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The Midway Dispatch C. M. Crouse 1902-11-24

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Full Text

 Vol. 1, No. 21.
$2.00 per Year.
SUITS that will suit you both in quality and
Price a rare chance to clothe the Boys for a
very small amomnt of money.
Childrens two piece suits from $1.65 to $2.95
m      three „    „ $2.95
Boys Suits a nice assortment in Serges, Cashmeres, Tweeds and Homespuns'all $4. $4,25
and $4.50 Suits to go at $2.95
Boys Reefer Coats, Blue Chinchilla, Double
Breasted, Sizes 23 to 28, special price for this
week only, $2.95
ieceof 8
A Piece pf Soap is the whole thing when it comes
to a wash up. That is, of course, providing the Soap
is right. It will be just right if you get it here. We
hive full and complete assortment of Toilet and
Bath Soaps. Castile Soaps, Soaps for shampooing, and Soaps that will remove the meanest kind of
dirt. It wont cost you anything to look at them and
not much more if you buy. Come in now while the
assortment is large.
■:-   A. F. Thomas,   -:-
Dr UK* and Stationery Midway B   C.
recommends Prior
as his
lor'*caMMt, ht ttattt, will ke
•trfctly Noa-party oneln aptte
of   Ms   recent   etnttt
fttnd In fivor of
forty |lnea< y ■"*'
Victoria, Not. _1.-Pr.mler Duo*,
niuirttiii luarnlnK handed in hii resig-
nation tu Um Lieutenant go.ernur.
nnd recommended Prior es his aiicces-
■<>r. Colonel Prior wiu aent (or hjr tb:
Henyl Julv nnd hud » conference al
whicli it ii understood the governor
expressed himaelf in the kinde*! terms
and gave him time until this evenii g
to decide whether he could form » cabinet.
At 6.30 tonight Prior wai sworn In
ia premier and minister of minen |
Prentice, lhe present finance iniiiiiter,
•wing ra-vworn at the name time iu
office. Weill did not arrive fiom Um
easl nnUI an hour later, but Immediately on arriving saw Prior and Prentice and consented to accept office uu*
der the new chief, and at 10 o'cloek
tomorrow morning will he a.urn in,
retaining hia present portfolio of landa
aud worka,
Eherts, whn was Prior's ilvalfur
the piruiieiabip, waa not sworn in,
and ii known to he bit teiljr disappointed. Whether he will acrept office
again at attorney-general ii a matter
for conjecture, 1ml It is believed be
will especially aa Prior haa given him
the opportunity, and Rherla cannot
afford to lose the office, It be dints ao
lher<* still remain, the post *f provln
rial serivtary, nhirb has lawn vacant
for a» lung. The moat likely nne to
Uk* thia is Denis Murphy, ot Yale,
whu itatta-. «*■ capital - tonight an*
went lo dine wiih Prentiee.
The presidency of the council will
likely he taken ny H. Dallas Halinrkcn
iif Victoria. ia believed,
could rarry bia seal easily.
North Victoi ia will prohahly he opened at ome. Prior's cnl'in*\ he slales,
will be a strictly non-party on* in spite
nf bis recent stand in favor of parly
line*. He retain* the post of minister
of mines. Hia policy will he dislin*
guiahed hy a determined effort lo secure tbe Canada Northern ou terms of
a land grant, safcguaided hy a provision for taxation afler a teim of years.
Dan. Mann and Dunsmuir yesterday
completed Iheir trip over the K. fcN..
and it Is almosl certain I hat that road
ia lo he acquired as part of the proposed Canada Northern system, which is
to have Its terminus in Victoria. The
desire io lie out of office before disposing of hia mad, doubtless hurried
Diinsmuir's resignation,    .
We do oot need a "Test"
regard to Advertising as we know from experience that
advertising with Fall Value* and honest and fresh clean goods
*ill always satisfy every customer, without giving away so
called silver spoons and money coupons. Give customers
good and honest values for their money is our Motto.
We have received full wool fleeced lined underwear for men
which we sell at the clcse figure of $2.00 & suit.
All woo^ underwear from $2. to $4.30 according to quality
of wool.
A full assortment of Ladies, Childrens, Mens and Boys hos-
■ *V consignment of groceries, meats and celebrated Five
Roses flour at lowest possible marked prices, without coupons,
Give us a eall and be eonvm
iqsii hain & co. ini
* IMI «■* now stock .toll kinds ef Rubber Oood. for winter
•»« w«t weather ■■• en hand.
A teport of the third annual meeting or the Canadian Korea! ry Associ-
aiinn has reached thia oflice. It contains much valuable information regarding the subject of forestry.
Among other things it contains a well
written paper on the preservation of
our forests, by J. K. Anderson, Deputy Minl«terofAgrlciillureforth» province, whicli we here produce in pait:
"Let me Hrst try and picture to you
a forest in whose hounds are included,
towering snow-capped mountains, pellucid lakes, streams fed hy the glaciers
alaive, thundering down thedlxxy precipices nf the mountain sid< s, and anon
finding reeling places in the still, forest protected pools, then rushing on to
their destination, through pebbly
reaches hetween moss aitdferneovered
hanks, and alaive all tbe grand giants
of thefotest, standing like the sentinels that nature has created Ihem ;
guarding the alorea of precious life
giving water. Thia ia a true picture,
one of many to be witnessed, and one
in which my «ood friend Dr. Fletcher
aharrd with me during a trip up Mount
Arrowailitth last year. But what of
thia picture which t have so feeMv attempted to deacrilie? How long will
It laat? Any time we may see the
ruthless hand of man des|millng It of
Ita sylvan lieauty, or the devastating
forest Are consuming alike lis lieaiity
nnd Ils value. Then consider the pic-
tureof srotind denuded of vegetalion.
tbe vegetable mould burned away
leaving the blackened roots and liare
rock or giavel subsoil exposed, trees,
veriUhl. monarchs of tbe forest, lying In blackened rums forming an impenetrate eiiil-arras, Ihe watercourses
exposed to the auiumer tun, reduced to
but a shadow of their former selves,
like the sixth age nf man, adapted,
'ila bed a world Iimi wide for ita shrunk
"1 dare say ynu have all seen such
sights, they are too common, especially so In our western province, where
Ibe foi est wealth has la-en lavished hy
nature wilh such a prodigal hand,
there the forest has been looked upon,
except by those whose avocations leach
them lhat ll is a source of wealth, but
as a harrier to sell lenient and a hindrance to the proaprctor seeking foi
mineral wealth, to he destroyed ami
got I Id of at any cost. It ia well indeed tbat this association should now
sound the note of alarm i It Is none to
soon, for we all, In our day, have seen
the effects nf procrasl inal inn. Whole
districts h'iv« lieen deforested hy
wasteful methods and culpable careles-
Failing to take warning from
the older sett led port inns of the continent, the dried up water courses, lands
Washed hare of soil, Hoods, and all the
consequent evlla hear silent hut In
dnhitahle witness to lhe effects of deforestation. Failing tn lake a lesson
from the provident methods of our
own mother country and olher lands,
we have allowed, and are allowing,
the land to he denuded «f It* forests
and have not made provision for its
reforestation. Iu British Ooiumbia we
have vast forests of valuable limber,
hut even in my time, whole districts
have been rendered treeless, and were
It not fnr the provident hand of nature
which itself reaffores's in its own way,
theie would not now lie a vestige of
Umber growth, where lhe destroyed
forests existed | and even in many
tracts which have lieen thu. reaffor*
ested, fire has often, again and again
hern allowed full sway. Under these
ronditiona It la not difficult lo foresee
that, if a halt is nnt called, we'will live
to regret that action was not taken to
pieset ve the bountiful gifts of nature.
Let it not lie understood that I mean
hampering the lawful business nf the
luml-erinan, or placing vexatious restriction, tit Ms detrimen and toss;
pn the contrary, I ipiito acknowledge
the value of his calling, and the ini.
luenae importance of the industry to
laircnmUf. tint I do-uiatwuin that,
the met hod* pursned stnuld lie put under strict supervision, and under equitable safeguards, nnt only in the interest of ihe country generally, hut In
those of the lumbermen th»nnf I ves,
"Now aa to the safeguard, whereof
I speak, I feel that I am helpless in offering adequate suggest inns and whilst
it is possihle to enact laWa and to car-
ay ou» their provisions regulating Uie
timber industry, I feel that the further, and far more difficult question
of preservation from the other causes
of destruction, atill remain to he solved, question* which we know will
lax the Ingenuity of the cleverest to
suggest practicable remedies for t and
at the liest, It 'Is apparent In a country
like British Columbia, that even with
the most practicable suggestions,' and
with the utmost efforts which ean be
put forth, we can only hope for a mitigation of the loaaea whic(i are now oc*
curing. Nevertheless If even a modicum of gnod is effected it. will he work
well done and I feel that it is the dutv
nf every member of this Association to
express his views, and to make suggestions, and for the Association lo
take up, the broad question of the pre
servatlon of our native forests from
the inevitable desl ruction which now
threatens tbem."
New Manager for Le Rol No. a.
Rowland, Nov. 18 —The much ru
united amalgamation of thetwo LeRois
i« as far off use. ers in fart It Is hn .
practically a certainty that the two
mines will lie operated separately, ss
he, etnfore. Within i h» next few dnys
Mr. AlWrt Hill, a relative of lhe ex-
chairman of Ihe Le Roi company, will
arrive here to arrange many mailers
affecting the Le Roi No. 2. but il is hy
nn means a certainly Ihal he will re
main aa manager nf the mine. It is
difficult to say just who will he placed
in permanent charge, hut there is some
probability thnt lhe advice of manager
MrKemieof lhe Le Roi will lie sought.
with a view tn straightening nnl the
affairs nf the Nn. 2. The reason for
this Islha! Mr, McK mile enjovs imt
only the confidence of th" F.ngllsh
shareholders of the No. 2 and the B.
C. market In London, but also of a
very large majority of the people of
this camp.
Mr. Hill will he a busy ilian when
he arrives here, for there ia in neb
lhat requires his careful attention.
The question of satisfactory smeltei
rslea la Ihe chief matter nf Importance
affecting the mine, This, in itself, will
require delicate handling, as th» Le
Rol No. 2. not owning a smeller, is
heavily handicapped in the economical
treatment nf ita product. Thr No. 2
has many thousands nf dollars In lis
tramway, earned from heavy ship
ments fnr the last six months. It Is
therefore within the scope of |iossibll
ity that the company may erect Ils
own reduction works, if a satisfactory
treatment rale Is unobtainable at
either tha Northport nr  frail.
The belief is general that hut, little
lime will elapse between Mr. Hill's arrival and the resumption of work at
the Le Roi No.2 on a v«ry extensive
srale. Even supposing that the mine
is not. provided, with a market for l'g
ore for some time to come a larre
force of men will have tn he put to
work In continue lhe development of
the lower levels. Messrs Macdonald
and Thompson will no! remain in the
camp. Mi. Thompson has stated lhat
he intends tn locale in Hpokane as soon
as he can wind up his affairs here.
This wiH neresadat. his resignation
from the Rnssiand Kootenay manage
menl, as well as the L* Rol No, 2. Mr,
Macdonald has already moved to Spokane.
Interesting Stage In Hinckley Case.
An interesting stage his lieen reached In the action of the Fidelity Casualty company of New York versus CA.
Hinckley, otherwise known as 0, 8.
Morris, the man who absconded from
New York 10 years ago with $00,000
belonging tn the West Side National
liankof the metropolis. The matter
became a cause celehre through the
efforts of the United States author!t
lea to aecure Morris' arrest and punishment, He escaped acott free, howevei,
the extradition arrangements not applying to his raae. The alt mil Ion developed at lhat time resulted In
amendments to the extradition act
whereby similar offences were made
exlrodltahle. Morris lived in Toronto,
Ra! Portage and latterly In the
Boundary, where he»peculate! In tt_»l*
estate and mining proper! y.
The Fidelity Casualty company
went on hia I Kinds for 112,000 nnd having lieen compelled to deliver this aum
tothe West Side bank entered an action to recover the amount with 10
years' interest from Hinckley, which
la I he name adopted by Morris under
the British flag. The case has been
proceeding for several months, hut action Is now suspended pending a settlement whereby It Is stated the guarantee company will secure the full
amuuut of its claim.
Slim Oalloway  Released.
A special from Spokane says; Mllm
Galloway is out of prison and is al
present in this city.
Oalloway is the man who rented
such useiisaiinn Ihrough the north-
I west last December hy marrying a
Spokane girl and taking her to (Irand
Forks, B. 0., where it waa claimed he
induced her to enter a house of ill fame.
He was given a term in the Britiah
Columbian prison, bul is nut now and
need not serve out the balance of his
sentence. It is understood that friend-
interested themselves In his case nml
secured a pardon. At any rate he is
In Ibe city and it ia umteratood intends
to go ui work in a lumber camp.
His wife, on the olher hand, ll is he
HeVed atill intends in secure a divorce.
Though she has passed Oalloway on
the streets there is no report so fat of
any reconciliation.
Last December waa when the Oal
loway sensation come to light. It was
claimed that he conspired with an lm
moral woman who went hy the name
of "Blue (loose" whom he introduced
to   bia intended   wife   as  bis aunt
Then taking the girl to Urand Knrks
he waa charged with Inducing her in
lo an immoral life. He was euhaequen
tly tried, convicted and sentenced,
H. Rose expiates his Crime on the
"I die willingly, because it Is find's
will, I bave made my peace with
Him. 1 p.m nol guilty of tlie crime for
which I st'itul here. My innocence
may la<, I pray God, proved some day,
Kor all that, I fnigive tho-e whn are
the cause of my being lure, If I have
offended anyone, I beg foiglvciiesa, I
liiil good live In all. I wnuld like In
say in.ue, hu! make It short because
il is bant in me to stand ln-re lunger.
I thank all who have been kind to me
in my last dnys."
These words were dictated io R-v.
Father Althnff inlhe presence of ward*
ii Lemon, hy Henry K'ise, mid, at his
request, were read hy the priest to Iho
«|iecliitor. present, at the execution,
immediately liefnre the fatal holt waa
Maintaining his innocence to the last
moment Henry Ruse suffered the extreme penalty of the law at 8 o'clnck
"ii Friday morning in the jail ymil.
He wa« perfei-ily composed, nod *vnlk*
id firmly to the acaffold. For a om
ment he looked calmly do vn upon ihe
spectator.', nnd then handed in Father
Althoff the paper containing his last,
Icclaiallon, whicli the pi iesl read.
Rose then knelt and received the last,
sacrament, Ashe stood up the priest
asked him if he hnd anything more in
>ay. His lips moved nnd the priest
turning lo the spectators said, "He
says gnod bye to all," Father Allhntf
ihen embraced him ami kissed bim on
the cheek.
HndclitTr- adjusted lhe black cap nnd
noose, and hats were raided as the
priest commenced the Inst prayer in
which he proceeded but n few senlen*
cea when the executioner exclaimed,
"All ready," and Immediately milled
the lever which released thu holts holding the trag under Ruse's feet, ami all
was over.
Tbe formal coroners Inquest followed end shortly afterwards Ihe hoiy
was interred in the jail grounds.—Nelson Daily News.
 ► • .	
At the nines.
Some Oil men are now employed at
the B, li. mine In Summit Camp, and
ore shipments are being maintained at
tbe rate of two or three cars a day.
Besides keeping up a regular oul put
of ore prospecting work is being mn-
tinned with Ihe object of finding olher shoots of oie on the property. The
B. C. group consists nf tho
following mineral claims; ii. I!.,
Trucker, Reveille, Hilda, Vashti. Fat-
con, J. W„ London, Daisy fruction.
B. C. fraction and Ko'elty fraction,
together containing an area of 288
acres. These are all adjoining claims.
Practically the whole of lhe » nrk hns
been dune on Ihe li 0, As shoots nf
good ore have been opened up on lhe
Cordick. R. Bell, Mountain View and
Blue Bell, situate to the smith or west
of lbe B. C. group. Ihere appears to Iw
gisid reason to look for the omit rente
of ore I sidles, on the B.'C. group, lietween the former and lhe hig shoot on
theB. C.frnm which aliout (.1,(100 tons
have been shipped in the smelters.
At the Emma mine, also in Summit
camp, about half a dnzrn men are cm-
ployed on the ore hins now being
built here, and twice that number in
quarrying ore, mosl of whicli goes to
tne Hall Mining k Smelting Company's smelter at Nelson, B. 0, An
arrangement having been made to
ship 500 tons to the Greehwood smelt-
er this smaller quantity is being shipped there. The Kiuma ore is high in
iron, with which i« iiasnrlnted values
sufficient to admit of ils lieing handled
with prolit. au il ia sought hy smelters
for flux purposes.
Boundary Ore Shipments.
The tonnage of ore shipped by the mines of the Boundary
District during 1901, and for 1902, up to November 1 st. isas
Old Ironsides and Knob Hill group 231,762
Mother Lode  99.54^
B. C  47,517
Sunset       800
Winnipeg     1,040
King Solomon       850
 !     325
No. 7	
Golden Crown	
Sundry small shipments..
Shipments during 1900 totalled 97,837 tons ; during
the year 1901, to December 31st. 386,738 tons, and during
1902, to November 1st, 414,29:. .ns, making an aggregate of
898,867 tons /■
C. M. CH0U8K Kditor bihI Proprietor
l'nbllslioil weekly nt Midway, II. G,
HiibriorlpU'in price, (2 00 por nnnum, payable
In nilvnnuc, either yearly orlmlf yearly at tho
option of the subscriber.
Ailrorlislng rates sent on application.
That the receipts from the Post
Olfice department, nntivithstanding
the reduction in pwia^. N<-uie yenr*
ago, exceed the expenditure is evidence
not. nnly of the prosperity of the
Di)iiiininn, hut also that the Conservatives who opposed lhe reduction were
fake prophets.
According to Max O'Kell the British
am lbs freest people in the world. He
has travelled and observed a good
deal nnd his opinion curries great
weight, but if George Washington is
still interested in stieh manors, be
could prohahly give good reasons for
differing from him. The British
people are proud nf the freedom they
enjoy, and arc entirely in accord with
Mnx'O'Rell in regard to it, but many
no doubt, think that !_■• 1'lessingp nf
freedom, like those of wealth, could
undergo a more equitable distribution.
The uses to which wireless tele
grnphy mny he pul are infinite. The
management of the (irand Trunk system has decided to conduct a secies of
experiments with a view nf determine
the possibilities of using tlie wireless
telegraph to prevent, railroad colli*-
I Ion. If the expecimeiits ace success
ful the Canadian portion of the line
will be fitted with wireless telegraph
stations at intervnh of from eight to
211 miles. Ir. is stated that such a
system admits of beingin constat)! com
niiinication with moving trains. If
wireless telegraphy shall he found effective aa a means of prevent ing
railway collision, it will be one of the
greatest discoveries of the age.
President Roosevelt seems to be the
lion nf the hour in both hemispheres,
yet that gentleman though ha leads
the strenuous life he advocates, has
only done his duty faithfully, and, in
this respect, does not excel his nuiny
distinguished p;edeo>.sois. He is neither a Washington nor a Lincoln,
though great events might nuke him
the peer of either. He can shoot, anything from a bear to tv Spaniard, ami
Is equally at home in tha While House
oc upon l he buck of a bucking broncho.
Au American in England recently snid
that he was so popular in England that,
if that country were a republic, he
could lie elected president. What has
he done for England that, he shoulil he
either popular or unpopular!1 Why
should he nnt lie treated with respectful indifference!1 Immediately after
the deaih of the late President Mi Kin
ley, be declared be would carry oul,
as nearly as possible, Mr. McKinley's
policy. Mr. McKinley's policy us ex
pressed by his commissioners in the
Alaska Boundaiy question was that
the United Stales would nnt consent
to submit the matters in dispute in arbitration, unless it were stipnlsled beforehand that territory already occupied by American citizens should In
any event belong to lhe United Stales.
Seven years ago the Venezuela
boundary dispute came to a head.
Lord Salisbury refused at Hrst to arbitrate tbe question because he
believed the Hritish claims
were indisputable j whereupon President Cleveland threatened war unless
Oreat Britain yielded to the demands
of fhe United Slates. Lord Salisbury
yielded, though it must hive heen n
bitter pill for the sturdy Briton to
swallow, President Cleveland Inui no
right to assume that. Oreat Britain was
encroaching upon the territory of
Venezuela. Thai he was not in a
position to ussuuie it, was clearly
proved by his own actions; for afler
his warlike niesssge he appointed a
commission to enquire Into the matter. Itis extremely don III ful if the
Monroe doctrine were intended toapply io a mere boiindin y dispute. How
the mutter was finally settled is well
known. There are reasons for be
li-ving lhat the United Slides will ud
hew io the strong stand they have
taken on the Alaska Boundary qiii-s-
ton, though their actious are not eon-
aietent to aay the least. The relations
of the two people are cordiul, Hntl they
are bound together by many ties.
The inhabitants of both cnunlries,
except a few lire enters, do not want
war, aud would look upon it as a dire
calamity, lt is, therefore, the hound
en duty of those who sre temporarily
clothed wuh authority in hntii
countries to he magnanimous, to le
considerate nf the feelings of nne nn-
other and the penple they represent,
THOMAS WALKER, Proprietor.
All tha beet brands of
Cigar* and Tobaooos kept
constantly on hand.
Latest shades and pat*
tarns of Wall Paper now In
Seventh Street, Midway.
Five Oood Reasons
That the Rio Grande Route is the
most popular one between the Pacific
Coast and the East, is evinced by the
fad that the greater per cent of trans
contliientnl travelers use it.
Hihht, the scenic at ti actions in view
from trains areunequaled In the world.
Second, the daily personally con-
dii'teil tourist car excursions heing especially adapted for ladies traveling
alone or with children affords a comfortable mode of traveling at rates
wil hin ihe reach of all.
Third! it is the only route hetween
'he East nnd West passing dirvcily
i hrough Salt Lake City or modern
Koi'bth, ihe choice of two distinct
routes through lhe heart of the Rocky
Fifth, three fast through trains daily
between Owlen and Denver equipped
wiih every modern convenien.e
There are many other reasons whv
thia route is the most comfortable and
enjoyable in lbe whole country.
Vou can learn a great deal on lhe
subject of through travel, and receive
some very Interesting and heairifnl
booklets, by calling on or writing in
the undersign d. W. C. McBRIOK.
Oen'l Agent ot M. 3. ROCHE Travel
mg Passenger Agent, 121 Third Si reel.
Portland. Oregon,
An Act te amend tho Liquor Licence Ac 98
"ISO c W
121m June. IM&I
Hia Majesty, by snd wilh Ihe advice and oon-
soni of the l_glAlntlcr Assembly of the prov-
line of Ilritish Columbia enacts as follows:
I.  This Act mar bo tho Liquor
Llnenne Acl (HMD Amendment. Act" IW,
Jl. *>"''on 3T of chapter U of lhe statutes of
I. HI being Ibo "IJqdor Umtxee Aot Iter Is
hereby repealed, and the following sudstilu
led iberfore. .
"No licence under this Aot shall be Issued
or transferred to stir person of tho Indian
race or In nny person who is not on tho list
',',' W? '?r '*"! IfWatuliB of the province of
Ilritish Columbia"
Notices having been served on
licence™ under the Liquor Licence Aw
to the effect ihat in future r.nly those
on ihe provincial voters' list will he
granted licences, those not thus quail*
fled are taking steps lo either obtain
the qualification or mnke arrange
llients for their respective hotels to he
Ijjjypt by persons able lo meet ihe re-
• of the law in this respect.
"East and Wtmt. a paper far young
Canadians" is ihe aii ractive little ofa
bamlsom., eight page illustrated weekly, issued from lbe Publication offices
of the Presbyterian Church in Cuaaia,
Toronto. It well deserves success.
Its literary standard is high, and the
printers have spared no pains to make
it a credit, mechanically. The opening
continued story is by J. Macdonald
Oxley; illustrated by i, H. Laughllil,
both of them Canadians and each well
known iu his own special Held. A
story by Ralph Connor is promised iu
anearlyniuuher. Indeed, the .bolent
uuisphere of .the paper is wholesomely
Canadian and. we should expect that
East and Wmt will meet a warm
welcome outside as well as within tiie
Prespyteiian Church, Rev. H. Douglas Fraser and He.. J.-M. Duucan are
lhe editors..   ■';-,'-, ■ :
A familiar name for the Chicago,
Milwaukee * 81. Paul Railway, known
all over the Union ai the Great R. II
way running the "Pionbkh Limitkd'
Wains s-Vpry day and night lietween St,
Paul and Chicago, and Omaha and
Chicago, "The only perfect trains In
the world." Understand t Connec
tions are miide with ALL Transcon
tiiieiitnl Lines/assuring to passengers
the best service known. Luxin ions
coaches, electric lights, steam heat, of
a verily equaled liy no other line.
See that your t|cket re»d» via "Tbe
Milwaukee" when going to any pol"'
in ihe United States, or. Canada. All
tickel agents sell Ihem.
For rates pamphlets or othei Infor-
million, address,
R. L. Polio. H. S. Rown,
Trnv Puss. Altt. Uonersl Agent,	
Oertiflcnte   of  Improvements
Mivckai. Claim.
Situate hi the Ksttls lllver Mining Dlvlilon
of Yale District. Whsrs located: Camp
IAKK NOTICR that I. Korbos M. Kerby, us
agent for Tlio Waterloo Consolidated
licit an.l Milling Company, free miner's
ctrtlltcalc Xo. MI1818, intend, sinty chys
from the dnte hereof, lo apply to the Minion
Heonrtierfora Cerliflcnle of Improvements, for
the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of tho
above claim. .
Ami further take notico that action, under
section 37. must   ho commenced lieforo the
tssnaw. of such I'erlillcslc if Iiupiovtimeiitr
Dalod tbis jfTth day Df September, lUtri.
Durham Bulls, Fresh Galved
Cows, Cows in Calf, Steers
and Heifers, Boar Pigs, Sows
and Young Pigs, Sheep and
Poultry, Saddle and Pack
Ponies.    Apply to
tl/t miles from  Midway, Or
Dispatch office.
THE partnership heretofore existing be
Iween the undersigned rn Haw Miller*
under lire luuno nf beqnimi. i_ potters, in MM-
way. II. ... and (irnnd Forks, B,C, Is borebv
dissolved hy mutual consent. All debts owing
tn the Mid-vay Sawmill are to bc paid to IVni
.u,Ki' °'   WW "i   . - w,in  Wl" COIItllllto
lhe Midivny business and sttlsfy all claims
amiin-t lho said hnMbops, A'l debts .owing m
the tlrnnd Forks Skwmtll are id be paid to B
Ijoquimc. of Orand Forks, B. C, wbo will con'
llniiatin: Orand -orks business and satisfy all
claims against tho Orand Forks mill.
S'miel J)*'1*. W -'KK8,
Dated at Midway tbis Uth day of Sept., 1«B,
Canadian Lumbar Trade Prospering.
Washington, Oct.-Iu the ioiirse or'
a few iiumtha the export duly on lumber imposed by the Oovei ninent of
Hritish (.ulumbia has resulted iii driving a iiuiulier of United Slales eaw*'
mills across Ihe line, and largely prospering i he Canadian lumber trade, a«
coiding to a abort repot tto the 8tat>*
Department fiom United Suites Consul Dudley at Vancouver, He also
says that shingles prislnced iu Canada
goinlo the Uniied Stau-s, notwithstanding the dmv. Theie ia a demand
for Hve or six thousand men lo work In
the wills and logging canifsl, although
Hie wages off-red Hre buyer than on
Ihe Ann rican side nf the line.
Why you should buy
I1KCAUSI5 it la the heat ipuitfly
BECAUSE It is most lusting chew
BECAUSE it is the largest, high grade
5 or 10c. plug
BECAUSE (he tags are valuable for
premiums until Jan. i, i "4.
BECAUSE your dealer Is au'luv ,y».t'
to refund' your mnfi,'
ynu hi" 1101 ttal.lsHed. •
m   Draonr
JtSSKSStf * **& ** ess_isUoB ny
!fc___?*,'ul! <*' opinion free ifitbiTu
;W«» ComaiDniefc
luu. Handbook on Patents
Scientific Hmerkan.
A handaomely illnitrated weekly.
™ .«..■««..,.VI,  .HUB..aim
eolation of any seitnllOe
Price Markers
Printing Wheeli
Hani l)allnir«"d
Check     Pertor-
I Rubber Type
P,Inllng Preaaea.
_tc, etc.
St.Paui, Dulath, ninneapolii, Chicago
Through l'alacc ami Tourist (jlenpers
IMning nnd   KiitTel   Smoking  Library Can
for Untc«, Folders and Full Information
call on,or addraifs,
H. BltANOt V, P. k T. A.,
,701 W; Riverside A.enn'e, ■''■''
shikanb, Wash.
A. B. P. p^NNl8TON.'«, VV. P. A..
_ battle. Wash.
Certificate of Improvements.
.  Blur Bxll Minkhal Claim.
Situate la ths Osoyooi lining Division of
Yals Dtitriet.   Wbeie Loeated i-Rre
tsr lountaln.
TAKK NOTIOK that I, Charles de Illois
Qreon. iu attent for Oeorge O. Powell, free
rnlner'aj eertitlcate No. aw OT. ard for. Ktan
Morrii,niree   miners certificate No. BW7U2,
intend mt): days from the dato hereof, to ap-
tax to the Mining Heoordor for s CorlMoate
of ImpMBjeaictils. fir the purpose of obutlnim-
a Crowinirant of tlieabovo olalm.
.   Arid furlher take' notloo that aotion, under
section 37, mui-t be commenced before 'ho Mm-
ance of such eortillcate of impro .omenta.
Dated this 26th dar cf July, IBM.
*o . 0. nuB. OllKRN.
With Which is Incorporated
The Bank of British Columbia.
CAPITAL, $8,000,000.   •   RES f, $2,000,000.
HON. GEO. A. COX, Pres.      B. E. WALKER, Gen. Mgr.
Manager Greenwood Branch.
Boundary Falls Hotel
This hotel is centrally located and is h stopping place for stage
lln us.   Good stabling on the premises.
Only tKe choicest brands of Wines, Liquors,
,   and Cigars at tKe Bar
Carrying His majesty's Hails
Will leave MIDWAY on Tuesdays, Thurs*
days and Saturdays, at 8.30 a. m., arriving at
CAMP McKINNEY at 5 p. m.
Returning willleave CAMP McKINNEY on
Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 9 a, m,,
reaching MIDWAY at 1.30 p. m., and making connection with the train going east at 2:05 o'clock.
The beet of aooommodatton for
tho oonvenlenoe of tho
travelling public.
Headqnarters for Railroad,
Mining and Commereial b
First Class Livery Stable in Connection with Hotel.
S. A. CROWELL, Prop,
CARRIAGE AND SIGN PAINTING.   Bieyele iepiiriig aod Sundries
Horse Shoeing a 1 Specialty
All Kinds of Work Executed to the Satisfaction of
• *
A new building, well furnished. Everything new and first-class.   Onlv the choic-
est Wines, Liquors and Cigars kept in
stock. Every convenience furnished the
traveling public,    Bus meets all trains.
..a?o,jrajmiBsm kmploybd;
■-mmAir-.mmmmmmmmm a AND DISTRICT.
karrlnnn returned laat  weet
hii Forki.
[(•Arthur, of Oreenwood, wn»
i Midway yenlerday.
vDnnald, liveryman of Phew-
(In Midway on Friday.
Ic, nf Spokane was In Midway
on hie way to Oamp MoKIn*
te, Superintendent nf the
rump MrKlnney wcu In Mid-
Friday nn hia wav tn Rpnkanr'.
jit 0. P. R. SteBtner Mitlng
Ireat Lake*, will he frnm Fnrt
| tn Oweh Sound on Dec. 2nd.
MrNlcnl returned  nn Frl Inn frlenda at. Carson,
\r. MlaaRthel McLaren, return-
her and will remain a few
.Tnhnann, a prneperom Mey.
|k ramher le apendtnir a few
own.    Mr. John«on thU year
ve tone nf timothy havt. the
recently  aUiiKhtered a pig
nnnth-i nld which drenaed KIR
haa vet heen received Indl*
Iprnhnhle earlv reanmptlnn   of
\n nt, the Jewel, hut It, ia honed
i the Oranhy amelter running
city next mnnth thia mine
I resume shipment* to those
e, Preahyterlan minieler of
pamed through  Midwav
tsAay nn hia way fn Weat-
■ tn marrv John McKemle
I Kate Onldie H"wltann Und
In ia the drat marriage tn take
■tht: Kettle River ahove Rock
[ nf men are nnw engaged in
I the hridge ocmaa Kettle Rlv
lidway.   The  hridge  will  he
Ind new piers put under it.
pg necemary on  account  nf
lant spring hy the high
nod Foreman  Findlay   ha*.
■ wnrk.
hear, nf Nelaon, B. C, Unpen
jgnod <|uartc vein  on nn  the
lire  ftaction    mineral   claim
ligelher with the adjoining K
11'iiiiih claim, ia tinder optioti
parlit'K whom he ivpreivnla.
era. 0. Plttnck and aaawiatea.
niy Hinik a   pmaect   ahafl  'H
IiHiiciwhiiv fraction nn    n
Irh al that d-pili hod widened
K12 inchea of quailx giving as
Vs in gold up t" *M. per Inn
|li**j lieen triced into the oili
|. it ia there covered   with
wh.   Ootid returns were oh
•-ly frntn a car nf ore taken
| (inliltinch, lying next  to tbe
■ frai-tiiiii nn the west,
nlendent     Uownie    waa   In
fely looking into the tuattei
r improveiHenty, chiefly ad
trackage, that will have to lie
wi ly for i he beit<T hamllin^
ncreasing votiime of freighl
tii in tbe Eholt yards. It Ik
hut ae Main as. the Oranhy
•hall he supplied with power
Cascade power works the
i nf ore from the Oranhy
: I'hoenix will average 61 rar*
|, or ahout 1,000 time. Among
eparatinne for the iucream-d
vill he the sal-Hutulion of a
1 circular water tank for the
1 square one already found to he
mall a holding capacity for the
fol locomotives boused there
A new remedy fop babies and
young ehildren
Tbe old reliable cough
A perfect emulsion
of castor oil, witli all
tiie excellent qualities of t^e oil untrr)-
paired, arid the unpleasant taste entirely removed.
Baiiuihtkiw, Solicitors, Etc,
Gkuknwoou, Jl. C.
—: Notary 1'uiilic,
Cam. MoKinney, B.C.
Dr. R. Mathison,
/_. F. JKorr\as-       Druggist,      JCidWay
3.15 p. m.
Wed., Krl..
MO p. m   '
„ All Coast point*
j;t«. Crown Nent 11. It.
HanIcrn Canada
1 .nttclon
Vornon, ot«.
Brand Korku
All pt«. Kant k South
Camp HcKluner
Itock Creek
Vent Kork pointa
I.U p. m.
k tatimlav-
.30 a. m.
Mails for pointa farther went of Midway than
Camp McKlnuey xo via. Ilevclntoke.
Monoy orders from 8 a. m. lo T p. ni. with the
enwptlon of ono half hour beforo departure
and after arrival of nulla.
Bn'al visit whs paid to Oreen-
foe No. 28. A. F. & A. M..Tuea*
>thy D. D. O. M. Oeo. Herring
land, who wm accompanied hjr,
'■V.. J. H. Schofteld. the W.
|e A. F. k A. M. lodge at. Trail,
ikira hud Ihe previous night
■i»it l« King Edward Lodge.
>t Phoenix. WeJnemlny thoy
■ven to the smelter ut Bonn*
'll* and they were also shown
V1"'Oreenwood smelter. Wed-
"iRlit the I), D. O. M.   Inali-
Inew lodge at Orand Forks, to lie
1»» Harmony lodge, wilh Bro.
Wtwond  u  Its   first  W.   M.
| nienihen of Greenwood lodge
snd numhersot other visit*
\ltnn from Rossland and from
snd Republic, WashingUin,
1 present
MlsgettiU|fta a nice line of
'""l. all kinds; all kinds of
■*>• all kinds of people, watch
"-f for ad.
[rt*  .. Hicks igoj Almanac,
Wiat this splendid work of
}2*«t is Hnerimd Letter than
'*llnK it mildly. The dent-
■ _ ™ 'm heyoud all previous
[ " 8l»y that such results, reach
r ,Rh fHiirrt YKARa, are not
R 8Td ■»•»«> and useful*
Cnmk -oth. Intelligence of
I,Pn,f- «"•*■• thr,,tt«h
«* Almanac, and his fHinons
L»w Mlentlflc' journal. Word
• 'HK8''» doing a work forthe
Z? ""t "PProached liy any
P,Hn °f publication.  A fair test
Mded to M* t**MnM* P"'"
i in i to "•• mo"t lon-lno"11
L,trnnn,«y for 11)08, forecasts
ilxlt hnA WM,h« ore given, as
W,i*!r'w**V l»th-yeai-,
|»«Rlyilh,Hrated with nearly
I A.SLPWjNJ- The price of
^'^•'"•l-'rtlng postage and
f*1'thirty obw/w 0BUHnd
Edltorally Fearless.
Consistently Republican.
Nawi from all of tho world-Well
written, original atone. -Answer*
to queried- Article* on Health. Iho
Homo, New Hook*, nnd on Work
About the Farm and Garden.
Fhe Weekly Inter Ocean
In a member of tho Awochled ITkhs,
the oul) Wmterii Newnpuper rocciv-
ing 'he r-nilro telegraphic nowa nary*
Ice of the New York Sun and uperlal
cable nf the Neat York Wnrltl-ilailjr
rtporii from over 1 ttm upeclal cor-
i-mpoudeaU throughout thc country.
SntiaerilM for THR DISPATCH aad
Ths Weakly Inter Onus *m» year.
both papers for tl.HO,
Works with the Almanac is $1.00 a
year. Write to Word and Works
Publishing Co., 2901 Locust Street,
St. Louis, Mo., and prove to yourself
their great value.
The Cresent.
The Cresent mineral claim, owned
hy the Oreenwood Cresent Gold Min
ing and Milling Company, of Spokane,
has had consideralile work done on it
during the last few months, H. H,
Shallenlierger has a lease of the property and an option on a controlling in
teresl. of the stork. The company
sunk a prospect shaft to a depth of
aliout DU feet some time ago between
croppings thai appeared to indicate
the occurrence nf two veins running
-Mt-allel at ahoul 80 feet apart. A
cross-cut cut one of these at the 80
foot level at alaiut HO feet from the
-haft, A crosscut, started in the other
direction at the 50 foot level should encounter the other vein at alaiut 80 feet
from the shaft. A drift run 75 feet
on the lead already cut shows it to he
a liig vein with a quarts gangue, having a paystreak of alaiut twelve inches
of good ore, Some 80 feet ahead of j
the face of this drift, which runs into
the hill and sn gives greater depth as
it grts farther in, there is what on the
Hitsfacc appears to be a big cross lend
of arsenical ore into whirh several
stringi't's of good ore apiiear Ui run
from thrilirertionof theshaft. Alaiut
200 feel, in tlie op|iosite direction .in-
other prospect shaft haa heen sunk 18
feet on what is thought to be the second of the parallel veins above men*
lioned, Near this an open rut has
been run into the hill, cutting the ore,
whirh Ims been followed some 25 feet
and now hus a face of"_ I feet. A shaft
I, Ui he sunk on tbis 211 feet, giving a
depth of 70 feet from the surface.
This ore shoot Is up to two feet in
width, averaging about 10 inches, of
which fi .in i to 10 Inches is pay ore
giving good values in gold and silver
with grey copper occurring in it as
well. A third prospect shaft, sunk 22
feet distant aboui 200 feet in an oppo
site direction to that of Hie Hrsl named
shaft, shows another (loss lend, about
two feet in width and having stringers
of high grade silver ore.   Mr. Shallen-
berger is pushing development, confident that the Cresent will justify the
The Cresent was located In 1803 and
is now Crown-granted. It is situate
in Skylark camp, is about two miles
from Greenwood, and ad joins the Lak
group upon which last yearasbaft was
sunk 105 feet and a crosscut tun 75feet.
Both properties give promise of turning out well after sufillcfent development work shall have heen done to
open up the ore veins already discovered on them.
The Granby company recently
disposed of 125,000shares of Its treasury sUick In New York for $500,0(10.
The money will be used in paying oil
the indebtedness and currying out
the extensive improvements outlined
by Mr. Graves.
A Magazine Thirty Years 01d:-The
Christmas (December) Nunilier of
THE DELINEATOR is also the
Thirtieth Anniversary Numher.
To do justice to the nunilier, which
for beauty and utility touches the high*
e,-l mark, it would lie necessary Ui print
the entile list of contents. It is sufficient to suuei hat in it the liest modern
wiiler.i and artists are generously represented. The book contains over 230
pages with 3} full page Illustrations,
of which 20 nre in two or more colors
The magnitude of this December number for which 728 tuns of puper and 0
tons of ink have lieen used, may he understood from the fact that 9] presses
running 14 hours a day, have l*en re
quired to print itjili* binding alone
of the edition of 015,000 copies representing over 20.000,000 seel inns which
bad ui be gathered individually hy
human hands.
For Getting: a Beautiful Watch
and Chain Free.~No Money
Required.—Every Man, Woman, Boy, or Girl has the
same Opportunity under our
In order to have Dr, Arnold's English Toxin Pills placed in the hands of
all persons suffering from had health
we make the following most liberal
offer :—
If j oo will send us your name and
address and agree to sell for ih twelve
lioxes of Dr. Arnold's English Toxin
Pills at 25c. per Imx, we will give vou
absolutely Free a beautiful Watch
and Chain in either Ladies or Gents
si.e, or your choice of twenly other
premiums such as fine sets of Jewelry,
Kings, Violins, Mandolins, Tea Sets,
Snteen Skirts, Cameras, etc liemem-
her we don't want any money until
after you sell the Pills and you don't
have 10 sell any more thnn 12 boxes to
get, the premiums. This is n hona fide
offer from a reliable concern thai has
given thousands of dollars worth nf
premiums to agents all over the country. Kemeinlier also that Dr. Arnold's
English Toxin Pills are a well known
remedy for all diseases of the kidneys
and bladder, Bright's disease, diabetes,
rheumatism, nervous troubles, and
female complaints, and are for sale by
all first class druggists and dealers in
all parts of the world. You haVeonly
to show I hem to sell them. You are
not offering something that the people
don't, know. Our watches are the
regular standard size for Ladies or
Gentlemen in Nil kel or Gun Metal
Cases with handsome illuminated dials
and reliahle timekeepers, watches
such as no lady or gentleman need he
ashamed lo enrrv, and they will be
sent ahsi'lntely Free to all who sell
only twelve hoxes of t,ho«e wonderful
Toxin Pills. Write at once and be the
first in vour locality to earn one of
those beautiful watches and chain. As
Minn as we receive your letter or post
card we will send ymi post pnid twelve
boxes, together With nor Illustrat.d
Catalogue and heautlfullv colored card
with your name and address on us our
authorized agent. Hear in mind that
yon will not be asked to sell any more
than the ia boxes and we. don't want
any money until after you have sold
them. We hear all the expense and
are only making this liberal offer as a
method of advertising Dr. Arnolds
Knglish Toxin Pills. Don't delay,
write at once and earn a beam iful present for yourself for Christmas.
jo Adelaide St. East, Toronto.Ont.
pt M. KERBY,
A. M. Can. Soe. C, B.
Provincial Land   Surveyor
Midway and OnRKNWnoo.
Rendell Block, Greenwood.
Phone 06. T. _ N.
Chas. A. Webster,
Spokane.Wash.. U.S.A.   Midway, B C.
Spokane Falls &Norta
Railway Co.
Nelson & Ft. Sheppard
Railway Co.
Bed Mountain Railway Co.,
Washington & 6. N. Hy.,
Van., Vie. 4 E. By. AN. Co.
The only all rail route between
points east, west and south tn Rossland, Nelson. Urand Porks and Republic. Connects nt Spokane with the
(ireat Norlhern, Norlhern Pacific and
O. it. k N. Co. for points east, west
mid south ; connects at Ros.and nnd
Nelson with the Canadian Pacific Ky.
Connects at Nelaon with the K. B. * N.
Co. for Kaslo and Slocan points.
Connects nt   Cnrlew with •tags for
Oreenwood and Midway H.C.
llurfrt  cars ran on  tralAs lietween
Kpoknno anil He|talilk_
Leave Arrive.
».25vH  SPOKANE      J.Mp.m.
10.1S a.m  ROS.1.AND      S.10pm.
7.00 a.m  NK1.SON      8.00p.m.
ll.00a.ct GRANli KORK.....
».15a.m RKPUDUC       M0p.m,
xx. __.. -r_-.o_K-sosr.
Otiural Pawngor Agent.
Bpokuit, Wash.
Arrive Winnigeg... .3rd day 8:50 a. m.
Arrive St. Paul 3rd day 0:40 p. in.
Arrive Chicago  4th day 8:40 a, in.
Arrive Toronto Sth day 2:45 p, m,
Arrive Montreal 5th day (1:90 p. in.
Arrive New York,.. .Ol h day 8;55 a. in.
AI rip East over the C. P, ll. will
convince you that it is the "ONLY
Len ve Dutimnre Junction dally for
St. Pail
Kootenay Landing Tuesdays and
Saturdays for Toronto, Montreal and
all Kastern points.
Through Bookings to Europe,
Via all Atlantic Routes, Prepaid tickets at lowest rates Issued from all
European Countries,
Knrthe Information regarding the
C, P. R. and further pmnf of it. being
the "ONLY WAY" can lie furnished
on application to
A.  W.  IIAII.RT,   Agent, Midway, or
g. CARTER, E. ,1. COYLE.
I). I*. A.. A. G. P. A..
Nelson. B. C.      Vancouver. II. C
Commereial Job Printing
Large Stock.   Low Prices.
T.   3MC.   GKCXl_.J_.E15r   Ss   CO.,
Greenwood- Curlew
Stage Line.
The undersigned is running a DAILY STAGE between
Greenwood and Curlew via Midway. Stage will leave Greenwood at 6:30 a. m., arriving in Midway at 7:45 and at Curlew
in time to connect'with the train for Spokane clue 10:45 returning
will leave Curlew at 5 p. ni., upon arrival of incoming train,
reaching Midway at 7:30 p. m. and Greenwood at 9 p ra.
Will connect with Meyerhpff's Stage from all points West
J. H. TYRRELL, Proprietor.
Midway Livery, Feed &SaIe Stable
Seventh Street, Midway,
Opposite Crowell's Hotel.
J. H. Tyrrell,  -   Proprietor.
Hay aod Oats For Sale. - Bus Meets all Trains.
General Transfer and Dray Business.
Riverside Hotel
Rock Creek, B. C.
S. T. LABSEN, Prop.
Stopping pliire fm1 Stupes to
and ft om nil Boundary
(!l*fk pnints.
Grood Aeeommodation Top the Traveling Public.
"Lit torn GOLD DUST twit* do your work."
wfl l. .0 0Y017 particle of dint and dirt from your floor* mm)
Woodwork—-makd! thorn as clean as a whistle, noat at a pu_
tlotiiinj r.o c°cd for wishing cloth*) and dishes.
Chietfo,   Now tmi,   Boaton,    SlLMta.     _.umiuu. /
It will be the most important Bailway Centre in the
Interior of British Columbia.
It is in the centre of a
rich Mining, Stock-Baising,
Ranching, Gardening, Manufacturing, Coal Producing,
Midway property will
make you rich. It is not
a speculation, it is an in-
Midway, toe coining nil-
way, eommereial, whole.
sale aod manufacturing
centre of the Kettle Biver
and Bonndary Creek Dis.
triets, is situated at the
confluence of Boundary
Creek and Kettle Biver.
The. leading resideo ce
town in the eoontry, with
an excellent climate, pure
water supply, and surrounded by rieh agricultural land.
HO St .John Blrtt. t,
Montreni, P. «.
Business, residence and garden lots at low prices and on easy terms.     Send for maps, prices, and full particulars to
0. M. CK0U8K.
Agent for Briiish ColimiMit,
Midway. II. V.
Sthe gJtspittdj
dame Lows.
lt is lawful to shoot game as follows (dates incln-ive):
September 1 to Dei'i'triliei; 14—Deer,
buck or due ; mountain goal, mountain
sltt-'P (ram,)
September 1 to December 31—Caribou ; elk, wapiti, (bull); prnuse of all
kinds, including pvairie i-hlckeits; hate;
nioofe, (hull).
.Septemher 1 to February28-Bittettt;
Jink, all kinds ; heron ; meadow lark,
November 2 to March 31— Beaver,
land otter, marten.
ll, is nnlnwfjil in shoot, of destroy at
any time : Birds living on noxious inserts ; English blackbirds; caribou,
cow or calf j chaffinch ; deer, fawn
under twelve months : elk, wapiti, cow
or calf undor two years : gull ; linnet ;
moose, cow or calf under twelve
months; mountain sheep, ewe or lamh;
English partridge : phc.isants, nock or
hen, except as liei. iniifter provided ;
quail, all kinds; i'plilns (farmers only
may shoot'these in gardens hetween
Jimel and Sept. 1); skylark, thrush.
(tis unlawful to huy, sell or expose
fnr sale, show tn inlvirlisinient, caribou, hare, hull moor.', mountain goat,
inountain rum before October 1 ; deer
hefore Septem'eil ; nor any of the
above iiinned Mtiimals nr birds at ajy
time, except, ilin-k. hlue gruiise, bernu
and plover dm ini: the open season.
It. is unlawful to kill nr take more live cariliou in one smsmd ; more
thnn len deer, irf t,o hunt. Ihem with
dugs or tn kill for hide, alone ; llioi'e
than •£!) ducks ; more than two bu1!
elk or wapiti: mure thnn* two bull
moose; morethitu five moun.til.itt goal..-:
in ,re than three mountain nuns: "I
lo t,ake iirde..rov iheeggsof pfuM'Clet'
birds nt any lime.
Itis unlawful to etner Innd enclose,
by fetve, water or imtncil boundary,
after notice or if notice Miid'M' Section
17 is posted nn : for Itfni residents to
shoot without a ll"6nse ; for non res!
dent Indians in klil ueuie at any time ;
to export or transport, in Ihe imw
ftate, game birds of every kind and
atiiiiiiils protect, il extvpt, near, In-av-1
marten and land otter; in use traps
nets, uins, druuged nail,. Hie, It) calcl
game iiieds; to exn. se for sale any
deer v ithout it* head ur bird withoti:
itsplumaae; to hm. Imn cries, Siylvi,'
guns nr sunken ph'nt. in non liibiJ
wateis In tak" dm ksor geese : for nn
licensed nou-i"-idiuts to |r«p or ki I
henr or beaver for'heir pelis; to kill
nnv gaine Iiiid ti'-t." I'fii one hour aft/'
Buti.M and one hour before sunrise •
to kill gime birds or animals importer
for aeclfniiitig-H linn purposes! to Inn
in s'lll ||t>nd< of uiotinlnll' sheep ; li
irk' "out e*io:-|il hv hook and litie.n
to use salmon roe as  halt,
(jjitlnii will lie iiuwlu tn tlie Piirltmiiuat nf
1 'iiiriiln. nt the noxt Al tings tlioruof, for nn Act
Incorporating a conipnny, uiuler Iho initiio of
the "Vancouver aim t.'onst Kootenay Itaibvn.v
t'riinpnny'to construct Hirfl operate a lino of
railway, from a point nt or near the City of
Vancouver, thence south easterly to tho City
of New Westminster anil across tho Fraser
Hiver; tlienee easterly by Uio most feasible
route,tea poinlxit or near Miilway, In the
noiinilnry Oreek District; from a point oa tho
main line of the railway south of the Fraser,
to a point at or near the mouth of tbe fraser
Hivor: from a point nn Ihe main line eaat of
Hope, Ui a point, at, or near Nicola Lake; anil
from u point on the mnin Him of the railway at
or near tho City of Vancouver, northerly across
Burroril Inlet, at the most feasible point, to
North Vancouver Municipality, thonco westerly
to a point at or near thu mouth of the Capllnno
Creek. ' ;
Willi power to construct and operate branch
lines, from any point on1 the main line of the
The Midway Sawmill
prnisiseil rail way or branches thereof, not exceeding in any nne case thirty (301, miles in
length; and with pijwcr to construct, own, and
reeling In any" nne case thirty (301, miles in
length; and with power to construct, own, and
ir|iciale. .bnrves, docks, cluvalors. and ware*
All kiods of EOUGH and DRESSED LUMBER,
houses. In connection therewith ; and to con-
struct,own, and operate, steam and olher
vessels, on nny navigable waters; and wilh
power to construct, ovu. mnlntclii. and oner
ate a suitable ferry, from the .most convenient
point on tho mainland of Biitlsh Columbia, ts
tiie most convenient point on Vancouvur
Island, so as to make connection with the illy
of Victoria, or to connect therewith by tlie
some; to construct, operate and maintain, .
telegraph and telephone linns, along the route
■ if t Inr proposed railway or ils branches, and lo
transmit messa-... fnr cininicrclr.1 purposes,
and In rolled, lolls therefor: t. generate electricity for power nrftl lighting purposes, and
for all rlKhtsiH)wers and privileges, necessary,
usual, or Incidental to all or any of the aforesaid purposes.
Dated at Vancouver, Ihis 1st day of October,
A. I). IM,
Ua Solicitor for Applicants.
Band sawing and job work done to order
Do your Children
Of conno they do. It ii tbeir
way of learning and it is yonr duty
lo answer. Yon may need a dictionary to aid yon. It won't answer every question, bnt tben are
thousands to which it will give yon
trtio, clear and deOnito nimwcrs,
not about words onlv, but about
things, lho enn, machinery, men,
planes, stories aud tlio like. Tben,
too, tho children can find tbeir
owu answers. Some of dur
greatest mon have ascribed tbeir
powor to sludy of lbe dictionary.
Of course you want the best dictionary. The most critical prefer
tho -Jew and Enlarged Edition of
809 Second Ave., Spokane, Wash.
Riverside Nurseries
Grand Porks, B. C.
Home-grown, thrifty, acclimatised trees and shrubs,
Currents, Raspberries, Strawberries, etc.
A fine assortment of Maples and other shade trees,
Roses, Lilacs, Hedge Plants, other Ornamentals.
The a. cret of success In planting, la, Kiwrr—to aerure good stock.
BEcoxn—to plant at soon as possible after It ia dug,
Trees obtained fron our nursery eao lie planted it
Midway two days alter they are dug.
Price Hat, and fall Information promptly given.
If pen hart any question
aim ut il mile 111,
ibSKE. a * °- MERRIAM 00.
KPOnmmy wiusMins,
•ramo'ino, mass.
The schooi where thorough work is done; where the reason
is always given; where confidence is developed; where Book-
KEEi'iNt; is taught exactly as books are being kept in business ;
where Shorthand is scientific; where penmanship is at its
best; where merit is the standard; where the training in Civil Skkvick, Tklegkai'HV, English and Cartooning wakes up
students, develops their powers and teaches them how to be
successful. No argument is so eloquent as the record of
things well done. No mortgage can corrupt, no thief can
break through and steal the knowledge of How to Do When
you know what a school can do for you by what it has done for
others is it better to trust to luck? I.s it wiser to guess?
For detailed information call, telephone or write
809 Secocd Ave., Spokane Wash.
■ ■ mt
Advertise in
_____ ___ * '
The Dispatch.
tflen Wanted m a a
To sell for the large Fonthlll nurseries. Appll
cations should be filed at onoe.  Highest wages
paid, permanent place assured to the right men.
We furnish guaranteed stook commanding hig he testimonials from British Columbia Inspectors.
» WKLIJ KOTOS T. K.  CA..___...     ft.   A9T    111  '  ___.„.«
TouoKTobKT.   Stone & Wellington.
'• MMMMOMOOOSM 9*********
Lancashire House,
i : MIDWAY, B.C. : :
The undersigned having re-opened this well-
known  and   comfortable    hotel  invites  the
patronage of all old customers and the public .
Furnace-heated and comfortably furnished rooms.
Breenwood-Cuiiew, via Midway Satge &X!g£S
Upon lln Arrival lii thn evening, while nhnnge of hones is Mug made
Mrs. Dowding, Proprietress.
■ l"'s.',Vi, ■'.."■._.'.',....


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