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The Midway Dispatch C. M. Crouse 1902-10-20

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 Vol. I. No. 16.
12.00 per Year.
A Test Case
To test the value of adver
jtisiftg the coupon below will
lbe taken as 50c. on all cash!
[purchases amounting to $5J
Flour, sugar and coal oil excepted
Cut out Coupon and bring it to the store,
Amateur Boxing Champlonihlp*
British Columbia.
Good for Fifty Cents on purchases
amounting to $5.00 al McNicol's.
Flour, Sugar and Coal Oil excepted.
-:- J. McNICOL
* StatiMjry
1 THOMAS WALKER, Proprieto
All «M tott mmmtm tt
. Oigart and T«Immmm kept
• MMtmtty m mmmi.
Latest ikaaat mm* pat*'
I tamtaf Wall Paper aaw la
ftfok.       U^
 Seventh Street,
About that letter!
m -.
An otherwise nice letter is too often spoiled by
the stationery. If you want your letters to
make an impression and be appreciated by the
recipitant, you should write them on good paper
and use good envelopes.
I have a good stock of stationery, clean and
well assorted, at right prices.
The VietoriH Athletic Cluh propone,
to hold ii tournament of Holing to de
cldH the cliitiiipioiinhl|m at the different weights, in the month of November, al the V, A. Oyniiuuliini, The
dates h« Hxed, are Wedem-day and
Thursday Ittt.h and 'Akh November.
The Hrst night would he occupied with
preliminary heat*, the final* taking
plare on the succeeding night.
There are mix championship* to he
competed for viz;—bantam, Feather,
Light, Welter, Middle and Heavy.
The winner of each will be presented
wilh a Oold Medal and in addition will
bold for one year a handsome Challenge Cup,
Forma of entry can lie had upon application to the Hon. Secretary of the
Victoria Athletic Club. Mr. J, Walter
Lorrimer in care of Turner Beeton and
Co., Wharf Street, Victoria.   In order
Ibat none hut amateurs shall compete,
the Club is taking every precaution,
and therfore requires that in case of
anyone  desirous  of competing  nnt
heing a member of an Athletic Aaeoci
ation must furnish   two   references
from reliable parties as to his -.landing
a* au amateur.   The  Committee In
charge of arrangements reserves the
right to refuse any entry, unless they
are fully sat iatted that the requirement*
are f ulHlled,  There are doubtless many
individuals throughout British Columbia, wbo are fond of Boxing and believe
that they  can  hold their o«n   In
their clas*, who yet are not in ihe way
of lielonging to  an   Athletic  Club,
These are the men that the V. A. 0.
particularly wishes to invite io couie
from wheresoever tbey may he and
meet other followers of tbe Manly Art.
Special rales  for Hotel accomodation
aud also fur transportation are lieing
arranged for couipetitots.
The rules (o govern thr contact Willi* tboee ot ths Canadian Amateur
Athletic Association, (hese will Iw
furnished in fall to all who may apply
for entry forms. The weight* are a*
follows*—Bantam 11161b*. and under.
Feather IU Um. an* radar* Walter
14611m. and under; J-tddlt, 166 Hi*, anii
under | Heavy 168 II*. and over. Iu
order to prevent any powihle misunderstanding the following is the detrition of an amateur, which will be
strictly adhered lo,
An Amateur is a person who has
not competed in auy competition for
a staked Iwt, monies private or public,
ur gate receipt* i or competed with or
against a professional fora prile, wbo
has nevei taught nr assisted in the
pursuit of auy athletic exercise or
sport as a iiieaus of livelihood ; wbo
bas never directly or indirectly receiv
edany bonus or paymeut in lieu of loss
of time while playing as a uiemlier of
any cluh, or any money consideration
what ever for any service* a* an athlete
except his actual travelling aad hotel
expenses, or who ha* never entered
into any competition under a name
Stamp I1HI for Nickel Plate.
A press dispatch from Phoenix saym
While rumors to thai effect have
heen in circulation fnr some lim*, it ia
now definitely known that lhe Marcim
Italy estate, nf Butte, owners of the
Nickel Plate group of mines In ihe
lower Hliuilkameen, have placed an order for a 40 stamp mill, which it ih expected will he in operation some time
late this fall or early thU winter. The
mill, which ia now in proees* of maun
fact ure at Shethrooke, Quebec, will
have a capacity of about !*») Ions nf
ore per dav, which can lie readily in-
cream d by the addition of mure stamp*
to the battery.
A location for the site for the mill
has heen "elected, near the mouth of
| Twenty Mile creek, which la ahoul Ave
miles from the Nickel Plate mines,
Th* location Is Indian land, adjoining
Hedley City, and negotiations for Unacquiring of the laud, which have heen
in progress for some time, are nnw
about completed. When installed
Ihi* Will be the flrst stamp mill erected
in the Similkituieen district, the others nearest heing at Camp Mckinney
and at the Ntemwinder mine in Camp
Owing to the secretive policy pursued hy the management of the Nickel
Plate mine, little that is definite ha*
teen officially given out in regard to
the property. For the past tour years,
however, a force of from 20 lo 91) men
has been steadily employed at the mine
and some months ago an air compres
•or was placed on the property for the
purpose of pinning development at a
faster rate.
The Nickel Plate ha* the reputation
nf heing the richest mine in that section, and ia the only one tha* has heen
systematically worked foraeveral years
The ore Is said to run high in copper
and gold, large bodies averaging 170
per ton. On the dumpare many thou
sands of tons ot ore awaiting treat
ment at the ne*v mill, he*ides murh
ore fur smeller treatment. One inrii
caiicn nf the value nf the property Is
the fact that the owner*, for the la*i
two yean or more, have heen buying
up adfnlning mineral claims, until now
they hate a large Mock. The Nickel
Plate itself cost the present nwners
IflO.OOi) some four years ago, and tbi*
last spring two adjoining claim" were
bought fnr 960,000 cash from parties
residing in Phoeuix. Other claim*
were bought at lower Hgiires.
a decided improvement, Fiom the
crushing of 2IAH t.ma taken froni 'lie
dump the average value was $2.82 per
Ion, with «n ext-action of 78 per cent.
Frnm 1400 toil* taken from the mine,
of Which IKK) inn* caiuetrniii thi-201
font level the average watt 94.44 per
ton, with an ext racl ion of 82 |ier cenl.
A two week*' leal, of oie taken from
the 800foot, level, the lowest working*,
returned $8.60 per ton. The llW* in
slime* amounted io about 10 per item
in the values, This, however, will be
saved when the new cyanide plant i«
in operation, Kor the present the
tailing* are heing aimed and Snpei-in
tendent Charles O.itmih.irg estimates
that the value* in name '.-ill more than
repay the cost of the 200-ton cyanide
**■*     ..       ■
Danlei Backing Bennett.
Camp McKinnky, B, (j„ Oct Uth.
Referring to a statement recently
published In several newspaper* lo the
effect that he is financially aiding Geo
M. Bennett in connection with the lat
ler's "jumping" of Ihe Waterloo
mineral claim here, K (1 Sidley, the
well-known Anarchist Mountain far
mer, to-day denied UiIh allegation
then brought to hi* notice for the firm
lime. He says lhat Bennett a«ked hi*
advice as tothe posilion and he gave
the opinion, which he still hold*, thai
owing tothe Waterloo company h«v
ing permitted its free miner'* certificate lolapse the claim had la-come vacant so it wa* open lo anyone to re
locate it. Hell confident that if ap
pealed to, the law court* will uphold
Fiennett'a claim't-ithe Waterloo,
It i* reported that a furlher complication has arisen in Ihe shape nf Ben
net I's relocation having heen "jumped" quite lately by local parties. The
grounds for this last move have not
yel transpired, nor has this report
been continued at the tihie of writing-
C, Jensen, one of the eiigintfw cm*
ployed at the B. C. Unppei Company'«
smelter met with a painful accident
early last Wednesday, He ty its tin ilm
night shift imd wa* engaged In clean*
iug lhc electric light engine wltilst.it
wan running when the fli*.-t fin-fcrnf
hi* tight hand was caught liy tlm eccentric, The flush was turn frntn the um
of the linger, I tu ii Icllkely^tfie Injured
unit will heal and lliatamput.ition will
not. In- net;, hhj.iv. Fnr it weet* or so he
witl be Incapacitated so far n* his or*
dinury duties are concerned;
low il m-tiny. employ -il at th" B 0
Copper Company'* Mother leale mine,
met with an accident on Saturday
which insulted in his losing the tup of
ihe first titig-i of his lift hind, lie
was at work in the li-aiuwur tunnel
helow the hig quarry, nnd on the luuse
that draws the car* oui of the tunnel
to the crusher, balking was assisting
to start a loaded cnl- when, tin empty
8-ton car caitie dnwn the track, cinching Ooostiey's finger whan it collided
with the loaded car, The finger was
so Injured that Dr.Spankle had to amputate it at the first. Joint,
Martin Anderson, general foreman
at the B, C. Copper Cotnatiy's smelter,
Oreenwood, relurned nn Monday night
frnm a viait to hh old home in Sweden,
He was away ahont three month*.
* Bannerman Bm*. are selling nnt. nf
their grocery business in Greenwood-
David Bannerman is joining Frank
Lewis in tht livery stable laisiness,
starting a* toon a* the stork and vehicle* shall he received, so will not leave
WM IIUMlM SUmwIoder.
R-iruw. B. C, Oct, 14.- John
Hayes Haiuinund, one of the leading
mining engineers of the American
continent, accompanied hy an English
expert, is shortly eipected in the
Their mission Is to make a thorough
examination of the Stemwinder mine
and ot her assets of the New Fairview
Colouration, Umlled. A deal Is now
on the tapis with an English aynrii*
cat* for the isle of the property for
Afler deducting   cotiiml*
into any couiiichmuu «....-. _   ___w__,'m__i
other than his own, or who has never 9mm.   ai.er -»»»,, .„
been guilty of selling or pledging hi. |lo"«.»te-.»ho,,ld the deal go through,
" the shareholders will receive ahout 23
-:-  A. F. Thomas,
Drugs and Stationery
We do not need a "Test"
in rca-d lo MnrtUsi an we know from e-perience that
"IS a*,,**., of Uta Childrens. Men, and Boy, ho,
Roks Hour at lowest -w-M- marked P"« w"n°"'" "
■  give us a eall nd be eonvineed.
prise*. .    ,
The contest* will be judged by a
referee assirted by two judges, Mr. C.
Phillip* Wolley and Dr. Baker have
kindly signified their willingness to
»ct at the uieeting in the capacity of
Referee, which aasurea competitors
Ihut they will have Judgment passed
upon men by men with eipert know*
ledge of the science. Tbe number of
rounds will be three.
The Victoria Atheletic Cluh is an
organization that has already won a
name for itaelf for energy, bna.ne*)*
like method* and good Bport. It*
gymnasium work is of a high older
and tbe IwiUig wmuaU which have
been held in it* room* bave attracted
-,,,,ch attention. They have been
clean true eihibltions, The executive
oftheClubiswellqiialitied to under
take the settlement of the champion-
ship* of the province of British Coluui-
The champions will afterwards, in
-ll probability, have to meet those of
the south ci. ie* and even so far south
m 8an Francisco. Whilst competitors
are not require.! to have heen born in
British Colunihia, they tnu* give
proof of being genuine resident!. The
Victoria Athletic Club confidently
eipcct* a rousing meeting on the
19th and 20th of November and for
their part will leave nothing undone to
bring about such a result.
The officers of the V. A. Care Hon* |
orary President, the Lieutenant Governor, Sir Henri Joly de Lobinlewt;
President, .he B.». W. W. Bolton.
Ylce presided!, the Hon. CoL K. O.
Prior. Minister of Mine*. These are
assisted by a etw«-B exeeutlxe and
sub-committee*. The well-
•Bob Foster" i* the Club**
-*■_«-......_= mmmmm aam —«■ —
9x*m9% wMthtr mt w ■»■*•
professional and trainer.
cent* per share.
At the present time only 14 of the
48 stamp* are in operation, and until
ihenewJOO-too tyanlde plant ii Untitled, sometime alxmt the end of the
year, no attempt will be made to run
the big mill to its full capacity.
Meanwhile the policy of the management Is to fully develop the resources
of the Stemwinder mine. The slopes
on the second and third levels are lieing pushed forward and a winie is
heing sunk on the vein from the 300-
foot level. At present there is over
8000 tons of ore broken down in the
mine, so hy the time the cyanide
plant is in operation and the 48
stamps dropping there will lie an
abundance of quart* on hand to
supply the dally requirements of some
176 tons.
During the past few months several
improvement* have been effected with
a view to reducing the cost   nf  treat-I
ment and   mining.  A   Pelton water
wheel, with a flume from Iteed creek,
has been installed, and a saving over
the costot steam power will shortly be
had.   An electric light plant has heen
added.  The numher nf stamp*  ha*
heen lncrea»»d from 20 ta 48 and an
experimental cyanide   plant   put in.
This last has demonstrated tbat the
low grade concentrates and tailings
can he treated and a handsome prolit
thereby derived.    Altogether  President Richard Russell ha* heen bending
hi* energies to place the Stemwinder
mine on a profit-paying basis, should
the English parlies fail to purchase
th* properly.   Without a doubt the
mine I* one of the biggest low grade
free milling properties In the province,
and with carefnl management should
pay large profits on the comparatively
■peaking imall  amount  of inverted
It is alio satisfactory to note that
tb* values, a* depth ib attained, ihow
A. O. Davl* open ed a livery ham in
Greenwood last week. With Harvey's
old established livery business still running and a third competitor to be in
the Held shortly It. seem* that In this
line Oreenwood will be morn than well
provided for,
Rev. W. A. Robins, M. A., rector
of St Jude'i Church of England,
Greenwood, li expected to return from
England by the flrat Sunday in November, He left nn a trip to the old
country about three months since, and
recent advices from him announced
hii Intention to sail for Canada on llth
Typhoid fever is epidemic to some
extent in Oreenwood just now, about
a doien cases heing under treatment.
Among the victims are A. A. Csowiton,
grocer, and R, C. Longley, a mining
man well known locally. Tuesday John
Lindsay was brought in from Rock
Creek, suffering from the same malady
Among the local patients are several
Juvenile*, oue a girl, so neither sex nor
age appears tn matter, the fever attac k
ing the young a* well as adults and
huth sexes, Fortunately there i* ample hospital accomodation iu Oreenwood for the proper care of the sick.
Connection I* being mude, hy menu*
nf a drift on the vein, lietween the old
and new shaftsof the Providence mine,
near Greenwood, The ore was found
to lie a little broken up nl the if) font
level so the shaft was deepened a few
feet With the result that clean ore w.t*
met with and this I* heing drifted on
towards tne old shaft, distant about KM
feet. This nre occasionally shows fr-e
gold, whilst silver occurs in it plentifully, so good return* are expected
from shipments to he made shoi-tlv.
Altogether the outlook for the Providence  I* regarded as satisfactory.
Much satisfaction I* felt a' the prospect of the Snowshoe mine ere long
considerably increasing its output.
Geo. S. Waterlow, dj-puty Chairman
nf the Snowshoe Gold k Copper Mine*
Ltd.. after hi* recent visit In the mine
and l-efiii-w leaving British Columbia
for England rabled the secretary of
lhe'Company in London that he was
quite aaiafled with the prospect* of the.
Snowshoe, and that afler the large
hoist and other new machinery tn he
shortly put in, shall have been installed, the mine will l»> in shape tn ship
at the rate of 16,001) Ion* of ore n»r
month, «Present shipments \\o not
average more than one I bird that
quantity, chiefly fnr the reason that
the local smellers have not heen able
tn accept more ore from the mine owing to fluxing nerersitie* calling for a
larger proportion of irony nre,
Information ha* been received from
Fairview to lhe effect that ir. will pro-
bahly he found necessary to stop some
of Ihe stamps at the New  Fairview
Corporation'* (lamp mill, al its Stem-
winder  mine, until such time a* the
cyanide plant in course of installation
shall be ready for lhe treatment of the
lulling*, for which the storage room
ptnvided is already taxed .0 it* utmost
capacity.   As  these tailings are  estimated i.i contain value* to the amount
of ahout $4-00 per ton it would Involve
a loss should Ihey he permitted to escape, so it is considered hest policy to
reduce the quantity of ore being put
through  the  stamp mill foi- the few
week* neces.-ary incomplete ihe cyanide plant and get it iu operation. Thereafter it will I*' practicable to keep the
whole nf tha 48 »laiiips In the mill dropping.   The   lowest level of the Stem-
winder is stated to he showing still
fm ther improvement, wl.'h   the   ore
body widening out beyond earlier expectations.
■i. i
Boundary Ore Shipments.
The tonnage of ore shipped by the mines of the Boundary
District during  1901, and for  1902,  up October 6th. is as
Old Ironsides and Knob Hill group 231,762
Mother Lode  99,548
King Solomon	
No. 7	
Jewel ,'	
Goklen Crown	
Sundry small shipments *    2,500
Shipments during  1900 totalled
 386,738     364,259
„...r „     , 97.837   t°ns !  dlirinK
the year 1901, to December 31st, 386,738 tons, and during
1902, to October 6th, 364,259 tons, making an aggregate of
848,834 tons '
©he gtepatclj
C. JL CBOCSK Wltor uut Pnfrltm
HublwIjaJ weekly at llit)»-«r. B.<J.
Suh«a*lpUo*i pri«, |! IN i«»' Vtoiea. P*rat4c
In litanee, either yen); or lislt yaany al (Jir
opCixtn <it tl,* ttuUejitM-r.
Adverti«4iif Max sent m miplimtloB.
Hon J. Israel Tarte is making a triumphal lour through Ontario, thel.ind
of Orangemen, in bU private car. He
i» l*ing wineil aud <iim-d liy the May
ors and councils of the various town*
and cities, while bis leader ihe all ent
bracing Sir Wtlftnd Laurier i" visiting
England, France and R'une, Truly
tbe world moves. Is not this the name
man, whom th"Ckintiervatlvea in tfn-ir
fruit ic efforts to regain power and 'he
spoils of office, maligned and held up
for t'xectraion on the ate uf the general election two year* mm? Why is it
tbnt Mr Tarte is meeting with so
wartn ji reception!' It i* tteC-ilM the
people like tti hear What he bat* to say-
He advocatel a higher tm iff. n national policy, Canada foi the Oanadian*.
Th- Onttterttttlvr* say the Uheral*
stole tbeir tariff, th-ir pnHfltiri cloth i
ing. Hon, 0. E. Pnstet sUU*d that
the theft includeil all but a friction of
one per cent or one per cent and a
fraction, we do not. remember which.
it does uot make much difference, for
Mr. Tarte proposes Ui sJe.tl this small
remnant of tbe Omnerxatloet stock iu
trade of political clothing, andjio leave
Mr. Borden and Mr. Foster and the
other Conservative* in pu'dic and pii-
vafce life, stark naked hefore the world.
If Mr Tart* succeeds in lii* scheme, it
would appear that, the Conservatives
might a* welt close up r-hnp and go out
of business. The Ubai-al* of the old
sch'sil have pa«sed awav, or are in a
hopeless minority. The energetic
courageous, forceful, Minister of Public
Works is prohahly the most advanced
thinker, tbe ablest e_|»nent of the
new school of liheral thought, more in
touch with the newly awakened thtole
hing life that has come to Canada, than
any other man in puhlic life.
The cry of free tnde, tariff for rev
enue only, of commercial union, reel-
procity «ith the United State* is beard
no more in the land. When the Con
servative* were in power. Hon. Edward Blake and other Ibeorjtf* went
through Canada promulgating their
doctrines of free trade. They would
prove in the most conclusive manner,
that the workiuguian's shirt would
cost less under a revenue tariff than
under a protective tariff, yet ttie majority Mworklngineti would gn 10 the
poll*, at the next election and vote for
a conservativecanditate. The lil-eral-,
when the conservatives were iu power,
persistently advocated close commercial relation* wiih tlu- United States,
and accused tile conservatives of pot
lieing sincere in their effort* to obtain
reciprocity. Frnm 1855 to WM there
wa* a treaty in force hetween the Un
iU-d State* and Briiish provinces,
under which certain natural products
were recinrocally admitted free of duty
Within this period, the American
civil war took place, and the dfferent
province* enjoyed a large and profit
able trade with the United States.
This treaty was abrogated by notice
jjivi-n hy the United States, (n 1871
tint Treaty of Washington was nego-
liateil between (Ireat Britain and lhe
United Slates: among other matters,
it wa* agreed l hat the fisheries should
he thrown open fora |K-riod of Wn
years, and that lish and fish oil should
lie reciprocally admitted free of duty,
and that the United States should pay
a stun, to he determined hy arbitration, for the privilege of fishing in
Canadian water*.
The arbitration was held at Halifax
in 1877 j and the sum of Nve and oue
half millions of dollars was a warded to
Canada, which lbe United State! pnid.
The United Sta'es authorities refused
to renew the clauses of the Treaty of
Washington relating to the fisheries.
In ISSS, under the first administration
of President Cleveland, the British and
American authorities endeavored to
settle the fishery question hy negotiating a new treaty, hut the United
State Senate, which had a republican
majority, refused to ratify it. Some
time prior to the general election in
1888, there was a liberal convention
held at Ottawa, and n platform was
then adopt eil for the puny throughout,
the Dominion. There was a pant,
graph in thai platform in which
which it was slated that the  lilierals
would, If successful in the approaching election, tin all in th-ir power to bring about closer commercial
relations wilh the United Slales.
There was no Mention nf iu'ei-provin
cial intercolonial or Imperial trade
mallei* In that platform, They also
promised to reform the tariff,
It I* doubtful if that platform
brought victory to the liheral party
It is more likely that the coercion pol
Icy of the conservative party brought
succes* to the liheral* and defeat to
themselves. The conservatives had
been in power for 18 years, and like all
parties or men who are eni rusted wilh
too long a lease of power, they wanted
to coerce somebody. Moreover the
conservatives were disorganised i Sir
John Macdonald and his two successors
In olBce were dend, and there was
trouble about the question of leader-
Sir Wilfred Laurier and the »if-
men be took into his r_!>in_t, a gad
piupoitiuii of wluw were not all thai
time luesu t«rs of Pkrlhuueet, l.m wen
Pnt-iDciai precuim, ko*-*- fell «**l
tjjat tbe majority of Uw Canadian
people were not inf»*s*r of free tr-nic
or aiiytning approaching it: if lbe*
had any doubts al-c-ot it, they bad
on)}- Ui :«_e.(-1 upon the results of tbe
elections between lWSatid IS* Tbey
promised 'o reform tbe tariff, and
they did reform it, but it is a question
if ihey ever promised to reduce lhe
tariff; ther reduced it cm att **-empe
• nit very little, and jl mum lie borne in
mind tbat to reform doe* not mean i,o
miuce. aJid it mav nie«n ihe reverse.
True to his autMn-linu pJedges. Sit
Wilfred Laurier entetW] into Defoliations with the authorities al Washitte
ton witb a view to aroingitig » J-eci-
prrnitr trea.iv to inrtade not only Mt-
uarl products, but also certain kinds "1
manufactured strides. The result was
that tbe iie(fotiat.ion« rune to tiattfih).
a* those of Sir Hol-eri Bond nf New
Foundland came to naughl within the
last few week*, lhe United Stat**
have repeatedly refused to -enter into
clnM-r trade relations with Canada
Tbey have, on the (ontrary. is whai
tbey consider iu the beet interest.* of
their own people, erected a tariff well
as biirb *i*»in asthai nf Canada,known
Hrst ss lhe McKinley Bill and Uter as
the Dingley Bill. They have forted
our people to look for new market* for
a great deal nf their pta_nrf:ntn*
fanner in En.Ft«-rn Canada, assisted bv
Ihe government, bsve sought and
found new markets principally ir
Ureal Britain.
While, as has Isxrn stated, the Vn
iled Statf* frafned its tariff to benefij
its own people, yet many journal* in
'he Unit-"! Sut»-s pi«litt<*d that Can
ada would lie forced tnt.i the Cninn as
a result i.f these tariffs ; but to day we
And Canada more prosperous than at
any time in it* history.
Now Mr. Tarle. hearing in otinn
l hat the people endorsed the Libera!
party and its tariff policy at the bul
election, think* no dmiM it would !■
a good plan In keep out a part of the
enormous quantity of gm-*ds Ibat we
import from the United Sut**. Whilom- exports lo that country bav<
increased but little, our imports on th.
other hand, have greatly increased
Mr. Tarte would like to see these goo
Is 0i« m( Away Walshes*.
In pj'OHeout.ing its plan to laiild up
lhe l*u-p-*W rJicf-tibiticsn in the KodS«*n-
ay, imd inoidentallT, in olistrvaaoe of
ii« <w twill) annixi-sai-y, tbe Trail
Creek News is giving lo nhrhOem tub-'
sct-ilier* watch. It i*not a Ml Jeweled IS karin gold much, l»ut is a neat
perfeel running time piece. Il is gur-
an teed for nae year and if it fail* to
keep accurate lime during tbat period,
it mill be exchanged for * new one.
The guarantee is that of the largest
watch conipany in the Tinted SU*t*.
The subscription tn tbe NEWS is #1
fwt year, upon receipt of wbicb a
watch will he forwarded, togetber
witb the Trail Creek News for one
for man or hoy, Remittance should
he forwarded hy express or postal order, If Trail ('reek News, Trail, B. C.
Certiorate   of   Improvement*
A familiar name for the Chicago,
rMilwauk«e k 8t. I'aul Railway, known
ill over the Union a* the Ureal Bail
way running the ••PionkKR Lmrrep'
trains every day and night between SU
Paul and Chicago, and Omaha and
Chicago, 'The only perfect twins in
tbe world." Understand: Conner
tions are made with ALL Transcon
linenial Line*, assuring to passenger*
the liest service known. Luiuiious
coarhes, electric lights, steam heal, of
* verity equaled by nn other line.
Se* that yonr ticket reads via "The
Milwaukee" when going to any point
in the Uniied States or Canada. All
ticket agent* sell them.
FurraU-s pamphlet* or other inhumation, address,
R. L Fobd. H. S. Rowr.
Tn-v Pass. Art. Ueneml Agent,
Wsxoaam Omaouotxm FkAcrioiua
MisitKsi Claim.
Sltuat* ts ihs Ketlle Itiver Ilnlnir Divtsloa
efTsJsWeWlet   Whers local**: Camp
TAKK NOTICE IhM 1. rnrbw M. KtrOy. »j
aami ftir Tbe W_i«3**o OsH-MMS*
Viiritif nnd Milling Ooatnanj-. trim mina t
en__nsta No. tllHS. uiHmd. __tj tl-iys
from llir d»ir bartat, u> sfcplj t» lbe Mteiirs
ItMiiu-dtti furs C«rtaAmu- oi improv-mitdi*. fur
tlie iranitist of *tiiiit*if a (>ow» Grant of lit-
itlKirr clivim.
And ft_ili«r lake notloe tl*t K-tioo. nDOt-r
imrrtw ST. -matt be oonmurowS tiefore ttif
IssssiiwisfSBi-fntltiiiini of Iiuprovetuttri*
lnil«d ll_sSUid»JJ el Scr>t*ml*or, )*«.
Ue roniim h. KKitiiy.
manufactured Ui a greater extent it
our own country. tKe have alrea/1i
great indiistrial centres, why shonl'
we no' make them greater? Old Can
ada, like the old Lilieral party, has
passed away; at Cape Breton, at San!'
it Marie are great iron and steel plants
' he North West producing vast ijtia>-
lilies uf grain, evidence of new life
everywhere. Moreover, th" Urrileri
State* ia fast becouillif short nf oriel
raw material for iiianufactury pin
poses; Ihey are commencing to loot
Canadsward. Why should our raw
maw-rial he removed from our country
io build up great industrial centres in
a foreign land that has persistently
refused our overtures for closer trade
A* other Instances of the new liheral
thought, we might mention Ihe re
mark of Sir Wilfred U.irier lhat he
would not go to Washington again to
hsik for reciprocity; Mr Blair's scheme
for a transcontinental government
ruad.SIr William .Mulock's postal re*
foi-ms^tnd tbe transportation scheme*
of Mr. Tarte.
Wiioever beard of these things
when the lilierals were iu opposition:*
Everything point* to a grettly increased population In Canada within
the next few years, the "American invasion" will offset tb'eiodus, and it is
likely the exodus will, to a great ex
tent, cease. Young Canada, instead of
going to the States, will And employ
ment in their own country, providing
our natural resources are preserved
for oAr own people.
A rifle match wa* tired at the Oreen
wood sports grounds on Thursday.
There were numerous competitors and
W. H, Wehh of ilidwuv, made lop
score, witb 0, K. Richardson second,
Ueo. F. William, in Ihe dry goods
dullness in Oreenwood, had an ex pur
ience last wednesy afternoon that made
him wish, so he says, that be was s
Uooseveli in the woods. He was rid
ing leisurely along the road betweei
Beaveidell.on the West Fork of Ketth
Kiver, toward* Westbridge, late in the
day, when on coming round a turn in
ihe narrow road he unexpectedly came
ou.a couple nf fine congers, The an
iiiuils did not. show fight however, hut
walked off into the brush, one on each
Hideof the lord.
Why you should buy
BECAUSE It is the liest imi.Hiy
BECAUSE it is most lasting chew
BECAUSE It is the largest high grade
5 or 10c. plug
BECAUSE lbe tags are valuable fm
premiums until Jan, 1,1904.
BECAUSE your dealer Is anthn'-lr,i*d
to refund your money If
you are not sittisHed
Pries Markets
Prtortlsf Wkstl*
" an* Ustins mat
Cktck     Perforators
«*kk«f Ty»*
Pristlaf Prcssw,
Etc, Elc.
Durham Bulls. Fresh Calved
Cows, Cows in Calf, Steers
and Heifers, Boar Pigs, Sows
and Young Pigs. Sheep and
Poultry, Saddle and Pack
Ponies.    Apply to
tt/t  miles from  Midway, or
Dispatch office.
Carrying His Jlajesty's Hails
Will leave MIDWAY on Tuesdays, Thurs-
days and Saturdays, at 8.30 a. m., arriving at
CAMP McKINNEY at 5 p. m.
Returning will leave CAMP McKINNEY on
Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 9 a, m.,
reaching MIDWAY at 1.30 p. m., ^nd making connection with the train going east at 2:05 o'clock.
IM Met «f MMMMtotlM for
Um MnvaniwtM •! th*
travelling puMlo.
On 18 Ih itifl.. soawwbert belvtca I. G.
JI'MvjjuV norch and Midvuj-. ou>j Icajging
chain. fiBd-jr »ill otiligi bf leaving al tl**
THE !»irtne**shf** htreiotore existing be
tween tin 'ir,<!cr«ifii«t aa s«_ )_||tr-
urider xlee tatea tit laiiiiiiue X Powers, iu Hid-
way. H. C. sad Grand Ptffkt. B. C i« berebi-
tHerejixeti hy mui_a] oPBMent. AUdohr* owlaf
M tht Midwav fewinill art- ta tie paid ts Wm.
l'o»rer«. ot Midw»r. B. th. who wUI oontiaoe
JheMidv*! h-Kititr. and ixliety sD chiim
riKAin-Jt thprtild busineiw. A1! debt* oiling lo
las Grand fort- *»winlll are to be paM to B.
lesininte. ot Grand porks, b. C. who will om,.
titiueUwOrjad ''rrk. trti-ine» and MtMr all
ciaimo SgaiiMt the Gr*nd Porks mill.
Slmneil t *K POVfKttk.
ntiheu, JAMKttJMjrKKK-
Ualed at Mid war th_ Sth <U) of *jpt.,
StPk-l, D-hith, ninncapolls.Chlaiso
Tkroagb j*^__oe and Tonrirt -iMpen
Dlr.lng and  Buffet  Smoking  Librarr  Can
tor Halms. Pokten and Fall Inlormation.
call o« or addiw,
1  701 W. Rivmiiif Avenue,
.   Kpukanb, Wash.
A. B. C. DENNWTON, II. W. P. A.,
Sbattlb, Wahh.
B0 viAur
_... .®_sr«.
Sckwific mnm*
c\&ro?-J!»^2S!S VBSftf
Certiiicate  of improvements,
Btut Bux MisskalCuim.
Iltoats la Ih* Osoiroos Mining Dlvtiloo of
Tals IHstriet.   Whsrs Lesalsd :-Krv
tsr Mountain.
TAKK MOTiqK that I. Charlsa de Rlok
. ?•«■_!■ apati-S'OsorjBO.PBWBll. Ires
lnil«!r•- esrUDoie No. "MOT, srd for Ktan
Itjtlb, lit* oitasrs eerUlcata No. Minn,
Intond nhtrds-ra from the date hereof, to ap-
plr to Uie Mining Romrdcr for a CorUDmte
of lmprovemenu lot the parpow .of obtaining
a Crews Grant of the above claim.
Aad farther lake noHoe that aotion. undor
■ection 17, moat be commenced before i ho Imn
aaoe of rneb cerllOcato of improrements.
Dated thl« 1
Ih day cf Jul). Illttt.
The Canadian Bank of Commeree
With Whieh is Incorporated
The Bank of British Columbia.
CAPITAL, $8,000,000.   •   RESr, $2,000,000.
HON. GEO. A. COX, Pres.'      B. E. WALKER, Gen. Mgr.
Manager Greenwood Branch.
Boundary Falls Hotel
Headquarters br Railroad,
Mining aod Commereial In
First Class Livery Stable in Connection with Hotel,
S. A. CRbWELL, Prop.
This hotel is centrally located and Is a stopping place for stage
lines.   Good stabling on the premises.
Or\lvj tKe choicest brar\ds of Wines, Liquors,
ai\d Cigars at the Bar.
Horse Shoeing a Specialty
Al! Kinds of Work Eioeuted to tho Sitisfietion of
A new building, well furnished. Everything new and first-class. Only the choicest Wines, Liquors and Cigars kept in
stock.   Every convenience furnished the
traveling public.    Bus meets all trains.
o-  .       i—i—■
tM_H______i k _____--J.I----.--■—.--J,.-_----.-
Jo, H, Naden, cf Oieenwood. wm n
lisitor to MidwHy on Tuesday,
| Capt. Ruger, U. 8, i-ueftinie olHcttr
I Chesaw, wm in Midway on Tutnt-
j Nn. A, Hopper haa returnd from
Ipokane, where the went to vitit the
ntentate Fair,
| Jits, Andereon, manaif-r of the
owtland branch ot the Bank of Brit*
i North America, wae in Midway ou
j W. P, Davie and children left laat
leek for Spokane, when ihey were
»lled bf a telephone mewmgc to the
Beet that Mm. Davit ie very ill In
bat place.
Quite a nuiniwr of reiideuta watched
he total vcllpix* of the moon  with
[inch interna on Thin-day night,   The
ky wai very clear ao the iiimsul phe*
Lomonon waaaeen to full advantage.
! It ia reported that J. K. Hemmen*
jray, for tbe pant ail yean aaaocialed
kith the Old lruneld-M and Knot, Hill
pining coinpauiei and the Granby
oinpany which abaorbed them, will
burtly leave the dialrict and tbat hia
(lace in the Granhy office  will   be
ken by J. Martin, at one time in
al charge of the City of Parte mine
i Central cauip.
[Martin. Anderson, general foreman
} the B.C. Copper Coinpany'a stixx-l
r, Greenwood, when In Sweden late*
I went on a ward) for specimens of the
plate money, made of copper, in
) in that country in the eighteenth
ury.    He auceeded in obtaining
en, each of hammered copper and
arly a quarter of an Inch in thickness
(nd about ten inches aquare.
Jaa. Hunter, wbo waa badly injured by
I fall of rock in the Cariboo McKinney
ompany'a mine at Camp McKinney
jtt month, is making gradual progress
awards recovery in the  Greenwood
><-iilal.The broken thigh hone ia knit-
ling but the crushed'ankle ia atill giving trouble. Twn or three  pieces of
one have heen uken from the foot, so
t is douhifnl if Hunter will regain the
Use of thia ankle joint. On the whole
ugh he ia doing well.
Chas. M. Rendell, brother of G, A.
hVndell J. P., of Kholt, has n*turn<-d lo
kin- Boundary after an absence of four
ynirs in Newfoundland, where he was
nnni-cled with a   mining  company,
Hu is accompanied by his wife   and
Jill likely remain iu the district   It
115 years since he Hrsl cajm lo British Columbia.  After a year at Ver-
llu.n in theOkMMumndistrict became
) Ihe Boundary and for several years
llived at Grand  Prairie, taking   up a
■pre empiiou near Grand Forks, where
Idle town nf Columbia now Is.   Half
la dnten years ago he pre-empted land
len Kholl. Creek, hetwaeli Eholt Mead
low and where Ihe town of Eholt waa
■located later on.   He waa well known
Itn most of the Boundary pioneers,
I who are glad to see him back again.
Wii |« nearly every early.day Phc
er excitement In the province.
He   gives an Interesting
account of the early
day* In B. C.
Seme Interesting Cases.
A rau«e dnwn for trial at the Supreme Cowl Civil milling* to bu held
Mn Greenwood about a fortnight henre
Is that of the Greenwood Klectric Com*
I pany, Ltd.. vs. The Waterous Kngine
I Works Company, Ltd., for damages
I lot breach of warranty of an engine.
I Thp plaintiffs allege that a McBwen
| Simple Kngine 18s IS,   purchased by
Duncan Mcintosh aa trustee for them,
Iti November of 1899 and received In
' thf following January' was not prop*
I trty    constructed,    was    defective
1 mechanically, and consequently was
not flrst class machinery according to
warranty.  They   accordingly   claim
(a) coat of removing defective parte of
. engine and replacing same with properly constructed machinery, 9M6.W.
j and (b) for to* of fuel caused hy said
i detective construction, 498  tons per
, annum, or In two years and a half 1H05
| tnnaat IH.65 per ton. 90,18875.   Defendants deny warranty as alleged or
otherwise, or that plaintiffs have suf
•wed alleged or any damage by reason
I »f any actor fault of defendants, and
make counter claim for $311.75 for re-
Pairs made on two occasions to engine
*t plaintiff's request,
Another action pending, one how-
wer that in tbe absence from the Pro*
vim* of the defendant is not likely to
"'ine before the court just yel, is that
°f 8. F. Parrlsh vs. R. Wallace Jakes,
b> obtain speclHc performance of an
agreement re a one-half interest in the
w-| mineral claim.  This claim is re*
| Ported to be one of the most promising of a numher situate on Wallace
Mountain, near Beaverton. West Fork
of Kettle River.  The half  interest
that is the cause of this act inn  was, a
couple of years ago,   willed to  Dr.
Jakes by Alei,  Wallace, an old lime
Prospector in the Boundiry who died
In Dr. Jakes' hospital about the time
mentioned.  Thta Interest was sold to
*• Parrlsh, whn requires completion
of the transaction.
We have not advanced the price nf
our tobaccos. Amber smoking tnbac*
oo, Bobs, Currency and Fair Play
shewing tobaccos are the same slw*
*hd price to the Customer as formerly.
We have also extended the time for
the redemption ot Snowshoe ings to
January 1st, 1804,
Last week's story of Jolly Jack's par
tlclpallon in the rush to the Big Bend
of the Columbia made it appear that,
this took place in 1889, but the old
man's memory waa at fault aa regards
the year, for upon looking up some
further information relative to the
diggings on French and McCulloch
creeks it was found thai these attracted attention In 1885-68. Writing
early In 1888 J. W, Northey then ed
iter of the Roaaland "Prospector''
contributed the following information
to the B. C. Mining Record : "Thirty
vearaagoBIg Bend waa a busy place,
a population variously estimated at
from 8,(100 to 10.000 having heen then
busily engaged in ettracting the precious metal from Ita ancient bed. And
many of them were successful, fbr it
was stated that between 94,000,0110 and
98,000,000 worth of gold was token out
by placer miners in 1885 and 1808. Only
placer claims were worked. No one
thought of looking for gold In the
benches or in quartz. Besides the
methods of hydraulicing in those days
were crude and unsatisfactory. Placer claims lhat did not pan out more
than 910 a day per man were unproflt
able. Provisions were dear, and the
scenes enacted in the old Cariboo days
were also characteristic of Big Bend.
A steamer, the '48 was fitted out at
Little Dalles wiih a curgo of supplies,
and some passengers made what musl
then bave heen a most venturesome
voyage up the Columbia River as far
as Lapnrte, where further progress was
barred hy Priest's Rapids and lhe
terrible Death Rapids,GO miles north
of Revelstoke —as far north as ever
steamer went nn lhe Columbia. The
'49 afterwards came tn grief on a sunk
en rock in what is now known as
.Steamboat Rapids ju»t below Downie
"The gold seekers in the Bend, loo
impatient and perhaps tno impecunious (with provisions at. famine prices)
lo try the deep diggings, heaid rumors
of rich gold finds in other parts, and
ihen there was an enslus, only a small
percentage nf the pnpulal ion heing left
io continue srrairhing the surface
gravel here and there, mostly on McCulloch ahd French Creeks ;tributaries of Goldstresm, which empties into
the Columbia about 54 miles north
of Revelstoke.
The Year Book of British Columbia
however, tells a very different story to
that of Mr, Northey aa regards the
gold yield of the creeks of the Big
Bend. Mr. Oosnell's account is this:
" The flrst discovery on the once famous placer diggings ot the Big Bend
was in 1885, at the time when the
Cariboo eicilemeiit was at its height,
and the chief rush was lu the following
year, when several thousand miners
flocked in from the south by steamer
and from the west by a fall constructed from Seymour, at the head of Seymour arm of Shuswap Lake, to La*
pone on t he Columbia. Placer mining
was'in Its Infancy and the methods
were crude, t rench Creek is reported
to have yielded 932.000 In 1885, and
9100,000 In 1808. Four, six and even
twelve ounces to the bsnd per day
were obtained on some claims, and one
nugget worth 9B3. was found. Its
neighbor, McCulloch Creek, is credited
witb another 9100.000 in 1808. and
some ot Its claims yielded 9101' a day
to the band. On French Creek asmall
town sprang up; a sawmill was put up.
and a very lively mining camp, with
all the usual concomitants, waa in existence i while 8eymour at the bead
nf Shuswap Lake, was another prosperous town, as the hase of supplies
for the guldflelds. But the era of
prosperity and activity was brief."
But to get back to tbe perigrinalions
and experienced of our old friend .lolly
Jack, With others he pulled up the
Columbia proceeding along the Arrow
Lakes en route. He accouuts for the
name of these lakes lu this way-the
Indians passing up the lakes in their
canoes used to Hre many arrows, nnmbei sot which the pioneer white men
found sticking in the crevices in tht
rocks along the sides of tho lakes, and
so they named the lakes the Arrow
Lakes. This statement is an ingenious
one, at any rate, to account for tlie
name, so il is given for what it is
worth. Jolly further states that Indians, probably Crees or some Red
Hiver tribe used to come across the
Rocky Mountains to light the Columbia lakes Indiana. Other tribes he
used to meet In his wanderings, were
the Colville. Spokane and Kalmp.ll
Indians, He always got along well
with tbe Red men. for the reason he
says, that he almyt "treated them
Well, Jolly made for the Big Bend,
and he relates at Wilson's Landing, at
the head of Death Rapids, "an awful
place, where lota of life was kit, he
met one Jim Thompson to whom he
had lent 9500. In 1851 in California.
(Oontlnuoa on pagoU
One of Life's Pleasures.
There is nothing In life more enjoyable and at the same time so beneficial to Imth mind and body, as traveling.
A modern railway journey, intelligently taken, lends lo prolong life,
break the monotony of existence and
acts as a panacea for dull care, hy
taking us out nf the well worn channels of worldly and business struggles.
Before stalling upon a trip, whether
on liusinesa or tecreation, tt Is well to
inquire and investigate the various
routes, and choose tbe one ottering the
best Inducements In the way of comfort and attraction. The traveler, the
tourist or business man Is wise in
selecting the Rio Grande Lines in a
journey to and from the east, as it
offers every comfort and modern convenience to suit all classes of travel,
with an array of scenic attractions unsurpassed in the world. Castle Gate,
The Canon of the Grand, Marshall
Pass, Tennessee Pass and the world
renowned Royal Gorge are hut few ot
these attractions seen from the car
Three fast traina dally between Ogden and Denver,
Pullman Palace and Ordinary Sleeping cars on all trains to Denver,
Omaha. Kansas City, Chicago and St.
Louis without change,
A perfect Dining car service. Agents
throughout the Northwest can sell
tickets via this route, For rates, maps
and full information or for copy of
beautiful booklet, "Witb Nature in
Colorado," write to or call on W. C.
McBRIDK, Gen'l Agent or M. J.
ROCHE, Travelling Passenger Agent,
124 Third Sreet,  Portland, Ore.
All Coart point*
Pts. Crow'8 Nest K.R.
Kaniern Canada
3.M p. m.
Vernon, etc.
Urand Korki
All pts. Rattle «o«th
1.45 p. m.
Wed., Krl.
Camp Mc Kinney
Tues., Thurs.
* Suiidaj-s
Hock Creek
k Saturdays
IM p. in.
All Wost Kork points
8.30 a. m.
Mulls (or points farther west ot Midway than
Camp MuKinncy ko via. Rcvalstoka.
Money orders from t a. m. to 7 p. m. with the
exception of one halt hoar before departure
and after arrival of malls.
David Bain, of Midway, waa on
Thursday married ti diss K inma
Hancocks, of Nelson. The ceremony
wa* performed by lhe Rev. J. Burtt
Morgan, al the Baptist parsonage,
Rossland, Thk Dmpatcu extends
For Getting a Beautiful Watch
and Chain Free.~-.lo Money
Required.-Every Man, Woman, Boy, or Girl hu the
tame Opportunity under our
In order to have Dr. Arnold's English Toxin Pills placed in the bands of
all persons suffering from had health
we make tbe following most liheral
offer :—
If yon will send ns your name and
address and agree lo sell for nt twelve
lioxes of Dr. Arnold's Knglish Toxin
IMIs nt 25c. per box, we will give you
absolutely Free a beautiful Watch
and Chain in either Ladies or Gents
she, or your choice of twenty other
premiums such as Hue sets of Jewelry,
Kings, Violins, Mandnlins, Tea Set*.
Sateen Skirts. Cameras, etc. Remember we don't want any money until
after you sell the Pills and rail don't
have to sell any more than 12 hoxes to
get the premiums. Tbis is a bona lide
offer from a reliahle concern that has
given thousands nf dollars worth of
premiums to agents all over the country, Kemeiiibcr also that Dr. Arnold's
English Toxin Pills are a well known
remedy for all diseases of the kidneys
and bladder, Bright'* diseaue. dialietes,
rheumatism, nervous troubles, and
female complaints, and nre for sale by
all Hrst class druggists and dealers in
all parts of the world, You have only
to show them to sell them. You ate
not offering something that the people
don't, know. Our watches are the
regular standard sine for Indies or
Gentlemen in Nickel or Gun Metal
Cases with handsome illuminated dials
and reliable lime-keepers, watches
such as no lady of gentleman need be
ashamed lo carry, and they will lie
sent absolutely Free to all who sell
onlv twelve boxes of those wonderful
Toxin Pills. Write at once and lie the
Hrstln vour locality to earn nne of
i hose beautiful watches and chain. As
toon as we receive your letter or post
card we will semi y»U post paid twelve
hoxes, together with out- Illustrated
Catalogue and hoaiitlfullv colored card
with vour name and address nn as nur
authorized agent. Bear in mind that
you will not lie asked to sell any more
than the t» boxes and we don't want
any money until after you have sold
them Wo bear all the expense and
are onlv making this liberal nffer as a
method of advertising Dr. Arnold's
English Toxin Pill*. Don't delay,
write at once and earn a beaut iful present, for yourself for Christmas.
' Address
50 Adelaide St. Bait, Toronto.Ont.
Barbibtbbs, Solicitors, Etc.
Okkkkwood, B. C.
,:>oooooooooo j
—: Notary Public,
Camp MoKinniv, B.C.
Dr. R. Mathison,
pa M. KERBY,
A. 9. Can. See. C. tk
Provincial Land   Surveyor
Midway and Ormnwood.
Rendell Block, Greenwood.
Phone B6, V. * N.
Chas. A. Webster,
Spokane.Wash.. U.S.A.   Midway, B C.
Spokane Falls &Northern
Railway Co.
Nelson & Ft. Sheppard
Railway Co.
Bed Mountain Railway Co.,
Washington & 6. Hi. Hy.,
The only ull mil route between
polnu east, west nnd south to Rosslnnd, Nelson, Grand Forks and Republic. Connects Ht Kimkitne with the
Greiti Norlhern, Northern Pacific and
O. rt. k N. Co. for points enst, wi-*.t
snd south ; connects Hi Roa .and snd
Nelson with the Canadian Pacific Ry.
Connects at Nelson with IbeK. R. * M.
Co. for Kaslo and Bloran points.
Connects at   Curlew with stage for
Greenwood and MMway B. C.
linnet cars ran on trains botwoon
Spokane and Hepahlle.
tours. Arrivs.
l.tS _m. SPOKANK  S.Mp.m,
10.10 am ROSSLAND  MOpni.
Ml a.ei NK-BON..  t.«p.in.
ttm am. \ orand korks I   *•* "•m*
MDa.m HIEPUBUC       MJp.m.
mm. ja. *ax
General Passenger Agent.
Hpoksifr, Wash,
Direct Une, Lowest rates
New York
8an Francisco
St. Pant, Chicago, and all
V. S. points.
Lv, Dunmnre .tr.t, Dally
Lv. Kootenay Ld«. Tues. and Haty.
Toronto, Montreal, Boston, etc.
Leave Revelstoke Dully
Vancouver, Seattle and Const Points.
Through booking* to Europe via all
For time laWos, ratos «t«l fell MowiaUfii
roll nn nr ncMre* A. Vf. HAII.RV. A«oitt.
MMway, nr
D.P.A.. A.O.I*. A..
Nelson, B. C.      Vancouver. B, O
Certificate oiTTniprovenientn.
JWVHBSON MlSKK'1. OtiAtnt',,      ,
Situate In ths Ksttls lllver Wining Dlvlilon ef
Tals Dlstriot.  Where looated : On Grass
Mountain. Came MoKlnnoy. ,
TAKK NOTICK that I. Hon.)- Nlnhnson.
fioi minors' oyrtltloate Nn, ,jjjmJ»,
ascnt. for r. A Doty, froo minor s oortlfloats Vn
ntWIMnletiMrtrders.Hi.il tj>» date lioronf.
to apply to tho Mlnln* Rooordor (nr a oortlfloate
of Improvomonts, for tho pnrnoin nf obtaining
a Crown Orant of thoabnvo olalm.
Ann" fnrlhor tako notion that a-illnn. nnclor
soctlon JT, must, ho oomiiwnood hoforo tho
Issuance of suoh nortlflontfl of Improvomonts.
Datod this Mb day of July. im. le
T. M.Qulley&Co.
Large Stock.   Low Prices.
T.   THL.   GTJLLBY   Ss   OO.,
Stage Line.
The undersigned is running a DAILY STAGE between
Greenwood and Curlew via Midway. Stage will leave Greenwood at 6:30 a. m., arriving in Midway at 7:45 anr! at Curlew
in time to connect with the train for Spokane due 10:45 returning
will leave Curlew at 5 p. m., upon arrival of incoming train,
reaching Midway at 7:30 p, m. and Greenwood at 9 p. m.
Will connect with Meyerhoffs Stage from all points West.
J. H. TYRRELL, Proprietor.
Midway Livery, Feed & Sale Stable
Seventh Street, Midway-
Opposite Crowell's Hotel.
J. H. Tyrrell,  -  Proprietor.
Hay and Oats for Salo. • Bus Meets all Trains.
General Transfer and Dray Business.
liven Hotel
Bock Creek, 8. C.
S. T. LABSEN, Prop.
Stopping place for Binges to
nnd f (- hi nil Boiiwlury
Crefk point*.
tion fop the Traveling Puis,
OOLD OUST fcvfM * yoar works'*
Will U)»«v«ryp»rticl« of dust tnd dirt from your floors »nd
woodwerk-makm them u clein u a whittle, ne»t m a pin.
Nothing w good for wMhing clothe* »nd diihet.
ChtMfo,   Mew York,   Bo«w,   ShUak.    laeaueax. I
9   9  •
Midway, the Mining railway, commercial, wholesale aid manufacturing
centre of the Kettle Hiver
and Boundary Creek Din.
trhsts, is situated at the
confluence of
Creek and Kcttle
The leading residence
town In the country, with
an excellent climate, pure
water supply, and surrounded by rich agrieul-
Business, residence and garden lots at low prices and on easy terms.     Send for maps, prices, and full particulars to
-5*5-^    "
0. M. CROt'SK.
Agent for British OoltimliU,
Midway, B. V.
®he gtepatclj
Continued from page ft.
Tbompenn at out'** recognised Jolly
•nd invited him to "come and have a
drink. Fifty cents a drink Wh had to
pay there in those dayti." Over the
di ink Thompson mude himself known;
w.nt to South Amenca after Jolly
lent bim that 9500, and had. Iieeu
knocking alinnt ever since. Said he
couldn't pay hack all ihe money then
hut offered to share his gold duel .wltJi
Jolly on account of the loan.' $n the
gold mas divided and Jolly got. $291.
worth, and that when he was aliout
•Inoke"and needed it hadly. Jolly
has very kindly recollections of John
Jane, now of Ssvona (formerly 8av-
ona's Ferry) but then Acting Gold
Commissioner at the Big Bend, and
who had still earlier ii«*'ii paymaster
on the International Boundary survey.
Many a gond time they had togith i
so Jolly says—"used to play crihhage
fora week. He was a good, fellow,
too; used to send home lo theii' friends
thr gold watches and other vnlual>l»s
of ihe men who got drowned." Jolly
remained ahout two years in the Bin
Bend country, hut says he never made
more than a living although the < diggings were good "in planes, Then he
went hack to Colville,
For years afterwards the old man,
after the manner nf that class nf pioneer, prospected, taking provision!
fnr a week or two and going into the
Slocan, Lardeau, or one or other of
the luany sections of the Kootenay
country on both sides of thn Boundary line that the wandering placer
miners of twenty to thirty years ago
used to intermittently prosdect.
Eventually be made his home on
Boundary Creek with which he has
heen associated ever slnre, He ig no
one of those given to telling ,uih fairy
tales as those sometimes published to
the effect that this creek yielded millions in the early fixlles. His caliin
near the mouth of Douglas or Nor
wegian Creek, for it bears both names,
Is on a placer olalm staked many year*
ago, but now bis connection wiih
the Boundary uay le ; regarded
as at an end, for in all human
probability be will end hit days
in tbe Institution to which he was
lately taken. As mentioned at the
beginning of this narrative of tome of
his experiencea, the old man has so
long been a familiar figure in the district that it is with genuine regret
those who have known him for years
pw see his cabin vacant, But there i
[is consolation—It is liest. for him
it fn his old age he he placed where
will have proper care and comfoit
MOTIfF. 18 HKRKBY OIVBK. that appll
to cation will be mails i.i the Parliament ot
Cimi-uIa. at. the next .ittlng* thoroof, (or an Act
Incorporating a t»iiit»n-', under lhe name of
the "VaiMiiuver ond Const Kootcmr Hallway
Company." to const root and operate a line of
railway, from a point, at or near tlio City of
Vancouver, thencu south easterly to tho City
(if New Westminster and across the Krawr
Hiver; thence easterly by the mast feasible
route, Uia point at or near Midway, In the
Hoiindary Crack Ulstrict; from a point on tbo
main line of the railway Minih of the fraser,
to a point at. or near tho mouth of the Krusor
itlvor; from a point on the main lino east of
Hope, to a point al or near Nicola Lake; nnd
from a pnint on tho main line of the railway at
or near the t.lty of Vancouver, northerly across
Burned Inlet, at the meet feasible pnint, to
Nort h Vancouver Municipality, thence westerly
to a point at or near the mouth of the Capilano
, With powor to construct and operate branch
lines, from any point on the main line of the
proposed railway or branches thereof, not exceeding In any one rase thirty Iks, miles .In
length; and with power tooonstruot. own, nnd
operate, wharves, docks, elevators, and warehouses, lu connection therewith; aud to construct, own, and operate, steam nnd othnr
vessels, on any navigable waters; and with
power to construct, o»n. maintain, aud operate a sultablu ferry, from tho meet uunvonlvnt
point ou thc mainland of Ihittsh Columbia. lo
the most convenient point on Vancouver
Island, so as to make connection with the City
of victoria, or to connect therewith by tho
same; to construct, operate and iimiiiiain,
telegraph and telephone lines, along tho route
of thc proposed railway or Its branches, and to
transmit mos-agrs for commercial purposes,
ami to collections therefor; to generate electricity for power end lighting purposes, and
for all rhrhu powers and privileges, necessary,
ii-ual. or Incidental to ull or any of tho aforesaid purposes.
Hated at Vancouver, this 1st day of Octobor,
IW Solicitor for Applicants.
Needed in Every Home
/]@\        THE NEW
\^^/     COITION OF
New Plata* Throughout
2S.000 New Word*
Phrastt aad Oeflaltlens
Prepared under the direct supervision of W. t. HARRII, m.D„ IA.D„
United States Commissioner of Education, assisted by a large corps of competent specialists and editors.
Flen Wanted i* <*i*
1        To soil for the Urge Fonthlll nurseries.  Appll--
*   cations ihould be filed at onoe. Highest wages
paid, permanent place assured to the right men.
We furnish guaranteed stock commanding hlghe  testimonials from British Columbia Inspectors.
Stoqe & Wellington.
. t-TThtltttrtmlumalwaiftritiutted
»» U90, meoMdfM Ms "UntMigti."
Th* ytwandMargid Edition ef the
Inttmattonal teat iumd in Oeiober,
-~V.       Ottthtlatettandhtt.       '
_ ._      . weanopubllrti
lZ.*}!*" * C«-*»»'M» Dlelltnarr
vlthOlcssaryof SoottltU ffontaand Phrases.
"FlHUI—In Quality. ssea_-___a l_ __,.
8ptta«ftold. Mi
Leading Business Training Sehool
or THE
Business, Shorthand and Typewriting, Civil
Service, Normal, Telegraphy.
Our students hnld the record of the United Mtntes for prnHrlency In
Business and Civil Service branches.  Send for catalogue.
E. H. THOMPSON, B. S., Principal
The Midway Sawmill
Riverside Nurseries
Orand Forks, B. C.
Rome-grown, thrifty, aoollmatlsed trees and shrubs,
Currents, Raspberries, Strawberries, etc.
A fine assortment of Naples and other shade trees,
Roses, Lilacs, Hedge Plants, other ornamentals.
Th* secret of muxes* in planting, is, riiurr-to secure good stock,
HcuHn-iu plant aa soon aa poaeibie after it is dug.
Trm obtaiiei ftw nr unery ni be planted it
Midway twt days after tfcey are lug.
Priee list, ami full information promptly ttlTtn.
One ohhe Best Equipped Hotels!
the Bonndary. Everything First CM
J. W. NELSON, Proprietor
All kinds or ROUGH aid DRESSED LpRER,
Band sawingand job work done to order
Lancashire House,
: : MIDWAY.B.C. : :
The undersigned having re-opened this well-
known and comfortable hotel invites the
patronage of all old customers and the public
Furnace-heated and comfortably famished room*.
Upeeawood-Coriew, via Midway Safe. 3£2JES|!
upon Ha arrival In tlie evening, whlto change of horwa Is beii'g """"'',
Mrs. Dowding, Proprietress


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