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The Midway Dispatch C. M. Crouse 1902-08-11

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$8.00 per Year.
AD *0mm*r- goods aad bmkra lines of shoes and
Bottom to he cleared out at extremely low prices for
rash. Tbi* Is iw bait to catch yon, bat • genuine Hum*
anr Charing Sale.
rLANBUCTK. good quality « Inehee wide, colors
pink aad whit*, and Mack Md white stripes, per yd. gc.
rU-NBL-tTI. a lew pUees good quality In stripes
Md atoeht.»Inches wide regular Moent and 12|-cent
D«PROIIfQHAMg,ellkialitureheMU(ul goods In
Wil*, green, and pink shades, regular 80c goods for Joe.
UDIBS WAISTS thn IMO kind for $1A
'--■■'"■       -        - fl.»    «     t gl.15.
rams, ad light colored, print* bit colors, 82 Inches
wid* regular U-eeut good* to knur at ie eta. per yd.
LAMBS TAN HOSE dam S-8,  regular  25-cent
toee to clear them i|c***a per pair.
MOTIONS, pin* S paper* for 5 cents, kid hair curlers   |
tomato pot damn, ladies SO-cenl belt* for H cents.
HM tfWm M. Inknitd or Charged
Irt |     DEPOT
*|M___MI /IMtMIWALIII, Proprietor.
• "■■■•Tf  ^ tanwef Wa*
•    * -      J  t.|...n     <*■»■*      «»-«■■ -
mmemtiiM  oum- nnwey.
Caned *
$ $ 3
:■ ________ _____._ft __,__,__■,
__________ F VjfV ^^^ *T'^*'
I'lJ i ,. ,i~x'        ■    -    ,
About That Proscription
The doctor gave you, he wanted you to
. ;'   hare the purest ingredients it is possible
to obtain, properly compounded, I witl fill
1     k exactly aa he orders.
v.'.   7       ■ s
X F. Thomas, Druggist, Midway,
. __.__._aL j__j__j_jv .■
Prices to Suit the Times.
■   .     S    -,-o ft y :.-■.;.+-yC
t^pootd Cut Prteos in Summer Ms
; * '■ ■-.-,■
tt     ,.,t.   ,,;•
Dry Goods, Clothing, Boots & Shoes,
|   Shelf Hardware. Lamps and
1      *w .) ■:■■■. ".tt'z   ~,
Glassware, etc., etc.
Qulok Salea and
Small Profits.
i tort ttoek ofitapleud toey groceries arriving
Hain &co. midwuy.b.c.
Wlng*dny Pom, He Shoot* Hh*.
teW-Overtakea at tht Eddy
Ranch and Whi* Escap-
1*1 It Wonndod.
Harry Tracy is dead, This notorious crlninal, convict, outlaw, desperado and multi-murderer committed
suicide laat Tuesday evening after
having been shot twice by hb pursuers, Me was found at an easly hour
Wednesday morning cold and dead
lying face upward still caressing th*
famous awn and a 46 caliber Colt's
Mis resting plaoe was in a wheat
Held near the Eddy home, where he
had spent the past few daya and whither be had heen tracked by hia hunter*.
A party from Crettoo, Wash,, has
the honor of outdoing tb* notorious
outlaw, and tbey ar* due to receive the
reward of $9X0, which has heen offered
hv the governors ot Washington and
Oregon and hy private individuals.
This party is mad* up of the following citizens of Crest**; C. A. Strauh,
deputy sheriff; Dr. B.C. Lenter, Maurice 8mith, Attorney! I, J. Morrison,
railway netion foreman and Frank
Then four men anted to the Imth,
and lient on achieving success when
other* had failed set mil from Creston
Tunday afternoon, aliout 8 o'clock.
They were working on the information of the Goldfinch youth, who bad
been forcibly mad* lhe companion of
the Oregon convict ftir over iM hours
at the Eddy ranch, and they proved
said information to be well founded
snd worthy of their belief.
Proceeding in a southeasterly direction for ahout 11 miles the pursuit
party nutdelill possible haste in getting near the ranch nf L. B, Eddy,
which is situated on Lake, creek ahout
3 miles directly south front Fellows, a
station on the Washington Central
railway, and where tbe outlaw wa*
•aid to be located. Tb* *nuiitry„,b.
what is called "scshk" and when Deal
the ranch the party took all precautions as in ambushes and anything
that might lead lo their surprise. They
approached the plncein safely
when within some few hundred yards
came acou Farmer Eddy, a ho wns
mowing in one of his field*. The party
went to him and while engaging him
n conversation they saw a man Issue
from the barn which could he seen
from where the party stood on a rise
of ground, Eddy informed bb companion wbo the men were and at that
time the officers, stepping a little
closer, commanded;
"Hold up your hands I"
At this juncture the outlaw jumped
behind Eddy and placed Iwth th* man
and his horse hetween himself and the
hunters. In this position he commanded the farmer to lead, bis horse
to the barn. Remaining under this
cover he moved toward shelter.
When nearly to the stable he broke
and dashed inside. He did not linger
long but in a twinkling of an eye reappeared, rifle in hand. Turning on
the two men looking for him, the
desperado fired two shots, hut without his usual precision or lock or both.
Neither bullet took effect and without
waiting for furlher lighting Tracy at
once look to his heels and mad* all
possible haste down the valley, leading
south from the ham.
The man hunters were off In pur
suit firing as rapidly u possible at Um
fleeing figure of their quarry. Pursued
and pursuers engaged in a mad race
for life and death down the valley
toward tbe brush and for a lime it
seemed a* though the outltw was
going to add one moreget away to hb
long Ibt and make ao added gloom
around his criminal record which now
surpasses that of any other man living
In this day and generation.
The fates had not so decreed, however,
Coining to a rack, the outlaw saw a
chance to get rid of hb pumwrs and
accordingly dodged behind It and rest
ing his gun on the rock began a fust
lade which he fondly imagined would
end the struggle.
Eight shots in all wn* died hy Ute
outlaw, and these eight will take tome
of the effulgence off the reputation of
the Oregon convict a* a dead (hot.
Not one of them landed on the advancing posse.
Seeing that he was not succeeding In
his endeavors he left tto position behind the rock and made a dash for a
wheat Held not for distant. Just as he
was entering thn Held he stumbled
and falling on hin face crawled on Into
the Held on his hands and knew.
ThM led the buntert to believe that
thn had at least wounded their man,
aod notwithstanding tbe fact that he
had disappeared, tbey felt quit* con-
fldent that tbey had him where they
wanted him, and waited quieUy.
By the time Tracy disappeared In th*
wheat Held It wa* getting dusk and th*
pursuers did not dare to proceed, as
they did not know where their man
wat, nor how ready he wat to take*
pot thot. Ttoy therefore, after holding a contnltaUon decided to surround
the place and wait for daylight lo
come to Iheir assistance.
In the meantime Sheriff Gardener
with Merchant Policeman Stanffer and
Gemmrtg of Spokane, Jack O'Farrell
of Davenport and other reinforcement*
bad arrived no the scene and tbey went
Into eamp around the wheat field during Uie night.
Shortly afler Tracy'* disappearance
Into the field of wheat tb* watchers
beard a shot which sounded as though
coming trom about the spot to which
he had crawled. No Investigation was
made, however, until thb morning,
but that (hot b supposed to have heen
tbe fatal one and to bave heen responsible for sending the notorious desperado into the great beyond.
A* toon as tbe Snt rays of morning
light reddened the eastern sky and it
wss possible for ito hunters to see
everything going on around them, an
advance was made and examining lbe
Held one of the party aoon came acme*
the Iifeie* body of Harry Tracy, the
man who has sent to many human
beings io their lost resting place, and
who very evidently committed suicide
a* tbe last nf his long list of crimes.
The body was lying face upward.
His lefl hand, thrown over hb head,
held a 46 caliber Coll* revolver,
which had very evidenUy inflicted the
mortal wound. The thumb nf this
hand was on the trigger of th* pistol,
Mb right band, thrown arm** the
lower pan of hb hody, firmly grasped
tto barrel of the now famous AW
Winchester, as though tto Ihanltnate
thing was mere dear In him than all
else In life, and .bowing tbat one thing
at least received hbguod wili and hb
faith until the end.
The body wa* eoM when found,
showing that tto epirlt had fled some
boun previously and pointing to the
belief tbat tto shot heard hy tto
guards about 8 o'cloek last evening
was tbe fatal one and find by tbe outlaw himself.
Upon close examination of tto body
it wat found that tto wound which resulted In tbe outlaw'e death wat Inflicted by a tt caliber revolver, held
close to hb forehead. The top of hb
head was hadly mangled and Ihe Mood
had ooted from the wound, making
tto sight an uncanny one.
Two bullet wounds on the left leg
showed the cause of the man's despondency and subsequent suicide.
One of these shot* bad broken the leg
between the ankle and knee, th* olher
one cut the tibial artery, which of itself wu sufficient cause for death.
It b believed tbat both of these shots
wen received after the convict left
the shelter of tto rock and mad* hb
hreak for tto wheat field. This may
not he correct, a* during all Um (hooting preceding tto outlaw's stand at the
rock be may bave received one, if not
both, of the wounds.
The cut artery bled profusely and
would have resulted In the man's bleeding to death bad he not taken, tto
matter In bb own hands and consigned
hb spirit to Ito unknown hy tto ute
of his Colts. In keeping with his usual
Ingenious method*, tto murderer bad
taken a strap which to had with him
and buckled it tightly around hb leg
In an attempt to stop the bleeding.
His effort* did not succeed, however,
and despite the tightly fastened strap
the blood continued to flow unUI he,
prohahly realising hit hopeless condition, ended the struggle wlthbb life.
Output Limited Only by Number
of Hen Working and
Transportation. .. ■
FacUKie* AvaffaMe-Ontput for tpoa
May   Exceed   La.t Year'*
Total Tonnage for tbe
Whole District.
Na. , nm*.
The No. 7 min* hat stopped work
temporarily, but It b eipected that a
contract for further drifting on th*
vein will shortly he let The or* In
face of tbe SMoot level I* about s*v*n
feet In width. At the 800-foot level,
which as yet haa heen driven only
ahout ID feet from tbe shaft, the vein
Is two feet In width of on of much
higher grade than that occurring
neanr tto surface. The Increase in
tbe value with depth makes it appear
that further work on the lower level
will bring good results,
Reports from the Oranhy mines at
Phoenix, show that they had a lotal
output- during less than 18 months
(this group commenced shipping on
July 11,1800.) to January 1, 11102, of
8W.8B2tons, Tbe footage ot development work done during 1901 totaled
Mn lineal feet, of which 817 were sinking and raising and !)UP2 drlfl Ing and
croescutting. These figure, show the
number of feet done in underground
development work proper and leave
out of consideration the numerous
huge drifts and ral.es made in lhe immense bodies of ore preliminary to
opening out the very big stopes characteristic nf these mines, says the
Minister of Mines for British Ooiumbia in his annual report for 1901. just
published. Added to the development
done to January 1, 1901 this footage
makes the grand total of 18.981 lineal
feet, SMS feet heing sinking and raising
and 11,41* feet croescutting and drifting.
One of tbe most remarkable phase*
of mining in tbe Boundary compels
attention al Uie Granby company's
mines, vis., the extensive ore quarries
on the Knoh Hill, making practicable
an output limited only hy the number
of men working and the transportation
facilities available. When the preparations now approaching completion,
for running the railway ore cars right
into the quarries ami loading ihem hy
means of steam shovels, shall, bave
been carried nut, the producing capacity of these mines will bave been so
largely increased that ty uill not Iw
•Mptaing-lf aa Mforeeen contingency
arise to interfere with prewmt plane-
to And tbe output from these properties alone reach llgures hy the clone of
1901 that will exceed last year's 'total
tonnage for the whole district.
These large surface quarries have
heen opened on the northern side of
tbe hill, along a distance, southward
from their starting point, of about 900
feet, in on which b known to extend
about 8000 feet in length on tbe company's ground. Similar work ha*
been commenced from the South end*
on the southern slope of the bill, working northward*. When stripped un
the northern slope thb on body hae
a width of frnm 800 to 4U0 feet, but it
haj not yet been worked to mon than
about a third nf that width. A* now
opeued tb* deepest face is about 80
feet, but a big cut b being run into
tbe hill from a lower level that will
eventually give an open face of mon
than U0 feet in maximum depth.
Tbe Knob Hill main tunnel b 81 feet
vertically below the floor of the largest quarry as now opened, and, si*
large raise* bave heen made at inter*
vab of 100 feet from the tunnel to lbe
quarry, then serving as chute* down
which tto on is now thrown and
whence it is run through the tunnel
to the on bins' As these raises an
also in ore, there is now a workable
face of ore IM feet in depth down to
tbe tunnel level. Looking at the hig
body of on the statement made that
en long it will he quit • piallcahie tn
ship from the quarry alone 1000 to IUTO ton* of on a day looses ail appearance of exaggeration. This, It must
be remembered, leaves altogether out
ot consideration tbe additional output
tbat can be maintained from the
underground workings of tbe Ironsides and Victoria, both of which
mines have in them large reeervat of
nn Mocked out and available whenever the trealuienl capacity of tbe
company's smelter shall he increased
to 8000 a day, as has heen slated it
shortly will he. Tbe work of sinking .
a Ave compartment main working
shaft to serve for all three of thr company's developed mines wa* commenced towards the close of tbe psst
summer. The site choeen for it is
near the southern boundary line of Ihe
Victoria, and is centrally situated, so
as tobe In a convenient location for
other claims the company also owns
and which have yet to he developed,
There Is not much to he added regarding the underground working* of these
—for this dbtrict— extensively developed mines. Mention was. on a former occasion, made of the fact that
CenUnucd on PMK t-
. tmttTki*AOl*r^fi*m
,A ..A ■$
0. lit. CR0U8K Kdltor and Proprietor
Publlnhed weekly at Midway, B. C.
8ubMripUon prim, ti.iHI per annum, pnyablo
Is advaaoe, either ycirljr or half yearly at the
*»tlo*4f the subscriber.
AdvertUn* rata, sent on application.
The suspicion it prevalent tbat a
good deal of old hone meet it passing
tn gnld labeled ra'ns na "choice corned
beef." Then b quire likely to be
some kicking over thb matter.    -
The British government has asked
for a supplementary grant of £25,000
for coronation expenses owing to the
postponement' nf the ceremony.
Thb bring* the total up to £125,000.
When the editor who is printing
the Bible as a aerlel in hi* weekly
comes to tbe chapter wbich tells all
about It raining forty days and forty
nights, be will And out tbat this is not
tbe wettest season on record.
A curious squabble arose over the
Canadian arch erected in Whitehall
for tbe coronation. The Commissioner
of Police wrote to the Westminster
City Cobncil, requiring the removal of
the anh, which the commissioner.
claimed obstructed traffic by attracting sightseers. The Westminster
Coronation Committee wanted the
arch to remain, and the Oity Council
decided that It should not be moved.
It it Ihe general impression thi.l the
netion of the police is due to I hi? fact
that the arch was the indirect cause
of the recent accident to Joseph Chamberlain, tbe Colonial Secretary.
Tbe summer is passing without
any effort being made to complete tbe
West Fork wagon road, although tbe
necessary amount of money for that
purpose was included io the estimates
paaeed at tbe last session of the provincial legislatun. We an informed,
aud mt believe the information to be
current, that an agreement exists be*
tweeb the Chief Commissioner of
Leads and Works and a Mr. Thurston,
of Kngland, whereby the latter b to
complete the road in question fnr a
■jertaln amount, and that no other
arrangement will be made to hasten
th. completion of this much-needed
place of road. Everything mutt wait
iMitil the return of Mr. Thurston. Tbe
country is to be kept hack simply he-
cause th* Hon. Mr. Wells has fooll.hly
entered Into an agreement with a
gentleman redding In England, and
tbe date of whose visit to tbis country
is a* uncurtain a* the ultimate fate of
theHat Air Line. Mr.Thur.ton may be
capable of carrying out the agreement
UW* with Mr. Wells, lt Is not hb
c inability we question but rather hb
anxiety to carry out said agreement.
Mr. liiurmou like tbe swallows, usually vetoWiad to thb country In tha
spring and spent considerable time up
Ibe West Fork supei intending operations on the Carmi mine, but tbat
gentleman did not come thb year with
the return of spring, and consequently
we an Informed the work of completing tht "und is to be deferred until be
doe* arrive, im It thb year, next or
tto year after. If our I.n innation I*
cornet, and tb* develop ji>" or ,
entiro West Fork country I* being retarded because a gentleman residing
in England, wbo ha* entered into an
a*.cement either verbal or otherwise,
tu build a piece of wagon road in tbb
province does not feel Inclined lo carry
out the agreement until it liest suite
hbown interests, we consider it a
grunt outrage, and if these an nnt the
circumstances lhat an delaying the
completion of the West Fork wagon
mad, it would be very gratifying indeed to have Ihe Chief Commissioner
■if binds and Works offer some explanation of bb unjust aclion in this
matter. Whether ihe alleged Agreement with Mr. Thruston has been
mad* or not, tbe fact remain* tbat
work should have been commenced nn
th* road long ago. The governnient'*
experience In building roadi during the
fall and winter should have taught kt
that mora money is required to accomplish the same amount i of work
than If done during the summer, when
the weather is mon favorable. The
people up tbe West Fork, are growing
impatient, and justly ton, at the delay
in this work and It isto lie hoped that
Ito Mon. W. C. Wells. Minister of
JLatids and Works will at least give
some Iden of what I* going to le doue
Ul> the matter or whether he intend* to
do anything.
MIDWAV, B. 0., AOQIWT 11,1908.
Will Shortly to Running Again.
Attboiigli'thei).C. Copperdompany
was compelled upon tbe stoppage
of coal and coke supplies, consequent
upon tb. recent strike of tto Crow's
Nest Pass Coal Company's mines at
Fernie, to shutdown ite smelter, and
lay otf all the men It had employed In
producing on at ils Mother Lode mine,
It did not entinly suspend work at the
mine. All through July up to 88 men
wen kept at work extending the tunnel through whieh all tto on from tto
big quarry Is conveyed tothe crueher,
so es to connect with some old working* farther hack In tto Ml, and m
making a raise from Ito old tunnel
some 90 feet to tto surface on top of
the outcrop ot the hig on body ton
being worked. Then new, working*
have been opened up for tto purpose
of providing facilities for increasing
the output of th* mine, tbe company's
smelter now requiring not toe than
800 ton* of on per diem to keep ite two
furnaces going.
When the company three month*
ago completed tbe installation of tto
big Faml crusher that *o materially
aided iu making it practicable to
maintain a large output of on at a
considerably reduced cost, it also completed a double-tracked tunnel 205
feet in lenglh and connecting with the
floor of No. 1 quarry 120 feet above by
a bid raise or shute down which the
ore was thrown after being broken
down front the face of the quarry,
Thb tunnel through which the oro
has lieen hauled to the crusher by
mules in three-ton cars, hat now lieen
extended 812 feet farther into the hill,
connecting at alnut 280 below the
surface with tbe old winte from the
2U0 foot level of the underground
woi kings to tbe old cros*-cut tunnel
already mentioned, and thane* by the
new raise to the surface. At all these
workings—including thetnmway tunnel running 417 feet Into the' hill, the
winze and connecting raise through to
the surface 280 feet above, and the
wings down to ahout 8G0 feet helow
tbe floor ot No. 1 quarry—are In on,
It can easily he understood that then
is a very large Imdy of ore opened up
hy these several working* down
to the depth mentioned, Further, as tbe ore hody is ahout 150 feet
»iile in the several stopes tbat bay*
been extensively worked In tbe underground levels, tben ran he no reeaon-
able doubt of tbe permanency of the
un output fee a long time to come.'
Tbe question of output of ore tantow
largely one of how mau'y nien can be
worked to advantage. It b confidentially anticipated that then will be no
difficulty experienced In producing a
minimum of SUA tons of on a day
with 76 to 80 men, for besides lhe hig
face of No. 1 quarry then b a second,
or No, A quarry now ready fbr operation, and, loo, tto Urge stopes at th*
200 and aOOfoot l*v*b underground.
The second quarry I* heing opened at
the top of the hill and the on from
tbb will be either ibot down th* shut*
formed hy tb* winte and raise already
mentioned as connecting with tto
tramway tunnel below, and taken
thence to the Farrel crusher, or to he
sent over a surface tramway-now in
course of construction from lhl* quarry
to a point tbat will admit of ite being
conveyed elthn to the Farrel cruihsc I
or to a No. 6 Gates crusher which alto),
crushes the on raised from the underground workings.
It will- probably he two or three
week* before the men wilt be again put
on at tbe Mother Lode, tlnce no production work can he undertaken with
profit to the company until after a
sufficient supply of coke shall have
lieen received to Insula a continuance
of smelting operations without another stoppage for fuel. Then Is. though,
every reasonable prospect, conditionally tbat the Crow's Nest Pat* Coal
Company (hall wit bout further delay
resume abipping regularly the required
quantity of coke to keep tto smelter
running, of work heing in full ewing
early in September. It b earnestly
hoped tbat thb prospect will be
realised and Ibat thereafter there-
will not he any interruption of
operations for a long while, for
mine and smelter owner*, their numerous employe., and the community
generally wbleh so largely depend*
upon the successful working of the
mines and smelters for ordinary business prosperity, an of on* mind -in
agreeing that a replt Ition of recent
experience* would be most unwelcome,
>. •
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Clwwlng Tobacco.
Because It Is the liest quality.
Because it b the most lasting chew. .
Because It Is the large.!, high grade 6
iir 10c. plug.       ' "": '   '
Beaut* the teg* ate valuable fbr pt*'
Becau** we guarantee every plug, and
Because yonr dealer le authorised to
refund your money tf yuu an'not
Thk Empiric Tobacco Co., Lm,'
Vancouver, B. 0., Aug. 0,-Brltlsh
Columbia has jusi started ou a battle
for provincial tights against the Dominion government. The Japanese
have caused the conflict, For many
swrffans past1 private menibem have
introduced tii lib to prevent tbe employ meat of Chinese and Japanese on
public works granted franchises liy the
assembly. As fast as tbe bills became
acts the federal government disallowed
Laat nation th* provincial government took a hand in the game. It
passed an act based on the Natal Act,
and perhaps going one hetter than any
measure of a private member. Tbe
Ottawa authorities have answered tbb
defiance in the same way as the others.
Put this b inon serious. The Dunsmuir government will not, it is thought
content to be sat upon in this manner;
atall event* Joseph Marltn, K. C, M.
L. A., the leader of the Liberal party,
will not. He ha* already picked up
the gage of hatUe and It prepared to
fight to tbe bitter end.
Mr. MaHin It demanding that a
special session of ihe logi.latun lie
called to re-enact the ;mtl*Japane*e
legislation and he urges that as fast as
it'is disallowed again Ihe meiuhers
meet and past tbe hill until th* federal
government It brought lo time aa it
was In Manitoba,tome yean ago
It le very probable that the Dunsmuir government will pay attention
to the requests of Mr. Martin, because
he holds the balance of power (nd can
turn Mr. Dunsmuir out of office it be
does not do as he wishes. The Japanese have made themselves more unpopular than ever un the Fraser and
Hkeena rlvtrs this year, and the move
that Mr. Martin has made is likely lo
have popular support.
The attitude lhat the Dominion government takes on this matter I. that
the British Columbia legislation is unpopular in Great Britain, which country Is desirou. of keeping on the liest
of terms with i's new ally Japan, with
whom It bas so recently made a treaty.
The light, therefore, whirh British
Colunihia lias started is likely to pe-
come famous. Uow it will end it is
difficult to forecast, but it will he. recalled that Manitolut won Its fight for
provincial rights against the federal
government, and Joseph Martin was
the leader.        :i      „     i
Oertiflcnte  6t Improvement*.
Moi/ret, lionx* Pnarrrioish, and Pchtiu
yaACTiONii Minkhal Claim..
Situate In tbe Owyooi Mlnlni Division of
Tals Dlstriet. Whsrs'locatsdi Kruger
T**"* NOtlOK tbat I. C. d«a -men. ss
11 agont tor Jacob ltlnck, froo inln.ru ertiflcate No. .BUM and for Loai. Krnut free
tnlaV.eertigii.te No. bMHT and for H. W,
BiKkkoljr, free miner s corlitlatu No. atUtt s«A
tot Herman Unite, free miner', certlflcate Nn.
llTMand for J. Hmith, nenlnr, freo miner.' certlflcaie No. bMHR, and far J. Smith, junior,
freo miner.' oorUflnsle No. MWH, ana for O.
W. Turner, free miner, uertiflcate No. HUM,
Snd for A. Witmbun*, free miner.' eortillcate
lo. sailM. and tor K, 7*11. free miner.' certlflcate No. aitUll, and for A. A. Bracks, froe
Will: leave 'MIDWAY, on Tuesdays,' tbutt
days and ^aturtfcys! tot &$ jv irv Iffiving at „
CAMP N_cKINNEV'at5^W ';" , *'..
Returning willleave CAMP liicKlNNE^ on
Sundays, Wednesdays ahd' Fridays it 9 a.' m.,
reaching MI DWAY at 1.30 p. tn., and making connection with the train going east at 2:55 o'clock.
' ■■•~yf)**m*~ "''''
Tha beet of MoemmeinUen fir
•f tm* '
|-'| t     . ,1        if*    j        ^     -At    .-j* •    J
. i .
Headquarters for
' ■ 'i  ■   .,,
Mining and Commereial Men
;,  ;'      i        ' ;',    " '    '   !■ '■■ ' -    .-,.  ., .
First Class Livery Stable in Connection with Hotel,
;!■*      ■  *• ■'-.,-■■■: } • • ■''"' ' \
S. A. GRdWELL, Prop.
miser.' esrtMoaU No. attSOI. and for O. It.
Canon, free miner.' eertlfleato nfllTM and for
J. Krtller, fm miner.' cerlltieatu No. IMU,
Intendh dar. from the date heroof, to apply to
the Mlnln* Heoorder for a Certlflcate of Im-
proremonl for the purpose of obl-ilnlng a
Crown Orant of the above claim.'.
-And further take ikiUoe that action, under
Mellon 17, niaiit lio ooninonced before tho lm*
ance of .uch (lortlflojtqof Improvement*.
Dated thl. Uth day of May. Wit
Certlflcate of  Improvement*.
tlttat* In ths Ksttls Itlvsr Mlnln* Division or
Tals Dlitrlot. Whsrs locatsd t On Onus
Mountain. Camp McKlnnsy.
TAKK NOTICK that 1. Henry Nicholson,
free minora' mrllflcale No. HllWi, a.
aarnt for K. A.lmty. fro. miner', cortlflcate No.
WI8IU,,lnU)iid,«lmydai»li.iii tho date hereof,
to apply to tbo Mlnln-t Hocorder for a cortlllcale
of Improvement., for th. parpnm of obtaining
a Crown Orant nf the above claim.
And further take notice that autlon, undor
Motion  IJ, mu«i be oommeneod before the
bMuance of .uch ccrUUcUi of tinprovement*.
Dated thb ftb day of July, 10(12. to
Prin Marksrs
Printing Wr.Mli
Band D.tl.t.nd
Check     Pertw-
Rakktr Typs
u _,• .   J*tiMfr,
*" VANOOliVKB, fe. ^        ;"„'.,
The Midway Sawmill
All kinds of BOM ind DRESSED LUMBER,
Band sawingand job work done to order
' i   •'
:: MIDWAY, B.C.: :   \
r * —iP^1 -'
The undersigned having re-opened this well-
known and comfortable hotel invites the
patronage of all old customers and the public
generally.  • ■ ■■    J     i , , -■-■'. ■■ ■ ■,;     ■■ *.. ■
i . •   '—' i '*' -,.i;i,   -,     i
Fnrnace-heatefl nnd comfortnWy
v    funil*he«1 room*.
Mrs. Dowding, Proprietress,,
■imn- MIDWAY, B.O., AD0U8T 11,, 1002.
fl YLi __i_s_n___|-^_n______sn ism    -'- —■ n ■    s        '       ^-'1  *    '
I optnt text Monday, August
IB /■' .   '
f w. Sfrlobnrn, of Oamp McKln-
J,mul9toma today.
Ixbesaleof the   delinquent stock in
Horrtson mine Is to take place on
loiaf 0««<*nwn, ot Bholt, hrake*»n
, tht OittHM* »H<f Wettern It on a
lit to l#M«»'» •»•'*•
W. Mstlpr, of Oreenwood,  ha*
I of-I* stoc* of paints, wall*
,*U_,»oJ. Lukov.
|l)r. AwHfc dentin <* «»«•* *ot**i
i in Mflwity on Saturday and went
>t_eOlUllkaineen country.
Hills ar*'i>4t announcing a dance to
I In th* Sailor Hall, Osmp lte.
y to-morrow night. A large
■rd is esptded.
jReitfaBlwr nnd 8o»th Ohm-
tm Plbpeer 8od*y will hold It*
t ssal-aujiual netting at Orand
I W.B. **■*»■ <* ^V"0"' e*nw ,d *"
«rday**tf«in and went out the same
i Ji O. McMynn'*, who is *ctiog
X,_ xllMet tot Mfc Meg»w m *€*t-t
r farming nuchinery.
V, T. Shatford ha* heen" *ppoint*d
Unstte agent for Hedley City, and
flmlldlngal»rge *tor* In the place
hlchwlllbeoccupfed by him as a
neral mercantile busine**.
ev.V. N.  Purdy. who for some
ie ha. been In chrtge of the Presby.
rian church at RonUnd, hasaccepted
i pastorship of the Phoenix church,
entlyoi*d*,»*cantby the resigoa*
iuf Rev. Wll*t.
A. MrPhail, teacher of the Mid-
ay puWic school, returned on toy's train from a few week.' vaca*
on at hi* home in  Ro.ei.le, Man.
■ daughter returned with him, and
III attend school here.
Rev. J. Burtt. Morgan, of Rossland.
■ spending a vacation with 1). Bain.
Mm ranch on the reservation. Mr,
■organ Is Editor of tbe Truth a news*
r published at Russian- on civic-
•tortn principle*.
aptaiu Harry Johns, mine stiperin*
endentfor the Montreal ft Boston
Company, owning the Sunset
iPNJIJ#lv*kr.wtoi*sln Deadwood
p, has gone to Montr*
he directors of the com pany and dis*
i with them about future operations at their mines.   '
J. A. Two has returned to Midway
Irtteratwo months' absence up the
Vest Pork.   He reports everything
r quiet up the river at the present
ait look* forward to toning consider
le work done In that district during
i winter, when It it altogether prohibit much or* will be hauled to Mid-
Vay for shipment to the smelters.
0*0. P. Williams bas returned from
he ttst and ha* announced that Wil-
i ft Company wilt, shortly open
i Oreenwood with an entirety new
ek of drygoods,  The stock of good*
ed at the time nf the recent Ore
i, Williams' dry good* establishment
lis being oft-red for sale hy T. A. Gar-
■land tor   th*   purchaser from   tbe
Th* Miner* Union, of Camp McKinney, Intend holding a grand hall on
the evening of September 1st, Lahor
Day. They held one on tb* same
day last year and it wa* such a success
they decided to repeat the affair. No
doubt a large number from the surrounding dlstriet will take advantage
of the opportunity to enjoy • pleasant
wind up to th* holiday.
The Freemasons'   excursion from
Oreenwood to Midway on Saturday
**» largely attended and everyone
appeared 'to   enjoy  themselves.  A
1 large number went, tt.hlng In Bound
l*ry week and Kettle river; other*
I witnessed the hase ball game hetween
j Oreenwood and Midway, whirh was
I |d*y*d In tb* afternoon and resulted
I IB •Victory for the latter team,
ao. TunsUll, ot Nellion, B. C,
Vent for the Hamilton Powder Com-
P»oy, wm in Oreenwood for several
days last week arranging for a trans;
ter ot the local agency of the company.
*W. Monk, of McArthur k Monk.
Phoenix, will represent the comnany
«n the Boundary in place of E. Wool-
rich, who (ut don* business tor the tu
In the district tor several' year*.j
The new* AC the s»'ttl«iii«nt. of the
°*t4. miners' strike nt Pernle and
Michel hn* Mopped the exodtls of mine
nnd smelter worker* lhat for some
Hm* had heen In progress In the dl*-
Met With * definite insurance of an
e»riy resumption <jf work   men are
•intent to tt*y. hut whilst unceiiainty
WoeUd they were not A numher of
beytfrow the Mother Lode mine are
wttingina week or two tithing up
••■tin Kettle river.
nop. m.
Wed., Fil.
„  Al Onset Mints
BCssMrn Canada
|      ■Bpolune
Vernon, etc.
Orand Kork.
Kholt   .
A_ptfclU.lt South
Camp HcKinner
HockCreek      ,
All Went, Kork point.
k HatunUy.
I.*) a. in.
Hath for potato farther went of Midway than
Oamp McKinney ro via. ReveMoke.
Money older, from I a in. to 7 p. m. with the
exception of on. half hour liefore departure
and after arrival of nialln.
 ' Poatnianter.
Work ba* heen commenced on the
new sragon road lietween Rock Creek
and Camp McKinney. This road
branches off the on? now in use a
short distance helow Hosier's, and
wh*n completed will shorten the distance between Rock Oreek and Camp
McKinney ahout three miles besides
doing away with* numher of steep
g-wdes. The heaviest grade on the
new roal will be at the crossing of
Rock creek when it will for a short
distance, be seven per cent
Ore from the Providence mine, generally stated to be of much higher
grade lhan that usually met with in
the Boundary, is heing shipped to
Trail, Some 40 tons have been
shipped, this heing thought to. run
high in Uith gold nnd silver. This is
the property in which W. M. Law
earlier Jn the current year bought for
himself and associates a half interest,
agreeing to pay therefor $25,000, about
one third of which wu. paid cash
down at. tbe conclusion of the deal.
Bodle Company Reorg*nlx*d.
The Bodie mine, lucnted in Bodie
catnp, a few miles couth of Midway, ic
now in a position to ku ahead and
.hip ore. The conipany has ■•organised and tbe minority interests have
changed bauds, making the company
practically a - close corporation.
While no information will be given
out by the ofUier. of the conipnny,
information bas been received that a
strike of considerable importance has
mtreal to meet j lieen recetitly made on the third level.
The men have now drifted over 50
feet on the ledge, which is eight feet
iu width and value, are entirely auti*-
factory to the management. A large
consignment of supplies bas arrived
for the mine, amongst which are a
large number of ore sacks and a complete assaying outfit.
Shipments from the mine to tbe
Oranhy smelter will be commenced at
onie, aod the high grade ore from the
second and third levels will he shipped.
It is expected to continue shipping
steadily from now on. There is a
great deal of ore In sight and most of it
is of a high grade,
Tbe new officers elected to control
the affairs of tbe company are: W.
II. Madison, president; Edgar E. K.
Schnilit, vice pretident: C. M. Fasnett
treasurer, and James (Jronin, superintendent. Crontn is one of the best
known mining men iu tbe country,
and the fact that he has taken charge
of the mine shows that development
work will go right ahead.
ly|cLE0D k BROWN,
Bakbi8t_R8, Solicitors, Etc.
Gkkbnwdod. B, C.
—: Notary Public,
Cam* MoKinniv, I.e.
Dr. R. Mathison,
ft M. KERBY,
A. 9. Can. Soc. C. I.
Provincial Land   Surveyor
Midwav and Ghkrnwood.
Rendell Block, Greenwood.
Phone 00, V. * S.
Tonsorial Artist,
fora flint-claw Shave, Hair Cut, Hea Foam
or Shampoo, call at the above parlor.
Razors boned and ground.
Spokane Falls &Northern
Railway Co.
Nelson & Ft. Sheppard
Railway Co.
Large Stock.   Low Prices.
T.   BE.   GT7X_X_XTir   SB   oo.,
I ---•',.
__n.va^__ __ A A__r__t_E'f** ■*'■-—■
Bicycle Repairing and Sundries.
99 9 99 5?5^*5P 999 999 999 9992
Seventh Street, Midway,
Opposite Crowell's Hotel
Railway Co.
The only nil rail route between
all points Bast, West and South
to Rossland, Nelson and all
Intermediate polnti ; connecting* at Spokane with the Great
Northern, Northern Pacific and
O. R. & X. Oo.
Connects at Rowland with the Canadian ' l\
Pacific Railway for Boundary Creek points. {
Connects at Msyer'i Falls with stage dally
fbr lepublle.
Buffet Service on. Patsenitr Trains bs*
twssn Spokane and'Northport.
Leave.       Arrive.
    9.3) i.m.     ".l.ip.m.
General Paosengor Agent,
RscfWsd—A nice assortment of
Bobcrtson's and Ramsay's chocolates
and Bon Bom, at Thomas', fresh and
in       ■
Why you should buy "Fair Play"
Chewing Tobacco.
it is the best quality.
it is the most lasting chew.
Because It is the largest, high grade 5
or too, plug.
Becagse the tags are valuable for premiums.
Because we guarantee every plug, and
Because your dealer !(> authorized in
refund pour money, if you are not
Thb Kmpirb Tobacco (Jo., Ltd.
Certificate of Improvements.
Uvea liau Minkkai. Claim,
Situate In ths Otoynoa Mining Division or
Yals IHltrlst.   Whers  Locatsd t-Kwi-
ger Mountain.
TAKK NOTICK that I, Clinrle* do lllol*
Oreen. na wenl (or OoorKuU. Powell, (reo
SilimrV eerlltlcjilo No, iilim'rT. ni'd tor Kvan
lorrla, tree inlnmn corlltli'Jilo No. mlliii'.'.
Inloml »lxtv daj■» (rom the dale horool, to imply to tin Mining lteflnrdor (or a CorUtlcato
ot Dnprovenienlfi. fir the piirpoKii of oblnlnlui*
a Crown Qrant ot llm above olalm.
And further lako nolleo that aotion, under
ned Ion JJ, ntuht Ihi niiniiieneed before tho Imiu-
anoe of aneh oertlflnile of improvemonla.
Dated thia Wh day cf July, 1902.
Parlor-Cafe Cars
Meals i       0R
[ A  la  carte
iTable  d   hote
■v_-.ar_3_-.n_3   vxiobi
Unkquallkh in the We$t.
Through bookings to Eiunpe
vln all AtlHiitic lines. Piw*
pnid lii-kets from all points at
lowest rales.
For tlmo tublen, rntw nnd fnil Information
callon or ntldroH* A. \V. HA11.KY, Agont,
MM wny, or
This stable is equipped with a first class outfit of
Single and Double Drivers
:   Saddle and Paek Hopses ¥
Hay arid oats for sale.    Bus meets all trains.  -||
Freight and express delivered to any part of the town.
Rook Creek, B. C.
S. T. LABS EN, Prep,
^^mmomwfmm rmm
Ft'pping place for,Singes to.
and from all Boundary     '
Creek points.
Aeeommodation fop the Traveling Pule.
HOTEL..       ■
D. Pi A..
Nelson, U. C.
E. 4. COYI.E.
A. O. P. A..
Vancouver. II. C
A. new building, well furnished. Everything new and first-class. Onlv the choic-
est 'Wines, Liquors and Cigars kept in
stock. Every convenience furnished the
traveling public.    Bus meets all trains.'.
MIDWAY, * 0., AUGUST 11 ,1902.
30 St John Street,
Montreal, P. «.
Business, residence and garden lots at low prices and on easy terms.    Send for maps, prices, and full particulars to
Agent for British Columbia,
Midway, B. 0.
.    Continued from page I.
In addition to the footage of development, work done some 2,100 feet of
diamond drill holes harl been put in.
Assurance has Heen received frnm an
authoritative source that the drill
proved the existence nf ore down to a
depth of WO feet at. least.
The most important addition io the
plant st these mines during the year
was a timber framing machine, the
lint of its kind yet installed on a mine
In the district. It Is a single ended
framer complete, with wedge sawing
machine and having a swinging cutoff
Last week 8. H. 0. Miner, president
of the Oranhy Consolidated, visited
the company's mines. He was accom*
panted hy J, P. Graves, ,lhe general
manager, and A. G. Pluinerfelt, assistant to the manager. Together they
made a thorough Investigation nf Ito
work done on the properties since the
president's laat visit. 8lnce then
something over 800,1)00 inns of ore have
heen shipped from the Old Ironsides,
Knoh Hill and Victoria mines, while
at the same time there haa heen no let
np In the policy of development
augurated three years or more ago.
Mr. Miner was much pleased with
what he saw at the mines, and especially with the development, done In
themirfare workings, or "glory holes," j
where so much nre has heen taken out
at the mlnlnum of cost.
Asked as tn ihe Immediate effect nf
the Fernie cnal miners, strike on his
company's operations, Mr. Miner said
he had just been told that the strike
was about over, and that In a short
time everything would he working
again as usual, Imt that Ihe smelter
had run sn low in coke, In trying to
tide over the' time since ihe supply
had heen partially cut off. that the
smelter, and perhaps the mines, might
have tn close for a few days* but It
wnuld he only temporary, as he was
assured that more dike would he sent
as soon as It was possihle to do so.
One Interesting statement made by
Mr. Miner waa that In Just one y*Ar
after the Oranhy smeller started, the
companv had marketed in the. east
7.000.000 pounds of copper, and that
they began the second year at the rate
of 15,000,0110 pounds per annum. This,
of course, Ik nun- being cut down somewhat on account of the labor troubles
In tbe coal fields, but the output will
shortly be restored to Its normal level.
Mr. Miner expects to remain in the
Boundary for the greater part of the
. month of August before he returns to
his home In the east. In the meantime plans for further development
will be decided upon, and it is known
that, the company expects to Increase
its smelter capacity to _,000 tons daily,
by or shortly after Ihe flrst of the new
Mineral Art, 1896.
Certificate of Improvements.
AtAX Mikuul Cum,
Situate la the Kettle liver Hlalsi WvWoa
ef Tale Mstrlst   Whsrs locate* 1 la
DsMwesd Caap.
nw &_bv»
Inteat. ahtr i*yi,tnra lae date hereof, to
artlrtotta WntatRMorderfor a CertUeals
nf unyK-renMuta, R* the panose ot obtaining
a Crews Orant of Iks above oUa.
And farther take aetloe ifcat astlea. under
taetkm 9, meet es oosjmboboss bones tae
io-manee of sueh OerlMsaH et la-prei siesta
Dates this IM dan of Mar. A. D. IM
A familiar name for tha Chicago,
Milwaukee * 81. Paul Hallway, known
all over the Union ae the Onal Bail,
way running the "Piohitb Limited''
trains every day and night hetween Ut.
Paul and Chicago, and Omaha and
Chicago, "Tht- only perfect trains in
the worid." Understand! Conner
tions ars made with ALL Transcon
tinental Lines, assuring to passengers
j„~ the hrst service k own. Luxuilous
coaches, electric lights, steam heat-of
a verity equaled by no other llm.
8ee that yoar ticket reads via "Thl
Milwaukee" when going to any point
In the United States or Canada. All
ticket agents sell tbem.
Por rates pamphlets or other Information, address,
R L. Ford, H. 8, Row*
Tnaoc Manm
w0^rrmm^^W9x9 9 m___mm
osseins s eaoteb em SimliUoa mat
Or aseeruia oar oponon pee wbetbor as
****_._* 5SSiS!Sgt___£iii-*"?3S__
MMIrf-OSeH •taort tormtetntfum*.
A Iw-Seosielr fflsHrlss weetlf. 1mm m-
1 Agent,
Durham Bulls, Fresh Calved
Cows, Cows in Calf, Steers
and Heifers, Boar Pigs, Sows
and Young Pigs, Sheep and
Poultry, Saddle and Pack
Ponies.   Apply to
x]4 miles from Midway, or
Dispatch office.
Commereial Job Printing
Northwestern Business College
Leading Business Training Sehool
Buflnu*- Shorthand and Typewriting, Civil
Service, Normal, Telegraphy.
Our students hold the record nf the United Htates for prolirlenejr in
Business and Oiyll Herrlce hranches,  Send for catalogue.
The tonnage of ore shipped by the mines of the Boundary
District during 1901, and for first three months of 1902, is
as under:
1901        1902
Old Ironsides and Knob Hill group 231,762      68,366
Mother Lode 99*548      33.089
B- c 47.5-7      	
Sunset      800 150
Winnipeg '.  1,040 385
King Solomon  850     	
Snowshoe  1,731 757
No. 7  665 250
Jewel • * •      325        '.'«5
Golden Crown...........  410
Sundry small shipments    2,500 100
Totals 386,738     104,6,5*
Shipments during 1900 totalled 97,837 tons; during
the year 1901, to December 31st, 386,738 tons, and during
three months of 1902, 104,632 tons, Making an aggregate of
589,207 tons.
• as \W__U O*
One of the Best Equipped Hotels in
the Boundary. Everything First Class.
J. W.NELSON, Proprietor.
'V*s 1.
E. H. THOMPSON, B. S.f Principal
Horse Shoeing a Specialty
All Rinds of Work ExenM d tke Satfeftetin of Castors


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