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The Midway Dispatch C. M. Crouse Jan 9, 1904

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 '-   ;■■ "-'iinclay in towp
'<VttjW:    EIJSlUi«telB  the ■».,..
i^^^    '     M   " .Tal8 District.
■*nwi»d Camp.
LtylsUttve Library July' 12 ,1003.
Vol. 2, No. 28.
$2.00 per Year.
In making your resolutions for the year 1904
don't forget that you are taking no chances
when buying your goods at this store, as quality is OUR first consideration when buying
goods, and as we also give you your money
back if goods are not satisfactory.
ist's Sundries
Your druggist has a nice stock of them
Dressing Combs
Pocket Combs
Gentlemens Combs
Fi»e    Combs
K-'izor Strops
Curling Tongs; etc
Hair Brushes
Tooth Brushes
Nail Brushes
Lather Brushes
Bath Brushes
Manicure Files
Manicure Scissors, etc.
Graat Northern Reaches
The Great Northern has at
last rcivchcd Vancouve
own line, The opening of the
year saw the running of the
first train over the line just
complete!) from New Westminster to that cityi Tlie Great
Northern promised to have the
road completed by Jan. 15 but it
over its .       ui       .        .
from Phoenix, got
*...,«„.(!' ii u    i "'-ri"" "" lido   but'  close   the  property
wasafoi'tnightahead.   The rond ;. „,  ,   ,      ., .
„,,„„„.     .  v       ,,,,.,      Liens were   filed   by   the
connects at New Westminster I  , .    , '
„ ... ,1   ,        , .   n   , n  . .      Iployees and others and
with the branch to Port Guiehon j J. ;    _.   ,J
and Cloverdale on the Fraser
which in turn has connections
witli   Victoria and Seattle by
strictly Great Northern services. The Hill lines are now absolutely    independent   of   ull
others  in reaching Vancouver
Victoria and New Westminster
the three chief const  cities of
British    Columbia,     Hill   had
boen working slowiy hut surely
towards this end for a decade
and   now   he has carried out
plan* i'1'ieived a long while
back. All that now waits finishing is the provincial government bridge over the Fraser
at New Westminster. Until
that happens in tlie spring
:erry cars must be used to cross
the river,
It is given out on highauthor-
ty that the branch just opened between Vancouver and New
Wes'minster is the lirst link in
a line to the north by means of
which the Hill system will get
connection with the Grand
Trunk Pacific. If the Klondike
then otters sufficient .inducements the cross country road
will bo carried to the Yukon
and there will be an American
system stretching from New-
York, through St. Paul and
Spokane, to the United States
possession of Alaska.
lt is claimed that a line to the
north wonld tap a country not
alone valuable for its lumber
and minerals, but possessing arable land sufficient to provide
for all the Americans who rushed into the Canadian northwest this year.
Winnipeg Mine Will Be Sold.
A few   weeks ago  the  Winnipeg miile, loeated in Wellington   camu.  about   two   miles
into  financial difficulties, and   operations
jwere   suspended,     The   hank
'of Montreal  began  suit   on n
! note for over $.1,000 and interest
'and manager Richard Plewninn
I decided ther.' was nothing to j lak0j     Th(,   properties   which
!have    been    acquired    hy (he
elu" Wardner  syndicate are about
in due 115 tllj|,,s .ve8t   ,,,'   E-i^pmout,
I time  judgment  was obtained, jon  ,]„, heaclwatcrs   of   Kellie
with preference to the median-1 river,
a story fo tell of a new and
vastly rich mining district that
he proposes to open up in
British Columbia.
"It is the greatest mining district in this country, outside of
the Coeur d'Alenes," declared
the founder of Wardner, Idnho.
"The district is in Fire valley,
which ox tends from Edgeniont
toKillarney, nnd is on   arrow
A few days ago judge Loamy
in the county court, ninde an
order that the property should
be sold to satisfy the judgment
creditors, the sale to take place,
nt the court house in Green-,
wood, on Thursday, the 28th of
January. The judgments a-
gninst the Winnipeg, with interest, costs, etc., amount to
something like $12,000, whicli
amount will have to be provided at the sale, or the property
Will pass into the hands of the
bank of Montreal.
The Winnipeg hud resumed
operations but two or three
months when the writ was is
sued by the bank for an old note
given when the property was
n operation a yenr or two
since. Mr. I'lewnian during tlie
last time of operating, had'heen
able to ship ahout 2.5CU tons of
ore to the smelters, uinl was
confident that, in time, with the
reduced rates of treatment now
prevailing, over tho^chnrges of I
two years ago, he would be able
to mnke the property pay mi:.
His recent shipment's were all
done without tlm.'ild of machine drills, the. compressor liming been gotten to work but a
few days belore the cfose down
took place.
An Immense Undertaking
Tenders will be invited in
Vancouver, Chicago, Montreal
Winnipeg and Calgary, for the
main canal excavation connected with the C. P. R.'sstupendous
irrigation project near the last
named place.
J. S.   Dennis,   engineer    in
charge, states that the tenders
will be called for at once.   The
main canal   will   lie   ,15 miles
long, 00 feet wide at. thebottom,
anil will hold water to a depth
of 10 feet,   This canal will carry the water to the secondary
canal which will when ultimately completed, be 115 miles long,
To make the main canal, 250,
000,000 cubic feet of earth will
have to be removed, and the
work will be done  hy   power
plants such as stoam  shovels,
railways, etc.   The  project is
the largest of its kind on this
continent,   and is designed to
make useful for general agricultural and grazing purposes over
three million acres of hind now
lying waste owing to the lack
of moisture, the region being
subject to cycles   of   extreme
drought.   Of the tract to be reclaimed   it   is  estimated that
1,500,000 ae.res will be rendered
"The district has just   been
discovered, the fust claims harv-
ling    lieen  located   in October
last.   The  Wnrdner syndicate,
by whieh name the company  is
known that I have organized fo
openite in this districl. hus purchased nil lhe clninis now located
—the Jim Uill,Wator!ow,TliUn-
u'er liii'l. West  fork and First
Chance.   The company is incorporated under the name of the
Lightning   Peak   Mining company,  with  o'Sees both   in St.
Paul     and    Milwaukee.    Tlio
company   is bucked by  eastern
people living in Milwaukee, Kt.
Paul, Minneapolis nnd nearby
towns.   It hns ample capital to
opernle o:i a large scale.
"I'o show you whnt wonderful ore we have on these pro).i :-
ties, we took in seveu puck in r-
ses recently, carried out 1580
pounds of ore and received, net,
from that, after paying the e\-
I peases uf snmlting und the i'ttf'
"We nre going to buy up every claim of any  value  ihut   is
] located in the district,   1  have
j been   enst some time-, organ
ing the company  to tnkc over
the properties, and J nm going
least  on  further business   cou-
hfeeted with the proposition."—
1 Spokesman Review.
The property is in the name
of the Winnipeg Mines, Ltd., _^_^^^^^^^^^^_,^_^
which was reorganized some Samples of Choice Grain For the
three years ago by the share- j Improvement of Seed.
holders of the old Winnipeg! 1]v inst.,u,til)11 of t]ie Bon<
Mining & Smelting Co. F"'*.: MinV,U>r ,,f Agriculture another
and last over 5,000 tons of ore digtribution wiU be nmde this
have been shipped from the I on ,lf Slimpl„s „f the mogt
mine, and a  large amount of|ppoduotjye   S(„.ts  rf  g,,aiu   ,„
Canadian farmers for   the improvement of seed.   The   stock
development has been done on
the property. It is said that a
syndicate is thinking of buying
the property and working it.
The Waterloo
The Waterloo Consolidated
company will declare its first
dividend of 1-4 cent a share,
amounting to $3000, on January
15, nnd there will he a balance
of from 84000 to 85000 on linnd
after that is paid.
A deal has been pending to
consolidate the Waterloo mine
in Cnmp McKinney, B. G, with
the property of the Fontenoy
company, which adjoins it.
The Dunsmuir interests of
Victoria, B. C, control the
Fontenoy, and it is not known
whether they will go into the
deal. Reports from Camp M
Kinney say that the Waterloo I
has come iuto 18 inches of high
grade ore in the 210 foot level
Assays of $180 to $400 are
jfit for growing cereals   of all j covered a new trail leading
! kinds, the balance to be devoted] the inountain of wealth.
j to grazing and the  cultivation
I of grasses. At present how-
over, tho company's plans ^re ,^_^^^^^^^^^^_^^_
to bring but 300,000 acres under passage way is, like the faniou
irrigation, and after colonizing
that, to extend the works gradually until the system covers
tiio entire area.
for distribution is of the very
hest nnd hus lieen secured
mainly from the excellent crops
recently bud ut the branch Experimental Farm nt Indian Head
in lhe North-west Territories.
The distribution this spring
will consist of samples of outs,
spring wheat, hurley, Indian
corn nnd potatoes, The quantities of outs, wheat uud barley
to be sent this yenr will be 1 lbs,
of outs undo lbs. of wheat or
hurley, sufficient to sow one
twentieth of an acre. The
samples of Indian corn and potatoes will weigh. 3 lbs. as heretofore. Every farmer may
apply, but only one sample cun
be sent to ench applicant, hence
I if an individual receives a sum-
pie of oats he cannot also receive one of wheat, hurley or
potatoes, und applications for
more thnn one sample for one
household cannot be entertained, These samples will be sent
free of charge through the maii.
Applications slum Id he addressed to the Director of Experimental Farms, Ottawa, and may
be sent in any time before the
Jst of March, nfler which the
  lists will be cli sed. so  thnt  Jill
But do not think  that Jim samples asked for may be sent
Wardner has   abandoned   his j out in good  time   for sowing.
hopes in mining, for the new | Parties writing should mention
they  would
asked for bo
some  other   good
A Rich District.
"Jim Wnrdner of Wardner,
Idaho," drifted into Spokane
recently and at the Spokane
hotel related how he bad dis-
Coeur  d'Alenes,
with silver audi	
exceptional value.
In short, Jim Wardner hi
the sort of variety
to bc paved I prefer, and should
>ad   mines of [stock of tho kiuc
exhausted     ^^^^^^^^^
sort will be sent in its place, GREATCU
An opportunity to get a number of leading papers below
the publisher's prices.
Below will be found ja list of
clubbing rates that will interest
you. Compare them with prices
direct from the publishers—that
is all we ask.
Toronto Daily News, to Jan. i, 1905
Toronto Daily World
Toronto Daily Mail and Empire
Manitob? Daily Frte Press .   .
Chicago Dally inter Ocean
"    Weekly     •'
Montreal Family Herald and Weekly
■illation 25 per cent, you   may.
ver)' fairly make some  moder-;
"ate  addition   to   the  annual!
charge of government without .
|] in any way increasing the cost I   Jo-ih t ^ n,,^^ *-» car «ri
»;to the  public  at   large;  and.;    X^^oeS^" ,
similarly,  I  think every **-L^T5lrSSSSi^fli?5
' -_.•-.A__A   „.,..     .-Ill     „Arr.',r    trxnr   imB«T«nea*» iipoa the-Moete Reeo   amtral
1 minded man   will   admit tnac ctjm ltort *"„ owem-rod ram? u. *e
, , 1        ,        ■ Grvwrrai  ifonrer'y    KefAe Paven  Minims
; when there has been an enorm- ^J^g^SJUSiSSd
lous increase in the cost ol labor ^S^^JM^^&t
► [and meterials. it is usually Gar }£***' * k r-r fffM^
h 1 In-Eyan are further eat.ited rbas I sa«i *w*|
HOI tO expect tO Carrv On   DUD-   Eutn N*.*oi.;r Paton i»ve eipenjtet »  n«tMr|
r ' -ioiii of $11*. in Mor am!  imvrt*T>iiwrt» ern*'
Ik works,  or obtain services ga^^iSSS^SJBJ
: f.n~,    „,».-     ;„    .ko    inn'nm  l»lte««feaiat^MM»r.aaaB»»e#i**3*r|
from parties in tne vanoru nlaa oUfMi, oramyear ««&■«-Mar»
employments in which thev are a*i jm a»further -mom mn »«* g»:i
obliged to use them, without fe|?g^^5?iS^Sw^S
making a certain perceptibleiP^^^^-.;;;::^;/^;^^^:
, ,,. _^„   iranniruii aider weum M«C*« "M:n.:ra. Act
increase to the   public e.xpen-1„ hoia sim cimm for >.i* nm atm mmi
m..tr r        llJlWil tiMitfirr -Bartr ~"*".    ","!~"*M
' irnre    -• Rr mklvn   Fa'd • Iron, mf-ewnmud tktaechlelaimiOaBheeam*
, . , I Section tofshe-Mfcei-ilAr.-iAmen.iBieiit Art;
i lX»r
beteiat tMteawaei, B C. the ila-i Tmy ot-
i mmm
r.s^wraVr. mm.
HulkII turf Shii'*'. Soliuitor*.
A Gnat Offer.
A   radical change from   old
! methods and prices wns announced  by the Toronto News this
! week.   The eyes  of  the news-
i paper world have beeu upon the
! News for the past few months'
I during which  time several de-
! partures have been made which
I have given that  paper a widespread reputation for enterprise
and    originality.   Tliis    latest;
move is to place the News aM^>__    —
the   price  of S1.00 a year  by  If f\F,r\T
Carrying; His Majesty's Halls
Will leave MIDWAY on Tuesdays. Thursdays and Saturdays, at 8.50 a. m., arriving at
CAMP McKINNEY at 5 p.m.
Returning will leave CAMP McKINNEY on
Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 9 a. m.,
reaching MIDWAY at 1.30 p. m.,and making connection with the train going east at 2:05 o'clock.
Tha bast of accoiwo4atto« far
tha convenience ef tka
travelling public.
Points   East
mail   Only a deep founded be-
I'ef in the future success of the
i News coald lead the publishers
[ to make   sneh  a reduction  in
prii-e.   But just  as   the dollar j
magazine   has taken  hold    ofj
rhe people, so,  we venture to I
I predirt. the Xews will secure a |
Jfc I vast and ever-increasing eireu-1
Citation, based not only on   thei
(xipubtr price at which it is sold
but mainly upon the intrinsic
I merits of the paper itself.   We i
The Canadian Bank of Commerce
With Which is Incorporated
The Bank of British Columbia.
CAPITAL, $8,700,000.   .   RESr, 53,000,000.
HON. GEO. A. COX, Pres.       B. L WALKEB, Gen Kgr.
Manager Greenwood Branch.
She fitepatel)
C. M. i*R .'-">'. Itd&ar ate Proptktei
PTiiriiAami n-svitlj « MU!«ij'. B. C
S'lbfcripcton fr-.ee. JiiHl pur xnr.i~ 909 iri
in uivaoee. -iijber rejoiy or ha'.t > early xl Cn,
opcion ,tf '.lie »ijJj«<riber.
,lilf«e1isf**g rn;*** iteel '.jj kpfteatioat.
of the late Conservative administration. The fact tba;
trade wish Canada shows a
. heavy balance in lav or of the
L'nited States does not mear
that the balance   can   alwav.-
, be preserved in our favor with
lout some attempt   to  give  a
I have made arrangements which 8^806. Seattle 13- Cfl3St P&ffllS, j
enable ua to club the News with : ,.   „   .     M. ,.       -,..
oorown paper at &8G a year ft M,    laOSipOiB.    lOieagO,
in  advance.   Such  a  coinbin-1 jki»Pfflsdrs kasi
.-ition    presents   many  uniqoe!      q  tthIoi s-uuy n
features, — our weekly  giving j mm mam,
you all the home and  district toK^S^^''
news, ;ind  the big twelve-page! Buff«SmokiB*usrarrc
daily keeping you in touch with j       Tor ticket* tuns. p>id«s »ud Puu
.       II     ..~- »U- .^».l A      a li Infrirr-inion. ..-all on or adrlr -if
••vents ail over the world.   Send;
is   your  subscription   to    the! ■»«»**•*•*"» o««t tmnhma g^i-ay ;
N'ews.or if }"ou would like to J       " A. b.,*.dex5Iston.g. w.p. .v.
iee the jiaperfirst. write as and |aufnti-nH»             sawnx. w.ish.1
we will secure a sample copy. "_\
s.vTt;:o\v. jamary 9, u»>t.
lair exchange for benefits
derived. The merchants of
New England and the North-
-,-r..^ west are   dom
,    n .(work in their efforts to  estab
According to the nuieau  oh,.
n,    *»     .«»     *
' K     9"      j*      .*
V ' >       •      ♦'    -
* "*
M .
-**:  ■*    *v   "♦
♦    «    '♦
:*-' _*   :*.   .♦
' iish
Is tAeCoeisttAtfrma I   Ifetxtite. late'
___. * •*■* t'thm. oT9i4Kay, U. C.  i«ea»ed intestate.    \
Wtmrmthohmmmtothrma ,   ttancttskmev^mtmtsamiamsJl
tteolahon to makt tb* t*j :x btppj om , Tiwri sur„.e> 0, b^^ cohmbu Ck.p-.r1
tot   fellow    CTMtarc    «yt   SyAemf    (S thiU 4]I per*.,™ taring datum aifiinst  lhe i
an excellent | tmitt. it la easily iooe-a left off gar-  mm* et th* late ittno e. n.mtiiie. m n*-j
BWBt to tte HUB who M«lla It a klad     amU on <ye :etrr. ior IStb lay ot '.sxemixi, '
word la tba aorrowfnL aa eaeonrealBf   :w.:.; ..■-.■.<!•■; tba amtaofaei that «!■*'
' & J -
4  4
Best Hotel
In Midway
♦      •>      •>       t
O      <f      *      *
♦   ♦   %  i
*        V
* *
4 %
♦ ♦
have acme en nii;h
total tor iqo; i- >2oaooo.ooa
......      , ■   , reciprocit\
\\ itnm  the same  peruxl  our:
foreign    trade,    exclusive  of
that with Canada, has increased
50 per cent. or half of the in-'
,. I<lk   .,,.       with   axpr»aaf00 to tk* atrtrinf.   Trifle*  la    *<ldre«» jinri liawnptioos. ...j^-ther wUhf-iili
Statisticsourtra.de   with Can-i     . ' ttaaatiTM aa U«tit aa air will do It. at   s»»»»»jai»'-**^ their re-pwcisT* «-» t$_mm I
.    , •     r .   ,   •    net^ribors who are   i^ixxi   cus-1 Jeaat for Uw tweotr-fow honnt aod   ^ *oi»wi 4«H«ui«i-Airf »;i Donwto-
aoa has   more Ulan C.OUDied    in ^ ,       .    ,*, ,        : It TM .rTrniml  LZSl Z? 1.x,    mteitothtteiiestate are ietf_hei to vxy\
ten   years      lhe    estimated^        , , •   wni t«u wbta roo arc old. aod if joa  .j^ ,w„,^,h |. 5
to   make*w«Mtt wm i-narMfwtir aod   ^-^teuto^ibeiiA^.tJfeJ   »
r>.,viihl^   311H   rh:>r    **nU* do*11 ** •tmo1 of Um« •»   au»-l»r «f t*e.™i»r law.' tte atefaMmteft
Y >jsiuie   ani   cnat   ^.ran,.   b,  tte moat atapl* arltli*   ^-m-^»fciM>ite«<«r>iiUl-«j<l
the   initiative   must    n?w   be ■•a<*' torn took at tte naalt—yon •raae.iamong;ho fane, -Bti-w tmnie fc»*-i
,               ,        ,        ..                   and aaa peraoe. only one. teppily ;mt*-9*>A ■«■■■}'-o-'be,:iaim*ot mbicithe Jiaii,
taken oy the other side.               throoch th* day; tbat I* *B dartni tte *■ **** ****** thai ii»«M mmmatate-)
^rzz———.—^—               tMI** ot tte yaar.  And aoppoae you tor wa*a* *• B»!* fcr toe ""•* "W,H* *l
BT* ooly forty yean after you tota*
,-rP t,e m the Canadi in   trad**       CANADA'S P JPELATION.      ■«" «at klad of BMdidac yoa bar,
qrease m tae uanaaian traoe. «ada i».a» tetaaa ten>y. at an »f«a
The importance oi the Can-      In Sir RichardsO rtwriffbt's 'oratima. Sow. ubo« tbiaaunptej n
, 1    - l     i» la tt» abort foe a aarmon. too homely
antan   marltets to   amencan anaress   txJore   tne   11 ronto for etbka, too easily ae«mpiiabed for
exporters is thus  cleany  em- Reform    Association     a  few J"w «»aay.-I wooldif 1 cooid.-
1.17 t*rr. Ibereot to xnj per^oG -or p«il**i*iw o(:
whomthSaa w*we«*»a noc bare bent re-i
cei-iffitix ^h«ci at ",t*i riac«j ot iWK'h -iiutriiHl.i
'wm. I
.   tm*n !Sfe« i*s rijij -a n*M.'Mn*»r. toe.        !
A. »'. ETiI'V.
oi   these
profit   to
The    accfjssibtli:y we«ks ago,   referrin ■ to   the r^«j«ta aad haa vwattt*. WAjmrn-rAmnna   pep..«s   to
._.',   ,„ n,,U-:„ ,f r       u u           • Oat tea but to look bock tbwagbbl* "" " reuiI trvi* la,i„*«""J:/f ,T''
markets   and    the pop«la t Canada he sad tgj. y ^ aa» Ji; a. S^JS^^t^^
be   obtained    iromin par:  as   r-drows: "Sir,   i! ;"*** ttbmoA TttaBty. It waa to tte -rf^ art e^aM aaaa?--*»»*': •*«
Wm Jire uHviousiy you
fotwtt of  Ttesaaly   tbat  tte  aarly   „K.,,
Ctwnpare   J.J-OO.COJ.  Gr*j>ka r»«iT<-i tteir eoenjy that later   <«:b.
nercia! inhoencesltne populati
,    ,_   tl. fiowered Into genioa. It was th* forest
*+• dweilen of Gemaiiy that cooqoered
here to encourage  the negoti- iigbtoithe investigation .and fa<-,«dant Rom* and later gate to Spaia
eea* exTeexeore tin*e..et-*tfy : po»i-*wii c*fj»*a-
win«*. ncoenfiil.   HneNniw ?elf-.\jijre>-
<crt etiielupe.   Sii!KriDCen<S<«« Tt'Klei* OWcl
M.»uon B.ri^. CUeifat i
'V- O'
esearch that I have alluded to. ^ ^ *" ^ tack "* Uoor
Those who oppose  this pro-i you will ("ind that there hz
p sition argue that    wr  trade:-m increase
aod bnogbt soder her Sag almost tbe
1 been who1' *MWa world. But today what
. la Greece, wtet Is Italy, what Is Spain!
Of   population    oi They hare been stripped of their for*
with Caaa U is in -■•: i*':r.,f fast I i,ooo,2xsin these seven or ewht ?* ttc" B'ir»r.*» ** ^P". ta*l ttetr
'                          , . ,                              * *>«7 baa set In. ETerywhere tte law
enough   under  present   con-{yews which have elapsed since holds good, it ia ia tbe forest tbat the
dition-,  aad   that   Canadians I toe Lib, rai gdvermart to. >k ^^?J?, ^^J"1* mm op
m.iu   u.-iiK j,,,. (-TtliiatloDs.   But  dliea arlae,
of  Can tr*w *n ****>* away, and tte laeriu*
ble deeline seta In.   Forests once de*
n     Otrer itreyed caano* retora. and orer all tte
r U populati. >n *"** ^ uvc**nf cMBiaUoo are blowln<
" • r   1 -' ■-■ fie desert sands.-Arthar Goodby In
FOR.»;    'V *:*   __
HlGHtpRICES .-,0
whether they
not. This i
view of the •
wish to do so orUda.     (Applause
;  not   a correct words, that the to
iu i.
of Canada is abont 25 per cent | K*w lortTinw*.
greater than  it was ei'du or
now    ren*iers   comp-irauveh  _    ..... , ..
easy the importation ol certain [nine years a^o.    As  I have:   T*« «asa tr.it Out grows u tb*
.„,., ,1" „,.,.*,.     k  , — • ;    1                             • •     ,C.-n-. ijn an ie     If anybody doubta
inaiuil iCtures,   but said, I connof enter into mm
.-     SHIP VOUR
jrZir >• «    ■ - -   '
there is goot
thttthe coi
h;*h d.r'es
■: is m to Oc
Dilation   j'^ere cu :rm exact   ao
n  imports  from facts.    That I
Canada will
inion   government   t
sider the  taritt   ques
pvjssibiv cause  1 reversion  to will ai! be   willing
the   aim -:
tHs let    M.ti travel Oie world over.
ite details which go to prove',cd ta *iU eoin* *•* "**&*** »'
prop ise
Ke m.iy »fclt tte orange groves
the--e' °' t*1* -s«4t-'.   and  on Into tte lar.d
of the banana, he nuiy tour the grapa
O   UO-' coun re .     ard pull ftga asti euooa-
-.: -   '■■■'   ■••■-"m-   ■-: s ir.e tuture occcion.     But.;^ """' te "" S"d '"''^ *ad 1(
hut   stay  long  eno'.'jgft  at aacr*
recon-jassuming for the moment that' P**" :a his l°«n»«»tog». te wm 4r»
. 1    1 ■ 101* "1* native fr.!:.-. ar.d come horna
3n  anu I am correct. I tnmk that  vou' f n-.- pemade-l t«at the appie is tha
lea.ler of th«a all     Wa do not pro-
parly appreciate tte Canadian appis).
where you increase a p?p-i
*     300-2^2  FIRST   li£    HO
Minneapolis,   minn'
- X ■
* J*
ig z
* 4
'*'.    :
9: "4
* *
* *
4 m
*. *
* *
* *
4 '■*
* 4
* 1
1 *k
% '
_S   tJ
Headquarters For
Railway. Mining
Commercial Hen
To any part of the
ForGuest's convenience
.A    ;♦     ♦     ♦«-«.«>:    mr    *     *
♦:   ..♦     ♦     ♦     ♦     ♦     «f   .♦;    ♦*'    *
'*'    m.    ♦.     ♦'.    "*:    o     9     '*-.'    C    *:r
*   *
a      »
* . f
m      x
* *
* *
tr    *
* *
* *
* *
* ♦
x      x
Advertise in
to   aumi
X*-ji9l,sheo a« Tt*Bs
■rASxsair'iEVT cosvjKaYousm
The Dispatch. fToCAL AND WSTWCT.   |
W. H. Webb, of Greenwood,
spent Sunday in town.
Mrs. R. Meyerboff v spend-
ing a few days with M«. Alex.
Bloomfield, Greenwood.
Mrs. E. J* DowdiHg is visiting
her daughter, Mrs. R. Parkin-
sou, Fairview.
Miss Addie Melville is visiting her parents, Ji*. and Mrs.
J. JL Meh-ille of Midway.
A. F. Thomas returned on
Thursday from the Bast where
he has been on a two months
Jas. McXicol leaves on Monday to attend the Liberal convention, whkh meets at Kamloops on 13th inst
Duncan Ross,  editor of the;-
Boundary Greek Times. Greenwood, was in Midway this week
,u his wav to the Similkameen.
MINERAL ACT. «      ,   ,       m      .
«„,.«.,. <=**—. nonunion cleetioos
Eiarrowx. Bie Mo.-itt. Mo.vr* Baa to   ual]  ^^B^a^B^a™
Ihem Rico Xcrnttx   i.'i.i:....
Sltaauia  UM Greeawuw*! Uatac I'iximm
tt T*l* DUtn«.   Where located:   bl
ttaenwooi Caaa.
TAKBNOTlCEihiU L Isuu: H. Hallett.
as ager.t ter Rar..ial-,c. j-t.iL.-t, tree milter's
iwatiiknte .Vat tonsil u.i Ja.ij.-s Napier Paten,
tree raiaer'-i ■:er'.ii.:a-f No. affil.2. jnt^nd -tny
.tars from theiUtehei-nf. :.:■ is*;:?;,) she Mining
Raj-ordcr for OrtJdj.jji us nt Imaro-remeau.
Ior the pannee ot ebrauum- Crown GoiB of
the abort ckia».
Aad farther take oocfce toa'wtioas. under
wvtioo TS, neat he enmawiod before the
i*iLM*ce it *iir.*h Certilteatat' of l-Qprormeau.
Dated dun ith da; ;f Manor;. QII4.
TAKE N'OTIC Kjiear OiAays trom the dnte
henmf I iuGewJ to spot; to the Chief Com- j
A Convention of the Liberal-
I Conservatives of Yale-Cariboo
will be held at the
Cansemtive M Ism
For the purpose of ..leet ing a  ran,
di«l>> tn ciint -st Ihe forthoinin^ D»-
__^_^^^^_^^^__^___,      , nntnioa Et**:tto«» in the inter-su i>f the
raMao-wr o< Lauds and wort* for perroisMun j LihrraWonsetvatii-    Pattr.      L«.*«l
tAp*sah^it*to*li*!kAt.T*mmmiklAj^Q0„ lr(.   ^..^t^ to   ul^t
and a ppijiiit delegates at   oore.    Re: ■
Dated thia Uth .Uj of Dweather, I'JKJ.
CdeU-UKeo. Agent.
represenutioo at the Convention uill
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^      I* he dcip^Jttina-i from the Provincial
f . j RWttoral  District* nf  Grand    Porks,
Ziu.    tt. "777[Gt»»i.wood, SmiilUnwe*-. Oir*n.i*j«-.
ated by Thomas Taylor, M. L j K»mioojw, Y*ie.  Lffiooeet and n*^.
A. of Revelstoke, and Charles.'■"■>•  OneiM gjuewiii be »pt„nntr,j
& T. Larsen. of Rock Creek, j wr. Melon, ot" Kaslo. was nom- for rach Sweat? ne fraction of -.«*■-.*•»
rotes eass at   m»ch poll.
lasio. wjis Bum*	
leaves on Monday for Kam-1 jnated by C. W. Hanna, also V'T ?" *' "":h p^1 ********
l^wherehegoesasadele-Lf Kaslo. J. W. Harvey, J^^S— ,lK£
gate to the Liberal convention. Cranbrook, was nominated butjf.miies shan be Md iiy any one dn..
W. H. BoHock-Webster.   of promptly withdrew. **>*
Nelson, chief of provincial pol- tm the first ballot Ex Govern-i Chair will be taken at 2 p. tn.
ice for the Kootenay district, [or Mackintosh received twenty [All Conservatives   are  invited
to attend the Con
A Direct Line,
To Chicago and ali points east
-nuisvilie, Memphis, Xew Or
eans, aad itU points sottth.
See that your ticket reads Vt;.
Thoroughly modern train-*
sonneet with all transcontinental lines at St. Paul and Omaha
If your friends are coming
west let us know and we will
luote them diiect the specially
low rates now in effect from
all eastern points.
Any information as to rates.
routes, etc., cheerfully given oo
B. H. Tni'MBitx,
Commercial Agent.
142 Third St
Portland, Oregon
t   J. C. Lintsby.
1 T. R & P. Aa,
112 Thin! St..
Portland. Ore,
P. B. Thompson-,
F. & P. A„
Room 1, Colman Bldg..
Seattle.   Washington.
BvaaisrsBS, SoucrtriBs. Etc.
Gasaswooo. B. G.
ICe   TOr    lilt?   t\we_t:ue»}    uiainv^s -  --—f . -             —   *■—— j
wns a visitor to Midway this jfour v"te- the remaining four- to :u. ten. i the Conwntion, butj
, ! teen being cast for Mr. MeAnn.jonly accretiiteii   delegates will'
Alex.   Robinson,   who    was[
be jdlovveu to vote.
Kamloops, December,
__! The  majority being   so large,
-,-,,■,    .,   .       | Mr. McAnn moved, seconded bv
^ecte.i  as  the delegate from, ^  ^^   ^ ^
CampMcKmney tothe Liberal;  ^    ^ • made
,, "VJ-nfi'Tt in kamloops on trie!    ... .  ,     JHa^a^aH
0011 c ,       .   r .       .    which   was  carried  amid ap- piria   i SFMTTY
iSrh inst. spent a few days m[  Un-e F i>UA^ *.******,
town during the past week.       j    Mr Mackintosh accepted the
Chas. A. Webster,
m^ I'imtor designer.
ipokia*,Wash.. U S.A.   Sidway, B C.
E H. Shallenbei^er this
wek struck some rich high
•.-rule ore on the Don Pedro in
P-ovidence canip. The -Don
Ve Iro is destined to be another
Boundary shipper ere long.
Tne property is owned hy the
Chicago&R C.Mining Co.
P,'tsli-*ut    Yaii* t'aril-n.1    Liherar-
t'.«w>*rralive Asstx'i.aei.»n,
nomination and returned
thanks for the honor conferred
upon bim.
An executive committee was'
formed to conduct the cam-:
paign, the district representa-1,
tives being Hon. R. ¥. Green, j
Kaslo; A. H. MacXeill,   K cj
V. E Hagg died at the Sisters [ Rossland ; John Houston, Nel-j
liwpital Greenwood, last [ son ; William Hunter, Slocan :i
^tirurday of appendicitis. The! Thomas Taylor. M. LA. Rev-!
deceased was 29 years of age .elstoke; Harry Wright, Ymirl
aid had been in the Boundary andG. T. Rogers, Cranbrook.
about four months, coming here ,,,
from   Chewelah.   Wash.   The[
, ,     , .,      , ffaaaima D«a« »r X Oar*.
fuwaltookptaceon Mondayj b, t ae,-«ceaa rt H dateed tfcai I
afternoon and was largely at- ( leather can b* taaoed by X raj-a. The :
Mr. McKee con-l k-u« wffl beaoaked abootlowaaj»l»j
1 Bma ta eepame tha fiben and cemoT*
tba hair, aa la bow dooe. Then tbey
will ba aoaked far abost two boon ia a
tended:   Rev.
ducting the services.    He was
a member of the I. 0. 0. P. and
Miners' Union.
Early tbi*« week, while drift-'
Biverside Hotel
Eock Creek, B. C
S. T LABSEN, Prop.
Stopping plare fnr St age* to
ml  rum ell Ejtir.darjr
Vre- k point*.
Jood Aeeommodation for the Traveling Public.
Through  Sal*   Lake City. leaditUe, PueSio. Cc'or-.i: Sftiam asA Denver   irt
(he Famoaa S«kT louautu Scenery by Ziy 'tb_ te i\i fzir-. 111'..
MCOCSa    EQUtPMEMT.    TMESHWH    c.^LWiN     **0    T-
SS   CR8   M«0 SUPEBB    OtNING   OH   Stftlti
op rates folder* anA ether
ioforraaUoo, address
.( Fi
Editorally Feartesi
C-Msiseeatly  KipjMsran.
SeJT* ifr>in all nt rhe. anwfil— Well
written, .v^iiml vjirir*— .&iwiri
:o q%rrws- Arrir'iio* eo UeiXttb. ilie
H ji.i;. Sew Bwiw. juui .1 Wjrk
A'jo-* tha farm .\sd Guntm.
i| A. O. Can. Sue. C. E.
1! Provincial Land   Surveyor
QtMH* LrilJ-D
JlkB Weekly Inter km:       i*™, ^
Rendell Block. Greenwoo:
•otatiaa of certain ehemlcala, a part of
tt* torentioa. Thea ther will be placed I
as a thhly poUtbei ateel state. There ;
xl*.   mx-x. -: v. i~»~.i'" tweaty miantes their enttr* tot- \
in? at the Elkhorn, a rich ledKe fM ^ ^ elpc(wd „ ^ x nj% m.
ot* high .-rade ore was uncover*, tvad tnte threa robea. Tbaa the hldet;
ed.   .^veral    specimens, from! *«•> f^J t9* «*• »«bto» Into ea*
rA^   .-v-n          a                     k*u* 1 *Mkt, pateat leather of other dealred  1 B , ,.   ,
oO to 2.* pounds, are on exhtht-, ^^ vnitt ^ ^^ bw, ifCTBa.  \ *«<»*-•«» ur
ti>D in Greenwood.   The spee-j pOahedtn aot lesathaa tour months by
aoakisc th* hide* ia cbemleal aoiatioaa
eu. It b claimed, b* aecoaiptlahed la
twesQ* asinntaa by axpoaare to the X
tajt. Th* coat ot tasalaj witl b* thef*>
bf fiaatl/ Ttdnced.
I* % meaner ni Che A**i«ttteil Preis,
f the iroly tt*e*-em Sewvynpx n^wiJJ'.
Likc -bereotioi tet*%n,pi.b. net. serr-
; f ieoiitr.hr. Sew Yjcs Sia sa4 -o .-ijiI
caSIe ol .he Sem Task viorA -.:>;—
tepid*., tr,*o .,ec it'll J.pjci.,! .mr-
respuK»ieau JJhrorr^h*>a£ :r*** emaatry.
Ph->ne 9*. V. * Jf-
imens carry gold and silver values of about $4 a pound. This
i.< one of the richest strikes
ever reported in British Columbia. The owners Phil McDonald and James Sutherland are
THB nSSPaVTCH ami   ;
Talaaat* Cwlimna
Th* lata B. T. loaee aetnc thlrtj
feeling  like  mflSonaires these '^".H!^!*-!^!!!1!!.?!^!^
ar In a Plttabarg firm that eeodncted a
Tlie tt.;decrtt*n*"i havins bu*c** r*s*.ored ta
health by rqotple bu-muku alter .Jif*r.p:; for
vvetH j -ari withatcxtre lU'V i."?>j';r;n. ami
lhat Aria.'. AiserveCfnivineiioru f xrxlor.. to
laekintosh Nominated.
nail forjing ah-jp. A few tbooaaad Mateka„w,t»*u,w*0.4a«rnl theme-ji*i»<
doflan Coa«(t**d tb* flrm'l entire eap* tmm. Ta**e«e wtidoTreithewiHrt-erfuJI;
JtaL Aa employe* on* day lo a moment ,e.n.i (tree .rt etaaget * enay ot the unwriptioa
of   careleasaeaa   while  directing   th*   ,^*d. w*»i.-:i:h.*y -r..i i-. ix-ire ■r-.-.r. 'nc Cor.-
j'uapUao. Asifimi. IraneMtia awi CZ. timas
tk , - i coon* et t wUt* hot Injot of Irea
It   was almost a   foregone   „»«,* -^ ^0,,, .jicea w, cold
conclusion   tbat    Hon.  Charles   ,t«| toon to be drawa alon* w'.th the
H.   Mackintosh,  of    Rossland. I tett molten metal Th* teault waa i
 i. .    .. ,.,..      ,   ,   ,, pair of rained tonga, bot the dlscoTery
would bc the candidate selected %[ ^^^ ^ wUcb . TOp<riw ^^
at   Wednesday's   Conservative; of ateel could b* prodoced. Tbe work-
convention in Nelson, and the! man1* aeddent bacam* the teal* of th*
.*. ,   '    .   * forttin* of $SO.0CO.CC0 of which Mr.
outcome M not  depart frt*m| JwKtiiedvoafwed.
the expectation.    On tbe first'	
ballot Ex-Governor Mackintosh: **• ■"» •»* t«»»»a«**
was ehoaen to carry the banner'   ""* **?**" b !L!h* ZT,^m
.  _ . .-■ \   t    ~"*«a , ",,.(&«*» *t young children do not «am-
< t Conservatism in the ap*I destlr appredate the importsnw of
proeching campaign,  and  the J training th* ear of the popli to detect
majority vote ww made unan-i ^f^^^.r^^TeT™
;     ...        .. ,    ,        .      and bnpore Enjilsh. If as » aany eier*
unous tm motion „i tbc   de- ^ t £^Iar who ^nis ntvi^siy is
feated candidate toi the nomin- j fonad to repeat phrases over and crer,
ation, and the prcceedfru-s con-' *"* •""•etly and then inconrctty. for
eluded    «Rti*f* .rr.rti,.    . „  comparfiion the ear catches the tane-ff
ciuuea satirfaetonly to all tt M. te „, ttTmei^>t the pnre apctA
concerned. ^ |eam t0 mart ,te d.fference. la
fli hen the convention ••o-ivpt*   tw» »«? * **"** ***** ttsy ** **
•i-UVdedk in  thebt^Tf ^^ x*"*^
trade   rooms   John    Houston'   "^"> htmnrta ata s^-.y ^.:-  ,e-
oecunied th» ,.U ■      a.       ,,Bton  PnseatiniS   a   total   u n.gv   i-
o«-<.up>e(l the chair,   but  on his  288 were built in Canada dw  .-
own    \"olition      rac-*t*-<t      rl    ' 6sca* >ear endiaj Juce 30th. ar- ta-
*nd litnj laladfea. He Ihhws ail ,aifnef*i «nl!
ryiia nexs.eAy.se it » walaaiiw. TlKwe Ae-
'-.rxng ctie pr«fcr\9* iaa. w rvn .-ri cost xketn
a-JJlx:iz. and :..,;.' ic.-.-> a bj-ji«ta£- *"... plemie
idre*. itv ED WAS:. A. WJL50S. o.~..ii'.y->.
Sew Tort.
Mn of Ftffiiurc
vaejited     the
crease of 20 Tesjseij
in     favor  of    Hon.?aaeonu.ajj'«l with the
Robert   F. Green,   of   Kasln. PL"*numtwr
Mr     Or.1^       t   n     .     AaalailTt sailing   v
'.rue    of   Kossland   wasi««ttiaef» and   15*   sui-a*
«ose0 ^ secretary
I b«lt in
the   year
o(   veaseia
;.     Thl
rfacaud.h.jeto contest Koot- 1W t ^   ^ "C!    i5
«V *etom| division in the ^^imJ^ald H ---«-
***   elec-tion    tven,   then'^^   tWl* uT-T-SE
^ve4 the  ewda|        a^K^
^^^^ww^^^^^^amm.      Xweety steam'--.- ■
  too*. x*r* DU***
accredited deie^atcs* to^ToToMo.''"*^   •*>  *mltf.£
Tltmnx'hif* of 33T tons. Mo«o*jhj
' sailtat   v-essel* cajne from ih.pya.«
was nomin* ia ta* Haritiai* Pt»»ia«*.
™«»» having reported thirtv •" ,he ^UMt „?
111 attendance.
&*•• Mackintosh
Spokane Falls Mopta
Railway Co.
Nelson 4 Ft Sbeppard
Railway Co.
led fmim Railway Co.,
Wislinroa k 6.1 fiy„
Ytt.TMB.ly fit
Tbe otily all rail twite hetweei
jHHiitj. r»v-t. w»ft and -,«:'-. to Ross
• nd. >VI-*>n. Grand Forks and Bepiih
!i.*. I.'iiiid«'is at Spokane with th*
liieai Northern*, N^nhern Pacific and
Z). ti. & S. )"■ for p«ints e.xft. «..-
>nd tuxitb ; e- ne»:W at Rosj^and and
' NVisoti *ich til.- Canadian Parfft: Hy. j
roonett* at Xelwa with tht K. B. A S.
'o. for k.r.*J-- and SIo<ran i>oiatr*.
Cennees* at Curlew with Wage for J
<reen w,»i and Ttldway B. C.
Boff»t  far*  roa  oa  train,  letweea|K»ti>^«-Jll«rieiZe4-e_ii;eiri^i_:ir.
EFFECTIVE « 14. .903: I *_*&* °G the  g°b**   E ^ «P*
[pafflengers an  opportunity
""1 nunrxv-T *« ""[ vwit .Salt Like City. Glenwooo
:• ,.r.       i wsla.vd     U5?sui>pnjigs, Colorado Springs, and
2 "      oS^rpRKs .:.  S^ Denver^nd will be good td re-
UAajn        f.spi.'buc     «u»pja|t«ni.any time within ninety 90
■liiv*.   Ptussens-ers (foins; via the
The Den ver""&' Rio  Grand"
popularly known ajs the ""Seeni
Lineof th;? WoridVhas anncuuc
i?d greatly redneed round-trij
rates from Pacific Coast point.*
for the benefit of teachers wh
w'U spend rheir vacation in the
E-i.<t. and of defecates to all the
prominent Conventions -X.  F.
A., at Boston;   A. (>. C. TC . at
St. Paul:   R. P. 0. E.. at Balli-
more:    Woodmey of Am*.!
at    Indianapolis;     Eagles,   at
Xew Y'.rk;   Mystic Shrine, at
Saratoga Sprhijgs:   K. of P.. at!
Louisville, and T. P. A., at Indianapolis.
Ticket.-* ;tt the reduced rates j
will he based upon one fare for
the round trip, hut will be - iki
only   on   certain   day-.   These
Spofci-re '.Vx-a
Denv r & Rio Gi
ing the privilege
; via a different rn
!UB  H\EDY   SPEf!\iT!:S
ri. Sr"
ii rrur.*.
Forthe nite to the poi
"mmml Job PpinttDg L^^^t
for     Ulnstrated      pan
W. C. MCBRIDE.'; o^-i H■-■
124 Tliini St. Portland, Ur.
Crna.mfr.tais. Shruas. Roses,
¥insjs, Sesd Potatoss, &c.
Stone & Wellington
,i,.r <o.) icttx
PRONTO •        -        O.NTAklO inr.   mar a nn
It will be tbe most important Railway Centre in tbe
Interior or British Columbia.
It is in tbe centre of a
rich Mining, Stock-Raising,
Ranehing, Gardening, Manufacturing, Coal Producing,
and Railway District.
Midway proporty wili
make you rich. It is not
a speculation, it is an investment.
Midway, the eoming rail-
way, commercial, wholesale and manufacturing
eentre of tbe Kettle River
and Boundary Creek Districts, is situated at the
confluence of Boundary
Creek and Kettle River,
Tlis le adicg rcsienee
town in the country, with
an excellent elimaie, pure
water supply, and snr
rounded by rieh agricultural land.
:«J St John Street,
Montrertl, p, n
Business,  residence and garden lots at iow prices and on easy terms.      Send for maps, prices, and full particulars to
Agent for British (ii'liiiiiMa,        '!
Midway, B. V.
nrlrln •' Hi* niakt t anill,.
Sonic interesting history of o famous Irish nnd Canadian fumily ia
giien in 'The 11 n 1 e family Records,'' by Martin J. UUike of London, a volume reviewed In Thc Tyrone Constitution, on Iii*-h newspaper, ol Nov. 23. Tho Blakes, the
writer says, were one of lhe fourteen
"I'i'ies" nf the town of Galwny. The
progenitor of the lllnke family was
one Kii'hur.l Cndel, or Cnddell, a
feudatory of Hirhnrd tie Burgh, "tho
lied," Earl of t'lster, and I,ord of
Con naught, from whom ho obtained
trams of l:md In the neighborhood
ol tho Town of Gilway In the sixth
•car of the reign of Kin? Kriward I.,
A.II. I27T-78. This flichnrd Cndel.
nr Cadde I, nssuned as a surname
thc appellation of Slgcf, or Wake,
whi h his desretidnnts adopted, nl*
thoueh for tunny p.cnerntior.s they al-
fl.i used the name of t'uddell as an
ali is. The word Blalce itself, as
readers of Chancer and id the early
English wrllcrs know, is merely an
English f .rin of si idling lllack.
The writer states thnt lineal de*
fu*andnnts in the male iino of Hirhnrd
t'adel have retiiine.I to the present
d y some of ti.e very lands aci|uired
hy their ancestor more than six centuries ngn, while tte r.liikas of llal-
v.-j.i have iTi.-urir-l ttitu-t the orie;-
Inids if their family clmrtni', wills
nnd other legal documents during
Cat 1 :ii period, w' ich is a unique
it cident j.moncst families in Ireland,
aid exiiei'dv r.ire even In England.
He then rie I -iinteil some of the principal until ers of the fnniily. men-
tloi.lne I oui iik I la'e and his
grandson Fdword flake, whn wns n
near ancestor of the two Blnkcn, Edward and Samuel II.. so well known
In Canadian puhlic affairs.
A Ch lit'- luf-im .1 llniirr.
A tiny gi'l of seven gave a dinner-
par ij the other dui. for iihi'h twelve
loieis were laid, and ihat numher of
small maidens "-nt down to dine, lt
was a real little irirls' dialer, ami
tiie little hostess herself pusidnl.
sitting at the he. d ol the table, She
had lain very aniiots, Iji loo'Inu
forward to it. to do everything us it
should be done. "Mamma," *he nsk-
ed, "shall v.e Bay gra el" "No." said
niJiiiiii'ii, "It will lie a very Informal
dinner, and I think vou nerd nnt do
that " That meant one ceremony
the less to 1-c gone llnnre;h and wni
a relief Unt C e little 'a:ly wu«
anxious to hire all her, p' est* Undor-
Itatid it. So. as they pat!;..!i.i ubout
. the table, she explained: "Mamma
pays   that  this   is such nn    infernal
lumer that wc need not   have   grac*
■ ■-day!"
DlfT-rlrrc  r-iioi. Iif VISIT.
Ontlemen (to house agent i— The
pre.it disadvantage is that the house
Is so damp, i'ouse Agent—Dlsad-
ia t ge, sir> Advantage I call it.
In rase of'fire it wouldn't he RO likely to ' urn -Sydney Town and Coun-
trj   Journal.
Iir. P. T. "McGruth, a well-known
iournuli.,i uf ,"-.t. John's, Newfoundland, in thc cm,rue ol un •"■*' I" on
Laura, nr.  "*)*.—
It is a remarkable fuct that while
nriuully eiury resident of Labrador
nas been il.U-n by tho sumgc dogs
of tbe region V er* has never teen a
cate of nydrjipnoi.iu there. Tho fact
is attested by l'r. ttrenleil, the super-
intondout of the English medical mi»-
sion there, and who hus now apent
ten years nn the coast and treated
over 80,000 patients. He cannot ei*
plain this singular circumstance; it
way be due lo climatic conditiona,
but It is more probable the result of
tlie wolfish strain In the breed of the
dons lhe extraordinary part of it
is thut Much a condition should be
found allied with the most absolute
savagery on the part of the animals.
They are tie fiercest of any brutea
trained to he of service to mankind;
they will stack anything they be*
lieva weaker thnn themselves, and
they are only kept in subjection by
the unceasing use of thc lash.
They ate a cross between the
wolves and the earlier Newfoundland
dogs brought there and by this time
almost all but the wolfish characteristics are eliminated I'he coastfolk
lind them lnill8|ienslble, yet live in
fear of them. No man ventures
a! road without his whip, every wo.
tuna carries a stout club; it is death
to a child to get among them. Only
last month the little son of the
aijont of the Hudson's Bay Company s post at Sandwich Inlet waa
attacked by these brutea. Within a
minute they had inflicted over sixty
hltea on the child, and but for the
doiotion of a pet retriever dog and
tho l.rd's mother promptly (lying to
the rescue, he must have bean literally torn to pieces. He was taken
to the hoSjiitul at India harbor,
where he is making a quick recovery.
This was a more fortunate outcome
thnn was the case at Cartwright last
year. A child tvanriered from home
and when the distracted mother flew
to where a puck of angry dogs were
ravening she found nothing but the
bones ol her offspring. A little girl
was tn badly mangled by them at
Punchbowl lost yoar also that she
never reco ered.
Every ye rr firings its quota of
those mishaps, while there are scores
if not hundreds of cases of adults be.
ing bitten. It it impossible to keep
sheen. i;o«ts or poultry on the coast
l eeauso of the I rates, and their ex-
tertnlnnti-ni would have been effwted
long ago were It not for the fact
tliHt they arc tiie only means by
which communication Is kept up In
wlnler. Ther. are no horses on the
const, ns t! ere is nothing to feed
them Teams of dogs, attached to
'lO'le.a. arc the menns of travel.
V.|'h Ihem the settlers i/n from har*
bnr to h'rbor. make hunting tripsin
fie interiir, haul firewood from th«
forests nnd convey peltries to tht
Hudson's Dny Company's posta.
'Ihese dogs play the same part '•
i' c economy of this ret ion as they
dn in the Arctics, and there the rhar-
nctorlstl s ere ihe 8-itne. though wt
do ti..t hear of such instances of th«l»
809 Second Ave.,  Spokane, Wash.
The school where thorough'work is done; where the reason
is always given; where confidence is developed ; where Bookkeeping is taught exactly as books are being kept in business ;
where Shorthand is scientific ; where penmanship is at its
best; where merit is the standard; where the training in Civil Service, Telegraphy, English and Cartooning wakes up
students, develops their powers and teaches them howto be
successful. No argument is so eloquent as the record of
things well done. No mortgage can corrupt, no thief can
break through and steal the knowledge of How to Do. When
you know what a school can do for you by what it has done tor
others is It better to trust to luck? Is it wiser to guess?
For*detailed information call, telephone or write
*'-•   ' 809 Secocd Ave., Spokane Wash.
The Pioneer
Ueneral Agent
There is no train in service on
any railway in the world that
equals in. equipment The
Pioneer Limited train from St.
Paul to Chicago via the
0, Milwaukee & St.
Paul Railway
The railway company owns
and operates the sleeping and
dining cars on its trains, and
gives to its patrons an excellence of service not obtainable
elsewhere. The buffet cars,
compartment cars, standard
sleeping cars and dining cars
of The Pioneer are the handsomest ever built.
134 Third Street, Portland


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