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XVI, Ho. 25.
$2.00 per Year.
Int-TBRs, Solicitors, Etc.
Ohkkm wood, B. 0.
—: Notary Public,
[Hallett & Shaw
loans: Bedford McNollt'i, Moreini k
Seal's, Lelberfc
Keu Block, Greenwood.
PbOM l»6. V. * M.
A. 9. C»n. Soe. C. E.
[iNciAL Land   Surveyor
R_eal Estate
Tonmmal Artist.
JlrtUUiM Shave, lUIr Cut. Sea Foam
]-ihmiitKio, 0*11 M the  Abovo parlor.
• lioued Md (round.
|ind*  at «.p»lrl~l.   Mon«ihMln«
A iowlalty.
hum  AccoMMontTiox  roR GUXSTS.
tin-Hurt n-hlnmiii KelUo Rlvor.Jf
} kinds «f work MMuttd to
tatlifaotlM of oiittMMrt.
_/, -B______a__-B_-___:
Ppaetieal Watoh laker,
EHOLT, B. 0.
(lood Toole. Flinty M.Url.1,
•nd jn ytat* enperlenct t* do
work correctly.  . .  .
old by All Newsdealers
New Goods Arriving Daily
A large shipment of Flannelettes, 24
inches wide, good quality, light and dark
shades.   This is regular 7c and 8c goods.
For this week only my price
will be  O
Ladles'  Goods.
New this week, the latest in Ladies'
Elastic Belts, Waist Perfectors to give
long waist effect, Bust Formers, D. & A.
• >/K^v >yx/v^-
j Hotel Spokane,
A new building, well furnished. Everything new
and first-class. Only the choicest Wines, Liquors
and Cigars kept in stock. Headquarters for Mining
and Commercial Men.        [No Chinese Employed,]
13. C
One of the Best Equipped Hotels in
the Boundary. Everything First Class.
J. W. NELSON, Proprietor.
In order to save labor we wish
to dispose of as much of our stock
as possible before.stock-taking.
Although prices have been cut
before we are still coming down.
Everything cut in all Departments.
, Quick Sales and
Small Profits.
A fresh stock of staple and fancy groceries arriving daily.
Will Do Much Development Work
This Year.
The Result ot Initial Work Hat Dent.
onstrated that the Company His
Several Very Oood Properties.
A conipnny that has done considerable work on its properties and dcm-
mistral i-i) thai several of them will be
rich producers, is the Vancouver &
Bouudary Creek Developing and Mining Conipany, Limited.
L'nst winter Rohert Wood, president
of the compuny, visited Kngland for
Ihe purpose of ohtaining capital to fur
ther develop the properties, and as his
trip proved successful there will he n
large amount of work done on the
company's mines during the presenl
The following taken from the company's prospectus is a short description
of the -{roups of claims owned hy the
company, and of the work done thereon :
The Penticton group is situate on
Okanogan lake, near the lown of Penticton, British Columbia. The claims,
ten in uuinlier, embrace an urea of
over four bundled acres, and are a-
follows : Tlie Okanagan, the Excelsior,
ihe Klomlyke, the Torpedo, the Bellevue, the Imperial,, Ihe Peuticton, ihe
Cloud Hope, the Lightning fraction
and the Espuroii, The sum of Hfteeu
thousand dollars (ippioxiinntely three
thousand pounds) has been spent in lhe
machinery, development end surveying of this gionp, Tbe 'jliiini upon
which most development has been
done is the Okamigan.
The company ha., built a substantial
whe.rf on this properly, close to Ihe
tunnel developing it, and only on
hall' mile distant from the government
wharf at Penticton, The steamers
operated hy the Canadian Paciflc railway conipany call at this company's
wharf on their way to and from Pen
Iictou to deliver machinery and sup
plies, and to lake shipments of ore.
These steamers I hen run up the lake
forty-five miles lu couuect with their
trains, which run to the head of tin-
lake. The ore from this property can.
therefore, he dumped right fiom the
ore cars as they come out of the mine
into bins on the wharf, from which ii
can he automai it-ally shot into tbe
railway cars. In addition to the wharf
Ihere huve been built boarding houses,
blacksmith shop and engine house containing a thirty live horsepower boiler
operating the hoist, pump, &c.
The main vein is a true fissure vein
of n very clearly defined character, the
hicf values of the ore being in gold
and copper, The principal develop
inent consists of a tunnel on the vein
ninety feet long from which a shaft
has beeu stink, double compartment.
one hundred fee'., then a crosscut tif
leen feet to encounter the vein which
had dipped out uf lhe shaft; from this
crosscut a drift or underground lunnel
was run ou the. vein seventy feet west
and one hundred feet east; this drift
one hundred and seventy feet on the
vein al a depth from the surface of
one hundred and fifty to two hundred
feet shows up the vein in n very desir
hie manner, especially as it progresses
towards the east and depth Increases.
As lhe drift approaches iu present
face the ore body widens out lo seven
feet, the average relurns from which
aie twenty dollars (approximately forn
pounds) per ion, A most thorough
test, whs made of the ore from this at
different singes of its development 1
considerable quantities uf It having
been shipped to the Tacoma smelter,
to the Hall Mines smelter, to Ihe Briiish Columbia School of Mines, to Mr.
Pellew- Harvey, the government assay-
ur, whose assay of Yukon and oilier
gold is accepted in the raso of the purchase of gold hy ihe hunks In Vancouver and lo numerous other metallurgist, and lhc consistent, average is, as
hefore stated, twenty dollars (approximately four pounds) per ton, demonstrating llmt. wilh Increased machinery
the claim could lm made to pay a large
prolit yearly. A short time after the
beginning of developments on a large
scale shipment* could be commenced
igulai-ly of one hundred tons per _ay.
Allowing for cost of milling, freight
anil Ireatment, the sum of thirteen
dollais (approximately two pounds
twelve shillings), the profit of seven
dollars (approximately   one   pound
ighi shillings) per ton, or seven hundred dollars (over one hundred and
forty-tour pounds) pet day would he
This, as development increases,
would he very materially Increased.
Ou other claims of tbis group three
are shafts and cross-cuts on the leads
making a very promising showing.
The Klomlyke is an extent ion of the
Okanagan to lhe easterly, and the
Torpedo wraps itself around the westerly end catching about one thousand
feet of the lead in that direction. The
Penticton Is on Penticton creek, on
which the Company has secured a line
water power capable of supplying all
these claims, with ample power for
development, etc. It also has a fine
surface showing of ore of a character
similar to tbe Okanagan, in places ten
feet wide ; this showing would justify
The Company having proved that
they have a mine In this group which
will, with increased development, earn
gond dividends, next turned its attention lo the development of Ihe high
grade properties of Ihe Sally group.
It is situated on the Wesl Pork of the
Kettle River in British Columbia, and
comprises twelve claims, aggregating
in area approximately four hundred
acres. The names of the claims are a*
follows :-The Sally, tbe Rob Roy, the
Sally fraction, the Exc-dsior.lhe. Highland Queen, the Castor fraction, the
Kid fraction, the Pueblo, the Tunnel,
the Alice M. and Hard Times. These
claims are crossed hy several true
fissure veins of high grade ore. Each
vein Is very clearly defined and easily
followed for hundreds of feet. There
has heen spent on their development
nver seven thousand five hundred dollars (about fifteen hundred pounds),
and the improvement in the property
with each font of work done is remarkable, The most important work
has been done on the Sally and Rob
Roy, being slmfis, tunnels and crosscuts, aggregating ahout nine hundred
lineal feet; fiom Ihese two claims the
ledges have been traced across oilurs
of ihe Company's claims for many
hundreds of feet, nnd so soon as devel
opulent tin a large scale is commenced
the other claims will be thoroughly
exploited. The hundreds of assays
taken show Ibe contents of the.*"
ledges to he uniformly high grade, tin
values lieing in gold, silver aud lead.
In order to make certain that Ihese
high values would maintain in a larger
quantity lhan could be tested by assay,
iho company, in the face of serious
freighting difficulties, made a trial
shipment lasl, spring lo the Hall Mines
smelter, at Nelson, British Columbia,
of forty thousand pounds weight, receiving for the same from the smelt et
thirteen hundred mid forty six dollars
and twenty eighl cents(appioximntely
two hundred and seven! y*eighl pounds
twelve shillings, the smelting company
first deducting the very heavy charge
of over fifteen dollars (over Ihree
pounds) per ton for freigh treatment
mil usual smelter deductions, This
would be a very handsome profit were
it not for the heavy expense of raw-
hiding and freighting tbe ore down to
ibe railway, which will be obviated so
'oon ns the company completes a road
tn the claims ; even with all the expenses Ihere was a good profit in lhe
shipment, The company has received
it much lietter olfer with regard to
freight nnd treal ment from the Canadian Pacific Railway Company, who
own a smelter at Trail, British Columbia, and on whose inilway the ure
would be shipped from Midway.
Substantial building have been
erected, including ure bins, blacksmith simp, cabins, etc.
Thc group has la-en surveyed by Unheal civil engineer in the country, ('.
_B. Shaw. C. E„ D. L. S„ through
whose care and honesty several large
fractional claims of great Importance
have been discovered and located with
practically no expense to the coinpaiiy.
There Hie two clearly defined veins
traceable right across the Sally claim,
both carrying high grade ore, and it
whs from one of these veins, most conveniently tbuated wilh regard to this
trail, that lhe shipment of twenty tons
mentioned above was made. Tunnel
ling tn the extent of two hundred and
eighty lineal feet has been completed
on this claim. In one shoot the ore
laxly is over thiee feet wide, the Vftlll"
of which would average approximately
ninety dollars (approximately eighteen pounds) per ton in guld, silver and
The main ledge on the Rob Roy
averages about, ten feet in width,
carrying shouts nf high grade ore, aud
It will all ultimately pay to I rent, The
opinion of our engineer, corroborated
by men of large experience iu lhat
class of mining, Is that these shoots of
rich ore will in some places In the vein
combine tngethei Into u hody of remarkable value.
These and olher veins on llm company's claims have been t'lteed by
series of surface crosscuts | in all these
crosscuts the om appears nnd gives
high values in gold, silver and lend.
The mountain being very steep, affords
a itiost favorable opportunity for ton-
nelling nn the vein, lhe cheapest kind
of quart-/, mining, involving as it does
nn hoisiing machinery and no pimp.
Ing i besides this, ore is being taken
out as the tunnel is driven. If ,t main
tunnel were run on a central lend,
When considerable deplh had been
gained, a crosscut would, he made to
intersect the other leads, which are
only a short distance jipiil-l.
Immediately upon the completion of
a short road and a few other Improvements the Sally group can commence
shipments of ore of from ten lo fifteen
tons per day i ihis amount, would stain
lie largely augmented as development
and facilities Increased. Witb the reduced freight and smelter cha-gee,
and greatly reduced cosl of moving
the ore the railway, the nel profit on
ihis ore would he approximately fifty*
Hve dollars (approximately eleven
pounds) per ton, or per day from five
hundreds and tifly dollars (ilppt'oxi*
inately one hundred and ten pound.-)
to eight hundred and twenty-five dollars (approximately one hunched and
sixty-five pounds.) This, as before
stated, would lie largely increased aa
development on the various claims
aud ledges proceeded.
In the same district as the Sally
group, a few miles northerly frnm it
on Beaver Creek, which is a tributary
of the. K-ttle, is Ihe Tripple Lake
group, composed of the Kingston, the
Boston, and the Houston claims, wilh
an aggregate area, of aliout one hundred and fifty acres. On Ihere claims
the stun of ahum, fifteen hundred dollars (approximately three hundred
pounds) has been spent for develop
ment. The Kingston shows np a fine
lead of five feet in width, carrying ore
running fiom ten to fifteen dollar.)
(approximately Iwo to lliree pound )
per ton In gold, but sufficient depth
hts nol been gained lo arrive jii s
settled formation, when from all indications the ore will become more solid
und Ihe values increase.
The Boston bus been prospected by
stripping tlie lead, which carries in
places a fine lively quartz, froth wliieh
assays hnve been obtained as high
one hundred and twenty-five du;!--ti-<
(approximately twenty-five pounds')
per ton in gold. The Houston c.rrles
the same vein* as the Kingston. Thi.
vein has been exposetl by stripping
and liy numerous crosscuts', Willi the
above group imiy be included the
Maple Leaf giottp, also oil Betivi-i-
The group is uoutpnsed of the Mapie
Leaf Number Two, 1 he Number Three,
the Vittlet, and a one half inlerest In
the Rosalie j tbey have a combined
area of over one hundred and fifty
acies, The first three of these claims
have been but lightly prospected,
showing up 11 strong lead, citi tying a
good show ing in copper ore. The
Rosalie shows up with development in
a most favorable manner, tlie vi-ui
carrying ore in places which has [riven
assays from ten lo forty-five dollars
(jipprojiimately two lo nine pound*)
per ton in   gold,
The Long Lake group comprises Ihe
Golden Eagle and Electric, and a one-
half inteiest iu the Noi Ih Star, tlio
Lake View and lbe Oainigoini. *lh-.-
group ts seven miles from the City of
(Ireenwood, Ilritish Columbia, fiuui
which a good wagon toatl runs lo tlie
claims, The area comprised by tier
properties would be appioximuuly
Iwo hundred acres. The stun of eight
thousand dollars (approximately uix-
teen hundred pounds) has been spent
iu developnienl, The ore is of ft-.-
character known as free milling, on st
uf lhc values being iu gold, aud ib
would, thru-fine, le very cheaply
treated in a stamp mill, The company
owing 1 he Jewel Mine, adjoining ih«
Nort ll Slur, oropose to elect sueli a
mill, ami are having largo quantities
of their ore tested for tile purpose >.f
deciding upon the best machinery,
concentrating system, etc., befoul
building. They have spent about
seventy-live thousand dollars (app.to.-i-
mutely fifteen thousand pounds) oil
their development, nnd have mer
fifty thousand Ions of pay ore blocked
out and ready for the mill, The vein
nre of the North Slar are ef a similar
character to the Jewel, and the one
mill would be able tu treat the ores of
both properties,
The development work on the North
Star consists of several shafts, some
crosscuts, and 11 tunnel one hundred
and seventy feet long on the vein,
opening 'up in different places line
bodies of ore of good quality ; ihe vein
will average four feel in width, Looking toward lhe advisability of erecting
a mill, the ore of all guide?, ftom
portal to face of I be I mine!, was most
carefully tested by a thoroughly com*
pelent mining engineer, who reported
that the average of the ore, good, hud
and indifferent, was over sixteen dollars (appioximtitely three pounds font'
shillings per ton).    Willi  the very
(Continued on page 4.) Published woekly at Midway, li. U.
Subscription prlco, Si 00 per annum, payable
In advance, either yorvrly or half yearly al the
option of the subscriber.
Advertising rales sent, on application.
Capt. Bernier, the Quebec explorer,
expects to reach North Pole in lOOfl*
He will sail this year from Victoria if
$00,(110 be voted by parliament for
building his boat, and the general public ptitiip SG5,00t) for equipment.
The revenue of Ihe Dominion continues to grotv-under the lienilicent
Liberal rule. For the nine months
ending .March 81 tbe revenue was
"$3,-38,801 moro than for the same
period iu the proceeding fiscal year.
The excess of revenue ovtr ordinary
expenditure was $10,4:17,000.
It. wns a hit of tough luck that the
Can idi.ius should be left, to take cure
of t-.vn squadrons of those British Yeomanry ut Hails river, Ii is the only
occa-ton, in the whole course of the
war that those Ewenien have not been
captured when ever the Boers reached
for lliem.—Bohctiygeun Independent..
Twenty one killed and 230 injured,
by the collapse of a Grand Stand at. a
Glasgow foot-hall match, rather makes
Ihese South African affairs look silly.
There were 70,000 people present, it
was n game lietween England and
Scot land, and went right, on us if
nothing hud happened. Those South
African fellows can't hold a candle to
_.,..,..■_,.<,.,[, ,.,, runways,,     nu-iiiiiiiniii,,
too, is considering a hill lo put restriction on Ihe Boll Telephone system,
and it will acquire these things for the
people. In America Ihe stale is lighting legal standing of trusts. In Eng-
lard ilm state is manufacturing ils
own-guns and ils soldiers' uniforms,
And ir. is forcing u iiiiniinun wage on
almost all classes nf lalioc, and all these
lliings are towards nationalization,
When the internal economy of the
country is complete then will com-t a
federation of nations and to this there-
ate some signs of progression. The
Red Vein's. Society is evidence of it, su
too was the Hague congress nn disarmament, and now we have u magazine,
the Cosmopolitan, coining nut with a
scheme for the appointment of one
hundred men representing all nations,
and who shall permanently sit in congress lo discuss the affairs of the
world. These things aro but straws
floating with the tide, but Ibey show
things and they give the dreamer, or
rather the idealist, hops for the'ftiture
The Milwaukee Sentinel Ihus counsels the lire-ealing editor of the Louisville Cmiiier-.lournul: "Warlike Ool,
Wufteison advises that we occupy
Canada when she gets fractious. We
tried it, colonel, u long, long time ago
When the, populations were relatively
lhe same. Our school histories properly suy very little about what happened. Let us hoi occupy ourselves with
occupations ; let us pray rather for our
young sister whenever she goes
listtay."    '
At. no time in the history of tbe pro
fession luive times been so rocky for
lhe newspaper nien iti British Columbia as-lit present, parliculaily in the
interim-. Following upon the collapse
of life Nelson Tribune, comes the demise of the Golden Era, while tbe Canterbury Outcrop announces its impend
Ing dissolution. Al least, half u dozen
other plants are on the market for
sjtle, noi to mention the innumerable
job outfits scattered here and there
over tlie earth's surface, Glory is the
chief asset of the provincial scribes,—
Sloc.-in Drill.
Mr. .lames S. Freer, an Englishman
who ten or fifteen years ago came to
Canada without any experience of
farming, and who look it pa large u-act
of laud nt Brandon, Manitoba, ahd
amassed a fortune in wheal raising,
goes over to lhe Old Country evety
year, after he has marketed his grain,
with a set, of moving pictures illustrating the possibilities nnd products of
lbe cotiiuiy. For two or three months
lie traveN through the depressed agricultural districts of the old laud, lecturing and illustrating and imploring
those in lhc congested regions to try
their luck as he has done in Canada,
and all of which he does on his own
behalf und out of his own pocket, so
that his countrymen may benefit
When More wrote "Utopia" the
world accused him of being mad or
else an irresponsible dreamer. He wus
neither ; lie only lived before his time.
When Bellamy wrote "Looking Backwards" the reading public accepted il
its a new phase of lilerattirH and one
likely to pay its author well.   No one
.dr. unit for a moment that Edward
Bellamy was sincere, yet the author
got no more than forty dollars for his
book, and he died of starvation in u
10x8 garret, in Chicago four years ngo,
ti victim of his sincerity. Six years
ago a book was wrillen called "Merrie
England." In it Ihe author advocated
a Utopian ideal, a world of I lie people
and all people at peace, und a bond of
union in tbe shape of a central conven
Lion to include all nations. He, too,
was called a dreamer, but it seems today us if I lie bygone dreams were to
become actual fact. Utopia, in the
sense of communism, can only grow
froni the inside through a people and u
mil ion. The problem of existence is
then for us, how best lo solve the
drawback of the race and raise it to
the highest practical level. Cummer-
cialism is today the controlling force
in our nations, hul it docs not raise, il
debases. The pursuit of wealth is sordid ; ii. is the outcome of the theory
that the weakest must go I o the wall,
and iu fulfillment of this It is the cause
of untold destitutions, millions hungry
while millions have more than ihey
eat, thousands homeless while ihous
a lids have homes for thousands more,
and all because of the plausible maxim,
the survivrl of lhe,fittest. But. the
limes change and men nre awakening
to the fact ihat no man lives unto himself,   lhat tint greatest  good to the
j greatest number is'bptter far than the
massing  of  individual   wealth.     In
jtd.i here ihe lido tuns in this direc-
Captain Howe's Death;
The remains of tlie late Capt. Frank
D. Howe, wete taken tlirough Midwuy
on Tuesday to Spokane, where the
interment took plat-eon Friday lhe
funeral urrangcmi'nls being conducted
by the Order of Elks, of which deceived was a member having joined at
Boise, Idnho. The body wus acconi-
muiiied from Camp McKinney by Mrs,
Captain Howu met death in the
Waterloo mine on Friday week.
He wus in charge of the property
as manager, nnd on the afternoon- of
tne day in question started down the
shaft to inspect the workings in company with nn employee ot the corporation. The bucket ill which Ibey were
lowered was equipped with the cross-
head, ordinarily used under such cir-
ciimstances,and it was this contrivance
that caused the trouble. - While the
bucket was lieing lowered, one of lhe
shoes on the cioss head jimmied, and
Ihe apparatus stuck in the shaft,while
the bucket continued to drop at tbe
ordinary rale, Finally one of the
limbers foi tiling the cro*sheud became
detnehc-d nnd fell,-striking. Captain
Howe ou tlie head anil fracturing .his
skull. The blow knocked hiliijout of
the huckel und he fell thirty feet lo
lhe bottom of the shaft, breaking his
right leg in two places and injuring
one of his hands. The engineer in the
head works was unaware of the accident and continued to lower-the
bucket Until it reached the initortii-
oitle man nt the hotioin of the shaft,
causing a severe sc.alp wound over
the forehead. The accident happened
at 3:25 o'clock, Captain Howe's watch
stopping when lie fell from the buckei.
The injured man lived twenty minules
afler receiving the terrible injuries.
The decens-d gentleman wus forty-
five years pfng", and left a wife "who
had only joined him ill Catnp McKin
ney a week before the fatality,' He
was a nulive nf Ihe United Stn'i-s iital
a graduate of Ihe Wesl Point National
Military Academy, Ongraduaiion,he
was drafted to one of the regular-engineering corps nf the United States
army and served for a number of
years with Ihe colors. The most stirring edisnde of his military career was
his experience with General Custer's
command in the Black Hills. It is
stated ibat Captain Howe wits one of
lliree men to escape the Custer massacre by Sitting Bull and his war
party. In any event he cairied a
numher of bullets ill his body and
drew a pension from the United States
government for services rendered.  "
On leaving the army Captain Howe,
who had attained this rank, went into
mining which he followed in Colorado,
California, Nevada and Idaho. He $
tained a considerable inlerest in Ihe
Hidden Treasure and Idaho Giant,
In British Columbia Captain Howtr
was connected for a time with the
linthmiillen mine und ns consulting
engineer with the Oknnugau Gold
Mine.) Compuny. In Jsntinry he took
the tnariageineiitof the Wulerloii mine
in Cnmp McKinney,
It is only a question of a short time
until that portion of the Coast-Kootenay Railway from Curlew to MMway
will be constructed. This line would
be now being built, but for the scarcity
of laborers. When this road is built,
most of the spur lines to the different
camps will start from here,
I b 3 the railway centre of this
W iiilr _ advent o( more railways into Midway the prices of real
estate will advance, and the choice lots
purchased and taken off the market.
Show your good judgment by buying
now. Midway property will make you
rich. It is not a speculation, it i s an
For prices and terms apply to
Certificate   of  Improvements.
Toronto, N'o. 2, U.iujx.i and Honks Kii.ic-'
TIOXAI.  Ml-mitAI. ClfAIMS,-
Sltuajq. ill tho Osoyoes Milting Division of
Yale Dlstriot. Whoro Incated i-Camp
Hedley. :1
TAKE NOTIOK that I. Ohnrlin do Bloto
Ui-ecii, asagout tor Polor Scott, froo inin-
riiileetc  Kn. nim:,:, Uilond.sixty(litye
rroof, fo ripiilj- Oi. the Mining
Wi-Uttuiitii ^f [inerovofnOlin.
lor lhc purposo nt obtaining a Crown (1 rent
uf tho above claim.
Ami furthor lnke notico tlutl action, uniler
sertinn 81. musl b-r corilluouccd before Ilie
Issnanco nf iiieh I'crtillralenf llnprovonlenw.
Unteil this lllill tlay uf March. 1003,
21c 0, mill. (HIKES',
from tin- iintl
leouriler fnr
Dr. R. Mathison,
Miner*i Act, 1896.
Certificate   of Improvements.
n. mricnriurrfj
Carrying His Hajesty's Hails
Will leave MIDWAY on Tuesdays, Th
days and Saturdays, at 8.30 a. in., arriving -t
CAMl)McKINNUVat5p.in. ''
Returning will leave CAMP McKINNEY 1
Sundays,  Wednesdays  and  Fridays at 9 a. m
reaching MIDWAY at 1.30 p. m,,and makin-rCOn!
nection with the train going east at 2 o'clnck.
The best of accommodation for
the convenience of the
travelling public.
g g;,;. if hi m»»«i-Ham mm »^13
Headquarters fop Railroad,
Mining and Commercial Mes
First Class Livery Stable in Connection with Hotel,
S. A. CROWELL, Prop.
KT o t, t c o.
-Cent  _E't»__s-wmr.
The Royal Insuranck Coy.
Tun London and Lancashire Ftbe
Inscbanck Coy.
Thk  Insurance Coy. ok North
Thk London ano Canadian I-'ijik
Insujiance Coy.
The Sun Lot Assurance Coy 0*
The Dominion Bvimiino and Loan
Appraiser von the Canada I'kii-
manent Loan anu Ha vinos Coy
ud and Kino Minkkai. Claim*.
'Situate ln tlio Osoyoos Mining Division cf;
. Yalo Ulstrict.   Whoro Locatod :• d.-np I
I      Hodloy.
TAKE NOTICE Hint I. Oharloj dp BldlB
Oroen, us agent fur Hubert II. Hcdlcij-,]
[ tree miner''.cofUncalo Nn. ' ffli&aud lor Haul
Jnlui-r.rii. free minor's cortilicato No. ul'i.M ai I;
I Krimk- Fletcher, freo miner's ccrilmoui No..
ItfOiXl mil! for I'elor Scull, tree Inii-'-r *. [
eertiilmlu    S'n.    [110133,   Inteiul  hixlv  iln*
I from tin- diito hereof, to apply In the Mlulnn
[Rooordor fur it teriitir-iitc i<f Improvement?..
. lot the purpose of obtaining 11 frown (.runt of I
' tho IlllUVC 'illlnl-.
Travellers up the West Fork
of Kettle River will find this
popular hotel the most convenient stopping place. D/ninjj-
roi m well supplied and managed,
Hest liquors and Cl'gai • al the
bar.    Stable in connection.
Extra Early Bovee, Rose of
the North, American Wonder,
Early Rose and Pride of Midway.
For first class seed of the
above choice varieties of Potatoes apply to
M idway.
The Vancouver and Boundary
Cr:ek Developing and Min-
ing Company, Limited Liability.
NOTinlS U lioroby ijIvcii Hint forty tin,™ after il-.iLe it is intended to l-ofdovo lho olllce
or principal placo of business of tiie above
Coinpaiiy from Ucnticlon to Green-rood.
Muled Llii.-. i.i day uf Mnrcli. 11102.        18b
Toll. MtiKny
K*l„ of Keremeos, Hritish Co-
Antl further tftke nolleo'lhat notion, nnd'
seetion ;jj. miihi hf cirniiiioiirt-d boforo 'ho U*
ance of such lYrtitlc.ttc of improvements,
Datod this 181 It day cf Jan., 1902.
lite .     C. null. OltKKN.
(Vrtillrutt-   of   Improvements.
SttVKr SfAR-Jiwtw*r. rum,
Situate In tho Kettle Rivcr Mining Division of
Yalo Dlstriot.   Whor- locatod : Wellington Cnmp.
■ * M. Kerby. m
•xl. fm) minor's
. Ucllonell, free
iteinl,sixty dm-*
i It- MIiiIiikUo-
v.i his, fur tiie
u    .rant of Ute
Urania for T. Vf, Stuck, ',
l-llle Nn,  HljJISI.   T.   A.   Mow.
oortiflcate Ko. 0431412,and Chii
iiiinor'hooriilli-jilij N'o. ntiJiHl,
from the ilitlu hereof, lo apply'
eorderfor a eert ifluitti: of tinpr
l'iirp'<si! of obtaining a I'nn
above claim. ._■__■__■__
.Arid fnrllier lako untie* 0' t-lUh tiMeft
HOj-linn .'17, nniht bo eomnn oed boforo thu
IrWtianee of hiii'Ii cOt'tlliuiltc of in>|ii-nvcment£.
Hated Mils 18th day ufr Nov
The Riverside Hotel|
Is situated at Rock Cre :k, B. C, on the main
route of travel between Penticton and all Hoiindary Creek points.'
Good Hunting. Good   Fishing.]
Best of Accommodation.
S. T. LARSEN, Proprietor.
'cnibcjr. 101)1.
l-'OltHKSll. KKUHV.
Tnko notico Ilml I luivi-doiin on tlio "Vulloy
View" mini'iiil claim .siuiittr. ou thc wosH Hide
of Kci'cinooH Oreek in UuSOKoyooH DiVlfilorf of
Yalo I*lntrict- tlio work required by hooUoii 21
of Iho Mlnernl Act for Uiobvo yoars ivhinhex*
plrodon Oct. '2t, IWUmmI IJHllreiipoetlvely, mid
havo duly recorded the rerUflcutdof H'ork^
And further lake nol Ice lhat if. at the dxplr-1
atidii nfiniility-i I'n.-in llmdaloof i-lic iii •'. iinhij. |
cation of, this notico in lhc Midway AuVi^or,
you.aM-ownor. fail to contribute your prtrtior*
lion of thc expenditure reciuirbd by Bald Bcntfon '
_4 In ret-pdot of buoh work, naloclv 4)03,50 t^-l
pother witli all the cubIh of_otlvdrl.tH] 11 tf, your' "T"Akh
ucooioe!   ■
Mineral Act, 1896.
Certificate  of  Improvements.
Intercut In itnid minora! claim -imll
vcKted in me upon tiling wilh Lhe iniiiiru: re-
cordor nt said mining iltvi-l'in tho iinii'-■ ;unl
.lilirlr;\ it. roqulrod by the "Mineral Aol Amendment Act 1111)11."
Uatcd Iliis Imdiiy of .Innuary. Mill.
ToJ.Cnellly, W, 11. Hollly And J. M. Judd,
of Loomis, Washington:
TAKK notice thtitJ havo dono on llio Hock
Ct-celt Jllnoml Claim, situate nn 'took
Oreek, in lho 0-oyabn IUvIkIoii of Yale 1)1«.
trict, tlin wnrk required by Hecllmi 21 of Uio
Mlnorul Act for Ihe yenr whicli exirlreij un
Aunum.li}, 111,11, and have duly recordedI tho
cerlillealo of work f or thin ami I lie two yoarn
Ill-raiding,   "*-*■< . *
And furthor tako notice lhat If at the nxnlra-
tion of Bl ,!ay« frnm the. dale of lho (Iml iiul, |.
cation of Ihis noliee IiiTiik-Midwa*- Wani-h
ynu,eriowncri.full to oonlrlbuto your irlrqiiir-
on of the oxpondltnro leqiiTfcd In miidSofc
lion 'A In rcmioei tir Hitch work, niiinclv m.n,
logot lior with all iho ooHlii of nd vert Uln/vniir
nilere^l lu -.lid mineral elnlm -hall becninc
voHlcd In mc iiikiii llllni* with llio niltiii,,- ,-o-
cori ot-of jsaid inliilng division the notleo*imd
lnl:','n»",l'0',l,i;,,'wllj*'tl",Mlll,:ri11 Act Amend-
unnl ACI,  ijl'rll.
A. MKflllAW,
Dated thin Uth day of March, ito,      ltli-u
IjKOal T-Nukii aikii ffitn OtiiNAOKMlxmul.
Situate In the Kettle llivor Mining Division
or Yale District. Whei'o located : In
Wellington Camp.
S'OTIOB lhat Ll'm-bcn M. Kerby,
iiK'nil- for T. W. Stack, freo ■ tniner'H
cortllleiile No. nWIHl. T. A. Ilownril, free min-
cr'n eerlilleale No. nl'Mli, .laliu-c I'rleo, froo
inlner'ieeriillr-iilu Nn. 1)13373, anil dirk Mn,
lir.nrli, free minor's ccrllllirjtle No. iiinloK
Intend, sixty day* frnm the dato hereof, to
apply lo tho Mining Iteeonlor for it (VrlMeuIn
ol Impi'iivcmeiiiH, i'nr Die intriiuHe of obtaining
a tlrowntlriinl of lho nbovo eliihiiH,
And furlher Cako nutlee that aellon, iindei-
nocllon 37, must bo commenced before the
iH-rll.tnen of rilleli Certlllenlc iif ilu|il'nieiiu>nl.i.
Dutcil this hih day nf November, A, I). 11101,
12o KOIIillWM. KKItllY.
Teaming of all kinds dono at
Reasonable Bates.
Spokane Falls &Nopthern
Railway Co.
Nelson & Ft, Sheppard
Railway C6.
' Raii.WjW Co'.
TIiu only nil mil rout* botwoun
all points KjiNt, W«st tuiil South
tn HoMslnnd, iNClsoil' nnd nil
Intoi'motlintc polntH ; connoct-
lll;,' ill S|M)luill(* witli thu (ircut
,\oi'llii'i'ii. .Ndrtlu-ni I'liciNciiiid
o. n. & n. Co.
Connects nt Rossland with tlio Ciinndlan
I'ncllle Hallway lor Boundary Creel: points.
Conneots at Meyer's Falls with stiufo dally
Tor Itepuhllo.
Bullet Service on PaSsongor Trains botwoon Spokane and Northport,
SPOKANE    11.211'i.ni,
ROSStiASI)   IM.'ia.m,
NKLSON     0.10 a.m.
3HC.   A.  JAOK80W,
tlouurul I'nsscwtur Agont,
MU p.ni.
On p m.
(l.li ii.ni,
Wiunlpi'K Vnncoiivcr
Turtitilo Vlt'li'ti"
Oitnwii Seittllo
iMniilrt-iil . I'tirll.iml
Now York Sim l''i""l'ist0
Via Soo Line
Sl. Pnul, Clilongo and nil UnlU-il SUtW
KAST - heave Kontenny '/""''»_
TneadHy and Friday ';" ,.
Pnul, Toronto, Mftntreal, H'"1™"
WKST-Loave Revelntnko ilnily fjJ
Viincouver, Seattle and i»
E«ourslon Tickols on sale, wesli"""1
Mnrcli 1 to April HO.
Thmiinh hooking* to i':"1;;!'1;
via all  Atlantic lines,      '
Tiald tickets from a.11 pointsnv
lowest rules,
For iimo toblos, rales and f,llllJj!fl'™lJ'i!iit.
call ou nr ndilross A. W. IIAIM--'
Mlilwny, or „nTl.lt.
ft. H. CAttTm. %i.U"'  i„
i>.r. a., *   *'» ii.c
Kelson, U. C.      V-ueeaver.
jagqgummmmmum mmmm |r\U rust* "— ■
idcNicol returned to Midway
r from a visit to Carson,
jililiope returned to Midway
besday.. after    spending the
1 Kngland.
J. LaPlant returned lasl
cr a visit of several wcekB
Iparents at Marcus,
P, H. have  resumed their
laervirecoiniiieneing April lith
t week, Mondays and Thurs*
lhe present scliednle.
ew residence of A. 0. Mills is
rjv for tlie plasterers, and cur-
• are now engnged huilding a
jr Mc Hoot on the pre-emption
jed from T. Wiilker.
inn the new piece of wagon
Iween here and Itigiims wns
L'tl on Friday.   This is now
lbe hest Btretcbes of road iu
, H. Thompson, of Slonew.ill,
hn, hns heen appointed to sue*
|v. H, P> Murray as pastor of
Bsbyterlan church at Midway.
ininpsoii arrived on.Saturday,
llerday conducted service in the
inn.   In future servict-s will lie
■ted as usual at 'II a. in. and 7 p.
| Sabbath School will he before
ning service.
jcoinmittee having lu hnnd the
Mny celebration   is meeting
Jrcat success from every quarter.
sidcnls are bent on having a
-.ful  celebration   and, knowing
lis can not bc had without great
f, are contributing very liber-
i that the celebration  Ihis  year
■kcly equal,   if not excel,  any
lr occasion,
briimlion is wanted of one John
ty, who was born at Kincardine,
[left Duluth, Minn., in July, 1807-,
; weight about 'All lbs. ; height
10 inches ; complexion  light ;
lite; steady habits; great rentier;
■gs to I. 0, 0. V. -, occupation
Ibly miner or lumberman,   Last
from In 1899 ; at that lime be
bu a ranch on Keitle river, twelve
Mow  Midway.    His brulher,
jam llurvey, COS W. First street,
llli, Minn., enquires.
■ No, 7 has cut  the  vein  at the
jniil level and   now   hns drifts  of
jldriiiblo length at the (10 and 120-
1 levels,  froni   which  during   the
112 months there have been lukeii
Hul -.hipped BOO tons of ore extract-
lliiilly in course of development.
1 ledge dipped out of Ihe «hnft until
\e'l)i) foot level it was found neces
ernsscut 40 feet before reaching
id nt the 300 feet level a distance
) feel had to Ik- crosscut.   The ore
'Ml font level is th:; same char-
pi-as higher up.
fdway's newly organized base ball
sent a team to Chesaw on Friday
•try conclusions wiih lhe boys of
It town, the result being a victory
I th- home team by a score of 8 to 8.
[the end of the third innings neither
le had succeeded in scoring, and ii
|ked as if a fast game would lie wiled, but at thnt point it started to
and the remainder of the game
played in a disagreeable drizzle,
(lich made good' tieldimc and throw-
[ nearly impossible.   Our boys were
ally treated and have nolhtug but
|ud words for the Chesaw boys, who
a gentlemanly crowd of players.
|A. Crowell umpired Ihe game to the
sfaction of all.   The return match
I be played here on May 21.
Mr. Culling who left Greenwood re-
filly fm  liossland to establish his
leeiu-e of any wrong in the cuss of
i Nellie Lake  Is not having very
kid success.   He is before the court
Y'rv and the evidence as reported in
Hossland   Miner would  indicate
lint he nml hig friend Graham nre one
|nd Ilie same, thnt he has a wife and
eral children in England, that bo
istptite attentive  to the  lady nt
une nnd has earned on n correspondence under name of Graham with her
The appearance of the officers
|ni the opportune moment would seem
i hnve prevented a reconciliation belt "fen  the parties.   The exposure of
•Collins' course  would   thus at least
■have been tlefei red.   Tho case has been
Iseiu to the county court.
4.10 p. m.
Wed., Eil.
A HuiiiIuvh
•IM p, in,
All Coon* points
Pts.Crow, No»in, It,
luMlorn I'lunula
Vernon, oie.
Gi-uinl EorkR
AllpU. ICiwt & South
I 30 p. m.
Camp MoKlnnoy Titos., Thurii.
... i.'"!*.",'"'*,    «■ Saturdays
All West Fork iiutnu uu u. in.
Mails for points fafllier went ol Midway than
Camp McKinney ku via, HoVo'stoko.
Money urders fi-uin K a. in. to 7 p. in. witb tbe
exception uf cue half hour beforo dopiirturo
and after arrinil of niidls.
Kll. A, 1IA1S*.
The Providence.
Development on lbe Providence
mine is giving very Bailsfactory results, Work was begun on this property lastOclnber by Mr. Fowler when he
leased the properly from Howard ('.
The Providence Wjib loeiiti-d by Will.
Dickinan in 1*1)2. The discovery which
led tothe property being slaked was
simply a boulder of quarts ou whiub it
shaft was sunk mid 11 tons of on-
taken out, when ibe ore ran out in
cement wash, Mr. Hickman then sold
tbe claim to Howard C. Wallers, of
Spokane, who lunl to do with the
American Hoy, He sank 85 feet.and during tbis development shipped Ji5 tons
of ore to the Tacoma smeller mul 11)
tons to Everett, The transportation
of the ore to lhe Tacoma smeller wns
very expensive, as it was Inki-n In 1803
before this district was developid, by
puck train to Urand Praliie and thence
by wagons to Marcus at an-average
cost of $15 per ten, This lot ran 0^ oz.
of gold nnd 200 oz. of silver to lhe ton.
Nothing more was done to Ihe properly until last October, when Mr,
Fowler leased the property froni Walters wiih power lo purchase at a price
ii.lined. The work started last fall,
and which is slill being prosecu'ed,
consisted of an open cut following a
little stringer of ore which was follow-
d Into ihe hill .Vi feet, tbe stringer
widening considerably as drifting was
continued, until HI Inches of good ore
was encountered. Of the 50 feet of
drifting HI feet were in ore. At tlie
end of the drift all upraise of 10 ft-it
was made to the surface. A shaft was
next, sunk front this drift, antl atSO
feet down there is an average of 12
inches of solid ore, composed of zinc,
galena and gray copper, wilb unlive
and ruby silver showing freely and
also carrying gold values.
There are now four men at. work,
and It is the Intention of Mr. Fowler
to continue developing tbe property.
Recently Hi tons of ore were senl to
the Greenwood smelter.
Certificate of  Improvements.
fa- **t»r»*»*»*««««u»
fa The nearest bouse to the Railway Station,   The
fa most convenient hotel for railway travellers.
Anaconda Minbhal ci.-im.
Sltunte In thc Kettle River MlnlnK Division
ol Yale District,  Whore located : At the
mouth of Baker Creek.
TAKK NOTICK tluii I, Korbos M. Kerby,
free minor's cctlitloale No. muss, for myself end as agont tor Charles HuuuH'ui. free
miner's eert lllcnle No. HMO..and Will, 1001/,
free miners' comitate No. BUM}, and Aiii-
Meu-row. free minors cortlfloato No. MUU
, lend.ce daya fnun tho dale horoof, m imply to
tie Ml ,111^ Kocordor for tl Cerlilleale .. I.n-
m.veineiu fnr tho pprposo of obtaining a
Crown Urant of the above claim.
And further take notloo that aetlnn, under
socU«ft57»nuwl be commoncod boforo the issuance uf sueh eertitlcate of linproveuienls.
Dated this Oth dny of December, 1801.
Certlflcate   of Improvements.
Bill Passes at Ottawa.
Ottawa,  April lii,— The fight be
j I ween Messrs. MackeitV.ie k Mann, 011
|'be one.hand, and tbe Keitle River
llailway  Syndicate,  beaded  by  Mr.
: Nii'iitUin, did not eventuate today.
Memrs. Mackenzie k Mann had such a
s'l'ong lobby out tbat Inte laat night
Mr. Strut I on and bis associates realized
that they were beaten, and today the
Victoria, Vancouver k  Fustem   Hill
went through  wtihout a dissenting
voice,  The result is tbat ,1. 3. BUI. bj
huilding a 15*inile setnl-circular road,
8. 0, W, Leghorn ISggs for sale, $1.60
l"'i'setting of 111. Mrs. t). K. I.TT1IN
"innil, Rock Creek.
Don't Throw Them Away.
I* is just like throwing nwny money,
when ynu throw away the SNOW
SHOE TAOS which nre on every plug
(lf I'ay Roll Chewing Tobacco. Have
'beiii and you can have ymir oholce of
IM hatidsume pi-esenln, Tags are good
UP to Jan. i, 1003, Write for our
ww illustrated premium Catalogue-
I'lto Umpire Tobacco (ln„ Ud.   Win-
AitiwxA Miskiui. Cum,
Situate in tho Keltic River MlnlnK Division or
Yale District,  Whero located I Graham s
-rARK NOTiCE that I, IforbosM, Korby, nj
T Wl?iL^Wir»15et"o    roo
nml'   MkllB' *"   nffl. if'tehd, sisty
ininer's cer unci;   .'-": ." ,„ ,,,;„| y , o the Min-
iTnxZXtxn a CortHS {•( Imfon-
Irani o( the abovo olalm,
nliTufsucb Cerlillcate ufln.|i.'uvenie,,l«.
Dated Ihis 'Snd day of l-'ebruarv. «
,„,. FORBES M, KlillltY.
"^nlc'esteilbilbcMiunin;:; III-,
m^:^iicintm gnivuio"
of Yalo UW rtet.
AKK until
>»|b-g Branch, Wiuni-icg, Mn
I    '" "' ■'       ,,  n-nts. the s n » »'; •»"
labor and   "no >"'";,..;,,,,,. uio -orl llcntw.
m i itl-»i >"" ';"'       v, nlliuf, lomtior
•,uf|n.purll«ii»t-m;b      -   J",',„',-|„ie,-,;sls
»ldltll f I',;';      I   br   H.l'ile le lel'-
i„„dilinlnem  .did  « .tu   „„,,,, A,| ,M,„.nd-
 ,.., nu nrnvldc.i io ,IM
feiniro ii" pruvhlc
Dated Uii* I""1'
•vii.i.iau k-W'I'V-
li, HMD.    Sire
,.( *
I he tonnage of ore shipped hy the mines of the Boundary
district during [901, is as under :
Old Ironsides and Knob Hill group 231,762
Mother Lode  99,548
?• C  47.517
Sl»iset      800
Winnipeg     1,040
King Solomon       850
Snowshoe     1,731
K'»' 7       665
Jewel       325
•Sundry small shipments     2,500
Total 386,738
Shipm  as during 1900 totalled 97,837 tons, and during
the year 1901, to  December 31st, 386,738 tons, making an
ggfegate of 484,575 tons.
_W ^
The Central Hotel
llth St., Midway, B. C.
___ __^_ A ■_■ _h _k __M_____\ _ti __*_,
N WWW 99 99 VW^VV air
This is a new three-storey he tel, comfortably
fa   furnished throughout.
fa The best of accommodation in every respect.
T «i>»9999tmm99mm
% S. DAHL, Proprietor.
H999999 999 €€€ $€€«€ €€«®
PETERSEN & CO.,   -   Proprietors.
.   .   MIDWAY, B. C.   .   .
Fresh Bread, Cakes ani Confeetionery
Fruits, etc, always in Stock.
Try our Lunch Parlors for a good meal.    Meals at all Hours.
•3? 3E_C 11
Lequime & Powers, Proprietors.
Manufacturers of all kinds of
Band Sawing and job work done to order
Telephone No. 12.   Telephone orders receive prompt
•W. H. WEBB,<
1. Mi UULLhY&^U.
Large Stock,   Low Prices.
T.   _M_.   GXT___i3_____a-Sir'   Ss   CO.,
Lancashire \
: : MIDWAY, B.C. : :
 ®      -
The undersigned having re-opened this well-
known and comfortable hotel invites the
patronage of all old customers and the public
Furnnce-h-iitcd nnd comfortably
furnished   rooms.
Mrs. Dowding, Proprietress.
HUMECT HilH!li^l!lll?il?!II MWm
Those in need of first-class HARNESS, SADDLES, WHIPS, etc.,
can procure them here.
Special attention given to Ordered
Work and Repairing.
Fifth Street. Midway.
^t»»'-fcJ_3_'^J_-> &&& &'^& &&& **i_fc*.v
^9999999999 W?5> -^99 999, -_r-*-f*s^
Seventh Street, Midway, ty
Opposite Crowell's Hotel w
This stable is equipped with a lirst class outfit of
Single and Bauble IMvers
Saddle and Pack Horses ty
Hay and oats for sale.    Bus meets all trains,   rtjj
Freight and express delivered to any part of the town,   ty
if-EdS-Si-Si tL£i& fSi&'Sm &&& &&x<i&&*ti&&&£i&*'
Practical Wagon and Carriage Builder,
MIDWAY, - - B- O.
Repairing of all kinds promptly and neatly executed.
Carriage Painting a specialty.
THOMAS WALKER, Proprietor.
All the best brands of
Cigars and Tobaccos kept
constantly on hand.
Latest shades and patterns of Wall Paper now In
Seventh Street, Midway.
cS ® ® B
j; M
MIDWAY, :=: B.C.
Beautifully situated at the confluence of Boundary Creek and Kettle River.
«. /ft41.
fa fa fa
9 9 9
$ fa
% fa
30 St John Street,
Montreal, P, Q,
ILL OL The most important railway town in the Kettle River Mining Division.
The Wholesale Supply and Manufacturing centre of the Kettle River and Boundary
Creek Districts. *
The distributing point for   Upper  Kettle River, West   Fork and Camp McKinney
mining camps.
The nearest Railway town to Republic, Meyers  Creek,  Palmer Mountain and   other
Northern  Washington mining camps.
The  leading residence town   in   the  country, with an excellent   climate, pure water
supply and favorable sanitary conditions.
Business, residence and garden lots at low prices and on easy terms.
Send for Maps, Prices, and full particulars to.
Agent for Ilritish Columbia,
Midway, 11. V.
(Continued froni pmje 1.)
cheap treatment free milling ore per*
mils of, the margin of prolit 'votild be
gond. The Golden liagle adjoins the
North Star on the same lead, and
forms a very vulutilile adjunct lo that
The Lake View has had two thousand dollars (approximately four hundred pounds) spent on its developnienl,
comprising among other things a tunnel ahout o,ne hundred and Hfleen feet
in length ; in this tunnel a shoot of
ore was disclosed which widened lo
four feet. Though it has now pitched
down to a smaller width, Ihe vein has
never heen losl, and it is the opinion
of milling engineers of experience and
judgment that further shoots of ore
will come into lhe vein as the tunnel
progresses. The average value of lhe
ore in the face of the tunnel is thirty*
three dollars (approximately six pounds
twelve shillings) in gold per ton. The
directors consider this group one of
very great promise, and helieve that
after work is fairly under way on the
Sally and Penticton groups, it will he
well t» do some further work on these
The Greenwood camp group com
prises a nine-sixteenth interest in the
Jl.uik of Kngland and Bank of England
fraction claims, having an area of
thirty acres. They tire situate close to
the city of Phoenix, Ilritish Columbia,
and are surrounded by producing
mines ; the Canadian Pacific Kailway
crusses this propeity. Close at hand
are the Knob Hill antl Ironsides, operated by the Granby Mining and Smelting coinpaiiy, who recently erected a
smelter, and have already treated
from these properties over two hundred thousand tons of ore, the chief
values being in copper, Only one
claim distant, nnd due north, is Ihe
well known mine, Ihe Snowshoe. The
veins in this camp are said lo he lhe
largest copper hearing veins in tlte
world, the ore heing in places several
hundred feet in widlh. It is not possible to say how wide the ledge on the
Bank of England is, and as it is an
expensive properly to work the company have only done the development
necessary for assessment. A slut ft
forty feel, deep has been sunk, froni
which picked assays have been obtained as high as twenty dollars (approximately four pounds) per ton, The
directors think these claims should be
held till Ihe devrlopment on adjoining
claims enhances their value, when the
advahcBS already begun by adjacent
owuefs [night be eiili'i-iaiiicd, and a
sale, at a large price realized,
The Deadwood camp grutip, situate
about two niibe from Greenwood,
comprises the Pixie and a one half interest in lhe .Midnight. These have an
area of one hundred acres. The Dixie
is olo-e to the Mother Lod-, which
already supplies a smelter nf its nwn at
Greenwood wiih "vr four hundred
Ions of copper ure \ier day. The Midnight is close to ihe Buckhorn, which
is a very pne cupper property. The
Dixie has a hig body of mineral bear
ing rock from which fair assays, principal! v iii copper, have leen obi allied.
Tlie Midnight has two good broking
quartz leads, but requires fm ther prospecting before a fair opiniun as to its
value can he given.
The Central camp group is situate
about tight miles from Greenwootl,
The company's claims there are lhe
City of Armstrong, the Eugenie, the
Boundary, the No. 0, the No. 15, and
the following interests in otheis : One;
eighth interest in the St. Mauiice, nne-
third in the New Jack of Spades, two-
thirds in the Excelsior, and the water
rights uf the camp. The area of these
claims is nver ihree hundred and lifty
acres, and as several of these surround
a group of mines wliieh have been considerably developed and for which a
very high price was paid, it is thought
that as soon as the company can get
around lo it, the group will largely
repay, development. The surface
showings aru excellent, having been
exploited by numerous shafts and
A despatch lo the Boston Transcript
daled from Minneapolis declares lhat
at the present rate of immigration
from Ihe United States to the North*
w"st of Canada, tliere will soon he two
million "Americans" in Canada. The
New York Tribune, while inclined to
think the figures of the Transcript
correspondent an over-statement, admits that "there is no doubt that a
large Dumber of Americans ure crossing the line, attracted partly by the
abounding richness of Western Canada
and partly by the liberal indiicemenls
offered in Ini migrants by Ihe Canadian
Government. The provinces an_\
Territories of Manitoba, Assinibola,
Alberta and British Columbia, not to
speak nf Saskatchewan, Athabaska
and Yukon, could easily support a pop
illation of seventy-live million people,
The wheat Ileitis of Manitoba and As-
siniboiaare already famous, and they
have as yel hardly begun lo lo cultivated. There are no liner cattle ranges in the world than in Alberta, while
there is an apparently inexhaustible
snpp'y of minerals and coal in British
Columbia und Yukon. Saskatchewan
and Athabaska are its yet unorganized,
but in spite of their high latiiude their
agricultural pnssihilltles are known lo
lie very gieal,"
You can get what you need in
Drugs, Patent Medicines,
Stationery, &c, &c, at the
Midway Pharmacy.
A. F. THOMAS, Proprietor.
Provincial Land surveyor.
SUlt  Architect and
____ Civil Engineer...
r*Jeal Estate,
Insurance and
Mining Agent
VOTARY    PVBlilV.9*m
t air view Townsite Agont.
... iDDllBSS . ..
riorresponclenoe Solicited.
Certlflcate   of   Improvement*,
Victori* Mixmuit. cuts.
Sltuat* In the Ketlle River Mlnlni IMiIm
or Yale District. Where located: Aboti
4 miles northeast of Camp McKinney.
TAKK NOTICK that I. Korbr- M. K-rbJ."
"Ki'lll tar II. Ht. John, free miner'* ctllK-
rate .No. NfliiW. atxt Henri Catheart. Irecnla*
err ccrl111.ntc No. rtiini. intend, >l-l> diji
from lhe ilate hereof, to apply id Ihe Mini"!
Iterordcrfora I'l-rtihYut.-of liri|nmiin™u.l«
tlm pin-now) of obtaining a Croon Grant ol tin
above claim.
And further lake notice thai aclion. xtla
section 37, must   be commcnriil l*lw* (tt
iaauunce of suoh Cerlilleale ol linprcitermili
Daled this 18th day jif February. !:".'
Commereial Job Printing
Riverside  Addition.
Just a Word!
To those contemplating an investment in Midway real estate, the information is
offered that on the Riverside Addition may be
tound 300 very choice residence sites.
For terms and all other information apply to
W.H. NORRIS, or        A. MEGRAW,
Midway, B. C,
Camp McKinney, B. G


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