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The Midway Dispatch C. M. Crouse 1902-10-13

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Vol. I. No. 15.
12.00 per Yoar.
A Test Case
IHHUiiiii-ii-iiii ■
To test the value of adver
Using the coupon below -Will
be taken as 50c. on all cash
purchases amounting to, $£,
Flour, sugar and coal oil excepted
Cut out Coupon and bring it to the store.
rWWwm——m—————wmjw i ■ ■•«i||*i||WIVffi|f9P|
GctocWdi'' Fifty Cents on purchases
amounting to $5.00 ai  McNicol's.
Flour, Sugar and Coal Oil excepted.
-■   '-^    -
fe __M___l___^________h _____________■______,
■:■ J. McNICOL. -:■
h  i DEPOT
THOMAS WALKER, Proprlator.
All the beat brandt of
Qipara and Tobaoooa kapt
'. jMMtantly on hand.
Lataat ihadea and pat*
tgrnaof Wall Paper now In
'Seventh Street, Midway.
Are all very well In their
place. I have them and keep
them In tbeir place.
Mfum-lineof ...
1     Jiaik Brushes, |ooth BrusKes,
Clothes Brushes, flail brushes
Esther brushes,; etc, etc,
Stock made up of ibt- best, American, English
and French goods, and sold nt popular prices.
A Partial Account of the Life
of Jolly Jaok.
Wu In nearly every eariy*4ay placer excitement In dia province.
He   gives an Interesting
account of the early
:       ,; - days ra B.C.
Come in and look around, you don't have lo buy,
A. F.Thomas,
Prices tb Suit the Times.
1 Speeial T Cut Ppiees in Sumtnep
Dry Goods, Clothing, Boots & Shoes
Shelf Hardware, Lamps and
Glassware, etc., etc.
J^S 11 UUK
0, Quick Sales and
Small Profits.
i fresh stock of staple and fancy groceries arriving daily.
Kbeiihain & co.
>yy ztttt*"
Last week Till Dhpatch published
some particulars of (he life nt John
Thornton (Jolly Jack) up lo the time
of his leaving the Kroner itiver for
Honndaty Creek,. It waa on September 4lh. 18f#, thai Jolly Jack flrst
reached Boundary Greek, having come
in through the Similkameen ennntry,
Thai fall there were number* of prospectors placering on the, Similkaineen
and the Tulameen rivers. Gold had
lieen found in the Similkameen Kiver
in small quantities by the Sappers and
miners engaged in locating the International Bnnmlary line, and their discovery attracted numbers to Ihe river.
It wns not until the spring of 1861
though, that Rock Oreek attracted
attention and drew the couple of ihon-
Hriml miners who ate stated to have
worked un it. in that year. Jolly Jack
mentions noiliing about gnld having
been found on Boundary creek when
he Hrsl camped on It. .ho it in likely
that no placering was bring done on
it then.
In 1800 the Columbia River drew
placer miners, and Jolly Jack was one
of the crowd. Hi- travelled down
Ketlle River from Boundary Creek,
and I hemic down the Columbia River
to Grand Rapids, as one part of it was
then called. He thinks there were 4110
nr 500 men placering on this river in
the early sixtie*. scattered along the
river for many miles. It. was customary to go down river in a boat, Hnd a
liar, prospect it, and if it seemed worth
while "go a rocking". Flour gold
could l>e found at almost any part of
the river for some distance down, and
therewere ninny liars found. One nf
lhe principal liars was the one known
as "Jolly Jack's", and the old man
.inserts that during two years he and
his partners took out from it gold to
ihe value nf*»,(W net. This bar, to
use the old man's own words, was "a
fine bar; easy work, no Ium Idem, no
lilting, only steady shovelling. I tike
a tine-gold bar and wouldn't change
one for a coarse gold bar any time; it
pays more regular." He says that he
had four partners and with them owned two bars, the second one "a low-wat-
er bar. good enough at one time for
$25.00 a day to each man." Among
his partners were men who had been
working with the Royal Engineers
under Col. Hawkins nn Ihe Boundary
survey, and these brought for the use
ot the partnership a number of things
that had been used on the survey,
Afterwards, when they decide to
divide up, they drew lots. Jolly got
the big bar, and lhe olhers, respectively, thc other bar, the boat, a chest
of carpenter's toolB, etc. At one lime
tbey bad at many as 14 men working
on Jolly Jack's bar, They paid while
men ai the rate of $5.00 a day and
Chinamen 48.00, This bar was situate
about 14 miles lielow what is known as
Marcus, Washington,
In 18(11 Jolly .lack went to Wild
Horse Creek, in Kast Kootenay
Said he "at Hrst the miners called it
Stud Horse Creek but Judge Haynes
thought that was not a nice name for
It so he called it Wild Horse Creek"
Jolly did not remain long on Wild
Horse, hut. he says he wan foolish nol
to go buck loi 1 when he heard that
bo many were doing well on it. The
gold was coarse, with sonii! good-siied
nuggets. Twn he heard of were each
aliout.'«! om. and one of these was
found by a Chinaman. (Notes—In
January 181X1 the B. 0, Mining Record
published tin iii-Ncle on the Fort
Steele Mlnirig Division written by T.
T. McVittie, C. E„ then secretary of
the Fort Steele Mining Association,
from which the following is taken:
"Ur Wild Horse Vt-eek, alsjut Hve
miles from Fort Steele, is Ihe old
Kootenay placer camp, °"t of whicli
millions of dollars in gold dust have
lieen taken. Two companies are at
present engaged in hydraulic mining, hesldes some . Chinamen. It
is a picturesque spot, with its undent
buildings, Chinese quarters; and old
grave yard i surrounded with piles nf
debris, bare' bedrock and high cut
banks, showing the immense amount
of work tlmt had lieen done in the
past, liming """ H"1-' ''"V wlu'"
gold could be got In plenty, just, for
the digK'»B'   Without doulil there is
still a large extent, of ground to lie
worked over, which will imv well for
the trouble." In No, 1 Bulletin issued
this year by the Government Bureau
of Provincial Information, the following reference Is made In this eamp:
" The rniiiniencemenl of mining operations in the East Kootenay dates from
1801, when discoveries of rich alluvial
gnld deposits were made on Wild
Horse Creek, which joins the Kootenay lllver at Fort Steele. It Is official
ly estimated that ordinary claims on
two miles of Ihis creek yielded from
f20. to 930. to the hand per day. and
that from 1804 to 1800 Ave thousand
persons were engaged in placer mining in Kast Kontenny. By the close of
1800 the locality was largely abandoned, except by Chinese; hut of late
years the old workings have beeu
operated hy hydraulic methods,")
Jolly Jack ulso had a turn al Find-
lay Creek, whieh joins lhe Kootenay
River a little south of lhe Source of
the Columbia ami near where the
Kootenay crosses the present dividing
line between the Windermere and
Fort Steele Mining Divisions. This
creek, however, couldn't be worked
easily; it was nearly all "crevleing,'
Where it could lie washed, near tbe
rim rock, It was very rich I hough.
Later he was on Ihe Perry Creek
diggings, also In East Kootenay.
Then he had a ferry on the Salmon
River, where he made some money nut
of crossing men on theirway innnd oul
of Kast Kootenay, Theie were many
Chinamen, and at nne time there was
a dis|iosition tn drive Ihem out, hut
Judge O'Reilly told the miners that
they must nnl abuse them, nnly use
any fair means to try to keep them
Whilst on the Little Salmon .lollv
had many a talk, sn he says, with Mr.
Dewduey. who was in charge of the
wnrk of making the Dewduey trail
through from Fort. Hop* to Rasl Kootenay. Said lolly "thattrail cost almut
915.001). Mr. Dewduey was a flue man
loo. Sometimes he would camp wilh
me and then we wnuld have long talks
together.". (ExGovemnr Dewdney
tells an interesting story «f his experiences iu connection wlih building that
trail. After the discovery of the Wild
Horse Creek digging*, he says, report*
of enormously rich dirt reached the
coast and a veritable stampede set in,
Goods and supplies were lakeii in from
ihe roast and Fort Colville, the latter
at the time an old Hncl«ons'liiy trad
ing post. The coast merchants became
clamorous for the huilding of a l rail
so lhat they might secure a fair share
f trade, so Governor Seymour sent
for Mr pewjney and entrusted to him
th* undertaking. He set about it at
once, hurrying to Fort Hope, where
he found several old tune-expired
Royal Engineers. Wilh the assist
ance of 18 Indians they packed their
supplies across the Hope mouniaius.
Near where Princeton is now Ihey
found J. F. Allison, then the only
white settler in the Similkameen,
and having arranged With him fnr saddle and park horses, started blazing
the I rail eastwards. Past what is nnw
known as Keremeos, thence to Osny.
oosLake, nn past Ehnlls. nnw Midway,
passing Rock Creek, then a deserted
camp except for a few Chinamen, past
Grand Prairie, now Grand Forks, and
then over the mountain* to the Col
umhia River, At. Fort 8heppard they
divided their forces, one parly biasing
a trail via the Pend Oreille and Salmon Rivers until they reached Kootenay Lake, where the others met them
after a trip up the Columbia and Kootenay past whal is now Nelson. Goat
Creek was struck and the trail continued via Moyle Lnke to Wild Horse
Creek. Win. Fertile who afterwards
discovered tbe Crow's Nest coal measures, was given charge nf Ihe wnrk of
making the trail west wards In Koot
enay Lake and olher patties were
placed on different, sections, and such
good progress was made that within
seven months of the time of leaving
Hope the trail was completed nnd
const merchants were sending in long
packtrains with supplies.) •
In 1807 Jolly Jack came in to Boundary Creek on his way to Hope and lhe
const. On the creek he found a party
of old Cariboo miners —George Hamilton, Bob Hamilton, Cottonwood Smith
Johnny Smit, Hnnk Kerns, Joe Kinill.
Frank Harvey and twn others whose
names he has forgotten, They all
went nver the trail together and on
reaching Hope bought a large northern
canoe in which to go down tho Fraser
to New Westminster, The captain of
the steamer Ihen plying nn the Fraser
heard of their having started iltid h«
left orders with his men to look out
for them ami if they saw them, take
them on hoard and give them a free
passage down, At New WestmiiMter
Ihey all got work, Jolly going down
on the Delta putting up hay, They
wintered in Victoria and in the spring
of 1880 Jolly relumed over the Hope
trail.   He spent thai yeurou Boundary
Creek, but did not innke anything, so
moved nn to the Pend Oreille where be
wintered. Then came some excite
ment over the Big Bend of the Colunihia, above what is now known ns Revelstoke, so In l he spring of 1800 he was
once more off, pulling up lhe Columbia
en mute lo French and McCulloch
Creeks, which flow into Gnldstream,
itself a tributary of the Columbia,
ITo bo mnduital mist  weok.l
Rosa Sentenced to be Hanged.
Nkmk-n, II. C, Oct. 7,-At 'lit) tf
clock this morning the jury brought
in a verdict against Henry Rose for
thr murder nf John Cole. He wns
sentenced to he hanged at Nelson on
November 21 next.
The murder look place nenr Nakusp, B. (!., on June 4th la«t. Rose,
in company with Nelson Demars, an
nld prospector 78 years of age, and
Cole, started frnm Nakusp In a row-
boat for Rose's ranch, whieh Is situated a few miles Mow Nakusp. The
men Were all more or less under Ihe
influence nf liquor. Demars claims
Rose and Cole started to quarrel soon
afler leaving Nakusp, and the lake
lieing rough they, rowed ashore,
Rose and Cole continued their quarrel, and upon Demars remonstrating,
Rose turned on him and hit him nn
the head, knocking him unconscious.
When Demars rernveied his senses,
he saw Cole on his hands and knees
and Rose standing over him. Demars started to light a Are and Hose
came at him again, struck bim over
the face with a club, knocking out one
nf the nld man's eyes, and again rendered him insensible.
After this Rose wenl. to Nakusp and
I old the authorities thnt he had started away in a rownoat to lish, leaving
Cole nnd Demars ashore, aa they were
quart eling, but hearing cries he returned to shore ns quickly as possible, and
found Cole dead and Demars in very
had shape. He said Demars told him
"Two men came mil. of Ihe woods and
clubbed them and ran away,"
When the authorities arrived at the
scene of the murder, Ihey. found that
Cole's jaw had lieen broken with a
dub, wliieh was found near by. and
nther bruises were on the hack of the
head and neck, which must have caused almost inslantdeath.
At the ti ial, Rose's counsel endeavored to make it appear that Demars
committed the murder, but according
to the doctor's evidence, from lhe condition in which the old man was
found, it would have l-een a physical
impossibility for him to do il.
Cole was aboutSO years old, and had
the reputation of heing very quarrelsome when drinking.
.1. A. Macdonald, counsel fur Roje,
will take steps to secure a new trial
for the prisoner. If this is denied he
will endeavor to have the penalty reduced so as to save Rose from the
hangman. Mr. Macdonald will more
In Ihe matter an soon ss he receives a
transcript of the evidence taken in the
At Gamp AlcUiuMy.
Camp McKinney, Oct. H-Renewed
interest is manifested in ramp over
the resumption of work on tbe Waterloo mine, uuder the management of
Denis Clark uf Spokane. Tbe mine is
lieing pumped out in anticipation of
the early arrival of Mr. Clark, when it
is slated development will lie proseeut
ed vigorously. Previous to the prop
erly lieing closed down, former superintendent A. W. Boyd opened np s
about of ore in the north drift on the
100 fool level. The vein heie is snid to
be fully 2. feet wide and was especially remarkable for amount of free gold.
The fact    chat through  some over
sight the company failed lo record
lbe ilnliii recently, ami thai, ii was r—
staked by G, M. Bennett, does not appear lo lltfeulr local shareholders, us
Patrick Graham, the iigctil iu the pro-
vine-for the company, siateN tlmt
every requirement to safeguard tlie
title has been complied Willi. On the
other hand, Mr, Bennett says: "I l.vl
petfectly satisHed with my title to the
ground," Asked the reason for relocating the claim, he snid: "The claim
had reverted to the clown and was
open tn is* local til by any one, and I
intend to hold it If I have to light for
my tights in all ihe courts."
Locally Mr. Bennett's action is believed tn be the result of even'ng lip
with former Superintendent A. W,
Boyd, who, it is i-laiined, relocated I be
Radja claim owned by Bennett, Who
is Imcking Bennett is not dcHnitelv
known, although It is believed to lie It.
Sidley, J. P., a wealthy fanner on
Anarchist mountain. However strong
hopes are entertained thai, upon Ihe
arrival nf Dennis Clarke some arrange*
ment will iai effected whereby lhe title
to the claim will be rtlisnltitely h-ld liy
Ihe Waterloo Consolidated Mining
company and all further annoyance in
this direction abated.
At I be Cariboo mine little is to be
learned l-eyond the fact that, there is
plenty of ore in sight on laitb the 4110
and 6110loot levels, and thai the 20
stamp mill never goes hungry. The
proposed enlargement of the mill, predicted 12 months ago has never materialised, and while it is declared by
many in camp Ihal the mine Is capable of supplying double the number of
stamps, the' company's directors appear satisfied with whal Is lieing
lliighie Cameron, who owns the
Tenser, adjoining the Cariboo ground,
and claims to have tlie Cariboo vein,
is jubilant over Ihe discovery of UJ
feet of splendid looking and highly
mineralised quarts at the laiitoln nf a
SHI foot, shaft. He purposes expending
a considerable sum during the winter
in fully determining the extent and
strike uf the vein, in following it lo
the Carihoo ground. Mr. Cameron is
alao developing the Vernon claim, to
the east of the Fontenoy. In the
shaft down 80 feet, he has 4J feel, of
bluish-white quart t greatly resembling
the Waterloo, Recent values range
around $17 per ton.
With the starting of the Waterloo
mine and mill and the proposed (level-
opuieiil nf several other claims this
camp promises io be lively during the
coming witer.
HIN Will Build.
Victoria.Oct. 8-Hon. A. G. Blair,
minister of railways, who was waited
upon liy the Victoria Isiard of trade ■
tonight, said in response to an address, that he had bod a conversation
with J. J. Hill in which the Great
Northern magnate led him to believe
that, he not only had an interest
in theV. V. ft E„ hut was ready lo
carry it forward energetically when
the piesent depression hod passed,
which Hill regarded as only temporary. He was led lo helieve also that
Hill would huild without asking any
aid from the government.
Tenders are being invited, returnable by 10th. inst., for the erection in
Greenwood of a court house. Al. its
last session, the Provincial legislature
passed an apprupiaiion of 910,000 for
this purpose, Plans have lieen pi epar-
<il by Geo. D. Curtis, architect, Grand
Forks, and it is stated to lie the intention of the government' to proceed
forthwith with the erection of the
Boundary Ore Shipments.
The tonnage of ore shipped by the mines of the Boundary
District during 1901, and for the eight months of 1902, is
as under:
Old Ironsides and Knob Hill group 231,762
Mother Lode  99548
H.C  47,517
Sunset       800
Winnipeg     1,040
King Solomon       850
Snowshoe     1,731
No. 7       665
Jewel       325
Golden Crown	
Sundry small shipments     2,500
Totals 386,738      306,046
Shipments during 1900 totalled 97,837 tons ; during
the year 1901, to December 31st, 386,738 tons, and during
eight months of 1902, 306,046 tons, making an aggregate of
790,621 tons
!■ ,-
__■■■__ k
©ne jtftBpnroj
C. M, CHOUSK Kditor and Proprlotor
I'ulilUlitid would)' at Miilway, H, U,
Htilwurlutlnii prion, .?■-' im per annum, payable
in ailvanre, oltfier yoirly orhalfyoiirly at the
uplluii of Uie HiiWriUur,
Advertising rat on sunt on application.
The Editor of the Boundary Creek
Times, in a late issue nf that Journal
remarks that it is difficult lo under
stand why Thk Dispatch should take
up so much space in denouncing tbe
failure of the government to complete
the West Pork mad. Our principal
aim was not to denounce' lhe government, but lo show that under Ihe present system of carrying on puhlic wot ks
it is quite possible through eslrava-
gance and blundering mismanagement
to expend more money than Is neces-
snry on important public works, and
yet fail to complete ihem. And since
the end of government, is the good of
those governed, it is high time for ihe
people tn examine a system that fails
to bring that end,
As is generally known, there are
Arts in force in British Columbia re
luting to the Incorporation nf Munici
paliiies. There aie provisions made
for two kinds of municipiitii ies; City or
town municipality, and Township or
district municipality. These may he
incorporated hy the Lieutenant. • Governor in Council upon receiving a petition fnr incorporation from the property owners, and upon various other
conditions heing complied with, In
the milling districts there are a mini
ber of town municipalities, but it wnuld
appear no district nr township municipalities; the latter lieing confined, we
think, to the more impuions agrirultii
rnl districts of the coast. The popular
tion of East and West Kootenay and
the southern part of Yale district is
said lo be about 50,000. Why tbe pen
pie outside of the towns have not
sought incotpotation perhaps cannot
be exactly determined; it is probable
however, that a majority of them are
interested in mieing directly and in
directly, und tbey do not take the same
interest in the affairs of government
as is taken in the more permanent ag<
rlcultural districts. The limits uf
municipalities may he extended or reduced, and, a part, of the electors of an
existing municipality, may, under certain conditions, withdraw from one
municipality and mite with another.
The boundaries are not permanent, A
great, change has taken place in South
ern British Coliiniliia, since the com
uiencement uf quarts mining a little
nver len years ago. It. may be that
our municipal legislation nnd system
of governnient generally is not up to
date, and does not meet the require
menls of tb'J changed conditions. In
the early days nf placer mining, when
a new discovery, was made it was nee
essary for the government to send a
person to act. as mining recorder, gnld
commissioner, constable and to per
form any other duties required of him
by the government in a new camp,
where enndftions were in an unsettled
slate. It may he neressarv to have
such an official in a populous common
Ity, where law and order are well established, but we have a suspicion
that something more is needed. For
the last four years, we have had a very
unstable government at Victoria, a lot
of ordinary men, some of them trying
to do the hest they could, hut with au
undue proportion of would be leaders,
fo man of commanding influence and
ability who could gather around him
a sufficient number of men to form a
strong governnient, has come to the
front, Tbis dearth of hniinsand strong
men Is very much to be regretted.
It has caused much loss to the province in very many ways. In 'he
meant hue, during this barren period
in nnr legislature, the coulry has
heen governed by the Civil servants,
who are practically in a large degree
responsible to no nne. They are sup
posed to be responsible to the heads of
the departments whn derive their
power from the legislature and people; hut what head of a department
has held office long enough to become
acquainted with the duties of his office even if he hod the ability, and the
inclination to do so? If any change
is to he made nnw or hereafter in our
mode of government, the initiative
must come from the people, it will not
cmnefrom government officials, who
are wedded quite naturally to the
present system. It is the custom for
our public men and orators lo boost, of
our free British institutions; we
have reason to he proud of nur Institutions hul we should take care that
they do not become a delusion, The
barons supposed that they had secured
a larger measure of freedom when they
forced King John to sign the Great
Charter, but John had no sooner sign-
ed iban he resolved to take away the
privllenes thereby granted, We will
Dot attempt to trace the struggle for
constitutional freedom through many
centuries, but we wish to call alten
tion to the kind nf govern ment -hey
had In Upper and Lower Canada and
the other province-, al i, the beginning of Queen Victoria's reign in 18117,
Heretsa quotation from a Canadian
history published in Toronto in 1809.
"The ineiiiliers of the government and
their friends joined together to secure
* themselves an the public offices,
were called the Family Com-
-.»•;'., (..in iiihi uonmii oi ice iiinaing
and also the administering of the law.
They had control of the revenue and
also of the Crown lands, and they
abused their power hy giving large
tract* to theii friends at low prices.'
Under ihe ConstItnilonal Act, the
assembly, which represented the people, was nol given control of the revenue. The Fxeciilive Council and the
Legislative Council were appointed,
nol, elected. The Executive Council
could unt be removed for wrong-doing.
These political abuses led to rebellion
in lhe Camillas in Nftf, and snyie of
those who took part in the rebellion
were put lo death and others banished.
When the news of this resistance to
the rule of an oligarchy reached ihe
British government, they sent mn
Lord Durham as governor-general
witb Instructions to inquire into lhe
causes uf the rel-ellinn. He made
a report to the British government
and in it be advised among other
things tbe granting of responsible
governiuenl and tbe introduction of
the municipal system of local self-government, We helieve lhat a municipal system of self government is one
thing that the province requires, and
thai our present laws relating to
municipal government are defective.
We wnuld advocate a system of
county government within Hxed lim
its, divided into townships, rather lhan
townships with movable meter and
tmunds, for the more pnp-ilo.is p irts
of tne province. The system nf local
self-government recommended hy
laird Durham was introduced into
Up|ier Canada in 1841. We do not
wish to he understood as thinking that
the political conditions of the Canada*
In 1837, and of British Columbia in 1902
are parallel) there is, however, in our
opinion, a similarity. When Lord
Durham came to Canada he found
that Iheaflairs of the people were lieing neglected on account of the snug
gleslietween Ihe popular and execu
live legislative branches of the legislature. He, doubtless, recommended
ihe introdtirtinn of municipal Insl iin
tion on account of this neglect. We
have had in Briiish Columbia, for
several years, a very unsatisfactory
government | a good deal of lime and
thought, that should have heen de
voted to useful legislation, has been
consumed in useless quarrels lietween
ineiiiliers and factions of our legi.la
tore. Therefore, if our representatives
fail to do tbeir legisai ive duties, let us
have as soon as possihle, a measure of
local self-government. Whnt the
British governnient aud Lord Durham
did for people In 1837. they will have
to do for themselves in 1902; In thhse
days, as stated ahove, the executive
and legislative councils were res|ions
ihle io tbe Crown, now they are sup
posed to be responsible to ihe people,
though the people of British Columbia
have responsible government to a
limited extent nnly. That, such a
state of affairs could exist in the Can-
ados In tbe early years of Queen Vic
loria's reign, is a very good reason,
why the people, not only nt British
Columbia, but of every other British
colony should constantly guard whatever freedom they possess.
Ont of Ufe's Pleasures.
There Is nothing in life more enjoyable and al tbe same time so beneficial to Is itb mind and body, aa travel,
ing. '
A modern railway Journey, intelligently taken- lends to prolong life,
break lhe monotony of existence and
acts as a panacea for dull care, hy
taking us nut. of tbe well worn channels of worldly and business struggles.
Before stalling upon a trip, whether
on business or lecreation, it is well to
inquire and investigate tbe various
mutes, and choose the une offering the
best inducements In tbe way of comfort and attraction. The traveler, tbe
tourist or business man is wise in
selecting the Rio Grande Lines in
journey lo and from the east, as it
offers every comfort and modern convenience tu suit all classes of travel,
,i   an array of see tions un*
surpassed In the world. Castle date,
The Canon if lie timid, Jl
Pass, Tennessee Pass and the world
renowned Royal Gorge are but few nf
these attractions seen from the car
Three fast trains daily hetween Og.
den and Denver,
Pullman Palace and Ordinary Sleep
ing cars on ull trains tn Denver,
Omaha. Kansas City, Chicagn and St
Louis without change,
A perfect Dining cor service. Agents
throughout the Northwest con sell
tickets via this route. Forrates, maps
and full information or for ropy of
beautiful booklet, "With Nature in
Colorado," write to or call on W. t)
McBRIDK, Gen'l Agent or M. J.
ROCHE. Travelling Passenger Again,
124 Third 8reet, Portland. Ore.
Will Shortly Qtclare a Dividend
Thn Ciiril-on-MoKinuey mine jH to
declare a dividend next month of 61-2
per cenl. The mine is milling -.„.*, „,.,,
and two shifts in Ihe mill ore kept go*
hif, by one shift in the mine, which
shows lhe amount of ore taken out by
one shift.
The Carlhoo haa been ii hig dividend
payer in the past, but, has declared
none for the past year. The ivsiimp.
lion of dividends will have the effect
of running up the stock again, as it
appears that the property will lie a
steady payer from now on.
Whv vou should buy
BBC A USB it Is the best quality
BECAUSE It is iw-sUsstjiig chew
BECAUSE It is the largest high grad
5 or 10c. plug
BECAUSE Ihe tsgs are valuable for
premiums until Jan. i, 1904.
BECAUSE your dealer is authorised
to i-eftind yonr money if
A familiar name for the Chicago,
Milwaukee k St. Paul Railway, known
all over the Union aa the Greal Rail
way running the "Picmbih I-imitrd'
trains every day and night hetween St.
Paul and Chicago, and Omaha and
Chicago, "The only perfect trains in
the world." Understand! Conner,
tions an made with ALL Transcontinental Lines. assuriiiR to passengers
the best service known. Luiuilous
coaches, electric lights, sleam heat, of
a veritv equaled by no other line.
See that your ticket reads via "Tbe
Milwaukee" when going to any pol«"
in the United States or Canada. All
ticket agents sell them.
Forrates pamphlet* or other information, address,
R.L.FOBD. H.8. Rowb,
Oertiflcnte   of  Improvements
Watsrloo CossnuDATsn Fractional
Minkhal Claim,
Situate Is ths Ksttls kiver Mining Division
or Val* District.  Whsrs locatsd i Camp
TAKK NOTICK that I, Korbes M. Korby, uk
I mtunt for the Wait-too Consolidated
Mining ami Milling Coaxyaay, tree miner's
crrtliiraiu Nu. iillsis. Intend, sixty dnys
from thc dale horeof, 10 apply to tlio Mining
Itoi'iinlorfors CorUlcaie of Improvements, for
lho piirpo«ii of obtaining a Drown Oram of tho
above clnim.
And furlher take notice that action, under
section 37, must bo oommeneod before the
U-Uanoeof such Ccrtitlcute of.Improvement"
Haled this Sth day af September, IKIt
lie roiillKS M. KKRBY..
Durham Bulls, Fresh Calved
Cows, Cows in Calf, Steers
and Heifers, Boar Pigs, Sows
and Young Pigs, Sheep and
Poultry, Saddle and Pack
Ponies.   Apply to
itf miles from  Midway, or
Dispatch office.
Trav. I'sss. Agt.
Uenenl Agent,
Price Mor-trs
Matlsg Wheels
Check     Parte*.
RuMsr Ty*
PristlM Presses,
BU., BM.
On IS Ih Inst., somewhere between 1, O.
McMrnn'n ranch and Midway, ono logging
chain. Kinder will oblige by leaving at Ihis
THE partnership heretofore eilrtinj* bo
tween the iindoi-nlgned et Saw Millers
under tbe nsme of toot-fine k Power*, In Midway, b. C, snd Orand Korku, B. C. la herein
dlwolved hy muliinl eminent. All dehtu owing
10 the MM war Sawmill an ta bo pnid M Win.
Points, of Midway, B. C. who wiU continue
the MMway buKlnw- and mtlsfy all clnim*.
against tbe ssMbu-iii^w. AH debt* owing to
the Grand Forks Sawmill are lo be paid to a
lequime. of Brand K«rlu, H. C„ who will continue the Orand -orks business and Mtisfjr all
claims again-it the Grind Korks mill.
Signed ( WM- W-WKR8,
signal iB,L|-Q,-rM[C.
_     ,     „    Witness JAMKSMeqUKBN.
Dated st Midway lli.*l)th day of Sept., 1902.
OoPTHM-Jin Ail
St Psul, Maui, mnarayoHs,CMcato
Through Palaae snd Tourist Sle-jpeni
Dining sad Haifa   Smoking  Library Cars
Kor Bates, Milan aad rail Information
call on orarfdrew,
H. BRANDT. V. P. k T. A..
TO1 W. Riverside Avenue,
Hpokane, Wash.
A. B. C. DBNNI8TON.«. VV. P. A.,
8KATTLE, Wash,
Certiiicate of Improvements,
Mm* Amm.
Bum Bau Mim-ulCum.
Must* la ids Ossvsss Milsc MrMsa sf
Tals MsMst  Whsrs Losatsf t-Ktm-
gsr Koustaln.
TAKK NOTIOB thai I. Chorion 4e BMs
Morrla.   free  minen earUteata No. MM.
And ranker lake notloe that asUsn. sister
■eotlon 17, mott be oommeneod bofore 'he Imu
sues ot snoh eartlfh-ata of imuforemenU.
Dstod this Wh day rfJuly.lW.
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
With Whieh is Incorporated
The Bank of British Columbia.
CAPITAL, $8,000,000.  •   RESI", $2,000,000.
HON. GEO. A. COX, Pres.      B. E. WALKER, Oen. Mgr.
Manager Greenwood Branch.
Boundary Falls Hotel
Carrying His majesty's flails
Will leave MIDWAY on Tuesdays, Thurs*
days and Saturdays, at 8.30 a. m., arriving at
CAMP McKINNEY at 5 p.m.
Returning will leave CAMP McKINNEY on
Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 9 a. m.,
reaching MIDWAY at 1.30 p. m.,and making connection with the train going east at 3:55 o'clock.
Tho mti *y* MMWMaatiM tmp
tt am
Headqiarters for Railroad,
lining and Conereial In
First Class Livery Stable in Connection with Hotel,
S. A* CROWELL, Prop.
1 ■      ■ ' '   ■* * --
-•4- REPAIRING _jf
Horse Shoeing a Specialty
All Kinds i Wert bmM ti tte SathtoUn if Cistown
This hotel is centrally loeated and is n stopping plaoe for stage
lines.   Oood stabling on the premises.
Only tKe choicest brands of Wines, Liquors,
and Cigars at tKe Bar.
- 1    1
^\s      s
A new building, well furnished. Everything new and first-class, Only the choicest Wines, Liquors and Cigars kept in
stock. Every convenience furnished the
traveling public.    Bus meets all trains.
, Sioatda, ot Camp McKinney,
;a tern dnys la UUmoy doing
, Lusootabs, who has spent s»»-
alks In Asslnlnoia, rslumad to
- to U* dung* In time la tbe
art of Um tmln, tht Mall for
■twill close at I.M.
It). LMsay. of Rock Creek, was
L- taken to the (Jreenwood hospl
ftuferinf frmn Trphoid lever.
winter time table over  Ihe
hia ft Western railway went
\ effect today.  Under the new reunite train leaves Midway at
I arrives 15,0ft.
i Ida Wilson, of Republic, m
I of Mm. JssH, McNames laat
.rewriting home on Thursday,
Wilton hat beta engaged   lo
I tha tthonl at Ferguson,  Wash.,
will shortly lake up her  new
, H. Ham tha well known adver-
i agent for tbe Canadian PaclHc
iway Company, who Is now In Ibt
>lnee on his annual tour in connec*
i tht revision of tbe company's
bed pamphlet Rivlnff Informs-
[to Intending or pmhaMe settlers,
[ Intimated to a Wend in Oreen
that tie etpeeU to reach the
' oeit week. Mr. Ham was
ny yean an.'auUve Joornali«t,
newho did much good wmk et*
illy In Manitoba.
mineral claim owner Just down
i weet fork of the Kettle Riv
i that that promising mining
i It practically deserted eicept*
■afew prospectors doing assets-
^t work.  It is generally bellt-ved
the provincial government haa
Intention of completing the wagon
this year, notwithstanding org*
leprettntaitlont repeatedly madr.
i chief commissioner bas either ne-
1 to reply to some of the letters
I telegrams sent to bim i-r has put
communicating  with  bim
i tbe statement that Mr. Killeen
I Inspector of roads, will short
- in the district lo determine what
he done.    As tbe season Is at
I in which raid work can only be
tied on al mnch greater etpense
i tr hen the ground is not fniscn, it
Icnnclnded that tbe commissioner
nu intention uf completing the
this year, notwithstanding that
i three or four years r-incr it wat
•ad the distance from
Abridge to Beaverdell which hi the
ition ia which the road has all along
laskei furls only admit 80 miles.
ch Indignation  is felt also at tbe
ming indifference In thb connec-
i nf Price Rfllson, member for the
but than similar complaints
-nisdtahoatbli Inaction regarding
i atomised wtt-olf on the Oamp Mc
/■Rock Creek main road   for
i he le tuted to bave positively
I residents In tbat part that a
at   appropriation   had   been
It It freely intimated that no
-Intertttcan ht eipected from
. Wilton since the great preponder*
snf votatls in tht more potml-ms
i of hh coastltaency - Vernon
I other parts of Okanagan.
Wad, Pit
Qreai Porks
._ Oraanwaod.
AP*., E«t* South
Camp McKlnnn
AU Wast Kork polnu
Tu*., Thorn.
ft Ratsrdsjri
Malta tor palate farther want of Midway than
Camp MeKtaaa-' So vis. Kamlitoka.
■ eta
Monoy oriefi from »«,m. to 7 p.m. with the
eintptlon of osa half host before departun
and afUr srrlrsl ot SMlla.
t Midway hy the Re*, father Be-
iO.M.   Reginald Oariom etdeet
lot). W. Gardom ft* of Raderhy
sad lata of BuM-rtoo Hall and
t Lyme Stafurd. toSataa Jam third
i of the Ut* Judge Hsynes of
"Hyndfbrd", Osoyoos Lake B.C.,and
iMrs. Dowding of Midway B.O., and
Ignat granddaughter af John Carmi*
IchMl of ••Ballegamt" and great grand
|nieee of James Carmichael of "Wood
Perk* both of Mallow Oo. Cork, Ireland
Rngliah. and Cork pipers please copy,
|Hh Rttaraadfrmn StaMt ommm.
Percy F. Ooodtntath, the newtpa*
tcorrespondent passed through town
" lay sn route to Spokane from the
district. During the
•ttwo months he hat been in Spo*
Interesting capital in the coal
wet surrounding lhe town of
Princeton. In thu undertaking be
■•» weeesstnl and as a result has been
Motlng up negotiations with owners of
|«*l claims in Princeton. Speahtrig of
Iniatrtp ht tahtt "tt it nearly a year
I tines I was last In the Similkameen
[ud daring that period much has been
|*>a* to demonstrate the fact lhat *al-
i of coal underlay what is
IBSMKUy described as the Princeton
lu _?*• *M» mm according to
Mr. WlliUm BlakemoM, M. B.. who is
J_"!aUta* "Ulnaer for the Ashnola
"wl Company, a Toronto concern, is
wnibly nine mllm in lenglh by from
| • •»•» to eight mllm In width. It con-
"™ both lignitlc and Mtuinlnoos,
**■• of coal, During the summer
**• different companies have been
J^M-iS the coal me .sure* at deplh
7">**ldofbor*drills. Tbe Ashnola
wsl Uompsny't drill was sunk to a
depth of 1,000 feet, nn land adjoining
'■••Vermillion Forks Mining and De-
♦wopwmit Company. At a depth nf
wfattthadrill patted through a six
footaeam which ts believed to be bit
«tnlnont. With a sit inch shale part-
'"St a second tram was encountered
M«rhH la tbkkatss, making  practi
cally a ten foot seaia. Those aro the
upper seams In a series which consists
of three tunes and it is estimated lhat
tbe whole of the coal hearing strata
III he pasted through at a depth of
1.800 feet, This fully demons! rates t he
prediction made hy Mr, Blakemore
laat fall, and also establishes the fact
that whether or not coking coal ia
found, thecoal will make a high grade
steam and domestic fuel,
"From Mr. Krnest Waterman, manager of tbe Vermillion Porks Mining
ft Development Company,, an Rngliah
oompany, I received considerable accurate data, regarding the operation
of his company's hore drilling. This
company bas two coal leases one for
312 acres, immediately adjoining the
townsite of Princeton and another for
M0 acres, The hore operations bave
peen conHed to tbe townsite, and two
holes have heen sank respectively 290
and aOBifeet, and a third is now heing
put down. On the Hrst, at a depth of
70 feet a seam 18 feet five and one half
incher fas passed through, as also
two nther seams four snd sli feet in
thickness. Below the larger seam
no other coal waa struck. In the second bole at a depth of 202 feet a Ave
foot team was pasted through. The
third hole at the time I left Princeton
was down 110 feel and in sandstone,
The snalysis of the sample of coal taken
from the second hole showed 47 per
cent carbon, and when one considers
tbat the coal is more nr lesa mlied
with the sandstone drillings the per
rentage is good. Sampling* of the
roal taken from the pit give as high as
Sl per cent carton. In (act it it a high
grade steam and domett ir coal.
■The third drill was in charge nf
Aleiandec Sharp M. K. reprraeting
the Holt syndicate. Absolutely no
Information wat oliteinalile in camp
regarding what .was encountered,
l-ryonri lhe fact thai several seamt of
coal were penetrated. The information
I obtained while mil authentic Hated
that the hore was sunk 823 feet. Certain it is that Mr. Sharp espretned
himself as pleased with the results
"The Osoyoos ft 8lmilkameen Coal
ft Rtplnratmn Company which I represent has acquired 10 coal claims, in
different tactions of the basin. After
title has heen obtained tht ground
will he surveyed. We have
splendid showing* of coal."
Hamilton and Tonkin now have the
lead on tbe Dayton claim near Camp
McKinney, cut la three different plau
along a dittanoe of ahoul UN feet. On
this cla|m which is situate on the dl
vide between tlm main Hock creek and
the snath fork ef that stream, free
gold can hs obtained hy panning lbe
oiJdbjedore cat in each of the deep
trenches or open cuts run across what
is now regarded as tbe course of the
vein. The Dayton was under bond to
several Greenwood men tome time
since, bat tbey did not proceed after
a « root shaft passed out ot the mineralised rock In which It had been
started. Since Ihen Hamilton mid
Ynnkin have done* bitof surface work,
chiefly In cutting deep trenches, and
now the showing hi to promising that
enquiries are Mug made with a view
u> getting an nption nn the claim,
which certalnl* appears to he well
worth spending a few thousand dollars
on to prove whether the generally gond
gold values that assays return can be
maintained when tha ore it treated io
bulk.  ',
There are other likely looking min
eral claims in the neighborhood of the
Dayton that may be eipected to attract attention Itelor* long. Among
these are the Night Hawk, owned bv
Bash and Luce i Jim Crow, owned by
0. K. Hamilton! I* Rol, owned by Jas,
Copeland | War Bagle, belonging to
Wm. Yonkln, and several others.
Two open ciiti show a big lead or dyke
of mineralised rock on the Night Hnwk
from which sssays ranging from SB to
$10 have lieen obtained. The rock Ik
mineralised throughout with white and
yellow Iron sulphides, and the cnpiier
■tains showing suggest the presence of
copper. A shaft sunk In this big hody
wnuld Iwiter determine the characiVr
and value of the ore. There Is copper
in the Jim (imw ore. also a Itlle silver
and gold. The Le Rol and War Ragle
have pyrrhotiie with values In gold,
silver and cupper.
snalt was sunk by the former owners
snd has at the bottom a four foot
ledge of high grade copper ore.
The Rainbow has Inng been considered one of the lieat. copper properties
In the camp, and a few weeks ago waa
sold to 8. 8. Calslian and others ot
Spokane, and it, under their direction
that the present work is being done.
A company was recently formed to
operate the property, and It Is reported here that when this contract is finished arrangements will have been
made for some very extemlve development.
The mine is located ahnilt three
miles north of Chesaw, near the international boundary, it is on the north
end of ;the famout Oopper Mountain
and near it are such well known properties as the Buckhorn, the Orant,
the King Salomon and the Kitchener,
which fact, together with the excellent showing already found on tbe
Rainbow itself, leads the local mining
men to Mleve that it is a property of
exceptional merit, and the owners are
pursuing >he proper methods to ascertain whether or not such is the case.
Fatal Accident at Victoria.
Victoria, Oct. 8-This afternoon In
the great, exhibition hy the pompier
ladder life saving team of 8pokaoe J.
F. Lylich was instantly killed, and E.
M. Hooper Injured. The two are
members of the Spokane Sre department, and were demonstrating the use
of the pompier ladder as a means of
prompt and safe exit from a several
stalled huilding. The exhibition took
place at the Brunswick hotel huilding
on Douglas street, under the suspires
of the Are chiefs convention, and the
accident consequently occurred in full
view of the large crowd that assembled
to witness it.
The two men had just concluded
their tests from the southerly windows
of the buildings, having descended
safely and quickly from the topmost
story, They were about to bring
their exhibition to a close, hut decided
to make one more descent. They consequently ascended several Stories,
going up with an ease and agility tbat.
created a favorable impression as to
the efficiency of the scaling ladder
on which they were operating. They
then commenced the descent. Everything progretsed satisfactorily until
the lowest story waa reached when
the awful tragedy ocritred which deprived one of ihem of his life. Hooper was inside lhe window for the pur*
pone of holding Lynch while he got on
th* ladder to descend to the ground.
Lynch stepped on It liefore Hooper
was firmly set-ured, and fell to the
pavement helow dragging Hooper,
who was fastened to him, nut. of the
window after him. Lynoh fell on the
back nf his head crushing his scull and
dying instantly. Hooper fell on him
and was not seriously injured.
BARRigTiiM, Solicitors, Rtc.
Orkknwood. B. C.
—i Notart Public,
rral estate,
financial aoent
Oamp MoKinniv, B.C.
Dr. R. Mathison,
pt M. KERBY,
A.«.Can.Soc. CE.
Provincial Land   Surveyor
Midway and Oresnwood.
Rendell Block, Greenwood.
Phone 06. V. O N.
Chas. A.Webster,,
Spokane.Wash.. U.S.A.   Midway, B C.
Spokane Falls &Northern
Railway Co. ,
Nelson & Ft. Sheppard
Railway Co.
Red Mountain Railway Co.,
Washington & 6. R. By.,
The only all rail route between
points emit., west and south to Rossland, Nelson, Grand Porks and Republic. Connects at Spokane with the
Ureal Norlhern, Northern Pacific and
O. rt. kS. Vo. for points earn, we>l
nnd south ; connects al Bus-land mid
Nelson with the Canadian Pacific Ry.
Connectt at NeUod with the K. B. * 8.
Ce. for Katlo and Moran polntn.
Conntwu at   larlew with mage for
Oreenwood and MMway B. C.
Buffet tan ran oa train* between
Hpokane and llcpabltc.
\Mxe. Arrive.
».avm SPOKANK      .VI5p.ni.
10.30 mm ftOUSLANl)      MO pro.
T.I4 a.m  NKUON      8.00p.m.
,,-*_-. (MIM.F.H8 \    -_»-_
■l-9"-™ I ORAND KORKSf    *-x*-m-
t.*>a.m RKPUBI.IC. ....      Ufa
On Ih* Rawibow*
A tmntract. listen •■>'on "" **"
bow mlnln« claim and work bwm
Uw bottom of an 18 foot shaft.  This
Por Getting a Beautiful Watch
and Chain Free.—No Honey
Requlre_.~Every Man. Wo*
man, Boy, or Girl hu the
tame Opportunity under our
In order to have Dr. Arnold's Ron*
lish Tolin Pill- I'laced In the hands of
all persons suffering from bad health
we make the following most liheral
offer !—
If yon will send us your name and
addretx and agree lo sellI for ns twelve
holes of Dr. Arnold'i Rnglish Tnxin
Pills at 25c. pj-r Imw, we will fenym
absolutely Free a beautiful Watch
and Chala in either Ladles or Oents
sise, or your choice of twenty other
nreniiums such as fine sets of Jewelry,
Riii-n Violins, Mandolins, Tea Sets,
gateenSkirU, Cameras, etc. ttemeni-
berwe a'-"'* want any money unt
after you tell the Plllt and vou dmi t
have to sell any more than Whose*, to
net. the premiums. This it a lima fide
offer front a reliable concern that has
given thousands of dollais worlh of
premium* to "Rents all over the coiio-
he. Heinemhw nlso that Dr. Arnold's
English Toxin Pills are a well known
remedy for all .li-fA"*" <■' »■» ^"^
and bladder, Bright'* dlswtte. dMtatM.
rheumatism, nervous troubles, am
female complaint*, and are for sale b>
all flrtt class druggist* and dealers in
al parts of the world. You have only
Jo aW l hen. to tell them. Ymi are
notoffering something that th«p«n>t«
don't know. Our watches are the
regit ar standard sise for Ladies or
flentlei-ien in Nit kel or Oitn Metal
late* with handsome Illuminated dial*
and reliable t«tM**kte|»«». •vaiches
Judiasnoladyornentleman need he
ashamed to carry, and they will be
___r_htoliitnlv Kiee to al who sell
% tlve^estiftho-ewonderfi,
Tollll PiH«* Write at once and be the
«rstinv.mrl.«alityLto earn one of
ihose beautiful watches and chain.  A*
oon a* we receive your letter or po*t
carf we will send you post paid twelve
howsT together with <»'»'' IIHwtrated
citabia.ie and tw..iitifnllv colored rani
Swftow SS* and address on a, our
.Vnihnrired agent. Bear in mind that
SSta noX aske.1 to Mil an, more
Lhan the ll l"«e* and we don t want
my money until after you have *ol<
|o Adelaide St. Bait, ToroBto.Ont.
General Pawengw Agont
Hpokine. Wanh.
Direcl line, Lowest rates
New York
8jin Kranclsi-o
St. Paul, Chicago, and all
IJ. S. point*.
Lv. Dnnmore .let, Dally
Lv, Kootenay Ldg. Tiles, and Saty.
Toronto, Montreal, Boston, etc,
Leave Revelstoke Daily
Vancouver, Seattle and Const Points,
T. M. Qulley & Co.
Large Stook.   Low Prices.
THL.   G-TTXiXaXrsr   Ss   CO.,
Greenwood- Curlew
Stage Line.
The undersigned is running a DAILY STAGE between
Greenwood and Curlew via Midway. Stage will Jeave Greenwood at 6:30 a. m„ arriving in Midway at 7:45 and at Curlew
in time to connect with the train for Spokane due 10:45 returning
will leave Cyrlew at 5 p. tn., upon arrival of incoming train,
reaching Midway at 7:30 p. m. and Greenwood at 9 p. m.
Will connect with Meyerhoff's Stage from all points West.
J. H. TYRRELL, Proprietor.
MMway Livery, Feed & Sale
Seventh Street, Midway,
Opposite Crowell's Hotel.
J. H. Tyrrell,   -   Proprietor.
Hay and Outs fop Sale. • Bus Meets all Trains.
General Transfer and Dray Business.
Riverside Hotel
Rook Creek, B. C
S.T. LABSEN, Prop.
Stopping plme fiirSiHgw to
and fiom all Bomidiivy
Creek points.
Qood Aeeommodation for the Traveling Pile.
Through hitxkltiKH to Kuropt* vln nil
Kor thin InM™. rnwpi mid full liifnrmntlnn
rail on nr n.lilrom A. W. HA11.W, AgenU
Mlilwny. or
J. S. CAnTEIt, K. 4. COYLF.
n. P. A.. A. 6. V. A.,
Vl-Kin. B. P.      Vanco-iver. '»• "
Certlflcate of  Improvements
.Trri'KlllwlN  MlSKKM. I'l.'IM.
SltutU In th* Ktrttl* Rlvtr Mining Dlvlilon or
Ynlo District.  Whoro loomed: On Cr»i»
MoMnU'n. Cnmp MoKlnnoy.     .., . ,
TAKK  NOTtPK Ihnt I. Henry NfaJhollMMl,
I froo mlni'rn' onrtlllcntn No. nflaM,JM
nei'iit for P..K Hilly, tree mlnni-'r; nni'l.llloaln N«.
ii«imn.lntoiid.«hlyil»yiifroni lho ditto wrimf.
to iti-nlr to tho MlnlnK Boonnliirfnr 11 owtlflmlf.
nf ItnnrovomontH. for lho ournomi of ohwliiliic
A Crown  Omul, of thn olinvo olnitn.
And further tnko notloo Ihnt nntloh. nin'or
noollnn XI. niimt lm onmnjr.nooii hoforo tho
l«»nnnoo of moh oorlltliwln of Initirovomom*.
Iinlod thin Mh dny «' .Inly. w«- I"
. '
It will lie the most important Railway Centre in tbe
Interior of British Columbia.
Ii is in tlie centre of a
rich Mining, Stock-Raising;
Banening, Gardening, Manufacturing, Coal Producing,
and Hallway District,
Midway property will
you ricli. It is not
a speculation, it is an investment,
Midway, the coming railway, commereial, wholesale aad manufacturing
centre of the Kettle Biver
and Boundary Creek District*, is situated at tbe
Creek and Kettle Biver.
The leading
town in the eountry, with
an excellent dinaie, pure
water supply, and surrounded by rich
tural land. ,
Business, residence and garden lots at low prices and on easy terms.     Send for maps, prices, and full particulars to
Ill) Si John Street,
Montreal, P. Q.
Agent for Britlah Columbia
Midway, H. U.
®h*e §fepatcJr
(lame Laws.
Itis lawful  to ttfioiit Ki'"*' a« follows (dates ini-ln-iv-*):
Sepieluher 1 to Di'i-ehi'icr M—Deer,
buck or due; inoiiiiUiii gnnrj iiiomitain
sheep (rain,)
September 1 to December 31— Cart
Imu ; elk, wapili, (hull); •.'louse of nil
himlH, Including pi-tiiliiiltiokeris; hare;
moose, (hull).
September 1 to Kebi-iiaij-28—liiltetn
duck, all kinds"; Heron ; meadow lurk,
November 2 to March 31— Beaver,
Iniul otter, marten.
It is Uillii-vful tn shout or desl roy At
any time :. Birds living on noxious insects ; EukIi'sIi blackbirds ; carihml,
cjivv or calf; ehaHimh ; deer, fawn
under twelve months ; elk, wapiti, cow
oi ralf under two years : gull; liimei ;
morse, row or ralf under twelve
months; mountain sheep, ewe or lamb;
K r|.;lisli partridge ; pheiisnnls, cock ur
hrn, except us bereiiinlVi' provided ;
C|inil, all kinds ; rnbiiis (far rs only
i.niy shoot these  in gardens between
jllinei and Sept. 1); skylark, ihiusli.
It Is unlawful lo buy, sell or expose
I'm wile, show oi adVH'llset'flfenl, caribou, hare, bull moose, mniiotaiii goal,
n ntaiu ram bel'mv October 1 ; deer
before Srpteinbi-i' 1. j nor any of ll
aheve limned minnals or birds utility
tl.iM'.'i'Xi'i |ii. diii-k, line groiise, heron
nod plover during the npi-ii,N,--tMin,
it - unlawful lo kill uv take uiori*
tlimi Ave earibnii iu one seasmi ; more
tlutii ten deer, or to html, ilimi wilh
d'".;,< or lo kill for bide- alone ; more
than 'Ml ilii'.'ks; mine Uinn two bull
i! li or i-.,-ipiti ; mon' tlmil two bull
iiiOose; nunt*than five nuninlain goatt;
iiioic than three llioilutaltl nuns; i. 1-
In take or dorttroy iheeggsnf protected I
birds nl any lime.
It is unbi.wful to ewer hind enclosed '
by l'r>in-,water or pi.tur.il l>iiiiniliir-,,j
nfti I- n.-Mce or If liiil.ii m updi'it Seetion I
17 is |roted np ; for   imut-HHUIpiite to
i;b iri. without n license ; for non resi \
delil Indians to klll.gen.e at nny tune ;'
to   !'*j;iorl. or   traheport  in    the r„x\ i
klaii, fti'ine; birds of every kind and
. iiliiuinls protected except I ear, I'cjiv i,
■iijii'li'n md land Dtfrl ; in iii.h traps
re',-i. Kins, drii-/ged litlt. etc., II* eiiteli
Ki-.i.ie  1'i-ds; to expise for stile any
t!:-et- wi limit Its bend m- l.inl  -viUinlil
il - !ilnin-..ge ; |o  use but le rn -s, Bic'lyel
1    !"■   -inikeii   i uiit"   lu   i on   tidal
'ern io inke dut I <i*r gee-'--; for nn
•ti"eil non-ivsltleiitji fi imp nr kill
I' ■-,r or beaver for 'heir pells; to kill
inn gtiniH Iiiid bel/vi...|, ,„„, |,lim. nfU,,
Huiiset and one hour heft-re sunns'- :
I" ki!) gimi! birds or nniniiils iiiinurtt-d
f-e ae.-lliiiallzMtlmi nn'irrr-es: ti buy
*'l beads of iiiotititnlii ibeep; to
tiOtrt except by boi-.li nnd line, or
• -minion roe  as  bait,
NOTICE IS HKItKHV flIVKK. that appll
ention will bc niinle to lho Parliament, nf
...Tj.vV . '   *'. ',...,
**************** ********************$****************
\ iUnen Wanted *s <* m
Ciniriiln, at lho IIOXC sit tings 1 heroof. for an Act
iiujort'onUiiiis,ncompany; under Iho iiami; ol
thc -'Vniicoiivoi-anil Const Knoiciiiiy Hail wny
Coinpaiiy." to ooiiFtrnct m.il opuratii n lino of
railway, from ;x point, at or near tho City of
Vniiuou-vcr, tbenue sooth eaHlcrly to Iho City
of Now Westminster nml aura* Ibo Vraaer
llivor; thonco easterly by thc must feasible
route, ton point, at or pear Midway, in the
lloJinilary Ci-erik District; fi-nni a point on Iho
main line of tho railway south of tho Frasor,
Ui a pnint at or near the month of tho Fraser
Uiver; frnm a point on the main lino enst of
Hope, to a point, at or noar Nicola l.nk.i: and
from n point un the main lino of the rail way at
or nenr thc City of Vancouver, northerly across
iliirrnnl Inlet, ut the most feasible point, to
North Vancouver M mllei pall t y, thonco westerly
lo a nuin- jii or > * >r the month of the Capihtno
With power tn construct ami operate branch
lines, frnm any point on tho main line nf Ihe
propose^ railway or branches thereof, not ex-
ceeilii]-; in any olio ruse thirty (Silt, miles in
leiiu-th ; and with power (oeon.iti-ttet, own, anil
opeiato, wharves, docks, elevators, ami warehouses, in connection therewith; ami to construct, own, and. opernle, steam nm) other
vessels, on any navigable waters I and with
power to construct, o A'tl, inainti in. and operate a suitable ferry, frnm tho most eotiTenient
■minton tho mainland of llittlshCnliimbin, ID
the most convenient point on Vancouver
Island, sn as to make connection with the City
of Victoria, or tn connect therewith hy the
same; to eoustrnet, operate and maintain,
telegraph anil telephone lines, nlong tho routo
nf the prnpiiHcd railway or Its brunches, and to
Irangniit ntownjotj for commercial purposes,
and to oiltei-l. lulls therefor ;,lo comtrato electricity for powor mid lighting purposes, and
fnr nil rl-jllls turners and privilege,*, necessary,
usual, in-lui'irl jiilnl to all or nny of the aforesaid purposes, ■    .
I Intel at Vancouver, this 1st. day of October,
,-A. II. IM,
lln Solicitor for Applicant*.
To sell for the large Fonthill nurseries.   Appll-,
cations should be filed at once.   Highest wages
paid, permanent place assured to the right men.
We furnish guaranteed stook commanding highest testimonials from British Columbia Inspectors.
40 WKbl wo.roN sr.K.
Stone & Wellington.
Do your Children
I it
OC course they do. It ig
way of learning und it is youi
to unswor. You nmy need
tiounry to aiil you. It woi
swur overy quesl,ioii, but llu
tlioiisiHids to which it trill gi'
true, clour ami defliiito ani
not about words only, bat ||fcopt
tilings, I lie sun, inncliitierjr,
pluecs, stories mul tbo like,
too, tbo children enn flncrTtjieir
f^vn answers. Some ofbdr
greatest men liavu ascrilied tbeir
iwwcr to study of tlio dietioniry.
Of fioursoyoti want tbo begtdio;
lionaiy, Tho most critical prefer
tbo Now aud Enlarged Edition of
// tjtm han* any qttutiont
about it wile nt,
'a. A O. MERRIAM 00,
Northwestern Business College,
Leading Business Training School
Business, Shorthand and Typewriting, Civil
Service, Normal, Telegraphy.
Our shmentR hold the record of thn United Mutes for proUcleney In
Business und (hyil Hervicv liraticliHs,   Send for cntHloguc,
E. ^THOMPSON, B. SM Principal
X.U.J \HT'AkiYii..lm  -, .
■■ Hit);
im. MiUtm
piiV-.l»^way Sawmill
■   '-'I .'il  •,tl*„x;- ■'.,; ,   '■
-.., ...I'll       ."I—.-, r—:--*'-L
Riverside Nurseries
Orand Porks, B. Q.
Home-grow,n, thrifty, acclimatised trees and shrutis,
Currents, Raspberries, Strawberries, etc.
A fine assortment'bf Maples and other shade trees,
Roses, Lilacs, Hedge Plants, other ornamentals.
The swifl of succe.sx In planting, in, nutr—u> vecure good stock,
SKcimn—io plant ne soon as poMihle nf ter ti u dug.
Trass obtained from our nursery ran' be planted at
Midway two day; after tbey are dug,
Price lint, nnd ftall Informntlon promptly irlven.
One of the Best Equipped Hotels in
the Boundary. Everything First Class.
J. W? NELSON, Proprietor.
....     |l/l.r)14    fit,!,.,  j  ,„l   j„,      „
in .of.imSTO   •jttANDPACTUnKB   OK
.■; ■A'ln'iAlni-y.tt.Ziil^.y
— -'■*':'ii\.,,'i.xj.Aiir^^~"
**"■*'"'"*-•- "'IMIJill-if! :
III «l   -A    |r ,,(,,     "
(Hit-ton ihm
:: MIDWAY, Bit:}
—i ® r— ,pf3ihni.   i
The undersigned having re^operted thw-,.iij^
known and   comfortable    hotel  invijftjj hj^t^
patronage of all old customers an'd.t*-Cl^JSffiM
generally. .'-",.
> hin mil ytf
Band sawingand job work dofte td order
Furnace-heated nnd comfortably furnished rooms.
fireenwood-5iirlew, via Midway Satge S^'SSS (
upon iie iirrlviil In the evening, while chnrige of horneile liflng innde.   t
Mrs. Dowding, Proprietress.     ■


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