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The Advance May 5, 1902

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 ol. XVII, No. I.
$2.00 per Year.
^nttisT*81"-' Solicitor-, Ktc,
Uhkknwoou, II. 0,
-: Notary Public,
j MoRiNHev, B.C.
|URT. U.U.O-..W,
Hallett & Shaw
Notaries Public,
hours: Bodford McNeill's, Moreing tt
Seals, Lolber'e.
*■<* WOOD. B.C.
j dell Block, Greenwood.
Phone 00, V. * S.
A. 9. Can. Soc. C. E.
frviNciAL Land   Surveyor
I^eal Estate
Una-eta* Stave. H»lr Cat. Wf-
,r Shamnoo, 0*11 »t tl>« a1"™ P"lor'
lUinr. IiiiiioiI sail grimml.
TII  STItKKT.  *  *   *  MIDWAY, B. C.
New Goods Arriving Daily
A large shipment of Flannelettes, 24
inches wide, good quality, light and dark
shades.   This is regular 7c and 8c goods,
For this week only my price
will be  O
Ladies'  Goods.
New this week, the latest in Ladies'
Elastic Belts, Waist Perfectors to give
long waist effect, Bust Formers, D. & A.
Hotel Spokane,
Kindt »r Mpalrlm.   Honeshoelng
A a-Kctaltr.
Y^CX^ZSeventh st- •nidway
"Tf f ?.?f ff
1 A new building, well furnished. Everything; new
and first-class. Only the choicest Wines, Liquors
and Cigars kept in stock. Headquarters for Mining
and Commercial Men.        [No Chinese Employed.]
rAAOmaaAae'Am**.   »«■*■•
Kioellort Fishing on Kottle Blvor..«f
Jeneral blacksmith
Ill kind* off work oxooutod to
lhe Mtiifaetion of outtomera.
GBBBNWOOD,     *     -     _B.
One of the Best Equipped Hotels in
the Boundary. Everything First Class.
J. W. NELSONTProprietor.
He Held the Floor for Over Eight
Hours-Railway Bill at Last.
Victoria, April 30,—A remarkable
session of the house wns brought to a
close this morning at 0.30, when Jos.
Martin moved the adjournment of the
debate on the budget, whieh had been
in  progress from  8.30 the previous,
evening.   The governnient last nighl
insisted that the opposition   should
complele the debate on the budgets and
allow  the house  to  go into supply
before the house rose.   Oliver, one of
the opposition speakers, declared that
this was a scandal and a brutal act on
the part of the government und insist-
ed that it was an attempt to hurt
discussion on the whole subject.   The
opposition declared that as a prol est
they would talk out the session.   McBride accordingly started in shortly
after midnight in  a speech againBt
time, while the opposition  members
fortified themselves with voluminous
documents to take it up when he became  exhausted.   Twice during the
night the opposition called a truce and
urged the governiuenl. to consent to
adjournment.   Debates on these and
ou poinls of order consumed perhaps
two hours.   Martin, who engineered
the whole thing,  refused to accede,
saying that the opposition had threatened to obstruct tbe estimates and
must take   the   consequences,   and
should not ask for quarter,   McBride's
achievement was a surprise  tn  his
friends and supporters, as he kept up
the address for from eight to  nine
hours, with  few  intermissions.   The
opposition k'pt him supplied with gin
Sixes, throat troches, etc. The govern
ment was obliged to keep a large see
tion of its following ou the floor to
maintain u quorum, as Ihe opposition
once left, with the exception of Mc
Bride, and lhe house was without n
I quorum.   On   the  conclusion  of McBride's speech, Martin himself moved
the adjournment of the delate, as the
opposition  had material  to  prolong
matters past endurance.   The opposi
tion are flushed with victory.
Victoria, B.C., May 2.-The C,hiel
Commissioner of Lands and Works announced iu the legislature this evening
that the government had received two
offers to huild the railway from tin
coast to Ihe Boundary dislrict Ihrough
the Hope mountains, generally known
us thu Victoria, Vancouver k Eastern
Kailway. One offer was from tin-
Ollalla Copper Mining & Smelting
Company and the other* from
McLean Bros. of Vancouver
The government his entered into a contiact with the McLeans. They
ask for a cash subsidy to be returned
to the province through the percent
age of the earnings of the road, and
lhe road lobe exempt from taxation
for a term of years.
The governnient on Monday will
bring down the agreement wilh
Messrs. McTiean Bros, and also a bill
to subsidize the Canada Northern
Kailway from Bute Inlet to the eastern
boundary of the province to connect
wiih the line being built from the
Great Lakes.
Crow'3 Nest Coal Fields.
Ottawa, April 80.—Ool, E, ,t,Tay
lor,nf Pittsburg,Pa.,the mlnhiR engin
eer, who made an examination "f the |
Crow's Nest. l-iu,8 Coal company's Held
in British Ooiumbia, and who win sent
to recommend to the Canadian government the proper place to make a
selection of lhe 50.(0) acres, which
would be-of an average value of Ihe
entire coal field, bus innd* his report,
and was presented to the House yes
terday. He stales that the coalfield
is locaied in a inoiiiiliiinoiis country
surrounded by Ihe valleys bf the Elk
river, Michael creek, Flathead river,
and Lodge Pole creek, The lenglh of
the seams from south to north is 80
miles, and ils width about 12 niil-s.
He states in some places there i.s a
total workable thickness of(K) feet, and
if ihe two seams of coal were found in
Morrissey creek, these, together with
the live seams already exposed, would
make a total thickness of 152 feet of
coal, and adds that he does not see any
reason why these senilis should not be
found lo extend to Michael ereek.
He recommends to Ihe government
that all tht coal lying hetween Morris
sny creek and the outcropping nf the
senms on Lodge Pole creek he selected,
and that a dividing line be drawn
from a point at junction of north anil
south branch of Morrissey creek, neat
the openings of the Crow's Nejl Pjos
company, from this point north until
it intersects with a line running east
and west through Ihe most southern
side of the property now owned hv
that company on Marten creek, and
that lbe greater part of the50,0110acres
be selected to lhe east and soulh.'of
these lines. In conclusion, he strongly
recommends the selection nf the field
at Morrissey creek, as the present developments Indicate that 1 he coal then-
is at Its maximum thickness and lies
in the inountain so that it can he economically mined; atul there will lie two
main lines nf railways easily accessible
from this point.
Me Me MfMeMeMeMeMe Me. _'»»'> i!ii'i
*■;«;* tffit StktW* ?!«;«;>
M, Me xle Me Me M, MeslrMeMffi'Sle'i,
'f"'f <I> W"fit.Iftff'f to ff ff tf
The Cattle Guard- Question.
crse Baees
Bass Eall latches
Athletic Sports
<it* <\v *v^J*» £!-u-&»Mw_^!^!£_.M»! «£&
^iwW/fv /iCviwiv/Jv «> *\'. tl* *nS *•'-* **»
«.v \i> *i> \v jv aw ^^.li^I^Iii&c" iiii
^IwiTTKvJtfTfv ffr/i'x *-4v tl* *>l\ rt* • ** ♦*.»
n r. mm
i/i ________=_=___=
Practical Watch Maker,
eholt. B. c.
Oood Tools, Plenty Msttrlsl,
•nd io ytart experience to do
work correctly.   .  .  .
Sold by All Newsdealers
In order to save labor we wish
to dispose of as much of our stock
as possible before stock-taking.
Although prices have been cut
before we are still coming down.
Everything eut in all Departments.
Cattle Seizure.
Last Wednesday customs officer R.
'"{"••hm Monthi* tn all Iotwi ol Son*
••nit Mu-le tx vMt volume of Mow, Choles
,,xSV. Rhl Com-waltlona to tho mosl f>f
X.h wKTt ,ffP*a*aot tlana Music,
If Vooal, halUnitrumenW-n Complats
Piece, lor flane-Once a Molilli for as
»rly SubwHirliou, %s.
*x__fr~f_o "■• nMB« aon »<«!'
eo,. ?'0r»<*<i rtWr a* will lead you a
<•">•. Yearlylubtioirliiuoi^»i.oo."IfJou
Si.1.-1"1**-" »» n»«» and artdreiiii ol Fiva
Quick Sales and
Small Profits.
ll-..... .*• *tm9, fubllshsr,
«»th 4 Ucust»ts.,.Philadelphia, fa.
'kSSm HAIN & CO. H01
(iiirdom of this place seized 18 head nl
cuttle belonging to John Tymiui, of
Riverside, Washington, which hud
lieen driven through Midway and
secreted near Hosier's, without paying
the duty imposed on nil cattle coming
In from the American side.
Tynian is wanted hy the American
authorities for shooting with inl ent to
kill. He was living with a half hreed
woman in Riverside, who was also
intimate with another man. Tynian
returning one day to the house and
llniling the stranger there fifed live
shots at him from a revolver. Evidently Tynian was not. an expert at
shooting, as out of lhe Hve shots he
was not successful in hitting his man.
Init put one bullet through his hat.
Tyinan was arrested and hound over
io answer to lho charge on $250 honds.
He immediately took his stock and
came across the line at Midway, hut
avoided the. customs. A week ago
Insl, Sunday night he remained at the
Hotel Spokane, and shortly after
Deputy Shei iif John Kendall arrived
al lhe same hotel. Had he hut made
known his mission, Tyman would
dimhtlt-ra have soon heen within the
clutches of the law, hut this the deputy
sheriff failed to do and lhe man got
away. The sheriff then wenl. to Greenwood, hoping there to locate his victim, Imt the delay caused hy this move
gave Tyman an opportunity to gel
sufficient start to avoid heing overtaken, When the officer s'aried in
pursuit the following morning, hpun
Information furnished him of the direc-
I|on Tyman had taken, he was too late
lo overtake Ills inan, who is still at
Since the construction of the Columbia & Western railway a numl er nf
horsesheloiigfng to people io lhe dis
trict have heen killed hy heing run
over while on the track. The railway
company was notified of the accidents
.■md askid to make compensation for
the loss of the animals, hut I his ii failed
to do. Whether the conipnny is
liable or not is a question tn he de.
cided. The following taken from the
Winnipeg Free Press would appear
that the cattle guard question i-i de
manding the attention of the Dunlin
ion government nt the present time.
It suys:
The cattle guard question seems In
be one of considerable Interesl in the
enst judging by tlte turmoil ahoul il in
parliament  this   session.    Mr.  Lan
caster of Lincoln and  Ningnin  Intro
duced a measure making railway companies  responsible    for  damages  lo
cattle on railways  where  no guards
were provided,   The regular course is
for all bills affecting railways in be
referred to the  Hallway   Onmniittee.
Mr. Lancaster, however, wanted the
house lo pronounce iipnn the question
tl'haod, without any reference lo the
committee.   To this  deviation  from
the regular procedure the in ijorlty of
the house would not cons'-nt, and th
bill went to the proper tribunal. Ther
il. was discussed for two or ihree days.
The minister of railways offered   to
bring in legislation next year, nnd in
the meantime to conduct a thorough
Inquiry as to the.best form  of entile
guard  which   shnuld he adopted, a
variety of types being under eonsl let-
nl inn by railways.   Against  any such
proposition Mr. Lnucnster stood out.
hut the committee Accepted lhe proposition of lhe Minister of  Railways
and recommended to the house that
the bill be  not  proceeded   with  this
session.   Upon the report coming up
in the house, the  light  was  renewed.
Mr. Lnucnster opposing it,   The  Pre
inier repeated Mr.   Blair's  statement
that the governnient   would Inform
itself on the quest ion   during  the  recess and would  he  prepared  to deal
wilh it nexi  session ;  and  the   house
thereupon confirmed the act inn nf the
llailway (Vminiitlee.   The understanding is that by, April 1st,1803 the Railway Committee of the Privy Council
Is to he prepared Io Instruct the rail-
ways as to whnt kind of a cat tie-guard
It will be necessary for them to u-o tn
free themselves from  Ihe liability of
paying for ealt'e killed ou their tracks.
11 Is hy no means eert aiu that their is
We give  what we advertise.
xie *ii,i_i,y'.y*. *ii£ii,i ''.y.*y.', ii-ninii
VoVitV_tV_t'Z',tf_tV,.',lffl,f,iZi,i <v. tf
Me \le Oe xle SUl/www ■.".'• ,ir!-»-!'*„M2»
Ji>,">iv if"ift'(£) titf'itfltfff *i*j"ri*. .'f."f'f.
Come and enjoy a day's outing
in the most picturesque
spot in the interior.
The Midway M
Will be in attendance.
Oreenwood Visits Midway.
The excursion fwun Greenwood to
Midway yesterday, under lhe auspices
nf the Citizens Hand of that place, wis
largely attended.
The object ot the excursion was to
allow the people of (Ireenwood nn
opportunity to he present at the base-
hail Match whieh look place during
the afternoon between Oreenwood ami
The train arrived shortly before two o'cloek and in a very few
minutes the game wns called, which
lasted about Iwo hours and resulted
in a victory for thc visiting team of
A small shower, of rain whirh lasted
but.-ifew minutes, slightly detracted
from what otherwise was a beauiiful
afternoon. The visitors relurned
about half past five all seemingly Well
pleased with the tuning the day
The (Ireenwood Hntul, which accotii-
panled the party of plensure seekers
nnd during Ihe afternoon played tunny
good selections, added greatly in tlm
any effective device of Ihis nature
existence.   Rail way officials are united I
in declaring Unit the old fashioned pit*    .     (m, ()f ft|, „,„„„ pmjtf|)t
guards, once tn  he   found  at  every
nroBsitig, are no longer priiffTcahlo in
view of the much heavier traffic that
the traces have now to carry.
Morn—In Midway,
the wife of J. Richter
:in   May Sth, to
a daughter.
T. ,1, Kelly returned today from
Man I lolm, bringing with him eighty
head ol yearling heifers wilh which lo
stuck Iiis ranch. The cnl tie were a
line lol nnd stood their long journey
well. JOHN WITHKI.I, ". Proprietor
0. M. CHOU-U Manager
Published weekly at Midway, B. C.
Subscription- price, *'! 00 per iiiuiiini, pnyalilo
in Advance, either yearly or half yearly at tho
option of the subsi-i-IbiT.
Advertising; ritlcs sent on application.
MONDAY. MAY 5, 1002.
Men of nm row bruins usually find
fault witli thai which they do not
The Dominion 'government has decided li^reduce the royalty on gold
mined in the Yukon from 5 per cent to
2J per cent. ,
The Methodist church of Ih" United
Slates is likely to modify its church
laws to meet modern ideas bf the people ai lnrge.whieh means I hat dancing,
curd playing and other amusements
which have hitherto been considered
by that straight laced body as nnpar-
d iiinble offences, will now be allowed
hv the church, as it is apparent that
ils laws against these amusements are
lining more hiitlu lhan good, Even
the church is hemming wiser in its
Mr. Curtis' object in introducing this
act is lo make law what has long heen
a custom, and thereby do away with
the evil of placing legislators under
obligation lo the transportation companies, who in return for tlie courtesy
extended expect legislators to look
favorably upon any hillscomingbefore
the house that are beneficial to them.
Thsre is little doubt but the giving of
these passes hns in the past had evil
effects, and if the act introduced he
adopted, those entitled to such free
transportation will assume: no obligations and will therefore feel more free
to oppose matters that are hostile to
the interests of the transportation
companies Imt favorable to the public.
rsJllL, VVAI      INl-vVvu
The kilt, it ar-penro, is not to disappear from the uniforms of the British
nrtny, despite reports to that effect.
Mi. Brodriok, secretary of war, speaking mi this poinl in (he commons recently, announced that ihe Highlander
regiments will retain the kilt fotfull
dress, and instructions will lie issued
for providing a kilt uf khaki, or some
invisible colot, on active service, as is
now done in South Africa. He slated
the uniform regulations are general
for the whole army, and exception is
inndc in the case of the Highlanders.
The distinctive tartans of the Highland
regiments will he made use ot, as in
the pasl.
[t is expected that parliament during
its present session will provide that
the official celebration of liie birthday
of King Edward shall fall on May2llh,
although the actual birthday is on
Nov, Uth. May 21th is already a statutory holiday and is likely to remain
one for all time in honor nf the memory of Victoria Ihe Good ; and it will
be convenient also on that date to pay
our respects to the reigning sovereign.
We already have holidays enough,and
lo spare. There is a precedent for this
proposed action, George Ihe Third's
bill Inlay, June llli, having been observed in Canada as the King's birthday dining the tno succeeding reigns.
The Chinese are beginning to receive
considerable attention throughout the
province. At present Ihe council of
the city of Nelson is considering the
advisability of placing a tax on lhe
Chinese vegetable pedlars. The. question came up hefore a meeting of the
city dads, and as usual Ihe Celestials
met with a few sympathisers, who
thought if a tax were imposed it should
he hut slight, and certainly not $25, as
the city solicitor contended was the
sum I hat could he imposed upon them
according lo the act. However, as the
council was not quite clear on the
question it referred the matter to
the Attorney General to decide if it
was justified in imposing a licence.
The arguments advanced in favor of
the Chinese were simply ridiculous,
and so long as the people nf this province continue to deal with this important question hy considering lhe interests nf the Chinese liefore they do
those of the white residents of British
Columbia, just so long will the China
men continue to wax fat and drain
this rich province of the money that
shnuld be kept in circulation within
its boundaries.
Hon. Smith Curtis, member fnr Ihe
liossland tiding, has introduced an net
which   provides that every railway       .... „,.„  „,  „,  KJ„vv_.r company's
coinpaiiy operating a railway for lhe Mother Lode mine, near Greenwood.
transportation  of passengers within
llrilisli Columbia shall issue and give
of lbe piovince, as lirst class passeii
gets, on all cars and tiains en'iying
passengers, to lhe follow ing persons :
To every member of the legislative
assembly, and, in case of dissolution,
for three months thereafter, to every
one who was a member at the time of
dissolution, to every judge of the
supreme and county emu Is nf the
piovince, lo the surveyor of taxes ami
inspector of revenue, and to the asses,
sot-of luxes of I he province. II ftuther
provides lhat Where a railway cuin-
pany owns, operates or controlsBleam
l.oals or steamships, plying within the
waters of Briiish Columbia, oi waters
adjacent I hereto, it. shall give transportation to all of the aforesaid classes of
persons on such vessels,
Another provision provides that
each conipnny '.■hall nu nr before February 1st of each year hereafier cause
to be delivered lo the provincial secretary a statement of the list of iiiiiii-n,
witli places of residence, of all persons,
not officials of the railway conipany,
residing In the proviui'e to whom during the preceding yearn railway pass
or free iniiisportailon was given,
slating also the reason In each case
why such puss or transportation was
given, Failure upon request Io issue
or give the aforesaid tiansporlatlon to
nny of the persons uuniioned, or lo
make the ret urn lo Ihe provincial see
I'l'tnry shall render the company
ich case liable to a penalty of ijlAlKI to
cijiim i-.ihh- under (he provisions of
Some very nice ore hns lately been
struck in the west drift at the 800 fool
level of the No. 7 mine, in Central
rump. Copper shows freely in the
quartz, which at Ihe levels nearer the
surface had values only in gold and
silver. The coining in of copper prom
ises to add to to the value of the ore,
which still carries gold and silver as
With the melting nf the snow survey
work is being pushed nn mineral
claims and pre-empt ions up the limit!
Ketlle river. Recently Sydney M.
Johnson stitveyed several lots, and
this week returned to Greenwood.
Last week A. E, Ashcroft was upon
similar husiness, and now C, JE, Shaw,
another provim ial land surveyor with
headquarters at Greenwood, has gone
up to Canyon City to survey property
in that neighborhood.
It. Meyorhnff has resumed hauling
nre from the No. 7 mine, Central camp,
to tbe railway siding between Anacoii
da and Boundary Falls, and from the
Jewel mine, Long Lake camp, to the
JeWel siding hetween Greenwood and
Kholt, It is feared, though, that the
steady rains of the past two days will
make the mads too soft for heavy
hauling for (he lime, so that the teams
will have to be brought back to await
more favorable conditions for theii
Richard Plewman.managing director
of the Winnipeg mine, reports that
since April 10, when shipments were
resumed, 250 ton.*f nf ore has heen sent
to the smelter. This ore was taken
from the* concentrating ledge at the
250 foot level. Besides vihal bus been
shipped there are reserves of of ore
which hare been broken down, but
which cannot he marketed owing to
the limited hoisiing and shipping
facilities.   Superintendent Marpole, of
It is only a question ofa short time
until that portion of the Coast-Kootenay Railway from Curlew to Midway
will be construcfed. This line would
be now being built, but for the scarcity
of laborers, When this road is built,
most of the spur lines to the different
mining camps will start from here,
making this the railway centre of this
district. With the advent of more railways into Midway the prices of real
estate will advance, and the choice lots
purchased and taken off the market.
Show your good judgment.by buying
now. Midway property will make you
rich. It is not a speculation, it i s an
For prices and terms apply to
the Canadian Pacific railway, recently . —
visited Ihe mine and Ihe inadequate Tokoxto, No. 2, Galena and Hones Kj.ac
.   .    , ,    .     I TIONAI.  MlNKBAL CLAIMS.
minted not. in I
aiding facilities were pointed out I.
him and temporary betterments were
at once ordered and a promise given
that such further steps would be taken
as were necessary lo properly handle
the output of lhe mine.
Jas. Sutherland and Phil McDonald
Situate In the Osoyoos Mining Division of
Yale District, Whero located :- Camp
AKK  NOTICE that  I,  Clmrlos do Blols
Green, as afreet for Peter tkoll. free inin-
  cortilicato  N'o. ti(OlX), intond. sixty days
from tlio dnte liorcnf. lo apply li, tho Mining
Kocorder for a Cortiflcato of ltiiprovoincnts,
  ' I (or thc purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant
Imth of Greenwood, recently got from of the abovo claim.
,,„..,.. • - - '
C. W. H. Sansoin a bond on his Goldfinch mineral claim, situate on Twin
creek, aud about half a mile from the
business part of Greenwood, It has
since transpired that Sutherland last
fall found a promising showing on the
claim, but did not mention this until
he had secured an option to purchase
it. The vein is quartz, mineralized
with galena and lead, and many returns show good gold values. It has
heen stripped to about 400 feet and
appears to be well defined between
granite walls. It is intended (o run a
tunnel on the source of the vein, wliieh
occurson lliesideof asleephill. Last
year this claim was under option to
another party, w ho scut to the local
smelter a few tons of quartz ore taken
from itnolher showing, low dnwn near
the creek, but as no~more was then
done in Ihe matter, nothing has "since
been heard nf the property until now,
The big rock crusher recently installed at the  B.  O.  Copper company's
was given a three horns' trial om-dny
 r,---I last week, with satisfactory results,
free transportation within the limits|The ore is hauled through a tunnel
run in below the nig oreqiiarry.havlng
lieen first shot down a chute into cars
each with a capacity of ubout three
tons, whieh are drawn by a mule, At
the crusher a pneumatic hoist lifts the
full car and tips its contents into Ihe
crusher hopper. A grizzly allows all
the nre below live inches in size to
drop through into the pit, the larger
pieces falling into the same pit after
heing crushed, The ore is elevated
thence hy a strong bucket elevator to
the ore bins alongside the inilwny
track and loaded thence Into Ihe rail*
way cars for hauling lo the company's
smelter. The criisheris what is known
as a Farce MB, and was made hy the
Jenckes Machine company at its works
at Sherbrotike, Quebec. It is a 21x8(1
Inch II Knrrell Bacon Improved, fitted ,
with manganese steel jaw plates, steel | Certificate of
swing jew and pitman, and is driven
by a 10x20 Inch right hand plain slide
ral"c engine, titled with Meyers nd
instable cut off and wilh Hy wheel
pulley IW inches in diameter and IH
Inch face, II. has a capacity of 050 Ions
of rock, crushed io a size not exceeding
five Inches, every ten hours. It will
reduce considerably the cosl of handling thc ore from the quarry at thin
"Amber" Plug Smoking Tobacco I
winning ou its merits,
"Have you tried It f"
Nave thu lugs, they me valuable,
Certificate   of  Improvements.
Dr. R. Mathison,
Carrying His Hajesty's flails
Will leave MIDWAY on Tuesdays, Thurs
days and Saturdays,  at 8.30 a. m,,  arrivim,
CAMP McKINNEY at s p. m. * %
Returning-wjll leave CAMP McKINNEY
Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 0 ;i
reaching MIDWAY at 1.30 p. 111., and making COn!
nection with the train going east at 2 o'clock,
The best of accommodation for
the convenience  of  the
travelling public.
Headquarters for Railroad,
Mining and Commereial fei
First Class Livery Stable in Connection with Hotel,
S. A. CROWELL, Prop.
.And further tako notice that Action, under
section :*7. must be commoncod before tho
i&uit-iico of such Ccrtiflcateof Improvements.
JHtleil this Kith dny of March, I0W.
21c C. DKB. GltKKN.
|^H        VkKNON H.C
thHr&xx-t _s"ck_".w<-
The Royal Insuranck Coy.
The London and Lancashire Fire
Insurance Coy.
The Insurance Coy. op North
The London and Canadian Fihe
Insurance Coy.
The Sun Life Assurance Coy u*
The Dominion Building and Loan
Appraiser kor the Canada Permanent Loan and Savings Coy
To J. C, Itollly, W. H. Holli)' and 3. M. Jiuld,
of LnniiiU. Washington I
TAKK nolleo Mint I havo ilono on Iho Itock
Crock Mineral Churn, Minnie on Hock
Oronk, In lho Osoyoos Division of Ynlo District, tlio work required hy Suction ii nt tlio
Mlnorul Act for lhc year which oxpiretl on
AiiKimtlO, Wil. anil have duly recorded (he
certlHcalo of work for this and the two yoiirs
Anil fnrlhor tako notico'' 'it if al, the expiration of OU days fiom llio di...j of llio Unit publl-
cation of Ihis notice in Tiik Midway Advance
yon. co-owners, fail lo conlribnto your proper-
Hon of the expenditure rei|iiiroil hy snid Seotlon Hi In respect of such work, namely WITH,
tnxcthor wiili all the cosls of advertising, ynur
iniercd iu snid mineral claim shall ill
Certificate  of Improvements,
Aciimk Minkiiai.Claim.
Situate In the Osoyoos Mining Division of
Yale District.   Where  Located :-Kruger Mountain,
TAKK NOTICE tlmt I, Charles do Hlols
Green, free miner's corlltlcato N'o. itGITan.
intend sixty days from the dalo hereof, to apply to the Mining Itecordor for a Certiiicate
of Improvements, for tho purposo of obtaining
a Crown Urant of the nliove claims.
And furlher lake notice that action, under
section 37, must be commenced beforo (ho issu
anoe of such certificate of improvements.
Hated this 14th day cf April. 11)03.
Ic C. null. (IKKKN.
Certificate   of   Improvements.
Aiikrukbn Minkkai, Claim.
Situate In tho Kettle River Mining Division or
Yale District,   Where locaied: Copper
TAKK NOTICK that wo, John D. Norrlsh,
freoinliicrs' eertilleale Su. iiir.an. A. .'•".
Cross, freo miner's eertlfleato No. |I(UM, and
Louis Itryanl, free miner's ccriillcnlc No.
11(1*126, inlcnd.slxty days from the dato heroof,
to apply to lhe Miningltecorderfor a corlillciito
of improvements, tur the purposo of obtaining
a Crown   Grant of the abovo claim.
And further take notice thnt action, under
seotlon 117, iiiunt bo coinmnncod liefnro tho
Issuance of such eertlfleato of improvements.
Dated this _nh day of April, 1IK12.
Mineral Act, 1896.
Certificate  of
Claims. .
Situate in the Kettle lllver Mining Division
of Yale District.   Where located: In
Wellington Camp.
-TAKK   NOTICK that I, Forties M. Kerhv
vbipk-m^on/tlTiig' wiirnio'-m'inlnTrc0 ' L&Tko mil %_J&&3%«
cun ir of said m ning division llio untiedi and   er's ra,ri.in™i„ i:;.'.,,»,-' 'I'."™'1!.'!™ mill-
"ravellers up the West Fork
of Kettle Kiver will find this
popular hotel the most conven*
rent stopping place. Dining-
room well supplied and managed.
Hest liquors and cigars at thc
bar.   Stable in connection.
The Riverside Hotel
Is situated at Rock Cre.k, B. C, on the main
route of travel between Penticton and all Boundary Creek points.
Good Hunting. Qood  Fishing.
Best of Accommodation.
S. T. LARSEN, Proprietor.
...  _.., y, iiivii.11111 ine nniii'i: am:
allldavlt required by tho Mlnorul Aet Amend
ini'iil Acl, Willi.
Iinted this0th day of Mnrcli, 1*2.      ltlro
or's ciirtlflealc No. til'Ml!. James l'ricc, free
miner's curl illcnlo No. 1112.1711, and Chris. Me-
i liniii-ll, freo minor's corlillciito No. ul'.'Ml,
i Intend, sixly days frnui flic date hereof, i.n
ntinly lothe Mining Heoordor for u Cerllflealo
I of Improvements, forthe |mr|iose of obtain
 , „...„.,m, iur uio purpose of obtaining
a Crown Qranl of thu above claims.
'  And furl ln-r lake notico that aetlnn. under
section :i7. must he commenced  before tho
issuance of such Certlllciilo of luipro'uinunls.
Mated this Uth day of November, A, I). 11*11.
lie VOUDKH M. KKItllY.
Anaconda Minkiiai. Claim,
Situate In tho Kettle River Mining Division
ol Yale Dlstriet.  Where loeated : At the
mouth of Baker Creek,
AKK Np'NOK Ihal, I, Korbos M
. Kerby,
. for mv-
I free miner's cerlillcate No. iiJWiin, for my
self and us ii'jent for Churles lliimilton, freo
miner's ci'i-llllontn No. 830933, and Wm, Ileilly,
free miners'ccrtlllfiito No. MltGOI. and Ainsley
Megrim, free miner's eertilleale N'u. nJtOJllll,
iiiieiiil.ijiiilnvs f ri im the dull) hereof, tonpplv to
thoMliiliiK Itecordor for a Certlllciilo of 'I'm.
Iirnvuineiil. for   the inirpnsn of obl'iliilng a
,'riiwn (Irani.nf the aboveclaim.
And further tnko notico tiini. action, under
section 117, must be eiiuiineneeil before the issuiince of sueh Cerlilleale of Improvements,
I llitnil this Oth day of December, IIKII.
Lite I'lII11 UW M. KKItllY.
of all kinds dono ai
Spokane Falls &Northern
Railwav Co.
Nelson & Ft, Sheppard
Railway Co.        \
Red Mountain
Railway Co.
The only all mil route botwoon
nil points Hunt, Wont und South
to Ho-Hliind, Nelson mid nil
liitermucliuto point- ; connecting ut Spokane with tho Grout
Northern, Northern I'mlllc mid
O. It. iti N. Oo.
Conneots at Rossland with the Canadian
I'acilic Railway for Boundary Creek points,
Connects at Meyer's Falls with stage dally
for Republic.
Bullet Service on Passenger Trains between Spokane and Northport.
Leave,        Arrive
HPOKANH    0,20 i,m.     7.IA p.m.
r.'.ii il. in.    i.jiii p in.
    0.10 a.m.    xi.lt pitii.
__.. JAaxBoir,    I
Uuiieial Passenger Agent.'
Winnipeg Vancouver
Toronto Vlctiiili'
Oi tii wa Scull Ic
Mmili'Hal I'ni'lliiiiil  .
Ntnv York Sun Fronclw
Via Soo Line
St. Paul, L'lilnign mul nil UniliilHI1111''
EAST - Leave Kontenny l/""li'f
Tnrntluv nml Friday , f;'1 ',
Paul, Toronto, Montreal, Hi*"'"'
WEST-Leavu Hevelstoke daily ■"'
Vancouver, Sealllo anil i""
Kxdurslon Tlckota on Bale, wi-iw»n
ijHi-h 1 to April HO.
Through hooking* lo KiiroP0
Via all Atlantic lines. I i ■"
pairl tickets from ftll points hi
lowest rn l es.
Kor time Inblim,  ....
call on nr address A. W. "A
MIiIhhv. or
i. H. flAiri'ICIi,
1). I*. A.,
Neliou, 11. 0.
'l.KV, AH"
,1. CUIT'I'"
•/•mtiouvofi"' f AL AND DISTRICT.   1
Iinderson is Kuw hraking on
|VV. out of Eholt.
Lmeion, of Cameron Bros.,
od, was » visitor to Midway
lotilson has taken two more
(of horses to Munitoba and will
jck a like nunilier of cuttle.
teed, who is now employed us
i on the C. P. R. lines lietween
ml Phoenix, spent a few days
' last week.
D. Qhtto "IB* *"4. Verne
I to Chesaw onTriwKliiv afier
ru few days in Midway, the
fcf Mr, and Mrs. C. L. Thoinet..
Gunderson left on Thurs*
iliiBsland, where he will join
jiiinlon lioundary line survey
Jnder Engineer O'Hara.   The
■ill proceed to She*p creek and
[the work where they left off
Mr. (1 undersoil was ln Mr.
Is party last season.
iriiomaii, druggist, of Midway,
Ini ly made many improvements
tore, having added a large mini
[llxturet, hesides staining and
Jlug the interior of (he huilding.
Jalso greatly Increased his stock
Is iiiid stationery umil It 1? now
lulele and up to date as can he
i any store In the Boundary.
le present, tune the work done
provincial government on the
Fork wagon road is of no more
lhe traveller into that country
(the money had heen spent in
jjcnviir lo raise the water in the
Itiver, for the only means of
itUitiun in and out of the conn
present Is hy Caynse Pack Train,
I (io four miles an hour), All
later toute.
MO p. in.
Wed,, Frl.
* Sundays
2.30 p. in,
,,, •*!', Cm't Points
I'ts.l row i Nest ll. it,
Kaslern Canada
V union, etc.
Grand Kurks
All pis. Own k Mouth
Camp McUliuiey
.„, Itock Crook
All Wost Kork pninu
1.30 p. in.
Tucs., Thurs.
k Saturday!
8.3H a. iu.
1 he tonnage of ore shipped by the mines of the Boundary
district during Igoii ancj for first three months of 1902, is
as under:
Malls for points fnrllier west nf Midway than
Lamp McKinney Ko via. Kovelatoko.
Money orders from 8 a. m. to 7 p. m. will, the
exception of one half hour before departure
and utter arrival of mulls.
j Is the lime when alnrge numher
kve heen away from their ranch-
lhc winter on leaves of alwence,
> forsake the pleasures of town
i the high water trail in order to
| to the provincial governnient
ey took up their pre-emptions
fcr to enjoy all (he comfoitsof a
|no matter if their residence is n
•eight shack wilh a leaky roof,
Bieir daily prayer Is that some
I come along and huy them out.
Walker has leased Ihe ranch
llias" Martin, on Ihe reservation.
It distance helow Midway.   The
lis one of the flneit on the reser
Most of it is seeded down to
, and with plenty of  water,
lis il has, should, with ordinary
lien, produce an  enormous crop
|y. The time it. not far distant
fall the ranches on the reservii
vill he operated hy white people
I of Si washes ; and with modem
*ls of farming taking the place
slipshod methods adopted liy
(tverage native,  the  country  is
id tn hecome ono of Ihe  hest
king   districts   in   the slate of
8. Torney's general store at
was broken into an Sunday
Mr. Torney neil morning
hi seven pairs of pants, hul did
know whether any more goods
I lieen taken, Monday Michael
and Thos, Stewart weie arrested
(Ireenwood, charged with the
pw. Tuesday uiorning evidence
nought to prove that the accused
offered to tell the punts in Oreen-
and in one insl ance a purchaser
jfiniml lo testify against them. 0,
pendell, J. P., hefore whom the,
ry hearing was held, commit-
loth men for trial. They had lieen
ping ut the C. P. 11. coal heap in
(It before the offence, wilh nhich
' are charged, was committed.
Irs. K. S, Dowding, proprietress of
I l.a'ii'a.shirc House, has received a
jSigmueiiL ot shruhs and fruit trees
tho LUverslde   Nursery,   near
Ind Forks, which arc hy far superior
ping to any yet brought Into this
Hot.  Those desirous of ohtaining
ery slock should compare the out*
| of lhe home nursery with (hat of
hern growers before placing their
|ers, and the result Is alums' sure to
Jthiit ihn home Industry will receive
fir patronage; not simply for the
|i'i'i of supporting home Industry,
because the stock will hn found
jcrior and hetter adapted to this
I'lHiy than that of eastern Arms.
l'ch dissatisfaction' has been ixpress*
I in the past over the poor quality of
pit trees sent out to this district from
' oust, and nlso the bad condition in
{•ich it. arrived, which was nn doubt
f|' to lhe fad that our spring season
I so much earlier than that of the
••i the trees did not arrive here
■til too late to give good results,
[■en another great disadvantage was
severe climate of Manitoba and
Northwest through which it had
'Pass,und which invariably resulted
the stock hocomlng Injured.  The
ftalillHhment of a nursery In Ihe dis-
(let duos away with all ihese dlsad-
Wages and makes It an easy matter
wiccessfully engage in the fruit
Don'l forget to renew your miner's
licence,   It expires on May 31,
F. S. Forest, general superintendent
of I he Spokane Falls & Norlhern, accompanied by Auditor A, M. Tlionuw
and h. 15. Shields, contractor Tur the
construction of lhe Washington k
Northern, inspected the 001111)1010(1
and uncompleted sections hetween
Marcus and the southern terminus,
Mr. Forest expect- the rails will lie
laid into Republic within three weeks.
In addition to his present,(linies he
will direct Ihe operation of the new
division aud expects the lime occupied
In covering tho trip between Spokane
and Republic will not exceed seven
P. Burns k Co. have decided to move
their slaughter houses from their present situation, u short distance above
Greenwood, to the Ingrlth ranch near
Midway, and will here slaughter all
the catlle used for beef at tbeir various
shops in the Boundary counI ry. Nearly
all the cattle used liy this ft roi come
from west of here, nnd to drive Ihem
lo (jlreenwoiid udded consideralile
expense. Hot only will the new
arrangement lessen Ihe expetise, hut
will also have a tendency to make
superior beef, as it is generally admitted that the more caltle are jammed
around the tougher the beef is, and as
the beef of this dislrict is none too
tender at any time, any Improvement
in ihis way would lie favoraUy looked
upon hy the consumer us well ns by lhe
meat dealers. This move on the pari
of I'. Burns k Oo, is looked upon liy
(lie people of this town as a recognh ion
liy that Iir ui of the importance Midway
is going lo occupy as the distributing
point for the enliie Boundary country
as well as u large dislrict wesl. of here,
which Held no doulit litis enterprising
linn will contest in lhe near ful ore,
for it has ever lieen Ihe Hrm's policy lo
push forward Into new fields so soon
as they olfer sulllcietit husiness lo
juslify their attention, The moving
of ihe slaughter houses of 1*. Burns k
Co, to Midway in itself is of little sig-
nifican *e,hol the motive thai, prompted
the change is Indicative of that shrewd
husiness Drill's opinion of the important
position Midway is lo occupy as a
di-triliutiiig poinl for the entire
"Amber" Plug .Smoking Tobacco is
winning on its merits.
"Haveyou tried il?"
Save the tigs, they are valuable.
Extra Early Bovee, Rose of
the North, American Wonder,
Early Rose and Pride of Midway.
For first class seed of the
above choice varieties of Potatoes apply to
Certificate   of Improvomonts.
AniMHfA Mimkiiai, Claim.
Situate in tho Kottle Rlvor Mining Division of
Yale Dlstriot. Whoro loeated: Graham's
I 8' 0. W. Leghorn Eggs for sale, $1.5(1
f'1'"citing of 18;   Mrs, 0. E. Pittkn
f"<>», Uock Creek,
"Amhor" P|„g Smoking Tobacco is
pinning on |t„ merits,
"Have ynu tried It P"
*-»v« th*, lugs, they ant valuable.
OftMit.Qt tho above olalnu
iltnn .17 in"»....in".is nt Imiirovoti
Iliitod Ihis Mud day
,' of Kohrnary, l»B.
InU-rcKiod In the M     «'*'    |lo„im,m„g
nt Yale Dlstriot. .
for roi'imliiiK Ih"
In said minora 'n" .,, Mineral
bar. wn-bTAMKW-iffi
I)nWdU.ls.OllHlayotM'-M«'    m
Old Ironsides and Knob Hill group      .   231,762
Mother Lode   -..    .    .     00,S48
Sunset >       800
King Solomon -....
No, 7	
Golden Crown	
Sundry small shipments    2,500
Totals , 386,738     104,632
Shipments during 1900 totalled 97,837 tons; during
the year 1901, to December 31st, 386,738 tons, and during
three months of 1902, 104,632 tons, making an aggregate of
589,207 tons.
T. M. Gulley & Co*
Large Stock.   Low Prices.
T. _JH. G-XTXi-C-Q-^r Ss   00.,
Jqf9^** 999 !3?-3>P!-P:3*;5P!_Pv?*> y-Sf-S? 5p5P*_P^^_
it        _\_*^mm 	
j The C^tral Hotel
J llth St., Midway, B. C.
This is a new three-storey he tel, comfortably
furnished throughout.
/j\ The nearest house to the Railway Station.   The
fa ' most convenient hotel for railway travellers.
_•_ ___________ A-_-_____ _&__■ __■____,
m Twwtw 999 9WVVW*
fa The best of accommodation in every respect.
%     S. DAHL, Proprietor.
*k \fr
'*€€€€ €€€ «€■€ €€€€-3€€€ €€€#
PETERSEN & CO.,   -   Proprietors.
.   .   MIDWAY, B. C.   .   .
fresh Bread, Cakes afld Confeetionepy
Fruits, etc., always in Slock.
Try our Lunch Parlors for a good meal.    Meals at all Hours.
Lequime & Powers, Proprietors.
Manufacturers of all kinds of
Band Sawing and job work done to order
Telephone No. 12.   Telephone orders receive prompt
•W. H. WEBB,-
Practical Wagon and Carriage Builder,
_B.  O.
Repairing of all kinds promptly and neatly executed.
Carriage Painting a specialty.
Lancashire House
: : MIDWAY,B.C. : :
The undersigned having re-opened this well-
known  and   comfortable    hotel   invites   the
patronage of all old customers and the public
Fiiriince-lient-d and comfortably
furnished   rooms.
Mrs. Dowding, Proprietress.
llSSlll*?*?* Ilwd»lil^w''8^«?--«3::l4 SfffiwffSf
Those in need of first-class HARNESS, SADDLES, WHIPS, etc.,
can procure them here.
Special attention given to Ordered
Work and Repairing.
Fifth Strekt, Midway.
Seventh Street, Midway,
Opposite Crowell's Hotel
This stable is equipped with a first class outfit of     ty
Single and Double Drivers f
Saddle and Pack Horses I
Hay and oats for sale.    Bus meets all trains,   d't
Freight and express delivered to any part of the town,   ty
______ _____!& _*_£_£. _&__:-____-&-_:-2r&j&j&&<-t
Bonis  (      DEPOT
THOMAS WALKER, Proprietor.
All the best brands of
Cigars and Tobaccos kept
constantly on hand.
Latest shades and pat*
terns of Wall Paper now In
Seventh Street, Midway. ■*. *
Beautifully situated at the confluence of Boundary Creek and Kettle River.
ILL BE The most important railway town in. the Kettle River Mining Division.
The Wholesale Supply and Manufacturing centre of the Kettle River and Boundary
Creek Districts.
The distributing  point for   Upper  Kettle River, West  Fork and Camp McKinney
mining camps.
The nearest Railway town to Republic,  Meyers  Creek,  Palmer Mountain and   other
Northern Washington mining camps.
The  leading residence town   in   the country, with an excellent  climate, pure water
supply and favorable sanitary conditions.
Business, residence and garden lots at low prices and on easy terms.
30 St John Street,
Montreal, P. Q.
Send for Maps, Prices, and full particulars to
0. M. CROU8E,
Agent for ltrilii.li Columbia,
Midwuy, 11. C.
'i* ;.'i>*y*I_
Z, t.* V) '!>*!■
Railway Officials' Shortage.
W, 0, Morris, assislant general
manager of the Kettle VhIU')' lines,
has made public an official statement
respecling Ihe defalcations of T, E,
Birlieck and W. C. Haywood, until
recently the general freight and pa*-
senger ngont and auditor respectively
of that coui|iany,   Mr. Morris said :
"The complele audit shows a shortage of $5,831 in the accounts of Birheck
and Haywood. They misappropriated
refunds made hy the Canadian Pacific
and other roads on account of excess
of freight charges for mateiial anil
equipment brought in for our road.
Their official positions gave them
exceptional facilities for speculating.
Over $1,000,000 have passed through
Ihe hands of General Manager Holland
and myself, and the company and iis
officers feel that the shortage discovered is a small affair, considering Ihe
targe amount disbursed and the
numher of men lhat hold responsible
positions uf trust. The complele audit
exculpates every official except the
absconding ones. We are taking steps
to secure their apprehension."
This Makes It Bad.
The Australian ballot law was adopt
ed in Colorado before the state gave
tbe suffrage tn women, This law provides that the voting booths must lie
bo constructed that the voter's legs
may he seen below the knees.
Information has been received from
Spokane that Mr. Coyle, whu is under
engagement to make the permanent
survey of tbe West Fork section of the
Midway-Vernon railway, is arranging
matters preliminary to putting surveyors in Ihe Held as soon as weather
conditions shall he favorable to expeditious work. It is stated that the
survey Is to he lompleted in July next.
It is the Intention of the 0 P. H. to
shortly place a Shay engine on Ihe
spur running to the Mother Lode mine
from the British Columbia Copper
company's smelter at Oreenwood,
This is made necessary because the
capacity nf the smeller has been Increased, This will make Iwo Shays
that will be in use in the Bouudary
country for hauling Ihe ores nf the
mines lo the smelters, as the one which
was tified on the bill hetween Trail and
Rnssiand was several months ago
transferred In haul ore trains hetwecn
Grand Porks and Phoenix.
M, K. Coaltas and Fred I luck wiih,
who hud been In the employ of the C.
P, R. Co. as biakenian on local live
trains, were '.n Friday sentenced by
jusllces of the peace I. II. Hallel.l, of
Greenwood and (I. Arthur Itendell nf
Kholl,  lo  six   weeks'   iinprisnuuieul.
with hard lahor, on a charge of dam
aging the property of the railway company and assaulting one of its officers
They were taken nut on the afternoon
train by Provincial Constable I. A.
Dinsmore to Nelson, where they will
be imprisoned in the provincial jail,
Evidence was given to the effect thai
whilst drunk the prisoners broke Ihe
windows of a caboose, damaged a slove
and then interfered wiih the operator
at the Eholt railway station.
Major Ainslie Megraw, of Camp McKinney, having been appointed deputy
mining recorder for the (West Fork)
paitof the Ketlle River mining division, will, during the lirst. week in May,
open a sub-recording office at Beaverdell, which is the most important town
in the West Fork dislrict. Lost year
the office was at West Bridge, at the
junction of the VVest Fork with the
main Kettle river, but on the deputy
mining recorder there, J. S. Harrison,
resigning to lake a trip to Eastern
Canada, that oflice was closed, An
office at Beavenlell will he a great convenience to prospectors and others
having mining record husiness to transact, since it will do away with what
might otherwise occasion a tide of
nearly 50 miles to Greenwood, where
is located the office of tbe mining re
corder foi the Kettle River mining
The Granhy Consolidated Mining,
Smelting k Power Company, Ltd,,
last Thursday ordered from R, P.
Williams, local representative of the
Jen.es Machine Company, of Sher.
hrooke, Quebec, tbe following new
plant i— Two duplex tandem com
pound Rand air compressors, cylinders
high pressure 16 in. x Ml in., low pressure 28 in. x Ml in., having a capacity of
8 200 cubic feet of free air at 80 revolutions per minute. High and low pressure cylinders to be connected hy
latest typo of Ru ud water tube inter-
i oder. Actual capacity nf engine,
wbich will weigh in all ahout MJO.OOO
lbs. will he 00 3J Rind drills at an
altitude of 5,000 feet. Included with
the order is an afterrooler of sufficient
capacity for both compressors, which
will he driven by an electric motor
through Ihe medium of a rope drive.
The approximate horse power will he
1900. A'togrther, including an extra
rope, there will be 10,500 feet of rope
sent with the machine. One 10ton
I ravelling crane, 20 ity New Giant
drills, one Ti in. x 20 ft. air receivei
also form part of yesterdays order.
Tbis compressor plant, will be the lurg
est yet ordered for the Boundary dislrict and ils use is rendered necessary
by the greatly increased output of ore
the Granby Company is steadily working np to, Thu new hoisting engine
ordered some mouths ago from the
,bmkes Machine Conipnny for the
Granby mines Is expected lo reach
Phoenix annul, lllth insi,
Prevention Better Than Cure.
A great percentage of diseases is caused by
germs bred in dirt, refuse, etc.
Chloride of Lime
Kills the germs and prevents disease.
A. F. THOMAS, Druggist, Midway
Provlnclnl Lund Surveyor.
SU*  Architect and
_____ Civil Engineer...
I-Jeal Estate,
liiBurance and
•       Mining Agent
i iiii view Towns! le A|-ont.
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PorrenpotHlonoo gol lol Iml.
Ortifleate   of  Improvement^
Victohia Mixkhai runt.
Situate In thl Kettle River Mlnln- I1™"
of Yale Ulstrict.   Where located: **
4 mllos northen*'. of Camp McKlnnM
TAKK NOTIl.'K thnl 1. Kurt"'*M.MU
imont for II. Ml. John. In* uiii'". °T
cam Nu. HftiiKI. nml Henry Cnilnarl. IW"
era curllflrnlo No, lAlVo. n.■- n«I. "»I
from the date horeof, I" »M") """uii
llroonlcrforn IVrlillrnli' <'f liiri'r'"'**!
tho imriMdc of oblulniiiK a I n>»n irnrni"
alwvi: clnim. . . ,j,
Anil further lake notico Ihal a.ii»».«■
awlion 37.  lliuat   bc col rl.ml tali««|
liMiiitiico of hih-Ii I'urtillcntr of li»|W«
Dalod I hi- fi h Aay it Pclminr). IS*    ..
21c KonilKS 51. KKHM-I
-AT -
Riverside  Add ition
Just a Word!
To those contemplating an invest-
ment in Midway real estate, the information is
offered that on the Riverside Addition may be
found 300 very choice residence sites.
LOTS 50 x 125 FEET.
For terms and all other information apply to
W. H. NORRIS,        or        A. MEGRAW,
Midway-RC Camp McKinney, B-C
■ m-i.. ,„u-


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