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The Midway Dispatch C. M. Crouse 1902-11-10

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 VoL I, No. 19.
$2.00 per Year.
SUITS that will suit you both in quality and
Price a rare chance to clothe the Boys for a
very small amomnt of money.
Childrens two piece suits from $1.65 to $2.95
•i      three „    „ $2.95
Boys Suits a nice assortment in Serges, Cashmeres, Tweeds and Homespuns'all $4. $4,25
and $4.50 Suits to gn at $2.95
Boys Reefer Coats, Blue Chinchilla, Double
Breasted. Sizes 23 to 28, special price for this
week only, $2.95
•:• 4. McNICOL -:- "   f
Received this week, a nice
-:-  A. F.Thomas,  -:-
We do not need a "Test"
in regard to Advertising as we know from experience that
dvertising with Full Values and honest and fresh clean goods
will always satisfy every customer, without giving away so
called silver spoons and money coupons. Give customers
good and honest values for their money is our Motto.
We have received full wool fleeced lined underwear for men
which we sell at the clcse figure of $2.00 a suit.
All wool underwear from $2. to $4.50 according to qualit)
I of wool.
A full assortment of Ladies, Childrens, Mens and Boys hosiery and sox.
New consignment of groceries, meats and celebrated Five
R&es flour at lowest possible marked prices, without coupons.
Give us a eall and lie convineed.
AftH|»»dn.w.tock ofallklndiof Rubber Good, for winter
■nd ««t wwther um 011 hand.
The Boundless Boundary. ITHE PRICE OF COPPER
The following Ink. 11 (mm ths Leeds
Mercuryexpressesan outsider's oplti-
Inn of the mineral resources ot the
Boundary District:
"No milling camps in the Dominion
it Canada are at present attracting
more attention than those uf the
Boundary District. This dlstriot, as
Its name implies, Is contiguous to the
United States frontlet'. Mice uisny
another mineralised region of British
Cnlumlils, Boundary Creek owed ils
heglnnlngs ui placer mines. A* far
hack as thirty yearn ago |B0,(K» nf
gold dust and nuggets was taken from
the creek; hut the placers did not
prove lasting, and the district wat
deserted without any one giving attention to its giant lends ot copper,
quart* and iron.
"The 'BoHHdless Boundary.' to use
the epithet which its enormous nre
Mies have won for it, has within the
past two years come to he regarded as
the most Important copper-productng
area in British Columbia. The Boundary mines bave this year put out a
greater tonnage than the Rossland
group—808,471 tons to Septemlier 6th,
as compared with 217.887 to the same
date at Rossland. Fnr the conveyance of its ore the Canadian Pacific
Railway received W8U.OI0. or one eighty-eight part of iU entire revenue hut
year frnm the Oranhy Company, due
<>f the leading Bonndary oopper cum*
panles. The company's freight Ull
this year will he ahout W»),000. tte
Boundary ore shipments to dnte tM*
year are reported at 815,630; in Hm
the total production for the year did
not reach 1(10,(100 tons. The probable
estimate for this year is 472.000.    , 9
'■Phoenix City, tbe mining camp ad-
Joining the Old Ironsides, the Knoh
Hill, nnd the Snowshoe Minen, stands
nt an elevation nf 4,000 feet ahove sea
level. The ride on • glorious September morning hy the four-horse stage
fnun Oreenwood, which stands 2,0110
feet lower dnwn lbe valley, is an ex-
lierience never to •* forgotten, The
Granby Company quarries its ore (rom
rasl exwura-J-M-s. nsM-mhH »fr craters,
on the mountain side, tie miners'
eall these yawning ratderaa tbe 'Glory
Hole*.' The nre bodies have actually
'wen exposed along a length nf 2,000
feet, cross-cuts have been driven prov
ing a width of 400teet without reach,
ing the fades of contract wilh the
country rork, and the diamond drill
■ins proved the existence of Ihe ore at
1,700feet in depth.   .
lt is no exaggeration to say that
teres of calrnpyrites have heen 'block
«d out.' We rambled for almut an
hour through the mopes actually per
forming the circuit nf these gigantic
'pillar aud stall' blockings. The sya
tern of mining is simplicity itself. An
inclined adit Is driven into the hill;
then a 'raise' is cnl upward to an open
surface quarry, where lhe ore is blasted and hurled dnwn the 'raise' hy its
own weight, to I* dumped Into tram-
cars at the adit-level. Costly winding
machinery is thus entirely dispensed
with, gravitation performing the
whole work of bringing the ore to the
hins for shipment to the smelter.
"The ore mountain at Phoenix is a
geological curiosity. The first tunnel
was opened on the 22nd May, 1898, the
Hrst tram-load ot ore left the camp on
llth July. 1000, and since then the
Oranhy Company alone has sent, half a
million Inns to its smeller at Grand
Porks, As development bas heen slow
ly revealed. A rational estimate last
year placed ihenreinsighl«. 54 million
tons; hut stupendous as this total is,
Mr. Williams, the manager, told me
that Ihis summer's excavations and
surface-stripping wnrk warranted him
in raising the estimate to the almost
Incredible figure of 70 million tons I
Needless to fay. tne ore ia extremely
low grade; hut itis practically self-
fluxing, and what with the cheap method of quarrying and fluxlhle nature of
the ore, the whole cost nf treatment
from crude win-sniff to matte has lieen
brought down to 12.60 per ton, or
even lower—the lowest, hitherto attain
ed on the American Continent,
The opening of this wonderful field
is largely owing lo Canadian enl erprise.
In tlie first instance the Canadian
Pacific Hallway rendered exploitation
possihle by constructing Ihe Columbia
Western Railway, a line about lfiOmlles
long nver mugged, mountainous
country, from Arrow Lake, westward*.
This was a piece of truly daring enterprise, as few mining experts three
years ago even dreamed nf the latent
mineral wealth nf Boundary Creek.
The Granhy Company, which has done
most of the pioneer work, IsaCanndian
incorporation; hut an American company operates the Mother Ijnde, soothe* nf the leading proportlesi while
round the hill from the Ironsides
mine of the Oranhy Company Is the
Snowshoe, a similar property now lieing opened up by a Briiish compuny,
having its head oflice iu London."
British Columbia is Literally the
World's reserve store
of Copper.
The price nf copper is probably of
mote interesl tn Brit ish Columbia than
the price of any other commodity on
the face of ihe globe, Our production
of copper ha* rapidly grown to very
respectable proportions. But it is trifling compared with Ihe supply contained in the province. British Colunihia
is literally the world's reserve store of
copper. The production nf cupper does
not expand as might he expected in response tn exceptionally high prices, for
a reason that It not far to seek. The
great hnik of copper production Is won
from low grade ores. These low grade
ore* require both railway facilities and
sinking of immense sums nf money in
development and plant fnr their successful exploitation. So, even
when the price of the metal is high copper mines are developed wilh a certain
amount of reserve, and of provision
for probably lower prices In the future.
On the other hand however, when
the price ranges at a good figure a process of gradual extension is set nn foot
which is apt tn he checked during a
period of undue depreciation in the
price of t he metal. There seems every
reason to helieve that Ihe present price
of copper is as much below the real
value of the metal as its price of a
year ago was ahove It. If Ibis is so
better times may lie looked for in the
copper mining industry of (he province,
and a still more rapid development of
its copper resources.
A very peculiar condition nf affuirs
was brought, about, in the copper market during 11. II through cerlain circumstances which affected the industrial situation In.MHO and lflWI. Industrial activity in Great Britain and great
Industrial expansion in Germany during these years gave the United Stales
a free market at highly remunerative
and rising prices for its surplus of cop
per, Iti 1801 the Amalgamated Copper
company undertook tn control lhe
price of cupper, and keep it at the level
tn which it hnd been forced. Ii failed
entirely to manipulate ihe European
copper supply, European producers
did not see lhe humor nf restricting
production in order to maintain prions
for an American trust. As It could
not manipulate the European supply
It could only control the American
price by restricting production or liy
finding some local m .ins of absorption
for the export surplus,
The price nf any commodity in a
connlry where there is a surplus for
export is governed absolutely hy what
the export surplus will fetch. The
lead trust aided by a tariff, and in con
tiolof all the smelting nnd refining
agencies has lieen ahle to maintain the
price of lead in the U nited States. We
do not lieleive It can do so much longer, but so far it has lieen very success
ful. The Amalgamated Copper com.
pany, unaided by any tariff, and iu con.
trnl of nnly part of the production,
could only maintain prices hy lhe ciude
and disastrnus method of itself purchasing the copper surplus of the
world. This led. of course, to the ac
cumulation of an enormous stock uf
The total Imports "f Clipper to the
United States in 1001 from all sources
and in all forms, amounted to 124.W8.-
HSI pounds, as compared with UH.SO.),
000 lbs. in 10110, with Kt.172.lMl pounds
in I860 and with 50,208.400 pounds in
18118. Tbe total value of the exports nf
copper from Ihe United States in 1001
was 187.071,448, as compared with$58,-
K75.4.W in 1IW», with «M,485,_.l in 1808.
The stock nn hand in the United
States on January 1,1002, is estimated
as heing at least 800,000,000 pounds,
equivalent losix months' production,a
figure much in excess of a working
slock In hand.
The hopeful feature of the situation,
however, is that, while the production
of copper even under the stimulus of
very high prices did not for the rens*
on we have given ahove, expand very
largely, the consumption of copper hns
shown a very steady Increase from
yenr to year.
The world's production of copper in
1001 was 511,008 long Inns, as compared with 407.200 tons In 1000, 488,803 in
1800, and 420,807 tons In 1800, while
the estimated consumption nf copper
in the United alone was during
1001, 882,781,014 pounds, as compared
with 856 801,121 pounds in 1000.
The conclusion of the whole matter
Is thai copper has been unduly depressed hy the existence nf a very large
surplus, but that, the normal demand
Is extinguishing this surplus, sn that
If nothing occurs U> Interfere with the
demand, lietter prices may lie reasonably looked for In the comparatively
early future.—Victoria Coloulst.
A change In the Provincial Cabinet Spoken of.
Vascocvkr, Nov. 8,-Rnmoris busy
once more with prospective changes in
the provincial cabinet. The talk IikIh v
is all uf the early assumption nf ihe
premiership hy attorney-general Kb-
erls. The political gossips suy tha'
premier Diinsmuir's resignation will
nnl be much lunger deferrrrd, and that
Eberts will succeed him. They have a
cabinet all rut and dried made up as
follows ; Premier and attorney general
D. M. Eherts; finance minister. R. G.
Tatlow ; commissioner of lands and
works, R, P. Given ; provincial secretary. A. E. McPhillips ; minister ol
mines. R, McBt ide; president of the
council, 0. Clifford. In commenting
upon i his change at. Victoria the gossips say thnt Eberts has been assured
nf t he support ofa insjorii y of t he pres
ent house, and the only thing delaying
the carrying nut of the re organization
is Diinsmuir's unwillingness to throw
down Wells, who in his opinion, is the
nnly man aiming his colleagues who
has attended to husiness ail ihe time.
However, Diinsmuir's known desire to
get mu of office may lead him to let
Wells suffer the penalty of his liberal
predilections. In connection with this
latest cabinet minor there is another
to the effect that in the event of Eberts
Incoming premier,and being in a pos
ition to con-nd the legislature, he will
introduce a measure to amend the redistribution act with a view to lessening the re presentation given Ihe Kootenay districts hy the bill of Inst session. Whilst there is a disposition
hfre to ridicule the idea of Eberts
forming a government, it is known
thut McBride is willing to join him, in
fad, that he made overtures to that
end during the stormiest period uf last
session, and thnt Tatlow and Green are
also willing providing Eberts drops
some uf the obnoxious features of the
railway subsidy bills.
Surplus   in   Postal   Department.
A p**es* despatch from Toronto says:
Sir Wm. Mlllock made au important
speech hefore the Mulnck club, iu the
course of which he said that the deficit
of $800,000 a yeai in the post office depart ment had heen wiped nut, the rate
nf postage reduced lo I wo cent* all
round, and the department, had for the
fiscal year just, closed not u deficit nf n
dollar, but. fnr the Hrst, time in ihe history nf the country, a surplus, not a
large one, hul. still a surplus, of over
A portion of Sir William's speech
referred to the compulsory arhitrita-
tion act, introduced at the list session
nf parliament, and which will come up
again at the next, session. Taking lhe
recent coal strike its his text, he showed that five months wnuld have been
saved in that case had such an act. been
in force in Pennsylvania. He thought
that much of the criticism already pass
ed upon the acl. was ill-considered, and
pointed out that under the present voluntary act the department has heen
able to intervene successfully in several disputes, and particularly referred
lo the coal strikes on Vancouver Island hnd in Nova Scotia,
Average Ore Output.
The Aggregate tnnnage'nf nre shipped by U uindnry luilji rf -i.n* in ibe
(•orient year to dale ha* imw pasn*._
the 400.000 tons murk hy between 10,'
000 iiirl 20.00:1 ims, Tne tiitlil .1.11 unity shipped during the years WOO ind
1001 »asU7,8Jfl tons in 1 h« f -r yenr
mid 880,07") loos in the latter together
181.512 tons, As ihe ilai.y requirements of the three smellers in open-
tion iii tlie B Mpidary »re ito'l less 1 Ium
1,8001 mis for the Hve fm mires running,
and (allowing three days shut, down
for holidays at, Christmas time as a
possibility) there are still Bo (lavs to
complete the \ear, it Is (piiic reasonable in expect that at, least 00,000 inns
will be added to the yenr* output, and
make the aggregate in excess of SIN),*
000 ions, The blowing in of another
furnace at the Granhy Cn-iipauy's
smelter will probably take place during Nnveoi.her. If power be available
soon, as has been promised, the third
furnace should add fnun 10,000 to 15,*
000 ions 10 tile estimated total nbove
given. Itis J llerfore by no means unlikely that the aggregate tonnage for
lhe year 1802 will exceed the combined
tonnage of the year.* 1!KI0 and 1001 liy
20.000 to'50,000 tons, tlie excess to lm
determined liy a continuance without
interruption of present ordinary favorable conditions. Whilst tlie compulsory suspension of operation* during
lhe two or three mouths that the work
of the big mines and the smellers was
seriously retarded,' when not quite
stopped, effectually prevented the earlier estimated segregate tonnage for
the year—placed, prior to the I roubles
at the Crow's Nest Pass Coal Company's coal mines at aboui 830,000 tons
—ihe output will certainly constitute
a considerable addition to the value of
the industrial product) uf British Columbia for tlie yeai1, Thai some idea
mav he obtained of ihe comparatively
large proportions to wbich ihe mining
industry of tlie Boundary has grown,
it is only necessary lo remember that
given 11 gross value (including copper
at New Yurlt n/iema)"*e9h.m per too.
the mines and smelters of the "dislrict
are already producing anil .-.pending in
wages and materials, at llm rate of
about $2,000,000 n year, for nil the proceeds go luck iu one way and another,
to tlie mines, reduction works, railways, etc. And this, ton. in what is
practically bul the infancy of industries steadily attaining 10 larger and
larger pinpnrtions, and from which
enormously Increased returns may be
reasonably looked for in a year or twn.
Will visit the Boundary.
Besides being engaged in transcontinental railway construction as rivals
to the Canadian Pacific rail way, Messrs
Mackenzie k Mann of Montreal are
largely interested in mining in British
Colunihia, particularly in Ihe Boundary creek region, wliere they own tlie
Emma and other properties in Summit
camp, nnd also have an interest in lhe
Boundary Falls smelter. D. D. Mann
nccompaiii-il hy J, N. Greenshields, IC,
C, is now on his way to the district
where it is understood the railway
magnate will make arrangements to
put in a Garretson furnace au 1 he Boundary Falls smelter. Th" Pittsburg
company, wbich is tlie com roller of the
Garretson patent, wishes to get its furnace tested on th" low grade ores of
the Boundary countiy. If it is successful there Mr. Maun will nisi) put. in
a furnace at or near Moyie, to treat
the ore of 1 he big North Star mine.
Boundary Ore Shipments.
The tonnage of ore shipped by the mines of the Boundary
District during 1901, and for 1902, up November 1 st. is as
1901 1902
Old Ironsides and Knob Hill group 231,762     264,684
Mother Lode ,  99,548     111,756
b. c : 47,517     9,048
Sunset ■  800 8,450
Winnipeg  1,040 785
King Solomon  850      	
Snowshoe  1,731 n,8'-iS
No. 7  665, 482
Jewel  325 2,175
Golden Crown  625
Sundry small shipments  2,500 4.399
Totals : 386,738     414,292
Shipments during 1900 totalled 97,837 tons ; during
the year 1901, to December 31st, 386,738 tons, and during
1902, to November ist, 414,292 tons, making an aggregate of
898,867 tons 1
'■ii fti
tt '
C. M. CE0U8- Miter and Proprietor
Published weekly sl Midway, HjjO.
SulMoripUon prioo, ?2i«) jx'rnntinm. paykblt-
ln ixdvanec, rlthor vcrrlj or halt yearly at Joe
o,j|i. i of tij" .nb-Jcj'iljcr.
Advartlsbig rsto wat on sppUostlon.
A prominent  merchant nf Oreen
wood was told last summer in the of
flee of the Chief Commissioner at Vic
tdtjlA, tbnt.Uv Governiuenl was wail
ing for Mr. Thruston to return fron-
England, before work wonld commence
on the West Fork road. Hr, ThrosKm
has not returned, and it, is stated li-
has gone to South Africa. It is now
up lo Mr. Kille'li. who. when up the
West Fork, expressed the opinion thai
the road should he built on the east
side of the river throughout its length.
thereby avoiding the bnnslnlction nf
expensive hridg'-s j hul the t'hinf Kn
gim-er selected thn route ihat neces
sitite.s bridging th- river, and as ill.-
merchant mentioned above, was fold
in Victoria, "we must gn hy -.he Chief
Engineer's report," It mskes no dif
ference whether the engineer is
or wrong : according to the Chief In-
pector he is wr mg If the Chief Engineer had gone overs portion of the
route selected by him last spring when
the water was highest, he would him
self he convinced that be whs wrong
for a considerable portion of the route
could he traversed br hoai onlv. !-'t
the Chief Engineer did not spend all
his time looking into tlie important
matter nf high water mark, for he
went fishing for trout in the West
Fork's seductive pools. The truth of
the matter is, that this route, though
expensive, is not practicable.
$    §
The deer arc diminishing in nnmhers
very rapidly. A few years ago they
were very plentiful in the hills and
anyone who wanted m«at could always get it. Now a man may hunt
for many a day before he sees one,
and unfortunately this is the case not
nnly near the ton ns. hut also away
hack in lbe mountains the same scarce-
ity is apparent. There seem to Iw several reasons which tend towards the
extinction of the deer. One is the increased number of ranches wliieh occupy their winter ranges and drive them
away, another is the indiscriminate
slaughter by ii.en who hunt for market. List winiet, both on the West
Von and the Ketlle l.tver, nien were
shooting and shipping iheui io Oreenwood by wagon loud. Otheis were
lent to Hossland and Nelson. Tlie law
seems powerless to stop this ruthless
destruction of a valuable food supply
to the people. Does nnd fawns are r.p-
enly sold and the legal limit of ten deer
to each man seems to he no check. If
public opinion were in favor of the preservation of deer, then the law migtll
lie effective. The value of a plentiful
supply of game towauls the work of
the prospector and pioneer rancher
does not seeiu to lie considered or appreciated, If there nre no deer, then
those who are engaged in ranching or
prospecting have no other meal.except
bacon, und the expense of living
is vastly increased, The remedy for
this stale of affairs seems; firstly, the
limit often deer allowed for each man
should lie very largely reduced and thn
Bale of venison should ia; prohibited,
whiluafew game wardens should he
appointed to see thai the law was enforced. Whilst the prohibition of the
sale of vi-tiison would seini to be a hard
» ip lo those living in towns nml whn,
whilst unabie to shoot, stlll| like to eat
it, yet lo lliem it i» only a luxury while
to the poor prospector and rancher ii
is almost a neccessily. It is noi just
under the present mute of affairs to
blame u man for iiiakiugalitile money
by shoot ing, as lie sees the deer rapidly
diminishing and thinks that, he, us
well as others, niighl prolit by their
destruction. Iu New Brunswick und
the Slate of Maine, under good game
laws, hig game is increasing rapidly
and the same result might lie attained
in this province. Tlie protection of
the game should Is-gm at once, other
wise there will he no game to protect
It is not fair that the nnt oral wealth ol
a country should be destroyed for tile
benefit of a few.
° Stitiowry
' THOMAS WALKER. Proprietor.
All tb* bMt brands of
Mgart mmi TrtMOM kept
Utwt tbmdt ami pat*
taraocf Wall Papw now In
Seventh Street, Midway.
A familiar name for the Chicago,
Milwaukee* St ..i'aid Railway, known
all over I he Union as the Greal Rail
way running the "Piofeek Umitru'
1 rains every day and night Mween St.
1'siilawd Chicago and Omaha and
Chicago, "The only perfect trains in
, the world." Understand: Conner
| lions sre made wilh ALL Transcon
tinental Lines, assuring to passengei*
the liest service known. I.UXUiious
coaches, electric lights, steam heat, of
a verity equaled by no other line.
See that your ticket reads via "The
Milwaukee" when going to any point
in "he Uniied States or Canada. All
ticket agent* sell them.
For rat*-s pamphlets or other information, address,
It L, Ford. H. 8. Rown,
Five Qood Reasons
That the Rio Grande Route i« the
most popular one between tbe Pacific, . m   . ..
das, and the East, is evinced by the Oortlfleato   of  Impro.eme nt.
(srtiltcjitf N'o. sftfl*. intend, sixty d-ij's
from lhc dale bcrrcf. Io apply lo tin, Mininx
if traveling at rales ittwonierfora I'crtlBran- of fwpnivcim-nt*. tor
tbe purpose of obtairiiir-f a Crown Grunt of ine
above cmim.
.tad further l»kc notlcf that action. nr-Jirr
section SI. must   bc commenced before the
inMunreuf such Ccnifkiaii- xl liiiprovi.-mt!ii-
Haled this jfftli Asy sf September, W&
fact that the greater per cent of transcontinental travelers nee it.
Fikst, the scenic sttmctlons in view
from trains are un-*i|iialed in tbe world.
SECOND, the daily personally conducted tourist cat excursions being especially adapt*-d for ladies traveling
alone or with children affoids a comfortable mod
ivillliii ihe reach of all.
Tumi), it is the only rouie between
'he East mid West pa**-ing direcily
ihrough Salt Lake City or modern
FODBIH, the choice of two distinct
rouies through the heart of the Rorky
Monti t» ins.
Fifth, three fast through trains daily
between Ouden snd Denver equipped
with every modern convenience.
There are many other reasons whv
tliis route is the most comfortable and
enjoyable in (he whole connlry.
You can learn a great deal on the
subject nf through travel, and r**cei>.-
souie very interesting and beautiful
booklets, liy calling on or writing in
the undersigned. W. C MeBRIDK
Oen'l Agent oi M. J. ROCHK Travel
ing Passenger Agent. 124 Third 8lp*et.
Portland. Oregon.
Watikloci   -ONsoudhtmi KkjictIosal
Mimjkai Claim.
SltoaUla the Kellis Itiver Mining Division
ofTalsWitrlet.  Where loeated : Camp
AKK NOTICE lhat I. Port** M. Kerby. as
agent   lor The Warcrloo   Consolidated
ninii mid  Milliiw Company, ttee miners
Uenerol Axent.
According to the Vernon News Price
EllisonM. L. A. is not to lilamefor ih
failure to ciynplete Ilie West Fork
wagon road, since the matter was hi'
tothe Government officials at Green
wood. Tlie Boundary t'reek Timer
quotes fiom tt letter received by sum,
person, whose name is not men tinned
in which the Chief Oo'iiinlssioner, Mr.
Wells, states thnl, having wen Mr.
Killeen. it is his intention to complete
the road next soring, and that the
heidges will liecrinsirucf'-d this winter.
The members nf (he legislature under
our system of government ire responsible to th" people. The Chief Commissioner ami Mr. Kllison. in the event nf
an election, might not. be reelected as
representatives nf lhe |K*npVv' The
Oovernnient officials nt (JreeHvond,
and Mr. Killeen under nur svstdiu nf
Government, are nnt responsible to
the people. Governments come and
go, but Ihe civil servants. a*>a rule
retain their positions irrespective ot
changes in Government, When'there
is » change of Government In fhi« Prov
ince. the civil servants are not dismissed, and appointments mode from the
supporters of the net administration,
hut they are in most cases nnt disturbed, and furthermore, if there lire appointments made nr offices created,
they are given lo the old life time
officials. The merits nr demerits nf
this system we are. nnt at present dismissing. We submit, however, that
unless nur representatives and more
particularly the heads of depsit inents
direct, as well as nonsuit, the officials
under ihem, thnt this Is not responsible
government ■ If it Is.'will someone explain what irrpsp.-fislhi* government
would he. As a matter nf fact, during
the past four vear* nf unstable government, loeal affaire, eieeptlng wlihin
the limit? of municipalities, which
comprise a very small area nf the Province, have heen managed by officials
whn are nnt, fnr unpractical purposes,
responsible directly nr Indirectly to the
people. This is in part due tn frequent
changes In.Oovernnient, and in part
due to the fact, that the heads nf departments neglect their more Immediate duties of nfflce, and busy them
solves iil-nut matters concerning which
they have received no mandate from
thc people, It is hy no means uncommon for the people to grow enthnslas-
tic in the support ofa certain candidate
for the leifislnliire, he is elected, and
uses his influence lo have public mon
ey nppiopriated for purposes in which
his constituents are interested- Th
money is appropriated, hut, In the
opinion nf some official, il should he
expended for some olher purpose or
perhaps pot at. all. This is freedom
under our grant nnd glorious Institution res|ionsib|e government ne praell
sed in Briiish Columbia,
Whv you should huy
BBOAU.-B it is the bpst.qili.1ily
BEOAUSB it Is most lasting chew
BECAUSE it is the largest high grade
5 or 10c. plug
-E0AU8E'he tugs are valuable fnr
premiums until Jan. ■', 1904.
BECAUSE your dealer Is authorized
to   refund   vour money |f
Durham Bulls, Fresh Calved
Cows, Cows in Calf, Steers
and Heifers, Boar Pigs, Sows
and Young Pigs, Sheep and
Poultry, Saddle and Pack
Ponies.    Apply to
fi/t miles from  Midway, or
Dispatch office.
THB Dartnerehlp heretofore exifCmg be
i»Tcn ten imdersigiii-l a« frxxx Miller-
Snder tbcii'imcnf l^oqiiim.j A: Fuwun,, in .Miilway. 11. a,nod iji.'uril Korks, 11. c. I, hsrebr
dissolved liv niiuuiil consent. All debts owinj-
tn Uie Midway Sawmill are to bo paid 10 wm
Poaritfl, «jf Midway, b. IX, who will ooiiiiiiue
the Mid way bnsioe-.s and ssAdf sl) clninis
Hipiiiwt ihe mid wMifeSs. A'l debts owing to
the IVrriml Kork* jSaiviiiill are lo la: p«id to 11
U-qifiiiHLof.limiai! Kurt* B. ('., alio,will continue lhe Orand -arks Ijii-lnawanil.rjitlsfy all
claims against the Clr-iid Korks mill.
j Wlliics-.MMK8MS)IKKV.
Dated at Midway tbis9th day uf »«|KH 1002.
Timdc Mmw«
Copyhmmti Ae.
.«ti,1?li!2.*!w *,u"* eatemetifOtm mat
i$Z_l!?V!£2i l.r °f■"!■_P**i*b*tiker ia
!?"B__" fl,ro''»t)lTI>«teni«i)l«: Conomnlai.
ScknfifK mirim*
Asmtwimlylllnitrstsd wteklr. tatemOt.
*-*>*one(iinrielMitlSeJo«rnlE  T«5iM»
Price Msrktrs
Prtatlrg Wlutlt
snd ratine tu,.
Check      Pertor.
sbber Type
,-rlatlaf Presses.
Etc., Etc.
VAK00U. KB, B. C.
Carrying His flajesty'a HaiU
Will leave MIDWAY on Tuesdays, Thurs-
days and Saturdays, at 8.30 a. m., arriving a*
CAMP McKINNEY at 5 p.m.
Returning will leave CAMP McKINNEY on
Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 9 a. ni,,
reaching MIDWAY at 1.30 p. m.,and making con-
nection with the train going east at 2:05 o'clock.
Tha best of aooomntodattoii for
tho eonvontonoa of tJM
travailing puMlo.
St Paul, Duluth, ninneapolls, Chictfo
Throuuh Palace snd Tnurtot Sleepers
Hiulni* nnd   ItiitTi-t   i*moklnK  l.itirnr)'  Can
Cor Itntcs, Folders and Kull Infnrmntioii.
_-ll on or nddres*.
H. BRANf)T.(M». *T.A..
'   VI VV, RivMmlil. Avcntii*.
Ht-iKASB. Wash.
A. B. C. DKNNISTON. ti. W. P, A..
Sbattlb. .Vabh.
Headquarters for Railroad,
Mining and Commercial b|
First Class Livery Stable in Connection with Hotel. I
Certificate  of Improvements.
Btvy Bum. Misr.ati Claim.
Situate In th* Otoynot Mlnlni Division tt
Yale District.  Whir*  Umtet :~kru-
C«r Mounuln.
TAKK NOTICE lhat 1. Charles de lllol*
Oroon. s« n«»nt for fl'mrme O. Powell, frw-
miner's ccrtltlcnle No. nWJ5,. ard for Kvnn
Morris, tree miners certl«cni« No. BdlTIIS,
intend sixty dnys from the dnte heroof, tn np.
ph; lo thc Mining Itecnrdcr for a Certificate
of Improvetncnls, fir the purpose of obtaining
a Crown Orant of the abovo claim.
And further lake notice that aetlon. sudor
section 37, must he commenced before 'ho Issuance of such eerlillenle of improvements.
Dated this Wth day rf July, loot
te C. nsB. OltKKN.
Tie Canadian Bank of fane
With Whieh is Incorporated
The Bank of British Columbia.
CAPITAL, $8,000,000.   -   RtS., $2,000,000.
HON. QEO. A. COX, Pres.       B. E. WALKER, Gen. Mfr.
Manager Greenwood Branch.
S. A. CROWELL, Prop.
iring ao rt Sundries
m J. H. BUSH il
fa   fa~~
Horse Shoeing a Specialty
All Kinds of Work Executed to the Satisfietioi of Customers
ymi arc nut sntristled.
Boundary Falls Hotel
This hotel is centrally loeated nnd is a stopping place for stage
lines.   Oood stabling on the premises.
Only tKe choicest brands of Wines, Liquors,
and Gigars at tKe Bar.
A new building, well furnished. Everything new and first-class. Only the choicest Wines, Liquors and Cigars kept in
stock. Every convenience furnished the
traveling public.    Bus meets all trains.
H, 8, BarriiMin in away  on u mp to
■rt, Jas. McNicol la visiting friuiuls
Kv. Powera has returned from a trl|
■(irand Forki.
Wn. B. Bash, ot Oamp   McKinney,
Kg in Midway last week.
■il, Stiles, of Anarchist mountain,
Mux among laat week's visitors to
Bj. W. Nelson, of (ireenwood, was in
■dway last week on his teturn from
Ke West Pork.
m. M. Melville, C. E. Melville and V.
Wjlkins left ou Friday on a hunting
■p up the West Pork.
Hfiflix Shane r lefl last week for Mey-
L Creek, where he will do consider
Ble work on his mineral clninis.
■Frank Donald, ot Hock Creek, who
Its heen   working   in   the   I'alnuse
Kuntry for the past few months re-
lined laet week.
■Alliert Letts,   leather uf the school
■ Sidley, whu has lieen confined to
m, bed for several weeks nutferiiiK
■tm typhoid fever, Is again able ui
I around.
■lalpli Han on, of San Francisco and
MP. McLeod, of Oreenwood, were in
■dway on Friday on their return
Km the West Fork country, where
K>' had gone to examine the Bell
Bneral claim, in wbich Mr. Harron is
Hi, C. Killeen, Provincial Inspector nf
Hds and bridges, arrived in Midway
■ Saturday and today proceeded up
B West Fork, where he will make
Hniates nf the bridges across Kettk
Ber, wbich the government purpose
Biding this wint-r.
■lev. W, A. Robins, M. A„ rector of
■ Jude's church ot England, Oreen
■Hal, returned on the 5th from at bree
Knths' holiday trip to England. He
m. given public Welcmne in the parish
■II the same night, Ihe proceedings
■ing under the auspic-s of the con-
■euation of bis church.
■Chas. R. Hardy, special ag*-nt. for
le North American Life Insurant'*
m., after visiting the country around
■dway with a view to obtaining luis-
less fir his company, went out nn
■liinlay's train for Phoenix, While
■re Mr. Hardy was successful In writ
Ig up a large minium nf insurance.
■A very pleasant evening was spent
1st Wednesday by a few friends who
111 isseiiililed nl the home of Mr. uml
Bi-. S T. L irseii lo assist in a "I'uiiip-
B" The earlier p irt. nf the even
B w*» spfnt in mnsic. while, later
B All adjourned tn th- dining room
■'■ri' much aiiiiisemeiit was made in
B slicing and pe ling of the many
Kg''yellow pumpkins. A ilaiuly re-
I-t wa* then served, after which a
Iw hours uf dancing, io the sweet
Briius nf a violin and guitar, was in
Bulged in. A Vote ot'thanks was llll,
■tiiiiuiisly passed tu the ideal host and
III ir understood that operations at
le Oro Deimro mine in Summitcamp,
•ill be resumed shortly. Tlie proper*
pis owned hy the King Mining Co.
W. T. Smith, of Oreenwood, has made
liiangenieiita with ihe conipany to
■nderlake the proposed developnienl
fork. It is hoped to open up a hij*
|lnry hole on the surface. The Oro
P'liniro has phenomenally large surface
Ihuwlngs. An experimental shipment
Was made to the Trail smelter three
■cms ago. The property has been
lie ever since.
[ The lust issue nf the B. C. Oaxctle
Itintains a notice from the provincial
IwretaryV oflice that Oeorge Cunning-
pm hat been appointed mining re-
hrder. The appointment was made
In response to strong representations
Irnm various source*. It waa felt
|hal if governnient agent McMynn
ffre relieved of some of his nianv
iWces that he would have more time
I" it lend to outside work. Mr. Cun
litigham hu been acting recorder fnr
f "iif time past. He haa already demonstrated his fitness for the position
Ind the appointment will lie a popular
I The information receiv ed in Oreen
f "od last week that the contract for
r>e erection of a courthouse theie, hod
P'fn awarded to Smith Brothers, was
Ince officially confirmed. Anticipate
fit that his firm wonld he the success-
Pi tenderer, Donald Smith has Inui
P*n and teams waiting for the past
I*0 or three weeks, sn its to push on
lyththe necessary excavations before
U16'rost should make the ground dif
le»lt lo work, A at art will be made
W on*, but it Ir probable that hard
K"«<« Vill ,et i,| hef„re long an d delay
W" Part of the work, which could
F*!* J*,« dune with much more ex*
■PMitinn had there not. l-een sn long a
Fw». In arranging the preliminary
'wmallile,,  ThB „„,„„„. of thp ten
in iT n0t y^'wen made puhlic. but.
l'"8 definitely .tilted lo tie  within the
•P. "-Watlni, „f fWm ,,,,,,1,. |,.,*, ses-
son, for thl, building, by the Provln-
'*' '"•gislatiire.  The  contract,   time
wm expire next May. by when the
""•■■wctors expect to have their part
A new remedy for babies and
young ehildren.
The old reliable eough syrup
A perfect emulsion
of castor oil, with all
t^e excellent qualities of the oil unirri-
paired, and the unpleasant taste entirely removed.
A Rlrl to cook and assist at house-
*«* for family 0, twn#   Wh„„s m
RS*!!'Appl7 ,oBftlph a R"ot'
/I. F. Jhomaa,       Druggist,      J4icEW&\j
Wednesday evening W. J. Kichter
and Miss Carrie Peterson, both of
Ohesaw, Washington, were married
by Hev. Mr. Knox, Methodist minister,
at Ihe Windsor hotel, Greenwood. An
other wedding was that of N. LaOauae,
a rancher, fiom Anarchist mountain,
to Miss V, Virginia, which took place
at, the Oreenwood hotel, Rev. father
Bedard. 0 M I., performing the ceremony,
A force of men under road foreman
Oeorge Findlay have been engaged for
some time In improving the wagon
road hetween here and Rock Creek.
The hill at Ingrims has heen cut down,
so that with the present grade large
loads can he hauled up it with comparative ease. They are now widening
,he approach to the Ingrim hridge, au
improvement that should bave been
made several months ago. Another
gang under foteiuan E. B. McMynn
are making a new mad up the hill go
ing to Chesaw. This new piece nf road
connects with the Rock Creek road at
the same point as did the old one, hut
the switchbacks are much longer thereby making a much easier grade,
— sea———
Fairvlew Notes.
The third death from injuries sustained in the Kairview hotel fire on Oct.
22 lias taken place at Kairview, News
came recently that Miss Hunt, house
keeper nt the hotel, died afler having
lingered in unconsciousness eiirht days.
She came from Hamilton, Ont, where
several relatives are living,
John Allen, fun-uinn at lhe Stem-
winder mine, who wss^slck wilh fever
in Ihe hotel at ihe time nf the fire, is
in a seriiHis condition, the fever having
Increased. His lower liinlw, injured
hy jumping from the t.ip door of lhe
hotel, aie still paralysed,
I'he report sent out last week on information received from Fairview In
Ihe effect ihat John Live, druggist, of
that town had temporarily Inst his reason, proves to have heen much exaggerated. It appears ihat he was delirious one night, shortly after being
injured in the hotel fire, hul since Ihen
lias heen up and about, and nnly went
to Vernon for convenience In gelling
proper treatment fnr hi* badly injured
hand. Worry and excitement upset
bim for a litlle while but he will probably soon he quite well again.
Will Come up for Hearing Nov. i Jth.
Grand Kobks.B.O., Nov. 5.—The
preliminary hearing nf thecase against
John A. Manly, alleged to have had
some connection with the burning of
the Columbia Hotel at Colunihia three
year, ago. came up this afternoon before Magistrates McGregor and Henderson. Considerable time was taken
up iu an argument as tn whether Mr.
Henderson had a right tn sit. Mr. McGregor, lhe nther magistral e, contended ihat he alone had the right to conduct the enquiry, Affidavits were
read on behalf of the accused stating
that McGregor had made statements
to Ihe deponents long prior to lhe proceeding, to the effect I hat h« lielieved
Manly tope guilty, and implying his
intention of administering summary
justice If the occasion ever presented
itself. The affidavit* were followed up
by strong arguments thai McGregor
was prejudiced and should not sll on
lhe caw.
Considerable discussion then followed bet ween the two magistrates. McGregor contending that Henderson
had no right Ui sit and refusing tu call
in any other magistrates.
Mr. Ileiideson maintained his right
to hear the case, and the prosecuting
attorney alwi agreed that there was no
objection to Mr, Henderson sitting.
After reading of the affidavits and
argument by counsel Mr, McGregor
came to the conclusion that he had Imt-
ter withdraw.   This he  accordingly
Hy agreement hetween counsel the
hearing was fixed to take place before
Justice Willlnuis of Phoenix on the
mill inst. at Columbia, counsel for the
prosecution weeing that unless he
could produce further evidence than he
now has, I lie case would Ihi withdrawn
hy the crown, when it next came up
for hearing,
A. M. Whiteside, of Greenwood, appeared for the prosecution i E- ■*• D*V*
Is K 0 of Vancouver, Ernest Miller
iindA.C.Hutlon.ofGrand Forks, for
the defense.
♦♦♦♦MiMMMMM ***
Bkb Strike at the Waterloo.
Camp MvKinnkv, Nov. 8tb.
(Special to Thr Dispatch.) A
rich strike has been made at
the ISO foot level of the Waterloo mine. While running a new
drift a ledge of high-grade nre,
four feet in width was encountered, which promises to be the
most valuable discovery ever ' >
made on the property. ',',
Are leaving the Hopiui,
Grkrnwood, B. C. Nnv.fith.—
Quite an exodus nf pal lent* ftpm the
Sisters' hospital, Oreenwood is taking
place this week. A, A. Crowston, grocer, Is ahle to come down town now,
and Robert C. Longley, the well-
known mining man, who has also
heen down with typhoid, will he out
before the end nf the week. H. D.
McMillian, whn has lieen a patient
fnr the past fnur weeks, following
severe injury he sustained to one of
his knees at the Mother Lode mine,
will likely Iwahle to walk a few days
hence, whilst James Hunter, whose
thigh Isine was broken and ankle
badly crushed hy a fill of rock iif tlie
Oarilsui company's mine at Camp
McKinney last month, was ahle to
walk the length of the hospital ward
last Monday, for the first time since
his accident. Several other patients
are alwi convalescent.
J. R. Brown, of Kairview, assessor
for Rock Creek Division was in Midway over Sunday. He is now engaged
with l he wnrk of assessing the pro peri y
in his division, preparatory to levying
taxes for HUH.
For Getting a Beautiful Watch
and Chain Free.—No Money
Required.—Every Man, Woman, Boy, or Girl has the
same Opportunity under our
In order to have Dr. Arnold's English Tnxin Pills placed iu Ihe hands nf
all persons suffering from had health
we make the following most liheral
offer I—
If jnii will send us your name and
address and agree lo sell for in twelve
boxes of Dr. Arnold's Knglish Toxin
Pill* at 25c. per Ihix, we will give you
absolutely Free a beautiful Watch
and Chain in either Indies or Gents
sixe, or yonr choice of twenty other
premiums such as fine sets of Jewelry,
Rings, Violins, Mandolins. Tea Sel a,
Sateen Skirt*. Cameras, etc Remember we don't want any money until
after ynu sell the I'ills and ynu don'l
have in sell any nm.* than 12 lioxes to
get the premiums. This is a bona fide
nffer frnm a reliable concern that has
given thousands of dollars worth nf
premiums to agents all over the country. Remember also that Dr, Arnold s
Knglish Toxin Pills are a well known
remedy for all diseases of the kidneys
and bladder, Brlght's disease, diabetes,
rheumatism, nervous troilhles, and
female complaints, and are for sale by
all flrst class druggist* and dealers in
all parts of the world. You have only
to show l hem to sell them, Vou are
not offering something thai the people
don't know. Our watches ate the
regular standard sl/.e for Ladies or
Gentlemen III Nil kel or Gun Metal
Cases with handsome Illuminated dials
and reliable tlnu-keepriH, watches
such as no lady or gentleman need he
ashamed lo parry, mm they "ill be
sent absolutely Free tn all who sel
only twelve boxes of those wonderful
Toxin Pills. Write at once nnd he the
first In your locality tn earn nne of
those beautiful watches and chant As
soon as we receive ynur letter or post
card we will s I >•»>■ P™» I',''" "wive
hoxe«, together with our Illustrated
Catalogue and liealltlftll V colored card
with vour name and address on its ran
authorised agent, Bear in mind that
you will not be asked to sell any more
lhan the IJ hoxes and we don t want
any money until after yon have sold
them. We hear all the expense ami
are nnly making this liberal offer tutu
method of advertising Dr. Arnold a
Knglish Toxin Pill*. Don t delay,
write at once and earn a lu'iuu mil present fnr yourself fur Christmas.
go Adelaide St. East, Toronto.Ont.
flutuiHTKKH, Solicitors, Etc.
Okkrnwood, B. C,
—: Notary Public,
Camp MoKinney, B.C.
Dr. R. Mathison,
p§ M. KERBY,
A. M. Can. Soe. C. f.
Provincial Land   Surveyor
Midway axd Uhkxnwood.
Rendell Block, Greenwood.
Phone B«, V. * H.
Chas. A. Webster,
Spokane.Wash.. U.S.A.   Midway, B C.
Spokane Falls &Norttaern
Railway Co.
Nelson & Ft. Sheppard
Railway Co.
Red Mountain Railway Co.,
Washington & 6. 1. Ry.,
The only all rail route hetween
points enst, west and south to Rosslnnd, Nelsnn, Grand Forks and Republic. Connects ut Spokane with the
Great Nml hern, Norlhern Pacific and
0. tl, k N, Co, for pointa enst, west
j«nd smith ; connects at Ros*land and
Nelson with the Canadian Pacific Ry.
Connects at Nelson with the K. R. * R.
Co^ for Kaslo ami Nloran points.
Connects nt   Curlew with ttagt tar
Greenwood and Midway B. 0.
liuffet ears run oo trains between
.Spokane uud Republic.
l-eavo. Arrive.
O.M1.111 SPOKANK      J.«
10.30  UOSBl.ANli     1.10pm.
7.15 a.m  NKI-SON'      8.00p.m.
■f,W fm \ (111ANI. KORKS }    lM ■un*
i>.90a.m KKPl'IIMC       5,Wp.m.
-BE.   A.  JT__.i
Ueiioral PnwiiKsr Agent.
Spokitm, Wash.
Direct line, Lowest rates
New York
San fYancitco
St. Paul,
Chicago, and all
S, pointa.
Lv, Diinmore .let. Daily
Lv. Kootenay
lAg. Tues. and Maty.
>, Montreal, Boston, etc.
Leave Reyelstnke Daily
Vancouver, Seattle and Coast Pointa,
ThroiiKh tanking* to Europe via all
Knr thin tallies, rates anil full Information
mil nn or nililrsss A, Vi. It Alt.KV, Afeat,
Mlilwny. or
I). I'. A., A. O. P. A.,
Nelson, II. C.      Tnnronver. R. 0
Oertiflcnte  of  Improvement*.
jKPKKKsnx MlNKIIU, Cl.tlM.
Situate In tht Kettle River Mlnln* Dlvlilon of
Yale Dlstriot. Where looated : On Gran
Mou .tain. Camp MoKlnnoy.
TAKK NOTICK that I, Henry Nicholson,
free miners' certificate Nn. nllKVi, as
iiirent for K. A I mt v. fron minor's otirtlfleal* Nn.
nlisill. InleniLnlxtr <lars fmm llm dale hereof,
tn apply tn the Mtnliift ttoonnlorfiir a certificate
nf Imnrnvomenls, for llio purposo of ntitalninii
a I'l'imn  tlriint nf thoahoro claim.
Anil fnrlhor lake nolleo that action, under
section   Tt, must  tm cnminrnccil tsiforo the
Issnanco of such cnrMHonte of Improvements,
HiiM this .11 h ilny nf Julv, lift!. lo
Large Stock.   Low Prices.
V.   BS.   GTTXiX.-EI-'Sr   Ss   CO.,
Stage Line.
The undersigned is running a DAILY STAGE between
Greenwood and Curlew via Midway. Stktje will leave Greenwood at 6:30 a. m„ arriving in Midway at 7:45 and at Curlew
in time to connect with the train for Spokane clue 10:45 returning
will leave Curlew at 5 p. m., upon arrival of incoming train,
reaching Midway at 7:30 p. m. and Greenwood at 9 p m.
Will connect with Meyerhoff's Stage from all points West
J. H. TYRRELL, Proprietor.
Midway Livery, Feed &Sale Stable
Seventh Street, Midway,
Opposite Crowell's Hotel.
J. H. Tyrrell,  -  Proprietor.
aod Oats for Sale. • Bus Meets all Trains.
General Transfer and Dray Business.
Rock Creek, B. C.
S. T. LABSEN, Prop.
Stiippin-- plan' fur Stages lo
uml fnun all Uuiiiiilary
(!refk |iuintK.
the Traveling Public.
if! '■ /
** •
It will be tbe most important Hallway Centre in the
Interior of British Colombia.
It is in the centre of a
rich Mining, Stock-Baising,
Ranching, Gardening, Manufacturing- Coal Producing,
and Railway District.
Midway property will
make you rieh. It is not
a speculation, it is an in-
Midway, the coming railway* eommereial, wholesale and manufacturing
centre of the Kettle Biver
and Boundary Creek Bis.
tricts, is situated at the
Creek and Kettle Biver.
Tbe leading niiim
town in the country, with
an excellent climate, pure
water supply, and surrounded hy rich
tural Und.
Business,  residence and garden lots at low prices and on easy terms.     Send for maps, prices, and full particulars to
HO St Jiihn Street,
.Montreal, P. Q.
Agent for British UoliimhU,
Midway. II. V.
®h* pgpatdj
Game taws.
It is lawful to i-i'lot game as follows (dates inclusive):
Septemher 1 to December 14— Deer,
buck or doe; mountain gout, mountain
sheep (rain,)
September 1 to Diceniher 31—Caribou ; elk, wapili, (bull): mouse of all
kinds, including prairie chickens'* hare;
moose, (hull).
September 1 to February 28— Bitte;uj
duck, all kinds ; heron ; meadow lark,
plover. '
November 2 to March 81— Beaver,
land otter, marten.
It is unlawful to shoot or destroy at
any time: Birds living on noxious insects ; English blackbirds ; caribou,
cow or calf; chaffinch ; deer, fawn
under twelve months ; elk. wapiti, cow
oc calf under two years : gull; linnet;
moose, cow or calf under twelve
mouths; mountain sheep, ewe or bun!.;
Knglish partridge ; pheasants, nock or
hen, except as hereinafter provided ;
quail, i^ll kinds ; robins (farmers only
may shoot Ihese iu gardens between
June 1 and Sept. 1); skylark. Ihriwh.
It is unlawful lo buy, sell or expose
for sale, show m advertisement, uari*
boh, hare, bull moose, mountain goat,
mountain rani liefore October 1 ; deer
before September I ; nor any of the
nbove named animals or birds at any
time, except, die k, blue grouse, heron
nnd plover during the open season.
It is unlawful lo kill or lake more
thnn five caribou in one season • more
Uinn ten deer, or to hunt, ihem wiih
dogs or tn kill for hide* alone ; more
than 250 ducks; more (linn two bull
elk or wapiti: inme than two bull
moose; more than Ave mountain goat,.-;
more than three mountain ranis ; or
to take or destroy I he eggs of protect eil
birds at any time.
It is unlawful to enter land enclosed
by fence, water or natural boundary,
flftep notice or if notice under Section
17 is posted up ; for non residents to
shoot without a license ; for non residenl Indians to kill game at any time ;
to export or transport in the raw
state, game birds of every kind and
uuimals protected except hear, lieavei,
marten and land otter ; in use traps,
m'ta, gins, drugged bait, inc., lo catch
game birds; tn expose for sale any
deer without its head or hint without
it* plumage; to US" baltcri-s, snivel
guns or sunken punt« in non tidal
waters lo take ducks or K. .w« • for unlicensed non-residents to lrap or kill
bear or heaver for their pells; to kill
any game bird between one hour after
siiuset and one hour before sunrise ;
to kill game birds or animals iiilpnrted
forrtcclhna'iziitlnn piirtv-es; tu bay
or sell head-t of mountiiii -beep ; lii
take nont except by book and line.oc
u e salmon roe as bait.
NOTIfK 18 HKHK1IY OIVKN, that appll
nation nlll Ih* iiiiuIo tu the I'nrtiaincnt nf
Oaiewla. al. the next -Itllng. Ihoroof, fer an Acl
Incorporatingn company, uniler lhe 'name of
Lho •Viiiiinuvornnif Coast Koolonay Hallway
Company." tocoiiKtrucianil opurato a lino of
railway, from a point at or near the City of
Vancouver, thenen south easterly to tho City
of New Wwiinlnslor and across the Kroser
ltivor; thenee easterly hy the inost fcaslWo
route, loa point at or near Midway, in the
Boundary OoBkPtatriot; fromiipoint on tho
iiuiin line of the railway south of the Fraser.
to a point at or near Iho mouth of the Kroser
Itiver; fnun a point on Ihe main line east of
Ho|s\ to a poinl, at or near Nicola bake ; and
from a point nu the main lino of tho railway at
or nenr lho City of Vancouver, northerly across
ijurmrd Inlet, al tho most feasible point, lo
North Vanconvor Municipality, th-iao westerly
to a point at or near the mouth of the Capilnno
Crook. '    ■'
With power to construct and operate branch I
linns, from nny point ou the male Une of lho j
proposed rail way or branches thereof, pot o*-
ccciliiiK in any one Case thirty Oil, miles in I
longth ; and with power looonstrncl, own, nnd |
opoiaie, wharves, docks, elevators, and warehouses. In connection therewith ; and to const met, own, and  operate, steam and ether
vossols, on any narlgnblo waters;' and: with
power to construct, o an, maintain, and operate n suitable ferry, from the meat convenient
point on thc mainland of Biittsb Columbia, te
iho most convenient point   on   Vancouver
Island, se »s lo make onnnectle* wlttwho City
of Victoria, or to connect ihere. ith by tho
sainrf; lo  construe!, operate and maintain,
tclci-riiiih uud telephone lilies, along tho route
of the proposed railway or its branches, and to
transmit  momi-re* for commercial pVposcs,
and to collect lolls ihorefnr; to ganornte dec-
The Midway Sawmill
All kinds of BOUGH and DRESSED LUMBER,
Band sawingand job work done to order
Welti for power and lighting purposes, aud
for all rights iiowors and privileges, necessary,
u■Jiml. or incidental to all or uny of the afore-
snid purposes.
Hated nt Vancouver, Ihis 1st day of October.
A. I). 1002. i     tr-       .
Wa Hollcitor for Applicants.
Needed in Every Home
@\        THE NEW
Dictionary •;
A DlctUaar. ef ENGLISH,
Biography, Oeeiraph jr, rietlon, • le
New Plate* Throughout
25,000 New Words
Phraaaa aad Oeflalllene
Prepared under llm direct siuior-i
vision of W. T. HARRIS, Ph.D., I.L.D.,
United Slates Coininissiiuicr of Kilu-
cation, nssistod liyftlm'jjocorjwof competent iipoeiulists ami editors.
Rich Bindings JJ64 Quarto P»,e.
5000 Illustration!.
809 Second Ave., Spokane, Wash.
Riverside Nurseries
Crand Forks, B. C.
Home-grown, thrifty, acclimatised trees and shrubs,
Currents, Raspberries, Strawberries, etc
A fine assortment of Maples and other shade trees,
Roses, Lilacs, Hedge Plants, other ornamentals.
The leeret of success In planting, ia, kirht-Io lerure k'msI stock,
DKCiiNit—to plant as mod m possible after It is dug.
Trees obtained froi oar inrsery eao be piloted tt
Midway two diys after tbey ire dug.
Price lUt. nnd full information promptly given.
•,m,i*iiiiiiii ...... .. . *.______^
WTIte International wit first innml
In WO, succeeding (he "Uitnbritli/etltti
Tbe eVetr aud jhUttrynl Edition tif thei!
International iritis issued ia October,.!
1900, Oct (he hlest,mil best.
Wo nlso pulillah
Webster'* Collegiate Dictionary
wil b Beol tiih Woriaand l'lirnws.
tnvrmtm n_ni.e_iim. h.mmmm..
"Flrat-ctm In qualltr, «eooi_hom» In Ute."
The school wliere thorough work is done; where the reason
is always given; where confidence is developed; where Book-
kkki'Inc is taught exactly as books are being kept in business ;
where Shorthand is scientific; where penmanship is at its
best; where merit is the standard; where the training in Civil Servick, Telegraphy, English and Cartooning wakes up
students, develops their powers and teaches them how to be
successful. No argument is so eloquent as the record of
things well done. No mortgage can corrupt, no thief can
break through and steal the knowledge of How to Do When
you know what a school can do for you by what it has done for
others is it better to trust to luck? Is it wiser to guess?
For detailed information call, telephone or write
809 Secocd Ave., Spokane Wash.
Hen Wanted <* <* <*
I        To sell for the large Fonthlll nurseries.  Appli
*■    cations should be filed at once.  Highest wages
paid, permanent plaoe assured to the right men.
We furnish guaranteed stock commanding hig he testimonials from British Columbia Inspectors.
"SKUStone & Wellington. ,
M»»,MM»MM»MM»»»»»»e»M»»M»« ********
Siwclinon lingua, eie. of Imth
hooka soul oa application.
Publishers,        ^SaSSmJ
SprUiSf|eld, My.
Advertise in
The Dispatch.
Lancashire Ho use
.: MIDWAY, B.C. ::
The undersigned having re-opened this well-
known  and   comfortable    hotel   invites  the
patronage of all old customers and the public
Furnace-heated and comfortably furnished room*.
ereenwood-Curiew, via Midway Satge ftfi-EK
upon lln arrival In thn evening, while change of homes Ir being ">'••■•'
Mrs. Dowding, Proprietress..
'.;, if.   •*.>______


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