheOtter Valley (Kill was thmwn
hit, the deputy having failed lo make
1 return. The ballot boxes were not
Iceived   from  Gladstone  and Deer
hrk, hut the uiinlllci,.l returns from
■ points were i
lOtter Valley, Galliher, 8 ; Foley, 0 ;
IcKatie. H.
[Gladstone,  Galliher, 27 ; Foley, 8 ;
i-Knue, none.
* Park, Galliher, 1 -, Foley, none;
cKaue, 2,
The following letter received at this
oflice shows I hat the unselfish efforts
of those who worked lo save pro(ierty
from destruction during the Hie which
wiped out the Boundary hotel bave
lieen recognized:
Greenwood, B.C., Jan. 2,1001.
To Editoi, of Thk Advaxce.
Sib,—In reading tbe account of Ihe
recent, disastrous fire at Midway
published in THE Advance of 31st
nlto. I notice that only tlirough the
strenuous efforts of the citizens i.f
Midway, who formed a bucket brigade
and curried water from the river, was
the big livery stable saved from destruction. Iu the absence of Mr. C. M.
Grouse, to whom I tnrneil over lhe
agency for Ibis property a few weeks
ago, and of Ibe owner who is resident
in Scotland, I 'ake ihis, the Hrst opportunity, of heartily thanking the
citizens for their valuable and unselfish services. I shall represent lo the
insurance coinpaiiy carrying ihis risk
lhat tinder the circumstances a donation to the Midway band, oi some
olher deserving local institution,
would ts- a fitting recognition of the
disinterested efforts which prevented
ila incurring a considerable loss.
Yours, etc., E. Jacobs.
A Busy Smelter.
The Hall Mines smelter is being
worked lo ils fullest capacity. This is
duii to large shipments coming in from
every part of the Kootenays, and even
some coming from the Boundary country. Tbe present capacity of the two
turuaces is not enough lo accommodate ail the ore that is being sent in,
and a great effort is heing mude hy
the management to gel inlo o|ieraiion
the new straight line Godshell Muster
which is lieing erected. Tbe work
upon this is well advanced, anil since
it was started rapid progress has been
made. All the outer buildings ami
the brick work uf the roaster have
heen completed. It may be in operation bv February 1.
The greater part of the ore that is
lieing received at the smelter is fiom
tbe Slocan. Fpjiii thi-i direction the
Kootenay Ore Conipany is shipping
over thiee cars per day. Tlie ore is
purchased from various companies
operating properties at different points
along the Kaslo and Slucuu railroad,
lietween the towns of Kaslo aud Sandon.
Eroin Aiusworth and the Wood!.ury
Creek dislrict regular shipments are
living made. The laig.st quantity
From tbe district is coming frnm tin
Highland group, which was recently
bonded hy an English coinpaiiy. From
oilier parts of Kootenay lake .-man
quantities are being received,
The Molly Gilison, which is about I'i
miles from Nelson, is sending in fiom
font to six carloads pel w. ek. The
shipping fnun this property wji-
staried but two weeks ago at the completion of the new tramway.
From various parts along the Ctow's
Nest line cousideiaLle ore is being
sent in. The chief shippers me lhe
north Star, the St. Eugene and the
Sulhvi-.n, which are also shipping large
ly elsewhere.
Very little ore is received from the
Boundary country, hut each week
several carloads come in from properties near Midway, which is about the
only point in the district from which
ore is shipped to Nelson.—Sp' kesinan-
Review, 2nd insl,
There Vet.
Bighter— Yes, sir; I'm dealing in
gilt edged Investment* now.
Hilton -What are they ?
Bighter— Gold miues. There's
motley iu them.
Bitton—You're right. I lost a lot of
my money in some of lliem.
Midway .Mail Service.
Mails close for all points east al lit)
p. m. daily, and for all points west al
8 p. in.. Mondays,   Wednesdays   and
Mails arrive from all points east al
4:11'p. in. daily, and from all points
west al 2 p. ill., Wednesdays, Fridays
and Sundays.
Money orders and Registration close
30 minutes before ahove time,
 r e .—	
The Columbia and Western Railway
Company will apply to the Parliament
of Canada at its next session for an
Act assimilating ita building powetsin
respect of its railway and branch
lines west of Midway to the powers
already given in respect of its lines
constructed East of that point, extending the time within which it may com
plete its railways, and nullioriziitg it
In construct SUch branches frnm any
of ils lines nol exceeding in any one
case thirty miles in length as are from
time to lime authorized by the Governor in Council, and for other purposes.
0a Secretary,
Applications  for Certificates of
Notices Advertised in this week's
Advance are those of :—
White Knight. Kruger Mn.intain.
Peacock and Headlight, Kruger
Hig Hug, Camp McKinney,
Susie, Fairview.
Dominion, Camp Fairview,
Horsefly, Camp McKinney.
St, John, Beaverton,
Idaho  and     Washington,    Beaver
Oreek camp.
Occidental, Camp Fairview.
A rlai in i/\i_r\.
Procrastination is the thief of time.;X FlimitUre.
Do not put off until to-morrow what
you can do to-day. Now that times
are improving throughout the Boundary Country in general, and in Midway
in particular, the number of lot sales is
daily increasing, and not onfy will the
prices soon go up, but the most desira-
Large Stock.   Low Prices.
t. nx. G-X7x._-s-_s^sr & co.,
fo t»
Greenwood, Boundary Creek, B. C.
ble locations will be disposed of. Invest /jy '4»
now and show your good judgment.     fo      ^lUli-Cr_rv    riUlULr
For prices and terms apply to
.-_        ^    *«\^^\^_^^-A^ww^'s^yw\^'>^w>-*^ws>
•S We have opened the above hotel at Greenwood and
jm  are prepared to welcome guests and provide good accom-
1^  modation.    Good catering.    First-class Livery Stable.
f      J. W.
'I The Cen*ral Hotel jj {The Travellers Insuranee Co.,,
Uth St., Midway, B. C.
_i_ * __b__b__m___k___mA_ttmti______m.
ty *
$j {rrrrnrrrmTrrrinr
This is a new three-storey he tel, comfortably  *^| |
furnished throughout tyi 1
Of Hartford. Conn. %
rrrrmnnr i
m .  Charter*;d 1883. *
3    Stock Life mid %
Accident Inanrnnre. *
— • '  9
iij\ X ISSUES the 1-esl life iusurain-e        ASSETS  *
rr,i                   ,                 i     n  -i          c     •          tu      J?   $ -   contracts in the world,   N'o *
The nearest hoi.se to the Railway Station.   The  fo  § disappointment--^to dividend.. January ist, 1897,             |
kjj    ♦ Everything   piiaiaiiteed  in   ail- »20,S. 4.33  J
W.' $ vkdi'i'.   Premium rates 15 in u'
fo   most convenient lv '.el for railway travellers.
The best of aces mmodation in every respect.
S. DAHL, Proprietor.
^   iiwu,   •iTiiiimu ...ir* 1 a ... .0        LIABILITIES, .. 17,92.1,260.29  Z
-   perc nt less than   those ut old $
line Mutual companies.
-*'3£&_J-R &■<£**; &4_4_ ____i__ £_____t__\__\ _t
v ^P-C1*-^ ^.^-i.' Vv-^-C «*C-*^*^***J-« ^
Lequime & Powers, Proprietors.
Manufacturers of all kinds of
.2,976,424.39 *
I  I
• The T. ivelleu Coniliinaiion Accident Policy guarantees foraccident&l ii*
ia                                   under ordinary conditions. *
2   DsathB—it.tt     .     ...     $39nu  '   \m** o( Right Hand     .     .       ?-'.'*■' $
_    tAa etmatl   of Both Etm      .        .11110        L'«j o( Leg at or abovo Knee         ^.'.>' j
_   Uwsof Ikith i'eetorBothHaii(l«   Ar")       leemot  Left Hand     .    .             1,0- *
J   Los., ot One li. 'I and One Fi, '    5,«ii       L..-  -if Kit her Knot                       1. • JT
A   PeruiHncnt Tolal Dwabil tr           let)       tm* ot tight ot Oa* Xy*  ...MX
• Liniita of   Weekly  Ipdenmity $1,300. %
j*;  AND, If such injuries are suMAined while riding ss .1 passenger in %
"   any passenger conveyance using ste*—   cable,   ur   eie tricity as a *
motive power the amloiin   to he paid   shall be DOUBLE  Uie stun $
specified in the clmue under whicl. the claim is madi ij,
"Cost $52 a year to Professional anu  Business
Men.anii Commercial Travelers.
Other sums at proportionate rates
"W". H. _y_To__*-_a±a,
LATE and SHINGLES. SASHES and BOOHS ■**«■*■»*•*-*»      "**
Pack and Saddle Horses for  Sale.
Band Sawing and Job Work done to order
Telephone No.  1:.    Telephone orders receive prompt
>° l THE
THOMAS WALKER. Proprietor.
Ai: the best brand* of
C!g~rs ard Tobacco* kept
consvantly on hand.
Latest shade* and pat*
term ot Wall Paper now In
If you lime lost a   horse,   send me  the brand mul if is in the
country it uiii be found.
Single horses delivered in Midway, J5.00 per month.  T-mor mow?   delivered
i:i Midtray, en*:, • 1 per month,
« • a 11
Candies 2 /|\
* Stationery
° ~   ^ Seventh Street, Midway.
_->_*■■>•» J     >&&& ^3fc* &_t& _fc-_Jl_*: Jfc*^-\ k
1^99999 9 9W99 999 999 999 999a^S
4)R. WELLS-^
Has opciial up a
Livery mid Feed Stable |
In the premises formerly occupied  liy
Bagolclay <jte H_i,x**i»is.
Special attention «;ivt'n to all kinds of transfer wnrk.
A rie will met t all trains.
The   hotel   is   ecntrnllt  lnr.i.nl   unl  is   a  stopping   plHIM   for   »titH"j lines
Uiioil H-liitiK in the Vicinity,   Oood 8tiihlin|{.
A variety of the choicest bra-ids of liquors and cigars at the bar
SITUATED AT   -   -   -
The patronage of the puhlic is solji
Rate*- moderate.
The Pioneer Newspaper' of tlie
Boundary  District—only
$2.00 per year.
Is prepared to
till all orders
for Job Printing at lowest
rates ri insistent wilh ^ooJ
work. Certificate  of Improvements.
Susu Minimal Claim.
Situate In Osoyoos ainlat Division or Yals
Ms-let Whsrs Locatsd:- At Fairvlew.
TAKE NOTICK that I,' Charlw do Bloli
Oreen, as scent tar George A. Goes*,
free miner's eertltleate No. BJW10, intend,
sixty days trom the daw hereof, to apply
to the Mining: Recorder lor a oertlSoate of
Improvement*, for the purpose ot obtaining
a Crown granlof the aboveolalm.
And further take notloo that aotion. undsr
•—Hon 37, must In commenced bofore iho 1—u-
snoe of auoh oortiflcate of improvement*.
Dated this aitli day cf August, MOD.
Certlfioate of  Improvements.
Hm Hue Minbul Olai*.
Situate In ths Ksttle Bvse Mining Division el
Yals Dlstriet. Whsrs Iseatsd t - Camp
TAKK NOTIOI Hat I, Of. H. Norrta, for
myself, tree miser's oertiflcnte
t No. nans.
Certificate of  Improvements.
Dominion Mineral Cum.
Situate ia ths. Osoyooi Mining Division of
Yals dlstriet.   Where looated i-Camp
TAKK NOTICK that I. Chas. do n. Groon,
I    an agent for Ihe Dominion Connollduted
Minen Co., froe miner's oerliflcalo N'o. ii'tDKKl,
intend, aixty days from the dais hereof, to
apply to the Mining Heoorder for a Certificate
of Improvements, tor lho purposo ot obtaining
a Orown Grant of the above claim.
And furthor take notico that action, under
lection 37, must bo commenced  before the
issuance of such Certiiicate oflmprm cnicnls.
Dated this 90th day of September, IMO.
and an agent for A. Megraw, free miner's eert 1
floate No. OHO, and Mra. I. M. Macdonalil, froo
miner's certificate No. BMH, Intend, sixty daya
from the date hereof, to apply to the Mining Heoorder for a certificate of Improvements, for the
purpwo of obtaining a Crown grant of the
above claim.
And further take notloe that aotion, under
section 97. muat be commenced before the
issuance of audi osrtilkate of Improvements.
Dated thia 10th day of August, 1000.
l(o W. H. NORRI8,
Certlflcate   of  Improvements.
KineralAot, 1896.
Certificate of Improvements.
Situate In the Osoyoss Mining Division of
Yale District,   Whsrs Issstedi Camp
TAKK NOTICK that I.M. K. 8adlor,aaagont
i  I    for H. T. Sholton, froe mlner'a crrtldciiio
I No. ttSHIXI, Intend, fllldjiya from the dale hereof,
to apply to the Mining UccorderforaCortlfl—U>
i ot Improvement*, lor lho purposo of obtaining
a (.'rown Grant of the above claim.
And further take notico that action, umlcr
section 37, must bo commenced before the
iaauanco of audi Certlflcate of Improvementa.
Dated thia Slat day of Auguat, 1800.
7c M. E. SADLKR.
Carmi auo B. A. (PiuctiunaU, Mineral
Situate  In the Kettle River Mining Division
or Yale Dlstriet. Where loeated: Carmi
-TAKK NOTK1K that I, Forbos M. Korby,
| -H :ir."it.for K. B. Thruston, free miner's
certificate No. 27121, Intond, sixty days
from the date hereof, to-apply hi the Mining
Heoorder for Certificates of Improvements for
the purpose ol obtaining Crown GrantB of the
above claims.
And further take notloo that action, under
section 37, must be commenced liefore   the
issuance of such Certificate of Improvements.
Hilled this 87th day of ncoomber, A. D. 1800.
Certificate of  Improvements.
'Certificate of  Improvements.
St. John Mineral Claim.
Situate In the Kettle River Mining Division of
Yals District. Whore located: About
seven miles above Beaverton on thc west
side of Beaver ereek.
TAKE NOTICK that!. Forboa M. Kerby, na
agent 'or Klioot-n Cullier, froe iiiinor'ii eer-
lificat.j No. H2WI3, John O. Thompson, freo
miner's eerlifiento No. n23*>5C. uml \*, alter .Stir-
llng, free minora certificate No. 11II6OI, intend,
six'*- days from the dale heroof; to upply to thc
Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improve-
incuts for tlio purpose of obtaining a Crown
Grant of the above claim.
Anil fin" her tulte notice that notion, under
section .17, musl  be commenced before the
Issuance of fn), Certificate of Improvements,
ojleil this 2ntli ilny of November, HKiO.
HnRSEVLV Mineral Claim.
Situate ln the Osoyoos Mining Division of
Yale District.   Where loeated:   Camp
TAKK NOTICK that I. Chaa. deBlols Groon,
aa agent for F. H. V\ ollaaton, free miner's
certiiicate No. nti.m, nnd C. H. Arundell, free
miner's cei tlflcate No. Bi8,825, intend, aixty daya
from Ihe date hereof, la apply Io the Mining
Recorder for a Certificate of Improvementa.
for tho purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of
the above claim.
And further lako notice that action, under
section 37, must be commenced before the laau-
ance of such Certlflcate cf Improvementa.
Dated this 1th day of November, 1900.
n I DWAY, B. C.
Beautifully situated at the eonfluenee of Boundary Greek and Kettle
ILL DL T^ most important railway town in the Kettle River Mining Division.
The Western Terminal and Divisional point of the Columbia & Western Railway.
The Wholesale Supply and  Manufacturing centre of the  Kettle River and Boundary
Creek Districts.
The distributing   point for   Upper   Kettle  River,  West   Fork  and Camp  McKinney
inning camps.
The nearest Railway town to  Republic,   Meyers   Creek,   Palmer  Mountain and   other
Northern  Washington mining camps.
The   leading residence town   in   the  country, with an excellent   climate, pure water
supply and favorable sanitary conditions.
Business, residence and garden lots at low prices and on easy terms.
u, o, ,'r
'l< <il I
A "'I
tl'i't I
*!   '!> I
}]'?• '
Ol .1,
A. M. WOVENDEN, Secretary,
30 St, John Street,
Montreal; P. Q.
' British I'liltitiiliiii
. THE MIDWAY CO., Ltd. ° ™   ,	
* iiiIdli-it-it,  XI, lie ,- '? '|{
s^smnm/sf vmw.'.'...'.
ikiJi i « « 4i!«!ii!ii. «!'.«*•!£ i!'-J!«!«!ii!ii."«l!', a!4a!i£!«!M!«fc^!4A!si!i__ „_£!_»!_«!___£_*'_&_&__& „!__l_!i_!l__j'ii'__»*'' *.'* * Vi - o. '.',\'!'
Oi o, i
V <;?
Midway, B.0.    SfHF'-'
aiNERAL ACT, 1896,
.itllicHte   of   Improvements.
.  im aj d \v,,hiiin(itiix Minkkai,Claims.
,t. j...ie ln the Kettle River Mining Division of
Yale Dlatrlct.   Where located: Beaver
: -'tk Camp.
i  *. K K N'O ITO: thnl I, Forhm M. Kerby, as
agent fnr Tho lluuiidary and Henverton
1* -        IJ Co., LiiniLcil, imn personal liability, free
..ilm n oertlfleal n No. BlIWKi, intend sixty days
fruui iho .iff. liureof.lo apply tu I he Mining Ito-
..rii.jl fm- ii ,e rn Unite nf Improvements, (or tho
^ijiii .c of obtaining a Crown  Grant of tho
.ive claim.
And further take notico that action, undor
nection   87,  must   lie commenced beforo thc
issuance, of such certitlcato of Improvement!*.
1 iJiteil this fflth day of November, 1900.
«___ Practical  __.
Midway, B. C.
II  ♦■!
_Et e je» airing
Promptly  and   Neatly
ToC. A. Peterson, lute of Eholt (reok ln Yule
Sir: You sre horohy notified that wc tin ne
expended SKrj.j'iil in labor and Improvements
upon the "Big Windy" Mineral Claim, Hlluatc
In Providence Camp, In the Kellie Kiver Mining Division of Ynlo llistrli'l in British Columbia, in order tii hold s iiil claim under the provisions of Section 21 of the Mineral Act, such
bolng thc amount required,in hold thc said
claim for the year ending April 5, IIMI.
Anil if at tbe cxplrat ion of ninel y Iimi dayH of
publication of this notico you fail or refuse to
contribute your proportion of lhe expenditure
required under said nection 21, together wilh
all contB of sdverMsltn*. your Interests In snid
claim shall become vested in Ihe subscribers
(your co-owners! under Section 1 of tho "Mineral Act Amendment Act, HUM."
llatod at Midway, B. C, this lllth day of
December, 10UU.
C. I* Thomkt. Manager,
Ore J. A. t .nbwoiitii, Secretory.
The Berliner
Provincial Land Surveyor.
\\(/   Arohitsct, and
____  Civil Engineer..;
I^6al Estate,
Insurance and
Mining Agent.
i Biivie\v Townsite Agent.
, . . ADDIIE88 . . .
rilRVIKW, B. 0,
fVirreapondenoe Solicited.
This is the machine that talks—sings—plays every instrnment—reproduces
Soma's Band—string orhcestras—Negro Minstrels, Church Choirs, etc.
It reproduces the violin, piano, flute, cornet, trombone, banjo, mandolin,
piccolo aud every other instrument.
The Berliner Grat'i-o-phone is louder—clearer, simpler and better than any
other talking machine a, any price, lt eings every kind of song, sacred, comic,
sentimental, patriotic, "C_ir." songs, English, French and Scotch Songs, select-
Ions from Grand and Comic Operas, plays cake walks, waltzes, two-steps, marches,
in fact everything that can be played on any instrument or number of instruments
can be reproduced on the Berliner Gram-o-phoue with the wonderful indestructible record discs.
It tells funny stories or repeats a prayer. It can entertain hundreds at one
time in the largest hall or church, or it can be subdued to suit the smallest room.
The Records are not was, they are Hard, Flat, Indcatriictlble UUct, which
will last 10 years.
The Berliner Gram-o-phone is made in Canada, it is guaranteed for flva yean.
The Gram-o-phone is used and endorsed by the leading clergymen and
others throughout Canada.
The Berliner Gram-o-phone received the only medal
forTalking Machines at the Toronto Exhibition 1900.
The Berliner Gramophone has been widely imitated
and the records counterfeited,therefore beware of machines
with misleading names aa they are worthless.
If the Berliner Gram-o-phone is not for sale in. your
town, write to us for illustrated catalogues and other
information, free.
Factory : 267-371 Aqueduct St., Montreal.
Emanuei, BI.OOT, General Manager for Canada. L.
Price, complete
$7.501 $15.00
a 16 inch horn,
3 records
concert sound box.
L BERLINER, 2315 St Catherine Street. .   .   . MONTREAL
Riverside  Addition.
Just a Word!
To those contemplating an investment in Midway real estate, the information is
offered that on the Riverside Addition may be
found 300 very choice residence sites.
For terms and all other information apply, to
Midway, B. C Camp McKinney, B. C.
Spokane Falls&Northcrnl
Railway Co,
Nelson & Ft. Sheppard|
Railway Co.
Red Mountain
Railway Co.
Tho only nil mil runt*'Lii > mi
nil poliitH Kimt, West and Si n
to Rotalund, N'elg.on iimi ;
Intermediate points ; nim.
ing nt S|)t)knn«' with i'.xx- - M
Northern, N'ortliern Pnc :
O. H. A N. Oo.
!    Conned.) at Nehon with t:V 'triur.r
Kaslo and all Korjonay Lake •.olnu.
I    Coiinoi-t  nt tiex.;,e. Frills with si. -
i for Republic, and connects nl rcjjstur
' stage ddily for Crnnd Forks nnd qrcer,
IIAV   1K..IX.
Learo, \
EO88I.AKD    li..Vi,,i„.
INKUON        7.01 1,,,.
SPOKANK  IU*. 11.111,      7d
R088IAND  ll.uo p. in.      ;'(.
XK.   __.   JAOKSOJ,
  Oonoral I'aMongor .\,
:i 1
NOTIt'K In hereby (riven Unit Ih,
.lolm Lore _ Op.,doing ;<n inr..     i
view mul frump Mi-Kiiinry. Re.  lu
been dlnalred bj mutual muiienl  t   i
rvliriiik- nml .lolm l.m,. coiiUnutiic   „ .,
stlnitN nil lliihliitiiH „t (he t'nniimiii    ,,,.
wlinni nil anniiiii- niu«t be pnlil (tin liivnl,.'
Ihlti'il ut I'aiip McKlliniiy tl,i- |[ii|.,| ,
November, IUM.
WitnFm: E. K M'urr
"T c Paper of lhe West for
the People of the West"
in. Iml.   s
Pll I'll- /
I1IMI    I"    )l
I'liiiuii iirlng Novemlior Inl, lliim
tirratigelllenta bnve bven mnile l<
prow ut every' two weeks to over.i
niliserlher (o the Weekly Ein
I'ih-sh, Winnipeg, 0 flue l-epl'iiilii.-
Hun prlnleil 1111 11 rt paper Mili.ii.'<
for friiininir. Tile iilelitreH will I"-
hpeelnlly iiimle Imlf tones of tin
IlkIichi iiinillty, well worthy ul
invserviitiiiii nml eiileiilnleil I"
niliirn lhe hiime. Thev will Ineluile
lute iiiii'triillH speiliilly taken
1 ins sei'li's, of the lenilliiR me
the pulille life nf Ciuiiiil.i, lii'itlniilni.'
wilh Kir Wilfrid l.niirler nml Sn
I luillen Tupper.
With tlieHii pnrtralW, which tvll
ijiinstllllli. 11 villllillile niillery nf Ihi
linml emliiciit rniiailinim nf lln
llnieH, there will be Intrropersi-.1
bnlf tone repriiiliiellons from A.i
Works, shuwliiK Miniltobiiii nnd
Western Views, plrtiirps tleplollm
lyplenl scenes lu Ciiliiniliiii III".
Mtllliiry plclnres nnd denernl views
the whole formliiK s most dealrnbli
enllei'llon of the highest laleresi
nml vnliip.
Whelher used fnr frnmlnit nf kept
ns a portfolio of ,'10 attractive An
Works, for thnt will lie Hip mimhci
received In lhe course of iiboiil i
your, these pictures will be "'"
worth linvln*. Tho prcsoiitnil'.'i
every forliilght of these plctui'.'
will he but olio respect III which Hi
Free I'ress will commend llself ilm
lint the pomlng year n« better lliim
ever before.
Willi uew premies', new mnctin
cry, new type nnd improved fnein
ties, It will continue lo strive t" il.
serve the reputation II hns enrm"
of being "lhe piiper of Ihe wesl f"1
the people of the west."
Hy ordering nt once new snhsin1
ers will obtain thc weekly 1'"
Tress lo 1st Jtinunry. ll»i-. imd ji
tbe picture!, for (1.00 only.
*•'•    ...rr


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