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Vol. XV, Mo. Sl.
$2.00 per Year.
l>. McLEOD,
miutiHTKii. Solicitor, Ktc.
—: Notary Public,
Ireal estate,
financial auknt
I Camp MoKmNir. i.C.
Hallett & Shaw
UMarlM rakllc.
I C»lil« Aitdro*n J "llAM-nrr."
Conns: IMford McNeill's, MoreingIc
Null's. Ultwr's.
| <i*lKKNW<N'IMM:.
U ...  MIDWAY, B.C.
Customo entries aeaaei. Mlnaral Aet
•nd Und Aet teaar* drawn up. Afn-
dsvlti taken.  Akitraeu nude.
toramunlcntloni by nail or talspbone
promptly attended te.
We have just received a fine line of
Our aim is to carry the very best the
market can supply, at the
lowest prices.
Rkndell Block, Greenwood,
I'koiw oe, v. o n.
A. R. Un. Soe. C. E.
Provincial Land   Surveyor
yy   B. RICKARDS & CO-,
l{eal Estate
ToNtoRUt Artist.
Kor ii llr.l .,•!»«. slinv... Hnir (Jul. Se» Instill
ot sliiLinliim. call at llm above parlor.
lUn.rH honoii and ground.
Ktrril  STItKKT,  • -   •  MIDWAY, B. ('.
All Hindi ef te-Mlrla*-.    Ilareaehoeln*,
A samlalt.'.
Pikst-Class  AnoomtoDATlON   rok OURSTS.
tf  Kjorll.rt flnhlna iki Kat.lo Klvur.JW
Tas. h. bushT
All klndi of w»r_ wwMtwl to
tht tatittMtloii of oHttOMor*.
Wm. St. Qutntin, Prop.
KviivytliiiiK   Klrm-tili»MM.
H. KEYES, Prop.
foist Accommodation,
Bos-, Liquors and Cigars.
First-Class Stabling,
Praetieal Wateh Hiker,
«««d Teolt, Pitmy Material,
•"« 1« year, tip-tones te do
o**t Mnwtly.  .  .  .
I Hotel Spokane,
A new building, well furnished.   Everything new
and first-class.    Only the choicest  Wines,   Liquors
and Cigars kept in stuck.    Headquarters tor Mining
s and Commercial Men.
__ss_s____i ________ _k_b_k_i a
h_A__t _ik_A _ikika^
Midway Meat Market
K. A. MATTHES, Proprietor.
At this establishment customers can get choicest cuts oi
  _.. _ *
.  • XOmOwAtrmw^xhow earns. Otxm pi'»iut«»»  .  ■ j
Therefore Monte are always fnish ahd sweet   ('nil and get n good joint *
fur dinner to-day. f*
TELEPHONE 311- P. O. BOX 25.
(£       Oreenwood, Boundary Creek, B. C.
We have opened the above hotel at (ireenwood and
are prepared to welcome guests anil provide good accommodation.    Good catering.    First-class Livery Stable.
Seasonable Goods
Downtoactualcost. 20 per cent less than formerly
Having a large stock of Summer Goods on
hand, and wishing to dispose of the same, we have
made the above reduction, bringing ihese goods
down to actual cosl.
Fancy Ginghams, for Shirt Waists ; Fancy
Zephyrs and Chambrays, striped and checkered ;
White Muslins, Fancy and Plain Outing Hannels,
Organdies, and numerous other seasonable gords for
Ladies' and Children's wear.
Ladies' and Children's Straw Mats at greatly reduced prices. Only a few left, as they sell last at
our prices.
Clothing for Men and Hoys to be sold at a sacrifice, so don't miss the opportunity. Bicycle Hose
antl Sweaters.
Shoes in Tan and lllack, to suit nil tastes.
The Grocery Department is stocked with a full
'goods sold at small margin tor cash.   Pros*
Robert Jaffray Issues a Circular Letter to the Shareholders, Advis-
in-; Them to  Take  Up the
Bond   Issue  of $75,000.
Robert Jaffray,of Toronto, president
of llm  Republic  Consolidated   Cold
Mining- company, hue Issued a cjri'uiar
letter to the shareholders,  admitting
thrill to lake up tlm  pmpiuntil   timid
issue uf $78,000 which Ium lieen nfferttd
to   put. ilm property on a working
basis.   In his letter he says in part 1
'Su firmly am I convinced ibattHe
Acceptance of the proposal is iu your
inteiest tlmt in iiililition to large
amounts already contributed by me In
ilie effort to net tbe company oui of
its ilitllciiltii's, I mu willing, if necessary, in take personally 95,000of ihe
ipfi.iM) lir.iub on tlm terms set uut in
the circular,
"Ynur present Investment, like my
own, has been made on the basis of
over $:i,000,000 valuation of a partly
developed property. Tbe present pro
posit I is on a bn-is of less than 11 ipiar-
temf a million valuation uf the saute
pl'operty brought when ibis expend!'
nui. is made to a point of development
thnt shoulil adequately test its value,
anil this is minimized by tbe condition
thul only 10 per cent shall be culled for
unless your committee feels justified
10 proceed with further development*
after independent competent exmuiiia-
"In addition to the mine nnd ils
bftisting machinery, etc., 1 be conipnny
owns the following stocks lu other
mining companies: ill,imn $1 shaves of
the Republic Ppwer &Cynnidii g company (150,000 1 it which is pi. dg.d as
rnlliiii'inl tu certain of the debts);
<*2H,.Vm $1 shares in Jim Blaine Cold
Minin(i company ; 08.030 $1 shares of
Boundary Republic Mining company ',
6!),000 $1 shun s Number U tiold .Mining
"If ihe shareholders fail to avail
themselves nf this proposal the likeli
hood is thnt all these assets, as well as
ibe mine iiself. will ultimately hive 10
go for ibe dehis."
Portions of ilie circular letter fiom
file directors of tbe couipiny giving
|iriHii'iilii>s uf tbe propositi loud isr.ii
nre as follows :
"The trustees regret to have to ad
vise yuu lhat it wis found necessary
s ine weeks ngn lo close dun 11 llm
mine, Un the strength of iheengin
eer's reports lis to quantities nnd value
of ore mined ami in sight, it wns confidently expected Lllill. the company
i would have been able to pay nil its
ileblgnnd proceed wiih the necessary
ilevelopmeul. In Ibis expectation lhe
Irustees have been disappointed. Afler
applying the proceeds of the ore dump
in reduction of the company's liabilities there are del.ts still unpaid tu lhe
amount, of about $170,101. with no presently available a*se's to Inpiidaie the
smile. The present proposal is thai
ibe company shall issue bonds, secured
hy Hrsl. mortgage ou all its property to
lhe amount of $:*KI,l«"l, payable in
three years with inteiest at (I per cent
per annum, ninth's! year's interest lobe
cumulative; lhat is, not payable except
nt the company's option unlil lhe end
of the second year, wilb Ihe nnlil lo
tlie coinpaiiy to pay Ihe bonds off at
any time with interest only to ihe dale
of payment.
One bundled and seventy thousand
dollars of such homis representing
face value of present debts, to be handed to ihe creditors in consideration of
their granting an exiensiun of lime
until the minority of ibe bonds.
Seventy-Hve I housand dollars of the
bonds to be oifered to lbe share-
holdeis at 80 cents on the dollar,
pay 11 ble in eight instalments, each of
III per cent of the face of the bonds.the
first instalment to be payable 011 or
before November 1(1, and the remaining six Instalments in monthly payments thereafter, proceeds to be applied exclusively  to  development of
iii'dware and Shelf Ware for Builders
HAIN & CO., General Merchants
the mine through ad independent committee of, say live members, one to lie
selected by Ihe l-uard, mm by the creditors, the remaining Ihree by the subscribers of such $75,000 of bonds, their
selection to lie made ill. a meeting to be
called at thin oflii-e after the whole
$7ii,000 lias been subscribed, tlie election to lie derided hy tbe majority in
the amount of bonds subscribed. The
remaining 985,000 nf Ibe bond issue of
$300,0011 to be kept in the treasury in
reserve and not to lie used for any purpose without tlie approval of the com
uiittee, lbe board of Irustees and the
It will be observed that the proposed
committee nre to receive tbe proceeds
of Ihe $75,000, lhat same is to lie held
in trust for development, and I but tbe
coiiiinillee while acting in concerl
with the hoard will bave entire charge
of tbe work of development until the
liabilities nre paid olf,
ll is further understood that after
payment of the first instalment, aud
In-fore proceeding wilh tbe woik, tlm
committee shall satisfy itself by independent inquiry of the advisability of
the proposed expenditure, and will be
entitled lo cease development and can
ccl future payments at any lime lhe
committee deems advisable, in which
case subscribers not iu default in their
payments will Iai entitled to bends
sufficient at HO per cent to represent.
the payments made by tbem. Subscribers making default in any payment for more than 15 days shall
thereby absolutely forfeit the payment
theretofore made and all rights under
their subscript ions, and the. bonds
subscribed for by such defaulters shall
be at the absolute disposal of lhe cum
Your Irustees are strongly advised
by practical mining men that the
work of development should be pro
cced with to a depth helow the presenl
water level, say 1000 feet In all froni
top of mine, and that lbe prospects if
'development is carefully and ecouomi-
cnlly proceeded with lire good, tha!
ibe pioperty will ultimately yield a
laige return to shareholders. To reach
the proposed level mean., sinking be
tween 300 and 400 feet beyond present
development. The Quilp mine, lying
a little further up stream lhan your
property, Ims found a very valuable
ore body by ibus sinking below water
level. Mines in nther camps have under similar circumstances developed
ore bodies nt exceptional value.
So far as your trustees can see, unless
the shareholders are prepared to take
up promptly the $75,000 of bunds on
the terms stated, there is no course
open hut to have the property disposed
of for the lienetlt of the creditors,
A railway is now being built into
the camp. Within a year there will
lie easy access at reasonable freight
charge lo the smelters. This will
afford a chore and competition for
tlie different classes of ore lietween
lhe smelters and the mill of lbe cyan
iding company, which on account of
practical stoppage of mining in the
oamp ha. also for I he time being bad
to shut down. Everything Indicates
lhat lhe next year at any rate shoulil
be devoted to careful developnienl
carried on under conditions of rigid
economy and wil bout any at tempi to
reduce the ore. Office and general expenses have already been reduced and
will be brought down to a nominal
figure as speedily as practicable.
A.II subscriptions nra to be returned
unless the whole $75,000 is subset ibeii.
1 he Yukon Telegraph.
A coast exchange of tlm llth inst.
says :
Next week will see the Completion of
lbe Yukon telegraph.
It. is expected thai, by Ibis day week
messages will be travelling over the
2,000-mile Dominion government telegraph line connecting Vancouver with
Dawson, aud tlm northern goldfields,
Anyone wbo imagines ihat the work
The tonnage of ore shipped by the mines of the Hoiindary
District during September, to 1 ith inst., so far as ascertained,
is as under :
Old Ironsides and Knob Uill group 11.413
Mother Lode  4.410
BV C  870
Winnipeg  200
King Solomon  100
Snowshoe  250
No.  7  120
Total 17,363
Shipments during 1900 totalled 97,781 tons, and during
the current year to September 18, 257,696 tons, making an
aggregate of 355,477 tons,
nf telegraph construction is any light
operation should visil, the course ut
the wire through some  parts of the
northern wilderness. There have ever
been people who contended that tlie
line should have been completed ill
three months, lint tlmy do not take
luin consideration the stupendous difficulties. The work involves the opening of n good trail for the whole dis-
j tnnce of 2,000 miles. Trees have been
filling ihere for the past (1,000 year-.,
and with ibe tremendous pile of ttndi 1-
brush, ihe work of clearing in the interminable succession of northern
swamps is almost unending,
Commenced in April, ltXXl. the tele
graph line has been buill from Ashiil'OfI
111 llazelion, llazelion lo Atlin, Ailin
to Dawson an I Dawson tn Port Egbert on tbe Alaskan lioundaiy lin .
Spur lines have also been nm to Kin I,
Simpson, 10 tin' Oininecn goldtlt J.ls nir.l
other pnints, making the mileage 1 f
line laid exceed tlm two tboil'iilid mile
iiinrk. Tlm work has lieen carried on
under tlm superintendence of Mr. .1. li.
Gharleson, of Ottawa, brother of M r,
D. Fi. Obaileson, of Vancouver,
Owing 10 ilm wild, unexplnred country through which the line pusses, ils
consl ruction bas been a most difficult
and Arduous piece of work, In pi ici
the const run ion pany has been IoichI
to wmk in snow live feet deep, and hi,
au altitude of 8,750 feet, Between 7."i
and SO experienced telegraph cms. 111
tion men have been employed on the
work, besides a large number of packers. With the exception uf the sec.
tion of the line between A-hi-ruii aol
Qnesnel, 225 miles, ami the IUwmmi-Ai-
lin section, tbe construction parly bail
lo cut. its own trail, pack every pound
of wire, tools, fond, etc, ereel poles,
and In fact, cut iis own road and run
the telegraph wire through a roniilry
practically previously untrodden by a
white iiiiui. The line Was sluiteil aL
both ends,
The sections weie hnili, as follows ■
Bnnni tt to Dawson 5JI)
li.iwsmi  to   American   boundary
Ium, Fori Egbetl  IK):;
Tnglsh 10 Atlin  05
Ailin to Telegraph ('reek 211
Telegraph Creek to Hiwlton HXI
Qnestietto Ashcroft  225
Uay.eltim to yiiesuel  -105
A'luinft i.. VaiKoiutr 2i.l
Over tlie lasl section llm wires were
not laid, it being lhe iii'enlion of the
government to utilize the Canadian
Pacific railway lines over Ihis portion.
The tolal distance of the line fioui
Vancouver to Dawson is 2,17.1 mill..
In addition to tbis, a spur liuet'om
Hazeltiui to Port, SinipMin. I0SJ miles,
has been 1111 ill, and is already in operation.
To construct the line the erection of
eleven bridges was necessitated lo
cross the various intersecting and un-
forilable rivers. Where the work is in
progress now, on lbe Alexander river,
a bridge 110 feet, long has had to be
buill lo carry llm supplies, wire, etc..
aciuss, lu some places sonic veiylong
spans of wire lind to he made lo cross
the rivers and ravines, notably one in
the Yukon, al Ogilvie, where lbe span
crossing the river is 1,180 feet long.
Along 111" line 17 telegraph stations
and linesmen's bouses have been built.
These are 10 miles apart, and midway
between each two is a rcfugi-hoiise so
thai in lbe event of a breakdown on
any sect 1011, ihe men ai each end tan
travel down till they find the break,
meet, and spend the night nt the halfway refuge, returning to tbeir stations
the next day,
Tlie telegrnnli stations on the line
are Bennett, Carlhoo Crossing, Tnglsh,
While Horse, Lake Lebsrge, Uootulln-
qua, Little Salmon, Five Fingers, Selkirk, Selwyn, Stewart Hiver, Ogilvie
(at this point the wire crosses llm river
on a 1,180 feet span; twn atrandsof
wire have been laid across here in case
one shoulil he broken) and Dawson,
Prom Dawson the wire continues03j
miles to the boundary line tu connect
with the United Stales telegraph line
to St. Michael and Cupe Noun . Thei e
aie also telegraph staMons nl Atlin,
Pike Kiver, Nakinn, Telegraph Cieok
and many other points fiom tliere to
Qnesnel and Ashcroft.
The llazleton-l'o.'l Simpson spur is
over a remarkably difficult section of
cuiintiy, and is raid I.y some of lbe
construction parly to be the hardest
country ever travelled over'.y n Canadian. When this section of line wns
completed Mc. Uharleson stalled out
lbe crew to connect the ends of the
two lines working from thn north and
snulh. He travelled witli thc men
from Kssiiigion to Wrangel and up the
Stikine, l_ miles above Telegraph
creek, where be met the party winking from the north, and after seeing
the work to make lhe connection well
Started,   be   left   foi    Wfiingel   on   :i
Thursday,   Reaching there the next
day  he just caught the slimmer  for
Vancouver, arriving here on the Mini*
day, and accomplishing ii rocntd piece
of travelling.
(Continued on page 4.) C. M.OBOUSB Manaokr
HiiWishnU   weekly  uf Mlilwny, II. 0,
Snlirioription Prloo, S'i.im por iiiniiitn, payablo
lu iitlvaii.-tr, iiillier yearly tir liulf-yoiu-ly ut Ilie
opLinn of thu eubsonber.
Ail vertislng lUli-s sunt on applloattoll.
A nieeling for tbe purpose of forming a press association for Eastern British Coliiniliia will be held at Halcyon
Hot Springs on Monday, September
SO, There will be two sessions, one in
the afternoon at 'A o'clock und theuther
at. 0 p. in. The proposed programme
includes tbe inauguration of lhe institution, consideration of (.he constitution and the election of officers.
What is said to be "Uie highest Hag
iu ( anadn"—that which Hunts from
Mount Roberts, 2,500 feet above lloss-
liinil, li. V,—was lowered to iialfinast
when the .lentil of Wi Maui McKinley
was made known.' Such nets of sympathy and courtesy help lo blot out
Ihe long boundary line between the
twn countries, May the time come
When ii. will disappear for ever,—Spokane Chronicle,
A mail mny use llm wnrl on the hack
of his neck for a collar billion : may
ride on the hack coach on a train to
save interesl. on Iiis money until   the
conductor   come uml;   stop his
watch at niglil. to save Wear and tear ;
leave his i's and I's without n dot or
cross to save ink ; pasl nre his mother's
grave to save'hay ; but a man of this
kind is it scholat and a gentleman coin-
pared ith lbe man who will take a
newspaper, and when asked to pay
for ii, puts it into the post office and
has it marked "infused."—Ex.
Tbe annual statement of Canadian
trade for the Inst fiscal year, just is
sued hy Ihe customs department, is
quite satisfactory. After the extraordinary growth of the past few years
Canadians would not have been surprised to see the figures remain stationary for a year or bo ; or, perhaps,
even recede. On tlie contrary there
has been a considerable increase, the
nggregat/i trade of the Dominion rising
from $881,620,286 in 1900 Id $8S0,00H,-
153 in 10(11, au increase of $5,882,887.
If Ihe t-ompina ion had lieen made on
the same basis as last year the Increase
would have been over eleven millions.
Satisfactory features of the report are
those showing a slight increase in lhe
dutiable goods imported from Great
Britain and a slight decrease in the
dutiable goods brought in from the
United Slates. Under i lie influence of
the preferential tariff the current of
trade ft out Great Britain to Canada is
gradually gaining in strength, The
increase in duty collected during the
yehr was $215,879. On the whole Canada bus every right to be satisfied wiih
the showing mad...
The Silvertonian, of Silverlnn, has
suspended publication. The publishers,
the Matheson Bios said in llm Insl
issue that the acl of suspension was
necessary as iliose of its renders who
had noted the dwindling amount nf
adveitising pilronngo bestowed upon
the paper would realize. It wasfurther
stated thnt the Silvertonian has been a
losing prnpnB.fi.lon for ils publishers
for many months past and the end of
their suing had been reached. Then
they say : "During our four years in
Silvei ton we have done all that lay in
our power to advance Ihe inteiest of
the community ; we have taken part
in the occasional lights that come our
way, neither seeking or avoiding them,
and al.vays in a fair and open manner.
While we have made enemies in this
Wny, we flutter ourselves thai we have
made many more friends, and that the
Silvertonian has been a welcome weekly visitor to ninny homes," The paper
is not dead, but only suspended fnr a
time, for in conclusion the announcement says: "When Silverlon feels
the effect of the return lo prosperity,
which is certain in the not far distant
future. The Silverlonian will he revived. Thanking our friends for the
pasl patronage we remain, etc," The
publishers of the Silvertonian were
deserving of success as Ihey struggled
hard io ke p the paper going, and got
oui n i light newsy sheet. It is sin-
ii-re.y hoped that the lime may not be
long before the Silvertonian resumes
Dunsmuir's Finish.
.1. C, Brown, who was taken hy
Premier Dunsmuir out of the ranks
of the opposition to stand as a government supporter in New Westminster,
met crushing defeat, last. Wednesday,
his opponent, Thos, Clifford, receiving
a majority of 52.
The vole was as follows Thos. Clifford (opposition WW); .1. 0, Brown,
(government) 511, spoiled ballots, 85.
Cilfords majority 52.
Canadian Home Journal  Bought by
Hugh C. Maclean.
Tbat the tendency to ainnlga million
lurv n-days has lieen extended to journalistic circles as well as commercial,
is shown hy Ihe recent purchase of
tlie Canadian Home Journal, by Mr,
Hugh Maclean, publisher of the
Ladies' Magazine, Toronto, The Jour
nal, which was established many
years ngn, will be discontinued as a
district publication, and will he merged
into the Ladies Magazine, which has
already won a place for itself as the
popular home paper for Canadian
Logs Cut on Dominion Lands to be
Sawn In the Country.
Ottawa, Sept. 14,-The regulations
governing the granting of yearly II-
ci rises and permits to cut timber iu
Manitoba, the Northwest Territory
and the railway hell In the province of
British Columbia were amended some
time ago so us to permit the owners of
timber berths in the railway belt to
sell tbe timber thereon to aiill owners,
Ihe regulations having previously pro
vided that the timber must be manufactured at the sawmill of the licensee
to lie operated in conned ion wilh the
berth, There is therefore no pinvision
in tlm regulations as they exist at
present to prevent Ihe exportation of
logs cut on Dominion lauds in the railway hell of the province of British
Columbia, The minister therefore
recommends that the regulations be
again amended so as to provide that
all timber cut on berths in Ihe railway
belt in British Columbia shall be manufactured within liie limits of lhe
An oilier has been issued by Ihe ens
loins department providing that in fu
lure tourists' bicycles brought illlo
Canada by members nf the league of
American Wheelmen will be subject
to customs. The privilege granted to
members of the league in bringing in
iheir bicycles without making adepos
it has been withdrawn. They will
have to deposit the amount uf the duty
the same as oilier lourists, subject,
linn ever, to n refund within six months
if the bicycles are exported. The rea
son for this change is lhat the American wheelmen's league, who ugreed
through the Canadian wheelmen tn
indemnify the government for loss.hns
now refused to do so.
T    T    JA   A
Preparations Being Made to Receive
Second Furnace.
Two months ago the B, C. Copper
Company ordered from the Allis-
diamine Cumpauy a second furnace
for its smeller at Greenwood, and a
contract was entered into for its immediate manufacture and delivery
during the present month, lt is noi
unlikely that the labor difflcullies
manufacture^ hail to contend against
during the past few weeks will huve
somewhat delayed construction of the
furnace, but the necessary prepare'
I ions lor its erection at the smelter
have been made in the expectation thai
tlie manufacturers would be able io
complete il within the lime arranged.
Whenever it shall Is. received at lhe
works there will he no delay In setting
it up and starling it in operation,       [
Wiih lhe addition of more smelting
facilities comes the necessity for increased ore storage aciouiiiiodation
and olher conveniences for handling
don hie the quantity nf one heretofore
I rented at tlie smelter. In anticipation
of these needs Mr. Paul Johnson, manager of the simitar, has planned additions to I he ore bins, another railway
track over Hie ore bins and nther improvements, and to protect the ores in
the bins from snow and consequent
freezing solid, to roof over the upper
bins, the tramway to the sampling
mill, and the new bins and tracks
aliout to lie put in. The lower bins
nre already roofed over, and similar
protection to other parts nf the works
at present exposed to the weather will
guatd against any delay, otherwise
possible during the whiter inonlhs.
Tlie additions nnd improvements
now in hand will involve nn expenditure of about $12,000, and will require
in their construction besides other
material, somewhere about 400,000 feet
of lumber. Orders have already been
placed with ilie Y'ale Columbia Lumber
Company, Oreenwood, and Lequime A
Powers, Midway, to each supply one
car of lumber daily until all needed
shall have lieen delivered. The carpenters will heat woik on these enlargements next, week and mutters con*
nected therewith will be pushed, so
that ihe work may be completed liy
be time the now Hies.
The new bins will he similarly com
strncied to lhe existing ones, viz.,
framed by 12x12 sawn timbers and
lined with 3x12 planking. Tlmy will
add to the capacity of the lower bins
soinn 5,000 Ions, making a total slot-
age capacity of these bins about 11,000
tons, Tlm upper bins will hold about
3,000 Ions and the Inns in the sampler
about 1,000 tons, so that witli the additional accommodation now being
provided llm smelter will have ore bin
, icoiiiiiiodiition to tlie extent of about
15,(XK) tons. Tlie increasing custom
business the works are doing make it
necessary lhat there shall be plenty of
bins, so as to allow of the ores being
kept separate until they aro sent to
tlie furnace.
Excursion to San Francisco.
Septemher 28 and 27 Canadian Pacific Kailway will issue lirkels from
Midway to San Francisco and return
via Portland und Shasta route at
$66.06, Kor full particulars upply lo
local agents. Correspondingly low
i ntes from all points. J.S.Carter, 1).
Pi A„ Nelson.
(j. II. Collins and Geo, D, Leyscn
Were in Midway lust, week on tbeir return from a trip to the West Pork
country, where tbey have been looking
over ihe Bell, Washington and Idaho
and other promising properties.
It is only a question of a short time
until that portion of the CoastKooten-
ay Railway fromXudew to Midway
will be constructed. Tliis line would
be now being built, but for the scarcity
of laborers. When this road is built,
most of the spur lines to tlie different
mining camps will start from here,
making this the railway centre of this
district. With the advent of more railways into Midway the prices ofreal
estate will advance, and the choice lots
purchased and taken off the market.
Show your good judgment by buying
now. Midway property will make you
rich. It is not a speculation, it is an
For prices and terms apply to
Oertiflcnte   of  Improvements.
Black Pink, Busn Hat. Huh B*:u,,_.l3ijcK.
Jack, Urn. Kak Wbst, anil I.itt'k Bkssik"
Minkiiai, Claims, -
Situate In Yuneman group of SummfcMlmp,
Similkameen river Osoyoos Mining Division of Yale District. ..-
TAKK NOTICK that I. Cluw. Ilelllnis Orooii,
us agent fnr Kilwaril Biillnek-Wetistiri-,
free minors oorfiflcnte nunilier utttlii",
intend, Hixiy itaya frnm Ilie ilate boron?] lu.
upply lo tlm Mining Recorder for ii.t'crtillquc'
nf linprnvianenlH. fnr tlio purposo4of oouUnnig
a Crown Orant of the atmve claims,
And further take nntleo Hint nclion under
secHnuJITinust lie eolilnieneeil before tlie issuance of sueh Certiflciite of linprovemtiiils.. .,.
Hilled this 17th dny of July, 1001.
12c CHAS. null. 8BBKK,
Dr. R. Mathison,
Certificate of 'Improvements
VKHNON II. C'    ■  '•  " ' I -'
AmmaaO  _*o_™w-
Thk Koyal Insuranck Ooy,
Thk London and Lancashirk Fire
Insurance <;oy.
The Insuranck Coy. of North
The London and Canadian Fire
Insurance Coy.
The Sun Life Assurance Coy us
The Dominion Building and LtUii
Appraiser for the Canada Permanent Loan and Savings Cot
( Tiiii'Nii Minkuai, claim.
I Situate in Yuneman group. Summit camp.
S|mllkanieen    rlvc,    Osoyoos   Mining
DtvlrSloii'i* tnle District.
TAKK NOTff'Klliut I. Chns. dolllols Ureen
nsnsentfiir Kihvnid Bullock-iVrhsterfree
miiior'n eeriitleaie Solium: and foi Join,
I olliiij free miner seel I illoaln No. iillllllli iniend
•sixly daya fropi tlie dalo. hereof, in uimlv In
,'tho Minion Heeeriler, for a Corllflcato of I'm
■ prorcinoiil far tllij purpose o( obhltlloit a
Crown Grant of the fibfa'lo claim.
. A nil iutlhiir.-tnke. notice that action, under
. section 37; hiiist |», Cniiiinmieed before n„. |wu
1 ance of such CerlifleKtu of Improvement*).     ■
Dated tills Uth dny of July, |«II.
- l-'o CllAS..doBUIl«(IltKKN.
Oovernrnent Town Lots in
Eholt and Fairview
Mineral Act. 1896.
Certificate  of  Improvements,
koiulitan and kingston khaltion
Minkhal Claims.
Situate ill the Osoyoos Mining; Division of
Yale District.  Where Located :-Camp
TAKK NOTICK (lint I, Charles dc Blot.
I Oreen. ns nj-iuit for Peter Scotl, frei
miners ccrlltlcalo No. MllS.1, Intend,
silly days from ihe dale heroof, lo apply
to the MiiiuiK Itcconler for a eerilllnniu of
iniprovoinenln, for the purpose of obtaining
a Orown grantof tbe above claim.
And further take notice that action, under
section ,«, must ho commenced hefore iho Issu
ance of such eertlfleato of imiirovenicnls.
Haled Ibis Mb day if August, KOI,
,nc 0. null. (IKKKN.
Gertliivnto   of  Improvement*.
NOTICE Is hereby given that, under Instructions, I will offor. for sale nt I'llblle An,-,
tlnn nt lho Government ntliee. Kairview, '„„
Salurilnj-. the 2l«t NriitoiiilKir, Inst,, nt. 2
o'clock |i. in., the following town lots in the
I'kikckto.v Minkhal claim.
Situate In the Osoyoos Mining Division
Block ti,
lllock 83,
Block 21.
Block 25,
Block '.'II,
Block 27,
Block as.
Block ail.
Block ill).
l/iis 1 tn IM
1.01s 1 tn IM
I/ils I to IM
Hot* 1 lo IM
Lots I to IM
l,ols I lo IM
l/ils | in IS
1/iln 1 to 18
Yale  District.   Where located
i     Hedley.
TAKE NOTIOK thai   I, Charles dolllols
.    Often, ns agent   for Peter Heolt   f
miners oertlnoato Nn. iitliliiii, and tor. Ill
. ''i'l "• Bnruig, free minors' nerllfli-atn v„
! S8DM .iiitciid. sixty days fr,,,,, tlto dato hereof"
■ to apply |» the Mining lieenrdnr for ,, WIII
I pate of Improvomonts, tor tho purposo of
tabling a Crown (Irani of the above(otalm.
And further inke nolle,, that notion  um
Motion nr. must be commenced bofore
Hated this30th day of August, KJni.
I8" <;. null. ORKKN
And at Kholt on WedneHlny, the 2,itli N*n.
t.nilKT, Inst., nt 'J o'rlwk p. iu., the following town lots in tho
Block 5, Lola I lo III
Block tl IMS I to at
Block It. Lots 1 to II
Block II Isilsljioai
lllock III, l/ils 1 to at
Block 20,1.OI* 1 10.21
Terms 211 per cent cash s balance In, ten dnys.
Wi h. NORHIs,
Assistant Commissioner of
Lands tt Works,
(lovcriimonl Office, Vernon, Bopt,;, ]u-,i.
il Job Printing
Carrying His majesty's Hails
Will leave MIDWAY on Tuesdays, Thurs-
days and Saturdays, nt S.30 a. 111., arriving at
CAMP McKlNNEY.af.5p.1n.
Returning will leave CAMP ftfcKINNEY „n
Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 9 a, m
reaching MIDWAY at 1.30 p. m.,and making con'
nection with the train Kr°'l1J,r east at 2 "'clock.
The best of accommodation for
the convenience ef the
travelling public.
Chloride of Lime
Lime Juice
'm  Have   Tlxoxtx.
The Midway Pharmacy
1<;h'I'AHI.I*<II|.'.Ij    1hm;i.
Our  Si'kcui.tiks—Varieties Profitable in British G.!,
Trees Free Irom Pests.
Send for Free Catalogue)   |   E. Mltciikksox, Manager.
The Riverside Hotel
Is situated at Rock Cre .k, B. C, on the main
route of travel between Penticton and all Boundary Creek points.
Good Hunting. Good   Fishing.
Best of Accommodation.
S. T. LARSEN, Proprietor.
Spokane Falls &Northern
RjULway Co.
Nelson & FL Sheppard
Railway Co.
Bed Mountain
Railway Co.
The only nil rail routu botwoon
nil points Bast, West nntl .Smith
to KoNNiiiii.i, \eiabn und nil
liitoriiioillnto points ; connotii*.
IBff nt Hpokmio with tho Uront
Northern, Northern Paolfloaild
0.11. & N. Co.
P«oinoH*llw*vfor Boundnry Craek points.
Connects at Mayer's Falls with st«e dally
for Republic. *
Buffet Service on Passenger Tr»|n, ta.
tween Spokane and Northport.
day 'num.
U'axn. An-lnr.
S*NE     tl.iw,,,,     J ;„.,,„
NhLa0N     »M4     M/I,,.in.
*■■   -A-   f-tAOXXAMOXr,
Oonoml I'h-hciikoi- Agont,
pan mm
^11 Rail .• bake Me
Soo Line.
(via St; lJinil or Olilcnif")
Seplember 17, October 1. '5
Tlirough HIppplfiR I'"1'
Ono Clianga to lluffnl".
Knr tt'iin Inliliw, MtM rttsfl full l"''"']"''l„"t"
rail nn ornddros* N. W. IIAM.i:'. '"•"'
Mlilwny, or
fi ui o'Aiwitn,       k. •'• «'•'■' '■
l>. P. A., A.O.I' ■»■'
K»lMll, II. I).       V»iir<m>"' "■'' ■ LOCAL ANU ui» i hiv i
______ _tidi________S__\l__r.mHm-m\G$1.ty
Wwt, Uiiriiniii', »f Pboenix, after
WLnAlngatew days in Midway, re-
■fried home lust week.
■U Arthur Kendell, of Eholt, was in
Midway yMterday. on his rej-uri) from
■tri|, „p the West K'.rk.
■ Jiidifo t'eAmt hfts ttxfd 0cloiwr 7 *8
L date for the next alt tin-* of the
Liity *»«"''' ut Oreenwood.
» Mr.i. I*. Meyerhoff and family, who
■ave heen rusiieating   for lhe past
Knv weeksatOkanagan Falls, returned
1 It   II. Oilpi". ciillector of ciiHtoins,
■iijin.l Fork*., P»'d «" "fflpil>l visit to
Kldway o" Wednesday.   He wasac-
EmiianiedhyMrs.Oilpin. I
I A E. Schon, eldest son of Dr. Srlinii,
Lrrriiwoiul. who has just  recovered
Eriiin an attack of typhoid fever,  is
EpendlnK « f,'w ,,H>'B'" Midway,
I W. II. Webb, returned on Saturday
■mm Spiikane, where he attended the
■ntereKtate fair and  Blks' Oarnivul,
Krhlch he says is hy far the Iihbi ever
■held in that city.
I A. W. English, of tlie Uink of Coin*
Lieive stuff. Oreenwood; lasl week met
Iwith a piinfnl acrident which will pie*
Iveiii. liim fi attending to hlsdutlep
■for several days. He, was leading a
■caynse when the tnilital hegan pulling
lliiuk, catching oue of Mr. Knglinh's
ItlngerH in the reins and lmd I y .lacerating ''•
I His Worship Mayor E. A. Hain, of
I Midway, is in receipt. Of an Invitation
I tn the Provincial Exhibition and Oiti*
jjens' Celebration at Queen's Park,
If-xx Westminster. The invitation is
lacoJimpunifd by a Guest Madge, which
Igives free admittance to the exhibit ion
j grounds al all times.' Itis nice to lie
ithe'liaynr of a town.
| A despatch sent nut from Orand
| Forks states that the (iramly people
I hnve made arrangement)) to piospei't u
I large urea of land up the North Koi k
1 uf Keltic river recently applied for
f under licences to prospect for coal.
I Nmices Hied at the Government oilier.
I Greenwood, now show about On appli-
j cat Inns for licences.
\V. Godfrey, manager of the Bunk
of British North America, Vancouver,
jpi.l   Greenwood   another  visit  this
week,   lie came in last Saturday night
anil   remained   here   until   Tni'sday.
Whilst I Here he was shown over the H.
| I'. Copper   loiupany's   smeller   and
j Mother Lisle mine, and besides saw
several nthei pr iperties iu the neigh*
Government iigent McMynn is offer*
ing a rewaid of $S50 for pvidenrc thai
will convict the robin-re, or any "f
lliem, who on the night, of t he Mid insi.
robbed Fred Kaiser and other permute
: in ihe Commercial hotel, Lboti, of
iiuiiiey ami jewi try valued in atiotii
.'•'.'.nun. So far as is known, lhe poli.i
have not socreeded in (lulling any elite
Ui lhc identity uf the rnhl eis,
The people of Midway made no ostentatious display ot mourning la-i
Thuisday, the day on which President
McKinley ..was. buried. Nn sai'vici*
were held. The people simply refrained froni doing business, and all those
who had Hags kept Ihem at half mast ;
und yet no doubt this is lhe liest e'vl
deuce of the sincerity of the feelings
of ihe people nf Midway over Ihe death
of the president of the great republic
I., the south of us.
lima Wells, committed for trial last
.mini li it Phoenix on a charge of rob
' inu: Fred .Inhnson, a Swedish miner,
1 U SK) hiving elected for speedy
. oil up lit-fnre .liidge Ijeainy al
ti'iml Forks Friday last,Sept.20. II.
s ('..ley appeared on hehalf of the
prisoner, while the ease was prosecuted
by clerk of the peace W. G. McMynn,
nf Greenwood, who had David White
"ide, of Phoenix, as his counsel. The
judge, h-lieving that .Inhnson had not
sufficiently identified the prisoner as
Hie woman who si oie lhe money, dismissed the rase,
Mrs. K. T. I,nrsen, of Rock Creek,
reunited |.,Ht Mmid iy from VHiicmver.
"her., she vjeni. I ■ riil,.-inl lhe tutieiiil
uf her i.m oer. lohi McGivgni, whon
'I'Ulh lesulicd Iron injuries .sustained
bum falling «jf the uk if of a barn
Mr. McGregor had taken his hnrse ton
blacksmith shop in a small lown nea
Vancouver tn Iw shot). The blacksmith
*iw busy shingling u ham roof and
Mr. McGregor offered to work iu his
I'luce while the blacksmith shod his
hnrse. He bad only worked a few
minutes when he slipped and fell off
Uie building, injuring his spine, which
resnlird iu his deHth.      '   '
'tis reported that the vein In a
slmfi now being sunk nn what is known
"the Hallway lodge of the Winnipeg
mine, in Wellington camp, Is widening
"nd looks very promising. 11 is de-
"'•wed that one car of oie from the
■"In setn out, a' short, lime ago, aver-
"Ked mum in all values, wilh gold the
PHtlclpal precious metal. A small
""ist has heen placed over the shaft
""<1'I gallnws frame erected, and the
or" «s It comes from the shaft is low-
wil to th« ears.   The hig nre Imdy
'"crcd ahout tw,, months ago at
J1" »«lfooi level ronllnues to "open
"P well, nnd the eighl, foot vein met
, ' " on 'he other side nf the east, dvke,
"* eroMcut south from thn same
„_'" ''"Proving as it Is being driven
Mr' and Mtm.'C. M. Shaw and .1.13.
[**.« returned to Greenwood front a
"I'loUm siniilkameen.   They wero
y hel*««n two and three vievts,
weather was wet. and cold and ope
morning they experienced a fall of six
inches of snow. Whilst tip lhe Tula
ineen they met Mr, Moberley, one of
the engineers employed hy the provincial government to try lo find a pass
suitable for a railway through the
Hope mountains. As Ml, Shaw six
years ago spent some time in these
mountains seeking a pass for the V.
V. k E. railway, he was in a posilion
to give Mr. Moln-rly some useful information. Mr. William Fleet Itolwrt-
son, provincial mineralogist, was also
met in the mountains, and he and Mr.
Shaw also exchanged notes of the
country each had passed through.
Before returning Mis. Shaw had the
pleasure of seeing «.large grizzly beai
in his na:iv« hwiiitH. Whilst sitting
on her horse wailing fur the return'of
Ihe men, who had gone trail burning,
she saw bruin come over ihe bill and
pass within a shmt dislance, Mr.
Leckie, coming hack .i few minutes
later, also saw the grizzly, bin liy lhe
time he reached his horse ami obtained
his rifle ihe bear had gut away in ilie
brush. Like all other recent callers al
lt;chler's,   at   Kereiueos,   Mrs.   Hliaw
was enthusiast iu in her ace tnf ihe
pi'Ollfiu emp of fruit Mr. Hichierhas
this season. As a trophy of his visit
Mr. Leckie now wears a but band of
rattlesnake skin ornamented with a
bunch  of  ten   rallies. — Greenwood
 r *.	
The Dayton, Camp McKinney.
It is reported lhat the Daylon claim,
near Camp McKinney, Is lo be worked
hy Dr. Davidson, formerly interested
with Messrs. Dier and Hussell in Fair-
view mining properties. The follow-
Ing reference In the Dayton appeared
iu an account of Camp McKinney
claims, published last year:—"Last
November some excitement wan created by the report thai, free gold lunl
been struck on the Day toil, it claim
lying nn ihe 'hug back' which runs
southward ahoul Itvo miles due east of
tbe cainp. Tbe gi-ld occurred in gossan
and was found iu large quantities
when the vein was opened up. Color-
could be obtained by panning any of
iho rock. The claim was located u
year ago and shorlly after Ibe strike
of free gold was bonded and sinking
was cotiiniencsil. The ore, however
proved refrat lory nnd the bond wa*
allo,ved to lapse, hut lhe owners of
I lie claim Continued lbe shnfl down
ina depth of .Mi fujt and crosscut
twelve feel easl In lhe vein. Surface
crosscuts were also made, in ull uf
which link was found thai would pan
well. The strike of the vein is norib
40degrees West, and it dips about 70
degrees east, assays of $72, $1X1 and
$812 have been secured I'i oni the surface, hut these were, of course, speci-
iii. n iisKitv*:"
 r * .	
Prospecting by Electricity.
Au invention has turned up which is
designed to pui prospectors oul of hu--
iucsp. It. is un electrical device and
has been patented! Inlerest i* being
iaken in the proposition by western
n.Hiiuirmen who consider jl .feasible
and liased on scientific principles. The
claims for the device aie set forth in
the following languuite by E. Di Owen,
a Chicago attorney whu is promoting
ii in tlie west:
"Our invention is an electrical apparatus fnr locating mineral in the
earth and for indicating tbe quantity
nf the metal and ils depth helow the
"Itis impossible lo give a description
of the principle in a few winds, bul
putting it in as short, n form as possible,
it is this : A streak of iiielril in the
earth has more rnlitaclivity lhan the
earth on each side, and we have a system hy which we can measure lhe con-
(activity as compared to the eurlh,
"We drive mils Into the earth at nny
given distance apart, which may he 100
nr several thousand feet, anil connect
these by wire on the surface. The
electric current is sent over this wire
frnm nne terminal to the nther, As is
well known to electrtciiins tbis circuit
will iniiktM circuit Ihrough I he ground
sons to get back In the poinl from
Which it slatted. This principle is
Used III telegraphy and hv telephone
companies. In making this circuit the
current will seek out the pull) nf least
resistance ; and if llieieisa conductoi
in ils path in musing ibis ground circuit, or near enough io influence ii, it
will seize up.ui such conduct or.
"A metallic slnuk nr body in the
earth wnuld form this conductor and
we have delicate electrical appliances
for measuring this resistance oroon*
(activity. We move -Ihese terminals
driven Into -the gtonhrt '.n greater
number of different points over tbe
urea proposed to be surveyed and by a
method of coinpiifis.iii we ascertain
where Ihe metallic streak is lu be
'•The pilnciples involved are not
new. but it i* the met bud of iheir appliance thai is the Invention, Hoih
iliis method and Ihe apparatus am
envered by n number of patents.
"It is my opinion thnt it will nol be
lung before we will revolutionize prospecting nnd make whal bus lieretufore
•'It shonlil not liecniifiisi.il with magnetic appliances operating hy a-traction oi repulsion.   11- is on nn entirely
different principle.
"Wedonot pi'Clenil In le" lbe char-
of the foetal, »s nil metals nre
than the earth, nnd
Ihal we operate,    Coniniereiii
will usually be known
lietter coniiui'iois
it, is upon I Iiis principle
||y,   however,   tbey
| The Central Hotel ]
llth SL, Midway, B. C.
This is a new three-storey he tel, comfortably  J
h furnished throughout
{V **
ft The nearest house to the Railway Station.   The
wz most convenient hotel for railwav travellers.,
9 ty
fa s*M»*»»«««««*«*                                            JE
fa The best of accommodation in every respect
fa II
iK *a»»9999imbti99t)0**                                        JL
f S. DAHL, Proprietor.     *
T __C E
Lequime & Powers, Proprietors.
Manufacturers of all kinds of
Band Sawing and Job Work done to order
Telephone No. 12.   Telephone orders receivsvprompt
I Tha Travellers Insnrainee. Go.... f
I rrrrrrmTOXirroT j
I .... Of Hartford. Conn. §
t ,tx Tomnnnr.i
Chnrtnrtd 1803.
Mock Life mid
Accident Inntininrr.
ASSETS,.. . .
:\, .       ,,   .    -
January ist, 1897
J ISSJUK-S  thehesl life.,Insurance
D. I   outruns in lhe world.   No
$ «liNiip*»iiniincut txis to dividends.
ill Kveiyibini*   tuniiiHiiiecd in   ad-
* viinue. I'l-eniinni rules 15 In 25
$ per cent less than those of old
. line MtiUnil rompaniee.
$ _ _ .
Ht TheTriivt-lleiit'iiiiiliinaihm Accident Policy guarantees fornccid-'iitiil
f under ordinary conditions.
I Death Boiiotll     .....     |50«)      lam o( Right Hiuid     .     .       tlJMi
Hi Isias nt .Siiflil nt Both K.vos     .      ,0(10
* ho- „< 11.ill I'V.'I orll.illi llmuls 6,000
X Loss nf One llaml ami One foot MOO
i|i i'l'i'iirini'iit im al lll-wbilty 2 Arm
Uws of lag at or abovo Ktico
Loss of Left Hand     .   .     .
Low of KttliiT Koot.
Lom of alght of Ono l°ye .     ,
. 030
Liinits of   Weekly Indemnity $1,300.
u   AND, If such injuries hit sustninetl while riding n» tt piwsenKrr in
nny passenger conveyance using steam   sable,   or   electricity ns a
motive power the amount to he paid   shall ho DOUBLK  the stun
..•perilled in the clause tinder which the claim is made.
* Cost $52 a veau  to Professional  ami  Business
Men,ani) Commercial Travelers.
jjj Other sums at proportionate rates
^•W. H. WEBB,
Practical Wagon and Carriage Builder,
33. o.
Kepairfhg ot till kinds promptly aiul neatly expctitcH.
Carriage Painting a Specialty.
♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ^
Furniture, o
Carpets, |
Linoleums, i
♦♦♦♦♦♦ <)
Large Stoclc.   Low Prices. ,
V.   M.   CrULLBi'   Ss   CO
Lancashire House,;
: : MIDWAY,B.C. : :
'-' ®	
The undersigned having re-opened this well-
known and comfortable hotel invites the
patronage of all old customers and the public
Knriince-lieiitetl nnd fninfortably
fltlllislllll     I'dlllllS.
Mrs. Dowding, Proprietress.
"_—_—&—^—_3___&j__&'& i&i&__ _».jji:*. _*_x.'*» ■'»..'»k'^..v
^!^^»9rl^^^:^:^:^ ^^5? 99-zp 999 999i^,
!   JOHN J. FLOOD   f
Has opened up a :*,
\ In the premises formerly occupied by tj|i
V '  _Baa_»c5___lsK,7r  &  -SCa>xn-'i_5     ty.
\ , \y
\ and has on hand a first-class outfit of f'*
I Single aod Double Drivers \u
! Saddle and Pack Horses I
Will also conduct a transfer arid dray business.    Bus   JK
meets all trains.    Freight and express de- tSi
delivered to any part of the town. iff/
^€^€ €€€ €€€ €€€ €€€€€€€«€€^
ro*********************** **************************
THS    PROaF&OXOBS'    _3CO-t_.N__. ♦
No. 4  K.-W.-C. Dlook, Nelsoi . B. C. *
Ool'l. Sllvcr-liCml iimi tSiifpoV Mines irantod nl Un KXCHANOK, ♦
KHKK M1I.I.1NH QOLDfroporUoii wanted nl onw tor Kmilorn,|nvantot-s, ♦
Parties lnivliitfmtnUiitprn|H ny fur mile nru roquoetod to send MmplM ot their ore     A
to tlio KXCHANOK lor exhibition, ♦
LAlt BWnploji Bliniili he senl by oxpreis, PltEPAII). i *
CorrospotHloneonolielte.1.   Addroasnil eoiiiiiniiili'iUinns to *
A.s-x*Xwsm-taw X*.   X&o___Llt»__>j--rjc_*( H
ipbniiB No. 101, P. 0. liox 7im. NXLS0N,B.C.     i
********************************* ***************z
$ U Ti
THOMAS WALKER, Proprietor.
All the best brands of
Cigars and Tobaccos kept
constantly on hand.
Latest shades and patterns of Wall Paper now In
£ L
r t. Seventh  Street, Midway.
The Pioneer Newspaper of the
Boundary District-only
$2.00 per year.
Is prepared io
fill all orders
for Job 1'Hilling- at lowest
rates consist
ent with good
Rider Agents Wanted
tltiij in I'luli town I" I'iilenml. xliiiiiln mmnln 11*11 raodi'l hloyt h "f nur own
iniiniil'iiot.ui....   YOU VAS MAKE $10 Tl) $60 A WEEK, I)   Ides haVi&g.a
Wlll'l'l 111 l'llll' VIIIIIHl'lf.
1901 Models, High Grade Guaranteed,
1900 and 1899 Models, Best Makes,
500 Second Hand WSieels, taken in trade
by our Chicago retail stores, many good
as new
$10 to $18
$7 tO $12
$3 to $8
\Vi> will ship nnv l.ir-yi-li* ON .M'I'UOVAl, Inttnvnnp wi'limit, u eeni depn**
Ii in iiilvjinri'nml nllnw TEN DAYS F3EE TRIAL,   ymi tttkf alisolntfIj* no
l'iyk in ol'doring from us, iih vim iln nnl need In |my H t'l'llt if till" lili-yrl-' dni'fl
tint. «ini|. vnu. I)n mil Imv n wheel until vnu luive' written fnr mil' PAOTOHY
I'ltlt'KN nml KltKIO Till AI.tth'l.'KI!.   Tliis lllimnl    HVi htm nevoi ' <*.*n .-<ni..
It'll uml is ji ■m.-irnlil if tho qtlilltly nf 1 ur wlin'..    WC '.V.\ ST n ■'■   ih!i
nnmnn in null inwn tn ili.nil utp [.iiittloiiirn foi u* In rt liiiniii' I'nr n liirvr!.
Wiiti. Iniliiy ful' fr. v nilitlii((uo jiiiiI mu spi-i ml . ihi
%T. __». 7M-_i.i-iZ'*,mJi.  027-ole Oo., oi. «.-,.« ESPiJJWSJWWt'w 'i' <** »•' w »•» w 'i* w •■*
Beautifully situated at the confluence of Boundary Creek and Kettle River.
WILL BE T*e most important railway town in the  Kettle River  Mining Division.
The Wholesale Supply and Manufacturing centre of the Kettle River and Boundary
Creek Districts. v
The distributing  pint for   Upper  Kettle River, West   Fork  and Camp McKinney
mining camps.
The nearest Railway town to Republic,  Meyers  Creek,  Palmer Mountain and  other
Northern Washington mining camps.
The  leading residence town   in   the country, with an excellent   climate, pure water
supply and favorable sanitary conditions.
Business, residence and garden tots at tow prices and on easy terms.
Send for Maps, Prices, and full particulars to
Agent for British Columbia,
Midway, II. V.
Hu Been Taken to Phoenix and Will
Be Used In Hauling Ore to the
Oreenwood Smelter.
Thu Shay engine, which has been
undergoing repairs at the G. k W.
shops, has been sent to Phoenix
and will lie engaged in hauling ore
from the Phoenix mines to the Oreenwood smeller. The engine has hewi in
use between Trail and Rossland for
some time.
It was with a view to increasing the
loud uf empties that could be hauled
up Ihe mountain at one trip that the
Canadian Pacific purchased this engine. It is known as the Shay locomotive, and is so called after its inventor.
It was built at Lima, Ohio, and has
been in operation on the Canadian
Pacific road since last fall. The locomotive is cairiud on twn 4-wheeled
Irucks, one beneath the front end of
tbe hoiler, and the other beneath the
roal pocket, which is located immediately to the rear of the cab, Tbe water tender is carried nn a single truck,
and serves merely for carrying water,
for which it has a capacity of 2,IKJ0 gallons. The coal-ltox has a capacity of 6
tons. In place of the customary two
cylinders beneath the Hinoke-liox, working diiect upon the drivers, ihe engine
consists of three high pressure cylin
tiers, IS inches diameter by 17 inches
stroke, which are carried upon the
right hand side of the boiler nt the
front end of the cab, and are arranged
vertically above a longitudinal driving
shaft which extends the full length of
the engine. This driving shaft, which
is A inches in diameter, is arranged in
sections, with two universal couplings
hetween each of the three trucks, the
arrangements being such as to give the
Irucks full flexibility for taking the
curves. The flexibility, indeed, is such
thal.the locomotive can round withease
much sharper curves lhan with the
ordinary type, and it is claimed it is
less liable to derailment. The wheels
are all utilized as drivers. They are 40
inches in diameter, Ihe width of the
tiie, including the flange, being 8
The total weight of the locomotive,
when iu working order, is 112 tonsil weight which is only exceeded hy a
few of the latest locomotives built for
the ure carrying railroads of lhe East,
Results of operation show that, as the
result of her whclc weight heing available for adhesion, and of lite advantage gained by lieing geared down in
the ratio of '2 to I, this locomotive will
haul aliout twice the load that can he
hauled by tbe ordinary "tonsollda* ions"
of Ihe toad. The speed, of course, is
low on a grade of such a heavy elm racier, the average rate, with a full load,
un a 4 per rent grade, being about .IU
mile, uu hour.
The Yukon Telegraph.
(Continued from page 1.)
The main storage electrical batteries
on the line are stationed as follows:
Dawson, 400 jar battery ; Selkirk, 175
jars i Bennett, 250; Telegraph creek,
101); Atlin, 100; Haileton, 160; Port
Simpson, 100; Qnesnel, ISO. Repeaters
are fitted at the Ashcroft, Hazelton
aud Atlin stations, and at every refuge
station a special line-tapping equipment is provided to enable quick temporary repairs lo be made.
The gap between tbe north and south
ends of the line is now almut lift een
miles, and Mr. Charleson expects to
jeceive the Hrst through message about
September 15 or 18. The rate to Dawson at the present time, via steamer to
Skagway and over the White Pass line
to Bennett, is 94; $8 Dominion government charge, 75 cents White Pass railway charge, 25 cents steamer charge.
When the wire is completed it is hardly probable that this rate will be increased.
Buy to Criticise.
Il is easy to sit in the sunshine
And talk to the man in the shade.
It is easy to float in a well-trimmed
And point out the places to wade.
But once we pass into the shadnws,
We murmur and fret and frown,
And our lenglh from the bank, we
shout for a plank,
Or throw up our hands and go down.
It is easy to sit in your carriage
And counsel lbe man on foot;
But get down and walk and you'll
change your talk,
As you feel the peg in your boot,
It is easy to tell the toiler
How best he ran carry his park ;
But no one call rate a burden's weight
Until it has been on his back.
The up curled mouth of pleasure
Can preach of sorrow's worth ;
But give it a sip, and a dryer lip
Was never made on earth.
-Ella Wheeler Wilcox.
Handles the best Imported and Domestic
Cigars, Cigarettes and Tobaccos of all kinds
that can be procured.
All Papers and Periodicals of the day at
publishers' prices.
Provincial Land surveyor.
Architect and
Civil Engineer...
I^cal Estate,
Insurance and
Mining Agent
I all view TnwiMltw Agont.
... AllllKUMI. ..
rmaviicw, s. c.
Corrmpmidenue Solicited.
Certificate   of  Improvement!.
ItKAUt lltaH nuOTtox-.-. Minkkai. Cum
Situate In lb* Osoyooi UlnliKt Imislor. et
Vale   District   When located: C»m»
Hod lev
TAKK NOTICK Ihnt we. Jam.- MiKne.fw
minora otrlltliaie No. B3WIH. and It J.
Hortiw, free minora owllllrmi' N" s*}
intend, sixty djtya from tin- «»lr i"™'
to upply to lhu Mining Itooordor fora i .riilM*
of linpnivriniinla. fnrllir pur|ai-e nl uliuiiw*
a frown (Irani nf thu above rlsim.
And furthor uko notleo Ilmi act oil. »<'
section 17, mum   tic romnii'iirnl Uinn' «
ianumooofaueli Certificate "< linpiutcww
Holed thia Hat day Df AuSu."ijffl jiflgK,
ITo K. ii. BOIllNO.
RANCH of WO acres, sltuato one mltoW
Midway, Ml acrea under .'i'1"1"""!',
acres of which i» Itnod timolol; in«*J
IMonly of water is provided lu ''m P"
apring*. Thoio ia alao » boaullfu !' J
orchard on tho place tK-tjInnliiK to taw, «
hum*., bam* and oultmildlnKH.  Kor le "»
parlloular..pplyit.Hol,[,K|| >||||„||) |^
Arrangements have been made for
the British Columbia Copper Company
tu supply ow for fluxing purposes fnun
its Mother Lode mine lo the Hall
Mines smelter at Nelson. The mana
Her of the smelter recently visited the
Mother Lode, and took from Its big
quarry sample.* of ore, wbich upon heing tested was found to be suitable
for fluxing the ores that are treated at
the Nelson smelter. Shipments of
tbis ore will commence right away.
Riverside  Addition.
Just a Word!
To those contemplating an investment in Midway real estate, the information is
offered that on the Riverside Addition may be
found 300 very choice residence sites.
LOTS 50 x 125 FEET.
For terms and all other information apply to
W. H. NORRIS,        or        A. MEGRAW,
Midway, B.C Camp McKinney, B. C


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