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The Advance 1896-12-21

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o\ u cy_^r^u^ 1 ^ *~*Y
Vol. VI, No. 8.
$2.00 per Year.
D \V. JAKES, M.I)„ CM.
OFFICE     I      :     :     BOUNDARY FALLS.
VKIWON, 11. 0,
St. Thomas Hospital,
Vernon, B, C.
Graduate of McGill University.
Late Physician and Surgeon
Canadian Pacific Ry. Coroner
for East Yale.
1   P. McLKOll,
Babristbr, Solicitor, Bto,
Anaconda, n. 0,
Of the Supreme Court of B.C.
Vkrkon, h. e.
Law and Colleotino Aqenoy.
Conveyancer, Mineral Claims Bought
and Sold.   NataryPublic.
GRAND   FORKS   ....   B.  O.
A. M.CS.O.E.,
loots and shoes,
groceries and provisions,
wines, liquors and cigars
Ni.'r.iitY Pcw.ic,
Midway, B.C.
The .fnc Dundy deal hasal Insl entile.     ll is uinuted I llial uu undent nr
tu a head, nud llle .syndicate which tvus will sunn lie iiinile in induce Ihugnv*
represented hy Lord Nitilclcy wliilc I'l'lnneul tn lend suine uwdslulicc In
negntltttinr.. were iu prngiess, have private parlies who lire desirous of oli-
pul men In wnrk un I bell' pilrrhusc III tflfl'ill-* u in.'iiu.s nf cuiinuiuiiciilini,
once, Tin* Joe liiindy uud ils sister wiih Whiles mid Alwroid'ailiidCenlrul
t'ltilms are'iiniiug some nf the richest ciiliipsjiythectinslrui'ttnniif itnewrnnd
nnd hesi iu Cuuip Fairview, and the lietiveen Midway ou Ihe iiiih.side,nnd
cnuipauy arc in lie t'ougrululit'ed upon (!Hrsuii,iiiideuiisei|iicnllyCli'iiiidPiiiiiie,
getting Imid of sll('hlligh('lllW|irn|)erly Ion the other, llie mute to he laken
Illll  l-'-.Al  I'"      A \* II  '''"' ""-'  ""' '"'"''''  '"  'lie eiiinp uiis| heing liy way nf llie eanips nliute nu in
iI"lii    I       •    i l1*'" ll"1" ""' '''"' Dandy, iiiid nl- Honed,   [fsurhii r I full ho Imlil ii
Retail Dealers in ary | ibmiKli put ibmiigli  it   I hrci'.s'iiiiip| would fiii'iihdi lint only n mcnnsnflii-
mil I, it tins uf sueh a licit fliuractcr il egress lulu lhe caiiips, hul wuuld he hy
easily paid all llle expenses Inrlilenlul | far lite shortest and mosl direct, roultt
In lhe will-king of ilhnilt u dozen tlll'll.   helween  lhe puinls referred In.   'lin
The  pili't'hasel'S  have alioill  a du/eii  cost nf enlistrticlltili il  >s  said  would
men at wurk al presenl  and inure will  nol  he very great, ami ns piwcrfiil
he put un as sunn as lhey t'llli ho pile cotllpanies are Inking linlil nf proper*
priicttred, It Is priipuseii iu thnriiughly
(leveliip ihe I'luhns uiih shnfl-, lunuels
and  drills, und   In  till   this  a  lurge
iiiiiaiiiil nf iiiiiiii.y will lie expended.
Mr, Thus. Davis and assticiales were
Paid    to   Mail   Orders, | Hi""Hgiual owners antl locators.
Nothing but reliable goods ,.„, n Z,, .n..,.. , , ,  ,, ,     ,
GOLD   HILL  COMPANY. while liy I lle prnpnseil   lllllte It Is I'lllli*
I puled lhe distance would not exceed
The Gnld Hill Mining company uf' hi or 17 miles.
Victoria  are  culling fur  lenders for ***	
the driving of a nO-foul  tunnel, as also IHE SULTANA mine.
the sinking uf it SO foul shnfl ml lhe
Tlie Sultana mine, owned liy -I. P.
lies Iu thu camps, and are desirous of
Installing boitvv nuicliinei'.v for  lhe
purpuse nf winking llle I'lnluis, u
means uf t.i.aiispnrtntiiai lu'einiies nu
ali-iilnie necessity, By way of Ihe
presenl Hunk lund lhe distance fnnn
Miilwnv In Carson is nl I 2-1 miles.
Hudson's Bay Co., Vernon, B. C.
(lulil Hill cluim, vvhit'll is siiii.nri| ni |
I he i x nf  ii nlailial lhe hack  Mil well »( Winnipeg, is siliialcd
VKItNOX, il. C
Commission and Insurance Ag't
Haywood & Leonard, Penticton, B. C.
I Pleasantly Situated at the Foot of Okanagan Lake j
Stage Connections at Pentieton
With Steamer Almrdeeii fm Fiilrvlmv, Osnynos, uud Ornvllle, Wash. Alsu
Cnmp McKinney. liuck Creek, Midway, Bniindary Fulls, Anaconda, Greenwood
City, l/'.irsnn, Grand Forks and p dais iu Washington,
loll,*- A. COIIYELL, A.M., H.C.A.
Civil Engineer,
ppovincial  land  surveyor
and draughtsman.
Irrigation Projects, Engineering and Survoy
Work, with Plans and Estimates in any
Portion of the Province Immediately Attended to.
Maps and Plans of Any Portion or Osoyoos
District and Mining Camps of Kettle River
Mlninir Division.
%M.   G-  HaAS.
(1, A. Ol'BSS, M. A. II. A. OUB99, M. A.
Chemists .and Assayers
Ample Aiioominodaiion for Hunting Parties,   Guides FiMbkri
Turkeys - Chicken!
There will   lie  a  Turkey uud
Chicken Bundling mulch, Dec
2llli, at Cnrsiin, B. ('., al 2*1
p. iu., sharp, managed liy iiu
prince uf gnnd fellow
■McAfee.   Alsu a
ufC.tuip Fairview. The (Inld Hill is
a recent locution, having lieen recorded unly lust summer,uud therefore
this will he Ihu Iirsl wnrk done upun
tlle propetly. Mr. Dlcr has thu Idling,
und supervision uf the wink fur Llie|«BP''
Good Boating and Fishing.
Grand Ball
SMITH   k   McLEOl), I'mii'itii'Tiiits.
Sash, Doors. Mouldings, Turnings, t:tc. All kinds of fanctory
work kept in stock and made to order. Coast Cedar worked
into Furnishings a Specialty. All kinds of Lumber, Lath and
Shingles kept in stock,    Best material always in stock.
Al the I.O.O. I''. Hull iu llu
.'telling, wilh supper ul the
(Ir.iiiil Prairie Hulcl.
nu Island seven miles smith east nf Ital
Portage, Il Is tliu mosl famous III Iiu.
district, having a greul hudy nf rich
i|iiiiriz, iu places forly fee it id", .nnl
already followed mom Iinui iitm feel iu
Nearly a Ihimsnuil feel uf
drifting has heen done, nnd there is nre
cllllllgll   ill   sight    In   keep   llle   Well-
et|liipped len stump mill, ur nne duiihlti
its size, running fur years. The ..re
liudles nppeitr lu he lenlieltlar. the
lower une nf immense sine, aiid are en*
rinsed in lhe slmmcd mul schistose
edge of an area of cnarst' and purpliy.
rill' grauilold gneiss, mnppuil liy lho
Tlie Wesleiii Mining Wnrld, discussing llie ipiesliuii nf sei mini,' capital
frum tlle enst fur lhe develupuietil. uf
Ihc niines nf the west, snys in purl :
"A greal ninny lliniisaiid (lulliii'sare
misled in lhe pursiiiuif eiisleriu'iipilal, Itli'iilugicnl survey us l.nuri'iiliiin. lull
and in iiliii'ly-iiine cases oul ofa hund- ildjullling green llunuii.-in rucks.   The
nil  me   nil linlil   [-.--nils.    The  must
flil'lUllllle      Opi'l'lllOIS      h.ll'e     lll'llllglll
uluiil their succss lhroiigli tlii'iruttn
i ll'urls. ur with lhe assistance nf local
ure is s. uiiewhiii 11 imrl /.ilie inni, i ng nnil
contains title nr two per eenl. nf iron
ptriles, iiiiiI i- free milling lu lhe extent uf 7.*i or 8(1 per eenl.
eiipilnl. Ivisierii pei pie will I.uy iij Fur lllis properly llie owner was
few hundred .shares nf wild cal slucks, recently offered the euorinoiissum ni
.-.uiu'iliiiigiiu wliieli shrewd uianipn- $1,000,1)01) liy iiu English nnd ('.inndiiiii
liiiurs promise, a hundred per leiii,, syndicate,   Mr. Caldwell, liuwever	
Iul   piiseiii   lu   these sum*  peuple n  fused llie teinpling olfer and set his
legitiinnte   milling   piii|insilinii  wilh lel'liis af $1,800,1X10, at'whieh price lhe
pruftls llml nne wuuld expect In urdlii* syiiillciitu are cuiilumpliillng miiklii||
ury Inisiuess mul lhey ttill  ftuwii it the purchase,
dnwn,   It's Inn legitimate."
,, ,   ,       ,,       '" iIuk expression nl opimuii lice
Prepared   hv   lhe   iiiiiiii ah ei •        ,    , . ,   ,    ,    ,
' ' Is tin dnuhl a great ileal nl  trill ll, us
cook, Mrs H.B. Davis. All are Luiuy ^amplcs uru mil wiih in the
im Uial to ciiiiic and liiti'e it ivcst, and particularly tu British Cu-
gnnd lime ul
.SAW.1III.I,   OX  OKANAHAK    f.AKli,   It.lXIIV   Tu   SlIII'JIKNT.    SASH    AND   I)l)(IH
Factory on (I. I'. II., Vernon.
".ii:itn,:<;ii; farm,"
Thoroughly (naitltnr with Falrvlow ami
lloiuiiliiry Crinik Mlnorul 1'roportlos. Pro'icr-
tics Kmuuuii'iI. A.mays and Analyses of Ores,
Fuels, Etc,
hlllittatt, II. c.
iiitiaiMvniiii, it. c.
Our Specialties—Varieties Profitable in llriiish Columbia;
Trees Free from Pests,
Send for Free Catalogue,   i   F. HuTCHERSON, Manager.
McLaren bros.
The Weslern  Mining  World   i- nil'
lliuritv fur lhe slaleiueiil llml nl lasl a
lumlila, III tvliiah ihc most successful I "'"lj' fl'"sllll,!  V"n'"s ll'ls  l"'1'" ,li-
mines were dei eloped nnd  put oi, 11  ''"v""'''    h>'   Sniiei'lnle Ill    .1.    I.
paying liuUs hv lucid capltnl.  Take furj,fil'""x "ll(l (i '«" Milrhell, uielalliii-
instituee the mine ueiiral  ho'iiie, the «lli|s  ''"' ll"'  ' """l   y'"u' '"I'l"'1
t'arlhonin Camp MclClnniiey, i lie «»MI-'«*y nf Arlajiw, ror the raliirlinii
nlllcTs. such us Ihelieliui, WarKagle'"''"""11 ""' "W "'' ''"' "m'"'s fl"'1
ami u, fuel ,illlli|.divideiid-pavlugaud|"fl"'"v-VM|l')1,l(l s   '' ^ollUl worn
litany of the sliipping vet nnii-diviilcnd-l'1"11 |I|"M'  ''"I"'1 "Is lli,v"  ||,M"""-
nf II. tl,   Were lhey nut H''1"1'11 "" »ul|diiiri2ulioii can lake
____ _     __       '" pitying niines ut if. 0,   Were thev mil I'        ' *'"r'"" "•"""" '"" "'<"'
It ERR   BROS "H P'"k"'1  "P ""'  "'' nhsei.i'ilv and I'1""' '" ''' M" '"""• '" " •••■Ki«.-
I\                       „,„„„„,, placed   IllUOIIg   lhe   list   nf   lhsi.elnss!lll'l'ni"lslv   "lisllspeeleil, Iliereliv Inak-
.,rnT^ UHKKS-  prnpcrlicshvtte.s,,.,.,,,,,,.. .1 weslern  ImK  "   I'"-11'1''   '''" si.cccssfullv
Iphide nies at a
capilali' There is nu ipieslloitof duiilit lll'"v*v  '""   ■J""<|1'
ahniil  il, mul   Iherefol'e  il   wnnlil lie I"'""1' >#<
well for miners nnil pruspeclni's lu re. ARBITRATION.
memlier lliis. und insleitd uf reuderiiig ! 	
"k '""l "' j u cringing uheisiinee and siippllcitling     There is every llkellhnnd of an agrei'.
tLssi-ilitiicc from the east, lid Ilieiil gird ment   helug reiieheil   Ivhvcen  Ureal,
R. D. Kerb. "|i "'"'' '"'"" ''""' '""'IJ'' '"•''""' "''-v Brlliiln nnd  Ihu Uuileil Hiiilcsand u
 .'I more upon their own individual energy trenty   signed   wlllii'n  tie.  nuxl   few
and resources and if as.sisiance  must weeks which ttill s,u  m   resi I'm the
hesuughl, Iul ll   he sought from Ihuse nexl live years al   lensl  lhe ipiesllnn
it'liu me al.le tu understand mid up aslulhe means nl' ailjiisliiieut ofimy
preclittn existing cundltluiiSi nml not illlferonccs Ilinl nun inl-e iielween lhe
from those whn cuiild well altonl hul | Iwo liiilinns during such puiiod, hj Hie
whi iuu oficii seiiin ih iturlnus ealiilillshmeul ofa periiiiinelit court nl'
proposlilons only lo lake holdof sonic* urliilrallon,      Latest    mlvlces   from
thing uiiiruglhlerliigaud less worlliy, Wnshliigloii would lend luslmn tlmt
•*••* llegUtllltlollS       litllleeli       lhe      t'liilnl
against OOVSRNMBNT SAMPMNO, Slaies iiiid Own I  Brllnln furu Ireiiiv
jjioR sale,   Price $3,00. „r K,.„„..,i  .,,i.)t,.,1,..,. cmeiing mi
1    ,. k, lurrwiimuii, rock ctiiuit, ]  ^'"'i'"1 C,"";"1l!Mi " \"'"h {T"" ""'J'" '<""«'>■»«• '«"*«•' '« '
I , ported iigalnst the sainpllng winks fur BiikII.Ii spi-iikliiH m  , pn .an.	
Tlinrniigli Acinaliilliii.T with llli' Kottlo \..i llip u I,   Wllli'll  Hie  United  Slal.- pcwpuellye, has ,1,lin,1,1-1 I., ,,   	
illver uml llnuiiilar,. Crook     « j CJ   A  1\TT A /^TATTC LIAC AOD T1[7T7 T\ I  *'"v"11"1"1"   |"'"l cl   l'"'l'll"K'     "'' of , pleleness  I...  Le, I uinl , |„.
Wllllld   llltnlte   llle   expeliilil Ul e   uf  „ ||U|,|1()„,   ,,,•   Seirelm,    III,,,,    Si,
w. ii.tniiKTT. ... t. noDoson
mm m inm 0, MARCUSandMIDWAY
G-caonwood Olty, B. C
Leaves Marcus Mondays and Thursdays at 1 p, ,\i
Assaying and Analyses of Ore Arrives Greenwood Tuesdays and Fridays at 5 p, m
  Arrives Marcus Thursday and Sunday at 0 a. m
Mines Examined and Reported on SPBOIAL ATTENTION (OVEN TO MAIL, l"ltl'|(iHT AND EXPRESS
xx. xt. nroatlcitgOBi', i'hopkiii*1'oji.
.MiiiiI  liull-.-iiriiil ul Itjnk I
Mining Camps,
J. Kerr.
linorea and Leghorn
Cr«»i».,i-.-il     Bli.okM.uitH
All  Kinds  of lli'iialrina.   Ilorsosliool.ut u
,1. \V. I^EED,
Fine Watch Repairing a Specialty.
All Work Wiirntntcil,    al-2ni
P. Ii. JAOftDES,
Watches, Clocks and Jewelry.
Spectacles and
Commepeial Job Printing.
AND brouR'ht an enormous stock of goods to be presented at Xmas for
Babios and Children of tender antl more mature agos, as well as for
grown folks, His sleigh has been loaded down, and he has delivered
8t his headquarters at the PostofTice Store, Midway, immense quantities
of goods fit for presents.   Mentioning a few of them, they are:
Hulls Big and Dulls Small, Toys nf All Kinds
nud Descriptions, Drums and Fifes ami Music
llnxcs, Rocking Horses, .lumping Jacks, Ten
Pins, Rattles, Dulls' Furniture, Animals, Elc,
Dressing Cases, Manicure. Sets, Work Boxes,
Willing Desks, Silverware, Glassware, Wall
Pockets, Pictures, Chrlsliiias Tree Ornaments,
and   Olher Ikttts Tun Niniieinin tu Mention.
. Come Early and Make Your Selection . . .
A..    , - m Tt       1      A 1    1\ __% 1 1 uns pinceuure min   tviiu  mr iocs ex- ■ uuiepeiuieiil   cnillllllss -. Iuu   in m-
. flam, Postofe Book Store aad Bazaar, mayP-"2stt&y*_r^_,_ztis>:
' -J    iiidepi'/Jdcnt BHinlihtig wurk« Am-i; „.
very large sum uf uiulicy, and I- juij,,,, |.,,,„„,.|'.,i,. is i neimle lhe
l''"'1''1   hV   Oiali.      erlullS   dillicull le*,   ,„,„ |„||a    ni,lIIH   ,|„,   „,,„    ,,„,,.,,
Uesuggests Ilm     i i ,ai.,|.h lii,',,,f the  wn,^   All uf Hieslihsl iul fenliiies
liirllf acl uf 1KJI he iimcuiled so as , N„. i,,,,,,-  p,,,.   .„ „KI.,.(.(| „„,
ullntv Importations of lead lieat ing ores |.'r„m the pi esenl stulusor I he negol laid go forward frum Ilia pun „f 1.1,in (|ll|)|(|| j, ,„.h,,,.,„! ,,„, f„||u,v|,1K „in
under ttiireliinise .md Iraiisporlallon he the Imporliilil leriu.of llie Irealv i
In.ml in properly  ct|iilpped smelling [,'|,S|   Aleriuol  live years fnnn I he
ealillilisllinellls.    I'r.ivisinli   cnilld I lien   ,| if cxeliailgl'III   I'll I illl'lll Illll Wit Illll
l-H- tiiixlt.   l.y    ilm   goveruineiil   for which llle Irealy shall I peraliie,
Hie    ttsslgitiiicill    to    thu    smelling     s,., ,|   .\   ei'iuri „f arliltriill f
wurks, if, -,,111111.11.111. .Illeerswhoseiluly J „jx inciiiliei*, three n, he tlrawii from
ii  would he 111 superi Ise pei spnAll,*/ Um judiciary of lhe Uuileil Staii'saiid
'lliesilllipliligof lhe  ures  ueeurdiug In | 11,,,.,.   finui    llle   jililii'ini y   ul   Ull'lll
ciiiiiuierei.il  iiietliuils, after whieh   ti Britain,
regularly  ttppulnled   governineiil us.     Thli-U     Tlm   snliiuisslmi   in   lliis
snter could   ascerluiu   Hn-  diillat. rlliunul of nil ilHrercnceii helween the
qiiatitlly uf lend conlalned therein. twil nations, now peiiillugor toailsii
The suine icsults,eipiiiiil.|e alike lu lhe; ttiihin ilm periuil of live years, this
guteiiiuiciit and lhe impurler, ,\lr, i tint In include lhe Bering sen (|ueslinn
Crntvley says, wuuld !«• nhluiued hy ; nr the Venezuelan ipiesliiiunoit l.eli.ie
lllis prucediire and   wilh  far less ex-; independent   cniiiniisslulis, lull   in un THE ADVANCE.
\t. II. NORRIS...  I'ltm-KiETO,*
I'liUi-li.-.l   weekly   al   Midway,  It. C.
riuii-wii-jiiiiii Price, $£.w per luiimm, payable
In id vance, either yearly or half**? early nt lho
optiun ot the rmUcriber.
AdvertiriiiiK KjUor aont dm application.
Though tlio column-* of Thk Advance arc
always open for the diaousBlun of iimttcrf of
public iiiici'isi mul importance, we do not ncc-
ceswtrily oudorso nny of the opinion* expmwcd.
L'.iut'-ijjKiuifiic.L' of a perrtoiiitl nature will not be
: A eross in i liU apee indi-
:eaten t hai your sulmeription
io thu paper has expired,
sotick or __ » sheriff GREEWNOOD   CAMP
.. The Gold Brop Boarding House..
In the County Court of British
1'iios. .1. Hakiiy I'UINTISF
Jn...a.Cokvki,l.... .l)Kii:m,tsT;Cood Accommodation for Truvclers.
('Ills. W. II. S.tSHUM
"EAT,drink nnd !«• merry while you
live, for you'll he a long lime dead."
Iteenglii/.ing llle Ht'lipe llf lllis greul
Iniill, ii/., IiiiiI   vnu  will he   n  long
li lend   In  the  |'ensures of lllis
unrlil mn e vnu f..lil ynur tent uud llle
away, wc have lillle hesltillInn ill
recnmineiidiiig tu nur reader, ut this
liuie uf the yeur an assiduous exercise
nf the former fiiut'linus, und us wedn
uut Is'lieve iu anything t'omuionpliiee,
We wuuld c.nivey nur hest wishes in
ihe original (ft-.Mii lliuir imtlqiilty)
winds, "A Merry Clirlstmas and a
Happy New Year" lllllll,
in obedience to two .trits uf fieriKucins
issiimlout of tin. above iniiul,and lo me <li-
ri.i-U'il iu llie above suits, tlio funnel- furllie
sinn ol Four .lliuiilniil uinl Thirty HlvoDollars
uml .Sixty cauls iSCIi-lill) mul llio liiller -nit fur
Hi. aiini of Throe Ilunilrcil nnil Ttvcutt Seven
In .Hurt, ami Klgl.ly-Tl.rcn iiunls "ffifl.m, willi
interesl on tlio same, together willi slierlll's
fees, pouiltlago nnil nil oilier expanses conftociotl
Willi tills execution. 1 tunc seined llllll wil
oiler for snle tit public unction In front of tliu
lliivernnuiiit lltllce, Vernnn. ill Um l'rinilii'c of
lirltisli Columbia, nil Mm rlgiu, Iltlo uml Interest iif tie- nbovo named uofoitdnul lu llie
land, below described, ur mitlrient iln-n-of lu
sutl-fy thi; ju.lglnclil ,1,-1,1 uml eitsls In till,
net iuu.
Flrst-cluss Meals Served
Oood Livery Stable in Oonnoetlon.
L.        J     CIIN0I8K
iiis'i'kut.,'   ' 'r. ncseuii-rinx
I  '•"'  lnr I'MII'BIITY
llf   Vlllll
Ilinl rlcl.
llroiip Fnnn Liimls.
ivs-r.vrn uu
Coo Simple
SllliJiTI lu
OTIOK is hereby given tlmt application
will ba nmiie io ihe Legislative Aracinhly
nl (hel'mvineeof Itrilirih Columbia ai ils next
scsftlon foi* an act Incorporating a company with
power to waist met. opt rate ami maintain
electric power ami light station-*)ail-1 a system
of electric power nnil electric light plants at
Un.' following -talioiis, viz.;
i.i! .Some convenient point about three hundred yardm abovo lhe upper fall*, on thai part of
llie Kootenay river Known as the St. Agnes
Kails of Kootouay river j also to tako, une and
divert from tho said Kooteuay river ai suid
point su much of the waters thereof as may he
necessary io obtain therefrom two thousand
(2,(111111 horse power.
(li) Al some convenient point on the south
sitie of Kootenay rlvor. about one liliudrod .
yards above (be point where Uio Columbia and
Kootenay railway crofciieB the Kootenay river:
also to lake, use and divert from tlie said
Kootenny river nl said point so much of the
vvatei'M thereof as may he Decennary loobluln j
twoibousiuid c.',t,iiii horse power.
(o) At rioine eoiiVeiiiein  poinl on llio north
bank of Murphy crook, about one bu lid rod'
.Minis from (he point where lbe Murphy ereek \
'tossiaml (rail ■■nis-scs Murphy i-rooKjaJBO to |
lake, use and divert from tbe Miiil Murphy:
ereek al said point so much of (he waiers
thereof as nun be noecnnary lo obtain throe
Lluitnmiid |8.Ujuj hurse powol"
All nl which above points at" within the
Uinl UlvWon id Koolcimy DUU'lol.
Willi |HI\VOr IU use all of Bald w tiler power
Of III)) porlion thereof limn hiij  of sntd jitiinu [
t'<>r the goncmtlng ol ouielrlcll) to be mud una i
motive powor fm propo ling, driving, hauling,
it, smeltiiig, ilrilling,
Lath and Shingles.
Willis Tl, IM snl.li.     tt'llllil,; in m: siil.li
(In Sutiiriluy. llie Ililii
ilny nf .luiiuury. istii,
nllliel r.if II iirlii.-k
in Hn. forenoon.
I'lvi'lllV ilny sees n gcenler amniiul uf
interest lieingtaki.u hy the peuple llf
lliedisiricl in ihe railway i|uestiun,
and Ill-foil) Hie linn- cuiuas fnr the sitting uf Ihc le|iislaliue il. Is safe In say
lhey will ma Le known iu un UllClil'tllill
inumicr Iheir views upun lliis nll-ini-
pnrlant siiliject. Thai lhe disirici nl
present luhnrs under enormous dlsud-
vantnges owing In Ihc want of Irans-
piiriatiun facilities, all whn are acquainted with it uce willliigloadn.lt,
Tliat the ipi-'st.iuu was only partly
solved hy tho grunting uf the Heinze
chiirlcr is hecniiiing mure and mure
uu.I iiiiiii' apparent, and that the
this sec. inn will only he salisll.*.! willi' l'lpor. eont p.
In from of llio i ..un
House, Vernon, II. r.
slS  The trade centre of the Grand ffl lawix ^riiHSeXni
'  ! gffi*   _       .   . a-        , • .   pniia    mhunaiiii "Uilluiinry inaolilnory and olocli'lii
iW. Prairie,    Kettle   river   and §$$ ;!:!;!;:^n,,it,,;:S;;;,:'::rL,u3,!!::i!:;:';,,'!;;;
_JVi    Tl 1 1 *      * 1    WP?1   Iinui""** i".' «Iil'll H   mu) I'" 'll'l'l I'm
gga Boundary creek mining and «Hlr"      ' '
S agricultural country. ml
Teiins of snle. cauh.
A. Q, PKMBEUTON. Shorlfl.
bind ItegNlry Olllee, Kamloops.
80th  ilay  ot  Novombor, law,
Uill o'clock, a. in.
I hereby eerlify that the following charges
only appear registered or applied fir against
Lot toil, Group 1, Osomios Division of Yale
1st Mareh, l8W-Jobli A. Coryell and William
H. Murry to Clara Monteilh, mortgage in fee
toseeuro payment of the sum of seven hundred
and llfly dollars (|7fio,U-j) on (he Isl day of
March, IKiii, with interest at lu per cent, per
milium Itcgistercd In charge book, vol, 1, fol.
IM, No.'2(111 It.
17lh .February. l«Hi-Clara Montelth lo Mul-
eo.in McCuaig, absoluto assignment and transfer of Hiiid imii'iii ni'e of mortgage.
itith March, lMW-.Iohn A. foryelluud William
K.Murray to Malcolm Met'uaig, Mortgage in
fee u> secure payment of ibo sum ot twelve
iii, i , * „ '.ii  .,  ii, ^,. „(■' I hundrod ond fifty dollars ($12fio,oo)onlholGth
I tho ttoitsl as well as thusi; nl [(|&y (|f m)U,(l|li ^ wtth |l|tJ[C8l at' „l(, nU(! ,„■
' U pei eont per annum.  Uegislci'cd, togelhor
. ,. .   wilh the above assignnicnl. in charge honk,
liic iM'ili.iti' coiistrili'l 1011 ot a Hmd ; vol. i,fol.H!l.i, No.liDT It.
Itf Lween I he Ooliimbin river nnd Van- j. " lJ> J"»°-m *°}itt.A- i;,,rydl fe ,,?^n,ft,S
I Leipiline, moi'igngcin fee of an undivided half
ct HIV cr or sDinc iilht'i' point i>n the jof suid lot. losfciiiepayment of ihesiim fif live
-../»..) ; , ...i ■ ,, i.l,,1,i in,l rinir F»,.... luuidrcd and thirty lour dollars (^ll 0.) on the
•t'did is (jtulu tivltlmit-, judrfiiiK hvin i^myofJuutmn'Ifctkt,uiihintomstalttiorate
the views oncnlv i-xhirssi-d ul,  mil'l-lof Vi' per eenl. por iWlliUm.    llegis.ered in
,   ,, ,     ,.„'. . ...     ch.imo book, vol. I. fol, 15, No. 77111.
liigsliekl in (litti'ifiil  piiriiDiis ni Ui* [   Mh -January, imw John   A,   Coryell   and
pruvince recently.   The reus ',,,. ,|,is j Wlltayy^ '^'ntni liv'ut
haste and chutiged slate nt   tceling uu liurnof. upon tlin  terms  nml condittutis us
,        .   .. .,        11,   i         •,.   ,   . , therein mentioned, lloglslereilhi chtirgo book,
lhe putt,nt Ihe puhlic is uiiinilcsl and ;.0|,2,fol.27,No.7M11.
msy iiiileflne.   I'tevioiis lo lhe grant- ' furtlior certify the tallowingJudgments
J                                              i.i iippeiir r *4is ii.'o I Sgililist tli" real ual.i.ennil
ing ui ihc lleu./.e churl ur lhe pussi- interest hi real estate of John A. Cort ell:
liility uf the liiii.iln.tr nf the (lintv's I ,...51!.'. •*W.'S!' bw '''"'"I1"1" ■'" ""' " l
Nesl   I'ass iimd was looked  upon ns
reunite, nnd therefore | itoil, .liitit*.'wm-Judgiin'iit of suiil courl oli-
Inincd lit- 'I'liiiiiiiis .1. Iiiirili for M3J.10 ilelil and
costs,  licglstcrcd Ull. August, ISM. ill It'll n in.
puivi.|. In   iiiiiKu   rules   uml
enurgiH lor llie siipiuy ol Mild iiiiiver. nitlil uinl
Ileal uml rocelvu I'eiiuiueratluit nl micli rules.
Willi power in ilm appilcanis to euusiriu-l
Lequime k Lloyd-Jones
The best hity and grain
raised in the Mission Valley
delivered at Penticton at lowest possible prices by
,.,. Situated at the junction of pS
S the Boundary creek, Marcus ^m
ffl and Reservation wagon roads, ffl
S Nearest point to the Colville S
S reservation mines. fm
?s^S?!m^Sfel'*^" & Lloyd-Jones. Kelowna.
~Wxrit._   roar  X^riaamm.
I cing  very
people, especially iu lliis section, gave
In   il   little consideration.    Itailway
icourt uf Vulc. obtained by Charles W. ll.
Siiiis.nn fnr $.*7..'!"- ilelil nml costs. I.eglstoi'Cil
j llllll August, Itn, al OflO 11.111,
lib Nov jinbai', lini- -Applicatlim rorreglnlrA*
.   , ,, ,    ,  1   tionof iiniilisiiliitiifiiii of nn iliiiliviilel Imlf of
1 niiiiiiuiili iilliui hei w ecu tlle cn isl and  ^11,1 i„t in favor of Margarol E, Coryoll, subjeol
lilt! Knuteiuiy wiih iilsQiilintit Hint ti iuu
only just ciiiniiicncilig to receive at*
leiitluii, and llierefnre pcupleunxintisly
nud willingly endorsed the only
scheme presenl lid tn them, namely,
Hie graining uf 11 charier tu Mr,
llein/.e, wliieli held out tlm pnssihilily
uf partial railwny euinuiuiileiilloii
lieing proyided within a space (all iuu
lung) nf four years.   Circumstances,
to rc-isioreil Incumbrances.
IStenodl   !•'. II. 'ITCK,
District ilogislrtir,
To A. (1.1'ciubort'iii. Esq., Sbcrilf.
e>M*| Fnr prices nnd nil ot.herlnformatlon apply to |W|u*l
ffl C. E. STUART ■ - ■ AGENT ffl
ffl. , %™l
If  ynu want  In ptiint up a eal.il),
cull fur lime at
Geo, T, Wells' Line Kiln
Ofllie, Itenilell & tin's Store,
Boundary Kails, B, C.
We are taking First-Class
Mining Properties in hand
His Honor llio Lieiilouant*Qovori)or, under
however nre nnw inateriallv cliaii'ed tin. authority conferred on liim by sub-sootlon
unwell 1,1111  now iiiiiii 1 iiiuy tu.iii,eu ,_, ||f mMm ,,. _f tno..Hotilth Aot,jil«,' luis
ad lie* hiiililin.,' nf 111.' Ol'OtVS Nest  been pleased to iuako,and dues horlfy mako,
„ , ... ,,.'     ,.,,,„ „ i,u I tho tallowing regulations, namely:
Piss mad 111 the near future may l.e;   |. That the ic'tto Rlvor Milling Division nf
Is une uf a team nf eight hend
lii'lunging in Shnser Ilrus.,the
Uiisiling    Freiglilers,   that
helped  In  Iiiul ilia I hamuli 1
mi.lKX) pniinils. fur 101, Driscoll,
nhle liai'gain dlspelisur of gener.
disc, Harness, Saddles, elc., al ('
My stuck is complete iiiik'tnilmu
viirien in Sllils of Clntllllig, Oi'iilleuiell
da lies' footwear, Dry Guilds, Notions, etc.   My gnu-cry supplies uru siifllck.nl
In satisfy the wants nf lhe entire Kellle River valley.   My slnek nf Miners'
.Supplies is just what is wanted hy the I'rispi'clnrs and Miners.   I um selling
iit Spokane SPOT CASH I'ri.Ts, freight unly added (duly tlniiwn iu)   Come
and interrogate inc.
linked upon as certain, Under Ihese
circuinslances lhe peuple are awakening tn a sense uf their own interests,
aiid are commencing lo realize that
these inleresls demand nut unly musl
e.unniuniciilinn he esliililislieil helween
lhe llnliuiil.iii liver ami Okanngiiii
luke. hut.us well lietwcen lh.'1)1.1111111.111
liver nnd ennseipicnlly Knnleiiay-
111 ill the consl. Hun In furlhcr nur
inleresls hy the spurring In acliuli
Ihnse liulding diallers is Imw In receive attention, and the means suggested isa prussiirulo lie hroiighl in
I111.L1- upnu the governiiienl 1" Induce
Ihem lu granl In lhe parlies whn will
apply iit llie coming session uf lhe
legislature llle coiieessieiitJ sinighl, if
such is ilutie, 1111 une company will
Imid nn exclusive monopoly, mul tlm
rivalry cslahllshcd will iinduiililedly lm
utleiitled willi guud results,
    ► • 4	
A silting nf lhe licensingennr! lnr
lhe Kellle rives portion nf Yale disirici, was held ui Midway un llie 16th
lusi,   The justices prcHcnl   were P.T,
Mi Cull (cliaii uiiinl, James Kerr anil
W, II. Nuriis.
Tim following uppliriinls Here liefure
ilie iiiiii' :
n. P. Minims, icipiestlng a I'ceiise
im Ilm (Iniiul Kurks hiilcl ul denial
Porks, The application tins refuged
nu the gi'iuiiid thut 11 license uhciult
envered llie premises,
II. P. Tnl'lillln, fnr 11 license fur lhe
Tiirulllii luiiise, ,-iliinleil un lite Nurlli
Kuril uf Keltic liter,   (iranled.
.inmi's lliiiiiillnii, fnr 11 lianas fur Ihe
While hnuse. Grand Furks.   Refused
Mrs. A. W. Prcsler, fur a license fnr
the Cosmos hotel Grand Korku, Grunted
Mrs. 10, .1. Doit.ling, fur a license fnr
ilm Lancashire llllllse, Midway, Alsu
Kred. (Irnf, fur a license fur Ihc
Brooklyn house, Greeiiwuod camp.
Thu fo.lowing transfers then received
consideration nnd were all granted:
R, Weslt.ll lo F. G, H'und mul .1. W.
Nelson. Pioneer hnlel, lircenttniul
Pullers >n mill Sletv.iril, In K. B.
Simmons, luliTuiiiiiiniil hul el, Green-
wn.id Cily.
.1. MeMiilmit Iii Seyniuiir k Wehli,
Wn.ilsui hotel, Greenwoud City.
the Yulo Kloctoral liistriet lie eroatod n llonltli
lliHlricl under lbe provisions nf tlm "Health
Acl. 1803."
2. That Williitni (iriiliiun MoMynn, Recorder
nl Mill ivay, lm tlm Local llouril of Health (or
tint snid lllsliiel.
Iicpiily Clerk, Ksoeutito t'oiun-il.
Certiflcate of the Registration
Companies' Act, Part IV, and Amending Acts
Tin* C.tuiiioo Mining, Milling and Smulting
Cnjti'.tNV (l',uiu:i(iM.
RcRlstered the 23rd Day of Novcmbor, 1896.
I HERKBY 1'KitIil'll Ilmi I bine this
1 ilny icglstorcd "Tb" Cnribon Mining,
Milling and SmolthiB Coinpiiny' (foroign),iinder
" Tlio Companies' Act.' Pari IV." iteglsiraiiun
ot b*oroigb I'linipnniea, and nmondlng nets,
The head otllce of I ho suid aoniliiiiiy is situ-
nleil nl Il.e city of Spokane 1'ltllis, Sintu of
IVftslilugtoii, U. ** A.
Tlio objects fur ivlitoli lbe company is osluli-
isii'nl nre: Of owning mliicsniid mining elalniH
nml real prntioi'ty, niib nil Ilia loasary water
right, lliereln 111 tlie lerrlluriesnf \Vnsliliih-l„ii
.lii.l I.lull.1 in lbe I'lillcd Mules of iltnorlen,
nnd also In llrilisii Columbia, nml aim fnr He1
narposo of ownlllu:, i*ntitrullliik nml o|i(imlju,i
nil 1 s-iirv   niil-. sim-iier- nml  roducllnii
ttorks tvllhin mid localities fur lliu rishioilon
of nny uml nil ores tuiiie.l or extlactotl fnnn
uuy niines snni.iiulri.il or worked by tbo stud
coutPiut) tvliliin siilu rcspacllvo Jurisdictions 1
nml also lu ttnrk iiiiiI lo'liiiT nil) nml ul) nirfl in
nny nf -alii works iiitueil or up.-ruteil l.y s.iiil
e uiui) iu tiny of snlil 1 n-iilllli's.iiiiil in nrii-
iliieeliullliiiilbirefi'iiinmiilH.II nn.l illsimfflof
I lin snuie. mil lu -ell. transfer mul ilis|u,,e o[
nml iniiiiiii: pi-opot'ly nr bullion lliereln. and do
nny mil all IhllLJi 1 nftirj ti I'..... mi n
gonoral inllihigi uul'liiu nml iiiioliliigliiisiucw.
ivitliiii said resiii'i'tlve jiirlHilli'lliuis. nml for
siu-li imriiosos niiionu Dlher. In miiko, use and
eniislrnel (ttinit'H.ili'ilie*. Iriuniviiv-, nilliviiva.
ami rlnbls uf iviiy  essury for ilie full nml
|.|>lll|>lele control of lbe l.il-ill".-. iilnresiiiil.
Tlie  cilpllill   slnek   nf llie i.liil COIIipilliy i-
olghl liumh'eil thousand dollars, divided Into
eight llilliilreil tliiiilsiinil Blllll'es of nni' ilnlliir
Utvon undor my Inunl and seal "f nill-i. ui
Vlelnrin. Province nf llrilisii I'iilllniliin, lliii,
liventy third ilny nf Noi'emlii.r. one lliousiuul
eight hundrod and nlnol-y-slx.
Roglstmrtif Jolnl Stock ('uinpanfo,,
♦ ♦ _.. „ „.„_.„	
♦ ♦
f+**\ ANACONDA,   B.   C.
♦ ♦ —' —.—=——-
Visitors In the Boundary Creek Mining Camps, Slop nl Ilm Aimcoiid
Good Table  -  Good Beds  -  Good Liquors  -  Good Stabling
N. Tlio!!, Proprietor
Wholesale and Retail Dealers in and Growers of
All Stoek Grown Without Irrigation.
All Treos Inspected Before Leaving the Nursery
bPOKA N E    l-'ALLS,
I'. < '. H.ix r.MU. W'iisl.ii|jji.ni
J. mcnicolI
Dkalkr in
Agent for
n'kri ciiiiiin'icil iln'i't'Uiih im* utilizing
nml Improving mid liicvciwlng Lliu ivatotiirlvf*
ItfgiMuiidaliu iu ontor upon uml oxpropriato
Iinui-. iur r'iic.- fur power I10U8CB, hiuiiuiiK mul j
iipi't hsirj iniiuwity line*, uml vubwayufij c
iict'iinii wiih ilu* suid workH mul right of way]
for eaiTj'lug llio olucli'k inricm uudL'rgrouml   .
or  ovoWiwhI   and to'  orucL, Iny, cuitgtruut, J j
und iiiiiiiitiiin nil ni't'i'h'sui-y  wurks,  lirid^i'*-
pipcB, poles, cablos, wires atrtietm'OB uud ap
niaii-JU8 uoiaiBsuvj ov proper for tlio gunorul ing I
bfoloctriu powor and light, it -^ ubu uml IvaiiH-1
lultting ami KUpplylug Liic Bame j with power
lu construct lolograph lluos and tolophouo linns'
over und along lho rdu-feslakon in transmitting j
suid  power,   iglil ami hoot; with ppwortu , phlster a hmwi-m- build'A foiiiMlniion,
rules uud   collect  t-iiuie Cur thu use
f    liy  tin* public, uud ull Bitch ulher [
ptiwei'sus may bo uccoBsary tu fully and completely carry on und oporaloBueh wurks,
ThoappltcaiitB tu Imvu llio puwer lu inirlioii-
lurly iniiisuiii uinl disirilmlo the oleerir power,
light uml heut iu tho towns uf Nelson, husslund,
'I'ntil,   [Casio,   Suiiilun,  Now   lionvev, Throo
Kurks and NakUBp. und tu such other cilios,
towns and municipalities as iiiuy tie rstahlisiitMl
in lhe suiil Wesl |iivi>iuu uf Kiuilonuy ttislriot
and Yule I Hal riot* and pavtlouiarly that imrtiun
tucroof drained by tho Keltic river uml llmmd-1
ury ereek.  Willi power tu lho applicants to1
engage, in mining operations mul acquiro by
location m* otherwise howsoever mining proper*
ilea ami claims and wurk the. Bamoand utiii/,o,
tin' oleclvlc power generated us nforoBald in bu
titling, with power tu purchase, acquiro and |
luko uvor by ull requisite deeds nud assign-;
! inenisfi'um auv Lriisteo fm- the nppUcantauiiy
property, rights, wnler privileges, uud ea*-o*
inenl s uml mining claims or leases acquired liy
any triiBlco on behalf of ihe applicants and tliat
iho wuier privileges bo acquired asaforosiUd ur
obtalnwl liy the applicants fur whutcvur pur*
posomay bo consoudalod where pussinio ami
may hu bold, utilized mid omployod in tho
exorciso of all or any ol the powers abovo sot J
forth, Wi'hiiiwcrln tin* applicants in lako
j uml use  from iho Kootoiuvy river, Murphy
crook, Kettle rlvor und Uouudavy crook, aim
tuoularlcs thereof, at coiivoulQlil jiuinls sueh \
fji'iliii.- water p.iivcr as may ho uoeeBsary fur,
I Lhunforomu I lurpo-rs.
With power in the applicants lu construct,
lualiilniii ami opcuito sit'glo or doubiotrack
iratiiwayii witli all  uocosBary swltuhes, Bido
irieks anl turnouts, polos and wires, ami ulli
u r requisite appliancoB ami powers in cou*
1 ne.'iitm ihei'owiiu umiu and along the lands,
nulls, Mivcisiin.l lii'idgeScouiioellug the lowita
I above set forth ami within lhe radius nf ten
miles of each of said towns and wit hin the cor*!
poratollmlts uf any uf suid towns ovor lho
rttfeolBmid mil esiheroul wilh tho privilege j
tu tiiiilil .-.'it'll lines of tramways in sections and I
from ono Uiwn tn nuothor  without   buing
roquirod to build the other lines und within
un.'ni* more of Ihu-uid towtisor UlUUielpaUtlos i
wlshoul being r-jquh'otl to build in all ihuNiid
lowits; with puwor tu lako, iranspori nml carry
pas-jongorrj ami frelghl thoropu.and also with
puwor lu use in the running mid upcraliun
thereof tho olcolrto power lu he genomlcd as
aforesaid, nr Riie.h other motive pawor as
the nppllcanls niny see lit.und puwer luomi-
Btrnct telegraph and tolophonc lints along lho
thurotitos taken hv tlie tnunway lines, with
the right lo make rules mul collect suine fur
lhe ibe Ihcrouf hy the puhlic.   \\ ith power lu
the applicants tu onlor upon and expropriaU
lauds und tu opon and break up lhe soil and
pavomentsof theroiulH, slructs, highways nnd
bridges fur lhe purpose of laying pipes, mils oi
trucks, creeling pules or fur any other purpose
ami for ull such powors as may he necessary tu
fully mid coiiipiotoly carry on lhe works aforo*
siii Iur any uf them. With power lolhoappll*
ranis tu make running arrangements or amalgamate witli iinj company having similar powers
orwlthotr ur moro ufihe powers herein ap-
pile I for. ami wiih powor iu acquiro by pur*
ehasoor otliorwlBu uuy privilege bold by any
p.'i-s m or persons, corporation or corporations,
ofbeiiotll ur advantage lu lhe currying on of
ihe aforesaid works and upornlo llio business of
auv .-.tii'li pewonor persons, corpiiratlon
Finding nil cash, time unci
trouble nml furnishing the
Stock ready for Mrrkct,
and arc willing to take
our pay in stocks. Treasury Stock   Listed   East.
Por Fni'llier I'arliculurs
Apply In
Broker, Spokane
i in
Should carefully consider
the cost of material, and
by figuring, find out that
all kinds of
ifffi^lES! Rous1' ■:■ ami Dressed :■: Lumber,
nnil-   1, Bair.ui,   tn   fnlli- ,.,iil I '
Shingles, ■ Laths, - Etc.,
can be purchased at the
Grand Forks Sawmill,
. I'nllr nml
111 nr un;,' nf
-11.h iiuwornH may lie 11
eiiiiilili'li'lv uirrv on nnil ofloral
tlio nfnriw.l.l u-uriii,.
Ililli-ilnl llie i'iii nf Virl..iiu, this llltli ilny uf
\',.iHi r. 1. IL I'll.!.
11. I lIlLhll'S, '.'.'1 .i'l'"' .<; HAllN'AI.'ll,
iin iiiiui- for ilu Aiiplliinnta.   I
i). McDUPF
General Blacksmith,
I.    tollOl    ..I    10   III'     l-llll:
...    I llllla uf  '..
lie     . .        .   .
roBaat-aririr oo.vtt'*'j».isrTe*.  1
1 * X X X « X »■/> -X ■■/. *«««-<«•« 99 «. J
Companies' Act. Pan iv.uiul AiiiciidiiurAe.ts
per load.
I : CS X X X U. X >J. X X X X 'J. 'X X tli 9E
G. K. Simpson, Prop.
Eastern Star Gold Mining Company'
"""l"":', I Oertlfloiito of  Improvements.
Roglslorod iho tintii Day July. 180a.
1 I lli:i:i.H. I!K iTIKV Hiai I Imvi  HiIm i
! 1  MKMiTni iin "Kiwlcrii8iar Uolil Mi:.
j t'liiiiiijiiij    (l''(iri'l^in, mull r 1 Iw* "Cuiiipnnl
1 ■   of KiiitIkiU'i
Purl IV.'MloitlKli
1. 11 ml iiinciiilliiif Ai
ri'Hin.'l nitlcool 1 in--.n.l t.'omiwnj N»-H
1     C'AMr MoKinnkv, in tub OaoYooBMining
TAKK SOTIOK llml I. li'otlHW M. Korliy.
ncLhigiw nuciil forAliiBloy Mognnv,froo
NIlTIl'H IS IllOltWlV tUVKV Ilinl.
ilnys nftor tlnto, I i
I Ml'
illtellll tn ll|J|lly III llu-
t'liief (uiiiiiiisaliiiier iif huinlH nml Works tor
pormlnrilnn tn puroliA-o tin- riilloiringiliisoiibod
trnel nf Iaiui, .-itualeil in the solltherll |iiirll.iii
lifllielli,iiv..ii«ili.'li.l(i.l nf Valo lliall'lel. Ill llie
I'liivinraiif llriiish I'nl Iiin:
Starting ul ahosi 'iti ohnlns stuiih nf ilu- north
oast earner of prii-iiiiijiliiiil Nu UJnH, tlieneii
north in chains, thonoo easl in rlinlns, tiiouoo
mitilh Id ohalllP, tlicnec ivesl in clialns
tn 'mint nf (.iiiiuiiciieoinont, uolllnllllllg 1110
neres. inoro nr less.
liataJnt Midway, Jlli Docuuihei*. IM.
I'liiviiiiii Mauizim: at Anaciinda.
.    .       , ir.         t     ,     ,              ,   •,,  ■ .,.   ,       „ _.    ic , iiif* L'"hl '"   '"'  'i i||r"' J    .iiiKiiiii, 11 i-i.
iiu-l hi ilu- 1 itj n  ^iiilnine. in ihe Mule nt minor'si«n'll«i'ati) No, T003T, Inlond.sixty daya
Wnslltllgtoil, U, B. A.                                    ' frum lhe iluie herenl, lu u|i|ily In IlinMlnliiu
l'i,...a.i,.|.l,,r,ili..|i  I,,-1 miipiiiij i-.i-al.ili- |i,.,.,„.,|,„.f„r„e,.riilli.,iUiiif iiiiiuiueiiiiiiitB. f„i*
   ■„ linin*
Niril urei In imy. aril, nun, len..;. iirnspeu   thupurnoiwofubUlningit Crown grant to Ihu
fnr, equip uml operolu mllios nml  iiiinorat atioro oiiihn,
ctolins of iron, gohl, silver, coppor anil ollior    Anil ritrthor lako notloo Uml iieiiini.iniil.il-
His, mul clays ami iqriils having M>i:iii,i. 37. musl lm oonunonoml boforo llu.
The Golden Gate Hotel
T. Sllio-t    -   -  -   Proprietor.
I Vjotoriiu Provlnoo nf UrltUli Columbia, ihl«
8OM1 day of JWilKE
Stopping* Place tor Stages to and from Penticton and Oro, Wash, <        fte-^utmr ot ,ioiwt fetook'comtMinioa.
I valUo, in Un- territory <>r Hn
; 1'nilfil smir*mul nf the Provlnnoof Itriiir.li
Cnlimitiln, Oiipadn: m bay, own, m»llt Icnuc and
■nli' millH, ooncoiiimtorfl,Minollor»antl oilier
'ltltior.1 andapparatuRforconconlraliiiB nml
IrcntlliKovor and niiiifi'iils, nml ftlrio In liny,
own, noil, Icaw, (lovolop nnil opomlo water
rlght«, dilchcft, llumw and wotci'wi
nary or propor for tlio worklnuof l-hc
bify,own, --i'li. IcRncaml opL-rnlo nil trninwayfi,
railroad*1, rih'bis ol wny and ollior inonna 'if
ronvrynnci nnd com mn nl cat Inn ta antl froin
any ni'nl nil pntpt'i'i i.s which may bo owned or I mpl„ ORo MmRitii, rn aim Hi-ti-ai-u iv Omm
; Iciwfl by t-nlil ruiiijjiiin ; In ilo generally a'l   '»h uu<> mini.iiai. uwwh, cmtuath in ukn
' nml H'im'uiiI LhliiKH which mny boncoorani-y or I
proper for the complole onjoymetii or use of|
tlm powowboroln nol f'li'ili.aml tor l ho conduct
nf n gonoral mining Iiih-Iuphk. ' 'T'AKM NOTICK thai I, Jnlin l'onglos, froo
The capllaUtocft of tho uold Company In five 1 minor's oertiflcato No. 80180, Intend, sixty
Imndrod Hiininand tlolliu's, divided Inlo flvo dayfl from llio dutc horoof. lo apply tn lho
htimlrcd Ibounamt wlmivs nf tho pur valuo nf! Mining Recorder fin- a m-tilicato nf improve*,
ono dollar oanb. ■ monlfl;for tlio purposo nf nlilatniiig a Crown
liivi'iiunlur iny band mul nonl of oflloo at .grant of the abovoolalm,
And fnrllu'r lake nulli'u llial action, under
BOctiotl fi,  must be eommcneod before thq
Insumtco of siu-li cortiflcato nl' improvcnwuK
Haled ilti- IriUny uf Dooombor, 1803,
Yj' Oortlrlonto   of  Imiii-ovoiiiunts,
Tll.lt,CAM!', IX TIIK Klll'Tl.E HlVKIlMtNlNd
Division ok y.ii,i.i 1 iisthuit.
lasiiiinei' uf am li eiirlillentii uf llnliriivcuicilts.
Utllcit Ulla Stli ilny of tletuliov, HUB, <4   l
Mr. C. A. It, Lamlily cnine over froui
Osnyocis on Thursilny in company with
Ml. MiGnwaii nf Vernon,
RouienilK'i* tiie hall and supper on
Christmas live at Carson. A very
enjuyiihle linie is expected.
Header, ns we execute our hest
salaam laugh! us liy Professor Ma-
Inlyre, we wish ynu it Merry Christmas ami a Huppy New Vear.
Mr. F. McGowan, judge of lliecuurl
of revision and appall, paid the district
ti visit In his official capacity the past
Mr. Walter Ada ins vanished fnnn
our presence, on Friday lust, Inking a
Liuck charger tu Osuyous lllld Pent 1c-
ttill, from wlii'liee lle will proceed hy
rail In Montreal, Un'li* In arrive j isl
ill lime In jiilu his friends ul tlle fustitl
liniir.luii Christinas Ilay.
It is leaini'd through an nlliri.il uf
ilm Uniicd Status Indian department
that fronlile is lirewiug for the pimple
of Nelson, who contrarytu law sci I led
ui llie iniiulh uf Fourth of July emit
ami sl illicit lo luiilil a Imvu, indelluncii
of unlet* issued Ui them tn Ihu
Mr. L>, A. Citriuichiicl (alllie over
from Fairview a few days ago, and
repurte.il lively times ut thu cainp.
He says never iu lhe history nf Knii-
view has lhe outlook heeu su bright as
at present, as properties are changing
hands and more men ure lieing put In
work every day,
La grippe has taken hold of the little
ones uf the neighhurhi.ud recently, and
as a conse.|ueiiet' It is fiiuiid necessary
tu suspend ihc usual exercises attend*
ing the closing of the public nchnnl
term. Twciily-two is lhe number of
children enrolled ol wliieli livu-lltirds
have recently linen Indisposed, or prevented from putting iu attendance
finni some cause.
Special messengers were sunt mil to
hunt up Christmas goods l.y some iif
our local merchants. These guilds have
Iieeu a lung time on the way, and lhe
■Anxious merchants cannot afford tu
ilisappuiii! their customers and lose
I he sale of such a class of iiicrchiitidise
atthe same time. The Inisiuess uiiin
mill labors under disadvantages III lhe
Boundary Creek cnuntry.
What promised lo be a tedium and
very expensive law suit helivecii It.
Wiioil iv. tin. nml tlle ..tiler purl ua. interested iu the .luck of Spades ami Sl.
Luvrettce mineral claims is, we are
pleased lo suy, in a fair way of lieing
if it is nut already sell led. Tlie spending iu ileveliipini.nl. nf lhe piupeity tin.
H'linunt. of money thai might have
lieen squandered in li'igatiuii, will llu
(luiilil lie llioil* heneliciiil to all parlies
concerned, except lu Ihe legal fraternity.
A charter will he sntlglll at the coming silting uf lhe provincial Irgisluluie.
liy parlies desirous of iiictirpuralilig it
company, wlmse ohjecl will he ihe
supply ot elect ileal power and light In
the several towns and mining caipps
lying withintne range nf tlleOkiiniigan
valley. The point at whicli il is proposed to general.' such puwer is ut
Okanagan Fulls. Thev seek the ulilizir
I iuu of 5,0011 inches of waler ur mure,
the same to l.e taken from the Okaungaii river.
Tlle Aiiaciinda Coiniiiercial club is an
institution which promises to lie of
luore Iilm. passing heuefil Hi initially
Ihc residents nf Anaconda hut lhe district at large, as lhey have nuw entered a new phase of existence, and are
paying attention tu quesllniis whicli
affect the ulliih* niiiiiiiiinity. Al a
recent ineeling the matter nf procuring I he registration of Ihnse eligible as
voters came up. and il. was uiiuul-
inously resiili'i'd In pay alfeuliun lu
the question al once. Assistance will
also l.e rendered those desirous ut' becoming liiilish subjects and are uul
iicipiiiiiiled with Ihe usual procedure
followed iii such cams. Hallway matters also are recoiling serious cun-
ttideraliuu, and Ihe circul.-ilinn uf a
petition Iur signal ure liy every resident
of the district, which peiltluu will express the views nf the pellllutiei'S upnu
lllis all iinpi.riant subject, iscnnleiu-
plated. Such questions as these ate
well worthy the attention uf tliu chili
and its desire tu I'liliiiuee the wellfai'C
of the llislricl al. large will receive the
SlippOI'l ut' peuple nf nil seclluns.
Tlle chicken inilusliy is one which
ni'luit'salli'tillnn in litis districl anil
one which if properly looked lifter
would lie alien.led »illl siilisfni tin y results. Oh every hand is heard a civ
for hen frull, which, judging hy lhe
prices a-skuil fur frozen eggs-—So cents
per dozen, musl I xlieiuclv scarce,
As eggs are uu iiidispensiililu cuncuiiiit-
ant. iu the iu.ike up uf Olil'lslliius
viands, the scarcity wiil greatly Incon-
venieiiceourciuisiiis and aunts in lite
preparation of that article uf luxury -
Ihe Christtuiis pudding. If some uf
the ranchers of I he dist rlcl Willi arc as-
Kuliioiislv laving a fiiiinilalluu fur a
crup of moss lo grow upon their harks
l.y the accumulation of soil upon llieir
persons, would only lake a linlil anil a
linn resolve lit the same lima, und
enter Into this industry properly, lhey
wuuld mil. only iind il hciiellclnl lu
themselves, hut. as well would become
puhlic benefactors, as the ninney now
iieingseiit nut nf lhe country to pin-
cure|thiB,necessaryrnniinoilily would remain wilh and circulate iu the cum*
rminity, therel.v enhancing the wealth
of all.
Our attention has been drawn to uu
article in the Spokesman-Review of
llie Dili insl. liy Mr. ,1. ll. Iluie, relalive
tu the disappearance of Ira Messinger,
who it is staled lefl his home on lhe
Columbia river below Spokane about
three iiiiiiii lis ago aud has nut since
been heard of by his friends, win. fear
that he has heeu lost in lhe mountains
or fnoly dealt Willi.
Mr. Dale volunteered the following
i nf ii rui.it imi, whicli may throw a little
her of inches as may Is1 necessary fnr
the exercise nf all ur any of the puwers j
hereinafter set forth.
Tlie said prnjinsed point oi'points nf
diversion and use ot said waters being
within Yale district.
Willi puwer to use all of snid water
power, or any portion thereof, from
any of I he said puinls fur the general*
ing of electricity lo he used as a motive
pniier for propelling, driving, hauling,
lifting, pumping, crushing, smelting,
drilling, milling, and ihe iiperalion nf
tram ways and nf supplying nf pniver
fnr the operation uf mines and station*
ary machinery, nn.l electric light ing nf
cities, towns, municipalities and mint
light   upun   the subject.   He says he; nnd lhe supply of heal  und I'm- any
met  Mcssinger up Ihe Wesl  Fork of I #«' .I""?""* *•■' which il. tuny hi
Kettle river, where he hud been pens-
peeling, about twu muiitlis agn, and
Mcssinger was I lien nn his way (luwn
tu Greenwood Cily where lie staled he
wuuld see suine friends. After visiting
Greenwood City he proceeded lu
Osoyoos i<> record snuie mineral locations hu had made ou llle Wesl Furk.
Thisc lociilinns were recorded, This
was llie last Mi, Dale hoard of him.
hut slaies llial Messiiiger iu runicrsii-
tion wilh him ou llu* West l''iirk expressed n wish to go In the Sail I'ueil
In Ineale suine ground which liojuul
discovered on a previous prospeel ing
Hip, and it is Mr. Dale's opinion llml
iMessinger, after recording lliu claims
at Osuyoos, took lhrough the iniiiin-
laiiis and headed fnr the Sun I'ueil nn
the <'ulvilli' reserviilinn.
If any uf ..in- renders can throw fur-
I her light upun llle subject we would
he glad In hear from Ihem, and We
would communicate the same lu Mrs-
singer's friends.
The SI winder in Fnirvlew cainp
liuscliiingeil bauds, hul at whut llg ure
uud to wliinn has nut, lis yet transpired,
Mr. Alex. Wiilluce has stalled up In
the Old Guard cluim in Central cnmp,
and will fur lhe balance nf the winter
cart you developinenl on this priiuils-
ing property,
The tunnel which has been run on
the Mul her Lude in Dead wood cainp is
nnw in inure ihan a hundred feel and
as yel the ledge lias mil been struck.
Tlie liniiii on the property hus heeu
extended,   The Weir syndicate,   tu
applied or he required t with puwer ti
make rates und charges fur llu* supply
nf suid puwer, light, uml heat, and re-
reive remuneration al sueh rules.
Willi pniver In the applicants to con-
stt'tiet and maintain buildings, eree*
linns, weirs, iluuis, raceways, vladnrfs,
tramways .or other necessary works
connected I.herewith, fnr utilizing and
Improving nnd Increasing ihe waler
privileges; uml nlsn to enter upon nnd
expropriate, lands for sites fur power
houses, stations nml necessary Irani,
way lines unit subways iu connection
with Hie snid wurks nml rlghl uf way, I
fnr carrying ibe electric eiu'i'eiii under-
ground nr nverhead : nml In creel, lay,
eiinstruei nud nuilliliiln ull necessary
wurks, hridges, pipes, poles, cnhles,
wires, struct ures and appliances ncros*
snry or propel1 fnr the generating nf
electric pniver nml liglil. ils use, nnd
triimunll I lug iiiid supplying the samo i
willi puwer to construct telegraph
lines uud telephone lines over nud
nlong I he nnil es In ken in transmit ling
said power, liglil nnd heni, wilh power
In make rules ami collect, snuie fm the
use thereof hv the puhlic, und for all I
such 11 her pullers as may he iiecessnry j |
tn fully ami completely carry on und |
nperale such works.
The applicants t... have I lie puwer lu
parliculiirly transmit and disll'lbllle
file cleclric puwer, liglil and heal in
the full..wing localities and through-
mil the same, viz.: Okanagnn. Fair-
view, Kereineos, Kruger Muuntiiin,
Osoyoos antl I'l'tiiietuii. and to I he easl
uf tin. suid pninl or points where the
power sl at ion ur statintis may he situate tn and inclusive of lhat locality
known us Cuuip McKinney, wesl as
fur us lhe nmuiituiu range which
divides the Fraser river frum llie
Siinilkainei'ii, nnrlli us far as Pent icl nn
ami .amiIII tu the iuleriialioiiii| humid-
ary line, and in lhe lowus uf Nclsun,
Trail, llossliind, llouudary Creek,(Innip
McKiuuey unit In such ulher cities,
towns and iniinicipalilies as ure nuw
established ur may lie established in
tlie wesl division ui' Kunlemiy district
and Ynle llistlicl; wilh puwi r lu the
I Whom tlie properly is bonded, nre.I applicants to engage in mining opera*
,, i    ;.,  ,, i,. I iiuu, nnd neuiiire, bv I..cul inn ur ulher-
prosecuting the work vigorously. j n.jsi. •,,„„.,,„.,!,.,, IHilf[nK |„,,l,,,,i<.s ,,„,|
'    Development Is inpidly progressing cliiiins, and work lhe sunn* and utilize
on llle coal claim at Ruck creek, as
lliiring the past week llle tunnel has
been extended suine fifty feet, all in
sulid coal; Tlie vein sn far shows u
Width uf (I feet, and lhe walls are. now
beautifully smooth uud clear, Samples
uf Ihis cnni were Ill-might lu Midway a
Greenwood City, is. p., Dec. 1, ihuo.
To the Miners, Prospectors ash Residents Generally ok
ISiil'nijary Cheek and the Kettle Riveb District!
Greeting.—We beg lo call your attention to the fact that we
have recenlly opened a commercial establishment at Greeiuvnod
Olty on Boundary creek, and having received large consignment* of
gunds suitable fur all classes nf customers, we lake this opportunity
i.f soliciting ii share nf public patronage.
Included in our stock is everything a miner or prospector needs,
and nur lines of family groceries uml other goods will lie found
replete with every necessary, In cuunecltnn with uur oilier business
we are wholesale dealers in wines and lii|iuirs, a large slock of
which,"!)! different brands, we keep cunstiliitly on hand.
lly conducting our affairs on gnnd business principles, chief
muling whieh will he the wullfarsnf nur patrons, with a reuiiineru*
lion to ourselves consistent witli tlie service rendered, we hope lu
win public fiivnr.
Thanking ymi iu anticipation,
We Leg lo reinain'
Yours ulieiliently,
The Greenwood city Meihantii.e Co.
" W& Submit to the
Wilt Of the Majority,"'
Are rjStaMhM PalfluliC
Fuels, Hear litis in mind
when in nei'.tiii
nothing and Groceries.
Ynu will pave money. Wi'
are the leaders In Low
Prices. Askyoili' lielghlHirs
The White Front Store, Greenwood
Greenwood City and Boundary Falls, B. G,
llie I'hrlric power giMieraiett as ut'ure
snid in sn doing; with power lo pm
ehiise, neqiiii-v! nnd tuke over liy tij
requisite deeds anil assignments from j
any trustee  fur   lhe npplinilits any
properly, rights, wnler privileges, and |
easi'inenls,   and   mining   claims  nr
leases acquired liy any i riHe.i* on hehalf I j
|of.the applicants, anil iltat the water
few days ago and Iheproduct Is already 1 privilege's so acquired as aforesaid or
lieing generally used  hy blacksmith
unit others iti the district,
Development upon Ihe Adirondack
iu Kiinlieily cnmp is progressing
favorably, the shaft now helugdowii
over I wenty feel. The ore lias a very
rich appi-iii-ance and it is understood
ilitaiiu'd hy the applicants for whal
ever purpose mav he consolidations
where pussilile, and may he held, ull
lized and employed hi Iheexereii
all or any nf the powers iihuvc set
forth ■ with power lo the applicants to
lake anil use from the Okanagan liver
and tiiliiitaries thereof, at convenient)
points,  such furlhcr waler power a
PADJIOBE * Pfll'ltS, Proprietor,,
Tbe Leading Hotel
In the Interior,
S. A. Mil k CO.
IHnmiowim tu II. N. Taylor)
Chemists and Druggists
Vernon, B. C.
Ki'i'im |.'lr.i i'ln»»-lurk nf
Drugs, Chemicals,
Patent Medicines
and Toilet Articles'
Prompt and Careful Attention
I'lHTOKKK V. ItllX 111.
H.   Plttendrllfh,   la-g-ir.
|.'|UST-1'1,ASH    AliilMMIllllTlOX    I'Oll   Ul'KHTB;
•tirBxcclloul Pishing oil Kotllo ltivrr.,jsj'
Icarries'extremely Wi'll in Imlil irnld 1 iu"y '"' noeenmiry fur lliu lifurt'saidI
:anil i...|i|iur, in fuel tm assays are i-v*jlhpnwer to Iheuppiiciintstocoii-
needed lo disclose the lallcr iiictul, us struct, iniiiiilaiu an.l ojn'i'iiluaiiifflt* or
iit is visihli! lo tlie I've, Tlm Adlrtin- doiihle track tramways witli all neees*
' duck li.-is nu I'lioriiious surface showing SI"'J' s«il''lms, sidetracks and tiirnuuls,
  .       . . I null's anil wires, ana all other renin-1
| mid Is lucked upun liv mining Hs sites, upplhuices mid puwet-H in eoiiuec* I
nenf the most promising among the] thin Ihiiretvltli,  llirunghnut  all   ilu
' prupi'i'lii's nf Boundary creek.
' Sittings of the court, of revision and
appeal were liel.l uu llie loth, l?ili uinl
18l.li insls., at Otiiiy.ii
aliuve ttescrilied territory and iipuiil
uiui alung llle lands, roads, sheets and
hridges ennnectiiig the lowus uhuve
set fui'tli and within llie radius nf ten |
uiiles nl each uf said towns, und uilliin I
the corporate limils iif suid towns,oyer
the streets and hridges thereof, ivilh|
.Midway amii;l,l'l"ivill'K1' "' ,!"li1'1 sueh lines ofl
tramways in sections, and tiiim-nnu
(ireeniviiud Inly, Juilgi. iMi-liowan pre-1 .,„,.„ ,„ anoti,P,., without heing residing, I .|uire.l In luiilil llle other lilies,,did |
Al O-iiivwis un appeal was entureil within nne ni* more of the slild lowus
, ,, ,,,' k, ii ,,, - ., nr iiiuuieipnlilies uilluuit Mug re-
t,y the Okanagiiu Falls luwiisilernui. ql,Wln „\M ,„ a|, th(>H|,M ,mv»s ,„,
pnnv iigniiisi the (isses-ineiii ul llieir nmnicipalllles and Ihriiuglioul all the
lowiibile property at the font of Dug snid  terrlluryi  witli  power to take,
lake.   Theappt'llaiilseliiiuied llnil the Imiispurt nnd carry passengers nnd
i.i, ,   jlreiL'lil  Ihcrenn and illmi willipnw.-r1
wl''iitluu placed  i llieir pruneiiy | ,„,[;,,,*„ „„.  n||m,      ,|||(| „,„>.„,-,„ i
is nut iu aeciirdiinci' Willi lls presentkhereuf,  tl lectrlc   puwer    lo   lie.
iiiarket value. As each sup irate par* generated ns aforesaid, or such ol hei* j
eel of land is valued, I he court |i,-l,| I l>""'i'r ns Hie applicants, may see llt;j
,, , ,, ,, ii,.,. , and power lu Clinslrllcl telegraph null
thai thu ui.-ilier could mu Ik* I real ed 1,.|l,|!,„m„ ,ih,,s, K |.|„, nuVs laken
as   a   whole,  ami   Iherefure   lhe lip- |,y the tramway lines, with the right.
peal   was   ruled  .ml  of tinier.   Tlm to make rales and collects!! fnr the
tutiil assessed vnl f llie lownslleis use llmreuf l.y lhe pulilie; wilh pnwer;
,,.„„,        ,.,.      , i      tn Ihc applicants In enlel lipuliiiiiil es- I
t_m atld tins ||„. cnu y vuntlit   |t,,,pi-i;-it.- L.n.t--.. nnd Inopeii nnd hreuk
ilo have reduced to $10.ltlJ0, up tin. soil mul pavements of lhe mails,
I   Ai (,'i nun..d iily Mr, Sninlli"., ii streets, highways and lirldces, fur the
in her (if I he liiaa ,if l|.|„|, II k Co,, 11'"1'!'"-" »' laying pipes, mils or trucks, I
, ,   ,,        , i ,     i*i*,i-llute poles or liir,.iuv..llii'i'|.ur inse,'
Ul'peuretl hclure Ilm ...nil uud sought.llinA -„,. „n Ml,.|,  pmvi!l,8 „, mav |„, ■
u i.alurlii.ii mi il.e l illlliil iiu   nf llieir necessary I ii fully iiiiiI coiiiplelely carry
priipeity fi i SlU.inii iu .>S,iin.   This un  the works  afiirusaiil,   nr any uf
wiMui-nnlcMl. Iliiuiii with puwer to the iippllcanls to
I    ,'| ,,                      ,        •         i make running nriaugrmriilM.r niiuil-
j    «■  Mel'.weii  iippuari'tl  iig.ilnsl   .ha „,„ ,.  „.-.-, 1IIIV   ,,l,l,|,illlv   having
| viililuti.in -Ijrtlll   | ill Upon I.il 7, til ik  similar puwers, nr wilh nne ur re nf
ill, iu llii-l.nin .il'tla.in.l l*'..rl.-.   Anile  III1' puwers li In  applied  fur, nml
„ppelli,nlli.idevi,|,.|iilv 11    I , wilh piuvei'luuciuiie l,y piireliise ur
I."    ,  ■     i        |       .'  | iilherinsi. nnv pinileges Imlil  In nnv
'laid thul u i-aiii'li valued al «. 'W was |„.wn„ „,, ,„,i ,s cin'poi'iiliiili iirttn-|
mil Ice, llie porations, uf lienelll nr iittviiniugo iu
Is IheCeutml Tiiwn,'and Supply Point of the Boundary
Cieek Mining (Jumps, From Ihis New Town roads
lead to the
Greenwood, Deadwood,
Copper, Summit, Long Lake,
Skylark, White and Atwood,
Wellington and Smith Camps.
t,..ts are Selling Freely und a    a Gnnd Investment.
Fur Price of tails and Oilier Infornialiun, Address
Greenwood City, Bound.ry Creek. H. <'.
Or Apply to Agents,
C, F, Costf.rton, Vernon, H
A, K. Sn \kt, Vanct
B. C
A.8T-Bzi.-fc  Poi**^-
Thk Hoyai, Insiiiianii*: Coy,
Tun l.l.N'll.lS ami I.axcahiiiiih Fiiik'
insuhaniie coy,
The  Issuiiani'k cmy. iif Nuutii
Tiik London and Canadian Flint1
Insurance Coy.
Tun Sox l.irn Assurance Cov oi'
Tiik DoMINIoe llrii.niNd ano Loan
Ai'i'iiAisK.it i-iiii the Canada I'kii-
II.  KEYE9,  Prop,
(IiiihI Ai-ciiuinio.l.'ili,.u.
II.--I Liquors and Cigars.
Marcus and Boundary Creek Points
Best Brands Liquors and Cigars
George Rdtaiirds - - Proiii'leloi*
iiii-ltitifil in I Iif
ni-c wns llu*.ivi
nl innil! Iii ..ink In Kalrrlow,
lllllll N UAVlllSON.
NOTICE la herehy given lhat tippli-
ciit.lon will he made tu the LeglslntlVli
Asseinlily uf the Pruvince of llrilisii
Columhlu, ul its next, session, fnr an
act Incorporating a t'oiiipaiiy wilh
power lu construct, operate und maintain eleutrio pnwrr nud light aluli.llls
and a sv.'.lciii uf electric puwei and
cleclric light plants ai ilm following
points, vi*/..:
(n) Siiuie cnnvenii'iit point nr puinls
nt or near Dug Fulls mi the Okanagan
river, withinfidisliinrenf une thousand
(1,111X1) feel of snid Dog Falls, or sollie
poinl in ihe Itiiuiedlale nejgllhoi'hond
ihereof) also to take, use and divert
lnuii ilm said Okiiiiugiiu liver at suid
pninl. nr puinls live thousand i.'i.ifan
unites nf wutri, ui surlt greal er tiiim.
ihe eiiri'ylng on nf llinnforeBiild works,
j and iipei'ale tin* liusiness of any sucli
persun ur persnus, ciirpuralioii urenr.
1 nnrnlions. or ulili'/.e Ilm snid privileges
in lhe carrying nn of tlm itfurrsnhl
works, und fur nil such puwer ns may
lie necessary In fully und cimiplelely
curry nn nn.l operatu all or any uf the
ufiiresniil wurks.
Hilled nl tlml'ilv of Vieloria, II. ('.,
litis Iirsl day of Deeemlier, A. I). 1808,
Mld'llll.l.ll'S, WOOTTON & llAIIN.MIIl.
.Soliailois for the Applicants,
.sinavnai n\ -rut: Main ltii.n. 'iv ruriuai.
iiHiminnn. siivi.uiK. (laiiiaswiinii. i.uxu Terms: $1.50 to $2.50 per Day.
i.akk ami Other Doundabv cm:.:
Cam i
TKNDKKS will he received hy lliel
undersigned until January ifitlt, 1807,
fur the cnnsiruclinn nf un  Irregaliug
ditch und lluuie frum lliiiindiiry creek
tn Midway ll.il.
Pluiisund speeiliiailiiins cnu lie seen
til the ulHt'C nt llii- .Miilwuv Cniiipiiiiv.
Midway, 11. C. and lhe nillcenfC P.
('nslerlnii, Vi'l'luni. II. (I.
The lowest nr nny lender nnl necessarily uccepleil.
Agent Midway Company, Ltd.
Midway, ll.C. Dec.-fi: 18W.
Boundary Falls, B. C.
jr. jr. -VTHl-m
PBorm.' tor.
Anaconda, B, C.
Repairing Neatly and PromptlyDone
Onlontb) Bl««eiitrfcllj nltomlal in. Aililrc-w
AniHiHulit MowantHc LVj'n Blofo.
Centrally Located Stopping Placo tor Three Diiferont Stage Lines.   Nc
Trouble or Expense Spared to Make Guests Comfortable.
Strictly First-Class and Charges Moderate.
Rest Brands Lipors and Cigars
Good Stablini!.
NOTli:i* I^ HKKKBV tiHKN tli.it &u\A\
Cfttion wtllbOIIHWlo Id llir Pailiiiiiii-nl nl
Criimdaat lho nextaowlon ihcroof, fur mi net
to Incorporate a oomimtiy tu conufucl iunl
ii()(;niic ii niihvny (rum n pnllit it nr ticiirllu'
Town of Siivminl in IJrltwb (!olutnliia, llifiitcr
oxtotidlng Inrougli or tioar Uietovnm of Trail
and Mtdvvo) to n woftil mi (ikaimj-aii Lakrui
ornoartlio town or pflnilctonjn timDtotrleln
of VVosI Kootenay mid Knui Yule; witli [mwer
tDliniltl. iid-iilri1. inn in i niil nml oporato Rtcain
nml oilier vcssrlh to \*> mod In COIWOCtloH -.villi
the snid rnil\vay,nlsti to purcmuu' uinl \i_a wutur
to tfonotftla olcotrlcal power und ta nail nnd
leu**-! buoIi powor,
Pntcd nt Trail, Brltlflh Colniitbiti. ith N'm.JMiti.
'.■:•:'■ M *.'';r Appl   ifttJ ACQUIRING   PROPERTY.
The Virtiiria syudicale, represented |
liy .Mr. llier at Fairview, is .acquiring
ciinsidei'.-il'le iniuiug property, as il is
muled ihov have already lioiighi and
located ovei' thirty claims, .Must of
the claims huve heen purchased nut*
right at nominal figures, hut us very
little develop uent has heen done on
any.if llieni, llle future nuiv disclose
snnm vuluiil.le ones aiming them. The
nre iliriiiigli nil the cainp Isofafree
milling character, anil Iherefore is
cwily worked. Mr. Ilier has aliiiut a
iliizen men ul wurk, and Is nnw calling
un the i-uuiiliy fm- thirty more ex-
peiieucid iniimi's, Iherefore the coin.
puny evidently means Inisiuess.
 ^ , 4	
llf TIIE	
FLOURS     4/FLOURWe Handle Hardware and Hardware Only.
Wll.l. lin QlVHN ox
New Year's Eve
At Anaconda, ll.('.
Have You a Cough or   Cold?
•<*<> •<.*»*»*<.♦■*> >»•>•*>
The ennl met for lhe cnlialruclioll uf
the railroad froui Trail lo [{ghson hns
linen iiwnrdrtl ul  Trail  lo I'arsnns,
Willleis nnd Ilniilner. nf   Biltte, Mi Hit.
Tlicesimi Hgures iif the coiitracl were
nut  tiiiule puhlic, lint  they are in tile
neiglilinrl il uf I|I581),(X)0,   The  iu.nl
will he twenty tulles i,.ug mul In In le
finished l.y May I, IHII7.
The ('iiliunliiii iiiiiI Western Hallway
company luis derided in esiahlisli a
steam hniil line hetween liiilisou aud
tlm rpper Arrow Ink.-, where clnce
■ '(Uliu <-| ii.ll   iuu   lie   liiinl,.    with    III"
Canadliiu Pacilic.  The c puny will
conslriicl at I'lme tun large mul fusi
sieiiuie rs iiiiiI will Iiii vi- I hem ready fur
use liy ihe li the railroad is Hulslied
from Trail tn Hulim.li. Barges ..ill
alsu he cnnsi fuel ed so llllll IVeiglil cuu
he easily bundled.
 > . 4	
Record of Mlnoral Locations lor the Week
Endlnrt December 14. 1896.
lll'llaMlllIlt H.
Gulden Dulliir, Ceulral cnmp, H.
Morning -Slur, Wulllngl tamp, P. ! "Companies' Act." Part IV, and Amending
K. McManil. A3ts.
Helen,   Uliser.iitioii    nuuuiliiiu, I,* i The silver King Gold Mining Company
Atiel. u.'iiiu:ui.n'.i
Sliver  Knoll, Seitlllu cuuip, D, ti.  Registered the 19th Day of September, 1896
Wc have commenced the manufacture of Flour and are in
the liusiness to stay, and we now offer the following brands for
sale: Hungarian, XX XX, Strong linkers and Superfine.
Also Bran, Shorts and Chopped Feed.
Patronize Home Industry and keep the money in the district. Our flour has lieen pronounced the superior of any now
manufactured in British Columbia,
Okanagan Flour Mills Company, Ltd.
Armstrong, B, C.
Hardware, • Tinware - and - Stoves
O-ulz*  Stock  of
+++++++++ »♦«>♦♦♦♦♦♦♦«
W T T T O C1 T TVT "C * Eifi******** ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦'♦♦♦^>\*^vs>i>,r*
♦  1   UoolIMli} '$k   THE  FUTURE
Crockery, Glassware, Shelf ancl Heavy Hardware,
Bellows, Anvils, Heating and Cook Stoves, Wnndenwiire, Sash
and Doors, Paints and Oils, has heen selecled to meet the
requirements iif lhe counlry, and w.ll he found must COinpltte.
Jessop's Steel (any size); San Francisco Powder,
Caps and Fuse; Miners' Outfits.
Jototoiixg:   Shop
jfe** i Any order in the Tin or Iron Line will secure our
C/Pa i
Bjfin Prompl and Careful Altenliiui al a lleasonulilc Figure.
ffl IW. J. Armstrong k Co,, the Hardware, Tin and Stove Men, Anaeonda.
♦♦♦-»♦♦<>♦♦«■«♦♦♦♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦
In Bottles, 50c. and $1, at
Taylor's Pharmacy
Greenwood, H. 0.
Certificate of the Registration jS-a*-.
X-QXtXXXtSm   COHFAHTT. 'i fftf«
Pel fljolin,
(Jarnel, Seillllecniup, K. ('lurk.
Interim lain, Grand Eritli-'e, H A.   T IIE1JKHV tlKHTIKVati
ui      i     ,   ,,   ..   .,             ii,,             i 1 rrgislni'i'il "Tin- Silver King (lulil .Miiiiiiji
Mmails, A. (.. billion mul  I).  Ureru. [ Company'l.'t'orelgiil, uniler Uu; "fiompi	
imbcr, 1896 7/5
„ is Uin-l
The Kettle Biver Country
Lots on Easy Terms lo Actual Residents.
For Particulars Apply to
Midway, Il.e.
.Wn.viTin.u,, I', (J,
Mine Hell, Seal lie camp, 11, If. Pelli- A**i 1'nVi IV, •■|,,|.iair,,ii,,,, ef l''orolgn Coin* M^M^W^0^»^»^»^»^W^W^W^S^»3
i mini.-, anil wiii'inlli'i! Aft. •*>}**n>J^-'V.5*>^.5S^W***-Jl}*'(J^
"lm- Tha head co n  llio ml,] Company Is situ- \_W&_Qa\_Q8\_^^
Sn,.l,.,,.., ir a.....ii  u  medal Uio Oily of Siiokniio, in llie sinlo of  •■^-•wKSSSKJ'Wlt'SW
Spukillie (fiacliuniil), Uruwn's cainp,  \vvSjSftigtmt TliA, 	
W. K. While. I   Tlio obWW which llioCpiiipany lscBtnli-l " "~ ~	
.... .I I lisliotl ure: Tu iniri'liiiai., Imlil. uivii, work llllll    f*^i   T****.      A     TV Y  T'-'-'s      1***A y*^«.   IT"*m   T y /**.
_,_,._, .,,i.i p.|5SS££SS^3i(jKAJN D rOKKo
Penticton Livery, Feed and Sale Stables
Good Single and Double Drivers, and
Gentle Saddle Horses.
*        U1UI1U        XU11VU*
tiKt'i';.Mi:i:it 11
ViH'i'iuivi'iiii'iit hittiicli bnsln
1..   I,.   CM. ..I   . I 'li    ll li   t_i      Work- IN' T'' ■ in" nl' cull Vrlliriit   li Bill'h hll-llii .S-.; -w    -»    _£=a_    e*-L**l  "_""^i   "W
Jo Jo, Skylark camp, I, Pascoe, S. S, „ ot|inluiu -.-ini.. anil uwn ,uiy roai TJ •fN'T^T? T
Edwards, H. Th as ami W. llotve,    j •'»'". 'per-jOiial lirpiieity iienussiiry or con- S—I I    J    fi     M    B
viani'iil llieri'liir: nnil In ennslrii.-t iniil iiiiii ; II    D  Vy     1      li   -/I    . X
liKcKMlinit II.                     any migun rinul, Iriiniivay. ruilronit, or lolc- .«—.■—•»
(tin.n iniilai* mi Iniiul ami seal nf ofllco at
Victoria, j'lMvliino of Hriilsh Columbia, Ihisj
Will liny of September, Mill
It. s.| S. Y. WllllT'l'llN.
Itoghiti'iir of Joint Slock Compiinta.   '•
Prospectors' Livery, Feed and Sale,
Grinul Porks, II. ('., Below tlio Bridg-c.
Livery Teams, Saddle ar,d Pack Horses and IaM Saddle Itos
Hay, Grain anil Wood for Sale.
'•"'■"»"v ve n.i Kottio mver Teaming of All  Kinds a Specialty.
Mining III,iHlinu ni Vule District. ° r J
Zero, Smith's cuuip, It. Stuirl, IjRff bS
Dow   Pedro,   Skylark    eninp,   H, iluot-oilcltlicriii thii L'nllcil Stales Or Brilisli
,. ' ' ..'..I bin, or linlil.
Oiiiai'l. Tin. i-.i|iiiiil iloch of itn- suiil CiiuiiMiir I*
.Veiv Vnrli. WellinKliuii'.iiiiP, W. P. ',',i", ,l',"l,"!ral •"!*' ","", •-Uoam.ii*! *Uolbtra. 1
h ilnal'.I ml i-.|" i liiinlr'Ina I liil.i'lli.iitaiii.l . , ITRITTI V  r"ir!QT iOI AQQ
Hofalelter. iliariwoftlnnii'valii 'omilullarcacti. SIKIL.ILY t-IHbl  I   tAb!)
rji,-,.„ ,„„ln,, ..,,. t, i   ,,„i ^,,,,1 ,,r ,,ii  I w v-*^
clil(Tl|.'l('.lT|.:s (If ll'llltli.
(Jityof Aniisiroiig, li. Wood.
Kalcon, P. Hume .ami T, ,1. llaidv.
liKaiillliKit 12.
Ituli liny. A. Wallace,
I'lm-iiix, T. Mill,. II. H.  Ileii/I..,.,
.1. Sehnlielil mul T. Tiipm.
spokane, .1. A. Frank.
B. (J. Heutral. .V Hei tt.
Tainariick, li. Keiitlilly.
i.Kcioiniiii S.
St. Klinu, .', inleiesl,.I. J'nx  In P. K.   ..,„,.„	
.,   ,, NTOTICK  i- luiri'liy Kiveii  ilmt  ul iiliuer
iUMi,U"' • |1N     .■I,li.„a|..„,,lhl„.|, he  US,,,' 'Vi,-'
I'liynllup, I Interesl, F, I.. Talelo <'.  non iuu! KutUo Itlror .Mining Dli'lslnni of Yalo I
11. Stroll**, lllitrlcl, aro Iniil ovor from lliu lai Novoinbor, j
r.uiiliiii.'itinn, nil ii 'est, C Happy   m-""h'' l*tJuno,IM7.
io (loiiiliiniiiion  Milling and Mining
Pheasant,.'. interest, VV, ti. Rickards ,.-A.
to A. K. Stuart, I'lc^a*^
(.Viiei'ion. .'. Interest, II. B. (J.innnu ! f %Mfi^%K't -ts
lo R, C. Slrudulck. W^.Z'-i/'ll''^
l.!lieii. | interest, 11. B. ('.iiin.in lu R. ' W» ^^fe^^^iffij
l"l{'l'S"",luirl'' '   Nolieo I. horoby ni,,-,, llml iwiltlliigo!	
UKCBMBRK It. Counl) Courl of Yalo trill bo Imlil
Id.minimi. J Inleresi, E, II. Hughes        ai Mhltniy, siaroii . .*„ iniit.
1'' ti, Seluils. j A|  Uw ,  „,■  |, Q-U)r,(.h  |„  (I,,, ,.„,.  I
tin. 2, Jiliteiosl, 18, II, Iliigheatii II,     Uyooiiiini  IV. 0. .lic.llVNN,
Seloils, Uovornmi'iil Olllco, Mlilttaj-, It.CO,
Piiiiilulnii, j interest, Mrs, S, A, Mad-        N'"''' l""'l8Wl
th'll I" H. H. Hughe.,. ""Tt^^VTm^ "™
No. 4 J Inleiesl, Un, S. A. Madden I.U 1 ILU.
lot:, h iiiiiim,.
Ii.iiuini'iii,.', Inleresi Mm, S, A. Mud-
,   i,. M -,,„,,, ,,,.,•       MiiTH'1'. i-  el.) idi'i'ii ibnl aiipllcalloii «
ll.'ll   In I',. II. Hllglles   mill   A. P,   hen-    [\    „     ,„,;,,   i,.^.,,.,,; ,,.'„,.   |n|,|,
lll'lclt. I llf   llle   I.'I'OI'I I   Iil'll lull  I'iiIiiiiiIiI.i
(D        ®        GEO, P. MIMS, Froprietor.
Good Accommodation and Moderate Charges.
RTo Chinese Help
Finest brands of Wines. Liquors and Cigars.   Livery and Feed
Stable in Connection.  Saddle Horses a Specialty.
First (lluss Accommodation.   Good Stttlillng,  Teniiiuus of IStage Line
from Marcus, Washington,
McAULEY & LUNDY, Proprietors.
JERMS 51*50 AND $2-00 PER DAY.
Grand Prairie Hotel
Situate in tlie Immediate Vicinity of tlie Boundary Cro8k Mines.
First-class accommodation for the Traveling- Public.  Stage Lines
to Midway and Marcus, Wash. Blacksmith shop in connection.
McLAREN BROS.        ....        PROPRIETORS
ISignoill     c. A. It. I.AIIIH.Y,
II.ilil t'liluliii—inner.
FEED ■ WVEflf - j^e. SjLE * SJPIjES
Always on hand Good Single and Double'Drivers, Ladies'
and Gentlemen's Gentle Saddle Horses.   Pack
Morses for Hire.
Heavy Teaming at Reasonable Rates.
uf tin' I'l'miii.*- ni iirttiHii col hin, ul a.  *-t-*t t r*
nexl bimIiiii, fnr iiii nut liiii.-ri.'.riillinrihof.is*    I  H K
No, 2, J inlereal. .11.-. S. A. Milildi'li Ioidq   » ',   l'0'...i'  nml   l.litlil V nn-    l * l ^
in I.'  II   Ilm.I.... mul   i   t.'  I,'  ,,.i.ii     lUniitoili, with iniii'i'In n|,|,i'ii|irlnlounil ii«3»n
lu I., tl. llii-lu- ami  .\. [., Kcntiiick.  mucli ivntcrfr IInuiilnrycrock, Kclll. run
l.lail.'Uni'U in .uul ih.. N'.inli |.'i.ri,i.i K..|i!.. riiii-ii.ih- .nni.
i, _ , ,       |,uiv iuu -a 111,1., Ihi  |. irun u ..i ualnlilliili.
Ilevalniie,    (    lulel'esl,   (,,   A.   .Ml"   iiiiiii ,■ ii'iii'k* .mil • u|i|iii ilm i. 'for llllll.
Kiieue inC I-'.-.ml Inn- .luui "-il". iiiiiiiiifiiclii|.||iK, and ntlior nur-
U '       '  I".- a. lb" I Iillai.l- of Illll Illll'IIKllr. nf
IIKi-HJIIlKII   11 I 111 luui   Aiiiii-iiliilii.llrri.iiiiiiiiil, Ilium]  furl,.
illllicllt'"   .;   iiil,i,.,|,  p,   \\. .\|e
Lulllc III A. K. Siii.ii.
nucisMiiitn t^
Slur iif thu We,i,,,:i i |.,,B|, .\. \\\
Sinilh til J, U, .11,n.lnill.
Iinl, Ituy. nil Inleresi, A. W, S i.il ti
I..,1. VV. Mai-liall.
N"«   Sl.    .11 uirlcc,   1   inleiesl,   Iv
LelevlelnC. Vnsller.
rossland, b. c. VERNON, b. c.    ) Good sinn'le and double drivers and saddle horses. Ladies'
gentle double and single drivers and saddle horses. Horses
boarded by tiie week or month, Box stalls if desired. Horses
broken to harness, and horses and cattle sold on commission
PIONEER" HOTEL1 l),':',,'rin lny — ^whoiesaiean<i ^ amk.nds0r
heavy teaming attended to.  Corner Mission and Tronson sts
VV. Gardner, Proprietor,
».-M-\.n*^.*Wl'!' J"
Grkhnwooh City, Boundary Crukk, H. C,
Wo h.i.ejiial u|ii.|ieil llle iiliuve hul el nl (iri'i'iiiinu.l City, anil aie |il'li|llll'Cll
$1 mk __
lWfW:' s
aa.I ' II Illll ('III ill Villi' ill- trial, mill III up.
1.1..|.llU      .1 I.l    I. I ..IMI    I,lill,.|..    i,|. ||...   ,,f
i.auer ir..iii Kcllliirlvor,nowCajeiiili City, fur
iii.' Iiiiiii.   ... Koliwn au* cl'ialrlelly fui- Hn.
IIH.'. i.t la 111 lnill nil I Iinui'r In llie inli,ibil     . , i   , , ■      i  ,     , i .
nni-, ,.|||o«. auin-  i     ■ lion  mil  ' '" tt'i'h' '' uuesl-i nud |U'Ovldu gn.nl nccouiintiilallnn,   (mini (illcnni,'.   J*nnl
;:;,,":'l;ris::,ri;li!V;a!^n;m':.!,':;;;;:i': ■'■•'"» ^^ s"ilik
■a i una iiiiilnlniii nil  omul')' ivurk*. bullil   ,., — ,..,_     „     ,., —a-.-.,
Idrh.rlrtii.B. i mn-, ll.,,,,,,,,,,-  ,„,   WOOD   &   WFRTE
lllilla. 1(1.1 |ill>|..a llliil slriaeh ivlres fnr unnriil.    yVUVL.     Ot     IILU  I   L.I..
lin- iiiiiI .-imel.lim I'l....iii ii.i ii- nfiirianilil, iiiiiI I	
to .aai * iii>.iii iiiiiI ox|iro|irla!ii liuitj for llio |iur*
luillll.tlu mil up..-'lie li'iiiiin'ir, ,ei| |..|..'
pli an' .....li'iua tvlllllll llu. -niil railillH nf II
mil'.■. anil I'l iin Illl inl,i*i- lllllll,'.-in a-.iii ur
ooii.liirlvo lu llie mini I   u( i| b'avo
iiliji'i-lanr nny of tboln.
la I ai il.e rn.'ef Victoria,lho 10da) of
S'uvuinbor, A, II, 1SIW.
KHANK llltitllNS.
« s„|i,.il„rf„|..tpp||,.|„iia.
0. B. & P. B. NELSON
at.'I'll !1S.
NOTICK is liorobv Blvoli tlml. i.ivlv ilnv
aftor data I inten.l inupplyi
----- - ; viUTlcii is Horoby bIvoii
N'.,ii.f- Is lioi'ob) Klrcii Hue i, titling of tbo! CnininMoii'!*'r'nf'l!SS„i^^^^^^ | v""''"'""" l"lr"l""«, ''a'11"' imnol floor., beautifully ninilc aiiil tlnislmil; window mull,
("niiiity Ciiin-i nf Ynle «lll In* belli | sl n in piaeli,;..!!.,. following .tract Ibrd trnei  lallm, .lilnglon nnil all othor kinds of limin fnriilslilngj, aftlio Okanogan Sawmill,    ll.uigli ..ml
.... im Inilu. Minnie in lhe soiulicrn pmai. ni nf 'lie1,        ,,     ,
Al Oiuyoo., Maii.li ,2, wn.        Ocn-iinfulivlnlniiiifVnleiltHtriol.inlliuPi-nvlncc ,h'l1"i"d Innibei' eiinstiuilly mi hunil.    Order, from Kottle Klrtr dhlrlot tnlldted nndprlcei
At,b,*li.i.i"of.-lev,io„,ii,,-kii, Iho forenoon, "ion n"'ttV^ «"^mlf 'o'r" nr'iToil'TTo-lvimhlf «{i' fui-nluliod hijuii .ipj iiiimi in
liy .■ iiiiinnii.l.       ('. A. It. I.AMHI.Y,       and all tho un iiplod iiortion of'tlio oral luilf H. B.-Siwli and Doon at Const Prion., wil
Onrsiin, 11. It,, and Hcscrvatiiin Store, Nelson, Wash,
General .V Merchandise
Ami Miners'Out Ills of all descriptions.  Our stock is lame
and complete nnd «■,. hei lure yon will Hnd
Our Prices an  Object
Uormtraoiil uiili'.', il.e.
Km. lith, ls:«.
R. fi. C.   in'wi'll.i.1 ,. lininulilp ijl, iiinliiinliiif Uiiin
more or lorn", i. TllOMPStiN
jliili'.ij. Oolo'oci' Sl, UM ;
h Slight Aili'.uii.|. n. iiivoreiMt nf frelglil,
If ynu wish to .save money,   (Jive us au  early call.   1'uir
and squall! dealing is our motto.


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