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The Midway Dispatch C. M. Crouse 1903-10-24

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 &**&& **,*,*
$2.00 per Year.
exceptional values daring October
Boys Reefer Coats Blue Chinchilla, doth heavy
lined, double breasted, Just the coat to keep out the
cold.   Sizes 25-26-27-28, regular price $3.75
October Cash Price $2.^5
Boys Suits in Cashmeres, Serges and Tweeds, sizes
27-28-29-30, regular prices $3.00,4.50, 6.00
October Cash Prices $4.75, 3.75,2.35
J. flcNicol
Druggist's Sundries
.    .     .''       ..     ..      •'- <rt mm      —. J
Youir druggist has a nie® stocK @f them
Dressing Combs
Pocket    Combs
Gentlemens Combs
Fine    Combs
Razor Strops
Curling Tongs, etc.
Hair Brushes
Tooth Brushes
Nail Brushes
Lather Brushes
Bath Brushes
Manicure Files
Manicure Scissors, etc.
Now Is tht tin)®, to pmport for
cold weather
■ i:^^^^^
and hosiery, also wool fleeced lined, all sizes,
As vw are closing
ing at less
of this paper to it.
Everything In the
than cost *® call the attention of the readers
above line goes at less than cost.
full line
geripti'    ._,m_m____m____________m___
1 _ 1 a -a tt_ A.iW*******'***^**'^-**'***** *«*4*****
■i • ________\_WM__m
The Alaskan Boundary Question. but they would iiave been he-' in Wellington camp, near Phoe-
a ,.     _ , , fore the world as squatting up- uix.   A short time ago the Jaek
A  press  diApUtcb  sent   out „„ ftIMl  ,et(linirlif, territory to |Fot fraction was bonded to tno
tiom Victoria says: which they possess no title tin- syndicate   now operating   tlte
British Columbians have he,ird ,ier international law. Groat Athelstan mine, which adjoins
the news of the settlement of Britain Would have retained her1 the Jack Pot. The bond was
the Alaskan boundary question self esteem and confidence of > for $15,000 and was to run for
with a feeling bordering on dis-1 Canadians if Alverstone had de-1 but 90 days, a payment of $3,000
gust.at what is populaily'termed jcided for them. If the facts be! being made at the time tho
the sacrifice of Canada by Great j aa stated in the dispatches, it ] bond was drawn up. John Far-
Britain on the altar of ■ will bea serious question us to rel, an old prospector, was the
political^ expediency. The the measure of loss of these she
people of western  Canada  are | has sustained over this bound-
bitter because of this, and the
general trend of opinion seems
ary sacrifice.   We fully expect
there will be some plain speak-
Ut, be  that the action of   the ing by. the public,men and pub-
British      commissioners     has j He
started a wave of popular opin
ion which may be the opening
wedge of the weaning of Canada from the patriotic reliance
upon the mother country which
has marked the dominion in
tlie past. The action of the Canadian commissioners, Sir Louis
Jette and Mr. Aylesworth, in
refusing to sign the agreement
is heing applauded, for while it
is realized that there is no recourse for Canada but to accept
the decision which has been
given, the action of protest on
the part of the commissioners is
commended, for British Columbia and also Canada does pro
test strongly.
The   people  feel that  it    is
again    a    "compromise —    a
diplomatic settlement arranged
by the British  diplomatic  ami
acceded to by the British com
missioner for the sake of main
twining    friendship     between
Great Britain and  the  United
States.   There is a feeling, too,
that bodes ill for  the niainten
aiice vt tli*»-loyalty.pf the.duriivi
inion, for many remarks -oiut be
heard on the street corners that
it would be better for the dominion to throw in its lot with the
United  States" than  have   its
hinds given away pioco-meuHiy
Groat Britain for  the sake  of
imperial interests.
The British commissioner,
Lord Alverstone, is being oriti*
ized on all sides. His action is
agreeing with the Canadian
commissioners, as they state in
their manifesto, and agreeing to
compromise after discussion
with the American commissioners, is looked upon a.s a betrayal
of Canadian interests. Iu this
connection, a local paper says:
"He conceded that the Canadian had established their ease
:uid that the Americans had
failed. The boundary must be
carried along the crests of the
mountains parallel "with the
coast, The treaty did not eon-1
template that it should follow
the sinuosities of the coast, but
instead of being run along the
range nearest to the water, the
line is to be carried back to
some other range not distinctly
specified, so that our neighbors
shall not be deprived of one
inch of territory they at pros
ent claim. In other words we
have won a great moral victory
but the Americans have carried
olV the fruits of all it.
"The case, which waa correctly described iii press dispatches
as oue of the most complete
and convincing ever placed to
an international tribunal, in
which the contentions of American counsel wore admitted to
be weak and puerile, has ended
as we had some misgivings it
would end. Canadians have
gained the decision anil lost all
the profits which wore rightly
and legitimately theirs,
"Lord Alverstone has left it
with the American commissioners to accept or rejeet tho findings, as they saw fit, Canada
could not have boon worse off
than she will be under the terms
of the agreement. Her neighbors would   not have yielded,
! press  of Canada upon
; matter."
lucky owner of the Jack Pot,
and he had prospected iu Wellington camp for years without
making his little pile up to this
time. This time the ore was
t)1|si disclosed by tt storm blowing
down a tree and exposing tlte
ore at the roots. As .soon as
| those interested i.'i the Athelstan saw the ure and tested to
some extent what there was
there, a bond was arranged.
Since the date of the boad the
ore body has been stripped and
tir.   e cit. in-ixit  ..i.-.t   e ,; has  proven  to   be even larger
nts ot $,w,102.sl, whicn  termed; , , . .        .
., .,    ...   . i than at lirst anticipated,   bev-
the earnings tor the li rat year I      ,   ,. ,
»    ., , .. oral shipments have been unulo
ot    the   company s   existence.       ,      '       , ...
r i     tr i,   ,    .' xi    i tothe ixmudary   rails smelter
John 11. Poet ot Spokane,   one     . , ,■-,"■ ,
..,      ,.     . , .     , I with results that are stud to   be
or the  directors,   has  received | .  ,
., •    i ..   ., ; most satisfactory.
particulars  ot   the   companys| *
the Providence Mine.
The  Providence  mine,  near,
Greenwood, B; Ci has the proud
rank of being the first divided :
payer in the Boundary.   11 lut/i I
dispersed $10,000 out of net pro-
business for the year. It shows
that blil.il tons of ore were
mined, which netted $100 a ton
after paying freight and smelting charges. The tolls iii the
case of first class ore wore $12 a
ton, and in the second grade
ore $5.75a ton. The ner, proceeds
from the smelter were $51,313!ii
Miningexpenses and development, amounts to $20,Lii7.L»j) aud
indirect charges, such as tuxe's
and hauling the ore, were $22(l-k
il more, making a total average cost of $42.55 a ton. 'rhe
net profit tfieiiifoij-B waslSpjL'iiLii
Manager Duncan Mcintosh in
ids report to the conipany at
the annual meeting held .October
I, says that the cost of mining
seems high, yet it is not, when
it is remembered that the ore
bodies are small, averaging six
inches wide. The formation
being hard - and blocky makes
it necessary to take out about'
three feet of waste ground.
He estimates that on a most
conservative basis there are 750
tons of ore in sight, averaging
$100. He has advised that a
dividend or so be passed iu order
to accumulate a larger surplus.
A trial of either electric or 'air-
drills is recommended, not because work -with power will be
cheaper than by hand, but/ because,of the greater speed that
can be made.
Reports from the mine tell of
the discovery of a.parallel load
ih the Providence 12 incites
wide, with eight inches of solid
high grade ore. The strike
was mude ut a depth of 175 feet.
The discovery in the 1'rovi-
•lence adds great interest to the
Bouudary. Tho eauip bus been
looked upon as a low grade cop
The.syndicate that has the
Athelstan and Jau.i Pot under
bond consists of James Hunter,
of Kossiand, VV. T. Hunter and
G.S.Collins 6f Greene ood, U.
I). Hunter, of lJhoonix, aud (J,
i.;. Slawsou of Spokane, besides
which the Byuud'ary Fails
smelter people have an interst.
j i;e ore from both claims is
probably the easiest in.nod oii
t.tiit front any mine iu the
j,u:uidury. No power is needed
lor- (.trills, an ordinary pick ond
shovel answering every purpose.
'Oie ore, being quarred or dug
iroriT cne surraeu' and i'j'.itin>oti .
into wagons by which it is hauled to the railway, it is most
economically handled, Hoist-
in,,', pumping and drilling, the
expensive part of ordinary mining, are entirely done away
wiiii, and Foreman   Uxley   is
j send tig out now in the neighborhood of a ear of ore daily
from lac   two properties, and
j could readily send much more if
the smelters would accept it.
Mining Notes.
Work is steadily progressing
on i'he ijj-itallation of the soven-
di'ill compressor plant at the
OtJ). Denoro, and it will probably be completed and the machine iu operation in about a
week. After that it is expected
that thei'j will bo room for
more employees tit this property
as ore shipments are to be increased at once.
While tho new cylinders, to
take the place of those which
exploded a few weeks ago iu
the uO-drill Granby compressor,
are being manufactured in Shcr-
brooke,   Que.,   the   old   steam
of u high  grade  silvi
right ut the edge of Gi
from which dividends have been i
taken during development of a!
plant is being utilized ut tlio
^^_^^^__-,^^^^_^_ .company's properties in
per cump, und the opening up: Pllot!llix.     Tho   ,-ow cylinders
,,.      , „   tn' dt,P(i8ltl have   been  shipped from   tho
right at the edge^of ;Greenwo.o.l, | ,^ - ..m] ar0 expei,to(, to ,u..
j rive shortly.
, ,    Shipments from the Snowshoe
year, is certain to give /est. to, h.wo ^^ oft. ^     am[  (|jo
to tlie camp.   Hie ofiicers elect- j fomj~&t  fcllc   m[m  ]m,   ,,(,.n
ed at  tho  last  »'^.ng .are:!S01uewhat. ^^ ull j-^
President, Murk F. Madden, of j.jtVsidter could nol  use,quite
Chicago;     vice president   au* L * miR,h (m, {ol. (.,K! ti)m. ,)(•
nmiinger, Duncan Mcintosh ol; ^ ]Knvsypl, wi„ tlmlbtloss ,)0
Green wood;    secretary     and
treasurer, W. M. Law of Greenwood; directors, J. J. Cuulfield
und J. A. Kussell'of Greenwood,
H. J. Fitzgerald and Fraukltn
Rudolph of Chicago, John 11.
Peot of Spokane and W, G.
Macey of Phoenix.
Second Payment on Jack Pot.
Lust wook tho second iiay-
ment amounting to $5,000, was
made ou the bond recently given
on the Jack Pot mineral claim,
owever, win uouutiess t
remedied shortly, and the force
increased once more.
Outside work at tho Granby
mines is being crowded as fast
as possible! during the present
good weather, and as a result
the force at work on these properties is larger than for some
time past, being in excess of 350
men. By the time wot or
snowy weather is hero there
will probably be need for these
and more men underground in
the mines. C. M. OROUSK Kdltor and Proprietor
Publish,!.1 weakly at Midway, B. C.
Subscription prims, f 2.00 por annum, payable
advance, either jowly or half yearly at the
ptlon of thc subscriber.
Advertising rates nent on application.
The trouble about having
Turkey divided by the powers is
that each power wants both
legs and the dark and white
meat nnd a couple of wings und
the stuffing and the wishbone.
There is no close season for
editors in the United States,
Jas. II. Tillman who shot and
killed editor Gonzales at Lt xing
ton, South Carolina, wus last
week acquitted of the charge of
"The Toronto Globe suggests
that Mr. McBride, the premier
of British Columbia, try to get
over to his side one or two
members of the opposition.
Bat the organ does not state
whether the regular Ontario
government tariff—$3,000—is to
be paid, or a special rate is to be
announced."—Mail and Empire.
The last organized body Of
labortogoonstrikeare themule
drivers at the Extension coal
mines, Nanaimo. Surely this is
a patient body of men to wait
until this late date to strike.
Those acquainted' With the peculiar habits of mules would
not blame the United Order of
Mule Drivers if they Were on
strike all the time.
position is a permanency so long
as there are duties to be pei>
formed and he attends properly
to them. But when the civil
servant voluntarily thrusts himself into politics, he becomes
fair mark for those whose continuance in public life he challenges, and when the mark is
hit in return there can be no
cause for lament or protest,
If the Fernie recount, which
is to take place at Nelson on
Monday uext, goes against the
Conservatives another general
election is almost sure to follow,
If tUo recount'goes against tne
government it is more than likely Premier McBride will refuse
to meet the house. A new
election is necessary to give
British Columbia the stable
government it demands and the
sooner it is brought on and got
over with the better. No gov
eminent, be it Liberal or Conservative, can conduct the affairs of the province with anything like satisfaction with such
a small majority as the Conservatives uow have. We have
an instance of this weakness in
John Houston demanding the
port folio of lands and works,
in the event of it being refused
him he will wreck the government. A new election is what
is required and it to be hoped
that which ever side wins they
will have a substantial majority
in the house.
A feature of the campaign
just over was the prominent
part taken in it by employees
of the civil service, both provincial and federal. The candidates of the McBride government stood to a man for civil
service reform, aud in nearly
every constituency they found
members of the civil service
prominent iu the councils of
their opponents. For these of.
tensive partizans—the term is
that applied by the Laurior Liberals at Ottawa—there should
be short reckoning. They have
chosen to use their offices for
political purposes, and having
failed in their object of dislodging the government that menaced their snaps, they should
pay the logical penalty. Those
inviting immediate attention
are the provincial employees;
but for the federal office holders who took so offensive a part
in the recent campaign, the day
of reckoning, probably, is not
much further removed. We do
not believe in applying the
American system of wholesale
dismissals upon change of administration to the civil service
of this province or this Dorain-
Nothing has ever before occurred to widen the breach between Canada and the Mother
country such as the giving away
of Canadian possessions to satisfy the greed of a grasping
neighbor. Canadians—and especially those on the Pacific
coast—realize fully how desirable it is that we should have
access over our own territory to
interior parts of the northern
region, and being denied this
brings forth expressions of indignation, clearly showing that
Canada and the Mother country
are aboilt at the parting of the
ways. The following dispatch
sent out frbm Vancouver ex:
presses the opinion of the people of that city on the result of
the unjust decision and it may
be said that it about expresses
the opinion of all British Columbians:
Local feeling is very bitter
over the award of the Alaskan
boundary commission.- There
is much talk of annexation am
of Canada becoming an inde
pendent nation. Business men
generally are much dissatisfied
at what they pronounce British
disregard of Canadian interests
to please the United States. A
common expression heard on
the streets is: "Canada has been
sacrificed in the house of her
mother." It is a matter pf
comment that the loudest
among the discontented are
Englishmen    residing     here.
Many of-these say that cauaOaj *""***» ™. ys?£4#ft, W*P™ to
will never achieve her greatest
possibilities -until she becomes
part  of   the   United   States.
Rev. Elliott S. Rowe, the
leading Methodist minister of
British Columbia,,' who,, with
Chief Justice Hunter, constituted the labor commission
which sat this summer,' in an
interview here today said:
"I am a Britisher and I have
always been a Britisher, but if
Great Britain is to hand Canada over piecemeal to the
United States, I say let us join
the American republic also.
By doing so we are large
enough, populous enough and
important enough to have some
thing to say regarding the
terms of such animation and
also would be potent enough to
have something to say in the
affairs of the republic of which
we would form a part. But if
we wait until our best and richest territory is given away, we
shall simply be absorbed. It
looks to me as if Canada, had
won the case and lost the territory."
Mayor Nellands of Vancouver
thinks that the Alaska award
may lead to the establishment
of Canada as an independent
"Imperialism and imperial
sentiment, which has obtained
such marked headway of late,
has been dealt a severe blow by
this annexation award," said the
mayor, "I think it will result iii
a strong and widespread movement looking towards the establishment of Canadian inde-
It is unlawful to shoot or destroy at any' time: Birds living
on noxious insects; English
blackbirds; caribou cow or calf;
chaffinch; deer fawn under
twelve months; elk, wapita,
cow or calf under two years;
gull.lmet; moose, cow or ealjf
under twelve months; mountain
sheep, ewe or lamb; English
partridge; pheasants cook or
hehi except as hereinafter pri*
vided; quail, ull kinds; robins
(farmers only may shoot these
in gardens between June 1st
and September 1st); skylark,
thrush. .
> It is, unlawful to buy, sell pr
expose, for sale, show or advertisement, caribou, hare, trail
moose, mountain goat, mount-'
ain ram, before October" 1st;
deer,!before September 1st; lior
any of the above-named animals
or birds at any time, except
duck, blue grouse, heron and
plover, during, the open season.
It is unlawful to kill or take
more, than five caribou in one
season;more than ten deer, or
to hunt them with dogs or kill
for hides alone; more than 250
ducks; more than two bull elk
or wapita; more than two bull
moose; moreihan five mountain
rams; or to take or destroy the
eggs of protected birds at any
time.,..',' - 'yjttu ,
It is unlawful to enter land
enclosed by fence, water or natr
ural boundary,after noticeor a
notice under section 11 is posted up; for non-residents to
shoot without a license;5-for
non-resident Indians to kill
game at any lime; to export or
transport for export iu the raw
state, game birds of every kind,
and animals, protected, except
bear, braver marten , and land
otter; to use traps, nets, gins,
drugged bait, etc., to catch game
birds; io expose for sale with
put its head, any deer, or bird
without its plumage; to use batteries, swivel-guns" or sunk'eh
take dueki* or geese; for un
licensed non-residents to trap
or kill bear or beaver for their
pelts; to kill any.game binL.her
tween one hour after sunset
jand one hour before sunrise;
to kill game birds or animals
imported. for acclimatization
.'purposes; to take trout except
by hook and line, or to use sal
mou rdeus bait; to enter with
hunting implement* or permit
dogs to enter fields, or growing
or standing grain, or enclosed
lands, without permission; foi'
Indians to kill does "or fawns
from Feburary 1st to August 1st
to shoot on enclosed lands on
Sundays without, permission.
But Farmers or their, authorized resident employees may
'lt|ll dear depasturing' thoir cul-
tivated field, and free miners
may kill game for their own
use any time.
The Game Laws.
Open Seasons.—September 1st
to December 14th.—Deer, buck
or doe; mountain goat, mountain sheep (ram).
September 1st to December
31st. —Caribou, elk, wapita
(bull); grouse of all kinds, including prairie chickens; hare;
moose (bull).
September 1st to February 28
th,—Bittern; duck of all kinds;
heron, meadow lark, plover.
To A. W. Boyd or any poison or persons lo
whom you may have transferred yonr Interest
to In the "Morning" Fractional Mineral claim,
situate In Oamp McKinney, In the Oroeuwooa
Mining Division ol Vale Dlstriot.
You are hereby nolKlWd that I bavo expend-
Led |I08.«! In order til hold tUe said- mineral
claim under the provision* of the Mineral Aot, J
'thatyou should contribute $34,114 a* jour portion of tho said num for your undivided.one
third interest In aald claim and If within 90
days of theflntlnserUoo of* the date M this
notice yon fail or refuse Mi contribute tbe sum
of $34.1*1 which Is now due by you, together
wilh all costs of advertising, your interest in
said mineral clnim will become the property ot
the subejqriber undor section four of on Aot en
titled the '•Mineral Act Amendment Act."
Datedthtslnd. day of June, IMS.  '•
,-A   min  to   w-pivaent.   "CANADA'S
Ql'BATEST NPBBEMSS" in the to*Vn of
MIDWAY and nuii-minding .wintry.
nml take orders for
in Fruit Trees, Small Fruits,
Ornamentals, Shrubs, Roses,
< Vines, Seed Potatoes, fce.
Mock'true to name nnd frrVfl-rtin Ban
Jose ScJile, A iMjrmant'iit position tor
the right man on either- salary or
Stone & Wellington
. :    > over Soo acres •
TORONTO        •       .       ONTARIO
To Andrew Uldlaw and to any person or
perwnstpwhqmho.miiyhaio transforred.his,!
interest in the "Colby and 11000" mineral
•claims, situate on Kelly ttrcok In the. Oreenwood Mining Division of -Yalq District, Ilritish
■ Vbu are hereby notified that I have expended tmtxiin order to hold tho aald Colby and.
Reco mineral claims under tbo provisions of
tho mineral aot, and have paid the sum of
t5.00for roenrdiugthe samo for the yoar ond*.
iug mil Juno 190.1, that you should contribute
tr,l,tasa yonr proportion of thb said sum for
your undivided one-quarter interest in said
olalnis. and If within DOdays from the first insertion of this notice you fail br refuse to contribute tho stun tSl-3" which Is aosrdueby you,
•together with all co-t» of advertising, your
interest In tho mid mineral claims will bcooim
the property of the" subscriber under section
four ot an Ael entitled tho "Mineral Act
Amendment Act" IW).
Dated at Midway B, C. thta Uth day of Aug.
First Insertion, ISth Aii|:(isl 190.1.
Ust       do.   llth November, M'3.
LKFTnfrthepremtxeH of thu. uuriereitfiiutllK
■lummry last, mio' black boraa. Owner
ortii. huvis same by payJiiK poa<* of this lulerlis*.*
mentiiiitt fi'Wt of tuilnmi t« dnte. olhorwiw lf
n<it claimed within 3U days will bu Hold to pay
,    Ararchist Mounlain.
Points  East
Spokane, Seattle aod Coast Points,
St. Paul, Niooeapoiis, Chicago
Wmsmtaam Satly
tm* V.A
H«r Equipment Throughout, Hay Coaehas,
. Palaea and Tourist Sleepers, Dllung and
Buffet Smoking Library C    .
. For Tickets'Kates, Folders and IMI
' Information, call 00 or addr.rn
Any AfiatefUt drsat  Mertkera tallway
w write ■".'• ■ Vi
A. a 0. DRNKI8T0K. O. W. P. A.
61J Hrst Avenue. HlATnJt, Win.
Carrying His Majesty's flails
- WiH leave MIDWAY on Tuesdays, Thurs-
days, and Saturdays, at; #.30 a. hi., arriving at
CAMP McKINNEY at 5 p. m.
.     Returning will leave CAMP McKINNEY on
Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 9 a, ni
reaching MIDWAY sit 1:30 p. m.,and making connection with the train going east at 2:05 o'clock.
The best of accommodation for
tha convenience of th*
travelling publlo.   .
With Which Is Incorporated
The Bank of British Columbi
CAPITAL, $8,700,000.
. The undersigned having re-opened this
known and comfortable hotel invite the
patronage of all old customers and the public
Farn*ee-heated|*nd comfortably furnished 00 tin.
Mrs. DoWding, Proprietress.
Tickets at Low Rates to the East.
The Ohieago. Milwaukee fc St.
Will bo on salo at all ticket
offices oh June 4th and 5th,
June 24th to 30th, inclusive;
July 15th and 16th, and August.
25th and 26th.
Tickets, good for going, passage for ttm days from date of
wile, with final return limit of'
days, from date of gale.      ' j
For further information address
II. 8. Rowe,
General Agent.
Portland, Oregon.
Best Hotel in Midway
s Hotel
Rigs to any part of the country for guest's convenience-
■ ■ •■■■ ■ Robinson was in Mid
Friday on his way to
i reported that a Consorv-
iissociation   will  shortly
Lmed in Midway.
led Hirsh lias acquired the
(McClung ranch adjoining
(international boundary line,
American side of the
WW" f Cat*.
**? eeaattH la
pwrnust an<t«r the HUbee-Armstrong
JSL"" • *rite? '» *•»• Amerlci**
■are petitioned (or 2,414 mllei of high-
ways, and nineteen counties hare had
m ttOm Bolihed. rmm no county
Were one piece of road hu been An*
UM hu tht itate engineer tailed to
wctiTo ths second r«n«st lor additional
»Hd construction.
U (act auy counties an vary *-,„.*.
'. tm* to tho aduntages to ho obtained,
and ajratemiUc offtrti bsve bees mad*
hul9 p. Eckstein, j-.T^iSeWi'BMaa'
Irand Forks, has  been ap-, tha country aad to cheapen the cost of
Ited to investigate alleged, cw,tr*tton- 8'»<« a year ago in Jaa-
I .. -   ,i       »..    I sa>7 twenty-aeten counttea bars as.
Inventions   of  the   Alien pwprUtad $2,00T.M2.M aa their half
lor Act. o' tho coat of constructing 470 mllei of
Iwing to poor health,  super uffcw,-r duri*>« «•• earning year.
I .   «. ™       a a*,    v   x ** ***** **ttl*nt a part of the work
Indent Ross of the Kooten- haa hon dona by conflcta.   Broow
livision of the 0. P. R., is «•»■»* wporta tbat tbe practice ra-
to discontinue his !!S!i^Ln,,mb*r °f '""J*" UIM,er
1' • .i. j* 4 • . xx _■■- 5- i ****** tnm *n ararago of forty-two
Ich in tho district   lt is re- ( rat tha year prior to aa average of
led that he will be succeed j '•■ **»■ •■•»«■• thereby nuking a net
P   VL DnatflMl' nf   Vnn   1*** to *** ■»b»tonaaca at prltoatra
h. & Busteoa, of   V«d- **,„, ¥>000 ^ ajuum „{,-,,„
iver.. additional saving, is the ehargea (or
torakayi' feaa and dlachargea aa pro*
vMad far-by law under what, waa
haowa u the old fee system. I think
It can ba aafaly etatad that tha intern
adopted by thta one county by placing
priionen under sentence at hard labor
hu raauKed Is a airing to the county
la tha coata ef maintenance and aa a
raanlt ef their labor of at least 18,000
Aa Improvement of the ayetem at
hlghwaya of the state of New York
muni a aavteg to the agrtcultorlat la
til daUTory of hia product to the local
market! ef from 17,000,000 to $10,000,-
0M annually. It meana a earing to tho
average county of the stats of from
UOft.000 te $200,000 annually. It meana
eahanced valuaUon of farmi and an
Improvement of gnats! agricaitwal
lalf of the cutting out of the
kt of way for tho new electric
Ler line from Phoenix to I
len wood is now completed i
lhe gang employed by Con-
ttorD.P. Barber, and thej
i are now working on the, JJJ,"
half, towards Greenwood
Wellington camp is now ship-
■ an average of nearly two
•of ore per day, the ore all
ini; to the Boundary Falls
[•Iter, and coming from A thnn, Winnipeg and Jack Pot
Les, and being specially de-
\i at the reduction works to
[ with ores from other mines.
I. C. Welch, formerly   chief
linist and assayer at the Trail
fcltor during the Heinze and
•indian Pacific regimes, and
|torly superintendent of the
titreal & Boston Copper eom-
hy's plant at" Boundary Falls,
I been appointed superintend-
I of the   Northport   smelter
i assumed his new office at
i plant.
/>ok out for the general
fction«. The government
lebeen organising for the
nths pas^, and they are now
dy to appeal to the country
moment's notice. Stacks
ampaign literature are held
idinesl at Ottawa and
her centres for distribution
> minute the writs are is-
At a Liberal caucus held
! other day in the east the
hole situation was discussed
\i the government's support-
were given to understand
at they must be prepared for
Itniediate action.
The commissioners of Ferry
funty are repairing the road
fctween the international
pundaryline at Midway and
urlew, Wash. In 1897 the
md was built by the Midway
|ompany, Ltd. on the east side
the Kettle river. Before
|mt time several fords had to
imade between here and Cur
fw. A portion of the road at
Iiis end went through govern
limit land which has since been
■omesteaded and the road was
foxed, thus practically stopping
traffic between here and
Purlew. The work now being
fone will give a good road from
fwo to that town and increased
(raffle will follow.
When any   business   house
f nown to be reliable in   every
pspect makes   an   unusually
pod   bargain   offer in these
Mutnns there is sure to  be
pwiuk and big returns from the
' ortiseraent.     The    Family
ierald and   Weekly Star of
Montreal two weeks ago announced in this paper their new
premiums, two delightful pic-
ures, entitled "Hearts broken"
l««»d "Hard to Choose," ns well
1*8 a large coloured library map
|of the Dominion  with an en-
I ■'"'ged map of this provinco, and
tlio publishers claim that thoir
returns from this section have
'wen far and away nhoad of
|*ny previous year, and the de-
'"•and is growing daily.   Their
offer certainly merits big returns, for such a liberal olfer
■'as never before boen made to
tlle public.   It is   a   dollar's
worth that would  be  hard  to
Tlie Denver & Rio Grande,
popularly known as tho "Scenic
Lineof the World," hns aimounc-
<*d greatly reduced round-trip
rates from Pacific Cortst points
for the benefit of teiwhers who
will spend their vacation in the
East, and of delegates to all the
prominent Conventions—N. E.
A., at Boston; A. O.TJ.W.,at
St. Paul; B. P. O. E., at Baltimore; Woodmey of America
at Indianapoliu; Eagles, at
New York; Mystic Shrine, at
Saratoga Springs; K. of P., at
Louisville, and T. P. A., at Indianapolis.
Tickets at the reduced rates
WiU be based upon one fare for
the round trip, but will be sold
only on certain days. These
tickets will carry stop-over privileges on the going trip, giving
passengers an Opportunity to
visit Salt Lake City, Glen wood
UJSl, iA'U!   mu J.I11I1U1B V UII I llll nu,
sell round trip tickets from Oregon and Washington points to
Chicago, Cairo, Memphis and
Now Orleans at GREATLY
Tickets good for throe
months. Going limit ten days.
Returning limit ten days after
starting west Stop over privileges either way, west of the
Missouri River.
Sale dates are arranged to be
convenient for delegates to conventions of National Education'
al Association an Boston; Elks
at Baltimore; Woodmen at In
dianapolis; Eagles at New York;
Shririers at Saratoga; Knights
of Pythias at Louisville and
Commercial Travelers at Indianapolis.
You can tako your choice of
Sixteen Different Routes.
Write us.   We will cheerfully
Springs, Colorado Springs, and f.IVey0U anydetailed   inform*
a sTsuraaor'a trnmoaatlaa.
A aoggeatloa wu rtceaUy aaada by s
farmer la Ullnote that a Uw ba semed
exempting tbraahlng outfits from ton-
ttos provided iteam Milan wen seed
Is connection with them. A device of
thU aart, he claimed, had hoes designed
whieh had proved very ancewefal Is
leveling the made, and u the time ef
year when the tbraihlng machtae la
abroad la Identical with the eeeeon that
tte fanun devote a portion ot tbeir
flaw to grading the made a steam
Mler would effectually pack the earth.
Denver; and will be good to re
turn anytime within ninety (90)
days. Passengers going via the
Denver & Rio Grande are giving the privilege of returning
via a different route.
For the rate to the point you
wish to go, and for date of sale
and other particulars, as well as
for illustrated pamphlets,
W. C. MCBRIDE, Gf-narnl AKent,
124 Third St Portland, Or.
Rural Delivery Notes
■oak nnl delivery mall carrier la to
fjstrot to provide a uHsfictory subtotals, who atoll bo available for duty
it abort notice at aay time when ho
may set he able to earn hia note.    p-
Than art Ifty-Mvoa women earrlen
Is tbe nral delivery aervtee and nearly
MS wanes, substitutes.
It to aald that Indiana trill bo tho
tnt atato to havo complete rural mall
delivery, u a strait of the law pasted
by tha laat legtilahwe under wbich
couatlM an required to keep In good
repair roada as which nnl mall notes
han boos eatabllehdsV
If aay sew rural fne delivery tout*
wen pot la operation recently, making
ths total sumbat of aasua to
NOTICE 18 IIRKKBY OIVRN that application will be made to ths legislative Assent-
blyof the Province of British Colombia at Its
nest sssslon for an Act to Incorporate a Company to con struct a raflwar and telegraph and
telephone lines over the followlnc route: Commencing at a point at or near Spence's Bridge,
on the Canadian PaotBc Railway, thenee In a
south-easterly direction to Nicola, thenee to
Aspen Grove, thence southerly to Otter rial,
thence south-easterly ky way ot Granite Creek
and Princeton, following generally the course
of the Similkameen River, to a point at or
near the International Boundary, either at Osoyoos Lako or Midway, with power to construct a branch from Prlnoeton to Copper
Mountain. Vanoouver, B. C October 17, IM.
To.Thouuw Murray, of Vrolr, and M. J. Mor-
iarty. late of Ymir, B, 0.
Yon are hereby notified lhat I have
expended One Hundred Dollars (tlntMWl in assessment work on the "Lucky Jim" Mineral
Claim, sltuat* near Myers Creek In tho Greenwood Mining Division of Yale District In Brit
ish Columbia, tn hold said claim for thc year
onoing October, Ifth, 1901. and a further
sum of Ono Hundred Dollar* (»l«).00| in asses-
■rnient work to hold said clnim for the year ending October 10th. IM, and have further m-
pended the sum ot Kivo Dollars IJ5.00) in ro.
cording said aiMcxHineiits In order to hold said
claim under thc provisions of Section 24 of
the Mineral Act
And if within ninety days after the publication of thin miliue. von, or cither of you fatj
or refuse to pay or contribute your portion
of the expenditure required under Mid section 24, that is to say. the wid Thomas Murray In the sum of *H.I6 and the said M. J.
Marlartr la tho ram of Ms.n,' t-s-tiher with
your portion ot all costs ef advertising, the
Interest of such of yoo ae (ail er refuse to
contribute your portion of said expenditure
and enata of advertising, shall become veste
a the subscriber lyour co-owner) under sa
Uon I of the "Mineral Aet Amendment Act
Dated at Camp McKinney, B. C, this SSrd
day of June. IMS.   Last Issue Sept, nth. 1903.
Henry Nicholson Notary Public.
tion you want.
B. H. Trumbull,
Commercial Agent.
142 Third St
Portland, Oregon.
Babbistbrs, Solicitors, Etc.
Grrknwood. D. C.
Chas. A. Webster,
Spokane.Wash.. U.S.A.   Midway,BC.
To Thomas W. Staek, formerly of the City of
Rniiland In the Province of British Columbia, hut whose present address li unknown to the subscribers:
You are horeb/ nodded that we have ex-
pend-id $200 in labor and improvements upon
Iho "Great Laxcy" nnd "Twin Mino" mlnoral
claims, situate in Summit camp in the (ireenwood (formerly Kettle River) Mining Division
of Yale District, as will appear br Certiacates
of Work recorded In theoftVe of the Mining
Reeoider for  the said Oreenwood Mining
Division on the Ith day of August  Ittt. in
order la hold said claims for thc year ending
September 3rd MOt,
And you are further notified that, we have
expended the further sum of fiui, in labor and
improvements upon said "Great Laxey"and
"Twin Mine' mineral claims, aa will appear
by Certificates ot Work recorded August llth,
iSflB. in the nffloe of said Mining Heoorder, iu
SOLICITOR and    ,
A. I. Can. Soo. C. B.
Provincial Land   Surveyok
Midwsi auo Gkikhwood.
RtfNDeLX. Block, Greenwood.
"Jitt:;tt:J -*&
Rock Creek, B. C.
S. T LARSEN, Prop.
Stopping pliit'C for Stages to
.   nil  mm ull Boundary
Oivck points.
6ood Aeeommodation l® tbe Traveling PaMie.
Manufactured by the Hilda Cigar    f* « {**£* #•
Factory, I. Blumenstiel, Proprietor,  wfi^viA.
Hamilton, Ontario.
The "BARRISTER" is a Hantl Made, Union Make Cigar. It is
4i inches, fnil m-jc* and it made, out of Pure Havanna Filler and
the very Choicest of Sumatra wrapper.
Phone 06, V. O H.
orderto hold said claims tor tho year ending
--- Tiber Jrd, MS:
Met the OT|ilratlon of ninety (90) days
September 3rd. MS
And If at the expiration of ninety 	
of publication nf this notice yon fall nr refuse
*■* ^•fia-****"
*•* »»•»-*•»»>»
""   'tniooJttiii.il? ^
""   ii*. -0H-nM.w'«
HaMBt-rfMNN   .
*""l"n-,ti»-rrkinsj> *•"
Thns wlft «.wu««rs*ljj«^her sWee
tinss st very »" »*se "• "mm
HS, It*. I»* an* 124
lo oontribute your proportion of the expenditures required under seetion 84 of tho Mlnoral
Act to hold said claims for tho yearn ahove
mentioned, togot.lior with all costs of advertising*, your interest in said mineral claim'
shall become vested In tho subscribers lyour
co-owners) under Section I of the 'Mineral Ael
Amendment Act, liluil."
Dated at (Iroenwoud, R 0„ this Ist day of
OcUber, 1*8.
Hallett ft Shaw, Solicitors.
In  thc
To Joseph I. low, formerly of tho City of
Spokane In the State of Washington, Md
now supposed to be in iexloo.
You are hereby notided that. I and James
Napier Paton have expended 1100 In labor and
Improvements upon the "Monte Reco"
claim, situate In Oreenwood ramp 	
Oreenwood Jformor'y Kettle M**ort Mining
Division of Yalolih*rlct.as will appear by a
CertMoateuf Work noorded March Slstltot.
In the offlc-i of tho Mining Recorder for ,.ho
aald Oreenwood Mining Division. In order to
hold said olalm tor Ine year onding March
13rd, IM.
And you are further notified Hint I nnd wild
James Napier PaUm have expended a further
sum of lino, In labor and Improvementa upon
said mineral claim, as will appear by A Cor-
MHeate of Work recorded March Hrd 1903,
In the olllce of said Mining Recorder, In order
to hold said claim for the year ending March
wrd, 19QC1:
And yon are furthor notlflod that your proportion of tho expenditures above mentioned
was contributed and paid by the subserlbor:
And If at the expiration ot ninety IDOl days of
publication of this notice yon fall nr refuso In
contribute your proportion of the expenditures
raoulrad under section !l of the "Mineral Act."
Jo hold aald claim for tho years abovo mentioned, together with all ooets of advertising,
yuur Interest In said mineral claim shall become
vested in the subserlbor (a co-owner) under
Motion I of Ihe "Mineral Aet Amendment Aot
Dated at (Ireenwood, n.C, the Snd day of
Hnplcmher, lim.
Halletl and Shaw, Solicitors.
Spokane Falls &Norlhern
Railwav Co.
Nelson & Ft. Sheppard
Railway Co.
Washington ft 6.1. By.,
The only all rail route between
pnints eiwdr, weat and south to Rom-
land, Nelaon. Urand Porks nnd Republic Connects nt 8|mkane with the
flrent Norlhern, Norlhern Pitciflc nnd
O. it. &N. (%i. for point* east, west
mid smith s connects *t Rossland nnd
Nelson with the Canadian Pacific Ry.
Connects nt Nelaon with the K. R, * N.
Co. for Roido anil Slocan pointa.
Conneete at Curlew with etnas) for
Oreenwood and Midway B. O.
Bnffet ears mn on trains between
Spokane and RepnMte.
imCTIVB NOVEMUR 22,1(02:
Leave. Arrive.
MS-un. SPOKANK      S.Mp.m.
7.00 a.tn NKLSON      fl.0OMn.
11.00 a,m GRAND KORKS....   I.M p.m.
».Ua.m  BBPUBLIC       MOp.m
Oenornl Passenger Agont.
Spokane Wash.
JAKE notico that (10 days from the dato
hereof I Intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission
to purohaes tho unoccupied fractional north
westlofSeotonW Township SI, Osoyoos dlstriot,
Dated this 3rd day of August, IMS.
C, dell. Oreen,
Through Salt Lake City, Leadville, Pueblo, Colorado Springs and Denver  and
the Famous Rocky Mountain Scenery by Daylight to all Points East.
or rates folders snd other
Information, address
W.C. McBiilDE,   Oen.   Agt.
124 third ST.  PORTLAND, ORE.
Horse Shoeing a Specialty
Ml Kinds of Work Executed to tk Satisfaction of Customers
To Joseph Sanltor or any person or pot-smis
to whom you may have trnnsfwreil your Interest to lu the "Highlniul Chief" Mlnernl
olalm situate In Ciimp MoKlnnoy, In (ho
Oreenwood MiniiiK Division of Ynlo Dluti'lct.
You aro herony iiotinod tlmt I have expendc,',
|U8. In onlerUi hold yonr interest 111' llie
said mineral claim under the provision o! I he
Mineral Act, that you Should poiUrlbute fho
sum of 1118, for your intorest, In said tili.Hu,
and If within 90 days of tlie In' InsorlUilt •-!
this notice you fail or refuse tu contritmto tho
sum of $118, whioh Is nnw due by you, together with all costs of advertising, your interest In said mlnoral claim will become the
property of tho subscriber tinder section four
of an Aot entitled the
ment Act." IWO.
Dated this 18th day of July, HUH.
"J"AKI! notico that 00 days from tho dale-
hereof, I intend toapply In the I'hiof ConmiiS'
sionbr of Lipids und Works for pornil-Jsioti to
puri'lmse UIO hcves'of land being t.ho north weft
iof Jjeetion tl, Tuwu.sliip 51, Osoyoos distriot,
linierl tliiK till day of August, 1tHi:i.
C. dull, Oroon,
TAKK notice thnt 00 days from tho dato
hereof, 1 intend Ui apply to tho Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission
to purchase S20 norcs of land boliin; thu mirth
Mineral Act. Amonil-  J; of Seetion 31, Township[19, Osoyoos district.
Dated this 1th day of August, l!n«.
U   lull. Oreen,
Famous Trains
The    Overland    Limited to
Chicago via Omaha, and The
Pioneer Limited  St. Paul   to
Chicago, run via the
Chicago, Milwaukee & St.
Paul Railway
Each route offers numerous at
tractions. The principal thing
to insure a quick, comfortable
trip east is to  see that  your
tickets read via the Chicago,
Milwaukee & St.  Paul   Railway.
H. s rowe,                  134 Third Stre?t| Poft,ailrj
General Agent.
It wiil be the most important Railway Centre in tbe
Interior or British Colombia-
It is in the centre of a
rich Mining, Stock-Raising,
Ranching; Gardening, Maau-
fdCtiiring, Coal Producing,
ni Railway District.
Miilway property will
make you rich. II is not
a speculation, it is an in-
y, the coming rill-
way, commercial, whole.
sale and manufacturing
centre of the Kettle Hiver
and Boundary Creek Dis.
tricts, is situated at tlie
confluence  of Boundary
Creek and Kettle diver.
The leading  9 sitnee
town in the country, witb
an excellent climate, pure
water supply, and sup
rounded by rich agricultural land.
Bu mess, residence and garden lots at low prices and on easy terms.     Send for maps, prices, and full particulars to
JJO Si .Joint Street,
Monti™!, P. y
0. M  ftHOUPR,
Agent fm- llr.!i.-h l'r . iinliln,
Alidwtty, B.0.
®he p#patcfr
Bow Bia Worshipers Adored Their
Literary Mul.
One evening In the beginning of Jans
I wns taken to tile residence of Dumas,
on the Boulevard Mnlesherbos, bj aa
Intimate friend of the greut novelist
As oue thinks of a lion, with bis shaggy Diane full of the jungle burs of adventure, so I cun see the author of
"Monte-Christo" ns he appeared on thnt
mauiornhle evening.    Standing about
were women friends, actresses, writers,
poets, attracted by a world of romance
symbolised In tlte ttgure seated In ths
middle of the salon.   I was Instantly
Impressed with two things-thf fre»
coes on the wails and the attitude of
tlie host.   He sal like a silent oracle,
surrounded by a crowd of female ad*
mlrct's, tiie whole conipany set off by
panels representing life sized figures
from   Goethe's   grenl   drama—Vanst,
Mtphislo;,' eli'S. Marguerite. Th"rewer#
110 other pictures In thc room.   The Influence of these llgures, the attitude of
Dnnias and his worshipers, concentrat* ,
ed tlie mliiti on (lie iiulntpssentlal element of romance.   Half Indifferent he
snt. as seine handsome young woman
would stroke Ills head, while another
would place her hand on.his shoulder,
ns they might have done with nn old
Hon long lamed and  without teeth.
'I'l ere wns nothing to distract the mind
from the harmony of Idea and personality—thc conipnny of women  might
huve been part of the frescoes and
Dumas the creator of "Fnust" Instead
of "Montc-Clirlsto."   There wns an enchanted element ubout the people and
the room.
The whole coinpaiiy conversed among
themselves. M.imllng ns If thoy were
tit court, vrlit.e the host sat still and
mused. 1 was held by thc mystery,
the fascination of the romantic atmosphere, the pei'tillar spell of lhe huge
mass thnt tilled the fatiteitll like nn
idol of adamant. For there was something of the Idol about tbe man, I
thought of tt Buddhist statue In a sitting posture,. corpulent at the base,
crisp at the top. The lower part of the
face was of porcine dimensions, tho
skin swarthy, the hair curly, tbe expression of lhe eyes culm and sphinx*
like. Ho was a man who not only had
invented life, but had seen it.—Critic.
Edltorslly Fearless.
Consistently Republican.
NoWsfroro nil of the world-Well
written, original stories-Answers
to qn< rles- Articles on Health, the
Home, New Books, nnd on Work
Abxittli    Knrm nnd Onnli-n.
to Weekly Inter Doeari
U a mntntwr of t No Assobtoted Prtws,
lhe only Wcntt'1'n Xmv>i|iiipt-r roceiv-
ii»KUjt'Hiilirettih'tp-itfiiilc imtvs hciv-
iee of llii: N'uw York 8mi nun" hjiui'IilI
cnhlt. of thit Vcw York World-flaily
rop-.rfe fiom nvur 2 Mi fipy-'inl cor*
rcMpniiiioiiU Ihroutdioul the country.
Sal-write for THB DISPATCH unit
The VmIIj' fii,r C,,;,n one yenr
jtxith | ji| < is lortli.iO.
The Wild and Fleet Fooled Astasia
Are Soon KattKed Oat."
"It seems to be thc opinion of a
great many people that deer and ante*
iopo are at the top notch among* animals ss far as speed is concerned," said
a Dakota ranchman. "I have often
benrd the expressions 'as swift as An
antelope' and 'he can run like a deer,'
but the fact Is any good horse can run
over Mr. Deer or Mr. Antelope within
a mile on level or nearly level ground.
"I win gnat take any first
class cow pouy and run down any deer
that evor lived Inside of two miles, pro-
Tided tbe ground bc level and tbe deer
bas no more than twenty-five or thirty
yards start. I often have seen cowboys run down and rope, a deer within
half a mile. This, of course,' can only
be done when you are riding up tbe j
wind and surprise a buncb of deer or
antelope feeding or lying down in a
depression where they do not see or
scent you till you are almost on tbem. i
Over a rough or hilly country your
horse wouldu't bp In It with n deer.
"The action of a deer under full speed
reminds me of nothing so much as a
sonshell sent rlcochettlng over tbe sur
face of smooth water. They don't gallop; tbey simply bound, and tbat li
where they lose speed over level
ground. But I have seen deer bound
straight up the side of a mountain and
go fully as fast us if on the level, aud
no living animal can catch them at the
uphill gnine.
"Deer have tremendous vitality. 1
have never seen one drop Instantly
when shot. Thoy will make a Jump or
two even when shot through the heart
"Your truo deer hunter will never !
shoot a deer running from him, as tbs
bullet will Invariably spoil tbe bams
and bind quarters.   Most of the west* '
ern deer hunters enn turn a deer when I
he Is running full speed from him with
a shrill whistle.   The deer almost al*
ways will turn to see what that souud I
means, only for a fraction of a second, I
perhaps, but that Is the hunter's oppoi-
Riverside Nurseries
Grand Forks, B. C.
Home-grrown, thrifty, acclimatised trees and shrubs,
Currents, Raspberries, Strawberries, etc.
A fine assortment of Maples and other shade trees,
Roses, Lilacs, Hedge Plants, other ornamentals.
The secret of success In planting, is, kiiist—to secure good stock,
second—lu |iUnt ns soon as possible .ifter it is ting.
tnnlty, nnd Mr. Deer generally gets It! MTFlW A V A IMH
la the neck nbotit tbat time,"       . i ItaLUMV t\ 1  JAISIU
Trees obtained from our nursery can be planted at
Miilway two days after they are dug.
Price  list, and  full  In formation promptly  jflven.
809 .Second Ave., Spokane, Wash.
The school whefe thorough work is done; where tlie reason!
is always given; where confidence is developed ; where HooK-l
kbeping is taught exactly as. books are being kept in business;!
where SiiortiuMd is scientific; where penmanship i.s at i'*|
best; Where, merit is the standard ; where the training in ^
ii.:Sf.ii.vKE, TKMiou'Ai'iiv, English and Cartooning wakes upl
indents, develops their powers and teaches them     howto 1*1
successful.   No argument is so eloquent as   the record oil
things well done.   No mortgage can corrupt,   no thief ca
break through and steal the knowledge of How to Do.   When I
you know what a school can do for you by what it has done loM
others is it better to trust tj luck ?   I.s it wiser to guess ?
f For detailed information call, telephone or write
1  809 Secocd Ave., Spokane Wash
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The Dispatch.


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