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 inir, AUVAiN^t
XVI, No. 21.
$2.00 per Year.
j)D & BROWN.
Okkknwood, II. C.
—: Notaby Punuo,
kcKlNNEY, B.C.
lallett & Shaw
Notaries Public.
oiuts: Bodtord McN olll's, Moreing k
Seal's, bother's.
Iwood, ii.c.
Iell Block, Greenwood.
Phono !»(!. V. A S.
A. M. Can. Soc. C. E.
Ucial Land   Surveyou
anii Okkknwood.
Be-Engaging in Business.
Ibeg to announce to thc inhabitants of
Midway and surrounding district that
I have purchased the entire stock of the
Midway Trading Company, and will continue the business..
It shall be my earnest endeavor to
carry a full line of goods usually found in
a well appointed store, particular attention
being given to procuring for my customers
goods of the best quality and freshness, to
be sold at reasonable prices. I hope by
following out the lines mentioned to merit
a share of public patronage.
I*>e«l Bstat£
Tonjorial Artist.
ImtuliiM Shavo, Hair Cut, Hon foam"
TH, uii'i hi, call at tho above parlor.
In;   V;i,« ■! .,:. I s-ni'lll I.
stiu-;kt, - -   - MIDWAY, n. c.
•.aval    Blnolnmitb
[inds or Repairing.   Horseshoeing
A   -pi-iintl)'.
IPlUsudri-r-,   Ksr.
|Cuaa Accommodation fob Quksts.
Ixccllert fishing on Kottlo ltivor.u-r
|klnds of work executed to
satisfaction of customers.
| Hotel Spokane,
PCnCX^nth St. - rtidway. ^CCXJ
A new building, well furnished. Everything new
and first-class. Only the choicest Wines, Liquors
and Cigars kept in stock. Headquarters for Mining
and Commercial Men.        [No Chinese Employed.]
One of the Best Equipped Hotels in
the Boundary. Everything First Class.
J. W. NELSON, Proprietor.
i)**** • ***************(9)
fa R. WELDN.
EHOLT, B. 0.
Qood Tooli. Plenty Material,
and jo yearn experience to do
work correctly.  .  .  .
told by All Newsdealers
II, "i'h!» **™«W» to n'l low^lft™!
■81 "PSLl tm volume ol Now, Choke
KM'/,R.1" Competition, tiy the must pop-
IX.HvSTl' ,«,4>»S«ef .lino Mu.lc,
■MirVocal, hill Inurnment* -ii Complete
le...'* '■$' Ptino-Oncu a Month lor as
Iwn?'*.* >'»rlr8uti!cripUoii,»a.oo. Iljvim
IS™J™1*<!u ™ It»m« md ruliltera ol Fivn
IS"™'' °J Oi?*1' IMnyeni, wo will send you *
l«W or tha MufMlue Free.
l«l_-i__.W* tt-tm, fubllahtr,
I **mtlih a Ioom.» tu., Phll.delpfila. Pa.
In order to save labor we wish
to dispose of as much of our stock
as possible before stock-taking.
Although prices have been cut
before we are still coming down.
Everything eut in all Departments.
The Matter Brought Before the
House at Ottawa.
In the Amount Contributed to the
Dominion Revenues - Mr. (ialliher Hakes a Strong Plea
for his Constituency.
, Quick Sales and
Small Profits.
A fresh stock of staple and fancy grocorios arriving daily.
British Columbia mutters wero before the House of Commons on March
10 when tbe appropriations for tbe
province were discussed. In the
course of the proceedings it was shown
that British Columbia is now third in
tbe amount contributed to Ihe Doniinion revenues, but it comes fat- behind
lhat proportion in Ihe amount of
money expended within the province,
Sir Hibhert Tupper and W. A. (Jalliher
spoke on this point and in reply Hon.
Mr, Tune said to wait till next year.
Among the items voted were $25,000
for the Nelson postofflce, bringing the
total for lhat huilding up to $19,000,
and $12,000 for the Rnssiand building,
making a tolal of $44,050. There was
a total of $!H),700 for armories which
was made up of sums for repairs for
those already built and part for four
new ones, at Nelson, Revelstoke, Kaslo and Kamloops, No arrangements
have yet been made for one til. Rossland as that city bus uot provided a
site, which has been the usual pi active
in this province, though not through
out the rest of Canada, All these ar
inories are in Mr. (ialliher's distiici,
and in ilie discussion wliieh arqs9 he
look an active part.
He said: I made the request for
Ihem, and made it prelly strongly,
too. You must not forget thai the
district I represent, is nearly equal iu
area to the seittid part of tlie province
of Ontario. So, if I li-ive four armor
ies iu my district it does nnt necessarily
follow that tbey are very close together. We in British Columbia are in it
dilfeient position from the people of
Ontario; A great p.ut of our country
is mountainous and we require not
only armories and places where we
can drill Rummer nnd «inter,
I do not think that nny honorable
gentlemen who have been in British
Columbia will say that money spent in
armories in that province is not well
invested, We are pretty well in the
wilils, but we have a few citizens in
lhat province who like to have reason-
ahle accommodations as well as you in
the east. And Colonel Hughes, who is
a colonel in militia himself', well knows
that we sent from British Columbia to
the South African war quite a number
of men—probably a larger number in
proportion than any other part of
Colonel Hughes : "And good men,
Mr. Galliher continued : And good
men, too, and wc want lo keep up uur
credit. When we have men enterprising enough to band tog.'ther we want
to encourage I hem to do so. I have
been associated with the mililia inysi If
for a number nf years, and 1 can speak
freely iu the matter, I know what is
necessary, and I agree withlhesiig
g. si ion thrown out by Mr. Beimel
(who had spoken earlier iu the debate)
lhat Ihey not only want a place in
which to store arms but a place to dri
in, and also a place in which in mint
for social intercom's?. A plare of tliis
latter kind is very taking in n western
city, because we have few places in
those little western towns where the
men can meet together to read the
newspapers and magazines and have a
little social chat after their drill.
Now, I am plensed indeed with Ihe
generosity of Mr, Tarte and Dr, Boiden
In giving us ii drill shed in that, community. True, we pay very heavily
into the Dominion treasury from the
province of Hritish Columbia, and we
feel thai, in the past we have not been
getting whal we are entitled to. I do
not know as 1 would go so far as to
say with one member from Hritish
Columbia that we arc still complaining.
Wi* say, however, thai in proportion
to the revenue we pay Inlothe federal
lieasury Ihe expend ll tire made by the
Dominion in that province is very
small. However, I have nothing to
complain of in connection wiih these
drill halls that are being established in
my district. I thank the minister fi r
meeting my request in tbis matter.
1 will say this, now while I am on
the subject, that in tho town of Nelson
Ihe special attention ot Mr. Tarte to
the fact, because I mean to approach
him again for more money in connection wilh Ihe Nelson drill hall. We
have given in tlie town of Nelson two
lots wilhiu the tire limits, and you all
know there is a law against building a
certain class of building within lhe
Hre limits, We have given two lots
worth four or live thousand dollars as
a free site lo Ihcgovrrninenlfnrndrill
hull. The hall cannot be built of wood
as I believe is the present Intention,
for the reason thai the city will not
permit It lo he built of wood. I um
merely throwing out the suggestion
so thai Mr. Tarle may be prepared tii
see me come to him again to ask for n
stun in the* supplement ary estimates
which will be sufficient to allow us lu
put. up such a building as the city bylaws will require within the tire limits.
Will In Time be the Most Profitable
That mining is forging ahead in Can
ada is evidenced by the large production of last year. From the way it is
growing it looks as though it would in
time he the most productive industry,
when all of ils branches are taken into
consideration, in the Dominion. A
recent compilation of the exports of
Canada for the liscal yenr 1900-1 shows
as follows, according to the official
method of classification : products of
Ibe mines, $-1(1,307,083; products or
fisheries,$10,720.251; products of forest,
$ii0,00S,8U7j animals and I heir products,
$55,4115,1111 | agricultural ' products,
$21,781,48(1; manufactures, $10,012,208
This reveals, as classified, that theex-
ports of animals and their products
alone exceeded that of the mines. Of
course animals and their products arc
tlie product of the farm as well as
agricultural products are, and when
these two are added ibey exceed con
siderably the exports of the output of
the mines.
Canada has immense mineral nrens
and there is every reason lo believe
when tbe country is opened up In a
larger extent by transporlalion facilities that the mines are veiy liable Ir
gain  the  ascendancy.    The eastern
imjirTm-'.le iviYAkt'lllltK til a ir^ognirlMtt
of the importance of lhe mining indus
try and are strongly agilating in favo.
of the formation by the Federal gov
ment of a mining bureau,
A Montreal exchange in speaking ot
this matter says that the extraordinary
growth of mining indicates ihe possi
bilities of national wealth that lie
beneath the surface, and lays upon the
vai ions governments in the Dominion
the duly of promoting, hy all rea.'ona
hie means, Ihe full development of
our mineral resources. The Federal
minister of the interior, Hon. Clifford
Sifton, is understood to be fully aliv<-
lo the necessities of lhe case. That he
will be able to do all thut the Mining
Institute requests, and secure the creation ofa department of mines, cannot
be said, but it may be expected lhai
Mr. Sifton will propo-e legislation the
aim of which will be to further, in n
more comprehensive ns well as more
concrete manner than is possible witli
the present departmental machinery,
the gient, mining interests of tbe
country, The geological survey is do
ing a splendid work, bul what appears
desirable, iu furtherance of Its efforts,
is provision for the investigation nf
problems of production and of market-
mg of our mineral resources, even as
in th" department of agriculture such
provision exists iu regard lo the products rrf the soil.
 . ea	
An Unprofitable Investment.
Some explanation of the recent,
clui ige« in the Rossland Miner was
given at the annual meeting of the
Le Roi Mining Co., which was held in
London, Kn'glnnd, a short time ngo.
The chairman, Mr. Hill, said :
"The next, point on which I wish lo
claim your attention is the payment nf
£2,001 17s Id made on account nf the
purchase, price of lhe Rossland Miner.
Riverside and Arlington-Burns
Purchased by Americans.
The Riverside is Situate About Four
Miles Prom Kock Creek, and the
Arlington - Bums   is   in
Deadwood Camp.
It appears lhat, our manager entered
into an agreement for the purchase on I ow |,I1V(, |„,,.„ I,|,u-k<-ii out, nod assays
We announced last week that a deal
had been mude whereby the Riverside
group had been bonded. Full particulars since received show that a deal
involving the sale of two groups of
mineral claims, situate near Greenwood and Rock Cieek respectively,
had been closed. Tbe price has not
been made public, but it is generally
understood to be about $50,000 in all
and that a large cash payment has
already lieen made. The purchasers
are Stephen H. Jones and S. Ely of
Duluth, Minnesota, for themselves und
other capitalists with whom they are
associated in tills enterprise. The properties they have purchased are the Ar*
lingtou-llurns group, in Deadwood
camp, about two miles from (ireenwood, and Ihe Riverside group, on the
main Ketlle River, ahoul four miles
above the confluence of Rock cnek
wilh ihal sliearn.
The Arlington-Burns gmup consists
of t he I wo claims mimed. They adjoin
Ihe Hii'-khorn and lie about half a mill)
south of lhe Molher Lode and Sunset
mines. It has long been claimed hy
prospectors interested that nil these
claims tire In the same mineral belt,
Imt this contention has not yet been
proved, for Ihe reason Ihal sufficient
development, work has not hern done
t.o demonstrate that llu- big ore bodies
opened up on thc Mother Lode and
Sunset continue across the gulch to
I he other properties now named in this
connection. I lis considered promising
and signilira.'t, '.hough, that the general characteristics of inin-h of the
sui face mineralized rock found on the
claims on both sides of lhe intervening
gulch are similar. The late E. A. Biel-
eiibefg did a lot of trenching and olher
sui face prospecting on lhe Arlington
and Hums and es posed in some of lho
open cuts lunch rock freely mini ralized
wilh hon nnd copper, but as the deepest prospect hole sunk on these claims
is only 4!1 feel in depth the occurrence
here (if a permanent ore hody has not
yet been proved. Bunches of gold-
copper ore of good grades were, however, met with in lhc underground
win-kings uf the adjoining Buikhorn,
and since the surface indications are
stiong nnd distinctly favorable there
seen s to be good reason to look Tor
ihe eventual discovery on this side of
lhe gulch of ore iii sufficiently large
quantities to make il worth while in
extensively develop the Buckhorn,
Arlington, Burns and several other
claims lhat lie in close proximity to
'The Riverside group comprises the
Riverside (which is crown granted),
Enuneline and Hailger fcaciinn claims,
The wagon road froni Rock Clock up
Ihe main liver and the West Fork
passes close by, and Ihe line inn by the
surveyors of th" unite' of the proposed
MidwayVernon railway also touches
the group, so lhat the claims are always accessible by wagon road, lbs
guide of wliieh down tothe Midway
railway station, distant about 111 miles,
is generally easy, and, tno, there Is a
pro-peel nf Ihe railway being con-
trucled eie long, ll is staled that
about $5.1100 have already been spent
iu development "ii the Riverside rud
Iger, and thnt this work has proved
along a distance of 500 feet the exis.
nee of a vein of high grade silver-
gold ore varying in width from one
foot to five fc.-t,   About 1.5(H) tons nf
have yielded returns frnm a few dollars
up lo $155 per Ion, with values chiefly
ill silver. The sample assay of a carload shipped to the llriuiby smelter is
given ns $81, whilst Unit of another
car, sent tnthe B. (;. Copper company's
Hiiiclt.fr at Greenwood,  returned  $41
' pec fun.
1    The sale
of these properties at the
behalf of thi company of a newspaper]
in Rnssiand called the Miner, and
June 4 last paid the sum mentioned as |
the lirst Instalment of |he purchase
price,   No knowledge of tliis ti ansae-
tion reached ihe directors until some
months later, when it was disclosed In
auditing the accounts received in August.   The manager was asked for an I
explanation, and he replied that he I present time, when confidence is heing
had acted in acenrdauce Willi inst rue-1 restored, notwithstanding the reduced
lions received from Mr. Whilnker] price nf copper, Hint the lending mines
Wright, hut that gentleman denies of Ihe district will continue to main-
having written any such inslriiciiuns ! tain a large output of ore, is regarded
and says the purchase was iiiilhoii/.ed ! lot ally With much .inti.-faction, parllc-
by the hoard of directors when the jttlarly since lhe siu-ce-sful completion
manager ivas on a visit to England inl (if the deal Interests In Hie district
autuuiii in 11100. In either case the ! men from a part of Ihe United States
iwliership of the paper was not, 111 our. Hint was not previously represented ill
opinion, desirable, and wc decided the, ii. .Mr. ,1.1'. Flood, who carried the
wliere f live myself the appropriation j first loss to be the best, and have al transaction Ihrough, is consequently
will nol. build a drill hall there, even'. lowed Ihe contract to become void hy , being cungiatiiliued on it- favorable
according In specilicjilions, and I call  default," [issue, •O. M. OltOUSK Manager
.   -      I  -U. X-	
Pi 12.
Tlu* new police commissioners for
the city of Oreenwonil have made a
beginning by ordering lhe closing up
of roulette wheels, which is certainly
ii. wise step, and will'prevent, many n
man in that city from spending his
nights in a vniniess effoit to increase
his capital. Roulette lo many is very
fascinating, nil hough the -chances for
winning are vastly in favor of Uie
dealer, No system hns yet been found
Whereby it is possiblo to break the
..bank. Only ft short lime ago Lord
Hosslyn al tempted to break the bank
nt Monte Carlo, lie announced in
Kngland that lie had an infallible system mid only needed $50,000 io make
ii gii, People tumbled over each ol her
lo give him the money. He began by
playing with thousand franc notes,
iiiitll he finally got down to playing
live' franc pieces, there is no such
-thing as breaking Ihe Inuiknl Monte
Carlo nr beating roulette under auy
cirenui-Jiances, yel the game wherever
■Jiiirl.nl always findssuRlcientadmirers
to make it profitable for the owners of
the tables. A man who has lived at
Mnntc Carlo for years says lhat the
gambling houses paid returns as regularly ns dividends on Ihe New York
Central railway. A gentleman who
visited the place gives the following
account of the renowned gambling
place : •
"I suppose there are ten  roulette
tables, and each Iable is a bank with a
capital of $120,000.   lf you win ull ils
capital that particular table closes for
the day lo get a change of luck.   Thnt
is all the bank breaking there is.   You
would have to go through all Ihe other
tables — roulette,   rouge-et-noir  and
Irenle et-quarante—before   you   close
np the ennrern^and there are several
nf each.   They are a dismal looking
lot—the players.  I never saw one of
them smile, and the winners looked as
inisetahle as the losers.   Nobody get*
away with any money, no matter how
much he wins.   At least it is very rare,
I saw one man begin with a thousand
franc note—.$200.   He played and won
—doubled his money ; played and won
airaih, and again doubled.   He kept on
until he had won about $21,000.   Then
lie started resolutely lo go out.   Al
tbe door he slopped, hesitated and
turned back.   Ue sauntered over to
Ihe table, and looked on at th« game
fu; awhile.   Then he buttoned up hi,
coat ngai", with great decision, and
start d out. wilh a fi in stride.   But le
could  f)ot—positively could  not  get
through thu door,   The lost I saw of
lit-1* he was playing away again and
the $21,000 was ginng pelluu-ll   back
Into ihe gain'-ling bouse coffers,   I did
see one  man,  however! win and go
away wilh his tnou<*y,    lie was a very
rich man, as 1 happened lo know, and
just played for fun, not c icing whether
he won or unt.   He had astonishing
luck.   The same number came up five
tines in succession—an unusual thing.
It u.adea gieal sensanon in ihe mum,
and   people gathered ubout.   At the
lif'.h turn of the numher he swiped iu
everything frnm the table, and pokid
away ihe wads of French banknotes
lulo his pockets right nnd  left,   He
Won about $0,000 in a very few moments."
bank on which they are drawn (except
cheques issues by the Depirtuunlsat
Ottawa) and cheques tint properly
endorsed will be iettirned at the postmaster's risk,
A cheque drawn on a bank which
has no branch hank in the city to
which the postmaster's remittances
are sent, is subject lo costs for cutler,
linn by the bank receiving tbe remit
tiinces, The costs foi collection are us
$ 1.00 lo $ 50.00 15c
51.00 to   100.00 Hoc
Over $100.00 Joflp.c.
To illustrate the last rate : The costs
on a cheque drawn for $120.00 would
he SOc, (arrived at. by dividing the
amount expiesscd in dollais, 120, by
Tho costs nre not tn bc remitted to
the bank ; but the cheques are tobe
claimed for iheir fnce value—less the
costs for collection. For example a
cheque diawn for $100 00 shnuld be
claimed for $09.75 only.
Salary warrants, postage stumps and
postal notes should nol be remitted to
tho hunk.
The bank will not give the postmaster ciedit for any damaged,, punched
or mutilated coins which are contained
iu his remittances.
'Postmasters have l-heirown troubles,
and very often many of the little annoyances lo whicli they are subjected
are due to thoughtlessness on lhe pint
of the general public. Theie are many
rules set down to be observed by post*
musters that the public are not aware
of, and even when ihey areucquainted
with the cnndii ions continue lo neglect
Ihem, ihereby giving postmasters
much extra trouble that could easily
be avoided were a little more attention
paid lo what is known tu bc contrary
to the rules of the postofflce. The fol
lowing taken trom a circular issued by
the postal department recently shows
I'li'itily ihe exactness that is required
from a postmaster, and as will be oh-
served many of Ihe rules laid down for
his guidance are daily violated by those
obtaining money orders :
It having been brought to l.heatlen
tion of Ihe Department that remit
lanci-s on pnst office account mc fre
qiicntly received at the bank in such
condition us to necessitate a needless
amount of wnrk in verifying the different items, Post musters are requested
locincfully prepare their remittances
iu accordance wiih the following in
ul ructions:
Remit lances* must (if possihle) he
made iu even dollars, ns requited hy
rule 03 of the money order inst ructions.
Bank hills must be suited according
lo Iheir denoininalions and in ll
order Indicated ou the remittance slip,
face upwards, one exactly over the
oi her.
Gold, silver and copper coins must
heiied np in strung paper packages,
hefore lieing placed in the envelope
Hev. 22 P. M. Tliis rule is imperative
even if only one coin is enclosed, II
more than ,25 cents In copper coins is
tn he remitted, the coins must he put
iu lolls of 25 each, and the whole cure
fully and solidly liid up in a parcel, so
as to ensure Its reaching the hank in
good order. No remittance must,
however, contain more thnn one dollar
($100) ill copper coins,
If American money Is remitted In
ihe I nnk it. will he relumed at Ihe
posiniu*lir's r'sk. Aineiictin money
musl not, be ace. pled ou post ollice
The fact that tho charter of the
Tontine Saving Assi elation has been
revoked and a receiver appointed lo
wind up the affairs, owing lo the
fraudulent methods adopted in doing
business1, is hut another example of
how readily the public will put money
into almost uny scheme that claims lo
give iu return a sum that is fabulous
and fur in excess of lhe earning power
of money. The Tontine Savings Asso
elation commenced husiness in Ihe
state of Minnesota about six years
ago, and now lhe company has fine
offices in Spokane, Seattle, Tacoma,
Wallace, Wilbur, Davenport, What
com and Portland on the American
side and in Victoria, Vancouver and
Rossland on this side of lbe line'.
The company has heen having a
good deal of trouble during the pasl
year, and some months ago the postal
nut borities debarred it from the use of
the mails on lbe ground that itwas
doing a fraudulent business. Its
methods are interesting. It under-
'akes to pay hack $100 in cash, or a
diamond ring worih $200, in return for
payments of $80 made by lhe custom
er. Thus he doubles his money. The
customer pjiys £5 down for his contract and then pays $1.25 a week for
00 weeks, The company has no assets,
and it has no income from any source
except the payments made by patrons.
There ij no reserve fund and tin revenue from ioieiesl, Tho oouipiwy
claims that it is able to pay 2 fori
through the lapses of slockholdeir
who forfeit iheir rights by failing lo
pay promptly. The greatest amount
thai can ne paid on a contract in one
month is $5. That is io prevent larger
payments which reduce the likelihood
of lapses.
Oul of the $1.25 which is paid weekly
Ihe company is supposed to keep 25
cents for operating expenses. The
rest of the money is kept in a pool and
matured contrncts are paid uut nf it.
in accordance with the order when
they were issued.
Tlie Minneapolis Times quotes Attor
ney General Douglas of Minnesota
with charging : "It is staled thai the
association has misled llm public by
usiug the wold 'Savings' in its title.
That il collected in 1001 over $800,000
from holders of thediamnnd contracts,
of which amount $358,000 was appropriated by the officers und directors
and employees of the association, although the lotal amount had been
paid in fur purposes of, paying off ma
tmed contracts,"
The association claims that no court
can prevent anyone from selling din-
mnnds on Ihu   instalment plan  and
then buying them back from the pur
chasers, which is practically' whal, the
association is doing,   Such may be the
case, but the association could not pos
sihly curry on ils business were it nol
that a siilllch nf number after paying
into Ihu association for some time fall
i d to meet their payments and allowed
their agreements to be cancelled.   If
there were enough of this class Ihe
association could meet the demands
that would be made upon il by those
currying out Iheir agreements to maturity.   Hut it is questionable if it is
nol a fraudulent piuctice to conduct
auy Institution on such a basis, and it
is cettninly fortunate fur the majority
of its policy holders as well us for the
protection of the public that the stale
hus interfered and taken steps to wind
up the Tontine Savings Association.
This instance should  ho a lesson to
those who,  instead of putting  their
money into a legitimate investment
where a fair profit is assured, prefer to
put it into some wildcat scheme where
it is impossible to obtain tlie results
promised.   Money has only a certain
earning power and people should he-
ware of any company l hat offers two
dojlars for one on a.few weeks' investment. -
RAiLVvni    i^vv^
It is only a question ofa short time
until that portion of the Coast-Kootenay Railway from Curlew to Midway
will be constructed. This line would
be nowbeing built, but for the scarcity
of laborers. When this road is built,
most of the spur lines to the different
mining camps will start from here,
making this the railway centre of this
district. With the advent of more railways into Midway the prices of real
estate will advance, and the choice lots
purchased and taken off the market.
Show your good judgment by buying
now. Midway property will make you
rich. It is not a speculation, itis an
For prices and terms apply to
Carrying His flajesty's Hails
Will leave MIDWAY on Tuesdays, Thurs-
days and Saturdays, at 8,30 a. m,, arriving at
CAMP McKINNEY at s p. m.
Returning will leave CAMP McKINNEY on
Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 9 a, m,,
reaching MIDWAY at 1.30 p. m.,and making connection with the train going east at 2 o'clock,
Tha best of accommodation for
the oonvenlenoe of tho
travelling publlo.
Try a
Syrup of
White Pine
and Tar
Certificate   of  Improvements.
Dr. R. Mathison,
Tokomto. N'o. 2, Galena and Bonus Kkac-
tionai. Minkkai, Claims.
Situate ln the Osoyoos Mining Division of
Yale District. Where located : Camp
TAKK NOTICE lhat I. Chariot do Biol*
Ui-tfirii, aa ugenl for Peter Scott, .free Win-
rir'8 cerlillcate N'o. BlMR intend, sixty Ilnys
from Iho dalo hereof, to npply lo the Mining
Itcconler for a Certificate of Improvements,
inr thc purpose of obtaining a Crown Urant
of tho above claim. j
Anil further tako notice thnt action, umlor'
■icelinn 37, must be communccd before tho
jssuuiiec of sueh Certllii-alouf improvements.
I ini eil this tilth day uf March, 100*2.
21o tl. mull. OliKKK.
f yours, It's pll
The Midway Pharmacy
_Lgr_>__*  Fori*--
The Royai. Insuranck Coy.
The London and Lancashire Pirb
Insurance Coy,
The Insurance Coy., of North
The London and Canadian Fikb
Insurance Coy.
The Sun Life Assurance Coy ut
TnE Dominion Building and Loan
Appraiser for the Canada Permanent Loan and Savings Coy
Mineral Act, 1896.
Certificate  of Improvements.
Hollo «n Kino Minkiiai. Claims.
Situate In the Osoyoos Mining Division of
Yale Dlstriot.  Where Located -,-Camp
TAKK NOTICE that I, Charles do Illolr
Ureen. as agent for Robert lt. Hedley
freo miller's eerlIticato No. nMXIi nml for Paul
Johnson, free miner's cerllflcnlo No. iiHriM nnd
Krunk l-'leieber, Irco miner's eerlillenle No.
I iisnum uml for I'oter Bcol.1, freo miners
'ecrllfleiilo No. BlOlffl, Intend sixty days
; from lhe ilnlo hereof, lo apply to the Mining
I Itecordor for a Cortiflcato of lmprovomoiits,
1 for lho purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of
j tho above olfitms. -*
And furihor toko notice thnl, aotion. under
section 37. must he communccd boforo iho Issuance nf such certificate of improvements.
Dated this nub day cf Jan., lite.
130 C, null. GREKN.
Travellers up the West Fork
of Kettle River will find this
popular hotel the most convenient  stopping   place.    Dining*
room well supplied and managed,
Hest liquors and cigars at the
bar.   Stable in connection.
To 1). MoKny, _s<i„ of Kcromcos, Brltlith Columbia.
Tnko notico that 1 havo dono on tlio "Valloy
View" mineral claim situate ou tlio Wost. eldo
of Koromoos Oreek In tho Osoyoos Division of
Yalo District, tlio wurk required by seotlon il
ot tho Mineral Act for lho two yoars which expired on Oct, 21,1D0O and 1001 respectively, and
have duly recorded lho eortlllcato of work :
And further take notice that. If, al lho expiration of till days from the date of lbe first pulill-
cation of Ihlsiiollcoin the Midway ADVAgtGR,
■uu, a co-owner, fall tu contribute your propor-
Ion of thc expenditure required by wild seetion
21 In respect of such work, namely SUM) to-
[other with nil tbo costs of advertising, your
ntcrcst in sulil mineral claim shall liueome
Certificate  of   Improvements.
Hn.vKr Star Mixkhai. Claim,
Situate In the Kettle River Mining Dlvlilon of
Yule Dlstriot. Where loeated: Wellington Camp.
TAKK NOTIOK thnt I, Korbos M. Kerby, as
agont for T.W. Stack, freoiiiiiiers' cerllll-
onto No. HI2I8I. T. A. Howard, freo minor's
cerlilleale No. uCAm, and Chris. Mcllonell, froe
minors certificate No, iiitwd. inteud.stxlv dnys
from tho date horoof,to apply'Ui the Mining Ito-
cordorfor n eerlillenle uf Improvements, for Ihu
purposo of obtaining a Crown Grant uf lho
abovo claim.
And furthor lako notioo that notion, under
section  37, must bo eommciiowl lioTuro the
Iseuanco of such cortilicato of Improvomonts.
llalotl this Wtb day of November, IMI.
The Riverside Hotel]
Is situated at Rock Cre .k, B. C, on the main
route of travel between Penticton and all Boundary Creek points.
Mineral Aot, 1896.
Certificate  of Improvements.
Good Hunting;. Qood  Fishing!
Best of Accommodation.
S. T. LARSEN, Proprietor.
Don't Throw Them Away.
It is jiiit llko throwing away money,
when ymi throw itwuy Hid SNOW
SHOE TAOS which are on every plug
if Pay Kail Chewing Tobacco. Stive.
1 hem nml you cun have your choice of
Ini) hmiilsiiine presents. Tags are good
up to Jan. 1, 1003. Write for our
new llln-tt'illed premium (Inlu_jigue,
The fOuipii-e Tiiliiiceo <)"., Ltd. Win-
iiip-g IiijiikjIi, Winnipeg, AI.-iu,
Situate1 In the Kettle River Mining Division
or Yale District,   Where located: In
Wellington Camp.
TAKK  NOTICK Unit, I, Korbos M, Korby,
.as agent for T. VV, SUiok, free minor's
Spokane Falls &Northern
Railwav Co,
NelsoD & ft, Sheppard
vested Irt mc upon filing will) the mlnlni*  re- i cor'tlllenlo'No. iitmi. T. A.T(oVviu-ii,"fro_ min
comer of wiiil mining division lhe notice audi""'' '"  *'    - '   ' 	
llti'lnvlt roi]tlil'Od by tho
iiii-iii Act IINIil."
Dated tills 1st day of January. 1901,
...     -,;-■-, j- r f.' cortiflcato No. BKWi .lames 1'rlco, froo
Mineral Act AmontI-'minor i cortlllcale No, iiliin, and Itbi-ls Mc-
llonol. freo ininer's certificate No. Hlffllini,
Intond, sixly days from tho dato horeof. ui
apply to tho Mining Uocnrdor for a Curl ideal
To J. C. llollly, W, 11, Itollly and J. M. Judd,
-of Loomis, Washington t
TAKK nolleo Hint I have done on lho Itock
Crock Mineral Claim, sltuato on Hock
Crook, In llio Osoyoos Division of Vale District, lbe work required hy ..ection 21 of the
Mlnernl Acl for lho yoar which nxpirrd on
August. 10, 10(11, and havo duly recorded the
ccrtillcnlo of work for this and the two years
And further tnko notice Hint If at lho expiration of 1)1) days from tho date of Hie Hrst publication nf Ibis notico In Tiik Midwav Aiivanuk
you, oo.iiwners, full to contribute your proportion of tho expenditure required by sniil jW
Unnt'llii respect, of such work, namely j«).7e,
together with all the costs nf advertising, your
interest iu said mineral claim shall bocouio
viwlod tn mu upon flllng with tho mining recorder of mild mining division Ibo notice and
nlllilavit. required by tlie Mineral Aol. Ainond
ment Aet, I'M).
Dated this Olli day of March. 1003,      lilnj
nf Iinprnveinenls, fortlio purpomi of obtaining
a Crown Grunt of lho obovo claims,
.^m'J'S1'01' ,nk(i i""0'1 tliat action, undor
seetion 37. must bo commenced  boforo thc
issuance of suoh Cortiflcato of Ini|iro\ oinonts,
Dutod this 18t,|i day of November, A. D, 1001,
Teaming of all kinds done at
Railway Co.
Railway Co.
Tho only nil rail routo botwoon
all points Kiist, West nnd South
to KoMsliind, Kelson nnd nil
intormodlnto points ; connecting nt _pokn.no with tho Orent
Northern, Northern Pnolflonnd
O. It, & N. Oo.
Connect.-, at Rosslnnd with the Canadian
Paolllo Railway for Boundary Creek points.
Conneoti at Moyor's Palls with stage dally
for Republic.
Buffet Servloo an Passenger Trains between Spokane and Northport.
Loavo,       Arrlvo.
&*&** ml*. i_tp£
NlasoN    0.10a.m.    0.ISp..n.
H.   __..   JAOXaON,
General Puisougor Agent,
On sale
March 27,28
Good to return
April 2
for time tahlos, rates t^MUS'"/^
-all on or nddrosj A. W* HAIW* '*
call on _
Mid wny, nr
j. 8. (ah run.
1). I'. A.,
Nelson, II
H. J. C«'vl*
A. «• ',A",
Vuiieuutei', »•
mtiiHMmmmmii-m'mmm* t*999999m<ovo*'"»'i>9Mli
, J. LaPlani' to visiting her
[t Marcus, Wash.
J M. Hi'dley. of New Hump*
J vlsltlnfj her l.rother, J. Mills,
telly, who has lieen confined
fciisu for severitl days from un
J rheumatism, is again utile to
J Ooulxon returned Inst, week
Lnltolm bringing with him a
I nf slock, most of which hu
of to D. Bean fm theTenasket
Ji the reservation.
■Kinney, who for 9ome months
In engaged at) the No. 7 mine,
I week with his wife and family
bid home in New Urunswick,
ie will in future reside,
I have been set for the spring
throughout the province. The
f Nelson is May 0, when both
1 criminal cases will he heard ;
Ion May lit, and Urvonwotxl
j to the increased mail, caused
delayed trains from the enst,
I postmaster found it neci-Hsary
tin three assisiants in order to
i- unusually large amount of
alter arriving at the oflice.
, ll. Hardy, of Nanaimo, special
lor the North  American   Life
bee Oo., who has heen in  Mid-
r some weeks in the interests of
lipaiiy, went out on   Saturday's
I Mr. Hardy was successful In
up    considerulile   insurance
Is have been prepared liy the ('.
lor a handsome depot at Castle-
I the west end of i he new Rolison
With the opening of pMsen-
[•vice there will lie changes in llu*
Boundary trains will lie run
bli from Nelson and the Rossland
will be run right through  to
connecting at Oastlegar for
Noble, road superintendent,
pver the new piece of toad that
Iniilt between here and In*
j last week and report*) the work
Using very favorably. Judging
tlie small amount of money paid
r labor to dale there in no doubt
Ihat lhc road will be completed
le amount of money appropriated
lhat particular purpose. Il is
S'.cd that the work will take about
Ik to liuisb.
linen is somewhat improving up
Vest Fork. The satisfactory con*
j ul the Bounty clnim, on wliieh
J is a bond, together with the
Ing uf the Rambler and the recent
pf the Riverside, is giving new
the district. Kor a long time
West Fork country has, been ex-
quiet, due principally to Ihe
[completion of Ihe Wesl Folk
In road, Iml it appear* as though
luge were going to take place in
niear future and that the coining
jner will prove a prosspeious one lo
le masquerade hall held in Mi-Nic-
■hall last Monday   evening   was
ply' attended and au   enjoyable
was spent.   Much   disappoint-
I was expressed at the small limn
■hat came from Ohesaw as many
I that lown had promised tn at-
m    Miss Oracle Day, of Anarchist
Inlaln, captured the prize for tbo
|wah/.er.   Mra.   8,   T.   Larsen.  of
t Oreek, was awarded similar hon-
1 the liest costumed  lady and
Jloss, of Wauconda, won the prize
xi best costumed gentleman.   The
I lor the best all round dancer very
vingly went to Miss  Kiln Meyer*
. of Midway.   \V. Garrison and
.(Shaver divided Ihe prize for the
I jig and clog performers.
Houston Called Down.
lioToniA, March 20.—During tho
•ointment of committees yesterday
In Houston giving his views told
house he "did not care a damn."
speaker made him withdraw the
iressloo, Houston muttering that he
I no friends in thn house,
good buck hoard  for sale.    En*
IrnofW.H, Wuhb.
1.10 p. in.
Wed., Ki I.
4 Sundays
8_n p. in.
A   Crawl ]ii)in|H
PtH. I rmvHNetllj.il
Kastorn Canaihi
Vornon, ote.
I'rr „ rule
Grand H'erks
I'lieirnix  ,
All pis, Kust k South
Camp MoIClnuoy
Hock Creek
All West Kork pulnu
1.30 p. in.
I'ucs., Thurs,
& Snliiriliiyir
».:«! u. in.
MiiIIb for points fsrthor west of Midway thnn
Camp McKinney go via. ItevelsUike.
Money orders from 8 a. in. to I p. in. with the
exception of one liulf hour before departure
and after arrival of mulls.
Kl). A. HAIN.
1'cKt muster.
Redistribution BUI Brought  Dowr.
Victoria, March ai.-The redistribution liill submitted today Increased
the members of the house to 42, Vic-
torla retains I and Vancouvei- gets 5,
South Victoria aud Vancouver island
are united and part of North Victoria
is merged into Saanioh, while all the
islands in'tbe gulf are made into the
Islands constituency, North and South
Nanaimo become Newcastle ; Esquimalt loses a member | Nanaimo Oity,
Alberni, Oowhlcan and Oomox remain
the same as before. Delta, Chilliwack,
Dewdney, Richmond and New West
minster has each a representation of
one, while Cassiar is divided into Atlin
nnd Skeena witb a member ench.
Carihoo retains two while the remaining ridings are : Lillooet, two ridings
couihine ; Yale, Kamloops, Okanogan,
Siinilkauieen, Oreenwood, Grand
Forks, Ytnii-, Revelstoke, Slocan, Nelson Oily, Hossland Oily, Kaslo,Ooiumbia, Ornnhronk und Fernie. It is he
lieved to lie generally fair, although
hh increase in representation is regarded its a step iu the wrong direction,
The opposition will likely hold fora
reduction in committee, while approving the general principle of redistrihu
Extra Early Bovee, Rose of
the North, American Wonder,
Early Rose and Pride of Midway.
For first class seed of the
above choice varieties of Potatoes apply to
The Vancouver and Boundary
Creek Developing and Mining Company, Limited Liability.
NOTICK Is hereby given that 1nrry dnys after di'.e it is intended to romtxvo tho ollleo
nr principal place of Iiii-Jimm nf the above
Company front Poiiticton to GroenweiHl.
Dated this Ut ilny of March. 1002.       18b
Certificate of  Improvements.
Anaconda Mixkhai. Claim.
Situate in the Keitle River Mining Division
ot Yale Dlstriot.  Where locatod : At the
mouth of Baker Creek.
TAKK NO'l'iCK Ilml I, Korbos M. Kerby,
true miner's eerlillenle No. lllllSJ!". fenny-
eelf nnd ns naent for Charles llnniilion. free
miner's ccrlltlnite No. nJKlffl. and « in. Ileilly.
free minors' oortlfleato No, iilisai and Ainsley
Meirrn-v. free millers eerlilleale No, HUMID,
tnienil.im dnvs (mm the dale hereof, te npiily tn
Ilie Minion Uocnrdor for a Oorllhcalo of lm-
provomonl for lhe purpose ef olil-iiuing n
Orown tlranl of lbe abovo elaini.
And furthor take notice that action, under
section 37, musl bocnmniqncod before tho issuance "f such Cortlfloato Of Improvements,
Dated lids litli day nf December, 1001, ,
Mo FOltllKS It. KKItllY.
pcotsmen the world over have co
pilled to erect a uiitable memorial
the spot where, on December 11,
fix   so   many   Highlanders   were
lughtered ut Magersfontein.    The
pniiineni has taken thc shape of a
Jey granite Celtic cross, twenty feot
1Kb, whieh Is now being shipped from
Iherdoen to South Africa.   Part of
|u Inscription Is as follows :   "Scot*
[nd is poorer in men but richer in
pr-oes."  More enduring than granite
be the memory of that gallant
hnd whose devotion lo duty is a glory
) 'he whole empire.
[Since 1800 Imports to Canada from
United States have grown from
'•8.572,000 to $ll»,!J0(t,00O, showing an
liciense of $IXU84,(IOO or 818 per cent.
11 om Qt-ent Britain Canadians pur*
■based in 1HM goods to the value of
l**),«i_,(XK), and iu 11)01 the purchases
Ii'oin the Motherland  amounted   lo
|***,164,000, an Increase of only $11,102,
0 or 7 7-10 pur cent,   In 1800, the last
wr of the Conservative regime, the
United States sold to Canada goods
forth «6S,5!!9,800, while Great Britain
pisposod of merchandise in this conn
|'7 valued at $32,824,505.   And in Ihe
""'of such uncontrovertible evidence
*« are told that great Britain has bun
Plttled far more than any other conn*
f'y f''°m the preferential tarilt,
Oertiflcnte  of Improvomonts.
Sltuato In thc Kottlo River Mining Division of
Ynlo Districl.  Where locatod: Graham s
Camp. „ ,.  ,
TAKK NO'l'iCK that I, Korbos M. .£«&•»
Qmnt of lho nbovo claim.
tfotalcorllflo-aoo tinprovomnls.
TO J. F, Williams,■ Panlel hynol. and othorj
■ Into rented In tlio MammJtli nnd Hilltop
villi all the costs uf. il vo « "g, ! , ,„ ,,„..
Ill sold minor*. »M",S,,'S\, 0°„ Act Amend-
(olturoM provided by uu »»«»""
mont Act, 1000. \\'ll,1,1AM KKU-V.
Datod this Wth day olMa.cb.lW-'-    UW
| he tonnage of ore shipped by the mines of the Boundary
district during 1901, is as under :
Old Ironsides and Knob Hill group 231,762
Mother Lode  99,548
"■ C  47.5*7
•Slmset      800
Winnipeg  ,,o4o
King Solomon  850
Snowshoe  -^-j*
No. 7  665
J,(;wel       325
Sundry small shipments     2,500
Total 386,738
Shipments during 1900 totalled 97,837 tons, and during
the year 1901, to December 31st, 386,738 tons, making an
aggregate of 484,575 tons.
I The Central Hotel 1
$ ty
1 llth St., Midway, B. C.
a This is a new three-storey he tel, comfortably ^K
fa furnished throughout. ty
T «**m*»«ie«eee«- W
fa The nearest house to the Railway Station.   The M
most convenient hotel for railway travellers. ty
The best of accommodation in every respect. ty
m**9999mK99t)om T/..
I      S. DAHL, Proprietor.     f
W*____:__%.'___:____: __:_£__: ___\a€aA. 41-A__;<:_1__:^___ __:__:_f___.a&
PETERSEN & CO.,   -   Proprietors.
.   .   MIDWAY, B. C.   .   .
Fresh Bread, Cakes and Confectionery
Frails, etc., always in Slock.
?ry our Lunch Parlors for a good meal.    Meals at all Hours.
»37 2_E \_\
Lequime & Powers, Proprietors.
Manufacturers t^f all kinds of
Band Sawing and job work done to order
Telephone No. 12.   Telephone orders receive prompt
Practical Wagon and Carriage Builder,
B£i:D"W_A.',**Zr»        -        -        b. o.
Repairing of all kinds promptly and neatly executed.
Carriage Painting a specialty.
T. M.Gulley&Co.
I-,arge Stoolc.   Low Prices.
T.   WL.   C3*\JX-X_lE_3ir SS   GO.,
The undersigned  having re-opened thi-; well-
known   and   comfortable    hotel   invites   the
patronage of all old customers and the public
Fiiriiacc-liented and comfortubly
furnished   rooms.
Mrs. Dowding, Proprietress.
ptiwsfg ut nsi»i!fi«f mill. 11
Those in need of first-class MAR
can procure them here,
Special attention given to Ordered
Work and Repairing.
Fii-Tii Strekt, Midway.
«fH«m !!t$.l!i?itfft
J&&&&&&9 $$$ *& 9^ Muy
Seventh Street, Midway,
Opposite Crowell's Hotel
^K This stable is equipped with a lirst class outfit of
I Single and Double Drivers
I Saddle and Paek Horses
iji Hay and oats for sale.    Bus meets all trains.
fa Freight and express delivered to any part of the town,   ty
% '                                                                        $'
W&&4.& &£-.&. £*<&&. &&£i &&tL<i&<&&&*^*m\m
sS ® ® 3
THOMAS WALKER, Proprietor.
All the best brands of
Cigars and Tubac.os kept
constantly on hand.
Latest shades and patterns of Wall Paper now in
Seventh Street, Midway.
UuutmJuuLUJitJu^ MIDWAY, :=: B.C.
Beautifully situated at the confluence of Boundary Creek and Kettle River.
ILL BE The most important railway town in the Kettle River Mining Division.
The Wholesale Supply and Manufacturing centre of the Kettle River and Boundary
Creek Districts.
The distributing point for   Upper  Kettle River, West   Fork  and Camp McKinney
mining camps,
The nearest Railway town to Republic, Meyers  Creek,   Palmer Mountain and   other
Northern  Washington mining camps.
The  leading residence town   in   the country, with an excellent   climate, pure water
supply and favorable sanitary conditions.
Business, residence and garden lots at low pricesand^n ^s^erms.
HO St John Street,     •
Montreal, P. Q.
Send for Maps, Prices, and full particulars to
Agent for British Coliuubift,
MHlwiy, D. 0.
i\i 5Si!i®i^i 7t>ii i. ?Si!4 QGiTi S&s!s 5© i.i. 52 i !i zcami jot y. ran <te
xv'-is&ste,5s_k,ii\y.i.'i___i5b_S_wy* my'/_«.». •» *.*> mj v>
• '0.
"f'.t-V f',~ '■■'
mle ,.  *'* ..'.  Mi
vk I
}','.;% I
<l><8 I
V * I
i.... ^i I
Capacity of Mill to be Increased Prom
35 to too tons per Day.
Rkpdhlic, March 15.—Advices received from Wauconila are encouraging. Work on the l>if» tunnel is car-
lied on with two shifts, An average
nf Ave feet is made every 24 hours,
The hig liwe is now in 1,125 feet. It is
planned to have il 230 feet fnrllier.
Two Bhifls are driving the tunnel on
the Clackamas at the rate of 78 feet
per day, It is now in 105 feet. It it
lielieved lhat the ledge will he crowd
tliis monlh at a deptli of 250 feet,
J, R. Rossinan, of the Rossman company, under whose direction the mill
for the Wauconda company has lieen
erected, and who is also the inventor
of the machinery' to he placed in the
mill, has returned lo the camp from
au exlended visit to Minneapolis,
where he went lo superintend the construction of the concentrating machinery for the mill. This will, it is said,
increase the daily capacity of the mill
fiom 35 to 100 tons. The machinery
would have heen at Ihe mill several
days ago, hut through some hitch it
was held at, Midway. A telegram says
lhat custom mutters have heen arranged and that the machinery will he
transferred to wagons at once. As the
roads are in had shape it is not proha-
IiIh that Ihe ii'iachiiiery will reach
Wauconda inside of a week. Every
thing is in readiness for its reception.
ll is lielieved that it can he installed iu
10 days.
 , o .	
Copper Output for ipoi.
Ping-Pong: A Soliloquy.
(By a Modern Hamlet,)
To ping or not lo pong i that is the
question ;
Whether 'tis nohlerfor n man to suffer
The hangs and buffets of lh'outrageous
Or to join issue 'gainst the multitude
And hy protesting end them ? To play
or not to play
No more ; and liy a Hrm refusal end
The headache and the thou..md monstrous shocks
The game is heir to.   To play or not l
To play j perchance le hit; Hye, there's
the fill-;
For in that precious sport what knocks
may come
When once we fare the hall of celluloid
Musl give us pain-e.   Oh I who would
racquets hear ?
To grunt and sweat under n dining
In search nf that confounded bouncing
Whose   undiscovered   resting place;
alas 1
No man can find, provokes bad words,
Then  rather should   we  play those
games we have
Than Hy to olhers that we know not of.
Fift-bL  Street,  mid-wet-ar.
Ciinnda is, without question, one of
the coming copper countries—in fuel il
took eighth rank as a producer in 1031.
Nol. only this, hut the percentage of
Increase was Ihe largest secured by any
country making the metal in important
quantities, British Columbia alone
made nearly twice as much copper lu
1001 as the entire Doniinion produced
in KKK), increasing its production from
0.000,000 up lo 30,000,000 pounds, Important mines are being opened in
Nova Scotia, Quebec, Ontario and British Oolumhla, The Sudbury field, in
the dislrict of Algouia, province ol
Ontario, is dnveloping several new
mines of promise, Tlie old Bruce
mines, on Georgian buy, have heen
reopened, and now await thn const i no-
'tion of a smelter, and other impoi'Lanl
mines are nearly ready for product itjti,
Canada will in ike more copper in 1002
t.lvin.did the United Htu'ies In a year
so comparatively recent as 18811,-.
We.iteru Mining World.
The New Roads.
The "Hot Air" people made another
fool play last Tuesday lyhen, alarmed
hy tho rapid pi ogress of lhe V. V. k
V„ tracklayers, they sent out a force of
special deputies to stop the progress of
the work on Iheir rival line, Mayor
T. W. Holland, head of the "Hot Air,''
arrived in the city today, and as soon
as he heard of lii-, rivals crossing thc
international boundary line he had a
force of specials swotn in and sent
them out Io iManly's ranch, where injunctions had been obtained toprervenl,
the V, V. k fi. laying hack across bis
land, Tlie instrucl ions of tlie men senl
out are to prevent, tlie V. V. k 15. passing the point wliere they are posted,
aud to shoot it necessary. Two or
three weeks' provisions havo been sent
out to thu camp nf the blocking deputies. An attempt to stop tlie V, V. k
15. will lie made below the point where
it crosses 'the liver to.dodge Injunctions.
The V. V. k fi. tracklaying machine
passed through the hig cut at Cascade
lasl week and entered tim Boundary
country. Tlie work is proceeding at
the rate of two miles daily. There
wi I lie luil,a slight, delay on account of
a loop made to avert "Hot, All" Iniunc
tions inui there will lie no further oh-
Slriielioiis until the I rack reaches He
Handles the best Imported and Domestic
Cigars, Cigarettes and Tobaccos of all kinds
that can be procured. »
All Papers and Periodicals of the day at
publishers' prices.
Provincial l-iind Surveyor.
.\M/   Architect and
WzH  Civil Engineer...
E>enl Estate,
Insurance and
Mining Ager)t.
m»9 >. O'l'A UY    Pi; IU .11 '.«••»
1 ftlrvlow Towrwl to Agont.
. . . AI.IMJI'.IH ... I
CorrosprmelcMHJo Solieitott.
Certificate   or   Improvement!,
j**r otxob-
Sltunlo In lhe Osoyoos   Mlnln-! Dlvl*l» «
Ynlo   District.   Whera lorutcd ■ t»»» I
•AKK NOTIOK Ihnt wc. .im
: f.
I    minor's o*rltliciiw X
Ikiriiw. freo iniiicr'K wrUflriio ao. «m
Inteiul, Hlxl)' il-i)'« fnim "" 'li:' ;';Z
IbapMtoWoMlninifHooordcrfiii ' ,''
of liiii>iiivriiirnt«, for tbo puriM ■ : •****•
n ( nova (.mm nf lho above riftii
Ami further lake notice Ilml J
Motion .'IT. tinea   la- commenced        '
lt«iuuicoof*raol|Cortlllc»lc rrf li ; °
Dntotl this Slfct day it AiiK"*1 "*;
J AMI- Mrd.tt
Commereial Job Printing
Riverside  Addition.
Just a Word!
To those contemplating an investment in Midway real estate, the information is
offered that on the Riverside Addition may be
found 300 very choice residence sites.
For terms and all other information apply to
W. H. NORRIS, or        A. MEGRAW,
Midway, B. C,
Camp McKinney, B. C*
.# nmmm


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