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The Advance Apr 8, 1901

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Full Text

XIV, No. 23.
$2.00 per Year.
Ukkkswihiii, II. C.
—i Notary Public,
loKlNNIY, i.C.
(Hallett & Shaw
NateriM PaMlc.
: "HilMCT,"
■una '. IMfaril iit'HMIt, Muffing k
Sttal'm, Ivllwf «.
^^^■l . .  MIDWAY. H.C.
Iabt rvnuc,
vommtmutx aokmt.
i oatrtoo pa wail.   Mlnoral Aet
Act papers drawn up. «■•
at cost.   Now is the time to buy.
We are also giving good values in
Groceries and Hardware
aiaaaloatlant ky aall or Mlophono
niy aitoaaae u.
jell Block, Gmknwoo,-.
_«.Caa.lae. C. I.
jrii«'iAt Land   Sukvkvok
sau Uaa»»woot>.
Keal Estate
I [|>»urai*ce.
Tomomal ARTIST.
trxtfUf rt.it.-. Hair IV. H— Team
r Skmatsn. mil al Uw ilnif path*.
e,:,r.lrmr,l ao4yr.Ni*,!.
Ill  KTK-KT.  - -   •  MIDWAY. B. V
| Hotel Spokane, j
Midway to Have a Competing Line—Construction Will
Commence at an Early Date.
The Country Will no Longer be Under the Iron Hand of the C. P, R.-.Parlia-
ment Adjourned to Allow the Members to Consult Their Const i
ent*--No Doubt as to the Opinion of the Entire
Province In the Matter.
Seventh Sl.
iKiaft at lopaMac.   Hon
A emetiaUy.
in mn mm.
xorrii or hock ckkkk
niam Aommmmitxtmt roa Uurnn.
_«*_»» ***h*_**-«i> XttUke Hittx.Xf
Immstms^'+rhr' a*"mm "** - rtMway.
A new building, well furnished.   Everything new \
and first-class.   Only the choicest Wines,  Liquors l
and Cigars kepi in st'ick.   Headquarters for Mining ?
ami Comma cia) Men. S
Commercial and Mining men should put up
at the Fairview Hotel when in camp.
Qeo J. SKeeKar-
Tlieri' I. now im (lunl.i ilmi ennatPUil
lion im He- V. V, A Vi, railway will tic
toguii iii in, fitly dato, that In If tti"
|ii"win iiilj 111,1111*111 nf 'Ntiliiii-ii'iii I*.
f"i'tli<' |iiii|iiik" of nil 'Hii g ih" mini
tora an npiNi-iutiliy nt founding Ihall'
eonflllllflltk |||N,|| III" i_ii*kli<iii, am
alitlnl l,y lb" gnv*rinn*nt, I ,'iauk" II
in Ibt* wi'li nf ••vi'i-yini" liit"i*»l.,l in
lb* luiililiiu of ih" ikmt K uili'iiiij
railway th it Hi,* V, V, A V„ fhnuld
rmiftm t tii" i"'i«l,
Th" K<n"niiii"in, Niiii'h s* It would
Ilk* to tutor III* I', I', II,, h«. In'.oii"
afraid of public opinion. Tin* Mtlr*
|,iovn,i" bm Ik**ii no iwonouii"'(1 in fm
vi**wit i'oin|"iiinliii{ th" miiiui" of ill"
«i»V"iinii"iii (i'khiIiik lb" Comi
Koott-iiu)' railway ilmi it has talo-ii
alarm and d*rid"d lo coiumlt Ui« whir
wof ih" i"o|»l" in ihu matti-i,
iloniiwltiiili fn railway, was the
yobv ut tin- |fop'« a' a larg* mam
iwih'ifnK h"hl i*'*iuly at Vhtorii,
Tbi* |wo|,l,- of that ,liy bar* Kit/en
ihtdr m*mh*ra to undffkiaml ibat if
Id" ro,<ki-K"o,*<n»Y ntad Iw noi luilli
•<» a«oim|*<ting lin*' ihilrr'-afgn'tiomi
will to a*k*il for, IVrlM|-k no la*lt*r
Mm of the opinion it the p"o|rl" of Vlu-
hiria In tbi* mailer tan to gl**n than
to tb« MIowinK taken titan the Out
"Dark ti mmorw ar* afloat a» l*. th*
iMtmiion« of the gotooRotent toward
th- V. V. A V..
ktftnimelwd from all (jnattm, ami
qiwii-nrd by all kind* of uwh, -owl
<tot anaitona of m*o, tb* PfftttbrV te-
vty Is lii- want't "I will unk" Ih"
l«.j,t l<o«(*ilii for lliilikh t'oloiolaa,"
Tit* r*|* lilioii «f lliik IM|>l,ii- MtK-r
.io.'* lii* i« ii ,. »no«n t n, g i "i iliiok
lb" f,i<n<l» of lb" "o|»"0 tout," aii
«,««*(»-*«♦ i. alo-M'l tvery miter*
among frtotnU of lb" n»»' (imioi,
Votes lit tbi g i*.-iUHi*to <btt"kl<'
tir i.iuU'.y.   'tbfy OUtr, Wi'll MlMOilllP
c .niU'ttir,ih*t "ib*tati tii.tg'it, Vr
lt< ni«l, ("olnm'tia" will I,,' a I'.'icjfjii,
»fi|i ib* f, IMI, i ib* gnv«*ri'Mi'lit
in ..mttitt mt*. end <b" t". V II i
.'i,,i,,l i|i"if,,«'.'riio,"ot-. afi*r whirl,
tJov* o'iuno for rrttndutinii*, .)%
minniea "mhikIi tmote," and ib* veer
li'fltog «l iwol.,1) of Ih* lluii*mi*<ra*l
„,i„i>i ration,
llll lO til" I;|,'l|t"||/I||l llllU'I'IIHl', iIiiih |l
up hy the i'.hl/atn's Assot iittlon, wlili'l,
ia ii- follow i
To HU lliinni ltii'l/l"iii*iitiil.(liit",'iiin
in Oouni'il, Vii'iiii in, li, o, i
Mir,—At a a|i*('i/il mrniIiikof lhc i'|ii-
ifen'k A*i.oijI«iIoii of Viin«niiV"i, (Mil
tbi* SW b Any ut Mmrh. MU, to dimtUH
the qni'ation of ih" prnpott/i Oomi>
Ki*ot*imy llii" of lallwui, it WHS ta
Mtltoil iii kiiiniiii to t-mii' Honor, for
th* lon-iiilii'iiiioii of your Hmvir'i tA
vlmit), ilu> icntoM why, in lb* opinion
of tht* wti<l Awi'i"laii"ii, kiK-ii n lln,
khoiilil l»'ioH«i,o"Ui( uinl tnaioliiioi'il
hy ko,o* mmimity iml"P"ntl*nt of any
railw«y i'oiii|miiy atpt'**u*ntiiiiiiii'iti,1
with ih* |*oii of Vant'Oiitw, Tb" clti
/*n» AkwMjUiion of Vhiii-iii,h*|' -itloiiu
ly Hi|yiH',ii*. eompHMloii in railway^,
bill Ik hi ih* kam* il„i"*nli*'"lv impi"
ji«li",,| anil fr** frwrn any bi«»aa to
any «|awil)i- ito,n|Miiy, Aa a "liiwit'e
a«««;lallmi It baa Iwrn il**,n*il ail* Im-
1,1* for ua lo '-onfiu*. our araunwut to
tb* a*U*iiU4**k that iioi.i a.ini'< to
our own *lty ol Vani!*Hiy*i' from emu,
Ik'tili.i,, in railway*, r*"o«ni'/,iuKat lie
wiiii- tlm* thai aimilar adrauiaK**
nuiki inrvilaiHy follow io older jioii*
ami "hi** of lb* |ih<him« «,ain<_UNl
wiih lb* propiwil ,i>ui|**iiiiK lin* of
railway, (ional |*oil» aro f*w aiwl far
l**tw«"n, not only on th* IWiW** * oa*i,
i,i*i thnaiiflrait tb* world, aud loo
miojI,,ai",',nonl )*• *«*,"i*Ml lo pr*
•nu iheir tm'.mintt uu-nopuliMi'l in
ib* lMi*r*«ijkof auy k|*',-ili" I'lnnpiny
Thus |a*tof V.iiniii" r ik io,i<|o,-, in
Hkodii'l, a* it ik III* only Hrst ,l-u»ioo,
,o"i«'i«l bar'*,, on lb* Piii'itti'«oa»t ol
I'.oa.li. Tb*ra am, it i* tru*. one or
iwoirfli.-r io«oi| bail*a-,,n tb*"oa«tof
llriltkb I'olumhia, tail Ibey ium ww
<a**upy tb***<i'"(»|i"«al piwilion of Hi,
|m,i1 of V ao<'on..-,, as ibey at* not ko
w«ll kifiai* for i tfis'iingt'tis,'I'imu".'
• ion with lb* gt"at railway Ium* of
I'anada and Ih" l'oii*d *4'»l*s, Kmb
to-inif lb* earn i« i* a mat *»• of nu*i
vital io,|**riau<'" Ibal *«*ry m*au«
dtenttd la* a»lo|*M'd I" p***»«'nl lltt'ron-
t#*»l of rwu'li a bailor Uy on* railway
"ompaoy, H<i*h a lliin«, w* Mthtwfl
woohl l" At'S'liott' not only lo Van
euotftt, Ui' lo tlu* |*r<iy)n«" ami lb*
I»•,nil,,,',ii «» a wboi*.  wbi|***ioK woohi
t*990v*om99*o .Otoe
99999 9,
lUM-sf wm* mmmmt u
Midway Meat Market -1
K. A. MATTHES. Proprietor.
At tMa mubtitbmtnt cmstotmert cm trt tbokott tot* at
BEEr. MVtlOk. POilti. aod VEAL,
aOmaemaaOfkam attemsmaTmmm
Thrrefotie MnMU an* alw.-tv-- Ii>*«h ami amen    I 'ad aud -put a g'.*l joint
l«r iloim-r u>A*y,
TELEPHONE 311- P. O- SOX 26,
_t_^____l'___Wi_-_t-'_-_-li_#__M_tf _#Jiti__^-iti \\\\___\__\\ _m
l-ri*tal« of lb«< QortmmtW *aylbalh«. "omaiM, for th* i**m*u Owl tr*
j Mi. Domwufr w.aild u«t ibiuk. for*J_*,„»,M" kbi|*|ann; tomv#nkm h-.M.s.
inmuiHil. id makiuK a halgs'm id any if,,* *»-*,*»,iW*,any pit: at whinb th*i»
I kind witb lb* <". I', II.. hi Ath'ii" > f itsitr w.hM)^ hsiui'tr thy, autic,,.,,.-
Wm. St. Qumtin, Prop.
I'LAIS AXU rtxcx
icao, rum, cu.x-9, fix.
Kr.-r»thi,i_   fitrwt-ftmmm.
II. KEYES. Prop.
Bh_ liqmra aod tlfiaia.
rr-dinl WMd Uur.
eoppKR i«rr
Seasonable Goods
DowBtoaetmleosL ZOpereantless than formsriy
Havin<«" a lar^te stock <>f Summifr <i«*tj*dii on
haiuL and wwhinij to dltpMe of th« «»mn. ire hne
mn<le the abwe rt-luction, brintfiiitf these good*
down to actual COM.
Fancy Gingham*, for Shim WaM*.; Fancy
Z«*hyrs and Chambray* irfri|*J aikl checkered ;
White Muslins, Vmcy and Plain Outing ElaniK'ls,
Or^-andiei and numerous other sea unable go'd-jj dot
Indies" and Children's wear.
Ladies' and Children's Straw Hats al greatly reduced prices. Only a few left, as they sell fasi at
our prices-
Clothing for ■*'l*'n awd Boy* to bc sold at a sac-
rifice-so don't miss the oppDrtuoity. Bicycle Hose
ami SweaterR.
Sb«»es im Tan and Black, to suit all tastes.
The Gr***ry Department b stacked with a full
line'f goods sold at small margin for e*l~ ?rm-
pedors Hardw.tne and Shelf Wans for Bolder*.
HAIN & CO., General MerdiMt*
|[ jib* a ill of ih* |-*-oi*V; l»*-aua*it wnai'd i
br a »oi<i.l>l pr.H-issht t «,u hik |wri
ih-i wih«M w.imk *b* a<lmioi.-l*»<ion,
ami fail of fl* ohje-t -il1* i<M-Mwiii*t
*«H>■ la-iuy I'ImJj'.iI to r*|wnlM<* lb*
«i«s iu i.n.',
Th* aniff*,ii'jf* of <'.il<l'i'„v,  ,,'<)'I
.ailway Ni>o<a^«*l_K ban* (<oni»i,«l 110
' tiki, r<i|«'-da' j will* ail "I'io i IfeOHl fei
»*-o**)*iii*i*rr that "it «iw'4'lt.'rf«N
u.an Uad..tii»ja,l»i Uml u uoll»iia«'
i •*,* bji>t'K>d a'aao hi- u.i, and Hum ij
|b* »*,* «lrowii«l in Ihi-d'1Kb* of lb*
_*,* lluiii «ii.-.» b*.h' iii'), i'V w, mmh
a»lb* wmk 'I ao »»*al, **«.«,il> ap
ibat oo«.*i la* mad* wiih a iailw*,y
<-.«„|mij> tvttmg .-olir" toutodof llf
l*uii, jK***!* wa*, until to-ry iwmily,
tb* fain* of Kan Kr-ilMwo, ,n..l tb*r*
<■»„ I*, no d.ailx Ibat bm |«**,ulatiou
,iu<| w*altb w«*uld h'.*" l*»-w o.oi*
rwa»1l}' M'Mrtl lhat nf fybbmijo IoiI-jj
tmd0****,,lw»y**»i*«*d »adw«y wm
'.'iiiu.il in than *ily, Tlo» »-- a I*i1
w*)| k"«wu I" la,*i«*.-» torn, sod si'
rutuofitd wilb tb* n«*at *bi|-|any
«wf»ui**,   tt'iib «u«b an nl-fArt '*--
x«l   il   mxeillS IU,  .Ml  Ibat il  W'Stiti   tf
* uratiitij nm*than a grata tii. in
di*t*Tm*d )> ai lbi»<wi*l puftod. a*«l
l total uf at', P. Il-waaw***!? b*j*«<«l||w,wi, ttu, h^, ,# t^, )K)M ^ v»u
»"*- I matter lo lanafui'b under ih" ib*«a-
UltttA, *' pOOt I* lb*'*'Hard*- U(nw |tiaiw*tt'»> <**r <«*> all |«*w*tfiitl rttttt
M^aikm, w-* of ll« C »'. M, MwdMpwir,   HV M ibait n« «-ffi«ii dumtd
!«!• tiatf .Iimi* to |4**" tlm |»»"*'-|»^,^Mt»dli'.lar Ibii* to>Urr Ot&Mif
ttnw at ii* «•*.*■*', ibat rs'-ii if j* klttaiM
.-nVi tu tati(4 Oi* »»«<! "I,**, (frail.-, ior
,.4hmgtt mul xx-*y a tsuii mm toll*
| pwm Mn*titfurilMi pittibfr, ibn'tdRrrj
Wia<ld tie iottMOfflldttf Itf*tlt4t
riirfkAtkttiiw Hlil.anti'bm statu-
tittr*mtrb UiiA ib* V- V, A K., *»far
two tiimtmyitig it" feemiie--, so.•*■'*«■"*
lb*iraM«irtf l.'tci** t»,*« «"*t,ic-i*iy lb*
«,4**ly $ hKNMW t|,* Miiil-N'«««<ii
.-f,<ina** t« it ttr-x'd ti' he ». nbadly
kwtwiily wkh «b«-«''*ii a*l*«««vi«i''i»i'ktiii*,,
no.! is, by bitidrMt „i mHihm*. t**>
rnitlim   I"   li"   liHW^bt  *n>.      lu 'I*1*.
•*w*>iW 'tow* Ia* **if "Imtf mg mtt tb-
tsmii WiU t»"*i lb- "xthrt b%.
'TnktiBji! ttitf tmfkhtmtiim wilb aw
.^buj." lbe »a*it* tA tin*. la.it'tiM* fca»*
r, *._>«! a rrnaw *u »»*«•* thai it tu .not
KK-,f io mar tttui lb* *i|aAi.>4 If lob*..
tV t»«f»ln' am w*4l to dr- *l tru «m^, Iji
wotwr Umm ib* **• it. hatit, baaw aaaf
ta*.l a«4 to w«biMtti<* Mt-t,ifa*i mb w.. tevtw
dmtt th* tysmbmm j««* *hmw4 br at
tb* bank arm.''
VaMmMMM- i» ttftasbf titsatg bt f **"*
tt a emmpethht bttr,   U imnmoh** *b*
UA tbat He* to a «tt*«*Mw«f «,'**#
•MtM to 0*wtWW»    TV .'»►*■ (im
1 V,a*i«(*ii»*ri» *«|ti««Ki 4 i*i lib* otrofer
»ttit tureMy htoto tb* ptopmt mtubor
lib*.  Ou lto«*w«i»mn'ii**M*d "t '"-in*
jtula1*- trattirrs il i* lo lb* H»***'*«l ot
taitU railway »»«o(MiO' * aM »io|«|*.nj.j
timiptniiiftt to intitj oi* a,.'! aim tungt
thr •MtafatMutM-'iit of owlo»ij )*■.-. ami m
imtmsnf lb* tttr.intg trail*, IM as*
insMK***) titilipiOK «>Mt(».ai,i»-j mui rail-
twty MMtflau'*"* tto.* i» #',i **-.-**i,«wJ
4iltf*»*iiB* iu otii* #wn*»ii( tit,,, xM. to
in-i; a r*tf *tn**nm«»' tMatiUt' lo *wo
iiuil.1' llu' lii'»l liiiijjiilii piHWlllb, mi'ih
In .iriiiiil llu- |tiiviU't/.* nf huilding III,/
l'im-ii Kui'li'iiny Hin- in i|ir ('jii.iiilniii
i'l,, l||(| |l,ullt il)' i'i!lll|lilliy, i,l I'l" moil"
lllill'  lllti<ll,|illt,K In »,,f,' (/i|ir,l ill,' in
b'l'Hata of ilu- nulillii ii> Intlmlng h|uih
«niniii k |inni'iii liflnj* «ivi'ii in i,i||i-r
IMllMi;   i'OIII|l/lllil'S  over I hill Iiil", H"
r«»pi'i'ifully biitiinlt tbat Hii'il'Hiiliiiii t
,'„l,i|wiiy, ii.- owiM'i' unit o|i«ri,iomf ihu
III", mul lulling ,1,1 i,iiiil, ih„ i||i|it lo
liul. t'Pfl»iflBI'/illl,||,  ,'inilll   I'Hsiiy   null
etfi'i'lixt'ly l,aii'|ii',','tii, lb* i! ii'1 |"'W-
rfiil  n>i|,|ii'ijini  liy  iiiinliliiiM,  Unit
would -iiiinilly oi<iltif> tb" unwind
|IOWl'ro  give)),    klld  »«  Ik'lii-Vl'  lllill
ill"   illK*lil|ll>'   III   ,Ml III"   I'HMiii'M, III'M
wiiildalwiiys front until,l"iil inoi*,-
<om*a,iy i,'i{ii|,,tio,i*i rtckiifnetl by ill*
(lovi'i'moi'iH lo I'H'K'iil lliia. W*
would |i"ini 'tin i" your Hnnoy thai
the uulwiiiuiion of ioni|iii|iion for
m"ii«|,',ly Infio ia'ily noi'HWi to thu
ton*lliof ibrronoiiuiily al laiif**,
Alilt'iUKh, na a i-hr/ei'it's nkualalion,
mir nigmwul Inu* hwn mad • whb
|wiiiiiil,ii i, f.-i'*n'i' l<» our own iity,
tht* i. nothing, wo Mibmit. in our
,;on'i-i:li"lis Willi ll li not filly illid l'"ti
cirmd with tbeg*n*ral WetltttlA ih*
wholu I'ton,,**. And io i>l*a.liuK hi*
,a<ik*of ,''mu|>*ii«i< In,"*' "f railway lo
Vaiiii'oo*'r »* ar* at lb* uani" lio.*
l,|*adlni{ tb" wm** of oib> t clii** ot
th* I'roriu** wlih which until eonir
ptiUK liuik woubl Iw ronn*.l«|.
W*ar* iiiforuMJiloh i*li,l,l« mn)»"i-
Ity, ami toli***, ibat two I,rg* ablp*
(ami CMnpnnfM tn* now \wtpntmi i«
*«tai<li»b sonnretfon aiih His yo i of
Vouiiii.' i ua *a»n na railway moO'O*"
III foil ia in .tigt.i-.it. .I 1,,'H', aud I half
*ijv*nt for*«h»ih,wa |ba nalttliliabmi^lt
of lour Ittrg** iii'hieii i"s in whi'i, i H"y
will iji»**4<',y naalala,,'* wiili th" <•«-
|Wraa objrt't of bufklilux ll|t H)*n eafi y-
mil ti'.nh'.
W* fuilln-i Nll'Wtt lhat auoih't
gtrf la-j,<-lii tb,-<i -ton ii a,aru*lo ,ia
iIh**mii;1i ib* *au''li^bm*nt t4*tmi\i*te
inu bn*» ot railway aonld be iln-
(,la<i„»r of lb* hoi'la i trj'h- i,n a moih
«tuuoVrao,l,mai'|,ioli'ali|" h-ujis, lallb
hy land and nnt,
H'lliUiot dralinic flirlb*f **iih ll,"
kja'i'iti* arsjoui'lil-- io f.i*, I of r, liipetl'
tioni we tv.-jii'i'tCjiiy iiiv.' your Honor
Ibal nothlng ia .n al"jii,liO/ ly a*«*nttal
lo Ih* iii'«'*lo,>oi"l,l »t lliia |liiivll,i '■ ,,s
*l«'a(< l,.«ia),"llUli'.|j. and   th"!   it   is
only hy Um -wtaldf«bni*nl of iodf|t*n»
<|*U-', <oOl|>i'li|IJ< IllK'a lll'l *h*.,|, Ir.ilis-
l*",iaii ii, nm iw tetwmi, Th* ,-xti-n-
>ion ol *|i.'.i|i iraii-|»'Miati 'it I'.iiim i'.-
ntfanu tii* 'i'-*"!")'1""!!' of euopuifiut
f'suioii'--. ai |w*v*ni i>io« 'lo want,
sui ii i> I.- tf-'-^it i i rtiti (ji-','|,ii io
Htm   jjrji.i   '»'i l,i„.o )   ..-.-l-i mi r   ion
i.nnii\iiiittgHm: *.nt a, o> i |n
■ ilitoata w* ,"ju.->jii-1 11 .-i ii ia I,,
a .-ni to«b''i* «i,ij tin' mtottmt <   " ■'
b*l'i'*ai.'i *,il In' an buii'lii'ij f ,)«!.
Af la.   Sr lb* tUf Of Vaiui'iuii    *
llSO'*"t"d,   WH '-'-IX till   X   '''Mr.lil, I    II, .1
ill ,w«.iiti| toiii«,|,,r hi ii. ■ I ii i till   '"
-toi- * ii.tio- In min,,' ii,i,,jm i ii !■ ii in
tailwas- I bail i,i ",ii,lii in   i ,iiijiiu|„i y
• iiiuMii t )»i<niia.   Ai- *"bar*. «lt»a_y
|MMnti*d Ml ■■ thf* la a uui'tif atln I log
8*90 tie,*.,' iiini li, iioi'iiun uAi: • ns.
ami tv.jui ,'• a >)a'<'j.iiun'il.i coin y
Whl*b wili sal' airi'ii l"i .'I' I Jin-lln-
Uimdum ot on* ol ih" AreliUtnA $,'*««
(firlj, of Ibo tiltn/lio, AM mr WtH.it
t'otl|i''''r ltMa|MiiBlfnll_y but must *ito|tbal
i*ally mi*;* nfawi jront* Umnm*.ittotw|wii
pme li"H"i'.- mil,.- i.--. iimi uiuUttio
eottdttloii* oi «muuii,kis wl*ait**f*f
abmtld * tbatttt Un; «»• mAttimif* io
«,i,i ni, ito' Ito »oss'i-t)i-cu>» of ib*
OtmtAfitodtktoy !»*** of Midway to
tfn*oUtnDi$*mip*oy m* ifctttmwKtoljf
btd*i*i*o*b'«t ut *."> *'-*,'ii--*'inx )iJi'* of
-yttnmiwiwl will* ito ftttf "f
«ti«Kit. ««|0i|t and ataititoiiji' tail.*ay*.
««M«t||»1ttlli.>o ia tint ttt t-il..'. and mime   tail««y
.*it**«itiiy mount nf hdt»tk*t>y1ttttytA > Vntmmwr,
»»a*i|Mtn« I* ui tmimm mmtif9Ut0e\   W*woiMtdimirm^#*ttuilly*iMfoot
<b» lb* ontot bawd dti-t-at*«t. wilb in* ' altouliwu »oa(««iil in «to fnputi 1*1 fly
ftwukm I'mmo ti.*a4 to*« atoi o*t baar, 1 taM toftw» tto l't«*r)Wrfbd Itow* of |Im
•wW.>«iiiob'iHii«Mw|i>«tii*«*.a<*dttol»,»'lway ptttef oolUto4 to ito Hon,
itramUnd of ifaiwrfto* Ibat *:<u to inner
t-imed by Auppotg is, "* mmim*4 wbb
nail«*»'■■. t**»l fni WH bin* ,-r]^—^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
___.f..._iue «,_.  liimiM   le, mtamkaaxl***** *' «"0*»'O'-iiliil «',Mtlbio1''to'I*'!'-!**
mttettm ymi itonma to wmmv* ,;^.^ ^.^ ^ ^ tmm!t1m ,„uh
thaw uf tb* MibfAtt, ■** tog to mtwM i Vam,,mvrl, i^-,,', ton **akfng uti tmi
tbat. WHWtbltW ii**** alwayaawnwaa| tmem fia- U nitidM.^ itttn u«-, it> >rl
*|M> |'.i*,ok*t io bis aibitvaa In Ito I'"in
btbot U.»*two,*ii'l, to wit -iti jwbiib is
edtmolisd .a im*-foum it.,(«*, ti- *>»,.
to' mrnditm pmmx m mutothutom
m to all '«<**** railway
ibw, <NtW a tit** timtmi mod
tt^rtttt** by a dmdmtk tmrntmy,
M'Uff.'x.mtt, 9m thttiHut*' I but yww|
Ituiuot''* **Vto-*VM to lb'-ir mdmtkt to'*ibd*$ nf Hank, WU
Vmwnos'to;   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
all nf wtdtbhtemnttttisKji **'t''M»iii»>
(:'HA»iJM M'tMtlHVAKIi.
I*.»»*'l Ml Ito',"Sty trf f^NMMWtt tht» Subscription Price, 8-.uii per winum, payable
■ ii advanoe, Qithor yetirly ur half-yearly at tht;
iption nf tin1 Bubsonbor.
A'lvcriiNiiiK ItnU'K wwl on application.
The governiuenl hns at liu-l dtcided
nnt to totally fgnore pn'.lic* opinion
mid baa accordingly adjourned tht*
house for two weeks 1.0 allow tbe members ao opportunity i'f .niiiiilini,' their
constituents as to their wishes regard-
in'! ihe huilding of the (.'oasiKoot-
eiiny railway. With a unanimity of
sentiment in favor of lhe recognition
by th" government of the V., V. k K.
Railway, whicli haa heen shown by
delegations fnun Victoria, Vancouver
mul nearly every town in the interior
that would he effected hy the Imildlng
of ihi- road, the government should no
lunger plead ignorance ns to the views
of iln* people nml an adjournment for
ihe purpoau mentioned should not
have been deemed iiithss.ii'V. There
is no ilonlil its to the people's wishes
In the matter and if their wishes an
t- plied with there is no doubt hut
that I he Ooaat Kootenay Kailway will
he Iniili hy the V.,V.& K, Victoria is
Hiiitngly In favor of a competing line.
They recognise that a competing
line is necessary to the advancement
Of I hat city and Ihey nre mil. hack*
waul iu acquainting the government
with their views. Vancouvei' is also
strongly in favor of the V., V. & P„,
and tbeir memorial published else-
where in this issue should have much
weight wiih the government, for it
contains the opinions of some of the
hest husiness men in Vancouver, who
have given much thought to the. suh
jeel of how to extend the trade of thnl
eily and have come to the conclusion
tbat railway competition is the thing
most desiied. The people of the
Boundary, Kootenay and Siiuilka-
lueen I'linnlries have urged upon the
government Ibe importance of a competing line. Delegates have heen sent
from nearly every town in the interior
for the purpose of informing the
governiuenl as to the opinions of the
people ou this question, aud yet in
the face of nil this convincing evidence
that, il is the wish of lhe people that
the government should favor the
huilding of the V., V, it li. it feigns
ignorance in lbe matter and adjourns
the house to Hud out whal the people
want. Now that the government has
wisely decided to consult, the people
in the matter and wains Iheir views
the people shoulil put up such a strong
••■■*• in favor of the V.. \'.k 15. that
there will he no mistaking what, tlm
wishes of the people nre. Delegates
should lie sent fruu nil over the pro.
vince ami shnuld appear in a Imdy
when the hill conies hefore the house,
and hetter yet if the delegates he
armed with a petition signed by the
yoiers of ihe vai'iotta electoral dis-
triois Interested in the huilding of the
, 'nl. Midway has decided upon this
i lie a iii ■ ii n try tributary to
'•'• : i* will he canvassed for the purpose if oblaining signatures uf those
ii favoi of a competing line and we
believe there is not a person in the
entire district hut what will lend his
-name io assist in ohtaining the V., V.
k R. and if nil the olher places follow
the example of Midway in ohtaining
the signatures of the people to a
petition for ihis purpose and send
them t'lui'thi" with nne or more delegates to the re opening of Ihe house,
the government dare not do other
thnn favor a competing line of railway.
The following taken from the Rossland
Miner expresses the opinion of Hie
Kootenays on this matter :
If nny one thing more than another
was required to demonstrate Ihe weak*
ness and incompetency of the provincial government in dealing with the
important matters which they have
heen empowered hy the people to determine iii ilie heal interests of the
country, it ia furnished by iheir decision to adjourn the house for a fort
night io allow the Individual members
of the legislature lo consult their constituents on the railway question. If
there is no covert move in this action
of tho cabinet, no concealed Intention
of making a point against the V.,  V.
k li. V puny, tben it is a confession
on the part, of ihe premier and his colleagues thai tiny are lacking in the
ability to direct theaffahaof the piovince. What new light thev hope to
obtain hy sending the members to
their constituencies il is Impossible tu
Imagine, Already they have been
memorialized by the leading citizens of
Victoria and Vancouver, who urged in
the strongest way that Ihe charier
should he given to the V., V. k K,
Company, in order Ihnt the country
might have a line competing with the
V. P, R. | a deputation from tho Associated Hoards of Trade of .Southern
Hritish Columbia, the region which
the railway is chiefly intended to benefit, Interviewed tbetn and represented
the wishes of t he people here and the
heeds of the districl, and the general
voice of the residents of ihe Koolenays
has, wilh no uncertain sound, nol in
this instance nnly hut for years, pin-
claimed the necessity for competitive
lines of railway. What more does
Ihe government need, in the form of
popular expression, l.o guide it in legislating for the• benelit of Ihe country
and I he good of the people 'i Surely it
is nol inlenled to secure the views of
Uieiesiiluuis 111 the rural ami northern
nucr in regard to tbis charter are well
known to Ihe public. He wishes to
give it to the 0. P. H. and finds it
difficult lo squiii'" his puhlic duty with
wilh his private inclination. The
difficulty, however, is one which might
very quickly he overcome were not his
political future involved in the issue,
and he perceives that a too cavalier
regard of Ihe needs of the country is
certain to result in ousting him from
office. He therefore hesitates hetween
the fear of openly outraging popular
sentiment and the fear ot alienating
the support of the monopoly wilh he is
on such intimate relations. Delay,
which will give, him time lo rest his
overtaxed mind, and which may possibly offer a way out of the dilemma,
will no doubt he grateful to him ; al
ways, of course, granting that no "job"
is to he formulated during the recess
Since the government, however, has
decided, for whatever reason, to give
Uie members an opportunity of sounding their constituents, the last excuse
for granting the charter to the V. P.
R. should he removed hy the people of
the Kootenay. Memorials and resolutions should lie sent in from every
town and ciiy in the dislrict calling
loudly for a competitive line and a
general "open door" policy in respec'.
to railways iu this piovince.
Nelson & Ft. Sheppard
Railway Co.
Railway Co.
The only all rail route botwoon
all pointa Kiimt, Wont nnd South
to   Uosslimd,    Nelson   and   all
intermediate points ; connect-
Int? at Spokane with the Great
Northern, Northern I'ueifle and
O. K. * N. Oo.
Connects at Nelson with the steamer tor
Kaslo and all Koutenay Lako points.
Connects at Meyer's Falls with stago (tally
for Republic, and connects at Bossburg with
state daily for Grand Forks and Greenwood.
. iiavc.
SPOKANK     s.ikii.iii.
KIM-il.iVNI)    1I..VI mil.
NKtiSON     7.WI11.111.
SPOKANK  IMS p. ill.
KOHHLANII  nt.ee> in,
xx. a. crAtrxmmoxr.
IJi'litTlil I'li-st'iiKiir AffOllt.
I!.Hi p.m.
3,10 pm,
7.15 p.m.
*.im ji.in.
".no n.iii.
Direct Route  UnepalleU Service
to all pnillln
■'■■ TW_3ST
General Real Estate* Financial Agi.
First-Class Sleepers
Dining Cars Tourist Cars
StiM*iiislut> Srrriro (rami VMMiuiiver to
Gape Nome Alaska Points
Australia     China
.Tlii'iumli I iuki'lK in mul from
Knr linn- talilk-i, ruics uml full liHnniintiiin
I tail on or adiUMa.A, P. Met'l'l.l.Y, Agrni.
' Mlilwny, or
' J - »• I 'A RTKB. K.J. Cim.K.
V.V.K., A.-I.I*. A.,
Nelaon, B.O,      Vancouver, II. I',
v/--~_______r"^____ iiV,M
One Block West of Customs Office.
<■§}   This is a first-class building, being hard   fife   &\ ,~
<jgji   finished throughout.   The dining room   £& $ <J
(jgj>   ii§}   is run under the personal  supervision   j& *i ,J
$■>   <{§_)   of Mrs. Crowell, and is supplied with   ® J
©   <S$   <_}   lhe liest on the market.   Choice stock  %i
<$}   @   ®   of Wines, Liquors and Cigars at the J
® ■ ®   @   §   bar*     Lar£e   Swbl,:   '"   connection |
The Patronage of the Public It Solicited and
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Taking the Censu*.
\V. li. Rickards, who haa lieen up-
pointod census enumerator for Division No. 21, which includes the town of
Midway and the territory lietween
here and the K ist Fork of Kettle
Kiver, commenced his duties thia
morning. Mr. Riukurds has a large
territory to cover and the work will
take some time.
Tt will facilitate the work consider
ahly if heads of families will have the
following information ready : Year,
month and day of binlrof each member of the family, origin, nationality,
religion, occupation or • trade, amount
earned by same j number of town loie,
dwelling houses and stores owned or
leased, and value of same ; dates of
deaths and cause of death of any member of the fumily during the year end
ing March 31,
The enumerator has in any event 31
columns to fill in, so when he comes
to see you, a busy half hour may be
expected, Under the subheading of
"personal description" he will ask the
following questions : Name of each
person in the family or household oil
March 31, IIMI, sex, color, relationship
lo head of family or household, singe.
married, widowed or divorced, month
and dale of birth, year of birth, age at
last birthday.
Then under the head of "citizenship,
nationality, religion." the following
are Ihe questions : County or place of
birth, year of immigration to Canada,
year of naturalization, racial or tribal
origin, nationality, religion.
Regarding "Principal Professions or
Trade," the following queationa will he
asked : Living on own ineana, employer, employee, working on own account.
"Wage Earner"is Ihe next sub-heading with the following inquisitive
blanks : Months employed at trade in
factory, months employed at trade iu
home, months employed in olher
occupation than trade in factory or
house, earning from occupation or
trade, extra earnings.
The following questions will lie
asked regarding education and language of each person five years of age
and over, months at school in year,
can read, can write, can speak Eng
lish, can apeak French, mother tongue.
The last blank is thai uf infirmities.
The census schedules number eleven,
containing588 questions, as compared
with nine schedules, containing ffili
questions, at Ihe previous census in
1891. The schedules are very comprehensive and cover every andject in regard io which it is important that official statistics should be oblaiued. The
Hrst, schedule eeeks the name of each
person in each household ou March SI,
the age, dale and place of birth, year
of immigration to Canada, dale of
naturalization, nationality, racial or
tribal origin, religion, profession and
occupation or trade of each person,
| the number of cmployets and employ -
j ees, those persons who arc working on
their own account, those persons who
are working iu trade, factory or
home, the number who can read and
write, and Ihe language spoken,
whether Knglish, French or nther
tongue, the nunilier of months during
which wage earners are employed, the
earnings from their occupation and
from other sources. The second
schedule comprises a return of huiht-"
ings and lands, churches and schools.
The third •eliedulc will be a return of
the deaths during oansus year. It*
fourth schediilt* calls for dates as to
farm lands, fruil and plantations. A
return of field products in the fifth
schedule will embrace full statistics as
to the crops, The sixlh schedule will
elicit Hgures lo show lhe number of
lives stock. Schedule seven is drawn
up to secure a table of agrirulluial
viillies, lands, buildings, rents. The
eighth schedule deals witli manufactures. Schedule nine with products of
the forest, schedule ten, fisheries, and
Schedule eleven with mining.
._  _*«»_■—»—
The London and Lancashire Fire
Inbijbanck f !|)Y.
The  Insurance Coy. oe  North
The London and Canadian Kihk
Insurance Coy.
Thr Sun Like Assurance Oijy nr
The Dominiiw-Bijilmnci and Loan
Appraiser for the CaNada'Per-
manknt Limn and Savings Coy
To Let.
The   Lancashire   House,   Midwav.
This is a popular hotel, and is a good
opening foe a first class hotel  mint.
The furniture can lie purchased reason'
ably.   Possession given at once,
For terms, etc, apply to
The Midway Company, Ltd..
Midway, B. C.
)9VvV,l ifv9vl
Try a Bottle of
For that Cough of y>ur».
2   Agent for Stuartfs
Map of the Boundary
» a __t_t _m jam d_ _k __ __ mm_____________________________t_______i___________
J. A.~~~
I   Unsworth,
I       Druggist,
fl idway.
Carrying His Hajesty's nail-
Will leave MIDWAY on Tuesdays.  Thursdays and Saturdays, at 8.30 a. in.,  arriving ai
CAMP McKINNKYat 5 p. m.
Returning will leave CAMP AJ.KINNKY „i
Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 9 a. in
reaching MIDWAY at i..?o p. in., and making con
nection with the train going east at 2 o'clock.
~"■■ " The beet of accommodation fer
tho convenience  of  the
travelling public.
Practical Wagon and Carriage Builder,
mDWAT,        -       -       b. o.
Repairing of all kinds promptly and neatly executed.
Carriage Painting a specialty.
J, M. TYRRELL, Proprietor.
——_(_—_■_—_*_. rj
$3.00. per month.    Single Horses, delivered'in Midway, $5.00
permonth.   Two or more, delivered in Midway,
each $4.00 per iiuinth.
Pack ^nd Saddle Horses for Sale or Hire
If you have lost a Horse send me the!brand, and if it is
in tne country it will be found.
The Boundary Hotel
Strictly First-class Throughout,  Excellent Accommodation.
large Sample Room for Commeroial Men.
THOS. McAULEY,   - *"   Proprietor.
KH'rAiii.r*iiri:i)  i«ki.
Qur  Specialties—-Varieties Profitable in British Cnl
Trees Free from IVsis.
Send for Free Catalogue.   |   E. Hutcherson. Manaycr
Lancashire House,
: : MIDWAY, B.C. : :
The undersigned having taken this well-
known and comfortable hotel invites the
patronage of all old customers and the public
FiirniR.'-lMnt.'il and «om fori ably
furnished   room*.
Thos. D. Banbury, Proprietor.
The Riverside Hotel
Is situated at Rock Cre.k, 15. C, on the main
route of travel between Penticton and all Boundary Creek points.
Good Hunting. Good  Fishing
Best of Accommodation.
S. T. LARSEN, Proprietor.
The Pioneer Newspaper of the
Boundary District-only
$2.00 per year.
Is prepare ii"
fill all orders
for Job Prim
ing at li wesl
rates   consist
■ent with ;:	
work. 1111V   VI— ■ ■»«_■• u
8uiitli is spending a few .lay-
8mil.li   ind   Win. St. Qulntln
ilurned from a trip in Cinlew.
■hind Mcl'armi, of Orand Korks
visitor to Midway during the
D. UunninKham and J. \V. Reed
'dni'ii.'  assessment  work  on   lhe
inaiion claim, In Smith's camp,
^^^^iropert y belon|<H to T. McAuley,
^Wakes anil James Dale.
It L.'McKwen, lhe well known inin
HeiiKineer, uhn has heen operation
^^nexicn for some lime past, Imu re-
led to the Hoiimlary country and
Midway  a   visit one  day   last
V. V. k E. surveyorh have
ched Midway and have now pro-
led with iheir line dnwn the river,
lectin)*; lo soon connect with tlie
I that is lirin'* run hy another corps
jirveyors fnun thn south,
ast Tuesday  morning .lames Mc-
"he (ifllclala didn't say nuylhinK ahout
continuing tin- line -ypstfrom Midway,
hut of course il will he continued.—
Oreenwood Miner.
V iollns, MaiidoliiiH and Oultnra fiom
86.00 up,   Oreenwood Music Store,
$27,"i will hy a good Upright Piano
nearly new.   Greenwood Music Store.
Ik/Vli^VVAI       1NE.VVO
ten met with a painful accident iu . '''""I1
lime k Powers' sawmill here.    Mr,
Queen, while engaged in perform
J his duties as sawyer, allenipt'd to
liiove a piece of hark from the circu
i saw while in motion, hut in doing
■his hand came in contact with the
, with the result that the Iir.si tin-
r on his left hand was liadly luce nil-
I W. Powers, one of the pniprietois
■the mill, accompanied McQueen to
.enwood, where Dr. .lakes, afler
moving all the hone from the first
lot of the injured finger, carefully
■ss'd it and  Mr.  McQueen  is now
Jing a-well us caii be expectf*] enuring   lln*   serious  nature of  the
■Win.   I,    Webber and  Miss  Minnie
filkius niu- united in the holy bonds
in ,11'iiniiiiv Sunday evening, March
at the home of Mrs. Jennie Darter,
■ liiidegioom's nml lier, in (Jul'up I ila,
ev. It.  W. Trotier olUclat**d, while
tissZenli Malum acted as luiilesiiuiid
id Daniel D. Webber U8 groomsman,
ifew of ihe Intimate friends of the
tu tiii'tiug parlies witnessed ihe een
inny, whicli was very inipressively
,d eloquently rendered, and after the
ffering of coiiiiiaiul iti'ins,  scalleriug
II Ice uinl the ni her usiuil proceedings
■ sueli ca-es, sal down to a dainty re
last.    A very  iiierry evening   wji-
ent and all united in wishing the
happy pair a happy and pingpernus
■oiirni-v though life's walk- together.
I-Oraild FoiJch liaz, tte,
Last. Tuesday afternoon jis Frank
pavli w.i- driving tn town with his
■plrlled leiiii oi oairisge hm-aes, thev
look higlii and run away. Mr. Dav s
driving along hy tin* wire fence
winch separates • 11 * - elation yard fnun
the town when one of the lenses shied,
crowding the other borne against the
fence. The noise of the whitHelree
scraping against the wire startled the
hOrses and Ihey started to run, hul
before tliev had gone far collided with
a slump, throwing Mr. Davis oul ami
I seriously injuring his shoulder. The
horses got loose from I he rig, anil alter
running a short distance one of them
hecame entangled iu the harness and
fell, thus preventing them running
any fait ber. Mr. Davis was examined
by Dr. Jakes, who found thai no hones
were broken, but I hat his shoulder was
hadly bruised. Necessary medical at-
tendance was given, hut ii will hesouie
time hefore Mr. Davis will he ahle lo
du any work. No serious damage was
done lo the rig ond the horses escaped
without a scratch,
A numher of 0. P. It. officials aiiiv.
ed in the city Tuesday and left Wednesday   morning  for the east.   The
party   consisted   of   Will.   White   .If
Winnipeg, who is on a tour of inspection of the Pacitlcdivision,   Willi him
were 11. Mai-pole, general superintend'
ent of the PaciHc division, Win. Down-
ie, superintendent of the Columbia \
Western, and a number of olher gentlemen on a pleasure trip     li is cun
ceded hy these gentlemen thai IheC.
P. K. will continue lo run  passenger
trains   over tbe entire system ; that
freight, charges will i>c continued at a
rate that »ill leave ihi doiiht as lo the
company  heing ahle lo pay the usual
dividends :   thai   extensions   will   lie
made to the system so long as the pro
vincial and Dominion governments do
not reserve too much of Ihe country
for white settlers ; that travelling in a
private car is the best way to gain a
knowledge of the mineral rwoutoes nl
a dislrict, ami thai a ('. P. It. official
can i <lk muie ami sav less in an hour
lhan any nther male of Ih"  human
species,    While here the pari y inspect
wl Paul Johnson's fence and smeller,
The fence.was declared a work of an:.
Thei'. P  |{. is also strong on  fences,
Foreigners and cheap Inhor.   They visited the Boundary Fallssmelter, which
has uot yet been fenced ; hill jnsl as
soon as lhefence is running order the
smelter will be blown in. They wenl
in Midway and mingled with the hurrying   throng   in that, thriving   city.
Unfortunately they were unable tu
visit Phoenix and insneci the ipiarty
ing operations going on there. They
therefore did not have an opportunity
nf pacing off the "three-mile tunnel"
in the Knoli Hill mine, which has since
been reduced to two miles hy the ediun
of the Phoenix Pioneer. 11 inighi here
Ihi stated that the editor of the I'inneei
"stands pat" ou two miles, and will
not reduce it nria fool even to satisfy
K. Jacobs, who is wedded lo the vil
Romance of Knob Hill.
Unity While, a veteran prospector
and miner, who has achieved fame and
fori une, is at the Allan oil his way lo
Ihe Boundary. Mr. White, who now
resides iu .S.iuk ne, has spent the past,
winter iu California. He was the
original locator of the Knoh Hill, Old
ironsides and City of Paris properties,
The liig-Phoeiiix mines were staked by
Imn on July 22, IIKII, and on August 'il
located the City of Paris. Mr. White
pro-peeled the Boiiudary.,al a period
long hefore Urand Koiks or (ireenwood
had any existence. Mr. While had
some trying experiences in making his
way through an uninhahiied country.
I'Ynin what is now known us Deadwoisi
he crossed to Fourth of Jul}
mid, following a deer trail, as
I the range forming the divide
hei ween that stream and the Norlh
1'iirk nf Kittle river. He made hi-
way through almost insui'mnuntalii,
harriers and finally on a warm day i
July came across the greal suifac
showing whicli is now etnhraced in the
Knoh Hill and Old Ironsides. Then In
knew that, his searchings had lieen
crowned wilh success. It was all verj
well to realize that he had a bonanza.
hul. it was one thai could give him ik,
immediate linancial returns. The re
g'x, n was then >vii.nle from transput tn
tion, and the question of a rallwa)
had nnl even heen considered. Mr
White, however, held on to his hii:
piopnsiliun until lie Interested Jay P.
(.raves and al h-iigih his patience Iw.-
heen rewarded.
His appreciation of the ultjinati
value of his locations was in a nctsiir
due to au early experience from whicl
he had pi ofl ted. Fifteen years hefor
he had discovered the deposit nnv
known as the Homestake mine in th.
Hlack Hills nf Hoiilh Dakota,, hut dir
not. locate it us Iw considered it tin
low grade for profitable treatment
Al tlmt. lime Ihe railwuv was 22Ti mil'*
distant- and to reach the region lie
adventurous pro-pert nr hnd to I ravers
a dangerous Indian country. Ai ai.
event- the sane1 deposit was lalei In
rated hy Inexperienced men who wet"
laughed at fnr their psiim hy exper
ii'liced ininci-s. —Hn-J-lanil Miner.
Don't Want Coppers.
Vancouver, M o(-b -211.— The Hetai
Grocers'vVssncialinn niei Iji-I night I'
discuss matters of vital importance l
Ihi'inide. )■ (Ansilcd'hal unsniinrinsi-
that those present viewed with uiain
lhe report    that    dippers   were    to   I i
introduced  into   certain   Wanoouvei
husiness houses ; that they would dis
countenance iheir use as an injury I
husiness ; that Ihey would pledgi
'heuiselves not to use them in am
event. Those who spoke to the reso
I lotion staled lhat, the Jajianese and
I Chinese would welcome the advent i.f
the copper, ar it would enable tbem t"
still furlher cut prices tn Ihe consume!
in wares sold hy the trade, and fiirthi i
ihal the high freight rates, added to
lhe cosl of goods in the West, was an
other reason why the cent pieces
should lie Inured,
 *>• .	
To Allesamc White Peoples.
There is now no doubt that one
and probably two railways will be
building out of Midway as soon as
spring opens, and Midway is destined
to become the commercial and railway
centre of the Boundary country.
Now is the time to buy lots ih the
town. They will make you rich. It is
not a speculation, it is an investment.
For prices and terms apply to
l_irge Stock.    Low I'rici's.
T.   HE.   GKCTIiX-XTSr   SS   CO.,
The Central H°tel
llth St., Midway, B. C.
--.v.* frfrJ^fc £i___i___i__b ma_*.__..
wwtwiw wmmwmmwe w*"r
This is a new  three-storey  he tel, comfortably
furnished throughout.
The nearest house to the Railway Station.    The
most convenient hotel for railway travellers.
The Travellers Insurance Co.,,
Of Hartford. Conn. |
Chartertd 1 M«.*{.
Stock Life mul
Accident Insurance,
ISSUKS the liesl life insurance
I contracts in the world. Nn
disappointment us to.dividends.
Everything -riiariiiiieeil in advance. Premium rales 15 Io 25
percent less than those of old
line Mill mil companies.
January ist, 1K97, 9
$20,««4.53  $
SURPLUS    . .
The best of accommodation in every, respect.
S. DAHL, Proprietor.
. 17,920,20:1.29»
^^^^^^^^^^ . 2,976,^24.36 «
 , •  »
The Travelleis Combination Accident Pojlcxguaraqteea foraccldental   *
under ordinary conditions, m
Heath llonoltt     ....     I.i Iimi       l.nw of  Right Hand            . 12,500 ,1,
leiM of Siiflil ol llotli K>-es     .       ,000   ,    Iam of Log Bt or abovo Knee i.'«i I
Los. nf llotli Keel nr llni.h HhiiiU    ..Wi   ,    Isms of Lift Iliunl     .    .     . I,0K| *
Lom nt One Hanil nuil One Knot    5.000   ;    teaes of Ell her Kool 1,000
Porminenl Tuial ilisnliil ty          2500   1    Low of ^lghtof Ono 1 yo   .     . .050
I.itT|its of   Weekly   liicleninity $1,300.
AND, If such injuries are sustained while riding ns n passenger in "fi
any passenger conveyance using steain   cable,   or   electricity as ji #
motive power the amount  t" he paid   shall be DOUBLE   the sum JjJ
spei'ilied 111 the I'lause under which the claim is made. ll.
J Cost $52 a year  to Professional  and   Business
I Mkn.anh Commercial Travelers,
* Other sums at proportionate rates
I "W. _EC. Xorris,
^♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»»'»*)i»^*^-?t-^Kt-HJ«j-*--ff »»♦♦♦♦♦***> *^
Lequime & Powers, Proprietors.
iriiinnnii'ii nre not wnnlml in I'liornix
Me in.ikee lillee Inundlee        '
To w.ishee up Boine close
Snnie lunl while man come and
He hii me un de nose,
He wellee wicked while man,
Talk iinich'-e henp 'OihI llamh,"
Me think nllsai Boxah,
What come from I.iiIIiiiiu-S.iiii.
t'hovv  Ln!
Yung Oheel
Den notne some pin' lmd while mans
And ilosem lip my stu';
Dey Hxes lighi de windows.
Anil dey nails upile ilu'.
Dey say. "Yuu long-tailed China,
"Kim I libit fu' (ileeliwunil ipiiuk.
"Or wellee sunn yuu savee
"De lasle nf nne liig stick"—
Makahai I
Chnw Lol
Yung Oheel
Me gel light, quirk fu'Oleenwund,
Nnl  slop tin Innkee I nek-
link nu leiulu'c Liiiii Yip's house,
Mc fri'l iljil.stick cuine whaukl
Me slop no tnu' ill Phnetiix,
Hn not good town fu' me,
And WeKee n'lsninee Hup Lung,    /
Wu Kilt, anil llu Hick Lee.
ChiiW'Lii!   ,
' Yung (%ee!
I'litiy snun ine go Victolee,
Heap wclli i' nice place—
Siiiiii'ilweiil.y thousand slop dere,
And lots of Ohlnii face,
Victolee man tub Chinee
Ami ('liinee man lllh him—
We's niiiici'i'UJil in Phinnix i
Victolee   we's it' swim.
I'liuw Lol
Yung Ghee !
MeMopilal pliiivcily
Sumc ten Inmt veili or mn,
Den lake de gleill big sieninliiiat
Kn' Chinii's welcome slin'-
Siiuii iiiiike hig wad Virieleiv
Hun people's likee me.
Then hyo hee, Bllush Oltimhee,
1 Hoy Sing Lee !
Makahai I
Chnw LuI
Yllllg Chee !
Manufacturers of all kinds of
Band Sawing and Job Work done to order
Telephone No.  12.   '1 elephone orders receive prompt
Bakery k
WM. ST. QUINT1N, Prop.
HjiEi |^^H_H *-f}*i',\
<\S_r Good assortment  of  Fresh   Bread, Cakes ami   ifttZ
SjftS                _    .    .           , Sd-ffl
gjUg                 Lontectionery always in stock. r.y.*}
^* vVN. __**!_*_* wJ
Fresh Fruit in Season.
(in uml
THOMAS WALKER, Proprietor.
All the batt brands of
QlgArs and Tobacco* kept
constantly on hand.
Latest thadts and patterns of Wall Paper now in
Seventh Street, Midway
Try our Lunch Counter for a good cold
any hour of the day.
unch at   C_KJ
-._kxmb'^-tZx>'x-*'w_-'m>'-->-_i'_t ■^^mb Sh&Zb i*&J_t ^l_t&i-  .
^9999999999-y-?^ _?_?9 -^iy 9991^,
Has opened up a
*      THE
$       Oreenwood, Boundary Creek, B. C.
We have opened the ahove hotel at Greenwood and
are prepared to welcome guests and provk
modation.   Good catering
In the premises formerly occupied l>y *j>
-Sa._70--_la.3r  Ss   XIawxs     ^
ami has on hand a first-class outfit of iii
Single and Double Drivers t
Saddle and Pack Horses I
Will also conduct a transfer and dray business.    Bus   )S%
meets all trains.    Freight antl express  tit:-. Kit
delivered to any part of the town. \j/
F-S-SS €€€ €€€ €€* €€€€€€€€€€*P
e goon accom-
First-class Livery Stable.
♦♦♦>♦>♦»«»♦♦>•♦••» ******** *************************£
     '      '       " I
♦ " NO. 4   K.-W.-C. BLOOK, NELSOI . B.C
Oolili Silvrr l.i'H'1 nml CoppW MIhck iviuiiiiil nl lho RXCHANQB.
KIIHK Ml I, II SH in>l.li|ir"l",rt.l<M wunli'il ul mii'i' fur Ki-Iitii Inviwlnrs, i
l'»tiii'"liiiiiiii»niliiiiii«i'i'»i'i'i'iy fm-Mill'mi- roquortod toiionilaamplwot Ibolroro i *
lo ilw HXrllANill''' lor inhibition, ] J
i        .Ml natnpli'-* slionll liowml Sy uxproBf. 1'ltKI'AIII i
X       ilonwiHiiiil'''1''1' *,,li,'i"'ih   AiIiIitii nil oommuntciitlonn to
X Andve—r   X*.   BoHentinriT."-
Z  •IVIimhiiuuNo. ml. IML I*'*. Ml UKL80V.HI        ♦
YMI-SMMttTt moQH9***************mm
...♦ MIDWAY,:-: B.C.
Beautifully situated at the confluence of Boundary Creek and Kettle River.
||_|_ Ul   The most important railway town  in  the  Kettle  River  Mining Division.
The Wholesale Supply and  Manufacturing centre of the Kettle Kiver and Boundary
Creek Districts.
The distributing  paint for   Upper  Kettle River,  West   Fork  and Camp McKinney
mining camps.
The nearest Railway town to Republic,  Meyers  Creek, Palmer Mountain and  other
Northern Washington mining camps.
The leading residence town   in   the country, with an excellent  climate, pure water
supply and favorable sanitary conditions.
Business, residence and garden lots at low prices and on easy terms.
Send for Maps, Prices, and full particulars to
i I
for Br it inli Columbia,
Midway, B. 0.
}  . *•*
ii <l>
i,. *..t
Another Mill In Operation at Camp
The Waterloo flve-statnp mill 0|***r-
stvd in connection wilb lhe mine
Hlaited up a week auo yesterday mid
ii run log well.
V 'in I in in mid to have a larue  ex
!• lias mrived from Hpokane to
■ bu-geof ibe mill and it in ex*
, .1 thai a steady run will lie nnde
oid.-r hi« snperintendendeiice, Tht-
..■ j • • f "ice was takfn out of lbe lower
i. "iii fur two or three days lo clear tbe
d' ch m provide water for the opera-
I     i    lr thl- 111 II.     lliKlllllllT.SllKlltll.lt
', '- ii 'linn •*ell ciioii(fl| to allow tin*
ti urn lo work underground
ml   he li fl is to lie coutinuedat once.
I      .-.iitime the mill it pounding
on »i e i tun li i_, sampled higher I Ium
em-taken oul in th- nld days of the
mill's opi'tiitiiins and the result of the
first run is wati-hed for with lively
interest It is stated nt the odi'-e ot
the conipnny that lhe call fnr volun-
t iry assessments to prm ilie funds for
exiMHivt* iinproveiiienls, lhe assess-
ments to lie rep-id oui of Ihe
priiHIs of u|i r.itinn, have been highly
satisfactory, money coming in in a
way tbat already assures nearly lbe
full amount asked fnr.
i 'I iisider's Opinion.
Mi    i.i-ili-i. luu,  lbe celebrated I
English journalist nf (ai-diir, Wales,
arrived in Ihe city yesterday nn his return tn Ottawa from bis trip Ihrough
the west, says tbe  Winnipeg Free
Press,   When interviewed, Mr. Carr
expressed himself as being most favnr-
ahly impressed  with   tbe  Canadian
_H, ii lb west and Brill* h Colunihia.   The
mining resources of Briiish Columbia
Mr. Chit considers simply stupendous,
and sufficient to enrich a great province.   Tbe coal deposits at the Cmw's
Nest aie inexhaustible, and Ihe English newspaper man cannnt comprehend why lbe people Ihere oppose a
railway outlet for tbe products of (best*
coal mines.   He states that the coal
Ihere is heller lhan the average Mouth
Wales article, and makes thebest cuke
in lh» world ; it can be mined cheaply,
•nd Ihe area of roal districts extends
over hundreds of miles, so that there
need be no fear of it* lieing exhausted
for many yearn.
a —
The recent retard made hy tbe
Km ish Columbia Copper Company's
amelter has again heen broken. Lasl
Monday 402 tons were treated in 24
h 'Uis or 21 tons more than that of the
record breaking day the week before.
Vor week ending last Monday, the
world's record for • 300 ton furnace
wa* also broken, the lota! tons of nre
Ijrated being 2,700 tons in seven daye.
Certiiicate  of Improvements.
NOTICE is hereby given, in accordance wilh the .Statnies, that Revenue
Tix and all tale- levied under ihe As
sexsuient Act are now due for the year
Mil. All of Ihe aliove named taxes
lolle.-til'le within Ihe Smith Division nf
East Vale and pari of Rossland Riding
are -utyable al my ofUce, Fairview.
Assessed taxes are collect idle at tbe
follnwiug rales, vix. :—
If p lid on nr before June 30th, Mil:
Tlu-e-tifths of one per een; on real
Two and mie h.If per Cent on the
assessed value ot wild land.
One half of one per cent on personal
Ou so uiui-b of the income of any
persnn as ex eeds one thousand dollar*
in accordance wilh tbe following clas-
siflcai ions; upon such excess tbe rates
shall he. namely :—
Class A.--On one thousand dollars,
and notexceedingleii thousand dollars,
one per cent up to five thousand dollars
and two per rent on the remainder :
Clams B.-On ten thousand dollars,
and not exceeding twenty thousand
dollars, one and one-half per cent., up
In leu thousand dollars, and I wo and
one half per cenl on the remainder :
Claim C—On twenty thousand dol
lam, and not exceeding forty Ibousaml
dollais, two and one half per cent, up
to twenty iboiisaiid dollars, and three
|>er cent nn the remainder:
Clanh 1) -On nil others in excess of
f.u. y iliiiij.-,.iijil dullars, ihree percriii.
up tn forty i Iniusanri dollars, and three
and oUH-half percent on the remainder.
If paid ui or after 1st July. 1MM :-
Fniir-Hfths of one per cent ou real
Thiee per cent'ou tbe assessed value
of wild lan.l.
Three-fourths of une per cent on
personal properly.
On so much of the income of auy
pen-mi as exceeds one thousand dollars
in accordance wilh lhe following clas
siflcation ; upon such excess the rates
shall he, namely :—
Clams A. -On nne thousand dollais.
and not exceeding len thousand dollar*.
one and one-half per cent, up to five
ihnusand dollars, and two and one-
half p.*r cent on lhe rcumiiule- :
Class B.-On ten thousand dollais,
ami not exceeding twemy thousand
dollars, two per rent, up to len thousand dollars, and three per cent on the
Clams C.-On twenty thousand dollais, and not exceeding forty thousand
dollara, three per eent, up lo twenty
thousand dollais. and three and one-
half per rent on the remainder:
Clams I).-Or. all others in excess of
for y thousand dollars, ihree and one-
half per cent., up tn forty thousand
dollars, and four per cent on the remainder.
Revenue Tax, ft per capita.
Two per cent on the assessed value
of ore or mineral hearing substances,
payable quarterly, on the last day of
the mom lis of March, June, 8epteiuhrr
and December in each year.
U. A. R. LAMB1.Y,
Assessor and Collector.
Fairview  B. C, Feb. 15,1801.      *_•■
Hiohl-xi)QiXKx MisoulClaim.
Sltuat* in the Kettle llvsr aininc Division of
Yale District.   Whet*. Located:  Dead-
wood Camp.
TAKK NOTICE Dial I. Knrhes M. Kerby. an
. ..i-c-iii fur Ihu Hittlilaml Qiujiju I'mi-oWnl
od Muiiiiknn.l Mlllii« Co- Minimi UiUillity.
free miners eertilleale N'u. H_y_, inn ml.
sixly ilsrs frnm the date heronf. In appy
to Ihe liiiiiu ttooonler tor a ceri ill is»le nl
improvements, for Ihe purpose of obtaining
a Crown (twit of Ihe show claim.
And farther lake notice that aclion. uiulir I
section .17. nnM be ooinnmnced before < liu km-
snec of such cer UnY-ntc of improvement*.
Itotod Ibis Mb day 11 January, l-.-ol.
To C. A. Peterson, talc of Kholl (reek In Vale
Mir: Ymi ire hereby notified that we hn.e
eipeisli-il %ltrl.!ti In labor and iiiiimitenien's
npnn the "Hin IVimly Mineral Claim, situate
inl'mvlileiH-vCaiiip. in •he Kellie Itiver Jliii
iiiK Hitisiiiiiuf Yule llistriil in Hritish Coltim-
t-ia, in nnler to holil s ,lil claim under lhe pm-
visiunsiif Xec'ion 24of the Mineral Act. such
being the amount require! lo hnld thc sniil
I clnim for the year cinIIhk April b, VAX).
I Ami if al the expiration of ninety iWii days of
publication of ihis notice ynu fjiil or refuse lo
I contribute your proportion of tbe exis-nditurc
required mater sniil notion il. lo-fethi-r wilh
tailcnstsnf'jvlver'fsiiur, ymir fnli-rt*ts in suid
i claim shall become rested in the sulswrilicrs
lyoor cimih iien-i nnder H«1ioii 4 nf llw "Miner
; al Act Amcmlmi ut Ael, WW."
! Ilslud at Midway, II. (!., this Mb day of
April. I»H.
C. L. Tiiiimi t. ManaMcr.
J. A. Isswoktii. Mccret".ry.
A«;n» *em4Ame *t*mt*mSArmtrXoUcm may
iw: hinrmoniu.IL SoMDysS mawtAmlan.
snletlr wwuia omaaammttmw
m.-nlks, -prnkaMyMaMatiii. Ce
IHmwilyennSd—|_L ll-JWn-Hi
•ont fra*. ifxxmx inner forncmimfmunt,,
Psunu takaa thnswh Maaa ll Co. emit*
trecimlm4la.mstoncmm.ln Ik*
Selenitic JlMcncan.
A hndsnmelf lllwlralsd wttktf. letteml tit-
fliUiien nf any •rtenUSe Jonrnal. IWms. li a
rwj_t_r_irniuollii.il. Sole by *a t
Provincial Land .-rveyor.
Architect and
Civil Engineer...
Ixjeal Estate,
Insurance and
Mining Agent.
«s*#votaky   PVBXACmom
t »il view Tnwiwlte A|i'lil.
... ADpsrss...
R. H. PAKKI.\MO.\,
riiavii-w, a. c.
I 'orrm<|Kinil<*ncci ei..lic-ltpil.
Riverside Addition,
Just a Word!
To those contemplating an investment in Midway real estate, the information is
offered that on the Riverside Addition may be
found 300 very choice residence sites.
For terms aad all other information apply to
W. H. NORRIS,        or        A. MEGRAW,
Midway, RC amp McKinney, B. C


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