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The Midway Dispatch 1902-07-21

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$2.00 per Year.
Stemwinder at Fairvlew Looks
Weekly shipments by express of this famous
Eden Bank (Creamery Butter, the finest and
most delicious butter made. If you are very
particular about your butter try a pound
of this.  It will make you a regular customer,
A, shlytettt .<* Chase & tutor* i ^us
Arabian Mocha ft Java Coffee, Seri Brand ha
B lb seated Uns, guaranteed to te the finest
ooffee in the market, 50 cents per pound,
other brands at 45- cents and 31 oents.
9ir Own Bio Coffee ..cents, the (est two bit
Th* Management I* Installing   an
' Electric Ught Plant and
i«o  Lights,
r\ i r
c) ffi 0 B
THOMAS WALKER, Proprietor.
beat brittit of
Ir Tobaccos kept
MNatantly om hand.
Latest shades and aai
*+P9*o* WarH Popor mo* [rt
Soventh . Street, Mrjkvay.
x ytu ii * sjjjuxujmU.
A few Mkm you way needthisranth
F!y Dopefor- Horses* Cattle
Mi im, Duassif tifc'<ftH. Oil tap, aid m Pjwder
Tanglefoot and Fly Poison Pads
A Nice Line of Toilet Soaps Just in.
,:<Hi/.-j   ..     •■:    ',->-,  .. ■_  [
A. F. Thomas,   Druggist,    Midway.
It it stated here, and lhe statement
rit helieved to lie trite, that ore uverag-
lug 9l0.il) to the ton for Ihe whole
width of Ihe working' ia lieing mined
nt the 800-ft. level of the New Fairview
Corporation's Stemwinder mine. This
ii very encouraging intelligence, and
following earlier experience in thia
mine which lind already proved values
to have increased aa depth was made
tends to confirm the opinion that further development will make the Stem-
winder a profitable enterprise.
The management of this mine is
malting betterments right along that
give increased facilities fnr tbe economical handling and treatment of the
ore, and for enlarging the capacity of
the mill and gold saving appliances.
Mention was made lait month of the
additions to the stump mill then in
progress, and these ate approaching
completion. Besides increasing tlie
numher of stamps from 40 to 00, more
cyanide tanks are, heing provided,
8 to 10 of which are now lieing made
nt the mine. Water has been brought
liy a Hume and thenee down the hill
In pipes to the battery where a Pelton
wheel, expect ed to arrive a iy day now,
will lie erected, and,this will give part
of the power needed and ao reduce the
cost of fuel, which has been a rather
heavy charge in connection with the
steam power heretofore in use here.
Carpenters ate now pyi their way iu
front the Boundary to assist in pushing
pn the work of providing Ihe additional
power and treatment, facilities just
mentioned. ..->
A contract has heen awarded tn ('.
(J. Cunningham, electric-ion, of Greenwood. B, V„ for the installation of an
electric light planl and 100 lights, these
latter to he distributed throughout the
underground workings, the cyanide
works ard stamp null, and in. other
buildings on l he properly. Thia contract provides tbat plant and lights
■hall be ready for use by October 1st
next.    .)
There are now some 70 to 80 men
employed by the New Fairview Corporation and the prospect s of the Stem-
winder mine proving a success are considered to he brighter at thf; present,
time thau at any previous period in its
New C. P. R. Rolling Stock.
The Canadian I'acilic Kailway Company is milking Immense preparations
for the heavy passenger and fl eight
traffic, anticipated next fall, and although their simps at Montreal, Perth
and Furnham are working night and
day, it has been found necessary to
place orders with other Hriiis, The
number of freight cars will he in*
cleaned to 25,1X10, and this will require
the building of 2,081) new ones. Of
this nunilier 2,1*11 will lie of 40 ton
capacity. There will be Mil coal cars
built for the west, and DO new vans.
These will lie tollowed by 30 ore cars.
To meet the demands of the passenger
traffic 40 new Hi at class roaches,
finished in mahogany, two inagniflcent
parlor cars, seventy feel long, and
huilt upon a magnificent scale, two
diners, twelve sleepers and seventeen
express cars are built or are in course
of construction,
I'he diners are seventy  feet long,
and of great weight.   The outside is
finished in mahogany, while on the
interior special efforts have heen made,
The dark  African mahogany, gteen
carpets, draperies, tables and ceilings
unite to give a quiet and luxurious
effect.   In the sleepers the slumbers of
their passengers will be subject to no
jarring, as these cars are long and
heavy. One cannot fail lo be impressed
hv the beauty of lhe  finish  of these
cam, the delicacy of their colors, the
grace of their outlines, and the care
taken Io make the passengers' stay a
delight.; they can be styled as palatial.
At both ends, where are the ladies'
toilets ami the private stateroom and
the men's toilet and smoker, respectively, I he cunning band of tbe builder
is minutest, for here are all  conven
ieiices iti  an  incredibly small  space.
The floor is carpeted with green Brussels, while  the ceiling,   which  is  in
green tints, stained glass deck lights
give a Hne effect.   These are  all 14
section cars.   The seat ends are solid,
wilh heavy brass feet.   The windows
are large, and double Acme lamps nre
used nt night.    In   the   smoker are
sofas and   wicker chairs,  finished in
plush.   The state-room, wbich has a
capacity lur Hve people, is a beautiful
little apartment, entirely separate in
every respect from the rest of the car.
The company's motive power is.nlso
being largely increased, and no fewer
than  tul locomotives will shorlly Iw
added to the equipment.   Of these 08
are freights, 15 passenger and three
switch engines.
Railroad Aaarsh-UgbU.
Prices to Suit the Times.
Freight Over tbe New Road.
..  .    tt' .      .        "','.
Cut Jrm in Summer Ms
Dry Goods, Clothing, Boots & Shoes,
Shelf Hardware, Lamps and
Glassware, etc., etc.
jl 11 OUR MOTTO:g.1^!!"
A fresh stock of staple and fancy gpoeeries arriving daily.
Bjfiiioi HAIN & CO.
.  -,. A'—-. r~~ •■*..**...,v
, B. C.
•■.■..    ■
The steel on the Washington k Oreat
Northern has heen laid to Republic
and shipments of freight over that
road are now accepted.
Superintendent F. S. Forest and
Auditor A. M. Thomas have made an
official trip over the line preparatory
to establishing agencies. The formal
opening of the road to general traffic
will nnt occur until about August 1, at
which time a special three days' excursion will be run from Spokane and
intermediate stations.
In addition to the stations from Marcus to Curlew, previously announced,
three new stations have been added to
the list from Curlew to Republic, aa
follows: Malo58 miles from Marcus;
Pollard, 85 miles; Torbay 08 miles, and
Republic 74 miles. The dislance from
Spokane Id Marcus is lttt miles, and
from Spokane lo Rephhlic 171) miles.
Agencies will be established at
Bodwell, Grand Forks Junction, D. C,
Carson, Curlew and Republic prior to
the formal opening of the road. As
yet hut one agency hits heen establish*
ed. This is at Bodwell. C. P. Sheffield
formerly agent at Port Hill, on the
Kootenai Valley line, has been appointed to the Bodwell agency. Bodwell is 27 miles ft om Marcus, and is
situated at the Hrst crossing of the International boundary line.
The Washington k Oreat Northern
station at Nelson, Wash., will be
known as Carson. This is done to
avoid confusion in shipments of freight
to Nelsnn, B. C„ on thu line, of the
Spokane Kail & Nort hern. Itis probable lhat the name of the town will be
changed to Carson, to conform to the
Great Northern's christening,
One of the recent safety equipments
ot the fast mail-trains, which of necessity run at a high rate of speed I hrough
the night, is the electric search-light.
A number of engines on tbe leading
roads have lieen supplied with such
powerful search lights that objects on
the track can he seen nearly a mile
away on the darkest nights. A small
dynamo in tbe engine supplies the
light, and the lamp itself is so arranged
that the HreinaH can operate it from
his position in the cab to suit the needs
of the moment. It was found that a
permanent light attached to the
smokestack, as the old tune reflectors were, wonld cast its path of light
off the track instead of on it when
rounding curves. Tlie fireman can
now touch a-lever and throw the light
straight ahead, sideways, or up in the
nir. The largest of Ihese locomotive
search-lights are 0,000 candle-powor,
which, compared to the old time reflectors, are remarkable products of
I he age.
The fast mail-trains travel over the
ground bo rapidly that an ordinary
head-light cast ing a reflection four or
Ave hundred feel is pratically of little
use. It might reveal lo the engineer
trouble abend, but it could never help
to avert the accident. The engineer
might be utile to shut off steam and
apply the brakes, but by that time the
engine would be upon the object. It
is almosl lni|K>ssilj|e for one of the fast
trains to come to a dead stop much inside of 1,2(11 to 1,500 feet, and the
heavier and faster tlie train, the
greater length of time must elapse hefore a stop can be effected, Consequently, the old head-lights were of
little real value to trains running fifty
and sixty miles an hour. With the
new powerful electric seach-light. however, danger ahead can be seen in
ample time for the engineer to bring
his heavy train to a dead halt. As a
safety'equipmentof the record-breaking trains, the search-light has thus
become a necessity of the day,
Will Develop Republic Mine.
Patsy Clark says that he expects to
start work on Ihe Republic mine next
month, though something may hap.
pen lo change his plain. The scheme
uf development is now heing outlined
and the former owner intends tn make
a mine out of the properly hy systematic work.
A double compartment shaft Is lo
he sunk to the 1000 foot level, and the
ground will lie thoroughly pn»|*ri:led
all Ihe way down. This will make
the Republic the liest developed mine
in that camp. At the present time
the mine has reached a depth of
725 feet, hut has not reached water
Mr. Clark says that he still helievea
the Republic is a mine, and that tbe
development to he done from now on
will determine that fact. All the lev
els will he opened up and every effort
made to prospect the entire property.
It will cost considerable money to
carry on the scheme outlined, hut as
hetween $125,000 and 9150,(01 has been
expended in development work already, the amount necessary for tbe
completion of the work wili nol he so
Editor McAdami Oets Nine Months.
Victoria, B. C, July 18.-William
McAdams, editor of the Sandon Paystreak, came before the full court tbis
morning for contnirpt of court. He
had no counsel, tluiigh McPhillip
appeared to advise him. McAdams
reviewed tlie circumstances of Clark
vs Collins, which elicited his romniem.
thnt the case had hi en delayed because
one of the parties had a pull with I he
court, He pointed o it, what a hardship had lieen worked on one of the
parties in the case, though he snid he
should not bave charged the court
with being corrupt.
Chief Justice Hunter aud Judges
Wiilkem and .Drake heard the case
and'sentenced him to nine months
inptisniimt-nt and to furnish four se*
curities of $1,000 each for good Coli*i,
duct. Failing ibis he gets a year additional imprisonment.
McAdams has wired his friends   in.
the upper country to circulate a petition to the minister of Justice against'
the sentence, which is regarded as very
severe. '!»■
Injunction Case Settled.
Chief Engineer   Kennedy  of tbe
Washington,  k    Great     Northern
railway      is  liack   from    Victoria. ■
He    was    called   to   Victoria    lo .
attend the hearing of the injunction, of.
ihe Keltlq Valley Hue*.against, the \V
V. & li. to restrain tbe latter from
crossing the Kettle Valley lines tracks
at Grand Forks Junction.    He says
that  the injunction   was dismissed
without a hearing,   because  of an
agreement having heen reached; with
the Kettle Valley lines.  The settler
ment will now allow the V.V., ftE.
to extend its track fiom Grand Forks
Junction to its depot site in Grand
Traffic arrangements will probably"
he entered into with the Canadian Pacific at Grand Forks to handle ore
from the terminus of the V.'V. kit
tothe Granhy smelter, thus enabling
the Washington k Greal Northern to
transport ore from the Republic mines
to the smelter. The V., V. ft E. bas a
petition pending before the Dominion
government i ail way committee for a
charter to extend its line from the
Grand Forks terminus to the Granby
smelter, and thence west to Mdiway.
Until permission can be obtained from
the Dominion government the com*
pany is estopped from building beyond
the city limits of Grand Forks.
No Second Contingent.
Ottawa, July 15.—Colonel Pinault,
Deputy Minister of Militia, speaking nf
the proposal attributed lo Colonel Pel-
iatt to send another contingent from
Canada to attend the postponed coronal ion ceremonies, said lhat that was
quite out of tbe question,
"The appropriation set apart for tbe
purpose has lieen quite exhausted, no
we have no money for another contingent," he said, "Moreover, I do
not think it necessary that a second
hody of Canadian militia should he
sent over, as the Dominion has already
shown its willingness to participate in
the ceremonies, and has expended
money lo show its feeling in the matter, which should be sufficient."
--»•• it.
MIDWAV, B. C, Jl'LY itl, 1902.
3* Pftalri).
C. M. CKOl'SK  Witor aud Proprietor
HsbUsbwl weeklr at MM"). B. C.
ttebsertpUon iiriw, HlW per smium, psrsH*
Is adnuiot, sitter ;e.irlj ur bait T«_rli *l the
epOM ot Um- •utociftwr.
AdvsrOslos ratm mul 90 application.
At tbs end of tbe century Canada is
In have 1 population of fifty millions.
Tbis is the estimate of a shrewd journalist who has just heen investigating
ihe wonderful inflow of settlers into
the Canadian northwest, and the unlimited Und there for their selection.
There Is no place like home, snd
Canada Is better than South Africa.
80 think the last Canadian troops,
who were willing to fight tbe Empire's
battles while the war lasted, but since
peace was declared aa soon as tbey got
there, they prefer coming home at
ones to remaining.
During tbe year IIWO. says the Fort
Steele Prospector, a tax of five cenU
per ton wss placed on the collerie* of
Vancouver Island, said tax in 1U01
amounted to 985.010. The Crow's Nest
Coil Company, which is producing at
the rate of 2.000 tons per day, is paying a revenue tax of 97:1.000. The demand for tne output of these mines is
so great tbat it in estimated that within Ave years the ontput will have
reached for coal and coke 15.000 tons
per day, producing a revenue of 9450,-
000 per annum.
The hody of Merrill has been found
near Chehalis, Wash. The discoverer
was a woman, wbo delivered the remains to Superintendent J. D. Lee,
of tbe penitentiary, but that gentleman Ignores I he demand for the reward. He does not deny that the
Ixidy is unmistakably that of Merrill,
hut consider! the finding of the remains ts not enl itled to tbe reward as
itwas not a capture and, therefore,
he offers to hut compensate her for the
I rouble of notifying the authorities of
her find and trouble nf taking the hody
to Salem. It is doubtful if the reward
will not have to he paid, and if so, il
will he more easily earned money than
was thought for when the reward was
There can he no doubt that undlgnl
fled attempts to advertise a country
would do more harm than good, says
tbe Toronto Olnhe, hut we have, nevertheless, a great belief in reminding the
world as frequently as possihle that
there Is a country called Canada,
whieh takes a "look In" at everything
that Is going on. Whether it is an
exhibition, a rowing match, a lacrosse
game, or a splendid imperial ceremonial, It does this country no harm
to he represented in it by the best she
has got. The country Is under eon*
elderaMe obligation tn the clubs which
send ont athletes year after year to
pit themselves against all comers, and
who, to sav the least of it, cast no discredit nn the name of Oanada It still
is tbs fact that certain of nur kinsmen
at home have to have it hammered
into them that there Is anoi her country
nn Ihis continent besides the United
States. The represen I all ve Canad ians
whom we are sending abroad to contend for honors in various wslks are
conveying the lesson better than it
could he conveyed in any olher way.
The initial nunilier nf the "Western
Press''has reached this office. It is
published at Winnipeg and is a neat,
well-printed sixteen-page journal. It
is to chronicle the doings of the Western Canada Press Association, and
Incidentally give all the news particularly concerning western Canadian
newspapermen andr wipaper making.
It contains an artic .in local vs, general topics for editoral, in which it
polnu out Ihe many duties that fall
to the lot of the editor of the average
country weekly, therehy making the
task of writing editorial matter moro
difficult tn him lhan to his more fortunate brother, the ciiy editor. It
•ays in part; ■ The length, depth and
breadth nf the editorial effusions of
the editor of a country weekly are generally gnveretied by the time Ah his
disposal. The rustic has not the easy
time thai his city brother thinks he
has, judging by 1 he paucity of editorial matter which adorns, or otherwise,
the column of his journal. By the
time the country editor lights the fire,
sweeps Ihe office, picks up the drop-
|HKl type, distributes the pi, saws the
wood, hums topy, keeps books, tries
10 collect account*, solicits subscriptions, canvasses for advertisements,
runs a press, sets type, binds looks,
plays the role of carpenter and
machinist, talks to the farmers on tbe
prices of cattle, bogs snd horses, of the
best time to sow and plant, the yield
of grain aod the price of hinder twine,
attends meetings of all kinds, advocates prohibition and goes to church,
it is not whether be will write oti local
or general topics, but whether be will
stall. Tbe city editor with bisoneor
st most, two ideas— I heg pardon. I
mean departments—can sit down,
without fuss, flurry or worry, think,
with the aid of sn encyclopaedia, and
write intelligently and coherently on
almost any subject. On tbe other
band, his rustic brother, when be sits
down, after applying himself to his
multifarious duties, wipes bis brow,
hut can hardly get his wits in sufficient
order to think of anything but bow be
is going to meet that coming draft; in
his extremity be is sometimes driven
to utilise, witb a pair of scissors, the
hrain of a oontempory. However, be
dues not want to lose subscribers, and
has to make his paper si acceptable
as possible; therefore* he writes oa
subjects be thinks will he more interesting to tbem and of greatest benefit
to the community. Of course local
matters take first plsce, he wing bis
best effort* for the improvement sod
progress of tbe town, encouraging tbe
enterprise of its people, lauding tbe
qualities of ibe lands in the surrounding dislrict, and its attractions for
bouie seekers. Tben be writes on tbe
shortage of cars, tbe railway deal, the
referendum sn d increase of tbe populism of lbe province; tbe admission
of Newfoundland, Marconi snd fsst
steamships, prvfenteral trade and
deepening tbe canals in the Dominion;
what shall be done about tbe friers,
the Alaskan boundary, the French
shore, Venesuela, the Cape to Cairo
railway and telegraph, the revolt of
the Afiidis, tbe attitude of the Ameer
of Afghanstsn, tbe situation in China,
the Anglo-Japanese, and the Clayton
Bulwer treaties, and tbe unity of tbe
Empire. Nothing comes amiss to bim
In fact you cannot draw a line in thb
matter. The country editor ii usual! y
expected by his readers to he an all
round, up-to-date man, a walking en*
cylcopaedia, a compendium of information, while bit principal work is
local, be must also discuts general
things to keep bis people abreast of
the times; snd though his idea may
he put in crude form, yet they become
tbe Indicators, from the outskirts to
tbe centre of tbe empire of tbe trend
of the feeling of the people, and in
that line of conduct which makes for
contentment, peace and prosperity In
our glorious country and vast empire.
DepsrtaaMtal Stores.
In an article dealing with departmental stores, tbe Columbian say* t
"A memorial from the Kamloops
Board of Trade, calling attention to
tbe Inroads on local business made hy
Kastern bouses who solicit hy means
of circulars sent through the mails,
has heen referred hy our Board of
Trade tothe Merchants' Association,
as the body best qualified lo speak on
the subject. It is a remedy that is
"Our flrst prescript inn for this would
be intelligently directed advertising In
the local paper. If home merchants
aet out the attractions of the goods
they offer as carefully as the mall
order bouses puff their wares In the
literature tbey circulate, the far away
stocks would not appear so enticing.
But In nearly every small community
the merchants are shy ahout commit-
ting themselves to details in their
printed advertisements, and the consequence is that orders which might well
la* filled st home go to a far away firm
wise enough to make an easily under
stood hid for Ihem."
Kastern departmental stores do a
large business because ihey are not
shy of printers'ink. Itis advertising
that does it snd they sre not afraid nf
it, nor do they pick out tbe cheapest
papers and methods of advertising.
The liest is none ton good aod they
pay well for space. There is much in
the Columbian's comment that should
tie made a note of by local advertisers.
Provincial constable I. A. Dlnsmore,
of Grand Forks, has heen appointed
inspector, under the new Immigration
Act, for the Grand Forks and Kettle
river mining divisions, without further
"Amber" Plug Smoking Tobacco is
winning on its merits,
"Have you tried it ?"
Sjive the tags, they aie valuable.
Miami aa aa Isvcstsssat.
A (bought on mining ss an investment.
You wbo measure gains in mercantile pursuits hy the fixed ratio of (he
laiying .aod selling price; you wbo
bave the simple scale of interest on
money loaned; you who buy land.
huild bouses and become renting landlords, or you who would take the forms
where chance enters In more largely,
as industrial, railroad or other stocks,
or buying and selling tbe cereals—all
are asked to view in an unpredujiced
There can he no more legitimate investment than mining. We mean
here mining, reel intelligent mining,
such as makes producers and operates
Ihem. A miner's gain is no one's
loss. He takes nothing from tbe
pocket of his brother, but from God
Almighty's band. Competition, bruising, grinding, murdering competition
is unknown to tbe gold miner. He
locates or buys bis mine, performing
a duty urged hy the government, or
paying value received. He develops
it, helping his brother hy giving him
employment and continuing bis produce. His metal extracted, competition does not enter into tbe sale, for
it ii always in demand and at a fixed
Trusts manipulate and water industrial aad railroad stocks. Bealestate
booms go and come. Manufacturing
{snipped in the prime hy cenl rallied
competition. Bonds are sure, hut
dreadfully slow. Mortgages do nut
always secure. There are a thousand
besetting evils to all investments, except, a gold mine.
Mining has heen given a pall nf prejudice hy reason of fraud. Men pretend
ing lo own a property, have secured
money to waste where there were
plainly no values to l-e secured. Others, having a good property, have
squandered money In extravagant and
criminal management. Too many,
with no knowledge of the vocation,
bave poured money into the ground to
reach tbe ledge, which any intelligent
mining man would discountenance.
Investors are sometimes to hlame in
other respects. They put a dollar Into
amine, ex-iectlng tbe following day
ten in return. Tbey do not realise tbe
time required I o open and develop a
wine, and often leave the field disgusted hefore wnrk has pn-greased to that
stage testing the merits of tbeir properly.
These are causes for Intense prejudice. Prejudice is foolish. View In Its
true light everything, else you may
loose ■ golden opportunity. View
mining so. Be assured of honest man
agement, he assured of competency, he
Informed on time necessary for operations. Oold Is in millions of ledges i
there sn safe guides to It Equip
yourself for an intelligent, faithful
seatch and mining is the safest and
most faclnaling form of Investing
found to-dsy.-Western Miner and
C. W. Fleming, of Chancy, Montana,
spent a few days in Midway during
tbs past week. Mr. Fleming is tbe
owner of a large hand of trotting stock,
among them being Boh Fitssimmons
with a mark of U.WJ, and it is fate Intention tn locate somewhere in tbe
district and bring In his stock. There
are a number of good locations in tbis
district that would he vary suitable for
engaging extensively in breeding
horses, as there Is an abundance of
good range and water, and as thr
winters an mild but little feeding
would be required. It is altogether
probable that Mr. Flaming will And a
ranch to suit him and shortly bring
his stock here, which will be greatly
appreciated by those interested in
trotting horses, aa It will give those
wbo are desirous nf obtaining good
roadsters an opportunity to purchase
at a reasonable rat*, and those who
are already engaged in tbe business of
lireedlng, a chance to improve their
A familiar name for the Chicago,
Milwaukee ft Ht. Paul Railway, known
all over the Union ns the Greal Railway running the "PloifSIR I.imitid"
trains every day and night hetween 8t.
Paul and Chicago, and Omaha and
Chicago, "The only perfect trains In
the world." Understand 1 Conner,
tions are made with ALL Transcontinental Lines, assuring to passengers
the hest service known. Luxmious
coaches, electric lights, steam heat, of
a verily equaled hy no other line.
See that your ticket reads via "Tbe
Milwaukee" when going to any point
in the United States or Canada. All
ticket agents sell them.
For rates pamphlets or other Information, address,
R. L. Fobii. H. S. Rowk.
Trav. Psss. A|*t, lleniral Assnl,
Carrying HU majesty's nails
Witl leave MIDWAY on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, at 8.30 a. m., arriving at
CAMP McKINNEY at 5 p.m.
Returning will leave CAMP McKINNEY on
Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 9 a. m.,
reaching MIDWAY at 1.30 p. m., and making connection with the train going east at 2:55 o'clock.
TIM bwt 9m
9* Hm
Headquarters for Railroad,
Mining and Gouenial Men
First Class Livery Stable in Connection with Hotel,
S. A. CROWELL, Prop.
The Midway Sawmill
Band sawing and job work done to order
Lancashire House,
:: MI0WAY.B.C.::
The undersigned having re-opened (hii well*
known and comfortable hotd invites the
patronage of all old customers and the public
Farruee-heated and oomfortuMjr
furnished rooms.
Mrs. Dowding, Proprietress.
__,	 MIDWAV, B.C., JULY 21, 1902.
^k-t-,aaammmm_--ii m-_mm_-_ti*i-_-,mi __r
Mrs. 0; J. Leggatt, of Trail, is on a
visl( to ber sister, Mrs. Jas. Atwood.
Mift Mid Mrs. W. Powers have re-
turnsd from Orand Forks.
Mrs. Capt. Dougall, of Nakusp, is
visiting Mrs. A. G. Mesker.
tttssL. Root, of Alton, III., Is visit-
ing ber'to-other, Ralph 8. Root,
fl, L. Cawston, the Keremeos cattle
king, was in Midway on Saturday,
H. Mclntyre, Superintendent of (J. P.
Ri telegraphs, paid the local oflice a
visit during the past week.
It. B. Venner, provincial constable at
(/'snip McKinney, wss in town on
E. B. Hardwick, of Stoneycroft
ranch, Princeton, paid lhe town a visit during the week,
0. E. Pittendtigh. of Rock Creek,
wss among last week's visitors to Midway.
Vt, Kdwards, of Camp McKinney,
returned home on Friday after remaining A few days in Midway.
Another hand of beef cattle went
through Midway on Wednesday for
P, Burns ft Co.
Haying has commenced in (he dlstriot, and the crop Is reported to lie
•insually large this season.
F, M. Kerby, P. L. S„ last week sur*
veyed a number of pre-emptions up
Nicholson creek.
Mrs. J. P. McLeod and  Mrs. F. M.
J Klklns, Imth nf Ureen wood, are spending a few days   at Ibe Lancashire
H. H. Pitts, of Ashnola, came in on
■Wednesday's train fi-om a trip to Nel-
Ieon Mid wenton tbe same day to Ash*
During the pnst week <', L. Thomet
fraught, two trout in Kettle river,
j weighing 1} and 'A pounds, respect
I iveiy.
W.T.Ohoate, C. P.  R.  Agent at
I Kholt, came as far as Midway on Tuesday,   re|iairing  the   telegraph   line,
j whicli was Iw-lly damaged by the pre*
| vipus night's storm.
Wadds Grus, photographers, of Nel-
I«oh antfVannotter, visited Midway
■during the past week and succeeded in
I doing considerable business in the
1 photographic line.
Mr. and Mm. R. J. Hamilton, Of JM-
Ison, Seeitnpaiiied hy Mr. ahd Mis.
1 McCrrtilb, pf Greenwood, drove down
If rom Ihe latter lown on Thursday and
| spent the day here.
P. Burns ft Co, shipped seven carloads of horses from Midway this
Inurning fnr Calgary. The horses were
purchased in the neighborhood of Palmer mountain. Qeo. Cawston was in
charge nf the drive.
P. b. Stanhope has purchased a
three-quarters interest in the Alms
nineral claim, from W. Edwards,
rbe purchase price is reported to he
Mr, Stanhope now owns the
vhole of tbe Alma.
Tbe Masonic Order, nf Oreenwood,
ontemplate running an excursion tn
-idway on Coronation Day. The
f Masons are wipe in select iuk tbis place
I for a day's outing as it is the hest place
in Southern British Columbia in which
to enjoy a recreation,
Eddie snd Nicholas Munroe were
both successful in.. passing the high
school entrance examination held last
month, The latter whs well up in the
I list of the entire province. These
wen the only ones from Midway that
I tried the examination.
A large amount of freight consigned
ito tbe local merchants, arrived in
j Midway last week, which shows that,
> despite the coke famine and other
[hindrances to the district, the mer*
chants of Midway continue todo a large
pal nine of business.
Archie Davis, who has lieen acting
In tbe rapacity of engineer on the
Columbia ft Western ever since the
pervice wss Irst inaugurated, has left
fo perforin similar duties lietween
evelstoke and Laggan. R. Stingley
has taken his place on the run here.
The hot weather is rapidly lowering
|the waters of Bouudary creek and
Settle river. It has lieen impossible
i yet to ford the latter stream with
l«'iy degree of safety, hut in a few days
Icrossings can he successfully innde at
I most points. The high water hns nnt
I remained so long for years as it haa
I this season.
' *       »-»■«	
If your eyes do not perform Ihe
jwork required of them wlih entire
■comfort an appointment with Geo. L,
[Pedlar, Opt, D. Specialist, will insure
|Jhe condition you look for. At Thomas'
wig Store, July 20-20.
> s *    ■   •
"Amber" Plug Smoking Tobacco is
finning on hs merits.
"Have you tried it P"
Save the tugs, ihey nre valuable,
2.10 p. in.
Wod., Krl.
A Hllnilayn
iai p. in.
AH Coast, points
U. Crow's Nont lt. It,
Eastern Canada
Vernon, ste.
Orand forks
All pis. Easl ic Mouth
Camp HoKlnney
Hock Creek
All West fork points
ill p. m.
Tiie*., Thurs.
k Hat unlay*
8,ai s. in.
Mails for points farther west of Midway than
Camp MoKlnney ko via. Itevelstoke.
Money orders from 8 a. m. to * p. m. with the
exception of one half hour before departure
and after arrival of mall*.
Kl), A. HAIN',
Death of Mrs. Norris.
It is this week our painful duly to
speak of the death of Mrs, Norris, wife
of W. H. Norris of Midway, which sad
event occured at the Sisters' hospital,
Oreenwood, last Monday evening.
But three short months ago we
announced the marriage of the deceased lady, who was then Mrs. I. M.
Macdonald, to W. H. Norris, and little did we think at that time the hand
of death would so soon visit the new
household and take away the wife
that gladdened the fond home,
About six week ago Mrs. Norris
was taken suddenly ill. Dr. Foster
was called in but was apparently unable to diagnose her case. However
he did all that wns in his poWer to restore her to health, hut his efforts were
unavailing, A little less than two
weeks hefore her deal h, finding that
she was rapidly sinking, her husband
removed her to the Sisters' hospital,
and the assistance of Ur. Spankie, of
Greenwood and Dr. Biiucher, of Phoenix was obtained to work in conjunction \\itli Dr. Foster, but all to no
Although the patient showed signs
of weakening it was not thought by
those in attendance that recovery was
hopeless, but as she was unable to lake
scarcely any nourishment, the weakened constitution bail lo give away.
and Mouday evening, in spite of all
that medical skill and loving hands
could do, with ber husband by her
bedside, she passed away.
The body jvas removed to the residence of W. O. McMynn, from when
the funeral look place to the C. P.
li. depot, Oreenwood, on Thursday
afternoon, and tbe outgoing train conveyed the remains to the coast for
The services at the house were conducted by Rev. J. D. P. Knox. Tbe pall-
hearers were: T. McAuley, J. McNicol,
E. A. Hain, C. L. Thoinet, V. M. Melville and R. D. Kerr.
A large number from Midway attended the funeral.
The deceased was the second daughter of the late John Kirkland, of Lad*
ner. Her mother, sister and Iwo
brothers constitute the surviving
members of the family.
The late Mrs. Norris was highly respected hy all who had the pleasure
of her acquaintance, and ber untimely
death has cast a gloom over the entire
community. The bereaved husband
has the sympathy of the residents of
the district in this his hour of deep
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc.
Okkknwooii. II. C.
—: Notary Public,
Cams MoKinnev, B.C.
Dr. R. Mathison,
p, M. KERBY,
A. H. Can. Soc. C. E.
Provincial Land   Surveyor
Midwav anii Gkkknwood.
Rendell Block, Greenwood.
Phone D6, V. 0 S.
Tonsorial Artist,
Fora first-clasH Shave, Hair Cut, .Sen Foam
or Shampoo, call at the abovo parlor.
Rasont hounl ami (-round.
•  MIUWAY, B. C.
Spokane Falls Morton
Railway^ Co.
Nelson & Ft. Sheppard
Railway Co.
The only all rail route between
nil points Enst, West nnd South
to Rossland- Nelson, and all
intermediate points; connect-
Iiik at Spokane with the Oreat
Northern, Northern PaclHc and
O. R. Sc N. Oo.
Connsct- at Rossland with ths Canadian
Pacific Railway fbr, Boundary Crssk points.
Counsels st Mayor's rails with stags dally
for Republic
Bulfst Ssrvlec on Pssssnasr Trains hs*
twssn Spoksnt snd Northport,
Leave        Arrive.
SPOKANK     Ml wi*.     7,ISp.m,
ltO.S8l.ANU    I2.SSa.ni.     4.30pm.
NKLSON     IMia.m.     II.4S p.m.
Oeneral Pswnger Agent,
Large Stock.   Low Prices.
CARRIAGE AND SIGN PAINTING.   Bleye,e BPiriB8 «* Sundries.
Seventh Street, Midway,
Opposite Crowell's Hotel
This stable is equipped with a first class outfit of
Single and Double Drivers
Hay and oats for sale.    Hus meets all trains.
Freight and express delivered to any part of the town.
J. H, Tyrrell will run s stage line between Westbridge and Beaverdell. He
whs in Midwuy last week outfitting
forthe undertaking. With McKen
sic's stage running from Midway to
Westbridge, there will be a through
stage line between here and Beaver
J. H. East brought to Midway last
wees several crates of strawberries
from his ranch, a short distanre from
the town. They were nf the Sharp*
less variety, and were tbe finest lot of
berries ever seen in Midway. There
was scarcely a berry in tbe entire lot
hut looked as if it were a picked specimen from the pet dump of a very rich
strawberry claim. Mr, East's ranch,
on which the berries were grown, is
situate on a bench, whicli demonstrates
the productiveness of even the bench
lands In this hightly favored part of
Ihe Kettle River valley.
Knights   of   Pythias   Convention,
Aug. lit. to sth.
For Ihe above the 0, P. B, will issue
tickets from Koo'.enay common points,
at JlfiO foi the return, good nil rati, or
via steamer, including meals and berth,
from Portland, Victoria, or Seattle.
For full particulars apply lo local
Kent- t
"Amber" Plug .Smoking Tobacco is
winning on ita merits,
"Have you liird It?"
Save the tags, they are valuable.
Parlor-Cafe Cars
Rock Creek, B. C.
S. T. LARSEN, Prop.
Stopping plate for Stages to
and from all Boundary
Creek points.
Good Aeeommodation for the Traveling Public.
J A   la  carte
| OH
(Table d   hote
Complete Equipment
Unequalled in the West.
Through Imokings lo Europe
via all Atlantic lines. Prepaid tickets from all points at
lowest rales.
Kor tlmt tables, rains and fullI inforiiiatlon
oall cm or luMroiw A. Vf. IIAIMCY, Agent,
Mlilwny, or
,1. S. I AllTKII,
I). I', A.,
>i'l-on, 11. C.
A.O.I'. A.,
Vancouver, II.
A now building, well furnished, Every*
thing new and first-class. Only thc choicest Wines, Liquors and Cigars kept in
stock. Every convenience furnished the
public.    Bus meets all trains.
i ,m ...r:, imr it PTrtM'K r.-*.-3 In
..rl *"!v»li** nnfTTll^rn?  rt.n.    xr.r. #*.V_*
MIDWAY, B. C, JULY 21, 1002.
30 St John Street,
Montreal, P, Q.
0. M. CROU8B,
Agent for British Coliiniliia,
Midway, B. 0.
After the Dunsmuir Millions.
Victoria, July 17,-Edna Wallace
Hopper, the famous actress, and
daughter of the late Mrs. DeWolt
Hopper, is here, to institute in the
courts of British Colunihia proceedings
against Premier Dunsmuir for a portion of lhe Dunsmuii millions, to which
she claims she is entitled, decause of
the marriage of her mother to Alex.
Dunsmuir, tne pieuiier's only brother,
a short time liefore the latler's death.
Alex. Dunsmuir left the great hulk
of his estate to his wife, hut the wife,
on a death hed agreement reached between tier and the premier, agreed to
set aside ber claims in consideration of
a certain sum.
Edna, who Is accompanied by her
legal adviser, Judge Coyne, holds that
her mother was not in full possession
of her faculties, being near dissolution
when the agreement was reached, and
that the fact that the premier retained
her lawyer to draw .ip and execute the
agreement precluded ber from uninterested advice, which she would otherwise bave had. She is entering suit in
the courts of British Columbia to recover the widow's share, namely one-
third of Alex. Duusuiulr's estate.
The Victoria lirni of Drake, Jackson
k Helmcken have been retained to
undertake tbe prosecution. .
Mis, Joan Dunsmuir, mother of
James ami Alexander Dunsmuir, is
also suing James for Alexander's
share of the estate, on the ground lhat
it is hers, Alexander having simply
held it In trust for her.
A Scotchman's Prayer.
The following prayer is said to bave
lieen delivered some years ago by a
Scotch minister at Caledonia : "0
Lord, we approach thee this mornin'
in the attitude u' prayer, an' likewise
n' complaint. When we came to the
Ian' o' tlanady we expeekel tae Hn' a
Ian' flowin' wi' milk an' honey, but in
stead o' that we found a lau' peopled
wi' ungodly Irish, 0 Lord, in lliy
great mercy, drive them tne the uttermost pairts xi' Canady: mak' them
hewers o' wild and drawers o' wattei ;
gielhem nae emoluments, g!e them
nae place o' abode, ne'er mak' them
magistrates or rulers amang thy people, hut if ye hae ony favors to la .low
or ony guid Ian' tae gie awa' gae ii, tne
thine aiu, thy peculiar people, the
Scotch; mak' them a' members o'
parliament an' magistrates an' rulers
amang Ihy pe.iple. Bul aa for the tin*
godly Irish, tak' tbem l>y the heel
an' shake l hem owcr the mouth o' hell,
but diniia let them fa' in an' a' the
glory shall Iiii thine.   Auiuii."
Practical Watch Maker,
Oood Tools, Plenty Material,
snS}0 years ciperiescc to So
work correctly.  ...
_— i—*_______ ____ .----7-.._.. arm
Mineral Aet, 1806.
Certificate  of Improvements.
Ajax Minkhal Claim,
Situate In ths Ksttls Blvsr Mining Division
of Yals District,   Whers locatsd: In
Deadwood Camp.
TAKK NOTICK lhat I, Korbos M. Kerby,
frac miner's certlfioate No. n*wT,
intond, sixty days (nim Uio date heroof, to
apply to the .Mining Itecordor for a Cerllflealo
of Improvement*, for the piiriHHir of obtaining
a Grown Grant of the above claim.
And furlher tako notloo that aetlnn. under
section 37, must be coinineiicori   boforo tho
issuance of suoh Corlilkml-iof Impru'eliMiuU,
Datod Uils ltltU day of May, A. II. I'JtK.
Certificate   of Iniprovomonts.
Kiiaitidnal Minkhal Claims.
Sltuste In ths Osoyoos Mining Division of
Yals District.  Where located: Krugsr
TAKK NOTICK. that I. C. dell. Oreen, a»
agent for Jacob Itlnvk, free miner's car.
liflralo Nn. ixoMiXl and fnrl/iuis Krnnt froe
miner's uerlidealn Nn, iilL'IIK" anil for 11. W.
lluelilinly, froe miner's ool'liflala Nn. nVWiHand
for Herman l.inke, free miner's eorliuVato No.
<!17a'wunl for,I. Sntlili, vi'iiinv, free ininet's' cor
llflcsle Nn. H.V-WI7. anil for J. Smith, junior,
froo minors'cortlllealu No, llMdHS, nml for 0.
W, Turner, free minora eertilleale No. ii/MMM,
nml for A. Wiir-jbiin?, free miners' eertlfleato
No. iiVil Hi. and for K. /.oil, free miners' eertlll.
eale No. a.iWi'.li, anil for A. A. Ilrneka, freo
miners' iwllfloats No, H4MII2, ami for tl. H.
Carson, free miners' oortiflcate HIII70I awl for
,1, Kreller, free miners' eerlilleale No. HUH,
inlenil.fin days from the dale hereof, Ui apply to
Ihu MlnlnK Keeoriler for a Oorlilleato of lm-1
provunientr for the purpose of outlining a
Crown Oranl. of the above claims.
Ami furihor lako noli™ that action, undor
seetion Tl, must Ihi ennimoneod beforo tho issu-
anee of sueh Cerlilleale of Improvements.
I ial nil this '.llth day of May, 1IKI2,
7c 0, DRI), UltKKN.
Tmdc Marks
Anyone sending > sketch and description mat
quickly ascertain our opinion free .whether as
inventlor        --.•- - >-'
invention It probnlily patentable. Cnminuiilca.
•in,,._HM|yconDil«iusl. Handbook on Feteau
Jldeit niiency for teni-lnf patent*.
Patente taken tbroush Mann t Ox receive
•ont tree.
Patente taken throuil. _ 	
ijxctal iwtlw, wlthoat chance, In the
Scientific America
A hwidwraelr lllarti»U« wMklr. hm* rtr-
roUtlou of nnr nctenllfle kiurnt). Tamil, tt •
! fmirroonlbMt BoMbrtil
JBM J   (OUI" Hill «•>    OWtW MJ «K9 Mnmwi-iiJI
MUNN & Co.'—Newt ork
trench Once.« r 8U Weehlanon. D. C.
Durham Bulls, Fresh Calved
Cows, Cows in Calf, Steers
and Heifers, Boar Pigs, Sows
and Young Pigs, Sheep and
Poultry, Saddle and Pack
Ponies.,  Apply to
i"/.  miles from  Midway, or
Dispatch office.
Tills ri'li'lirntwl horse will stand for
thi* season at
Terms fnr the season $10, or will
insure for $11) if paid for in advance,
money to Iw returned if mare is not in
foal.   PasturaKe $3 a month.
Young G. M, I'litchen, Jr., Is a lit iirht
bay wilh hlack points, stands IU hands
high and weighs 12H0 His.
Tlie pedigree of Hits horse can lie
seen liy applying to Ihe undersigned,
(Signed)     7,1.11. KIIIIIV,
5tf Sidliy, B. C.
Oertiflcnte of   Improvements,
Commereial Job Printing
Jkckkiisiin Minkkai. Claim.
Sltuats In ths Ksttls lllver Mining Dlvlilon of
Yale District.  Whers locatsd i On Grant
Mountain. Camp MoKlnnoy.
TAKK NOTICK that I, Hour)- Nlclinlmii,
froo minim' oorlilleato No. iilMHS, as
iigrnl for K.A.Iliity. froo miiior'n oorlilleato No.
liflHIfl,. iiiti-tnl.Hlxt.v iliivx front thu dalo horoof,
lo apply lo tlio MlnlnK Itonordurfnr a oortlllirntii
of Itiitn'oroincntH, for llio niii'pouii of ohtaining
a Crown  Urant of I ho aliovo olalm.
Anil fnrlhor lako notice that notion, undor
Seotlon  87, must ho commenced hoforo thu
Iflsiiatiod of hiioIi oortinoaUi of ImproYunioiit*.
Dated this Kb duy of July, WM, lo
The tonnage of ore shipped by the mines of the Bouudary
District during 1901, and for first three months of 1902, is
as under:
1901 1902
Old Ironsides and Knob Hill group 231,762 68,366
Mother Lode  99.54** 33.089
B.C  47*5-7      	
Sunset       800 150
Winnipeg     1,040 385
King Solomon       850      	
Snowshoe    i,73- 757
No. 7      665 250
Jewel       3*5 '.-15
Golden Crown  42°
Sundry small shipments    2,500 100
Totals 386,738     -04,632
Shipments during 1900 totalled 97,837 tons; during
the year 1901, to December 31st, 386,738 tons, and during
three months of 1902, 104,632 tons, making an aggregate of
589,207 tons.
GXlXISXrOTOOD,     -     -     S.O.
One of the Best Equipped Hotels in
the Boundary. Everything First Class.
J. W. NELSON, Proprietor.
Horse Shoeing a Specialty
All Rinds of Work Executed to ihe Satisfaction of Customers


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