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Vol. XVI, No. 13.
$2.00 pep Year.
Barristers, Nui.xutokh, Etc.
(IKKKNWlllll), 1), C.
—: Notary Puhlic,
^amp NIoKlNNEY, B.C.
Hallett & Shaw
NoUrlM Public.
Cftblo AdrtroBS! **Hai.i,I'.tt."
Oodbs: Bedford MoNitlll'*, Morring K
Nillll'.i,   l.eilinr's.
IciltHI'N WOOD, B.C.
[Rendell Block, Greenwood,
Phono OO, V.* S.
A; H, Can. Soc. C. E.
■Provincial Land   Surveyor
IMiihvav and Ohmkwoou.
I-jcal Estate
gERT Smith,
|Kur» nrst-claiw Shave, Hnlr Cut, Mx Vntxnx
Or Sliriiinirrri. will Bt tho above parlor.
Harare honed mid grountl.
IkIHTH  STItKKT,  •  ■   •  MIDWAY, D. 0.
reuarnl    Blaclrauilth
All Klndi of Repairing.   Horseshoeing
A specially.
Ihock creek hotel . . .
__PA-tAmmaiAa?AmAa,   Mgr.
Kxccllcrl Klililiig on Kottlo Itlvor.J9
Ml kinds of work executed to
■he satisfaction of customers.
Practical Watch Maker,
eholt, b. c.
Oood Tools, Plenty Material,
and 30 years experience to do
work correctly.   .  .  .
)ld by All Newsdealers
k<i*diW. PEPPERS
EX"!?1**** .-WMlf-to »" loven ol Bung
■ndI lluiio » VMl to*,„mo 0( B,w Chok.
I:i?.W,,!lh«Comp<>«ltlone liy tho must |«i|e
I u _!!?'!"T* fit* 'ageaot Kl.no Mu.lc,
Wflt VMal, hslifiimnimctital-ai Complete
E. C.M W' fMno-Onco a Month (or a*
turf' .'early 8ubsorl|itlon, »_.oo. If you
Er ,M™ •"ln0 n1"™ »■"* aiMrera ol Fivs
|™°„PJLOrean PlByors, wo will send you a
HMb * loeuat Ita.. Philadelphia, Pa.
=: AT COST :=
Our entire stock of Dry Goods,
and Clothing, Ladies and Childrens Shoes, commencing Jan.
15, we will sell at cost.
You cannot afford to overlook these cash values.
All 15c and 17c prints 11c
" ioc Flanneletts 6c
" $4.00 Ladies Shoes $2.50
" $2.75      do      do $1.65
" $15.00 Mens Suits $10.00
" $12.00     do      do $9.00
" $8.00       do      do $6.00
" $5.50 Boys Suits $3.50   .
Call and se8 our $2,75 line of im shoes at $1,75
| Hotel Spokane,
JXX3C0CSeventh st-= nidwa>'1
A new building, well furnished. Everything new
and first-class. Only the'choicest Wines, Liquors
and Cigars kept in stock. Headquarters for Mining
and Commercial Men.        [No Chinese Employed.]
One of the Best Equipped Hotels in
the Boundary. Everything First Class.
J. W. NELSON, Proprietor.
In orde to save labor we wish
to dispose of as much of our stock
as possible before stock-taking.
Although prices have been cut
before we are still coming down.
Everything ent in i Departments.
, Quick Sales and
Small Profits.
A tosh stock of staple and fanny groceries arriving daily.
office store HAIN & CO. MM
Suit Involves the Title to the Salamander, Phil Sheridan  and Kismet,   Situated   In   Sheridan
Camp, about Fifteen Miles
From Midway.
Suit luis been started in the superior
,1'niiit in Okanogan county liy Waller
L,   Lowry   nml    William   I?.   Putter
against James (Jioniui which involves
Uii' title In the well kimwn Phil Sheri-
(Uu group of mines in Sheridan oanip.
Ferry enmity.   AIIimi k Allen uf Spo-
kaue are attorneys for the plaintiffs,
The.Sheridan group eontains three
claims- -tho Salamander, Phil Shet'idilit
and the Kiswel. On the 4th of May,
jto.ll, the complaint sets I'orlh, P, A.
Met'uiiniek and Thomas Finney, who
.were then tin* owners of a half interest
each in the .Sheridan group, bonded
thi' properly lo James Cronan, the Ae'-
fenilanl iu this aclion—not tlie James
Crmiaii of St. Eugene Mining (Join*
pany fame; The bonding price in alleged In have lieen $HO,0OO, In lie paid
in seveiti) payments, the en tireauiniiiu
in less than two years.
Afler securing this linnd, and nn the
20;h of .May. IUM, Ihe complaint adds,
Cronan entered info a deal with lhe
plaintiffs in this aclion, Lowry and
Potter, whereby Cronan, Lowry and
Pol icr each lieciiuie one third owners
io the group, The pdy.uie.nls hy lhe
litt'ji plaintiffs were lo he in several
instalments, guided hy the payments
mi ihe original linml taken hy Urntiiiti,
On lhe 21)1 li of .May, when the agree-
ment was made between Crnnaii uml
the tno pl.iiiuiffs, Lowry and Poller,
the plaintiff*! claim they paid $;1U0
down, $l00goiiig to the owneis of the
group, to upply on the loud, mul §I(Hi
to niinliuisu Cronan for money,al*
ready paid nut hy him. Up to the
present time, lhe pUii.liH's oUijit, ■ Ix-y
have paid altugelllci I lie sum ol $1,800,
.-iml have in every way cart led out
their purl of the colliruel.
However, ou the Sth of November,
Ilml the complaint sets forth, and
while the agreement hetween Cioniin
mid tlm plaintiffs was slill in effect;
Ciouaii purchased ul'Tiioiuns Finney,
one of the in iginal ownei s nf the group,
his uiidiviileit one half interest, anil
acquired legal title tu the properly, in
spile of the fact that lhe plaintiffs
wire cniciiaiits with him tinder the
lirriid. It is claimed by Ihe plaintiffs
ib it Cronan alleges that the linnd of
Mny I w.js forfeited and i.liat be Was
ihe legal owner of Ihe undivided half
inlerest, Iml lhc plaintiffs claim lhat
lhe linnd of May 4 wus .still in effect.
Further, the plaintiffs allege tlmt
the purchase by Cronan was made hy
Inin for the purpose of endeavoring to
cheat and defraud thoiu out of their
inlerest in lhe contract and in lhe
miies anil to obtain as large an inteiest as he could for himself. For this
interesl,it is claimed, Cronan did mil
pay more than !tif>llO.
Thu plaintiffs claim lhat lhe one
liulf purchased by Crnnaii iii equity
tellings in the plaintiffs and defendant
in pio'porliull to their interests in the
iigreeiiienl of iMuy 'ft), or an undivided
one third each. Furlher, the plaintiffs
complain that Crumin has not con
It patted his share of the money est
pended in the development of Ihe
claims, but the exact amount he has
i :.|i! iiilcil is in,known and run not be
iisieil.iiiiid till an accounting is had.
I'he plaintiff;, say they are ready and
willing to pay to Ornnan two thltds of
'what he sunnily paid for the purchase
if the undivided half interest when the
nun tint is uecei tained by au account
[utile prayerof lhe complaint Lowry
and Poller ask for an accounting In
lhe cniiris and that they lie decreed
owners of an uiidiiidid two thirds ul
ibe undivided half Interest to the
i la.ins, that the amounts they are lo
he decreed by lbe com ts ami lhat the
ainiiunls due from Croiiaii for develop
ineiit also be ascertained. All Ihree
paries lo this suit are   Well   known
milling men,
Smallpox at Fernie.
Au extra of the British Columbia
Gazelle has been issued contaiug regu-
lalinlis for dealing wilh Ihu outbreak
of smallpox al lhe town nf Ferule,
Hast Kootenay.   These provide I
"1. That lhe lown is in a stale of
quarantine until ftirlhei notice.
'•%, Thut no person shall be allowed
to leave lhe lown under any blrcuin*
sl unci's whatever.
'*8. That, all meetings in churches,
lodges ami schools and other public
gatherings are hereby prohibited."
Thau are also several olher provisions with respect to repotting the
jippejiranee of disease, and compulsory
At the Oreenwood  Oflice  for  the
Past Year.
The following llgures show the rush  MINERAL PRODUCTION  OF  BRIT-
receipts ut the office of the provincial
government ageni, Greenwood,during
Hie calendar year 11)01,   Prior to lugt
year revenue derived from liquor  11*
cenccs was mil credited the local olllce,
it appeared as revenue received al.
ictorla,    liossland,   or,  before the
uuiilary was included iu the  Hnss-
nil riding nf West Kootenay, at Ver-
ill.   Kven now the llguies given  he
iw do nolshn.v all  the revenue Iho
provincial   govdrniiiont derives from
he district immediately tributary to
Ireenwood, since, all taxes from  real
•slate and  personal    estate,  timber
lies, ore fax, and oilier revenues are
credited other offices as part of their
revenue receipts.   The following, however, shows in part   the revenue the
province derives from the district.
1,371 IX)
Provincial revenue tux....
l.il|Hrrr liCUUSUS    III II Jlr-I
Tivdc licenses  935 no
Murrltigu licenses  IB5 IJO
Itcgislry foes  118 78
I.n" -1,1111]'-	
Miscellaneous receipt*....      1.18 IHI
Report of Wm. F. Robertson,  Pro.
viiicial mineralogist, (lives Some
Interesting   Information.
The report on the production of British Cohiuiliiii mines for the past year
cimicsilsa plensa.nl; surprise lo those
who were looking lor a ha kwaid step
in Ihe mineral Industry  of  the prov-
The approximate figures already
compiled show thai, ihe mineral out.
put of the province for the year wns
8t<IO,7i;i,i"l)l, or nn increase of 25 per
cent in Ihe single year. This increase
was brought about in the face of the
1117 m strike at Rossland, where mining 'was
237 oil hampered for live mouths on necniint
 of lbe labor  d fllcullies.    ll.   wus also
1 11,1171 no
_,: JJt IKI
811.1 DO
III) 00
Mining receipts.
rttlMlNION lllJVENUI!.
During lho year there wero entered al the
(Ircciiwuiui  cuniums  olllce  goods valued ul
1)43,023 hi Ihe following proportions
Free guirls	
llii! iable goods	
r XSott) '.«!
103 3!'3 00
Total tUHfiiSS 00
The revenue collected ul this olllce wns :
Cusl mun ilill leu Sj!7,KI'.! St.
Inland revenue  U.7A7 jj'i
$1:1,570 07
Canada in our Debt.
When lln; Voice of the West proposed lo be projected froni Vieioriii is
raised In ihe llou-e of Commons nt
Ottawa, its first demand shoulil be for
ibe very subsiinitial amount overdue
lo this province on account of lhe per
capila .subsidy.
By the terms of union ive are entitled to receive from lhe Uoiuiiiiiui
government, au annual grant of IHI
cents per head of the population as
ascertained at each decennial census.
Tbe Acl does not say thai, tlm payments for each ten years shall be limit
ed by the count of the population ul
the beginning of Hun period, hut tliul
is the plan upon which tlie subsidy has
been apportioned, mid since mine ol
the Eastern Provinces suffer there ha*
been no cause for com plaint theie.
With ihu West, however, the case is
different, Many years ago MaUllnbi
made a vigorous protest nnd Sliteeeded
tu getting a iiieiisiir.'of justice by the
arrangement that the sulr.iidy lu Inr
cise was lo be adjusted at. the end nf a
live year period, instiad of wailing for
the full ten years, Tills concession to
Manitoba smoothed the wny for a de
maiid for at. least, equal jiisiice to
Hritish Columbia, but our represents
tives have not. taken up our case
They have pleaded eloquently ami
earnestly fur more lilieral treatment;
in general, but general supplications
are those mosl easily ignored. A definite demand for so many hundred
thousand dollars, ilur would have
coiiip lo us had our subsidy been iu.
creased with the populationdining tin
len yeais, would lie difficult nf rcfti-al,
oral least refusil th it, could be lie
fended as justified.
We believe tha' such a demand — or
perhaps il should be a request only, at
Hrsl—would not be refused,  hut  thul
the ease lhat could be made out   for  |t).vcd, amlfhe nverag
British Columbia wonld appeal to lb
sense of justice ami honor of lbe milliters.
Roughly speaking our suhskly fo
the presenl. yeai will be tji7l),l<K) innr
than Hint paid last yeai. The incrrus
iu population bringing this abnui, hu
leen fairly sleaily during tlie ten year
uf tin' census period, and a simple eal
dilution will show that iii that poxloi
we have leccived close mi $100,000 bss
than Would have been paid lo this
prnvince by Ottawa if th-actual population had been reckoned Willi,
No olher piovinre is in the same
position, As staled ubove, Manitoba
tins secured n leadjusluieiif of lhe
arrangement in her rase, and is to
that extent provided for. Ontario ami
Quebec have reached the maximum
limit, so thai their subsidy is not af
......till \l $i'_ii»M ''""'Sh'■ahoul in the face of the lead
—'  —, — - troubles.   Pratticallv all of the lend
»ai.ii:iii24 $si,lti7H5 ,„     ,,,          .      ,      .        ,
.;_.,.,., mines of the province huve heen closed
llrrougii lhe low price of lend, which
dropped nearly40 per eent during the
coiuseof lhe yeai.
One Of the musl interesting feu tines
in .be reporl. shows Ihnt for lhe lirst
lime the Boundary uoiilitiy,including
the (irand Forks ami Ketlle Ri.er
mining divisions, lakes rank a- lhe
heaviest producer in the province. It
turned mil. '101,008 ton of ore,
worili 1,0,15,400 dollars, an iuereium In
value ot Hii) per rem. The Trail Creek
niiiiing division took second place,
though il, Inu, made excellent progress
during lbe vear. It- production was
esliuialed at $8,855,5.10, and incrense of
about III per cent.
The preliminary icpcrl of Pioviu-
cial Miner.-il. gist. Willl.im F. Robert-
sou to I), Jl. Kberis, K. C, acting
minister of mines, is as follous :
"I have the honor to submit lo you
tlie fo.lowing as an approximate estimate of tin* mineral production for
the year IIKII,
"This estimate is based upon the itc-
iiial returns of .a number of mines, and
forihive mines from which returns
have not yel. been rereived the oui put,
ni bused upon ilieirapproxli.mi'eknown
tonnage lor the past year, together
with tiieussajs of the ores from the
s.'iuie mines for ilie previous year.
"Vou will uole thai these are not
given as final si alls tics fur tbe year,
wliieh can nnly be obtained after all
returns are in uml checked very carefully. These will be included in lhe
annual report of ibe department,
whicli can not he oul foe aliout two
niiinliis yet,
"I band you these figures now rather
than wail for lbe final statistics, as I
helieve the prompt publication of even
au approximate official estimate making so good a showing will ho of benefit io the province, ami is generally
desiied by investors in nur mines.
'I lliiuk you will find this ustlifiale
i niiservaiive and very appioxiinate,
quite sufficiently so to show the progress whicli his been innd • iu tlie mining imlii-liy during tlie past year.
"In calculating the.values ot lbe products the usual com re  has  lieen  fol-
price for Hie
yenr in I lie New York  metal  nun I; i,
'" has been used as n, basis, For silver
05 per cent and fur lead IK) per cent of
such market price has been taken.
Treatment and oilier charges have not
been deducted,
"Roughly speaking, the incieasi'in
1001 nver IIKitl is '£i per cent nn gruss
| value or mr put of the province, Tliis
will bea very ag,eeable surprise to
many, as tlte circulation of reports
giving a com r.uy Impression Ins
catlsed a very despondent view to be
taken of the progress of the mining
Industry dining Mini, which does nut
seem In lie Warranted by Ihe fads,
"There is au appreciable drop iu the
placer gold produci ion, owing to the
sudden inciting of tlie snow last spring
caii-iiig frcshels anil  leaving a stunt-
fecled, while in the Maritime Pinvlnces age uf waler during Hie latter part uf
Hie pnimlulloti has practically stood
There Is ,$|(X1,MX) due British Columbia under Ihis head, certainly iu
equity and we believe in law also, and
no lime should be losl in asking for il.
 , i 4	
(iood Work is being done on the
Ruby near Hoimilarj   Falls which  Is
the season,
"The tonnage of ore milled from lhe
lode mines in the past year is abnit
Kil.Kti tons, equal in a Increas** of 817,?
030 oyer the year Iikxi, a little more
than .")7 per ceiu,
"Tliere has been an increase in Hie
output of all lhe metals wilh the except ion of lead, the low price obtain-
being developed by V. W. Hayes and ;nh\e in this province for lend ores ha.-
other Detroit capitalists, Under lhe.ingdiseoiiiaged this class of mining,
siipeilntuidenreofj. W. Ilainillon a'except where accoinpatiied with gootl
large amount of work has lieen done, silver values.
ll. Is reported thai Shipments froni the "The gross value of ihe copper out-
King Solomnti in ('upper cillllp will he put. has lerreased 2IKI per cent uud sil*
rcsiliiiid i ally in the spring, I ver 11 per cent," _n.-ii.>   it 11 ii r.i iu • in.i i'ii 11*. nm
O.M.CIWUSK Maxaokh
Published   weakly   at Midway,  11. 1).
Subscription Price, I'.'.oo por annum, payable
In advance, either yearly or half-yearly at tlie
option of the subsaribor.
Advertising Itates sent on application.
Liberal Convention to fleet Feb. 6h.
A meeting of the Executive of lhe
Hritish Columbia Libeiul Association
was held in Vancouver on Saturday,
18th hist., to consider the protesl of
thu Vancouver ahd several other Liheral associations against the admission
lo the convention of members of the
Executive and Lilieral editors, also Ihe
protest of lhe Greeuwood Liheral Association against the inequality pf
representation on Ihe basis proposed,
and other communications received
since the call was issued for the convention.
'Ihese questions were nil discussed
very fully, and with a desire tn arrive
ut conclusions thul. would he satisfactory to all parlies. The decisions arrived at were ns follows:
Editors at convention.—The Executive at its former meeting decided
to admit to the convention as memhers
thereof Lilieral editors of newspapers
supporting the Ottawa government
About a dozen editors in the province
were notilied by the secretary und in
response thereto two applications for
admission in that capacity have heen
received. Itwas, therefore, resolved
that the application of editors for admission, wbich must he received by
the Executive iu advance, will lie
passed upon hy the Credentials Com
mitlce, wliieh will have the power to
admit or reject any applicant, who is
known not to be n supporter of tbe
Liheral cause.
Inequality op bepbkhkntation.—
In respect to ihe Greenwood Liberal
Association's protest against lhe inequality of the representation, which
is bused upon the present representation in the legislature, the following
decision was arrived at: "Recognizing
the justice of I he demand of up conn
try constituencies fur increased voting
power ul conventions, we recommend
l hut the voting powers of each roust ituency he based nn the number of
votes cast at the last provincial election ; the final decision of the question
to rest with the convention." The
Executive will press upon the conven
lion the adoption of Ihu ahove prin
riple. The number of delegates to he
elected will in any event remain as at
present (three for each meiiiher of thu!
legislature), hut the convention will,if
it icciigni/.es the just ice of Ihe elaini.
nihil lo each constituency the voting
strength which'it. would undoubtedly
have lunl at the convention had there
been a redistribution ol seats according to population, This, is as fat as
the Executive thought it wise to gn.
The Rossland and Nelson Districl Liberals will have the support of the Ex
ecutive iu pre.-sing Iheir claim upon
Ihe convention, which we have every
reason to believe will act in the liest
interests of the Liberal cause in this as
in all other matters. M	
Date op meeting.—In response to a
request from the Victoria Liberal As-
Biiclntion the dale of the meeting of
the conven I inn was adjourned one
wuuk, from January 30th to February
6th. The Vict oi ia Liberals are in Ihe
middle nf a Doniinion election and
slated that ihey could not rail a meeting to select delegates before I he 20th
(polling is nn the 2Stb), without interfering with other arrangements and
possibly injuring the prospects of the
Liberal candidate for election. This
adjournment for nne week for this
reason w ill, we trust, be approved nf
by all parties.
The credentials committeb.—No
change was made in this regard. The
necessity for a Credentials Committee
to begin its work as soon as possihle
after ihe delegates arrive in Vaiicou
ver on February Oth, must lie apparent to every person, The selection of
two sets of delegates, as al Nanaimo,
emphasizes this fuel. M~~
All Ihese mailers may he considered
hy theconvention after it is convened
if it deems it wise tn do so. The Ex
eeiil ive has only one object in view—lo
make I he convention a success in order
that Ihe Liberal parly may become
united and strong, and that thereby
Ihe cause of good government may be
We are very respectfully,
Wm.Trmpi.EMAN,  President  British
Colunihia Liberal Association.
Keiih, Secretary British Colunihia Lilieral Association.
Copper Coins.
\Vc of the VVest are, In our aversion
to the use of copper coin, seemingly in
some danger of heing thought too rich
by our fellow countrymen of the Hasten! provinces, and through this of having our appeals for just Dominion consideration of nur public needs further
postponed. At any rate the Toronto
"Mail and Empire" recently delivered
itself on the subject thus: The Calgary "Herald" protests against the
introduction of coppers Into the North
West, and Ihe "Alherla Plulndcaler''
observes: "Coppers may he very
useful in a staid old province like Ontario, hut In the West we want none
of Ihem j silver Is cheap enough for
us." They are so rich in the Ten! lories
thai they insist upon paying Ave cents
fora two-cent stamp. At least we
■hotild think so, judging by the lofty
contempt with which a few cents are
viewed,' — News Advertiser.
IMBIS   ..III  UU    UCep    1.1.U    Hone,™,    . w
gret at thu news thnt Kev. U. Irwin
is dead. The news wus received, says
the Columbian, in a letter from Archdeacon Small to a resident of New
Westminster. No details of the melancholy event are given in the letter,
beyond the fact thut Mr. Irwin's deal li
occurred in a hnrpital in Montreal,
and lhat both tbe deceased's feet had
been badly frozen. "Father Pat." as
Mr. Irwin was affectionately called hy
thousands of the people of this province, was a clergyman beloved and
esteemed for his unselfish character
and the zeal with which he labored for
tbe good of the people among whom
his lot, might be cast. No labor was
too greut j no journey too difficult or
trying for him lo take to minister to
the sick or dying. In the mining nnd
and railway rumps of Southern Briiish
Coliiniliia "Father Put" was us well
known as he wus popular, and his
cheery voice and helping hand have
often cast u ray of light und comfort
to the sick chamber or the solitary
cabin iu tbe mountains.—News Advertiser.
AV_rXAJL_*  T T Jtt*. J.
A 1 JL-_   f J   KJ
Will be Operated by Assessable Company.   Is one of the Oldest Locations In Skylark Camp.
The Boundary Creek Mining company owning the List Chance mine in
Skylark camp, is soon to he reorganized and put on an assessable basis.
Arrangements to that effect are now
heing made and it is hoped will be
completed tn a short time.
The mine has been closed down for
some lime on account of lack of funds,
but hy making the stock assessable the
treasury Will soon have money enough
to go ahead with the work. One of
the reasons for starting work again is
the splendid showing that has lately
heen made on the Lake claim, adjoining the Last Chance.
The Last Chance mine is one of tbe
oldest locations in Skylark camp, and
is a rich gold and silver proposition,
from which some shipments have been
made, even before a railway was Iniilt
into the Boundary country. It is
owned by the Boundary Creek Mining
company of Spokane, of which Sidney
Rosenhaupt is the secretary, Two
years ago a car of ore was shipped
from which satisfactory returns were
made, hut thu mine was closed about
lhat time and has remained closed
since. < I
It has been developed to a depth of
120 feet with a double compartment
shaft sunk between two parallel veins.
The east crosscut was driven about
70 feet and the west crosscut over 200
feet, lhe last hundred of which wus
all mineralized rock. At lhe end of
the west crosscut drifting wu.i started
north on the most promisingpavshort
which was penetrated about 18 inches,
wiih 10 inches to the south. This <
ran from $80 to $207 pel ton, the gold
values being frnm $5 to o 0 per ton
and the silver from 126 to 215 ounces
per ton.
 > i«
Developing the Zala M.
P. A. MiCorinick, a minrowner of
Sheridan camp, in speaking of work
there said:
"The most extensive operation is being done under the management of
Colonel Topping on the Zala M. Ue
hus a considetable force engaged in
crosscut'ing the ledge. During previous work it was found lhat the ledge
divided. One of the veins had been
followed for a considerable distance
and much good ore had heen exposed,
but the olher branch of the ledge was
a sealed hook, The work now in progress Is to determine what that branch
contains. The vein will probably be
reached within a short time,
"Much good ore has been taken out I
of the mine aud there is u large quantity still available for stuping. It is
probable during tbe winter that ore
will he taken out for shipment. The
'Zala M. has long been regarded as one
of the best mines in the country. The
shipments have demonstiated that
fact. The great drawback has been
l hat the ore must he hauled by wagon
to Midway at an expense lhat greatly
curtailed the profits, In a few umnl hs
it will be possible to ship Ihe ore by
I rain, and then the expense will be
constantly lessened.
 m-ea '- ■
Canadians In the United States.
A return prepared by the Doniinion
statistician al Ol tawa, from the United
Slales census returns, shows that
there were 1,181,778 Canadians in that
connlry in IIKJO. In 1100 there were
080,0118. The increase from 1880 to 1800
was 2(13,781, an^from 1800 ti 1000 was
200..10. The increase between 1880and
1800 was 80 8 per een t. and hetween
IMW and 1000 was 20.5 per cent,
Of the 1,181,178 persons who had
transferred themselves from tho Canadian side of the line to the United
States 780,581 were English - speaking
Candians and 805,187 French-speaking,
in the last ten yeurs the increase of
English speaking in the United States
was 10 per cent., and of French-speaking 80 percent, The attraction forCau*
adians has lieen largely in the border
centres. From 1885 to 1800aliout 12,-
050 Canadians left. Canada every year
to take up theirresldenceinMussachus
etts alune. In evurystate and territory
English-speaking Canadians (milium
her the French-speaking, except Connecticut,New Hampshire Rhode Island
and .Vermont, The Doniinion statistician, says that the general movement of Canadians to the United
States is on the increase.
It is only a question ofa short time
until that portion of the Coast-Kootenay Railway from Curlew to Midway
will be constructed. This line would
be now being built, but for the scarcity
of laborers. When this road is built,
most of the spur lines to the different
mining camps will start from here,
making this the railway centre of this
district. With the advent of more railways into Midway the prices of real
estate will advance, and the choice lots
purchased and taken off the market.
Show your good judgment by buying
now. Midway property will make you
rich. It is not a speculation, it is an
For prices and terms apply to
Oertiflcnte   of  Improvements.
Black I'ixe. IIisii Hat, Bu k Hki.i., Hlack
Jack, Hub, Far Wkst, and Littk Uetaiti
MinkAal Claims.
Situate In Yuneman group of Summit campi
Similkameen river Osoyoos Mining Division of Yale District. - ■'■-
TAKE NOTICK, that I, Chas. DoBlolsOrcon.
ss (icon! for Edward Hullock-WcliFter;
froe minors eerlillenle nunilier nifflffli,
Intend, sixty days from lho date hereof, lo
apply to the Mining Itecordor for a Ceri itlenre
in Improvements, for the purposo of obtaining
a Crown Qranl of the nbovo claims.
A nil further take notico. that notion lunlor
seetion 117liuiHt bo uonuncnenri beforo tho iiwu.
anco of such Cortiflcato of Improvements.
Dated this 171 li day of July, 1901.
Dr. R. Mathison,
Certificate of   Improvements.
Tiiiunk Minkhal Claim.
Sltuato in Yuneman group, Summit camp,
SlmllRamoen    river,    Osoyoos   Mining
Division or Yale Dlstriot,
TAKE NOTIOK tlmt I, Chan, deltlols Ureon,
ns agent for Edward llulkick-W'olistcrfi'
miiior'n   eertitluiue  Nu.nJJiiiiJt"   untl fm  John
Young Irci! miiior'n cui Ullcal 0 No. nlilllM Intend,
 aixty (IiiVH from tho dato hereof, to apply to
C«,     prtrtfr IIT/^IVT i *'lfl Mining Ki'oiirder for a Cortlllcale of lin-
H      I A J__ 1   tirC 1 WlN ' provoinont for   tho purposo of obtaining a
.  r,   \f\JxJ luivivn | Crown Grant of tho abovo oSim,
Lffaixt JPo_. wme-
The Royal Insurance Coy.
The London and Lancashire Fire
Insurance Coy.
The Insurance Coy. of North
The London and Canadian Fihk
Insurance Coy.
The Sun Life Assurance Coy o*
The Dominion Building and Loan
Appraiser for the Canada Permanent Loan and Savings Coy
I    And fnrlhor take notloo that action, under
1 i section 117. must he commenced before the issuance of such Ccrtitlcnlo of Improvements.
Dated this ITI li dny of July, 1001,
12a CHAS. doIlLOIS GltKEN.
To 1), McKay, Esq,, of Koromoos, British Columbia,
Take notice thnt I havo dono on tho "Valley
View" mineral claim nil mile on the West side
of Keremeos Creek in tho Osoyoos Division of
Yale Districl, tlio work required by section 24
of the Mineral Act for Iho two years wliieh expired oii'Oot. 21, WOO and 1901 respect Ivoly, nnd
have duly recorded lho certiiicate of work :
And furthor tnkc notice thnt If, at the expiration of 110 days from the dale of the lirst publication of Ihis notico in tho Midway Advanck,
yoa.a en-owner, fall to contribute your proportion of the expondltiiro required by said section
21 in respect of such work, namely $1112.30 toother with all the casta of advertising, your
' 1 shall hoc
lm mining
aether with nu i no costs or auverusinir,
interesl tn said mlnoral olalm shall becomo
Certlflcate  of  Improvements.
- Sn.vKr Star Mineral Claim,
Situate in the Kettle River Mining Division or
Yale District.   Where located : Welllng-
. ton Camp,
TAKE NOTICE that I, Forbes M. Kerby. ns
agent for T. W. Slack, frectnlners' certitlcato No. HI24SI, T. A. Howard, freo ininer's
ccrlilleiiie No. iilS'i', and Chris. McDonell. freo
miner's cerlillcnlo No. nil'MII. 101111111,81x1}' days
from I he date hereof, to apply 'to the Mining Ito-
corderfor a corlitlcntc of Improvements, fm- Iho
purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of tho
nlmve claim.
And further lako nolleo thnl action, under
section 117, must he commenced before tho
Issuance of such corlltlenle of Improvements.
Dated this iwh day of November, nml.
12c FOKHKS M. KKItllY.
Carrying Hjs Hajesty's flails
Will leave MIDWAY on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, at 8.30 a. m., arriving at
CAMP McKINNEY at 5 p.m.
Returning will leave CAMP McKINNEY on
Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 9 a. tn.,
reaching MIDWAY at 1.30 p. m.,and making connection with the train going east at 2 o'clock.
Tha bett of accommodation for
tha oonvenlanoa of tha
travelling public.
Try a
Syrup of
White Pine
and Tar
^For that Cough of
1 yours, It's good,
The Midway Pharmacy
Mineral Act, 1898.
Certificate  of  Improvements.
Situate in the Kettle lllver Mining Dlvlilon
of Yale District.   Where loeated: In
Wellington Camp.
TAKK   NOTICE Hint I. Fortran M. Korhy,
118 ngont tor; T. W, Stack, hire miner'
vested in mo upon filing with    —^,—,^—.^_^,^^.„
eordor of salihniiiing division tho notloo nnd ] miner;* curl lllciite No,
imrllflritln Nil. IIC'IM. T. A. Ilnwiiril, free mill.
cr'H eortlflcoto No. til'Mtfi, JamoH Prlco, fmo
minor's oortlllcnln No. irl',1573, ami dirk Mc.
AlVliiiivlTroniiii'0(i'i»°li)o''jSilnoml Act Aniond-! Ilonoll,  fmo  minor's  corliflnnto No.   nlMHi,
incut Act IW)" ' Intond, sixty days from  tho iliitn liorcnf, lo
,t.,„.i .i,i„ i.i am,- ni lioxxuxn, loot I TL'1)'tfl tll(l Mining Itooordor for n OUrlllltato
Datod this Ist da> of January, inn. ! 0| frnprovomont'i, for the purpose of obtaining
a Crown Grriiit of tho nhorc cliilnm.
And furthor take notico that notion, under
miction 117, mum ho commenced before lho
isttniiiicc of hiicIi (Vrl Ilimit e of Impro* omenta,
Travellers up the West Fork
of Kettle River will find this
popular hotel the most convenient stopping place. Dining-
room well supplied and managed.
Hest liquoYs and cigars at thc
bar.    Stable in connection.
The Riverside Hotel
Is situated at Rock Creek, B. C, on the main
route of travel between Penticton and all Boundary Creek points.
Qood Hunting. Good  Fishing.
Best of Accommodation.
S. T. LARSEN, Proprietor.
Spokane Falls Morton
Railway Co.
Nelson & Ft, Sheppard
Railway Co.
In the Goods of Ronald T. Hodgson, Into
of Groon wood, B. c„ deceased Intestate,
NOTICK is hereby glvon pursunntto theito-
vlmil siiiiiiicM of llrilisli Columbia, Chapter
187, that nil persons lin ving olalnix atrihmt tho
oataloof Hm lale Itnuiilil T. Hodgson, lllol ro*,
quired ou or before lho j3til.li day of January,
I'.tnl., 1" •"■ml in I lie undersigned their nuirtes,
addresses anrt (Inscriptions, tngothor with full
particular.* of tbnlr respective rliiluis verltled
liynlolii!iii'y declaratlon-Aiid all noiintm In-
ilebted to llio said estate nro required to pay tho
niiiiiiiiii nf their indebtedness in tho under-
ilgnod fori li with.
Awl further toko nolleo Hint nfler the sniil
-Wi day of January 1002, the iidmitdHlnil.rix
will proceed iinliwlrilniie Die assets of the do*
censed among the partlosoiitlllod therein, having rctfiird only to the e'liims of which sho
slmll I Imu lm™ notico and that, thn salil minim
Istratrijc will mil be liable fur tlie salt! onsets or
any part thereof to any norson or pursuim of
wtinso claims notico snail not have been received by l.hiim at, tho date nf sueli ilisfrloiitton.
Datod this Ist dav nf .lanunrv. 11*12.
SiiH'Jlloiri for Administratrix.
Dated this 18th day of November, A. 1), 101)1.
tto FOItllKS M. KKRBY.
Teaming of all kinds done at
B. C.
Railway Co.
Tlio only nil nil I route botwoon
nil points KiiHt, Wont mid South
to ItosNliintl, Nelson tmd nil
Intermediate point* ; coiino'ct-
Iiijj nt Spokane with the (J rent
Northern, Northern I'nrifie nml
O. It. & S. Oo.
Connects at Rossland with tho Canadian
Pnclllc Railway for Boundary Creek points,
Connects at Meyer's falls with stage dally
for Republic
Buffet Service on Passenger Trains be-
twoon Spokane and Northport.
Leave.        Arrive.
SPOKANK     11,2(11.111,     7,Iflp.m.
HOHHLANI) v*.j..  !2.SSn.m.     4.!ltlpm.
NKLHON     ll.Hlil.ni.     li, IS p.m.
Uonorat Pusuonifor Agont.
Worlds Scenic Route.
Dinner une •
t       WKST
Vl( TOItl.t
St. Pauls, Chicago and U. 5. Point..
rnOT/Lv.HRVKLSTOKK    Weil. Kn.  Sun.
tHOI <:" DUN8MOHK JCT. Mon. Thur.Siil.
Ixinve Kootonny Landing Friday tor St.. Pnul
Toronto, Montreal,and Huston.
Leave   ItltVKLSTOKB   MondnjH,
"" idnoiKlays and Fridays for "ma,
or, Sonttlo, Coast.
^^^^   SERVICE
B'rom Vnneouvrr to Alimkii, Hawaii.
I'hiim, .Tnpnii, Auatrnliii.
Via nil Atlantic Lines.
Prepaid tickets from nil points at
Inwes", rates.
For lime tables, raioH and full Information
enll nu or address A. W. HA1LBY, Age'"*
IHIilwu*-, or
D.P.A., A. O. P. A.,
Nelson, II. C.      Vwioouver. U.»
I Patrick, of Molson, wus iu Midst week.
. and A. J. McBoyle, of Beaver*
. spending a few days in town.
Keane, of Wallace, Idaho, is
pf his periodical visits  to tbe
o,Camp McKinney.
jeeting of the shareholders of the
loo Mines, Ltd., will shortly he
lor the purpose of continuing the
'the mini! to Chicago capitalists.
m as   the  sale  is effected this
ty will be developed on a large
1 nnd us there are thousands
s of ore In sight the new owners
mill less follow tbe lead of others
range for the erection of their
eduction works near l lie mine.
x meeting of Iho directors of the
| Forks Driving Park and Alii*
tssociution, held lust week, it
elded to hold a race meeting
pn July 1st and 2nd next, when
[will be offered in prizes,   The
uution of a permanent race track
it $111.1!') will   lie commenced
this spring.   The site was ac-
lust fall und is located on the
addition,   ten  minutes  walk
| the business section.
I. McCarter, 8r., of the firm of F.
(.Curler k Son, publlsbeis of lhe
t(in/.ette bus gone to Meuchum,
pn, where he was called by the
i of his mother, Mrs. K, S.Muiua,
iger of the Log Oubin dining stall that place.   He will remain al
ham for some time and then take
down to Tonapah, the new tie-
niining camp.   After this he will
ilily go to Honolulu, and perhaps
I as the Philippines.   He will be
J from four to eight months, and if
i<s a good opening may decide to
In permanently.
>, new steamer, Ihe York, built to
i- tbe  Aberdeen  on  Okanagan
while the latter 'is undergoing
|rs,  was'launched last week and
i completed she promises to pres
|s handsome an appeal ance as any
of the 0. P.  It.  fleet in Inland
rs. The dimensions are 90 feet
| with 10 feet beam, and she is pro
I wiih twin screws and a power
pigine  calculated  to give  her n
i rate of speed. Her hull is steel
Jennie in sections from Toronto ;
Itis understood that when she is
|onger required on tbe Okiinugan
vill lie taken over to Konlenny to
bn some of the lakes iu thuldUlrici,
J. W. Hamilton, **ife of the
\ninieiiileiil uf the Huliy mine, died
only iu the hospital, (ireenwood,
llilpdny night. | Monday afternoon
(underwent a slight operation fnr
Willis, und was resting easily when
hy- the  doctors  iu  Ihe evening.
rl ly hefore midnight a reaction set
Mul she died suddenly, heart failure
ig tbe cause.   Mrs. Hamilton leaves
des the bereaved husband fourehild-
the eldest being only 15 years of
She was a sisler of JW R. Toole
Uuiilaua, who with bis sister Mrs,
I arrived on Thursday.   Thcfuneial
place  Friday   afternoon,  from
I ley's undertaking purlors, to the
enwood cemetery, a short service
ig held in the Roman Catholic
uch. Mr. Toole and Mrs. Cox will
I ihe four children back wilb them
ipokiine, where Ihey will be placed
he Sisters'school.
ist Thursday W in. Scot I, an employ-
n the Midway sawmill met with an
idem thai may necessitate Hie am
nl inn of the ihuiiih of   bis left
d.   Mr. Scott with a number of
ers wore driving some piles, and in*
kd of tripping tlie hum mer nf tin-pile
Ver In the usual way by freeing it
In the chain by means of a pair of
lars, wbich open, allowing the ham*
■'todrop, the chain was mude fust
(.he clevis in the double  tree  hy
aus nf a finger hook.   Mr. Scolt
tripping the bummer by driving
ring nfl the finger hook allowing
\chain to go hack wilh ll, but not
|ioving his band quickly  enough
book caught his thumb tearing
fiy the flesh and a portion of the
from   bis thumb and throwing
| hummer, which he held, fully fifty
away.   Mr.  Scott  was taken to
Ureen wood  hospital  where the
lired thumb was dressed  by   Dr.
P'S, hut it is doubtful if, owing lo
nature of the wound, the thumb
|l not have to he amputated.
P. Iiarge, proprietor of the Mid-
p Cigar and News stand, while out
(nglast week bud the misfortune
lave both hones of tlie lefl leg frac-
I'd between tho knee und the ankle.
was riding an unshod caynse and
ion nearly opposite the C, V. K.
up house,  on seventh street, the
uial slipped and fell pinioning Mr.
'ge's left leg underneath  it,  with
fesnll, as above slated.   Geo M'*y*
off who was riding a hotse along
b  him,  immediately  went lo lhe
tel Spokane  and  informed those
sent of what hud happened.   C, 15.
ville 'phoned tu Ihe station to hold
J train, which was then about  to
|ft, In order that lhe injured man
pit he taken to Oreenwood tn have
[ broken leg set.   A rig was obtal ned
1 Mr, Large was taken to the Hain
on  to Oreenwood,    where  Or.
mkle set the fraoture, aflor which
was driven lo Midway and taken to
lesidence of t), Me Melville where
patient Is receiving Ihe hest of
i and is doing as  well as can be
1.10 p. in.
Wod., Krl,
4 Hundays!
2.30 p. in.
Mulls for point* fnrlhor wost of Mlilwny thnn
Cuinp MoKlnnoy go via. Hovelsloko,
Monoy orilor* from 8 a. in. to 7 p. 111. with thn
exception of one half hour hefore departure
uud nfter arrival uf mail*.
Pout muster.
All Const poinl*
Ih. Crow'* Nuki, K, ii,
Eiislorn tliinadu
Vernon, ote.
Grand Korks
I'hnoiii.i      i
All pi*. Eu*t& South
(,'ninp MoKlnnoy
Uot'li tlroek
All Wc«t Kork point*
1.30 p. III.
& Halui'dayi
Oi a. iu.
O. T. Wells, a Rancher Near Hldway,
Perishes on the  Road to
his Home,
j.      Tlie tonnage of ore shipped by the mines of the Boundary
I Dislrict during icjoi, is as under
mineral Act, 1896.
Certificate  of
lio™ and Kino Minkiiai, Claims.
Sltuato In tho Osoyoos Mining Division of
Yale District.   Where Locatod i-Camp
TAKE NOTICE Unit. I, Clmrlos do Mnin
Green, ns ukijui for Unhurt H. Hodloy,
free miner* cortillnitii No. n.MliSnnd fnr Haul
Johnson, froo minor's eoi'lllliraln No. 1)10261 mul
rank I'leloher, iron miner'* cerlllluttto No
B5(i™  and   for   1'utur Hooll, froo   miner
tlltciill]    No,    iitniffl,   intund  slxlv  die
rriini Uo dalo hereof, lo upply to tho Mlnln
Iti'iKinli r tor a Cortlflontp of Improvement*
tor llio purposo of ohtaining a Crown Grant ol
Am! further lako notico that, action, under
octinii 37, must tu, ooinmonood boforo 'ho imm-
anee of sueli cerl illcnlo of improvomonts,
Dated thl* I81h day cf Jim., 1002.
13c C. iikH. GHEEN.
Certificate   of  Improvomonts.
Ai.i'ini: Minkiiai. Claim.
Situate ln the Osoyoos Mining Division of
Yale  Dlstriot.   Where  locatod i-Camp
TAKE NOTICE thnt I, Clmrlos doHlols
Gr«en. us agent for Louis O. Heillutid,
free miner's cei'llllee.le No. Ii3illtll3, und fur
lolm (jlroenhlll, froo ininer's "orliltcnlo No.
tl'JOUH, Intend, sixty dny* from lho dale hereof,
i apply to the Mining Itecordor for a Certlll-
,ile of Improvements, tor Ilie purpose of oh-
riiuing a Crown Urant of tho nliove claim.
Anil furlher hike notioo that aotion, under
loutlon 37. must bo conunonced hoforo tho
Issuanoo of such Oertillmteof Improvement*.
Dated this lm li day of Jan., lim-.'.
13c 0. UKtl. GItEKN.
One of the sulkiest events that has
ever heen our painful duty lo record,
Imopened lust Friday evening, when
George P. Wells, a rancher nenr Midway, was frozen to death on the trail
within a mile from his home,
Mr. Wells hud heen to Greenwood
on Friday,* having gone up in tin-
morning on horse hack and left for
home early in the afternoon. On his
way he stopped ,it Tommy Wake'*
hotel, Boundary Falls, to warm himself, He left Wake's some time after
dark and I h» last seen of hi in alive
was at the little hill above the railway-
crossing, a shmt distance from where
the trail lending across Ihe bridge
near Jolly Jack's leaves Ihe main wagon road. He wus then getting off his
horse presumably for the purpose of
leading it. This wns only aliout 300
yards from where the hody was found
two days later.
The trail lending to Wells' cabin
hut little used ut nny time und more
especially during Ihe winter months,
as there is a good wagon rond to the
ranches on theliill, luu aslinrt distanct
below the trail, so that, no one passed
over the trail from Friday evening till
til Sunday about noon, when a gentle
iiiiui going tu J. A, (iiiils,ui's discover
••el the lilies* Imdy of the uiifortunati
man  lying face downwards in   the
snow.   The gentlemen went on to Mr.
Cuulsnii's and Informed lliem of his
ghastly find and J. M.  Melville, who
happened  to  he   there,  brought I hi
news  to   Midway.    In a short time
Provincial Cuusnilile George Gunning
ham nml J. J,.Flood, liveryman, took
a rig  and  drove to where the hody
was   lying.    Upon arriving   at  the
place   a   careful    examination   wai
made nf the mui ks in the snow, from
which  il   wus  learned  Ibal the de
ceased had  been   walking   from the
time he si ruck the trail, and hnd ap
pareiitly fallen over backwards.   From
the impression In the snnw it is evi
dent he  had either fallen wilh considerable ftu-je or had lain there some
lime.   He hnd, however, regained hi*
feet and gone a few  steps  when  he
again fell and after a severe snuggle
to  continue his  journey, was over
overcome hy cold and exhaustion, and
fell face downwards in the snow.   The
al Unisphere   being   helow  zero   it  is
natural to suppose that he expired in a
short tune.
The body was brought to Midway
and Dr. Junes, district coroner, was
notified, bul did not deem an Inquest
D. A. Holbrook, who was a partner
with the deceased in the ranch on
which he lived, will arrive tomorrow
and take charge of the remains, when
the burial will lake place to the Midway cemetery,
The deceased was an old tinier In
the dislrict, having resided on the
same ranch, where he wns living al
Ihe time of his death, for n nunilier of
Old Ironsides and Knob Hill group 233,424
Mother Lode ,  89,034
13. C  47,405
Sunset      802
Winnipeg.     1,040
King Solomon        875
Snowshoe ,   1,731
No. 7       850
Jewel         35°
Total 375,511
Shipments during 1900 totalled 97,741 tons, and during
the year 1901, to December 3ist,375,5ii tons, making an
aggregate of 473,252 tons.
Large Stock.   Low Prices.
-27.   IML.   GhTTXiXsEW   Ss   CO.,
9 D>v»   •   •
__.*_fci_*i&ji tSs&iSi •_k_fc_4t_Si____'_fe& •__:__-_&__Tj2fc_fc:_\ .
I        ________________________________________________
The C^tral Hotel   |||    Mrs. Dowdin&^Proprietress.
llth St, Midway, B. C.
This is a new three-storey he tel, comfortably
furnished throughout.
Th^ nearest house to the Railway Station.   The
most convenient hotel -for railway travellers.
Thebest of accommodation in every respect.
The undersigned having re-opened this well-
known   and   comfortable    hotel • invites   the
patronage of all old customers and the public
Furnace-heated nnd comfortably
furnished   rooms.
I      S. DAHL, Proprietor.     |
«L ito
* x-^t^t s5?;*n<_ ^•'S^ -•r-CS? ^v^sfC1?? *5_^^-*
Settlement does not  take  In
Other Properties in the Ross>
land Camp.    .
Lequime & Powers, Proprietors.
Manufacturers of all kinds of
Those in need of first-class HARNESS, SADDLES, WHIPS, etc.,
can procure them here.
Special attention given to Ordered
Work and Repairing.
Fifth Street, Midway,
|fi_i!|*fi*«_ ««• si? |Mi* ii $ttStia*«*J!»««!iB: IIS fflrf
-j».^.%..^V.*V.***.-*>. •**•'•>..'"•»..*••. •**v^__. _*.__..**-. -N.-»..*v .^.'V.'fc..»
4$9&9?99l9&99 999 999 9^if9 ^^%
Band Sawing and job work done.to order
Telephone No. 12.
Telephone orders receive prompt
W. H. W£BB;"<
Rossland, January 24.—The executive of the Itossliuul Miners' Union
nm tis the following luiiioiinei'ineiitto-
day : "Negotiations Unit have lieen
going on for the past, week lietween
.'tilt 11 H, Mul-i'iittle, manager for the
Le Hoi Mine ('nnipany, and lhe executive board of the Roasliiiiil Miners'
Union, were BiiueeNsfully completed
this afternoon.
'This only applies to the La Roi
"Negotiations are lieing curried on
with ihe other mining companies of
the camp which have heel) affected hy
the slrike,Ian Ihey tire not yet completed.
"WorkitiRineii In outside camps are
advised 10 keep away frnm Rnssiand
for the present, its there are more
union mon nt the present time than
can secure employment, until a settlement has lieen effected with lho other
mining companies."
Executive committee, Rossland Miners' Union, N0.H8, W. V. M,
Seventh Street, Midway, ty
Opposite Crowell's Hotel ty
Practical Wagon and Carriage Builder,
Repairing of all kinds promptly and neatly executed.
Carriage Painting a specialty.
fa   . .      .—; r,
fa       Ihis stable i.s equipped with a first class outfit of      *j|-
I Single ni Double Drivers l
t Saddle and Pack Horses t
fa Hay and oats for sale.    Bus meets all trains,   wji
fa   Freight and express delivered to any part of the town,   ty
'%-$€€ €■€■€ €€€ €€€ «€€«€€€€€€^
THE ^ «>(
© ® Tl
THOMAS WALKER, Proprietor.
All the best brands of
Cigars snd Tobaccos kept
constantly on hand.
Latest shades and patterns of Wall Paper now in
Seventh. Street, Midway. C. ■*■■■■       j# n.
MIDWAY, :=: B. C,
Beautifully situated at the confluence of Boundary Creek and Kettle River.
fa fa fa
9 fa fa
9 fa fa
ILL BE T'le most important railway town in the Kettle River Mining Division.
The Wholesale Supply and Manufacturing centre of the Kettle River and Boundary
Creek Districts.
The distributing  point for   Upper  Kettle River, West   Fork  and Camp McKinney
mining camps. *
The nearest Railway town to Republic,  Meyers   Creek,   Palmer Mountain and   other
Northern Washington mining camps.
The  leading, residence town   in   the  country, with an excellent   climate, pure water
supply and favorable sanitary conditions.
Business, residence and garden lots at low prices and on easy terms.
Send for Maps, Prices, and full particulars to
O. M. CR0USI5,
Agent for British Columbia;
Midwuy, B. C.
A Day Witli an Editor,
The editor of the Stuinplown Gn-
j-etle entered his "den" one morning
recently. It was one of those cold,
frosty looming of the lute fall, when
Ihe ehill wind penetrates one's summer
clothe*, nnd reminds him of the fnct
that whiter is approaching, nnd Ihal
con! has advanced in price.
The editor "deposited Iiis t.ill, liitik
form iu the liixuiinus office clniir, and
burled his feet in a pile of exchange*.
"Why don't you huild n fire?" asked
lln editor, pensively, us Dick, the office
hoy, stuck his held through the doorway of the ihin hoard partition, which
separated the "den" from the office
"Ain't no con)," promptly replied
Dick, as he executed a wur dance to
Improve his ciicdalion.
The editor well knew there was no
coal. He sal in silent thought for a
few moments,
"Dick, do you think we need a fire?"
he dually asked,
2"'0oilMe i today's press day, an' the
ink's harder lhan a brick," chattered
the oflice hoy,
"Well, take these old papeis and
mart a fire, while I go out and rustle
some coal."
By it process known only to lhe profession the coal wan "rustled," und
sunn a roaring fire caused the glnotn
and chill to disappear, and the woik of
getting out the Gazette was well
under wuy.
Under the inspiring inlliience of a
win in lli'c it i.ii lhe "glowing" columns
of lhe Glohe Democrat, the editor pro
• ceded lo wrile his regular weekly
lender, hy clipping a column editorial I
headed "The Unparalleled Prosperity '
of Our Country,"
"That's a elrioher," mused the editor,
ns he handed the uniclo to Dick, "nnd
completely knocks the wind nut of
those fellows who are continually
howling ahout inaugural ing a hetter
system. Why, we don't want anything hetter. Look at the money in
the hanks only wail ing a chance—"
Further iiieilitallon was interrupted
hv the appearance of the expressman,
wilh a package conlaiilng the "patent
side" of the Gawile, the most prominent dccoral ive feature of which wns
an artistically printed label, which
rend, "U 0, D,"
The edilorof tlieStnmptown Gazelle
moved uneasily in hi* chair.
"Say, just leave lhe package nnd I
111 lie dnwn in a few minutes nnd set-
he picked up the package and departed.
The editor again sought ciuisulation
in the inspiring pages of  theG.-D,,
and ivroie the following item lo''lill
out" the first column on the editorial
page: 'Any one   who is dissatisfied
wiih the unparalleled good times given
us hy an n II-wise nil mini., ra I ion, slinulil
promptly he deported."
Dick, the oflice hoy, appeared on the
scene and anki-d for copy,
"Dick, where is John?" asked'the
ililor,  suddenly becoming nwaie of
tlie fact that the erstwhile foreman
hnd not put in his appearance.
Dick grinned,  and  replied : '. lid
ins night he goin' to quit 'less you paid
liim    somctliin'    on   the   lasl. thiee
months.  Said he was tired of livln'
nu wind jam and promises."
The editor groaned, but was not to
he dan ii i ed hy a small thing like that.
Pulling off his coat, he proceeded to
"make up" the forms, lie hnd not yet
decided upon a plun of action whereby
he could secure the "palenl" side nf
tlie Gazette, without which no paper
would appear. He trusted implicitly
iu that "all-wise" Providence Ihal was
guiding lhe nation to—wliere? Me had
faced the same difficulty many times
liefore, and had safely pulled Ihrough
without missing nu issui). 'Twas 'rue,
the Gazette had several I hues heen a
little "late," hut this due entirely to a
"press of husiness,"
The "forms" were ready at lust.
"Dick, I'll go down aud gut the
'ready-print.' If anybody cuines in,
just lell them I've gone down to the
bank, and that I'll he hack in u few
Hours passed bul. nn one appeared
lo hreak lhe solilode of ihe office and
Dick's reverie, exce| t tlie caloiised
waier company's cn'lcclor,
"Where's the hnss ?" he nBked.
"lie's mil," replied Di .;. "He snid
several hours ago he'd he back iu a
minute nr two "
"Well, I can't wait, but while I'm
here I'll jii»t, cut, nlf iho water supply,
an't wait imii'c'n a year longer for
e wnl_r ei'tii
.•'• y.'.Zi-y.i.-.
■■ *'>aV, «_
'•> ■z-nix.
_F±£'-fclx   JS-fcrs-'eoii,   B-Cid-wira-y.
Handles the best Imported and Domestic
Cigars, Cigarettes and Tobaccos of- all kinds
that can be procured.    .
AU Papers and Periodicals of the day. at
publishers' prices.
Provincial Lund Surveyor.
Architect and
Civil Engineer..,
T-Jeal Estate,
Insurance and
Mining- Ager|t.
£ ait view Townaito Af-ent*
, , , AUDKKSS , , ,
It. II. lMlilil.NSOX,
ruin ii w. a. c.
(lorrnspondonoo Solicited.
Oor iflente   of  Iniprovi>mcnu|
Uk,iov Cash Kiuctiii.\-.u. .Mi.vi.iki CikiI
Situate In tho Osoyoos MlnlnK Division 4
Yalo District. Whore loomed: C»»||
Hedley, ■
TAKK NOTICK Mini wo, James jJIi-um, In
miner* cirlllliiuu No. liSWIln ....: I Ii
Moriiiic, froo minor'* oorUllciuu Xo. "M
Intend,-Msly dnjs frnm lhe don lurrtl
to fMHy 10 the Mining Itooordor for n(trt in .
of Iiii|iriiH'iin nl*. for the purpose of oliiiiini'l
tx Crown (irnnt of thu abovo olalm.
And furlher Inku noliee Hint nclion. iinHn
soclion .17. iiiiini   ba commenced before ibtl
IsMiiuicc uf *ni'li Qortitlonto uf Improi rimMiI
Dated this 21*1 ilny jjf AnciiM. mil. f
Ho K. I). UOKIMr.
RANCH of 3lMaoru., hMwWo ono mile fr
Midwnv, 200 Bcroa undor eulMvatioti.
ncrew of vihirli in good timothy mewli
Pjflnty of wfttflr In prnviilod lijr ihroi! p
upriiiKv Tlifit- iw iiMo n beautiful you
oivhnnl on ili<> jilnrp Wtfinnitig to Uur, p
iwuw. biirrmiMi'l niilbiiildiiigi)- For luruitt u
luirliriilar* .iti[if, lo
A.HOl'I'KU, MidMiiy. R'
KM  ,.u< ...HI OCl
tie t he hill,'' he finally nui mini d to mi y,
"I'm awfully l.usy just now, nnd
lniveii't lime logo to the hnnk, licsiiles
It isn't open yet."
The expressman winked knowingly
nt tii'i office fie vil, The song sounded
feuiiliur to him, und without a word
lhe water rent.
Lilt" in the afternoon the editor
eliinh' d ihe stairway lending lo lhe
olllce, over lliednor nf which hung the
nnigii! words "Siumptatyil (iii/.et.le."
His altitude wns Uinl of 'i mini who
hnd run up ngiilnst it snag, lie told
flick lo go homo for the dny, tut to lie
hack Burly the next morning; us he
hid decided lo change the duy of
When Dick luvlved nt theoltlcencxl
morning he found his nolile preceptor
there. On lhe lulile wns Spread the
'.'patent Inside," while a smile Illuminated the edilni's fiice,
'Well. Dick, hurry up nnd get the
press rendy, and we'll get her lull, I'll
set one more llem," which appeared as
follows ;
"The GnstelttT Is u. litlle lute (his
week, owing in the rush of husiness,
which Illustrates fully ihe wonderful
em of prosperity through which
H'uinptowii as well ns the entire country is passing. Wu hope our rruflrrsl
will hear with us this week." I
Just a Word!
To those contemplating an investment in Midway real estate, the information is
offered that on the Riverside Addition may be
found 300 very choice residence sites.   ^    -
LOTS 50 x 125 FEET.   mmB^^mm
For terms and all other information apply to
W. H. NORRIS,        or A. MEGRAW,
Midway, B. C. Camp McKinney, B, C.


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